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Infamous: Evil included.
Ever wanted to plays as a mustache twirling villain? Ever wanted to have your own elaborate scheme for WORLD DOMINATION?! Well this is your chance to become a evil genius! We'll just need a small deposit of one MILLION dollars to our associate 'The Quartermaster' and he'll have your desired location for a lair in order, no pesky agency involvement or tipping off your rivals in the evil mastermind community. Its totally not a rip off, We promise.

Welcome to this game i am planning on running, You'll be playing as aspiring evil masterminds in search of WORLD DOMINATION. You'll each start off with a location, a small (for the super rich) amount of gold and money, a loyal minion and some basic henchmen. You are to build up your lair, plot acts of infamy and avoid drawing the attention of your rivals and the global forces of justice.. and most importantly their super agents in a world that is a pastiche of retro-spy novels. (Think early James Bond shoe-phones and laser watches) Evil Genuis-ness isn't exclusive to humans only, you could be a fancy AI or some sort of extra terrestrial or mutant if you wanted but being human would be significantly less suspicious and your henchmen would be more comfortable... if that is important to you at-least.

To apply, just fill out this form:
[b]Name:[/b] (What do your minions and enemies know you by)
[b]Background:[/b] (You had a life before you became a evil genius, didn't you? How did you get here.)
[b]Minion:[/b] (Your number two, A loyal ally with skills that put him above your normal henchmen and your go-between with the factions, as your notoriety rises, other such agents will be available to recruit.)
[b]Location:[/b] (Where will you start your base? From remote isle to random office building, each will have its challenges, strengths and consequences and each can be arranged)
[b]Theme:[/b] (Every bad guy worth his salt should have a theme, How will your henchmen dress, what kind of look do you want your evil domain to have, This is mostly cosmetic but still its the brand, you know?)

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