[Shelved] LIGHT OF DAY
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[Shelved] LIGHT OF DAY
[Image: 3gLH2jR.png]

Since time immemorial, we have lived in darkness.
Yet there may come a day that we may return to the light.
The old paths are opening again.
Our isolation may soon be at an end.

That’s why you’re here, isn’t it?

- - - - - - - - - -

Many thousands of years ago, an unknown cataclysm struck the world. The people of the surface fled underground in desperation, and sealed off all paths back to the surface. The surfacers began spreading throughout the vast cavern system underlying much of the world, establishing settlements that eventually grew into great nations. Little else is known about those days, save for unsubstantiated myth and legend. Kingdoms have risen and fallen, people have spread far and wide, and business has continued mostly as usual deep underground.

Now, though, things are changing. Recently, reports have come in that the ancient routes to the surface are starting to unseal themselves after all this time. Whether this is because the seals have weakened, or because they were meant to open eventually, is unknown. Some worry that a second great cataclysm is approaching, threatening the underground too, while others believe the danger may have passed, that the surface world may be safe once more.

“Safe” is a relative term, of course. Millennia of isolation underground have changed the under-dwellers irrevocably, as they have gradually adapted to life underground. Unfortunately, this leaves them ill-equipped for life on the surface, where the sun beats down harshly, where it can be scorching hot half the day and freezing the other half, where the world varies daily between blindingly bright and pitch black. Not to mention the countless unknown dangers - strange creatures, magical phenomena, and more.

You are a dweller of the underground, whether an alchemist seeking lost knowledge, a gun-toting hunter seeking new quarries, an aspiring prospector looking to plunder the riches of the surface, or whatever else. Regardless of the reason, you are preparing to head for the surface to begin a new chapter of your life - unless you have your own reasons for staying below. No matter what happens, one thing is clear - change is coming.

- - - - - - - - - -

Welcome to Light of Day, a new fantasy RP by your old friend Anomaly. Setting is vaguely industrial-ish - revolvers and maybe some factories and the like. That varies based on the region of the underground, too. I’m leaving the specifics of the underground itself vague for now - most anything goes, within the constraint of “fantasy”. Feel free to make up as much as you want in your profiles, or just to submit lore to enhance the setting. Note, though, that I will not be accepting lore about the surface world - only the underground.

Game will be mostly PM-based, either in groups or as individuals based mostly on your preferences. Feel free to collaborate with each other. I’ll be taking maybe 6-8 players for this, probably no more.

Here’s an app.

Name: Yeah.
Species: Almost anything goes, humanoid or dragon or cryptid or whatever the hell. Do note, however, that most species from the surface have adapted for underground life, whatever that may entail. Note also that I’m not super enthusiastic about the typical Tolkien elves/dwarves/halflings/whatever, so if you want to be one of those, make ‘em interesting.
Description: A rundown of your character’s physical appearance and personality and such.
Skills/Abilities: What’s your character good at? This can be more mundane skills like medicine and rock climbing, or more esoteric and mystical stuff like spellcasting or other such powers.
Possessions: You own any interesting stuff? You can have magic things, but don't go overboard here.
Biography: Tell us a bit about your background. Or a lot. Either works.
Ambition: What drives you? What are you setting out to achieve? Note that if this doesn’t involve the surface in some way, it’s gonna need to be pretty good - you can spend the whole game without leaving the underground, but that’s kind of the focus of the game.
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Reserved for mysterious and vague purposes.
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Name: Sylabor

Species: BUG! BUG! BUG! Mostly they’re just Big Fuckin Bugs that walk on 2-4 legs because slight anthropomorphism makes things like this more doable. They can also talk because that makes sense, and hangout in slightly more humanish setups (aka: most of the time they DO group together in cities, though hermits are not unheard of.) They call themselves by many names as they’re prone to bickering between their many classifications, so most just call them Bugfolk. They generally have an ability or two based on what sort of bug they are.

Description: Thicc. No like, really, did you know ladybugs like bleed from their leg joints to wig predators and that’s the yellow stuff you get on you when they freak out? It’s so cool. Yeah, this boy is thicc, and vain as hell. He’s a 22 spotted ladybug (21 actually but he draws the last one on,) and he’s as pretty as they come. Glossy exoskeleton, vibrant hues (yellow mostly,) and a stance and grace that makes one think as they walk by, damn she thinks she’s fine. Not that anyone is on his level. Anyhow, Sylabor is arrogant, and optimistic, with a taste for all sorts of adventure. Usually, this extends only to “getting kicks out of theft”. Also? Defining trait he shares with his bestest friend who he is most loyal to? A little dumb.

-Flight! I imagine he’s not the best at it as flying away and around is very conspicuous, but those wings have to be good for something.
-Master of Disguise! Deep in the marrow of his home, Sylabor learned to bend magic to his will... Just a bit. He does some sweet disguising spells.

On him:
- A revolver and ammunition
- A pocket knife (knife, corkscrew, shitty tweezers)
- Sliver of Horn Shard (the channel for his magics)
- A paper bag full of tasty tasty fried aphid bits. Greasy.
- A dope outfit. (Four leather gloves and two boots, a stylin’ belt with a few satchels on it, a dumb puffy pirate shirt, absolutely some black tights. Lastly, a gold chain with a locket on the end. A tiny portrait of his mama inside.)
At home (not in the Halls themselves but in a small apartment in the Underbelly):
- Sewing Kit & Makeup bag
- A block of beeswax to polish with
- A cool cowboy hat he was making for his best friend’s upcoming birthday

Biography: Sylabor was hatched and raised in the literal Underbelly of the Bugfolk’s biggest city, best known in the common tongue as The Bones. An enormous skeleton, like that of those lizard types, but winged, and horned, and so much larger. There was no telling how old it was, but it oozed with magic, and was home to a good half of all their kind. It was an enormous cave, hollowed out all around the thing, homes and public spaces burrowed deep into the marrow of it. From the top of its horns (the epicenter of magical academia,) you could see the whole damn place, a million bugs, webs and burrows, runes covering so many surfaces, and the undercity, built of stone and metal beneath rib cage. This was his home.

He lived with his mother (a huge mama’s boy, pa left the picture early on,) and had a fairly rough and tumble childhood. In the years he considered his ugliest, he came fairly close to his end, when... he met his very best friend. Cosmina Leblondii, a big burly fucker (a Goliath ‘bird eater’ by our standard, but what’s a bird?) who spared him a quick end from some stink bugs. Blondie (as he’s been since affectionately named) picked up this scrappy little larvae and befriended him swiftly, and Sylabor has never quite gotten over it. Their friendship was a rather zany series of goofs (“Ma, I want you to meet my best fr- YOU CAN’T EAT HIM STOP IT!” “H-hello Mrs Le B, a pleasure to make youraaaAAAAAAAAAAA AWAY AWAY AWAY WITH YOU!”) that continued with their individual lives. Sylabor wanted to be an actor someday, and learned to make himself look better, and, well, act. Blondie came from a line of artificers (a fair amount of those in The Bones,) and seemed intent on continuing it.

I want to get this damn thing done so long story short, Sylabor had a difficult time breaking into the theater, being young and inexperienced. He wanted an edge, and what was flashier than magic? He wanted to go to school. But he needed money to do that. Blondie was often up for hairbrained schemes, and joined him. A truly outrageous Heist was planned, and they almost pulled the damn thing off! But they made a mistake, and that mistake was attempting to steal from what they found out was the biggest crime ring in The Bones. They were caught, and a Praying Mantis with the most obnoxious cockney accent came to see them.

And laughed.

They almost had him, and that talent, he respected. He took the boys in, and under his care, they blossomed. Into, well, more talented dolts. Sylabor apprenticed under their magician, and learned much about appearance magic (though he never could get sound changing spells down), and Blondie had the time and materials to hone his craft. They still got word out to their mommas from time to time, but this was their lives now, and damn good ones. Many a crazy Heist and Scheme were hatched in those halls.

Most recently, the boys were set on lookout duty, and had taken themselves a smoke break. They hung on the lowest Rib, far above their job, when they saw, where they should have been, an explosion. There had been an attack, that had been incredibly successful. They only survived due to their negligence. They’d heard some rumors of late, of sections of the underground opening, to something unknown. Well. Good a time as any to skip town.

Ambition: To NOT get murdered by the bug police, or rival guild, or whatever the HELL that was. Sounds like a fun adventure, too. Sylabor loves adventures. Maybe he’ll find some crazy artifacts or ~*~*~discover~*~*~ something.
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Name: Rintin Bugaboo

Species: Hob - The Hobs, also known as Hobgoblins or Brownies, are a diminutive race of tricksters. They are usually very friendly, and often live in others' burrows as assistants and house-keepers. Distantly related to the ancient surface Forest Goblins and Fae, Hobs love shiny things and playing tricks. They're easy to get along with though, as they also like helping people who are nice to them. Hobs stand at around two feet tall having grown taller during their stay underground due to the need for more muscle to burrow through the earth. They have an innate magic which helps them do minor tasks, like keeping a home clean and preventing food from spoiling. Of course, this also lets them play tricks on those who displease them. Hobs most often live with other races, though on occasion they will form a community and build little rock houses. Whether it is due to their magic or something else, Hob communities are usually in a place with something magical nearby. As magical creatures, Hobs have widely varying skin, eye, and hair color, though as they age they become a gnarled brown color like tree bark. Hobs' lifespan is know known, though some claim to be hundreds of years old. Very old Hobs usually disappear one day, never to be seen again.

Description: Rintin looks like an average Hob. At one foot 10 inches, he is a little on the short side, but he makes up for it with a tall black cap that he wears on his head. Rintin's skin is a ruddy orange, and he has frizzy brown hair and dark green eyes. Rintin wears a simple vest and trousers most of the time, and generally doesn't tend to draw too much attention to himself.


Magic: Rintin is among the more magically gifted of his brethren. He has developed his natural abilities and, with the help of some stolen books on magical theory, has begun to explore his own innate magic. He can also cast spells like normal wizards.

Sneak Thief: Rintin is hard to notice due to his small stature, and he uses that to his advantage. He can fit through small spaces and take things unnoticed. He also has a habit of stealing things people have hidden in their boots.

Music: Rintin considers himself a bit of a music lover. He plays the lute and the pan-pipe, and is almost always around when there's a party.


-Panpipe and Lute
-Sly dagger
-Hornfunkel's Treatise on the Magickal Arts
-Fancy Vest
-Hoblish trinkets

Biography: Rintin was born 'twixt hubbub and commotion, in the market-town of Harristley. The market-square was home to a Hob named Fifi Bugaboo who was well-liked for her skills with animals. She loved her son much, but disappeared one morn in the ways of her folk and left young Rintin on his lonesome. He learned to thieve and busk in the marketplace with his band of friends, children of various races, some orphans, some merchants' brats, and though he missed his dear mum he lived happy. One fine day a wizard named Avgust Barnaby came through the market and sensed a magic strong and wild in the town. He traced it to Rintin, who had a knack for his people's charms but no education in it. Avgust saw this as a chance, for Rintin lived alone, and enticed the fine young fellow to follow him with fair promises of fun, fame, and fortune.

And so Rintin began his training in the ways of magic. He learned both how to control his powers and weave the threads of magic in the ways of the wizards. As time wore on, though, he tired of his academic master and his tower of books, and decided to follow his heart and be free once more. Rintin took some books and snuck out, looking for adventure. He wandered the underground for a while, using his magic, thievery, and music to support himself. Eventually he heard that the ways to the surface had opened and decided that this was the perfect place for him to go. Rintin gathered his meager belongings and set out for the surface.

Ambition: A sense of adventure and discovery. Rintin wants fame and fortune, but most of all he wants to see new places and experience new things. There is a wanderlust in the young Hob that cannot be sated.

The one, the only, Vancho!
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Name: M5-DN94

Species: Surface Robot. Much more sophisticated than the robots built in the Underground, Surface Robots are relics of a time long since passed. They served a variety of purposes on the Surface, but many now lie defunct in the Underground, scavenged and taken apart. Very few Surface Robots are actually in a functional state, and even fewer are found actually functioning. Still, most Surface Robots have some sort of pull to the Surface, like the need to return home...

Description: M5-DN94 is a human-sized robot made of a dark grey metal, standing at 6 feet even. His build is something akin to a rather top-heavy human, with a huge, bulky torso, shoulders, and arms. M5's lower half consists of a base pelvis that has three legs attached for greater stability. His base hands are more or less human, just with six fingers instead of five. M5's hands are attached to his wrists by way of heavy magnetic lock. He is able to release these magnetic locks in order to temporarily replace his hands with specially designed attachments. M5's head is similar to a human's, but without any of the features save for eyes and a grill where the mouth would be.

In terms of damage, M5 has a couple of gashes in his chassis, ones that weren't worth covering up. He has a few plates of sheet metal bolted onto his body in various areas, covering up holes that expose some of his inner workings. On his head, there's a piece of sheet metal with a small, locked hatch that Professor Iris uses to get at his Memory Core. Speaking of, his Memory Core is a spherical module the size of a baseball in his head that is covered in blue wires and lights, and has a bite-sized chunk taken out of it.

M5 is humorless and blunt, but not out of any sort of negative feeling. He simply doesn't have the emotional experience required to pull off any sort of not faked emotion. He is, however, extremely loyal, and that loyalty is currently for Professor Iris. M5 enjoys doing tasks and working on projects, though he doesn't express that enjoyment outside of the occasional, seemingly ingenuine comment. Still, M5 means well, and won't usually do act to purposefully cause harm to anybody.

Mining - M5 is pretty good at boring through rock, considering that's what he was designed to do. This also comes with the ability to recognize valuable metals and gems after a little bit of examination.
Resiliency - M5 has solid craftsmanship, even considering all of the time he's spent deactivated. Being a robot, M5 doesn't need to breathe or eat, though he does need to charge. Being made of metal gives him a resistance to blunt force trauma that most organics lack.
Familiarity - M5, despite the damage to his Memory Core, still retains basic protocols. As such... he is capable of recognizing and using some Surface technology with the most basic of proficiencies.

- Twin attachable arm mounted drills. They're capable of boring through solid rock with ease, though it has been a little while since they've seen use.
- Spare battery. In the case of low charge when not in the vicinity of a charging area, M5 can hook up the spare battery to his charging port. The battery is charged in the same way he is, and holds about two days worth of power.

Error. Damage to Memory Core detected. Report to maintenance officer for repairs.

M5 was found, years ago, in a surprisingly untouched pile of scrap, one of the few massive refuse piles dragged down from the Surface and forgotten that hadn't been rediscovered. Scavengers came across the pile and, looking to make a quick buck, began digging through the pile for some Surface tech that hadn't been tampered with. Instead of bits of circuitry and interesting insignias imprinted on sheet metal, however, they found something infinitely more valuable. They found M5, drained of power but still intact.

A functioning Surface Robot, no matter what it was previously used for was worth more than most Underground residents could afford. The scavengers hauled M5 to the nearest city, Vequepolis, to have appraised. M5 wasn't in the finest of states. In his 'transfer' to the Underground, he had sustained a decent amount of damage, including some damage to his internal workings, his Memory and Power Cores most prominent. In addition, thousands of years stuck in a refuse pile did little for keeping one looking good. Still, he still had his uses, and was quickly sold, and found himself in the possession of one Professor Iris, an Underground Human and the closest thing to a Surface Robotics expert that the city M5 was in could muster. She looked M5 over as well as she could, and then began picking around inside of him.

The Professor fixed what she could, but she just simply didn't have the ability to restore much to M5. She patched him up, bolted new pieces of metal over his holes, soldered what circuits she could back together, and replaced his Power Core with a really shitty battery so that she could look at the Core. However, now that he had power, M5 returned to functionality, rather thoroughly scaring the shit out of Professor Iris.

Upon rebooting, M5 ran a diagnostic and found that the chunk taken out of his Memory Core, while not being enough to impede his functionality, was enough to fuck up his stored memories to the point of thorough corruption. He had... no idea where he was, where he came from, or anything before the current moment. Still, he had the feeling that he should know, and he had a message that would occasionally pop up in his mind. 'Error. Damage to Memory Core detected. Report to maintenance officer for repairs.' Still, he had retained some protocols, and those protocols dictated that he should report to the nearest human for further instruction. And that human was Professor Iris.

From then on, M5 has been working as Professor Iris' assistant, helping her with any menial labor she needed done, as well as assisting her with supply runs. It's not the most luxurious life, but M5 is satisfied, for the most part... and yet that message still keeps playing. Error. Damage to Memory Core detected. Report to maintenance officer for repairs.

Ambition: M5 needs to report to a maintenance officer for repairs. He doesn't remember anything, but there's just a little bit of code in there telling him to go somewhere. He needs repairs, they're overdue... Where does he need to go for repairs?...
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Name: Alleen of the Underfalls

Species: The Created are a species of artificial magical constructs that outlasted their creators. created from raw material and a complex web of spells and inscribed enchantments these golems range from hulking masses to simpler humanoid forms made out of whatever material their creators could get their hands on, metal and raw stone are the most common, but there are also rumors of ones made of crystal and oldest ones made out of wood. They also frequently cannibalize technology so seeing them with a drill or a furnace attached to them is common, there was also a amusing incident with a created accidentally functioning as a bard by having cannibalized a array of record players into its body.

Created usually struggle with controlling their priorities made into their programming, as a more recent or newly re-forged Created would be indecisive in between combating the dangerous creatures that had taken over its workplace or checking the structural integrity of the cavern. They however get more adaptable the longer the Created has worked. With the technology and knowledge to make new Created lost the created only keep their numbers by scavenging the 'memory stone' (a large red glowing orb that fuels the enchantments and spells keeping them together) from fallen Created and then reforging them into a new body, however this causes the original personality to be overwritten with the original programming. Hence why the oldest of created are treated with extreme care, for if they are lost they will lose much of the old knowledge needed. Created fiercely protect each-other's memory stones and any thieves unlucky enough to take one will feel the full brunt of the constructs anger until the stones are recovered.

The Created usually stay at places that correlate with their programming, Created programmed for labor usually show up in grand building operations or mining tunnels. Created trained in combat usually patrol the upper tunnels or old ruins and some even protect towns. these different stationing usually result in Created 'clans' that work and live in one area, It is very rare these clans stray from their assigned work-space so Created usually are fixtures for ages if they live within a community of other races. The only free-roaming Created are ancient ones who had broken out of their programming or Created tasked with information gathering, reporting on the clans or 'Memory Stone' retrieval.

Created do not really communicate with other races and their programming merely allows them to react to other's actions. It is wise to tread carefully around a Created and their tasks, sure they might be defending or helping a village but that is merely a coincidence of their programming if they get in the way of those tasks... well things could get ugly.

Description: A person-sized created vaguely humanoid in stature made out of mossy stone and metal plating covering the 'joints' inscribed with glowing runes of the spell. A large valve seems to be stuck on one of its arms in its chest area there is a slotted 'memory stone' clearly held in place by several cast iron bands bolted into the rock. Two glowing orbs of light seem to make up its face functioning as 'eyes'. Alleen looks like a vaguely humanoid golem in all respects.. however the oddity about it is that instead of the usual red its light seems to be a sickly green and it seems more aware (and interested/curious) of its surroundings then normal Created. If Created had strong personalities it would be safe to say it hasn't formed its own yet.

- Strength: Alleen's magical enchantments power its limbs in accordance with its mass, currently its weightlifting capabilities are comparable to a athlete.
- Morphing Body: Alleen is able to rearrange its body at will, change positioning of the limbs or individual pieces. She can also dislodge pieces of its body or add new pieces to its bulk
- Pugilism: Alleen is good at punching things really hard! Being made out of stone and metal helps absorbing blows too!
- Mute: As of now, it has no way to communicate verbally.

Possessions: Its bulk consists of rocks and metal plating and a valve which functions as a makeshift buckler. Usually Created just smash things with their fists if they do not have heavy machinery incorporated in their mass, It also has her memory stone built in of course.. it would suck if it was lost.

Biography: From the moment of Aleen's memory stone's activation it was a laborer assigned to the Underfalls. It was a cavern filled with air pumps and great wheels and other waterworks which it maintained with its fellow created. they toiled to keep the ancient works moving and combat the passage of time. It served as a hauler of materials and clearer of blockades in the tunnels for all its days faithfully performing within its spell perimeters, yet it all changed when the spell changed its priorities. There was something wrong and soon it realized that two created were absent from their posts and sending out a call for help. It moved to locate them immediately traveling trough the tunnels and following a trail of debris into a lone antechamber.

What it saw there drove the Created into a rage, there were two broken stones on a altar, two broken memory stones never to be able to be recovered. Its programming shifted and the gollem charged these interlopers. A few were armored and tried taking out their weapons... They were smashed into a pulp first, the actual smart ones stayed at range and picked off bits of its mass with their loud banging sticks, It didn't help them much when Alleen closed the distance... It however had failed to spot the last member of the group. hushed whispers and weird chanting left the individuals mouth and then a bolt of sickly green lighting hit Alleen memory stone with full force.

It was a... revelation for the golem as weird images started flooding her cognition, It dreamt of the Underfalls but it was untouched and undamaged and strange creatures which spoke incomprehensibly were all around it and its kin. they seemed to be interacting with The Created in a way that seemed familiar to both races then the scene changed a big orb of blinding fire seemed to imprisoned as the creatures slowly closed a tunnel door, a battle was raging in the darkness and it witnessed a big metal pole impaling it.. then it saw itself activating in the forges but it was not itself. All these images overwhelmed it and it collapsed both from damage and utter confusion as it witnessed the robed interloper flee away.

Two days after collapsing Alleen regained her senses. it had cannibalized the bodies her fellow created and this action left it confused. Usually raw material is supposed to be recovered and brought back, not to be used for repairs as it pondered this, it realized it could ponder such a situation freaking the Created out even more. It seemed like it could determine its own course in a utterly alien manner it its knowledge of her programming... It also occurred to itself that the strange Created it had seen was a memory.. of itself... It looked at its memory stone and even more apprehension washed over it. Instead of glowing red, it glowed the same hue as the lighting that struck her.. fearing it had become some sort of Rogue Unit it did not return to its kin in the Underfalls. Instead going of in a journey in search of answers.. and to understand this new sense of longing for knowledge about EVERYTHING it was feeling.

Ambition: Finding other afflicted or the people that caused it (and beat the later to a pulp), finding out what corrupted her memory stone and understanding the strange visions this aberration of its spell induced to learn forgotten knowledge of old that might help other created and learn more of this strange new world beyond its programming and these strange thought processes that seem to come and go.
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Name: Yeah.
Species: Almost anything goes, humanoid or dragon or cryptid or whatever the hell. Do note, however, that most species from the surface have adapted for underground life, whatever that may entail. Note also that I’m not super enthusiastic about the typical Tolkien elves/dwarves/halflings/whatever, so if you want to be one of those, make ‘em interesting.
Description: A rundown of your character’s physical appearance and personality and such.
Skills/Abilities: What’s your character good at? This can be more mundane skills like medicine and rock climbing, or more esoteric and mystical stuff like spellcasting or other such powers.
Possessions: You own any interesting stuff? You can have magic things, but don't go overboard here.
Biography: Tell us a bit about your background. Or a lot. Either works.
Ambition: What drives you? What are you setting out to achieve? Note that if this doesn’t involve the surface in some way, it’s gonna need to be pretty good - you can spend the whole game without leaving the underground, but that’s kind of the focus of the game.

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Name: William Arro Luggange.

Species: Cleavedings. Imagine intelligent baboons, bred by some strange alchemist, using powders and concoctions to refine the intelligence and mannerism of their menagerie. During the grand cataclysm, the alchemist died due to rocks falling on them from above, but their assistants fled to safety, carrying their equipment and "pets."

They eventually died as they squabbled over the ownership of the vast amount of hazardous chemicals, for unchecked seepage created an explosion. This inexplicably didn't harm the baboons, opened their cages and properly enhanced their intelligence. This intelligence made them realize it is unhealthy to stay here for much longer.

Originally called 3/7beasts, due to their size and similarity to most folk, but this has changed once they decided to clean up, and experiment with the Cursed Homelands. With this, they discovered a closet full of strange crystals that could... float. Traversing the caves are a tiresome task, especially for tiny people, so they realized they could make flotation devices out of this material. Soon, they carved many prototypical floating belts, one of them eventually succeeded! They also managed to replicate the formula for the crystal.

The species gained their new colloquial name because their explorers and traders, outfitted in these blood red crystal pants, look like people cut in half messily.

Description: William Arro is a very red cleavedling, his fur is almost as red as the crystal thing he is sitting in. But you can't see it most of the time as he is in a red hazmat suit. He wears orange goggles. His arm is a bit toned, but he is mostly a wimp. Has an amazing hairdo.

  • Hazardous Material Handling
  • Piloting the Crystal Dress
  • Prospecting
  • Jewelery crafting
  • Extreme Cooking

  • The crystal dress: special flotation device created by the Cleavedlings
  • Sling: actually a pneumatic gun
  • Hazmat suit: does it.... work?
  • Backpack full of fixin' and craftin' gear: most of it is useless really

Biography: William Arro is a jeweler and metallurgist, who works for the Cleanup Corps, a recently founded freelance corporation of Cleavedlings, who wish to see if the surface has further strange materials akin to the ones in the Cursed Homelands, and maybe, if they could put some in a jar without poisoning anyone? William Arro was the bravest of them, and accepted the solo mission drew lots and failed, and is now tasked to hitch a ride with some surface explorers. This was he was planning to do all his life... and feared at the same time. He hopes that he will return unharmed, and successful, and he won't have to return to the cavelobster shop of his parents. Anything but that, can't let this education (correspondence course on types of rocks) go to waste...

Ambition: Craft a powerful piece of jewelry. Or if it deems unhealthy, maybe make a battery perhaps? Just return with something that will cement the name of the company.

It is time time
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Name: Kenny Tee.
Species: Human-ish. One of many sub-races of humanity anyway. His breed is fairly standard except for being a little more physically capable, faster, stronger, tougher immune system and healing rate, better senses to deal with the dark and what lives in there.
Description: A rundown of your character’s physical appearance and personality and such.
Skills/Abilities: Punching!!! And sometimes kicking. And the odd headbutting. Kneeing and elbowing obviously. Clawing and gouging if things get ugly.
Possessions: You own any interesting stuff? You can have magic things, but don't go overboard here.
Biography: Tell us a bit about your background. Or a lot. Either works.
Ambition: What drives you? What are you setting out to achieve? Note that if this doesn’t involve the surface in some way, it’s gonna need to be pretty good - you can spend the whole game without leaving the underground, but that’s kind of the focus of the game.

“One day you wake up and realize the world can be conquered.” - Doctor Impossible

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