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By popular demand: a Discord

The Lore

Legend has it, that a long, long time ago, the Abyssal League was trying to take over the known ocean, trying to put their slimy tentacles on every inch of seabed. The united forces of aquatic people fought a valient defense, but almost all for naught. Their once vast empires got cornered within an impassable wall, one that was never seen before. However, the unthinkable happened, and through unknown means (Trickery? Treachery? Nobody knows), several of the mishappen living weapons of the abyssals turned on their rulers, decimating them, and driving them back from whence they came from. These... creatures then returned and went to sleep, but not before pledging their alleigance to several of the fish generals. They have become the Leviathan Keepers.

Even if the Abyssal League was gone back to its depths (or, as some deep dwelling races claim, they didn't come from the depths, they came from the sky), the area west of the Trapped Sea is almost entirely uninhabitable. But from every other direction... The Wall stood. So surviving fish had to make do with what they could find locally: strange abyssal crystals, sand dollars, and the ailing sealife's bones and meat. The Leviathan keepers eventually founded their own kingdoms, and have been known for bullying the tiny neighbouring aquatic clans for at least a millenium.

One day, everything changed. An inventor called Eelonardo has constructed a vehicle, and a specialized suit that allowed him to venture beyond the wall. He survived, returned, and brought interesting things, such as tales of life above, along with abundant food, and many strange resources. And something called "fire". Soon, he left again for the world above. The Leviathan keepers have decided: if going above the Wall is possible, perhaps they should likewise create such a vehicle.

And this vehicle has become known as: ABMARINE. And the people, who wandered beyond the Wall, vehicle or not: the ABMARINERS.

The Leviathans are stirring in their sleep. Is the Abyssal League returning? Well, their keepers keep hearing 300 years in their nightmares... It could be false alert, or something else entirely.

Pregame LORENING rounds
1. Aquatic Races: they can not venture onto the coast without serious equipment or magic
2. Handful of NP-sea countries
3. Rumors about what species and features exists above the Wall (might be true, might be exaggerated)

The Abmariners

The basic assumption of an abmarine is that it is a vehicle with wheels that is capable of breaching The Wall (read: roll up the barely sloping sandy beaches), crafted from various crystals and/or beaft bodyparts, running mostly on magic. However, you have free hand in coming up with the exact design, composition and usage of your nation's abmarine. Maybe it is more of a mobile base, used to swim up rivers. Maybe you would like to drill into the seaside caves, create ballistic missiles to explore really distant areas, or maybe your abmarine is a protective shell used to explore the uninhabitable western wasteland. Perhaps you don't even use abmarines, maybe you just made your landsuits really flexible and durable, enabling you to build a series of reverse Venices along the coast.

The Leviathans

These primordial and eldritch titanic beasts lie on the sea floor, taking up considerable real estate. Your leader's ancestor has tamed them somehow, it is up to you. They seem to be able to talk through dreams, but when awake, they just roar like a horror from the beginning of time. Your leader is capable of designating a location, after which the Leviathan will wake up, swim over, destroy everything there without discrimination, then swim home. You should not aim it at your home territory, unless you want your very own patch of the western wasteland. When one wakes up, it sings a song like a demonic whale, audible through the whole Trapped Sea, allowing others to send their own... [Leviathans are superweapons from Spheres of Influence]

The Leader

Your leader is the descendant of a Leviathan Keeper, who ruled a thousand year ago. Or is it still the very same Keeper? How long lived your leader is up to you. Even if unaging, they might be vulnerable to being stabbed... If you feel that your leader has become too old, or it gets lost in action, you can replace it with their child or appointed heir, passing along the Leviathan Keeper knowledge.

Sea Council Phase

Dipomacy with NPCs is done in short turns, by PMing other players, or addressing NPCs by PMing the GM. All deals have to be done during the diplomacy phase. Diplomacy can include trade deals, research deals, sharing intelligence, denouncing Reverse-Venice, war, sending people to work at the embass-sea, etc. Keep in mind that these will only come into effect at the Ten Year Plan Phase. Most diplomatic treaties and declarations are announced publicly.

The Ten Year Plan Phase

The Leviathan Keepers follow a kind of planned economy, which runs for ten years (with slight adjustments by the officials if needed). This is when SCIENCE gets done, the prenegotiated trade routes get built, along with any kind of improvements. Hostile actions, like spying on anyone and wars with NPCs takes places during these turns. Wars with PCs will be detailed later. At the end of the Ten Year Plan, you may change your leader, as detailed above.

All actions in the Ten Year Plan requires you to allocate SAND DOLLARS to various projects. If you don't use up all your money, the leftovers will vanish, so you should definitely
use up all of the available ones. Just state how much you are allocating for what purpose. Purposes include creating troops, building civic buildings, hosting bread and circuses, science.

Maintaining spies and armies already has a passive cost, moving them about won't have extra charge. Benchmarks for useage of money: 1 sand dollar has a meager result, 5 sand dollar results in really outstanding quality, while 10 sand dollars is earth shaking, or perhaps just egregious spending.

If you have Abmariners, you may attach them to specific actions, such as sending troops, scientists, or a group of rock (lobster) stars to the surface.

Example commands: "I am building a really tiny monument for 1 sand dollars."; "I am researching the millitary useage of tame pistol shrimps using 5 sand dollars".; "I build a counter intelligence center using all my money."


Science brings convenience to the modern fish. It involves first detecting powerful resources through exploring, such as commanding a group of people to survey a specific area. Specifying how this surveying is done yields more specific results. For example, if you declare that you are performing drilling, you will more likely discover rare rocks as opposed to finding a new medical herb. You can also gain resources through trade. Once you have access to resources, you can perform science on them, by declaring a project using one or more of these, and then optionally set a goal for the project ("Make a Weapon from these Horrible Teeth"). You will get a list of what is available during turn updates.


This is done through the Ten Year Plan Phase. Against NPCs: you select your doctrines and maneuvers in advance, and you'll find out the result at the end of the ten year phase.
Against PCs: wars are broken down to turns, each representing a year, until one of you surrenders, or the ten years pass. Everyone can enter the war while it rages on. War mini-turns are announced publicly.

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Reserved for lore.

First things first: post underwater races! The races can not be amphibious, and the western ocean's contaminated water is considered toxic and mutagenic for all of them. There will be about half a dozen of them. Or a dozen?

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Quick and adaptable, mermidons are one of the main races of the sea. Shark-people with burly arms and tails, they have large dorsal fins and many teeth. Unlike sharks, they don't need to constantly keep swimming to survive, which helps with the whole sedentary culture thing. They are omnivorous and, despite their savage appearance and reputation for violence, are just as civilized as everyone else. Their skin comes in many shades of grey, blue and sea-green, and they build their homes everywhere and anywhere.

The bulky, eel-like anguili burrow into the ocean floor and dig their homes out of the cliffs and chasms of the world. Though they are strong and tough, they don't actually have arms, and have to pick stuff up in their mouths instead. Because of this, they are considered primitive cave-dwellers by most, despite living in ornately-carved cave-cities. Furthermore, perhaps because they can't easily do things requiring two hands, they are quick to adopt new technologies that improve their lives.

A bizarre and profoundly alien race, by any standard of the sea, anthozoans are intelligent coral colonies. With divided brainpower among potentially thousands of polyps in each anthozoan, each individual thinks like a community. They are each huge and technically mobile, flowing glacially across the terrain by concerted effort of all their parts, using thousands of tiny polyp-suckers to pick up and manipulate countless objects with incredible dexterity and precision, albeit very slowly. It is entirely possible for old and large anthozoan to decide to settle down, forming a coral bed and never moving again. They vary in size and colour massively, from a dozen-polyp juvenile the size of a basketball to a legendary elder who has lived a thousand years, literally put down roots and is the size of a mansion.
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Octokin (also known as Krakin, Sea Witches, or “You Boneless Scum”) are a major race of the sea. They resemble unusually large octopuses and possesses the abilities of such, eight strong arms and camouflage for instance. The body of an Octokin is suffuse with magic, blessing them with massive intellect and sorcerous potential. Unfortunately, they are hindered by their naturally short lifespans – truncated even further by reproduction.
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CRABSONS - Crabsons are a race of four-armed crustacean bipeds who are found of physical violence and collecting (and reusing) the technology and artifacts of other civilizations. Incapable of speech, Crabsons communicate through enthusiastic claw-clicks. Adults can reach sizes of up to ten feet, possibly more, as Crabsons continue to grow as they age, but due to their love of combat and lack of restraint, tend to not live long enough to get larger than that. Culturally they build settlements near thermal vents deep in the sea, eat an omnivorous diet of meat and bio-luminescent sea-tubers (the only crop they cultivate, which they also use for light), and build altars to a four armed deity, which, oddly, does not resemble their kind and is usually depicted as being much smaller. However, this figure is always depicted devastating Crabson and other sea life alike, some sort of alien perfect warrior.
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Species lorening will be open until January 1st, but if I get posts before that date or people say they need more time, it will be extended to January 7th, or until we get up to 8-10 races.

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Extending the race apps by one more week as christmas was very busytimes for everyone.

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The amphids are a race of stout, hardy folk with four long limbs and a combined head/body that is mostly a mouth, stomache, and eyes. They very much resemble the legendary Amphi Beings of the legends beyond the wall, but unlike them they cannot survive outside of the water. However, surface air is still very much a necessity and so most amphid cities are high up in the ocean. Amphids are also known as skilled inventors, having come up with air bubble technology that allows them to communicate and trade with the races of the deeps.


Mantilians are a proud race of sea-dwellers, with large winged bodies and long tails. Four arms coming from the bottom side of their bodies enable them to multitask efficiently, and their imposing size and rough demeanour make many other races wary of them. However, any strength the united Mantilian race would have is lessened by how fractured they are, with members of the race forming into rival clans, also known as gangs, each led by a sort of hereditary ruling family. These gangs are typically friendly and trustworthy to factions and nations that they've allied with, but are fierce rivals of the other gangs. The most important rulers of the Mantilian families and rulers of the largest gangs (the the point they are almost nations unto themselves) are currently Vincenzo, Lorenzo, Francesca, and Raymond.
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NP-sea nations. There won't be that many of them, because of the focus on the surface, but they still exists. They will be about ten or twelve at max, so get crackin'! The above mentioned species will inhabit them.

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Atmantis – The Lost Empire

Not actually lost. Atmantis is well known for their strong, savvy trade and a Mantily-majority population. Merchant families (most of them Mantily) constantly contest each other for political and economic conspiracy, contributing to the persuasive – if dangerous – intrigue that color the culture of the city-state. Atmanteans have a cultural fondness for luxuries and the fact the surface can be explored in relative safety only serves to whet their appetite for decadence.


Four-Corners Monastery

Four-Corners Monastery is a temple originally founded by Crabsons, but since had become diverse due to prospective students seeking enlightenment. Four-Corners ascetics practice a heretical sect of Crabson belief – the main tenet being reality is an eternal cycle of suffering - the “Kreb Cycle” - that can only be escaped by perfection of the body. Four-Corners reliably churns out imposing warrior-monks whose deeds are the stuff of legends (and subsequent nightmares).
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Mitral depths

In one of the deepest underwater trenches, the Mitral mouth, the Anguili race have tunneled out and entirely infested it. From above and afar it looks like a long cracked smile in the ocean depths, the very bottom of it is pocked with underwater volcanoes and full of either incredibly tough or fierce creatures, but also some of the rarest and strangest. It is known that it was revealed after a Leviathan cracked over the surface layer of that part of the ocean, revealing a hidden lower layer of the ocean underground, the geological parting miles wide and deep, and hundreds of miles long before delving into a strange deeper, secondary ocean that the Anguili have not managed to explore the outer area of yet.

The Anguili had found that with the heat and constant activity and fertality of the area, that they could create a new culture there, where their hardiness and strength would benefit them, and burrowed into the edges of this crack, the mouth of the Mithral Mouth, and from there they send explorers, farmers and harvesters into the back and gullet of the Mithral mouth.

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Venice But On Land

An atrociously wealthy city state situated near the centre of the known ocean. Famous for trade, as clever Octokin engineers utilized Amphi labour to build an artificial lake upon a patch of empty land surrounded by treacherous reefs nearly bisecting the Trapped Sea nearly in two. This lake, functionally, allowed for crossing the middle of the sea possible without large loss of time and resources, and the newly formed city took full advantage to rapidly become prosperous and full of itself. Its positioning also allows the city state to easily defend itself against all but the most imposing or determined attack.


A powerful but fractured nation, ruled by a quarreling council of Octokin and Crabsons. Legends have it that it was once a powerful empire that spanned beyond the known ocean before a religious fracture between the two races doomed the empire to petty squabbling. The Octo-Crab nation remains a shadow of its former self, but remains due to the sheer fact that the only thing the two populations hate more than each other are invaders.
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Thundersea Tribes

The expansive Thundersea takes up a good portion of the known world, stretching off farther than most civilized explorers have ventured before reaching the surrounding wall. Separated from the main bulk of the world by the Reef-Wall, the thickest and most colourful part of the connected network of reefs that stretches across the world, it is an inhospitable place for most - but not the Tribes.

These seahorse-like creatures are not remotely 'civilized' by the standards of the rest of the races. Instead they form large nomadic bands of pastoral herders, fighting amongst themselves and sending deadly raids across the shallows of the Reef-Wall to pillage and maraud the homelands of the other races. Though they can be negotiated with, they mostly only accept tribute of gold and weapons to be kept at bay, and do not make lasting friendships among the 'settled' people. They are fast, brutal, and have a knack for a deadly kind of skirmishing war that more 'civilized' folks cannot keep up with.

The Keepers of the Rock

A Mermidon fortress-citystate built into the biggest gap in the Reef-Wall, where the Thundersea Tribes used to raid through the most. It is supported financially by its neighbours and serves as a march of sorts, maintaining its huge fortress-city and large garrison to deter Thundersea raids and keep the peace. Built many decades ago, it no longer answers to the nation that built it, instead dedicating itself to its mission of keeping the seas same from Thundersea tribes for all races.

Isolationist by nature, it is nonetheless dependent on its neighbours for funding and military support, as it maintains patrols up and down the Reef-Wall. However, its defensive position is far from absolute. Though the actual shallow rift it is built in has held firm against Thundersea incursions since its construction, that is mostly because the Thundersea tribes have little interest in attacking a giant fortress when they can easily go around it. The patrols along the Reef-Wall are sometimes not enough to keep the raiders out, especially when Thundersea activity is highest.
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Note: I have been convinced by species ideas that were too good to pass up. NP-sea nations can have races that break the rules, and can have non player races in general.

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Ven-Ice (VenIce?) would be your typical trade-city of decadence and greed if it were not for their...unique citizens. Said citizens are creature of an...(thunderclap) AMPHIBIOUS BENT! Walruses, sea lions, et cetera. Despite seemingly being creatures who are capable of surviving in dry areas, they seem to avoid the surface like the plague. When asked, they mutter something about an ancient curse and exile. Probably nothing but lies and superstition. Anyway, it is not important to make simplifications of culture, but Ven-Iceians are a royal pain in the ass, snotty with a painfully obvious disdain of "lessers" - which generally consists of outsiders and poor people. This would be merely tolerable if it were not for their mighty Armartica - their terrifyingly advanced (relative to other civilizations) fleet of submarines, quickly assembled from carefully cultivated glaciers native to their homeland.
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Now we enter Phase Three:
Rumours about the surface! These might be partially true, not true, or multiple rumors might be actually about the same thing! Go hogwild!

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I heard that there is another kind of sea above the water, that when you break through the surface of the sea above, you can see another deep sea of blue sometimes, hidden by patches of white or grey sometimes, and that sometimes water from this far off sea falls down into ours and can cause the surface of the sea to writhe and boil as it pollutes our waters. Other living creatures can be seen sailing above, mostly stupid beasts like our common fish, hideous and useless things, but there are intelligent ones, like you and me, that live above the white patches called "cly-odds" with their own cities and people up above. When the high sea goes dark you can see their cities shining in the far distance. Sometimes, the stupid animal ones land on the surface of our sea and hunt for food, but I've heard that the intelligent ones, they hunt for us, and take us away. That's why you should never go near the surface, or the High-Sea people will see you from their cities and get you. Stay in the deeps where it's safe, where their terrible light and gazes can't reach us.

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They say Eelonardo is a hack, a sham. One of his assistants, the cousin of a nephew of a friend of mine, swears on his fins that Eelonardo's designs were all useless death traps, that for years absolutely no progress was made. That is, until they found a vehicle, an Abmarine, wrecked in the reefs. Eelonardo based all of his work after on it, not his own work. Thing is though, this one wasn't designed for land.

It was designed for water.


Those Amphi, I don't trust them one bit. Air gaspers each and every one, I wouldn't be surprised if they could live outside of the ocean this whole time and just greedily tried to keep it away from us. Bet that past the wall, you can still find their kind, frolicking and conniving and plotting the downfall of the whole Sea.


You know, there's been a lot of Crabsons around here lately. Saw some of them meeting with the Abmariner crews the Duchess is putting together. Also heard that they were big funders of the Abmarine project in general. Don't you think it's weird? All they do is click and snap but they're getting involved with us all of the sudden? Might be some truth that they expect their god to be up there, waiting for them beyond the wall. Why they'd want to find him is beyond me.
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Looks like that is all the rumors I will get, so lets finish this with Actual Apps.

Nation name: What is it that you lead?
Population: What species populate your place?
General location: Is it near the Wall, or perhaps nearer to the western wasteland?
Description: Tell us about your nation...

Name: Your leader's name
Species: What is it?
Description: What to do you look like, what are you like?
Leviathan: Want kind of Leviathan do you have, and how did you tame it?
Favourite Seafood: Yes.

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Yeah, this doesn't seem to have enough traction, so I will close it now. Alas. :(

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Sorry dude. : ( Forgot to check on the thread about open apps.

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Hey, if you're still interested in running it, I'd be down to give it a go - sea games are a whole lotta fun. Just didn't know it was open for apps, like Quinny mentioned!
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Thanks for the kind words, but I don't really have much interest in this anymore. :(

Rest assured, I will certainly come up with something new later this week, or the next one, and it might have a sea theme.

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Yeah sorry I forgot about this, didn't realize it had reached the signup stage :(

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