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Aaa- AAA!!! No, no no NO- Maria flew up high, and materialized, and while she fell, she hurriedly grabbed one of her precious plastic explosives from her bag. She lobbed it into the darkness away from Lux to see if it did goddamn anything, detonating before hitting the ground in a splash of water beside the team. She immediately rematerialized, and it took like, one second of seeing Siren do her Shit, to have very strong feelings about it.

”... Diamante, up front with me!”

She swung around, hefting the hammer she took earlier at Don. Give him a little space between him and these monsters, and still make use of him. She drew her sword in the same spin, and took Siren’s place up front, trying to stave back the nightmare flood and press forward.
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The monster Emily hit with a healing spell seemed to morph into an even larger, tumorous, terrifying monster of tentacles, eyes, spikes, teeth, and jutting bones. It was probably the size of a semi-truck cab, and lumbered towards her, shrieking and howling.

Maria flew down to the ground level, chucked a hammer at Diamante, and started fending off monsters with her sword. It wasn't very effective. They were too solid to be sliced right through, yet too...tough and fluid to be harmed by her strikes. It took all she could do to deflect their attacks. Diamante was a bit more effective, smashing away numerous monsters with his hammer. Even so, none of the monsters he struck seemed to die. They just kept reforming, getting up, and continuing the fight.

Lux fired her scepter down at the all-consuming void in the roof, firing and successfully burning her legs down to the bone! The maw was unharmed. At that point, Yasmine jumped from the battle up to the roof, climbing up and slashing at the horrible void with her spear. It cut right through, causing the entire void to wither and disappear, leaving only an incredibly injured Lux. She fell down, her legs useless after being so thoroughly burned. Fortunately, the Dragonfly was on hand, and quickly picked up her sister AND Yasmine. She flew them both down to Dr. Emily, dropping Yasmine to continue her fighting while she brandished Lex at the doctor.

"Heal her!" she shouted frantically.

At the same time, the monsters were beginning to thicken into a veritable formation of horrors, pushing their assault wherever they could. Athena and Adrasteia had tightened ranks, forming a shield wall of two as they fought off everything they could. Athena's spear kept them at a distance, while their shields bashed back any that got too close.

The Demon and Nick had been pushed back to the main group, where they were still fighting off whatever they could with fire, sword, and gun. Bevill had suffered numerous cuts during his fight, but seemed unperturbed, continuing his offensive deep into their ranks with his cane.

Solar Flare kept firing his assault rifle, running low on ammo, while Chalchi raised water barriers to hold back enemies wherever the fighting was thickest.

It was absolute carnage.
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So much for any hopes of NOT being support today.

Emily healed the shit out of Lex, then did her goddamn best to direct everyone out of the way of the big truck-sized monster if that was still immediately going toward them.
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The good news was, she couldn't feel her legs.

The bad news was, everything connected to her legs HURT LIKE FUCKING HELL ARGH.

She kind of. Spaced out, a bit. Threw a beam at Solar Flare, but she wasn't really as focused on it as she could be. Kind of distracted.
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Yasmine dropped onto the street where Dragonfly dumped her and took stock. Sheer force seemed to be having some effect - at least Chalchi's water, Diamante's hammer, Athena's shield and Bevill's spear were keeping the things at bay - but in terms of offense they were pretty screwed and the monsters just kept on coming. She closed her eyes for a second and tried to hysterically yell to the ghosts for help.

We're getting thrashed out here! Is there any kind of, I dunno, arsenal you guys had that might still be intact?! Anything that'd do some real damage like the Spear, or any other weakness they might have? What about an escape route, can they fly? Not everyone here could, but shit, maybe some of them could make it out of this. Maybe she didn't just lead everyone to their doom. We have healing and defense so we're holding up, but...

Right, healing. On that note! She opened her eyes and found herself locked on that gigantic, car sized, jagged disgusting thing barreling towards Doctor Emily. With a brief thought for the last hopes of her white costume, not to mention her life, Siren charged, avoiding other monsters if she could, and tried to impale the giant monster right through its stupid head/body/whatever-that-big-main-bit-was. If she survived, the lizards would hopefully answer!
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AaaaaaaaAAAAAAA OK! Maria... needed to do better.

”Fuck, one sec,”

She retreated to the doc to grab her shrine and get the rebar she stashed away earlier, and returned. She then like, traded the rebar for the hammer, figuring Diamante would have an easier time using it with his Very Tough Hands, and got to smacking monsters out of the way. Fuck. They needed to MOVE-

”Hey, how ‘bout a game plan? Chalchi, Nick, Demon, let’s get a water path toward where we’re going. Siren-AA- When you’re done, shit- get ready to rip these things apart in your element, fliers prep for picking stragglers off, everyone else tighten up to keep them off our ass and keep moving forward!”

She’d watch Siren??? In case??? She needed help with that??? But keep smacking fuckers.
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Emily healed Lex's legs, restoring her to full fighting shape!

At the same time, Yasmine charged forward, deflecting a tentacle strike from the giant eldritch horror before stabbing into it. An explosion of black ooze covered her, everything around her, and everything behind her as she sliced directly into the abomination. At that point, it exploded, coating the entire alley in the disgusting bile.


"We had an armory down here, though I wouldn't count on it still being intact after so many years," the lizardmen said. [b]"Blunt force works well at keeping them away, as does overwhelming, pure, cold logical sanity. Rather hard to get somebody on that level, though, let alone getting them to focus when surrounded by horrors. The Spear of Oceanus is your best bet at keeping them away."[/i]

The team pressed on, with Nick and the Demon summoning vast quantities of water for Chalchi to use in smashing things. Adrasteia and Athena covered the flanks with their shields while Diamante stood near the center smashing anything that came near. The Blue Armored Lady had taken up a position with the group, and was using her arrows as best she could. They still weren't very effective.

Finally, Bevill had taken up the rear guard, and was smashing away horrors left and right as the group moved on.

The group emerged from the alley covered in ooze and chased by horrors. Down the main street, atop a set of stairs, was the pyramid they sought!
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Emily kept healin' whoever needed healin'.
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Maria kept smackin’ whatever needed smackin’.

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