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Gold, Grails and Glory: The Lost Empire
[Image: 30a0a7d82c3edd2c5678c6473d257517.png]

The Western oceans have long since been a blight upon the world. Wracked by a consistent belt of storms that spread from pole to pole both East and West, none of the races and nations of the world of Ternin have seen what lay beyond the Stormbelt for nigh on 10 generations, but all were touched by the tendrils of the Lost Empire upon whose shores it lay beyond the tempest.

The great golden armies of the old imperium had conquered, subdued or vassalized every nation with a coast in millenia past. Extracting tribute and enacted punitive crusades upon interior nations that refused to recognise their dominance, or who dared to challenge their might. Their power and might unquestioned, their immense treasure fleets dwarfing ships of lesser nations, their tyranny stripping the nations of their technology and their best and brightest, all while soothing the seething masses with drugs and medicines which healed their bodies, but which dulled their minds, until the majority simply acquiesced to their rule, rather than lose their minds to the administrations of their Medigicians.

In time, as mysterious as the origin of the tempest, the golden armies of the old Imperium left their conquered nations, their treasure fleets retreating, never to return, their technology left abandoned, their cities and fortresses left unmanned and unguarded. It was not long after the Imperium retreated that the storm belt arose, cutting off the mysterious and forbidden lands to the West from which the old Imperium came.

The Nations of Ternin, unshackled from their servitude, soon developed as only free nations could. Contesting one another for the spoils of the old empire's demise, advancing and warring with one another to establish what was theirs, coming into their own after such a long bondage. And in time, while its scars and legacy still remained, these nations flourished and prospered, growing rich and powerful, all the while the storms raged across the seas from pole to frozen pole.

Only the most daring or foolish have ever sought to brave the stormbelt, in fascination of what might lay beyond, most going to their doom, never to be heard from again. But the brave and lucky few who did, sometimes came back. Speaking of great cities of silver with spires reaching to the heavens enwrapped in nature's grip. Strange and exotic beasts roaming the forests and hills. Rich fertile plains and ruins untapped in perhaps centuries, but no sign of the Empire who once ruled the known world. More to the point, these brave pioneers returned with artefacts to prove their tales.

Now the storms that have wracked the world grew weak, the seas becoming stilled, and the stories of the pioneers burn fresh in the minds of entire nations, with the bold and ambitious eager to carve out a name for themselves out of the carcass of and old and hated empire.

And perhaps, if they cared to, learn of its fate.

=Game Details=
This game has a large focus on party adventuring and expeditions, wether it be hunting great beasts, exploring a forgotten dungeon or blazing a trail deeper inland to set up outposts, camps and new settlements for future colonization. Parties can consist simply of players alone, some players and NPC back ups. Any timeskips will be measured in months and will usually happen after expeditions or if the players wish to timeskip (like say they have lost the majority of the colony in a massive disaster and they need to wait on the next fleet to drop off new redshirts for the meat grinder)

Your character is someone of prominence in the fleet. Either a famous adventurer, hero, lord or scoundrel. You were able to scrap together enough capital or influence to muscle your way onto this fleet. You don't have to have minions or any ships directly owned by you, but you are clearly someone most people would have heard about.

If you wish to play a sneaky character who the other players won't right away know who you are, either because you are disguised or you stowed away on board, please fill out the Application of who your character is, so that if and/or when they are revealed, they will be recognised for who they are.

The technology level is cyberpunk, which is essentially schizotech, and runs on Samurai Jack rules. If your character is particularly fighty, you can punch through robots whereas other players can't. If your character is particularly slicey, they can cut through robots with their swords, etc, etc. The only tech you're not allowed is anything that can take you out of the atmosphere, otherwise go nuts.

There will be a separate thread for expeditions, rather than having the whole thing take place in Private messages. So that when not on expedition, characters roleplay in this thread with all the shenanigans they get up to with the colony they are ostensibly but not really trying to help set up. Rival colonies and fleets, either by rival nations or rival adventurers will occasionally seek to cause you troubl as well. Can't let you guys have all the glory, now can they?

Name: What do people call you?
Race: Human, elf, rat person, whatever, so long as its sensible.
Description: What do you look like?
Nation: Whats your character's home nation?
Ambition: Why are you seeking to head west into the forgotten empire?
Bio: Whats your story?
Rumours: For roleplaying purposes, please list five rumours people would have heard about you. Two are False, two are Exaggerations and one is true. Don't list which rumour is which in the thread and don't reveal them out of game, only PM to the GM the truth, let the other players figure it out for themselves.
Minions: While any expedition into the unknown once you land can be mounted with people drawn from the numberless amount of simple crewmen and colonists, players are welcome to list out the kind of minions, employees, retainers and other servicemen they personally like to adventure with, be it individual NPCs or a group of Housecarls of a personal retinue.
Ships: Optional, but your character can possess a private ship or airship of their own if you so wish. Be warned however, travelling out on your own can result in you being stranded if something goes wrong.

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RE: Gold, Grails and Glory: The Lost Empire
Name: Rovyn Grann-oc

Race: Opis 25% - The Opis are people of the plains of Ternin. They are fast runners and are known for the horns that grow from their heads and their cloven hoofed feet. They are excellent hunters and farmers, and they get along well with humans. Many intermarry and bear mixed children, who have smaller horns and human feet, but with thick toes and black nails.

Human 75% - Regular old humans. You know 'em.

Description: Rovyn is a tall and proud quarter-Opis, inheriting his father's curled black horns and golden eyes. He has short black hair, a lean and muscular body, and an almost-perpetual smile on his face. He usually wears well-tailored but practical clothing - that is, when he isn't stripped to his waist in the fighting pits. He has a couple of scars, including a nasty one on his shoulder, but he isn't quite a hardened veteran yet. When he's doing a job he goes around with his hunting gear strapped to his back. Otherwise, he enjoys pubs and the company of women, sings decently well, and is a mean cook. He feels at ease in any social situation, from a fancy party to down in the dumps.

Nation: Eberforth - Eberforth is a land of stark contrasts, with wide swathes of sparsely-populated land dotted by dense cities of steel and concrete. It's nominally democratic, but the elections are so opaque that it's basically a dictatorship, with local governments acting as sort of feudal overseers for the central government. Most of the people are pretty poor, making by with the scraps of tech given to them by the rich. Oh yeah, and there are lots of problems that need fixing. Monsters in the wilds and in the cities, various skullduggery, that sort of thing.

Ambition: To get rich and famous, and maybe even work his way up the social ladder. He's getting tired of small jobs and wants to be in the big leagues.

Bio: Rovyn's early life was pretty uneventful. I mean, sure, he grew up in the city in that rare space between the ultra-rich and the dirt-poor, but his family was nothing but respectable. His father made good money as a small-time wholesaler, and things were all right. Which is of course why he was a huge troublemaker. Rovyn hung out both among the low-class kids of the undercity, where he learned to scrap and hustle, and was dragged along to higher-class events whenever his family was trying to be more respectable. So he picked up bits and pieces, here and there, and slowly he decided that there was a niche that was desperately going unfilled. The rich needed people to do jobs that they couldn't be seen getting involved with, and whenever a monster rampaged through a village, well, the police certainly didn't deal with those cases and people can pool enough money for it to be worthwhile when they get desperate.

So as soon as he could move out Rovyn did. He bought a gun with his saved-up allowance and started taking on jobs. Of course, he quickly got in trouble, so he skipped town and moved along, wandering from place to place, dealing with whatever local problems there were and moving on when his welcome was worn through. He met a lot of people, made some friends, made more enemies, and started getting bigger jobs. The first time he almost died was a deceptively simple mission. A businessman wanted a lab mutant who was rampaging around taken care of quietly, so that people would think it was just a regular monster attack. When Rovyn got there, however, he found out that the mutant wasn't just a dumb experiment - and it had help. Apparently the businessman was kidnapping random people to try and turn them into mutant killers, and this guy was a failed one who got out. Rovyn realized that as soon as he finished the job, he would probably be 'taken care of' as well, so he agreed to help the mutant and his friends take out the businessman instead. It wasn't that simple, though. The lab had really heavy defenses, so Rovyn decided to sneak in. He had almost made it to the main control room when he was confronted by a huge woman with incredible reflexes - apparently, a successful mutant. She closed distance before he could shoot, nearly tore his arm out of the socket, and started beating him to death. Thankfully, the others got in too when the security was distracted and managed to save him.

After several weeks of recuperation, Rovyn decided that he needed to get serious. He started training his body and seeking out people to improve his abilities. They weren't cheap, so he was always on the verge of going broke. Eventually, he built himself up, and started taking bigger jobs. His reputation had grown, and people were seeking him out. Recalling his dad's lessons on business, he decided to take advantage of it and set up a guild for people like him - mercenaries who did odd jobs. He started attracting folks together to do work that one person couldn't do alone. Of course, he wasn't the only one who had the same idea, so the cycle of moving around, taking jobs, and competing with rivals repeated itself, just on a larger scale.

When the storms started growing weak, Rovyn sensed an opportunity. He gave up command of his guild, drummed up a team, and strapped on his sword and his guns. After all, an expedition to the lands of the old Empire is the job of a lifetime, and Rovyn Grann-oc sure ain't missing it.

  • He killed a drakolisk with his bare hands
  • He's in deep debt to the Blue Phoenix syndicate's leader Hong Lee, which is why he avoids their territory like the plague
  • He beat up ten guys, stopped a heist, and saved the mayor of Rovensville, then refused any reward and donated it all to charity - while completely blackout drunk
  • He's secretly married and wandering to get away from his wife.
  • He has a super-secret training method which made him incredibly, superhumanly strong, and he's hiding this strength from everyone

Rovyn's Team:
Figaro Tullys (Fig) - A stellar woodsman, tracker, and outdoorsman. Whenever you're out in the wilderness, it's always a good idea to bring Figaro along.
Eliane "Ellie" Ellis (Ellie) - Tech genius, also great at fitting into tight spaces. She's a cat-burglar through and through.
Min-Ji Moon (Min) - A master of the occult, she has powerful incantations for every occasion
Iasi (Iasi) - They're a doctor. And before you ask, no.
"Vitaliy Benjamin" (Benjy) - An experienced huckster, con-man, and cheat. But strangely enough, he hasn't betrayed Rovyn yet - unless he's playing a really long con.

Ships: Lady Luck - A light and fast yacht, barely big enough for the six of them.

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RE: Gold, Grails and Glory: The Lost Empire
Name: Lord Harvey Accipiter Hawke

Race: Birdman, a subspecies of Animan. A hybrid species believed to have been created by the old imperium for some reason. Each sup-species is a hybrid of a human and some kind of animal. Size's range from up to 10 feet tall from down to 3 feet. Once an Animan reaches about 50 years of age, they begin to be afflicted by some kind of curse or genetic defect that begins to mutate and regress them into more animalistic forms and mentalities over the next few decades

Description: Wears a slightly faded and worm down black military tunic with grey buttons, and light sandy brown trousers. A waist length pale sky-blue cape, and a military rapier, reasonably simple in design and ornamentation but custom-made for his grip. And he has human-length arms and legs that end in prehensile talons and an angry-looking bird head. 42 years old.

Nation: The warlands of Morane. A nation that has only recently politically stabilised after a civil war led by old ruling lords and a gathering of common-folk, they keep many of the old titles and still attribute some power to them as a concession to the losing side, but the titles can more easily be stripped away and granted. Now led by the Great Parliament of Animen.

Ambition: Based off legends of the origins of his people, Lord Harvey wishes to see if he can find a cure to the afflictions that strike at the elders of his nation.

Bio: Harvey A. Hawk was born into the old nobility of the Avone faction, a group that used to rule and speak for all birdman amongst the races of Marone before the revolution and formation of the Great Parliament only 10 years ago. During the civil war between those resisting the tearing down the old boundaries and dissolving of the nobility, Harvey supported the side of the Great Parliament, hoping that it would lead to a new era of unification between the Maronian's instead of the constant struggles and wars between the factions and end the blood sports and duels and grudges amongst the rulers that splashed over to the people. The civil war took 13 years to resolve, with the remaining Nobility surrendering power to the Great Parliament and the armies finally standing down. Lord Harvey took over what remained of his own house, claiming it's resources and using what political power he could gain from his service and old house to try and help Marone recover under the GP, and smooth over the remaining wrinkles and contempt from the war.

Now, that the Stormbelt is fading, the GP has funded an expedition, to show that the new Powers of Marone still have weight and security after the war, and to see what information can be found on the origins of the Marone animal people in the far lands, and if a cure for the devolution that strikes them down in their old age, that begins to mutate them into even more animalistic forms and destroy their minds in the process.

Lord Harvey has killed over a thousand Animan himself, and over 50 nobles in blood-duels.
Lord Harvey can read a book ten miles away, small print.
Lord Harvey's sword was prophesied to end the Hawke bloodline by a Priman shaman, a prophecy Harvey accepted in order to help bring down his family during the war.
Lord Harvey has begun to be affected by the Animan affliction already which is why he agreed to lead the expedition.
Lord Harvey's only true love is adventure, and only goal is fighting for the good of Marone.

Minions: Sir Robin, a birdman. Diplomatic expert and leader of keeping up morale.
Sir Swanson, a birdman. Historian and Harvey's second-in-command on the ship.
Madame Bangle, a catwoman. Head medic and biological and botanical expert.
Mister Bobby, a priman. Head engineer and technician.
The crew is made up of proportionally, birdmen, priman and then other subspecies of animen.

Ships: The Concordus Anima. A dark blue airship.

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RE: Gold, Grails and Glory: The Lost Empire
Name: The Honorable Professor Hubert Reginald Twinesworth, 3rd Baron Hoffersbury, OCE

Race: Human, mostly - like most Arelish aristocrats, there's enough elfin blood in there to lend him pointy ears, improved reflexes and a weak constitution.

Description: A gaunt old gentleman, with severely balding grey hair and a neatly-kept silver moustache. Usually wears a suit (or at least a waistcoat) and a monocle, which he obsessively polishes. Carries an umbrella at all times while outside.

Nation: The Empire of Areland, which, for brevity's sake, can be described as a fantastic version of Victorian England, where the culture did not advance with the new technology. Top hats and overbuilt dirty factories abound, flooding the streets between their glittering towers with thick industrial smog. Rich in resources, made wealthy by the sale of high-tech manufactured goods and cutting-edge weapons, and protected by sheer mountains and tumultuous waters, this aloof kingdom clings to its aristocracy as a sign of a golden age it never really had, and its arrogance and ambition see it as an imperialist contender.

Ambition: Discovery, dear boy! To see the unknown, catalogue it, and write a bloody good book about it to publish back home!

Bio: Born to a titular baron with a silver spoon in his mouth and quick to take to books as a child, HR Twinesworth excelled in many fields of study, and inevitably took a career with the Royal Academy of Scientists once it became available to him. His specialized fields were history and anthropology, and he had a strong fascination with archaeology. Though he is not the most preeminent scientist in any one field, his slightly crazed insistence on being there personally at dig-sites and anywhere else the cutting edge of science could be found earned him something of a maniacal reputation among his peers. Regardless, his commitment earned him the Order Chivalric of the Empire, a high civilian honour (which had nothing to do with his esteemed noble background, of course). When the possibility of exploring a new world came up, he didn't need to be convinced to jump in, diving headfirst into the unknown.

They say Professor Twinesworth was responsible for discovering the first ever cave paintings.
They say Professor Twinesworth secretly trains with historic weapons such as the bow and arrow and is a master at their use.
They say Professor Twinesworth inherited a huge estate worth millions of credollars.
They say Professor Twinesworth refuses to even consider wasting his time on courting, since noble romance is heavily politicized in Areland and all that.
They say Professor Twinesworth once went into an active battlefield to investigate an archaeological dig site dating from the Old Imperium.

Minions: HR Twinesworth is not the only child of Areland travelling on this expedition, as Emperor Edwin decided that the Arelish would contribute a national contingent to the expedition. Funded by the crown, this expedition includes scientists, grey-coated soldiers and all kinds of colonists. Though HR is happy to travel with anyone, his countrymen will no doubt make good companions. (Of course, this 'national contingent' is actually just going to confirm that colonization is possible and identify the immediate stumbling blocks. Once that is confirmed, Emperor Edwin wants to establish a separate national colony to exploit the local resources and population, and build a true empire.)

Ships: Professor Twinesworth travelled on the Indomitable, a ship which is not his but Emperor Edwin's. Most of the Arelander contingent are on the ship, along with the other explorers and colonists they were obliged to carry. HR Twinesworth is quite welcoming to the foreign explorers he shares the boat with, if a little haughty - most of the other Arelish are far more arrogant and insular.
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RE: Gold, Grails and Glory: The Lost Empire
Applications closed for now, players are:
Vancho - Rovyn Grann-oc
MQuinny - Lord Harvey Accipiter Hawke
Demonsul - Hubert Reginald Twinesworth

New Applications are still welcome, but new characters will only arrive after the first four months have passed.

[Image: a2bdbf0acdce91ac703a5a8143bff87b.png]
[Image: fea023d31cd4ecd928e5fa31d34bd699.png]

"Land ho!"

The call ripples through the fleet as ship after ship report the news, from atop crows nests and the spines of airships, it travels as fast as lightning much to the cheers and jubilation of the tired crews who plied the unknown waters between the old world and the new.

Among the ships foremost among the fleet was the fast and light Lady Luck, with her crew of adventurers led by the reknowned adventurer, Rovyn Grann-oc, which would likely be among the first ships to make landfall.

Not far behind them was the unmistakeable visage of the Indomitable, of the Arelander empire and its hold pregnant with supplies, soldiers and scientists, entrusted to the care of the famous Professor Hubert Reginald Twinesworth. Its looming form among the fleet a testament to both the emperor's expectations and the ambitions of its empire.

Above the contingent of boats, of which four more ships of colonists and supplies traveled, flew a flight of airships. While two of the trip of airships were simple scouting vessels, make for meteorological prognostication and simple exploratory forays, the Concordus Anima stood out among them with its striking dark blue cutting an ominous shade against the calm of the skies above. Its animen crew led by the exemplary Lord Harvey Accipiter Hawke, determined to cure their peoples' afflictions.

The Lost Empire's homeland now lay before them, and history was about to be made and legends were about to be born. They need only set foot on the sand to make their mark on history.

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RE: Gold, Grails and Glory: The Lost Empire
Twinesworth was on the deck, watching the shoreline draw closer. This was a momentous occasion, and one he would never let himself miss. His black seacoat flapped in the breeze as he lowered the spyglass from his bemonocled eye.

Polishing the lens of the telescope with his cuffs, he returned it to the waiting crewman with a nod. "I say, what a rather marvellous occasion! Not a cloud in the sky to mar our arrival! Aside from our own engine's smokestack, of course, of course." He smiled, turning back to the railing. "How I envy that lead ship's crew. Ah, to be the owner of the first foot upon forgotten shores!"

He squinted out at those forgotten shores, taking a firm grip of his monocle as he leaned over the rail so as not to lose it in the surf. He tried to make out the features of the coastline that he'd been observing through the spyglass, to see just what kind of terrain they'd be landing on and establishing a colony in.
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RE: Gold, Grails and Glory: The Lost Empire
Carefully studying the coastline from the deck of his ship, Twinesworth quickly divines that, as suggested through the spyglass but which had been obscured by distance and an unseasonable fogginess, great vistas of green awaited them, the coastline was mostly covered in cliffs and heavily forested, hilly terrain, with a few beaches leading to favourable landing conditions. He spied a smaller island to their South just off the coastline, as well as what appeared to be the mouth of a great river, or else leading to an inland cove of some sort.

[Image: a2bdbf0acdce91ac703a5a8143bff87b.png]
[Image: 9da4afafb4433fe02380f21545664e49.png]

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RE: Gold, Grails and Glory: The Lost Empire
Rovyn Grann-oc was getting tired of the sea. Sure, he'd hand-picked his team and they were sailing on the fastest boat his money could buy, but he was pretty damn sick of cramped quarters, salt beef, and the absolute lack of privacy. Let's just say, he got to know his crew a lot better than he ever thought he would, and some things he learned he'd rather have not. He climbed up out of the cabin to smell the air and see the land peeking through the fog. He ran his fingers through his hair, parting it carefully around the horns, and went to take the wheel.

"Hey Fig, I see you're up early," Rovyn called to his helmsman. "Let me take the wheel, aye? I'll bring 'er closer in so we can find a good spot for all the big'uns."

The woodsman just grunted and started manning the rigging instead. Slowly the rest of the crew made their way up and out, getting breakfast ready and preparing the yacht for their landing. He steered towards the mouth of the river.

"Let's check out this river. Might be a good place to drop anchor."

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RE: Gold, Grails and Glory: The Lost Empire
Lord Hawke stood at the bow of his ship, staring intently ahead at the slowly revealing new lands, of his people's possible progenitors and source of their remedy. "Mister Swanson. Take us onward, we should look ahead, to forewarn our vertically challenged brethren of any new troubles, hmm?" He called out, confident his orders would be followed. Let the other ships step first onto this strange soil, the Concordus Anima would claim the skies above.

That island to the south could be convenient to land their airship if no other clear land could be found near the coast, would probably end up being a first foothold for the fleets anyway.

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RE: Gold, Grails and Glory: The Lost Empire
Heading up the mouth of the river yielded a large cove from which the fleet could weigh anchor. A potential spot to make the first landfall and base of operations, shielded as the cove was from rough sea weather with the potential of further up river exploration.

The crew of the Concordus Anima and the following two scout ships reported that the forests seemed to strange near endlessly across the landscape with only mountains in the west and North stopping the forests advance. They also reported numerous seeming structures and odd protrusions of stonework could be glimpsed in rare gaps in the foliage or on occasion rising just high enough above the tallest trees to be noticeable.

One obvious exception, was of course an extremely large tower rising up from the forest not far from the cove.

[Image: a2bdbf0acdce91ac703a5a8143bff87b.png]
[Image: f6aaaebc2130ab706a735529eb7d7fa7.png]

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RE: Gold, Grails and Glory: The Lost Empire
Twinesworth stood at the rail, watching the smaller ships range ahead with a hint of envy in his eyes. What discoveries they must already be making, and he was none the wiser!

Reluctantly, he let go of the rail. He had been put in charge of the Arelander contingent for the colonization for some ungodly reason (though he supposed the political officer would be the real authority, since they no doubt held the interests of the Empire much closer to heart than he ever did). That meant he was supposed to be telling everyone what to do. He really shouldn't forget that, as it seemed important.

"Mr. Captain, a word if you please!" he said, climbing the steep stairs up into the enclosed bridge. "I think we should probably pull in a little closer to that river mouth, don't you? As close as you can go without grinding this poor girl's hull against the rocks. Let's assume, for now at least, that we'll be landing near here, what? So we should probably, what was the term, 'make ready' for that eventuality! Bring up the supplies and prepare to let down the boats, and all that!"
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RE: Gold, Grails and Glory: The Lost Empire
Rovyn's mouthed widened into a grin the instant the tower became visible. He sailed straight for shore and prepared to drop anchor.

"Look lively, folks! There's our first chance at a bit o'loot - get ready to search that tower. Quick, before Professor tweed-man can get his grubby paws all over it and claim it for his emperor or Lord birdy decides to annex it with his airships."

As soon as he was able to disembark, Rovyn grabbed his gear and went ashore.

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RE: Gold, Grails and Glory: The Lost Empire
"Hmm." Harvey eyed the tower suspiciously. Well, their crew had the biggest advantage for this.

"Mister Swanson? Steer us over to that tower if we could and get an expedition crew ready. Plentifully armed. We'll do a pass over and pick them back up on the loop around, once they've seen if it's barren and such. That's likely to draw some attention and we'll make sure it's clear first."

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RE: Gold, Grails and Glory: The Lost Empire

Rovyn's yacht lands on the sandy beach of the interior cove of the river. His men tie the ship down and begin getting their gear ready for the expedition ahead. They could wait to unload some supplies, but that might weigh them down...

The captain nods at Twinesworth's command and starts barking orders to get ready to to have the Indomitable slow down and weigh anchor, the crew begins pulling ropes and furling the sails. The four remaining ships of colonists and supplies follow suit and begin making ready to make landfall.

Harvey's airship began flying over the heads of the fleet heading in land towards the tower in the distance, the ship was peopled with mostly crewmen who had no experience of expeditions, so it would likely consist only of Harvey and his immediate party, with aerial support.

With landfall comes the problem of setting up the base, altogether the fleet had resources to supply the colony and its people with twelve months of supplies and rations. With two separate expeditions preparing to embark to the tower without communication, each one would require a month's worth of supplies apiece, as the colonists would consume one month's worth of supplies as they waited at the landfall point. They could of course co-ordinate so the two teams will share the same supplies to lessen the dent in their resources.

Alternatively they could forego taken prepared supplies with them on the expedition, if they felt confident enough in their abilities to maintain their expedition.

Everyone else meanwhile, would need shelter while they wait, the five ships likely heading back to the Old World once down depositing their load of colonists and supplies.

[Image: a2bdbf0acdce91ac703a5a8143bff87b.png]
[Image: f6aaaebc2130ab706a735529eb7d7fa7.png]

[Image: 9aa8ecfd8a3ac764f97540829127465f.png]
[Image: 1000f06dcea020556c1a21868405833d.png]
[Image: 00ae7c8b2bd75e7962aa82a87e398f31.png]

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RE: Gold, Grails and Glory: The Lost Empire
"Yes yes, very good! Ensure everything is moved safely - it won't do to have carried our equipment across an ocean only for it to be damaged now!" said Twinesworth, watching the crew work on the deck below. "Oh, and captain, make sure the men in the engine room know they've done a smashing job getting us here so speedily and safely."

He tapped his fingers on the captain's console, waiting eagerly. It was horribly ungentlemanly of him to be impatient like this, but he could not contain his excitement at the prospect of walking on undiscovered shores! He polished his monocle, despite it being perfectly clean, and adjusted his cufflinks in agitation. Then at last he turned back to the captain once more. "Can we not send a wire to the forward ships, my good man? I would very much like to know if they have located a landing site."
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RE: Gold, Grails and Glory: The Lost Empire
[Image: 34f284dcb227c90cbbc15154339e9659.png]

While it is quite clear they did have a wireless communication to the Lady Luck, it seems no one was left aboard to answer it when it beached itself and weighed anchor, its eager crew.It did however received a quicck reply from someone identifying himself as 'Benji' "Game's on lads, finders keepers and all that, hahaha!" The line then hung up. It was evident, however, by the positioning of the Lady Luck, that they had made landfall and several boats that had already lowered into the cove mouth were centring on that area of the beach and depositing personnelle and equipment. Rovyn's team were already making a bee-line for the forest ahead.

It was also evident to Twinesworth that the ominous shadow of the Concordus Anima was also heading towards the tower and not stopping to weigh ashore with the colonists first, it seems Rovyn was of one mind with Harvey in blazing a path tot he tower first to claim the initial spoils, leaving Harvey and the Emperor's Indomitable floating in the water. The two scouting airships for weather reconnaissance were flying a touch listless, unsure whether to stick with the fleet or the only military airship they had.

There was no planning, no co-ordination, no helping set up the colony and no gathering supplies beyond what they carried with them and simply heading towards the nearest source of adventure, treasure and fame.

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RE: Gold, Grails and Glory: The Lost Empire
Harvey frowned, and pulled out a telescope. He peered through it at the tower for a bit, then scowled normally, squinting at the building. "Belay that last order Mister Swanson. Damn thing is bigger than I'd believed." He said, a hint of embarrassment in his voice. "Not a minor trek over there. We'll do a scouting turn about the immediate beachfront and look over this entire cove area, and then we'll land and see about setting up some affairs with our exploring partners. Our particular goal shouldn't clash with anyone else's ambitions so doubt we'll need to worry about not being first."

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RE: Gold, Grails and Glory: The Lost Empire
Rovyn took a look at the tower again once he was on land. He noticed the airship stopping and turning to come back, and then looked back to the ship. He walked a fair distance up the hill and watched the tower, before sprinting to the rest of his group.

"Tower looks a tad farther than we thought, folks. Best to not leave our kit on the boat. 'Sides, you want to cross this forest with no tents or anything?"

He brought his crew back to unload their supplies and start planning the expedition. If the tower was indeed as far as the parallax suggested, then they needed more than just a day or two's hiking through the woods. He did not want to be out in rough, unknown terrain with no prep whatsoever.

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RE: Gold, Grails and Glory: The Lost Empire
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More colonists come ashore, 120 in all, and they brought the bulk of the supplies on land before settling the remaining colonists, soldiers and scientists on land.

The Concordus Anima finishes its scouting. The path to the tower overland will easily take two days, not accounting for any obstacles they cannot foretell through the foliage, much moreso if they wish to take time and effort to clear a proper path to the tower to make future expeditions to the tower easier. It also surveys the length and bredth of the headland this side of the cove they had landed on.

[Image: a0fc262a97e9ea766a67e1a9196d1497.png]

The terrain is solid rolling grass lands with a noticeable stoney bluff. Plenty of room to build and expand without needing to clear new land. The beach on the far side of the cove has a similar layout, the cove itself forming a natural harbour of sorts and can be easily defensible from the waters.

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RE: Gold, Grails and Glory: The Lost Empire
Umbrella in hand, HR Twinesworth joined the colonists in landing upon the foreign shore. Looking around as his boat hit the shoreline, he smiled, polishing his monocle before placing it back over his eye. "Jolly good show, chaps!" he exclaimed, disembarking. "Well done indeed! Now, onto the next step! We are going to need to locate the forestry supplies and get some trees cut down. We can acquire building supplies and clear some space at the same time!"
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RE: Gold, Grails and Glory: The Lost Empire
Having some one of apparent import giving orders, several of the colonists get to the business of beginning cutting down trees, as others opened building supplies, getting ready to build.

"Where d'ya want it boss?" one of the men with a shovel asks.

The clouds suddenly take a dark turn, the sky quickly becoming overcast.

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RE: Gold, Grails and Glory: The Lost Empire
"The top of that hill to the left seems ideal to me, unless any of our other leaders have seen somewhere superior!" said Twinesworth cheerily. "Safe from any potential flooding, a better vantage point without requiring scaling a cliff, yes, quite the superior location for the foundations of a settlement! Much the same now as it would have been hundreds of years ago."
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RE: Gold, Grails and Glory: The Lost Empire
[Image: 5d56b9d05e83646e0f623fdc33a903c9.png]

The colonists begin to work and already lumber is being brought to the hill to make the initial structures, there should be enough shelter for the entire colony before day's end, if not the most comfortable quarters.

The ships finish emptying themselves of their holds and supplies, staying only to refill their fresh water supplies before heading back to the hold country.

The weather airships warn a major freak rainstorm is about to break across the coast. However the soldiers are on shore, as are the shuffling groups of scientists, plenty of men are standing idle with little to do as there have not been enough lumbering tools to go around. The supplies have all been brought ashore and a proper expedition can be arranged if they so desire it. The colonists could likely be trusted to be left to their devices to build shelters for the time being now that they've started.

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RE: Gold, Grails and Glory: The Lost Empire
"Land the ship!" Ordered Lord Harvey. This would likely just be a normal storm, but it had arrived quickly, and best to treat nothing as expected in this strange land. "High ground in case of flooding, or back out of the war to avoid wind damage... Let's try to find some highish ground away from the coast lads. I'll head on down to make sure there's some a free area for us and wave you down once that's sorted." He said, and then leaped off. Once he came down a bit, he extended his wings, glided off a gust of wind and tumbled down a hill before springing into a standing position and dusting himself off. Let's see, the settlers were mostly buzzying about the main hill. They'd have to set up landing platforms on the hill to the right maybe, or that strange outcropping to the right also.

Still, first things first, he marched on over to the main colony area. "Here lads, can we get a few builders and helpers over there to set up a point for us to land neatly? The weather ships too." He yelled out, pointing at the stoney buff.

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RE: Gold, Grails and Glory: The Lost Empire
"Righto!" said a big man by the supply crates wielding a pick, he put his fingers to his mouth giving a high pitched whistle for dozens of the men to rush off to construct hasty mooring platforms for the airships.

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RE: Gold, Grails and Glory: The Lost Empire
[Image: cc78f0439d2c03ed89425b31998b0d70.png]

No sooner had the colonists got the first mooring tower raised than the smaller airships quickly leashed themselves to them and began grounding themselves with weights. The Animus Concordia lashed itself to all three, still hanging above the beach, lashing their wings and folds to the sides of the envelope. Even if the storm was worse than feared, the ship itself will not be easily moved.

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RE: Gold, Grails and Glory: The Lost Empire
Rovyn made sure he had enough supplies for his crew for the trip to the tower and back. He wanted to leave as soon as possible, but he did inform the other expedition leaders that he would be departing. No sense in keeping it a secret, not for something right near the colony.

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RE: Gold, Grails and Glory: The Lost Empire
"The tower!" said Twinesworth with a start. "My, yes, do you know I'd become quite focused on the colony and almost forgot about it! I suppose there is no point leaving it for much longer. Quite so, I will join you!" He held his umbrella under his arm, moustache twitching. "I will bring a squad of soldiers in case some of the wildlife decides to interfere in our archaeology, and a team of colonists with pickaxes and shovels for general exertions. The rest will just have to settle for getting the supplies to the top of the hill and under a canvas while they wait out the storm! Now, where is my hat?"
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RE: Gold, Grails and Glory: The Lost Empire
[Image: cda5b545739d4b18beac3c74bc29b2cf.png]
[Image: 311851d5b802a50e54743b6019c947e2.png]

The men are gathered, the tools and weapons shouldered, and supplies rounded up and distributed, the first great exploratory expedition into the lost empire begins here!
As the skies darken, and the first drops of rain begin to pour, they lashed beasts of burden to their charges, and set off, escaping the worst of the storm under the shelter of the overgrown forest's awnings...

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RE: Gold, Grails and Glory: The Lost Empire
[Image: 22c6a89c8d29aab68f9331b028f9116a.png]
[Image: bf169c29f936bf6e8d8c6741fdaa2a4d.png]
[Image: 0f1178b90beed1339ca48925a352cbf8.png]
[Image: bf73699837e34fd27d38a5e9b2eb0120.png]
The Expedition returns to the colony base after two more days of hard traveling through the forest, to discover the colonists had wasted no time in setting up basic housing.

The Supplies have been kept under large tarpaulins to keep them safe from the elements, but more permanent supply centres will need to be built in due time to keep them from spoiling or rotting. The mood of the colony is ambivalent, most are happy to simply be back on solid ground again, but as of yet they have little reason to be happy about the colony.

The report of the expeditions safe return was warmly welcomed, as well as most of the colony abuzz about speculation and wonderment at the massive creature brought back with the expedition, the survivors of the expedition swamped with curious colonists eager to hear for stories.

Now safely at the colony, and with construction still busy in the background as the colonist continue building more housing, they could take their time to take stock of what they learned and consider their resources.

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RE: Gold, Grails and Glory: The Lost Empire
At some point Harvey wishes to begin a secondary expedition to begin clearing a permanent route to the ruins, and to explore the area AROUND the ruins, to see if there are any abandoned roads or passages leading to the city or if it was always just a lone point. He'd want to take some soldiers and have them trained to become hunters, specialised in this jungle warfare against the native wild-life and gathering food, say. 40. Also, lay claim to 5 scientists to work under Madame Bangle in studying whatever wildlife or botany is killed/cleared out along the way.

Sir Swanson and Mister Bobby would explore up and down the coast in the air ship, and Sir Robin was in charge of keeping Animan relations cordial with the rest of the colony whilst Harvey was leading the clear-a-path mission.

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RE: Gold, Grails and Glory: The Lost Empire
Twinesworth decided not to make a long post since Sul is on his phone until he gets internet next week! He's gonna focus on getting the colony self sustaining with agriculture prepared and workshops built, while also devoting some resources to setting up a research area to study the new findings with the scientists!
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RE: Gold, Grails and Glory: The Lost Empire
Rovyn focuses on making sure that Min-ji is okay after getting hit during the fight. After that, he dives in to the dissection of the beast, looking for valuable organs, uses for its body, and any insights he can gain from its armored plating. He also makes sure that the rest of his crew have the workspaces they need for their own research and analysis, and that they have a secure and guarded warehouse for the artifacts. Wouldn't do to have colonists nicking those after they fought so hard to steal recover them.

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