Looking for Admin
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Looking for Admin
Hey everyone,

It is with great regret that I'm officially announcing my resignation as Administrator from CPI. I've had a blast managing things in the back end and hanging out with all of you, but recent circumstances have made it difficult for me to stick around and taking care of things and just up and vanishing without naming a successor isn't really all that cool given my position.

So, that being said, if anyone is interested in taking up the mantle, please send me a message stating so. It isn't a ton of work, with the most you'll likely have to do is take care of the occasional spammer (if one of the mods doesn't catch it first), but some basic programming knowledge would be preferred in case there is an issue moving forward. It is also preferred that an admin candidate be at least somewhat active on the forum, since in the off chance there is a critical issue that needs to be resolved it's important for them to be around to do so instead of potentially waiting a while to be reached.

Finally some legalities from our glorious founder CPI himself:
"All moderator positions are strictly volunteer. There is no compensation of any kind, from myself nor our affiliates. (namely MSPAF) Accepting any moderator position does not equate to being an employee, contractor, partner, or even affiliate of this site, this forum, or any of products I produce. [CPI] reserves the right to promote or demote any user/moderator/admin at any time, for any reason. No other moderator/admin has the right to promote or demote any user/moderator/admin."
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RE: Looking for Admin
Alright, so after a bit of searching and volunteering Anomaly has stepped up and taken the mantle for himself. Everyone congratulate and suck up to the new unofficial head of the forum (aside from CPI himself at least)! He's an awesome guy and I know that he'll do just as well as I did (if not better) at keeping things up and running.

It's been a wild ride, and I wish the community the best moving forward.

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