In Progress Time Station: Escape Pod
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Time Station: Escape Pod
Time Station: Escape Pod

[Image: dC9r5BU.png]

The Order Of The Cuculidae is a vast conspiracy, that has agents inserted everywhere on the timeline. Their headquarters is hidden in the depth of TIME itself, in a vast and advanced... TIME STATION. From this location, they toppled empires, kidnapped great inventors, and introduced the daylight savings time. Truly they are the most powerful threat to the world.

Well, they are for about twenty more minutes. Relatively speaking, time is confusing.

A hero has infiltrated the facility, and managed to do something extraordinary, like pressing the Self Destruct Button, threw the TIME ARCHON into a reactor, or maybe just resorted to plane old fire. What matters is that this place is falling apart, fast, and you need to get to an escape pod, to prevent falling into Pure Time.

Five of you, vaguely friends, have been spending time in a staff room when the disaster struck, and decided to escape together, at all cost. Or at least, reach the escape pods together. Once you figure out where they are in this labyrinthine facility, that is.

The escape pods are each dialed to a specific time period, and each can house two people safely. You only have to reach them to win... unless you want a better epilogue. What THAT entails, is up to you.

This game will be TIMED, and will have a fix number of updates. Of course, with the right actions, the time can be extended...

You will go through various areas, with each area cleared, or entered, will increase the chance that the pods will show up. Certain actions might flat out tell you their location.

Note: everyone is trained, so they can handle the technology of the station, and each of you is capable of speaking Time Esperanto.

Name: What is your name?
Rank: Are you a goon, who joined willingly? Maybe a great inventor, kidnapped and coerced?
Work Area: The different sections of the TIME STATION keep shifting around, but you know this area like the back of your hand. If you hand kept transforming.
Home time period: What era are you from?
Ancient era: What ancient era do you admire? You have been there.
Future era: What future era scares you the most? You have been there.
Three strengths: What are you good at?
Two weaknesses: What are your vulnerabilities?
Short description: What do you look like?

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RE: Time Station: Escape Pod
Name: Plasmira Goreglory
Rank: Janitor
Work Area: The Supplies Closet
Home time period: The gothic fantasy quasi-rural craptopia known as the Blood-And-Fang Age
Ancient era: The Medieval era. Lots of nobility to admire, lots of peasants to boss around.
Future era: The Solarpunk era. Sure, it's a sci-fi utopia, but there is so much sun. AAARGH.
Three strengths: Cleaning, drinking blood, levitation.
Two weaknesses: Garlic, silver.
Short description: Snotty but weirdly beautiful lady. Kind of an asshole. Black hair, pale skin, prominent fangs. Yes, she is exactly what you think she is.
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RE: Time Station: Escape Pod
Name: Meathead Mickey
Rank: Thug
Work Area: The prisons
Home time period: 1920s pro'ibition era.
Ancient era: The Roman empire. He greatly likes their arch-e-tec-tur-all skills and F-ich-sen-see.
Future era: The wasteland era. Giant bugs, sa-vages everywhere, nothing but dust and ruins. Sure, he could survive there, but what kind of life would that be?
Three strengths: Punching, the arts, in-time-. In-timmy. In-tim-endisheen. Looking scary.
Two weaknesses: He dumb. Clumsy.
Short description: Meathead Mickey wears a nice black suit with a slightly too small hat on his bald, slightly asymmetrical head. Large, thick hands. Fairly nice, unless you're some kind of philistine or taking away his booze or if he's been told you're not a person to be nice to.

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RE: Time Station: Escape Pod
(Note: I forgot to say, this timeline is worldbuilt from the player entries, so I will read your entries as a general prohibition era, and the Roman Empire as The Empire. Also Mickey has already endeared himself into my heart)

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RE: Time Station: Escape Pod
Name: APOLLO日光の男99
Rank: Guard. Ornamentation. Mostly stands in the reception hall and looks aesthetically pleasing and intimidating all at once.
Work Area: Reception area.
Home time period: Mid-Early Future, around the 2050s, during the planet's Great Vaporwars. (Crash landed on this planet after spending all his gas money on space-weed, had to pose as a statue for a few months before being discovered as an alien lifeform by the Order and lifted from the museum he was hiding out in.)
Ancient era: The Classical States. Something about those statues... they're just so... aesthetic.
Future era: That one future in which the octopi achieve sentience and we've gotta have ethical debates about whether or not our forever-war against them is truly just or if they're the true inheritors of the planet. Nothing against octopi, everything against heartfelt, tear-filled debates between soldiers about the hellishness of war and the righteousness of their cause. Feelings are like... kind of a total drag???
Three strengths: Beam saber samurai (who lost his beam saber and isn't so good with other weapons), beat-maker, skilled in miming (no mime powers - only proficient in mime language, as approved of by Corn).
Two weaknesses: Depressed to the point of utter apathy, hunted mercilessly by the forces of the evil emperor BILLクリントン93-00.
Short description: [Image: 2cae1879ce46c4ade386c2ea3f532e89.png]

(But with a body tho.)

Additional notes:

-When he speaks, his mouth does not move, but a voice emerges. It sounds as if it's been pitched down and slowed a bit.
-Moves in a bizarre, erratic, stop-motion manner.
-Can't eat, but likes pretending.
-Has a strange aversion to any and all colas that aren't either clear or new.
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RE: Time Station: Escape Pod
(Note, by my previous post I meant this is not Earth, so I am gonna name Greece as The Classical States to keep the tone. Everything else is fine. Also what a beautiful entry.)

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RE: Time Station: Escape Pod
(Fixed it! And thank you! Apollo is my boy and I love him.)
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RE: Time Station: Escape Pod
Name: ??? (Many casual nicknames. Bud, Pal, Friendo, Mime, you know.)
Rank: Field Operative. Goes into the nitty gritty of things, gets things done, comes back to analyze data and return captured members.
Work Area: If he’s not in the field, he’s usually by the Analysis Chamber. It’s a big room full of computers where agents input information gathered from various missions. If applicable, he probably sends people down to good ol Mickey sometimes.
Home time period: A good and peaceful era. One where all was quiet, there was peace, and the residents all wore black and white and made their faces look exaggerated. We now call this Mime Time. It was sort of frightening, really. Like a silent movie in real life.
Ancient era: Remember when all those aliens came down to build all those “ancient wonders” everybody’s been stumped about? The Redrovian pyramids, the horrendous Emu wall that’s plagued the North Pole for millennia, Beta Stonehenge, the South Sea Temple... Yeah, that was a good time. Some REAL GOOD alien pranksters, then. The Extraterrestrial Prank Era? He’s been lobbying to get that one named. That was the good stuff.
Future era: Cyber Ice Age. The next Ice Age The planet goes through? That’s gonna be ROUGH. The cold’s gonna mess with everyone and cabin fever is gonna set in with all kinds of delusional inventors- the result is going to be cyber mammoths. And life finds a way, Man. Everybody wears Cyber Mammoth fur clothes even though it’s not good at insulating, half the population lives under the sea in giant robowhale cities, it’s awful.
Three strengths: Mimeing. So, making (weak) barriers, lassoing things, and also, data entry.
Two weaknesses: Loud noises mess him up pretty bad, and he’s physically weak. Skinny skinny boy.
Short description: Seven feet of skinny spindly black and white greasepaint. He wears a black beret, a white shirt, black overalls that go up to his chest, and his face looks like @°3°@. Charming. A little spooky. He’s never given a name, because he has literally never spoken since joining. He can speak Time Esperanto. But he doesn’t.
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RE: Time Station: Escape Pod
Name: Bella Bella "Bonfire" Bosoni
Rank: Weapon Technician. Bella Bella fixes the guns (especially the ones that shoot fire).
Work Area: The Armory. There are lots of guns there! Bella Bella likes that.
Home time period: The Frigid Tensions. A time where every place in the world had a metaphorical and literal gun pointed at each other, afraid that somebody else was going to pull the first trigger. Lots of crazy stuff went down, including a new teaching method in which schools introduced cool and fun new classes such as Basic and Advanced Weaponry Training, Launch Code Management, and Dirty Traitor Rat Identification. Bella Bella liked Launch Code Management.
Ancient era: Age of Fire. Fire became popular, and it was suddenly everywhere! Lots of stuff burned down, but people kept lighting everything on fire anyway. Bella Bella wishes she had been born when fire was everywhere.
Future era: The Deep Blue. The world is drowned, and there's water everywhere! Everybody lives in floating cities or bubble towns! Bella Bella can't swim, and how are you supposed to start fires underwater? That's a scary thought.
Three strengths: Starting fires, repairing weapons, executing multi-step weapon firing procedures
Two weaknesses: Can't swim, does poorly in the cold
Short description: Bella Bella is a woman of average height, with fiery red hair and a perpetual smile. Has tanned skin covered in burns and soot marks. Always seems to be smiling, which gets a little creepy at times. She wears a jumpsuit that is unzipped halfway, with the upper half tied around her waist, a white tanktop, and heavy duty work boots. She also has a utility belt with typical tools and a cute hard hat!
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RE: Time Station: Escape Pod
Processing... it will take a bit of TIME.

Until then, is the order of your familiar eras suitable? (Note: there are certainly unmentioned eras between most eras)

Age Of Fire
The Extraterrestrial Prank Era
The Classical States
The Glorious Empire
The Medieval Era
Blood-And-Fang Age
Mime Time
Pro'ibition Era
The Frigid Tensions
The Great Vaporwars
The Wasteland Era
The Solarpunk Era
Cyber Ice Age
The Deep Blue
The Octopi Question

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RE: Time Station: Escape Pod
[Image: pfQOa6r.png]

Are these suitable representations?

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RE: Time Station: Escape Pod
Looks good and looks good!
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RE: Time Station: Escape Pod
Everything looks great!
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RE: Time Station: Escape Pod
Looking smart MM!

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RE: Time Station: Escape Pod
[Got the rest of confirmations through other channels]

[Image: 8Cl390q.png]
The mighty base of the Order Of The Cuculidea, floating in Time itself.

[Image: pmNyhZr.png]
Did you know that its power source is a really compact oil-reactor?

[Image: paKK1gu.png]

Did you know that absolutely under no circumstances should someone throw First Fire in it?

[Image: J7nt7ea.png]

The six of you are in a staff room, oblivious to the situation, watching the Radio. And also, listening to it. It is broadcasting a rerun of the First Baseball Match, near the downfall of the Classical States era.

State of the station: The calm before the storm.

((Time for a short warmup RPing, which will be interrupted. Suddenly. Also, everything you say or mime about your home era is an undisputable fact.))

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RE: Time Station: Escape Pod
"Hmm..." Bella Bella hums, draped over the back of the couch. "Bella Bella thinks that this baseball rerun is kind of boring! Can we change to something more fun, like... a numbers station?"
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RE: Time Station: Escape Pod
Duderino got up, stretching those long, spindly legs without once cracking or popping them. He gestured to the radio, and made a show of (softly) playing a clarinet and (very, very gently) dancing along.

Perhaps some Pro’ibition broadcasting? Quietly, please?
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RE: Time Station: Escape Pod
Plasmira floats to the radio and turns the music (what a newfangled device!) to...choral music.
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RE: Time Station: Escape Pod
Apollo begins messing with the radio's antennae, looking for a way to distort this choral music in such a way that it might... deepen... slow down... hit that sweet spot where the bass hits your gut and makes you hit peak ennui with regards to consumerism...
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RE: Time Station: Escape Pod
Mickey is saddened to see the baseball game be lost. He'd liked the choral music briefly, but seems it was getting warped somehow. Though, the strange black and white one seemed to be dancing. Mickey liked dancing. So Mickey got up and started shuffling along. He was bad at it, but he tried, making sure to try and keep some distance so he didn't bump into anyone/thing.

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RE: Time Station: Escape Pod
This was much worse for dancing than the sweet sweet jams Pal-o was laying down. He gave a brief look of distain in the direction of the radio, slowing the roll of his clarinet playing. Hmm. Well. He was supposed to run off break in a few anyway. Might as well make the best of it. The clarinet picked up! And Bud danced a more energetic dance, in spite of the current choice of music! Circles, around Mickey. Literal circles.
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RE: Time Station: Escape Pod
"Hmm." Bella Bella observed the proceedings with a curious look on her face. Then, she proudly proclaimed "Boring!" and flopped fully onto the couch and began digging through the cushions.
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RE: Time Station: Escape Pod
Strange cracklings sound merge into to the slowed down choral music, and the cheerful clarinet sounds. Is the radio malfunctioning? Did Friendo accidentaly chomp on the clarinet? No, its coming from somewhere else...

Meanwhile, Bella Bella found an ancient magenta Classical Coin under the pillows, next to a half eaten cookie (age unknown).

State of the station: An odd premonition.

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RE: Time Station: Escape Pod
Plasmira, in her snotty majesty, tries to see if there is other...."electronics" that are...."interfering" with this..."radio."

Technology! What a wonderful thing.
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RE: Time Station: Escape Pod
On further inspection, Plasmire finds that the crackling noises are not coming from the radio after all! It is coming from the wall behind it.

State of the station: Crackle, carckle, cralcke.

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RE: Time Station: Escape Pod

Honey was a little perturbed by all these noises. He put the imaginary clarinet in his unbelievably long pocket, and walked over to investigate as well!
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RE: Time Station: Escape Pod
"Score!" Bella Bella said, yanking the Classical Coin and cookie from the couch, holding them up to the light. "Bella Bella wins again!" She noticed a small gathering of her coworkers around the radio, which grabbed her attention.

"Hello?" She asked, bouncing over to the radio, and her coworkers by extension. "What's going on? Does Bella Bella need to fix something?"
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RE: Time Station: Escape Pod
Apollo sticks his ear against the wall. A strange, ethereal noise which one could suppose might be his voice emerges from him.

"Hey, someone should probably, like... be on that, I guess?"
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RE: Time Station: Escape Pod
"Huuugh..." Plasmira doesn't like Apollo's uncanny voice but is too snottyproper to speak about that.

She floats to Bella Bella.

"Bella, you are d'one who does d'machine, yes?" She cocks her head. "Valls might have issues...or rats."
04-18-2018, 09:01 PM
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RE: Time Station: Escape Pod
The onlookers notice that four glowing dots appear on the wall, forming a large square. The crackling gets louders. Bella Bella recognizes the sound as... a welder? What could it mean?

State of the station: Everything is totally fine.

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RE: Time Station: Escape Pod
"Hmm?" Bella Bella glanced over at Plasmira, eyes lighting up. "Ah, yes! Well, sort of!" She laughed. "Bella Bella does weapons, specifically, but she supposes a look at more general machines couldn't hurt. Seems like a 'not machine problem' to Bella Bella, though." Her eyes flicked over to the wall, spying the four dots there.

"Looks like we might have vermin a little bigger than rats, and smarter too! Sounds like welding! Or, maybe cutting." Bella Bella grinned as she turned heel. "In fact, Bella Bella thinks break time is over! Come now, let's go back to work!" A grin still plastered on her face, she began exiting the break room. "Bella Bella doesn't want to be here when that breaks. Out of sight, out of mind!"
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RE: Time Station: Escape Pod

Dude leaped back from the wall, falling into the arms of someone who wasn’t there. He recovered quickly, and squinted at the dots.


Well! He straightened his beret, and marched right on out of the room! A problem needed fixing!
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RE: Time Station: Escape Pod
Plasmira sighs as she goes back to work. Maybe if she ignored it enough, it'll go away as Bella suggests.

She still threw a dirty glance at the dots. Damn dots, ruining her beautiful music.
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RE: Time Station: Escape Pod
Mickey looked at the dots. Mickey looked at the clock. Mickey was still on break damnit.

So Mickey went to the radio and gently, gently, took it off it's stand and put it on the couch. Then Mickey picked up the stand and took a few swings with it.

Satisfied, Mickey walked a bit over to the wall and got ready, wound up.

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RE: Time Station: Escape Pod
Apollo leans up against the wall, satisfied to let Mickey do the brute forcing. He didn't have a beam katana, so like... what was the point even? Besides, he wasn't being paid to knock walls down.
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RE: Time Station: Escape Pod
[Image: mzq8KPj.png]

A chunk of the wall falls off, revealing several rats with Welders, along with dozens of other rats.

Seeing the armed Mike, they casually put the panel back. "Sorry, we took a wrong turn!"


Bella Bella, Friendo and Plasmira walked out the breakroom's door, each planning to head to their own desired work stations, which is conveniently found by passing through the reception area.

[Image: qxcjtiW.png]

What you know, it is full of rats. All the Time Travel booths are filled with masses of rats, and more are coming. Time pest control really did a lousy job!

State of the station: The inexplicably grandmotherly tones of the automated announcement system rings in your ears: SECURITY ALERT: ALL RECEPTION AREA TIME MACHINES ARE OVER THE SAFE CAPACITY. CRITICAL FAILURE IMMINENT, VACATE THE AREA.

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RE: Time Station: Escape Pod
"Huh." Bella Bella says, looking over the sea of rats flooding the reception area. She then turns to her pals with a grin. "Do you think this means work is cancelled?"
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RE: Time Station: Escape Pod
"Maybe for you, but much for me! So many much...FILDH!"

Plasmira levitates and starts slapping the rats away (with her mop, not her hands because, ew, gross.
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RE: Time Station: Escape Pod
Mickey nods with satisfaction. Damn rats, they got everywhere.

He cocked his head at the alarm system going off. Security was sort of his job so...

He sighed, kept the stand and walked out to see what the deal was.

"Oh. Oh dear. This lots of problems." He said, looking at the swarm.

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RE: Time Station: Escape Pod
As the rats timeaport away, you notice that they are not filling Time Travel booths again, as they start to glow red hot. Some pieces of the floor, housing the immense mechanism of the booths, are also starting to feel really, really hot.

Plasmira manages to swat and/or scare off several rats, but a gas mask wearing survivor grabs the mop, as they are yelling for help, hoping she would lift them from the ratty seas...

Several rats from the swarm scamper off to the corridors marked Prison and Armory.

State of the station: Reception hall time booths overheated, and the cooling systems are compromised! Vacate the area now!

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RE: Time Station: Escape Pod
As some of the rats scamper away, Bella Bella puts her hands on her cheeks and lets out an exaggerated gasp. "Gasp!" She says, "Those rats are heading towards the Armory! That's where Bella Bella works! She can't have rats in her workplace, that's just asking for trouble! And Bella Bella would never ask for trouble!" And with that, Bella Bella books it for the Armory, waving an arm and yelling 'go away, rats!' as she does so.
04-22-2018, 05:56 PM
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RE: Time Station: Escape Pod
Plasmira will deffo pull the survivor out but not before demanding them to be her servant.
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RE: Time Station: Escape Pod
"Yes, I be servant faithfully! Yes!" says the now-servant (in a slightly broken time esperanto, they are probably new here, maybe Apollo would recognize them) still holding onto the mop as the rats stream away from impending explosion, with Bella Bella chasing after them. No longer at the mercy of the rat swarm, he salutes floating Plasmira (one hand still grabbing the mop), who looks like a vengeful angel due to being backlit by the patches of glowing hot walls behind her.

State of the station: Reception area is most certainly about to explode. But you hear other noises from farther below...

I have decided that everyone should have free reign to tell Facts about their department in Escape Pod, but since reception is so small and is about to explode, Apollo get to say facts about NPCs he remembers.
Also maintenance corridors fall under the supply closet department.

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RE: Time Station: Escape Pod
"Dhat's...vonderful..." Plasmira grins, letting herself have the moment. "You shall carry supplies, yes?"

After foisting all her cleaning supplies on the new serf, she floats off after Bella. She hopes, they'll be smart enough to follow. If not, well, they'll do themselves a service if they eliminated themselves.
04-22-2018, 07:29 PM
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RE: Time Station: Escape Pod
Apollo decides that maybe dying isn't for the best. He follows through the hole in the wall and shoots some finger guns at the new serf. He also decides to drop the ethereal voice thing for a little bit.

"Oh. Hey Aethelfred. How you doin', buddy? Still adjusting to life away from the times of Steel and Horses? I know it's weird, not being a servant to a feudal lord and shit, but like, you can do it, dude. Hell yeah. You till the fields of the reception desk, or whatever."

Aethelfred was a serf from the planet's equivalent to the medieval era. He'd been kidnapped involuntarily so as to prevent an ahistorical time-plague that would have wiped out the whole of the continent, leaving behind a wife and three children who would likely starve in his absence. (The agency justified it to him by pointing out that his kids wouldn't survive to their thirties anyways, with or without his presence.) He'd had some trouble adjusting to modernity, but damn if he wasn't surprisingly adept at file organization and call management.
04-22-2018, 07:35 PM
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RE: Time Station: Escape Pod
!!! Oh no! Did Pal zone out? Sure looked like it! Surely considering how best to escape Rat Tide! Maybe if he lasso’d one and spun around- Oh! Time to go! Could he get to his station? He wanted so much to get to his station. Seemed like a good time to do so. Maybe there was info on a newly discovered Rat Swarm Epoch.
04-22-2018, 11:27 PM
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RE: Time Station: Escape Pod
Okay, Mickey is worried. He can't solve exploding room problems.

But, he'd have to deal with the fallout which would be Chaos! Horror upon horrors, a strict and rigid order must be kept in times of panic! This would surely be made easier with the addition of a bigger stick to thwack troublemakers and malcontents with. Plus, in the process, he could stop these rats from looting the armoury maybe, or at least from looting what he'd already looted.

Mickey starts pushing his way forward to the armoury.

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04-24-2018, 08:09 AM
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RE: Time Station: Escape Pod
[Image: L6aP7w4.png]

KABOOM! The team (and their new serf) decides to not split up, and together, they run through a long hallways, followed by a raging inferno, and in the end, they duck into the Armory just in time!

You are in the upper deck of the Armory, where Classical and Glorious era weapons are kept. Below is Experimental weapons, and there are catwalks leading to another deck nearby. Various agents scurry about on the lower levels towards exits. Some people seem to be opening boxes... And someone seems to be stuck in an upside down forklift...

The rats stream ahead, picking up speed.

State of the station: The time booths detonated! Do not worry folks, we are not tra- Oh the... time ship deck is on fire. Attention, abandon ship!

Bella Bella, as a resident of the Armory, can say lore about the various sections of the armory, and/or make up new sections to visit, or whatever that I deem fitting.

It is time time
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RE: Time Station: Escape Pod
Oh tragedies upon tragedies, the chaotic calamity crashing down upon them, and worst of all, unemployment!!! Mickey hoped he could still put the Order Of The Cuculidae as a reference on his CV.

Well, small steps, small steps. For now, he lumbered over and helped out that someone stuck in a forklift. He wasn't sure how to abandon ship from here, but he could lift!

“One day you wake up and realize the world can be conquered.” - Doctor Impossible
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RE: Time Station: Escape Pod

Wow! What a pickle! Bucko grabbed himself a spear. Not super mimeish, but very effective in lassoing maneuvers. He hopped down to the lower level, and started a mad dash toward the analysis chamber! Swimming (in an exaggerated manner) through rats.

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