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Legendhood 3 : Infinity's End
They destroyed it all.

The Old Gods, the Titans-they took all of the universe away. They razed it to the ground, turned it all to atoms and firmament, and then, they just... disappeared.

Time hasn't passed. Time can't pass. But somehow, the firmament itself got bored of this, this... meaningless existence. It swirled itself, it's hope, into a new Something. Something that could threaten the Titans, just by its presence.

A lake, stretching from one end of this Something to the other, formed. It teemed with possibility, with the chance of something great. Concepts swam in it like fish in a sea, a primordial soup of possibility.

And new gods began to form. You are one of these new beings, crawling, uncertain, barely defined as you crawl into the waters(?) Something. You're a base creature, merely a collection of concepts now, but, with time... you could be more.

You sense other things like yourself forming. Other basic beings, other basic gods… all still half-formed and indistinct… Each hungry and desperate...

With one exception.

One is different. It’s not formed by itself, but from your own hunger and need. Something twisted and sinister is manifesting, feeding, trying to take all for itself.

Somehow, you know what you have to do. If it is not stopped, this thing will destroy this small patch of Something, it’s blindness and gluttony dooming you all. To make Something more than this, you will have to free creation itself from this… this Demon.

To survive, the First Demon has to die.

Welcome to my (revived) attempt at a godhood game! I'm going to be using the Legendhood System, defined by Denizenshipper, with a fair bit of my own personal touch.

For those not in the know, a Godhood game is a game where each player takes control of a god or group of gods, and create and manage a universe. Gaining the worship of mortals gains you Acts, which you can use for godly powers.

Legendhood was a further variant. It defined gods into classes, and put them in control of a fledgling piece of reality in the middle of nothingness. Creatures called Titans would attack this piece of reality, hoping to return it to the nothingness they came from.

In my variation, there are three types of holy figures - Gods, Titans, and a further variation, the Demons.

The Divine Beings
It’s you! The beings known as Gods are the player characters, the “good guys” (warning: actual goodness may vary) Gods can be defined by several key factors:
  • They are born of, and sustained by, the raw creation, the new phase of reality. They are dependent on reality to exist - it makes them as effectively immortal as reality itself, but means that without reality, they die immediately. They are thus bound to the realm of Something, at least for now.
  • Furthermore, they are maintained by their images in the minds of mortals. A god is a distinct being only if the mortals see them as such-if they lose worship, they lose focus. This can technically kill a god as well, if they lose all cohesion and are consumed by other Gods or Demons.
  • Gods have no backstory of working through other universes. They come from merely the desire of Something to have something make more of it. More complicated godly concepts may have to "unfold" over the first few turns. Take a large pantheon with a complicated hierarchy-it may have to start only as a group of arguing voices at first, then evolve to have a semblance of hierarchy, and so on.
  • The only type of backstory a god can have is of a mortal or small group of mortals in the Old World. If they were a god, they wouldn’t be bound by the same rules as other gods of the Old World-and would effectively be a titan. I’m willing to discuss backstories if you wish to.
  • They can influence the Something, expand it, define it, and control it.
  • Each God or Pantheon is controlled by 1 player, and has 1 communal tier and class.
  • A god’s power is measured in Acts. When the world is first flowing and forming, gods get a number of acts automatically, but over time, this diminishes significantly. The true source of a God’s power is worship from mortals.
Essentially gods, but formed from a different method. Rather than being born at the start of creation, a demon forms when a mortal civilization starts suffering a serious problem. They embody this problem.
  • Like gods, they have a defined Tier. Each God Tier has a corresponding demon Class, but unlike gods, they get the full discount from both main classes.
  • A demon is formed from a concept gaining too much power in the minds of mortals, and becoming sentient. This concept being prevalent in a civilisation will then begin to aggressively expand. They feed off this concept being too prevalent.
  • Note that this doesn't stop gods from being assholes. The key difference is that Gods thrive by holding stable or growing, successful civilisations - whether it's a group of nomadic clans, or a full city - while Demons thrive in civilisations doomed to failure or collapse. You may even be able to indirectly create demons if you caused enough of a certain problem on others, but don’t expect them to be in any way loyal or controllable.
  • A demon is best defeated by a two pronged approach - taking it on directly and quickly providing triage to affected areas. For example, a demon which thrives on starving the people is best combated by one group combating it directly and preventing it's plague of wilting crops or locusts or whatever from spreading, while another goes to the affected area and provides food. Most important is to assuage mortal fear of the demons, as this will cause the demon to lose coherence and eventually be consumable.
  • Demons are delicious and loaded with nutritious acts.
Old style gods. They don't need Something to survive, or the worship of mortals. However, in Something, they can be killed, and thus they strive to destroy it.
  • Titans gather creation within themselves to consume and destroy it. If a Titan is killed, that creation will spill out and form a Well. Wells serve the purpose the Mountain served in the original Legendhood - they're just too much creation to easily destroy, and Something can expand easily around it. The spawn of a new well can also come with some other concepts - life forms, objects, or even places which are unfinished and can easily be managed by all gods.
  • They’re somewhere out in the Nothing, probably turning their genitals into mulberry bushes and having a jolly old time.
  • You may have heard of some of these fellows before. Perhaps from an old legend, perhaps from an old movie.
  • Titans are not all bound by the class restrictions gods and demons are. Thus, they are very, very dangerous.

The Tiers and Classes
Gods are sorted into three Tiers, each with two classes. There are Sculptors, who shape the world, Archons, who rule the mortals, and Sprites, who walk among the people.
The most powerful, least precise gods. These gods shape reality itself, making mountains out of molehills and then making giant moles to fit it. Generally, once the world is set, these are the gods to go to for making cool new land features and races most easily. They struggle, however, with reaching a point that they can easily communicate directly to individuals. The Demonic rendition is known as a Ragnarok.

They who carve the land itself. Seas, lands, suns and moons, these gods create them all. They also control earthquakes and natural disasters of all sorts, so beware their wrath.

They who bring life to all things. Whether it’s the tiniest bacteria or the largest species of all, these are the guys to do the job as efficiently as possible. Fear their plagues and predators.

A stable midrange between Sculptors and Sprites, Archons are the gods of men. They rule over civilisations more directly than others, and bless their lands with miracles and powers beyond imagining. They’re less widespread than Sculptors, but they can be much more creative, and can easily organize armies and cities. The Demonic form of an Archon is known as a Terror.

If you’ve heard of some God-Emperor of some civilisation, chances are you’ve heard of a Lord. They tend to be the more direct, quicker, shorter-term problem solvers of Archons, bringing rains when mortals need them, raining hellfire when mortals act like they don’t.

These fellows more take the form of teachers and inspirers, bringing new technologies and new concepts to them. These gods tend to work by teaching, not by doing, although most wouldn’t hesitate to do if teaching will take too long. Incurring their wrath is an unwise thing to do, for mortals, gods, or demons-with their influence over minds and hearts, they can easily inspire concepts in reality. If anyone’s going to intentionally summon a demon, the Muse is the class to choose.

Sprites are the ground-level workers of the gods. They can perform the most precise of actions, and often work mortal-by-mortal. They’re not weaker than any other god - in fact, they can emulate the actions of Muses and Gardeners by individual examples - but their methods are much more narrow in scope, and take time to germinate and grow. The demonic version is a Nightmare.

If Lords are the generals leading the army, heroes are the guys who are at the front lines, smashing through with incredible strength. Your local friendly Superman, these guys solve through raw force what other gods solve through miracles. They tend to be associated with incredible feats of strength that in technique are similar to mortal solutions.

The fey are a most curious bunch. More commonly associated with transformation and trickery, Fey tend to be tricksters and sages, doing things more on the peaceful side. These fellows play in the hearts of mortals more than any other.

If I’m an X, how do I do Y?

For some examples, let’s say an army is approaching a god’s domain.
  • The Architect would smile cheerfully, and continue watching cheerfully as the world split open and swallowed them whole. Or drop a moon on them. Or create a sea where they were, and drown them. Or go Ice Age on their asses.
  • The Gardener would equip their domain with natural defenses-a new race of beast, some natural weapons for their troops-or plague the enemy with disease and possibly famine.
  • The Lord would smite his foes with lightning and hurricanes, while blessing his troops to fight harder than anyone had fought before.
  • The Muse would create fears and terrors in his enemies, inspire new weapons in his troops armies, and make all sorts of rumours on both sides.
  • The Hero would often be there before the mortals he’s protecting, and be punchapunching the puny mortals who dare trespass on his realm. He could also construct an incredible weapon for his army to use, which they can later start making simpler replicas of. This could be anything from a poison to a giant clanking steampunk dog.
  • The Fey is also likely to get to the front lines before their mortals do. However, they would undermine the military force of an army, petrifying some generals, bribing others with precious stones, and generally causing the army to collapse on itself from within.

Godly Abilities - Acts and Powers
Now, your power is measured in Acts. A god or demon, once established, starts with five acts. You gain acts from the worship of mortals, which channels their small power over reality into you in sizeable enough amounts to make substantial changes. Gods can technically use more acts than they have, but that… is dangerous. Going into the red makes the god less distinct, and distorts their abilities, often unpleasantly, until they’re back in the positive.

A god using their own Classes abilities is at the rate shown in the list below. A God using the abilities of the other class in their tier gets a 1.5 Act cost, rounding up. This maxes out at an extra three acts. Using a different Tier’s abilities costs three times the standard act cost, rounding down, maxing out at five extra acts.

Finally, there’s a God’s Power. This is a simple, one sentence ability that they can use up to two acts worth per turn without cutting into their actual acts. This is meant to be versatile but clear, and can work on any tier. You can fluff it out if you want, but you must be able to PM me a one sentence version.

Let’s say a power is “can alter the senses of mortals”. This could grant an individual sight beyond sight at the Sprite level, make an army appear twice as large at the Archon Level, or make an entire species have reduced vision and echolocation at the Sculptor level.

The groupings of abilities are shown below.

All gods pay the same to:
Create a new piece of land from the nothing. One grid of land can hold roughly one ecosystem and one civilisation. These start at one act next to the well and increase with distance from well, and are a basically shaped, simple terrain with an average amount of all resources until otherwise invested. Think a flat desert, a giant mountain, a conical lake, and so on.
Create or modify a race of mortals. They start with average intelligence, the ability to manipulate things as easily as humans, and knowledge of stone tools and fire-or equivalents. Their costs are the same as making animals-see below.
Move instantly between two points. 1 Act. Otherwise, you risk physical interference.
Beget a Demigod-a being between a god and a mortal. They generally last for five turns, have at least one superpower, and cannot be easily swayed, even by their creator, without a good reason.
Architects can:
  • Create a space of non-conventional Land. A Sky Island, a substantial underground area, even a separate plane of existence. These follow the rules for normal lands. The first is 1 act, and each following one costs one more act. (So making three costs 6 acts.) A new Well resets the cost. Making magical areas, like an afterlife, costs notably more.
  • Create a Sun, moon, or similar celestial but uninhabitable object. These can affect EVERYTHING, so think carefully before you do it. Most which have 1 act are completely ineffectual; about three acts is required to create a substantial amount of heat or tidal force or whatever, and more than five is dangerous.
  • Terraform an area: Make it more interesting than a basic shape. In an instant, you can turn a dull plain into a fascinating set of hills or a small, prepared city, or seed it with extra minerals and nutrients. Putting this on an already inhabited area may cause problems. 1 for a simple reshaping or seeding, 2 for something like a city, more for magical effects.
  • Perform a natural disaster. Floods, earthquakes, volcanoes, meteor strikes. Massively damages all life in the area. Cost increases exponentially based on how damaging you want it to be.

Gardeners can bring and alter the world for life in many ways:
  • Create a species of animal or plant life that can fill a space. This starts at about 1 act for something the size of a housecat. Going up in size (Housecat, Human, Elephant, Whale as vague limits) costs 1 act more each size, and giving them a special ability costs more acts (giving them venom isn’t act worthy. Giving them venom that kills in 20 seconds flat is). Plants don’t cost extra for size. During creation, you can give them weaknesses or make them smaller than the given size for no extra cost.
  • Modify a space’s worth of a species. Modifications cost at least 1 act, and are equivalent to their cost at creation but only affect a portion of the population. Weaknesses do cost at least 1 act, and it costs an act more to keep the population breedable (you can choose whether the genes to make the change are dominant or recessive).
  • Change the climate of an area. If Architects control the soil, Gardeners control the greenhouse. This includes humidity, temperature, seasonal changes, and typical weather. If creatures are unprepared, results may be disastrous. At 1 act, the change will be minor, and all but the most sensitive creatures should adjust.
  • If you’re reading this, you found the proof of reading. In the part of the app labelled “Secret Proof” put in a sentence starting with the letter S, asking for another example of how each god type might solve a simple problem of your choice. (If you’re stuck, just start with the word “So”.)
  • Rapidly spread a populace through the use of a baby boom. 1 act to spread a population towards a new land, whether they want to or not. Note that if there’s not enough food there, they will struggle to survive.
Lords rule over their mortals with powers such as:
  • Blessing or cursing a group, affecting their chances of success. Think just an all purpose buff for their likelihood of success or their profit or something. Unwilling targets cost more.
  • Give someone a Destiny. Fate will increase the chance of it happening. The exact act cost of this will vary, based on what will have to happen. For example, a fate to fell a titan will require summoning a titan.
  • Perform a miracle. Helpful rain, a storm, a meteor shower. The key difference between this and a Sculptor-level plague or disaster is that a miracle is faster and more delicate. A Sculptor earthquake or plague will wipe out a town or kill indiscriminately, a Lord’s miracle won’t do as much damage, but can still ruin or save a populace through it’s selective power - lightning strikes on all the people in an area who didn’t do something. Think the plagues of Egypt, particularly the tenth, but these aren’t wiping out all dissenters for 1 act.
  • Inspire a new faction or level of organisation. This can be spurring on a group of dissenters into a proper rebellion, instituting a mortal king, making a clan of nomads, and so on. 1 act, more if the base population has no need for such a faction-a stone age tribe doesn’t need a bureaucracy. Great if you suddenly need an army.

Muses have some notably less direct powers, but considering gods are held together by concepts, muses are more powerful than they seem at first:
  • Cast an illusion, making a town, populace or even Titans believe something for a turn. Like them being under attack by a titan which the Muse saves them from. This only works for physical things-the muse can only change the facts as people perceive them, not their conclusions. For example, they cannot convince mortals that X wanted to kill Y, but they can convince them X was with Y in the room with the dagger in their hand.
  • Inspire a concept among mortals. Greed, hope, the Dewey Decimal System, democracy. 1 act, normally, but if used heavily enough, it can summon demons, or damage gods. Doing so is rarely a wise idea.
  • Teach mortals a new technology or skill. The mortals will (if they can use it) have it fully integrated by the end of the turn, and will immediately receive the effects. This can include teaching them magic, if you wish.
  • Create a landmark. This is a single area, no larger than a cathedral, which essentially trickles out a miracle to those who enter. This starts at one act, and can eventually be exhausted if used vigorously (so no “smite all nonbelievers who enter forever” as a permanent staple of your city). They’re also tough, but not completely invincible. This is a good keystone for a god-fearing city, though.
Sprites have several powers which resemble those of higher Tiers. The key difference is in the spread of the power - while Sprites tend to be, if anything, slightly more Act-efficient, it will normally take a turn or three to get the ball rolling.

Heroes, though small, are no less versatile than other gods:
  • Perform a feat of strength. Carve a channel with your bare hands, catch a meteor, turn coal into diamonds just by pressure. Acts vary based on the feat, but it’s generally cheap and causes much less problems for the target area than at the Sculptor level. Unfortunately, for Sprites, they cannot make something from nothing. They can’t make a new river, only split or divert the flow.
  • Make a Legendary Weapon. These are your Mjolnirs and so on - weapons of legacy, immortal and invincible. Normally require several acts. For low expenditures, this could be a merely very impressive weapon which mortals can copy, introducing its technology into their warfare after several turns.
  • Fight. Take on an individual or group, and overpower or destroy them. A single Hero is more powerful than most forces an army can muster. If a hero goes into direct combat with another god or their miracle/plague/whatever, the hero will often win.
  • Inspire a small group of mortals. Drive them into a frenzy on whatever they’re doing, be it fighting, excavating, or just learning. Results can be unpredictable.

Fey have their own set of skills, fiddling with fate and destiny at a primal level:
  • Transmutation: Turn a big lump of something into a big lump of something else. Turn a mortal into gold, a few seeds of one plant into an incredible new type, a small cat into an aggressive tiger. Unlike the Gardener version, the genetically-viable possibilities are free - because this rarely affects more than a few members of a population. This can’t change everything about something without significant investment - a petrified person will still clearly be that person.
  • Make a non-combat Artifact. This can serve practically any non-combat purpose, but works specifically on at most a small group of people at once. Things like the One Ring from Lord of the Rings. Again, this can work as a new technology if it’s more limited. 1 act.
  • Work with souls. Communicate with the dead, summon ghosts from the grave, supernatural portents. 1 Act for up to five souls.
  • Create a Bloodline. Destined for some unknown greatness, a bloodline is a single distinct dynasty of mortals who possess superb ability in a particular skill, often along with a distinct visible trait. A dynasty of Kings is possible, but so is a dynasty of mages, or bakers. It’s hard to get a Bloodline to expand beyond maybe twenty simultaneous living carriers of its power, but it’s much, much, much harder to kill them off. 1 Act for a simple legacy. Bloodlines have a nasty tendency to defy the gods and live to tell the tale, so they should be treated with respect.

Game Ettiquette
  • When you are performing an act-worthy action, you must bold it and clearly state the amount of acts/powers used. An expenditure is public - it’s effects can be private.
  • If two gods spend the same amount on opposing goals, the better piece of public writing wins.
  • If you do not do anything for three turns, you are out.
  • Updates will be on a fast as possible basis at first. When it slows down, it will be either once a week, finish your turns by 4pm Saturday AEST, or twice a week, 4pm Saturday and Wednesday AEST. The update will (hopefully!) be up within 24 hours.
  • Actions are done in the order they are posted. If you wish to change your actions after somebody else has posted, you have to mention it in the thread with a good reason.
  • If something makes your action invalid, you will have your acts refunded.
  • No time travel shenanigans. Just… no.
  • Include me in any in-character interactions via private messaging.
  • Don’t be a jerk to others OOC, or to a derailing amount IC. A bit of conflict is A-Ok.
  • Interact with each other! These games are much more fun if the whole group is interacting. If three people go off and make their own little islands, and don't let anyone else do things on their land, it won't be very fun for the others to play with at all.

Pantheon Name or Godly Title: Something to refer to the group as a whole, or, if a single god, the simplest title. Think the Grim Reaper, when compared to Death as the actual name.
God Names: Obvious.
Brief Description: Who your god is. Try to sell them in about a decent paragraph or two.
Folded State: How your pantheon will be until at least the first Demon is killed. Should be very simple, as there’s not enough creation around for them to clearly define themselves.
Class: Fey, Hero, etc. etc.
Power: Remember, a simple sentence. You can go into more fluff detail, but if so, bold the relevant sentence or phrase.
Core Theme: If you want to.
Proof you read things:

Example App:
Pantheon Name: The Spirits of Soul

Names: Anuria and Anastasia

Appearance(s): Varies, depending on the mortals they're appearing to. There are, however, some notable trends.
For Anuria,
- Her appearance nearly always includes silver or white as a notable part of her being.
- She's always wearing bells, and usually whatever passes for a jester's uniform.
- She's usually a tiger cat-girl in appearance, though she'll go for any kind of hybrid that fits the world. She tries to balance cute and fearsome.
- She is always a she. How attractive she is at any given point varies from cute to drop-dead gorgeous.
- She's generally fairly light-hearted and even cheeky around other figures of authority.
- Typically, she'll appear as twice or three times the size of mortals. Anastasia does the same.

For Anastasia,
- She tends to appear of the same species as Anuria, but likes to look and act a bit older and wiser than the other. Anuria chooses a cat-girl appearance, Anastasia goes for a tiger-girl. That sorta thing.
- She doesn't overly show off. Where Anuria can appear... all kinds of things, she likes to appear what she considers respectable.
- She wears gemstones, and has some embedded into her skin - again, this varies dependent on species.
- She has gold where Anuria would have silver.
- She is SERIOUS, most of the time. She appears in expensive-looking but simultaneously no-nonsense clothing. She acts confident, and calm, and respectful - very little will shake her composure. At the same time, she's pretty damn stubborn, and she's going to butt heads with anyone who gets in her way.

Brief description: Two sisters who treasure each other and the mortals around them. Always one for family, these Fey have a vibrancy to them that is hard to match. Despite being the same age, Ana is more of a big sister, and seems wiser and more mature than her hotheaded sibling. They both tend to have

Folded State: Two vague figures - one small, pale and bright, one gold, bigger (though not much), and warm.

Class: Fey

Power: These two can work with souls using the power of haunting music.

Core Theme (optional): Needs of the one, needs of the many - Anuria's pride, need for attention, lust and general showoffiness are part of her Needs of the One. Anastasia represents the needs of the many, and has a motherly attitude to fit it, along with her ability to teach. Together, they are an embodiment of balance in one's life, and how one interacts with the world around them.

I'm hoping to get at least six players, one of every class. Once I have one of every class, I may allow more.
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RE: Legendhood 3 : Infinity's End
Pantheon Name or Godly Title: The Stone Archeons
God Names: Skorgrím, Nirjia and Artimenner
Appearance(s): They tend to stick together yet conduct their affairs separately, the other two appearing as silent observers, Their forms tend to adjust to the type of mortal creature they speak too, there are some constants however.

For Skorgím,
- Always wears a granite mask with a permanent stoic expression etched upon it, It changes to the facial features of the race they are speaking to but it always conveys no emotion but firmness.
- Always appears as a male and tends to give his forms a deep voice, no beards.
- Tends to favor feature obscuring robes in his apparel to strike a balance between muscular or athletic builds
- Prefers gray. Prefers to be absolutely to the letter in everything and straightforward to others.
- His holy symbol of choice is a (upright) hammer

For Nirjia,
- Always appears with a bushel of grain/wood/wool/stone/ore/local resource in her hands or with such motif represented in her clothes.
- Always appears as Female in accordance with the mortal forms, tends to have some of her appearance (Eyes, Ends of hair, etc.) glow red like a smoldering fire.
- She treats people kindly and welcoming, she exudes a sort of feeling of safety and rest. She is all around at-least trying to be pleasant to everything
- Likes to encourage others in their affairs yet this only really extends to acts of growth and creation. Destructive behavior gains her ire and it is hard to lose that grudge.
- Her holy symbol of choice is a (camp) fire.

For Artimenner,
- Always appears with a mug (or other drinking implement) filled with a beverage in their hand sometimes accompanied with a fitting local object of entertainment in the other.
- Appears as whatever they feels like, Rowdy guy, Rowdy girl it really is a matter of capriciousness to Artimenner (They however do take note if it would help influence the person they appear to.. or if it would infuriate the person they appear towards)
- When appearing officially they dress as gaudy as they think they can get away with but on the downtime they prefers to roam fittingly within the world.
- They are always jovial and aiming to spread that jolliness to others, They live in the moment and do not really consider the next one.
- While preferring to amuse themselves by spreading joy and happiness, they also relish in the chance to laugh about something that others made, they however would never try to actively disrupt another's work.
- Loves feasts!
- Artimenner's holy symbol of choice is a (overflowing) cup.

Brief Description: The Archeons are aptly named, not for their connection to granite but to what they have in common with it, Both are unyielding in their aspect and both are enduring beyond countless years. Much like stone, the Archeons are the foundation for each-other and the mortals that they administer toward, Without Laws to provide safety there can be no Hearth and without a home there is no chance for Joy to grow in the hearts of people and without happiness there isn't a reason to comply with a law. These aspects need each-other as much as mortals need them.

Folded State: Three floating stone spheres marked by age constantly orbiting each-other

Class: Muse.

Power: When a populace is ordered, safe and happy they can inspire the populace to start following the course of a great act of advancement. (Things like making a tower of babel, instigate a mass migration/exodus, kick-start a renaissance which depends on the civilization itself. Its just the nudge to get them started)

Core Theme: The Archeons embody Order, Safety and Happiness distilled into Law, Home and Joy. They are a trifecta of extremes that harmonized with each-other and represent the compromise between these values within civilization.

Proof you read things: So how would each god type interact with its worshipers, I assume Sculptors are more distant then Sprites in connection to mortals due to their overwhelming power and generalized of their area of worship right?
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RE: Legendhood 3 : Infinity's End
Bramzter, The Stone Archeons seem like a solid concept owob. The only thing would be that their folded state is a little immobile. Their power is also a bit wordy, but broadly it can be simplified to “can inspire mortals to achieve lots of progress in a stable environment”, which gets a pass. ACCEPTED!

To answer your question, it depends on the Gods actual attributes. Generally, gods normalize to three vague size ranges - small to elephant-sized for sprites, house to whale-sized for archons, and skyscraper or bigger for Sculptors. All gods can hear mortal requests, if spoken to them directly or prayed to them. All gods can also speak back, either just through speaking to any mortal, or through their worship for their own believers. There can be some problems, though, depending on their size - Sculptors might find it hard to hear out individual claims, while Sprites might not see the forest or the trees. Stuff like that. If it does cost acts for a certain special method of communication, they will cost very few.
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RE: Legendhood 3 : Infinity's End
Oh my gosh, I really liked Legendhood. I hope this time it actually becomes a thing again!

Pantheon Name or Godly Title: Planetrodon
God Names: Quossarogail
Appearance(s): A gigantic, planet-sized turtle made of stone. An entire world can be fit on Quossarogail's shell.
Brief Description: Some gods watch over a large patch of land floating in the middle of nothingness. This massive turtle-shaped variant of god prefers to carry the large patch of land around with it, so that it can keep it safe while allowing itself a bit more freedom of movement. A planetrodon can (in theory) survive for a very long time as it can seek out faraway worlds in the middle of nowhere when its own world starts to suffer.
Folded State: Takes the shape of a gigantic brown colored turtle-shaped rock.
Class: Sculptor
Power: Moving things like landmasses and celestial objects.
Can be used to move small objects, but this would be highly imprecise and probably at roughly the speed of light.
Core Theme: Living World
Proof you read things: So, could you give me an example of how each type of god would be able to avoid losing their identity due to mortal indifference?
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RE: Legendhood 3 : Infinity's End
Sorta-semi-WIP, but here we go! Willing to change whatever doesn't work.

Pantheon Name or Godly Title: The Grand Movers and Shakers.

God Names: Ermolai, Evdokiya, Foka, Alyona.

Appearance(s): A troupe of androgynous fairies - they go by whatever pronouns they fancy at the time, and don't particularly mind what you call them as long as you're respectful with it, so go nuts! Frequently have ivy crawling up their appendages, as if growing there naturally. Humanoid in shape and form, but fairly large (at normal size, about 9 feet) and with rather elfy ears. Frequently form up in a triangle pattern, with three of them on the outside and one on the inside.

Ermolai has brown skin and curly gray-blue hair. Wears long, flowing blue robes. They look as if you'd break them if you touched them, and they appear somewhat timid, but their dark green eyes are piercing. Paired with their quiet nature, they can come off somewhat intimidating, in that knowing way. Usually near the top of their triangular formation.

Evdokiya has short green hair and sharp blue eyes, with pale skin. Has a smile that seems to almost taunt you, dare you into approaching - a dare you dare not deny! They are the most physically imposing of the four, with toned arms and torso shown off by a crop top. Straight up abs on this fairy, sun's out guns out. Takes the right point on the triangle.

Alyona is olive skinned and has long flowing purple hair, and amber eyes - or at least they would, if they ever woke. As it is, they're constantly asleep, just sort of floating there in the left corner. They seem exceptionally calm and peaceful... but that might just be because people haven't seen them awake in a long, long time.

Foka has dark skin and hot-pink hair which comes to a razor point. Think Vegeta. That's how sharp this hair is. Takes center-place, and knows they deserve it. Outgoing, warm, and with an adventurous personality, Foka is the most talkative of the quartet, frequently taking point in conversation.

Brief Description: The Four Fae are the liturgists of legends, helpers of heroes, and generators of justice - albeit rather reckless ones, in all regards.

The Grand Movers and Shakers do exactly what their name suggests - they make sure the world is never still, never steady, never boring. There's always an established order to challenge, and they're going to challenge it. They draw in the courageous and the righteous, grant them the power to do good, and then expect them to use that power to do just that - forever. Or at least as long as they can. They aren't about to bring you back from the dead, but your hero's contract doesn't exactly have an expiration date. You can get married, have a kid, and live a life - but it will never be normal.

They don't do this out of spite, and they don't try to trick people into this. They make it very clear that a hero's work is never done - even when evil isn't afoot, one must be vigilant, must be prepared for the coming darkness, the next tyrant to slay, the next injustice to be undone. It's not their fault if these mortals are short-sighted; not their fault that they might grow dissatisfied with this lot in life as they age and grow weary of (often thankless) battle. It's not their fault that these mortals choose to have families, knowing full well of the blessing and curse they will pass on.

Menacing as they sound, the Grand Movers and Shakers sincerely think they're helping the world - and in many ways, they're right. They fulfill their part of the bargain - they guide these heroes, allow them to change the world for the better, allow their children to do the same, and offer their (decent and good) descendants their assistance and protection whenever they can. They make mere children into legendary heroes whose exploits link entire eras together. This is no one-sided deal. That said, the heroes they create often die unsatisfied, finding peace only in their eternal slumber. Much as this tugs at their heartstrings, they march onward, seemingly unaware that they're just as trapped in an eternal quest as the heroes they create.

As for their roles...
Foka is the Great Fairy of Ambition! They represent the desire to change the world, to make one's mark, to be seen and recognized as an individual worthy of remembering. They are typically associated with light, spring, and daybreak.

Evdokiya is the Great Fairy of Boldness! They represent the inner strength necessary to act, the ability to take a stand when others won't, to ignore personal danger to stand for one's own convictions. They are associated with the sea, summer, and midday.

Ermolai is the Great Fairy of Insight! They represent the wisdom required, not just to act, but to act well, to recognize the good in others, and to challenge one's own values. They are associated with the clear blue sky, autumn, and dusk.

Alyona is the Great Fairy of Gentleness! They represent the love of weakness, the strength of heart to grant mercy to those who don't deserve it, and the innocence which heroes must strive to preserve. They are associated with darkness, winter, and night-time.

Folded State: They take the shape of small, single-colored creatures with bulbous heads, two eyes and ears, and two short arms and legs. Think Pikmin, but with fatter heads, big black eyes, and no flowers.

Class: Fey.

Power: Inspiring virtuous young men, ladies, and everything-in-between to venture forth and do great deeds. Assist them in this by granting them great tools with which to accomplish this journey, but at a price: they can never go home, and they can never find a place to truly settle down and call their own. Green tunic not required.

(Basically what I'm going for is a focus on bloodlines and weapon-making, with the condition that their favored (and their bloodlines) will never be able to truly settle down, will always have to venture forth, will always have to aspire to heroism, be it due to the machinations of fate or the enchantments placed on their hearts. The heroes journey, but without a return. Let me know if that's okay!)

Core Theme: Heroic wanderlust! These great fairies inspire virtuous mortals to leave their homes, give them the tools to make a difference in the world, and expect them to roam forever and ever!

Proof you read things: So if we're a pantheon, do we all need to be together at all times? Or can we split up?

Okay, so in case it's not obvious, I was massively influenced by the Legend of Zelda. Sorta dawned on me halfway through writing their descriptions that they sounded a lot like the Great Fairies, so props to and acknowledgement of that is due.

Also, sorry if the designs are too anime - fairies are hard, rip.
04-11-2018, 07:07 AM
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RE: Legendhood 3 : Infinity's End
Oh cool others are interested as well. that is convenient, Haven't had the chance to join a game in a while.
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RE: Legendhood 3 : Infinity's End
Godly Title: The Conqueror

God Names: Undecided

Appearance: A large, strong... mortal creature. Depends what ends up in the world - this god will take on the form of the mortals it descends among. On that day, they will be a living god, a conquering king, a pharaoh walking among the mortals. Until then, they are but an imprint, an unfinished spirit, waiting for their time.

Brief Description: This 'god' is almost entirely mindless. It is the spirit of battle and conquest, glory and subjugation. It will make a fine warrior one day, but there will need to be a world for it to conquer first. Until then, its combative, destructive powers are more... unbound. Its folded form of wild energy is weaker, still looking for a form to take, though more focused on raw strength and battle itself than its real purpose of conquest and immortal rulership - which can only be expressed once it becomes a true mind.

Folded State: An indistinct, humanoid shadow, bleeding out of its own outline, clearly armed - though with a weapon that is as mutable as their appearance. An imprint, waiting for a shape to take.

Class: Hero

Power: A superior warrior, even among the divine.

Core Theme: Imperial conquest and imperishable rulership.

Proof you read things: Secret reading comprehension challenges are beneath them! Warriors do not read books!
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RE: Legendhood 3 : Infinity's End
Okay, so:
A few things about Quossarogail flavour-wise. Firstly, in this game, he’s the first planetrodon. There is no others of his kind before him.

Second, he alone wouldn’t be able to pass through the nothing. He and everything on his back would pretty quickly dissolve into the firmament. The only way he could really foray into the Nothingness is if he managed to get a well on his back... which is not impossible.

I’m glad the Planetrodon are back. Wouldn’t be legendhood without them, y’know?

The fairies are fine, though it’d be cool if they had defined roles within their theme.

The nameless warrior needs a name, or at least a title. Also keep in mind that mindless conquest can be... controversial, early on. His theme I would have used a lord for, but I don’t mind you using a hero.

Powers across the board for these three share a theme. They’re primarily based on getting free acts -within- their own class. Keep in mind that your power is a great way to get stuff in other tiers. With the Fey I can see opportunities (sparking mass migrations in species, creating landmarks out in the middle of nowhere that call people to find them), but I think the others could be improved to expand further. Quossa could simply remove the Big from his and it’d be fine. Nameless is already a superior warrior among the divine just for being a Hero. I would recommend reworking/expanding Nameless’ power, and considering Quossas.

Now, the questions. I’m going to take Supernerds as “How do I restore faith when my populace is losing it?”
For Architects, Set up a few Richter 3 earthquakes, and time them to the beat of any big heresies you hear. Maybe mold stone into your own likeness.
Gardeners, create beings or plants to re-inspire the mortals. Failing that, add something nasty to the things you’ve already created that the mortals have forgotten you made.
Lords, go nuts. Get mad, demand life take the lemons back. Either bless them with something beneficial to the populace, or just get in there and smite the nonbelievers. Or bless their faithful more.
Muses can make a landmark, or inspire people to do great things in their name.
Heroes can give all their mortals tickets to the gun show, make a legendary weapon, or just kick a heretic so hard his head atomises. All are possible (and fun).
Fey can do use most of their powers to help here - transmute something impressive, create a non-combat artifact, or give their enemies a real spook.

Pantheons can split up, but this will rarely be a significant advantage. Gods can get most anywhere within the span of a turn, anyways.

Demonsul, I am... honestly not sure if you read the proof or not. If you don’t need any information gathering, please rephrase your secret proof so it still ticks the other box.
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RE: Legendhood 3 : Infinity's End
Also, i've added something to the Etiquette section since I first posted, it, that's worth pointing out:

Interact with each other! These games are much more fun if the whole group is interacting. If three people go off and make their own little islands, and don't let anyone else do things on their land, it won't be very fun for the others to play with at all.

Note that Interact and Co-operate are two very different things. You can agree to things, then backstab each other, you can outright contest each other over things, etc.
04-11-2018, 06:06 PM
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RE: Legendhood 3 : Infinity's End
Went ahead and updated based upon your feedback! Let me know if that's in line with what you were thinking.
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RE: Legendhood 3 : Infinity's End
Shoot, good to see you back, Leafsw0rd! Also, wanted to get this half out before i passed out, so this'll be finished tomorrow!

Pantheon Name or Godly Title: The Overseers

God Names: Tephron, Yulle, Vikkana

Appearance(s): Tephron is a shadowy creature, a blob of darkness with four glowing red embers for eyes. He's also massive, much larger than his sisters. When he needs them, his arms manifest as noodly appendages ending in eight fingered hands. He never speaks.

Yulle is a lazy summer day personified. She has overly long hair that goes down to her feet, which shimmers from red to orange to yellow and back again. She has three pairs of solid blue eyes, only one of which is open at one time, if that. Aside from those features, Yulle is relatively humanoid, with a slender build and dark grey skin. Yulle takes up permanent residence atop a fluffy cloud, which acts as her form of locomotion. She is usually seen dozing atop the cloud, and tends to be overly easygoing. Her cloud is normally a calm white color, though it grows darker and moves erratically as her mood deteriorates.

Vikkana is the blizzard that urges you along while out and about. In contrast to her sister, Vikkana's hair is a short shock of black, sticking out every which way like it's full of static electricity (which it most definitely is). When she's excited (which is most of the time), bursts of snow and wind appear to come from her. She doesn't appear to have any visible eyes, but seems to be able to see just fine. Vikkana has a muscular build and snow white skin tinged blue. She carries around a stick, which is used mainly to help clarify what exactly she's trying to talk about, as well as help drag Yulle's cloud around (and Yulle by extension).

Brief Description: Gods and goddesses, demons and titans, feast your eyes upon the Lords of the Sky, Those Who Rain Death (and also life), the Overseers!

To put it more coherently, the Overseers are a trio of siblings, an older brother and a pair of twins, who make the heavens their domain. Or, rather, more specifically, the Overseers hold domain over shit that falls from the sky. They specialize in having stuff, quite literally, fall into their worshipers' lives. Of course, with gravity being what it is, this isn't exactly the most consistently beneficial thing in existence, but what's life without a little tough love?

Anything even remotely 'offworld' in nature, from simple town smashing meteors to alien viruses and incomprehensible tech, originates from Big Brother Tephron. In addition, he's the one responsible for any volcanic eruptions and similar phenomena originating from the pantheon.

Of the twins, Yulle is responsible for the softer aspects of the weather. Gentle rains and calming winds are her forte. She's the oddball of the family, not specializing in any sort of damaging weather patterns. While this does mean she's a little more popular with the followers due to her lack of destructive action, she's also the least likely to take any action at all. And action is usually better than inaction, because at least you can say you tried. Yulle can't.

Vikkana is the heads to Yulle's tails. She's all about brash and audacious meteorological happenings. When it comes to Vikkana, things happen and goodness gracious will you know about it. Her actions take after Tephron's in that they're loud and (more often than not) at least a bit destructive. However, her actions take a much more mundane angle, and she makes sure the mortals know it was her acting, as opposed to her siblings who prefer not to broadcast their actions. She's kinda dumb, but who isn't? At least she tries her best!

Folded State: A cloud, light grey in coloration.

Class: Lord

Power: Reality defying weather! Rains that frenzy, snow that becomes rock, hailstorms that never seem to go away. The Overseers can create weather that defies expectation, as long as it at least superficially resembles typical precipitation. In addition, this includes extraterrestrial phenomena such as meteor storms and solar flares, for all your otherworldly needs!

Core Theme: Death from above! (also life from above, they suppose)

Proof you read things: Say, when a god creates a demigod, what sort of blessings and powers can they imbue onto them? Is it possible to give demigods an 'extension' of a pantheon's personal power or is it simpler than that?
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RE: Legendhood 3 : Infinity's End
It's good to be back, Kiven. I'm liking what I'm seeing on the overseers so far.

Protoman, it's good to see they have roles, but I didn't actually mean to change the Power. Your power seemed fine as is, and i saw, for example, creating a dungeon to draw people in as an application of the power on the Muse level. You didn't need to make it explicit, is what i'm saying.

In theory, you can give a demigod any powers. You might even be able to give them more cheaply than you could otherwise use, if you set the demigod up to be a certain level. (Whatever powers you give them will dictate this.) However, demigods are fickle things...

Still looking for a Gardener, if anyone's interested! We've got a god from every other class, now we just need some fauna and flora!
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RE: Legendhood 3 : Infinity's End
Pantheon Name or Godly Title: Mother(s)
God Names: Crona.
Appearance(s): A humanoid shaped withered tree, with a skirt of thick tangled roots and a clock of green and brown leaves. Her arms are like branches with long wooden fingers, which tend to be wrapped around a long similarly wooden staff to hold herself upright, it has small leaves growing out of it in areas. Her face is simply a dark hole in the bark, like a bird hole, and she has a crown of twigs, and a veil of dropping leaves.
Brief Description: Crona sees all of Something as her personal garden, and fully intends to see it populated with as much life as she can. Initially she loves and looks over her children, but in time, she begins to view them as capable of determining their own fate and will judge them and their actions more impartially and fairly. There are always new children to create and coddle. She respects those who care for life and create it themselves.
Folded State: A tall crooked willow tree.
Class: Gardener
Power: Live! For a brief period, a force of nature is awakened. This can range from turning a forest into treants, an ocean into raging water-beings, living hurricanes, etc. If used on something already animated or that used to be animated, it will grant them access to continuous 100% of their physical ability, whether they're normally fine, dying or dead.
Core Theme: Woods, overgrown areas, birds.
Proof you read things: So, what defines a mortal civilisation's abilities to grant acts? Like, would a race of long-living, low breeding and small-numbered but powerful race grant less acts than an incredibly populous if kinda shitty race?

“One day you wake up and realize the world can be conquered.” - Doctor Impossible
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RE: Legendhood 3 : Infinity's End
I did read the proof. I just had to Ctrl+F for five minutes to find it after reading the entire thing since it was in one of the sections not relevant to the character I wanted to play and got annoyed at you making me do that.

I also couldn't think of a question worth asking :P
04-12-2018, 08:22 AM
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RE: Legendhood 3 : Infinity's End
I'm honestly a bit surprised these old forums could still muster 6 players for a Legendhood game. Even the free steam game giveaway only lured out a bit over 10 people!
04-12-2018, 09:25 AM
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RE: Legendhood 3 : Infinity's End
Right-o! Reverted that. Was just trying to make sure I got it into a thing that could be reducible to a single bold sentence - sorry for the confusion, never played legendhood before! Shit looks super fun, though, and I'm really excited to participate.
04-12-2018, 12:33 PM
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RE: Legendhood 3 : Infinity's End
Alright alright, finished up my app!
04-13-2018, 12:12 PM
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RE: Legendhood 3 : Infinity's End
So... When does the game start?
04-13-2018, 06:03 PM
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RE: Legendhood 3 : Infinity's End
It just went up a bit ago, my dude! Let apps pour in, have patience.
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RE: Legendhood 3 : Infinity's End
The game starts... in theory, whenever I'm ready owo''. In more seriousness, probably sunday or monday this week, if there are no more takers.


Everything I see looks good. There's a surprising amount of versatility in the power, considering what could fall from a cloud, how big the cloud is... should be interesting.


The amount granted by a population is based more on the intensity of worship within that population, rather than how many of that population there are. Note that this doesn't mean getting a small priesthood of fanatics and nothing else is necessarily a good idea - they're just as likely to react badly to act-spending that doesn't directly benefit them, and they tend to cause problems for other people. Of the "stop doing that or I'll destroy you all" sort.

Sorry, Demonsul. I just wasn't sure owo'' You still need to decide on at least a title for your god, tho.

We have one of every class! If more people are interested, all classes are open!
04-14-2018, 10:59 AM
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RE: Legendhood 3 : Infinity's End
Title added!
04-14-2018, 06:26 PM
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RE: Legendhood 3 : Infinity's End
Pantheon Name or Godly Title: Caretaker, The First And The Last, Grandmother

God Names: Writhe

Appearance(s): A winged serpent with a vulture skull in place of a head. Chunks of moss, mushrooms, and other nature-y detritus cling onto her scales like makeshift robes.

Brief Description: Writhe is a mildly pleasant individual with a penchant for New Age-isms and the Witchy Aesthetic ™. Unless you are abusing animals or murdering plants to an egregious, wasteful degree, then hoo boy, she would pull no punches.

Folded State: A lowly worm. Everyone becomes food for worms eventually, even Writhe.

Class: Gardener

Power: Transformation. Writhe can transform herself – or hapless mortals – from anything from the smallest microbe to the tallest of trees. She has a fondness for “lowly” animals (i.e. vermin, weeds, et cetera) as shapes of choice.

Core Theme: Scavengers. Nature’s goths and grim reapers.

Proof you read things: Sorry, I don’t got any questions!
04-17-2018, 11:25 AM
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RE: Legendhood 3 : Infinity's End
Looks good, demonsul!

MQuinny, I forgot to mention this last time, but you’ve left the Core Theme section as it was on the form. It’s fine if Mother doesn’t have a theme, I just want to check.

Writhe seems pretty good, and you’ve acknowledged both conditions of the secret response. I think that’s good to go, there.

Architects: 1
Gardeners: 2
Muses: 1
Archons: 1
Heroes: 1
Fey: 1

I’m going to introduce and explain one more mechanic: the Mists of Chaos.

The mists of chaos is a way to make sure things don’t slow down and get too comfortable. After a couple of turns, I’ll start introducing events from a pre-determined list. These events will range from beneficial to... not so beneficial. I will roll or choose from them as I see fit, to keep the game fresh.

The mists will have some general effect, which will generally take a turn to unfold. Whatever I say on the initial turn could mean one of several things.

For example:
The mists churn and swirl, just northeast of the Zyrtex settlement... could mean one of several things. It could mean that new land is forming for the Zyrtec. Which is good. Or it could mean the land they are on is going to be consumed by the mists, which is bad. Or it could mean a titan is manifesting, which is very, VERY bad.

This game will start by Wednesday 4pm, AEST! All apps must be in by this time!
04-17-2018, 11:31 AM
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RE: Legendhood 3 : Infinity's End
(04-17-2018 11:25 AM)Leafsw0rd Wrote:  MQuinny, I forgot to mention this last time, but you’ve left the Core Theme section as it was on the form. It’s fine if Mother doesn’t have a theme, I just want to check.
*looks* I er, I don't see what you mean.

“One day you wake up and realize the world can be conquered.” - Doctor Impossible
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RE: Legendhood 3 : Infinity's End
Mists of Chaos effects examples - will be updated over the next two days.
The mists churn and swirl...
- A titan is forming! Prepare for battle!
- A new area is forming out of the mists.
- A nearby area is going to be swallowed! Oh no!
There's a rush of excitement in the populace. People seem excited about some new topic...
- A new technology has been discovered.
- A demon is forming in the populace, most likely at Terror level.
- A new habit or behaviour is forming in the populace. Can be good or bad, depending on how you look at it.
Uneasy whispers ripple through the populace. One of the children seems a bit... strange.
- A rogue Demigod is forming.
- The populace is gaining a significant new mutation, as a dominant or recessive gene.
- A demon is forming, most likely at the Nightmare level.
The ground trembles beneath the feet of the mortals. What on earth is happening...?
- A natural disaster is about to occur. This will be themed to the area (e.g. a tropical cyclone in a tropical area).
- A demon is forming, at the Ragnarok level.
- New minerals, or new land, is forming within/near that area.

EDIT: Sorry MQuinny, I made that last post in bits over the last few days. I should have checked before I posted.
04-18-2018, 05:26 PM
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RE: Legendhood 3 : Infinity's End
Applications are closed! Working on the start now!
04-21-2018, 01:50 AM
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RE: Legendhood 3 : Infinity's End (OOC)
And... the game begins! This is now an OOC chat.

Sorry for the delays, a school assignment and Tabletop drama in the real world kinda took up my writing time. Things should be resolved now, though.
04-21-2018, 09:01 AM
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RE: Legendhood 3 : Infinity's End
Oh snap! It looks like an actual thing! Neato.
04-24-2018, 10:46 AM
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RE: Legendhood 3 : Infinity's End
I think someone still needs to post. How long until the update goes without them?
04-24-2018, 10:56 AM
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RE: Legendhood 3 : Infinity's End
We've all posted. Chillax man, game's just started and it's a busy time of year.
04-24-2018, 07:51 PM
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RE: Legendhood 3 : Infinity's End
I’m going to start the first official update on Wednesday, 4:00 Sydney time.

04-26-2018, 05:16 PM
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RE: Legendhood 3 : Infinity's End
I'm not 100% sure on how the act costs work for what I am trying to do. Let me know if I did something incorrectly.
04-27-2018, 10:58 AM
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RE: Legendhood 3 : Infinity's End
I would count that as making one or two pieces of Unconventional land, depending on their size.
04-27-2018, 11:00 AM
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RE: Legendhood 3 : Infinity's End
Could you clarify why they would count as Unconventional? Would it be because they are on a Planetrodon's back?
04-27-2018, 08:27 PM
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RE: Legendhood 3 : Infinity's End
Essentially, yes.

These effectively turn Quassarogail's back into a mobile sky island, which would definitely count as unconventional land. I could argue that it being mobile should cost another act, but considering it's pinned to the god's back, with all the problems that might cause, I think one act is enough.

In fact, I'm fairly sure when I gave that option to Sculptors, I had the Planetrodon in mind from the first game.
04-28-2018, 12:41 AM
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RE: Legendhood 3 : Infinity's End
And that's me done until there are mortals, probably! The Conqueror has dispersed and will be born a mortal hero with a name and more developed purpose, once there is a mortal society to be born into. :D
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RE: Legendhood 3 : Infinity's End
(04-27-2018 08:27 PM)Leafsw0rd Wrote:  Essentially, yes.

These effectively turn Quassarogail's back into a mobile sky island, which would definitely count as unconventional land. I could argue that it being mobile should cost another act, but considering it's pinned to the god's back, with all the problems that might cause, I think one act is enough.

In fact, I'm fairly sure when I gave that option to Sculptors, I had the Planetrodon in mind from the first game.

Oh. I had something totally different in mind. The idea is that I would use my characters power to move the land instead of movement being totally free. It is basically the entire point of the movement power I chose, and that the being on a Planetrodon's back would mostly be a flavor text thing.

Although now that I think about it, it might actually be better with your interpretation, as that would let Quossarogail carry more than two landmasses at once.
05-01-2018, 04:31 PM
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RE: Legendhood 3 : Infinity's End
Just an FYI, one of the spoilers on the update post is not properly tagged.
05-02-2018, 09:50 PM
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RE: Legendhood 3 : Infinity's End
The fairies are so terrible, I love them so much.

Lemme know if my math's got any issues! I wanted to make a pretty basic species, rather than a godlike warrior race. Makes it all the better when the underdog hero wins, with nothing but their wits and a legendary set of relics crafted directly by the gods!
05-03-2018, 01:02 PM (This post was last modified: 05-03-2018 01:02 PM by Leafsw0rd.)
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RE: Legendhood 3 : Infinity's End
i love the fairies too.

A few tidying-up things:

Demonsul, Bramzter, and Supahkiven
You haven't replied within the bonus time. That's fine, but please get your responses in by 4pm Saturday.

If the conqueror is dispersed, his power might still linger around. You can use that as a basis for influencing. If you're deliberately not going to do anything, at least make a post.

You didn't specify a cost for your turn 1 expenditure. It would normally cost you two acts, and you could have done it with your Power, but I made it three, because you did not specify a cost. You still have seven acts to spend this turn, but please include all act and power costs, in bold, when you're doing things.

While I'm enjoying the fairies, you've missed a key part of the definition of gods:
(04-09-2018 02:56 PM)Leafsw0rd Wrote:  
  • Gods have no backstory of working through other universes. They come from merely the desire of Something to have something make more of it. More complicated godly concepts may have to "unfold" over the first few turns. Take a large pantheon with a complicated hierarchy-it may have to start only as a group of arguing voices at first, then evolve to have a semblance of hierarchy, and so on.
  • The only type of backstory a god can have is of a mortal or small group of mortals in the Old World. If they were a god, they wouldn’t be bound by the same rules as other gods of the Something - and would effectively be a titan. I’m willing to discuss backstories if you wish to.
Please keep this in mind going forward. You can re-write your original responses, if you want.
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RE: Legendhood 3 : Infinity's End
Alright, posted! Sorry about that. I don't want the Conqueror to completely dominate any newly emerging mortal society from the very start, so I was gonna wait until they spread out a bit before he incarnates for real.
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RE: Legendhood 3 : Infinity's End
Mkay, bit of confusion there arising from mention of Supernerd reusing a god/pantheon. Fixing that right up.

edit: Went back through about three posts and fixed 'em right up. Lemme know if that's all well n' proper!
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RE: Legendhood 3 : Infinity's End
sorry, kinda fried with school and my birthday and all that! I'll do my best to get a post up tomorrow.
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RE: Legendhood 3 : Infinity's End
Sorry everyone! It’s been a busy few days - I’m actually heading to work now when I only got rostered an hour ago. When the next turn comes up, the time to write in before to get a bonus will be by Saturday.
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RE: Legendhood 3 : Infinity's End
If the bonus cutoff time is Saturday, the next update should be just around the corner! (Honestly, the bonus cutoff time doesn't mean anything to me because I know at least one other player will just snooze through it. Maybe it it could be earned individually by each player who meets the deadline it would be more enticing...)
05-11-2018, 09:51 AM
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RE: Legendhood 3 : Infinity's End
Hey Leaf, no worries! I'm still all sorts of interested, so take your time and have a goodun c: Hope work goes excellently for you and hope things cool down!
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RE: Legendhood 3 : Infinity's End
So... Is this game still a thing?

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