In Progress Legendhood 3 : Infinity's End (IC)
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Legendhood 3 : Infinity's End (IC)
At the beginning of it all, there is the well.

It's the first thing you're aware of. A little bit of Something surrounds it - barely defined as more than a surface, and a space above it where the well isn't - but as waves lap the shore, it slowly changes, and grows. It gains texture, volume, depth... sand, or at least something like it, is forming all around.

As are all of you. You are little more than ideas - vague shapes in the pool, the faintest hint of awareness - but that awareness sucks in more, your own concept of yourself beginning to develop.

Law. Home. Joy. Stone.

The first to emerge are three stone spheres. They circle and swirl around each other, a complex, orbiting dance. Their dance is somehow comforting just to envision, an image of peace and harmony.

Swim. Shell. Symbiosis. Gravity.

The second swims through the water, gathering more definition as it grows. This is not an orb - it's fins slowly form, and much gathers on it's back, giving it a hard shell. It leaves the pool, swimming through the sky as if that was water, too... which it may yet be.

Ambition. Boldness. Insight. Gentleness.

Next, small creatures emerge from the shore. They bear striking colours, blue and green and purple and pink... they practically glow against the greyness around them they turn back to the waters, encouraging the others within to form and to emerge into the Something.

Blood. War. Fury. Weapon.

Next, a dark shadow forms in the pool. It's energies spark out and lash, as if it is made of fury itself. It might be, for that matter. An indistinct item is at the end of it's appendage, shifting from one form to another, and yet... all convey a sense of threat.

Typhoon. Blizzard. Rain. Sky.

A cloud forms, in the mists above the pool. Figures form in it - one, then two, then even three - and then they sink back into the mist. The cloud itself drips, shedding excess concepts like rain, to help define itself.

Willow. Bend. Nurture. Grow.

A tree grows, on the shore of the pool. It bends and turns, softer than it's wooden nature might imply. It's leaves dangle, swaying gently, giving the tree a serene and inviting, yet very much alive, presence.

Worm. Decay. Scavenger. Survival.

Last, so small it might be missed, a worm crawls to shore. It surveys the world around it, picking up and feeding on the discarded concepts on the shore. It is among the first, and yet, it is the last among them to form.

All of you know that you are not yet... complete. You are still half-formed, barely defined, and the world around you is perilous and dangerous. Everything seems to end at the mists around you. You need more.

Hunger. Need. Grow. Consume.

As you turn to look back, and to feed on the well's power, though... something else is forming. Something dark and mysterious, deep in the water. Something... hungry.

Danger. Darkness. Feeding. Unknown.

It grows and swells, slowly getting bigger and bigger... things begin to form. Limbs, segmented and shelled, with vicious pincers at the end. It's eyes stand out on long stalks, glaring angrily at all of you.

Pincer. Claw. Carapace. Eye.
Growing, Becoming, Hungering, Desperation, Cancer, Scorpio, Cephalon
Thorax Abdomen Decapod Watching Hunting



The beast forms rapidly, your shared awareness of it, and your shared hunger, feeding and defining it. It is hunger itself, as it turns to look at you all, seeing you all as prey.

It's pincers whip out and strike, trying to capture you, to trap you. It's stinger tail lashes, trying it's best to skewer you.

You will have to fight to survive...


The Stone Archeons - ?? Acts
The Planetrodon - ?? Acts
Grand Movers and Shakers - ?? Acts
The Conqueror - ?? Acts
The Overseers - ?? Acts
Mother - ?? Acts
Caretaker - ?? Acts

The Well A strange, lake-like area, filled with raw concepts that flow and swirl like water. The shore and sky around it are as of right now barely defined.

Turn Event:
Pōloli, the First Demon, threatens you all!
Pōloli is a massive monster in the guise of a crustacean, though it possesses dozens more legs and pincers than a normal crustacean would have. It's mouth, on the underside of it's body, is glowing bright red. It's eyes turn and twist, surveying you all only as prey.
Pōloli will attack relentlessly, and destroy anything you try to create while he's around. For your first task, you must defeat this unholy abomination!
As you're still undefined, you can access all powers at base cost. You have a vague but reasonable number of acts to spend, but really, it's teamwork that will be effective for defeating this monster.
Let the game... begin!
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RE: Legendhood 3 : Infinity's End (IC)
Quossarogail, or at least the concept of Quossarogail, moves to begin the battle! It charges towards Pōloli head on to ram it with the intention of pushing it back! To push it further away from the well and towards the mist with its might. Quossarogail already knew that not even the First Demon would fare very well if pushed beyond the mists.

For the time being, Quossarogail would stick to using his natural? ability, saving most of his strength for when the opportunity arises to deliver a decisive blow...

Quossarogail charges forwards and pushes Pōloli (2 Power)
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RE: Legendhood 3 : Infinity's End (IC)
The Archeons felt a sense of wrongness growing within one of their brothers? sisters? ...No it was not like the others, even as worrying and strange they might be. This thing ..this Pōloli as the name suddenly seared trough their consciousness, they were certain as every bit of their essence screamed that IT. DID. NOT. BELONG. HERE.

Emboldened by this sudden concept of revulsion the Trio would focus on Pōloli's mind perhaps they could trip it up as the more physical concepts would close in...

The Stone Archeons begin hovering erratically around Pōloli and projecting distracting thoughts into its mind (2 acts)
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RE: Legendhood 3 : Infinity's End (IC)
Crona puts out a wooden branch like a hand towards the demon, palm upwards and a breeze of ether rushes around her, blowing her veil of leaves around and tearing the thin and slight flickers of greenery free from her person. As they fly through the air, the veins of the leaf extend and warp, tearing free from the 2-dimensional thinness of their original shape, and the green base folds and twists into origami-like wings, and a swarm of slight green insects with razor-sharp wings head towards Pōloli.

Crona creates Lyflies, small but sharp insects that can harass their enemies by cutting into them with super sharp wings. (3 acts)

“One day you wake up and realize the world can be conquered.” - Doctor Impossible
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RE: Legendhood 3 : Infinity's End (IC)
The Cloud wobbled and throbbed like there was something inside of it that wanted to get out. For the moment, it ignored the rampaging crustacean, instead attempting to solve its own identity crisis. The Cloud changed shape a few times, and a few sparks jumped from its interior. They arced through the air, fizzling out after a second. The Cloud continued to struggle against itself, growing dark. Where it was once a fluffy white, the material making up The Cloud became grey. And then it grew darker and darker until it was a charcoal black, lit up by the occasional flash of static within it. It began to attempt to pull itself apart, like something elastic.

Then, The Cloud snapped back into a singular shape, and it lit up from inside. A bolt of lightning arced upwards, piercing the mists. And then a meteor dropped from above, zigging around one of the Archeons to ping against Pōloli's carapace. Then another fell, changing direction before it hit Quossarogail. And another, and another. Soon, a meteor shower was raining down over the area, though the meteors seemed to be... aiming for the rampaging Demon.

The Overseers summon a meteor shower to attack Pōloli. -4 Acts.
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RE: Legendhood 3 : Infinity's End (IC)
Three of the four little figures join hands and bounce about, seemingly excited by the Daemonic presence! They do a little dance, weaving in and out among each other before pointing to right behind the monster.

They point to a spot behind the monster and try to summon a small spire to catch it! -1 act! The goal is to give the big boring lookin' turtle something to pin the monster up against, to hold it in place for the oncoming meteor storm!

The pink one seems to particularly delight in the flourish. Meanwhile, the fourth figure - the purple one - seems to be taking a nap, completely undisturbed by the fight.
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RE: Legendhood 3 : Infinity's End (IC)
Caretaker Writhe was occluded and insignificant - like a spreading disease.

She wriggles a bit. Soon, maggots, no bigger than thumb, fall on Pōloli. White, fat, and disgusting, they started to squirm across the demon's carapace - leaving behind pockmarks and the occasional hole.

(-3) Demon Grubs - like ugly white sausages, if sausages have teeth.
-1 size
-1 fecundity/fertility
-1 shell-breaking teeth
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RE: Legendhood 3 : Infinity's End (IC)
Finally the Conqueror rose, tall and dangerous. A shape, eager for battle and victory. A shadow, unformed, unfocused. Nothing to restrain or contain it. It hungered for power and war.

There was an enemy.

The enemy would be conquered.

Arms winding together, becoming a single strong appendage, the shadow of the Conqueror lifted a great blade, unfocused yet deadly sharp. It charged, letting loose an eldritch scream, to strike at this demon. To cut it apart. To tear off its limbs and sate its own hunger with them. To bring it slaughter.

The Conqueror engages the Demon in battle, seeking to strike it down with deadly force, spending its power to Fight. -4 acts (invoking its Power, so only actually spending 2)
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RE: Legendhood 3 : Infinity's End (IC)
Even as it's life began, Pololi's reign of terror was cut short.

As it's claws reached out to snatch at the fledgling gods, it's vision swam. The world before it distorted, making it lose it's aim off the turtle-like god's slow arc. It was closer in it's aim to the tree, but a swarm rose around it, forcing it's hand to retreat. Even with that, they flooded over it's arms, making many of it's pincers drop to the ground.

Angrily, it swatted at the Lyflies, sending them scattering. Many were smashed to pieces, scattering over the field, and few remained after that.

It looked up as the... sky? The sky turned red, to see the meteors falling. It didn't seem to care, letting out a screech, as if to challenge them all. It began to move aside...

And then the turtle slammed into it. Pololi scrabbled for purchase as it was slammed into, knocking it back and back. A pillar rose behind it, giving the turtle something to pin the monster to.

As it scrabbled and swiped at the enemy, it heard a thousand tiny scratches. Small worms were nibbling at it's back, creating hundreds of tiny holes, tiny break points... and as the meteors landed, these broke into massive cracks, ruining the integrity of Pololi's outer shell.

What was within was not flesh, but a pulsing, iridescent mass. The last god, the shadow figure, raised it's weapon high, and plunged down, down, down into the demon. He broke through the giant crab's weak point, inflicting massive damage as he plummeted through it.

The beast... let out one final, pained roar, and collapsed. At once, it's energy began to flow outwards, invigorating you all.

Then... for the first time, the Something knew piece. All was quiet.

The small worms and bugs flitted. They had fought bravely, but many of them were depleted. If not tended to, these would become just memories.

But now that things were settled... the gods could turn their attention outwards, creating new things. Now, Something could truly begin to happen...


The Stone Archeons - 6 Acts
The Planetrodon - 6 Acts
Grand Movers and Shakers - 6 Acts
The Conqueror - 6 Acts
The Overseers - 6 Acts
Mother - 6 Acts
Caretaker - 6 Acts

The Well A strange, lake-like area, filled with raw concepts that flow and swirl like water. The shore and sky around it are as of right now barely defined. Meteors lie all around it, on the edges of the shore. There is also a stone pillar by the north side.
  • Lyflies: A small but dangerous creature. It hunts in swarms, using it's sharp wings to cut through foes. Population is currently on the verge of extinction.
  • Demon Grubs: A maggot-like creature with a sharp bite. Capable of breaking through very hard shells. Population is currently on the verge of extinction, and confined to the stone pillar.
Turn Event:
The world is your oyster!
The game has officially begun! Please get your responses in by 4pm Wednesday, AEST.
You will get a number of acts each turn for the first three turns. After that, almost all acts will be based on worship.
If everyone manages to get their responses in by 4pm Saturday, I will award everyone an additional act! I've technically done so this turn, as well. That will be a constant throughout the game - if everyone responds before Saturday, or before Wednesday if the last time was Saturday, everyone gets +1 Act.
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RE: Legendhood 3 : Infinity's End (IC)
The concept of Quossarogail shifts to its idealized form. The great turtle moves into an extremely close orbit to the well, and with its great power, Quossarogail brings forth something from nothing and places it upon its back. Quossarogail then moves forwards alongside the new land and creates a second piece of land from the nothing, moving that one onto its back as well!

Quossarogail looked upon the land on its back, and was not satisfied. He then applied his power upon the new land to grant it new meaning. The first piece of land would come to be known as the Gangacharunga Lowlands, which would be near the front of the Planetrodon's shell. The lowlands would consist of a few rollings hills and valleys, and many curious puddles of something that can best be described as a fluorescent pink slime. The slime emits a soft glow and has a consistency that is slightly thicker than water. The slime is non-magical in nature and 100% inorganic.

Quossarogail then turned its attention to the second piece of land. It too, required a form. Thus the second piece of land would come to be the Apalounori Highlands which would be located near the back of the Planetrodon's shell. The highlands contained many mountain ranges, which were quite tall yet not as tall as a mountain could be. Amidst the mountains were many extremely tall "Spikes" which were only about a kilometer in width, yet were about twice as tall as the mountains nearby. Along the sides of some of the mountains were streams of pink slime. Unfamiliar with the concept of "water", Quossarogail seems to have come up with this substance instead.

Quossarogail creates a piece of land directly adjacent to the Well (1 Act)
Quossarogail moves the land so that it is not directly adjacent to the Well (1 Power)
Quossarogail creates a second piece of land (1 Act*)
Quossarogail terraforms the first piece of land to become the Gangacharunga Lowlands (1 Act)
Quossarogail terraforms the second piece of land to become the Apalounori Highlands (2 acts)

*Willing to spend 2 acts on the second land if you didn't intend for this to work.
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RE: Legendhood 3 : Infinity's End (IC)
The wraith-form of the Conqueror continued to writhe, cast about, striking the corpse of the Demon until it dissolved away, its energies feeding outwards. As the energy seeping from the destroyed creature flowed into the ethereal god, it seemed to find little purchase, with a little flowing in but the rest sliding off the surface like oil on water, writhing up its arms and into the weapon-


The blade came loose from the Conqueror's arms, flying off in an arc. With a shriek, the god reverberated like the skin of a drum, then exploded into shadowy motes, drifting away. With no sentient mortals in the world, there would be a little time before it was seen again.

The spinning blade impacted the pillar of rock, energy still seeping into it, giving it physical form and permanence. As a fragment of the unbound Conqueror, the rage and battle-prowess were inherent in the blade itself, and would be bestowed upon any wielder. It would be a weapon of unrivalled power and bloodlust, but the fact that it came specifically from the unbound form of the Conqueror would bestow upon it a curse.

Though any who wielded it would be blessed with peerless martial prowess and the ability to forge a mighty dominion, it was a weapon of destruction, not of creation. The descendants of the wielder, as well as any empire they created or ruled, would be fated to eventually turn against themselves in endless conflict.

The Conqueror 'creates' a weapon: The Sword of War. This cursed blade has become stuck in the stone pillar in the Well. If drawn by a mortal, it will grant them invincible martial power at a terrible price. (-6 acts)
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RE: Legendhood 3 : Infinity's End (IC)
Three of the four little imp-creatures do a happy little jig before all four explode into their true forms! Four bright-haired humanoids in fairly elaborate (and often somewhat garish) outfits hover over the void, seemingly stuck in a ridiculously elaborate group pose, one which seems to've been built around the expectation of their sleepy fourth's indolence.

"Aaand Foka! We are--"
In unison: "The Fantastical Freewheeling Fairies Four!"

They hold their pose for a moment before dropping it and glancing at their surroundings. Foka is the first to speak up, balling their fists up and placing them on their hips. "Is this REALLY the universe we ended up in? Jeeze, it's so... dull! Nothing to do, nothing to see, and no one to talk to, except some big dumb turtle and some big dumb war god..."

"Doesn't even look all that scary. No big sword, no beard, nothin'. What do you wanna bet I can take him?" Evdoka chimes in.

Foka groans in exasperation before cupping their hands 'round their mouth and shouting into the void. "HELLO? ANYONE HOME?"
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RE: Legendhood 3 : Infinity's End (IC)
With the lightning from earlier dispensed, The Cloud returned to a more neutral gray, instead of a harsh tar black. Still, it started moving again, like something was trying to get out. This time, however, one portion of the cloud seemed stronger than the other, and it stretched the cloud into a thin line. And then, with an audible thunderclap, The Cloud split into two pieces and detonated, throwing water vapor everywhere and revealing two figures.

The first had her chest puffed out and her hands on her hips, a huge smile painting her face. She had on a cloak and a pair of pants, though her feet were bare, and she held a long object that seemed to be made out of electricity. Her eyes flicked excitedly around the area.

The second figure was slouched, rubbing at her eyes with the heels of her hands. She wore a flowy dress of orange and purple, blending together like a sunset. Her eyes were bleary when she moved her hands, and her hair was puffy and frizzy. She yawned and grabbed a tuft of water vapor that had come from the cloud she and the other figure had originated from.

"Alright alright alRIGHT!" The first figure yelled. "Man, I feel... corporeal! This is great! Oh man, I'm so excited!" She squealed happily, balling her hands into fists and rising into the air in excitement. "Ooooooooh! Oooooooh! Gosh, this is so coooooool! Aaaaaah! Aaaaah!" She clenched her eyes shut and shook her head rapidly, laughing all the while. "Oh, Yulle, what should we do first?!"

"Take a nap..." The second figure, Yulle, said quietly, grabbing another cloud puff from the air. She stuck it to the first.

"You're no fun!" The first figure said, floating upside down next to Yulle. "There's... uh, well..." She looked around. "Okay, well, it doesn't actually look like there's much to do here, but we can fix that. Like um... oh, look! Company!" The figure stuck out her legs and grabbed one of Yulle's wrists. Yulle gave her a half lidded stare before getting pulled away.

"Hello!" The figure said, approaching the Fairies with a grin. She was still upside down. "Um, I noticed that you guys are here in this place, and... so are we! So I figured... we could be friends! How cool would that be, right?!" She grinned and stuck out her free hand. "My name's Vikkana, and this is my sister, Yulle!" Yulle glanced over at the Fairies before shrugging and grabbing another piece of cloud from the air.
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RE: Legendhood 3 : Infinity's End (IC)
"Oh great, NOW they decide to materialize," groans Evdoka.
Ermolai responds, their voice quiet: "Perhaps we were rather premature with our entrance..."

Foka ignores their relatives' prattling and instead approaches this interesting figure, a grin spreading across their face. Their mood seems to have improved immediately as they shove a hand out to this stranger for a shake. "Hey there, Cloudkid! Welcome to the universe!! I'm Foka, and these are my siblings! We are--- Oh! Wait, you missed our introduction!" Ermolai's words clearly hadn't penetrated Foka's singular focus. "Wait one second!"

Foka goes back to regroup with their partners. They seem to be arguing amongst each other.

"No way! It'd be super embarassing if we just did it again!"
"Oh, come on! Like the turtle and Swordy McBeardless are gonna care!"
"I have to agree, we would look rather foolish..."
"To those two, but who cares?! These guys seem cool!! And we can always just do a different entrance pose if we gotta - how about number 62 this time?"
"Fine, fine - just don't blame me when we become the laughingstock of this whole place."
"THANK you! I promise, it'll work out great!"

They repeat the whole elaborate entrance, announcing their names (or snoring, in the purple one's case) before doing another super cool (super lame) pose.

Foka grins a big, sincere grin at the two sisters, very obviously desperate to impress.
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RE: Legendhood 3 : Infinity's End (IC)
Vikkana grinned excitedly as she was greeted, happily shaking Foka's hand. She was still upside down. "Oh, it's not 'Cloudkid', it's Vikkana." She said, seemingly unaware of the fact that she had literally just introduced herself. Yulle seemed more attentive, and stopped picking cloud bits out of the air to stare at her twin sister in bewilderment. Vikkana turned to Yulle, her smile ear to ear. "We're gonna make some friends!"

"...yay." Yulle replied, sticking all of the gathered cloud pieces together.

The two sisters turned to watch as the Fairies reenacted their little introduction sequence. Upon the completion of it, Vikkana cheered and clapped in genuine joy while Yulle blinked a couple times.

"Yay!!! That was so cool!" Vikkana squealed, pulling her arms to her chest and kicking her feet. "Right, Yulle?"

"Dunno." Yulle plucked a piece of cloud from the air and stuck it onto the amalgam of cloud she had gathered. It was roughly the same size as her, and Yulle nodded in satisfaction before, somehow, climbing onto it. Vikkana stared at her sister for a second before turning back to the Fairies.

"Don't mind her, that means she liked it!" Vikkana's eyes sparkled. "Your name was Foko, right? Or uh... Foka. Foka! Sorry, sorry!" She laughed. "I liked that, ooh it was so fun! Oh, but um," Vikkana put a finger to her chin, slowly rotating back to a normal orientation. "You said this was the 'universe'. But uh... is there anything here?" She put her hand over her eyes and looked around. "Um... there's some water... and a big turtle... and..." Vikkana continued to scan the area, trailing off.
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RE: Legendhood 3 : Infinity's End (IC)
Foka nods vigorously! "Right!! Sorry!!! Vikkana, then!!!! As for this place: Right?! It's empty as heck. No good or evil, nothing at all! Just a couple rocks. We're just waiting for something to show up so we can start spicing it up!!"

"That sword does look like it's in the process of becoming something awfully evil, though..." Ermolai says, tapping a finger to their chin. "Perhaps we should make use of our energies in working against that..."

Foka snaps their fingers. "Right!! Perfect!!! Amazing!!!! Let's do it, then!"

The fae form up in a floating circle, even the dozing one. They begin spinning around one another rapidly. Evdoka tosses a bright green ball of thread into the mix, and soon enough they've formed a spinning wheel. After a solid minute of this odd display, the pink-haired sprite holds aloft what appears to be a rather odd green cap. Foka sings a jaunty four-note tune to accentuate the occasion.

They have spun up the HERO'S HAT. Whoever wears this will be blessed with abnormal amounts of agility and magical ability, on one condition: They must display adequate courage and remain firmly on the GOOD end of the good-evil alignment dichotomy!! That means self-sacrificing, working towards the greater good, and generally opposing tyranny and slavery. The moment they give in to their fear or the inclination towards EVIL, they will find the hat has disappeared back into the hands of the fay! (-6 acts!)

"There! Now that crabapple won't be able to go unopposed!" Foka fistpumps.

"Though perhaps we should have agreed on a more fashionable hat design beforehand..." Ermolai tilts their head and holds their chin.
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RE: Legendhood 3 : Infinity's End (IC)
"Ooh!" Vikkana clapped upon the creation of the hat, nodding in appreciation. Yulle actually clapped as well. Afterwards, she returned to laying on her front on the cloud, arms folded with her head resting on them. Vikka turned to her sister, eyes sparkling. "Okay, Yulle, now it's our turn to make this place cool, okay?!"

"You first." Yulle murmured, burying her head in her arms.

"Okay! Let's see what happens when I do... this!" Vikkana clapped, the lightning rod she was holding caught between her hands. Suddenly, an area near the Well (and in the opposite direction from where Vikkana was looking) rumbled. She cocked her head and turned towards it, and Yulle lifted her head to inspect the area as well. The ground shuddered and jutted, suddenly lifting towards the heavens. The two sisters stared in silence as the ground formed into a trio of mountains. Water burst from the rock and began pouring down the mountain slopes. Vikkana blinked. "Um... oops?"

Vikkana creates a new piece of land adjacent to the Well: Heaven's Arms! It consists of a trio of mountains arranged in a triangular shape, with valleys in between them and rivers running down their slopes. -1 Act.

"..." Yulle stared at the three mountains for a few seconds before sighing. She glanced at her sister, who looked... disappointed in herself. Yulle grumbled, which got Vikkana's attention. "...they're uh... cool." At the compliment, Vikkana's eyes lit up, and she squealed happily. Vikkana bounced over to her sister and jumped onto the cloud with her, causing it to sink lower.

"Thank you thank you thank you!" Vikkana cried, hugging Yulle. "Okay, now your turn!"

"...mmph. Fine." Yulle sighed again, reaching down and grabbing a fistful of her cloud. She shrugged and tossed it towards the mountains before rolling over. The cloud settled over Heaven's Arms and began raining. But this was no normal rain, no, this was strange! The heavens opened up and suddenly... seeds. Seeds began raining from the cloud, dropping from the sky and landing on the mountain sides. Many of the seeds remained on dry rock, but some landed on the many riverbanks that covered the mountains' surfaces. Soon, they began to take root, and vines spread over the river banks. "There." Yulle muttered.

Yulle uses the Overseers' POWER!!! to create Earthen Fingers! Earthen Fingers are a simple plant that grows on the riverbanks of the mountains of Heaven's Arms. They're vine plants that grow flush to the ground, and have no special features. -1 Power Act.

"Yay! Good!" Vikkana cheered, once again wrapping her arms around her sister in congratulations. "You did it!"
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RE: Legendhood 3 : Infinity's End (IC)
The stone orbs after having observed the creatures erasure hovered around the early attempts of creation and awakening. intrigued they began to hover closer and closer to each other while surveying the various 'things' that came into shape.. that was.. until they all accidentally crashed into each-other and the orbs exploded outward releasing three humanoid figures clad entirely in robes, They had no identifying characteristic and seemed to still be made out of translucent smoke. Then the shards of the stone orbs formed into three items, a mask etched into a stern face, a mug overflowing with a strange and pungent liquid and a small necklace stylized to look like a flame, they floated toward each of the three newcomers which donned a piece and the person in the middle spoke up.

"Ah.. We were wondering how to achieve that... Greetings fellow brethren and sisters, I am Nirjia. Archeon of Hearth and these are my siblings, Skorgrim. Archeon of Law and Artimenner. Archeon of Joy." Her voice is a mixture between kindly grandmother and burning embers in response the figure with the mask nods stiffly while the figure with the mug toasts heartily..

There is momentarily glance between Nirjia and Skorgrim and she sighs while turning to the fairies. "Erm.. Please don't bother doing the introduction dance again.. we witnessed it both times and Skorgrim is a bit of a humorless one." She glances back to Artimenner. who seems to be doing a soundless clap. "My other companion is however very enthusiastic about the whole thing and wants me relay his applause and good wishes to you." Nirjia then goes back to surveying the creations of various other gods.

"Let us get to work" And without another word they seem to fly off to the Earthren fingers and find good spot high enough in the valley to be secure from wandering predators but close enough to the valley wilderness to make use of its amenities, They begin to shape and craft tearing out holes within the mountain and connecting those, shaping some primitive architecture within the rock and lavish it with engravings that look like cave paintings. They then hover before it and cast something upon it, the air shimmers for the tiniest of seconds and then disappears. "It is done, The cradle is ready, With some work it would make a good home for many mortals..we wonder what name the inhabitants would give it.. Provided they make the the journey."

The Archeons create a landmark, 'The Cradle'. Its a place that exudes a feeling of safety and respite within all who dwell there. It feels like... home, There are some engravings of primitive technology in it for one who can decipher it. The building style is comparable to Petra and its various buildings. (- 2 acts)

Nirjia looks over to the insects that inhabit this world "They have fought well and bravely even if it is too late or impossible to have them live on. They should be rewarded for their help no?."
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RE: Legendhood 3 : Infinity's End (IC)
The tree began to make snapping and cracking noises, as branches began to wrap and merge together on the upper body into two upper limbs. The lower half has roots erupt out of it over and over until a petticoat of itself had formed. The foliage of the tree then began to consolidate around the back, some moving down slightly to what was becoming the neck area to form a thin green leafy cloak, while the remainder shrunk and retracted into the tree until a small ring of twigs adorned the head with some thin willow leaves dropping around it's face as a veil. Finally, the head area began to split open until a dark hole had opened up, an oval blackness. It reached into it's own empty face and began to withdraw a long twisted and scratched staff, which it used to hack and stab at the ground around it's petticoat roots, and then pulled itself free from the something, using it's staff to lean on.

"There we gooo..." Crona whispered, her voice thin and breathy, twirling about slowly to inspect herself and movement capabilities. She looked up to the death point of Pololi, then at the other godlings, then back. "Come back my loveliieesss..." She said, reaching out to the lyflies. They had indeed fought well for her and still deserved protection from her. They were summoned back to her hands and flocked around her and in her as she coo'ed lovingly at them. The moment was slightly ruined by a beak suddenly stabbing out of her dark face and picking one of the lyflies away into the inner shadows.

Still ignoring the other godlings, she wanders and inspects the available hexes, looking over the Planetrodon quizzically before focusing on the land upon it. Crona tutted fretfully, it'd have to do though. She let them go, brushing them off her onto the Gangacharunga Lowlands. As she brushed them off, some twigs and bark flakes also fell off and where they fell trees began to form in number. There were only around a dozen feet tall but their branches drooped out and down to the ground too, like her own veil around her head, the older ones would reach directly to the ground in age whilst the younger ones would reach down to about 4 or 5 feet above ground. They formed most numerously around the puddles of pink slime and from inbetween the leaves, pink berries grew also, and the veins of the trees would glow slightly in the night like the pink slime did. The leaves looked similar to the Lyflies so that the swarms would be able to hide amongst the leaves of these forests and the berries would be nutritious to them. "Grow my babiesss, and sspread with my blessssingss." She said fondly. She then waved a hand and breathed out, her veil rustling again to set things in motion in the land.

Crona moves the lyflies to the Gangacharunga Lowlands. - 1 act.
Crona creates Drooping Daylas, plants that grow berries depending on the surrounding liquids available, and collect the moisture and nutrients and such of the land around them. - 3 acts
Crona blesses the Lyflies to grant their population a boom. - 1 act.
Crone creates a seasonal cycle, a time of heat, a time of rain and then a time of great winds that would overlap with each other. - 1 act

With her work done, she hobbles/drags herself over to the other gods, seemingly by Heaven's Arms, and leers at them suspiciously. "Quites a lotss of you...Good jobss with the Demon." She said, her whispery voice saying the final word flatly without any of the style or tone of her normal words.

“One day you wake up and realize the world can be conquered.” - Doctor Impossible
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RE: Legendhood 3 : Infinity's End (IC)
The fairies stare at Crona for a moment before Foka nods. "...Yeah, okay, you're probably evil. But at least you talk and do villainous monologues and stuff! Cool!!"
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RE: Legendhood 3 : Infinity's End (IC)
"Whatssss Monologueessss?" She answered, eventually finishing the question. "Ii waasssss taalkiing too maay chiiiildrrreeen." She cocked her head, the empty hole for a face staring at the fairies. "Yoouu aaree sweeeet liitllee thhiiingsss."

“One day you wake up and realize the world can be conquered.” - Doctor Impossible
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RE: Legendhood 3 : Infinity's End (IC)
Writhe casts off her skin, leaving behind her folded state like a discarded chrysalis.

She spreads her wings and takes to the skies, scattering moss and beetle husks in her wake. She perches at the edge of the Well - silently admiring the life that had sprouted around this divine body of water - before taking to her task at hand.

She had brought her children - Demon Grubs - to a life of existence and potential suffering. It is too much - too cruel - to take that life away. It was her responsibility to at least ease their suffering. She nutures them, feeds them, and change them for the better. One more chance at life before death could catch them.

(-1) Demon Grub population boom
(-1) Demon Grubs are omnivorous
(-1) Demon Grubs have a life cycle where they metamorphize to have wings.
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RE: Legendhood 3 : Infinity's End (IC)
Things start out quiet.

Both the Conqueror and the Movers and Shakers create artifacts with their power, though the former is less a creation... and more a fragmentation. The dark sword shudders and squirms within the stone spire, seething evil, while the hat remains in the possession of the Fey.

The massive turtle immediately begins his work, creating swaths of land and placing them on his back. In the process, he leaves the ground where he worked torn and broken, merely a remnant... but a firmament that any god could probably terraform.
Some last fragment of Pololi's shattered being reaches to the east...
On his back, he forms a new landscape, and with it, a pink, glowing substance. Soon, Crona takes her children to the (sky-flying) lowlands,

Meanwhile, three new mountains form in the north - the Heaven's Arms. Atop one of them, the Cradle forms, the birthplace of a civilisation yet unborn. New life has been created there as well - the Earthen Fingers.

Writhe takes her children, the demon grubs, and blesses them with wings. No longer confined to the ground, they take off, mostly heading higher, to the Gancharuga Lowlands. There, they begin to compete with the Lyflies, vying for the fruits of the drooping Daylas.

The world has grown significantly, yet it is still empty, nearly bare of life. There is still no mortals in this world... is that about to change?


The Stone Archeons - 7 Acts
The Planetrodon - 5 Acts
Grand Movers and Shakers - 4 Acts
The Conqueror - 4 Acts
The Overseers - 9 Acts
Mother - 4 Acts
Caretaker - 7 Acts

The Well: A strange, lake-like area, filled with raw concepts that flow and swirl like water. The shore and sky around it are as of right now barely defined. Meteors lie all around it, on the edges of the shore. There is also a stone pillar by the north side.

Heaven's Arms: Created by the Overseers, this is a trio of three mountains, with a small valley between them. Contains the Cradle, a place designed to nurture a civilisation, in the southernmost of the three mountains.
  • Earthen Fingers: A simple vine that grows along the ground in the valleys. Could become a major trip hazard if there was anyone to trip on them.

Gangacharunga Lowlands: A land of rolling hills and valleys, with a special substance substituting water within them. Note: Until Supernerd gives me an official name, this substance will be referred to as Rosea.
  • Lyflies: A small but dangerous creature. It hunts in swarms, using it's sharp wings to cut through foes. Population is recovering, but it and the Demon Grubs compete regularly for food.
  • Winged Demon Grubs: A maggot-like creature with a sharp bite. Transforms into a winged form later in life. Capable of breaking through very hard shells.
  • "Rosy" Drooping Daylas The only true producer of food in the Lowlands, these plants have taken on the properties of Rosea, due to that liquid being the only one available.

Apalounori Highlands: A mountainous area resting further back on the Planetrodon's back. As yet uninhabited by life.

Gangacharunga Wastes: The torn earth from which the Gancharuga lowlands were taken. It still exists as a place, but there is little there. West of the Well.

Apalounori Pit: Same as above, it's the wasteland which remains of the land taken to the sky. East of the Well.

Artifacts and Other Important Creations
  • The Dark Sword: A fragment of The Conqueror itself. Any mortal that draws the sword will gain near-invincible martial power, at the cost of they and their civilisation turning to infinite strife.
  • The Hero's Hat: Created as a counterbalance to the Dark Sword, this grants agility and magic to those who are truly righteous and just.
  • The Cradle: A pre-fab civilisation, ready to nurture a new race of mortals. It will make them feel safe, and inspire basic technology. It just needs some mortals to nurture. Located in Heaven's Arms.

Turn Event:
Something stirs in the Ganchuruga Wastes. Something is burbling, deep within the torn cracks of the earth...
Please get your responses in by 4pm Saturday, AEST.
You will get a number of acts each turn for this turn and the next. After that, almost all acts will be based on worship. This means you have two turns to establish your followers before your acts dry up. Be ready.
If everyone manages to get their responses in by 4pm Wednesday, I will award everyone an additional act!
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RE: Legendhood 3 : Infinity's End (IC)
The Planetrodon, Quossarogail, considers the situation. It knew that mortals would need to be brought into existence sooner rather than later, and it knew that the other gods knew this as well.

Quossarogail speaks, in an extremely loud yet consistent voice. "I would propose... That we should collaborate on the creation of the first mortal species of the world. Already I can tell that the expertise of a single pantheon is less than perfect, and I am clearly no exception. I fear that a poorly designed mortal colony would see us as being poor designers as a result. What do you say to this?"

Quossarogail proposes that several gods collaborate on the creation of a mortal species
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RE: Legendhood 3 : Infinity's End (IC)
Evdoka blows a big ol' raspberry. "Collaborating with a big bore like you? As if!"
"No offense," continues Foka, rather offensively, "but we'd rather have a species that ISN'T bland as a packet of crackers."
"Indeed. If anything interesting is going to happen in this universe, it seems prescient that each pantheon make use of their individual talents to create a number of races, rather than trying to force a single one out of collaboration."
"He's PROBABLY new to this. I mean, technically we all are? But like... new to this AND super uncreative."
"Honestly, if you're so worried about being a poor designer, just don't be one!" Foka's tone is light and jovial as they toss a pebble between their hands. "Creativity isn't hard to balance with functionality! Give 'em a couple eyes, some hands and feet, a mouth, and organs, and boom! You got life!"
Ermolai adjusts their hair. "Of course, leaving them with just that would be rather milquetoast..."
"Which is why you give 'em SPIRIT too! A drive, hopes and dreams, goals! Alla that stuff!"
"Liiiike this!"

The three fairies (plus their sleeping companion, drifting along in tow) drift to a valley in Heaven's Arms and point down next to a river. "Zzzzzap!!!!!!"

They summon into existence the Ral, a species of mid-size humanoids with dark brown skin. They possess all the normal functions of a human being, but are also plagued with the deep and abiding drive to tell STORIES, especially about HEROES. They do not lose their memory as they age, and in addition, possess enhanced dexterity and reaction time. (-4 Acts. -2 for human sized, -1 for memories, -1 for dexterity and wits!)

"See? No problem at all!" Foka chirps, grinning up at the turtle before quickly losing interest and fluttering after the storm twins. "Hey!! We sort of created life in your mountains. I hope that's okay? Probably should have asked first, but we were stricken with a fey mood!"
Ermolai sighs at the pun.
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RE: Legendhood 3 : Infinity's End (IC)
Crona raises a finger slowly. Too slowly! Stuff happens in that time, such as the sudden creation of the Ral. She looks at them, then at the mountains. "Tsssk, tsssk, tsssk." She murmured. "Naauught too eeaat. Toooo eeaarrlyy." She shook her head again, leaves fluttering off slowly, then she moved her hands up her arms, one at a time, swapping over her staff as she did so. She looked like she was rolling up her sleeves.

"Fiirrstlyy." She reached down and touched one of the Earthen Fingers, and from that point small light red blossoms appear, they rapidly bloom until the leaves fall away to leave a darker cherry-like fruit behind, which slowly withers and then drops off the vine. The process of these fruit's lives having finished it's first cycle, continues at a more reasonable pace now. "Soommethiing too staart wiith, fuulllll oof aantiiooxiidaantss." She seemed to have trouble with that last word.

She drummed her fingers around her staff, seemingly torn between what to do next. Crona glanced down at the humans. So different to what she preferred to work with. These mortals already seemed like they'd make things messy, but they'd probably be important too. She decided she'd do something else about that later.

For now, she reached into the dark chasm that was her face, and after some rooting about and struggling, began to pull out a fistful of vegetation and roots from the hole, that seemed to flail and move with it's own agency. With several horrible snapping noises, the roots snapped away and receded into her face, and the mass of life in her hand twitched limply. She inspected it, then touched it with her staff, where a surge of green rushed up from the bottom of it, to the tip, and then to the clump of roots. Immediately, it began moving violently again, the roots split into fibre-thing threads and rewove themselves, hair began growing which changed into feathers, two little brown bird's feet popped out, the fibres took the form of a bird-ish silhouette. It swept through the colours before ending on Hunter's Green shade, it seemed to have two slightly overlapping sets of wings and four eyes which looked about feverishly. Crona turned it over, checking it out, inspecting each of it's wings and limbs, holding a finger in front of it's eyes to see if it followed. It would do. She released it into the air above the Heaven's Arms and it flew furiously away from her, feathers falling off it and turning into other copies of it.

Crona has modified Earthen Fingers to bloom seasonally with fruit. When fresh this fruit is sweet and full of healthiness, but in time sours to a smaller wizened form that keeps longer and provides a bang of energy when consumed. - 2 acts
Crona has created Planows, wander-driven birds that possess the ability to fly between Areas of land.- 2 acts

"Proobleem reessoolvveed. Leet liiffee blloooom aand sprreeaad wiildlly."

“One day you wake up and realize the world can be conquered.” - Doctor Impossible
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RE: Legendhood 3 : Infinity's End (IC)
Writhe looks vaguely at the distance - there seems to be mortals. That seems good enough for the world.

She flits back to the Lowlands. It seems to be doing well, but not well enough. She shifts her wings. Bits of pollen settle into the water, then swirl into circular leaves. From the center, a flower-like succulent appears, shining enticingly in glowing pink. They will be food for consumption - whether for the eyes or for the stomach.

(-1) Rosea Lily Pads. Aquatic succulents.
(-1) Rosea Lily Pads population boom.

She flies more-inland, to her demon-grub children. How small, vulnerable. She takes some decaying leaves, clothes and feeds them. Their forms become warped, an intelligence shines in their eyes.

(-1) Bequeath a mote of intelligence to the Demon Grubs.
(-1) Demon Grubs can metamorphize to Demon Wyrms, a small grub-lizard.
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RE: Legendhood 3 : Infinity's End (IC)
Quossarogail considers the actions of the gods. Having not yet heard from all of them, the Planetrodon decides to conserve most of its strength and observe what the others decide to do. Instead of working on the creation of life, its attention turns towards the places known as the Gangacharunga Wastes and the Apalounori Pit. There wasn't supposed to be any leftovers. Could this be vandalism caused by a demon? With a demon as powerful and bold as Pōloli around, it would be trivially easy for a second much smaller demon to hide near the well. The... 'burbling' at the Gangacharunga Wastes supported this theory.

However, it wasn't the only possibility. In the meantime, Quossarogail decided to fix up the mess that it was responsible for. The Planetrodon uses its immense power to move the Gangacharunga Wastes around to the other side of the well to be just above the Apalounori Pit, and then moved them into eachother to create a single landmass. The place would henceforth be known as Loukapinogu. Its exact title would be decided after its shape became apparent. Quossarogail contemplates putting it with the rest of the land that it made, but decides against it due to the complications that would arise due to the new life that was seeded there already.

Quossarogail moves the Gangacharunga Wastes next to the Apalounori Pit: 1 Power
Quossarogail compresses the Gangacharunga Wastes and Apalounori Pit to create Loukapinogu: 1 Power
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RE: Legendhood 3 : Infinity's End (IC)
"Hmm, wouldn't it be beter if we finished the places we have before creati-.. ah nevermind." Nirjia stammers out at the rapid creations the other god's made. "At-least they won't starve then." she finishes in a huff... and then suddenly swaps places with one of her companions.

Come on, Nirjia! This is hilarious.. just look at their little faces! They'l do fine once they get to Cradle.. but just having them journey there without anything happening is rather dull don't you think? Artimenner said jovially while the strange figure inspected the strange humanoids milling about and quickly tapped their heads.

Artimenner creates the VALLEY OF TRIALS in the minds of the few Ral that are there., a illusionary forest within the mountain range full of (not so) dangerous creatures with a clear path toward the Cradle. (-2 acts)

Skorgrim only rolls its eyes as Artimenner claps its hands in anticipation "That'll make for some grand tales!"
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RE: Legendhood 3 : Infinity's End (IC)
A dark shadow hung at the edge of the material, waiting. As mortals formed, it began to slowly coalesce, drawn towards the mundane intelligences forming on the landmasses of the world. But with only a rudimentary guiding intelligence of its own, the Conqueror would wait until it could be born again into a truly developing world.

The Conqueror rests, waiting in the depths beyond the created world, drawing itself back together.
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RE: Legendhood 3 : Infinity's End (IC)
"Aww, don't worry about it!" Vikkana says, snapping out of her daze. "Sorry, sorry, I just kind of... clocked out for a second! Hey, Yulle, were you-"

"Zzz..." Yulle snored.

"Oh." Vikkana scratched the back of her head. "Well um... okay." She takes a moment to look over what the Fairies had created, rubbing slowly at her chin. "They're cute... Ah!" Vikkana snapped.

Over Heaven's Arms, a small cloud forms. It grows a little larger with each passing second. As opposed to their earlier cloud however, this one grows paler. It starts as a dark gray, but slowly becomes fluffier and lighter before becoming a pure white. It became to distinguish any details, the color was so uniform. And then the white began to drain, falling from the cloud in pure white droplets. The droplets rained down onto the Ral, filling them with... something good.

Vikkana blesses the Ral with prosperity, ensuring that they will grow well and survive their early years. -3 Acts.

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