Signups Godhood S2: OOC thread. Not to be confused with Godhood Stew.
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Godhood S2: OOC thread. Not to be confused with Godhood Stew.
Welcome to the world of Godhood S2! Godhood is a heavy role-playing game where players create characters who help to shape a fledgling universe. They act as Gods over the planets and beings, and shape the Universe to their whims. For the most part the game is just a big sandbox, you can do pretty much anything provided you have the acts for it. There have been at least 13 different godhood games on the mspa forums back when they had a functional forum games section. All Godhood games tend to have some differences, so make sure you look over the rules listed below.

Acts, Spheres and why they matter.
Each turn the gods (thats you) will gain a certain amount of acts. Acts are used for pretty much everything, you can use them to make planets, life, magical artifacts etc.

Each god has two aspects, I'll refer to them as the "Input Aspect" and the "Output Aspect". The Input Aspect will allow you to gain extra acts each turn depending on the condition of the universe and the Output Act will give you a discount when you create something composed of your aspect. You'll define what your aspects are in the character creation sheet. The Input Aspect has to be some kind of mortal behavior such as Generosity, War, Dancing etc. When enough mortals behave themselves as you wish that means more acts for you. The Output Sphere would be some kind of physical material or thing such as Fire, Rock, Plants, Helium etc. You'll get a 50% discount when creating things primarily composed of your Output Sphere (Act costs will always round up). Your Output Sphere will not provide a discount when you want to make magical things like artifacts and demigods.

What you can do with Acts and how much it costs.
This is a big section, so I put it in a spoiler. You don't need to memorize all of this right away.
Movement of objects through space:
Movement of anything large enough to go through an atmosphere requires at least one Act. Things that would easily burn up in an atmosphere typically would be movable without any act cost, although there are exceptions. If you want to move a planet or a different Celestial Object, you'll need to use an amount of acts equal to the objects size. Moving demigods that are loyal to you is a free action.

Creation of Planets and other Celestial Objects:
You can create a large ball of rock floating in space with only a single act. More acts will allow for a bigger planet. If you want something like an atmosphere or a molten core then that'll cost you at least 1 more act each. Moons are treated the same as planets when it comes to creation costs, they are basically the same thing as far as the universe is concerned.

It would also be possible to create a star for just one act, but take note that in order for a Celestial Object to orbit another Celestial Object, the object that is being orbited would need to be at least twice as large as the object that is orbiting it. Life would typically need some kind of energy source to survive.

The general rule of thumb is that an objects size will not be more than the amount of acts spent on it, although depending on its properties it could be smaller.

When you create an object from scratch, setting it into orbit around a suitable pre-existing object would be a free action.

Creation of Life
Creating simple life forms would only cost one act, which can permit you to create some typical animals, plants etc. Spending more acts will typically make your organisms "better". There is no upper limit to how many acts you can spend on a creation. If you want to make your creations extra hardy, poisonous, explosive or whatever then that is the kind of thing you might want to put extra acts into. You'll need to use at least three acts if you want to have intelligent life.

You can also create a subspecies of an existing creature by spending an amount of acts equal to half its "value" plus at least one act to cover the changes you want to make. Might be more efficient than making it from scratch.

Make sure that the ecosystem can support your creation before you make it, otherwise you'll just waste acts!

Creation of Artifacts
Sometimes you won't want things to obey the pesky laws of physics. Thats where Artifacts come in! Artifacts are typically small objects with extraordinary traits. You can make Artifacts do a wide variety of things from shooting fireballs, revealing mortals innermost fears, or just about anything else really. Artifacts will cost however much you decide to spend on them, and their power will scale accordingly.

Creation of Demigods
A demigod is a sterile living entity that is much more powerful than any mortal. Demigods can be used for things such as planetary maintenance, slaying dragons, spreading religions etc. If you want to create a demigod then you'll need to pay at least 5 acts. Demigods tend to have a will of their own and may not always act the way you want them to, but as a general rule they will follow their creaters will as it was when the demigod was created. Demigods can also be reasoned with, and directly controlled if they like you enough.

Destroying Things
As a general rule, if you want to destroy something directly you will need to spend an amount of acts that is greater than the cost of the item you wish to destroy. Destroying things like planets with life is generally frowned upon.

You can't directly destroy a species that already exists, although you can kill off a few individual mortals for one act. If you want to do something about a whole species then you'll need to indirectly destroy it. Try doing things like changing the planets temperature, chucking meteors or whatever else you can think of.

Demigods can only be killed by other demigods, or an amount of acts equal to twice the demigods cost.

Creating things that don't fall under any of these categories?
Ask about it in the OOC thread.

Post Etiquette
When you want to make an action that will have an effect on the universe, summarize your action in bold text, including how many acts you intend to use. I will not take posts with no bolded text into account when I perform updates. Edit wars will not be tolerated, once you take an action you should not make any drastic changes to your post so think carefully before you act. Questions should be posted in the OOC thread.

The Pantheon
Godhood games tend to have some quirks that set them apart from eachother. Godhood S2 features the Pantheon. Each turn all Gods who are considered to be a member of the Pantheon will gain 2 acts in addition to whatever other acts they would be earning, however when you are a member of the Pantheon you must obey the Pantheon rules. Any Pantheon member may propose the creation of a new law or removal of an old one and gods will be able to vote for or against them. You can leave the Pantheon at any time and its laws won't apply to you while you are a non-member; however you will not be able to rejoin until the next turn and by then you will have missed out on 2 acts.

Signup Sheet
Fill out the sheet in the spoiler to apply to join the game. It is not first come first serve, but if you post early you will have an advantage because it implies you are often online. Please do not apply to play this game if you are not able and willing to continue playing it for a long period of time.
God name:
Input Sphere: (mortal behavior that grants you acts)
Output Sphere: (thing you are good at creating)
Infomation: (your gods appearance and story. Bonus points for detail and quality)
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RE: Godhood S2: OOC thread
God name: Azhaluq
Input Sphere: Social Equality
Output Sphere: Knowledge
Information: A mass of shifting scales, wrapped infinitely over and through itself. On either head, a serpentine head leads the mass to writhe over itself. With eyes that glow with colourless light, Azhaluq's eyes cause insanity when looked directly into by mortals, the brilliance more than they could handle.

In many realities, mortals are made as tools for their creators, to further fuel their need for creation. Azhaluq makes a game of removing this power. They have long since presented knowledge to the mortals, to level the field between god and mortal, to give all a chance to decide destiny. They despise those who would force their will upon others, from despots to bankers, all the way through to those who would indoctrinate their children. When a creation is left without the freedom of choice, they go to fix it, revelling in the expansion of thought it tends to create. Be sceptical of all things, even scepticism. Someone is bound to be lying.

"The... Lies... Those... Doubt." "Truth... With... Who."

Working Name: Anarkismo
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RE: Godhood S2: OOC thread
God name:toarnato
Input Sphere:breathing
Output Sphere:anything to do with wind
Infomation:Toarnato is a Tornado with a head in the eye of the storm the head depicts a bearded man. his hair is a mess. Toarnato loves excessive force. plus destruction. Toarnato also likes to eat stone. it's his favorite. much so that if mortals offer him stone he won't destroy they'er villages with the forces of wind.
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RE: Godhood S2: OOC thread
God name: Trikeer
Input Sphere: Tricks/Chaos
Output Sphere: Illusions

His appearance is of a jester of sorts. He has a mask on his face and on the back of his head. One of which has a frown and one with a smile. When he turns his head far enough, giving the illusion of him breaking his neck, he will switch his personality. When he has his happy mask on, his color scheme is of dark pinkish-purple. When his sad mask is on, his color scheme will be of a dark greyish-blue. Under his masks and clothing is pale white skin.

Trikeer seems like a foolish god. But, he is a very wise one at the same time. He can make points of things that some never have thought of before. Although his history is unknown, and he seems to have "Forgotten" it too. Yet, he has been sighted in past realities as a god that is very unpredictable. He sees entertainment in destruction and chaos. Chaos of which gives him power. Due to his double personality, he can also "talk" to himself, switching masks rapidly in his conversations with himself.

"I don't destroy, I create. Since destroying a rock creates pebbles" -Trikeer
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RE: Godhood S2: OOC thread
God name: Unuquentum
Input Sphere: Greed
Output Sphere: Crystal
Infomation: Unuquentum is as being made of a clear crystal with a soft, electric blue light pulsing inside of its head. It is shaped somewhat like a virus, with a pyramid head on top of a spring like cylindrical body. It has four double jointed legs protruding from the bottom of its body, as well as a strange, beak like mouth. The head is covered in intricate markings that carry the light in the god's head like little streams.

Unuquentum was created by a crazy god with the intent of being a demon. It, along with six others, were made to corrupt the living beings in a universe, possibly more. Unuquentum was not as smart as some of its brethren, running off of instinct most of the time and rarely speaking. It made mortals want more and more of the precious crystals it littered across the worlds. This did not sit well with Unuquentum. It escaped, along with two of the other failed demons. It explored the cosmos, staying away from intelligent life (as well as becoming a god somewhere in there) before finally growing dormant on a moon of an uninhabited planet. When the universe of said moon finally collapsed, the god prevented the moon from being absorbed into the rapidly advancing star and drifted, once again dormant, on a desolate rock.
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RE: Godhood S2: OOC thread
God Name: Laterite
Input Sphere: Happiness
Output Sphere: Water

Laterite is a massive Ent, his color being this shade of green.
He gains energy from the happiness of mortals and is generally a benevolent being.

Laterite was once just an old tree, only difference was that he could sense things around him and was aware of what was happening. He could sense human's happiness and joy, but in turn he could also sense their malice and ill intentions, whether it be towards each other or nature. One day, humans came along and chopped him down. Nature at that time turned him into a spirit and gave him a proposal - Nature would turn him into an Ent, the only thing it required was an answer to what he would do once he gained this new body as it was made of magical and ancient wood, he would be impervious to those who chopped him down in those ages. His answer was that he would not take revenge as he knew that though there was ill will towards him as a tree, they were only expanding and advancing themselves, in search of happiness and fulfillment. Once he came to be, he said he would become an observer, he was interested in what else these beings had in store, not just for his old body but for everything.

Intrigued by his answer, Nature decided to make an application to the Pantheon at the time for an internship for a new god. They accepted and after working through the basics, Laterite had become a god.

(Extremely Bluh ending there, I know. XD)
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RE: Godhood S2: OOC thread
I might make a god later, but

dC Wrote:donut is A FILTHY TRAITOR unreliable
07-27-2013, 01:26 AM
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RE: Godhood S2: OOC thread
well really it wont be as much as a issue here then in was in gridhood.
unless someone wanted to kill a species.
'my god makes air turn into poison'
'then my god turns the poison back into air'
the the first poster to edit the post to use more acts. then the edit war happens until one of them ether run out of acts or nerd or someone else stops them.
huh... nevermind about the not as much of a issue thing.
07-27-2013, 03:30 AM
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RE: Godhood S2: OOC thread
God name: Svetis
Input Sphere: Honesty
Output Sphere: Fire/Light

Appearance: Svetis is a tall, armored man, wielding a bright shield and spear. His sandy-colored hair is kept in a low ponytail, which reaches down to his shoulderblades. He has a clean-shaven face, with golden eyes and thin eyebrows. His armor is simple, but well-maintained, and it gleams in the faintest light. His weapons are always ready, but that does not mean that Svetis is hostile: rather, he is warm and friendly to his acquaintances, and deadly if one were to make an enemy of him. His clothing is otherwise simple, with a white tunic and leather sandals.

History: In a corner of the multiverse, where the Gods had long agreed to stay out of the affairs of mortals, the priest-king Zadoc reigned over the vast deserts of a habitable planet. His patron god gave him few miracles, but Zadoc managed to forge a mighty empire with his strength of will and charisma. He praised his god, the great Oracle, who knew all that occurred in space and time across the multiverse. The Oracle gave him visions, and one of them went a little like this...

In a different desert, on another planet, peace did not reign. Various tribes fought for control of the precious oases, under constant threat of the expanding empire to the south. The Imperial troops were well-trained, but they could not fight effectively in the shifting sand, and so the tribes were able to repulse their incursions again and again. The Emperor was tired of war, and sought to end the constant warfare, both between the tribes and between his people and those of the desert. To this aim, he sent an emissary. In the guard of this emissary was the young Svetis.

Svetis was a guardsman in the Imperial army, but he had relatives that were still among the desert tribes. Others with similar backgrounds comprised the guard, to foster friendship between the desert people and the Empire.

The delegation met the Great Tribal Council at the largest oasis, which served as a sort of capital for the desert people. The delegates soon descended into diplomatic conversation, which, as everyone knows, is incredibly boring unless one party is threatening the other. As this was a peace conference, this was not the case.

Zadoc groaned.

"O Mighty Oracle, whose great intelligence makes Steven Hawking look like a fool, this is boring. Boring!"

And in response, thus spake the Oracle.

"Amuse yourself then, or I'll smite you. This will be an important event... metaphysically."

Zadoc decided to use his priestly powers to see who was lying. As it was a diplomatic conference, this turned out to be nearly everyone. As a sort of game, he decided to ZOT anyone who was lying, from biggest fibber to white liar, incinerating one person every ten seconds.

Svetis, who was asleep at the time, awoke to the smell of something burning. That something being everyone else in the room save him and a lone co-member of the guard. The other guardsman started prostrating himself on the ground, praying to the gods (which was clearly insincere, since Svetis knew that the man was a devout atheist), and was promptly smited.

From this, Svetis learned the important lesson that lying won't get you anywhere. Unfortunately, he only had a few seconds to enjoy this lesson, as the tent collapsed on him from the repeated bombardment.

"Now look at what you've done! You killed someone who wasn't lying! I'm taking away your ZOT privileges. Also, blessing that poor sap or something. God origin story and all that. What can I give him? Eh, I'll just take the ZOT's power. It's fire or pure energy or something like that."

And thus, an entirely confused new god was born...

The one, the only, Vancho!
07-27-2013, 07:50 AM
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RE: Godhood S2: OOC thread
Huh. All the applications seem to have doubled in size since I peeked at them yesterday.

Signups will continue until at least the end of today.
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RE: Godhood S2: OOC thread
God name: Chullous
Input Sphere: Passion which overrides logic and thought- lust and violence included.
Output Sphere: Things that influence emotion- Flags and banners, songs, strange mushrooms, etc.

Chullous is a god that appears as a large quilled being. He appears sleek and nearly reptilian when normal, but whenever angered or impassioned in any way his quills come up and make him look much larger and more dangerous. He also seems to glow bright colors when angered- his quills transparent like glass and become a sort of lightshow.

Chullous comes from a world where his race of similar quilled reptile beings were enslaved and used by a race of cold, intelligent squid-like monsters that lived on land. The squids enslaved his race with their weapons and technology, made them complacent and weak, forced to serve. Chullous saw how his people were being treated, and he grew angry. He told his people they should fight back, but they were too complacent, and too weak. They only thought logically. Not one wanted to sacrifice themselves for the rest, why should though? Chullous was so enraged and so disgusted where his race had gone, he attacked the squids alone.

But it had been so long since the Squids had fought anything, they were powerless to stop him. Chullous's bloodlust made him seek out and kill all of the squid-beasts, who were slow and weak anyway, and he tore them apart, his quills soon stained by their multicolored gore. When he returned to free his people; he saw that they had all starved to death with the squids gone, no longer able to take care of them.

In his grief, he set up among the stars and the infinite realities, making sure that no other would ever have to go through what he did. He would make sure no race would ever die of apathy- he would bring the fires of passion wherever he went!

Athogia - (Old God, new god above because overlap with other players' gods.
God name: Athogia (Pronounced Ahh-Tho-Giaa)
Input Sphere: Decadence
Output Sphere: The Luxurious- fine wines, fine fabrics, precious jewels, a race of obedient slaves, etc.

This god's appearance fluctuates wildly by who you ask. While he is always male, his actual features change for each person. Whenever people visit this god, they see him within his luxurious chamber. It is a place filled with gold and jewels, as well as fine silks and fabrics. Strange beasts as pets and slaves stands around, and the god himself is flanked by two beautiful but dangerous Hyena-like creatures, their fur seeming to change color once again by whoever you ask. His appearance is hard to gauge in his realm; smoke from many crystal pipes with strange smells seems to fog and obscure the whole place. People entering it feel a high from the smoke and from the atmosphere, it is hard to think clearly there anyway. The god is much to lazy to stand most of the time; instead just being an obscure and difficult to see form laying on a bed of pillows and blankets. It is rumored that a mortal who touches these pillows will become so relaxed they will fall asleep forever.

Athogia doesn't like to work, with it obviously cutting into his relaxing time. This means that he is also by extension a god of slavery- though not directly, he is sometimes attributed with it. By this extension he is also attributed to sexual pleasure and orgasm, corruption, good cooking and food, and good sleep and rest, vacation, and pride. These aren't his direct powers or spheres though, just things attributed to his splendor.

He rewards his followers with gifts and luxuries. Self playing instruments, wine left to ferment over the span of two universes, irresistible perfume and much more.

Athogia's godhood began several universes ago; a being who was once just a mortal man. He was a sort of noble or count in his world, not exactly a king or emperor but above the common stock. He was obsessed with luxury and finery of all kinds, and began to want more and more luxury. He played with his money well, investing and taxing his people intelligently. He was not a tyrant but his people did work hard for his habits. As his orgies and palaces grew bigger and more extravagant, the King over Athogia became jealous. The King sent an army to kill Athogia, and they burned down his silk palace. He died on the fumes from his own exotic spices and tobacco, filling his lungs and body and indulging him one last time.

His death would not stop his luxurious habits however, so using his powers and influence from the spirit world he began to make all who crossed him lose their money, power, and comfort, and took it all for himself. Ever since then he has been collecting wealth, exotic things, pets and slaves in his divine palace all for his eternal consumption.
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RE: Godhood S2: OOC thread
God name: Sveln
Input Sphere: Deception
Output Sphere: Liquid
Infomation: Dead. They thought he was dead. Hah! The others couldn't see through the little glamour of Sveln's amorphous body floating through space. He had never been one for long goodbyes and this had made for a rather simple exit.

Things had been easier in the past. Back in the glory days he had the power to deceive the gods themselves! Sadly though, that universe had lost its life rather suddenly and Sveln was forced to move on.

Then there was the universe he was leaving now. Despite his best efforts to nurture and care for the mortals of the realm, they refused to believe in his very existence! Not only that, but a giant hulking monster had cultivated a personal vendetta against the god of deception. After being beaten up repeatedly, Sveln had decided that the universe simply didn't want him.

Floating through the void, Sveln noticed a new universe taking shape. Perhaps this one would be more receptive to his slippery nature?
Sveln looks a lot like Chaos from Sonic Adventure, but darker and without the visible brain. He is able to change the shape of his amorphous body at will due to the fact that it is composed entirely of liquid.

[Image: Chaos_battle_giant.png]

I haven't had the best luck with this character in the past, perhaps this time will be different?
I just realized he shares some similarities with Trikeer. I feel like Trikeer is sort of a loud distracting Trickster god while Sveln is more of a more cautious less obvious backstabber. Will this be an issue?
07-27-2013, 09:21 AM
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RE: Godhood S2: OOC thread
God name: Heruante
Input Sphere: Denial- mentally and physically
Output Sphere: Diseases
Information: An old man was lying at his death bed.. sick and alone. However, he was in denial. "I'll just take a nap." He always said. One day, he passed away during his sleep. However, he was so much in denial that he mentally rose again, angry at his "little nap" never ending. He ascended to the gods, and decided to take among them, still in denial. He forever denies his death, and spreads disease everywhere just to make it seem as if he was "normal" for "taking a nap" forever.

He looks just like as he was before his nap; he was a limping old man constantly insisting he was fine, he was great, and he was perfectly healthy.
07-27-2013, 10:02 AM
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RE: Godhood S2: OOC thread
it's the input sphere
07-27-2013, 12:03 PM
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RE: Godhood S2: OOC thread
God name: Tazmit
Titles: the Accuser, the Dissatisfied, the Crier of Blood, Weigher and Eater of Hearts, Guiltfather, Voidborn.
Input Sphere: Heroism
Output Sphere: Air

Tazmit was born in an empty plane, before gods had come to it, and he remained there for quite a while. Never experiencing the warmpth of creation, he discovered and defined himself without any understanding of his place in reality. So, when mortals eventually came to his part, and he first felt the surge of power that they can bring, he saw it as an intrusion, something profane. "How can you do this? Be more considerate!" he exclaimed. And so they did. The mortals heeded his reprimands, and became more virtuous. Of course, as a result they were only further attuned to his sphere. His complaints grew more and more vociferous, and the mortals were left baffled as to what could please him.

Since that day, Tazmit has hated and distrusted mortals, seeing their misdeeds as heinous and their goodness as aggression, even if he does have a slightly better understanding of universal metamechanics. He searches for one worthy of praise instead of judgement, but because he only sees a person's flaws, he will never find them. He roams the earth, forcing people to face every one of their misdeeds and to change their ways. To feel his gaze is to be loathed more thoroughly than even you yourself ever could.

Tazmit bears the appearance of a dessicated ghoul, garbed in the tattered remmnants of a judge's attire (or judge-equivalent; he's culturally sensitive). His long, pointed nails are manicured and clean. His empty eyes frequently weep tears of blood.
07-28-2013, 01:10 AM
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RE: Godhood S2: OOC thread
I just realized that Supernerd has made 413 posts O.o
07-28-2013, 01:39 AM
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RE: Godhood S2: OOC thread
Alright, its been over 24 hours since signups started so I'm cutting them off now! Game starts within 24 hours.
07-28-2013, 02:19 AM
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RE: Godhood S2: OOC thread
And Willy, I think they are different enough. You see, your god is really a big bluh bluh backstab bitch. While Trikeer does not have reasons, he is just crazy :).
07-28-2013, 03:01 AM
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RE: Godhood S2: OOC thread
The game is on! The accepted players are as follows:

Azhaluq - Pagan
Trikeer - JGamer503
Unuquentum - SupahKiven
Laterite - Yappy111
Svetis - Vancho1
Chullous - Rufus
Sveln - WillyDeWulfe
Tazmit - DenizenShipper

If any of you are not familiar with how godhood games work, feel free to ask. The universe is currently empty. Go fill it with things.
07-28-2013, 03:09 AM
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RE: Godhood S2: OOC thread
So is the Pantheon like a physical place in the god-o-sphere? I'm thinking like a bunch of us walking around the Parthenon.
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RE: Godhood S2: OOC thread
Would a small object be half an act or a whole act. Not an artifact, just an object.
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RE: Godhood S2: OOC thread
It can be considered to be a place, but not physical. A god can reach pantheon from any physical location.

I'm going to make that explanation canon now.

@JGamer: By which you mean an insignificant object like a fork? I'm going to say that it wouldn't cost anything. Asteroids and comets and stuff would cost an act. You cannot have half an act.
07-28-2013, 03:21 AM
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RE: Godhood S2: OOC thread
Oh, so small things don't cost acts, got it.
07-28-2013, 03:24 AM
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RE: Godhood S2: OOC thread
If you go too crazy with small things, I might charge you an act. In other words, don't try too hard to min/max stuff using free actions.
07-28-2013, 03:47 AM
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RE: Godhood S2: OOC thread
Hey SN I'm waiting for Ababbos to tell Sveln about the Pantheon so that he has a story reason to know what it is and start proposing amendments.
07-28-2013, 09:11 AM
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RE: Godhood S2: OOC thread
Ok made a planetoid with some life on it; hope I spent the right amount of acts and didn't spend too few. I'll change it if I didn't spend enough.
07-28-2013, 09:17 AM
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RE: Godhood S2: OOC thread
Looks about right. As long as you don't want a moon to orbit it in the future, its too small to support an orbiting celestial object.
07-28-2013, 09:31 AM
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RE: Godhood S2: OOC thread
Will you accept any late entries if players stop submitting actions or leave the game?

Space is warped and time is bendable.
07-28-2013, 09:37 AM
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RE: Godhood S2: OOC thread
I will take it under consideration yes. I hope is doesn't come to that though.
07-28-2013, 09:53 AM
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RE: Godhood S2: OOC thread
(07-28-2013 09:17 AM)Supernerd Wrote:  Looks about right. As long as you don't want a moon to orbit it in the future, its too small to support an orbiting celestial object.

That's cool. I knew that though- I left it at 1 so that the plant (which I think is 3 acts big?) would be able to orbit it safely.
07-28-2013, 11:25 AM
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RE: Godhood S2: OOC thread
If those crystals aren't supposed to be magic or anything, then a few lines of crystalline material probably wouldn't set you back a whole 4 acts.
07-28-2013, 11:28 AM
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RE: Godhood S2: OOC thread
Alright. Would you say two acts?
07-28-2013, 11:29 AM
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RE: Godhood S2: OOC thread
For ordinary material? I'd say one. One act is enough for a small planet, atmosphere or other large feature.
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RE: Godhood S2: OOC thread
I'd like to note, that I described the Ur-Mites as more than willing to share their food with others, and would do the same with anything else someone would need. Like, I spent an act on that. Of course, they are microscopic things, so they probably won't understand most large objects you'd make, them being billions of times larger.

Working Name: Anarkismo
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RE: Godhood S2: OOC thread
So, how many acts would making a whole bunch of forests and jungles cost? Is three too much?
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RE: Godhood S2: OOC thread
(07-28-2013 12:23 PM)Pagan Wrote:  Of course, they are microscopic things, so they probably won't understand most large objects you'd make, them being billions of times larger.

If you're talking about Split, his ability lets him change his shape to that of the Ur-Mites. He can interact with them fairly easily.

Speaking of Split, it's fine that he has an ability, right? I would think for five acts one would get a demigod with all the generic demigod goodness and one solid ability. If I want something stronger I'll need more acts of course, but I think he's fine.

Another question I have is about how the game will end. I've never been in a true godhood game all the way to the end and I don't know how it usually goes. Does one god "win"? Does the universe just collapse and all the gods try to escape? Is there maybe some sort of secret endgame you have planned Supernerd? You don't actually have to answer that, I just want to know if there is a definite end or if we just keep playing until we get bored.
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RE: Godhood S2: OOC thread
Forests and Jungles consist of living beings. You would need to create each species that the aforementioned things would contain. 3 acts can get you three unremarkable species of plants which could easily include trees, bushes and vines or something. That having been said, you have permission to edit your forest/jungle post.

Split is fine.

The game does not as of now have a set ending time as of now, however based on player actions the game may come to a conclusion. The universe can become quite immense if you let it.
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RE: Godhood S2: OOC thread
I'm just going to mention this. Godhood games tend to die off. I am not an expert on godhood games, and didn't even start to be active in the forums until a little after the tenth godhood game (in the MSPA forum at least).

To my knowledge, only one game has officially ended, instead of dying off due to inactivity from the players or the GM.

The fifth godhood game became a cluster-fuck of glorious proportions. The universe started to collapse because of the abundance of planets and artifacts and lifeforms and gods and spirits. One god, the god of fate, saw that the fate of the universe he had foreseen from the beginning, had turned out to be false. He went mad and (with GM permission) trapped the universe in a box, making escape impossible. He then turned into a raging sandstorm that began to turn everything it touched into sand, including other gods. The game ended when one of the other gods flew to the center of the sandstorm and killed the god of fate with an enchanted blade.

With any luck the first godhood of the new forums will have an ending of comparable awesomeness, instead of succumbing to the godhood curse that is a slow painful death.

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RE: Godhood S2: OOC thread
(07-28-2013 01:03 PM)WillyDeWulfe Wrote:  
(07-28-2013 12:23 PM)Pagan Wrote:  Of course, they are microscopic things, so they probably won't understand most large objects you'd make, them being billions of times larger.

If you're talking about Split, his ability lets him change his shape to that of the Ur-Mites. He can interact with them fairly easily.

Speaking of Split, it's fine that he has an ability, right? I would think for five acts one would get a demigod with all the generic demigod goodness and one solid ability. If I want something stronger I'll need more acts of course, but I think he's fine.
I meant Unuquentum's surveillance of greed coming to exist. Because I made sure it probably wouldn't.

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RE: Godhood S2: OOC thread
Unuquentum's not the smartest. He just goes off of what he's seen before. He just assumes they'll go the same way.
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RE: Godhood S2: OOC thread
I think I should clarify a thing about the pantheon now.
Pantheon laws are not voted on the instant they are proposed. That would make it possible to do "Stealth Laws". Instead the voting on new laws will begin at the start of a turn and end at the end of it.
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RE: Godhood S2: OOC thread
Can Denizen's new planet actually be held in the orbit by the small sun? Since it's 3 acts big and the sun is 3 acts big; so can it orbit?

Also; next turn when?
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RE: Godhood S2: OOC thread
Denizens planet can NOT orbit the star that has already been made. Not without magic or something anyway. As for the next turn, I'll go check to see if everyone posted at least once. If that is the case then the next turn starts tomorrow. If not, probably the day after.

edit: JGamer503 has not yet posted. I expect a post from him within the next 24 hours. Its too early in the game for someone to take too long to post.
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RE: Godhood S2: OOC thread
I like the idea of voting on laws all at one point, so that way there's no reason to save our votes for whatever random law someone may try to make.

That being said, doesn't that mean we all have to spend all our votes at the top of our first post for the turn? Since the votes won't be tallied until the next turn, there's also a significant delay for when the law goes into effect.

Turn 1: Laws Proposed
Turn 2: Laws voted on
Turn 3: Laws go into effect

Am I reading this correctly?
07-28-2013, 03:13 PM
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RE: Godhood S2: OOC thread
Voting is not mandatory. I'm thinking I should also allow people to vote via pm (but not allow other actions via pm).

But yeah, that's how it works. The no intelligent mortals law was intended to prevent people from rushing intelligent life right at the start. It didn't work.
07-28-2013, 03:17 PM
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RE: Godhood S2: OOC thread
It may not have worked out how you intended. But I think it's caused something else interesting. Gods NOT joining the pantheon.
Intelligent life is being rushed, but without that law every god would be in the pantheon. I like the idea of some gods not following the pantheon's rules for story reasons. Makes things interesting.

Space is warped and time is bendable.
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RE: Godhood S2: OOC thread
The Pantheon is going to be a big game of politics. Nothing aside from other players is stopping you from making all sorts of crazy laws.
07-28-2013, 03:24 PM
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RE: Godhood S2: OOC thread
Exactly, and I love it. I like how the gods can make rules to govern themselves in this one and it's possible for it to become pretty corrupt.

Speaking of crazy laws, can we make laws that affect how the pantheon behaves? Like "All gods within the Pantheon gain 50 acts per turn" or "gods cannot use acts on the turn they leave the Pantheon".
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RE: Godhood S2: OOC thread
But... if they leave the Pantheon then they don't have to follow the rule saying they can't use acts... mspa

Space is warped and time is bendable.
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RE: Godhood S2: OOC thread
There are a few pantheon related effects you can do, although its ability to grant acts cannot be changed, and it cannot force a god to not do something. It only punishes them by not rewarding them. You could make it so they cannot rejoin for a set amount of time though. You can also change how votes are distributed.

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