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(Hello everyone!
Everyone's least favorite mod and bone enthusiast The Necromancer here and I am here to bring you the first in a series of RPs I am going to start. This one is a stand alone and takes place in a blood swapped AU of our cafe canon. I'll release an informational post later about the details of my plans for cafe canon RPs after we discover if this sinks or swims.

Don't expect this one to go on..and on...and on like some other RPs. My goal with these is to have quick and happening RP for both the participators and readers! You heard me correctly. I am giving a shit about the reader! All two of you! Anyways enough about my ideas and plans.

This RP will involved four players: Silvy, iffy, Katt, and Myself. Each of us will be using two trolls and we will be playing them along their journey for treasure.)

[Image: semocenevermore.gif]

You are SEMOCE HOGLAZ and today is the day your lusus has felt you are coming of age. Why he has chosen 7.5 sweeps is beyond everyone. There is NOTHING significant about 7.5 and there never will be. Much like in your WRIGGLINGHOOD you feel like he is just lulling you into a false sense of security only to pull away the metaphorical bait of acceptance and terrify you. But TERROR is an important part of your life. So important and special to you that you have decided to share it with everyone around you. Of course this has lead to no one being left around you. Your only friends being the lifeless SCARECROWS out on your front sand. They are especially lifeless in the fact they're made out of trolls you've slain. Your trolltag is ornithoPhobiac and you type like The wicked lord of fuCAWin' terror should. You fear what I'm sayin'?


You've gone to great lengths to make sure everyone feared the name SEMOCE HOGLAZ and as your reward you live a lonely life. Some days you just look out your hole in the wall and imagine what life would be like if you weren't such an irredeemable FUCK-HEAD. But how will you spend tonight? Oh? It seems your Trollian has gone off. Perhaps you are not as much of a lonely fuck-head as you think!

>Semoce: Check your husktop.

Drats! It seems it's just your MOIRAIL, Lenora. She can be so heavy handed with her moiraling sometimes. Lets dive head first into what ever nonsense she is bringing to the king of fear.


[09:26] -- cheekyGoats [CG][/color] began trolling ornithoPhobiac [OP] at 21:26 --
CG: So! D|d you hear the good news?
CG: || got a new dress today! ||t's really pretty. || th|nk you'd l|ke |t.
OP: How is that something I could fuCAWin' fear of. It's like you expect the hills to be alive with the sound of this fuCAWin' dress.
CG: You mean theyre not?
OP: No.
CG: Oh well. Clearly the h|lls have bad taste.
OP: You know what the fuCAW I fear when I press my sound receptacle to the open air?
OP: Screams
CG: Yes, and when || bother to "press my sound receptacle to the open a|r" all || hear |s your |nsane caw|ng!!
CG: You know what || should be hear|ng?
CG: The sound of trolls oo-|ng and aah-|ng at my NEW DRESS!!
OP: CAW!!!!!! I didn't put all this hard work in so ya' could then turn our area into a damn fashion show.
OP: Ya' don't want the red-bloods back do ya'?
OP: Do you?!

CG: ||-|| guess not. But! St|ll!
CG: ||'m pretty sure lowbloods don't have t|me for anyth|ng fash|onable, anyways.
CG: They're too busy be|ng... Lowbloods, || guess.

OP: They're too busy bein' impaled out side.

CG: Caw caw caw, there you go w|th that caw|ng aga|n! || can hear |t from all the way over here.
OP: Good!!!! Let all know my cawing and tremble.
CG: The only ones trembl|ng at your loud CAWS here are the lus||, Semoce. There aren't any lowbloods nearby for you to CAW angr|ly at.
OP: Caw...well I have some actual wicked news to lay on you.
CG: Oh?
OP: My custodian has been goin' on about some comin' of age bullshit.
OP: Got me bein' strung along and I think I might be believin' him this time.

CG: What com|ng of age bullsh|t? What |s he go|ng on about th|s t|me?
OP: Some dumb fuCAWing book.
OP: You here that shit right now? That cawing? Yeah I stopped a while ago.

CG: Oh? So that caw|ng ||SNT you?
OP: I mean...right now it wasn't.
OP: I think it wants me or something. Go bother someone else for a change.

CG: !!
-- ornithoPhobiac [OP] gave up trolling cheekyGoats [CG] at 21:52 --


It seems your moirail lived up to her reputation. But perhaps you were too hard on her? Nah, she has steel wool. Your harsh words and uncaring approach to your moirallegiance is only making her stronger. She needs it! But now isn't the time to lament on your shitty fucking attitude, your LUSUS is summoning you.


The only important quote ever. Thanks to Silvy.
Quote:[6:46:52 PM] Kinky Kaity.: jokes on you i am a snobby elitist cunt
Quote:[6:31:58 PM] •Silvdexter•: prove that you are the patties daddy
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RE: Nevermore.
>======> . . .

-- cheekyGoats [CG] began trolling ornithoPhobiac [OP] at 21:26 --
((We've already seen half of this, I'm just pasting the important parts))
OP: Caw...well I have some actual wicked news to lay on you.
CG: Oh?
OP: My custodian has been goin' on about some comin' of age bullshit.
OP: Got me bein' strung along and I think I might be believin' him this time.

CG: What com|ng of age bullsh|t? What |s he go|ng on about th|s t|me?
OP: Some dumb fuCAWing book.
OP: You here that shit right now? That cawing? Yeah I stopped a while ago.

CG: Oh? So that caw|ng ||SNT you?
OP: I mean...right now it wasn't.
OP: I think it wants me or something. Go bother someone else for a change.

CG: !!
-- ornithoPhobiac [OP] gave up trolling cheekyGoats [CG] at 21:52 --

[Image: tumblr_mt1we7N0Fq1siu37co2_1280.png]

>Lenora: Fume angrily

[Image: tumblr_mt1we7N0Fq1siu37co1_1280.png]

You swear, he does this kind of shit on purpose. What a shitty fucking moirail, why the fuck do you even fucking put up with that piece of shit jesus fuck. You just don't know anymore.

Well, actually, it's probably because he's the only one that'll put up with you for that long. Probably. You don't give a damn anymore. Fucking bird-brained asshole CAW-ing everywhere and not getting NEARLY enthusiastic enough about your new clothing. SEMOCE HOGLAZ, more like, SEMOCE TOO-FUCKING-LAZY-TO-SHOW-THE-PROPER-ENTHUSIASM. But anyways.


You GUESS you should introduce yourself, though, before you bother to go talk to a troll that WILL appreciate your amazing fashion choices.

You go by LENORA AUXILA, you are 9 SWEEPS OLD, and god dammit you're the BEST troll on the entire planet, no matter what your shitty moirail seems to think. Yeah. Continuing to call him shit definitely cheers you up somewhat. Anyways, you enjoy FASHION (to some degree), FISHING, and BEING YOU. You ARE pretty great, you mean, you are the only LENORA AUXILA in the entire existence of the trollian race. That makes you better than everyone else.


Of course, one as SPECIAL as you must take time aside daily for the LESSER BEINGS. Your very few FRIENDS require attention, and you make sure to give them the attention that they crave by indulging them in various conversations throughout the night. Of course, there are special friends that are actually more than friends (See: Semoce), and they require even special-er treatment (See: Maybe a few more conversations than normal). In order to talk to them, you use a chat client called TROLLIAN, on which your trolltag is cheekyGoats and you ||ncorporate your lus||'s horns |nto your speech."

But enough about Semoce and his shit-head attitude. You're done talking about him for tonight. It's time you actually talk to someone who that will REALLY appreciate your fine tastes.


-- cheekyGoats [CG] began pestering perennialAshray [PA] at 23:52 --
CG: Dolcea! Dolcea! D|d you, perhaps, hear the good news?
PA: Huuuuuuh? What's that? Good news, sweetcheeks? ~~0`v0aa
CG: Yes!
CG: || bought myself a brand new dress today! ||t's really pretty.

PA: Ooooo~! I'm afraid I haven't heard a thing about that! SPill, sPill!
PA: Is it suPer cute??

CG: ||ts REALLY cute!
CG: ||t's also k|nd of long, too? Wh|ch || don't m|nd, but, eh.

PA: What's the fish, Lenny?! Is it a ten-ny? ~~nvn~~
CG: Of course! We both know that || have the BEST taste |n fash|on.
CG: The best taste |n everyth|ng, really.

PA: Well.
PA: Second best.
PA: ~~n`vn~~

CG: Haha! Sure, we can go w|th that. Whatever you say, M|ss-H|ghblood.
PA: Of course, sweetiePike! You gooooootta know your Place, dollface!
PA: Is there anything else you need to fish to me, chum? We can only crab about dresses for so long, dearie. I mean, you DID leave out the most imPortant Part of the ensemble.

CG: Ah! Well, || l|ke to th|nk || look pretty n|ce |n |t. ||f || d|dn't, well, || wouldn't have bought |t, you know!
PA: A cute dress is only as cute as the heels Paired with it, ya know! ~~VvV~~
CG: Oh! Uh. Well, see, ||'d buy heels, but, they sound l|ke they'd be pa|nful, and || doubt Semoce wants to put up w|th me grouch|ng about how much pa|n my feet are |n.
PA: Oh, I assure you, Lenlen, your life will be far more Painful without them. ~~=v=~~
CG: Fash|on-w|se perhaps. But everyth|ng else || th|nk w|ll be pretty ok.
PA: If you say so~!! I still say if you don't wanna find yourself cruisin' for a bruisin' that you find yourself a lucky Pair of heels! But it's your life, sweetiePie!
PA: How goes everything else, hmmm? ~~0v0~~

CG: ||t's been ok lately? Semoce keeps the lowbloods away and keeps me up dur|ng the day w|th h|s |nsane caw|ng, but, other than that |ts pretty decent!
CG: You?

PA: Good on him! Let their corPses serve as a warning to the others, heeheehee! ~~nVn~~
PA: I've been fine myself! Having my little adventures under the sea and whatnot! I'd almost Prefer losing my beauty sleeP than having to constantly Provoke my Pod to sPeak to me!

CG: Ah, well, that sounds l|ke fun?
CG: ||'m not sure.

PA: It's Pretty uneventful for the most Part, but we get by! It's still leaPs and bounds more interesting than your night though! Heeheehee!
CG: !! || just got back to my h|ve, thank you!!
CG: A n|ght on the town |s def|n|tely more eventful than splash|ng around |n the water.

PA: Oh? Thaaaaaat so~? ~~0`vo~~
PA: You miiight wanna watch your squishy mouthslug, there~~~!! Heehee!

CG: Oh? Whats that? || hear someth|ng! ||t's the sound of me end|ng th|s conversat|on! Also || th|nk Oats |s gett|ng |nto the pantry aga|n.
CG: Welp, |t was somewhat enjoyable talk|ng to you, as usual, Dolcea!
CG: Enjoy whatever |t |s you seadwellers do |n that g|ant pool of yours

PA: Sea ya later, then, Lenny! Stay out of the water! Byeeeeee!
-- cheekyGoats [CG] ceased pestering perennialAshray [PA] at 00:27 --


Ha! Hahaha! Well. That probably could've been handled better. But, whatever. As you said, you actually do hear Oats rummaging through something again, so you should probably go check that out.


[Image: tumblr_ml7wpd3B3Z1qh9j9jo6_250.png]
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RE: Nevermore.
>======> Be the Jilted Seadweller

[Image: eJ6XhTN.png]

Oh my! Seems that she shut you down rather quickly. How rude. You don't tend to like it when flippant little trolls like that show you such blatant disrespect. She really got you good. Some might even say that she got your goat. Fish. Goatfish. Yep.

Well, regardless, you can't let that slide.

>======> Proceed with the shitty introduction post already!

[Image: S9ebB4M.png]

Hey now, let's not be too hasty! You can't rush perfection. Which is exactly what you are. PERFECTION. You are the PINNACLE of perfection in your race. You surpass excellence. You are simply the best there is- and you don't take kindly to anyone saying differently.
Your name is DOLSEA DOLCEA LACENS, and you are a 9 SWEEP OLD SEADWELLER, as if that last part wasn't obvious. You have a love of CLEANLINESS, SHOES OF ALL KINDS, TRICKERY, and using your own POWER to get what you want. You also have an obsession with PERFECTION, which has manifested more in what you demand from others than yourself, as you have already achieved perfection. You're currently working hard to perfect your next project: your MOIRAIL! Your trollian handle is perennialAshray, and you talk like kiiind of an airhead sometimes, not to mention that you're suPer crazy about Puns and nicknames, dollface!! ~~0v0~~

Right now, you need to plot about how to get back at that sassy lowblood who thinks she's on par with you. The first thing you're gonna do is-

-- tumblingPigments [TP] began pestering perennialAshray [PA] at 17:54 --
TP: hey yo yo yo dolcea dOLCEA
TP: i came up w/ a GREAT idea fer a new paintin!!
TP: im p sure ya wanna hear bout it, right? right?
TP: yes, of course ya do

PA: Uuuuugg, you seal-ly girl! I am sooo not in the mood for this right now!!! ~~uAu~~
-- perennialAshray [PA] ceased pestering tumblingPigments [TP] at 17:57 --

You don't have time for this! You've got bigger fish to fry. Then again, you do know someone who could use the socialization.

-- perennialAshray [PA] began pestering tumblingPigments [TP] at 17:57 --
PA: Hmmm, wait! Actually, hold that glubbin' thought! I might have someone who will be the Perfect fit to indulge you while I'm PreoccuPied!
TP: ??
PA: I'll send her your way in a flash, sweetiePike!
-- perennialAshray [PA] ceased pestering tumblingPigments [TP] at 17:59 --

-- perennialAshray [PA] began pestering sublimeScholar [SS] at 19:22 --
PA: Allygator!! \\0v0//
SS: >>hI.
PA: And how are you doing this evening, my Pretty little Priss-fish? Have you gotten out of the hive yet tonight? ~~0`v0aa
SS: >>why would I want to leave MY hIve dolcy. I have been sleepIng. It Is nIce. why would I ruIn that.
PA: You're going to Positively ruin your schedule, dear!!! That simPly won't do. ~~0A0~~
SS: >>sleepIng Is nIce though.
PA: I know it is, but ya can't sleeP forever, you flounder! ~~>v<~~
PA: I'll cut to the chase, my sweet moirail! Iiiiii have another assignment for you, doll! ~~nvn~~

SS: >>assIgnMEnt. I already do not lIke the sound of thIs.
PA: Hush, sweetie. OKAY! Now, I have a friend, Silver- PerhaPs you remember me sPeaking of her?- and she's suPer hyPer right now!! I'm awfully busy, sweetie. Time to kick you out into the oPen and get you outta that shell!!
PA: You need to talk to her.

SS: >>why.
SS: >>why would any of that make ME want to talk to her.
SS: >>If anythIng It does the opposIte.

PA: Because you need to keeP her PreoccuPied while I do other things, and because you need to Practice sPeaking to trolls who aren't me! ~~0V0a~
PA: Do iiit, Allygator! I'm not asking!

SS: >>I don't want to.
SS: >>that sounds the opposIte of fun.

PA: Doesn't matter! Do it anyway! Heeheehee!!
SS: >>do I have to.
PA: Yes!!
SS: >>fine.
SS: >>I am goIng to regret thIs.

PA: Good! I'm glad you see things my way! You'll be fiiiiiine, darling. Her handle is tumblingPigments- go get 'er, tigerfish!
SS: >>bye I guess.
PA: ~~nvn~~
SS: >>go do your fun other thIngs.
PA: I will! Byeeeeee~!
-- perennialAshray [PA] ceased pestering sublimeScholar [SS] at 20:00 --

the immortal meme
stuff will go here later
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RE: Nevermore.
>======> Practice Speaking to Trolls that Aren't your Moirail

[Image: zzWzAGd.png]

Why would you want to do that? It sounds pointless. Besides, what if she's some gross landdweller or something? Dolcea wouldn't make you talk to a landdweller, would she?

>======> Just listen to your moirail goddammit.
You guess you will. But first, why don't you introduce yourself?

[Image: uTGonly.png]

Your name is ALCSEA ALSCIA CHIONI, and at only SIX SWEEPS OLD you don't have a care in the world.

Well, except the landdwellers. They're TERRIFYING. Maybe it's just because you're a SHUT-IN and have had barely any contact with them, but you're pretty afraid of landdwellers. And being on land in general. If it wasn't for your PUSHY-AS-FUCK moirail you'd be living your days happy as ever doing the things you like: SLEEPING, READING, and occasionally SCULPTING. It's too much effort to do other things like eat or leave your hive or socialize.

Instead, you have to spend time being harassed by your moirail on trollian. Your handle is sublimeScholar, and you >>speak wIth an aIr of superIorIty, emphasIzIng the nobIlIty of your caste.

Are you really going to do this? You don't really have much of a choice, you guess. Whatever, maybe it'll be a short conversation. It'd better be a short conversation.

[Image: ZvuFe1E.png]

-- sublimeScholar [SS] began pestering tumblingPigments [TP] --
SS: >>hI.
TP: ooh? howdy!
TP: howdy howdy hey! whos this
SS: >>MY moIraIl told ME I had to talk to you.
SS: >>MY naME Is alscIa chIonI.
TP: yer moirail someon i kno?
TP: nice ta meetcha anyhoo, friend!
TP: th names silver
SS: >>your naME Is sIlver.
SS: >>odd naME.
SS: >>MY moIraIl Is dolcea lacens.
TP: dolc! ah yea man.
SS: >>she gave ME your trolltag and told ME I was supposed to talk to you.
SS: >>thIs Is ME talkIng to you.
TP: we can all sea
TP: wonder why she gaveya my trolltag????????
TP: mayb she jus didn wanna deal w/ my shit
TP: w/e tho, her loss
SS: >>she saId you were... excIteable.
TP: more like
TP: shes just borin
TP: squawkin bout shoes and w/e she glubs out
SS: >>she enjoys footwear.
SS: >>I do not understand why.
SS: >>shoes make MY feet feel confIned.
TP: like
TP: fuck
TP: we swim around
TP: why do we fuckin need fuckin SHOES
SS: >>she lIkes to go on land a lot.
SS: >>she keeps makIng ME go on land wIth her.
TP: i mean i wear some round my hive but thas just cuz i dont wanna get paint all over my fuckin feet
TP: gross
TP: why would anyone wanna go on land
SS: >>why would you get paInt all over your "fuckIn feet".
TP: cuz uh, duh
TP: i am a messy painter
TP: duh
SS: >>you paInt.
TP: most nights yea
SS: >>I also dabble In the arts. I sculpt.
TP: i tried sculptin once
TP: was fuckin awful at it
SS: >>It Is very very dIffIcult.
SS: >>especIally underwater.
TP: like fuck, i keep my attempts around so i have somethin to cry at evry morn before i sleep
SS: >>why would you do that.
TP: makes me feel better bout my paintins
SS: >>what "at least It's not as bad as MY sculptIng".
TP: "at least that fuckin jellyfish looks like a fuckin jellyfish"
TP: "god damn silvr"
TP: "did you even fuckin try"
TP: "th answers no, no ya didn"
SS: >>tryIng takes too much effort.
TP: tryins whats gonna getcha ahead in life, frond
SS: >>MY phIlosophy In lIfe Is that If It requIres effort It Is too much effort to bother wIth.
TP: hope ya enjoy dyin young
SS: >>why do you say that.
TP: cuz th condesce aint gonna put up w/ that kinda tude!
TP: esp from a high rankin seadweller like ourselves
SS: >>but beIng a hIgh rankIng seadweller Is exactly why I don't have to effort.
SS: >>In the fleet I can just tell people to do thIngs for ME.
TP: !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
TP: thas not how it woRKS THO
SS: >>why not.
TP: cuz it aint just smooth sailin from here!! ya gotta do shit if ya wanna fuckin liVE
SS: >>I do thIngs.
SS: >>I swIm around MY hIve once a day at least.
SS: >>soMEtIMEs twIce.
TP: yea but. do ya DO THINS
TP: like. idk. fuckin. quadrant huntin or fishin or like
TP: anythin aside from swimmin round yer hive
TP: n sculptin
SS: >>I have a moIraIl.
TP: and puttin up w/ dolc
SS: >>and I read.
TP: read wha
SS: >>books.
TP: very specific
SS: >>all kInds of books. I lIke to learn new thIngs.
SS: >>I can learn anythIng I want from the comfort of MY hIve.
TP: yea but. can ya learn how t love? hate?????????????????? MOIRAIL no wait ya have one o those
SS: >>sIlver.
SS: >>I am sIx sweeps old.
SS: >>gIve ME a break.
TP: weak
TP: im SEVEN an i prolly got more goin on than u
TP: (thas a joke i don quadrant)
SS: >>well. I am glad we had thIs talk sIlver.
SS: >>It was a good conversatIon wIth not MY moIraIl that has lasted a reasonable length of tIME.
SS: >>have a good nIght.
TP: o uh
TP: you too
-- sublimeScholar [SS] ceased pestering tumblingPigments [TP] --

Hah. Never expected to see me here again did you?

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RE: Nevermore.
>Get fed up with valley girl drama

[Image: semocepanalterrorbeasts.jpg]
You are Semoce Hoglaz again and it seems your lusus has you on the anxiety trials of dread. Currently you are fending off the trepidity wraiths with your PITCHFORK and CHUCKLE VOODOOS. Previously you had travelled the forest of dread, climbed into the caverns of panic, swung along vines of consternation across the river of alarm, broke through the wall of dismay, and put together the three parts of the silver monkey. You are so close to finishing this merry-go-round of frightful nonsensical bullshit you can taste it. Whatever this book is that is to be your reward better be worth it. If you see one more synonym of Terror you might just cull half the coast line.

>Return to teen age drama. Maybe talk about Nic Cage at the beach.

The only important quote ever. Thanks to Silvy.
Quote:[6:46:52 PM] Kinky Kaity.: jokes on you i am a snobby elitist cunt
Quote:[6:31:58 PM] •Silvdexter•: prove that you are the patties daddy
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RE: Nevermore.
>======> Nic Cage at the beach

[Image: tumblr_mt1wf5EuM61siu37co1_1280.png]

Well JEEZ, you never thought one of your own caste could be so cold. Guess you learn something new every day.

>======> Introduce Yourself

Ooh! Well, since peeps seem to be so interested in what you're all about, ok.


Your name is SILVER APELLE and you're a seadweller (which should be obvious) of 8 SWEEPS. Your main passions are PAINTING, COLLECTING PRICELESS ART, and SWIMMING AROUND your HIVE, which is nestled into the GREAT BARRIER REEF-RIPOFF of Alternia. There are normally a lot of fish around this area, so you've also taken to, well, FISHING. AKA tying a net between your large and impressive horns while you swim. You always come back with a great catch, and sometimes great ideas! Like tonight, you've got this great GREAT idea, but so far, no one will listen to you. You're going to try one last time, with a friend you know will listen.

Onto TROLLIAN you go, then? You guess. Oh! Wait, you should probably inform whoever you're talking to what your trollian actually is.

Your TROLLIAN is tumblingPigments and yer so fuckin chillax about yer quirk yer 100000% positive tha it's fuckin inconsistent as shit


-- tumblingPigments [TP] began pestering velvetVarnish [VV] at 02:04 --

TP: kap! kap! i got me
TP: an idea fer a gr10000000000 paintin
VV: Well hhev there silver. Whhet hhever vou got in store for me todev?
TP: ok ok ok ok ok ok
TP: hol up an listen t this gr10000000000000000 idea like
TP: fuckin ok
TP: are ya ready fer this shit
VV: I dunno, should I hheng onto mv seet?
TP: definitely
TP: are ya READY
VV: I em hhenging on!
TP: ok ok ok ok ok ok ok ok ok ok ok ok ok ok ok ok ok ok
TP: k so get this
TP: what if i painted like. some shitty ass clownfish gettin his ass all lost and his fish lusus thing is all like 'oh shit gotta find the fucker'
TP: he'd also be accompanied by some blue colored fish bitch but
TP: is it a gr1000 idea or what
TP: y/y
VV: Men,
VV: Vou totellv gotte do thhis
TP: hell yeah i fuckin do
TP: its a great idea
TP: fuckin. cant wait to paint this shit. got my canvas ready an everythin
VV: Hhow big is it?
TP: th normal size o the canvases i paint on ykno
VV: right right right
TP: yeA!!!!
TP: so you got anythin goin on then? you doin well? keepin w/ the latest art trendos?
VV: vehh, like i've been on e tree kick letelv. lots of peintings of trees.
TP: aint never seen no trees round here! th only typesa trees i see are th ones that all them dead artists painted yknow?
VV: Ohh, reelv?
TP: livin in th sea will do tha tya
VV: Mevbe vou shhould come visit mv hhive sometime for e little longer so we cen welk eround thhe eree.
VV: Thhe trees ere reelv nice right now.
TP: maybe someday! we just dunno yknow? like. idk. i am a busy fishie yknow
VV: Veh but vou gotte teke some time end releeex miss fishhie.
VV: Teke e smoke breek or somethhing.
TP: 's hard t smoke underwater yknow!!
VV: Vou cen get on lend cen't vou?
TP: yeaH BUT
TP: idk. im just lazy fer reals tho
VV: ehhhh
VV: Whhet hheve vou been up to, thhen?
TP: swimin round, catchin dinner, paintin, ykno, th usual
VV: Seme old, seme old, I cen respect thhet.
VV: Whhere'd vou get thhe idee for vour new peinting?
TP: i was swimmin round earlier rite, and like, holy fuck, i saw these fuckin clownfish just like
TP: swimmin round. and i was like. holy fuck. i think im havin a momen here
TP: and BAM it just fuckin whapped me upside the face! or it mightv been a fish
VV: Nice, nice
TP: yea man
VV: Men, well, vou gotte shhow me thhis peinting whhen vou're finishhed withh it, okev?
VV: Or mevbe even in-progress shhots.
TP: hell yeah! ill record myself paintin fer ya, hows that sound?
VV: Thhet sounds greet to me!
TP: hlel yes
VV: hlel yes
TP: well. lemmie go get started on settin up cameras and fuckin paintin shit yknow
VV: I'm gonne let vou get beck to thhet, thhen. Cen't weit to see it!
TP: haVE fun paintin yr crazy alien trees yo
VV: I will
-- tumblingPigments [TP] ceased pestering velvetVarnish [VV] at 02:34 --


'Ah yes,' You'd say, sniffing the air in your hive triumpantly, 'The smell of friendship. Isn't it great?'. Of course, no one is there to agree with you, but, still.

Instead of wallowing in the loneliness that accompanies living underwater, you're just gonna paint instead. Go bother some other loser, or something, you tell the audience.


[Image: tumblr_ml7wpd3B3Z1qh9j9jo6_250.png]
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RE: Nevermore.
>======> Be Some Other Loser

Hey, you're not a loser! You are definitely the opposite of a loser, that's what you are! You even own a successful business!

>======> Just introduce yourself dammit.
Okay, okay. Man, these commands are getting awfully pushy. Gotta just relax, man.

[Image: uHxX3NE.png]

Your name is KAPTEY DEVATA, and you are not a LOSER dammit. You're only EIGHT SWEEPS OLD and already own a successful ART GALLERY which is situated in your hive.

You just love ART, man. You love to paint and to draw, but keep those things on CANVASES and WALLS, which is where they belong! And the best way to enjoy them is after smoking some SWEET LEAVES from the trees that grow outside your hive. When not doing art or trying to discover the secrets of the universe, you like to walk around town and the surrounding areas, EXPLORING. If you didn't like your hive so much, you'd probably be some sort of weird vagrant traveler who can't stay in one place. Good thing you're not!

You are also quite social, and like hooking up with other artists via trollian. Your handle is velvetVarnish, and you speek withh en exotic eccent, but vou hheve e bit of trouble breethhing sometimes.

>======> Kaptey: Appreciate some fine art.
You can't do that yet! Your head is way too clear for you to understand the laws of the universe as they pertain to artistic expression! First you've got to go outside and appreciate nature a bit, man.

>======> Kaptey: Go outside and appreciate nature a bit, man.

You do just that. While lying sprawled out on the ground, you have an epiphany about the stars. Naturally, you just have to tell somebody about this, and you know just the guy to mesage about it! Good thing you brought your phone out here.

-- velvetVarnish [VV] began messaging genialAdherent [GA]--
VV: Hhev men...
VV: So I wes sittin outside mv hhive tonighht, righht?
VV: End like, I wes looking et thhe sters
VV: End thhey were like, dencing for me.
VV: Like there wes thhis one thhet wes doing e solo end ell thhe othher ones were fleshhing eround it
VV: I need to peint it men
VV: I'm thhinking I'm gonne put thhe sters in dresses, righht?
VV: End like, one of thhem is doing thhe cen-cen
VV: End thhe othhers ere doing thhis bellet routine
VV: Or mevbe thhe foxtrot...
GA: Um KaptEy, not tHHhat I don't normally fuckin adorE talking naturE and drugs witHHh you but
GA: THHhat
GA: WHHhEw, dEEp brEatHHhs
VV: Thhe one withh thhe hhet?
GA: THHhat onE! YEs! HE's back and HHhE's likE
GA: RigHHht outsidE my fucking HHhivE
VV: Whhat is hhe doing, men?
GA: I don't know!
GA: I'vE lost sigHHht of HHhim!
VV: Whet do vou meen vou don't know?
VV: ohh
VV: Thhet sounds creepv es fuck.
GA: AaaaaaaaaaaaaagHHhHHhHHh
-- genialAdherent [GA] stopped messaging velvetVarnish [VV]--
-- genialAdherent [GA] changed their mood to OFFLINE --

Well that wasn't disturbing at all. Maybe you should go see if he's okay.

Or you can just lie there and think about the universe. That works too.


Hah. Never expected to see me here again did you?

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RE: Nevermore.
>======> Be the Man

[Image: 9D6qGti.png]

You are the man. You are THE man.

>======> Yeah ok whatever, you big baby. Introduce yourself, ya dirty hippie.

[Image: kVHh8d0.png]

Your name is PIERMO COPACH. You have TEAL blood, you are 7 SWEEPS OLD, and you enjoy long walks through the forest to appreciate nature and beauty, tokin' up, yoga, liftin' weights, decorating your RIDICULOUSLY LONG HAIR, and you hate being MISTAKEN FOR A GIRL like you usually are, as well as any kind of SCISSORS and holy shit does none of that matter right now because you are fucking TERRIFIED. Your trollian handle is genialAdherent, and when you talk, you takE grEat mEasurEs to appEar manly and somEtimEs talk through your tEEtHHh to calm yoursElf tHHhe fuck down.

You've lost sight of the creepy redblood. No need to lose your cool. You're chill. Whew, haaaa...deep breaths. Don't forget to breathe like last time. It's fine. He can't have gotten too far. Maybe you'll just slowly start to inch towards the window and...take...a...little...peek...

[Image: gdZrqrB.gif]

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RE: Nevermore.

[Image: tumblr_mt1wh4MCxj1siu37co1_1280.png]

Your name is SEMOCE HOGLAZ and this is it. This is your time to shine. You've got your opponent trapped, at your mercy. You can feel the power building up in you, the quality of this comic rising as your opponent shakes and shivers in fear.

[Image: tumblr_mt1wh4MCxj1siu37co2_1280.gif]

Ah. The pure terror in its gross, deformed, ugly eyes as it shivered and shook like a disgusting yipbeast. The quiver of its lips as it tries to beg for its life in a language foreign to you, the wobble of its knees as the terror takes over and threatens its ability to stand. Ah, its delicious.

>Quit bragging and just off the poor creature already

You give the audience an exasperated look, before sighing dramatically. Fine, you guess you can just stab the poor creature and get it over with. You pull back your pitchfork and charge towards the enemy, watching it's eyes widen in terror as you go to stab its lights out and...
* TRIP *

[Image: tumblr_mt1wh4MCxj1siu37co3_1280.jpg]

Shit. Fuck. You did it again. Goddamnit. Fuck. Not again. You did it again. Shit.

>This is just embarrassing. Why don't we go to someone else?

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RE: Nevermore.jpg
>Reveal Final Character
[Image: Piermoandublichpanel1.jpg]
You are Ub- Wait what? You are a Cut-out decoy! Used to terrify witless gypsies your creator comes across. Who is your creator anyways? He was here a second ago....

>Catch up with the trotting Hatter.
[Image: ublichdopantscamperonlittlehatter.jpg]
This is Ublich Dopant. Humorous little terror of the swamp.
> Be The Hatter
No, it seems he is still he and you are still you. He is not like many of the other trolls, his faculties are not controllable let alone understandable. Some rumor all his faculties may not even be there!
> Be The Hatter
"Pardonne-moi, but how could you control wHAT has yet to control it's self?"

>Try to learn about the Hatter
"Allow moi to take over from here. Heheh.. You see I am merely a modest, yet productive, apothecorruptor. Unlike some I am willing to do wHAT is takes to survive on this harsh planet. Heheh...and survival is exactly wHAT our little tale is all about. Now come with me, cheri. I have much to tell."
>Follow the Hatter
[Image: ublichdopantinhisscamperhamper.jpg]
"You follow me to my hive. The hive is small, yet well purposed. I seem to have done away with a respite block and even a commons. In place is this wondrous lab before us. Who needs rest and company?"
>Compulsively laugh against your will.
>Explain whats going on.
"Ah yes, you are probably wondering wHATs going on here. I'm your narrHATer now. But not for long. I am an actor in this tale after all. But dry those eyes cheri. I will still be around, waiting. I wont let you miss any of the precious details on how this story really happened. "

>Show the juicy details, you crack pot.

"So soon? PHATients, cheri. Well, perhaps we could take a look closer HAT the happy pale couple"

The only important quote ever. Thanks to Silvy.
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