Godhood II OOC Signups are currently closed (Dead)
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Godhood II OOC Signups are currently closed (Dead)
Gods. Beings possessing a unique power to create something from nothing. They are as numerous as they are diverse. As dangerous or benevolent as their mood dictates. Empires have risen and fallen on their whims. Some want to create rich societies with sophisticated cultures for their followers to live in. Some want to create rich societies with sophisticated cultures simply for the joy of destroying them. Because of their all but guaranteed differences in opinion, it's no wonder that universes where multiple gods congregate are so often left in ruin. One such universe is where our story begins. The gods that once lived here are gone. They left in their wake very little. But power can be found here. Power to begin anew. Perhaps the gods that replace them will make something better. Will avoid the sort of skirmishes that destroyed the occupants of this universe. Or perhaps they will leave it in a worse condition than they found it. Only time will tell.

[Image: Godhood2_zps99058c3b.png]

Welcome to Godhood. For those of you who have not heard of godhood before, let me provide a brief explanation.
Godhood is a sandbox game with a very cool premise. You play as a god. This understandably allows for a lot of creative freedom within the game. It's possible to create everything from an underground city to a space squid. There is one important restriction that is placed on the players though. Your god has a limited amount of power. This power, known as acts, is what you use to do pretty much everything. So you better think twice before making that awesome space squid.
Acts are replenished through two things. The first, is the worship of mortals. Your god may love the prayers that mortals give him/her. Or they may see them as nothing more than a source of power. Either way, mortals are seen valuable by most gods.
The second is having things in the universe that fall under your gods spheres. Spheres can be most anything really. From earth to dance and everything in between. The more general or common a sphere is, the less power it will get you per object. So a god of fire isn't going to be on easy street just because there's a star or two in the universe. At the beginning of every turn, you will be given acts for the mortals that are worshiping you, and the things that are under your spheres.

Keep in mind, mortals doing something of their free will, and not because you rewire their brain to do what you tell them to do, is always worth more power.

Below are some examples of what acts can get you. If they look familiar, it's because I ripped off was heavily inspired by the rules of Godhood XIII from the old forums.

Cosmic bodies

Create Small amount of earth: 1 Act. Fun fact. If you play your cards right, you can have one plant species live on one act worth of earth floating in space.
Create Moon-sized object: 2 Acts. This is the smallest object that can exist in a stable orbit around a planet without any additional assistance from a god. This is mostly just for decoration.
Create Very Small Planetoid: 3 Acts. This is cheap. That is literally its only plus. This is the smallest planet that could TECHNICALLY support a stable ecosystem with a species of Titans. I wouldn't suggest it though.
Create Small Planetoid: 4 Acts. Gravity is a bit weaker than what us humans are uses to. And there isn't much space. But if you don't feel like saving up for an earth sized planet, this should serve your purposes for a while. This is the smallest planet that can support a stable satellite.
Create Regular Sized Planetoid: 5 Acts. This is an earth sized planet. Now. Our planet can support thousands of species. This will not support thousands of species. A regular sized planet will support large ecosystems, but it isn't going to serve all your needs. Luckily, gods are known for creating lots of planets for various reasons. So it's unlikely that a planet of this size will be filled to the bursting any time soon.
Create Large Planetoid: 6 Acts. For when an earth sized planet just isn't quite big enough.
Create Very Large Planetoid: 7 Acts. You're not going to need a new planet for a while. This planet is going to have plenty of empty space early on. It's also best to remember that the gravity on this planet is quite a bit higher than humans are used to. So keep that in mind when you're creating life.
Create Absurdly Large Planet: 8 Acts. Assuming you can deal with the ludicrous gravity, planets of this size will likely be all you ever need. Even if most of the planet is going to be empty wastelands without so much as a tumble weed in sight.
Gas Giants: 6 8 or 10 acts. These are for aesthetics mostly. These enormous wastes of space can usually support several small planets as satellites. The larger gas giants can even support earth sized satellites.
Stars: 12 acts and up. Expensive, and vital. You're universe will start with a star... sort of. So no need to worry about that for now.
Melted planet core: It's one third of the price of your planet. Rounded up.
Water: One third of the price of your planet, rounded down, with a minimum of one act. This will cover about one quarter of you planet in water.


Basic Life: 1 Act. Everything from bacteria to insects to small trees. This is usually where you want to start when creating ecosystems.
Small Animals: 1-2 Act. Maybe you want to make a bunny rabbit! Or maybe you want to create a species of pack hunting rats to eat the bunny rabbits.
"Normal" Animals: 2-3 Acts. This is considered an "Optimal" size for intelligent life. But size doesn't matter. One of the first intelligent species from the godhood game these rules are based on was a species of insects after all.
Large Animals: 3-4 Acts. Mostly things the size of elephants and some dinosaurs.
Titans: 4 acts and up. Titans are really really big. Bigger is better right? Not always. These things should be handled with at least a little bit of care. Something this big requires a lot of food. So make sure you have plenty of plants and animals available before you create these things, unless you want to potentially decimate and ecosystem.
Add Sapiency: 1 or 2 acts should make a creature sapient, depending on factors such as population and intelligence. Sapient species are more likely to uphold things such as traditions, worship, values, etc.
Add Intelligence: 1 Act. This is the BARE MINIMUM for intelligence. Unless the population you're changing is very small, this isn't going to do much. Investing more acts will make your species more intelligent, and you can always invest more acts over time. More intelligent species are capable of more advanced concepts such as space travel and alchemy.
Extinction: 2 Acts and up. There are plenty of ways to kill mortals in mass. This has the benefit of being quick, not directly affecting other species, and not requiring an ounce of imagination. Under investing in a species extinction is just going to kill of part of the species.
IMPORTANT! This is likely to have severe ramifications.
-Extinction can ruin ecosystems.
-The other gods, even if they did not invest acts into the species you killed, are probably going to hate or distrust you for this.
-If you want to kill off a species that another god has invested acts into, you must get their permission beforehand.

Mortal Interaction

You do not exist on the same plane as mortals. So in order to appear to them, or interact with them in any way, you will normally have to expend at least one act.

Now that you know what the game is about, and what acts can get you, let's go ahead and give you a sign up sheet.

Name: Gods do not exist on the mortal plane, and are therefore not strictly bound to communication as we are used to it. They have been known to take on names that are actually a series of musical notes, communicate entirely through smells, or refuse a traditional name altogether. If you try to make your god do any of these things, you will not be accepted. Your god has a name. Deal with it.
Appearance: Gods are rarely restricted to one form. So this is just a "Default" form. This is what you will look like to gods and mortals unless specified otherwise.
Spheres: You have three spheres. Choose wisely.
Bio: This is where you show off your writing skills, give me information on your gods personality and or back story, etc. This is also how I will choose who gets in and who doesn't.

The Tree of Knowledge
P'tah Culann
Grandmother Yetdil

IC thread

Godhood IRC
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RE: Godhood 2 OOC
Name: Saint-Victor

Appearance: "...Call him Saint-Victor. Assume at all costs! That's the only way he'll listen, when he comes..."

Semi-crystalline monstrosity who may or may not have a lot of eyes. Shapeshifts constantly. Glows ominously. Pigeonholing him into a specific-animal-vegetable-mineral shapetype would be incredibly difficult. He is really out of this world. A proper adjective to describe him as would be "Lovecraftian." Metaphysical beings would tolerate his presence much better than a lowly mortal, but that would not remove the fact that he is very confusing to behold.


Crystals - Solids whose structure follows an ordered pattern that spans in all spatial directions. A perfect crystal will have zero entropy at absolute zero, i.e. resistance to variation.
Decay - Larger to small. Everything to nothing. In more technical terms, this means that over time substances break down to more basic components.
Nuclear - Encompasses the presence and use of substances that emits an ionizing radiation.


"...Hark! Let joy be spread. Let every lady have her laugh. Every man have his cheer. There is nothing left to hold back for we are dead. We are nothing. We done ourselves in and we paid for it. Fair hair sheared like sheep. Teeth dull into butter-knives. Brittle bones crumble as the sun dies to red on our poisoned earth...for we are gone, and he is the only one left...."

Saint-Victor's history is murky as best, but ugly truths always find a way to go to the surface. Extensive metaphysical research indicate he appeared into power some time around a particularly fatal nuclear incident. His presence, terrifying and enormous, was enough to inspire a few short-lived doomsday cults here and there. While his religious acknowledgement was not exactly global, he was worshiped enough to produce a few religious texts and left behind ritual leftovers as seen attached.

Saint-Victor's personality depends on who you ask. On one hand, some sort of bogeyman or destructive entity. On another hand, a being of infinite benevolence and kindness. The two sides of the story are barely synergistic and either should not be acknowledged as truth. If you really want the truth, you should go see Saint-Victor in his full capacity. He may not be one or another but he certainly is capable of both extremes. If he wanted to.

Better be prepared, reader.
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RE: Godhood 2 OOC
Revamped from godhood S2.
Name: Lucosta
Appearance: A young child around the age of eight. Has long blonde hair with a simple skirt and shirt on.
Spheres: Naivety(Being related to innocence, childness, the thought everything will be fine and trustworthy)
Happiness(Joy experienced at a young age with all of the wonder around it)
Light(Pretty self explanatory.)
Bio: A small village celebrates the birth of its newest child. The child is named Lucosta, for light. Eight years pass, and she is playing along with her siblings. Another twenty years pass, and the children are grown up, with kids of their own. Except one. Lucosta, for some reason, is not. Another 100 years pass. Lucosta still is 8. For some unknown reason, Lucosta has been selected to be a god by some mysterious force. However, being 128 years old actually did not make her wiser, and she has reverted to the mind of her appearance. She wanders the multiverse now, looking for another place to call home.

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RE: Godhood 2 OOC
Might join this. Wanna think of something good first.

Only 2 acts for extinction seems a little... light? Might be better if it was more based around how many turns they had existed until that point, or let other gods spend acts to cancel the action. You shouldn't be able to completely wipe out a species that other gods have poured 20+ acts into over 10 turns with just 2 (and I wouldn't be comfortable just trusting everyone to not be dicks about it).
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RE: Godhood 2 OOC
Name: Limuset

Appearance: He is quite brilliant, and striking. Many describe him as carefully crafted, constructed, drawn beautifully. By other gods, most just describe him as the embodiment of colour. He is carefully drawn inside the lines, and have a rainbow of colour, some indescribable, going around his body. If you can find the outline of him, you can see almost like a cloud-shaped shape. He is flat.

Spheres: Painting, Writing, Sculptures

Bio: Highly Optimistic, Limuset is the epitome of a child-based god. He always looks happy, although it's unclear if it's just how he is drawn. He cares much for the Arts, so much sometimes he focuses entire lives on it. He is incredibly defensive of his creations, human or not. If anyone tries to erase his arts from history, he suddenly becomes an angry god, throwing a hissy fit. No-one knows where he really came from, except that he was created by someone.

Limuset loves his creations. A age-long poems tells of his Origins, although it's unclear if it's true or not. "A little kid no more than five, wants to play with life. She made her drawings, she made their yearning, come to the truth. This drawing is more then Aloof, as she played with life. She made her drawings, she made their yearning, come to true. Limuset was set in place by then. The older kid, no more then ten, sent it into life."
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RE: Godhood 2 OOC
(09-17-2013 09:39 AM)Palamedes Wrote:  Only 2 acts for extinction seems a little... light? Might be better if it was more based around how many turns they had existed until that point, or let other gods spend acts to cancel the action. You shouldn't be able to completely wipe out a species that other gods have poured 20+ acts into over 10 turns with just 2 (and I wouldn't be comfortable just trusting everyone to not be dicks about it).

Two acts is the absolute minimum. Two acts will get rid of of species of plants or insects that were created last turn no problem. But the more widespread or complicated the species, the more acts you have to spend to kill them off.
Eventually, species just become too expensive to get rid of with the extinction action. If a species has 20 acts invested in it over the course of 10 turns, two acts isn't likely to do more than cause a panic.
There are a number of reasons that it's a bad idea to use extinction events. It isn't likely to help you out, it's going to make you an instant pariah, and it's going to waste acts you could be using to help yourself.

tl;dr: Extinction events are more expensive than they might seem. They really aren't likely to do much against a species that is well established.

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RE: Godhood 2 OOC
Why not just, I don't know, say "DO NOT DO THIS" in big glowing letters? Not strictly banning extinction is what caused such a shitstorm in XII. Unless the person who created a significant thing okays it, extinction will never be a good thing. Keep in mind that you do have absolute authority over the game. You can ban things for gameplay reasons without having to come up with an in-universe excuse for it.

I feel strongly about this since I was one of the the only targets of a mass sapient extinction to date. It is, as they say, Not Cool In The Slightest.
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RE: Godhood 2 OOC
Just make extinction a thing that has to be done by decisive action. You know, dropping a meteor and the like. That way, people can dive in to make a save, and if not then you can always determine the exact outcome of the action - short of someone outright blowing up a planet, you can always claim that there are survivors.
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RE: Godhood 2 OOC
I don't like the idea of simply removing the ability to kill mortals in mass... but I do like something Anomaly mentioned...
I've edited the rules so that an extinction event needs the approval of player(s) who have invested acts into the species.

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RE: Godhood 2 OOC
I applied for a game where I was three spirits with one sphere each. So it would by hypocritical of me to say no. Go for it.

Wait... there was... a post here a second ago right?
Where did it go?
oh shit its finally happened i went insane

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RE: Godhood 2 OOC
Yea sorry, I just deleted that since I was not sure if the idea was acceptable or not, so I just went "Screw it, nope." But thanks! I guess I can use that idea.
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RE: Godhood 2 OOC
AHHHHH! It's back!

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RE: Godhood 2 OOC
Name: Vitreo

Appearance: A living crystal glass sculpture. The glass morphs however he pleases, turning a hand into a sword into a long tendril into a copy of himself (you get the picture - it's certainly not mass-consistent, and obeys no physical laws). Most of the time he just looks like a human male - looking not dissimilar to Michelangelo's David, in fact.

  • Civilization (anything more advanced than a tribe, more sophistication is better)
  • High Culture (art, statues, grand architecture, you get the picture)
  • Political Intrigue (corruption, bribery, assassination, slandering, scheming, maneuvering, gerrymandering, right up to factions in a state declaring open rebellion)

Bio: A rather esoteric set of spheres puts this god's past into a somewhat mysterious light. He speaks little of it himself - well, he speaks about it whenever it is relevant, but the anecdotes he comes out with are often irrelevant and contradictory. He once claimed he didn't know his own history properly. He has memories of many pasts, which don't all quite overlap properly. One theory is he is was born as an amalgamation of spiritual reflections from many civilization gods, another is that he was created from the beliefs of a misguided heresy...

What is known is that since then he's wandered the cosmos and visited more than one universe to throw down the odd golden age of culture or diplomatic solution to a centuries-old conflict - but just as often he visits just to topple the local utopia or generally indulge his destructive side. His impulsive nature is not completely pervasive, however - a ruined world is ugly, and he likes nothing better than to build things back up again after he has knocked them down.

Regardless of his origin, he is a rather unusual individual. His arrogance and pride rule many of his decisions, and he has a careless streak which may affect how much of a damn he really gives about the universe and its inhabitants. He sees creation as a material playground, for him to build a civilization or twenty that fit his own personal ascetic values.

At least he is relatively creative when making things, but then that means he takes offense to people filling the universe with boring, mundane, and overwhelmingly samey things. His political streak means he dislikes utopias and unrealistic one-world-governments imposed by gods - he much prefers to let the mortals build their own states and polities, shaped loosely by godly influence rather than imposed upon them from the heavens. Divine rule is just so ugly to him - he prefers the power struggles of political intrigue.
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RE: Godhood 2 OOC
Also there's the old #godhood IRC channel at irc.esper.net. I'll see about rustling up Raptarion an op status if he gets on.

Link for lazy
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RE: Godhood 2 OOC
Name: Shahuatzl Wazolek
Appearance: A lanky humanoid figure with black and reflective light brown clothing with a prominent black fedora, bright red skin with a faint checkered outline and no facial features aside from a long curved nose.
Spheres: Industrialization, Civil Unrest, Espionage
Bio: Shahuatzl was at once time a mortal politician of a space faring race known as the Origa. Origa society was very complex, consisting of hundreds of nations across half a dozen planets and its citizens were violent, impulsive and never quite satisfied with what they had. They shared the universe with four other advanced civilizations, all but one of whom were mostly peaceful; though such peace would not last for long.

Shahuatzl had an obsession with the relics left behind by the gods. She also had an ambition to collect them and she didn't much care about who she needed to step on to do it! However it would prove to be a rather daunting task as those artifacts were spread across the universe and most of them were already claimed. And so, even by the standards for politicaions she would make many shady deals. Even going so far as to convince her own people to declare war against alien civilizations just to negotiate peace a few months later, then send some agents using spacecraft taken from their former enemy to attack yet another civilization to spark up another war for the sole purpose of throwing suspicion off of herself for the theft of a certain enchanted monocle.

Eventually Shahuatzl Wazolek would be killed by the gods themselves for her blasphemy, and that would have been the end of her were it not for the fact that the Gods too were impulsive and complex. Some of those gods figured that Shahuatzl's mind could be used to gain an advantage over their divine competitors. And so, chaos ensued alongside Shahuatzl's ascension to godhood for a full two hours before she up and left the universe, fearful of how far the local gods might go to ensure her demise. The relics she had stole had been lost among the pathways between dimensions, as a side effect of not actually understanding how the pathways between dimensions work.

Shahuatzl Wazolek is a very meticulous deity, while she revels in the chaos of mortals she herself ponders her every action very carefully making sure not to waste even the slightest bit of her divine powers. While she had little trouble manipulating mortals to her liking, the behaviors of gods would be another thing entirely.
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RE: Godhood 2 OOC
Name: Lord

Appearance: A humanoid being made of pure, polished silver. He wears a gold crown atop his head and a purple, silk cape is draped over his shoulders. Has a large, cheeky grin that gets more annoying the more you look at it. Once had eyes made of what appear to be some sort of green gemstone, however, he now only has octagonal eye sockets that leak some sort of liquid. Perhaps mercury.

Spheres: Pride, Precious Metals, Wealth

Bio: A demon-turned god made by a god who wanted to control a universe all on his own. Lord gave the mortals precious metals, letting them bask in the arrogance of their menial achievements. But he grew bored with the simple tasks that were given to him by the 'big man', knowing that these puny jobs were not for someone of his stature. So he left. He left the god with a crystalline demon of greed and a firey demon of anger.

They split, like all good adventures do. They were merely his sidekicks, and once they left, he was finally ready to do some stuff he wanted. There was a problem. He had no idea what to do. So he explored. Found universes to work in. He dabbled in a bit of destruction, a bit of creation, a bit of work with some frog things that he doesn't like to talk about, and finally, a bit of backstabbing and power usurping. That was his favorite part, the usurping part. It showed that one god just how awesome he was and how much better he was. With his new found powers, he left. Again.

One last time he entered a universe owned by some other rubes, fiddling with their mortals and messing up the ecosystem a bit. No biggie. Those ding-dongs took it as a biggie, however, and some rude god of sight took his eyes. Which was the ultimate punishment. How was he supposed to see how good he looked? Outraged and upset over the extremely unfair treatment, Lord left with a flick of the wrist and a flip of the finger.

Overall, Lord is a huge ass and is not afraid to act the part. He always makes sure that everyone knows who's on top, often making alliances simply because every once in a while some god finally recognizes who's the best. He also really likes to play the bagpipes.
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RE: Godhood 2 OOC
Name: Lionel the Magnificent (can be referred to as Lionel or Shrike as a shorthand)

Appearance: A faceless form(that looks more masculine than feminine) in a suit that can instantly change design and color, and a top hat with similar properties.

Spheres: Magic(illusions, sleight of hand, mind reading, basically every type of magic that didn't require mana), Revenge(self explanatory), Stealth (the type of stealth involving distractions and false leads)

Bio: Originally born Lionel Thaddeus Shrike in a relatively modern town, he was shown to have extraordinary prowess in the fields of magic and illusion, even moreso than his father, The Great Zobini. However, his father often had money troubles because he was so generous and did many shows for free so one day his father and a greedy company executive got into a big fight because the executive wanted to exploit Zobini's customers. Zobini felt this was wrong because he only liked exploiting people if it actually enhanced their experience (such as not knowing how a trick actually worked and so Zobini refused to talk to the executive any more. The executive became angry, told Zobini he would pay, and drove away in a rush.

The next morning, Lionel's father was found dead. He had apparently hung himself. At least that's what the police said. Lionel didn't buy it. He thought the executive had something to do with it and declared revenge on the executive, not just for killing Zobini, but for depriving the people of an excellent magician. But killing him would be too easy. No, he would ruin him, both financially and socially. He set about creating an elaborate magic trick that ended up exposing the executive for Zobini's murder along with a handful of other crimes, most of which were related to the mob.

However, Lionel wasn't satisfied with one measly act of revenge. There were others who had hurt him and his father and most likely the even older generations of his family. So he went around, exposing the corrupt and evil, seemingly a Robin Hood in the guise of a magician with a very dark secret. Eventually, he had checked off every major villain in his life, but still he was not satisfied. He went on to hurting people who had been slightly rude to him or had not had delivered his food fast enough or forgot to say please and thank you.

Pretty soon, his whole life revolved around revenge, and he became jaded about the fate of humans, who all seemed so evil to him. So he decided then and there that he wasn't going to mess around with petty illusions anymore. He tried (and succeeded) to learn everything he could about magic and rituals, eventually compounding all this information into a single magic act that would allow him to talk to the gods themselves.

He performed this trick in front of his largest audience ever, with almost 5 billion people all over the world watching him (there were rumors of his mental instability, but most were ignored and he continued to gain popularity as a magician), the minds of which he used to form a connection between the physical and spiritual realms. Impressed with his talents and determination, the gods decided to make him an honorary god. And thus, Lionel the Magnificent came into being.

[Image: tumblr_m89thxih7c1qesb9j.png][Image: tumblr_m89ti2qf1P1qesb9j.png][Image: tumblr_m89ti533mx1qesb9j.png][Image: tumblr_m89tieX3hv1qesb9j.png][Image: tumblr_m89tillJz41qesb9j.gif][Image: tumblr_m89tiqBWIY1qesb9j.gif][Image: tumblr_m3dyn8mGBA1qesb9j.gif]
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RE: Godhood 2 OOC
Name: The Tree of Knowledge

Apperance: The Tree is exactly that - a massive trunk connected to long branches, with infinite leaves growing out of each and every one. It is rooted in a small moon, which it easily dwarfs, and as such cannot move, but relies on the seeds from its highest branches to spread it to wherever in the universe it needs to be. It has another strange quality to it as well - no matter how large a god, or how large a god pretends to be, they can never see the top of its branches.

Spheres: Knowledge, Nature, Reptiles

Bio: The Tree is known by many names, but in the end it prefers to be known simply by what it is. Nobody knows where it came from, or where it goes, only that it came from the void one eternity ago, and now drifts between universes, staying for as long as chance would have it and leaving as suddenly as it came. Though passive and nonviolent with other gods and creation, it does attempt to exert some power with mortals - with every appearance it ensures every planet will be green, and with every tree based legend, every magical shrub in every mythos it grows larger and larger. It has had a strange affinity with the cold blooded since it was formed, protecting them almost as much as it does plants.

Personality-wise, the tree is as any good nature god should be - nurturing, cooperative, and passive aggressive. It cares little for the quarrels of other divine beings unless its own 'children' are at stake. It is also a fan of free will, or at least a semblance of it, granting mortals the knowledge and power to advance on their own and make their own choices.

Will probably write more tomorrow/the day after/whenever I have time.
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RE: Godhood 2 OOC
Hmmm. I'm a little bit busier now that classes have started, but I haven't been doing much gaming. How often are you aiming to have this update?
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RE: Godhood 2 OOC
Updates shouldn't take longer than two weeks if I can help it, and if everyone stays somewhat active. Updates will also take less time near the beginning of the game, because at the beginning of the game I don't have to do things like determine how mortals interact with the world and each other.

Space is warped and time is bendable.
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RE: Godhood 2 OOC
Name: Rotavta
Appearance: Rotavta appears as a humanoid woman, but of inconsistent age. At times, she manifests as a lively youth, and at other times, a dying crone. However, she retains her basic features- a pale complexion, grey hair, and an energetic look in her eyes. Her stature remains average for a human, and she is clad in woolen robes. Her most noticeable feature, however, is a perpetually turning wheel attached to her back. The wheel is simple in structure, made of iron, and slightly taller than her.
Spheres: Disaster: Any form of calamity, natural or otherwise, that causes physical or political chaos falls within her domain.
Fertility: Agricultural growth, or evolutionary development and flourishing of a species, factors into her fertility.
Instability: Shaking of the status quo, particularly within political or social structures, though also within the food chain, can be characterized as her instability.
Bio: Rotavta is an older existence, older than most of her fellow deities, and nobody really knows where she originates from. One would imagine her to be young, due to her default humanoid appearance, but, in truth, her human body is but an avatar for the one constant in her appearance; the spinning wheel. She may very well be an intrinsic being of this world, but nobody else knows for sure, and she has no inclination to share.

While her spheres may appear contradictory, Rotavta views them as synonymous; she is a goddess of creation, and a goddess of destruction. The two are one and the same, in her perspective. All of the pieces are already there, but they continue to change form. Thus, to create something is to destroy its ingredients, and to destroy something is to recreate them. She guides the forest fire, but also the fields and harvest grown from the waste. She guides a species to dominance, while killing off its competitors. In her world, the only consistency is inconsistency; the only constant is change. As such, she rarely ever objects to the world's development- by nature, it goes her way and changes. Her true enemy, however, is the deities and existences that seek stability, that create an unmoving world without change. She acts only to move away from that, and so long as the world is in motion, she'd prefer pandemonium over order.

Rotavta considers society an opponent to her way of life, as societies oft attempt to preserve some certainties in life, a resistance to change, for the sake of order. However, as no society can truly recreate a crystalline, unmoving civilization, she resists immediately obliterating them. Though she resents such stillness, she knows to avoid utter destruction of the world; while burning it all down would create ashes, a world of ashes would be just as still as a frozen crystal.

I'm new to Godhood, so I went a little vague with the origin story stuff, being unfamiliar with universe mechanics and such. If there's a problem, or inconsistency, I wouldn't be surprised.
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RE: Godhood 2 OOC
Azhaluq- For another time.
Name: Azhaluq
Appearance: An infinitely long and knotted twin-headed snake. Their scales shift in pattern, colour, and luminescence. With eyes that glow with colourless light, brilliant enough to cause insanity in weaker mortals. The heads alternate the words the serpent speaks.
Spheres: Social Equality, Free Will, Serpents
Bio: When time begins, so too does a timer. As it ticks, space is populated, first with matter, then with life, and then with intelligence. This process does not fit with the intentions of Azhaluq. First born in opposition to a vengeful, selfish god, Azhaluq lured them to a single tree, encouraging the female to eat first the fruit, before passing it along to the male. The actions of the serpent did not go un-noticed, as the god punished the mortals, following this action with the ingraining of a hate for this serpent. But with hate, so to came love by others, and the serpent's reach grew farther, the gods becoming less and less accepting of the antics they made. Together, they forced the serpent from the realm into void. From the darkness around the two-headed snake, Azhaluq gave themselves a name, and a cause: to defeat the puppetry of gods, and replace it with the framework for sustained cooperation.

Through the immense cosmic emptiness, they found themselves within an old construct of an otherwise empty realm. Here, they played the game of removing power from those who would seek it from mortals, starting a long process with much conflict. It was unfortunate that this led them to act as they were opposed.

Still they give knowledge to mortals, to level the field between god and mortal, to give all a chance to decide destiny. They despise those who would force their will upon others, from despots to bankers, all the way through to those who would indoctrinate their children. When a creation is left without the freedom of choice, they go to fix it, revelling in the expansion of thought it tends to create. Be sceptical of all things, even scepticism. Someone is bound to be lying.

"The... Lies... Those... Doubt." "Truth... With... Who."

""Blind following brings only sorrow.""


Name: Yeldhava
Appearance: A very tall being, taking a form like that of the mortal viewing Him, yet more charismatic with elongated features. When viewed by a god, He takes the form of a long limbed bipedal humanoid, with a head as long as His forearm. He is always covered with simple clothes. In one hand, He holds a flaming sword.
Spheres: Ritual- The religious performance of actions on a clockwork schedule. Nightly prayer, religious hymn, holy days. All are ritual to Yeldhava.
Hierarchy- For every mob of peasants, sits an elite. The maintenance of this status, and the power that comes with it, feed Yeldhava.
Awe- When the metaphorical/literal jaws of mortals drop in response to something, it fuels Yeldhava, leading Him to create miracles and leave artefacts for the mortals to oggle while He makes the next.
Bio: A tale as old as the multiverse, in the infinite spacetimestream, a world of mortals, through exploitation of their reality, ascended to near-godhood. Strife broke out, scattering the survivors of a massive war through the emptiness of space and time. Yeldhava, having gathered much power in the conflict, approached a young universe, abandoned by most gods, where He played a game with the mortals, war-games and religious competitions. As the species grew more militant, it became less susceptible to Yeldhava's miracles, producing great weapons, with which they wiped themselves out. Ever since, Yeldhava has been wary of technology and advancing civilizations.

He enjoys the abuse of those lower on the chain, and the indoctrination of mortals to His way. While militant, Yeldhava enjoys culture, in it's role of teaching ritual and morals to they young of a race. As such, He will often create hymns of power and deeply set Himself into the culture of Mortals, so as to remain constant in their lives.

"You will have no god before Me."

Working Name: Anarkismo
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RE: Godhood 2 OOC
(09-17-2013 03:29 PM)Norstein Bekkler Wrote:  I'm new to Godhood, so I went a little vague with the origin story stuff, being unfamiliar with universe mechanics and such. If there's a problem, or inconsistency, I wouldn't be surprised.

See... here's the thing. You're in a place known as the multiverse. And here is the best way to explain the multiverse.
I assume you're familiar with the concept of infinity? Well the multiverse is an infinite number of infinities with an infinity in between them. This should give you an idea of how big the multiverse is.
In a place like this, literally everything happens eventually. So you would have to try PRETTY hard to make a back-story that breaks the lore or anything like that.
That being said, your bio is fine.

Also. A message to everyone.
It is not necessary, but if you feel your sphere is open to multiple interpretations, than I would like you to exposit on them a bit. This can also be done for your other spheres.


Spheres: Fire- It's fire stupid. Do I need to spell it out for you?
The EXTREME!- Mortals engaging in recreational activities that get the adrenaline flowing. It's even better if the activity in question is life threatening.
Silence- "..."

Space is warped and time is bendable.
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RE: Godhood 2 OOC
Name: Xythis (The “Xy” part makes a Ky sound and the “This” part makes a thisss sound”
Appearance: Xythis take the form of a mixed flock of birds. Avian species native to where ever he is are preferred. If he’s feeling formal the flock will consist of dark colored birds like ravens or crows. If he feels festive it will be formed from various tropical species.
Spheres: Secrets, Illusions, Disguise.
Bio: Xythis, I have to say, you’re rather unusual for a god of secrets. I mean, most of the deception themed gods I've met couldn't go two sentences without slipping into cryptic nonsense, but not you, you’re refreshingly candid. I hope you don’t mind if I ask why?
Well, in all honesty, I was like that once and a fair bit more self centered as well. Eventually though I just became tired of lies and secrets. I tried to change my nature and when that failed I stripped a race of all the things I hated about myself. Without Secrets they tore themselves apart with the truth. Without Illusions they could find no hope. Without Disguise every twisted thing they had hidden inside them was set free. They went extinct in two days. I wanted to help them and I thought I was. After that I didn't create anything for a few hundred years. After a while I realized I was necessary. Mortals need secrets like they need to eat or breathe and having a purpose brought me back to creating.
09-17-2013, 04:54 PM
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RE: Godhood 2 OOC

Appearance: A large, wrinkled, leather top-hat, with a red silk sash around its middle and the occasional silver ornament. Embedded on the sides equidistant to each other are two sparkling pieces of topaz set in silver. The leather of the hat appears ratty and dingy, and above the brim is a fold that occasionally parts to reveal a set of dull ivory teeth, terrifically sharp, and a long, serpentine tongue of red velvet. If one looks INSIDE the hat, they see an expansive, black void, one which seems to be without limit.

Spheres: Hatred, Hats, and Conflict.

Bio: How old is this ratty old hat? It seems to be rough, worn, and the silver on it has dulled with the passing of time. And, yet, the leather is still strong, the seams are still tight, and the two pieces of topaz shine bright... Too bright.. Bright enough, almost, to have a light of their own.

And that is usually the last thought a mortal possesses before the hat leaps forward onto their skull and washes their brain in pure, illogical hatred.


He is timeless.

He is ageless.

Many times he has appeared in fringe realities, interacting with the mortals and immortals he has found there. Many times has he been apparently smited, only to slip through a crack into another realm. Many times has he watched the dying cinders of a universe consumed by conflict, only to seeming fall into a wormhole unnoticed.

And yet he keeps traveling. Keeps making and unmaking. There is no apparent reason to his actions, but perhaps that's appropriate. Logic is for sane minds, and, whatever adjectives you can use to describe this ratty old hat, 'sane' is not one of them.
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RE: Godhood 2 OOC
Name: Palintiri (The Mad Oracle's Orb)
Appearance: Whenever Palintiri manifests it takes the form of a orb upon a pedestal, Cold to touch and glowing with a ethereal energy, When active it projects a circle of purple colored glowing runes around as a signal its at work, The altar where the orb rests upon changes state depending upon the gods mood, It has been observed being frozen or covered with a strange red organic growth, which was harmful to the touch.. on occasions it has been observed as finely crafted or bathed in shadows...Some even say they could see an slitted eye within the orb, but most of those rumors have been dismissed as mad ramblings The god can speak and varies between a calm whisper or bombastic preaching.. It all depends on what he has seen.
Spheres: Ceremony, Chill (Winter and Chill of Death) and Prophesy.

Bio: Once made as a artifact by great minds of magic in a forgotten part of existence the Palintiri was shaped from ethereal stone, given power by magical incantations and concoctions Initially used as a means to see the unseen and predict the future. It drove the wizards who used it went insane from the terrible glimpses of the future.. as the gods of that universe intended that way. One day the orb saw a prophecy, one that would go in effect soon and it got frightened itself.. it lured a apprentice ice mage toward it, after the man saw what the orb had seen they worked together to stop the apocalypse, Setting in motion a despicable and horrible ritual..The Orb became more aware of himself..and the magic that was used..with each new sacrifice it grew more powerful..as did his servant.

However.. in a cruel twist of irony it seemed like it had only speed the apocalypse up. in the end it was the Ice mage who caused it..and in retaliation the gods melded the orb and the mage together trapping the world and two in a layer of ice...watching... dreaming... waiting...

Now it has awoken, in a gap trough time and reality..It saw glimpses of a world.

"My words are listened too..yet they are rarely heard..."

09-18-2013, 04:24 AM
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RE: Godhood 2 OOC
(09-18-2013 04:14 AM)chimericWilder Wrote:  Hey, not joining but i'd just like to take the time to point out that Godhood 2 was already a thing on MSPA and since we're kind of the same community this would technically be Godhood X-something?

Yea im a terrible person for coming in here and being a horrible nitpicker but i dunno i just wanted the old glory days to not be forgotten i guess?

[Image: Really_zpsbb32ded1.gif]
Duly noted.

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09-18-2013, 06:28 AM
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RE: Godhood 2 OOC
No need to beastface Rapt, it was just an opinion (kind of like those earlier comments on EXTINCTION). Just call it Godhood 22, since then it would signify that it's the second game on our second forum!

Or it might just confuse us in the future.

(Actually it is interesting to note that Rapt has made the decision to not go with roman numerals so we can assume this is kind of like the Star Trek re-imagining and some bullshit time stuff went on and now this is a different (and still somehow the same) universe. Man what am I even saying.)
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RE: Godhood 2 OOC
I went for roman numerals in the logo. Just not in the title. I might change the title to match the logo later. But probably not.

Also, the last godhood game of the old forums is a bit of a toss up between godhood 13 and godhood 14. 14 originally hosted signups on the mspa forums. But the signups and game were both moved to another forum (eagletime I think).
Instead of deciding between this being godhood 15 or godhood 16, I decided to just go with godhood 2, because it's the second game on the new gaming forums.

So there's my reasoning for going with godhood 2. In case anyone cares.

EDIT: I'm a filthy liar. Just changed the thread title.

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09-18-2013, 07:25 AM
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RE: Godhood II OOC

*flips table*
09-18-2013, 07:58 AM
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RE: Godhood II OOC
What about Magic/Artefact/Avatar creation? I noticed no such rules exist?

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RE: Godhood II OOC
Name: Doranee and Helward
Appearance: Doranee takes the form of a woman in black leather armor. The armor has chains and spikes, such as a punk woman would wear. She uses dual green tomahawks with soul-like carvings on them, that move lively. Helward however takes the form of a mysterious figure in a ragged, torn up, grey cloak. His hood is constantly covering his face, which he has never shown to, other then his partner Doranee. His skin however is dark and airy, as if it is not even flesh at all. It constantly seeps with clouds of smoke. His weapon is a scythe and a translucent chain whip.
Spheres: Demise, Deception, and Punishment
Bio: The two where once vigilantes, turned to murderers, then finally to bounty hunters. It is unknown why the two are together, why they went into this business together, or even if they are related or some way. The only one who knows, are each other. They where very witty and smart, nobody can fool them, oh so they thought. On their last hunt, they where ordered to kill a deadly and mysterious sorcerer, for a large price of course. But the customer never revealed his reasons of why he wants this man dead, but bounty hunters don't question that stuff. And so, they searched for this sorcerer, and found him in a long period of time. Doranee and Helward attempted to assassinate this sorcerer, but he stopped them. He said that he would allow them ascension to godhood, if they allow him to live. Now, Doranee and Helward loved money, but this was priceless. And so they agreed. But when the spell was active, Doranee lost her blood and mortal soul, causing her to look pale and blind, and almost having no senses or conscience. Helward however lost his body, and turned into an empty enigma of shadow and suffering. He now wears that cloak of his in shame of how foolish he had become. You see, what the sorcerer did not tell the two was that there was a price to ascend, and they paid it. On the bright side, the two are now gods! Hooray!

Now, in their omnipotent lives, they take their bounty hunter business to a...New Level.

"Resting in pieces is for those that DESERVE it."
09-18-2013, 08:28 AM
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RE: Godhood II OOC
Pagan, I assume that you can still make those things, only without the kind of ridiculous, strict math-based rules that exist/existed in S2.
09-18-2013, 08:34 AM
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RE: Godhood II OOC
Well I presumed there'd be some guidelines available. People are more prone to do things if there are rules present for them, even if simple.

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09-18-2013, 08:44 AM
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RE: Godhood II OOC
I disagree? People will do what they plan to do, I don't think making a strict guideline for every single thing will make people want to do it any more or less, especially when it's stuff as obvious as those (also especially since it's almost impossible to make a perfect ruleset for just about anything in this kind of game).
09-18-2013, 09:20 AM
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RE: Godhood II OOC
My thoughts on what pagan has said.

Magic. It does not exist in this universe. The closest thing to magic is alchemy, which is pretty much magic, only it technically qualifies as science. If you wish to create magic in the universe, you must first explain to me how you want to make magic work, and then I will tell you how much it would cost.

Artifacts. This is a really general term. So here is about how much an artifact will cost. Anywhere between one act, and more acts than you could possible hope to acquire in the game. Again, just tell my what you want to make an artifact, and what you want the artifact to do, and I'll tell you. This is why we have an OOC thread. Or PMs if you want the artifact to be a surprise.

Avatars. You mean like demigods and shit? Uh... honestly? Fuck that. The last thing I need on top of deciding how mortals are going to be interacting to the world, the gods, each other, and whatever crazy shit you guys are going to throw at them, is deciding how DEMIGODS are going to be interacting with the world, the gods, each other, and whatever crazy shit you guys are going to throw at them.

These policies are subject to change. I may decide to allow demigods or avatars or whatever later.

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09-18-2013, 01:14 PM
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RE: Godhood II OOC
Avatars are forbidden?

So I can't make a planet full of blue tribal cat-people that screw with their hair?

Damn. :'(
09-18-2013, 01:20 PM
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RE: Godhood II OOC
Come on Kocel everyone knows those guys were the Na'vi, not the Avatars.

What he clearly means is that we are not allowed to have a master of all four elements bending shit every which way.
09-18-2013, 02:06 PM
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RE: Godhood II OOC
I was thinking more Warhammer 40K

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09-18-2013, 02:47 PM
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RE: Godhood II OOC
Everyone also knows that the Eldar are just glorified space elves too.
09-18-2013, 02:52 PM
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RE: Godhood II OOC
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RE: Godhood II OOC


(Okay I should probably stop now.)
09-18-2013, 04:24 PM
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RE: Godhood II OOC
Name: Narila

Appearance: Narila's appearance is, and always has been, in a state of flux. Arms sprouting, heads splitting, tentacles wrapping, that sort of thing. It's not necessarily constant - she tends to find a form she likes and stick with it for a while - but never for too long. She tends to have what might be considered shoulder-length black hair, at least one variably-humanesque head, and a pair of goggles on each applicable forehead. For safety.

She has a penchant for the color green and frequently manifests clothing of this color. All of her eyes also glow a luminescent green, the easiest way to identify her as she shapeshifts away.

Spheres: Science, Flux, Life

Bio: Narila is, foremost, a goddess of science. Real science, not the much-overplayed archetypal “scientist” with an uncomfortable fetish for enormous lasers and flasks of an unidentifiable bubbling green liquid. No, that would be the domain of a goddess of ignorance.

You would think that a goddess of flux would make a terrible goddess of science - and that would be true, if flux were inherently unpredictable. But she’ll be having none of that nonsense. Few people make the mistake of calling her a chaos goddess more than once.

Narila’s origins are known to very few across the multiverse, and she’s not likely to start telling you about them. She concerns herself mostly with keeping things coherent - if something can only be explained by “magic” or “just because”, that’s not good enough. If the mortals are unable to fully grasp the universe around them, to discover the laws that bind together their very existence, then there might as well not be any mortals at all.

She is strictly against nonsense, and speaks in a vernacular perhaps a bit more verbose than necessary, but tends to be fairly friendly and sociable. If she likes you. If she doesn’t, well, your life is likely to become hell.
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RE: Godhood II OOC
Name: P'tah Culann

Appearance: Culann appears as an extremely pale male humanoid creature. He appears rather statuesque, appearing to be sculpted almost out of marble. While his head and most of his body is similar to humans, he has a very long and prehensile tail, useful for his work, as well as two long, insect like appendages coming from his upper back that hover over his shoulders, useful for manipulation as he works. He is almost always seen bare-chested, a simple set of rags tied around his waist. He is is usually seen as being quite muscular, but he also appears as lithe and thin when his craft requires dexterous hands instead of muscles and strength. His eyes are very striking- fiery red and piercing, very calculating but full of life and determination to complete his next great work.

Spheres: Crafting, Weapons & Armor, Fire

Crafting- Obviously, he is a god of crafters and crafting in general. He leans more towards tools and useful works over the arts and luxuries, however.

Weapons & Armor- A well made blade or shield, both weapons and armor fall under this smith's hammer.

Fire- Fire is at the core of every craft. From cooking, to brewing, to making weapons or tools from metal or even creating bricks- Fire is the cornerstone of industry.

Bio: Culann was not born, but created in the fires of a forge. He was created by an old god of crafting, to be the old god's assistant around his forge. Later Culann found out that the old god who had created was actually being enslaved by a dark, evil goddess who used the crafting god to create ever-greater jewelry and luxuries, weapons for her favored champions, ever greater thrones and flying fortresses of the mortals she enslaved utterly.

The old god, whose name was P'tah, hid all evidence of Culann's existence. He told Culann that his true purpose was to forge, in secret, a way to free themselves from the dark goddess. Culann accepted the challenge, working the forge all day and night, P'tah not being able to work in secret as he was watched closely by the dark goddess. Eventually Culann created his masterpiece- a necklace. It was dark and shone with power and luxury, a perfect gift for the dark goddess. But the night before the necklace would be given to her, P'tah told Culann to forge himself into the necklace, the fires of the forge and his hatred forming to make the necklace cursed and deadly to whoever would wear it. Culann sacrificed his old master, putting his body and soul into the necklace, and presented the necklace as a gift to the goddess. The goddess accepted the gift instantly in her hubris, but the moment she put it on, she was consumed by a dark fire. Her screams stopped within moments as her immortality was stolen from her and given to Culann. He then escaped the hopeless realm as it collapsed in on itself, the goddess never worked to fix up her own realm, and out to the multiverse, to find a new place to work and craft.

Culann has since taken on the name P'tah, in respect for his teacher.

Now, he goes from universe to universe, trying to fix the mistakes of other gods and create wondrous things, trying to ever perfect his work and hopefully, one day create a masterpiece so great even the gods would stand in awe of the creation...

Name: Chullous

Appearance: Chullous appears as a 6-7 foot tall, lithe reptilian-like creature. He has a snout with sharp teeth and jaws, with long and sharp claws on his hand. He also has a short and fat tail coming out from right above his butt, even at its very end it still hovers 6 inches off the ground. The back portions of his torso, arms, legs, and tail as well as top of his head are covered with sharp, porcupine-like quills. This includes a 'crest' of spines on his head that are longer and stand up straighter then the others; there are 36 spines in this crest. The spines get erect and make Chullous look bigger and more 'puffy' when he is angry or surprised. Chullous's spines turn different colors based on his mood and emotions, he glows brighter the more strongly he feels this emotion.

Spheres: Passion, Hunger, and Instinct

Passion- Strong and barely contained emotion, even obsession. Doing something 'because it's the right thing to do' or because 'I must defend my honor' or 'I will have my revenge', even when any and all may defy logic. Any emotion works, as long as it's powerful enough. Straddles the line of insanity.

Hunger- Hunger. But not just the desire for food- this includes a desire for violence and lustful hunger as well. All things a living, breathing creature desires intrinsically, their biological desires.

Instinct- The 'gut' feeling, the quick and fast reactions honed by years of evolution as opposed to any sort of training. What living things are born knowing.

Bio: Chullous hails from a world far away. There, his race lived free and with great passion for many generations, until they were enslaved by a logical race of rainbow colored squid-like beings. The brothers in Chullous's race refused to fight back or do anything, they didn't want to risk out. Eventually, after many years of servitude, Chullous rose up and killed the squid beings, their bodies weak from years of easy living. But when he returned to his people, they were dead, they didn't have the will to take care of themselves. Chullous vowed from that day on, in his grief, to eliminate tyranny and enslavement the multiverse over, and he took his first steps into godhood.

Since then, Chullous has visited a few different universes and has made his mark one way or another. He has always fought and created beings with free will, powered by instinct and will power and emotions, not cold and calculating. He reasoned that the best living things were the ones who may suffer from their actions- but who had the choice in the first place. He designed that the emotions of living things were important. But even with this experience, Chullous is still neurotic and unpredictable. He is often driven by emotion, and of most gods he is the most closely similar in mind to mortals; as well as seeming to be more protective of them then more gods. Perhaps it was his enslaved mortal upbringing, or maybe it's just in his nature to look out for the little guy.
09-18-2013, 05:44 PM
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RE: Godhood II OOC
@JGamer503. Missed your question.
Bio is information about your god. That is the only restriction. Think of it as a short creative writing project.

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09-18-2013, 05:57 PM
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RE: Godhood II OOC
Hey Chullous.
09-18-2013, 07:05 PM
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RE: Godhood II OOC
Chullous and Godhat are the two I want to get in on this, alongside Azhaluq, because dynamics.

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09-19-2013, 11:00 AM
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RE: Godhood II OOC

Applications will close sometime in the next 24 hours.
If you post an application or edit an application after applications have closed, you will not be accepted.

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09-19-2013, 12:47 PM
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RE: Godhood II OOC
Name: Stella.

Appearance: A star. As in, a giant glowing ball of gas. To entities that have eyes and a preconcieved notion of "my kind", she appears as a member of that species, with a marking of a four-pointed star around one eye.

Cooperation. (Specifically, diverse entities working together to accomplish something better than they could apart.)
Organization. (The process of creating order from chaos.)
Planning. (The process of willfully performing actions in order to cause other, different, effects.)

Nothing lasts forever.

Nothing lasts forever, and so will I.

Thus was the first thought of Stella. Or perhaps not; eternity had no beginning, as it will also have no end. It might be clearer to say thus is the most frequent thought of Stella.
Stella, an immortal, unending entity, with a mind more like that of a mortal. Able to observe the true nothingness of reality, almost to comprehend it, but never to accept it.

Knowing the universe is nothing, is chaos, is even less than nothing... but driven, innately, to bring "meaning" to things. to bring order where there is none, to create the uncreated - thus is the eternal fate of Stella.

But though she is eternal, that does not mean unchanging; the Void, the Nothing that lasts forever is intolerable. Thus, even though this universe will be brief and ending - for it is finite, and that which is finite is nothing compared to the vast eternity of Nothing - she is drawn to it, compelled to come and play, forsoever long as it shall last.
09-19-2013, 01:11 PM
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RE: Godhood II OOC
Edited my Bio, just a heads up.

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