Ruby Mountain
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Ruby Mountain

Acolyte Doctor - Osip Dymov
Anomaly - N'teikt Iedzve-Drnad
Bramzter - Jonah Jump
Demonsul - Richard Jackson
Discord The Hedgehog - Star Frost
Galloglasses - Tadg
Kocel - Sam Samson
MedicInDisguise - Viskot Grov
Palamedes - Job Walker
paradoxGamer - Michael "Mike" Moreau
Purple Walrus - Frank
Rufus - Equsclepius
SupahKiven - Gavin Stone
Solaire - Jimmy "Took" Holmes

NPC stats:

Description: Dan is your average crappy physicist, and is also quite good at using his handgun and crowbar. He is slightly faster than your average egghead.
[Image: stats.png]

Description: Sarah's father was a bit of a gun nut, thus granting her a half-decent knowledge of firearms. She is also quite fast (in part due to the extra control granted by her wings), but her knowledge of mechanics is quite poor. She is also rather bad at using computers, and had a lot of trouble passing her driving test.
[Image: stats.png]

Description: Dark, despite his appearance as a stoner, is rather-well rounded. He enjoys chemistry as a possible way to make more drugs, but his drugs typically turn out pretty crappy. He is also extremely lazy.
[Image: stats.png]

Description: Jackson has no idea how to minimize a window, can barely use a band-aid, and has trouble remembering that we are indeed the third planet from the sun. Despite this, he is a competent fighter (and a half-decent mechanic to boot).
[Image: stats.png]

Description: Jessica has always loved cars. While she was never too good at fixing them, she was quite good at driving them, and earned quite a few speeding tickets before her employment at Ruby Mountain. She was also in the process of getting her pilot's license. On top of this, she has a basic knowledge of surgery, can use a handgun, and is above-average in scientific fields.
[Image: stats.png]

Description: Greg passed high school with solid grades and went on to receive a degree in Business Management. He's worked at Ruby Mountain for roughly fifteen years, and hates his job with a passion.
[Image: stats.png]

Description: Kelly is a Ruby Mountain security officer who excelled in the use of a rifle. She is also decent in the use of a pistol, submachine gun, and shotgun. She is also trained to use her baton, but has below-average skills outside of these.
[Image: stats.png]

Description: Paul is a Ruby Mountain security officer who excels in the use of both shotguns and pistols. He is also trained in the use of SMGs, rifles, and his baton.
[Image: stats.png]

Description: Rebecca is your typical computer technician. She's also not opposed to leaving allies to die at the hands of alien bastards if it means saving her own hide. Remember that. :)
[Image: stats.png]

Description: Julia is also a typical computer technician, and is a friend of Rebecca's. She also doesn't like saving people from alien scum.
[Image: stats.png]

Description: Matt is a bureaucrat (yes, he was called Matt the Bureaucrat). He isn't well-suited for combat, and hates fighting. He is also a bit of a coward, but hey.
[Image: stats.png]

Description: Charlie is a monkey who works as a computer technician. He is also a buddy of Frank's, and enjoys watching basketball.
[Image: stats.png]

Description: Chef is an excellent cook. He is not an excellent fighter. Hey, not all survival game chefs are actually butcher knife wielding maniacs, you know!
[Image: stats.png]

Description: Dr. Soul says she's just your average old scientist, and that she's no good in a fight. Mind your own business.

Description: The lion is a pure red killing machine. It weighs in at roughly eight-hundred pounds, and is massive even by lion standards. It is also fluffy and loves to receive pets.
[Image: stats.png]

(Can't post more than twenty images in this post, so I'm linking to the posts now.)

Jerry, Arthur, Bernard, Carlos, Catherine, and Karen:


IRC channel link:

Section list:

Greg's list:
Section A - Devoted to weather control, terraforming studies, and other such fields.
Section B - Has a one-ton pressure plate that triggers a meltdown. Is worked by a species composed of sentient gas, and is devoted to developing more efficient techniques of generating power. They are also terrified of some kind of creature called a "Vlorkan", to the point of setting up the previously-mentioned pressure plates.
Section C - Has a hangar and factories for spacecraft. Not too sure how they get the vehicles out, considering it's a mile underground, but they find a way.
Section D - Military vehicle development. They make tanks, gunships, and the such.
Section E - Industrial development. They make better industrial technologies.
Section F - Civilian vehicle development.
Section G - Genetic Engineering. Houses cloning labs and labs devoted to engineering all kinds of weird crap. I can't tell you the specifics, but beware, many of them are extremely dangerous.
Section H - Has a famous coffee machine, which was looted by Frank. Also has the insect hive. You know all about that.
Section I - Health research. They make medicinal advances, and also houses the best hospital in Ruby Mountain. Has apparently cured most of mankind's harshest ailments.
Section J - Electronics research. They make advances in everything from computers to sound systems to virtual reality.
Section K - Devoted to Project Atlas, whatever the hell that is. Nobody would tell me.
Section L - Houses a trans-dimensional studies laboratory. Works with hyperspace, portals, and other dimensions. Fun stuff.
Section M - Armor development. They've made power armor and the such, but I'm not sure of the details.
Section N - Devoted to underwater vehicle research.
Section O - Devoted to studying the human mind and brain, as well as all things connected to it.
Section P - Devoted to advanced robotics.
Section Q - Is devoted to small gadgets development, including household appliances. Not too sure on what they've done there, but Job's shoes were made there. The auto-clean panels were, as well, and the coffee machines. Heard of a collaboration between them, Section N, and Section F, though I'm unsure of the details.
Section R - Avoid if you have red or auburn hair due to some kind of crazed guardian. It's devoted to weapons development. Never been there, but I've heard some crazy stories.
Section S - AI Development, Fabrication, and Imprisonment.
Section T - A rather large section devoted to studying and mapping space.
Section U - I heard a lot of the higher-ups talking about winning a fortune here, but I have no fucking clue what they were talking about.
Section V - Devoted to supernatural studies. These are some of the least-respected "scientists" at Ruby Mountain.
Section W - Devoted to alien studies.
Section X - No fucking idea what they're doing here. Top secret even to section heads. Almost impenetrable security. Gatehouse is outside the security measures, so you're SOL there.
Section Y - Has a program devoted to creating the perfect microwave casserole. Is generally devoted to making awesome food. Has an amazing automated food court.
Section Z - Devoted to animal research. Not just Earth animals. They have crap from all over the place.

This is my first attempt at an RP in roughly four years, so this should be interesting. The setting is that of a research installation akin to Black Mesa, Aperture Science, and the SCP foundation. You don't matter to the bureaucracy at all.

The installation is massive, with almost all of it being underground somewhere in Nevada.

Have fun!


Ruby Mountain Research Installation
Employment Application

Welcome to Ruby Mountain Research Installation, and thank you for visiting our recruiting office! We have a variety of fine jobs available, from the swift-sweeping janitor to the reality-bending theoretical physicist. Now, remember, just because Dr. Jones makes $980,000 a year while you only make $40,000 a year doesn't mean we like him more. It just means he's better than you.

Welcome to the team!

Name: We need to know the name to put on the memorial wall! When you die of old age with full retirement benefits, of course.

Age: This is a good measure of how likely you are to succumb to heart-related trauma and time-distortion related phenomena.

Education: This is a good measure of how much we will pay you, as well as how expendable you are! Don't worry, we are the number one employer of high school dropouts in the country!

Species: Human, of course! Haha, we don't hire any disguised trans-dimensional alien lifeforms here!

Species description: Now, speaking hypothetically, if you weren't a simian humanoid and were actually an alien lifeform disguising yourself in the skin of a simian humanoid, what would you look like? Beneath the skin, that is. No need to answer this if you are not, hypothetically, an alien lifeform skin-thief.

Blood type: Red? Blue? Green? Yellow? Opaque? Transparent? Acidic? Some people can have strange conditions, and it's best to know about them way in advance to both encourage or prevent workplace accidents.

Height: So that we know whether to advise you to duck or jump in certain laser-heavy areas. Should you be above seven feet tall but below nine feet tall, we require you to have at least two years of limbo experience.

Weight: Should you be above two-thousand pounds, which you totally aren't because nobody weighs that much, we ask that you avoid the pressure plates in Section B. It may trigger a meltdown.

Eye color: We need to know whether or not you need contacts to hide your deliciously bright red eyes. You know. For reasons.

Hair color: If you have hair colors ranging from auburn to bright red, we ask that you avoid Section R.

Favorite food: If your favorite food is microwave casserole, report to Section Y.

Biography: Tell us a bit about yourself, including your next-of-kin and anybody who would search for you if you went missing.

Appearance: What do you look like? Can you curl your tongue? Are you capable of whistling? Any mutations we should know about? Are you interested in acquiring some?


Ruby Mountain Research Installation
Aptitude Test

We understand that different people have different skills, and we want to know yours. You wouldn't want to be placed in the dinosaur-bear crossbreeding department without at least some skill in shotgun management, would you? I didn't think so.

You guys have ten points to spend on top of the four in each basic skill that you start off with. The basic skills (Basic Science, Athletics, Street Fighting, etc.) each take five points, and having five in one would represent basic high school-level competence in that skill.

The specializations represent higher education in those areas, so while you can use guns with five in basic firearms, you can't truly kick ass with them.

If you wish, you can remove skill points from the basic areas, though you only get half a point each as a refund.

[Image: Ruby%20Mountain%20aptitude%20test.png]

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RE: Ruby Mountain
Name: Job Walker

Age: 24

Education: College dropout

Species: Human obviously (is secretly not a non-human)

Species description: Now, hypothetically speaking in a case where he's some other race that would warrant him filling out this form, and remember this is entirely hypothetically speaking, he would secretly be a human.

Blood type: Only the finest red please.

Height: He only has a single year of limbo experience, but he's also only like 5'9" so it's no big deal.

Weight: Is totally not 300 pounds. Try 150.

Eye color: He had red eyes once, but uh, you don't need to know about that right? He swears he's clean now, and that they're generally blue.

Hair color: Boring brown

Favorite food: Hahahahaha who cares about microwave casserole not Job no sir he hates that stuff and wants nothing to do with Section Y, no sir no sir. Besides that he just likes food in general, but if he really had to choose something he'd probably pick pie or something like that. Delicious

Biography: Job grew up a relatively normal life as the son of a local drug lord. Though she didn't wish for her son to get involved with the kind of things she handled in her day to day business, but when one's mother is the bloodthirsty kingpin in a largish district its hard not to notice what's going on and try out some of the product. Thus, Job became a pretty heavy drug user all the way through his teenage years, a regular connoisseur of just about everything from marijuana to methamphetamines. He attended the best highschool in the area and breezed through his courses, either because he was actually pretty smart if you got past the constantly drug addled state he was in or due to a large fear of his mother seeking retribution for poor grades. It was then that he made a decision that would forever change his life, though not in the way he expected - to go to college.

In college, his way of life turned out to make things far more difficult than they were before. He constantly missed classes and failed assignments and tests due to his addictions and generally lazy attitude, but the school was far enough away from his hometown that his parent's name wasn't quite scary enough to dissuade the academic integrity of his professors and markers. This, combined with his rapidly dwindling bank account, led him to drop out in his second year and head home.

Unfortunately, his bad luck wasn't through. You see, he arrived home only to discover home no longer existed. His parents and their business had been completely destroyed and taken over by some small-bit bald psychopath, and both of them had been killed in unnecessarily gruesome ways. Job was only spared the same fate himself because days after his arrival the madman was taken down by his own hubris and ridiculousness just before an attempt was made on Job's life (supposedly for returning for the sole purpose of avenging his parents' deaths and restart their empire).

With little left to do, Job took on a position at Ruby Mountain, who were looking for 'testers' - a deceptively accurate name for the job it entailed. For the next two months Job and countless others served as test subjects for experimental weapons, creatures, foods, tactics, and the like. You name it, Ruby Mountain was testing something related to it. It was during this time that Job discovered many new, exotic drugs that only existed within the facility itself to supplement the ones he could now no longer find or afford. The most popular of these, and Job's personal favourite, was 'Sovereign'. Job was told it was named after an alien species the facility had discovered some time ago - and the drug itself was simply made by crushing said species into a fine powder. It produced a spectacular hallucinogenic and empathic response, and its said that you can't ever enjoy a movie more than when you're 'born to the purple', 'going royal', or one of the other colloquialisms for snorting said powder. Of course, at the time Job didn't believe it but as his career advanced he couldn't help but be haunted by it.

As two months began turning to three Job realized he probably wouldn't ever make it out of Ruby Mountain alive. However, as fate would have it he accidentally entered an area he had no access to - and quickly found himself hunted by the facility's guards for his 'blatant spying attempts from Sapphire Valley'. Cornered, afraid, and with nowhere left to run Job broke his way through one last glass door marked 'no entry', and cursing his luck for the last time jumped through.


Ever since the incident, as it is now called, Job has been treated as a moderately worthless, yet valued employee. The incident left him shaken and confused, causing him to get his shit together and re-evaluate his existence - kicking his decade-long drug habit and learning how to properly groom himself. Things finally started looking up. He was immediately transferred to experiment cleaning duties, where he mopped up the aftermath of the duties he only previously took part in. Showing a talent for that (and after an incident with an experiment that started up again and tried to attack him, killing four guards in the process) he was moved up to be a proper janitor, cleaning up the regular messes of everyday life. He stayed there for many years in relative peace, though eventually he was forced out of that position when a junior researcher he was in a relationship with met her end when an experiment went wrong just after they started secretly seeing each other privately - an event that his supervisors didn't believe was actually meant for him as he was cleaning the floors just outside, but didn't want to take any chances.

In the next couple years Job was transferred up the command line further and further, each dead-end job he was stuck in drawing some sort of problem that resulted in him needing a new occupation and only the higher paying ones being deemed safe enough. His seemingly effortless fortune led many to believe he was some sort of secret prodigy working his way from nothing, and found him surrounded by friends and admirers. Enemies too, but the most overt of these often disappeared after mysterious or tragic incidents.

Currently, he works as an executive resupplyer, making sure the higher up break rooms and offices are constantly stocked with whatever they may need, as well as delivering messages. It's a curious position, as they occupy a seemingly servant-like, and therefore unimportant, job, yet have the power to decide the fate of lesser cleaning, maintenance, and support staff, as well as being able to boss around just about anyone in most of the break room if necessary. A power he does not abuse, of course. Curiously, if one was capable of hacking into Ruby Mountain's database (you can't) or noticing, and therefore questioning it, and therefore the wisdom of the executives in the case of being a database manager and living (you don't), one might notice that said position didn't exist before Job was assigned to it. One might also notice that its pay is significantly lower than a regular executives (but still way larger than yours), and until the last couple of years a large portion of his time had been put aside to 'meetings'.

Beyond his job now, Job takes the time to get to know his underlings and patrons to the various break rooms, not notice the ludicrous amount of money he's making (or that a large chunk of it goes to the 'Employer's Charity Benefit' fund), and woo young researchers and scientists with his good natured charms and position of power.

Appearance: Job looks like a reasonably attractive but otherwise pretty average guy actually - perhaps the oddest thing about him is the fact that despite the long years he's worked at Ruby Mountain he still, somehow, looks as fresh as a newly hired employee, and as clean as one hired on for a legitimate, non-test subject form of employment.

Basic science: 4
DIY: 4
Basic firearms: 4(+1) = 5
Handguns 0(+2) = 2
Street fighting: 4(+1) = 5
Martial Arts 0(+2) = 2
Improvised Weaponry = 2
Polearms 0(+3+1) = 4
Athletics:4(+1) = 5
Dodge 0(+1+2+7+5) = 15
First aid: 4
Computer literacy: 4
Driving: 4(+1) = 5
Stunt Driving = 1
Fixed-Wing Piloting = 1
Charisma: 4

Bonus Skills (approved by Cid):
Extremely Lucky
Excellent Cook
Adequate Dancer
Tree Climber
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RE: Ruby Mountain
[Image: irisheinstein.png]

Name: Osip Stepanitch Dymov

Age: ???

Education: High school graduate. Or some equivalent, anyway.

Species: Human. Haha no. He ain't one.

Species description: ???

Of human stamina and size. Their physical bodies have a notorious resistance to time-distortions and other variations of tampering and change (which might be a reason why they have high longevity). They are unusual in the fact their faces cannot be photographed by any means necessary. Their physical presence has been described as "off" although people are at a loss to explain why. Otherwise, there isn't anything spectacular about them. And that is what they exactly want to you think.

Height: Average.

Weight: Average.

Blood type: Printer ink.

Eye color: Uncanny.

Hair color: Short.

Favorite food: Media.

Biography: “hello my name is osip dymov i am a very normal human being please give me a job”

Dymov is a twitchy pallid fellow with a paranoid expression and bleary eyes that dart at every direction that have the slightest potential to possibly murder him. Messily. He is afraid of disease and people and often has a tendency to assume the worst out of everything. Like how he is going to die. Or everything is going to explode. As for why he is in Ruby Mountains, he mumbles something along the lines of “parents forced me into this,” “kinda stuck here,” and “financial independence.”

Appearance: Wears a security guard uniform, cap and all. A badge displaying the logo for Ruby Mountain security force decorates his clothes.

He looks like a perfectly ordinary human because that is how you perceive him to be.

Ruby Arms Purgatory-14 Assault Rifle
Ruby Mountain LCA-15

Basic science: 4
DIY: 4
Basic firearms: 4(+1)=5
-Rifle: 13
-Handgun: 2
-SMG: 2
-Machine gun: 2
-Explosive Weaponry: 2
Street fighting: 4
First aid: 4(+1)=5
Computer literacy: 4
Driving: 4
Charisma: 4
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RE: Ruby Mountain
(I feel as though signing up as an alt species is a trap. LETS SPRING IT!)

Ruby Mountain Research Installation
Employment Application

Name: Miss Professor Masters

Age: 28

Education: Private homeschool tutor of highschool equivalence. On-The-Job experience manipulating local spacetime.

Species: Genetically-modified alien-human hybrid

Species description: Due to the result of a lab accident at my last place of employment, my body became rather attached to a piece of attire to the genetic level. Green skin, sharp hands and claws, large eyes, nice curves. The usual. The condition has gone recessive several times but reversion tends to occur during stressful situations. Such as seeking a new job as a walking freak of nature!

Blood type: Modified O+. Glowns neon-green

Height: 5'10

Weight: 135 Lbs

Eye color: Cyan

Hair color: Does not apply

Favorite food: Chicken, chicken

Biography: I come from a well-established family in the heart of Germany, of which I have run away from since the finishing of my high-school education. Within my first year of absence I was offered a job at a sweepstakes mansion, which on top of being shady turned out to be a lot more work than expected. Though I am legally obligated to not reveal the details, I picked up quite the bit of knowledge on theoretical physics regarding theoretical physics, explosives potential, and dimensional anomaly (also some less-desirable habits. See Species). I traveled a bit after that gig ended but find myself low on funds to continue my wandering, and so I offer my knowledge as a researcher for your company.

I should make note that your application seems just as shady as theirs. Perhaps a coincidence, but I feel as though there will be no problem adapting to the workplace.

Appearance: Picture Enclosed
[Image: TLS9LjF.png]


Ruby Mountain Research Installation
Aptitude Test

[Image: 4uXA1Zj.png]

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RE: Ruby Mountain
((Will edit when have time and not on phone))

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RE: Ruby Mountain
Name: Viskot Grov

Age: 23 or so.

Education: School? What's school? All I remember of this "school" is dropping out in Junior High after getting a football scholarship. Of course, I didn't get accepted or else I wouldn't be here!

Species: Obviously human. Now, if I had to be a disguised alien thingy, then I'd most likely be a regular guy, by your means of regular, obviously not distorted by time and space after being rejected.. but I'm human!

Species description: Regular ape simia- er human. I guess at college I might've got into a TINY experiance that distorted my temporal energy, and if it went wrong, then I guess I'd be changing all the time, so hahah!

Blood type: Blood Type? if I had to guess it'd be regular A+ blood... but the incident might've changed things up. No temporal energy definately .. hehe.

Height: 5'9 to 6'5. It fluctuates a lot.

Weight: 200 pounds. Why?

Eye color: Me? Regular brown, I'm surprised you asked!

Hair color: Black. Gotta look spiffed up for the ladies! Oh right, this isn't college.

Favorite food: Meat Products. Really?

Biography: Well, in Junior High, I got a scholarship for football! Dropped out, practiced, and didn't get it into college. Short, I know but why bother? Also, my next of kin is my Girlfriend back in college if your wondering. Not hoping for a good job, but hey.. my friend Xander got a similar one elsewhere and he's a deadbeat!

Appearance: What do I look like? Well, a bit like mike tyson, except that I got a mark on my forehead from college, some scientific wack by the seniors when I was applying. Dunno if it counts of a mutation, but hey! No dcotors know what it is. And getting them? Meh, my girlfriend is.. well a bit weird. She'd like mutations though. So why not?

Basic Science: 1
DIY: 4
Basic Firearms: 4
--Handguns: 1
Street Fighting: 4
--Improvised weapons 1
--Blunt weapons 2
Athletics: 4
--Endurance 2
--Sprinting 1
First Aid: 3
Computer Literacy: 3
Driving: 3
Charisma: 4
--Oratory: 1
Planing: 3
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RE: Ruby Mountain
Name: Tadg Chomcill Domitorvich von Hausenor Francois 妹軾眺 Mc Gillacuddy Reeks III (He hates his parents)

Age: 24

Education: Excellent high school education, couldn't afford tertiary education despite grants and scholarships (his state screwed him over big time on it), got an online degree and had a friend fraud credentials of a his being an alumni at a well respected university. Ruby Mountain saw through it right away but he was hired given his knowledge and grasp of Theoretical science proved excellent in spite of his dubious background and was considered 'useful'.

Species: Human. Tadg was extremely surprised to see non humans at Ruby Mountain, what once filled him with awe now fills him with annoyance and racism. Non humans are egotistical jerks.

Species description: Irish American (and God only knows what else)

Blood type: Luminescent blue after incident ████████ ████████ during his first year at Ruby Mountain.

Height: Six foot two inches tall.

Weight: 84.0 kg (185.2 lb)

Eye color: Luminescent blue after incident ████████ ████████ during his first year at Ruby Mountain.

Hair color: Luminescent RED after incident ████████ ████████ during his first year at Ruby Mountain.

Favorite food: Tadg's favourite food is homegrown vegetables and steak cooked with love and affection complete with either a cup of hot tea, a glass of red wine, porter, milk, water or any combination thereof. As it is, he makes do with whatever red meat and potatoes combination he can get his hands on in the facility.

Biography: Tadg's had only his parents, unfortunately [REDACTED] (See addendum 1234-2 B for details.) Once joining Ruby mountain as a wide eyed, idealistic young man hoping for the glories of SCIENCE and MORE SCIENCE he was horrified of exactly what lengths Ruby Mountain was prepared to go in order to achieve EVEN MORE SCIENCE.

And it changed him.

Now, four years after he has joined, he is on his first day, officially, as a senior researcher despite having to take over for the duties of Sr. Researcher Adams after his 'accident'. Tadg thinks nothing of extensive use of Zeta-class personnel and/or interns for experimentation. Generally he wouldn't get away with it if it didn't produce interesting or amusing results for senior administration ((Who are we kidding? they don't care.)). He has long since given up the ghost of giving a shit about science and progress, knowing full well Ruby Mountain disseminates 0.0001% of the discoveries they've made. Most of which would have saved perhaps a billion human lives at this point from disease and starvation and advanced the species technological level to dizzying heights. In truth he's just going through the motions, feeding meat into the grinder until something shiny happens. or something hilarious.

Tadg has been experimenting on numerous drugs from marijuana, Methamphetamine, cocaine and other narcotics. however, unusually, never to an addictive degree. Speculation suggests his incident allows him to physically and mentally experience all of the effects of drugs yet his brain does not rewire itself to convince Tadg he 'needs more' of the material. As interesting as this is, it is impossible to test wether or not this ability is something Tadg developed post incident ████████ ████████, or whether it was something he always possessed, initial employment health analysis uncovered nothing to suggest this. He has also been caught supplying or aiding in the supplying of drugs to members of staff. While his own use of drugs does not result in dangerous addictions that could prove detrimental to his work, his supplying of high grade narcotics to other staff members is concerning. Of note is he has made transactions with members of staff at least as high as the sector administration level. When question, Tadg responded 'Look, I don't deal with tweakers or young researchers who are just getting their feet wet. I don't do addicts and I don't do those I know can't afford it, I am a respectable and responsible businessman, I know my clients and an addict client who OD's is bad for business. Sides you ain't got anything on me, I don't make the stuff... well not all of it.' It has been recommended that a thorough investigation be performed in all of Tadg's contacts and clientele.
Quote:Request denied. Accusations of this sort against Tadg have proven farcical and demeaning. No such criminality occurs in this sector nor is it tolerated. In addition, staff analyst Jeremy ██████████ has been demoted to Zeta class personnel after crystal methamphetamine were discovered in his quarters.

-Sector administrator ████████

He did ease up a bit on the evil science horseshit for a while in year 2 because of the influence of junior researcher Amanda ██████ who he was sweet on for a while. Until she blatantly and cruelly played a prank on him and went off with the janitor of sector B for late night mopping sessions. Curiously enough she ended up becoming known as Experiment 2-C-████████ after an accident involving experimental chemical mixtures secreted by experiment █████████ ████████████ ████████████ [DATA EXPUNGED] and then she died.

Tadg was noted for not grieving, however any and all investigations into a potential link between him and her death and/or monstrous, incredibly painful deformity turned up nothing.

Which is one of the main motivations for his recent promotion.

Appearance: Tadg's of average build for someone his age with luminescent red hair clashing with his luminescent blue eyes. He generally agrees to keep his head shaven and covered up and wearing sunglasses at all times when outside the facility even if he personally he despises the physical discomfort. He occasionally grows his beard out or just lets it become an unkempt stubbly mess of annoyance, you know, whatever. He is almost always seen in his white lab coat.

Addendum 1234-2 A
Quote:Employment Years 0-1
Journal ██ - ██ - ████
I got the job!

Finally, getting out of my mother’s basement and into employment, and at Ruby Mountain no less! I knew that internet degree in theoretical physics and those fraudulent credentials my friend Jimmy rigged up with ██████ University would get me through in the end!

That’s it for me! Goodbye small town ████████ mediocrity, hello science!
My dad would be so proud of me… If he wasn’t busy being a tweaking half dead, emaciated meth head in a ditch somewhere…


Prospective Employee evaluation: Tadg
Obviously fraudulent credentials, got his degree over the internet, this kid is a poser who thinks he can pull one over on us. Ah well, his test scores were pretty good however so he might be of use, authorize him for junior staff and put him on project ██████ as expendable additions to the research crew there.

Sector Administrator ████████


Pysch evaluation of Junior Researcher Tadg following incident ████████ ████████
Pyschiatric Evaluator ██████ Hereafter referred to as P.
P: So, Tadg, tell me how you feel.
P: Hey hey hey hey, calm down, we’re among friends here, right? Friends.
Tadg: We can fix this right!? I mean… I-I mean my blood is not supposed to glow bright luminescent blue. This is temporary right? I won’t always be this way… Right?
P: ….Sure.

Evaluation: Subject has been given medication and is being treated for PTSD, high hopes of recovery. Recommend further use of subject as expendable personnel.

Addendum 1234-2 B
Quote:Employment Years 2-3
Journal ██ - ██ - ████
Happy fucking New Year Ruby Mountain you sack of shit excuse for the advancement of the human race.

Welp, they finally found Adam’s body, who woulda thunk it be mangled up behind the machinery of that ungodly, monstrously, ancient submarine they uncovered in the Marinas Trench? Not me, that’s for sure.

Man, this is losing its charm. It was great taking over for Adam’s at first, then I stopped giving a shit knowing full well my scientific achievments wouldn’t actually result in any glory or fame. What, helping humanity? Pfffffffshaw, when did anyone care about that? If there’s one thing Ruby Mountain has thought me, its that this is allllll one big ego trip, and I’m riding this fucker into the ground.

I decided to fill the whole in my life with feeding Zeta class personnel and/or interns into experiment containers. And meth. Ostensibly for science but really for shits and giggles. Amanda cussed me out about it one day, I didn’t really have the heart to go against her, damn those big green eyes.

Well ok that was a while ago now, I have long since stopped treating our more expendable personnel like cheap confetti, and she seems to be responding well to my attempts to be more of a goody two shoes.

Well, it IS new years… And she has been making overt movements, maybe I should ask her out? Fuck it, I’ll down this gin here and give it a shot, whats the worst that could happen?


Employee Evaluation: Tadg
Tadg is a valueable researcher who makes studious good use of Human Resources and continues to prove time and time again he is an addition to the entire enterprise and continuously provides good results and value for money with investment into his experiments. He is currently slotted for promotion to senior researcher and the privlidges and pay increase that entails.

Additionally, suspicion into his drug dealing habits has been dropped after it has been discovered the staff analyst who made the accusation was himself dealing in narcotics and was attempting to shift the blame on a highly visible member of staff

He has been assigned to Tadg’s projects as zeta class personnel.

Sector Administrator ████████


Pysch evaluation of Fellow Researcher Tadg following incident ████████████
Pyschiatric Evaluator ██████ Hereafter referred to as P.
P: Tadg, we understand you were in a different sector when the incident occurred
Tadg: Yeah, yeah I was doc.
P: And… how do you feel about what occurred?
Tadg: I’m fine doc. This kind of thing happens all the time.
P: Yes, but it was no secret how you felt towards Researcher Amanda prior to the incident.
Tadg: I’m an open book doc.
P: …And you’re sure you feel nothing about whats become of her following the incident?
Tadg: Look, doc, what happened to her was aweful. Truly. But hey, excuse me if I don’t exactly feel sorry for a woman who tore my heart out like that.
P: But stil-
Tadg: Look doc, I got to go. Whatever it is you’re worried I might be feeling about, I’m sure I’ll get over it. I’m a big boy now, my eyes glow an’ everfing. Seeya Dpc.

Evaluation: Subject has refused to be evaluated further, thus far it is deduced he is in the denial stage of recovery.

Addendum 1234-2 C
Quote:Employment Years 3-4
Journal ██ - ██ - ████ (gamestart)
Got more experiments done.

Strelinkov thought me how to shoot properly the other day. With Kalashnikovs.

Jimmy contacted me recently, said he was out of a job and was hoping I could hook him up with some work.

I did, he is now zeta class personnel.

That’s what you fucking get for doing that to my parents Jimmy you sick fuck, the police may still be looking for the North Town ripper, but I know your MO when I see one you fucking fucker fuck!

Christ. What am I even doing with my life?

Well, ok I am ruining OTHER peoples’ lives but its their fault for being zeta class. Junior researcher Sarah ██████ still won’t look at me after the hollowe’en test. I don’t know what she’s angry about, personally I think those wings make her look sexy.

Anyway, that’s enough for this morning’s entry, I’m needed. Some big test or other is going down somewhere but honestly, who gives a dicking fuck at this point? Its Ruby motherfucking Mountain, when ISN’T there some big test going down?

Sigh back to work.

…Maybe I’ll just take the day off and fuck around by the rec rooms, at least that way I won’t have to worry about Sarah GLARING at me all the time.

Fucking Sara.

[Image: 1chembros.png]

Some AMV horseshit right here bro

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RE: Ruby Mountain
Name: Jonah "Medicated Shampoo" Jump.

Age: Is 45, looks 61.

Education: The University for Drifters and Vagrants at Trainyard 6-B Michigan, Faculty's include cardboard engineering, weed distilling and the research of a mysterious epidemic disease known as Hoboism. Also has experience in train catching, blurring the line between edible things and inedible things and making change just disappear.

Species: Hobo.

Species description: Sub-human species usually found in dilapidated neighborhoods and anywhere not patrolled by local law enforcement, These creatures are hopelessly afflicted with the dreaded hoboism disease, depriving them of hygienic, common sense and dignity.. They seem to be lock in some kind of nostalgic mental state. Hobo's may become aggressive if provoked or denied pocket change. Hobo's are a mysterious people. their culture is ridiculous and secret too outsiders yet it is believed they possess far greater power then they look like they would have.

Blood type: A strange mixture between blood, weed-brewed alcoholic and nickel usually found on quarters...

Height: 6"2. Yet always finds a way to fit in a cardboard box.

Weight: 73.0 kg.

Eye color: Dull and Grey, Possibly a effect of hoboism on the body.

Hair color: Gray and Scruffy. he has a magnificent of rather messy disgusting beard.

Favorite food: Blurs the line between edible things and inedible things with gusto.

Biography: Not much is known about this gray drifter that he wouldn't tell you without the slightest provocation, Ramblings about the great railways, the smells of soup kitchens and vodka and end of the world prophecy... the thing is that his hobo accent is near unintelligible. What is known to the security crew of Ruby Mountain is that this fucking guy managed to stake out a entire month in-front of their main entrance, When questions he would reply something unintelligible and would go back to his shoddy hut. Several attempt to remove him resulted in light skirmishes with security forces.

All the while the complaints were pouring in from employees about the horrid smells coming form the guy's brewing vat, being kept awake by trashcan fires and saxophone 'music' and the general increase of rubbish on the premises.
Senior brass also complained about the hobo stealing random chemical components for something it claimed to be 'Medicated Shampoo'. Perhaps out of desperation the high brass made him a employee of the compound. Hoping to actually have some use from the annoying homeless nutjob living in-front of their business

Appearance: Like everyone afflicted with hoboism his hygienic is terrible.. Seems like that medicated shampoo was just code for booze. He reeks of alcohol and dirt and his clothing is old an ratty, the most recent addition to it a lab coat and a badge.. which have been reduced to a equally ratty and decrepit status. The guy slouches as a old man but is surprisingly nimble as evidenced by security reports, The only thing not absolutely neglected are his teeth, they are still kind of yellow but lack the greasiness of normal hobo's. He does not wear a hat and there always seems to be a bit of nondescript foam in his hair. He also frequently smokes some kind of horrid self-made tabbaco.

Skills: With enough coercion we manage to have the subject make the aptitude test. Security you owe me twenty bucks.
[Image: RubyMountainSkillsHoboGuy_zpsc7340bc4.png]

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RE: Ruby Mountain
Name: Michael "Mike" Moreau

Age: 27

Education: Finished high school with mediocre grades and started working here a year later.

Species: Human, and hopefully it'll stay that way for a while.

Species description:

Blood type: AB+, red, but glows yellow under UV light due to experiment ████-███-█.

Height: 6'0"

Weight: 68.1 kg / 150.1 lb

Eye color: Green

Hair color: Black

Favorite food: Sandwiches of any sort. There's a nice variety of them, and they're portable, easy to store, and guick to eat, meaning you still have time to eat after spending your lunch escaping the ruins of a test gone horrifically wrong (or right).

Biography: "Life in a small town is boring. God, do I miss boring."

A year after graduating high school, at age 19, Mike signed up for 10 years of scientific testing at Ruby Mountain, thinking it would be a chance to do get away from the small town he grew up in and do something exciting, while making some easy money. He turned out to be partially right, the work was exciting (although a lot of people preferred the term 'terrifying'), and it did take him away from home. Easy, though... Have you ever had to dodge nuclear marbles while flying a jet pack and being chased by feral owlbears? Not as easy as it sounds. Mike slowly began to pick up a reputation for surviving some of the more... radical... experiments being performed there. Five years ago, incident ████-███-█, which had ███3 fatalities, occurred. Mike was recognized for managing to save one of the less expendable scientists (as well as himself and one or two others, but who cares about them?) and was promoted to Senior Tester and given access to the medical facilities. He now spends his days testing some of the most dangerous shit the 'people' (and he uses that term loosely) here can come up with, recovering from the latest ordeals, and occasionally being called on to try and retrieve important personnel, data, and equipment from experiments that have gone FUBAR.

Fucking 10 year contracts.

Appearance: Mike still looks fairly young, with a wiry build that has served him well in testing. His attitude often seems to be a cross between PTSD flashbacks and resigned determination. Outside of tests and 'retrieval', he usually wears formfitting clothing and a tearaway jacket with several pockets full of things 'in case of emergency', a habit he's gotten into after getting ambushed at lunch by an escaped experiment. He keeps his hair short (the better to avoid it being grabbed) and usually has goggles or some other form of eye protection on at all times. Mike's back is covered in scar tissue from incident ████-███-█ and he has a few other scars acquired from near misses over the years.

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RE: Ruby Mountain
Gallo and Bram, you guys messed up on your skills. Remember that when you take away the starting skill points, you gain only half a point, not a whole one. So for "selling" a whole basic skill bar, you get two points, not four. You also need to max out the basic skills before moving on to the specializations.

Besides that, the characters all look good so far. All the clearly-alien characters would likely receive Nightcrawler-style disguise devices to make them look human. Ruby Mountain performs brain-wipes and memory-restorations when employees leave and return to the facility (to keep secrets from getting out), but it's nice not to have to get people acclimated to aliens ON TOP of all the crazy shit they have to deal with anyway. Plus management loves to see the looks on people's faces when they find out that Bob the Janitor was actually an alien the whole damn time.
09-26-2013, 05:36 AM
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RE: Ruby Mountain
09-26-2013, 05:38 AM
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RE: Ruby Mountain
(09-26-2013 03:46 AM)Cidellus Wrote:  All the clearly-alien characters would likely receive Nightcrawler-style disguise devices to make them look human. Ruby Mountain performs brain-wipes and memory-restorations when employees leave and return to the facility (to keep secrets from getting out), but it's nice not to have to get people acclimated to aliens ON TOP of all the crazy shit they have to deal with anyway.

Thats no fun! Besides killing the creativity of the alien designs, wouldn't it be more productive to research of alien crew were both welcome to appear as themselves and studied during work?
09-26-2013, 05:41 AM
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RE: Ruby Mountain
This is human Earth you damn hippie aliens, not some communist space utopian Earth.

(I actually like it because come on the form itself says you're not really supposed to be an alien :P)
09-26-2013, 05:45 AM
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RE: Ruby Mountain
(09-26-2013 05:41 AM)Palamedes Wrote:  This is human Earth you damn hippie aliens, not some communist space utopian Earth.

(I actually like it because come on the form itself says you're not really supposed to be an alien :P)

Not supposed to OPENLY be an alien.
09-26-2013, 05:47 AM
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RE: Ruby Mountain
Yeah, it says as much on the form. Mind you, most employees (if they survive) tend to find out about the aliens anyway. Management just tries to keep a lid on things to avoid mass panics amongst the constant influx of new personnel.

Don't worry too much, though. Your alien designs will still be relevant.
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RE: Ruby Mountain
Name: Frank

Age: He is 32, in gorilla years.

Education: Frank is incredible smart for a gorilla. Unfortunately that roughly translates to a low intelligent human. He's good with computers though.

Species: Okay he's not human, but Gorillas share like 98% of DNA with humans. That close enough right?

Species description: He is basically just a Gorilla, that can talk.

Blood type: O+

Height: 6.3 ft (When standing up right DUH)

Weight: 370 pounds.

Eye color: Brown

Hair color: He has black hair everywhere, expect on is back, thats silver.

Favorite food: Frank has his own diet. Anything thats on a pizza he will eat, but only if it's on the pizza at the time. Though the one thing he will not eat on a pizza is bananas. He also drinks a lot of coffee, he finds it helps him focus when doing an entire network update. In fact he can be seen drinking coffee and eating pizza at the same time, dipping his pizza slice into his cup of coffee.

Biography: Frank has been at Ruby Mountain for a while now. No one really knows where Frank came from or why he can talk. Though it's probably something to due with mad science, time travel or something like that. Frank doesn't really like to talk about it, he'd much prefer to talk about last nights game.

He doesn't know a lot about science or care to know. As far as he is concerned the sun is just a hot beach ball and the stars are fireflies far away. Though he makes up for it by being pretty good with computers. He spends most of his time at his computer, constantly trying to maintain Ruby Mountain's mainframes and keep them secure. He also tires to keep the computers up to date with the latest software. It's not a job that he likes doing, because of how mind numbingly dull it is. Sometimes to pass the time he does some photoshops, most of them are with him surrounded by pizzas and money. He hates it when people try to tell him how to do his job. If they can do it so much faster, then they can code and program their own computer their god damn selves.

He tends to give into his more animalistic side when things don't go his way, such as his computer breaking, losing that one network update that he spent hours on. This results in him flipping out and smashing stuff. He always regrets it though, as the damages done comes right out of his pay-check. He one day hopes to someday leave his job and buy a hawaiian island where he could spend all his time on the beach eating pizza.

Appearance: He wears plain coloured buttoned shirts that have one pocket on them. He always wears his Ruby Mountain name tag, tie, and grey pants. Yes, he wears pants, he's not that much of an animal you know. He wears his hawaiian shirt when he feels in the hawaiian mood. He's a bit tubby when it comes to a gorilla. As a result he tries to work out a bit, though he doesn't do much because of laziness. He likes to spend time next to the water cooler, he finds it relaxing.


[Image: xr8ZoCi.png]

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RE: Ruby Mountain
Name: Greedin Mauss. It's italian for Gordon. Yeah let's go with that reason.

Age: Umm uhh 35! Yeah, that's totally how long I've been on Earth. It might be more but you wouldn't be able to tell anyway.

Education: You kiddin' me? I've been working with you guys almost forever! I'm just applying for the promotion. Everyone else who applied is dead not interested anymore. Though if I must elaborate, I have a double-major in Marketing and Economics from Yale.

Species: Human. Yeah man, I am totally bound to this mortal plane. Not from hell or anything. Those horns on my head? Birth defects. Probably. And don't judge my red skin either, you racists.

Species description: Oh, I would look like a devilishly-handsome young devil with some horns on my head, red skin, of average human height and of a large build. Unless I did some particularly bad things in life, in which I case I would be a 50-foot tall giant with muscles the size of whales. It is only then that I would have a tail with spikes at the end. Only our Lord and Savior the anti JESUS CHRIST HAS A TAIL AT THE END because he is SO COOL and my species would totally love him! <3 <3 <3

Blood type: I definitely have normal, AB+ blood that does not combust when exposed to solid surfaces, not at all. (At least I think it does. It might just be a Hell thing)

Height: I've been in Limbo a couple times, yeah, you could say I know my way around. I'm not that tall though, just 5'6".

Weight: 150 pounds. Most of that extra weight is muscle though. I don't eat much. No, that's my cousin.

Eye color: My schlera is yellow because I... ate some marijuana in devil normal, human high school. That's what those human kids do in high school, right? My iris is just dark brown though.

Hair color: I'm bald, you twit. No, I don't have any "down there" either.

Favorite food: People's faces. I get them on sale at Wal-Mart. Yeah, uhh, because I'm a vegetarian! Any other edible food is fine too.

Biography: Greedin was just a demon born from the flames of hell like everyone else. Except with a economics and marketing degree meeting universal standards. Even a firearms training course and exceptional experience with magnums. He had "The Mission" given to him by [DATA EXPUNGED], the Prince of Sin and "he sure as hell will fulfill it". This is what spurred a series of events leading to his capture by Ruby Mountain Staff. Greedin is totally delirious about it though and thinks that they want him for his keen marketing sense and great shooting skills. "FUCKING YALE, I SPENT FOUR YEARS IN YALE FOR THIS!" is what the subject responded with when asked of any educational background. Unfortunately, there are no records of Greedin having studied in Yale despite showing sufficient knowledge in the field consistent with that of any Ivy College graduate in the discipline.

Unfortunately Greedin doesn't understand the extra-dimensional implications he presents by existing on Earth and keeps thinking about Genesis whenever he hears the word "atom" in any scientific sense.

"What the fuck's an electron? His Hellishness didn't speak about any 'Fizz-kicks' or 'Kemis-tree'. He mentioned a tree, but it was about knowledge, said it was 'his biggest moment'."

Nevertheless, Ruby Mountain Staff received information of this new Hellgate and knew it could not go un-utilized. Staff have already made exploration attempts. All exploration attempts are to be done with at least two (2) personnel wearing flame-retardant armor. Results are successful, the third ring has been secured and construction of heavily-guarded storage depots have begun in all areas currently explored to store any strange artefacts found on-site. Locals in the area have been given strong amnesiacs but report that "the suffering is eternal within our minds."

Access to the hellgate is not permitted for Greedin at all costs. However, Greedin frequently speaks of "Hell-travel" and has demonstrated the ability to enshroud himself in flames in order to appear in and from hell at will.

Experimentation has begun on Greedin. The subject is to be given the title of Marketing Officer and an appropriate wage meanwhile.

"I want YOU to make this portrait of me more attractive! And taller! And more muscular! And make my horns more pointy! Who the hell do you think I am? A politician? I'm WORSE than them! And where the hell are my holsters? You know I can qualify for security at sector [CENSORED]! I will hunt you down, Steve!"

[Image: dg_by_icantgivecredit-d6o7gej.png]


Subject is correct. J-Staff, retrieve a more accurate picture. Idiots.

--M10-___ Clearance approval-----

You get the idea. This sketch is enough. And you still didn't settle that bet, Steve. I know where you live.


Alright fine, I'll pay you the measly 5 bucks. Stingy bastard.

--M10-___ Clearance approval-----


Normal Skill Table

Basic Firearms: 5
--Magnums: 5 + 4 + 6
==Gettin' Lucky: 0
Athletics: 5
--Sprinting: 1+1
--Dodging: 1+3
--Endurance: 1+1
Driving: 2 + 3
--Experimental Vehicles: 1
Charisma: 5
--Negotiation: 3
--Bluffing: 6
Planning: 5
--Business Management: 3
--Marketing: 4

Picture -Will update l8r

09-26-2013, 06:46 AM
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RE: Ruby Mountain
Man why are there so many reserves.
09-26-2013, 06:52 AM
Post: #19
RE: Ruby Mountain
Because TIME.
09-26-2013, 07:02 AM
Post: #20
RE: Ruby Mountain
Yeah but it's not like this is first come first serve so...
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RE: Ruby Mountain
I think it's more to let Cidellus know that you are interested in joining. But don't have the time to make a full app yet.
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RE: Ruby Mountain
Name: Star Frost

Age: 18

Education: High School

Species: Genetically modified clone of a human

Species description: A genetically modified human. With the use of nanotechnolgy, she has been made into a combat weapon, with the ability to turn body parts into weapons, or grow little things here and there, like wings, or cat ears.

Blood type: AB

Height: 5'5''

Weight: 130lb

Eye color: purple

Hair color: black with purple stripes

Favorite food: Chocolate cake

Biography: Star was created in a lab, here at Ruby Mountain. She was an attempt to create a living weapon, and was a success. She was trained since when she was small to be a cold hearted killing machine. Their clean up crew incase anyone or anything were to get out of hand. Her powers use up a fair amount of energy, so she eats quite a bit of junk food as a way to regain the lost energy. She's fine with killing things, and being a weapon, however, once every now and then, the thoughts of what it would have been like to be a normal girl may pass through her mind.

[Image: G79XoqV.jpg]
[Image: 1uVtZng.png]
[Image: mEv3Kla.png]
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RE: Ruby Mountain
Name: Gavin Stone

Age: 19

Education: Average high school education (passed with all B's and a C- in calculus.) as well as a college dropout (attempted major in chemistry).

Species: Just a regular human.

Species description: Seriously is a human.

Blood type: Pretty sure his blood is red. B- to be precise.

Height: 5'11"

Weight: Underweight, coming to only 120 lbs.

Eye color: Hazel.

Hair color: Sandy Blonde

Favorite food: Caesar Salad with barbecue sauce (what)

Biography: Born in a small town to a single mother, Gavin grew up fighting his three brothers and two sisters. While it was little more than roughhousing, Gavin often ended up defending himself from his siblings more than he did any actual fighting. He found it more than a bit fun, despite what any onlookers might say. In school, Gavin loved science. It was his favorite subject. He was the typical A student up until his senior year in high school. It was then that his grades dipped, and his enthusiasm for everything except chemistry petered out. He rebelled in typical teenager fashion, refusing to listen, being a dick head, and not doing anything he was supposed to. He also stole chemicals from the school and taught himself, which did not go unpunished.

After graduating high school (and spending a few months under house arrest for the aforementioned thievery as well getting in a fight and beating the tar out of someone on the street for looking at him funny) Gavin finally got away from his hometown for the first time. This led him to college where he proceeded to flunk every class but Chemistry, his major. He dropped out. He spent a few days renting a motel room until he began runnin dangerously low on money. That's when he found out about the only place hiring that didn't require any previous training. Ruby Mountain. With nothing but the clothes on his body, a flimsy education, and a passion for trouble, Gavin headed off to get a job.

Appearance: A lanky almost-adult with shaggy, sandy blonde hair and a barely noticeable slouch. The corner of his mouth almost always seems turned down, giving him a somewhat annoyed expression a good deal of the time. He's covered in scabs and bruises from fights with people who are willing to fight with him, as well as a few scars across the small of his back that he doesn't like to talk about. He seems unnaturally angry, quick to get aggressive if someone so much as breaths in his direction. He does manage to keep himself under control most of the time, simply giving those who irritate him a twitchy eyebrow as a warning. Is good at whistling, but can't curl his tongue like the rest of his siblings (lucky bastards).

[Image: znr1c6.png]
09-26-2013, 09:12 AM
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RE: Ruby Mountain
Discord, no on that one. If only because it's a copyrighted character of a cartoon show. :|
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RE: Ruby Mountain
Alright. Figured that'd happen, but, felt like trying. It's always worth a try. I'll think up something else.

EDIT: Alright, edited the post
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RE: Ruby Mountain
Name: Richard Jackson

Age: 39

Education: He possesses a degree in economic philosophical literature and history. It didn't really amount to much, but he gets a fat paycheck, so it all worked out.

Species: Human, of course. Washington likes humans.

Species description: Humans are mostly-hairless simian bipedal you already know this I'll shut up.

Blood type: AB+

Height: Average-tall. He doesn't really bother to measure his height exactly.

Weight: Moderately chubby. The constant travel to and from Washington lends itself unfortunately well to fast food.

Eye color: Brown.

Hair color: Dark brown.

Favorite food: It used to be homemade pizza, but after a trip to Section Y he now understands the glory of magnificent microwave casserole.

Biography: Richard Jackson is amongst the privileged individuals who serve as liaisons between Ruby Mountain and the governments of the world. He personally is one of a few individuals who sells advances to the US government, particularly the military. Of course, he only sells what he is permitted to sell, and it's not all that much. Can't have the world knowing what the scientists are working on in here, can we?

He's definitely not a shooter or a fighter, that's for sure. His field of expertise lies in business management and contract negotiation. He understands a decent amount of science as a result of constantly selling it to the government, but his practical construction ability is relatively lacking. However, he knows his way around a computer, and can actually understand the intricacies of Microsoft Access, which is more than most of his peers can say.

He tries to maintain a facade of cheer, but in reality he understands that his position is just as expendable as the rest of the schmucks who work here. Ruby Mountain is run by the geniuses and the administrators, so Ruby Mountain only cares about the geniuses and the administrators. Everyone else is just expendable manpower, regardless of role, skill or species. This is hardly surprising to Richard, but he keeps in good with the right people, not to mention his job is one of the safer ones in the complex - both from redundancy and 'workplace accidents'.

Appearance: Big, a little blubbery and balding is an excellent way to describe Richard Jackson. While on site or on the job, he dresses in one of his formal business suits. He rarely gets the opportunity to dress casually.

[Image: rubyrubyrubyruby.png]
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RE: Ruby Mountain
Just reminding everybody that having five in the basic skills means you're at basic high school level competence. If you have zero, you're probably akin to a five a year old in that area. Not so bad for something like computers, as it just means you're kind of one of those old fashioned people. know, if you have zero in street fighting you might get your ass kicked by a nine year old girl.

If you're a six foot tall intimidating motherfucker this is an excellent mental image.

For Charisma, it could mean anything from "You talk in incoherent mumbling" to "You have the grammar and tone of an AOL user".

For Driving, it means you still need training wheels on your bicycle.

For Basic Science, you might still think that the moon is of similar size to the sun and is possibly made of cheese.

For Basic Firearms, you actually have no idea how to point it. Or hold it. Let alone load it. Firing it? You'll blow your eye out, kid!

D.I.Y.? You might cause a fire trying to assemble IKEA furniture. Or just using a screwdriver. NO THAT DOESN'T GO IN A LIGHT SOCKET!

You get the idea. Have fun.

(I am by no means trying to get you to reallocate your points! I find it awesome that Gallo could get his ass kicked by a nine year old girl. I'm just warning you.)
09-26-2013, 01:46 PM
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RE: Ruby Mountain
Is 2 in charisma enough to get away with having a very creepy way of speaking?

Because I took low charisma so everyone is creeped out when I talk. I need to know if that requires more or less points.
09-26-2013, 01:48 PM
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RE: Ruby Mountain
I need people to have more tragedy and slash or difficulty and slash or something special in their bios. I needs it I tell you. So far only three have made the cut, and I'm so proud of them.
09-26-2013, 01:49 PM
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RE: Ruby Mountain
Put three into it, as that'll at least give you half-decent grammar. I mean, you can sound creepy with any charisma skill, but I doubt you want to sound like a child telling a campfire story.
09-28-2013, 09:30 AM
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RE: Ruby Mountain
I'd like to join this, if it's still open. SCP and similar are some of my favorite worlds and concepts.

Will start on a character sheet right away.
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RE: Ruby Mountain
Name: Donald Samuel Adams Walker IV "Sly"

Age: 24

Education: Shit fool, I dropped out like seventh grade, for real man.

Species: Human dawg

Species description: Man, the fuck you mean, species description?

Blood type: Just cause I bleed Red don't mean I'm a Blood...

Height: 6'4"

Weight: Like 180 homie.

Eye color: Brown.

Hair color: Fool, this is brown too.

Favorite food: The fuck? Does this even matter yo? Shit... I like burgers and chicken fingers man.

Biography: Born to a single, teenage mother, Sly was raised by his grandparents more than anyone else. When his grandpa died of a heart attack, he was devastated, and went to the streets at age 12, where he started selling drugs to make money. It was hard though, he was a little homie, and all the big homies picked on him because he didn't have a record. Stole his dope sometimes, beat his ass other times, but after the third time, he decided no more. He saved some cash to buy a 9mm pistol and a couple clips. Just flashing it earned him a reputation of hardness, in a hood where most kids were soft. He stopped going to school in 7th grade, when his close friend Jamal was a victim of gang violence, and so he started climbing the chain of the streets, making money, pimping girls older than him, and gangbanging all over. Until he got caught up in a sting, a drug bust, at age 16. Being a minor, he was forced to go to rehab, despite not doing the drugs he sold. Afterwards, he went back to hustling, but made sure not to get caught. On his 19th birthday, while visiting his mom, an attempt was made on his life. While he survived, his mother was caught in the crossfire and was lethally injured. Last year, a man approached him and offered him a job, and with nothing to lose, he accepted. Now at Ruby Mountain, he barely gets by without incident, grinding his teeth as he follows orders. But shit, the pay is good, and he is less likely to get thrown into jail than a hustle, so it's all good.

Appearance: Tall, chiselled, and dark. Sly has cornrows and a goatee. Tattooed across his chest, in large letters, is the word "NORTH", and on both arms he has many more pieces of minor ink. At the corner of his right eye are 5 tattooed tears, and 3 more at the left. Stab, cut, and bullet scars are spread across his body, and he has 3 golden fillings. When able to choose his attire, he prefers black, baggy, clothing, expensive sneakers, golden chains, diamonds, furry jackets, and fancy hats.

Aptitude Test:

[Image: ziypEXb.png]

Working Name: Anarkismo
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RE: Ruby Mountain
Name: Equsclepius

Age: Mid 20s, unsure

Education: Doctorate (Pharmacology)

Species: Horse-Satyr

Species description: Regular human upper body, lower body has two horse-like legs for locomotion. Also has a tail.

Blood type: Confirmed O-. Horse blood can also be used in an emergency, but avoid donkeys and other non-horse equines.

Height: 6'4

Weight: 310 lbs (mostly from the big and heavy legs!)

Eye color: Grayish Blue

Hair color: Brown

Favorite food: Oats- He is a strict vegetarian.

Biography: Equsclepius was created as an experiment for cross-species hybrid. Unlike the other hybrids though, he was not only healthy BUT mentally aware and lacking any and all developmental issues! He could walk almost as soon as he was born- the rapid development from his horse genetics.

Because of the success of his experiment and an unwillingness to just eliminate such a successful subject, the Ruby Mountain staff allowed him to be educated. From a young age medicine and biology interested him greatly- especially to help understand his origin. But the hectic and surprising nature of a hospital or emergency room would be too much for his nerves- so he went into pharmacy instead, and found a talent there.

Appearance: Equsclepius is a Satyr- similar in many ways to the mythological creature except he has large and bulky horse legs underneath him. The fur on these legs are brown, with dark hooves at the bottom. His tail is also brown, and the fleshier bits of him are black, not that he wants you to know! He keeps his hair short and neat, but because his big, muscular horse legs are so different from human, he generally just wears a large white labcoat. Those legs are known to give might kicks, though he generally prefers running away to fighting.

A word of warning, the man has inherited a bit of the skittishness of regular horses- it would be best not to surprise him from behind, where you'll likely get a bone-shattering kick in reflex. It is also VERY unwise to question about how exactly a creature like him came to be- he doesn't have any idea, but that doesn't mean he won't kick you for insinuating something!

[Image: 7MzN8sy.png]
09-28-2013, 11:37 AM
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RE: Ruby Mountain
All right, just a minor problem with Rufus. Earth is actually pretty normal outside of Ruby Mountain itself. There's no satyrs roaming the ranges, for example. He could've easily been a human subjected to cross-species genetic engineering, though. Mutations are fun!
09-28-2013, 11:43 AM
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RE: Ruby Mountain
(09-28-2013 11:37 AM)Cidellus Wrote:  All right, just a minor problem with Rufus. Earth is actually pretty normal outside of Ruby Mountain itself. There's no satyrs roaming the ranges, for example. He could've easily been a human subjected to cross-species genetic engineering, though. Mutations are fun!

Oh, I thought it was similar to SCP in that they go out to contain such things. I'll change it though! Thank you~ Tell me if there are any other problems.
09-28-2013, 12:14 PM
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RE: Ruby Mountain
Looks fine to me! :D

And they typically contain things that they themselves create. They're both quite responsible and extremely irresponsible.
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RE: Ruby Mountain
ISSUED FOR: Transfer to Section H

Name: N'teikt Iedzve-Drnad

Age: 154 (Not that old for my species, mind you.)

Education: Bachelor's Degree in Mechanical Engineering (Took a lot of research to find the equivalent in your education system. Think I've got it right now.)

Species: Vrisepnsuka (Everyone seems to have trouble with this one for some reason. Guess most people only have one mouth.)

Species Description: (Like I'm going to describe my species myself. I'd probably forget something. Have a document I found instead. It's more informative.)

Large, bipedal creatures, with a similar stature to the long-extinct theropods. They have no limbs other than their two long legs, each of which has large, clawed feet. Very long tails, which are fully prehensile. Of especial note is the fact that each individual has two semi-reptilian heads at the ends of long necks. These wide, short heads feature three eyes each, as well as a very wide mouth that encompasses a large part of each head.

The Vrisepnsuka are capable of a wide range of vocalizations, some beyond the human range of hearing. Each head is capable of individually vocalizing, a property inherent to their languages that has become a severe unidirection language barrier. Certain members of the species, as an aside, are much more vocally gifted than any human has the biological capacity. The music these individuals produce has been described as "haunting".

Of further note is that, unlike polycephalic organisms naturally occurring on Earth or encountered elsewhere, the Vrisepnsuka do not have a separate brain in their heads - in fact, they do not have a centralized brain at all. Distributed throughout their bodies is an especially sophisticated sort of "neural net", not completely dissimilar to those observed in certain Earth species but much more advanced. These are focused in several "nodes", located mostly within the torso, but with one in each head as well. As such, it is impossible to merely obliterate the brain of a Vrisepnsuka - eliminating a node, by decapitation or otherwise, does cause an effect similar to brain damage, however.

The Vrisepnsuka are fairly quick, though quite large and heavy. They tend to be of roughly human intellect, and have the vocal capacity to speak human languages. They are, for the most part, not considered dangerous, but are not to be allowed into Ruby Mountain facilities except under heavy guard*.

*The mechanic operating in Section L is an exception. Don't worry about him.

Retrieved from Ruby Mountain Informational Database. Duplicated with permission.

Blood type: Vanadium-based, no antigens. Strong base. Bright orange.

Height: 7'3" (normally), 9'11" (necks outstretched)

Weight: 433.26 kg (955.175 lbs)

Eye color: Blue, faintly glowing.

Hair color: None

Favorite food: Not available on Earth, sadly. Last time I got a science team to try to synthesize it, well... Let's just say that that team isn't doing me favors anymore.

I am, however, carnivorous. Please keep that in mind.

Biography: That would be a long story, and I don't see much need to tell all the details. Let's just say that first contact with the humans happened before either of our societies had even developed faster-than-light travel. We still haven't. Pretty unexpected, then, that a big wormhole would open right in the middle of my hometown. These weird little creatures with too many limbs and not enough heads came through and, well, nothing was ever the same again. Communication was established, somehow, and, long story short, I ended up with a job offer a few months later.

Ruby Mountain's a decent place to work, I guess, if you don't mind the company of all these humans, as they call themselves. Hyoo-man. A strange language they speak here. But, it was easy enough to pick up the basics. They sure as Rparagas... sorry, sure as hell weren't going to speak mine, after all. Pretty soon, I've got a job as a mechanic - one of the only mechanics in Section L. Trans-dimensional studies or something. Things in there are always falling apart, and, well, I'm the only one they trust to get the job done.

I had trouble operating their tools, so they gave me these robotic arms. Strange limbs, but I guess they're useful. Better than sticking one of my heads inside of a particle accelerator that needs a bolt tightened, at least.

You hear a lot of things when you're a mechanic. People tend to ignore you if you're working in the background, and, well, there's plenty you can figure out just by fixing what needs fixing. The Section L staff don't really even see me as strange anymore, except when they get a new transfer now and then. Sometimes I think I know more than some of the scientists around here.

Which is probably why I'm being transferred to the place with the giant bugs. No one should know too much, or something. Guess I'll have to get used to the humans getting freaked out again.

Appearance: A Vrisepnsuka of average height and weight, light gray in color. Wears a custom-fitted Ruby Mountain mechanic uniform, blue in color. Metal box secured to back, containing a wide variety of tools and implements that quite honestly shouldn't fit inside. Probably bribed some science team to make it bigger on the inside. Pair of fully-articulated robotic limbs at sides below the base of necks, slightly longer than human arms. His appearance is not obfuscated by any sort of holograms, as it was determined that his size would lead to injuries to other staff should it be hidden.

[Image: SfubmXH.png]
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RE: Ruby Mountain
Phew! Finally done the bio and appearance.
09-28-2013, 03:26 PM
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RE: Ruby Mountain
Name: Gregor Ruberius (Just Greg, or Gregor is fine)

Age: 30

Education: Studied (and passed) Biology at University level and has published multiple Biological theses

Species: Homo Sapien

Species description: Walks upright. Has opposable thumbs. Creative and good at thinking.

Blood type: A-

Height: 6’3”

Weight: Slightly below average weight

Eye color: Blue eyes

Hair color: Light brown with bits of blond

Favorite food: Lasagne on toast, unfortunately he usually shocks himself making the toast, so it’s normally just lasagne.

Biography: Throughout his early life (until high school*), Gregor had been born into a fairly poor family. Due to this he was not afforded a proper education, and never attended primary school (years 1-6), and instead worked to increase his family’s income. Despite this Gregor had a large interest in Biology (after visiting a science museum) and to a smaller degree in the other sciences (which he lost interest in at high school) and often bought and read science books in his spare time. Since then Gregor and his family decided to save up as much money as they could to get him into high school.After finishing high school (and getting one of the top grades in Biology), Gregor was offered a place at a nearby university. After Gregor finished university, he moved on to a major research facility to conduct his studies into natural phenomena, creating multiple theses on these phenomena.

After a while, Gregor was contacted by the SCP foundation and offered a job in the protection of humanity (from dangerous preternatural forces). Gregor decided to accept this job offer and started working for the SCP foundation in study of preternatural phenomena. During his time at the SCP foundation, Gregor was subject to extreme psychological torment, which has caused his personality to be altered drastically and for him to become extremely unpredictable. After a near death experience with scp-682 during breach ██-██-████, Gregor fled the SCP foundation and in his confusion, wound up at Ruby Mountain. After going through multiple therapy sessions, Gregor has become relatively mentally stable and has since started working with Ruby Mountain, however he has become only interested in his own (sometimes/mostly questionable) studies (which mostly full under genetics and gene manipulation).

*High school refers to the Australian education system (years 7-12)

Appearance: Gregor is fairly thin for his height and contains slightly less than average muscle mass. Due to his time at the SCP foundation (and due to the psychological damage from it) Gregor has difficulty with showing emotion (such as smiling when happy), and has an almost constant serious face due to this. He also almost always wears a lab coat with mono-colored clothes (usually dark clothes) underneath. After the incident with scp-682, Gregor almost always carries a knife underneath his science coat (as he is paranoid another incident like that would occur again)

[Image: 25gv284.png]
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RE: Ruby Mountain
Made an IRC channel for this thing.

I'm likely going to start this tomorrow. Just a warning to those who haven't finished their applications. Don't worry overly much if you are late, though, as there'll be plenty of opportunities for people to join throughout the RP.
09-29-2013, 03:29 AM
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RE: Ruby Mountain
The way you said this implies that everyone is gonna get accepted. I have a feeling Black mesa-SCP- and Space Station 13 will be huge inspirations.
09-29-2013, 04:39 AM
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RE: Ruby Mountain
I will probably apply later in the rp. Have writer's block, so ignore that reserve waaay up there.

dC Wrote:donut is A FILTHY TRAITOR unreliable
09-29-2013, 04:40 AM
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RE: Ruby Mountain
Not necessarily on the former.
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RE: Ruby Mountain
Name: "Sam" Samson.

Age: Estimate has varied between various scientific estimates, but they all tend to agree he is pretty goddamn old.

Education: Sam stabbed a book claiming to be the avatar of the Sumerian God of Knowledge once. Does that count?

Species: From all appearances and examinations, Sam appears perfectly human. Only careful scientific testing show that something is very wrong. Well, that, and if you look into his eyes. His red, red eyes.

Species description: He's human, basically, except he doesn't age. No experiment has given an answer as to why yet.

Blood type: Red, and, specifically, AB Positive.

Height: Five feet, six inches.

Weight: 200 pounds of pure muscle.

Eye color: Delicious red eyes. If by "delicious" you mean "constantly sizing you up for murder-bility."

Hair color: Jet black.

Favorite food: Sam prefers rare, bloody meat. He doesn't really care what type of meat, as long as it's not poultry. For some reason, Sam doesn't like poultry. He won't really tell anyone why.

Biography: Samson was located during Operation ████████. During the containment of an outbreak of mobile ██████ carriers, Samson was found successfully fighting a mass of ████ drones, something that is normally difficult for even the most trained operatives. The outbreak was quickly contained by field agents, and, after a prolonged struggle, Agent ████████ managed to sedate Samson so that he could be investigated properly. It was then several physiological incongruities were noticed. Upon interrogation, Samson seemed to refuse to divulge his age, claiming that he had "lost track by this point" and made references to obscure historical events that had happened centuries ago.

After extensive research and study, it was determined that Samson could be anywhere between ████ and ████ years of age. While he is poorly educated and doesn't seem to have much desire to learn new skills, he is a capable physical fighter and has keen reflexes. Though initially Ruby Mountain intended to euthanize and dissect him, during the ██████ Incident Samson helped put down several dangerous ████ ██████, saving Section Q from ███████ infection, and afterwards showed interest in working for the installation if, in his words, "you guys could get me into any more fights like that."

And during his period of working for Ruby Mountain, Samson has, indeed, gotten just that.

Appearance: Not too tall, not too short, has mid-length black hair, slick and straight, blood red eyes, and pale, pale skin. He dresses plainly and has not real taste in clothing, most of the time wearing a basic security uniform with a special badge designating his "unique" status. At his hip he carries a baton, a taser he has no idea how to use, and a light-weight nano-steel longsword. And that's just on regular patrol. He has a stash of assorted melee weaponry back in his quarters. Curiously, however, he doesn't carry a gun.


Basic Science: 0
D.I.Y. : 2
Basic Firearms: 0
Street Fighting: 5
- Martial Arts: 5
- Improvised Weapons: 9
- Bladed Weapons: 3
- Blunt Weapons: 2
Athletics: 5
- Dodging: 7
- Endurance: 2
- Sprinting: 2
First Aid: 4
Computers: 0
Driving: 0
Charisma: 2
Planning: 4
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RE: Ruby Mountain

1. Purple Walrus - Frank
Management note: Increase stressful elements of his work environment.

2. Pharmacy - Osip Dymov
Management note: Transfer him to Section H. I want to see how he reacts to the giant insects.

3. Galloglasses - Tadg (fuck you I'm not typing that)
Management note: He sells meth, [REDACTED] his girlfriend, and is an all-round terrible person. An excellent person for the staff.

4. MedicInDisguise - Viskot Grov
Management note: This fellow's attempted hidden message is quite hilarious. The poor man is paranoid, so we'll do our absolute best to stimulate said sensation.

5. Bramzter - Jonah Jump
Management note: We can always use more of these fellows.

6. paradoxGamer - Michael "Mike" Moreau
Management note: Good testers are hard to find, though this one is more of a vehicular sort. I'm sure he'll do fine in Section H.

7. Demonsul - Richard Jackson
Management note: Cowardly, mild-mannered, and unfit. Perfect.

8. Kocel - Sam Samson
Management note: We've recovered everything from his delicious little noggin utilizing our insanely useful instruments. However, he is an incredibly useful person to have in the case of a violent outbreak. Stick him with the insects.

9. Discord The Hedgehog - Star Frost
Management note: She thinks she was designed to be a weapon? Why in the hell would we design a human weapon to use bladed instruments? The things these failed experiments say are just hilarious.

10. Rufus - Equsclepius
Management note: This member of the staff has been warned that if he's caught abstaining from pants one more time, he will be thrown into Dimension 808-Alpha. He will not like Dimension 808-Alpha.

11. SupahKiven - Gavin Stone
Management note: This man is highly-capable in a fight despite weighing less than my dog. Impressive.

12. Anomaly - N'teikt Iedzve-Drnad
Management note: This guy has been a massive pain in our ass. We can't put him anywhere without him freaking out about work hazards! Ah well. Throw him Section H and see what happens.

13. Palamedes - Job Walker
Management note: This will be hilarious.

Just because you weren't accepted now doesn't mean you can't get in later. This RP will likely be running for quite some time. PM me if you're interested.

Date: February 13th, 2015
Time: 7:15 AM

It was early morning at Ruby Mountain Research Installation, not that it mattered too much. The whole facility was underground, and rarely did anybody see more of sunlight than artificial rays of radiation.

Section H was home to numerous interesting things, including the best coffee in the whole installation, the cleanest bathrooms, and an enormous hive of man-eating insects. But the hive was secure, and management assured employees that there hadn't been an outbreak in almost a decade. Impressive!

There were thirteen people in the section's break room. Not all of them worked in Section H, but all of them were either enjoying the fine coffee there, or helping themselves to the good food stores. Or maybe selling meth.

The break room was quite large, with a few couches, a big screen TV, a few computers, security cameras, a well-stocked public fridge, a couple microwaves, vending machines, bathrooms, and the famous coffee machine. It also had a large dining table that could seat up to twenty people. Fancy!

All right guys, have fun and interact. I'll try to update this once a day, with little mini-updates for dialogue or descriptions if necessary.
09-29-2013, 08:13 AM
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RE: Ruby Mountain

There was this fellow in the break room. He was currently fingering at his gun.
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RE: Ruby Mountain
Richard Jackson was sitting at one of the public computers, checking his emails. He had apparently been dumped in this sector to wait to be called off somewhere else, and if past experiences were anything to go by the lab techs would leave him here for most of the day before showing him what they had been working on. At that point, he'd need to consider how to pitch it to Washington, then check in for a routine mind-wipe and head to the airport. Then it was five hours on a plane to Washington, a night in a hotel, a morning pitch to Pentagon bureaucrats, then another five hour flight back. Your standard routine nonsense - he knew Ruby Mountain didn't need government contracts for funding and didn't even really need them to keep up appearances anymore. The whole just-a-research-base front was probably more tradition than anything at this point. Or not, Richard didn't assume to know the arcane thought processes of the facility administration.

Richard checked through his emails idly.
09-29-2013, 08:30 AM
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RE: Ruby Mountain
[Image: 1tadg.png]

Tadg walked into the room.

He got himself some coffee.

There were only two other people here so far as he could see, the twitchy security guy who's been attached to his team for the past while, (who Tadg disliked) and a suit, (who Tadg disliked, but more on principle)

He got himself some coffee.

Researchers love coffee.
09-29-2013, 08:40 AM
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RE: Ruby Mountain
As the Section H staff went about their lack-of-business in the break room, a rather conspicuous fellow stepped out of an otherwise-empty tram, newly transferred to Section H. A rather untrusting guard soon directed him to the break room, with ample prodding.

N'teikt noted, as he stomped through a long series of twisting corridors, that it looked basically identical to Section L. Same bland, gray aesthetics, same confusing floorplan, same strange looks from the staff on his first day. The only difference was the apparent hive of giant insects nearby, but he hadn't been to inspect that yet. Everything looked to be in order so far, so he figured it was as good a time as any to visit the break room.

And so it was that, as the break room doors swished open, a massive, two-headed theropod ducked inside. "Hell-oo," he said with both heads simultaneously.

God, what a weirdo.
09-29-2013, 08:41 AM
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RE: Ruby Mountain
Richard waved a greeting without turning away from the computer.

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