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RE: Dog Days (FE: Total War)
Oh hey also you can direct questions and queries to this little place:

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RE: Dog Days (FE: Total War)
No preference at all, do as you please.

Misc. Facts: Northern legends speak of a race of mountain-dwelling creatures, humanoid with wings in place of arms and wicked talons for feet, which traditionally carried off small animals and would trade knowledge with human settlements in return for offerings of meat, fish, and wool. While these creatures haven't had any sightings in the last two hundred years, they are still used as the basis of small statuettes and carvings that are carried around on one's person to increase their wisdom.

There have been no quantifiable effects on record, however.
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RE: Dog Days (FE: Total War)
Leader Name: Admiral Santonil Alehanded
Scion Name: Captains' Chosen Darien Grey
Nation Name: The Roaming Brigands' Alliance, Navy, and Associated Islands
Colour: Black and White
Leader Description: The elected leader of the old Gentleman Pirates' Union, inherited the seat. He's a soft-hearted but firm-handed man, with a great fondness for ale, hence his taken surname. He has 3 wives, 4 kids, and 2 grandkids, and he is getting a bit old, but he was elected for life and has a duty to keep. [image: 3rd set, 9th row from the top, second from the left]
Scion Description: The man they elected to take over if'n the Admiral dies. Has grey hair, hence his taken surname, despite being only 30, probably because of his 2 wives and 8 kids and the rigors of following the Admiral around. [image: 3rd set, last portrait]
Nation History: The alliance found itself on a group of prospective captains, but 10 years ago, when their homeports had been ruled by someone else. They thought, hey, why are we letting these guys tax us? Our families have it hard enough, let's kick them out. So they did, killing a patrolling army when it neared, taking their equipment, and preparing the city for siege, luckily having ballistas and catapults atop the towers on the wall, and they successfully defended the city, with help from some dissenting soldiers. Since then, they have liberated several ports across the seas, along with some cities further inland, many of them enclaves, independent but disguised as cities of their home nation, but still housing troops and aiding the cause of liberation.
Nation Details: The nation itself consists of pirate fleets, raider legions, and the ports and cities that house them, all the cities being the hometown of one group or another. In exchange, they get a portion of the loot and protection. Most the allied lands are undeveloped outside these centres.

World History: 8 years ago, a large island empire collapsed at the hands of a demon, Atla'Iln, who murdered the entire capital city, leaving many fragmented countries across the world. Nobody ever enters the city, found atop a mountain island. Some say it moves, but you know you are near when the fog becomes thicker than wood.
Religion: Pirates tend to hold many mixed religious beliefs and practices, varying from individual, however the common traits are all the same, superstitions and rituals regarding sea monsters and safe passage. It is not uncommon for pirates to have a pantheon made of miscellaneous folk-gods, some mythological, some real. There exists a variety that will sacrifice the sailors of captured ships by slicing their throats and kicking them into shark infested waters, all to the demon Atla'Iln.

Big Names: Atla'Iln, Demon Prince of Chaos, Bloodshed, and Riots.

Cantilosa - The capital city of the Brigands' Alliance, found on the southwest most island. You know, the one with the open water in the middle of it. Yeah, that one.

Miscellaneous facts: There are more than 2,000 observed species of shark, and many cultures have more than 300 words to mean shark, based on shape and behaviour.

Working Name: Anarkismo
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RE: Dog Days (FE: Total War)
So signups are still open for the next week or so, on the fourteenth or fifteenth expect them to close and for the first turn to be a couple days away at most.

If anyone interested feels they might need more time (which is understandable given all the stuff I'm having you do), just let me know in thread or via PM and I can push back gamestart a little further.

Optimally I'm hoping for three to four more nation players and as many single players as possible, but with what there is already it looks like this is shaping up to be a fun time.
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RE: Dog Days (FE: Total War)
World History: Age of heroes
Heroes granted great powers from the gods were at one time fairly commonplace. They killed monsters, defended innocents, slayed evil kings. Typical hero stuff. They are considered important parts of many cultures. Statues of these heroes are common. You're unlikely to pass through a sizable enough city without seeing a town square with some champion or another immortalized in stone or iron or (if he was really important or the city was really rich) silver.
Torik the giant. Granted incredible strength and diamond hard skin by an earth god, this eight foot tall man fought monsters with his bare hands. All without wearing a shirt. He was said to be popular with the ladies.
Winchester the swift. Granted incredible speed by a wind goddess, he killed an army of bandits in a single month with his scythe, Thief's Bane.
Amma and her daughter Helga. Granted powerful thunder magic by the famed tribe of thunder gods, they called forth a storm that ended the reign of a demon at the cost of their own lives.
Sebenas the holy. Leading a party of angels, he killed the dragon king Larchek.
The list goes on.
This period in history has been slowly dying out for a long time as gods have become less and less active in this corner of the world. The last of these heroes supposedly died off centuries ago.

Religion: Wind Goddesses
Goddesses of wind typically take the form of beautiful birds. They are among the few gods who remain in this part of the world. They are considered very good luck, and tier arrival is usually a good omen. But they are also very uninterested in human affairs, and will typically ignore humans altogether.
They are well known for their vanity.

The birth of dragons.
Dragons are a race of demigods born from the wind goddess Pelita, and the fire god Barthal. When Pelita's mother found out who the father was, she was angered. She and Barthal's father were enemies, and she hated the thought of her daughter's children being born of the son of someone she hated. She took her anger out on Pelita's children, cursing them. When they were born, they took the form of hideous winged reptiles. Pelita's mother thought this to be a suitable punishment, for like most wind goddesses, she was vain, and considered there to be few things as bad as not being beautiful. But Pelita loved her children regardless.

Pelita's mother would later return, wrathful and bitter, to kill Pelita's children. But Barthal arrived and fought her off with fire. Pelita's mother fled, afraid that her feathers would be singed, and her beauty tarnished. Barthal's father, who saw no reason to spite his sons children for who their mother was, blessed them with inherent fire magic, so that they would never fear Pelita's mother again.

The philosopher Bartholomew
Bartholomew is one of the most renown and reviled men in history. He devoted his life to the understanding of the gods and their ways. His literary works are among the most expensive in the world. Of course, if the region brands him a heretic, his books are burned, and trying to sell them will likely get you killed. Among his works is the scale of divinity, which ranks gods and their servants based on their levels of connections to the divine realm. The abbreviated scale is as follows.

Gods- These are the beings who live solely in the divine realm. They can exert their considerable power over the mortal world, or send servants to do their bidding. The least divine of these gods are the gods of light, and dark, and their servents, the angels, are the most active servants of the gods in the mortal realm.

Ancients- More commonly known as elemental gods. These gods are either somewhere between the divine and mortal realms, or tied to the mortal realm. They vary wildly in strength, more so than nearly any other creature. Because some of them are so weak, it is often hard to tell if they are even gods. Their defining characteristic, is their immortality.

Angels- Servants of gods. The archetypal angel as we know it, are servants of the gods of light and dark. Angels that serve other gods typically take different forms. Their defining characteristic is that they are born in the divine realm, but can move freely between the divine and mortal realm.

Demigods- Varying just as wildly in strength as Ancients, these demigods are typically born of a mortal and a god. But it has been known for two gods to birth demigods. Their defining characteristic is divine parentage, but lack of inherent immortality.

Mortals- Creatures with no direct divine or ungodly heritage. This is considered the center of the scale.

Fallen angels- By nature, fallen or rogue angels must give up their link to the divine realm. In the place of the divine link, they gain an ungodly affinity.

Demons- Born of the mortal realm, or the ungodly realm. Demons are the ungodly equivalent of ancients. It is a typical misunderstanding that Demons are characterized by their evil nature. They can be just as beneficial to humans as the stereotype of good gods, who in turn can be just as cruel as stereotypical demons. Another common misunderstanding is that demons, and their more powerful counterparts, diablos, are defined by their opposition to gods. But gods and diablos are not by nature at odds with one another. This is about where the heresy comes in, as you can guess.

Diablos- The ungodly equivalent of gods. It is unknown if Diablos have any equivalents to angels. But they have been known to use Demons as messengers.

The scale of divinity is considered by some to be a great insight into the workings of gods. By other, the most heretical trash. Demons and gods not being at odds? Madness. Bartholomew explains his reasoning in the book.
"[...]Much like how [The god of light] and [The god of dark] are not at odds with each other, and indeed are known to be long time friends, the gods with their Divine nature, do not make it their mission to destroy the Diablos with their ungodly nature. In fact, to call it an ungodly nature is a bit of a misname, for it implies their nature is to oppose the gods[...]"

Big Names: The island at the entrance to the western bay of the main continent is known as The Island of Truth. It is uninhabited, and is watched over by a statue of the god of honer, who is recognized in many religions that are not based on the elemental gods. It is impossible to lie on this island without dying in gruesome ways, and any promises made in front of the stature must be honored, or you will die a horrible death.

Miscellaneous facts: Dragons of the isles
Many sailors refuse to travel near the islands on the eastern shores of the main continent. Dragons inhabit these islands, and occasionally attack the ships. However, sailors that have braved traveling near these island claim to have been able to make deals with the dragons, who will allow them to pass if they have proper tribute. Usually an animal that they can't find and eat on the islands.

The order of Sebenas
An international order that is based on the eastern shores of the continent. They are sworn to be neutral in the affairs of nations. They are tasked with keeping dragons off the main continent. They have lost much of their power over the last few decades thanks to the dragons having not invaded in centuries, and because their neutral nature makes supporting them seem like a waste of resources by the nations they are based in.
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RE: Dog Days (FE: Total War)
Character Name: Kondar of Taravon
Character Class: Mercenary
Hometown: A tiny unaffiliated village called Taravon.
History: Kondar was born in the village of Taravon, but hasn't been there in decades. He has no family to speak of, and the people of his hometown wouldn't recognize his name if asked about him. He's been a wanderer for many years, fighting to survive. However, he is no simple sellsword. He has numerous scholarly interests as well, including lost civilizations, magical theory, theology, linguistics, mythological studies, and more. Many of his travels were devoted to discovering the secrets of the lost civilizations, and he has learned much in his travels. As a result, he is not as good with a blade as many of his mercenary contemporaries.

World History: Kondar's studies have given him a large amount of insight into a civilization known as the Draconic Empire. He has extensively studied its army, government, and its decline and fall. Its capital was the ancient mountaintop city of Vakondalas. Its government consisted of a High Council of elder dragons, extremely powerful, ancient, and wise beings. Its administration, military command, and bureaucracy was handled by the lesser dragons. They ruled the other races of the western continents, including humans and beast-men. Many of the roads from this period still survive, and some of the buildings and fortifications still survive as ruins.

Vakondalas itself is still in relatively decent shape, considering its inaccessible location to non-flying beings (provided they don't have access to wyverns or pegasi) and their heavier tools, though it usually stands empty. Centuries ago it was a common stop for dragon slayers looking for prey, and now it is a common nest for wild wyverns. The rest of the empire's major towns were either taken over (and built over) by the humans, or destroyed during the war. The ones that survive are ghost towns devoid of life, monuments to the long-dead Draconic Empire. Kondar has visited many of these sites, taking relics for his studies. Visiting Vakondalas has proven difficult for him, however, due to the difficulty of procuring a flying mount and the sheer amount of danger involved.

The Decline and Fall of the Draconic Empire is an interesting subject to Kondar. Prior to a series of events now known as the Dragon Wars, the Draconic Empire was the predominant civilization on the planet, with dragonkind being first among the civilized races. The humans and beastmen served the dragons (who made their home on the western continents, known to the dragons as Monahled), who established many colonies on the central continent (known to them as Gatranled). 1500 years ago, a faction of noble dragons instigated a civil war against high nobility. This was followed by a large human revolt against their Draconic overlords (and aided by the unaffiliated humans outside the Draconic Empire). Weakened by the revolt, the dragons suffered numerous initial defeats before solidifying their holdings on the western continents. What followed was 500 years of war between the two races, culminating in a massive-scale human crusade against the Draconic Empire. The humans suffered enormous losses, but could easily replace their dead. The dragons and their beastmen supporters were not so fortunate. With draconic power broken by the crusade, the humans began a campaign of genocide against the dragons and their followers. A thousand years have passed since that time, and the dragons are believed to be nearly extinct if not dead in their entirety. Rumors often pop up claiming attacks or raids by dragons, but are often proven to either be wyverns or giant bats.

High Draconic (as it's known now) was the language spoken by the nobility of the Empire. It is a rich and cultured language, though it is spoken by very few in the modern era. It was accompanied by the Draconic alphabet, which was larger than average considering the number of different sounds a dragon can make. Kondar can speak, read, and write the language very well for a mortal, but to a dragon he would sound simplistic and possibly stupid.

The lower classes (non-dragons) typically spoke Lower Draconic, which may have evolved into the languages spoken in that part of the world today. It had a different alphabet, though it shared a few grammatical rules with its classier counterpart. Most (if not all) dragons spoke this language as well as High Draconic, as communication with their subjects was apparently important. Kondar speaks this quite well, as it is more suited to his human vocal cords.

Kondar has also studied numerous other civilizations, ruins, and cultures. However, I will not list them here (as I've already taken up my fair share of historical crap. I don't want to go too crazy. One civilization is enough, dammit).

Religion: The state religion of the Draconic Empire is the Faith of the Ancients or the Ancient Path. It was a faith dedicated to the worship of the ancestors to dragonkind, the original dragons, mighty and wise. There were ten:

-Vanamox the Gold, God of the Sun, Law, and the Heavens. Guardian of the Day.
-Nirala the White, Goddess of Life, Harmony, and Charity. Patron of Healers.
-Arzanos the Black, God of Death, Disease, and the Underworld.
-Marakon the Red, God of War, Fortifications, and Fire. Patron of Soldiers.
-Arduna the Blue, Goddess of Seas, Sailing, and Water. Patron of Sailors.
-Radornik the Brown, God of Crafting, Earthquakes, and Earth. Patron of Craftsmen.
-Tanoreth the Grey, Goddess of Flight, Storms, and Air.
-Kaznovon the Tan, God of Fate, Knowledge, and Wisdom. Keeper of Time.
-Arekena the Green, Goddess of Forests, the Harvest, and the Seasons. Patron of Farmers.
-Narestik the Violet, God of Beauty, Love, and the Moon. Guardian of the Night.

The Faith was well-organized into a single church body, with each God and Goddess having a High Priest of Draconic stock. The Temple as a whole was administrated by the Arch-Priest, who oversaw the doctrine of the church.

Kondar himself shows a healthy respect for all worthy Gods he encounters. He doesn't want to piss off any divines, now.

Big Names: Kondar has documented and discovered numerous names used by the Draconic Empire for landmarks, cities, roads, and bodies of water.

Working on a goddamn MAP now. :|

Miscellaneous facts: I am insane.
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RE: Dog Days (FE: Total War)
Cid do you think this is FF or something. What is it with you and dragons guy?
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RE: Dog Days (FE: Total War)
[Image: i-dunno-lol.jpg]
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RE: Dog Days (FE: Total War)
[Image: pikff.jpg]
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RE: Dog Days (FE: Total War)
Please, Pala. That's just Cid. He has a thing for empires, and, apparently, dragons. I'm sure his character in Uprising would have been an exiled Dragon emperor if he could have gotten away with it.
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RE: Dog Days (FE: Total War)
[Image: dragons.jpg]
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RE: Dog Days (FE: Total War)
Is it possible to have a class with supercognitive abilities? I was thinking of making an oracle/prophet character ruling a theocracy.
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RE: Dog Days (FE: Total War)
You could always make said character and have him bullshit the population. Generally its easier ruling a theocracy without having to prove precognitive abilities.
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RE: Dog Days (FE: Total War)
My current plan was to have some random girl who one day gets these visions that get her declared a prophet of the god of light or truth or something, uses her sight to conquer huge tracts of land and remove all insurgents, and then realises that her powers are slowly going away, leaving her with a giant empire she still hasn't learned how to actually rule yet.
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RE: Dog Days (FE: Total War)
That could work, as long as you're willing to have your oracle only have the most vague prophecies (kind of like classical prophets and the like. Being a prophet doesn't require precognition and will also explain how she got an empire far better. In the end it's up to you, however I might have to work with you depending on how powerful you want your leader to be.
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RE: Dog Days (FE: Total War)
I actually had an idea for a tribe of thunder gods that had the power to see the future (they left about 3000 years ago). Thought I might mention it. Could be tied into the back-story for this oracle somehow.
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RE: Dog Days (FE: Total War)
Yes it is highly recommended that the whole 'gods vanished or at least haven't appeared or done shit since a long time ago' doesn't change, because I don't want anyone thinking that they're going to be starting off or finding a superweapon in the form of a god who's fighting for them or something ridiculous like that.
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RE: Dog Days (FE: Total War)
Man, thunder gods can't be wise and prophetic. They need to be dumb as bricks. Like, they generate thunder by pounding their heads agains the mountains, or something.
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RE: Dog Days (FE: Total War)
By headbanging and playing black metal.

Working Name: Anarkismo
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RE: Dog Days (FE: Total War)
You just ruined it, Pagan. Way to go.
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RE: Dog Days (FE: Total War)
Just want to say that signups are set to be closed in two to three days. I know that a few people have expressed interest both in thread and privately who still haven't got anything down, so if anyone's worried they won't get theirs in on time please let me know in some way and depending on the situation I'll either extend the signup period for a few days or figure out something else.

QE: Same for the (clearly) people who are interested but have not stated so - if you've only started thinking of joining now and think the remaining time won't be enough please do speak up. The more the merrier, after all.
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RE: Dog Days (FE: Total War)
Leader Name: Kasser the Oracle
[Image: geToq4A.png]

Scion Name: Harruth Naralain
[Image: HbYqnvH.png]

Nation Name: The Divine Republic Of Teremynt

Colour: Purple (they have a green flag with two purple eye-shaped cylinders)

Leader Description: As a ruler, Kasser always listens to her advisors before acting, as she often finds their ideas superior to her own, but to those outside her court she tries to give an impression of coming up with everything on her own, since she knows her greatest weapon is her reputation. This is a reputation she always strives to improve. She claims her Sight to be behind or play a part in every success her nation experiences as often as she can get away with, regardless of whether it's true or not. She also practices every day in front of her mirror in order to make her eyes look as mysterious and intimidating as possible (but don't tell anyone).

While her current powers are only a shadow of what they used to be, she can still get a vague sense of things that are about to happen (represented ingame by a very skill/speed/luck heavy character build).

Scion Description: Harruth is a Teremyntian scholar who ran one of the bigger temples to the god before Kasser picked him for his organisational skills and appointed him as her advisor, steward and heir. Out of all of kasser's advisors she finds his word the most helpful and many would call him the co-ruler of the republic. While Kasser has the authority to dismiss his ideas she rarely does so.

Nation History: Kasser was just a merchant's child in the city of Grayfort when she one day experienced terrible visions everytime she got close to the house kitchen. She told everyone she knew but nobody listened. One night the visions came to her in her bed, much further from the kitchen than ever before, and Kasser ran away from home in fear. That night a kitchen fire destroyed her entire home and killed her entire family. When she came back in the morning, Kasser couldn't believe her eyes. A local priest of Teremynt inspecting the disaster saw her crying and came to comfort her. When she told him about the visions he told her that she had been given a gift from Teremynt, the god of truth, and took her to his temple.

Kasser spent the rest of her childhood in the temple, learning about Teremynt. her powers grew rapidly and as the word spread more and more people came from around Grayfort to get help from her. She couldn't always solve their problems, but she could often enough for people to realize that she wasn't just a common charlatan. Even Galagh, the new king of Grayfort, got interested and eventually gave her a position as a royal advisor.

Her teenage years at the royal castle saw the kingdom grow and prosper. How big a part Kasser's visions played in this is questionable, but in later years almost all of it would be attributed to her. Eventually Grayfort's neighbours had had enough and formed a coalition against the growing kingdom. Grayfort amassed it's armies but an assassin among the royal servants killed king Galagh. In the childless king's room a letter was found where he named Kasser his heir so that "Teremynt through her will show us the way to victory". When asked why she hadn't foreseen the assassination Kasser told them the truth. She had indeed seen a vision, but it wasn't a vision of death. It was a vision of triumph.

After proclaiming the new Divine Republic of Grayfort, Kasser went out with her army, hoping that her visions would help guide it to victory. As the larger army of the coalition approached, Kasser ordered her generals to lead away their army, leaving the way to Grayfort open. A small part of the enemy army laid siege to the city while the main force followed Kasser's army, destroying all they could come across along the way. Kasser was convinced if she could just hold out long enough, Teremynt would show her the way, but as time went on and nothing happened, her soldiers started to grow restless and disillusioned. One autumn day after one month of traveling Kasser noticed her vision got darker everytime she looked in the direction they were traveling, away from the attackers. Kasser thought this meant another army would surround and attack them, and with sinking hope she ordered her army to fortify themselves on a large hill nearby. The real reason turned out to be a storm that was coming from that direction, a storm their enemies had to face whenever they faced towards Grayfort's troops. As the enemy forces struggled with the rain and wind in their eyes, Kasser's soldiers surged forth from their higher positions and won the day. With a large part of the coalition forces defeated, Kasser would then spend a couple of quick campaigns liberating Grayfort and any other besieged city, claim even more land from her neighbours and attribute her victories to her Sight whenever she could.

After the war was over and her place among the most powerful rulers in the region was assured, Kasser started to rebuild, both the nation itself and it's politics. After renaming the Divine Republic of Grayfort into the Divine Republic of Teremynt, Kasser started promoting a new kind of theology she'd familiarized herself with during her time in the temple, one that claimed Teremynt was the only truly divine god. Worship of other gods was still allowed, as long as Teremynt was also worshipped, but their temples and clergy lost all funding from the state. Kasser also changed several laws to reflect the values of Teremynt and herself. By this point Teremynt was by far the most popular god in Grayfort, so this wasn't as badly received as it could have been, but it still upset a large number of people, especially the aforementioned clergy. Kasser has another problem though; ever since the war, her powers have grown increasingly weak. So far only those closest to her know this, and not to what extent, but by now it's only a matter of time until people start to suspect the truth, and then the divine republic could very well fall apart.

Nation Details: The republic rules over the old lands of Greyfort, but also over alot of territories that used to belong to various neighboring city states and petty kingdoms. To keep these new subjects in line, the army is always kept well drilled and trained. But people aren't just kept in line through the army, but also through fear of the republics ruler and her famous Sight. You can often hear rumours of Kasser finding rebellious buildings just by looking at them, and then sending her soldiers to kill or arrest every traitor hiding in there. While these stories are all greatly exaggerated (but not completely without a grain of truth), the idea of a "big sister" watching everything you do is scary enough to stop most conspiracies and rebellions.

However, not everyone wants to destroy the establishment. Due to being one herself, Kasser has given women several new legal rights and you'll often find Kasser's strongest supporters among the womenfolk. Her past from a merchant family has also proven good for these as the restrictions on trade has decreased and the merchants' influence has grown. Besides this the most notable change in law more strict punishments all crimes involving lying or deceit, as they are considered an affront against Teremynt.

World History: The single most feared (human) figure from the Cursed Times was a man named Daln the Darkminded. He was said to be so fearsome that he even recieved fear and respect from monsters, demons, and fallen angels, whom he used as his henchmen and servants. The humans under his command were known as the soulless for the complete lack of humanity they showed. There are countless tales of him slaying heroes, destroying kingdoms and otherwise making the world an even worse place. The most famous story tells of how he built his capital out of the teeth of his fallen enemies, which became the largest city in the world (not that there was much competition during the Cursed Times). Eventually a hero with the power of necromancy came and brought all the vengeful teeth in his capital to life, which made the entire city fall apart, crushing Daln and most of his minions. The hero, known as The Spirittalker, went on to have other adventures until his eventual demise at the hands of an evil fire god (noone from the stories of the Cursed Times ever die a peaceful death). These days most people consider the stories of Daln the Darkminded to be either greatly exaggerated or completely fabricated.

Religion: "The only account you can trust is the account that is true, and so also is the only god you can trust the god of truth. Just like the true story is the only whose events are real, thus is Teremynt the only god whose divinity is real"
-Kasser the Oracle

Teremynt is the god of truth. He is worshipped in several areas, and the exact details about his nature and how to worship him varies from place to place. Among those worshipping the elemental gods Teremynt is sometimes said to be another name for the god of light or a rare male wind god. One constant is that he looks down on lying and all kinds of deceit is forbidden among his worshippers. The only exception is lying in order to further the cause of Teremynt in the world, which in some traditions is allowed but requires you to perform a ritual of spiritual cleansing afterwards (Kasser has performed this ritual every day since she became the ruler of Grayfort). One of the more extreme sects claim that since only things that are real and true exist in this world, the entire world is part of Teremynt's domain. Some of these people claim that all the other gods are at best just magical creatures no more worthy of praise than a ghost or a golem, and at worst complete fabrication. This particular branch of Teremyntian theology recently rose in relevance with the creation of a so called "divine republic" that enforces this belief throughout it's lands.

Big Names: Arklotan Serrt is the oldest historian whose work has been preserved until today. Almost everything he's written is based on older historians of questionable quality and existence whose writings can't be found anywhere in today's world. Go figure.

(Tell me if I went too far with the visions. I promise there won't be anything on this scale in the actual game, this is just backstory)
(Also, how long does sieges usually last in this world? I'm wondering if mine went on for too long.)
(Also, also, this application is based on the assumption that there will be alot of relatively tiny npc-states around. How correct is this assumption?)
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RE: Dog Days (FE: Total War)
I see no problems whatsoever with your app. Siege length depends on what sort of supplies and numbers the attackers have vs. much of the same for the defenders - obviously they fall apart if there aren't enough attackers or they run out of supplies, and on the other hand a large garrison/population will deplete resources much more quickly than a small and stalwart group of defenders.

As for tiny npc-states, it depends largely on where in the world you are. For example, much of the west so far is shaping up to be filled with smaller NPC states, while the east is looking like a lot of larger kingdoms and the like.
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RE: Dog Days (FE: Total War)
In that case I would like to start somewhere in the west.
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RE: Dog Days (FE: Total War)
This might be the last post I make with all of this history and religion and back-story and what not. Honestly, I think I've gone a bit overboard with the lore and everything. But I make no apologies, and I have no regrets.

Religion: The famed tribe of thunder gods
A tribe of elemental gods that stood on average 15 feet tall. When working together, they were capable of summoning the most severe storms. But this was not considered their greatest talent. Their elders had the ability to gain glimpses of the future. They have successfully predicted every major disaster, including the attack of the water gods that ripped the north western continent asunder. They abandoned the continent hours before the attack, leaving the mortals who worshiped them to their fate. Not long after this attack, they predicted another catastrophe. They traveled across the central continent, west to east, spreading the news. Something was going to happen. And not only were the mortals going to have to handle it, they would be the only ones who COULD handle it.

Those who believe the gods warning can not even be sure if this catastrophe they spoke of has transpired or not. And they can't ask the thunder gods themselves. For the thunder gods have sailed away from these lands. They lie behind an enormous lightning storm out at sea. No one knows what lied beyond, but there are tales of another continent, where the gods are still very much active. Is it true? Impossible to tell. No one sane would try to make it past that storm.

The ice gods and their frozen prison
Ice gods are a peculiar sort. Most elemental gods take on recognizable forms. But ice gods take on different forms. They take on the form of mist, or of snow storms, or cold winds. When more than one ice god is in the same place, you can't even tell them apart. Many ice gods travel with the seasons, following winter across the planet. It is believed that they are actually the reason winter exists in the first place. Because of their forms, it is hard to tell how many of them there are. Some estimate these, the most passive of all elemental gods, to number in the thousands.

They are not all that interested in mortals, but they will occasionally interact with mortals. Every once in a while, a path through the snow will part where a traveler walks. A lone home will have the mist around them retreat, creating a pristine and perfect dome. A city will have the icicles hum in the wind. Ice gods are a playful sort. Not the type to interact with mortals in any really helpful way, but a nice encounter in the harsh winter.

There do however, exist a collection of more active ice gods. But you don't want to encounter them. These ice gods never appear in winter. Instead, they will arrive in spring or summer. They carve a path through the lands as an enormous blizzard. At the heart of the storm, is the floating prison Kjidralta. Attached to this prison by an iron collar is the fallen angel, Karthech, who was cursed to watch over the prison for eternity, after giving immortality to a mortal.

No one knows how the prison works, or what gods, if any, command it. But it is believed that only the worst sinners are sentenced there.

Miscellaneous facts: The city state commonly known as Babel
The people of Bablel (who call their city by dozens of different names) are a strange folk. They look and act like almost like humans. Understandable. They were once humans after all. But now, they look like monsters. They might take offense to you saying so though. I mean, they don't look THAT different. So what if they have horns, the eyes of cats, the occasional tail, or purple hair? They're just like you!

Think of something. Anything. Maybe it's a blessing from a demon? A war over cheese? Anything you can think of. Odds are, that's happened in Babel. This city has seen it all. A war over angels and fallen? Yep. A demon queen mutating the population after someone insulted her appearance. Yep. (But in that guys defense it was less an insult and more an honest criticism of her choice of color scheme for her outfit.)

The city has built "The impenetrable walls" with the help of an earth god, only to have those walls kicked down by a servant of the god of fortresses. They might have rebuilt these walls if that same god hadn't gotten married and moved away. They have had a council of mighty wizards who managed to piss off every nation all the way to the Draconic empire. (Hell of a war. Lasted literally one week. No one knows what happened to the wizards.) They had their city plunged into eternal winter, and then eternal summer. They have fought off invaders and kept their unique culture strong through the most relentless attempts to change them.

Because of all of the things this city has been through, people tend to believe the area they inhabit is cursed. They wouldn't be wrong either. Because the city has seen so much, and had drawn the ire of everything from gods to demons, the have had to take drastic measures to defend themselves. They have wards that help keep the stronger beings (or at least, the beings who are further from the center of the scale of divinity) at bay. And they have a very powerful stationary weapon. The slow reloading, but incredibly powerful crossbow of the water goddess Harilina. This weapon, mounted on the top of a tower at the center of their city, is incredibly accurate, had incredible range, and does incredible damage. This city doesn't take shit from anyone. You want a war? They will gladly give you a slaughter.

But otherwise they're a pretty friendly bunch. Willing to trade if you are. Grows some damn good yams.
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RE: Dog Days (FE: Total War)

Due to some messages I've gotten and finding out some troubling RL stuff, applications will be open for a little while longer. I'm going to set the tentative final deadline for nations as the seventeenth, after this time I will begin finalizing the map and details about each individual nation to the point where adding in a new major power would be difficult. Please message me as soon as possible if this deadline just doesn't work for you. As single players can sign up whenever, this deadline isn't as important, but do note you will be a little bit behind players who started right at the beginning.

For everyone who is signed up now, I'm going to spend the next little while getting the backend for each of your nations/characters set up. Originally I was going to do this in a second round once the applications were closed, but for the sake of speeding things up a little with this pushed back deadline I'll begin working on this with individuals earlier. Contact me on the chat or some other service when you're ready to do so if you want to get everything done in realtime, otherwise send me a PM and I can send you details for you to finalize things that way.
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RE: Dog Days (FE: Total War)
Let's use this extra time to add some more stuff to the world!

Miscellaneous facts: Werebears
In the forested parts of the world, no creature raises more paranoia than the werebear. Werebears are humans who turn into a bear at every full moon, and they are said to have sprung from dark magic and/or some really questionable sexual practices. The typical werebear is said to live alone in a cave in the woods, where the smell of bear and his supernatural strength (half of that of a bear's) keeps predators away. When the full moon comes it turns into a bear in order to hunt. After one night of hunting it will then have enough food to keep it's human shape fed until the next full moon comes along. They also use their human shape to trick travelers that they then kill and devour. But what really gets the fear and paranoia running is their means of reproduction. You see, a werebear can only conceive a child with a human. A werebear will thus feign interest in a human just to flee as soon as a child has been conceived. A man will then never see either the woman or his child ever again. The woman on the other hand, will give birth to the child just to have it transform and instinctively run away the next full moon. A few stories even mention the cub killing and eating it's mother before fleeing. In these areas, men and especially women are thus discouraged from sleeping with anyone they've known for less than a month.
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RE: Dog Days (FE: Total War) - Only a few days left to sign up!
Character Name: The Dread Pirate Gemstrir Steele

[Image: vNx8gRO.png]

Character Class: Gee I really can't guess.

Hometown: Mellish, a port town in Fanuon.

World History (read the first two paragraphs before character history):
One spring, a bit over a decade ago, the Bronze Sea changed. Storms followed new seasons, currents ran backwards, trade routes and fishing industries fell into chaos. It was a dark time for those who derived their life from the ocean, and things did not return to normal the next year or the one after that. All along the coast of the Bronze Sea, dissent grew hand in hand with poverty, and many flocked to the religious radicals known as the Cult of the Living Sea for solace. Leading them was a man who claimed to be the god Margoth, incarnating himself in mortal flesh to punish humanity for their lack of observance. It was he who had warped the course of their oceans and would continue to do so until they obeyed his strictures.

Amongst these was that no woman should set foot on a boat. To the surprise of some, it was just 5 years later that the regional magistrates, who were by this point servants of the Cult themselves, were allowed by the royal palace of Fanuon to write this into law, as part of an ongoing trade-discouraging initiative.

Also, Quins was almost just another part of Lossering. However an infamous diplomatic incident days before a treaty signing consigned them to a much looser political arrangement. It also ended the marriage of the nation’s royal couple, King Muthryr and Queen Amdiale, and was thoroughly embellished into a bawdy tavern tale that is still told today.

The astrolabe was invented fairly recently in Feradil. It was engineered by and named for one Winly Astrolabe, of Greyfort, who created it for use on a grand expedition, to discover new seas and distant lands. She sold the revolutionary design to finance same. About a century ago she departed at the helm of a grand vessel, and has not been seen since.

Character history:
Gemstrir was just a humble merchant once. Well, not humble, even back then he loved to brag of the quality of his ship and his skills as a captain. But still, certainly not a household name. Then the seas changed, and unlike those around him he adapted, exploiting the new conditions to become one of the most wealthy traders in Fanuon. He gained power and esteem almost to the extent he felt he deserved.

And then Margoth's laws were passed.

You see, Gemstrir had a daughter, and since her mother had passed on that daughter had spent her whole life voyaging with the captain. Even at such a young age, she loved the sea, and Gemstrir knew it would break her heart to be separated from it.

A normal man might have moved. Certainly he had no real roots in Fanuon. But Gemstrir was proud beyond measure, and he decided instead to become a pirate, taking offense on his fragile daughter's behalf. Recruiting disgruntled female sailors to join his loyal crew and hijacking an appropriately armed vessel, he quickly christened himself The Dread Pirate Steele, King of the Seas.

That was 8 years ago today.

Today, he is on a beach. He has no ship, no crew, and he does not know where his daughter is.

They had been expected when pulling into harbour. Four warships, bristling with troops. And a traitorous first mate, standing side by side with the naval officer. Just the thought made Steele's blood boil. Fortunately a few of his less brave, more piratical crewmen had woken him and ensured they made it to the rowboat while there was still enough commotion on deck to hide their escape.

The Captain
[Image: vNx8gRO.png][Image: Kp7QxPa.png]
And much more rarely
[Image: pDZhrYK.png]

His loyal crew
[Image: QybX1Jx.png][Image: WlA7F3m.png]

His Daughter Sophitia
[Image: 0jBz7In.png]

The Traitorous First Mate Lemrue
[Image: u1khD9e.png]

Aside from Bartholomew’s work, another, earlier classification of divine entities is the Wheel of Compunctuaries, which attempts to organize gods according to their most common ethical alignments.

[Image: xCc3Vzr.jpg]

This does conflict noticeably with Bartholomew’s views on gods, and proponents of wheel centred theology must concede that the gods of Light and Darkness are plainly at a truce at this point either way.

One of these two theological models is observed in the bulk of elementally based religions, with a sectarian divide present between the two general groups.

Followers of the Wheel of Compunctuaries model are colloquially called Wheelers, for obvious reasons.

Followers of Bartholomew’s works are called Scribers, since their beliefs mostly draw from the same source books (unlike the Wheel, which began as a pre-civilization oral tradition, and has undergone substantial mutation and scattering since).

A common creation story for a Wheeler religion goes something like this. In the beginning there was the heavens, and the gods of darkness and light. Both the gods wished to control the heavens, so they clashed for a time. Struggling to bypass each-other’s defenses, their powers shifting and mixing, they were forced to try other angles. Light flung fire, dark smothered with water, hoping to catch the other by surprise. In this way, piece by piece, the mortal world was created.

Big Names:

(name/ reason for independent status)
Beligon/ religious exclusivity
Port Fennic/ isolated by mountains
Wrassu/ a dung heap full of poverty, crime and unrest
Torth/ The land was worthless until a powerful magical locus was discovered

Coast of the Bronze Sea (adjacent to Fanuon)
Port Town
Nautical Features:
Crone’s finger
The Swampy Straits
Mount Sulphur
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RE: Dog Days (FE: Total War) - Only a few days left to sign up!
Also, Druplesnubb, I put together the sprites you wanted (Cape colour changed for uniformity and also because it was ugly before.)

[Image: 4J6h57l.png][Image: geToq4A.png][Image: HbYqnvH.png]

Are they all right?
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RE: Dog Days (FE: Total War) - Only a few days left to sign up!
They're excellent, thank you! I didn't actually request anything, I was fine with the links until you posted these.
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RE: Dog Days (FE: Total War) - Only a few days left to sign up!
World History: Beastmen
The beastmen are a race a of creatures similar to humans, but leaner, smaller and covered in brown fur. It's believed that "beastman" was originally an insult and that their real name was something different. The beastmen were once a common sight across the world, especially in the west where they outnumbered the humans. Some even say the legendary smith Ogannon was one of them.
The decline of the beastmen, like most fallen peoples and nations, started with the rise of another power, the Draconic Empire. Hailing from the northwestern islands, the dragons conquered all the western beastman kingdoms for their emperors. After the massive and lengthy beastman revolt led by the fabled Azgarr the Liberator was crushed, the dragons started working to "reduce the beastmen's presence in the west". While the beastmen populations diminished in wealth and numbers, the humans, who had mostly supported the dragons in the war, took their place until they eventually were more numerous than the Beastmen.
This, however proved to be a mistake. While the humans still weren't as dominant in the west as the beastmen once had been, they had much easier to get support from the human-controlled east. When the human rebellions happened, the eastern kingdoms joined in and eventually toppled the Empire. These humans then started several genocide campaigns against the Beastmen for supporting the dragons, until they were completely wiped out in the east and confined to a few scattered villages in the west. These villages all died out several centuries ago becasue of the Angel's mark plague. These days the only known place where the beastmen still live is the island Kradrarga across the sea (see: Other Continents).

Other Continents
Every learned man knows that the world was once alot larger than it currently is, with the original landmass one day splitting off in several "continents". The only two of these continents most people have access to is the central continent and the northwestern continent (which barely counts as a continent after being torn asunder by the water gods). There are however tales of people who've seen other continents.
The only one of these that is known for sure to exist is an island far to the west known as Kradrarga. This island is the last place remaining where beastmen still exist, and there doesn't seem to live a single human on the entire island. Kradrarga is smaller than the largest of the northwestern islands, they have no materials that can't be found on the main continent and noone living there seems rich enough to buy anything worth trasporting across the sea. If anyone were to try and conquer the place they'd find that the heavy forest covering the island allows the locals to kill your entire army without you even seeing them. For this reason, contact between Kradrarga and the rest of the world is minimal to nonexistent.
There are however stories of other, much larger continents, the most widespread of which are the The Lands Beyond the Storms and The Thunder Realm. Far to the south of the central continent is the Sea of Storms, a sea so stormy that noone ventures near it. It's said that in the time when the wind godesses were still around, the people they blessed could sail through this sea and to another continent on the other side. This place, known as The Lands Beyond the Storms is said to be much bigger than the known world, full of cities that sparkle with gems built into the very buildings. The stories vary and contradict each other regarding the inhabitants of this place, with humans, beastmen, dragons and strange creatures unlike anything ever seen all being mentioned. Sometimes explorers have tried sailing to this continent, but noone has ever returned. East of the Sea of Storms lies the massive thunderstorm beyond which the thunder gods are said to reside. Stories of this land, often referred to as The Thunder Realm, are plenty, with some even claiming all the other gods also live there , or that you can find The Mountain of the Gods there. Since noone has ever set foot on this continent, these stories are of course nothing but lies and specualtion.
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RE: Dog Days (FE: Total War) - Only a few days left to sign up!
World History: The Great General Kilo. Records state he did this near the end of the Cursed times.

A person that changed the world would be King Kilo. He is credited with the creation of the first Military Academy, and a more diverse army. Serving under a kingdom long lost to history, he captured most of the known world (which was not much) and began spreading a common religion through his grand kingdom.

He is the roots for military tactics, and his maneuvers and use of specialization in his armies. Before him, army men just picked up a weapon and went to war. He starts introducing classes of warriors. People are trained for a long time in one weapon, not shortly trained on many weapons. His ideals of army men is the basis of armies now, when people saw that it was effective.

On one of his campaigns, he is credited to have introduced a formal place to train for war. It was at first as a way to teach his son, who was at the time a scholar, how to defend himself in a more formal environment. Copies of it popped up for other peoples by the time his son was trained, and he soon supported the academies.

Lastly, he was a devout worshipper and spread religious teachings whenever he conquered peoples.
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RE: Dog Days (FE: Total War) - Only a few days left to sign up!
He seems to fit better into the timeframe of the very first empires in the world considering how "basics for every disciplined army" his stuff seems to be.
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RE: Dog Days (FE: Total War) - Only a few days left to sign up!
Now that I look at the time line, I think he might fit better into the Cursed times. War was common place and it was practically a dark age; it would make sense for him to reform armies during that warfilled time and try to educate his son discipline in a world without good education.
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RE: Dog Days (FE: Total War) - Only a few days left to sign up!
I'm thinking of switching my colors to green and purple, to match the clothes of my leaders. The big problem would be to make sure that any future leader and scion keeps the same colours since I suck at drawing tools.
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RE: Dog Days (FE: Total War) - Only a few days left to sign up!
Programs like Gimp and allow for swapping colours within the images pretty easily. You just select all of the one colour you want to replace (Magic Wand tool + Shift key in and the Select by Colour tool in Gimp), and then just paintbrush over them. For shading, you just take the colour you are replacing the original with and make it slightly darker.
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RE: Dog Days (FE: Total War) - Only a few days left to sign up!
Oh another important thing I forgot to mention is pretty much the sacred code of all states games: private messaging and secretly plotting with each other is allowed and encouraged, but please do copy me so I can know what's going on and make sure it's properly included in the game.
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RE: Dog Days (FE: Total War) - Only a few days left to sign up!
I've changed my colour to purple and my flag to purple and green.
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RE: Dog Days (FE: Total War) - Only a few days left to sign up!
This is fire emblem! We need more natural calamaties.

World: Terthia and Vacondalis have both had serious earthquakes in the last 10 years.

Miscellaneous: Few people in this world use the names of mountain ranges. It's considered bad luck not to respect each mountain with an individual name.
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RE: Dog Days (FE: Total War) - Only a few days left to sign up!
Barring any last minute changes, the game is pretty much closed for nation applicants.

I mean as it is there are one, maybe two places left I could feasibly fit a player nation without it changing what I'm doing now and will be setting up in the next couple days, but they'd need to apply within the next 24-48 hours (depends how quickly I finish current player stuff).

Of course non-nation players can still sign up at will.
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RE: Dog Days (FE: Total War) - Getting ready to start (potential nation slot left)
I have a question; how important is diplomacy and state management compared to warfare in this game?
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RE: Dog Days (FE: Total War) - Getting ready to start (potential nation slot left)
Very much so. While this does have wargame-based roots (what with the fire emblem and all) it is primarily a states game. Diplomacy and state management is going to be as important, if not more so, than just warfare.
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RE: Dog Days (FE: Total War) - Getting ready to start (potential nation slot left)
How do the battles work? Do you have some kind of site tht can simulate these battles or are you gonna create FE-style battlefields through ASCII-art? Also, how does naval combat work? Can all units still attack each other or is it only the ranged units or only the ships themselves?
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RE: Dog Days (FE: Total War) - Getting ready to start (potential nation slot left)
I have several things set up for that. Currently I've put together a battle simulator for when nobody is actually fighting a battle (since you only control the fighting if your leader/scion if your leader is dead/abandoned/whatever), as well as for people who just don't want to have to worry about the battle mechanics on their own. For battles that are fought, I have a program that helps me put together custom maps based on the location.

Naval combat currently works primarily through ramming and boarding actions, while giving a slight pre-battle edge to ranged units (to account for people firing volleys as the ships draw closer). This of course is subject to how people order their navies to fight, but basically boils down to those two factors. After all, very few people have investigated ways to mount more long ranged weapons on ships for distance fighting...
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RE: Dog Days (FE: Total War) - Getting ready to start (potential nation slot left)
So just about everything is set up except for actually formatting the individual PMs and sending them.

Are there any last questions/concerns/what have you? Because I'd kind of like to put the first turn post on a new page instead of at the very bottom of this one.

Oh also for nations players, there's going to be one last (albeit relatively short) technical bit, mostly notes and stuff dedicated to a little bit of military works and tech you have available, as well as just general settings (like whether or not you want to opt out of battles). After that I don't think there'll be anything else.
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RE: Dog Days (FE: Total War) - Getting ready to start (potential nation slot left)
Is it starting today?
11-23-2013, 03:46 AM
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RE: Dog Days (FE: Total War) - Getting ready to start (potential nation slot left)
Why yes Gallo, it sure is.
11-23-2013, 03:47 AM
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RE: Dog Days (FE: Total War) - Getting ready to start (potential nation slot left)
Is it starting today?
11-23-2013, 03:47 AM
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RE: Dog Days (FE: Total War) - Getting ready to start (potential nation slot left)
Is it starting today?
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RE: Dog Days (FE: Total War) - Getting ready to start (potential nation slot left)
Wait shit, triple post, the hell chocpi?

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