In Progress Oddhood
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Feel the power of creation at your fingertips! Listen to the cosmos sigh at your power! Huh? You can't? Well, that is, young spirit, is because you are not a bigshot god. You are just a tiny one, and oddgod if you could say.

Some gods get fire, others get justice, but no, you were given things like Heavy Shoes, Good Intentions and Insane Broccoli. How are you even going to get followers that way? The greater gods mock your spheres, calling them cubes instead.

But today is your lucky day. The Great God Flex has managed to vanish himself. Nobody knows what really happened. Some claim alien gods kidnapped him, some think that his divine muscles collapsed on itself. Nobody is sure what happened, but the coast is clear...

Alas, the derogative name for your wimpy spheres stuck. Each cube is defined as a combination of at least one noun and one adjective, for example: shiny teeth. You have to work with what you have...

You are not powerful enough to bear the burden of real acts, so you have to make do with Scenes. These are significantly weaker, for example, 1 Scene may let you summon a sandwich. However, 4 Scenes might allow you to summon a sandwich the size of family sofa. You gain scenes the same way gods gain acts, through people doing things that are related to your cubes, or worshipping you.

In the beginning, you all will gain bonus scenes, while the background energy of the Great God is still around.

You have considerably less strength in this world. To unlock a place as visitable, you'll need to hitch a ride on a follower of yours, or a neutral creature. You can always warp between your followers.

The starting location will be an island, inhabited by weak, hunched, blueish humanoids, who used to worship the Great God Flex.

This game will be less "epic" compared to other godhoods. You do not observe the world's creation, nor will you shift mountains and squash armies. Not at the beginning, at least.

The oddgods are *desperate*, and they fully aware of their ridiculusness.

Divine name: What are you called?
Divine form description: What is your Not Too Amazing form?
Small personality info: How do you think and feel?
Your main cube: [adjective][noun]
Two secondary cubes: [adjective][adjective][noun], preferably associated with your main cube.

Good luck. You don't want to sink back to the bottom...
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RE: Oddhood
Divine name: Chaosil Vegelopolis

Divine form description: A bundle of differently colored asparagus that looks like a human face. With green hair.
[Image: asparagus_by_icantgivecredit-d6t1tcb.png]
He looks delicious.

Small personality info: Through vegetables. I drain my nutrients from other people's emotions, which I must turn into vegetables when they come toward me. There is no better way to understand people. Of course, I am a very reasonable god, it's not my fault if things are lost through translation.

Your main cube: Vicious Vegetation
Two secondary cubes: Satanic Fruit Salads and Chaotic Conifer Trees
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RE: Oddhood
A Godhood Parody? Hosted by PL? .....

HELL YES..gotta find a pc to write up my reject god
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RE: Oddhood
Two adjectives on your secondary cubes please.

This is not a parody, I am taking this game seriously. I just wanted to try something out from a lower cosmic angle.
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RE: Oddhood
Name: Chole Calciferol

Form: Tiny! With tiny dentist equipment! Has humungous fairy wings because it is hilarious. Would be considered innocuous, perhaps adorable if it were not for the fact he is completely covered in mouths. Has a jarringly baritone voice, kind of like Clint Eastwood. Never seen without a cigarette on his lips. Not really appropriate but hey. Tiny!

Small personality: He is kind of upset that the Health sphere got stolen, for starters. He’s tight-lipped, cautious, and ridiculously patient. He is slow to anger but the occasional emotional explosions are something to behold. He has sort of this weathered careful personality that comes with years of drudgery and misanthropy. This would be an appropriate for say, a private investigator. Maybe a cowboy. Except he’s. You know.

Main cube: Strong bones

Secondary cube: Perfect white teeth, scared small children
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RE: Oddhood
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RE: Oddhood
I meant two secondary cubes, each with two adjectives, sorry.
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RE: Oddhood
Don't be, that was obvious.
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RE: Oddhood
Name: Iguyag the Fatigued

[Image: wouldmill.png]

Once, Iguyag attempted to make contact to its one desperate worshiper, who found its name in a tattered phone book at the corner of a library. He suffered a headache about two seconds in duration.

Small Personality: Regretful of its own existence, Iguyag is an eternally depressive god full of unresolved parental issues. While not on the same level as other gods of despair and grieving, invoking Iguyag's name may inspire vague feelings of uncertainty and a sensation of being nibbled at by mental ducks. Its griping and pointless complaints make it a constant for other gods' jeers and insults.

Main Cube: Dismal Stagnation

First Secondary Cube: Trivial, Petty Complaints

Second Secondary Cube: Moderate Gloomy Skies
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RE: Oddhood
Current consensus is to call these characters Godds and Godddesses.
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RE: Oddhood
Divine name: Scrumple the Impolite
Divine form description: A fuzzy blue puffball with long pointy ears and buck teeth. Also, it glows in the dark.
Small personality info: Scrumple has attitude problems and a tendency to use his powers for nefarious purposes! Meagre pain and annoyance awaits any mortals who dare cross the oddling known as Scrumple! Scrumple refers to itself as being evil but it really only wants people to pay attention to it.
Your main cube: Aggressive Rabbits
Two secondary cubes: Inexpensive Itchy Hats, Moldy Unhealthy Food
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RE: Oddhood
Divine name: Evergreen
Divine form description: Like, blonde natty dreadlocks, permanent stubble, a tie-dye shirt, some baggy pants, and a beanie
Small personality info: Pretty Chill Yo. Like, I'm ... Woah... Dude, do you have any munchies?
Your main cube: Comfortable Seating
Two secondary cubes: Cheap Delicious Food, Addictive Television Shows

Working Name: Anarkismo
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RE: Oddhood
Divine Name: Gelbam
Divine Form: Just some guy, you know? Or girl. Whatever floats your boat. Gelbam is exactly what you want him/her/it to be, always. At all times. Well actually Gelbam is whatever Gelbam wants to be, but he/she/it wants to be that. Not powerful enough to really make it happen though, so even though Gelbam thinks they look like some sort of androgynous posh moviestar or similarly genderless pile of money all the time (and does when things are going well), really she just looks like some dirty old hobo lady most of the time.
Small personality info: Gelbam wants what's best for you! No, really (okay not really). Gelbem is the kind of person who likes it when everyone wins, especially when everyone includes the house - and if only the house wins well that's alright too. Unfortunately, Gelbem is also the kind of person that doesn't realize she's not the house.
Your main cube: High Stakes
Two secondary cubes: Small meaningless gains, huge crushing losses
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RE: Oddhood
YUSSSSSSSSS give me a minute to whip something up
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RE: Oddhood
Divine name:the fuzz
Divine form description:just a pink fuzz ball
Small personality info:the fuzz is just adorable and gets flustered half of the time plus is a bit light headed
Your main cube: cute plush
Two secondary cubes: pink stuffed animal,idiotic fuzz brain
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RE: Oddhood
I remember this...

Divine name: Election Commission
Divine form description: A constantly bickering round table of politicians. Key figures include:

'Rad' Y. Cal: A former senator from California who's all about skateboarding and alternative medication.
Rhee Actionary: A member of the Chamber of Commerce, Church Choir, and 'Sockeyball Moms Against Societal Change'.
Richard P. Dick: The local representative of the Association for Unrestrained Capitalism.
Libby Rall: A stalwart defender of local unemployment and amnesty for imported labor.
'Doc' Torr: Nobody's sure what his medical field is, only that he charges out the nose.

Small personality info: Constantly at war with itself, the Election Commission's job is to make sure nothing gets done while the country continues to run. Expect wild accusations, vast overextensions of authority, and no shortage of annoying propositions, rules, and restrictions.

Your main cube: Electoral Politics
Two secondary cubes: Loud Pointless Bickering, Obscure Ridiculous Rules.

The one, the only, Vancho!
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RE: Oddhood
Divine name: Dark
Divine form description: I am six foot tall humanoid being, my face is completely featureless. No eyes, or ears but my charcoal like skin is stretched tight around my face to the point of taking the shape of my skull.
Small personality info: Creepy, I like to follow people around and watch what they do. I take delight at seeing other people confusion, fear and suffering. I hate watching people go on in bliss and peace.
Your main cube: Monstrous night.
Two secondary cubes: Instant invisible travel. Terrifying, imaginary monsters.
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RE: Oddhood
Divine name: Yttru
Divine form description: A giant eye with an iris that can only be described as a 'red-green'. Has multiple nerves sticking out the back that it uses to move.
Small personality info: Yttru just wants to be useful and wants friends. It wants you to like it. Just because it can't help you see doesn't mean it's no good. See? Look at these pretty colors. Never seen them before, right? And watch this. See the light? Oh... did it hurt your eyes? Now you're more like Yttru right?
Your main cube: Blind Eyes
Two secondary cubes: Worryingly Bright Lights, Strange Inane Colors
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RE: Oddhood
Divine Name: Parvus
Divine Form Description: A clay golem. Made by someone who evidently wasn't a scuptor, but tried to make up for it with enthusiasm and effort.
Small Personality Info: He is normally somewhat gloomy, but, after a good soak in the rain-logged earth, he can be quite happy, and has even been rather glib at one point.
Main Cube: Shoddy Sculpture
Two Secondary Cubes: Obligation-induced, Awkward pride, and Warm, Damp places.

"It is the things you did not do that you regret, 20 years from now."
-Mark Twain(maybe)
Former Squid Lord
Current Dimensional Traveler
Future Hoka- wait, I'm not Naruto.
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RE: Oddhood
Yes, the random adjective noun generator shined good luck upon me.

Divine name: Torgo B-Movie
Divine form description: A movie screen with a regular movie covered up by theater seats and silhouettes, one of a human, one of a gumball machine, and one of some kind of bat-thing.
Small personality info: Torgo used to be a small god-janitor at an underground lab called Deep 13, but his bosses didn't like him so they shot him into space. They made him watch cheesy movies, the worst they could find. Torgo has to sit and watch them all while they monitor his mind. If you're wondering how he eats and breathes and other science facts, just remind yourself that he's a freaking god-janitor and you didn't question that. In terms of personality, Torgo is pretty friendly and funny, even though he's been forced to watch such terrible movies. He's also prone to sarcasm.
Your main cube: negative worship
Two secondary cubes: Giant, radioactive turtle, and Jolly, Martian Santa.

Please tell me if my power levels are too high.

[Image: tumblr_m89thxih7c1qesb9j.png][Image: tumblr_m89ti2qf1P1qesb9j.png][Image: tumblr_m89ti533mx1qesb9j.png][Image: tumblr_m89tieX3hv1qesb9j.png][Image: tumblr_m89tillJz41qesb9j.gif][Image: tumblr_m89tiqBWIY1qesb9j.gif][Image: tumblr_m3dyn8mGBA1qesb9j.gif]
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RE: Oddhood
Divine name: Nyxx Darknezz

Divine form description: Slim like a blade of grass in the morning dew, thin build like reeds bending slightly in the cool morning wind, sculpted abs that look as if they are carved by the expert hands of a wizened artisan, pale skin that is as white as the finest ivory that has been polished to a sheen, byzantium eyes that brim with restrained emotion, long raven black hair that is feathered like Lucifer's wings but flows gently in the wind as he rages against the cruel heavens that created him, clad in black combat boots, black denim pants with frayed knees, black shirt that has the name of a totally cool nu-metal band that makes songs that really understand the extent of human suffering, a black leather long vest with metal studs in the shoulders that gleam like the stars in the clear summer night's sky, black fingerless leather gloves with silver wolves on the back, a black leather choker that he wishes would squeeze tight and release him from this petty realm, and a large ebony scythe with an edge that could cut the threads of the strands of time themselves hanging from his back but he never uses it because he is too cool and awesome to need it but he keeps it anyways.

Small personality info: Cold and distant, dislikes conflict, surprisingly warm and welcoming to those he feels are his fellows, is always ready for a fight when his friends are threatened, hides a deep and troubled past, is a bit of a loner, likes to ride motorcycles and play the guitar at the same time.

Your main cube: Emotional Angst
Two secondary cubes: Lengthy Wordy Descriptions, Immaturely 'Cool' Activities.

This character is intentionally bad, don't worry. You can thank FF.Net for the inspiration.
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RE: Oddhood
Divine Name: Olaf Dagersson

Divine form description: Olaf is a burly viking-type fellow, wearing chain-and-leather armor and a heavy iron helmet with a mask-like faceguard. However he carries no weapons. From beneath the faceguard emerges this massive blonde beard.

Small personality info: Olaf was originally one of many raider wargods, who journeyed around in spiritual longboats making a mess of universes they visited and having a fun old time. However, his heart was never really in it - he was a gentle soul at heart, and much preferred cheese to war. He left his raiding party to start a life of his own as a cheese god, but abandoning his spheres didn't really work out and he was left with only a few weak cubes.

Your main cube: Strong Cheese

Two secondary cubes: Eye-watering Cheesy Smells, Delicious Cheese-flavored Snacks.
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RE: Oddhood
Divine name: Ivan The Uncertain!

Divine form description: Ivan's form is a simple ball, It varies between a cracked gypsy crystal ball or a giant 8-ball or cue ball, They all contain a a floating pyramid which has on all sides 'please ask again later' written on it. It is also filled with some green misty liquid.

Small personality info: Ivan has been several places in his long eternal journey, From traveling gypsy bands to the basement of a insane asylum, Gaining minor sentience after being the 'holy' object of a local hobo cult he was lifted to the "Oddhood" status, Much to the annoyance of his peers, since he is a complete megalomaniac, Ranting about things he has seen but really does not understand at all. His visions are worthless since they have as much as a chance to be genuine but slightly different, or just do not come true at all. Like those old mechanical fortune teller booths seriously.

Your main cube: Uncertain Prophecy
Two secondary cubes: Confusingly Conflicting Information, Ignorantly Misinformed Discussions.
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RE: Oddhood
Divine name: Chester Fields, The Throne of Lesser-Titans
Divine form description: Once, long ago, it is said that Flex descended unto the mortal plane to chat up a mortal lady. When they got back to her place, he sat himself upon an armchair while she "freshened up". The grand burden of holding up Flex's godly posterior caused the armchair to spontaneously grow into a love-seat, and the results of the events that followed on that love-seat caused it to ascend to goddhood. Or so the legends go. The legends that Chester refuses to talk about.
Small personality info: Chester Fields has exactly the kind of personality you would expect of a piece of furniture, he is rather easygoing, but also a bit sluggish, and not prone to quick action. However, with Flex gone, he has made exception, hoping against all odds that he may one day become God of ALL Furniture, large and small, and then NOBODY would dare mock the circumstances of his "birth"!
Your main cube: Chester Fields is the Godd of Large Furniture.
Two secondary cubes: Chester Fields is also the Godd of Moving Heavy Objects, and Comfortably Seating Oneself.
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RE: Oddhood
Divine name: Toot
Divine form description: A bright neon green gramophone with small stubby legs.
Small personality info: Toot is one of the most irritating and obnoxious thing ever to come into being. He is a hyper and happy most of the time. His whole existence is to irritate and annoy everyone and everything. If he feels that people are getting to used to him, he will try and up his obnoxiousness. At this point in time, Toot has no followers of any kind as he is that insufferable.
Your main cube: Annoying sounds
Two secondary cubes: Eye irritating colours, Painfully loud sounds
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RE: Oddhood
Divine name: Tartarus the Almighty! Or, y'know, just Tartarus...

Divine form description: I am a plastic action figure given amazing power and life! Unfortunately it's one of those non-flexible ones that are basically just small statues with little disks on the bottom so they don't fall over. But it looks totally badass! It has a dramatically blowing scarf and everything!
It's about 4 inches tall which I'm okay with I guess. It's a figure of a pale guy with different colored eyes and a scar over one of them and he has wavy blue spike-hair and arm and leg bandages and these totally wicked looking arm bandages and a badass black jacket and pants with a chain and everything and I'M SO FUCKING BADASS FUCKING LOOK AT ME!

Small personality info: Overestimates own abilities. Cocky, although still charismatic, sort of. Has a bunch of irrational fears.
He's not really too sure how he came to be, either. So he made up something about a generic-sounding magic ritual that summoned him into existence.

Your main cube: Animated Characters.

Two secondary cubes: Tiny Plastic Figurines, Dramatic Japanese Shouts.
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RE: Oddhood
Divine name: Suehtemorp. (Sue-Eh-Tea-Morp / sweaty morp)
Divine form description: An electric eel-narwhal hybrid that flashes vividly. And has laser eyes. It's known as an inaccurate replica of the historical Narwhal Laser Beam which roamed the earth 1,000,000 years ago...
Small personality info: Tends to get bored easily, but always looking for excitement.
Your main cube: Rusty knife.
Two secondary cubes: Small Red warhammer, Dusty grey pistol.
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RE: Oddhood
Signups will close on Monday, you have time to add/modify entries until then.
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RE: Oddhood
Divine name: Twirl
Divine form description: if ever she appears, she appears as a spiralling shape on TV sets or other screened objects. She is most at home languishing in the static of an old CRT Television.
Small personality info: A young lesser god who was birthed relatively recently. Her sigil is a spiral issuing forth from a commadore 64 cartridge. Hers are the powers of forcing a cartridge to run when you blow into it, of staring vacant at an optical illusion for two hours, of an untuned radio. She is something of a trickster, coy in her randomness and whimsical as the shape she represents. Her voice is like a melody of unconnected mechanical tones, speaking gibberish on the surface, but with quiet meaning hidden beneath the signal, hypnotic in its melodic, exposed emotion.
Your main cube: Spiralling Shapes
Two secondary cubes: windblown electrical circuits, static radio noise.
Themes: (1) (2)

[Image: HUcrWLP.gif]
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RE: Oddhood
Divine name: Edith
Divine form description:
[Image: s21-little-old-lady.jpg?w=600]
Small personality info: Edith is a kind old lady, the kind that pinches small children's cheeks, and gives them sweets. She's very sweet, and not knowledgeable about newer technology and concepts. She works hard at her needlework, hoping that one day she can become the goddess of knitting. She's not very good at the politics between gods, only trying to help everyone the best she can. After all, isn't it best if they all get stronger?
Your main cube: Large Needles
Two secondary cubes: Oversized Tacky Clothing, scary sharp things
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RE: Oddhood
Divine name: Divlis
Divine form description: A stringy lump with teeth
Small personality info: A lesser thing born of the thoughts regarding minor uncleanliness, Divlis isn't really a thoughtful nor caring semi-deity.
Your main cube: Filthy pants
Two secondary cubes: Tiny putrid socks, pungent rotten fruit
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RE: Oddhood
And thus, the last shrine of FLEX exploded, and with that, a door opened. Eight beings tumbled out of it, rolling everywhere into the cave which housed the recently
detonated sculpture. The cave is dark, and now littered with bits of a stone biceps.

The patient one, the sad one, the deluded one, the mishappen one arose, followed by the tired one, the enigmatic one, the caring one and the simple one.

The godds... oh pardon me, that is a horrible slur... the gods were on an island. It was a cold and forested one. There is a village on it, populated by sad and weak looking blue humanoids. They live in wooden houses,
and use stone tools to fish, collect wood, grow a kind of corn, and milk a strange breed of many legged deer.

Time until next turn will always be a week, or when all of you run out of scenes. You are empowered by the disappearence of FLEX. Will you be able to replace them? Will you rise?


Chole Calciferol: 5
Iguyag the Fatigued: 5
Gelbam: 5
Parvus: 5
Olaf Dagersson: 5
Twirl: 5
Divlis: 5
Edith: 5

Also, drop by #godhood on ESPER.NET to chat.
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RE: Oddhood
Chole flitters into the cosmos - a scene that would be almost majestic if it were not for the fact his wings more belonged to Barbie's department than any self-respecting God of Health. Er, Strong Bones, Perfect White Teeth, and Scaring Small Children. Damn, he really loved that last sphere, cube. Scene? Er. Dammit, goddhood is going to be a doozy.

One day, he would transcend to GODhood.Like actual Godhood. And all will be perfect. As long as the other seven chucklefucks don't do anything funny.

Chole flaps majestically to the many legged deer (leaving behind a trail of embarrassingly sparkly glitter in the wake). He takes a dentist's mirror and taps on the nearby deer. The deer mooed in replied and nearly knocked off Chole with an errant antler, but nevermind that. His job was done.

(-2) A buncha deer now produces milk of higher calcium! Perfect for strong bones.

Chole sparkles to a sleeping dude and darts to his ear. Well, ear hole. God, these not-humans are pathetic. He udders softly and milkily into the poor saps ear.

(-1) "Makkkke mooore miiiilllk, driiiinnnnk more millllllk, oooooor I willl devooooour your sooooooooouuuuuullllll..."
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RE: Oddhood
Divlis blurps and oozes disgustingly, shifting his mass to and fro. There's a gurgling noise that seems to indicate the formation of a thought. A thought that is acted upon as the slimy lint god moves to the small village. From there Divlis exerts his power and will over as much clothing as he can. For what is a god of small waste and smell to do but to create small waste and smell?

(-3) All socks and pants begin to reek to high heavens!

(-2) Divlis then uses the remaining fraction of his influence to impart the idea that there is a greater being controlling this reek into the minds of the blue ones.
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RE: Oddhood
flashy gif warning.
[Image: revere1.gif]

TWIRL feeds her way through the background noise of the wind. She implants a compulsion within the mind of the most senior woodcarver she can find. A perfect spiral, inlaid with a strange zigzagging circuit design.
She cackles, crackles into the night, into the wind. Reaches through the neurone-wires in the animals, starts them walking in a slowly expanding circle.
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RE: Oddhood
Olaf sits up and scratches his head. What a strange crowd he's fallen in with, what lows his power has plummeted to. Ah well, the sacrifices one must make to do what they desire, eh? His raider friends had disowned him; he didn't begrudge them their closed-mindedness.

Meanwhile, it seems a few dull blue guys were pottering around on the island, living simple lives. They seemed like alright folks, although their knowledge of cheese was distinctly lacking. Olaf decided he would rectify this.

Olaf just kind of blows all his immediate power on teaching a selection of villagers master cheesecraft and convincing them to respect and value cheese and its production. (-5)

Whoa that ran out fast. New agenda; be more conservative with your power, Olaf. You don't have acts to spare any more.
11-12-2013, 09:19 AM
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RE: Oddhood
Geblem pops into view of one of the mortals. She's her typical bedridden, grime filled self

"Hey man what's up am I not impressive?"

She really isn't, with the exception of her obvious (but underwhelming) godness. She forms two dice in her hands.

"These are dice, fun little toys you can use to make goods and cash (if cash exists for you guys), but you can definitely use them to win stuff. You bet on whatever you want, and if you roll a certain number you win it. If you lose though the person you were betting against wins your stuff. I'd recommend on making more and giving them out to others so they get in on it too. Also, I'd recommend betting on seven, those two dice will kind of always roll a three or four no matter what."

Appears to mortal -1
Creates weighted dice -1
11-12-2013, 09:35 AM
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RE: Oddhood
Edith looks around at the assorted gods... and then at the villagers. Oh dear! The poor things, they look so hungry.. Maybe if they're better fed, they can get stronger! And if the villages are stronger, then the other gods can ply their trades and they can get stronger too!

Edith heads down to the village, leading them to their quarry, or wherever they get their stone from... using her needlelike powers, she forms a large rock into several large, stone needles! (-3) Then, leading them to the river, she shows them how to use the needles to spear the fish upon them.

Soon after... she notices how chilly the weather is here! The poor dears are going to freeze to death... but not if she has anything to do about it. Heading over to the children of the village, she uses her powers once more... creating several sweaters for the children.... even if they're way too big and the design is horrible, it'll still keep them warm! (-2)
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RE: Oddhood
Iguyag the Fatigued looks out of its sedentary spot.

See, Iguyag. See. See the villagers. See the villagers toil.

Look, Iguyag. Look. Look at the boring village. Look at the boring village.... be bored.


Iguyag the Fatigued opens its mouth.

"Oh no, you don't," whispers its illusory conscience. "You're just going to mumble and gripe about everything again."


Iguyag the Fatigued... opens its mouth. (-2)

"I... I will tell these boring villagers... about how boring it is... They... they will know how bored I am.”

"…Look. Look at these fish. They're all the same fishes. All of you look the same. The island... looks the same. The water... looks the same. You're... you're the same."

“If you do something else… it’ll be the same too, eventually. It’ll just be the same thing. Over and again. The same… the same thing.

Iguyag the Fatigued took a while to recompose its thoughts and gather motivation for another extraordinarily long speech.

"It... it's so cold, too. It's not ever hot. Just cold. And always cold. Isn't it… bothersome… to do the same thing so much... all the time?"

"I... I will make it a bit hotter. Maybe a bit hotter. Then it will be warm. All the time… Maybe a bit more. Or not enough..."
It is just slightly hotter now: Enough to just notice a slight dryness, and to cause snow to melt inconveniently. But then again, it's probably not that much. (-2)
"What a burden."

Iguyag the Fatigued left its mouth open, and tried to not notice.

“…You’re such noisemakers and… and so very distracting… Can’t… can’t sleep with sparkles…”
11-12-2013, 03:17 PM
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RE: Oddhood
Parvus wakes up for the first time, looks around, and notices the lack of disappointment the villagers have towards their tools.
"This... this will not do..."
Makes the villagers think of their tools much the same way your average man thinks of the sweater Grandma gave him -3
"Now... maybe if I..."
He then inspires some dude to start making awful figurines out of clay, and give them as gifts. -2

"It is the things you did not do that you regret, 20 years from now."
-Mark Twain(maybe)
Former Squid Lord
Current Dimensional Traveler
Future Hoka- wait, I'm not Naruto.
11-14-2013, 10:12 AM
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RE: Oddhood
The majestic Calciferol has touched upon the Spideers, making them a very good breed indeed. The small herd's owner did not notice this change, especially since the owner was preoccupied with a terrific visions. Visions of the oceans of the world flowing white with milk... He saw them in a dream, and just could not let go of it. Around him, the herd moves in a circle.

Suddenly, roughly the third of the village population appeared at his gates, demanding milk, milkproduce creating tools and tutorials. Huh, he always liked a spare hand, and did not mind competition, but he never had this many before.

Blonnie the woodsmith brings up his stone chisels, throws out all of his furniture, and carves all over his floor. A spiralling shape is formed by his mad hands. Resting, he has a strange feeling regarding his tools. They suddenly feel too precious, but ugly. A nearby potter feels the same way. To shake off the feeling he begins craft many figurines. They all turn out ugly. Oh well, his friends will like them, surely.

This day seems to be a bad day for the Blumans. For one, they have suddenly decided that is is a laundry day, cursing and cussing at some unknown higher power.

Further terrible portments appeared: an old lady gave them something they called Dice, and another made spears of rock, and threw it at fish. Strange, rock is usually too blunt for impaling things.
It is not that they did not have wooden spears, they just use what little wood they have to stoke the fires. They'll stay with just clubbing the fishes for now. The old lady disappeared in a puff of child sized fancy clothing, much to their confusion, and fright of the children.

The Bluple did not sleep at ease. A sad voice kept whispering into to their ear, berating them. The weather was acting up too. Just a bit.

The next morning, the people are preparing for a big occassion. The Weekly Traderfleet will pass tomorrow! They are not too interested in it though. It is not like they have something new to offer for them.
Beware, for you are small, if you are hitching a ride to new lands, the distance will hamper your scene gains from that area, amongst other things.

The leftover power of FLEX is weakening... You can feel that your cubes don't grant you that much power on their own, but everyone has to start somewhere.


Chole Calciferol: 7 (+5)
Iguyag the Fatigued: 6 (+5)
Gelbam: 7 (+4)
Parvus: 5 (+5)
Olaf Dagersson: 6 (+6)
Twirl: 6 (+5)
Divlis: 5 (+5)
Edith: 5 (+5)
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RE: Oddhood
Chole Calciferol is satisfied with his work. As he is satisfied, he shall continue working.

Chole flits around, making mesmerizing (and seizure-inducing) sparkles around. He goes to the spideer again and sprinkles his magic fairy dust onto their brows. He got an antler in his tiny adorable butt for all his troubles, but who gives a damn. Not him for HIS TASK HAS BEEN DONE.

(-4) The milk of the spideer makes your teeth all shiny and white! And perfect! This effect also applies when the milk has been processed into other goods. Like cheese. Or lotions.

Chole again flies to the small herd's owner. He later finds out the owner is named Brian. Why hello, Brian. Hope you like another horrifying vision quest. In his restless dreams, he hears once again the udderly soft tones of some monstrous entity, punctuated by spooky moos and the ominous clanging of spideer bells.

(-1) "You are the Milkman...your milk is delicious...your quest is to drink more milk, make more milk, sell more milk, beeeeeee the miiiiiiiiillllllkkkkkkkk...."

At this time of the dream, our poor protagonist shall be surrounded by spideer he owns. Their eyes glowing ominously. Was this a mere hallucination? Did he drink too much milk before bed? Did it even matter? To Brian, oh poor Brian. It just feels so real. One of his spideer look at him with sad weepy ghosty eyes. It mooed.

(-1) "Am I a bad spideeeeeeeer? How could you not see my pedigreeeeeeee? Why don't you love meeeeeeeeeeeeeee? Why don't you breed me, Milkman Brian? Breeeeeeeed me Briaaaaaaaaaaaaaaan."

Now his REM sleep (do these pathetic things even have REM sleep?) had turned from Uncannyville and crashed into Nightmare Valley. Brian was assaulted (in his dreams) by sad spideer with glowy eyes. They pleaded, they pawed. They mooed and mooed and mooed and MOOED and MOOED OH MY GOD THEY MOOED.



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RE: Oddhood
Divlis nashed his many teeth together, making a disgusting hissing noise as he did so. If one were forced to hazard a guess they'd likely say it was a laugh. Still though, there is not amusement and reek enough yet. There must be more for more laughter to be had.

There must be more smell. More putrid odors. There must be one to spread it. The smelly lint god must have more and more for his grandeur. And so, to that end, he does several things.

(-2) First, he finds anything rotten and fruit like that he can, increasing the potency of the stench to mind boggling levels.

(-1) He continues his choking assault on the pants of the Blumans, making them smell worse and worse.

(-2) Finally, he reaches into the mind of someone washing clothes and tries to paint the image of a cataclysm occurring unless there are at least a few dirty pants. As he is a slimy, smelly ball of lint without much in the way of imagination, this is mostly told through emotions more than actual images, but he tries one and the same.

And then Divlis rested, skishing and nashing his teeth, hissing all the while.
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RE: Oddhood
Geblam doesn't even know what to do.

Wait, trade fleets? Those guys probably have money. Money to win and stuff.

She appears in the minds of several different natives, giving them visions of riches. Other people's riches. That are theirs, if they only create a place to facilitate it. She shows them how this dream can be a reality, how yes, even they could be rich like the actual rich people but without having to do the work.

(-2) Vision and details of: Casino

She also creates a small structure in the centre of the largest town/village/whatever. There are no doors or windows, only two slots too small for anyone to fit through. Anyone can put something into the structure, and once they do a bunch of bright lights and shit begin flashing. If the person is a lucky winner (they almost never are) they get a fabulous prize that's like ten times what they put in and are told they're a winner. If they lose (which they will most of the time) they get nothing.

There is a helpful sign explaining how the whole thing works. It is badly designed and kind of smells like trash, but its legible.

(-4) Slot box thing. Geblam also fills it with some useless shit in case there's a winner early on.
11-16-2013, 02:14 AM
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RE: Oddhood
Yes! thought Olaf, the town had taken to the art of cheesemaking like professionals. Admittedly it would take some time for them to truly develop in the art, as good strong cheese took a while to make. But for the moment, progress was good.

Olaf chisels out the RECIPE RUNESTONES (finding rocks on a nearby hill and carving some fancy writing on them, basically). The runes tell of a way to make highly delicious strong cheese with a distinctive odor. The cheese would be unique to this area, because Olaf is only just making up the recipe right now, but he's enough of a god to know it'll taste fantastic! The runes also tell of how people who make cheese should honor Olaf, god of cheese, for he is the master of all cheesecraft.

Recipe Runestones on hills near the village, where farmers, herders and wandering villagers will no doubt find them. They have a really awesome cheese recipe on them plus instructions to give thanks to Olaf. (-4 acts)

In time, they would have many delicious and fancy cheeses to trade with the traderfleet. Their craft would be renowned!

Olaf inspires a few of the most talented cheesemakers with VAGUE CHEESY AMBITIONS. (-2 acts)
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RE: Oddhood
spin spin SPIN oh yes that is what we must do. Spin spin SPIN I inspire THEM to build build all IN MY LIKENESS CIRCUITBOARDS ON CIRCUITS ignore the stupid milk cravings spirals are our way yes.
Inspire the YOUNG ONES style your head hair in the spinning circles of my black black SPARKLING colour yes. (-1)

And then? Then we shall see the architects and craftsmen spitting my sigil into the walls into ALL THEY BUILD. Announce shall they that this shall be our sigil for evermore. (-2)
Oh, but the others must be.... Removed, oh yes. I giggle. Cackle. Flicker within the neurones of those silly, silly animals that my... companions seem oh so interested in.
I drive the spideer in their spinning circle ever outwards, scattering them through the town, inducing as many as possible to drown in the river, making spinning eddies in their wake. (-2)
11-18-2013, 09:36 AM
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RE: Oddhood
Edith sighs loudly. Oh, for how the villagers misunderstand. They cannot even sharpen stone yet, poor dears. But perhaps there's another way... Oh! Yes, she could teach them! Teach many of them!

Edith whispers the secrets of knitting, and her designs of sweaters, to a few of the womenfolk, and leaves them needles... (-3)

Next, she goes to a few of the Spideers, turning their fur into something much more... wooly. (-2)
11-20-2013, 10:47 AM
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RE: Oddhood
Parvus sighs dejectedly. He looks about, wondering what he would do. Wait. Trading ship? That means people coming to buy and sell stuff. That means an outlet for his godawful sculptures.
(-2 Scenes) Inspire the potter who makes the sculptures to stop giving them away, and instead, prepare to sell them.
(-3 Scenes) To help him along, he makes them not required to be ugly as sin. This is difficult for him, but it must be done.

"It is the things you did not do that you regret, 20 years from now."
-Mark Twain(maybe)
Former Squid Lord
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Future Hoka- wait, I'm not Naruto.
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RE: Oddhood
The spideer's swell with deliciousness! So does the mind of Brian, who is in his bed, shivering. He drinks a bit of milk, when suddenly, his nervous smile blinds a passing bird, crashing it into the people staring at him in awe at the foot of his bed.
He feels he is onto something.

The stench is getting unbearable in some parts of the island. Someone washing clothes decided to bury a pant for later. He feels it is important.

The people think of ways of tricking people out of their money. Suddenly, a magical... shed appears! Enticed by the riches, some of them begin to play. They quickly decide
that they will only allow in outsiders, and they have to pay an entry fee.

Some people, still waiting for the stricken Brian to give them lessons, discover the mystical recipes. After a fervent discussion, there is a split of RUNECHEESERS and the BRIANITES. The unaffected people roll their eyes. Gee, thanks Olaf, they say.

Some young ones pulverize a kind of plant, called the Oarsplant commanded by a mysterious voice, and use its black dust to put a black streak into their hair. Some of the craftsman are wandering around, retroactively carving twirl signs.
The milk enhanced spideers resist the attempt to be drowned. They roll their eyes though, and some birds jump into the river, flowing into the sea.

The woman begin to stare at the fluffier groaning spideers, playing with the needles. Maybe they could get the fur off somehow? For now they comb pretty patterns in them.

Two ships arrive! They are packed with fine wares. The people commanding them are called the OARSMAN. They are also blue, but not hunched, but stouter. They have black hairs and black freckles.
They seems to have iron spears and swords, but they only want to sell fruits from far lands, birds, and woven wool clothing. They are rather interested in the cheese though, and they pay a few copper coins for a chance to enter the CASHEDINO (and now you know where the word "cash" came from).

The potter realizes that he could sell the crafts to these people. He has an idea: "What if he did not make them ugly?". He begins to burst into tears, thanks whoever is watching him from above, and cries for two days straight.

Do you attempt to smuggle yourself on one of the ships? Beware, transfering through areas magically will make your collected scenes leak a bit, should you want to return on your own.

Known tribes:
BLUMAN's are blue, hunched, with silvery hair.
OARSMAN are blue, stout, with black hair, and black freckles.

FLEX's influence is weakening, and will disappear next turn.


Chole Calciferol: 5 (+5)
Iguyag the Fatigued: 6 (+0)
Gelbam: 6 (+5)
Parvus: 4 (+4)
Olaf Dagersson: 6 (+6)
Twirl: 5 (+4)
Divlis: 5 (+5)
Edith: 4 (+4)
11-22-2013, 08:45 AM
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RE: Oddhood
Edith sighs internally. Right, poor dears! They have no knowledge of how to get the wool off... but that can be fixed!

Edith wanders over to the women, weaving more objects out of the air themselves... a large, and pretty creepy and scary pair of sheers! (-2)

Next, she flits into the mind of one of them, implanting the general idea of how to use the shears. (-2)

Oh... People are leaving? But... she can't leave these dearies yet! They're so kind and nice! And they still need help and protection from the chill!

Edith Stays.

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