In Progress DINO STATES [No I am not kidding]
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DINO STATES [No I am not kidding]

[Image: alg_jurassicfightclub1.jpg]


[Image: triceratops_mh.jpg]

So I bet you all thought dinosaurs were just simple birds that kind of looked like pretty awesome reptiles but didn’t do shit otherwise right? I bet you figured they just grazed on leafs or carnivorized other dinosaurs or did that but instead of walking on land while they did it they swam around instead. I bet you thought that they just minded their own business, not thinking about anything interesting or dramatic or political?


[Image: dinosaurfight.jpg]

Don’t worry, DINO-STATES is here to correct your incorrect and also very wrong assumptions and replace them with cold hard truths* about dinosaur life and environs and agendas and such**. Be prepared for fun as we watch:









[Image: Baby-dinosaurs-cop_2117742b.jpg]

*Cold hard truths may or may not be anything but
** See *
*** Or something like that
**** Dino Currency being like, smaller dinosaurs or something. Do you really think dinosaurs can handle actual money with their tiny hands and strange fingers?
***** Probably not at once.
****** Or not.


[Image: oviraptor-modern-illustration-dinosaur-c...00x450.jpg]

To sign up just fill out this DINO-FORM and a number of players greater than one and less than infinity will be accepted.

DINO-NAME: What will be the name of your dino-leader?
DINO-RACE: Tell me about your dinosaur race. Will they just be a version of actually existing dinosaurs or will they be ones that totally exist* in this totally not made up world**? If it’s the latter make sure you provide descriptions and whatnot.
DINO-GOVERNMENT: What is your dinosaur nation? What is it’s name? How do your dinosaurs run themselves? Are they a dino-ocracy, a dino-tatorship, what?
DINO-COLOUR: What is the colour of your mighty dino-nation?
DINO-HISTORY: How was your great dino-nation formed? You can also include more details about your dino-race came to power here as well if you’d like
DINO-DETAILS: Fun facts about technology, currency, social stuff, etc. that helps your dinosaurs stand out. Remember the point about dino-hands being unable to deal with typical currency and the like here, and if they can’t even hold coins how exactly can they be capable of bronze-age technology, much less satellite guided missiles and microwave dinners?

[Image: stegosaurus_1.jpg]

Now for some disclaimers. DINO-STATES does not pretend to be even remotely accurate to actual dinosaur history. Contrary to remarks, the continent the game takes place on is not and never will have been real. Making up a dinosaur race does not mean you are a paleontologist or something that has discovered a new species, again contrary to comments, it just makes you a guy who came up with a sweet-ass type of dinosaur or something. You do not have to make up a dinosaur race to be cool because there are literally so many kinds. Being a large dinosaur does not necessarily mean you will automatically win out against smaller dinosaurs, but hey it is a bonus. DINO-STATES is not concerned with common sense, scientific accuracy, balance, game theory, or seriousness. Taking DINO-STATES seriously is not recommended, and if you find yourself doing so for more than four hours please consult your physician or GM. Side effects include spending all your time thinking about awesome dinos, convulsing with primal joy as you rule over the Cretaceous (or something like that), nausea, cramps, spotting, and DEATH. The last four side effects are not real and are in fact just the GM mimicking stereotypical disclaimers. Expect absolutely no better from him.

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[Image: DINOMAP.png]

Mountains and forests and whatnot exist of course but it's all pretty evenly spread out/this isn't the kind of game I want to spend 20 hours updating all the time.
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...are you kidding me?
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I for one actually like the idea. Undecided if I should play though. Although its quite tempting to make one of the biggest political issues "whether or not we should use Dino as a prefix for everything or not"
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The ocean seems to be kinda purple. Is that from all the purple nuclear waste that my race will/has been dumping?*

*may or may not be real, depending on the level of Savage Barney I will be incorporating

DINO-NAME: Barney, the Collective


DINO-RACE: The Barney... they are a single consciousness. They derive joy by strangling the fuck out of any other life form that treads on their territory. They do this with their nuclear tentacles. This also seems to be the way they service each other even though this leads to many deaths, often. How in the hell are those dinosaurs supposed to handle being purple, nuclear, and Alive at the same time? That's why it's much more efficient to just combine their consciousnesses to use less energy on such fickle things as... "decision-making" and "peaceful approaches". Fuck being peaceful. Reckless omnicide was and IS our job in the first place.

They have distinct purplish-pink skin a green underbelly of pure polonium. Barney walk about as if docile. They sing lovely dinosaur songs about happiness and laughter and family. This is an obvious lure and no other Barney would fall for it. Those that do are quickly cannibalized and reabsorbed into the Collective.

They are great fighters, utilizing the fact that they irradiate all kinds of dangerous elements into the environment to take over any territory. The obvious downsides of this is that they do not live long enough to keep hold of it.

DINO-GOVERNMENT: Dino-Hivemind. There are... disputes at times but those are quickly resolved through their innate knowledge that they must ruin the planet for the Greater Evil.

DINO-HISTORY: [REDACTED] [INDISCRIMINATE SCREAMING] but GKLERNGLREGLM knew that this was a mistake and attempt to bring ruin to the abomination of a species he had created. The insurrection was ready, but he was not. The Battle of the Purple Nuclear Dinosaurs was almost a bust if it weren't for one of their ideas to simply combine their brains for MAXIMUM NUCLEAR MIND CONTROL, which killed off most of them but managed to eliminate their Creator. That's why you've never heard of him. And you shouldn't. They made sure of that...

The Barney rose to power simply by living. But at a certain point, they reached critical mass and knew they had to band together to stave off this liquid and fleshy hunger. The Collective can only do so much for each other before they must resort to... other methods a.k.a mas genocide of other dinosaurs for consumption and harvesting of water resources. They can't fend them off forever though as their nuclear invulnerability weakens them to the point of death if expended in such a bloodthirsty manner.

DINO-DETAILS: Acceptable currency is Souls, which they eat to replenish their population and Water. If they can cool themselves off, they're fine. This splashy currency runs out often however and that is why they often resort to invading other dino-species' homelands, although they're really nice about leaving despite the slaughter they leave behind. Nay, they aren't meant for ruling, but one day they might just decide to rule the whole continent just for the sake of having all the coastal water and dinosaur meat for themselves. They are utter cannibals in most respects but do not eat each other as that is not beneficial to the Collective Barney.

Technology comes more in the form of a larger consciousness. The more of them there are, the more brainpower. They get shit DONE. Despite having no appendages on their arms with which to grip. Tentacles aren't that useful sometimes, surprisingly. Some assist other species in their tech-toil simply because they get tired of laughing at their inability to do the more advanced things they can do. They have heard of a species that trades fish. They laugh at it, saying that they can easily clean the bones and eat it more cleanly with less waste, so they help... sometimes. This is only because the Barney are non-compassionate evil dinosaurs that get tired of looking at the weak, for they fight bravely to the bitter, radiation-poisoned end.

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@Raptarion: I am not. Dino States is an experiment on people/me not taking things seriously and people/me not needing to take weeks to update. It is also something that I was either dared to do or just committed to in a conversation that happened so long ago that I forgot which it was. Christmas seemed like a good time, especially given how I vanished and caused so many problems.

@Supernerd: I feel like it would be left up to the various players, though I admit the idea is pretty great and I could see it implemented as an issue by people.

@Credit: Like I said Dino States don't care about no unnecessary details. Also I just kind of stuck on a random colour and applied a random filter trying to imitate the one I found last time and it just really didn't work out. I guess you could just blame toxic waste though.
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Yes please, thank you, let me be ridiculous.

Working Name: Anarkismo
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No, that's ridiculous. Dino States is a serious game why would you even start to think it's supposed to be ridiculous.

Spot on Pagan, spot on.
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How do you expect me to join...

I don't have time to fil out a sheet at the moment though, so check back with me later.
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By the wind, fire and all the fates
Im here for some motherfucking dino states!
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DINO-NAME: Head-Diktator REXXAR, (Totally not a vampire, sides even if he was, no one cares, he doesn't eat his own kind anyway)
DINO-RACE: Tyrannosaurus Sapiens. A more developed evolution of the Tyrannosaurus Rex. Half the size but with longer more articulate arms with opposable thumbs and an additional talon finger, they were quite effective at not only co-operating under strong leadership to lead themselves to hunt more effectively and eventually form tribes and, as it stands, dominate a large nation. T Sapiens are feathered with a wild variety of plumage that doesn't necessarily equate to the plumage of their parents, leading to a wide and colorful society and the necessity of establishing family names for tax and legal purposes as it was hard to determine a dino's clan affiliation by looking at them, (it does you no end of grief if you have no idea who the hell lives in your neighbourhood). An intelligent species they nonetheless retain the violent impulses of their forebears, now however tempered by reason and exacerbated by the invention of proper weapons of war.
DINO-GOVERNMENT: Dino-tactorship. Its a nation dominated by a species called 'Wise Tyrants', what did you think it was going to be?
DINO-HISTORY: Conquest, schemes, conquest, intrigue, conquest, marriages, more conquest, willing subjugation of neighboring nations. That is how the Tyrannosaurus Sapiens forge Tyrtopia. Now finding itself bordered by equally large and volatile nations the T Sapiens decided to put the wise in their titles to use and decided to try diplomacy backed with the lingering threat of force if threatened. Tyrtopia seeks to ensure its neighbors treat it with the respect it deserves or face being eaten.
DINO-DETAILS: Cannibalism is legal in certain circumstances, and it is an acceptable and encourage means of body disposal upon the death of family members unless they are diseased, in which case they are burned. The sentence for most serious crimes is death and consumption by the masses, with the exceptions for citizens, who get a trial first. Tyrtopia accepts other dinosaur races in its borders as probationary citizens by default. A probationary citizen has little to no rights and can be selected for culling in lean times to feed the carnivorous races in the empire with the T Sapiens getting fed first. Probationary citizens can become full citizens through excellent civil service, with the easiest means of doing so is by military service, the citizenship extends to their immediate family so their is incentive for loyalty to the system, the omnivores and herbivores dedicating themselves to more standard agriculture which is becoming more in demand as more and more T Sapiens are developing tastes for plant life to go with their dinners. However, the nation does not rely on feeding on its probationary citizens entirely, the T Sapiens long ago realizing the value of farming and raise herds of less intelligent dinosaurs as cattle for consumption, literal slave races who through their inability or government approved lack of education remain that way, giving the sense that probationary citizens always have somewhere lower on the social ladder they can fall to.

Currency is traditionally the Knot, a lump of metal weighing no more then a half pound, with prices varying depending on metal. When they need to, dinosaurs break off pieces of the knot they carry to pay their way. Most dinosaurs carry it on a pouch easily accessible by their mouths just in case their hands cant reach it (if they even have any.) The upper classes, read: sapiens, deal with more sophisticated currency in the form of coins, having the hands capable of wielding them properly.

The T Sapiens are known for their distinctive fashions which spread to the lower classes by cultural osmosis and their dedicated warrior elite.

DINO-COLOUR: Darkest black
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DINO-NAME: Ayathakatat, President of the Troodon Confederation, Grand High Organizer of the Food Chain, Dictator of the Peace and Protector of Civilization.

DINO-RACE: Troodon Sapiens are dinosaur sophonts, evolved from the Troodontidae familia of smallish dinosaurs. It is omnivorous, evolving from a hunter-scavenger animal lifestyle. They have opposable lizardine thumbs and comparatively decent feathered arms, allowing them high degrees of dexterity and tool use. Although they are naturally agile, they are actually pretty small compared to familia like tyrannosaurus or any of the great herbivores, averaging ~75cm at the shoulder and barely managing two meters of length. When stretching upright they might be able to reach up a meter and a half, barely above their head's position in such a contortion.

Troodon are very bright, however, which combined with their dexterity lends well to technological advancement and complex thought. Diplomatic and almost manipulative in nature, they consider themselves natural masters of all less-intelligent dinosaurs, having long since dismissed the theological implications of the food chain (or at least reorganized it to put themselves at the top).

There are many other dinosaurs in the confederation, but most of them are much less intelligent than Troodon. They consider the Troodon their rightful rulers as the Organizers of the Food Chain, and probably aren't smart enough to question their authority.

DINO-GOVERNMENT: DINEUROCRACY, the Dino Bureaucracy! The government is a bureaucratic dictatorship, with a great bureau dedicated to organizing the food chain into a civil exercise. The food chain was ordained by a higher power when It created every dino on earth. Such is obvious, as the food chain is an entity that can be clearly defined - X eats Y, who eats Z, who eats plants. Although intelligent Troodon philosophers may question the rightness of it (which is what helped them think outside its constraining bounds in the first place), no right-thinking dino with a small brain-body ratio would dare consider any alternative, which the Troodon government mercilessly exploit to keep a lid on their less-intelligent population.

DINO-HISTORY: Having risen above many of their dinosaur peers in intelligence, they have exploited the almost religious nature of the food chain to build a bureaucratic government. They named it civilization and progress, using their diplomatic tact, promises of comparative safety (after all, the bureaucratic food chain is much more organized and preplanned than the feral one, and with much less waste and associated unneeded death to boot) and occasionally coercion using more powerful dinosaurs they had already recruited to build a confederation of dinosaur races under the auspices of the Troodon.

DINO-DETAILS: The Troodon have taken the quasi-religious nature of the food chain and turned it into a way to keep their client dinos under control and legitimize their rule. All dinosaurs draw lots, with the ones drawing the short straw being butchered to feed their immediate food chain superiors. The government encourages a large population of dim-witted herbivores to keep the carnivores (and the burgeoning Troodon population) well-fed. Any suggestions that the chain is sometimes rigged to weed out dissidents, or that Troodon almost never get selected, are treasonous lies and should be reported.

This of course lends well to a semi-planned economy, though markets beyond the basic foodstuffs are much more free and open. The currency is the dinucat, the society is well-ordered and technologically progressive, and things are on the whole looking good for the Troodon and their client dino-races. Unless you lose the lottery, of course.

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DINO-NAME: Klkborr Hasssklk Borrmpf, measuring ~ 15m long and 5m tall, possesses an ornate crest.
DINO-RACE: Cephalosaurs sp. Essentially large ornithopods, some reaching upwards of 18 metres long and 6 metres tall, while others reach but 2 m long and 1 m tall. While several species make up the race, they can breed between themselves. They have large, complex brains, which have evolved to monitor and control their heart rate, making them in control of their emotions. They have 4 opposable digits on their forelegs, which they use to grasp food and tools. The cephalosaurs lack a written history, instead possessing long memories, lifespans, and a rich oral history. They put high value on their herd, which is the smallest division after individual. The various species within the genus are very social, and tend towards martyrdom, fighting for each other rather than themselves. Despite their internal friendliness, they tend to be xenophobic, due to predators and other, less friendly, species. Cephalosaurs possess large colourful crests, except on the smallest of the species, which come in many shapes, sizes, and patterns.

DINO-GOVERNMENT: Marxist Saurocracy. From each to their ability, to each according to their need. In matters where such guidelines do nothing to help a solution, an official elected by the herd will represent the herd's wants and needs, and will meet with the representatives of the other nearby herds. At this council, a peace-keeper is elected, to work better towards compromises and keep arguments from getting too heated, although most cephalosaurs are good about not racing their pulses to the "anger" mark.
DINO-HISTORY: Over time, a genus of large-brained like-bodied dinosaurs began to stay closer to each other, finding value in their variations. Eventually, through generations of co-existence, cultures evolved from this cooperation, and the herd flourished. However, with this peace came an increase in population, as few predators would attack a herd, which in turn led to a food shortage. Cephalosaurs began to starve, and the herd began to dissolve, until one of the adolescents presented a solution. He would have the herd spread further, and no-one member eat more than their full, and thus the herd created it's government type, and began spreading. Since then, they have begun taking care of the most productive plants of the area and replanting on occasion.
DINO-DETAILS: The cephalosaurs view markets, trading, and the abuse of power with a barely-tolerant contempt, thinking that goods should travel freely through the populace, and that those that would take away another's livelihood for their own gain to be worthless and better off dead. Still, they are peaceful, only retaliating, never striking first. When an enemy approaches, the largest would throw large, heavy objects at them, and as they get closer the herd would converge on the attackers, trying to topple and trample their enemies. In more rooted areas, large sections of wall line the forest's edge, protecting the farms and dinosaurs from an ambush that way, forcing walkers to come through more open, visible regions.

Cephalosaurs "worship" their ancestors, thanking them for the knowledges they had passed on and for the lands they were given. They hold high value in nature, believing that the world is a beautiful place, capable of sustaining all the life upon it. In times of hardship, many seek to emulate the tales of previous hard-times, even if the stories are more legendary than the truth was. They have a drive to be remembered, as those before them had, the rich folklore of the society making anyone who made a difference become a household name.

They lack currency, instead simply having the populace pay for their keep by maintaining the lands around them.

The cephalosaurs have a fondness for honey, and have kept bees for generations. As a result, these domestic bees lack the instinct to sting, and their venom is extremely weak, causing little more than a light itch for a moment after injection. Their bee-keeping, and their organized and irrigated farms, keep the cephalosaurs high on food, while their tendency to replant keeps their forests from dying too fast. Additionally, they only cut trees outside their walls, the ones inside instead being used for food and framework.

Individuals do not own anything, not even homes. Instead, the larger cephalosaurs would push logs into the branches of trees, using boughs and thatching to create a roof for the large barn-houses they create.

Personal hygiene is extremely valued, cephalosaurs forming groups before heading a nearby body of running water to bathe, passing waste a distance from the water.

When a cephalosaur finds a corpse not belonging to the genus, they would return with tools, to remove the skin, ligaments, and bones from the body, before dragging it far from their home, to prevent predators, scavengers, and rot from ruining their herd.

Many of the genus enjoy colourful/shiny objects, and as such their are many who make necklaces of bones, stones, shells, gems, and whatever else catches their fancy. They especially like gold and sapphires, for no apparent reason.

DINO-COLOUR: Hot Pink or Lime Green

Working Name: Anarkismo
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This will be an actual DINO-APP when my college essays are finished. And then eaten by the dinosaurs in admissions. That's what colleges do with the essays they get, right? Feed them to the dinos, and the tastiest get accepted? Because otherwise, the BBQ Sauce-based ink may not have been the best idea....

DINO-NAME: Opthalamos Thunos Ichthys I

DINO-RACE: Ichthyosaurs Sapiens.

DINO-GOVERNMENT: Feudally Federated Dinoimperium

DINO-HISTORY: For many ages, the Ichthyosaurs lived as uncivilized savages, forming wandering tribes that roamed the seas. The Ichthys line changed that. They saw the potential in their species, and they saw the land-dwellers and coveted the vast amounts of food available. They plotted, and gathered power, usurping tribal leaders, and organizing their empire. Opthalamos Thunos is the first Dinoemperor to rule over the seas. The Ichthys empire is large, organised into Scholeia, which are self-governing schools that report to the administration. There is a chain of rule, which goes from the school leaders, to the regional rulers, and finally to the Dinoemperor himself. And now that the Ichthyosaurs have organized beneath the waves, the land is ripe for the taking. Their ancient enemies are the Pterosaurs, who have long preyed on their kind from above. Diplomacy between a flying dinosaur and a swimming one is impossible.

DINO-DETAILS: Only having recently civilized, the Ichthyosaur society is largely based on utilitarian values: those who can swim the fastest, catch the most food, and do the most with their long jaws are valued. The Ichthyosaurs are only beginning to experiment with technology, searching for a way to allow their sea-dwelling empire to safely expand onto land. Their top thinkers are experimenting in finding a way to tunnel channels of water into the land, make a portable water-carrying system in which the Ichthyosaurs can jump after fighting, and finding a way to augment fin-power so that they can move on land while being wrapped in a water-retaining skin.

DINO-COLOR: The Noblest Blue

The one, the only, Vancho!
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So due to the crash I will probably close signups in a week or so. Get your stuff in people because Dino states waits for no one.

(This is a reminder so that people don't forget this is a thing, it kind of showed up right before the crash so I wouldn't be surprised.)
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Shit yeah right this is a thing I completely forgot existed

Well its still here and I didnt miss much so thats good
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I did a thing.

DINO-NAME: Fishbite the fifth, head leader of fish trade and owner of a lot of fish. Also is a Pteranodon
DINO-RACE: All sorts of Pterosaurs
DINO-GOVERNMENT: Fishitalism. They trade small fish for bigger fish and things that are not fish.
DINO-HISTORY: One day a bunch of Pteranodons where at a river bank comparing fish. Fishbite the first was not very good at catching big fish, all his were small. Fishbite the first really wanted a big fish that the other Pteranodons had. So he offered to trade five of his small fish for one big fish. The other Pteranodon thought his was a good deal since smaller fish are easier to carry. And so the fish economy was born.
DINO-DETAILS: They have no technology. Their main currency is small fish, that they carry in there mouths. They trade these fish of bigger fish or anythings that are not fish. If you refuse to trade fish with them, they will invade. Their main weapon of choice are really big rocks they drop from the sky. They really, really like fish. They also not very smart .
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Locked my Nuclear Cannibal race.
01-08-2014, 02:32 PM
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I feel that is potentially OP and/or highly setting skewing. I love it.

Working Name: Anarkismo
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Pffff dinosaurs don't have souls, otherwise DINO-JESUS would have saved them from extinction. Besides, how would you even measure those?

I think everything else is acceptable though.
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Wow, I'm really sorry. I couldn't get my app in before the crash and then I kind of forgot about this forum. I'm here now though, so here it is.

DINO-NAME: The Excellent and Most Noble Leader of the Majesterium of the Collective Anonymous Group of Flightless Reptilloids of the Island of the Pangaian Continent of Supremacy, Orelltox
DINO-RACE: The Collective Anonymous Group of Flightless Reptilloids of the Island of the Pangaian Continent of Supremacy
DINO-COLOUR: The Colour of the Body Gown of the Collective Anonymous Group of Flightless Reptilloids of the Island of the Pangaian Continent of Supremacy
DINO-GOVERNMENT: The Majesterium of the Collective Anonymous. Members of Parliament are required to wear body gowns and masks at all times, showing only their eyes and lower jaw. This prevents anyone from recognising their species(except by judging from size, but that's not important.)
DINO-HISTORY: The Collective Anonymous Group of Flightless Reptilloids of the Island of the Pangaian Continent of Supremacy originated on the Island of the Pangaian Continent of Supremacy in the Triassic period, where a number of dinosaurs lived in fear and bloodshed. But then one day, a voice, like that of an angel, called out from the sky: "AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH OHRELTOXOHRELTOXOHRELTOXOHRELTO-", followed by a blinding light and a large earthquake on the north-east coast. Shortly after a barrier formed around the area, preventing anyone from entering or leaving for 400,000 quixnofs. In time, a town grew around the barrier, and it became a city, then the capital of the island. Inside the barrier, the area of the earthquake was wiped clean of all life, and everywhere around it killed each other in a desperate bid to survive. Once the last dinosaur died of starvation, the barrier disappeared, and the Almighty Righteous Holy Pilgrims of Survival in even the Most Unimaginable of Situations due to the Most Inexplicable of Consequences, which had formed in worship of the being called "Orelltox", in the hope of reaching the holy land called "Aaaaaaaaaaaah", celebrated that the opening of Aaaaaaaaaaaah had finally arrived, and began their Almighty Righteous Holy Pilgrimage to the source of the light that had blazed the heavens all those flenti ago. When they finally arrived, all they found was a body gown, large enough for any dinosaur to wear comfortably, due to the fact that it grew and shrunk with the wearer. Though disappointed, they named their newest leader of the capital Orelltox, in honour of their god, who continues to rule this glat. The followers of Orelltox wear body gowns to show their devotion to His Excellent and Most Noble Majesty.
(You're almost certain this is how it happened.)
DINO-DETAILS: They can build anything that allows them to travel conveniently, as long as it doesn't leave the island. They can also build large mansions, fabulous religious artwork, and cities to house millions. They have mastered farming, building, masonry, mining, forestry, digging, and just about everything else a society needs to comfortably run. In fact, the only thing they can't do is anything that requires hands, or the removal of their gowns. Because of this, beauty products are almost non-existent, and there is no such thing as different-looking clothing.
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Oh hey so everything looks great so far (just remember you guys are dinosaurs and not people), but I fucked up.

I forgot to ask for everyone's DINO-COLOUR for the DINO-MAP! If you guys could add that in it'd be swell (otherwise I'll guess and I could always just change them if you're all unhappy with my guesses).
01-09-2014, 03:20 PM
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Edited in the color. Also they simply keep a record of other living beings they've slain/eaten as the soul count. That record spans centuries. Pala, you are notable among the record. It's amazing you're still here making a game for us.
01-09-2014, 03:57 PM
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Hot Pink master colour

Working Name: Anarkismo
01-09-2014, 04:56 PM
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Credit I am older than time. If you think dinosaurs can stop me it's already too late for you.
01-09-2014, 11:55 PM
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Added my dino-colour!
01-10-2014, 04:57 AM
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Well one of us will have to change.
01-10-2014, 05:25 AM
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Got my colour!
01-13-2014, 05:26 AM
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Quote:Pffff dinosaurs don't have souls, otherwise DINO-JESUS would have saved them from extinction. Besides, how would you even measure those?

I think everything else is acceptable though.


reading through this thread vaguely considering joining and now i want to make a app just to make a theocracy xD
01-13-2014, 07:17 AM
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Bring it on.

Anyways, gonna say that apps will close in the next few days. I know I said they'd close sometime around tomorrow, but since I forgot to give any notice I'll extend it a bit to make sure everyone has their stuff together/people who haven't had time yet can get an app in.
01-13-2014, 10:05 AM
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Changed my colour.
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RedPisces obviously wishes to join The Collective.
01-13-2014, 06:17 PM
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Oh, for the love of...
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You dare of speak of Love, heathen? Barney will surely have you on the gallows by sunset for this shameful display of compassion and good will towards dino-mankind!

[Image: evil-barney.jpg%3Fw%3D500]

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Your words invoke the wrath of the The Excellent and Most Noble Leader of the Majesterium of the Collective Anonymous Group of Flightless Reptilloids of the Island of the Pangaian Continent of Supremacy, Orelltox. Know that you tread close to the barrier with such threats.
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Guys guys you are both very pretty and awesome and what have you.

Also Credit I'm not fully sure whether or not that image violates forum law but you might want to do something about it just in case?
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Fixed. Anyone who doesn't want to see the fortuitous gratuitous violence does not have to.
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[Image: DINOMAP%201.png]

When people would look back to the dinosaur age, they would remember that everything changed in the age of the seven dino nations. Or they would, if pretty much all of it hadn't been completely wiped out by an eventual disaster and replaced by dirty stinking apes (and other mammals/birds/weaker reptiles). Regardless, whether or not those opportunistic lesser beings care to know it or not, this important and totally real historical event would impact the world for eons to come.

From the chaos of the continent rose the Tyrtopia, under the Tyrannosaurus Sapians, a sub-race of strangely fingered, more intelligent T-Rexes, who, after the discovery of sustainable food sources, rallied behind a possibly immortal leader and used their vicious heritage and 'brilliant' minds to enslave and conquer much land around them. Next came the Troodon Sapiens, who used their intelligence (as far as it can exist for dinosaurs) to arm themselves with basic weaponry, gather herbivore allies, and form a mighty confederacy to turn back larger and purely carnivorous enemies, eventually forming a weird theocracy with it to control and regulate both the food chain that was so biased against them before as well as non Troodon-species within their confederacy.

After these two empires formed, most would expect that the two nations would come to dominate the continent with their advanced intellect. However, the opposite proved true, as several nations of seemingly less-advanced dinosaurs took the initiative as well. The first were the Cephalosaurs, who despite their mental capacities only giving them emotional control and long memories, banded together to form a society based on the group instead of the individual to form what would later could be called the first Marxist society (indeed, some believe that the inspiration for human Marxism would later come from a Cephalosaur tablet, though such ideas are in fact false and insane and it was actually just a coincidence). At approximately the same time, the Ichthyosaurs would rise from the eastern deeps, and begin subjugating the coastal region in a bid to finally learn of the wonders of land and eventually explore them themselves. The dinosaurs of the skies not to be outdone by their land and water based kind, pterosaurs formed together in the south to create a society based completely around fish and absolutely nothing else.

Finally, two more curious powers emerged. The first appeared in the north, in the ruins of what was once another contender among the 'intelligent' dino-nations. They rose up as the Barney, tentacled horrors that were the remains of the dinosaurs that once, somehow and probably accidentally, used their brains too much and too hard. In the centre of the continent, a strange pseudo-theocracy known as the Cagfripcs rose last of the empires, but utilizing a strange sort of anonymous governance, zealotry, and propaganda appealed to enough dinosaurs to populate the deserted central continent and expand along the coast surrounding it.

Years went by, and then after that even more years passed, and the powers consolidated power and expanded, each believing that due to both the uniqueness of their dinosaurs and lack of civility and organization throughout the lands they captured that they were the only true nation. However, all things come to an end, and in the past decade or so each dino-civilization discovered at least one other that, in terms of sheer size and power, rivaled their own. What would happen now? Who would prosper, and who would be defeated and (presumably) eaten?

If you don't know where you are, it's because I screwed up with your colour (probably). If that's the case, let me know and I'll fix it. Only exception to this is Vancho. I made your colour a lighter blue because otherwise it would look exactly the same as the water and things would just be/look confusing.

you want a turn PM for this first turn, let me know as well and I'll send you one, but there's not a whole lot to say. Basically there's no surprises since things have been going well for a long time for each dino-state and things only just got real.. Actually screw it, PMs incoming in the next few hours. Probably a better idea to give that first push.

PMs to other nations should be CC'd to me, and expect PMs in future turns.

As for the green, that is the GREAT DINO EMPIRE(S). Basically independent dinosaurs who are completely united in their lack of unity and organization and pretty much anything else necessary to make more than a small dino-tribe. So watch out.
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RE: DINO STATES [No I am not kidding]
Just a quick reminder to the couple of you who haven't gotten back to me - get your PMs in as soon as possible. I plan to keep this a pretty quickly-updated game, so expect an update on Tuesday or Wednesday at the latest.
01-29-2014, 03:21 PM
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RE: DINO STATES [No I am not kidding]
[Image: DINOMAP%202.png]

The year passes without too much going on.

Okay that's a lie.

The dino-nations all had their own plans, from simple conquest to new reforms. The Troodons, Ichthyosaurs, Pteradons, and Cagfripcs all defeated and conquered parts of the GREAT DINO EMPIRE(S), expanding and strengthening their nations. The Ichthyosaurs would need the extra land too, after the T-Sapiens and their predatory armies attacked. Though the battles were fierce and long, with the large aquatic warriors of the Ichthys battling the equally mighty T-Rexes to a near-standstill along the rivers and coastline, but eventually the sheer lack of water proved to be too much, and the forces of Tyrtopia conquered and devoured much land before the land-based vassals of the Ichthyosauruses could organize a fitting defence.

In other news, the Cephalosaurs focused the entire year on defences, building great barricades along their coasts and a large labyrinthine wall was put up along their northern borders. Religious tension between the Troodons and Cagfripcs was high, a diplomatic meeting between the Pterosaurs and T-Sapiens was abruptly interrupted by casual consumption, and the Cephalosaur appeared to be pointless as of yet.

Finally, there are the rumous. It is said that in the east the Cagfripcs have given risen to a new breed of warrior, relentless in battle and fearless in the face of death. They say that the Barney, who only last year were pushing south with no sign of stopping suddenly stopped and vanished within their borders, and they say that that mad Ichthyosaur scientists have begun working on a project to bring the water to the earth.

What would come in the next year? Only time would tell.
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RE: DINO STATES [No I am not kidding]
((It's been more than a week now. What's happening with this?))
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RE: DINO STATES [No I am not kidding]
Check General Games Chat.
02-09-2014, 08:30 AM
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RE: DINO STATES [No I am not kidding]
Oh ok, thank you!
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RE: DINO STATES [No I am not kidding]
[Image: DINOMAP%203.png]

Year two, and these dinos are showing no signs of stopping. Well, mostly. In the north the Cagfripcs and Cephalosaurs seemed to have turned all of their attention inwards, which proved to end somewhat disastrously for the latter. With the Barney slowly making their way through their defences in the north and the Icthyosaur empire storming their beaches, it now seemed like they were beset on almost all sides. Perhaps the Cagfrips to the west might prove some relief...

Meanwhile, the Icthyosaurs had their own problems in the south. A large-scale defensive operation had begun, but the Tyrannosaurs were quick to press their advantage and without the troops fighting in the north many of their lines were again overrun. However, the defenses, primarily made up out of water-filled trenches, managed to eventually slow the land-based empire as they begin to reach the coast. Not having any real way to combat the naval superiority of the Icthyosaurs, the Tyrannosaur empire's advance slows.

Finally, in the west there's significantly more peaceful arrangements. The Troodons continue expanding their empire and spreading word of the Food Chain, as well as of a new elite warrior group they've raised, while the Pteradons launch a great crusade to capture all of the great lakes around them in the name of Fish.

Just because some people seem confused about things: If you want to discuss things/plot/ally/whatever with other Dino-Nations, contact them via PM (or even in thread if you want to do some Dino-UN thing or whatever), and just be sure to CC me so I always know what's going on.
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RE: DINO STATES [No I am not kidding]
Update incoming in 8-10 hours. I have not gotten word from about three of you, just some fair warning (though it's been two weeks sooo). If this time isn't enough, let me know before the update and I can prolong it by a half day or so.
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RE: DINO STATES [No I am not kidding]
((Can you prolong it until 9pm tonight ChocolatePi Time? I just realised how much I haven't done yet that needs to be done.))
03-01-2014, 01:19 AM
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RE: DINO STATES [No I am not kidding]
Due to request the update was prolonged, will probably update in the next few hours.
03-01-2014, 11:36 AM
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RE: DINO STATES [No I am not kidding]
[Image: DINOMAP%204.png]

Dawn of the fourth year. The year of maneuvering. While the Troodon empire maneuvered in the typical way, which is to say all over the dinosaurs of the Great Dino Empires, and the Cagfripcs and Pterodons maneuvered politically, war in the south was where the most confusing bits happened. Anticipating direct attacks from each other, the Tyrannosaurs and Icthyosaurs both came up with cunning plans, with the former rapidly expanding to threaten more of the Icthyosaurs' spread out lands while the latter launched a daring sea raid. While at first the Tyrannosaurs seemed to have the upper hand, as their forces distracted the Icthyosaur border armies and didn't fall for the distraction the sea raids were, while the water bound Icthyosaur armies were unable to advance far inland on their own, things changed as the year began to close. A large Cagfripcs army, made out of dinosaurs of every kind, captured all of the GDE states between them and the Tyrannosaurs and overran their northern border, in defence of the Icthyosaurs. With this new land army, for the first time in the war, the Icthyosaurs might be able to go on the advantage.

Oh right, and again nothing has been heard of from the Barney, who are still remaining within their own borders, while the Cephalosaurs haven't even tried to retake their land and instead are building more sturdy defences further inland.

PMs might be a little late, something's come up and it's going to likely take most of my weekend. Feel free to diplomacize with each other and whatnot. Sorry!
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RE: DINO STATES [No I am not kidding]
I have to drop this.

I know I meant to get a PM into you ages ago, but I just don't have the time these days to put any energy into. Sorry for not telling you sooner, but I just wasn't on this site a lot.

So yeah. Sorry again. Good luck with this game, everyone!

EDIT: If anyone wants to take over the Cagfripcs, be my guest. I can share the PMs with you as well.

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