In Progress DINO STATES [No I am not kidding]
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RE: DINO STATES [No I am not kidding]
I'm afraid I must resign as well, my forgetting-to-send-a-PM tendencies getting the best of me, as well as my internet restrictions.

Can someone take over the Barney for me? They'll cuddle you and give you snacks and worship you and totally won't eat you at night. Except Tuesdays, during which you should keep a crossbow as your bedfellow.
04-10-2014, 06:50 AM
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RE: DINO STATES [No I am not kidding]
So I'm just about finished with all the stuff stopping me from getting a new computer and getting back to stuff, but I'm a little concerned that in having such a long hiatus this might have met the same fate as Outer Space (or Munda Nova, or other actually good games). Namely, I want to know if anyone's still actually interested in getting back to playing, or if this is just basically dead and there's no point in wasting everyone's time pretending it isn't.

Send me a PM saying whether or not you're still up for this, and if at least a few are I'll hopefully get an update out within a week (of knowing). If I don't hear from anyone I'll assume they're no longer interested.

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