Wings of Fury
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Wings of Fury
Wings of Fury

[Image: Proper%20map.png]


Welcome to Nerendur, land of fantasy, myths, danger, and legends! The land has had many heroes, not all of them noble and pure.

What kind of mark will you make on the world?

You are a new adventurer looking for work, and you have been approached by the great dragonslayer Halevax Redthorn in Haskol's capital city of Visadel. He is gathering a party to climb into the mountains of Eorekan with intent to slay the dragon known as Xeralis.

Who are you?


Name: Give me your name.
Age: Give me your age.
Nation of Origin: Tell me where you come from.
Race: What's your race? You could be a goblin, human, elf, dark elf, dwarf, or something else entirely. If you're something else entirely, please explain your race. One condition is that you must be able to sit a horse. It's necessary, trust me. Other conditions are that the race mustn't be any more naturally powerful than a human, elf, or dwarf.
Appearance: Hair color, height, scars, gender, tattoos, beard, that sort of thing!
Belongings: Tell me what possessions you have.
Bio: Tell me what you've done with your life, and what skills you have.

List of Active Players

Anomaly - Mikosi Zol-Amana - Nayali (red female dragon)
Bramzter - Delvin Burrows - Kuvanox (green male dragon)
Galloglasses - Hrongr Vault - Ysgrilda (silver female dragon)
Kocel - Salandius Shahzar - Shahra (gold female dragon)
MQuinny - Aldraz Trichtore - Kalameet (black male dragon)
Palamedes - Cyrus Arcite - Sapharen (white male dragon)
Pharmacy - Varos Sel-Kilani - Liljin (bronze male dragon)
Vancho - Estar Manhiya - Mesarth (blue male dragon)
Demonsul - Lira
Protoman - Zangief

List of Former Players
Hector212121 - Marom Lilimandar (Deceased)
ICan'tGiveCredit - Ricia Malcot (Missing)
MasterBlade - Marty Rootboot (Deceased)
Raptarion - Carver

List of MIA Players
Formless Fable - Isilbela Alliatara

List of Retired Characters
Demonsul - Etep Khamudi

Woo, second RP! I'm looking for around eight people, maybe more, maybe less (if less people sign up).

Sign-ups will end when I have roughly the correct number of people.
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RE: Wings of Fury
This is the Codex. This is a resource that can help you become more familiar with the world at large. It isn't necessary to read it because it is rather long, though you may want to utilize it when making your character.

Magic in this game is somewhat generic if people were wondering. It's very difficult to use and requires many years of training. There are also many ways for non-magical people to counter magic, be it through defensive incantations, enchanted shields and armor, special potions, and generally being a huge chunk of meat.

Realms of the Land

On the Kingdoms of Men
Introduction: Mankind if a young race in both mentality and age, the first human civilization having only appeared a thousand years ago. Despite this, the human race has proven to be quite skilled at colonizing the previously wild and untamed plains and grasslands of the planet.

Trydessia and Puppets
Description: The Trydessian Arcanate is the world's pre-eminent human power, having a massive population and a wealthy slave-driven economy. They are also hated by almost everybody due to their cruelty, expansionist policies, and overzealous slavery.

Trydessian Arcanate
Ruler: Arcanus Korandus IV
Type: Magocratic Noble Republic
Capital: New Trydan
Banner: Golden wyvern spread across a royal purple field.
Description: A magocracy roughly five-hundred years old, founded by a group of exiled mages from a distant land. Trydessia is well-organized, but highly-corrupt, with strong policies against non-humans and unsanctioned practice of magic. They are in a near-constant war against elfkind, and the kingdoms of the Kol river are considered their tributaries. Slavery and polygamy are legal here, and the northern kingdoms hate Trydessia with a passion. Its harsh policies and well-organized military have somewhat diminished the threat of forest monsters, but they receive a large amount of trouble from both elven guerillas and sea monsters. They are famed for their wyvern riders: battlemages mounted upon terrifying flying wyverns.

Kol Kingdoms
Description: The Kol Kingdoms were conquered by the Arcanate several centuries ago. While they still maintain their local gods and customs, they are commonly mistreated by their overlords. The Arcanate governors commonly place slave quotas on the Kol. The warriors of the Kol are thus forced to raid south for slaves, lest their own children be taken to fill the quotas. Their capitals are in their names, and their Kings are weak puppets of little consequence.

Valandoric Kingdoms
Description: Valandor is the region beyond the Bulwark Mountains, containing the Kingdoms of Aloran, Firthengar, and Diadar. The region contains the thick Kalwood Forest on Firthengar's western border, as well as numerous fishing and farming communities. The Bulwark Mountains contain numerous natural gryphon prides, which are now bred throughout Valandor.

Kingdom of Aloran
Ruler: King Valan the Demonbane
Type: Elective Monarchy
Capital: Aloran
Banner: Crossed white swords over a silver crown on a gray and silver field.
Description: Called the Kingdom of Heroes, Aloran is a "herocracy" founded a little under 300 years ago by the legendary dragonslayer Grefdow Aloran. Heroes of Aloran are well-regarded by all kingdoms with the exception of Trydessia and its vassal states, and are commonly seen keeping the lands clear of demons, werewolves, vampires, and other supernatural threats to the civilized races.

Kingdom of Firthengar
Ruler: Queen Vona Lasveron
Type: Feudal Monarchy
Capital: Firthengar
Banner: A rampant grey wolf on a black field.
Description: Bordering the Kingdom of Aloran and the Kingdom of Diadar, Firthengar is renowned for its chilly, stormy weather and its rocky coasts. They have a strong naval tradition, and are well-known for their warrior tradition.

Kingdom of Diadar
Ruler: King Halgar III Harenax
Type: Feudal Monarchy
Capital: Holmgard
Banner: A red ship sailing a stormy sea on a blue field.
Description: Situated on the main land route between the northern kingdoms and their central continental counterparts, Diadar receives a fair amount of revenue in tolls on both land and sea. They are currently in a marriage alliance with Firthengar, brokered by Aloran. Halgar's second daughter Ella is married to Vona's eldest son Marol.

Tornallic Region
Description: The land between the Kradon mountains and the Bulwark Mountains, this region is defined by its numerous rivers and streams. While forested in the north, the coastal portions of the region have been largely deforested to make room for farmland. This region is also known for its large herds of pegasi, which are used in both Tornall and abroad as flying mounts.

Kingdom of Zandamur
Ruler: King Arvalos Endrin
Type: Feudal Monarchy
Capital: Mastora
Banner: White lion rampant guardant on a golden field.
Description: Zandamur is a relatively small but well-respected kingdom, controlling part of a major land trade route with the Valandoric Kingdoms. King Arvalos is well-known for his honorable and just rule, as well as the peace of his reign. His land is the home of the Royal Order of the White Lion, also known as the Lion Knights or the White Knights of Zandamur.

Kingdom of Nastronal
Ruler: King Rendes Aor
Type: Feudal Monarchy
Capital: Rastraz
Banner: Silver manticore on an emerald green field.
Description: Nastronal is the largest of the Tornallic regions, yet possibly the weakest. Much of its land is taken up by untamed woodlands, and while they have a thriving lumber industry, they don't have the manpower to directly combat their more populated southern counterparts. The Nastronean people are regarded as hard-working, good-hearted people, though they can also possess fiery tempers.

Kingdom of Haskol
Ruler: King Valinar III Kreniast
Type: Feudal Monarchy
Capital: Visadel
Banner: Blue sea serpent on a turqoise field.
Description: Haskol is a land of rivers and seas, and possesses a strong trade economy backed by its strong merchant navy. The extra income allows for a well-equipped army, which is historically (and unsuccessfully) used in wars against Zandamur and Nastronal. Their lands are well-developed for farming and agriculture, and they are the most populous of the Tornallic states as a result. They are also famous for strong alcohol and opulent brothels, which attract a wide variety of clientele.

South Kradonic Region
Description: Once united under Rostalos, this region was split eighty years ago by Eorveld Eorekan, who fought a successful war of independence against the Rostalene King. The region itself is split into two portions: the southern end of the Kradonic mountains and the stormy coast of southwestern Rostalos. In the Eorekan highlands, wild pegasi are quite a common sight.

Kingdom of Rostalos
Ruler: King Verdin I Kertros
Type: Feudal Monarchy
Capital: Suresald
Banner: Two golden lightning bolts striking a golden crown over a black field.
Description: A coastal-country, but not a naval one. Its waters are considered the roughest in the known-world, with jagged rocks, rough waters, and an enormous whirlpool greeting sailors stupid enough to sail through their strait. They possess a moderately strong army, but their main strength is their unassailability. They have a sour relationship with Eorekan due to their secession eighty years before, causing countless wars and conflicts. Rostalos is commonly terrorized by storm elementals, forest monsters, and hill creatures, adding to its unlivable nature. It is due to these factors that Rostalene men are commonly thought of as tough, humorless, and unforgiving.

Kingdom of Eorekan
Ruler: King Eorveld III Eorekan
Type: Constitutional Monarchy
Capital: Granval
Banner: Two rampant white pegasi with their wings spread back facing an upright white sword over a brown field.
Description: Eorekan seceded from Rostalos eighty years ago during a rebellion led by the famous general Eorveld Eorekan, who became Eorekan's namesake and first king. Despite their lack of manpower or money, they have a strong defensive tradition and are commonly seen repelling enemies twice to three times their size.

Isle of the Dead
Description: Not a happy place.

Kingdom of Nereceon
Ruler: Necromancer-King Nereceus
Type: Absolute Monarchy
Capital: Nereceon
Banner: None known
Description: The only country on the Isle of the Dead, Nereceon is a nation defended by the undead soldiers of the Necromancer-King Nereceus. Not much is known of this country, and nobody is entirely sure whether the whole island is under Nereceus's control or just portions of it.

Other Kingdoms
Description: These are the other human kingdoms that don't fit into a particular region.

Kingdom of Kysellar
Ruler: King Keralt IV Vasenall
Type: Feudal Monarchy
Capital: Keralton
Banner: White tiger passant on a light blue field.
Description: Kysellar has a strong military tradition due to its constant conflicts with the numerically-superior Trydessia, and has a long-standing alliance with Elfkind. They also sit on an important highway between the civilized nations and the Heart of the World (an important pilgramage site), and thus receive great economic boons from the traffic.

Kingdom of Onaston
Ruler: Queen Zendria II Koarn
Type: Feudal Monarchy
Capital: Onastra
Banner: Crimson rising phoenix on a black field.
Description: Onaston has a long-standing rivalry with Kysellar, but is consistently seen allying with them during Trydessian invasions due to the threat a Trydessian foothold would pose. They are renowned for their well-disciplined knights, who carry maces and wear crimson cloaks.

Kingdom of Kalanon
Ruler: King Hartost III Thotan
Type: Feudal Monarchy
Capital: Falstran
Banner: Rampant grizzly bear over a blue field.
Description: Kalanon is a large kingdom dominated by rough forests and the mighty Aerda River. Their men are hardy and tough, though fewer in number than even the Nastronic folk. Their economy is mainly supported by fishing and lumber exports down the Aerda.

On the Dwarven Kingdoms
Description: Little is known of the Dwarves. While it is known that there are many kingdoms beneath the Urad Mountains, they are shrouded in mystery (primarily because no human actually cares enough to make the trip). Their goods are prized for their high quality, and are sold by dwarven caravaneers throughout the known world. They are known to consume (and produce) large amounts of alcohol, and are also strong warriors.

On the Elven Lands
Description: The elves are concentrated in the forests between the Arcanate and the other human kingdoms. While the Arcanate has made numerous attempts to conquer the Elven tribes, they have all been unsuccessful. The Arcanate has spread numerous rumors about the nature of elven civilization, such as them being cannibals and demon-worshippers, though there is little actual evidence of this. Based on elven interaction with the less-racist human societies, elves seem to be rather like humans. They live to be roughly two centuries old on average, breed slower, and have great affinity for guerilla warfare due to their agile bodies and warlike culture.

On the Elves of the North
Description: The Elves located in the dense forests around the Heart of the World possess a far different culture from their brothers in the south. Rather than being forced to adapt into guerilla warfare against an outside enemy, these elves are in a constant war against nature itself. Living in the harsh wilderness, these "Dark Elves" commonly fight werewolves, ents, direwolves, werepanthers, ogres, trolls, and other horrific beasts. They are intensely xenophobic, though not violently so, and are often known to fight against one another. They also possess their own special view of magic and witchcraft, though these aren't known to the world at large.


On the Human Gods
Description: The human race is likely the largest sentient race on the planet, and as such has a wide variety of Gods and Goddesses that they've chosen to worship. Almost every human religion believes that the Heart of the World was the beginning point for the creation of the world, and it is thus a very important pilgramage site.

On the Valandoric Pantheon
Description: The Valandoric pantheon contains four gods and two goddesses. The religion is a continuation of the Old Gods of Valandor, reformed three centuries ago by High Priest Eriken Vostrok. Vostrok created a formal temple administration in Diadar, which Firthengar copied three decades later. The two temples were united a century and a half ago by King Halgar I Harenax, who ruled both Firthengar and Diadar for forty years. Aloran has no formal temple administration, though the majority of their people worship the Valandoric Pantheon. The creation myth details the creation of the universe by the Great Divine, a cosmic force that sacrificed itself to establish the mortal plane. Shattered, its aspects reformed themselves into the Greater Gods, which the people worship devoutly. There are many minor gods in this religion, though only the major gods and goddesses are listed below. Before the reformation of the faith by Vostrok, both the Greater and Lesser Gods were believed to be aspects of the Great Divine.

Major Gods and Goddesses:
-Arlan, God of the Sea. Depicted as an old, hardy sailor.
-Verstrok, God of Forests and the Hunt. depicted as a strong huntsman wielding either a boar spear or a bow.
-Yoerik, God of the Wind and Sky. Depicted as a robed sage. He typically weas white and carries a staff, which his eagle companion Vasir is often perched on.
-Zarva, Goddess of Farming and Agriculture. Depicted as a green-robed woman, she bestows healthy livestock and bountiful harvests to her faithful.
-Marava, Goddess of War and Battle. Depicted as a winged battle-maiden wielding a spear and shield.
-Valynax, God of Death. Depicted as a tall, shadowlike figure. His servants either take you to the Deadlands, where you shall wander for all eternity, or to the Eternal Palace, where you shall enjoy the glory of a peaceful afterlife. Where you go depends on your actions in life, with the Valandoric church encouraging a life of piety, honor, strength, and wisdom.

Minor Gods and Goddesses:
-Udona, Goddess of Family and Marriage. Depicted as a strong and wise matriarch, typically clad in white robes, with kind eyes and a pleasant smile.

On the Trydessian Pantheon:
Description: The Arcanate worships a pantheon of fifteen Gods and Goddesses. Their creation myth details the creation of the world by Karandus, King of the Gods, Lord of the Arcane, and Creator of All. He has four wives (polygamy is legal in Trydessia): Herana, Mavari, Keryatis, and Vessia. The Trydessian Temple is well-organized, though its ability to spread its faith is made ineffective by its affiliation with the most hated country on the planet. The Temple is headed by the Lord Divine, who is elected by the Council of Divines in the Trydessian capital.

Gods and Goddesses:
-Karandus, King of the Gods, Lord of the Arcane, Master of Time. Depicted as a thin, black-bearded man of great wisdom and cunning.
-Herana, Queen of the Gods, Lady of Spring, Goddess of Earth and Agriculture.
-Mavari, Queen of the Gods, Lady of Summer, Goddess of Fire and War. Depicted as a red-robed, red-haired woman, sword and fire in each hand.
-Keryatis, Queen of the Gods, Lady of Autumn, Goddess of Wind and Wisdom. Depicted as a white-robed woman with orange hair.
-Vessia, Queen of the Gods, Lady of Winter, Goddess of Ice and Death. Depicted as a woman in light blue robes with stormy eyes and white-blue hair.
-Chason, Son of Karandus and Herana, God of Family and Home.
-Raxia, Daughter of Karandus and Herana, Goddess of Beauty and Love.
-Krestus, Son of Karandus and Mavari, God of Light and Healing.
-Verus, Son of Karandus and Mavari, God of Hunting and Nature.
-Hena, Daughter of Karandus and Mavari, Goddess of the Sun and Sky.
-Hanvarus, Son of Karandus and Keryatis, God of Craftsmanship and Art.
-Vara, Daughter of Karandus and Keryatis, Goddess of Knowledge and Commerce.
-Aralus, Son of Karandus and Vessia, God of Storms and Seas.
-Asta, Daughter of Karandus and Vessia, Goddess of the Moon and Stars.
-Ientar, Son of Karandus and Vessia, God of Trickery and Madness.

On the Tornallic Pantheon
Description: The Tornallic Pantheon is quite similar to their Valandoric neighbors with a few differences. The Tornallic faith is from the same general religious group, and neither faith views the other as heathens, rather tolerated heretics. The Tornallic faith is less-organized than most, with most temples and churches being independent of one another. It is a very large religion, spread throughout the kingdoms of Zandamur, Haskol, Nastronal, Rostalos, Eorekan, Kysellar, Onaston, and Kalanon. Due to the widespread and decentralized nature of this faith, there are many minor religions, heresies, cults, and other such religions spread throughout these nations.

Gods and Goddesses:
-Alarix, God of the Sea. Depicted as an blue-robed, white-bearded man.
-Vestrond, God of Forests and the Hunt. Depicted as a bearded huntsman armed with spear and bow. He is sometimes seen with a canine companion named Harsin.
-Yoris, God of the Wind and Sky. Depicted as a robed sage. He typically wears white and carries a staff, which his eagle companion Vaxim is often perched on.
-Zerina, Goddess of Farming and Agriculture. Depicted as a green-robed woman, she bestows healthy livestock and bountiful harvests to her faithful.
-Tahn, God of Time. Depicted as an ancient man with gold robes and a white staff.
-Maric, God of War and Battle. Depicted as an armored knight with sword and shield seated upon a mighty pegasus.
-Sonara, Goddess of the Sun. Depicted as an angelic, winged woman with the sun at the tip of her staff.
-Valonix, God of Death. Depicted as a tall, shadowlike figure. His servants either take you to the Deadlands, where you shall wander for all eternity, or to the Great Beyond, where you enjoy the peace and tranquility of eternal life. Where you go depends on your actions in life, with the Tornallic priests encouraging a life of piety, compassion, honesty, and charity.

On the Kol Pantheon
Description: The Kol Religion is rather unique amongst the human pantheons in that it developed relatively independently of the other pantheons. While the Valandoric, Tornallic, and (to a more limited extent) the Trydessian faiths can be regarded as somewhat related, the Kol faith is off on its own. While it once possessed a High Priest and a centralized religious administration, most of that was torn down in the aftermath of the Trydessian conquest.

Gods and Goddesses:
-Kol: Queen of the Gods, Goddess of Agriculture, Creation, Life, and Water.
-Osorkon: God of Wisdom.
-Piye: God of Light and Fire.
-Pyihia: Goddess of the Sands and Storms.
-Satiah: Goddess of Fertility.
-Seti: God of War.
-Zamonth: God of Peace.
-Itu: God of Craftsmanship, Architecture, and Art.
-Qar: God of Scorpions. Trickster God. Is portrayed as a man with the -head and tail of a scorpion.
-Sitre: Goddess of the Moon and Stars.
-Khyan: God of Healing and Magic.
-Maia: Goddess of Love.
-Khaba: God of Cats
-Merti: Goddess of Mountains
-Nakht: God of Foreigners
-Nikare: God of Death and the Underworld. To get to the Underworld after death, one must undertake a long journey across the Nitocris, the River of Death. During this journey, they will be judged by Nikare for their actions in life. Should they be deemed worthy, they will be given permission to enter Pentaris, the heavenly realm where they will live beside the Gods and serve their majesty. Should they be deemed unworthy, they will be cast down to Sifeken, where they will serve the Serpent Queen Naparaye.

On the Elven Gods
Description: Just as humans, the Elves follow a large variety of different religions that differ between tribes and nations. Most Greatwood Elves tend to show a particular appreciation to the Deities of War, Nature, and Death (due to their lifestyle of constant guerilla warfare). The Elves of the Westwood, meanwhile, show a particular attention to the stars, sun, and sky, having an interest in astronomy and astrology uncommon amongst the races.
Celestial Gods
-Zelphar, God of the Cosmos. Married to Sorsasta.
-Sorsasta, Goddess of the Sun. Married to Zelphar.
-Darthoridan, God of the Moon. Brother to Sorsasta.
-Ialantha, Goddess of the Northern Star, Daughter of Zelphar and Sorsasta.
-Aumrauth, Othorion, Taenaran, Ioelena, Tsarra, Alvaerele - The younger children of Zelphar and Sorsasta. They are known as the Star Princes and Princesses, and supposedly rule each of the brightest stars as their own personal palaces.
-Aelrindel, Sundamar, Haldreithen, Lyithia, Kylantha, and Aelynthi - The three Gods and Goddesses of the six other planets in the universe. Eldest children of Zelphar and Sorsasta.

Other Gods
Maescia - Goddess of War
Arun - God of Death
Imra - Goddess of Life
Mirthal - God of the Forests, Protector of the Greatwood.
Valindra - Goddess of Fire
Elasha - Goddess of Storms
Tarathiel - God of Justice
Kyrenic - God of Cunning. Trickster.

On the Nerecian Religion
Description: The living people of the Isle of the Dead seem to worship a singular God known as Tor. One of the tenents of the religion is giving up your body to the Necromancer-King Nereceus once you have died. The purpose for the necromancer's activities are unclear to the world at large, though he is quite hated and feared by most cultures.

On the Dwarven Faiths
Description: The Dwarves, like the Elves and Humans, have numerous different pantheons and faiths throughout their many fortresses, holds, and cities. However, there are three very concrete things: every pantheon has a God devoted to smithing and craftsmanship, every pantheon has a God devoted to alcohol and debauchery, and every pantheon has a God of War.

On the Dark Elven Faith
Description: The Dark Elves typically engage in ancestor-worship in addition to worship of the Vkestel, also known in the human tongue as the Unifying Spirit, a holy energy that binds all living things.

On the Tsavari Goddesses
Description: Most tsavari worship what are often known as the Dual Goddesses - two goddesses, rather than an entire pantheon. Their creation myth details the creation of the world by one original goddess, who, in the process, split herself in half. These goddesses, Nysti and Venima, went on to create a number of lesser deities and other divine creatures, and created the tsavari in their image. Though there are many different views on the religion, worship of the goddesses is universal.

The goddesses do not have clearly-defined domains as in most pantheons; however, Nysti is more closely associated with life and worldly affairs while Venima is associated with death and the afterlife.

On the other Religions
Description: In addition to the previously-mentioned religions, there are numerous minor cults, heresies, churches, and pantheons with too few members to properly list here.
(Should you wish to make up your own religion, shoot me a PM or something and we'll work it out.)

Description: This land is home to many sentient races, though not all of them have created civilizations.

Average lifespan: 65 years
Average male height: 5'11" (6' in the Valandoric kingdoms, 5'11" in the other kingdoms, 5'9" in Trydessia, 5'8" in the Kol countries)
Average female height: 5'6" (5'7" in the Valandoric kingdoms, 5'6" in the other kingdoms, 5'4" in Trydessia, 5'3" in the Kol countries)
Description: Humans are a diverse and powerful race, living sixty-five years on average (should they survive infancy). There is a good chance you are a human. The humans of the Kol nations are typically darker in skin tone, while the humans of the Valandoric regions are quite pale. Black and dark brown hair are more common in the Kol and Trydessian nations, while the Tornallic people have a healthy mix of hair colors. The Valandoric people usually have fairer hair.

Average lifespan: 200 years
Average male height: 5'7"
Average female height: 5'3"
Description: The inhabitants of the Greatwood and Westwood Forests, the Greatwood Elves are locked in constant warfare with the Trydessian Arcanate, who are attempting to enslave the Elven populations. Elves are, on average, thinner and faster than humans, though not as strong. They have pointed ears, pale to pink skin, and grow thin, wispy beards. They are quite distrustful of outsiders.

Dark Elves
Average lifespan: 200 years
Average male height: 5'8"
Average female height: 5'4"
Description: Dark Elves are the elven inhabitants of the Blackwood Forest. They have gray (and sometimes black) skin, and possess either red, black, white, gray, or violet eyes. They are slightly taller than elves on average, and have roughly matching lifespans. They are quite xenophobic, though not murderously so like their Greatwood cousins.

Average lifespan: 120 years
Average male height: 4'7"
Average female height: 4'8"
Description: Little is known of the Dwarves due to their distance from the rest of civilization. What is known is that they are short, stout creatures fond of alcohol, craftsmanship, battle, and mining. Males almost universally grow beards, and are around four and a half feet on average.

Average lifespan: 90 years
Average male height: 4'4"
Average female height: 4'0"
Description: Slightly shorter and significantly thinner than Dwarves, halflings are a proud and industrious race that are nevertheless heavily-discriminated against outside of their home country (home country meaning the numerous halfling camps dotted throughout the world). The dwarves think them soft, the humans think them exploitable, and the elves think them weak. Regardless, Halflings persevere, and are often seen kicking far more ass than one might think. They live all around, hating the thought of settling down, instead striving for adventure. (there are rumors that Halflings are all thieving vagabonds, which might contribute to the distaste other races have for them. These rumors are fervently denied by all halflings.)

Average lifespan: 85 years (should they actually survive to die of old age)
Average male height: 5'7"
Average female height: 5'3"
Description: Goblins are an ugly (by human standards) race of sentient creatures whose mere existence often causes other races to hunt and kill them. Goblins are undesirables, and while they are capable of great works of art and bravery, they are nevertheless hated. As a result, goblins have widely turned to banditry, headhunting, and raiding. A goblin has to eat, afterall, and those asshole humans always burn down their farms.

Average lifespan: 90 years
Average male height: 5'9"
Average female height: 6'1"
Description: An uncommon sight in regions near the coast, the Tsavari are a race of trinocular humanoid reptiles. Their scales range in coloration from green to blue, though the frills at the back of their heads tend to be warmer colors. Though they are not amphibious, they have a natural affinity for water - they are excellent swimmers, and can hold their breath for several minutes on average. As such, they are frequently found near lakes and rivers, as well as a few coastal areas. Though their technological development is comparable to other civilized races, they tend to largely avoid establishing permanent settlements. They are carnivorous, and tend to migrate in search of food. Some (usually young) Tsavari are more open to the idea of permanent settlements, and often migrate to work in other races' nations.

Dragons (non-playable)
Average lifespan: Centuries, if not millennia
Average size: They grow constantly throughout their lives.
Description: Dragons are enormous, winged, fire-breathing reptilian creatures. They are rather rare, though incredibly powerful, and are known to be sentient and incredibly dangerous. They commonly speak through telepathy, lacking the ability to speak normally, and are more than capable of using magic with proper instruction.

Other Races
Description: There are numerous other sentient races throughout the world, though none have created their own proper civilizations. (Should you wish to create a race, let me know and we'll work it out.)

Description: This land is also home to many great and wonderous creatures, many of which are also incredibly dangerous.

Flying Creatures
Description: Creatures that can fly. Go figure.

Description: Pegasi are winged horses bred in a variety of colors throughout the world, though they are most common in the Tornallic region and its neighboring states. Their breeding is quite controlled, as they breed slower than horses (though they are the fastest flying creatures to breed and the easiest to train). They are almost universally used for the militaries of the countries they belong to, being employed for flying cavalry and war messengers.

Description: Large, predatory creatures with the body, tail, and back legs of a lion and the head, wings, and front leg of an eagle. Gryphons are quite dangerous to breed, though their danger pays off in their high combat ability. Gryphon riders are, on average, far more dangerous than their pegasus riding counterparts. These creatures are mainly trained by the Valandoric kingdoms: Firthengar, Diadar, and Aloran. Like pegasi, they are almost exclusively used by specialist riders within the military.

Giant Eagles
Description: What the name describes. They are huge eagles, and though they are quite effective at combat, none of the human nations have tamed them.

Description: Similar to dragons, though not as large and without the ability to breathe fire. Wyverns have two back legs, as well as wings that double as front legs. The biggest ones grow to around twenty-five feet in length. They are the most dangerous animals currently trained as flying war mounts, though they are only used by the Trydessian military.

Historical Figures

Introduction: Here's a list of men and women who have strived, through their actions, to bring peace and prosperity to the world. While their actions aren't always noble, sometimes inspired by greed or lust for glory, these people typically have a positive effect on the world.

Description: Humanity is a large and diverse race, capable of both great cruelty and great compassion. It has produced many heroes, a significant portion of which come from the hero-kingdom of Aloran.

Halevax Redthorn
Nation of Origin: Aloran
Birthyear: 4:108
Deathyear: 4:152
Description: Halevax Redthorn was a famous dragonslayer born in the early second century of the fourth age. While his legend wasn't as great as that of Grefdow himself, he was regarded as one of humanity's greatest living dragonslayers at the time of his death. He was known as a brave, if reckless man of great nobility and passion.

Description: Dwarves are well-known for their skill in battle and bravery. Thus, it is no surprise that many amongst them are recognized as great heroes.

Buron "Trollhammer" Tontarist
Hold of Origin: Kavandaz
Birthyear: 3:651
Deathyear: 3:709
Description: A hero of the Troll Wars that raged throughout the northern portion of the Urad Mountains, Buron Trollhammer is known to have personally killed at least fifty trolls, five of them with his bare hands. He is also said to have outdrank a dragon, arm-wrestled an ogre, and beaten a Trydessian Archmage at a game of chess (by headbutting him to death). Whether these legends are true is up for debate, but his famous hammer is still on display in the Great Hall of the Kavarudan.

Description: Elven heroes are less-known than the heroes from human and dwarven lore, probably due to their isolation.

Yanaron "the Bloodwolf" Eoir
Tribe of Origin: Avano
Birthyear: 3:721
Deathyear: 3:996
Description: One of the most feared and respected guerilla fighters in Elven history, the Bloodwolf was born near the beginning of Trydessia's war to conquer the Greatwood forest. When the elves of the lake fell, it was a young Yanaron that rallied the first elven guerilla fighters, leading them in a mass campaign against the Trydessian invaders. Employing brutal tactics such as flaying officers alive (and hanging their flayed corpses from trees), making arrows from the bones of his enemies, and slaughtering Trydessian civilian populations on the border , Yanaron gained a reputation for brutality unlike any other. Through his tactical prowess, astute traplaying, and charisma, he managed to organize the elven tribes into a proper guerilla army. His legacy continues to this day.

Description: Historical rulers of this land.

Rulers of Aloran
King Grefdow Aloran
Nation of Origin: Firthengar
Birthyear: 3:703
Deathyear: 3:775
Reign: 3:753 – 3:775
Description: Grefdow Aloran, later the first King of Aloran, was the most famous dragonslayer in the history of mankind. He was born in a time of great instability for the northern kingdoms, when many darker dragons terrorized the newborn human kingdoms north of the Greatwood Forest. Striving to achieve something with his life, he decided to become a hero, and spent his first thirty years of adulthood slaying dragons. First through his skill with a sword, then through his skill as a battlemage. Over the course of his career, it is believed that he single-handedly ended the threat of dragonkind to the northern kingdoms. At the age of fifty, he (along with numerous like-minded colonists from Diadar and Firthengar) founded the hero-city of Aloran (named such after his death). It would later grow into a minor kingdom of its own, producing many legendary heroes.

King Ierbrod Grandhammer
Nation of Origin: Firthengar
Birthyear: 3:720
Deathyear: 3:789
Reign: 3:775 – 3:789
Description: Ierbrod Grandhammer began his life as a peasant within the Kingdom of Firthengar. When Grefdow Aloran began slaying dragons, Ierbrod joined him as one of his companions. After getting his start as a dragon slayer, he eventually branched out and began slaying all manner of monsters with his mighty hammer Vakind, most famous of which was the kraken known as Torfask in 3:759. Upon Grefdow's death, Ierbrod was elected King and ruled until his death.

King Hellav the Swift
Nation of Origin: Diadar
Birthyear: 3:751
Deathyear: 3:825
Reign: 3:789 – 3:825
Description: Hellav was the last King of Aloran born before its founding. The bastard son of a nobleman from Diadar, he dropped any claim to his family when he reached adulthood and went to seek glory in Aloran. Famed for his quick swordsmanship and his expertise with a bow, Hellav is regarded as one of the finest duelists in history. His most famous action was the slaying of the legendary bandit king Regoth (along with his top lieutenants) in Fort Dadrate, which stands to this very day high in the Eorekan mountains. Upon Ierbrod's death, he was elected the third King of Aloran, and ruled until his death at the age of 74.

King Belnost Wolfslayer
Nation of Origin: Aloran
Birthyear: 3:792
Deathyear: 3:836
Reign: 3:825 – 3:836
Description: Belnost was the first King of Aloran to actually be born within Aloran. Growing up within the hero culture of Aloran, he strived to make a name for himself. Due to the sheer volume of dragon slayers at the time, he decided on something a bit more unconventional, and spent the first fifteen years of his heroic life slaying werewolves in the Blackwood Forest. Upon Hellav's death, he made his way back for the Kingsmoot and (to his surprise) was elected King of Aloran. His reign was rather short, lasting only eleven years before he was torn apart by a large pack of werewolves seeking revenge for their fallen comrades. It is rumored that he killed half the pack before going down.

King Crestan the Valiant
Nation of Origin: Kysellar
Birthyear: 3:791
Deathyear: 3:857
Reign: 3:836 – 3:857
Description: To this day, Crestan is regarded as the absolute model of knightly chivalry and honor. Born a peasant in Kysellar, he became a town guard at the age of eighteen. He first gained notoriety when he slew a band of outlaws that were harassing his town. It is said that upon cutting the bandit chief's swordarm off, he opted to tie his own swordarm behind his back to make it a fair fight. The bandit chief's lieutenants arrived during that time, but Crestan emerged victorious regardless. After this event, he traveled the roads of Kysellar and beyond, bringing justice to bandits, outlaws, highwaymen, and thieves. Upon reaching Aloran, he accepted citizenship and single-handedly brought order to the lower forests of Aloran. When Belnost died prematurely, Crestan was elected King and spent the better part of his reign administrating Aloran, establishing a Code of Laws and all but annihilating crime within his borders.

King Mosveer "Golemfist" Arandakan
Hold of Origin: Kavosetaz
Birthyear: 3:831
Deathyear: 3:983
Reign: 3:857 – 3:897
Description: A barefisted dwarven hero, he was famous for his brawling ability long before he made the journey to Aloran. Afterwards, he became a legend. Beating bandits, trolls, manticores, and direwolves to death with his metal-coated hands gained him a large amount of recognition throughout the land. In the year 3:857 he was made King of Aloran, a title he held for forty years before abdicating and returning to his heroic roots (abdication after forty years of rule is now a rule for the long-lived races who come to rule Aloran). His reign was regarded as strong, though not precisely skilled. His councilors tended to handle most of the administration for him. After retiring in 3:950, he spent the remainder of his years in the dwarven holds.

King Levresen Wildheart
Nation of Origin: Aloran
Birthyear: 3:859
Deathyear: 3:926
Reign: 3:897 – 3:926
Description: Levresen was born within Aloran to two well-known heroes: Salamur Silverwind and his wife Grena Ice-Eyes. In his childhood years, he had little contact with his parents, instead spending his days traveling the wilds, learning herbology, and taming bears. He was a strange child, and he grew into a strange adult, spending more time taming animals than slaying them. He gained great renown, however, for his taming of the Valandoric gryphon prides. He was also known to be a highly-talented swordsman, wielding his father's blade Quicksilver. In the year 3:897, when Mosveer abdicated the throne, it was Levresen who was elected in his place. He ruled for a prosperous twenty-three years before his peaceful reign was interrupted by the fires of war. Firthengar, Diadar, and Kalanon united into a single alliance, demanding that Crestan “Darktongue” Vordanson (grandson of Crestan the Valiant) be given the throne in a hereditary fashion. Levresen refused their ultimatum and rallied the Heroes of Aloran for war. Outnumbered 5-to-1, Aloran fought bravely, surprising the more disciplined and organized armies with their sheer tenacity and courage. In 3:925, King Levresen led an army of 2,000 Aloranic heroes to victory over 12,000 Triple Alliance soldiers in the Battle of Zaldor Hill, where he killed Crestan Darktongue in personal combat. Crestan's death without issue destroyed the Triple Alliance's cause and ended the war. Levresen died in his sleep a year later.

King Trestveld the Unyielding
Nation of Origin: Aloran
Birthyear: 3:890
Deathyear: 3:981
Reign: 3:926 – 3:981
Description: Trestveld was called “the Unyielding” both because of his unbreakable resilience during the two year Siege of Tandar Castle (3:921-3:922) as well as his unyielding attitude towards death (living to the age of ninety-one). His long and peaceful reign was dedicated to rebuilding the kingdom after the devastating Darktongue Crisis.

Queen Yvera Dragonblood
Nation of Origin: Aloran
Birthyear: 3:955
Deathyear: 4:45
Reign: 3:981 – 4:45
Description: Yvera was the first Queen of Aloran and the first known ruler to ride a dragon. Grand-daughter of Levresen Wildheart and descendant of Hellav the Swift, heroism manifested in her blood from a young age. At the age of seventeen, she made her way out into the world, venturing deep into the Urad Mountains. There she was ambushed by numerous trolls. Though she struck down many, she was eventually overcome. As the trolls prepared to strike the killing blow, Yvera was rescued by a dragon named Kenarin, who roasted the trolls and spirited her back to his lair. There she awoke and, while initially hostile, eventually she befriended the dragon. It is unknown how she befriended Kenarin, but he agreed to accompany her into the world, and with Kenarin she did many great deeds. At the age of twenty-six, she became one of the youngest rulers of Aloran. After her death, Kenarin disappeared into the Urad Mountains. He has not been seen since.

King Arvalon the Seabeast
Nation of Origin: Zandamur
Birthyear: 4:15
Deathyear: 4:77
Reign: 4:45 – 4:77
Description: One of the most famous maritime adventurers in recent memory, Arvalon was well-known for his adventures at sea. Amongst his achievements are the slaying of the mighty hydra Veu, the destruction of a Trydessian Invasion Fleet (with the help of the northern navies), and the alleged discovery of an underwater civilization (which he refused to give details on). After Yvera's death, he ruled for thirty-two years before disappearing on a naval expedition across the Sea of Lost Souls.

King Ponever the Crimson
Nation of Origin: Aloran
Birthyear: 4:50
Deathyear: 4:135
Reign: 4:77-4:135
Description: A great swordsman, philosopher, and slayer of the lawless, Ponever was named for his crimson cape, which was always white at the beginning of his battles. Following after the example of Crestan the Valiant, he spent most of his youth hunting down bandits and outlaws, killing them rather brutally when they refused to surrender. His reign was quite prosperous for Aloran itself, seeing the construction of many roads, keeps, and public works. He is regarded as one of the greatest Aloranic Kings, behind only Crestan and Grefdow Aloran himself.

King Valan the Demonbane
Nation of Origin: Aloran
Birthyear: 4:99
Deathyear: N/A
Reign: 4:135 - Present
Description: Valan the Demonbane is the current king of Aloran, and quite possibly the greatest swordsman alive. Having slain everything from greater demons to imp legions, he is known as a Champion of Faith and an arch-enemy to demonkind. He is also known for his unbreakable will, great bravery, and noble spirit. He viewed Ponever as something of a father figure, and strives to maintain the wisdom of his predecessor's rule.

On Magic
Magical Schools
School of Abjuration
Description: Abjuration is the magical art of summoning barriers to resist physical or arcane assaults. These can range in size from tiny to enormous, with the stress and strain on the user scaling accordingly.

School of Alteration
Description: Alteration is the art of altering the physical properties of objects or entities. Transmutation and Transfiguration are the two branches of this school, with transmutation focusing on the manipulation of objects and transfiguration focusing on the manipulation of living entities. A specialized and little-known sub-school of Transfiguration could also be used to temporarily boost (or diminish) the physical attributes of people or creatures. This could also, in theory, be used to boost the mental capabilities of a subject. However, this is incredibly risky, and is very likely to cause madness, dementia, or death.

School of Chaos
Description: Chaos is related to the School of Rifts in that it involves invoking the forces of the plane of chaos. These forces are destructive, unpredictable, and extremely dangerous, and can just as often lead to the utter annihilation of the user as they can his or her enemies. Chaos magic can also be used to curse others, though the extent and nature of the curses are uncontrollable by the Chaos mage in question.

School of Cronomancy
Description: Cronomancy is a very powerful and very rare school of magic. To use it requires an incredibly rare gift and massive amounts of natural talent, and even then it is viewed as a highly-risky field of study. A master of such a school is capable of bending time to his or her will, however, and as such it is also very attractive to ambitious individuals.

School of Divination
Description: A more common field relating to time is Divination, or the ability to read existence. While messages can be vague or difficult to decipher, skilled use of this school would allow one to potentially see the future, spy upon distant areas, or more closely investigate the area around them.

School of Earth
Description: Devoted to the manipulation of the element earth, including plants, rocks, and metals. This school does not allow one to manipulate the properties of the element, as such actions are in the domain of Alteration. Rather, this school is useful for manipulating rocks, creating poisons, and commanding plants.

School of Enchanting
Description: Enchanting serves a similar purpose to runecrafting in that it is typically applied to give mundane items more magical characteristics. Where the two differ, however, is that while runecrafting relies on physically carving runes into the item to imbue them with magic, Enchanting requires the mage to slowly weave magical energy through the item itself, slowly charging it and making the actual item magical in nature. This is a very time-consuming, intensive, and difficult process. Enchantments, however, are more powerful and versatile than runes, allowing a wider range of freedom in the effects given to the items.

School of Fire
Description: Rather self-explanatory. This school of magic allows the user to create and manipulate fire. The spells can range in power from simple generated warmth to oceans of summoned fire.

School of Healing
Description: A school dedicated to health and healing, be it curing diseases, mending bones, or weaving flesh back together.

School of Illusions
Description: A school dedicated to illusions, be they balls of light or copies of one's self. They can be rather convincing, sometimes even accompanied by sound. Master Illusionists can even find ways to make illusions solid.

School of Lightning
Description: A school dedicated to manipulating ELECTRICITY. Lightning bolts, shields of electrical energy, static clouds, and more.

School of Necromancy
Description: Magic related to the dead. Namely raising said dead, manipulating the dead, raising armies of skeletons, that kind of thing. This school tends to be forbidden in most circles, with the only real center of Necromancy being the Isle of the Dead.

School of Psionics
Description: Mind magic. Stuff such as mind reading, mental domination, mind-swapping, telepathy, psionic defense, and other such things.

School of Rifts
Description: A school of magic primarily used for summoning. Rifts are created to other planes of reality such as the Plane of Fire or the Plane of Chaos (as creating a rift to this plane of reality is impossible). Psionics may be used to bind the summoned planar creatures to your will, or you could simply befriend the more amiable ones. This school can be rather dangerous for the unprepared.

School of Runes
Description: More of a craft than an actual magical field, this is nevertheless easier to learn than enchanting, and still incredibly useful. Very particular and precise runes of power are carved, sculpted, or drawn on an object of your choice, and are then amended and reinforced by numerous sub-runes. These runes are then imbued to give the object magical effects.

School of Telekinesis
Description: Manipulation magic, namely the power to move physical stuff around with your mind. Higher levels of learning in this school allow you more telekinetic power or precision, with mastery granting you the possible ability to kill enemies at will by crushing their brainstem, or crushing their windpipe, or clotting their jugular.

School of Water/School of Ice
Description: Manipulation and potential generation of water and ice. Rather self-explanatory.

School of Wind
Description: Manipulation and potential generation of wind and air. Also rather self-explanatory.
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RE: Wings of Fury
Name: Hrongr the Cold
Age: 27
Nation of Origin: Firthengar
Race: Human
Appearance: Short for a Firthengarian, Hrongr possess a deceptively slight frame and long, light, blue hair, (he lost a very very important honour-bet) with brown and grey eyes and a short, knotted beard. He has a number of scars over his arms and a noticeable two on his face.
Belongings: Carries a steel short sword and shield, leather armour, a steel helmet and a burning, unending hatred of seals
Bio: Hrongr the cold got the short end of the genetic lottery. He was not as big as the other boys in his village and while fit never as strong as one would expect a Firthengarian to be. He made up for this in ruthless determination and raw skill with the blade to win his battles, relying more on quick wits, speed and judicious application of force rather then brute strength and made a name for himself in the armies of Queen Vona.

Well for a time at any rate. Eventually he grew bored of army life and made his fortune raiding the coasts and hiring himself out as a mercenary and adventurer for hire, to gain glory to his name and coin for his pocket. He always felt like he was missing something however, for even though those who did not respect him learned to correct their mistakes after only a short time in his company, he aspired to something more.

This driving desire for recognition and honour inspired him to take more daring risks. Eventually culminating in a fool's errand of an honour-bet which he lost, forcing him to dye his hair blue to mark his shame. Something which Hrongr has never forgotten nor forgiven. His reputation now smeared with such a black mark and his wealth bringing him no further then the next port in town, he knew he had to somehow learn from his mistakes if he truly wanted to earn his glorious place in the echoing halls of his forefathers in the Eternal Palace of Valynax

Abandoning his ship at Haskol as he realized sailing further down the channel was asking to be shipwrecked he decided to seek further employment on land while he fumed and mulled over his plans for the future.


Cid asked me to outline Hrongr's family, so I did.

House Vault

Sigmund Treesplitter: Broad shouldered and legendary shipwright highly regarded for his longboat designs. Is incredibly proud of his family

Borghild: An incredibly authoritive and imposing matron of a woman who ran a tight household. Fell in love with Sigmund because he was the only one in the village with the balls to talk back to her without flinching. Is a fantastic cook and mean with a mace.


Merinc Sigmundsson: 25, the youngest and the physically biggest of the family, he towers over his siblings. Married a noblewoman in southern Firthengar after wooing her in a tournament, acts as captain of the guard for the town he now lives in wields a huge battle axe and a tower shield. Incredibly soft spoken, likes painting and kittens. Has a son and a daughter, both of whom are toddlers. Jirol and Frendria

Illya Sigmundsdottir: 26, Known as 'Lady of Blades' in the Firthengarian Northern Army for her intimidating love of duelling. She prefers sleeker, more elegant, southern blades and speed and finese over force. Has yet to be married by choice. Dabbles in runic enchantment, often teased Hrongr as he was less skilled with a blade then her.

Hrongr Sigmundsson: 27, hates everyone.

Myrnr Sigmundsdottir: 28, Hrongr's elder sister, married a chief of another village, taller then her sibling and murderously skillful with a spear, has three children of her own, Jorl, Karl, Sigfried. Dislikes her brother because he once used her doll as target practice.

Frend Sigmundsson: 29, Hrongr's Elder Brother, has had three wives, all of whom have died after childbirth. Needless to say no sane woman wants to touch him ever again. Eternally joyful despite this, has two daughters, one of which, Yvritte was lost in a particularly fierce snowstorm and never seen again, the other Grenal is shaping up to be a fine warrior. He has a son, named Ilandr, 2 years of age. He is unremarkable asides from the fact he almost never cries and he has overdeveloped eyebrows. Frend makes his living as an expert carpenter.

Hrongr never talks about his family.
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RE: Wings of Fury
EDIT: I guess I was too late, and my idea of an alchemist is already filled by another character. Sorry.

The one, the only, Vancho!
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RE: Wings of Fury
Name: Morthol Rootbeard
Age: ???
Nation of Origin: Kingdom of Zandamur
Race: "Dwarf"
Appearance: Donned in a heavy, full plate, noone has seen the true appearance of Morthol. All that is known comes from conjecture; his beard flowing from the front of his helm bears a silver hue, suggesting a rather elderly dwarf dons it. This is furthered by a preference for short, swift blades over heavy axes, suggesting a failing strength. Nevertheless, he is never seen outside his armor.
Belongings: Shining Full Plate Armor, Twin Shortswords, Horse by the name of Benley, Crude belt buckle of unknown origin.
Bio: Morthol was acquired by the White Knights of Zandamur shortly after the dismantling of a goblin raider camp. Freed from his captivity to the goblins, he claims a lifedebt to King Valinar and his principles. His expertise as a goblin prisoner often puts him at the helm of expeditions to local Goblin bandit camps; his knowledge has often led to entire camps being cleared overnight.
Additional Details:

Name: Marty Rootboot
Age: 21
Nation of Origin: None
Race: Goblin
Appearance: Marty is more muscular than the average goblin; a side-effect of his most ingenious ruse. His skin is pale from avoiding the sun's rays, and his hands cold and covered in boils. Marty's face is crooked and bent, nose grown into the shape of his helmet due to its constant use. His yellow eyes see everything hidden in the shadows inside his shell, and outside it.
Belongings: Thin-cast plate armor with chainmail underlay, Twin Shortswords of lighter alloy, Loyal steed and walking support, Fake beard made of pegasus hair, Goblin belt buckle stating his clan origins and membership of the goblin community.
Bio: Marty was the leader of a group of Goblin Refugees. Cast out of their old home further north, he had taken the group to the Kingdom of Zandamor with hopes that their offer of peace extended to all races. Through cleverly-timed drops and sneakery, he was able to send his correspondences to the king; a lifedebt of servitude for his clan's sanctuary in the local forests. One mock "raid" later, and Marty was serving the White Knights under the guise of a Dwarvern mercenary.

Sir Rootboot serves as Arvalos's trump card in dealing with the goblins in the region. As a goblin and clanfriend, Marty is able to negotiate with Goblins on a peaceful level; something the local humans cannot. His wages as a knight often go to feeding the local refugees and finding them places to go. This keeps the local trade routes clear of Goblins without a single drop of blood being shed, much to the pride of the king. The arrangement is secret to both the Lions and the People for obvious reasons, and requires Marty to never remove his armor amungst his own brethren.

All things considered, living among sharks is a fair price to pay for the safety of his people; "Morthol" wouldn't have it any other way.
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RE: Wings of Fury
Name: Carver
Age: 28
Nation of Origin: Aloran
Race: Human

Appearance: Standing at only five feet, he isn't what you would call tall. Short brown hair, a face that isn't clean shaven but always lacks a proper beard. No visible scars, though he likes to show off the claw marks on his back (which come from a bear if you believe him).

Belongings: A suit of leather armor that clearly wasn't made by a master of the craft. A bow and quiver full of arrows. Two mismatched blades that straddle the line between a short sword and a long knife. A skinning knife. A falcon called Artemis. Several snares. Good luck charm in the shape of a bird. Jam jars. Wood carving kit.
54 gold.

Bio: Carver grew up in a small village that was relatively peaceful. Occasionally they were bothered by minor threats like lesser demons from the adjacent forests, but these threats were rarely very... well threatening. Still, they needed to be dealt with, and usually a hunter was the one to deal with the problem.

Enter Carver, son of Parker. Both hunters who doubled as small time monster slayers. Learning the skills of a hunter from his father, Parker helped to slay his first imp at the age of 12. Help being a bit of a strong word, seeing as he missed with the arrow, and the imp was therefore alerted to their presence and attacked. He got better over time.
His mother, a sorceress, also taught him as he grew up. He learned only basic spells pertaining to animal communion. But this was more than enough for Carver, who used this to befriend a bird of prey, whom he later named Artemis. That bird died of old age, and he befriended another one whom he ALSO named Artemis.

At the age of 16, tragedy struck when his families lodge was attacked by a stronger monster than he or his father had faced before. An enormous minotaur which killed his parents and left him for dead. Artemis was nursed back to health. And sadly this marked Carver for the rest of his life, causing him to become a brooding man obsessed with the pfff HA! Yeah right. Carver grieved for his parents and moved on. Yeah it sucks that they died, but his father didn't teach him to be a mopey bitch who can't deal with something has commonplace as death. He taught him to live life to its fullest, which he did. Just a few years after the incident with the minotaur (which Carver learned was slain by a more qualified monster hunting hero) Carver headed out into the world to become an adventurer. Because FUCK YEAH! ADVENTURE!

(Found a song that works really with Carver)

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RE: Wings of Fury
….If they have to be able to sit a horse…

What about sitting…

While being half horse?
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RE: Wings of Fury
I am glad someone is asking the important questions.

Can the horse being sitted be made larger or smaller to fit the character? Does it have to be a horse? Am I good giving myself a Pegasus for being in the kingdom where horses are Pegasii?
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RE: Wings of Fury
You personally must be able to sit a horse. Meaning you can't be a centaur.

I can't elaborate on why, but this is very important. Also, MB, Pegasi aren't the equivalent of horses in any country. Horses are cheaper and easier to breed, while pegasi are universally considered war animals. You can't start with a pegasus of your own (as that should be something you have to earn). Your character is pretty entertaining, what with being a goblin pretending to be a dwarf, though I must wonder why you're in Haskol intending to go with a dragonslayer to Eorekan if you're a Knight of Zandamur.

Raptarion and Gallo, your characters both look awesome.
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RE: Wings of Fury
Forced conscription?

In all honesty I missed that detail when mucking through the lore. Hmm...
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RE: Wings of Fury
I'll add a bit on flying creatures to the codex to smooth things up a bit.
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RE: Wings of Fury
I... I would join this but I'm in a whole bunch of other games and Exams are in 2 weeks. Are we able to join in later?
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RE: Wings of Fury
You can join later, but you'll miss out on something significant that'll happen in the beginning.
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RE: Wings of Fury
Name: Sir Cyrus Arcite
Age: 21
Nation of Origin: Kingdom of Aloran
Race: Human

Appearance: Short blonde Hair, brown eyes, tall of stature and slim but fit. In every physical aspect he seems to be the perfect hero. Wears gleaming white armour styled to resemble a cross between the armour of Firthengar's famous Winter Guard and more traditional Aloran styles, and has a longsword and dagger on him at almost all times.

Belongings: Aloran longsword, Firthengar dagger, Firthengar heater shield (Arcite family crest), lance, horse, small amount of coin, tunic, plate armour, other miscellaneous noble shit.

Bio: Cyrus Arcite was born with the means and capability to thrive in the world, unlike many others hearing Halevax Redthorn's call. Born to a respectable hero family of Aloran, and the offspring of one of the heroes behind (and rewarded for) the marriages between Firthengar and Diader, and bearing the blood of two notable bloodlines, it would be difficult to believe that Cyrus was fated to do anything but follow his hero-father's footsteps and perform great deeds.

That being said, fate seemed to conspire against the young knight. Though he possessed all of the physical abilities necessary to be a great fighter, and the noble attitude and thirst for honour and glory more than suitable enough for any hero, events never worked out in his favour. Through some combination of inexperience, naivety, and overconfidence Cyrus struggled throughout the various Aloran apprenticeships and Firthengar academies he attended, and ultimately failed to be accepted to the ranks of Aloran's Hero Knights. Devastated by the news, Cyrus fled from home and has spent the last couple of years travelling the lands trying to prove himself. Though he has met with some success, even slaying a handful of fearsome and dangerous beasts and assisting proper adventurers and slayers with their work, he has of yet failed to make enough of a name for himself to be welcomed into the folds of Aloran's elite knights.

Rumours of the famous dragonhunter, and one last dragon to slay, have drawn him to Haskol. After all, the dragon is the most legendary of beasts, and even partaking in the battle would surely be enough for the Knights then, right?

The Arcite family (as of gamestart):
Caspar Arcite: the patriarch of the Arcite family, Caspar is a renowned, if aged, hero of Aloran. While he is well known for his fighting skills, what made him famous was his mind for politics and diplomacy - a rare talent in Aloran. One of the significant players in the Diadar-Firthengar marriage alliance unifying the Valendoric kingdoms, he was rewarded for his service with the hand of the youngest daughter of the prominent Sjöberg family and a commendation from the king of Aloran himself. He came to gladly accept the former, and flatly rejected the latter, stating that simply arranging a marriage was unimportant. In the decades that followed, his heroic feats led to him being offered a position on the council over a dozen times, but still insists on traveling the lands - probably until his death.

Astrid Sjöberg: the youngest daughter of four in a prominent Firthengran noble family, Astrid was groomed to be an influential shieldmaiden. However, in a strange twist of fate she found herself also drawn to her sister's areas of training - namely etiquette and the other more typical (outside of the Valendoric Kingdoms) practices of noblewomen. While she still enjoyed fighting, she eventually convinced her parents that her life had an emptiness only focusing on one particular field of nobility. When Caspar Arcite brokered the marriages between the Valendoric kingdoms, Astrid's father offered him his choice of his daughters. Surprisingly, Caspar chose the youngest, not being satisfied by the idea of a wife that would not be able to hold her own in a fight.

Dustin [the] Dawnspear: the oldest sibling, Dustin is exactly what any Aloran hero should aspire to be. He is strong, tall, quick, and handsome, and though he's only 26 is already considered an exceptional warrior. Though his heroic career only started a couple of years before his siblings, and as such hasn't built up much of a reputation, but it is unquestioned that in time his life will become a legend close to those of heroes like Havelax Redthorn. When young, he received much scorn for choosing a simple spear as his weapon of choice, being told that it was a weapon for massed foot soldiers and not for single heroic fighters, but he has since shown his doubters the error of their ways. He is one of greatest spearman in the known world, and has been known to easily defeat entire teams of heroes with supposedly better weapons. His skill is only augmented by his ownership of the magical spear Gaedergaolg, which he found in an ancient tomb and earned by defeating his significantly more renowned mentor in single combat. It is said that the spear never fails to miss its mark, and always finds a way to swiftly return to its owner if lost or thrown.

Aedelide the Fair: the second child of Caspar and Astrid at 24, Aedelide is easily one of the most attractive people most will ever meet. Though she never took much to the art of combat like most of her siblings, she is still a talented swordswoman and can easily put most up and coming fighters in their place - and it is said that secretly even then she fights with a handicap, and that one can never know her true skill until she also picks up an axe and uses her dominant hand. She does, however, have a great love for politics and diplomacy, and shares a skill with both equal to her father. She often travels to Firthengar in order to help her mother's family meddle with politics, as, according to her, Aloran politics are far too simple and boring. Still, she almost always gets what she wants.

Lockheed: at 23 years old, he is the third eldest child of the Arcite family. He was always sort of the odd one out in the family, taking an interest in crafting as well as combat, and was the one sibling Cyrus had a good relationship with. At the age of eighteen he worked with a group of heroes to defeat a druid who had become lord over a menagerie of dangerous monsters. Though he defeated the villain and his creatures, his group was overconfident and most of his friends and allies were killed in the battle. Never wanting to forget their sacrifice or the loss, he took the bones of the monsters and, magically enchanting them to be strong as steel, crafted a terrifying suit of armor - gaining the moniker 'Bone Lord'. While Dustin is the greatest hero from a talent perspective in the family, Lockheed is the most recognizable, and known for taking on only the most dangerous beasts to add to his suit.

Cyrus: is the fourth child, 21 years old. Come on you know Cyrus.

Salem the Drowned: The twin of Petrice, Salem is the fifth child at 20. Unlike the rest of his family, Salem lacked any real talent for combat, being barely better than the average foot soldier even with the training afforded to his great family. However, he always had a love for the ocean, and one day what should have been a lethal accident it was discovered exactly why. Salem and his sister were traveling with their mother on a diplomatic mission to the south. However, they were blown off course and ended up in a fierce storm on the Sea of Lost Souls. Salem was knocked overboard and by all rights should have drowned, but when his mother looked down in panic he was discovered cradled by the water, and all around the ship the sea suddenly calmed and allowed them to sail back to land. From there, Salem's magical talent was undeniable and left many almost embarrassed for not noticing it before. He has a natural skill for manipulating water and other liquids, though he is significantly less skilled in other fields. Water is still water though, and it is always around him to use.

Petrice: Ironically, Petrice found her calling in the exact opposite field as her twin brother. While the incident in the Sea of Lost Souls emboldened her brother, it absolutely terrified her. Of course she still loved her brother, but the idea that there were those who, unlike him, couldn't be trusted with such dramatic power. Her newfound view matched the gift she gained as well. As the Arcite family never contained much innate magical talent, Salem's incredible natural aptitude left her, in turn, almost completely magically empty. While she could never use or benefit from any magic because of it, it also gave her incredible resistance towards spells and mages feel unnerved simply by being near her. In a way, her gift was almost, if not more so, terrifying than her brothers, and gained her a reputation as a rogue mage hunter and outcast - nicknamed 'Pariah'.

Gildarch the Golden: The youngest child Gildarch's tale is one of immense tragedy. He was, in a way, destined to be possibly the greatest hero his family would have ever known - even at birth he seemed to possess an unnatural vigor and intellect, and grew up to be even more impressive. He became known as the Golden first for his beautiful blonde hair and stunning looks, and later for his love of life and unparalleled ability in whatever he tried. He showed proficiency in every field of combat, mastering weapons as if they were simply natural extensions of his body. It was at the tender age of 15 that disaster struck. In the middle of a practice fight with siblings Cyrus, Salem, and Petrice to a stalemate (in which he was forcing all three into a draw), he suddenly collapsed. No doctors or magicians were able to figure out exactly what was wrong with him, just that it was some sort of natural degradation of the muscles and bones in his limbs that none of their talents could cure. Furthermore, the sickness left him pallid and scarred. In a period of weeks, everything that he was suddenly vanished, leaving only a broken child in its place. However, even then Gildarch wouldn't let his outlook on life be ruined, and devoted himself to what talents he could pursue. Though he is only 18, in three short years he managed to master the fields of trade and administration, and single handedly manages the Arcite family's holdings. It is rumored that he is on the fast track for a position as an adviser to the king, and would be one of the youngest men ever offered the position.
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RE: Wings of Fury
Couple problems, Pala, but it looks good.

One is that Aloran lacks any formal training academies. They tend to rely on apprenticeships to established heroes.

Two is that they lack any real nobility. Aloran is a hardcore meritocracy, so you're either a hero or a failure. There is great honor in being the son of a strong hero, but you're expected to earn your own stripes. As a result, Aloran didn't really get any political marriages with Firthengar or Diadar. Perhaps Cyrus's father was one of the key heroes involved in brokering the marriage, and was given the hand of a lovely noblewoman as a result?

Besides those two things, it looks good.
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RE: Wings of Fury
Yeah that all sounds good. I wasn't quite sure how it worked since it's pretty vague in the original descriptions, but I figured you'd be able to right what wrongs I wrought (although alliteration although my app also could aid?)
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RE: Wings of Fury
Name: Etep Khamudi

Age: 34

Nation of Origin: Kol-Mastra

Race: Human (Kol-Mastran)

Appearance: Etep is tall and athletic in build, with dark olive skin further darkened by long days riding under the sun. His long black hair is tied back by a jeweled band, and his face is clean shaven. He usually wears a colorful red-and-blue tunic and leather trousers, and is rarely seen without his curved cavalry sword. While adventuring, he wears leather armor instead of cloth, and his bow as well as his sword.

Belongings: Besides clothes and adventuring supplies, he has his leather armor designed for a cavalryman, a curved sword and a hunting bow. His horse, Paraemheb, is a grey northern courser who he has shared a few adventures with, and who has grown used to carrying him in combat. He has a fair bit of Kol-style jewellery, and his store of money is a mixture of local styles, Trydessian coins and Kol gold.

Bio: Etep has a complex backstory, not all of it he would be willing to share with the northern folks.

He was the youngest of a quite extended family in Kol-Mastran, although he had a twin sister. At a young age, his family was unfortunate enough to be selected to make up for a shortfall in slaver lots - his eldest brother was taken by the Arcanate. Etep was actually too young to remember most of this at the time. The rest of his family, however, grew particularly resentful of the wizards of the Arcanate, their overlordship and their magic.

He, however, grew up differently. As a child he envied the magic of the wizards, but his father kept him from pursuing magical learning, instead teaching him the family skill of hunting. As Etep grew older, he developed a talent for fighting. While still a teenager, he rode out with an elder brother on a slaving raid to the south, capturing southern nomads. Unlike most of his compatriots, who found the work distasteful, he found himself enjoying the challenge and rewards that came with it. His childlike fascination with magic was pushed to one side, as he took up the ambition of a great slaver as a man.

Etep's career as a slaver was extremely successful, and he spent years of his young adulthood honing his skills and amassing wealth. His father, opposed as he was to the Arcanate and all associated with it, summarily disowned him. Nevertheless, he maintained friendly ties with his twin sister, who he had always shared a special bond. As a slaver, Etep faced social stigma but at the same time managed to amass a substantial fortune, along with a relatively comfortable life away from the job, with a nice house and slaves of his own. Such was the way he lived for years, developing an almost miserly tendency to hang onto his wealth as he became ever more distant from his family and countrymen.

It was his twin sister who eventually broke the status quo. She had, in the time he had been a rich slaver, married and started her own family. At her husband's insistence, she had not involved Etep much with her family, and her children knew little more of him than him just being a scary uncle. However, she had managed to irritate an Arcanate Prefect, who sought to punish her by imprisoning her husband and seeking to do the same with her and her children. She went to her brother for help, as he had the wealth and status as a slave supplier to the Arcanate to make a difference. However, the Prefect had other ideas, and soon Etep's name was on the list of people to be arrested as well.

It is worth noting that Kol-Mastra, by virtue of its position along the Urad mountains, was well-frequented by Dwarven caravans and had a cordial relationship with the Dwarven Mountainhomes, though the Arcanate's relations with them were remarkably colder. As such, when the next caravan rolled around, Etep was able to negotiate an agreement with them. In exchange for considerable stacks of his personal wealth, he, his sister and her children were allowed to travel in secret with the caravan back to the Mountainhomes. It meant abandoning her husband to the fates, but Etep considered him beyond saving.

The escape from Kol-Mastra went surprisingly smoothly. Dwarves were more or less allowed to travel as they pleased, and aside from a few tense occasions spent hiding under bags of stone crafts, they were more or less in the clear without too much trouble. The caravan headed north through the Dwarven halls of the mountains, before eventually making its final stop at the volcano, Mount Arudan, where Kavarudan, the greatest city of the Dwarves, could be found.

There his sister chose to stay, as she found the culture of the Dwarves quite impressive. She would raise her children among the Dwarven clans, as fugitives from the south who were welcomed into their Halls. Etep was less happily welcomed when it became clear he had been a slaver, and the Dwarves were more cold towards him. Though he respected them for the help they had provided during the escape from Kol-Mastra, he also nevertheless never found the friendliness towards them his sister did. After a month of banging his head on low doorframes, Etep packed his things, bid his sister a heartfelt farewell with promises to visit, and departed for the human kingdoms of the north.

After a journey through the Elven lands between the two great forests (where he was chased by soldiers who had probably mistaken him for an Arcanate foot soldier), he reached the massive lake at the head of the great Kesir river. Disguising himself, he booked passage on an elven boat through the Westwood to the Kysellar border, where he discarded the disguise and booked passage further downriver, to join the Laskiz river where the Kesir fed into it in Onaston. From there, he traveled all the way to the coast down the Laskiz, to Rostaloz.

From there, Etep bought a horse (naming it Paraemheb) and set about trying to make a living as an adventurer. His journeys took him soon to Haskol, as the adventuring work there was substantially better than in Rostalos at the time. This drew him to a certain tavern at a certain time, where a certain dragonslayer was proposing a certain joint venture...

Etep isn't the most pleasant person. Although clearly intelligent, he can be closed-minded and cruel. His temperament is often arrogant. He is greedy, cynical and unscrupulous, with weak morals. Despite this, he can be gregarious and kind when he wants to be, and understands the virtues of camaraderie.
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RE: Wings of Fury

Name: Morthol Rootbeard
Age: ???
Nation of Origin: Dwarvern Kingdoms
Race: "Dwarf"
Appearance: Donned in a heavy, dwarvern plate, Morthol's actual appearance is shrouded in mystery. All that is known comes from conjecture; his beard flowing from the front of his helm bears a grey hue, suggesting a rather elderly dwarf dons it. This is furthered by a hoarse voice that echoes out of the armor, and a preference for lighter twin blades over the traditional dwarven armaments. Nevertheless, he is never seen outside his armor.
Belongings: Battered Dwarvern Platemail, Twin Shortswords, Horse by the name of Benley, Crude belt buckle of unknown origin.
Bio: Morthol claims to come from the dwarvern kingdoms under the Urad mountains. His armor is of an infamous warrior caste, known to be great beast slayers back in his homeland. After slaying everything there was to see underneath the earth, he set his eyes towards the monsters of the surface for a chance at fame in the worlds of men. And what better to start with than the terror of the skies?
Additional Details:
Name: Marty Rootboot
Age: 21
Nation of Origin: None
Race: Cave Goblin; small, grey goblins adapted to the darkness of deep caverns.
Appearance: Marty is more muscular than the average goblin; a boon from years of fighting for his clam. His skin is pale from avoiding the sun's rays, and his hands cold and covered in boils. Marty's face is crooked and bent, nose broken into the shape of his helmet as a necessary sacrifice to wear it. His yellow eyes see everything hidden in the shadows inside his shell, and outside it.
Belongings: Caravan-looted Dwarvern Armor, Twin Shortswords of unknown alloy, Loyal steed and facial hair provider, Fake beard made from cuts off of said steed, Goblin carved-bone belt buckle stating his clan origins and membership of the goblin community.
Bio: Marty was a warrior for a traveling band of goblins living off the scraps of the world. Their group would switch off between looting graves to caravans, often getting into clashes with locals. Their survival hinged upon the warriors their clan produced, Rootboot being one of them. Though he was not fond of the raiding lifestyle, his quick and close fighting skill was responsible for a good bulk of the clan's success.

After a particularly unsavory pillage, Marty decided he'd had enough. One particularly good gravedigging revealed a burial site of dwarvern warriors; Rootboot took the opportunity to swipe a set of armor in a plan to disguise himself. Donning the title of Dwarf (and shouting his voice dead to sound the part), he was able to enter civilised society without so much as a question to his authenticity. Coupled with his refined fighting skills, "Morthol Rootbeard" was able to make it big as a wandering mercenary, going so far as to buying his own steed!

That being said, the goblin still wanted more. A kingdom to call home, the honor of a true knight, and all the fame that came with the title. It would be an offer to hunt the local Dragon Menace that provided the ultimate opportunity for advancement. Slay the dragon, win the title of Dragonslayer. And then he'd have an easy time being knighted in any kingdom within the realm! With high hopes, Rootbeard accepted the summons of Halevax Redthorn in the ultimate quest for fame and fortune.
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RE: Wings of Fury
Name: Aldraz Trichtore
Age: 142.
Nation of Origin:Blackwoord Forest.
Race: Dark Elf

Appearance: Possesses no hair on his pale, wizened body at all, instead having strange sickly grey splotches of skin that seem to move over time. The change would be noticable after a night's sleep. He has sunken, pale dark grey eyes that are strangely, redly bloodshot behind a strange pair of silver spectacles which, despite the lack of eyebrows, typically give off a scowl. Typical pointed ears with a small disc of silver hanging from each one. Underneath his robes, he has a strange black symbol tattooed over his heart that, as far as symbols can, looks malevolent. Used to be a tall man, but now stands hunched over at 5 foot 8. Wears gray robes and walks with the aid of a dark wooden staff the same height as him. His skin, rather than the dark grey shade of dark elves, is pale, even for elves.

Now has skin that looks and feels like parchment instead of splotches, and has grey irises and pupils, same shade.

Since Spring, he looks a good bit better now. Normal looking, if rather pale, skin. Same pure eye colour of blank grey. Wears more white robes now.

Belongings: A small pouch of coins, a locked book, his dark brown staff, carved with some few strange runes. A vial of ink, a brush and a quill. 2 pairs of reinforced gloves and a set of protective goggles.

Bio:The 3rd son of his family, his eldest brother was a rising warrior already and his other brother was already showing signs of being a chosen of their version of Verstrok. Aldraz was a frail one, being born early into the middle of winter, and his frailty was only made more obvious by his brothers. Lucky, he showed a talent for rote memorisation and learning, if he'd only been more personable, he could have been found a duty with a greater connection to his tribe, such as doctor or teacher.

Unfortunately, he was mostly considered arrogant and truculent by his elders. It became obvious that Aldraz would not be a good fit for the tribe, but since his father didn't wish to simply see Aldraz exiled, he had him sent to learn from Eldron Dearn, the wizard of the forest. Eldron resided in a small hut in-between the coast of the sea of storms and the great lake near Aloran and Firthengar. A rather miserable area weather-wise admittedly, but secluded and reclusive. The first things he was taught were the sciences of anatomy and herbology, including their application to healing. After that, he was taught about the stranger races. Dwarves, goblins, humans, vampires and werewolves, the material races. Then he was taught the nature of ghosts and demons and other stranger creatures, the methods of binding, withstanding and controlling them. This took about thirty years before Eldron felt Aldraz had a good enough understanding.

Aldraz was taught small spells, such as fire-lighting, simple telekinesis, the transferral of energies and such. Elemental magics that drew and manipulated power from the natural world, the mundane magics. Then he was taught the art of expanding his mind across the forest, letting him see what happened around the forest, and taught the dangers of such an act. His mind brushed against a werewolves and he had to be withheld and put unconscious for a week until his mind reset. Simple animals could be done, lightly, maybe even humans and elves and such, but some creatures were exceedingly dangerous to make contact with. Aldraz forsake much of that art afterwards.

Then, he was taught how symbols and runes could be used to reinforce spells and greater works of magic. This art of magic, typically, was better used when dealing with demons and other strange unnatural creatures, be enforcing a sense of order upon them. Only a fool would attempt to have dealings with any such being higher than an imp without some form of protective contract or set of runes ready. This is when Aldraz had the tattoo placed across his heart, pale grey then, designed to protect him from the invasions of other wizards and unnatural creatures upon his soul.

It wasn't until he was 80 that the mark saved him. A wolf had invaded the forest, originally thought to be a werewolf but soon found out to in reality, to be possessed by a demon. In the battle between the demon and Aldraz and Eldron, the demon was exorcised but before it could be banished, it used it's own magic to break through Aldraz's protection, exploiting a weak spot neither Aldraz or Eldron had known of. Thus possessed him and turning the seal black. The demon still resides in him, tainting his magic and mind still, nightmares, negative mood swings, etc. At this point in time, they're mostly bored with each other. The demon waiting for Aldraz to die so it can see whether or not the other symbols Aldraz imprinted upon himself afterwards will be enough to banish it back to hell or not, and Aldraz accepting that he's stuck with the damn thing till he dies.

Aldraz left the forest shortly afterwards. The possession had marked his skin and caused him to lose his hair, and the other elves were unwilling to be tended to by him anymore, so Eldron had to send him off so he could train a new apprentice. Aldraz still doesn't know how Eldron is still alive after all this time, but he had his own problems. He's mainly bored with life now. His twilight years are ruined, the expanse of knowledge he had access to gone and an unwelcome passenger stuck with him till the end of his days.

Alteration Expert
Psionics intermediate
Rifts intermediate
Earth intermediate
Fire intermediate
Wind Intermediate
Runes basic
Heal basic
Abjuration basic
0.5 CQC intermediate
0.5 Acrobatics Intermediate

Theme: Courtesy of Bramzter

“One day you wake up and realize the world can be conquered.” - Doctor Impossible
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RE: Wings of Fury
Name: Marom Lilimandar
Age: 62
Nation of Origin: Um…. Westwood forest? Cause… it's close to the dwarves?
Race: Half-elf, half dwarf. HE DOESN'T TALK ABOUT IT.
Appearance: Black hair, 5'0, scar across the back of his hand, male, no tatoos, shaves, pale-skinned with green eyes.
Belongings: Studded leather armor, iron helm, a axe, a pipe, and a pipe.(one's for smoking, the other's a instrument. ;) )
Bio: Marom is a rather… troubled 'dwelf'. His mother, the elf of the two, has never talked about his father. Like. EVER.
Seeking answers, he began to explore the Urad mountains when he turned 30. It took him five years of combing the many Dwarven kingdoms to find his father.
He gave up sometime around the sixth year, but during his wanderings he got into quite a few scrapes and learned to use the axe he holds, as well as picking up some very minor casting ability. He spent the sixth year traveling to the human kingdoms, quickly deciding to spend his time in the North. Over the next 26 he wandered through the kingdoms, honing his skill with axe and spell some more. Now he is decent with spells and skilled with his axe.
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RE: Wings of Fury
"Wouldn't you trust this face? Come on, lets get a beer! My friend, You seem like a man of wealth and taste!"

Name: Delvin Burrows
Age: 43
Nation of Origin: One of the numerous Halfling camps
Race: Halfling or Hobbit if you prefer

Appearance: Short and stocky and seemly average for a Halfling. His face is jovial if a bit crooked, His hair is short and blonde and almost always covered with headwear and he has a large pearly white smile.. He also is quite well-fed, but all Halflings are, He wears a red wool jacket with a green plaid undershirt and moss green pants, He doesn't wear shoes but he does wear a top hat, While traveling he replaces the top hat for a practical farmers cap.

Belongings: A backpack filled with cooking supplies, pans, a fishing rod, Pipe and Pipeweed, flute, various pouches including one filled with lock-picks, a walking stick with a lantern attached to it, a small crossbow with bolts, A Halfling short-sword (large dagger in human hands) and a handkerchief

Bio: Halflings are known to be cheery, jovial but underestimated folk. And that is precisely what Delvin wants people to think, He for one is a entrepreneur, Walking the land and selling his goods (which are mostly pilfered items from ruins or outright stolen belongings) from town to town, He likes company and company likes him for a while until they discover their coin-purses stolen..

But that is just how a Halfling on the road is supposed to survive, He wouldn't or couldn't think of working for those noisy big folks like some others of his kind, Halfling cooking is the best cooking after all but what fun is there into being a cook, He had more fun in fooling the big folk into buying junk that has been sitting in some-kind of old castle for ages or letting them bet all their money in a game of riddles..

Unfortunately this did bring trouble down the road, some awful ruffians came after Delvin claiming to be working for some lord or count.. Just because he was a halfling didn't mean he was defenseless tho.. He kindheartedly laughed about the size jokes they made and began offering them a deal.. which he then proceeded to stab the two in the knees and kick them in the face.. Delvin always had a mean steak.

Unfortunately he had lost his wagon and horse in that small skirmish, and he decided to recoup his losses and get out of the wilderness for a bit.. perhaps the City of Visadel would be the perfect place to find some new riches and schmucks willing to part with them.
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RE: Wings of Fury
Man. We got 8 apps fast. Not even counting Vancho's placeholder app.
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RE: Wings of Fury
Lets kill us a motherfucking dragon
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RE: Wings of Fury
And get rich! and possibly betrayal.
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RE: Wings of Fury
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RE: Wings of Fury
Gonna give this a couple more days to let a few more people get their apps in. Thought I'd give some more information about the races.

Average lifespan: 120 years
Average male height: 4'7"
Average female height: 4'8"

Average lifespan: 200 years
Average male height: 5'7"
Average female height: 5'3"

Dark Elves
Average lifespan: 200 years
Average male height: 5'8"
Average female height: 5'4"

Average lifespan: 65 years
Average male height: 5'11" (6' in the Valandoric kingdoms, 5'11" in the other kingdoms, 5'9" in Trydessia, 5'8" in the Kol countries)
Average female height: 5'6" (5'7" in the Valandoric kingdoms, 5'6" in the other kingdoms, 5'4" in Trydessia, 5'3" in the Kol countries)

Average lifespan: 90 years
Average male height: 4'4"
Average female height: 4'0"

Average lifespan: 85 years (should they actually survive to die of old age)
Average male height: 5'7"
Average female height: 5'3"

The apps all look pretty good, though I have a few questions.

MQuinny, is your elf a dark elf then? The Blackwood Elves are all pretty much Dark Elves, while the Westwood and Greatwood Elves are regular ol' elves. I also imagine that the demon is a relatively weak one, otherwise its presence in your body would completely destroy your sanity and leave you a broken shell of a man. >_>

Hector, your character's father was probably a dwarven caravaneer or a caravan guard that passed through Elven territory. He had a one-night stand with your character's mother. Fun times. Know that while your character is more than capable of holding his own with an axe, and he can use basic combat magic, he isn't particularly exceptional with either. The app is also a bit short. What's his personality like? What's his view on the Gods? Did he ever hold a job, or was he a crazy axe-wielding homeless dude?

MB, Bram, and Sul, your apps all look good. =D

I also set up a thing:
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RE: Wings of Fury
I find it funny that I unintentionally made my guy so short in the kingdom with the greatest average height.
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RE: Wings of Fury
Oh right, fair point, dark elf he is then.

And is intelligence proportional to power for demons?

As in, it's a relatively weak one, but one that's crafty and knows a lot of tricks compared to it's brethren.

“One day you wake up and realize the world can be conquered.” - Doctor Impossible
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RE: Wings of Fury
Name: Salandius Shahzar

Age: 29

Height: 5' 11"

Weight: 154 lb.

Nation of Origin: The Glorious Nation of Trydessia, May They Spread Order to All the Realms

Race: magic seahorse Human.

Appearance: A sun-tanned male who is relatively tall, thin, and lithe. He wears the armor of a Trydessian Wyvern rider, but it looks different from that standard gear worn by them: the coloring is a simple dark green, with the image of a purple Trydessian wyvern on the chestplate along with the occasional decorative detail of the same shade. He usually does not wear the helmet, showing off his flowing blonde hair. He has blue eyes that seem to hold some sort of spark, though that usually could just be his condescending, smug stare. He gives that a lot.

Weapon: A light Trydessian Mancatcher, a polearm weapon that has an iron horse-shoe-shaped end with spikes on the inner portion of the loop. Made to hook around the neck of a man to bring him down.

Other: Basic adventuring gear, copies of documents of Trydessian citizenship and ambassadorial position, book of the Trydessian faith, a Trydessian flag, Trydessian books written to appeal to outsiders that extol the virtues and advantages of slavery and polygamy, a Trydessian license to practice magic, a magic book for beginners, and, finally, a necklace enchanted to make the wearer more charismatic. Salandius doesn't understand why this doesn't prevent more people from hating his guts, but that's probably just because a charismatic asshole is still an asshole.

Bio: Salandius was born into a minor noble house, but he never let that prevent him from developing a proper sense of undeserved superiority. He managed to weasel his way through the Trydessian political system, until, one fateful day, the Arcanus himself called upon him, asking him to take on a 'new ambassadorial position.' He was to infiltrate the Aloran 'herocracy' by becoming a venerated hero there. From within their system, he would promote Trydessian culture and beliefs, making their people sympathetic to Trydessian ways, so that a future conquest of the Aloran nation could be more successful. Salandius, not knowing what being a 'hero' would entail, gladly took on the position.

As Salandius left the throne room, the Arcanus turned to an adviser with a sigh of relief. "I'm going to be so glad when that little asshole dies."

Salandius's skillset is, well... Not optimal for combat. He has basic combat training with his polearm, as is popular for noble children to learn, and he possesses what he claims is basic magic ability. In reality, his magic ability is below average, and he just barely managed to pass the test for his magic license thanks to his family's "connections." He currently knows three spells he can use reliably: Magic Light (a basic lighting spell), Magic Spark (a weak electric bolt), and Weak Mend Wound (a weak healing spell). Fortunately, Salandius's real skill is in conversation. If he can manage to keep his personality from disgusting whomever he's speaking to, he can usually be quite persuasive.

SHAHZAR FAMILY TREE (short version):

SHAHZAR FAMILY ESTATE: Located in Ptelenus, a town off the coast of Trydessia.

Celandrius Shahzar: Known as "The Blue Sword of Trydessia", Celandrius specialized in field enchantment. That is, he could enchant gear swiftly and potently in combat. This was a power he utilized well, beating many opponents by utilizing weaknesses or gaps in their defenses. Most famously defeated the Iron Giant of Delmas by realizing the Iron Giant was simply a giant in thick, enchanted armor. Armor which he proceeded to strip of enchantment and re-enchant to weigh several hundred tons and reach boiling heats within. Though he was a powerful and potent mage, his descendants would, for the most part, fail to share his talent.

Maliphast Shahzar: Salandius's father. He specializes in enchantments, like his ancestor of old, but he is nowhere near as talented. He is somewhat clever, though, and that is what has kept him alive. He also possesses a good business sense and silver tongue, and he has made his family one of the richer minor noble houses. Has blue eyes the shade of pale sapphires.

Helika Shahzar: Maliphast's first wife. She is a kindly older woman who is familiar with his other two wives and treats them like sisters. She also is infamous for being able to brew the most incredibly potent poisons. Most try not to cross her. Mother of Celandrius III, twins Kyth and Khyle, and Celandrius IV.

Troillea Shahzar: Maliphast's second wife, in her mid-fifties. Though she is mute, she is very proficient in rune-work. Some say she personally oversaw the magical security systems of the Shahzar estate. She is the mother of Salandius, Thelania, Belandrus, and Morroh. Has dark green eyes.

Marisell Shahzar: Maliphast's third and youngest wife. She is in her late thirties but still looks like she is younger. At first glance she appears ditzy and harmless, but in reality she is cut-throat and ruthless. She breeds magically-controlled serpents, and, though she was one of many considered wives for Maliphast, the others died of 'mysterious incidents.' Mother of Merias, Vernai, Tulio, and Inmortilla

Celandrius III:The first child of Maliphast, as well as his first son by Helika. Was very skilled in a type of magic he called "sky fire", which basically, somehow, someway, summoned meteors from the sky. This proved to be his undoing, as, standing upon a bluff, he tried to bombard a group of foes below him. The meteor came down and hit the group, killing them all. Unfortunately, it also came from behind him, clipping him off the edge of the cliff on the way down. Maliphast was crushed, but looked to the recent birth his wife gave to twins for hope.

The Twins, Kyth and Khyle: Twins born to Maliphast and Helika, the second off-spring their bore. Six months after they were born they were snatched from their cradle by fairies, numerous servants saw the children, giggling, being carried into the woods. Though Maliphast had hope that his sons would be found alive, the picked-clean infant bones his men found in the forest told him otherwise. However, to this day, people swear to hear children giggling in the woods of the Shahzar estate at night...

Celandrius IV: The last child born to Helika and Maliphast, shortly after Maliphast took his second wife. Somehow managed to set himself aflame in his bed at age four. Investigation by hired mages confirmed that the spell was definitely cast by the young boy, probably in his sleep. Malphast was reportedly seen shouting "REALLY?! REALLY?!" at the sky the following night.

Thelania: Salandius's late older sister. She was a magical progidy, specializing in invocation, rift-opening, and mind-domination. To put it simply, she opened portals to other realms, pulled creatures from them, and controlled them by dominating them with sheer force of magical will. Salandius was terrified of her, and with good reason, as she was as cruel as she was talented. He planned to surrender his right to inherit to her and beg her mercy, but, somewhat fortunately, that plan was cut short when a tendril of segmented claws wrapped around Thelania's waist and dragged her into a lightless void. After a few months, she was declared dead, making Salandius the family heir. Maliphast sank into a deep depression that day, many say.

Belandrus: Younger than Thelania, Belandrus was Salandius's older brother. He was of slightly-above average magical skill, but showed little imagination. That doesn't matter, though, since he challenged a member of a major noble family to a Trydessian Honor Duel. Belandrus was turned into a massive mound of lime-colored worms, and then that mound was summarily incinerated.

Morroh: Morroh died when Salandius was very young. He encased himself in a block of crystal at the age of eight, during a basic magic lesson. He was either very talented or very unlucky, and some scholars still are trying to figure out how he did it to this day.

Merias: Merias was a bit of a tomboy. At age twelve, her interests were archery, swordplay, and invoking the wrath of dark forces beyond the ken of man. Surprisingly, she died not by dark forces, but in a freak archery accident that very year. Foul play was suspected, as she had recently made a rival of a cruel young girl from a noble house that had long despised the Shahzars, but no proof of involvement was ever found.

Vernai: Vernai was, from the day she was born, said to have had an aura of powerful magical energy. A kind girl, at the age of eight she was able to summon mystical creatures from realms unknown, something that worried her father, but for some reason they never threatened her. On the contrary, she seemed to commune with them just fine, something that made it all the more mysterious when a pig-headed demon snatched her up, ran to the tallest tower on the estate, and leapt to their mutual deaths. An investigation into Thelania's possible involvement was on-going by the Trydessian government, but the rift-incident occurred before they came to any decision. Once Thelania died, the investigation was dropped.

Tulio: Tulio was never skilled at controlling his spells. He was, however, good at making them quite powerful. This proved to be an unfortunate combination when, at age fifteen, he summoned a swarm of magical fireworks, only to have them all turn backwards and shoot at his face. Magical investigations were launched, but all agreed that no interference was involved, just horrible, horrible luck.

Inmortilla: As horrible a name that was, Marisella picked it herself. It means, in old Trydessian, 'undying serpent,' and Marisell hoped it would carry such luck for her newborn daughter. Two month old Inmortilla died overnight, found dead but with no obvious cause of death. Since then, Marisella has spent less time in the public eye, and more time alone, with her snakes.

Child Birth/Death Dates Seperated by Mother

Born: 71
-Cel III (b. 88 d. 109)
-Twins (b. 109 d. 109)
-Cel IV (b. 112 d. 116)

Born: 98
-Thelania (b. 116 d. 144)
-Belandrus (b. 119 d. 137)
-Salandius (b. 123)
-Morroh (b. 121 d. 129)

Born: 115
-Vernai (b. 131 d. 143)
-Tulio (b. 136 d. 151)
-Merias (b. 139 d. 151)
-Inmortilla (b. 151 d. 151)
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RE: Wings of Fury
>Goblin average height- 5'7"

Aren't goblins supposed to be small and implike? o-o
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RE: Wings of Fury
I'm assuming goblins in this universe are a cross between regular goblins and orcs.
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RE: Wings of Fury
He wandered. He generally took odd jobs, including some hunting type stuff.

And he's 62, you said it took years to master… he had like 30 years…. >.>

He doesn't believe in any particular god, but he damn well believes that there are one or more gods.

His personality…. i'll leave that for when i start rping, i kind of build a character and run from there, ehehe.
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RE: Wings of Fury
It's mainly for balance reasons to avoid over-powered characters at the start. You can be good in a skill, such as swordsmanship, magic, stealth, or archery, but you can't be good at both magic and swordsmanship at the start of the game. It isn't really fair to the people good at just swordsmanship, afterall.
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RE: Wings of Fury
You can chop through the haft of a axe, you know… Jus saying
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RE: Wings of Fury
Name: Mikosi Zol-Amana

Age: 31

Nation of Origin: Edresi, Nastronal; Haskol after age of 16

Race: Tsavari
Description: An uncommon sight in regions near the coast, the Tsavari are a race of trinocular humanoid reptiles. Their scales range in coloration from green to blue, though the frills at the back of their heads tend to be warmer colors. Though they are not amphibious, they have a natural affinity for water - they are excellent swimmers, and can hold their breath for several minutes on average. As such, they are frequently found near lakes and rivers, as well as a few coastal areas. Though their technological development is comparable to other civilized races, they tend to largely avoid establishing permanent settlements. They are omnivorous, but tend to migrate in search of food. Some (usually young) Tsavari are more open to the idea of permanent settlements, and often migrate to work in other races' nations.

Average lifespan: 90 years
Average male height: 5'9"
Average female height: 6'1"

Appearance: At 6'1", Mikosi is more-or-less average in height. Her scales are a deep blue-green in color, with vibrant red-orange frills and lime green eyes. She wears a faded and worn red cloak, covered with intricate patterns which are in most places barely visible. She has numerous indigo tattoos snaking across her body; largely abstract patterns visible on her face, limbs, and tail. She has a large scar on the side of the face, the product of an unfortunate run-in with bandits several years ago. She is also quite visibly armed, but less visibly hiding chain mail beneath her cloak.

Belongings: Wears basic chain mail beneath a well-worn red cloak. Has two old, weathered iron short swords sheathed at her sides. Also carries a pack full of various alchemical ingredients and vials, as well as some vials within her coat.

Bio: Like many Tsavari, Mikosi spent the majority of her childhood with a nomadic group in northeast Nerendur. From an early age, she was trained as a huntress, responsible not only for hunting animals, but also for defending her people. For over a decade, she knew little of the world outside the highly collectivist tribe, and never really stopped to question it. She could scarcely comprehend a sedentary lifestyle.

At the age of 11, Mikosi accompanied a few members of her tribe to meet with some outsiders - humans from a place called "Haskol" who had come to trade. Among these was an alchemist named Dhanna, one of the few among the humans who could speak her language. From Dhanna, Mikosi first learned about the civilizations of man, of great cities and heroes, and of Dhanna's own trade, alchemy. At her young age, Mikosi found the stories fascinating. Though she knew it impossible, she entertained the idea of living in the cities, becoming an alchemist herself. A childish dream, no doubt.

But as dreams do, Mikosi's stuck with her long after the encounter. She continued to train, to hunt, but it felt emptier somehow. All the same thing, for years and years, just to survive. There was something better out there, she knew. She wasn't alone among her people - many of the younger generation had begun to push for a change to their old ways. But none in power would hear it for a moment.

Years passed. At the age of 16, Mikosi completed her training, become a full-fledged Huntress. She received the intricate tattoos of her profession, as well as the cloak traditionally given at such ceremonies - red, by her request. It was only after she'd received these marks that she knew she'd made the wrong decision.

She soon confronted the leader of the tribe, to tell him just as much. He didn't stop her. He was disappointed in her, abandoning her ways, but he didn't stop her. And so she left. South, a hundred miles, to the coasts of Haskol, to the place she'd dreamed of for years. Yet it, too, felt empty - she'd abandoned her people, abandoned her life, to chase some childish dream. There'd be no turning back, though. She'd come here to become an alchemist, and that's what she would do.

Fast forward another thirteen years. Mikosi Zol-Amana: huntress, alchemist, all-around misfit. She sold her services to the people of Visadel - at least those that would buy them. Discrimination was as much a thing in Haskol as anywhere else. As it was, she barely made enough to scrape by. Forced to sell her alchemical creations for much less than they were worth, Mikosi very quickly realized that this was not the life she'd hoped for. She desired something much more glorious than being a third-rate merchant in a city that only seemed to deride her kind. And so, when the dragonslayer Halevax Redthorn came offering work, she took him up on it without a second thought.
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RE: Wings of Fury
Galloglasses - Hrongr the Cold
Raptarion - Carver
Palamedes - Sir Cyrus Arcite
Demonsul - Etep Khamudi
MasterBlade - Morthol Rootbeard
MQuinny - Aldraz Trichtore
Bramzter - Delvin Burrows
Kocel - Salandius Shazar
Hector - Marom Lilimandar
Anomaly - Mikosi Zol-Amana

I decided to accept all ten applications, because god-dammit you guys make good applications! Not complaining, mind you. I'm overjoyed. This is going to be one hell of a party. Now, know that there's twelve months in the year. For the sake of simplicity, the months all have their real-world names. I'm usually a stickler for making up my own months, but that'll just make things annoyingly complicated for you guys. I was thinking of making the months all sound really similar, but then you'd have to refer to the Codex before referring to months in-character and bleh. I was also considering giving each kingdom its own method of counting the years, but that'd also be a pain in the ass. So every kingdom and empire now counts their years from the commonly-accepted date for the creation of the world. Every thousand years is an Age, and there have been four of them.

Visadel, Kingdom of Haskol
March 1st, 4:152

Visadel, one of the shining jewels of the Tornallic region. Home to thirty-five thousand Haskolic citizens, the city acted as one of the trade centers on the continental coast. While it was famous for its brothels and alcohol, the city also housed many merchants from places as far away as the Dwarven Kingdoms.

The city was governed from the impressive Sapphire Citadel, an enormous stone castle built centuries ago by King Valdar I the Valorous. While many enemies had occupied the city for a time, none had ever taken the citadel. The Kings of Haskol were filled with pride every time they boasted those words.

The walls of the town stretched all around it, and a wide road led out of its southern gate to the city's vast harbor. The road out of the northern gate led to the town of Gastas, while the western road led to Oestoa and the eastern road led to Xarmos.

It was here that the ten heroes, companions of Halevax Redthorn, would get their true start in the world of Nerendur.


The ten soon-to-be adventurers were seated within the Ogre-Fist Tavern on the east side of the city. It was noon on the first, the exact day and time Halevax was said to be arriving. The tavern itself was rather large, with a dozen large tables and plenty of chairs. Halevax had reserved a large, circular one in the back room weeks in advance. The ale was good, the food was mediocre, and the music from the bard was at least half-decent. The barkeep was a fat, bald man with thick sideburns and a slightly stained apron. He was quite jolly, and seemed like quite the walking stereotype.

Halevax would be arriving any moment now. For now, the group simply had to wait and enjoy what the tavern had to offer.

Going to explain currency now. All kingdoms use gold, silver, and copper as currency. For the sake of making this all easy, each kingdom's coins are worth the same amount. Meaning a gold coin from Aloran will be worth the same amount in Trydessia.

Gold = 10 silver coins
Silver = 10 copper coins

If you guys want a drink, it'll cost you four copper coins. I'll let you all decide how much you have, but it's no more than seven gold coins. Have fun.
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RE: Wings of Fury
The Ogre-Fist. Mikosi knew this tavern well. Seemed to her that when people got drunk, they judged you less. Or maybe you just don't notice, because you're drinking just as much. Didn't matter.

Mikosi was the first to arrive - she knew the city well. Took a shortcut through some back alleys. She ordered a drink from the ever-jovial bartender and took a seat at the reserved table. Usually she'd just sit at the bar, so it was a nice change. With any luck, far greater changes were on the way.
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RE: Wings of Fury
Carver had been running low on funds for a while now, mostly wasting them on the finer points of Visadel hospitality, after a successful adventure with a large party that involved helping a village with some bears, which turned out to be liches in control of the forces of nature, which were actually thieves who could use illusion magic effectively. It was a confusing adventure that ended with more loot than a king could sneeze at.
Adventuring was an awesome profession all things considered. So long as you don't value your life too much.

That being said, Carver was still reckless with his money when he was in a good mood (which he always was). After bursting into the bar, loudly declaring he was ordering a round of drinks for everyone, and paying the bartender, he had only 6 copper left. He sat down with his drink and put his feet on the table with an earsplitting grin. He was going to go dragon hunting. SO COOL!
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RE: Wings of Fury
Mikosi flashed Carver an odd look, but gladly accepted a second drink. She usually couldn't pay for more than one.

"I take it you're here for the dragon?" she asked.
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RE: Wings of Fury
"You bet your ass! This is going to be great! Names Carver. Who are you? Also what are you? I don't recognize the..." He makes a weird gesture indicating Mikosi's entire body. "...scaly look."
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RE: Wings of Fury
Well, at least he was friendly about it. That wasn't the norm, for sure.

"I'm Mikosi Zol-Amana. I'm a Tsavari. You don't see many of us in human lands."

Mikosi took another drink. "Pleasure to meet you, I suppose."
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RE: Wings of Fury
"And a pleasure to meet you. One of the finer points of adventure. Meeting new people."
Carver leans back in his chair. So far back it's a wonder it doesn't topple over.
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RE: Wings of Fury
"Either he's here for work, or he plans on not needing cash in the near future. Or both, considering the nature of the job."

A deep, rasping voice echoes from... under the table. Morthol likes being in the shadows; they offer more comfort than a bar table. Even if it means being ignored by the waitress handing out free rounds.

"Feel free to slip a pint down here. Don't be cruel, dwarves and their ale are merry fellows. Yes."
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RE: Wings of Fury
And down goes Carver. Not because the voice under the table startled him and caused him to lean too far back. Or even because he awkwardly shifted his position to get a better look at the owner of the voice. But because the sight of a dwarf in full armor huddling under a table was hilarious and caused him to break into uncontrollable giggles, which continued even after he banged his head on the floor and spilled his drink all over himself.
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RE: Wings of Fury
Mikosi sighed. She didn't really find it that funny.

"I hope you don't expect to stay down there when Halevax arrives. Best if we don't make a bad impression, wouldn't you say?"
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RE: Wings of Fury


"Are you done laughing? No, I see you are still going with that."


"We are dragon hunters, show some discipline."

Morthol takes advantage of the opportunity and swipes Carver's drink from atop the table.
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RE: Wings of Fury
There is no drink to swipe, because Carver was holding the drink when he fell backwards, and spilled it all over himself. But, still giggling, he makes his way to the barkeep and buys another drink. He returns to the table and hands it to the dwarf who was not a dwarf under the table, laughing and snorting all the while.
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RE: Wings of Fury
Forgot to include my really poorly-made map of Haskol in the opening post! Silly me.

[Image: Haskol.png]

There we are!
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RE: Wings of Fury
There was a bang from the front of the tavern as the door slammed open, a murmured talk with the barkeep, and then a tallish Kol-Mastran took the opportunity to enter the backroom and sit at the table. "Thief-run stables," he muttered, half to himself and half in explanation to the assembled adventurers. His voice was heavily accented and his wording slightly off, betraying his relatively recent learning of the language. "I left few enough gold as is, not need wasting it on expensive stables."

His griping done, he took a look around at the assembled dragonslayer-hopefuls like himself. He raised a hand in greeting. "Etep Khamudi," he said. "I come for the dragon fighting."
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RE: Wings of Fury
"Mikosi Zol-Amana," Mikosi replied, raising her hand in turn. "Welcome."

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