Wings of Fury
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RIP wings, I barely knew ye.

The one, the only, Vancho!
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I. Heroic Acts

Following the successful efforts of both herself and Varos (along with Liljin, Nayali, and the King of Kavarudan) in curing the Plague of Kavarudan, Mikosi and Varos were separated. Mikosi and Nayali went on to free the Elder Dragons, freeing Sorelith first, then Vesandir, then the others.

Delvin, alongside Kuvanox, managed to defeat the undead horde of Farsane, freeing northern Kysellar from their influence and destroying several key allies of Nayurrae.

Aldraz, with Kalameet and Calla, returned to the Elven City of Afvelion and resurrected the Elven King Virion. Virion thanked them heartily, and in return, separated the demon Uerach from Aldraz's soul, trapping him for all eternity.

Hrongr, Valenthia, Ysgrilda, Bloodbeard, and Corina slew the demon that had stolen King Hartost's soul (at the expense of Corina's life and Bloodbeard's left arm). Valenthia returned Hartost's soul to his body, and the King of Kalanon rewarded them greatly in arms and armor. His continued life ended the impending civil war in Kalanon, preserving the kingdom's strength. Hrongr then went on to hunt down his enemies, slaying Trenvus and Navalia Vemosar, Mikal Malvik, Valdemar Stromfel, the bandit siblings, and Vistrik the Goblin. He successfully convinced Roderick Kinson to stand down, and then returned to Firthengar. Vona abdicated as intended, passing the throne on to Maera rather than her eldest son.

Salandius, Xylona, Actaeon, and Shahra (with help from others) successfully thwarted the First Court conspiracy to take control of the Trydessian Arcanate, maintaining Arcanus Korandus's rule over the country. Salandius would then travel to the Isle of Demons with Shahra and Xylona, and would successfully climb the mountain there, hearing the words of a powerful monolith. The monolith would order him to travel to Kol, and make right the crimes of his ancestors. After traveling there and relieving the debts and obligations of a village, he would find that magic came easier to him, and that the curse of his family was lifted.

Cyrus, alongside Sapharen and Nightingale, successfully tracked down Sparrow as he sought to poison a Royal Feast. Battling throughout the castle, Cyrus finally managed to knock Sparrow from the castle battlements, causing him to become impaled on the railing below. Having saved the King of Rostalos, Cyrus became an honorary Storm Knight, and gained the fame he had sought for so long.

Varos and Liljin, through strange misadventures, managed to discover the lost civilization of the Sea Elves, who had similarly believed the continental civilization lost after the Second Demon War. They would later use their portal network to return to the Underworld, and then returned to the surface.

Estar and Mesarth, after exploring the planes, would travel to Kol! There, they became active in the Kol Resistance, where they fought alongside Queen Kiya and Etep in restoring an independent Kol.

Lira, Zangief, Nefeumi, Valan, and Ineni would successfully retrieve Phiroza before being let out of hell by Nayurrae. They would then escape the Isle of Demons, returning back to the Mainland. Sadly, Valan the Demonbane and Zangief did not return with them. Valan had died during the mission, and Zangief was kept by Nayurrae (as Zangief had insulted him greatly). Caspar Arcite, father to Cyrus and renowned hero, was elected King by the Council of Aloran.

Iz remained in a coma underground for all time, never to reawaken. This made Mesarth sad.

Carver, having lost a leg in his attempt to rescue Phiroza, retired to the wilderness.

II. The Third Demon War

A month into winter, the First Court finally showed their hand. In an elaborate and secret ritual in the Heart of the World, they began to open demon gates all over the continent. Nereceus's fortress was besieged, and the barrier between the Isle of Demons and the rest of the world fell.

Demons, and their allies in the dark vampires and goblins of the world, began to wage war. All the free races were affected in the greatest offensive yet, and the great Kings and Queens of the world led their forces into battle against them.

During this time, Viron united the Greatwood and Westwood into one Elven Kingdom and invaded the region of Lake Fraxian, dealing numerous defeats to the Trydessians. The Kol Resistance, similarly, launched uprisings throughout Kol. In a surprising moment of clear sight, the Arcanus then made two monumental promises. He promised to release Kol as an independent kingdom, and he promised to return the lake region to the Elves, in exchange for immediate unity on their part against the forces of hell. The Elven King Viron and the High Queen Kiya agreed to these terms, and the three unlikely powers united against Demonkind.

At the same time, the Dwarven Holds united under King Thonhad XVII of Kavarudan, electing him the War-King of All-Beneath-the-Stone! The War-King immediately rallied the dwarves, and marched them out to the east, raging across the continent in a massive murderous dwarven horde that killed all demons in their path.

King Arvalos of Zandamur, along with the Knights of the White Lion, perished in the Demonic Siege of Mastora. The Undead had weakened the integrity of the city's defenses, and were still wreaking havoc when the demons attacked. Arvalos fought heroically, and was defiant to the end.

Queen Mother Vona, similarly, perished while fighting alongside the Firthengarian Army at the Battle of the Crimson Plains. She was slain by an entire company of Flame Knights, who overwhelmed her and burned her alive. Maera had already succeeded her mother as Queen, but lamented her death regardless.

The Royal Army of Kalanon, having been spared the weakness of civil war and under the leadership of King Hartost, succeeded in driving the demons out of Kalanon alongside the Season Sisters. With their combined might keeping Kalanon safe, Hartost was able to march with his army to the aid of other kingdoms.

Mikosi Zol-Amana, uniting the Tsavari under her leadership, succeeded in mobilizing them for war. She was named Warmaster of the Tsavari, and despite her lack of military experience, she led with great distinction.

Varos traveled back to the Ocean floor, where he convinced the Sea Elves to sail to the aid of the continent. Their armies were not numerous, but were very well-trained and quite advanced, and provided an elite core to the numerous continental soldiers.

The Dragons, at long last, were also united under the rule of the eight Elder Dragons. The whole force of Dragonkind was brought down upon the demonic hosts.

With Elves, Sea Elves, Dwarves, Men, Dragons, and Tsavari uniting against the forces of darkness, the First Court revealed their ultimate plan. At the Heart of the World, they succeeded in opening a rift large enough to let Nayurrae into the world. With their coming, the barriers between dimensions began to fade, and massive storms and warps ravaged the land.

At that point, the Gods and Goddesses finally intervened. It was revealed that Elves and Men shared the same Divines, while Dwarves and Tsavari had their own (the Mountain Gods and the Dual Goddesses respectively). They all began to do battle with Nayurrae and his greatest servants while, all throughout the world, the Dark God's hordes fought blow-for-blow against the Allied Races of Nerendur. Heroes of Eras past, including Grefdow Aloran, Treizsa, and Xutherimas, were brought from the afterlife to help. In the confusion of the climactic final battle, Ineni broke into the Netherworld and freed Zangief along with the soul of Valan. Never leave a man behind! The Dragon-Riding heroes participated as well, fighting alongside the Allied Races. Many demons, goblins, and undead died by their hand.

It was almost an even match between the Combined Gods and the Dark God, but the force of the Combined Gods proved to be too much. Nayurrae was struck down by their combined might, and with his death, his demonic forces lost heart and scattered.

In the aftermath of the battle, the Gods and Goddesses left the world, as their combined power had nearly torn it asunder. They rebuilt the boundaries of reality, this time more solidly than before.

III. The Aftermath

In the aftermath of the battle, several important events happened.

The Arcanus honored his promise to the Kol and Elves. A population exodus from the lake region occurred, with the Trydessians being resettled further down the river basin. Trydessia would remain a powerful state, and would reform into a more stable and moralistic absolutist monarchy under Korandus's later rule, but would never again achieve the power it had once known.

The new High Kingdom of Kol became a strong power in the south. Kiya proved to be a wise and strong Queen, and began the long process of undoing the damage the Trydessians had done to Kol. Estar and Etep, along with Mesarth and Nefeumi, would all become honored friends and advisers to the new Queen.

The King of the Elves began the similarly long process of rebuilding their civilization. Afvelion was reconstructed on the shores of Lake Hantavar (renamed to its original name), and the Greatwood would one day return to its former glory.

The Dwarves would return to their holds and become a fractured society of feuding holds once again. However, with the destruction of the Netherworld and the death of Nayurrae, they were able to begin the slow process of reconquering the Underworld. It would take millennia, but it was now possible, and it would be theirs again.

The Isle of Demons, now filled with a bunch of confused, panicking, poorly-led demons, was invaded by the Tsavari under Mikosi's leadership. In a massive campaign, Mikosi purged the demons from the Isle, and claimed it as a new homeland for the Tsavari. From all throughout the civilized world, the Tsavari migrated there, and the scattered Valnir elected Mikosi as their first Empress. The Tsavari Empire, in future eras, would become a prosperous, powerful, and fearsome empire, stable under the reign of Mikosi and her descendants.

In the years after the Third Demon War, the Blackwood began to lighten. The residual tear that had haunted the forest, originating in the final battle of the First Demon War, was healed by the Gods at last. In time, the Dark Elves would begin to unite, and would form kingdoms of their own throughout the forest. They would never be quite as civilized as their southern cousins, but they were safe, and that's all they could ask for.

With the threat of Nayurrae gone, the Necromancer-King Nereceus no longer had to maintain his undead army. Allowing the various souls and bodies to finally go to rest, he became a wandering adventurer once again. Together with his apprentices, Nureas, and Eldon Brushtumble, he succeeded in locating Arecvai. He had been trapped in a pocket dimension by the First Court, and was happy to hear that all had ended well.

Salandius and Xylona settled down in Salandius's ancestral home of Ptelenus. Maliphast died a year later, seeming content that his son had gotten married. Two decades later, the Arcanus died of old age, willing Xylona to be his heir. Empress Xylona would then further reform Trydessia into a Constitutional Monarchy, forming a Parliament out of both the lower classes and remaining nobility. Trydessia would persist with this system of government into the distant future. It wasn't perfect, but it was better than what preceded it.

Lira would continue her research on airship technology, and would later develop the idea into full flying ships. She would become rich and renowned off of the idea, and would go down in history as one of Nerendur's foremost inventors.

Delvin and Kuvanox would continue traveling the world after the downfall of Nayurrae, engaging in great thievery, rogueish trickery, and wacky misadventure. They would occasionally adventure alongside Aldraz and Kalameet, where bickering was plentiful.

Aldraz and Kalameet, as stated, would occasionally adventure with Delvin and Kuvanox. However, the demon possession had taken a bit of a toll on Aldraz. He eventually settled down in the Blackwood, becoming a sage in the same vein as his former master. Strangely, legends persist into the distant future of a mage similar to Aldraz traveling the forest, advising people with a cocky, sarcastic, somewhat dickish flair.

Varos would help Mikosi in the foundation of the Tsavari Empire, and would become the first head of the United Tsavari Temple. Having met the Goddesses personally, he was regarded as a prophet, and this would lead to a unified and accurate doctrine for the Temple.

Hrongr was incapable of settling into his life as Prince-Consort of Firthengar. While his wife, Queen Maera Lasveron, reigned in the capital, Hrongr was often off adventuring alongside Ysgrilda. The children of Hrongr and Maera would go on to follow in their father's footsteps, becoming great adventurers in their own right.

Zangief returned to the mountains, where he found his wife and children that he'd abandoned so many years ago. His wife had remarried a local crimelord to support herself and their kids, and he treated them poorly. This situation lasted precisely five seconds before Zangief suplexed him and his entire gang into the ground. Zangief's wife eventually took him back, but Zangief would not settle. Instead he wandered, but he wandered responsibly, supporting his family with his adventuring! His children, while initially resentful of their father, would one day learn the art of lucha from him. It later became a popular school of dwarven wrestling.

Carver, with a brand new peg leg, retired from adventuring life. Phiroza joined her adoptive father, and together they lived a relatively simple life, where Carver supported himself by carving. Occasionally, they'd venture into town, where Carver would entertain the younger heroes with tales of his past adventures. They were always popular. His mother Leila and sister Gaelira would go on to become great mage-adventurers in their own right, and would visit often.

Arecvai, freshly-rescued from his prison, would go on to found a magical academy. Working with Tathaln the Trickster, one of his old friends from the First Demon War, they made certain that the First Court could never again threaten Nerendur. Arecvai also visited his friends often, but found that they were no longer in need of his guidance. His little heroes had grown up!

The Gods and Goddesses, with the new potential for them to intervene directly in mortal affairs, became far more active deities. Holy Magic became a discipline, and the world became a brighter place with the light touch of the Gods guiding it.

And this was all possible because ten particular individuals ventured into a tavern, hoping to learn to slay dragons. Without them, the balance would have been tipped in favor of Nayurrae, and Nerendur would've been subjected to an eternity of darkness and evil.

Crazy how things work out, huh?
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totally stealing anomaly's idea because its fitting
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Again, thanks for running this Cid. Good story.

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