Migration FAQ
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Migration FAQ
I will keep this announcement updated with the current status of the MSPAF migration.

You can find the forum's rules here; it should be all common sense stuff, similar to what you are used to on most other forums (including MSPAF).

I also want to lay out some Straight Talk about these new forums. The only thing I ask of the community at large is to remember that this is a service I am offering for free.

I will do my best to maximize server up-time, and keep the boards running as smoothly and efficiently as possible. I will also do my best to ensure appropriate moderation of the community, including appointing responsible volunteer moderators. If there are problems with either, please have patience and remember the words in bold.

There is still much customization to be done to these forums. Please email or PM me with any suggestions, or post thoughts on the Site Freedback forum.

And welcome!

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