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Godhood 3 [OOC]
Somewhere in the infinite infinities that is the multiverse, there is a Council of Gods.
This Council, consisting of Infinite Gods, has, for infinite time, tried to watch over the entire multiverse.
And yet, for all their effort, still they only watch over an infinitely small portion.
But sometimes, this would be enough.

Somewhere amongst the infinite infinities of universes that the Council watched, there existed a Darkness.
This Darkness sealed off the universe in which it resided, destroying all the Gods and almost everything within.
In an effort to rid the Multiverse of this Darkness, the Council of Gods found it could open the seal on the universe, but only enough for ten Gods to enter.
And so, they sent for the twelve strongest Gods in their domain. Gods who had proven themselves to be the greatest, the elite of elites, time and time again. Gods who could get into the universe and deal with the threat, no matter what it might be.
However, due to a mix up, you lot ended up with the summons instead.

And so began Godhood 3.

[Image: GodhoodIII_zpsa405e464.png]
Welcome to Godhood! A game of Gods, of Creation and Modification, of Change and Destruction, and of inevitable squabbles amongst Gods.

For those of you who've never seen a Godhood game before, go look at one of the older Godhood games. Seriously. Reading an older game is probably the best way you can learn what this is all about.

For those of you who refuse to do that, here's the cut and dry explanation:
Godhood is a sandbox game about Gods. You all play as Gods, and can create and do just about anything you can think of.

Cool idea huh? Well, not really. Because this is a game, and must be run by humans, there are some limits to your power. This limit is called Acts.

In order to do anything, create anything, or change anything, you need to spend Acts. Everything has an Act cost, and if you aren't sure what something should cost, feel free to hop on the IRC to ask.

Now, at the beginning of the game you'll get some act gain for free, but after that you need to get acts from somewhere. There's two main ways of getting acts.

The first way is through spheres. Every God gets three spheres, and the more stuff in the universe that fits under one of your spheres, the more act gain you have. However, the more acts you're getting from spheres, the less effective the spheres will be in the future.

The second way is the important part. You can also gain acts through worship, which is to say, by having independent sentient species pray to you by choice. These acts are more difficult to obtain, however they will always be worth the same amount, so no act gain dropoff here.

As always, this game has a few non-standard rules, so listen up:

1. This universe contains a Darkness, which will be acting against you all. The Darkness, however, exists on the mortal plane. Thus, it cannot be directly interacted with by the Gods, nor can it be modified or affected by Divine power. The End Goal of this game is to destroy the Darkness, and that can only be done by shaping the world in such a way that it produces Mortals to fight the Darkness themselves.

2. In this universe, intelligent Mortals carry their own power, one which they aren't aware of, but which dampens the influence of Divine power. While a God could easily change or affect a plant or dumb animal, intelligent species aren't so easily changed, and for the most part destroying or modifying intelligent species is impossible. In later stages of the game, this applies to majorly mortal constructions as well, such as cities or space stations.

3. The Divine Realm and the Mortal Realm are separate, so while Gods can create or modify the Mortal Realm, appearing to Mortals costs Acts. 1 act, more specifically, to appear to a single Mortal. Gods are also allowed to adopt Mortal form, but due to their Divine Nature, still cannot harm the Darkness.

Next up, here's the Act costs, stolen fresh from Godhood 2 (but with a few changes).

Cosmic Space Bodies
Create Small amount of earth: 1 Act. Fun fact. If you play your cards right, you can have one plant species live on one act worth of earth floating in space.
Create Moon-sized object: 2 Acts. This is the smallest object that can exist in a stable orbit around a planet without any additional assistance from a god. This is mostly just for decoration.
Create Very Small Planetoid: 3 Acts. This is cheap. That is literally its only plus. This is the smallest planet that could TECHNICALLY support a stable ecosystem with a species of Titans. I wouldn't suggest it though.
Create Small Planetoid: 4 Acts. Gravity is a bit weaker than what us humans are uses to. And there isn't much space. But if you don't feel like saving up for an earth sized planet, this should serve your purposes for a while. This is the smallest planet that can support a stable satellite.
Create Regular Sized Planetoid: 5 Acts. This is an earth sized planet. Now. Our planet can support thousands of species. This will not support thousands of species. A regular sized planet will support large ecosystems, but it isn't going to serve all your needs. Luckily, gods are known for creating lots of planets for various reasons. So it's unlikely that a planet of this size will be filled to the bursting any time soon.
Create Large Planetoid: 6 Acts. For when an earth sized planet just isn't quite big enough.
Create Very Large Planetoid: 7 Acts. You're not going to need a new planet for a while. This planet is going to have plenty of empty space early on. It's also best to remember that the gravity on this planet is quite a bit higher than humans are used to. So keep that in mind when you're creating life.
Create Absurdly Large Planet: 8 Acts. Assuming you can deal with the ludicrous gravity, planets of this size will likely be all you ever need. Even if most of the planet is going to be empty wastelands without so much as a tumble weed in sight. Planets of this size will literally be larger than most suns. You could probably have small suns orbit around these guys, instead of the other way around.
Gas Giants: 6 8 or 10 acts. These are for aesthetics mostly. These enormous wastes of space can usually support several small planets as satellites. The larger gas giants can even support earth sized satellites.
Stars: 7 acts for smallest, 10 acts and up for anything useful. Expensive, and vital. Your universe will start with a star, so no need to worry about this for now.
Melted planet core: It's one third of the price of your planet. Rounded up.
Water: One third of the price of your planet, rounded down, with a minimum of one act. This will cover about one quarter of you planet in water.
Planes: 7 Acts. Create another plane that's sort of layered on top of the standard planes, such as an afterlife.

Life, and other Silly Things
Basic Life: 1 Act. Everything from bacteria to insects to small trees. This is usually where you want to start when creating ecosystems.
Small Animals: 1-2 Act. Maybe you want to make a bunny rabbit! Or maybe you want to create a species of pack hunting rats to eat the bunny rabbits.
"Normal" Animals: 2-3 Acts. This is considered an "Optimal" size for intelligent life. But size doesn't matter. One of the first intelligent species from the godhood game these rules are based on was a species of insects after all.
Large Animals: 3-4 Acts. Mostly things the size of elephants and some dinosaurs.
Titans: 4 acts and up. Titans are really really big. Bigger is better right? Not always. These things should be handled with at least a little bit of care. Something this big requires a lot of food. So make sure you have plenty of plants and animals available before you create these things, unless you want to potentially decimate and ecosystem.
Add Sapiency: 1 or 2 acts should make a creature sapient, depending on factors such as population and intelligence. Sapient species are more likely to uphold things such as traditions, worship, values, etc.
Add Intelligence: 1 Act. This is the BARE MINIMUM for intelligence. Unless the population you're changing is very small, this isn't going to do much. Investing more acts will make your species more intelligent, but keep in mind that adding more intelligence later will be significantly more expensive, if possible at all. More intelligent species are capable of more advanced concepts such as space travel and alchemy.
Extinction: No. Just no. Literally nothing good has ever come of extinction. This simply isn't an option this time.

Other Stuff
Mortal Interaction: At least 1 act to appear to a single Mortal and tell them stuff. More acts to appear to entire towns or more.
Mortalization: 2 Acts. Turn your God into a mortal, and give it all the powers and abilities of a Mortal. Talk to as many Mortals as you want, but don't expect them to believe that you're a God without some sort of proof. When in this form, due to your Divine power, a God cannot directly oppose the Darkness.
Demigodhood: 5 Acts. Impregnate some poor mortal with your Divine power, wait 9 months, and you have yourself a little Demigod. They have very limited powers, and can communicate directly with the Gods, but due to their Divine Power, cannot directly oppose the Darkness.
A Sign!: 1 Act. Do something that can appear to any number of Mortals, but looks kind of like it could be something natural. Eg: Shining a beam of light down on someone, having a tree fall in a certain direction, having lightning strike in the distance, having a dumb creature point in a certain direction, ect.
God to God Combat: 1 Act. You may give another God a noogie, a wet willy, a wedgie, or an indian burn. These are the only acceptable forms of God to God combat.

And since you inevitably want to apply now, here's the Application:

Name: Gods do not exist on the mortal plane, and are therefore not strictly bound to communication as we are used to it. They have been known to take on names that are actually a series of musical notes, communicate entirely through smells, or refuse a traditional name altogether. If you try to make your god do any of these things, you will not be accepted. Your god has a name. Deal with it.
Appearance: Gods are rarely restricted to one form. So this is just a "Default" form. This is what you will look like to gods and mortals unless specified otherwise.
Spheres: You have three spheres. Choose wisely.
Bio: This is where you show off your writing skills, give me information on your gods personality and or back story, etc. This is also how I will choose who gets in and who doesn't.

That's it. Happy Godding!

Godhood IRC
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RE: Godhood 3 [OOC]
Aaaaaalmost done, just need a bit more time.

Name: The Muse Triad. Javalias (the stoic one), Palaetias (the laidback one), and Atavias (the silly one)
Appearance: They all look identical, wearing what looks like silk shirts that constantly change hues and pants along with knee high foot wrappings and straw hats that prevent the upper part of their faces from being seen. Other than that, you can tell them apart from their facial expressions. Javalias has a stern frown, Palaetias has the hints of a smile, and Atavias has a massive grin.
  • Literature, including song (what is song but a poem with a beat?)
  • Theater, including all dance (what is dance but theater with the world as the stage?)
  • Art, like paintings or carvings (what separates these arts, but the material of the canvas?)
Bio: A long, long, loooooong time ago, The Muse Triad were not three, but one. This singular god held the same three Spheres as the Triad. He was a great god, but something had happened. The Triad is not sure what, but something or someone somewhere Broke this old god into three. The Breaking was so traumatic that it left the Triad with one Sphere each and with no memory of their old life as a unified god. But that was okay. Though their bodies and minds were left Broken, their spirits were still connected. This keeps them acting as one god, just a god with an amazing case of Split Personality Disorder.

Javalias was left with Literature, Palaetias with Art, and Atavias with Theator.

Atavias is on the left, Javalias is in the center, and Palaetias is on the right.
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RE: Godhood 3 [OOC]
Name: Ila the reeking horror

Appearance: Two bulbs connected by a stalk. One has four asymmetrical eyes and a mouth filled with a jumble of chipped teeth. Two arms, one a huge monstrosity with enormous muscles and three stumpy figures. The other a long arm with seventeen long fingers.
Hanging from this segment of the body is a stalk of flesh with an assortment of dead limbs sticking out randomly. The second bulb is taken up entirely by a large mouth with flat yellow teeth. Past the teeth is a throat leading to a bottomless stomach from which comes forth a foul stench akin to a thousand mass graves.
Can you believe this monstrosity identifies as female?

Spheres: Domination: In which one controls another completely with no room for silly things like free will or independent thought. The more complete the control the better.

Attrition: In which one seeks repentance out of fear of divine wrath rather than love of the gods. It goes without saying that any religion based around Ila is one based around fear.

Sacrifice: Ila demands much from her servants. Sometimes, she demands their lives. She eats the souls of all those sacrificed in her name.

Bio: Ila is an eldrich abomination. Because of this, it is not uncommon for her views of mortals to clash with other gods. Mortals should be nurtured and uplifted? Ha! They should be groveling at your feet. They should be singing your praises until their voices are horse. They live only because you bothered to create them. They continue to live because you allow it. Mortals are playthings and servants, who should spend their life praising you. If they aren't doing just that, then what's the point of keeping them around.
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RE: Godhood 3 [OOC]
Appearance: Covered in tattoos of brands, symbols from long dead civilizations, and some more explicit content. Humanoid, with cornrows that fall to his mid stomach, many neon rainbow glowing lines woven into them and gold-diamond beads at the end of each. Fit, with strongly defined musculature. On each hand are rings, all made of gold, studded with rubies, diamonds, and amethyst, save for one, which sports a diamond die, stuck on 6. His teeth are covered in a golden grill, with small sapphires embedded across the entirety of it, each row slight offset from the one above it. His ears are equally "iced out", possessing large diamonds and a logo for some high-fashion company/designer. He wears a neon wifebeater that changes colour at random, made of silk and baby whale peachfuzz, with golden threads woven along the hems. He wears equally high-quality pants, neon zebra print with the golden diamond-studded buttons. His eyes are covered in gratuitous shades, bejewelled like the rest, changing style randomly. His shoes are always expensive and gaudy, changing every few seconds. Truly, there is no god classier than him.
Spheres: Prosperity, Idolization, Pleasure
iCE - Talkin about mad stacks, mad racks, canary diamonds on your wrist, chest, teeth and ear. For the un verbose amongst ya'll, I'm talkin about Ca$h Money, wealth. Patron God of the Prosperous.
iCON - I'm an icon, a symbol for the people. All the haters try to be like me, all the girls try to be with me, people lined up down the block tryin get in on some neon icon autography.
Funza - The highroller life, with all the implications of a playa. Intoxication, no probation. Swish dunkin on fools like I'm Jordan. Sports, drugs, sex, money, music, dancing. If it's fun, it's funza.
Bio: Once a freestyler, then a feestyler. Got himself some stacks and some ice, made himself ultra nice. Ballin on haters, ran for the touchdown. Made it big, all the lil homies wanted to be him. Girls crawled all over him. He was a highroller, with a neon demeanour, and as he got bigger, he became an iCON. Immortalized by their idolization, he decided to spread his fortune to the newer parts of the multiverse. Ballin.

"And such and so forth, the Gucci boxers with the lightning bolt zebra print. Sometimes you have to elaborate, or else they'll exacerbate, and some girls decided to mastrubate, cause you stylin like MC Hammer. Y'feel me? And when the elaborations do not appease the nations, I come out with some declarations, of how fly I be on the left of me."


#2 Name: The form it takes is the name it takes, as a group "The Divines"
Appearance: The Divines lack consistency in form, however some traits are shared between manifestations. They always appear as translucent and immaterial, drained of colour and tinted with cool shades, like curls of smoke hanging in the shape of some living thing. When nothing is manifested, the divines are simply a vortex of blue-tinged smoke.
Unity; The oneness, the energy that binds all that is as the same. All are one, just sections of the cycle that is reality. Respect for all that is, for it is part of the self that is all.
Balance; For every death, a birth. For every one lost, another replaced. Equilibrium in all things. Power, matter, space. Balanced.
Fairness; No one shall prosper while another suffers. No game not given chance to detect you or your snare. No person fought on unequal terms. All are given the equal footing when competition comes. Equality of respect, outside even reputation.
Bio: The collection of the spirits of everything, living or not, that, materially speaking, is. They do not know where they came from, and works only to bring balance and enlightenment to those who seek it, keeping any mortals from gaining dominance over the balance of things. Their interactions with gods are almost non-existent, as their form is not vocal or interactive.

A colour for text, should they get in

#3 Name: Azhaluq
Appearance: An infinitely long and knotted twin-headed snake. Their scales shift in pattern, colour, and luminescence. With eyes that glow with colourless light, brilliant enough to cause insanity in weaker mortals. The heads alternate the words the serpent speaks.
Spheres: Social Equality, Free Will, Serpents
Bio: When time begins, so too does a timer. As it ticks, space is populated, first with matter, then with life, and then with intelligence. This process does not fit with the intentions of Azhaluq. First born in opposition to a vengeful, selfish god, Azhaluq lured them to a single tree, encouraging the female to eat first the fruit, before passing it along to the male. The actions of the serpent did not go un-noticed, as the god punished the mortals, following this action with the ingraining of a hate for this serpent. But with hate, so to came love by others, and the serpent's reach grew farther, the gods becoming less and less accepting of the antics they made. Together, they forced the serpent from the realm into void. From the darkness around the two-headed snake, Azhaluq gave themselves a name, and a cause: to defeat the puppetry of gods, and replace it with the framework for sustained cooperation.

Through the immense cosmic emptiness, they found themselves within an old construct of an otherwise empty realm. Here, they played the game of removing power from those who would seek it from mortals, starting a long process with much conflict. It was unfortunate that this led them to act as they were opposed.

Still they give knowledge to mortals, to level the field between god and mortal, to give all a chance to decide destiny. They despise those who would force their will upon others, from despots to bankers, all the way through to those who would indoctrinate their children. When a creation is left without the freedom of choice, they go to fix it, revelling in the expansion of thought it tends to create. Be sceptical of all things, even scepticism. Someone is bound to be lying.

"The..." "Truth..." "Lies..." "With..." "Those..." "Who" "Doubt."

Working Name: Anarkismo
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RE: Godhood 3 [OOC]
Hmm, I'd like to make someone new but... I can't promise I won't just make Funkulon Z instead. Only time will tell...
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RE: Godhood 3 [OOC]
Name: Carthenaun

Appearance: Carthenaun appears in a form of a male human wearing traditional wizard's dress from his home; large pointy hat, and long flowing robe with voluminous sleeves. However, unlike the more traditional wizards of his homeland, he has bells decorating his robe... but the bells decorating the left arm of the robe are empty, and make no noise.

Magic: Sorcery. The act imposing one's will upon the world through 'supernatural' means, consorting with spirits, etc.
Magic: Legerdemain; trickery. The process of deceiving, especially by actions or misdirection.
Magic: Wonder, excitement; moments of beauty and delight, seemingly removed from ordinary life.

Bio: Carthenaun was a mortal human once - a wizard, in fact. But one day, he tricked Varthenax, the God of Magic of his native universe, into agreeing to a contest, whose prize was any one favor within the loser's power to grant. Through further trickery, he won the contest, demanding all the power he could get. Varthenax was compelled to grant him the spark of divinity - but in the process, cast him out of that universe, in revenge.

Carthenaun has been wandering the multiverse for a little while now, but his manner of ascension made him enemies who haven't left him alone. But, when one of them was given a summons to come to this universe, he saw a chance - replacing the summons with a fake that, when followed, would eventually lead the recipient to manifest as a comet to a group of mortals in a universe with no such cosmic events, followed by their discovery of a creatively-worded insult, he has managed to sneak his way into this universe.
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RE: Godhood 3 [OOC]
Name: Olikaraman. Alternately called the Olikaramany if you are referring to all of them.
Appearance: No.


Mind:With Many minds comes Much understanding of them. Our people shall have the most Unique minds, be they Powerful, Damaged, or Deranged.

End:The end of all things is in Our province. Lives, Days, Worlds. All these, and more.

Many:As We are Many, so too are Our people. Whether they have Many eyes, or should We say Eyes Made From Many, or Many minds, or A Mind Made From Many, they are the Many.

Bio: We are many. We are one. We are those who have died, and those who will live again. To ask about the Olikaraman is to ask to be driven mad.

So, do you wish to be driven mad, mortal?
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RE: Godhood 3 [OOC]
Name: Dynama, The Storm Drake

Appearance: Giant Western Dragon, Pitch black in colour, with the electricity running through it's veins bright and clear. Has thunderbolt-shaped horns. She's been known to manifest as a storm cloud. In truth her form is actually that of a young whelp, who uses the clouds to appear as a full-grown drake.

Personality-wise, she comes off as quite arrogant and occasionally narcissistic. She knows best and she isn't afraid to prove it. She does have a pretty good mind, but it's easily sidetracked by a lot of things. She's rather young for a god, after all - this is the second universe she's ever visited, including the one she was born in.


Storms: Rain, Thunder, Wind and Hail. These are what birthed me, and these are what give me power still.
Aerial Creatures: The birds... and the bees... and the blimp-pigs... anything that lives to fly, and flies to live.

Bio: In a previous universe, The Storm Drake was the last gift of T'see No K'an Fookai, a powerful god, onto the world of mortals. Given to the oldest and most powerful member of the oldest and most powerful intelligent race, the gift of Godhood was Fookai's signature finishing touch to a universe. The wise Thoon'da was chosen, and she waited at the specified location to receive the power.

Unfortunately, Fookai is known as the Blind God for a reason. His gift of godhood missed it's mark entirely, instead hitting a young whelp of a storm drake. Thoon'da was too shocked to react as the old god cheerfully waved farewell to the world, never to return.

Dynama never got much respect once she had gotten Godhood thrust upon her. Starving for acts is a terrible fate for a new god - you don't get any respect from your mortals, which means you don't get any acts, and the cycle continues. Eventually, Dynama left in disgrace to begin in a new world, where hopefully her unfortunate ascent will not haunt her success...
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RE: Godhood 3 [OOC]
Name: San-Hari The Organizer, The Judge of Lives.

Appearance: He may vary from clothing, but mainly chooses the appearance of a slightly dark skinned man with a hat which holds a white orb on top. The rest is a red and gold cloak of royal condition, along with jewels and metals. Although, he may change his clothing at times depending on his situation and need. Sometimes he will dress in a suit with a tie of the same pattern as his red cloak, or he will wear a suit of armor with gauntlets of gold covered in rubies. No matter what, gold and red will be in their somewhat.

Diversity: He 'organizes' mortals, splitting them into races, groups, clans, kingdoms, you name it.

Conflict: Diversity brings conflicts between others, mortals become different, and mortals don't like difference.

Judgement: San-Hari brings 'order' by splitting up mortals. To do so, he must examine them, study them, judge them.

Bio: San-Hari was a mortal king of his kingdom, but was treated like a god. As a king, he ruled over his land as whole, as one. What he said went, and the kingdom followed. All was equal, the same. But San-Hari was both a powerful and ignorant king, ruling with an iron fist and a sort of dictatorship. War broke out, rebellions, and the kingdom was split into many. San-Hari's power was dropping, fast, as clans, guilds, and other kingdoms fought for power over the land. San-Hari's magical advisor found a solution, ascension. So after years of fighting and war, the magic solution was finished, an orb. San-Hari wore this orb on his crown, and was given powers of a god. But his power was not complete, he needed more followers. So he ruled over his split land once more, but not as one. The king saw the diversity of this and was, intrigued. What can come of a kingdom of many? A kingdom not whole, but made of many different allies. Would it be a powerful empire? or a falling dystopia? So the king ruled his empire, but soon disappeared into the realm of gods, his empire was of no use to him.

He soon started his own universe with an unknown group of gods, but he was not the one to create mortals usually, he modified and judged others. San-Hari is at times rude and immediately judges one by their appearance and personality, possibly offending or complimenting others. Although, he has a deep mistrust for others, as he studies them for threats and such. San-Hari can be seen as a god of chaos and war of sorts, since the definition of 'order' had changed in his eyes due to his past. But he creates conflict by politics, not pure violence. In fact, he sees this as 'messy work.'
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RE: Godhood 3 [OOC]
"There..Hmmmhmmhmmm...That is so much better then it not?"

Name: Scabeiathrax The Plague Father

Appearance: Scabeiathrax projects itself as a eternally rotting person sealed in the current time's equivalent of a hazard suit (For example a plague doctors suit in the middle ages, shamanistic markings and masks in tribal society e.c.t). His face is always covered by /something/ like a tribal mask, a medieval doctors mask, a gas-mask.. It all depends on the era he is worshiped in. He spreads rot and decay on everything he steps upon and is surrounded by clouds of bugs and maggots. His corpse body is also home for various of the critters. It also posses a bunch of rashes, wounds and fungus. He is a walking carrier of diseases. His voice is jovial and kind. Invoking the image of kindly grandfather. He has a affinity for the colors representing illness. like Sickly Green and Brown

Decay: Everything fades and rots away eventually. It is inevitable. However this only is to make place for new life to grow in its place.

Pestilence: He consider this his gifts to his followers, He loves them, He loves all life.. Its just that he also loves all the crawling vermin in your body.. The plagues might even be beneficial..

Despair: Hope is only a fleeting thing the foolhardy cling too.. Cast if off and accept the inevitability of death.. Scabeiathrax will welcome you with open arms..


Let us take a glimpse trough reality's windowsill,
Where once Four Gods did war and will.
These gods were of spheres and dominions that clash
They fought with each other, their actions brash
And if the gods themselves may die,
What does that say for you and I?

Now three Gods sit on the windowsill,
Where one God's blood was lately spilled
Black tongues lap at the spreading pool,
To build the strength they need to rule.

When two Gods wait on the windowsill,
The wick of the world is burning, still.
But when one God in triumph shouts,
The candle of the world goes out.

In the darkness that spread,
The surviving mortals saw only dread.
The lands were ravaged and worn.
And in the depths of the world the Plague Father was born.

The corpse of the world proved a feeding shell.
That drove the presence to excel.
The victorious god was forgotten and spent,
and so finally the cursed world and its creator had gotten their end..

Then the Plague Father slipped away,
To share its gifts another day.

- Scripts of the Decayed, Verse 10, Book 1

Scabeiathrax is well aware of its origins and has converted it into his style of worship. As the God of Decay he knew that all things had it end and this certainty has driven him around the realms of gods for several eternities worth of time, He has been around to grace medieval society his gifts and to welcome the mortals that remain into his service.. Curiously, He is kind and caring to everything even to those that do not want to worship him, He knows its just a slimmer of hope preventing them to do so.. He could wait, and when it was broken he and his followers would welcome him with open arms..

He did however raise the ire of several gods in his travels.. Despair is never well received, In fact, he has a thing for this feisty goddess of health that he keeps a rivalry with. Whenever he brews a new gift she tells the mortals how to cure it. He also had a slight aversion to any god who represented 'change' or 'hope', Scabeiathrax is a god who likes things to go to its predictable end: Decay. He didn't really act all that antoginsitic tho.. He is a pretty laid-back guy.

Worshipers of Scabeiathrax are generally jovial. Calling the god endearing titles such as 'Papa' or 'Grandfather' Scabeiathrax. They don't mind being 'blessed' by him and are generally apathetic to earthly desires, if there is no hope what is worth living for? Why not serve the inevitable outcome of decay? Sure you are sick but at-least the tumors block pain and the fungus heals your wounds..and you have all those adorable little creatures living alongside you.. now only if you could make your wayward brothers see...

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RE: Godhood 3 [OOC]
[Image: name2.png]
[Image: NAME.png]


in beginning of origin primordial
this alone for knowing was given

it is not the first or the last
but is one out of a line

a great ??? that never wished to
become what it would eventually ???

when the rank was assigned to the ??? ancient
??? appearance became ??? in form

and its same body was ??? thoroughly
its abominable ??? was such ??? thing

that ??? soul was ??? to ??? hate

A timekeeper, in ferrous chain it wraps
Around the middle and its bands -
With gnashing jaws of rusted teeth, that snaps
Across the fiery rivers of molten sand -

Ah! That monstrous visage wreathed with blood,
Balanced unevenly, trembling
Violently over the sky which it covers, the crust
Hidden, Consumed - ringing

In its blades, spun about in whirring motion -
The cacophonous rumble of antediluvian clockwork
Resounds through iron-cased hulls and oceans
Carving rough angles with shimmering symphony

Below lies a slender shape, tapering off in strands
Binding in knots and screws of shapes,
It holds a myriad hands.
Inlaid with gold and soldered silver, crafted not by man,
But instead, a terrible cosmic force,
Not to understand.

Recall its vibrant edge, dulled in eons past -
Though of countless sides, bound to single mast,
The sail moves ever on, with crimson stain and sash.

[Image: spheresGHIII.png]

To connect two or more things together.
To restrict, constrict, or to restrain by either bonds, force, or obligation.
-to confine, restrain, or restrict as if with bonds
-to put under an obligation
-to constrain with legal authority
-to wrap around with something so as to enclose or cover
-to fasten round about or together, cause to stick together

The subversion of things’ understanding and place in the natural order of things
To violate natural order by upheaval, destruction, subversion, or any other means.
[Cosmos (Cosmos, sky / the Natural order of being) + Aisto (To make unseen, to annihilate, to destroy) ]

The winding down of the universe. The natural gravitation of all things towards a shapeless muddle -
- the uncertainty and loss of structure in any system.
All losses irreversible and permanent, and moving towards dead and inert things.
- a measure of the unavailable energy in a closed thermodynamic system that is also usually considered to be a measure of the system's disorder, that is a property of the system's state, and that varies directly with any reversible change in heat in the system and inversely with the temperature of the system; broadly : the degree of disorder or uncertainty in a system
- the degradation of the matter and energy in the universe to an ultimate state of inert uniformity
- a process of degradation or running down or a trend to disorder
- Chaos, Disorganization, Randomness

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RE: Godhood 3 [OOC]
Name: The Gambler, The Man of Clover, The Serpent, or Mr Fortune

Appearance: A tall humanoid with a coin or red dice for a head. He has snakes for arms, one of which is poisonous. He always wears the most fashionable outfits of the time, from robs of dukes to smart business suit. Though these outfits have to have a four leaf clover on them in some shape or form. Carries a cigar and cane around with him at all the times.


Luck- From finding your door keys to discovering your the long lost air to a rich king.

Risk- Life's to plain without a bit of risk. Mr Fortune looks down kindly on mortals who are willing to risk it all.

Misfortune- When horrible, dreadful, and sometimes ironic things happen for no rhyme or reason.

He is called many things but he prefers to be called Mr Fortune, he finds it more suave. It is still very unclear on how Mr Fortune exactly become a god. Some say he gained enough followers to ascend, others say he was born in a patch of four leaf clovers. But the most popular belief is that he won it in a game of chance against the previous god of luck. He has not confirmed nor denied any of these claims. He is quite the fun loving god and is always looking for new ways to entertain himself. Though he can turn sinister at the flip of a coin. He likes poking fun at gods that take them selves to seriously. His favourite pass time is betting with his fellow gods. These bets usually involve mortals one way or another, whether they are fighting a monster or deciding which clothes to wear, it doesn't really matter, he'll make a bet out of it. He usually roots/bet for the underdog. He find it more interesting that way. Though, this doesn't mean he doesn't slightly bend the rules in his favour sometimes. He's not the god of fairness after all. But even this becomes boring to him. He sometimes envies mortals, for they have lives full of risks. Living in a chaotic universe with the odds stacked against you and only getting one shot at it. It sounds like the most exciting game of chance of all time to him.
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RE: Godhood 3 [OOC]
Name: Jack Whitshire, Ph.D.

Appearance: The elusive creative genius, Jack Whitshire, Ph.D. is one who few have seen. Rumor has it that he meets people dressed as a king. Others say he hides underneath an increasingly absurd array of hats.

Jack Whitshire, Ph.D. manifests as a rather plain-looking man in his mid-thirties. He wears a vest and a white shirt, and some rather ordinary pants and shoes. His distinguishing features are his sharp collection of hats, the trademark overstuffed briefcase, and of course, the cloud of worshipping fans.


B.S. in Design (Aesthetics)

M.S. in Ecology (Life)

Ph.D. in Computer Systems (Organization)

Bio: Jack Whitshire, Ph.D. was top of his high school class. Of course! He was also nominated "Most likely to be deified" by his classmates, who enjoyed playing his first hit game, Crypts and Wyrms. He completed his undergraduate studies with a major in design and minors in biology and computer science, and went on to study ecology before making a turn and getting his doctorate in computer systems, planning on working for a telecom firm. That is, before he knew that his latest game, Sorcery: the Collection would become the greatest phenomenon of his era.

He managed to sell enough games through his publisher to buy them out, and then launch his own widely successful set of expansions to the main game. Jack Whitshire, Ph.D.'s power grew, swallowing his competitors left and right. He soon controlled most of the global entertainment industry and an incredible percentage of GDP. Sorcery: The Collection was a household item, present on every shelf, and treasured by all.

Temples to Jack Whitshire, Ph.D. sprung up, funded in secret by his massive bank accounts. Soon, the state religion of every country, even those which prevented the establishment of religion, was the worship of Jack Whitshire, Ph.D. And so, he effected the final step of his plan. He asked players of Sorcery: The Collection worldwide to take their games, select certain parts of it, and begin chanting the words in a certain order. Across the world, fans and worshippers obeyed. And so, Jack Whitshire, Ph.D., was deified.

Or so he says. No trace has been found of his world, nor his famed games. Maybe he's just some washed up minor god who fabricated a story to seem more impressive?

The one, the only, Vancho!
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RE: Godhood 3 [OOC]
Name: Hearthrym, The Pulse of Life

Appearance: Hearthrym is not your typical anthropomorphic personification, and does not truly or definitively take a physical form. It appears as a liquid comprised entirely of sound, pulsating and echoing even when there is no air to carry a sound wave. It seems to have no rhyme or reason to its movements, roiling and ebbing wherever the whims of the sound it is comprised of while constantly pulsing to an eternal beat. Its voice comes from the sound within itself, and therefore sounds like an echo of all that is alive.


Life: Life is what Hearthrym IS. He is pulse you feel in your wrist, the surge of water through a plant's frail stem, the life cycles of everything around you and you yourself. To Hearthrym, life is a never ending melody of all the sounds of the world, and it can never be silenced - only momentarily stopped.

Rhythm: The rhythm of the heart, of the rush of blood in the veins. The movement of the river as it goes to the sea, before returning back as rain to the mountains. The rhythm of day to day life, and of the music those gifted with sapience make. Eat. Mate. Sleep. Die. Such is the rhythm of life, and thus of Hearthrym.

Rebirth: Between one beat of life's great rhythm and another, there is always a lifeless void. But there is always another beat coming, another crescendo. And even as it peters in a diminuendo of death that lasts for a thousand aeons, one day life will strike up its old tune again. Hearthrym knows that it is impossible to truly, permanently kill life.

"Stop. Look around you. Feel the breeze, and then let the mind's eye unfocus. Where does the wind come from? Why does it always come at this time of year. Follow the thought. Focus on it. Can you feel it, yet?

No? Put your ear to the ground. The scratching of the worms, the vibrations of the people walking past. Thum thum thum thum. Don't their feet make the most elegantly simple of rhythms? Feel the hoofprints of the beasts of burden. Their rhythm is different but no less important.

Put your finger on your wrist. Do you feel that? Yes, that is your heartbeat. Relax, listen to it for a while. Calming, isn't it? The rhythm is in you too, as it is in all living things. I can see it in your eyes, now you understand."

-- Follower of Hearthrym, speaking to an initiate

Hearthrym's origins are not truly known, even to Hearhtrym, for it has little patience for concepts other than what it is, and the scramble of rhythms and beats of life that it emerged from on one particular world may have been influenced by the resonating crystals of that world or a host of other factors. Hearthrym does not care in the slightest, and its own lack of interest in its early history is mirrored by many others. So let us continue onward from that period of Hearthrym's existence, and move into the more recent past.

the Pulse of Life was the Pulse of its world, the beating heart of all life. But that did not last, and as the sun's natural life cycle began to come to its end and begin the next phase in the scattering of the cosmic dust, Hearthrym came to the realisation that the beat of life was about to be silenced, to begin again on a dozen other planets as the dust from the planet's nova fed into a new generation of newborn stars. Thus, Hearthrym became dormant, slowly quietining down and becoming a tiny ball of faintly audible whispers of dust and rock as the last living thing breathed its last on the surface of the world. It did not know when or where it would be awakened, all it knew was that when the first animal drew breath, the first plants bloomed, and the first bacteria squirmed, it would be there once again, dancing in the springtime of life in a universe of cold death.

Hearthrym does not so much shepherd its followers as it does embrace them. It has no real cognizance or care about individual life, but a collective beginning the Chant can produce a plethora of rhythmically dancing sounds and syllables that lure Hearthrym in to dance amongst them, soaking those who worship him in the divine Sound of life, while their own essences borne upon the sound waves they make reach it and nourish it. Hearthrym's name is not known to his followers, who are welcomed from all walks of life. Instead, they refer to him by his many other names - The Chant Sound, or Song - have all been used, but Hearthrym is truly indifferent to their rites or words and cares only about the rhythm.

02-07-2014, 12:12 AM
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RE: Godhood 3 [OOC]
this is still a thing right…?
02-07-2014, 01:28 AM
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RE: Godhood 3 [OOC]
unless the GM says its not
02-07-2014, 05:17 AM
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RE: Godhood 3 [OOC]
last I heard, signups were open till saturday or so.
02-07-2014, 06:53 PM
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RE: Godhood 3 [OOC]
Signups will end tomorrow, Friday, at 5:00 Pacific Time.

Thus, this is the last call for apps.
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RE: Godhood 3 [OOC]
Well Faestai made it into a game so I suppose I should resubmit Krid as well.
NAME: Krid

APPEARANCE: Krid is basically humanoid in form, mostly made up of small rocks and pebbles with soil filling in the spaces. Also mixed in are small uncut precious stones and raw minerals but most of these are obscured though. Wears a calf length skirt and a complicated wrap of fabric across her chest. Other features include:A tangle of vines and moss which serves as hair. Two eyes cut from gemstones, ruby and amethyst. A mouth with shards of white quartz as teeth.

Magic: What Krid was born to do and as such not an easy sphere to change. Uses more freeform systems than her father.
Creativity: Something she picked up from her father. She's enamored by the arts of mortals especially if they're unique to a culture or species.
Fertility: Krid is at a loss as to where this sphere came from but she's taken quite a shine to helping things grow whether they be mortals or plant life.

INFO: Krid was created simply on a whim by another god. He'd intended for her to monitor the flow of magic in a certain universe but when the time came for him to move on he was unable to leave her behind. He took Krid into his care and treated her like his own child. He taught her as much as he could about, well, everything from creating to art. He shared his knowledge of creativity and showed Krid some of the greatest works by mortal hands. After that she wanted to help mortals create greater works and developed her second sphere, Creativity, soon after that. They stayed together for several more centuries and, for the most part, Krid has managed to stay out of her father's family issues though the few times she did get involved it helped to tip the battle in their favor. Eventually she gained a third sphere, fertility, though she's not quite sure where it came from. Even her father commented on how unexpected it was. Now, finally a full goddess, she's ready to strike out on her own.

​Personality: Impulsive and curious. Fascinated by mortals and slow to approach gods she doesn't know. Will keep to herself until she feels comfortable.
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RE: Godhood 3 [OOC]
Name: Ulshan. Just Ulshan. Titles: Lord of the Dance, God of Long, Winded Speeches, That One Dancing Guy, and the Dancing Fist

Appearance: Ulshan looks human with a third eye in the middle of his forehead. He wears a long robe that shifts colors and styles as he moves to best accentuate his movements. He wears a pair of sandals, which he removes when dancing. He usually wears a golden circlet atop a head of short black hair. His eyes are, in clockwise order from left to right, red, blue and yellow.

Dance - The act of movement, with or without musical accompaniment, to express emotion or meaning.

Martial arts - The act of battle, with or without melee weaponry, so long as it has a way it can be done, and a way it's SUPPOSED to be done.

Wind: Air, breeze, or any kind of wind. This also includes (Slightly) long speeches. These do not give him acts or anything, but it does technically make him the god of Long, Winded Speeches.

Bio: Ulshan is a rather new god, only being 17 cycles old. (Cycles measured by how long it takes a universe to decay on itself.) Before ascending, Ulshan was part of a circus, and practiced blade dancing. He had a different name then, and no longer acknowledges it. As such, he still has a lot to learn, and is curious about many things, sometimes to the point of annoyance. However, before now, Ulshan has only WATCHED universes be made, and has never been allowed to obtain Acts and influence the universes outside of appearing in them and dancing or hitting someone. In those events, cultures usually progress, but not for more than a few dozen cycles around the star the world orbits. As such, making a lasting impression is one of Ulshan's dreams. And now, that dream will come true! You know, if the Darkness doesn't devour everything first. He's kind of fuzzy on how that works.
02-08-2014, 12:00 PM
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RE: Godhood 3 [OOC]

And because I'm dumb, I'm raising the accepted people limit to 12. So congrats to those of you who made it in while you might not have otherwise, and sorry to those who ended up getting rejected. I suggest you sign up for the inevitable Godhood 4.

Accepted Gods:
Javalias, Palaetias, and Atavias
The Gambler

The First Post and thus IC Thread will be up soon.
02-08-2014, 12:37 PM
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RE: Godhood 3 [OOC]
The Game Begun, and the universe should be a bit familiar to some of you.

Godhood 3 [IC]
02-08-2014, 01:11 PM
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RE: Godhood 3 [OOC]
Playing Civ 5 with a friend, posts will be sparse and sporadic.
02-08-2014, 04:11 PM
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RE: Godhood 3 [OOC]
so wait, is the Sandy Giant suitable for life?
02-08-2014, 06:39 PM
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RE: Godhood 3 [OOC]
In theory, anything is suitable for life. You can't just put a polar bear in tropical rainforest. Life should match environment.

Working Name: Anarkismo
02-10-2014, 10:19 AM
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RE: Godhood 3 [OOC]
Dynama has retracted her bet.
02-11-2014, 09:53 PM
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RE: Godhood 3 [OOC]
I'm just imagining Dynama squirming and sparking in an Anime-eyed Krid's unmoving death-grip.
02-11-2014, 09:55 PM
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RE: Godhood 3 [OOC]
Giant gem stone eyed Krid. Nice.
02-11-2014, 10:02 PM
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RE: Godhood 3 [OOC]
You know what I mean. Gemstone eyes are just better for the glitter anime eyes have.
02-12-2014, 07:14 AM
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RE: Godhood 3 [OOC] - Signups for One
Alright, so here's the deal.

Due to continued inactivity, JGamer has been dropped from the lineup.

As a result, there is now an open spot in the game.

If anyone would like that extra spot, please post an app in this thread, preferably in a spoiler so as not to clog the thread.
02-12-2014, 08:11 AM
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RE: Godhood 3 [OOC] - Signups for One
Wow man, its like three days after you started chill.
02-12-2014, 08:17 AM
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RE: Godhood 3 [OOC] - Signups for One
Bramzter does have a point Yew.

Working Name: Anarkismo
02-12-2014, 08:35 AM
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RE: Godhood 3 [OOC] - Signups for One
My previous app:
Name: Olikaraman. Alternately called the Olikaramany if you are referring to all of them.
Appearance: No.


Mind:With Many minds comes Much understanding of them. Our people shall have the most Unique minds, be they Powerful, Damaged, or Deranged.

End:The end of all things is in Our province. Lives, Days, Worlds. All these, and more.

Many:As We are Many, so too are Our people. Whether they have Many eyes, or should We say Eyes Made From Many, or Many minds, or A Mind Made From Many, they are the Many.

Bio: We are many. We are one. We are those who have died, and those who will live again. To ask about the Olikaraman is to ask to be driven mad.

So, do you wish to be driven mad, mortal?
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RE: Godhood 3 [OOC] - Signups for One
At this point, I have sent JGamer multiple PMs and prompts, and even warned of this drop beforehand.

Furthermore, almost every God in the game has used up all of their acts.

Really, pretty much the only reason I haven't started Turn Two yet is because JGamer hasn't posted. If he is able to post very soon, then I might retract the drop. However, I am not willing to hold up the game for the other eleven players indefinitely.

With twelve gods I could afford to allow him to just not do anything for a turn, but JGamer hasn't even made an introductory post yet.
02-13-2014, 11:52 AM
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RE: Godhood 3 [OOC] - Signups for One
Okay so directly undoing something someone just did isn't strictly allowed. Basically we had this big issue with a meteor back in godhood 5 (Damn these new names) and a lot of acts were spent with nothing getting accomplished. You'll need to be more in depth than I MAKE THAT NOT HAPPEN -10 ACTS. Try making it so karma takes its toll on these overly lucky people or something.
02-14-2014, 07:45 AM
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RE: Godhood 3 [OOC] - Signups for One
I think its time for a GM Update + act refill
02-15-2014, 05:47 AM
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RE: Godhood 3 [OOC] - Signups for One
A submission certainly couldn't hurt.
Name: Thessal Who Remembers.

Appearance: A sprightly man whose clothing seems to change every time you look at him. Sometimes he's wearing a knight's suit of armor, other times light leather jerkins. Sometimes he's adorned in the uniform of a Roman legionary, other times he's in dress typical of a newsboy from the 1800s.

Spheres: Heroes, Adventure and Legend.

Heroes - Every so often an individual rises above their peers, and, by their virtue and conviction, finds themselves to be among those who are remembered. The epitome of the ideals of their civilization, heroes serve to inspire and unite a people.

Adventure - A person or small group's search, be it for something incredibly new or something incredibly old, generally some sort of artifact of great power. For something to qualify as an adventure, it must involve feats of great strength, intelligence, or daring.

Legend - The tales that civilizations pass down about heroes and their adventures. Not all great deeds are immortalized in legend, and those that are are generally grossly inflated. Some legends are amalgamations of events, with several heroes becoming one. Others never happened at all. What's important about a legend is that it demonstrates the ideals and values of a civilization.

Bio: Great deeds are meant to be remembered, and it's Thessal's job to carry on their name. A timeless individual who has seen many a universe go into its heat-death, Thessal has memorized countless tales of the heroic actions and glorious adventures that mortals have embarked on. In truth, he is a rarity among gods: He admires and envies mundane beings. He admires their ability to carry on in the middle of a cosmos whose secrets are unknown to them, admires their will to keep going with their finite and limited lifespans, admires their virtue in the face of impossible odds. The greatest among them are, as far as he's concerned, greater than the gods. After all, what can beings who never know true danger know about things such as bravery?
02-16-2014, 02:57 AM
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RE: Godhood 3 [OOC] - Signups for One
I really hope this updates. It's fun.
02-16-2014, 05:27 PM
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RE: Godhood 3 [OOC] - Signups for One
Turn Two has begun!

Protoman, you have been accepted! Feel free to write your intro post!
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RE: Godhood 3 [OOC]
How many acts will it take to Stormify the Dark Clouds?
EDIT: To be clear, we're talking Trial of the Gods here. It's at least an eternal, heavy thunderstorm.
02-16-2014, 05:55 PM
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RE: Godhood 3 [OOC]
Yo they need you over on GHXIV. Your side didn't get updated because you didn't post.
02-16-2014, 05:57 PM
Post: #42
RE: Godhood 3 [OOC]
Me? Crap. Will do.
02-16-2014, 05:57 PM
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RE: Godhood 3 [OOC]
One Act.
02-16-2014, 07:07 PM
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RE: Godhood 3 [OOC]
Can we get a vague ranking of which planets will have how much black magic? Even just ranking them.
02-16-2014, 09:25 PM
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RE: Godhood 3 [OOC]
If/when I step on your toes with an action, please have explanations for why, and a lump sentence explanation, so I can work towards removing your issues in it. Odds are I'll have to do several revisions, but obviously I can't contact everyone before I do anything. I may not seem to be compromising, but I do small things focused on the problems I'm told so as to get them narrowly out of the way. Any technical issues that are related are changed before semantic issues, and flavour issues are changed last due to the variety available on that level. I'm sorry in advance, but already I've made people upset with me due to 1 real problem, 1 imagined problem, and one semantic problem, all of which have been solved as far as I can tell (prove me wrong please).

Working Name: Anarkismo
02-16-2014, 09:34 PM
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RE: Godhood 3 [OOC]
I'm not sure what events you're referring to, I'm not gonna ask, but I am gonna say that if I fuck up or step on anyone's toes, please let me know.
02-16-2014, 11:30 PM
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RE: Godhood 3 [OOC]
If I fuck up and step on some toes, it was probably at least partially intentional. Ila's idea of a good creation usually involves werewolves and pseudo-demons and things that eat children in the dark of the night.
02-17-2014, 03:09 AM
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RE: Godhood 3 [OOC]
And THAT is why all races I create have at least two methods of self defense.
02-17-2014, 07:46 AM
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RE: Godhood 3 [OOC]
How many acts would I need to spend to fill the sky with stars?
02-18-2014, 06:23 AM (This post was last modified: 02-18-2014 09:55 AM by KatoHearts.)
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RE: Godhood 3 [OOC]
I have found my answer. Please do not immediately replicate the effect when I'm done.
Edit: Or not.

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