Complete Demigodhood Trials: Return to Nur [OOC]
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Demigodhood Trials: Return to Nur [OOC]
IC Chat goes in the IC Thread


The Trials were created long ago by the Essence as a way to judge which demigods deserve to ascend to godhood. Whenever the Trials begin, a universe previously abandoned by the gods gains a protective shell that prevents gods from entering it. The shell is then cracked so that only divine beings as weak as demigods may enter.

When divine beings exist in the same universe, they create a sort of disruption that prevents any other divine beings from ascending to godhood. This isn't an issue for full fledged gods, but for demigods it certainly is.

Can you fight and create well enough to be the last demigod in the universe?


Basic Objective: Be the last divine being in the universe so that you can ascend to godhood. You can kill other demigods or get them to leave in other ways, it's up to you.

There are a metric ton of rules and I've provided some examples in hopes of clearing up any questions. It's okay to skim through the rules presented here, but you MUST at least look at each section if you want to play.

Demigods are divine creatures, and as such they have access to acts. Acts are units of divine power that demigods can use to shape the world and perform miracles. The power and abilities of different things are generally measured in relation to acts.

Demigods can walk around and do things just like any adult human probably could for free. However, if a demigod wants to bend reality to its whims, it must spend a number of acts. The more acts spent, the stronger the effect.

Each demigod starts with one sphere. A sphere is the domain of a demigod; it is the thing they have the most control over. Spheres can be anything from The Color Blue to Stone. This is mostly used for flavor, but performing miracles related to your sphere is cheaper than those completely unrelated.

When spending acts for something related to its sphere, a demigod gets a discount equal to half the miracle’s cost (rounded down) up to a maximum of 5. So something that costs 4 normally would only be 2, something that costs 10 normally would be 5, and something that costs 100 normally would be 95. The discount only applies to actual acts spent, so a demigod can’t apply its abilities towards the miracle and still get the full discount unless the miracle costs a lot.

More spheres, up to a maximum of 3, can be gained by eating the hearts of dead demigods. The number of acts gained by a demigod is multiplied by 1.5 if it has 2 spheres and by 2 if it has 3 spheres.

If a demigod has at least one sphere, they may cough one up for the price of 10 acts. This is generally considered a bad idea.

Only divine beings can make use of spheres. Most likely, this means just demigods, but there may be ways to create other divine beings…

The first word of the secret phrase is: “Smeagol”

Abilities are specific things your demigod can do at will. Abilities must be specific! “Fireball” is specific in that it implies the user can shoot a ball of fire. “Magic” could be anything from telekinesis to making blood pacts and is far too broad for a single ability.

Abilities have a number of points from 10 to 100 in increments of 10. Every ten points in an ability is equivalent to 1 act. This means a god can use his abilities in place of acts for specific things.

The total number of ability points that a demigod can have is 400. Since abilities have to be between 10 and 100 points, a demigod could have anywhere from 4 good abilities to 40 crappy ones.

Demigods can gain or replace their abilities, up to the maximum of 400 points, by draining them from dead creatures or other demigods. One act must be spent for every 10 points drained. There is an obvious loophole for getting 400 points of exactly the abilities you want, but it costs a fair amount of acts and the player has to be crafty enough to figure it out, so I’m not going to stop it.

There are a few types of abilities that are generally sorted into active or passive. Active abilities are things you have to say you use, and passive are always going on (like defenses and auras). Sneak attacks can ignore some active abilities, because the enemy won’t know to use them. This is not to say that active abilities are inferior to passive abilities. Passives can be bypassed in other ways not requiring the luck of a sneak attack and sometimes it’s better to snipe one target with a lightning bolt than to cause pain to everything within a short range around you.

The second word of the secret phrase is: “is”

There are all kinds of mortal things in the universe, and these are classified as creatures. Creatures can provide acts through worship, assuming they’re sentient, and are often used to fight opposing armies of creatures.

The number of creatures in a group is referred to as its “population”, and this stat affects a lot of things. First off, here’s a list of the population levels:
1-30 Creatures = Level 1
31-200 Creatures = Level 2
201-500 Creatures = Level 3
501-1000 Creatures = Level 4
1001+ Creatures = Level 5

Each point on the map has a resource level that indicates what sort of population it can support. It can support two populations equal to its resource level. If the population living in it is lower than its resource level it can support an additional two populations for each resource level above the population level. For example, a level 2 environment can support two level 2 populations but not a level 3 population. A level 5 environment can support ten level 1 populations, four level 4 populations, or almost any combination. Resource levels can be altered by 1 for 5*(Current Resource Level) acts.

Populations are multiplied by 1.5 every turn if the creatures are in an area that can support them. If resources are scarce, the two largest populations in an area are multiplied by .5 instead of growing. Populations untouched by gods are generally not as volatile and will remain constant.

Because of the resource rules, it can be dangerous to march large armies across deserts and places with few resources. You could lose well over half the army to disease/famine before you get to your intended target. Because of the way the rules work, it may actually be better to split it up into several smaller armies and move them along different paths to the same target.

Creatures can have up to 50 points of abilities. The cost to change a creature’s abilities is (The Population plus 1) times one tenth of the ability points changed plus the Population. This formula explains it more clearly, where “P” is the population and “A” is the number of points added/modified: (A/10)*(P+1)+P. For example, giving a population level 1 group of creatures 50 points would cost 11 acts. Giving a population level 5 group of creatures 50 points would cost 35 acts.

If a creature is sentient and unwilling to be changed, the cost to alter their abilities is multiplied by the Population Modifier. For example, if Spawnson is marching his Population 5 army of Squid-Monkeys with 50 Points in Flaming Punches against Doodyn, Doodyn has to spend 165 (35*5) acts to change that 50 Points in Flaming Punches to 50 Points in Lowered Birthrate. This is technically possible, but getting that amount of acts is going to take awhile and spending them on that is a waste since Spawnson can fix it for a mere 35 acts.

Creatures can work together with their abilities. The power in acts of a group of creatures using their abilities is equal to the ability score/10*(Population+1). This was done so that large amounts of creatures wouldn’t be ridiculously powerful. Under these rules, 2000 50 Point Telekinetic creatures only have 30 acts worth of telekinetic force to throw around instead of 100,000 acts worth.

Creatures also have an intelligence level. They can be non-sentient, tribal, civilized, or geniuses. Non-sentient creatures are unable to worship gods. Tribal creatures can make simple tools. Civilized creatures can make airplanes and similarly advanced things. Genius creatures can make all sorts of sci-fi gizmos. The cost to increase a creature’s intelligence is 10*Population.

For 15 acts, 5 new blank creatures can be created. They will essentially be worms until a demigod gives them some abilities and defines their shape.

The third word of the secret phrase is: “your”

Demigods can imbue items with divine power, which gives them abilities just like demigods and creatures. Each artifact can have a maximum of 30 points of abilities. Artifacts made of certain special materials may be able to hold 40 points of abilities. It costs (ability points)/10*2 acts to alter or enhance an artifact’s abilities.

To gain the benefits of an artifact, the user must wield it in some way. The user would gain the abilities of a sword in his hand, but not the one in his scabbard. Likewise an enchanted shirt would offer its abilities to someone wearing it, but not if it’s folded up in a backpack.

Artifacts must be made of physical materials harvested or manufactured from the world. A demigod cannot just will an artifact into existence, though they could create the raw materials and then forge that into an Artifact. Artifacts must also be able to be stolen or destroyed. You can have abilities that make it teleport back to you, but then its real abilities probably won’t be that strong.

Artifacts have some damage resistance against mundane things. To destroy one it usually takes either divine power or dramatically being thrown into a volcano.

The last word of the secret phrase is: “humvee”

Current Rules on Page 12.

Combat between divine beings is designed to be epic and generally quick. Opposing players will post what they’re going to do and how they’re going to do it. The relative difference between their effective acts will be tallied up and the player with the most epic post will get a 20 act bonus. The loser will be knocked into “Last Stand” mode. This means that the enemy can kill the loser on the next turn if the loser does not either run away or overcome the enemy. If the act difference is 10 or less, BOTH divine creatures will be knocked into last stand. To kill an enemy in last stand, the act difference much be 10 or more, otherwise they just stay in last stand for another round. Last stand expires on the next turn, so both demigods will be back to full then if both survive the turn.

Doing something sneaky is a great way to get the upper hand in a combat, or to spite the victor if you lose. If you wish to do something sneaky, PM the GM. Acts will still be visibly deducted for sneaky stuff, so observant players may know something is up. Sneaky things are not blasting energy bolts, more like getting an ally with an artifact blade to backstab the demigod you distracted.

Divine beings are highly durable and cannot normally be killed by mortals. This does not mean that a mortal cannot put a demigod in last stand and knock it out. Mortals can deliver the killing blow when equipped with a divine artifact weapon or in some cases a weapon made of very high quality materials, but this is rare.

Combat between mortal armies is handled similarly. Instead of “Last Stand”, the losing mortal army loses the act difference times the population of the winner in creatures. If the act difference is 15 or less, both sides lose units. Mortal armies must all be the same species (it’s the same as a population) though different armies may attack at the same time.

For divine vs. mortal combat, the mortal army loses units as if the enemy’s population modifier was 5. The divine will be put into Last Stand if it loses, but it cannot be killed unless the mortal wields an artifact weapon or a weapon made from Enth-Metal. Otherwise if a mortal defeats a divine in Last Stand, the divine is unconscious long enough for the mortals to imprison it. If the act difference is 10 or less, the god is knocked into last stand and the mortal army loses units.

If a mortal army is traveling through dangerous territory with Elemental Hazards they have no protection against, they lose units as if the Hazard’s population modifier was 1.

Every attack has a Primary Damage Type and an Elemental Damage Type. The Primary Damage Type is either Physical(Whacking someone) or Magical(Affecting the soul or sneaking through physical defenses). The Elemental Damage Type can be one of many different things described later and is mostly for flavor. The damage type is important when gauging the power of a defensive ability. Some natural hazards do purely Elemental damage and are thus harder to block. A basic punch is usually Physical and Earth.

Like all things, the limits are your imagination and ability to make it make sense.

Change the second word of the secret phrase to “was”.

Active abilities are things the demigod actively uses. Such as a Fireball or Telekinesis. Active Abilities are usually used as weapons, though sometimes they are for utility. In combat they do Acts worth of Damage equal to their Ability Power divided by 10. Active Abilities that are meant to damage must do either Physical or Magical damage and do some type of Elemental Damage. (If it’s just a punch, it’s probably Physical and Earth). Attack Active abilities usually have some very small utility outside of combat such as a Strong demigod being able to lift heavy boulders.

An example of an Active Ability that is about the utility is a Camouflage Ability. Such an ability would be useful for sneaking up on enemies for sneak attacks. Once the user is discovered however, they won’t be able to blend back in well enough for it to make a difference in the following combat. Travel abilities also fall under Active Utility.

A player has to declare that they’re using an active ability to use it. If a player doesn’t say they’re using an ability, or has to react to something but can’t (In the case of sneak attacks, being restrained, or being unconscious), that ability is not used.

Passive abilities are abilities that are always in affect, usually in the form of an Aura or Defense. Because Passives can have unintentional and sometimes disastrous side effects (Bringing your Aura of Disease into an allied village of mortals), these abilities can be toggled on or off once per turn like an active ability. Passives that are toggled on will count even when you are unable to use active abilities, but if you wouldn’t be able to use an active ability you can’t toggle it.

Defensive passive abilities are triggered by being attacked in a specific way. Defenses block a Primary Damage Type(Physical or Magical) and one Elemental Damage Type(Only the Secondary Elements). If you are attacked with The Primary Damage Type of your defense, the full power of the defense applies. If you are attacked with the Elemental Damage Type of your defense, the full power of the defense applies. If you are attacked with one of the Primary Elements that make up your defense’s Elemental Damage Type, half your defense’s power is applied. If your defense perfectly counters an attack (Primary Damage Type and Elemental Damage Type both match your defense), then 1.5 times your defense’s power is applied. This only happens in rare cases and usually through some trickery. If the damage is purely elemental, the full defense applies and it isn’t multiplied.

Auras are an affect within an area around the creature. Beneficial effects usually require the creature being affected to act to mean anything. Detrimental effects usually cause all nearby damage and the type of damage is determined the same way it is for Active Attacks. Take note that a demigod cannot be affected by his own aura. This means the Aura of Razor Dust around Kilgore won’t cut him to pieces and Palados’s Aura of Justice won’t make him fight harder. Detrimental auras affect everyone near the demigod, but beneficial auras only affect your allies. Auras are the reason Passive Abilities can be toggled. This way you can turn off your Detrimental auras before walking into a friendly village.

Auras apply their power equally to all creatures that can be affected within them. So if Kilgore is surrounded by 9 enemies and 1 ally, he can turn on his detrimental 100 Point Razor Dust Aura to deal 1 Act worth of damage to each of the creatures (The extra Act of damage isn’t counted against his side to prevent being punished twice for harming an ally, but the ability still technically affects the enemies less). On the flip side, Palados is surrounded by 5 allies and 5 enemies. Turning on his 100 Point Aura of Justice will give each of his allies 2 Acts worth of boosted strength.

Pros and Cons of Different Ability Types
Active Abilities are good for attacking and pulling off cool stunts. They are generally the straightest forward of abilities, but can be used creatively if need be. Their main drawback is that you have to be aware of why you’re attacking to use them. If you can’t for some reason, they are useless.

Defenses are purely reactionary and can only be used when someone else attacks you. They’re great for stopping sneak attacks or any time when an Active Ability wouldn’t work and they also have the highest potential Return per Ability Point in combat. To balance this, they only work in specific situations and become useless if you aren’t attacked by what they defend against.

Auras are for lone wolves and for leaders. Detrimental Auras are more effective when it’s just you versus your enemy(s), but hurt your team if surrounded by allies. Beneficial Auras are strongest when in a group of allies, but are useless when you’re alone. Auras can be used when Active Abilities can’t work and even when you’re not being attacked.

Other Abilities
You can have pretty much whatever kind of ability you want as long as you run it by me so I can try to balance it. Abilities with added benefits usually become less effective at each benefit they have and abilities with conditions or drawbacks are often stronger than their Ability Points would otherwise say.

Abilities don’t have to be focused on combat. A demigod could be very perceptive as a passive ability to prevent sneak attacks or they could be very charming to help get mortals on their side.

Heat, Water, Earth, Air, Light, Dark
Heat+Earth = Magma

Reason for having them
Most abilities have an elemental effect. Actives can often use this effect in some way outside of just attacking. For example, someone with a fireball power can light a fire with the fireball provided there is kindling. Don’t abuse this and have your fireball thrower try to hold one in his hand to light a tunnel. Passive Auras often have unintended effects from their element, such as an aura of smog choking your loyal subjects, which is why passives can be toggled. Defensive abilities defend against either Physical or Magical and one Secondary Element. They apply their full power if hit by their primary damage type or their elemental type and apply half their power if hit by a Primary Element that makes their elemental type.

Elements in Nature
The other reason to have elements is to help classify the natural hazards around Nur. You may find unforgiving places that deal pure elemental damage. It can’t kill a demigod alone, but it may slow you down, give an edge to an enemy, or weaken your mortal armies.

Getting around the rules
A clever god knows how to turn the battle in their favor, usually by using the environment. For example, Frost Lord has 100 Ability Points in his Glacial Soul Shield, a Defense applied on Magical and Fire attacks. He is opposed by Pyrus who has 50 Ability Points in Fireball, an Active that’s Physical and Fire, and 50 Ability Points in Ring of Heat, an Aura that’s Magical and Heat. Glacial Soul Shield will apply its full power against Fireball because Fireball does Fire damage. Glacial Soul Shield will apply its full power against Ring of Heat because it does Magical damage. Using both abilities against Frost Lord will end up doing nothing, and using just one will end up hurting Pyrus.

In the area where the two are fighting, there happens to be a vat of Acid on stilts. Pyrus first toggles off his Ring of Heat so that it does not accidently set off Frost Lord’s Glacial Soul Shield. Then he shoots a Fireball at the stilts holding up the Acid. The stilts break and the Acid comes crashing down on Frost Lord dealing 5 Acts worth of Pure Acid Damage. The amount of damage is the same as Pyrus’s Fireball ability, but the type of damage is a different element and purely elemental because he used the surrounding area to deliver the attack. Frost Lord has no defense against the Acid and goes in to Last Stand. The Acid is used up now though, so Pyrus is going to have to think of something else if he wants to actually kill Frost Lord.

In another example, Zelus has 100 Ability Points in his Tough Hide that blocks Physical and Dust (Earth+Air) damage. Geos is fighting him and has 100 Ability Points in his Mystic Shards ability that does Magical and Earth damage. If Geos hits Zelus with the Mystic Shards, it will do 5 Acts worth of damage to Zelus because only half of his defense will apply.

However, Zelus spends one Act to create a wall of wind between him and Geos that lasts until the end of the turn. When Geos’s Mystic Shards pass through the wall, their Earth element is affected by the wall’s Air element and they become a pure Dust attack instead of a Magic/Earth attack. Zelus can use his full defense against the Dust attack, and can shrug off the altered Mystic Shards. Additionally, the 1 Act spent on the wall helps him in this combat and ends up putting Geos into Last Stand. The same trick might work twice to finish off Geos, but it is unlikely Geos’s player would be that stupid now that he’s seen it happen.

Change the first word of the secret phrase to “Smeargle”.

Acts are gained from the worship of mortals. Each turn a demigod gains acts equal to 3*(the level of all populations that worship him)*sphere modifier. The demigod gains a bonus equal to the highest population that worships him in the area he ends the turn in.

Even demigods need to eat every turn, and if they do not they will only gain half the acts they would have normally. When a demigod ends its turn in an area with resource level 3 or above, it is assumed they will eat automatically. In lower resource levels, it’s a good idea to bring food because foraging may be difficult.

If you do not post between updates, your demigod will receive half act gain and be put into Last Stand Mode. This is because I like to keep things moving, and if a cheap munchkin takes out your demigod the game will progress more quickly. If you tell me beforehand that you will miss an update, you will not be put in Last Stand but will still receive half act gain.

For extra credit, italicize the secret phrase.

Fill out the form correctly and the best 5-6 will be allowed into the game.
Abilities: You have 100 points to spend. Please spend them in multiples of 10.
Starting Location: Pick a Point. Due to Natural Hazards, you can’t start at D or O without a specific type of Elemental Defense.
Description: A short paragraph describing your demigod’s looks and motivations.
Secret Phrase:

[Image: Nur-Map.gif]
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RE: Demigodhood Trials: Return to Nur [OOC]
You don't need to know these by heart or anything, but they're here for reference.

Remember to bold your actions so I can find them easily when I'm looking back through the posts for an update.

Occasionally, I will pull some bullshit in order to make a better story or to alter the length of the game. This is called “Story Magic”. For example, if you defeat an NPC army much more easily than you should have, I might say they have reserves at a place no one has visited yet. It’s not necessarily fair, but it should at least be interesting. You have been warned.

You can get detailed information on a Location you're at or a nearby creature for 1 act. It won't tell you everything, but it should be about enough. You can't do this on divine beings.

A demigod can move about the distance from Point A to Point K in 1 turn, assuming no difficult terrain. They can get travel abilities that can allow them to move more quickly such as Swimming or Flying. Some travel abilities can ignore certain difficult terrain or only work in some types of terrain. Difficult terrain are things like water, mountains, or storms. Travel abilities that are more versatile often move slightly slower.

You have a 5/20 chance to sneak up on anything, +1 per act (or 10 points in an ability) spent on sneaking and -1 per act spent by the target on perception. On a successful sneak attack, the target can’t apply their Active Abilities, and you’ll probably knock them in to last stand. After a sneak attack, the target will be aware of you and you can’t do it again without running away first.

At the end of each turn, there will be an event. It will usually be something related to the story, but if no particular story event is taking place I will randomly roll for an event. Usually, this involves creating storms in an area to add temporary Elemental Hazards and slow travel.

Demigods can only store 100 acts before the divine backup becomes a problem. If a demigod has 100 or more acts at the end of their turn, they will receive half act gain on their next turn. To hold more acts, demigods can make objects into banks for the cost of 1 act per 1 act of storage space. A bank cannot store more than 100 acts, but you can just make another one if you really need it. Storing acts in a bank can be risky, as any demigod can withdraw those acts by simply touching the bank.

Page 3, post 112

Page 13
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RE: Demigodhood Trials: Return to Nur [OOC]
Name: Elmund
Sphere: Physical Prowess
Evasion (20): An active ability which, when used will give Elmund a very good chance to evade an attack altogether. When this ability is declared, a specific evasive action must also be chosen and the attack will not be dodged unless the chosen motion would reasonably be effective against the attack type. For example, Elmund cannot dodge a cloud of poison by sidestepping. Evasion is more effective if other actions are not taken on the same turn.
Might(20): A passive ability which is basically just brute force. This ability is particularly effective when Elmund uses melee attacks.
Speed(30): A passive ability which allows Elmund to do everything from running quickly to throwing a rapid barrage of punches. In addition to this, slow attacks can always be dodged even if Elmund messes up with evasion.
Resilience(20): A defensive ability which protects against physical attacks and Disease Elemental attacks.
Size(10): A passive ability. Elmund is pretty darn big. Not 'leviathan princess' big, but still pretty big.
Starting Location: M
Description: Elmund is approximately 25 feet tall, covered in dark yellow scales with patches of thick dark brown hair. It has seven claws on its two hands and feet, but its claws are actually rather dull and don't hurt much considering they belong to a demigod. Elmunds fists and feet on the other hand are proportionally very large and can hit extremely hard. He also has a 40 foot long tail which is very flexible that Elmund can use to constrict opponents. Elmund has red eyes, a flat nose, a complete lack of any facial horns, and a mouth that is just large enough to fit a Squinky inside it.

Elmund was once a mortal martial artist, albeit one of great talent. Upon emerging victorious in a tournament of great prestige the local gods of his home universe gave Elmund the gift of divinity. Elmund constantly seeks to hone his skills against tougher and tougher opponents, challenging even dragons and leviathans. After Elmund realized that none who walk the mortal plane could possibly challenge him it didn't take long until Elmund left to take part in the Trials.
Secret Phrase: Smurfgol was my homeboy
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RE: Demigodhood Trials: Return to Nur [OOC]
Glad to have you SN. It will be interesting to see how many of the plot threads from the last game you can pick out. I'll work on making some notes about your abilities so we can nail down exactly how they work when I'm at my desktop instead of just this phone.
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RE: Demigodhood Trials: Return to Nur [OOC]
Don't you think Smoke and Smog might be too similar? Maybe you could change into Heat+Air into lightning or something?

Also, I've been thinking of having a demigod that transforms between two forms at certain time intervals, and then get it's sphere affected by it. Like, in one form it gets a bigger discount one Acts that bolster it's sphere while losing it's discount on Acts that diminish it's sphere, and vice versa for the other form. Would this be allowed?
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RE: Demigodhood Trials: Return to Nur [OOC]
The problem with the secret phrase is that it only works once if you post it on the thread. If I were you I would make it so that people have to PM it to you instead. Or you can change it after every application if you want to refresh this page constantly.
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RE: Demigodhood Trials: Return to Nur [OOC]
Smoke and Smog might be pretty similar, but I want to keep Smoke because I've used it as an environmental hazard. If you can think of another name for Air+Dark I'll probably use it. The elements are pretty arbitrary anyway; you could replace them with colors and it'd work just as well.

Lightning falls under the Energy element for the most part since it's Light and Air. If we wanted to move it over to Heat and Air we'd have to replace Light and Air with something and put Smoke somewhere else since I want to keep it. The only thing I can think of to take Energy's place for Light+Air is Glitter, and do you really want that as a basic building block of the universe?


Anyway Druplesnubb, transforming based on time intervals. The only real measurement of "time" in this game are the Turns. Day and Night only really happen when it's thematically appropriate and aren't mentioned all that much. We could have you in one form on Even Turns and the other on Odd Turns if that works for you?

I'm not entirely sure what you're asking about the act thing, so I'm just going to go with an example of what I think you're asking.

EXAMPLE) Keven and Kodd are one demigod with an ability called Split Personality(50). On even turns, Keven is in control and his sphere is Light. On odd turns, Kodd is in control and his sphere is darkness. Because Split Personality lets the spheres swap like this it's other effects are less powerful, but since Keven and Kodd's player doesn't have complete control over the switch, it doesn't cost too much. The other effects will be treated like Split Personality(40).

The other effects are these: When Keven is in control he gains a discount of 6 acts when he performs a Light miracle and Darkness miracles cost an extra 6 Acts. This is reversed for Kodd who can perform Darkness miracles for 6 acts less and is charged 6 acts more for Light miracles. Since the ability is treated as Split Personality(40) the bonus would be 4 acts, but since the detriment is added I bumped it up to 6 acts, which is what it would be multiplied by 1.5.

Note that Keven and Kodd have to spend at least 1 act for the discount to take effect. Keven can't just say he's using 6 acts to do something light based when he has 0 acts to spend, and the same with Kodd for darkness.

Obviously your sphere doesn't have to be based on the elements I have in the list; I just did that for an easy example. If you're going to have a split personality type thing like I described, your spheres should probably be thematically opposite though.

Does that answer your question Druplesnubb? Or did me explaining my thinking for the ability just make it more confusing?


You're right about the phrase SN, but I don't really care about it enough to cross-reference PMs. If they went through the trouble of finding it in someone else's post, they probably care enough to look over the rules.
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RE: Demigodhood Trials: Return to Nur [OOC]
Sphere: Physical Prowess
-Nice and abstract. This will probably get you discounts on giving creatures abilities that make them buff and if you need to spend acts to lift something heavy. Other stuff too, if you can twist it to make sense.

-An interesting ability. I'll say it has a %chance of working equal to the amount of ability points spent in it, so right now it's at 20%. In return for not working all the time, it's 1.5 times as effective when it does work. As for the other part of it, you can make it your only action and it will work 100% and gain a flat +10. All this means is that in combat it can have a value of 0 acts if it misses or they don't attack you in the first place, 3 acts if it works, or 4 acts guaranteed if you focus on it and take no other actions. Since combat is really just comparing numbers, the "dodging" is mostly flavor; however if an ability has another effect (like an ice beam freezing you) the beam's power is still counted but you don't get frozen.

-Basically a punch or something. Active melee attack (Physical/Earth) worth 2 acts in combat. You can also lift heavy stuff.

-This is kind of a mix between a travel ability and a combat ability, and I think you want it to lean more toward combat. I'm going to call it an active passive. While you are awake and moving, this ability is worth 2 acts in combat, even if you're not aware of your attacker. Additionally, you can travel 1 unit farther in a turn over land, but you can still be slowed down by rivers and mountains.

-A basic defensive ability (Physical/Disease). I'll go ahead and spoil that this isn't a bad combination.

-This ability sounds like it's mostly for flavor, but that isn't a bad thing. I'm quite tall in real life and I know that being big will get you attention; this ability will probably help you get mortals to worship you a bit more easily and maybe acts like Might for lifting large things since you can get a better grip. It probably helps you climb mountains and ford shallow water since you can just stand up in it. You're not huge enough to stand over most trees though.


Point M is what you think it is, but not exactly. Also, there are no Squnkies in this universe.
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RE: Demigodhood Trials: Return to Nur [OOC]
oh, hum. Yes hello, mr. Wulfe. You've been planning this for a while, i assume?
02-07-2014, 10:25 AM
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RE: Demigodhood Trials: Return to Nur [OOC]
It's like getting the band back together! :D I didn't even think you browsed this forum.

I started writing it last summer and I'm still working on a few special treats for when people discover certain story events. So yeah, I've been working on it for a while.
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RE: Demigodhood Trials: Return to Nur [OOC]
Oh, i watch 'em, hoping for some gem of a game to show up. Unfortunately, wardengreen has mysteriously disappeared since the last game, but im sure you already knew that. He always had the best posts.

i'll admit im not much of a fan of your new elemental type system thing. Too much gimmicky stuff for my liking to try and be forcibly sneaky, but i suppose it could work pretty well regardless.

And, you know, first thing i thought of was. Hell, lets take that one named komodan i had last game and make him into an actual character. He went on the space pirate ship too along with the other guy, right? (i dont even remember) I suppose he could magically have gained fancy powers instead of dying in the explosion, right? You wouldnt kill me if i did something like that, would you?
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RE: Demigodhood Trials: Return to Nur [OOC]
Name: Arktos
Sphere: Apathy.
Apathy Field(passive): 30 points. Radiates an aura of apathy.(magical, energy damage type)
Infuse Apathy(active): 30 points: makes a target not care about their current action. (magical, energy damage type)
Evasion(passive):20 points. Too apathetic to get hit. Fireballs are boring. (physical, fire damage defense type)
Speed(passive): 20 points. Too apathetic to go slow.
Starting Location: He doesn't care. Spawn in A or something.
Description: "Give me something. Apathy, i guess." When Arktos was given his power, he didn't really try. The god of his universe who gave him that power took it literally, and so the demigod of apathy was born. His form is how he looked before his powers, a human with a look of pure apathy, and generally doesn't change. He's too apathetic to. He has no motivations except spreading apathy because it makes his life easier.
Secret Phrase: Smurfgol was my homeboy

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RE: Demigodhood Trials: Return to Nur [OOC]
CW, Carn (that was his name right?) could totally be a workable deity. I think at the end of that game I was really tired and said the explosion threw them backwards in time or something anyway. It was actually Carn's mind in one of the presence pods and he would be divine now so honestly he could look like whatever you want him to. Having a servant of Dai'shar here could actually create some interesting plot stuff.

As for the elements, I'll admit it isn't perfect, but I think it's balanced. It allows for more damage types than just Physical or Magical and lets me add some Environmental Hazards so the terrain people fight in really matters. It's also not elemental rock paper scissors, which I feel like has been done a bit too much.

Donuts, Arktos's abilities are a little vague. I guess the Apathy Field is a detrimental aura? In that case, it needs a damage type (probably something like Magical/Dark) or some more clear affects. Infuse Apathy is an attack? Give it a damage type. Evasion also needs a damage type to defend against. I guess speed is a travel ability for moving quickly over land?
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RE: Demigodhood Trials: Return to Nur [OOC]
Alright, fixed. Speed is to move over land, yes.

dC Wrote:donut is A FILTHY TRAITOR unreliable
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RE: Demigodhood Trials: Return to Nur [OOC]
I dont even remember anything. I need to go reread the endings. I even forgot who ascended like come on thats a pretty major thing.

Also on the note of the elements thing - you're missing Mind, so if i may, i would suggest substiting smog for mind. The combination might not make perfect sense, but...
02-07-2014, 11:09 AM
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RE: Demigodhood Trials: Return to Nur [OOC]
The Leviathan Princess let some mook ascend because the thought of becoming a god who wouldn't need to eat horrified her.

On another note, A defensive skill should either protect against physical or magical damage in addition to an element, although I think its perfectly legal to just have a high resistance to an element alone.
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RE: Demigodhood Trials: Return to Nur [OOC]
No, you definitely need to have Physical/Magical along with the Element for attacks and defenses. Being only an Element is what makes Natural Hazards deadly (They're harder to block because the type of resistance is rarer). That being said, expending acts could do pure elemental damage if you wanted, but abilities should be Physical/Magical and Element.

Defenses have to be Physical/Magical and a Secondary Element (Anything but Heat, Air, Water, Earth, Light, or Dark). This is because they would be slightly overpowered if they blocked on a Primary Element. Blocking on a secondary lets them apply at least part of their power to 3 different elemental damage types. Blocking on a Primary Element would let you apply at least part of it to 6 different elemental damage types.

So Donut, add Physical or Magical to your abilities that do damage or defend and change Evasion to a Secondary Element.
02-07-2014, 12:25 PM
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RE: Demigodhood Trials: Return to Nur [OOC]
fixed again

dC Wrote:donut is A FILTHY TRAITOR unreliable
02-07-2014, 01:43 PM
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RE: Demigodhood Trials: Return to Nur [OOC]
That works Donut.

Sphere: Apathy
-I can't easily think of what you'd get a discount on other than mind-controlling mortals into being apathetic/lazy. That's fine though, it fits your character.

Apathy Field
-I'm gonna mentally flavor this as this causing the organs of creatures around you to stop caring and begin to shut down. Remember, this can hurt allies too if you don't remember to toggle it off before getting near them.

Infuse Apathy
-If you want a straight attack, then this is just a power blast worth 3 acts in combat. If you want it to make creatures stop caring as an added affect, it'd be worth 2 acts in combat. Creatures of Tribal intelligence or lower will stop attacking and not care about anything for a turn if hit. Civilized may be affected after a few hits, and Genius creatures can shrug off most mind altering affects unless repeatedly exposed.

The rest of the abilities are a basic defense and a basic travel ability. They work.
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RE: Demigodhood Trials: Return to Nur [OOC]
What is the average time commitment required for this game? How long time is there between turns and how long do you expect the average post to be?
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RE: Demigodhood Trials: Return to Nur [OOC]
I will try to post every 24 hours and hopefully everyone playing will post during that time.

As for average post size, it only has to be a few sentences. If you're in battle you probably want a bunch of flavor and story for the 20 act epic post bonus, but if you're not fighting anything you can just say something like: "My demigod moves to point L and investigates the area" and be done. You just have to show you're paying attention, you don't really have to spend acts or anything if you don't want to.
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RE: Demigodhood Trials: Return to Nur [OOC]
Name: Dynama, The Storm Whelp

Sphere: Storms

Stormcloud Illusion: Dynama creates and manipulates cumulonimbus clouds. She can either manipulate them into specific shapes, such as that of a much larger and more mature dragon to act as her avatar, or just spread them around like a fog for general elusiveness. They can discharge and hit anyone around, for Energy damage. (30, Passive Aura, hampers surroundings with clouds that obscure vision and can cause high Magical Energy damage at random.)
CumulonimBOSS: Dynama's natural affinity with storms give her numerous advantages when travelling through stormy conditions. She is less impeded by bad weather, giving her better manoeuvrability in strong winds and including slight resistances to most elemental damage types a storm might give. This is both her standard moisture cloud fare and sandstorms as well. (20, Passive, Unaffected by Environmental Storms in terms of damage, manoeuvrability, or vision.)
Flying (20): Dynama has wings, being a young Storm Drake. Therefore, she can fly. And she's quite good at it, too.
Lightning Fast(20): Dynama is in possession of some very high-level sensory organs, for detecting even minute changes in airflow and electric fields. Her reflexes are also through the roof. If those senses tell her to, she will move to dodge instantly, avoiding Physical and Energy damage.
Hailstone: Sure, it may not be the most conventional weapon, even for a weather god, but those large chunks of Ice can do some serious damage. She can either make a spray of small chunks or hurl a pineapple-sized ball of ice. (Physical, Ice, Active, 10)

Starting Location: X.

Description: Dynama is a small black dragon whelp with electricity continually sparking on her body and small, ice-like horns. She is loud, brash and overconfident, and it's caused her plenty of trouble in the past. The mantle of divinity was suddenly and inexplicably thrust upon her and she's still figuring out how everything works, but her gung-ho attitude and natural cunning usually makes up for a lack of technical skill.

Dynama has serious trouble getting respect in her home universe. Becoming a demigod halted her aging at the age of a young child, and she has to use a storm cloud illusion just to get treated seriously. She's hoping becoming a god proper will finally give her the power she needs to earn some god damn respect for once.

Smurfgol was my Homeboy

Suggestions: Maybe you should change the secret phrase each time you do a review? Also, Dark+Air could be Fear, or Sorrow, r just more general Emotions.
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RE: Demigodhood Trials: Return to Nur [OOC]
Leafsw0rd I like your demigod. One might say that Storms is a sphere close to my heart.

Sphere: Storms
-Creating storms, ending storms, calling down bolts of lighting, or calling forth gusts of wind. You'll find something you can do with this.

Stormcloud Illusion
-Damaging abilities and defenses have to be Physical/Magical and an Element. I'm gonna say this is Magical/Energy unless you want it to be physical. An interesting mix of Beneficial and Detrimental Auras. Because of the extra utility, I'm gonna say it's only worth 2 acts in combat, but it also gives you +3 to you and your nearby allies for sneaking. So if you want to do a sneak attack, you have an 8/20 chance of pulling it off. Remember this can hurt allies, but because it's random it's less likely to hurt allies if there are more enemies around you.

-Being immune to storms' special effects is probably very useful to you, because I have written down in my rules that they slow flyers and sea travelers doubly. Here's the ability needs some ironing out in the defensive department. Regular storms have Air and Water Elemental Hazards, and thunder storms have that plus an Energy natural hazard. This ability could make you immune to the hazards caused by a storm, but ONLY in a storm. If someone squirts you with water or conjures a gust of wind you won't be immune. Sandstorms are also fundamentally different (Dust instead of Water, Air, and Energy) and won't be affected by this ability. You could instead make this a defense (Perhaps Physical/Mist or Physical/Dust so you could get some defense on regular storms and full defense on sandstorms), but it would be pretty weak since some of the power is used for being immune to winds slowing your flying.

-A good travel ability. Because flying is so versatile, you only get to move 1 extra unit. However, you won't be slowed down by mountains or rivers and because of CumulonimBOSS you won't be slowed by Storms (flying's main weakness). Flying also lets you stay out of range of melee attacks and auras, making it worth 1 act in combat if applicable.

Small and Quick
-We could have this work like I said Elmund's Evasion does where you have a chance of dodging things, but might fail unless it's the only thing you do. On the other hand, it could just be a defense (Physical/Energy) flavored so that Dynama is so fast she can dodge lightning. It's up to you.

-A basic attack, it works.


Eh, I'm on this thread enough that I could probably change the phrase each time I review someone's abilities. THE PHRASE SHALL CHANGE FROM HERE ON OUT.

Fear works for Dark+Air. It reminds me of Fiddle's crows in LoL…
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RE: Demigodhood Trials: Return to Nur [OOC]
Name: Shutterfly

Sphere: Life (which of course also includes stuff related to death)

Phase Shift (30, passive): Every x number of turns Shutterfly will switch between butterfly form and moth form. In butterfly form, the discount for acts that create or bolster life are increased, while acts that destroy or weaken life lose their discount, and vice versa for when in moth form. Acts that merely reconfigures life are unaffected by this. Cannot be turned off.
Life Transfer (30, active): Strengthens and heals one target while hurting and weakening another. In butterfly form, the heal/buff is stronger than the attack/debuff, and vice versa in moth form. The attack is magic/light in butterfly form and magic/dark in moth form.
Mystical Shroud (10, passive): In butterfly form Shutterfly's wings shine with beautiful colors that increases it's charisma/persuasiveness/whatever. In moth form the wings seem to make Shutterfly alot more blurry, making it harder to see. Only works while flying.
Flight (10, passive): Allows Shutterfly to pass over obstacles, travel faster and evade attacks. Only works while flying.
Rebirth (20, passive): When Shutterfly is close to death, a protective cocoon (physical/dust) appears around it, inside which Shutterfly rapidly regains health. Shutterfly will remain in the cocoon until fully healed or the cocoon is destroyed. When emerging from the cocoon, Shutterfly's form will be opposite of what it was when entering the cocoon. and the "timer" for the Phase shift ability is reset. Rebirth can't be activated again until the next time Shutterfly changes shape.

Starting Location: F

Originally the result of a divine lab experiment gone wrong, Shutterfly quickly became popular among the gods, gaining alot more visitors than most other lab animals did due to it's strange abilities (and it's adorableness). When it was about to be used for some less-than-safe experiments, one of it's fans stole it from the lab, raised it to demigodhood and sent it to one of the planets.
While Shutterfly is large for a bug (google image search Atlas Moth or Queen Alexandra's Birdwing for an idea), it's still pretty small compared to most demigods. As a butterfly it's wings shine in several beautiful colors while as a moth they're grey and unassuming, although that kind of thing can have it's own kind of charm, you know.
Part of the demigod package was sapient intelligence and stength disproprtionate to it's size (since there are no stats in this game I assume I can be somewhat level with the others physically without having to put any Ability Points in it). It also possesses the power of speech, although the words sound pretty funny coming from it's weird mouth(s).
Shutterfly's personality varies wildly between forms. For example, the butterfly is energetic and optimistic while the moth is depressed and and antisocial. And while both forms are crazy for music, the butterfly likes cheesy love ballads while the moth prefers angsty emo songs.

Secret Phrase: Smogon was my homeboy

(Is it okay that I don't have any physical attacks or will that lead to problems?)
(I never specified how many turns there was between each form change since I thought you should decide that. You know the pacing of the game better than I do and there's also the matter of balancing Rebirth. I want to change shape somewhat frequently while still getting to spend some time before having to switch again.)
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RE: Demigodhood Trials: Return to Nur [OOC]
I'll do a full review later, but I can say a few things now from my phone. Because of flight's utility, you have to put 10 more points in it to move any faster. Cocoon works and I already have rules for something similar, but it's not very strong. Unless an ally carries you away, you'll probably still die. You'll probably change every two turns since you don't want to flip every turn. Your attacks are fine.

Also, I changed the secret phrase while you were typing all that out.
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RE: Demigodhood Trials: Return to Nur [OOC]
Yeah, well I edited my secret phase while you were typing that :p How many turns would the cocoon need to turn me to full health? Also, how quickly do we get new Ability Points? I'm thinking on either boosting Rebirth and/or Flight now or just buff them when I get more points in the game.
02-08-2014, 04:34 AM
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RE: Demigodhood Trials: Return to Nur [OOC]
I believe that you don't just 'get' ability points. If you want a new ability you would need to drain it from either a dead demigod or at least a creature with divine properties such as an experiment made by genius type mortals. If you want to enhance something specific like flight, I would recommend making an artifact.
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RE: Demigodhood Trials: Return to Nur [OOC]

Sphere: Life/Death
-A solid choice. Life probably makes it easier to alter living creatures and death makes it cheaper to just straight up kill things. Life could probably let you bring mortals back from the dead, and Death (by tradition) will let you make undead.

Phase Shift
-I think in the Keven and Kodd example I made this power too strong, so here's how we're doing it now. You shift between Butterfly and Moth every 2 turns, changing your Sphere. When you're a butterfly, Life miracles are 3 acts cheaper and Death miracles are 3 acts more expensive. Acts spent to just change a creature's abilities don't get this bonus, but stuff like strengthening a creature or killing some creatures do. The opposite is true as a Moth. If someone kills you and eats your heart, they get the sphere you had when you died and it doesn't change.

Life Transfer
-This is pretty much just an attack with a different element depending on your form. The healing bit is mostly flavor because of the way combat works, but I'm going to say that if you heal someone that immediately runs away or turns on you, part of power of this ability doesn't count in that combat. Be careful who you trust.

Mystic Shroud
-This is probably always in effect because I imagine you will probably be flapping your wings gracefully to float in the air instead of landing most of the time. In Butterfly form you can get mortals to worship you more easily, and in Moth form you have a 6/20 instead of 5/20 chance to sneak up on someone.

-As I said, this isn't strong enough to make you travel faster just yet. It still has a value of 1 act in combat if you stay out of melee/aura range and when traveling regularly you aren't slowed by mountains or water. In storms you're slowed doubly, so it's probably better to just land and walk. Land travel is slowed in storms too, but less than flying. Of course, when you're walking you lose Mystic Shroud.

-When killed, you go into stasis for 1 turn. In stasis, you can't use any active abilities so only your passives apply. You go into a cocoon in stasis that works as 3 acts worth of Physical/Dust defense. It would be only 2, but since this ability basically has a 2 turn cool down I boosted it to 1.5 times. You can be carried away in your cocoon, meaning an ally could get you to safety or an enemy could throw you in magma for dramatic effect. After 1 turn in the stasis cocoon, you come back fully healed.


Supernerd is right for the most part, but in this game I'm allowing you to take abilities from mortal creatures. The fourth paragraph in the abilities section explains how to get more ability points. The short answer for getting better flight is to find a bird, kill it, and eat its wings.

Artifacts work too though, and through them you could technically have more than 100 points in flight. I'm not sure why you'd even need to move that quickly, but you could.

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RE: Demigodhood Trials: Return to Nur [OOC]
Ok, so healing doesn't really exist in this combat system, but does buffs exist? Like the target that is on the "gaining" end of the Life Transfer becomes more powerful for one turn or something?

Edit: Also, if I got 10 more points in Phase Shift, how would that change the cost of the acts?
02-08-2014, 06:11 AM
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RE: Demigodhood Trials: Return to Nur [OOC]
Buffs do exist. For the Life transfer, the flavor is that you hurt an enemy and you make an ally strong enough to do more damage.

Combat is basically comparing how many acts one side spent vs how many acts the other side spent. Then you have to take in to account the variability of abilities which changes how much of the abilities's power is applied, other factors like positioning and stuff, and then the better writer gets a 20 acts bonus. This bonus isn't given vs NPCs.

Putting 10 more points in Phase Shift would mean the act modifier would be 4. I'm basically saying the detriment of things costing more some times balances the swapping spheres.
02-08-2014, 06:18 AM
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RE: Demigodhood Trials: Return to Nur [OOC]
Okay, so Life Transfer both damages an opponent and increases damage done by an ally. Are you going with the part that says the buff is stronger than the attack in butterfly form and the attack is stronger than the buff in moth form, or do you think it is better to scrap that part?

Also, is it safe to assume that I won't be able to use any acts while in the cocoon?
02-08-2014, 06:51 AM
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RE: Demigodhood Trials: Return to Nur [OOC]
I think you should keep it because 90% of the time it works the same. The only time it would be bad is if the target of the buff is unwilling or unable to help you. You can target yourself for the buff if you want, meaning there's no chance of it going wrong. Maybe if your total acts beats an enemy's be a significant amount it could also bring back recently slain allies, but that's going to be rare if it ever happens. Maybe forget I said that.

You can't use acts in the cocoon, no. Using acts pretty much follows the same rules as using Active Abilities.
02-08-2014, 09:22 AM
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RE: Demigodhood Trials: Return to Nur [OOC]
Name: Carn
Sphere: Amalgamated Magic - Carn is surprisingly good at weaving together a ton of different magical effects.
Telekinesis: Carn can move objects with his mind, or just plain rip things he dislikes apart. He can also use this ability to levitate himself and the like. (Active)(Physical/Energy)(40)
Aura of Purity: Carn radiates an aura of purity which deals damage to all evil and corrupt creatures near him, but leaves everything else unaffected. (Passive)(Magical/light)(10)
Breath of the Hydra: He never did get rid of that diseased bite function. Though its not entirely clear how that was even a thing that stayed with him after his mind was shut away in that pod, but regardless the effect is that he is now capable of breathing a cloud of contagion a short range in front of him, which results in nasty things happening to affected people. Alternatively, he can gradually absorb heat from his surroundings, and, with enough heat, he may unleash a more powerful breath of fire instead. Takes a long while to build up, though, but hotter environments help, as does directly leeching off of an active source of heat. (Active)(Magical/Disease or Magical/Fire)(20)
Heart of Magic: Carn is engulfed in a sheath of magical energy, and will absorb a part of all magical damage into himself, temporarily empowering him with the (optional) use of that element in place of his regular telekinesis. (Passive)(Magical/Energy)(30)

Starting Location: S. It is only appropriate, considering.
Description: The first Chieftain of the komodan people, Carn witnessed the rise and fall of Daishar, and knew first-hand of the glory his patron bestowed on his people. They were mighty, then, where before they had been mere animals. The war on yomi taught Carn of glory; days spent fighting the relentless forces of yomi, and nights spent learning the secrets of the universe. He had flown into battle on a storm of freedom, wielding divine might. And then, it had been taken from him, his mind locked away in a pod, forced to content with a not quite sane undead wolf demigod and made to wait for an eternity. Until the explosion. Though he does not remember specifically what happened that day, he remembers the destruction, the rush of power, and then only oblivion. Until now, as something drags him down and away, even as he half-coherently crafts an incarnation, a replica of his old self, waking up confused and disoriented in a place he has never seen before. But after what feels like an eternity, he has a body again.

Carn appears as a bipedal komodo dragon wreathed in magical energy and wearing a fine robe engraved on the back with the image of a phoenix.

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RE: Demigodhood Trials: Return to Nur [OOC]
Quote:Defenses have to be Physical/Magical and a Secondary Element (Anything but Heat, Air, Water, Earth, Light, or Dark). This is because they would be slightly overpowered if they blocked on a Primary Element. Blocking on a secondary lets them apply at least part of their power to 3 different elemental damage types. Blocking on a Primary Element would let you apply at least part of it to 6 different elemental damage types.
I don't get this. If I have a Magma (Earth + Heat) shield, shouldn't I be able to get a defensive bonus against all the elements that include Heat or Earth, since I am shielded against half of their damage?
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RE: Demigodhood Trials: Return to Nur [OOC]
I already saw CW's app when he PM'd it to me, so it's already been looked at. No need to tie up screen real-estate with me posting my comments again.



Druplesnubb, I thought about that too when I was making the system and ultimately decided against it. The defenses are designed to have a way to get around them, albeit it's somewhat difficult. Because they block on Physical or Magical and because all attack abilities have to have one of those, they have a 50/50 chance of using their full power on any given attack. To make it more in the defenses favor, they also have a 1/21 chance to apply their full power based on the element and another 2/21 chance to apply half their power. They'll activate most of the time, but if an enemy can come up with a combination that will get around them, good for him. That kind of strategy and thinking is what I want to promote.

Also if they blocked so many more things, the natural hazards I've placed around the map wouldn't work well as the barriers they're supposed to be. It would take away from the challenge of the game.


We've got a pretty good response here. We have the minimum number of people now, so I'm going to say that I'll start the game sometime tomorrow (Saturday). There's still plenty of time to sign up for anyone who wants to join.
02-08-2014, 11:17 AM
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RE: Demigodhood Trials: Return to Nur [OOC]
I'll take the full thunderstorm safety and the Phys/Energy defense.

Now, onto app 2:

Name: Hope

Sphere: Nightmares

Glamour (30, Aura): Veritas can alter her apparent appearance. This can toggle to what she claims is her true form, which is quite angelic, or her real form, which inflicts Magical Fear damage to everyone around. Notable variant in that toggling the Aura OFF is what triggers it's effects.
Bite: Much Damage, very pain. Savage Physical Poison attack for 30 power. Automatically toggles off the Aura.
Facial Eruption: There's moments when Hope's face just splits... and out shoots BURNING MAGMA for a 20 power Magical Magma attack?! ...What the hell IS this demigod? Also toggles off the Aura on use.
Torture: Let's not beat around the bush here. When Hope can't charm her way into being worshipped, she'll rule by Fear. And there's nothing that screams torture like a pure Magical Twilight damage attack from the very core of your body outward. Notably doesn't toggle the aura off.

Starting Location: A nice safe W.

Description: When the aura is on, she looks like an angel, with beautiful white wings and an innocent, kind face. When the aura is off... well, the Magical Fear Damage speaks for itself.

She just wants to become a god. Simple and pure. The difference is that she doesn't care what insects she has to crush on her way up, be they mortals or demigods. With that said, she does take pleasures that can only be described as sadistic on her way to the top.

Smogon was your homebody.
02-08-2014, 11:18 AM
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RE: Demigodhood Trials: Return to Nur [OOC]
Yes, I know chances are I'm only going to get to play one, but I'm curious to see how each one would work to see if they're really viable.
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RE: Demigodhood Trials: Return to Nur [OOC]
Making another god is fine, though you should clearly mark which one you want to play. The only note I really need to make is that Glamour would have a value of 2 acts in combat since you get the utility of being pretty. Also Torture doesn't have a value, but I'm assuming it would be 10 OBVIOUSLY TWENTY BECAUSE I CAN DO BASIC MATH. Everything else is pretty easily already covered by the rules.

I personally like Dynama, but if you want to play a villain then Hope would work.

02-08-2014, 11:49 AM
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RE: Demigodhood Trials: Return to Nur [OOC]
Well, Torture's 20 points if you follow the maths, but yes, Dynama is my actual pick unless someone else wants to do a storm god. They're just options on whether I want to go with Utility or pure damage.
02-08-2014, 12:28 PM
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RE: Demigodhood Trials: Return to Nur [OOC]
I was actually considering making a Spider Queen demigod who had a really high leveled ability that lets her make intelligent spider minions, although I decided to go with the monstrous martial artist instead.
02-09-2014, 05:48 AM
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RE: Demigodhood Trials: Return to Nur [OOC]
Sorry guys, I'm gonna push the start back to Sunday. This is partially because I want to wait for a few more applications and partially because I'm working on something super cool I want to finish before we start. You'll like it when I'm done.
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RE: Demigodhood Trials: Return to Nur [OOC]
So guys I was just browsing the forums and I saw this so why not

Neame: Childreni
Sphere: Naivete

Aura of Rainbows (20) Mortals are blinded/ mesmerized, but young mortals are not blinded and quite enjoy it. PASSIVE (Magical/Light)
Play (30) Younger age mortals are distracted for a turn and cannot do most actions. ACTIVE (Magical/Light)
Inspiration (10) On the other hand, using this can help younger age mortals do stuff they usually can't do, like destroying a giant... jump entire trees... ACTIVE (Magical/Energy)
Temper Tantrum (20) Oh shit, this enrages him and younger mortals around him. This makes his attacks stronger for one turn. ACTIVE (Physical/Dark)
Teething (20) He does a strong bite and children around him bite an enemy around them a turn later. (Physical/Dark)

Starting Location: A
Description: This (demi)god loves the children. Seriously. He never grew up. When he ascended into (demi)godhood, his body took a significant change in shape, become relative to a human child.

Just because he loves children does not mean he loves everyone else. He wants to become a god too, and he will use his influence on children to his advantage.
Secret Phrase: Smeargle Was Your Homebody Was
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RE: Demigodhood Trials: Return to Nur [OOC]

The first thing you need to realize is that I don't have a system in place for aging mortals gracefully. This being the case, I'm going to say your powers work on the "Young at Heart" and about 50% of any given population is "Young at Heart". Because of the way combat works, this won't matter when fighting armies. It will only come into play really when you're trying to affect specific individuals or an enemy makes all his followers "Old at Heart"

The other important thing is that you didn't give your attacks an Elemental Damage Type (one of the secondary elements) and only one of them has a Primary Damage Type (Physical/Magical). This is kind of a big deal and must be fixed if you want in.

There are also a few typos in your application, which normally isn't a big deal, but this game has a lot of typing and it's important everything is legible. It would make me feel better if you fixed the typos.

Sphere: Naivete
-An interesting sphere. It probably gets the discount on mind controlling mortals to make them "Young at Heart".

Aura of Rainbows
-I'm hesitant about this ability. I think I'll say it's worth 2 acts in combat and is useless if facing only some "Young at Heart" mortals. It also makes it easier for you to convince "Young at Heart" mortals to worship you, but it's unlikely you can use this to take another god's worshippers very easily.

-Mind control. Basically the same as what I wrote for Donut's Infuse Apathy, but since this only works on the "Young at Heart" it's worth 3 acts in combat.

-It's a buff, but the way combat works is that I just count it as an attack you can only use if you have an allied "Young at Heart" mortal. Because of this, it still needs Physical/Magical and Element. Outside of combat it can also be used as you described, perhaps to march armies over difficult terrain faster or something. It still only works on the Young at Heart mortals and not you though, remember that.

Temper Tantrum
-I was going to make this a basic attack, but I think I can do something cooler. If you use this while alone it's only worth 1 act in combat. If you have "Young at Heart" mortal allies that can attack, it becomes worth 3 acts in combat.

-This ability has an interesting mechanic, delayed damage. On the turn you use it, it's only worth 1 act in combat. On the next turn, if you had "Young at Heart" allies that are still around now, they attack for what's worth 3 acts in combat. You can use this ability again on that turn, meaning you do a total of 5 acts worth of damage over 2 turns. This makes it very powerful on the second turn, but a smart opponent will try to scatter your children to prevent the delayed damage.

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RE: Demigodhood Trials: Return to Nur [OOC]
Changed around.
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RE: Demigodhood Trials: Return to Nur [OOC]
Much better Medic. The phrase is still a little off, but I'll let it slide.


In other news, the first post now contains the reason the game didn't start today. I was working on the animated intro.

Like just about everything I do, there's some hidden continuity porn, some of which will only become apparent later. Supernerd and Chimeric Wilder, can you find it? The rest of you can speculate too of course, but it's kind of a hold over from the last Demigodhood game I ran so if you haven't read that you probably won't find it.
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RE: Demigodhood Trials: Return to Nur [OOC]
Fill out the form correctly and the best 5-6 will be allowed into the game.
Gravity Warp:10(Change gravity's force or reverse it, active. Devastating in hand-to-hand combat as it can remove all leverage. Active. If no damage is inflicted, no element. Slamming someone into the ground would be a obvious Physical/Earth. Crushing is also physical/earth.)
FTL:30(Bend light speed to zip around at faster-than-light speeds. Active)
Antimatter Conversion:20(Convert a very small amount of matter into antimatter, resulting in a mid-sized blast. Active. Physical, Energy.)

Atomic Shell:10(Lasts 1 turn, can block several Acts worth of damage. If Shield is broken, cannot be used again for a turn. Defensive Active)
Form Blade:30(Creates a blade out of a chosen element in the area. Element must be available; For Light, it is necessary that it be daylight, Darkness requires nighttime, Twilight can be formed from dawn and dusk. For Dark, Light, Twilight, and some other elements such as Fear, Magical damage. For anything which is vaguely material, Physical. Active. Only one sword at a time in this manner unless the sword is turned into a artifact.)

Starting Location: X looks interesting enough.
Description: Kiun is a tall 17 year old with waist-high shimmering silver hair, golden eyes, and pale skin. He loves knowledge and wishes to inspire a Golden Age of his own. He has twin scars on each of his cheeks, each shaped like a small cross.

Secret Phrase:Smeargle was your homeboi

If the whole Physics sphere is a bit awkward I can change it, same goes for abilities, it just felt like a interesting concept.

What might be really interesting is if I turned around and turned someone's attack into a sword… :3
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RE: Demigodhood Trials: Return to Nur [OOC]
Hector's Kiun

Sphere: Physics
-Physics is fine, sure. Since spheres can be so broad, and since physics is practically everything, you can probably get the discount on a lot of stuff. I'm going to expect you to back it up with facts and/or wikipedia if you try to stretch it to stuff that's not immediately obvious though.

Gravity Warp: Worth 1 act in combat and probably has some utility outside of combat. I want to see you use this to make an anvil fall on someone. It needs Physical/Magical and an Element though. I almost made Dark/Earth gravity or force, but then I went with disease.I guess I'd suggest Earth as the element, but I'm not sure that there's any good fit. If you wanted it to be extra strong in hand to hand, that might be allowable if it were weaker far away (read powerless since you only have 10 points in it now)

Bend Law: This sounds cool, but it's a little too vague for an ability. You could replace it with something like Faster Than Light for increased land speed or something like that.

Antimatter Conversion: This works and is worth 2 acts in combat, but you got the elements wrong. If it had more than one Elemental Damage Type it'd just be easier to block without any real benefit to you. I think it should just be Physical/Energy.

-I can think of a way to make this work, but I don't like it. If you want something like stasis, go look at what I said for Druplesnubb's Shutterfly's Rebirth.

-Worth 2 acts in combat. If an enemy beats you by 2 acts or more, you can't use Shield again for 1 turn. So Turn 1: Shield and beaten, Turn 2: No Shield, Turn 3: Shield again. Because it's active and defensive, I won't make you give it damage types BUT its power won't be applied if you're not attacked on the turn you use it. Maybe give it a new name like Photon Barrier to make it fit your theme.

Form Blade: This is a pretty cool power. It's worth 2 acts in combat and takes up a hand so you can't be wielding two swords and then use this. If there are no elements within reach (like a void so voidy that there's not even darkness), you can't make a blade. If you drop the blade it immediately crumbles to dust so that no one but you can use it. You can turn your current blade into an artifact by spending the appropriate acts, getting a 2 act discount towards giving it a Physical/Current Element attack power. An artifact blade will continue to exist when you're not touching it. You can only wield one sword from this ability at a time, but artifact blades don't count towards this limit. This ability always does Physical damage and doesn't change to Magical based on the element because that much versatility in one skill would mean it'd have to be weakened a good bit. Yes, if someone hits you with a fire ball there will be enough fire left for you to make a fire sword next turn.

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RE: Demigodhood Trials: Return to Nur [OOC]
Hmm... Those universe bubbles with the white wiggly things... Could those be universes taken over by Saigoth and the Yomi Princes?
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RE: Demigodhood Trials: Return to Nur [OOC]
You're on the right track there, though they're not both taken over completely. One of them is completely under the control of Yomi, the other is just currently being invaded…
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RE: Demigodhood Trials: Return to Nur [OOC]
I have a question. Will we be able to do things like talking to mortals without needing to wait a full turn between lines of dialogue? I think I speak for everyone when I say that I am really going to want to mess with the hapless mortals.

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