Blackspace, Interest Check
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Blackspace, Interest Check
Think this is where this goes, let me know if this is the wrong sub forum.

This post is an interest check in a game I created a while ago called Blackspace. In it players have starships, crew, and sometimes drones and robots, players can build stations and ships but it takes lots of resources and time, and they explore the cosmos, mine, salvage, trade, or other positive stuff or they may try murderifying each other among other things.

I'll be PMing what happens each turn to individual people, the only part of the map that will be commonly known is the GIC Station Outpost that new players launch from. I will be posting the map of the station as well as the general area around it in the next post provided that there is a large enough interest in this.

If you're interested in playing then post the following: Fleet Name: (name of fleet, what your ship group is refered to as a whole)

Ship Name: (name of the ship you start with, it is relativelt small btw)

Your Commander's Name: (name of who you will be playing as)

Commander Gender: (I'm sure you understand this one, it is also totally possible to play as some weird exotic gender that normally should not be, not sure why you would but you can)

Your Commander's Species/Backstory: (if you don't want to default to the standard human who saved enough money to buy a ship then do this, no overpowered species if you make them up [so no Cherubs from Homestuck for example but anything goes, if you want to be a cat with robotic arms sticking from his back then feel free, if you want to be a mass of brain and tentacle then feel free.)

Species bio: (if you use a dif species then human explain it here and list off general racial norms, I will alter it to function with the game once I have an idea of what you want.)

Crew 1 Name: (name of a crew member) Species/backstory/species bio of Crew 1/gender: (basically what Commander's questions are)

Crew 2 Name: (name of second crew member):

Species/backstory/ speciese bio of Crew 2/gender: (as stated above)

So yah, if there are any questions then ask them. This will not be a specifically on this forum game, I will be running merged sessions on other forums also, which means other players from across the internets will be playing, if you are on one of the other forums I am running on then please chose one forum to play on, I would rather not have multiaccounting going on, it makes it unfair for other players.

That's about it, there is no upper limit to player count.

First update on Thursday provided somebody is interested.
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RE: Blackspace, Interest Check
Ship Name: Waesucks Langrels Yardarms (WLY, or Willy.)

Your Commander's Name: Salnam

Commander Gender: Male

Your Commander's Species/Backstory:Jumli, a species which inherits the memories of it's parents. Quasibipedal(they can go on 2 legs normally but 4 for speed). He doesn't talk about his life, but Willy knows only a little of it. He took over the ship from pirates that commandeered it and unplugged the AI which had rendered Abel(he wasn't named Willy then, the ship was called the ABlative Laminate, thus ABL or ABEL) helpless. The pirates were part of a larger group, and some escaped.(if you don't want to default to the standard human who saved enough money to buy a ship then do this, no overpowered species if you make them up [so no Cherubs from Homestuck for example but anything goes, if you want to be a cat with robotic arms sticking from his back then feel free, if you want to be a mass of brain and tentacle then feel free.)

Species bio: (if you use a dif species then human explain it here and list off general racial norms, I will alter it to function with the game once I have an idea of what you want.)

Crew 1 Name: Willy

Species/backstory/species bio of Crew 1/gender: He is the AI of the ship. He runs the drones, robots, and so on, and has a thick iron roboticised chassis that he uses as his 'avatar' aboard the ship. He can also copy himself onto the chassis for expeditions, leaving his copy behind to run the ship and in case of destruction.

Crew 2 Name: Ksill

Species/backstory/ speciese bio of Crew 2/gender: Undu, a serpentine race with a acidic bite and extreme omnivorism. Ksill, like Jumli, is loathe to talk about his past. All Jumli knows is he was exiled from his race.
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RE: Blackspace, Interest Check
Fleet Name: Green Gaia

Ship Name: Silver Wolf (A small mercenary craft more geared towards battle.)

Your Commander's Name: Jacob Smith

Commander Gender: Male

Your Commander's Species/Backstory: Human. Jacob is a 22 year old man who's managed to scrape up enough money with his friend Mathias to purchase a small fighter ship, which he has dubbed the Silver Wolf. They plan to become a mercenary group, offering what services they can for money in order to raise a larger fleet. Jacob wants to create a place for those without a family or home, those who are lost, and those who have nowhere to go, Green Gaia. He was an orphan along with Mathias from an early age, and they agreed that when they got older, they'd make sure no one else had to go through what they did to survive growing up on an uncaring planet. Not the brightest bulb in the box, but loyal to a fault and unafraid to get his hands dirty whether it's work or a fight, he's someone you'd rather have on your side.

Crew 1 Name: Mathias Kry'stak

Species: Kumoshi

Backstory: Abandoned on the same planet as Jacob for unknown reasons, he ended up in the same orphanage by happenstance, and the two instantly formed a bond. Mathias is more of a thinker, being better with machinery than he is with fighting, and was the leading force behind the creation of Tommy. He agrees with Jacob's plan of creating Green Gaia, and even suggested making it a fleet. He did odd jobs like repairs and lab work to make enough money to pitch in for the Silver Wolf. He is also 22.

Species bio of Crew 1: Kumoshis stand around 4 and a half feet tall at maturity, which is reached around age 20. They live for about 150 years, but age very slowly. A 149 year old Kumoshi may look the same as a 35 year old Kumoshi. They have six arms extending from their torso which are each capable of operating by itself due to the heightened power of the Kumoshi nervous system. It does take a bit of effort, so most Kumoshis make do with 2 or 4 arms at a time, but a Kumoshi working with all 6 arms is something to see.

Gender: Male

Crew 2 Name: Tommy "Bot" Bolts

Species: Android

Backstory: Started as a pet project by Mathias and Jacob, Tommy took a life of her own as time went by, assisting with manual labor to help afford the Silver Wolf. The boys hope to update and upgrade her when they manage to get a steady income.

Species bio of Crew 2: Androiiiiiiiiiiiids.

Gender: Female, but the chassis is male since it's all the boys could find.
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RE: Blackspace, Interest Check
The AI is overpowered for early game, Crescent Corvettes lack Large Server Rooms as well, you can make an AI in a robo chassis and have him uploaded to a larger ship later in game however.

It's OP to have a multibody crew early game.

The other races are fine, but I would like to know what grades of mobility and damage for the other ones though.

This is directed at Hector btw.
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RE: Blackspace, Interest Check
Felix, All of those work, suggestions for rules for multiarming for the Kumoshi? I have ideas but I want to know how you think it'll work.
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RE: Blackspace, Interest Check
Fleet Name: Mobius Aeronautics Research (MAR)

Ship Name: Estellise Mk II

Your Commander's Name: Wilson "Wil" Townes

Commander Gender: Male

Your Commander's Species/Backstory: Human. Almost in his 40s. 5' 11", with brown hair and eyes. Elected captain of Mobius Corps. first successful interplanetary capable ship, and test pilot to said ships numerous experimental prototypes. Been working as a test pilot for Mobius for 10 years. Considers this mission a big step up in rank; as well as responsibility, given that MAR virtually has no control over the mission once the ship leaves for interplanetary space.

Species Corporate bio: Mobius Aeronautics Research has produced numerous successful atmospheric aircraft since its founding many years ago. Began venturing into spaceplane construction relatively recently, with promising results. The Estellise Mk II, the most recent production model ship from MAR, was designed with mineral extraction and exploration in mind. Equipped with a "prospector kit" consisting of a high-energy laser, seismic impactor "missiles", and a multifunction sensor array.

Crew 1 Name: Juliet Hanson
Species/backstory/species bio of Crew 1/gender: Human Female. Age 26, 5' 3", red hair and blue eyes. Geologist and Sensor Technician. Trained extensively in the use of the "prospector kit". Never once thought she would actually go to space when she signed on with Mobius 3 years ago.

Crew 2 Name: Serras
Species/backstory/ speciese bio of Crew 2/gender: Male Enilphine. Quadrupedal, 4' 10", bears a passing resemblance to terran lions. Covered in orange fur with a dark red mane and paws. Capable of understandable speech, much to the initial surprise of the crew. Hired on as a navigational expert and for security detail. Doesn't talk often, and often remains "to the point".
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RE: Blackspace, Interest Check
Towers, So you want to make a custom ship at the start? The game is intended to start with a Crescent Corvette, but I can give you the pieces (with some swapped out for parts you wanted) and you can spend the first few turns assembling it. Otherwise you can start immediately with the Crescent Corvette when the game begins.

The Enilphine is good, should I use standard wildlife combat rules for him? I'm assuming he gets a bite and claw attack as well as strength agility bonuses in exchange for dexterity, charisma, and no hands? Or is that wrong?
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RE: Blackspace, Interest Check
I wasn't really aware our starting ship was preset from what was said in the intro blurb, and operated under the assumption that anything I said about the ship would be flavor text.

That having been said, I'm willing to take my chances with a non-standard ship at outset. Just give some idea of what I'm giving up and getting in return, maybe.

And yeah, standard wildlife combat rules should work fine. Your assumptions seem reasonable based on my descriptions.
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RE: Blackspace, Interest Check
You are giving up anywhere from four to 10 turns worth of construction depending on how you build it, you are giving up one of two lasers for a mining laser and two of six pulse cannons for a two part sensor array and two sets of Blackout Missiles for two sets of Borebomb missiles (bunkerbuster/mining multipurpose missiles).

Yah, ships are quite intricate in this, I'll be posting the standard Crescent Corvette blueprint later tonight so you guys know how it works.
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RE: Blackspace, Interest Check
The Crescent Corvette blueprint will be up tomorrow morning, it's like almost midnight here and I need to sleep.
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RE: Blackspace, Interest Check
how are mobility and damage quantified?
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RE: Blackspace, Interest Check
Well they have human-like arms, just more of them, I guess. I'm not sure what the base rules are, so I don't know what the difference would be. Maybe it's a full round action to use all six, and they can't do much else?
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RE: Blackspace, Interest Check
Blueprint for Crescent Corvette is up:

[Image: CCorvette.png]

M = Part of missile launcher
m = missile
t = part of a track, tracks move stuff. (accessible by crew)
* = hallway (accessible by crew
+ = armor
C = computer console (accessible by crew)
S = Shield Generator
s = Shield Projector (accessible by crew)
L = laser projector part
E = escape pod part (accessible by crew)
e = engine
h = Living areas (accessible by crew)
B = bridge (accessible by crew)
G = power generator
O = Overcharge Battery
P = pulse cannon

Think that's all of them, let me know if I missed any symbol meanings.
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RE: Blackspace, Interest Check
Approximately how big is the ship, compared to the average human?
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RE: Blackspace, Interest Check
Damage for infantry and small vehicles is quantified as follows:

Roll for damage>Subtract from shields with resistance accounted for, if BUST is a tag then the shields go down, shields have various resistances of dif weapon types>Subtract Armor or natural DR from damage, if REND is a tag on the weapon, then damage armor, if PIERCE is a tag then ignore DR>damage health.

@Felix, we could do that or do a willpower check to see if they can more then two each round, your choice.

Mobility is defined based on traits of units, it can be subjective and two of the same unit could have vastly dif movement and mobilities based on quality of parts, what it is carrying, clothing, limbs, and many other things.

A unit (or person) gets mobility assigned to it on creation and that is Base, some will alter it.

Movement is in terms of squares. You can move once and attack once, move twice, or attack twice (depending on if weapon has a FAST tag or not).
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RE: Blackspace, Interest Check
Oh, one question: is it okay if unique crew members are balanced, even if their species as a whole tends to be a lil' over/underpowered? for example, one of the creatures I'm making has four arms, but her total strength is half that of humans.
EDiT: And normal ones have strength equal to that of a human.
02-20-2014, 07:21 AM
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RE: Blackspace, Interest Check
I think a willpower check would work well. How do we set up stats for our units?
02-20-2014, 07:32 AM
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RE: Blackspace, Interest Check
I'll assign them when we start tomorrow based upon the descriptions you guys made of them, if there isn't a description I will randomly roll for them, you'll get the stats PMed to you.
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RE: Blackspace, Interest Check
Sacrificing 4 to 10 turns and some combat capability for a potentially large increase in versatility at outset sounds, to me, like a pretty good deal. You can put me down for the custom ship option, I'm taking this deal.
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RE: Blackspace, Interest Check
Simple fix for the AI:The ship Willy was on was wrecked in the fight so he had to be loaded onto aforementioned chassis and moved to another. He was renamed after the ship and serves as pilot.

Jumli can move at standard human speed on two legs, but can reach 10 miles per hour on the long haul on 4 legs and the athletic among them can achieve 20 on a sprint.
Undu have a movement rate of approximately 1.5 times that of a human and are highly flexible. Their bite is highly poisonous to most carbon-based life forms in addition to the acidic properties.
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RE: Blackspace, Interest Check
Those work Hector, I'll have willy use Standard Bot rules.

The rest work.
02-20-2014, 12:19 PM
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RE: Blackspace, Interest Check
Also the ship in scale to average human is one to four. meaning one Large Hallway can hold four humans. the hallways onboard the ship vary in size and since you have yet to explore the ships (they are quite new/recently refitted), you have yet to see how the hallways and walls work. I do have wall layouts and hallway sizes marked down btw so worry not.
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RE: Blackspace, Interest Check
Fleet Name: Hyperspace Infinities Delving Expedition

Ship Name: The Glimmer

Commander Name: Hope Veritas

Commander Gender: Probably a Girl

Commander Species: Tohmi, like Hope, are best described as butterflies shaped like humans, possessing two legs and four arms as well as large wings which allow them to hover.. Yeah. Not much more complex than that. They tend to be very beautiful and attractive, and emit pheromones which can make just about anyone interested. Their only true secondary or tertiary characteristics are pheromones, which makes the males virtually indistinguishable from their female counterparts.

Commander Bio: Born to a rich family, Hope was always a popular girl. She charmed hundreds on her home planet. She was so well-liked nobody ever suspected her in the criminal acts that surrounded her. The murders, the thefts, the terrorism... who could believe she was involved at all? It was just a coincidence the numbers dropped when she got her ship... right...?

Crew Member 1: Ryan Fsh

Gender: Male

Ryan is a Rusa, a race commonly described as "flying vermin", in no small part due to Ryan's own misadventures. Resembling a common housecat in both size and physical features, Rusii possess two wings which they use to fly, as well as goat horns. Ryan wears HoloHands, two gloves which allow him to project two holographic hands to help with his work.

The Glimmer's pilot, this Rusa has a history of trouble-making, but nothing deserving of a criminal record. He is, however, a common sight in front of an angry, pitchfork-wielding crowd. With a quick tongue and an even quicker wit, Ryan possesses a great deal of cunning, and is as slippery as an eel when it comes to the chase.

Crew Member 2: Dew

Gender: Blob

Dew not give life story. Dew not paid to talk about Dew home. Dew just paid to smash enemies with weapons and fix engines.

Despite their weird speech patterns, the various Srever groups are all brimming with highly intelligent blobs of goo. Dew is from a coastal group, and possesses either great strength or great speed and flexibility - but not both at the same time. They tend to form two arms and nothing else, eat by just covering an enemy in goo and dissolving it, and can rearrange their structure to become as tough as clay or predominantly liquid. Ever seen that weird stuff made from flour and water which can be hard or soft? Yeah, that's the general idea.
02-20-2014, 01:11 PM
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RE: Blackspace, Interest Check
Leaf, those work (although the butterfly seems to have a bit of an OP charisma, i'll probably nerf the charisma a tad), also to answer your question of earlier, stats are rolled randomly based off of stuff in bio and general species descriptions. If no bio then the stats are just random in their entirety.
02-20-2014, 03:35 PM
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RE: Blackspace, Interest Check
That's fine. I should note that it's not entirely "The people who lived around her before she got her licence all found her likeable" as it is "Before she got her licence, the only people who could survive being around her were the ones who found her likeable"
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RE: Blackspace, Interest Check
Mkay, first rotation joiners are now fixed.
If you want to join, make your sheet and stuff and you will be in next rotation.

First action is where you spawn, for most of you, you will have lots of options, for some of you, due to how your setup works, there are less options.

You will be PMed by the end of the next hour if you don't have some options

Do you want to spawn:

In an asteroid belt?
Near a Small Space Station?
Near a Ship Yard?
Near a fleet of Traders that you helped escort?
Near a fleet of Traders that you plan on attacking?
In Empty Space?
Near a Planet?
Near a Moon?
Near a Recently Created Ship Graveyard?
Near a Small Pirate Base as a Friendly?
Near a Small Pirate Base as an Enemy?
In the Middle Of A Battle?
Observing a Battle.... From a Safe Distance?
Observing a Battle.... From an UnSafe Distance?
Near a Star?
In the Oort Cloud?
Near a Comet?
Somewhere That Wasn't Listed?

Here is the original post btw from the first forum the previous version of this ran on ..... Shit. forgot how to spoiler, warning, big ass wall of text upcoming:

Players will be in charge of a ship, they will eventually get a fleet, currently how it will run is crews of ships will have specific instructions, they will function on their own, following the orders of the players in between rounds. The game will update once per week on thursday because I'm fairly busy right now.

At the beginning of the game, players will start with a corvette class ship, it will be armed with 6 pulse cannons (15 power 10 damage, 6 movement per turn), 2 lasers (10 power, 50 movement per turn, 5 normal damage and 10 bonus towards shields) and one missile launcher holding five ammo ( 5 power, 2 movement away from ship for first turn, second onwards engages engines for 12 movement per turn, 20 damage normal, +10 towards armor). The ship will have 10 movement per turn at 15 power. The power generator will produce 100 power per turn, life support(food, quarters, and crap) take 10 power per turn, atmospherics take 10 power per turn, pod bay takes 5 power per turn but allows crew to escape, (escape pods have 1 laser and have 5 movement, they can fire endlessly as well as move without powering out, thats what they are designed to do, they do actually have a power generator but it is irrelevant unless destroyed because they have enough power.), the bridge takes 5 power per turn, no bridge = no movement. the ship has a shield array that holds 60 power, the ship has an overcharge battery that holds 200 power, power immediately gets routed into the shield and then the overcharge before anything else happens. If the shield is hit, overcharge acts as a backup shield until it runs out. Ships can drain power from the overcharge, or even the shields for powering other stuff if other things are draining it.

Corvettes have 40 armor and 30 hull, the hit system is 1 shields 2 armor 3 hull.
Various subsystems can be harmed due to hits to the armor or hull, vital systems, among others can only be harmed by hull shots, weapons can normally be destroyed via lucky armor shots.

Each week the player fleets will duel in a decent sized arena, all will get credits for participating, those that destroy ships get bonuses, those that are the last three surviving ships get extra bonuses, in proportion of placement.
Credits will be useable to buy new ships, as well as alter ship systems and replace equipment for specialization, when these become available they will be explained
The battles will take place on a map that will be posted each round, the map will differ randomly each round, some things on the map will be harvestable with specialized equipment, debris will be harvestable with specialized equipment, these will be purchasable once someone has enough money.
If ships are ordered to hide and there is no combat for a period of time, pirates will spawn to complete the round, they will despawn the next round, bonuses will still be handed out for the last survivors.
Later rounds will all have a compliment of pirates, at that point players will be able to handle it because they will have fleets or extremely advanced ships.

If you lose a ship you get a replacement next round, once you buy something you have it forever, even if it is destroyed, the exceptions to this rule are expendable ammo or equipment, you will need to purchase replacements if lost or destroyed.

Corvettes start with two crew, feel free to name them, they will be cloned if they die.
Ships have an actual organization of hardpoints and subsystems, if you are hit in a certain direction, damage will be delt to hardpoints accordingly.

Future posts will have a spoilered series of pictures depicting the combat, more if the round is long, less if it is shorter, your orders determine it.

Standard fleet orders if you choose not to give specific orders are:
Search for enemy ships.
Approach to a 6 movement range
When in range attack enemy ships with everything available until power depleted
Atmos, Podbay, Bridge, and LS take power precedence, weapons and shields come after.

As you can see this is a mildly suicidal set of orders, I recommend changing them, the pirates will use this because they are trying to kill players and this will accomplish that at the cost of their ships. Orders can be as vague or specific as you want, they may not be interpreted by me right if they are really vague, however having them be too specific prevents ships from being flexible when the situation requires it.

Feel free to sign up, there is no player limit, the more the merrier, lets me work out more game system problems quicker.

Signup sheet:
Commander name (name you want to have your Admiral referred to ingame)
Fleet name
Corvette ship name
Crew 1 name
Crew 2 name
Orders to fleet
Orders to individual ships

Future posts will be much shorter, alterations to the game will be explained, if there are questions they will be answered, have fun.

Also in terms of scale, one * is equal to four humans standing in uncomfortably close group.
Most early weapon behavior is on the original post, Lasers are having movement speed increased to 40 as of now also.

Just so you know, a large quantity of the stuff in the original post is now incorrect, (most of it is now), the newer posts are much more accurate.
If you have any questions then ask.
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RE: Blackspace, Interest Check
I'd like to start in the middle of a battle!
02-21-2014, 07:56 AM
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RE: Blackspace, Interest Check
5. Let's not leave any misconceptions.
02-21-2014, 09:19 AM
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RE: Blackspace, Interest Check
Small pirate base as a enemy.
02-21-2014, 10:26 AM
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RE: Blackspace, Interest Check
Leaf, so you want to chose Near A Group Of Traders you plan to Attack? (just clarifying)
02-21-2014, 10:36 AM
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RE: Blackspace, Interest Check
also said pirate base could be the one from backstory or a offshoot of the backstory one
02-21-2014, 11:03 AM
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RE: Blackspace, Interest Check
Technically, I want to be Near A Group Of Traders Who I'm Escorting To A Place To Attack Them At. Both 4 and 5, really, but yeah, that's what I meant.
02-22-2014, 03:22 AM
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RE: Blackspace, Interest Check
That works.
02-22-2014, 03:24 AM
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RE: Blackspace, Interest Check
I has quite a bit of lore made up for this game, yes, all the spawning locations contain a bit to a lot of it.

You are correct, mostly Hector.
02-22-2014, 06:38 AM
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RE: Blackspace, Interest Check
Okay, everybody is ready, PM's will be sent, take actions via PM's this thread counts as the General Broadcast Channel now. if you has questions type:


As you will be pinging your ship's compy for data.
02-24-2014, 03:26 PM
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RE: Blackspace, Interest Check
Update delayed, finishing up some essential art and shiz for the spawning areas that have been chosen (wasn't exactly expecting anyone to choose one of them, so I have a lot of shit to draw up cause one guy chose it).
02-24-2014, 10:22 PM
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RE: Blackspace, Interest Check
ART? Who needs ART?
02-24-2014, 10:31 PM
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RE: Blackspace, Interest Check
Also, do you have character stats rolled? May we sees?
02-25-2014, 02:39 AM
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RE: Blackspace, Interest Check
Erm, a game built around a dynamic space combat system?

And yes. Your stats will be pced by 4:00 my time (I has stuff to do before hand.)
02-25-2014, 02:22 PM
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RE: Blackspace, Interest Check
Stats will be up in the next three hours, I have the other forum done now.
03-03-2014, 06:59 AM
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RE: Blackspace, Interest Check
Sorry for the delay in the first update, rl stuff accosted me so I had less time then I wanted, I have most of the art done so the first update should be up in a day or two.
03-04-2014, 07:46 AM
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RE: Blackspace, Interest Check
Partly to distract you guys and partly for in game world building, You and the other forum are gonna duke it out in a team battle, the outcome of this battle will affect the ingame world, most so for those spawning in the Ship Graveyard area.

I need a ship graveyard so WE SHALL MAKE ONE!

This forum will be the AC (Aquaria Coven) The other forum will be the GIC (Galaxia Insurance Corporation)

Ship options for this forum are as follows.

Aquias Coven: Speaker Pod 071
Dread Manta Heavy Cruiser:
Twilight Angler Cruiser:
Star Striker Hunter:
Star Striker Hunter:
Star Striker Hunter:
Star Striker Hunter:
Star Striker Hunter:
Star Striker Hunter:
Star Striker Hunter:

I can run this with one person on each forum but it will be more fun all the ships are controlled individually, if there are leftover ships then they will be assigned to any who want them.

Just choose a ship, largest are at the top, smallest are at the bottom.

03-04-2014, 07:48 AM
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RE: Blackspace, Interest Check
I'll take the Twilight Angler Cruiser. Sounds really kickass.
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RE: Blackspace, Interest Check
I don't think it is letting me use the quote system, huh.

It's fun, it's a close in boarding/disabler ship, it has crappy shields though so be careful with that.

[Image: ScreenShot2014-03-03at123113PM.png]

T = Tractor Beam part (2 per beam), those allow you to pull smaller ships towards you, you towards larger ships, and you and and a similar mass ship towards a center point.
the lines of 3 B's are parts of Boarding Pods, they hold three crew and are used to board ships, the B in the center of the ship is the Bridge.

K = disintegrator, it is a close range projector weapon that is not too effective vs shields but can rend a ship to pieces, you have four of them in dif directions.

D = EMP cannon, strong vs shields and if it hits a ship's armor or hull it disables the ship for several rounds.
03-04-2014, 08:09 AM
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RE: Blackspace, Interest Check
I love this ship already.
03-04-2014, 08:25 AM
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RE: Blackspace, Interest Check
It's a fun one, but it is really really really slow.
Boarding pods can launch themselves from attacked ships and return to the TA ship also.

Btw, as a general ref for ship stats:

each "e" = 10 thrust, each square of ship = 1 mass, thrust/mass = accell.

each h that is not external holds life-support and living quarters for 1 crew member, having these destroyed results in oxygen starvation for crew, system for that is as follows # of h / # of crew, if result is less then 1 then each turn add the amount that it is less then 1 to living crew OS stat, if OS stat reaches 10, crew member dies.

Each O is worth 50 overcharge, each G generates 50 energy per turn, each S = 20 shields and requires 1 extra Shield Projector, shield projectors work in panels and shield power can be relocated between panels.

If a crew member has the skills, they can use a C (computer) to boost certain ship functions or disable/harm certain ship functions, a crew member must be on the B (bridge) in order to make the ship do stuff.
03-04-2014, 09:41 AM
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RE: Blackspace, Interest Check
Dread Manta.
03-04-2014, 10:13 AM
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RE: Blackspace, Interest Check
Guess I can take one of the Hunters, if the other ships have been accounted for.
03-04-2014, 10:47 AM
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RE: Blackspace, Interest Check
Yeah... I guess if the ship variety is taken, I'll grab a hunter.
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RE: Blackspace, Interest Check
You guys want to split the hunters? They are really small (blueprint will be up soon btw gimme an hour, need to access compy, on phone currently.) We're gonna start at 8:30 PM my time btw.

Question directed at leaf and jt.

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