In Progress Hard Korps
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Hard Korps
[Image: Hard%20Korps.png]






can you hear me?
don't look up, just keep reading the pamphlet, dont draw attention to yourself, play it cool
listen, my name's johan
i dont have long, i only managed to hack into your radio and a few others. you may have resigned yourself to the fact that you've been put on a suicide mission
you're right, you have been, you're meant to clear the way for the real soldiers. the fate of all penal korpsmen i'm afraid
listen let me cut the bullshit. your family is already dead, the revolution changed nothing, just made everything worse, you and everyone else on this plane is going to die out here
unless you do. exactly. as I say. i can get you out of this, but i need you to do something for me
the real reason for this war? the reason why artosk has been cut off from the rest of the world for the better part of a century? something big is happening
you and everyone else on this plane are meat for the grinder so the commune can capture something the city of grencisthk dug up, something old, a game changer
and no, the city of grencisthk is not much better then the commune, no matter how much they talk about freedom and liberty. so don't feel bad if you have to kill their soldiers
play along for now, when you make landfall, follow my directions, and you'll live, don't worry about how i know what i know, just do it if you want to live
after that, your a free man.. woman... whatever you are, i didn't get a good look at your file yet
we just cant let the commune get what they're after, it'll get so much worse then just a couple of city states getting razed to the ground if we do
i have to go for now, you still have another hour on this flight, so just try to relax and ready yourself
goodbye for now

Welcome to the modern world, welcome to the continent of Artosk. A resource rich continent that knows great wealth but little peace.

Like much of the world, nations are mostly just powerful city states and their areas of influence. Vast tracks of land are hard to administer and pacify. Rebellions, secessions and civil wars are common. What isn't being fought over is usually left to fend for itself against bandits, monsters, wild beasts and each-other.

Technology is styled after 1940s-1950s diesel punk and has been that way for the better part of two centuries now. Technology is more advanced but the microsization of technology didn't happen. As a result everything is big and clunky and loud.

Nation states as we are familiar with them do not exist, rather, society still primarily resolves around city states, resulting in the modern era in powerful and, for the most part, efficiently run metropoli dotting the surface of the world. Often city states conquer one another and exert influence over large areas of land. Usually borders are defined less by international agreement but rather by how far an ambitious city state fields like fielding its armed forces in order to extract tax and submission from the townsfolks around them to sustain their standard of living. As well as to fend off monsters and wield beasts of the land, which no amount of firepower ever seems to be able to reduce to extinction.

Given that such a world has managed to prosper into the modern era, one can assume most societies have become ruthlessly efficient in this regard. This results in large tracks of land that are 'free' of city state influence for stretches of time. But often pay tribute to this or that city state in exchange for protection and other services, often when two large city states start expanding and meet eachother, life can become difficult for towns who lie between them, often finding themselves in a 'no-man's land' of little protection and the ever present threat of war to contend with on top of everything else.

Life is still very much chaotic and trans-continental travel is rare and dangerous. Wars are often fought between small but highly professional and well equipped armies and specialized navies, although mechanized warfare in the form of walking tanks has become increasingly prevalent in recent decades, particularly in sieges. The increasing prevalence of radicalised, expansive city states has encouraged some rather... unorthodox avenues of weapons research.

You have been drafted into the penal korps of the Great Commune, a collectivist, totalitarian regime that arose out of a revolution against the oppressive fascist regime of the grossly overpopulated city state of Fendal's Bay. Despite its claims to the contrary, it carries on much of the racist and speciest policies of its predecessor state under a different cover and most of the same people are in charge. The revolution only succeeded in making things so much worse and more dehumanizing for the native population and to avoid further uprisings and economic collapse the city state has turned conquistador in order to sustain itself, turning many of the subject peoples it conquers into slave soldiers with fuck all training and poor weaponry and armour. Using them as cannon fodder. Non-humans have it worse than most, and the ones who simply have their families killed and sent to die in a penal korps are considered 'lucky'. Most humans in this korps ended up there because they're political dissidents, have a religion, posses the wrong ethnicity, possess a tattoo, (symbols are illegal and counter revolutionary in the Commune), or they were a barber who accidentally cut an officer's hair too short. Shit like that.

The continent was cut off from outside contact nearly a hundred years ago. Great ion storms has rendered oceanic sea travel a farcical enterprise bound to ruin, submarines trying to cross under the sea never seem to return and the Eastern steppes have been rendered uninhabitable by mysterious and corrosive plague clouds that cause vehicles to break down and rot at astounding rates. Leaving skeletal ghost cities surrounded by sick coloured clouds on the horizon. The southern Continent of Jihanus has literally walled itself off and had refused and repulsed all attempts at contact with outsiders, violent or otherwise.

Thus Artosk has been left to its own devices, city states have risen and fallen from prominence and life goes on. As bad as your life is, surely there must be something better to be had outside of this war? Who is this Johan and what does he want with you?

----Sign Up Sheet----

I am only allowing an absolute maximum of six players into this game. No further until someone drops out or dies.

Name: Who are you?
Serial Number: 00-0000-00-000-0
Species: Human or something else? Artosk is a diverse place
City of Origin: Where did you come from?
Appearance: What do you look like?
Personality: What are you like to be around?
Biography: Exactly who are you? How did you end up here?
Skills: What are you good at?
Favourite concept: Do you like fire? Stars perhaps? Maybe crystals are more your thing? Puppies perhaps? Yes this is relevant.
Inventory: What do you own? As of right now you have two things given to you; Standard issue penal Korpsman armour and assault rifle, much like what is seen in the banner.
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RE: Hard Korps
Name: Konan Dovestksy
Serial Number: 19-2003-11-220-1
Species: Is Basaltian, ancient rock race made of igneous rock, very lonely but strong blood, worship Mother Earth
Origin: Yakut
Appearance: 7'3" large body made of grey rock, wear old fur coat with many, many pockets
Personality: Konan is very quiet creature, but enjoys company of others, strong Mother Earth make Konan strong
Biography: Konan live very long time, not know mama and papa, maybe dead, work as stonecutter in Yakut for long time before sent to Artosk penal camp. Now soldier for men who no like Konan much. Konan not mind, Konan continue carve stone during rest time. Konan find Pietro stuck in fox trap, free and now take care of little Pietro.
Skills: Konan like carving stone into pretty thing, many people like to buy, help feed Konan, also strong like Mother Earth
Concept: Konan like rocks and good hard soil, have Pietro, fox companion
Inventory: Konan owns old fur jacket, tools for stonecutting, and effigy of Mother Earth
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RE: Hard Korps
Name: Komya Das
Serial Number: 55-9778-92-101-2
Species: Human
City of origin: Commune hive previously known as the holy city of Mundi- Previously known for old religion that had fallen out of popularity among general populous decades ago, and an ancient library.
Appearance: Of average height with lean musculature. Dark hair, often kept in a braid. A tattoo running down her left forearm, of several intricately designed lines ending in points just before meeting at her wrist.
Personality: Komya likes to think of herself as a problem solver. She always keeps a cool head, even in heated situations, and tries to fix things when they go wrong. It's probably a complex or something. She also has a fascination with literature, and puzzles.
Biography: Komya grew up in Mundi, a theocratic city state. The incredibly complex religion the ruling class followed involved a complex history with hundreds of gods, their various incarnations, their countless deeds, and the unique ways to pray to each god. To speak nothing of what the gods themselves actually represented, what situations they should be prayed to in, the interpretation of the words of these gods, and what events in the world were the acts of gods, and which were acts of nature. Along with the complexity of the religion, it had a bleak gospel concerning the world, indicating the world was horrible because of some terrible sins committed by humans thousands of years ago. And all of humanity was doomed to live an endless cycle of reincarnation in the hellhole we call a world. This led to the religion falling out of favor with most of the population.

Komya grew up in a family that followed the "Old faith". She absorbed very little of the religious views of her family. The harder they tried to push the old faith on her, the more she disliked it. The complexities of the religion didn't appeal to her. It was then that she began to read books from the grand library of Mundi. The largest and oldest collection of books on the continent... or so she had been told. Here she found books of countless stories. Stories which had something in them she didn't know she was looking for. Simplicity. There was good and evil. Heroes and villains. It was easy to tell who was right and who was wrong. You always had someone you cheered for to win, and someone who you hoped would lose. And they always did. She often wondered why life couldn't be that simple.

When the commune came, it was a bit of a shock. The city thought that they would be safe, protected by the mountains as they were. Komya joined the military to defend her home. Serving as a sniper, she worked hard to turn back the invaders. But in the end it was futile. The forces of Mundi were overrun. Those unlucky enough to survive either waited to be drafted for the korps, or escaped into the monster infested mountains. Never to be heard from again. Komya chose the former. She still isn't sure she made the right decision.

Skills: Sniping. Long distance running, even while encumbered. A great deal of knowledge involving written languages, understanding two modern languages, and nearly 8 ancient ones. Her knowledge on most of these languages is FAR from comprehensive. She is confident she can tell roughly what a text is talking about. But fine details? Forget about it.
Favorite Concept:Occam's razor. Obstacles in general actually. But her favorite manner of overcoming these obstacles, is the solution with the least complications.
Inventory: A backpack. A large book of fairly tales, in a language she only partially understands. A pocket book of logic puzzles. Medium to long range riffle equipped with 6x optical zoom scope. Pistol. She opted out of the assault riffle. It would just end up slowing her down.
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RE: Hard Korps
Reserving a spot.

Name: Cra'Varce
Serial Number: 96-7179-97-324-9
Species: Kur'Chakk, subspecies Cra'Kur'Chakk. Information provided below.
City of Origin: The Kur'Talloin Tribe
Appearance: Height is five-foot-eleven inches, tail length is four feet, total wing length is seven feet two inches. Typical green scaled skin, orange eyes, forked tongue, and clawed hands of a Cra'Kur'Chakk. Spines running down the back and tail around two inches in height each. Average muscle build. Blue tribal tattoos all over his body that tell a bit of the Kur'Talloin Tribe's history if you could read Kur'Chakk tattoos.
Personality: Seems to be a calm guy at first, but he's a Sees no problem with joking about killing you and your loved ones in excruciating detail.
Biography: Varce is the last from a tribe of two hundred and seven. They made the mistake of getting too close to the Great Commune while moving from one hunting area to another. Of the three Cra'Kur'Chakk that lived in the tribe, Varce was the one that lead hunting and war parties. This was probably what lead to his capture, imprisonment, and work in this Korps.
Skills: Varce is skilled in rifles, spears, stalking-hunting, survivalism, and tattooing.
Favourite concept: Bones.
Inventory: Standard issue penal Korpsman armour slightly modified for his wings and tail, an assault rifle, the spear made from scrap he kept with him, and a bone charm he worked very hard to keep hidden from the Commune.

Kur'Chakk Description:
Kur'Chakk are a form of lizard-like humanoid whose origins are completely unknown. Some theorize that they were a lab experiment gone horribly wrong or horribly right. Other say they were a byproduct from poor chemical dumping management. Those with tinfoil-based headgear would have you believe they were the descendants of dinosaurs that descended into the earth millions of years ago to avoid whatever it was that wiped out their more animalistic cousins and have now resurfaced to reclaim the Earth as theirs. Whatever the truth may be, non-Kur'Chakk who do know aren't talking and the Kur'Chakk themselves don't care.

As stated before, the Kur'Chakk are lizard-like. Their skin is green and scaled and tongues are forked. They have no hair to speak of and have claws instead of nails. The odd thing about their collective biology is their dark blue blood. Despite looking like they were descended from cold-blooded lizards, they are in-fact warm-blooded creatures. Due to their lack of hair, Kur'Chakk need clothing to keep warm in colder climates, much like humans.

The Kur'Chakk are largely tribe-based with very few living in city-states. Their society is very primitive and brutal, and while you may see them occasionally using vehicles and modern weapons, they for the most part don't feel the need to use such devices. Battle comes to them easily, and it isn't unheard of for city-states to coerce a tribe to fight for them or "protect" their lands. Their loyalty comes at the price of hunting rights, weapons, and vehicles. However, non-Kur'Chakk need to be indoctrinated into the tribe before the Kur'Chakk will even consider any deals or alliances. This generally involves a series of trials, different for each tribe, and ends with the indocturned being tattooed. The tattoos mark the person as an honorary Kur'Chakk of their tribe, and should be treated as such. A person or Kur'Chakk can be indoctrinated into several tribes at once, their tattoos growing more complex to signify this fact. All tribes of Kur'Chakk are broken up into three castes that match the three evolutionary types of Kur'Chakk; the Dra'Kur'Chakk, the Lii'Kur'Chakk, and the Cra'Kur'Chakk.

The Dra'Kur'Chakk are the largest and most muscular of the Kur'Chakk, standing at an average height two feet taller than humans. Their most defining features are their large wings and bright-red sclera. Due to size and extremely large muscle mass, the wings of a Dra'Kur'Chakk are only useful for gliding. While they may be big and strong, Dra'Kur'Chakk are not very fast, relying on their smaller brothers and sisters to keep threats busy while they close in for the kill.

Where the Dra'Kur'Chakk are big, strong, and slow; the Lii'Kur'Chakk are small, weak, and fast. Standing an average of two feet shorter than humans, the Lii'Kur'Chakk's small, thin frame and wiry muscles allow them to run at speeds far faster than what a human can produce. In place of wings and bright red sckera, the Lii'Kur'Chakk have long, thin, fully prehensile tails that help them in a wide variety of tasks and vibrant yellow sclera. While Dra'Kur'Chakk are usually seen wielding trees or car axles into battle, Lii'Kur'Chakk are far more likely to use guns than more primitive styles of weaponry. They're also able to use vehicles, so long as they don't die in a car crash before getting the basics down.

Finally, we have the Cra'Kur'Chakk. The Cra'Kur'Chakk are by far the rarest of the three castes as they require their parents to be from the other two castes to cross-breed, a task found difficult due to size differences. Another dysfunction that leads to the rarity of the Cra'Kur'Chakk is their infertility. No Cra'Kur'Chakk can have a child. They sport both the wings of the Dra'Kur'Chakk and the tails of the Lii'Kur'Chakk, along with orange sclera. Their builds are very human-like, their height, muscle mass, and top speeds all averaging right around that of an average human. A very important thing about the Cra'Kur'Chakk is their intelligence, again being on par with the average human. This combination of rarity and intelligence leads Cra'Kur'Chakk to be important figures in a tribe, being healers or loremasters or war leaders.

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RE: Hard Korps
Name: Vlad Saretski Eltar Koton Batharius III
Serial Number: 13-5889-20-630-1
Species: Humanoid with an extended lifespan and a thirst for blood
City of Origin: Hemothania
Appearance: Bellow average height (about 5"6') yet still imposing. Has long incisors (some would say fangs), well groomed black hair and a pale face. Wears tight fitting black clothing and a swanky cape. He has small almost black eyes. He does not show signs of much muscle through his clothing.
Personality: Generally a nice person to be around, he doesn't like to be a leader preffering instead to manipulate others and call the shots from the background. He is rather abraisive when people bring up his lifestyle and associate him with certain groups. He keeps telling everyone to stop bringing it up and that he is not one of them. He is quicker to agitation and is considerably weaker if he has spent a long time in direct sunlight or without drinking blood. He gets extremely unstable when he is both blood deprived and sun exposed sending him into manic and futile fits of rage at anyone and everyone including many inanamate objects as well.
Biography: Born 200 years ago into a noble family, the Batharius family had owned land in hemothania for at least 800 years. The current manor was built by his father, somewhat of a midlife crisis. The Batharius family has never taken a stance on politics so when a militant revolution was coming they saw it as nothing more than the little people having their fun, but being sub-human and not even taking an active part in the revolution (it turns out passive disinterest is not good enough for this new government) has bought the young vlad into the penal core to serve "the good of the comune" oh well. At least it is a chance to stretch the legs, and people don't generally ask questions when it is their enemy that has been completely drained of blood.
Skills: Very strong, very fast very good at persuasion (these are assuming he is sheltered and not thirsty), sharp teeth (not affected by weather), can't transform into a winged mammal (no matter how nicely you ask)
Favourite concept: Control (Don't be rediculous, of course it isn't blood, is your faveourite concept water?)
Inventory: Standard issue penal Korpsman armour (ill fitting, too large, sans mask as he doesn't need it) with cape attached and assault rifle. Has no other personal items.

This is at least somewhat relevant and I felt like making it:
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RE: Hard Korps
Name: Auralais Bavras
Serial Number: 85-1984-18-476-7
Species: Nusenic (fuck you, originality)
City of Origin: Ledik
Appearance: 6'9", 410 lbs, black scales, red skullplate, crimson eyes, large wings, long tail, digitigrade legs, sharp claws, pointed carnivorous teeth, red horns, fierce red markings dot his body, very muscular. Auralais is incredibly intimidating to humans, looking almost like a demonic dragon.
Personality: Auralais is an incredibly nice and easy-going individual, not particularly liking the thought of being signed up for combat against his will. He enjoys telling jokes and attempts to see the humor in most situations, even though he is really bad at it. He is kind of a smartass, and is rather sarcastic, though he means well. He also really hates the Commune, but is aware that just about every country is probably as bad.
Biography: Auralais grew up in the city of Ledik, working with his father (who operated as a carpenter and freelance welder). Life was decent in the city, despite it being a dictatorship, and Auralais and his four siblings grew up relatively well. When Auralais was twenty-five, the Great Commune invaded the city and sent off most of the Nusenic population to labor camps or the Korps. Auralais is one of the latter.
Skills: Basic carpentry, metalworking, and welding, knows how to drive, skilled marksman, skilled in melee and hand-to-hand, can fly for limited distances, immune to fire and heat, very strong, quite quick, decent at poker, knows basic first aid (for Nusenics), average intelligence, knows absolutely nothing about countryside monsters, bad at math, good with animals, likes cooking, enjoys ballroom dancing (but isn't very good at it).
Favourite concept: Paradise. He'd like to escape to a warm beach with no worries. That'd be great. He misses his family.
Inventory: Standard issue Korpsman armor and assault rifle. The armor is a bit tight, and he needed to get really creative with the wings and tail, and couldn't even wear a helmet or the standard-issue boots, having to wear his own civilian boots instead. Fucking Commune. He also has a bayonet, a picture of his family, and a small magnetic button given to him by a crazy guy in boot camp that says "I loves Kommune". He doesn't like the button very much, but he thinks it might be some kind of weird loyalty test, and that if he takes it off he might get shot.
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RE: Hard Korps
Name: Ivar the Legless

Serial Number: 96-7043-16-506-8

Species: Human, mostly. There are some parts that seem to have been replaced.

City of Origin: Vortogard

Appearance: Top half looks like a burly blond Nordic guy with a long, braided mustache. Bottom half is diesel-powered robotic legs which are controlled by attachments to his severed thighs.

Personality: He's an asshole!

Biography: Ivar was originally training to be a demolitions expert in the civil service. He blew up his legs due to being just a little overzealous, and destroying an entire city block instead of just one building. After managing to get his legs replaced with robotic counterparts and failing to get another job due to his abysmal record (although he only lost his legs one time, it wasn't the only accident in his career), he moved to the Commune in hopes of getting employed there. After accidentally blowing up the wrong building again, he was transferred to a penal battalion. He has decided that the Commune can go suck eggs and he is pretty sure even he could run a country better than them.

Skills: Blowing stuff up. Not always the right stuff but plenty of stuff regardless.

Favourite concept: Explosions. His robot legs are pretty cool too, even if they make him stink of diesel fumes all the time and are probably not contributing positively to his sanity. Woe betide anyone who disses either.

Inventory: Rifle, pistol, armor, flak vest, clear bomb visor, grenade launcher with ammunition and a whole load of combat explosives. He's well equipped for the job!
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RE: Hard Korps
I see what you did there.
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RE: Hard Korps
Name: Doctor Harold Peter Healthcraft
Serial Number: 33-6663-55-018-4
Species: Ordinary Human! (Surely!)
City of Origin: Glorious Commune formerly known as Grimm'smouth
Appearance: A scrawny normal looking fellow, sunken face, tired eyes and messy brown hear, wears glasses and a rather dull brownish waistcoat over a grimy shirt. He keeps most of his visible skin hidden beneath an article of cloth, going so far to as even wear gloves most of the time as if he is afraid of discovering something horrid underneath.
Personality: Harold is a intellectual if a bit apathetic person, generally preferring to stay out of presumed trouble, This goes doubly so if his home is concerned, in spite of that he is inquisitive, having a knack for looking into mysterious occurrences and basing investigations upon that. Sometimes out of seemly random he has certain 'episodes' causing him to get increasingly more paranoid, thankfully he succumbs to a small blackout soon after

Biography: Harold Peter Healthcraft was one of the residents of the quiet little town of Grimm'smouth, A decrepit little fishing village that was distrustful of strangers and was mostly ignored by the rest of the world..

It was a secretive little village and the locals always had a distinct the influential ones. Sunken faces, sharp teeth, dull greyed eyes and the perpetual smell of rotting fish, as well as a rather blubbery accent. It was (lovingly) referred too as the Grimm'smouth taint by outsiders. In reality it was because they were part of a secretive cult based of /something/ far under the waves. The Cult ruled the village and most of its inhabitants were either members or swayed into hiding and silence.

Harold Peter was the village doctor, He never believed any of that cult nonsense tho and was stuck in one of the more decrepit homes, His daily routine was helping the villagers who got shoved into the poor house, he didn't want to know what was happening in the village and if a stranger came to the village he did what he was told and avoided him like the plague.

This all changed when one of the strangers repeatedly asked for his help in uncovering what was happening in the village, Eventually hope pushed trough the veil of reluctance and he explained the village sordid history to the stranger and helped him with his escape by revealing some hidden passage within the village... Several days later he was captured in the night by the cultist fishmen and thrown into a cell, He hoped the stranger actually made it to safety and spread the word...

A few days of imprisonment later there was gunfire outside his cell, it seemed a army was attacking the town, fighting the cultists, his rejoicing was temporary since one of the cultists burst in and knocked him out..

He awoke in the middle a ritual of the cultist, the cave they in shook, probably due to the fighting outside.. the cultists were losing and he was probably going to get killed in some weird ritual they did to stop it, He assumed that since he saw a lot of his fellow citizens lying in a heap of corpses... that was the last he saw, there was a flash of weird green light and he blacked out..

He awoke again outside in the streets, its seems the commune was informed of what happened in Grimm'smouth. Unfortunately they charged the whole populace to a penal service on the crimes of following religion.
and thus he was sent to the penal corps...he didn't remember he had a weird necklace and tome tho...What happened in that cave would be a he wasn't keen on solving..

Skills: Philosophical discussion, A knack for detective work, Competent Medical Doctor, Has knowledge of several cults (but unwilling to talk about it), is pretty good with a revolver.
Favourite concept: Solving Mysteries, Intellectual discussion and a good bottle of old scotch
Inventory: Standard issue penal Korpsman armour (Class: Medic) (a bit to big.) and rifle, A few medical kits, A seashell pendant with a almost otherworldly green emerald in it, A old beaten tome with a matching lock to the pendant and his favorite possession: a trusty metal revolver
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RE: Hard Korps
Name: Meritole Wodeysdent
Serial Number: 60-2641-96-348-2
Species: Human
City of Origin: Glorious Commune formerly known as Dlonon
Appearance: Tall, with messy red hair and what could be called crazy eyes that just can't seem to focus on any one thing for more than a few seconds. Usually just wears whatever extra clothes the military provides the corps, which means most of the time it looks weird and doesn't quite fit.

Personality: Quite the character. Nicely put, some would say he's quirky and interesting. Others might say there's just something wrong about him. Either way, he does his best to be friendly and cheerful. Seems surprisingly alright with forcibly being part of the military.

Biography: Meritole is here because he accidentally cut an officer's hair too short. That's right, he was a barber. One of the few citizens of Dlonon not forcibly recruited into something or other after its conquest, he continued to ply his trade for a few years before he inevitably drew the ire of a captain who changed his mind about his favorite haircut halfway through the cutting.

He could have also been recruited, hypothetically, for the dozen or so casual murders to his name. It originally started when he dealt with a handful of thugs trying to stronger their way into getting a cut of his already tiny profit, but the experience changed the humble hairdresser when he realized just how easy, and dare he say it, enjoyable the experience was. He had always had something for pretty things, like the accidental cut and drop of blood when a customer moved during a shave, and he finally understood it. After that, he killed much more willingly, but with a small part of him understanding just how wrong it was held back for the mist part. Fortunately, he was drafted before his killing spree really had a chance to begin. Unfortunately, the recruitment and following process broke him mire than a little. Thankfully for him, it wasn't like anyone was going to miss the occasional corps prisoner with a big mouth or random enemy soldier/civilian.

Skills: Exceptional barber and close combat fighter. Not particularly intelligent, but has a savage cunning when it comes to covering his tracks and getting away with his misdeeds. A fan of all forms of art and able to adequately appraise most of them. Quick reflexes and a fast runner. Good at hiding and stealth (especially in urban areas).

Favourite concept: Beauty. Both in the traditional means as well as his own warped forms of it.

Standard issue penal Korpsman armor
Assault rifle
Straight razor
Flip razor
Another straight razor
Several pairs of scissors, most disconnectable
A bayonet
Several 'tokens' of questionable origins
An old, weathered locket with a picture of a girl inside
A pistol
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RE: Hard Korps
When I posted this game I was wondering how crasy it was going to get.

Then the first character app was a rockman and all of sudden someone took the brakes off the train and we're going downhill and over a broken bridge. I love it. I'll keep applications open for a few days more, or until I have way too many applications.
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RE: Hard Korps
Name: Marcel Devonic.

Serial Number: 03-5792-22-813-9

Species: Human!

City of Origin: Nikal.

Appearance: Marcel stands at about 5'3", making him rather short. He's got chocolate brown hair and a pair of spectacles over a pair of bright green eyes. His skin is fair, and he doesn't seem to be very fit. He's almost a stereotypical bookworm, save for the pistol he loves to carry. He usually has on an old jacket and a pair of working pants that look very worn, as if they'd seen a lot of use.

Personality: Marcel is curious by nature, and loves to learn everything about EVERYTHING. This has caused him quite a bit of trouble, including how often he'll try to educate others, which comes off as showing off. He's very talkative, trying to learn what he can at any opportunity.

Biography: Marcel came from the ruined village of Nikal, and worked as a scribe once integrated into the Great Commune. However... his curiousity got the better of him, and aside from writing a few unflattering things about a leader in a massively published book, found his way into an offlimits library. He was soon discovered, and sent to "Straighten himself out."

Skills: Marcel is best at reading and translating other languages, having passing knowledge in many, and fluent in a handful. In addition, he's a decent shot with a pistol or a rifle. He's not very good in a fight, but he can keep his cool in even the most dire circumstances.

Favourite concept: Discovery. The idea of learning something lost or unknown thrills him to the core.

Standard issue Armor
Assault Rifle
Notebook (Half-full)
Rations X 3
Rope (25 feet)
05-13-2014, 05:54 AM
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RE: Hard Korps
@Bramzter - so is it healthcraft or lovecraft, you use one in the name and the other at the start of the bio, also subtle, real subtle
05-13-2014, 06:08 AM
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RE: Hard Korps
Dunno what you are talking about mannnnn *Nervous glancing*
05-13-2014, 06:27 AM
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RE: Hard Korps
I am glad to have been the one to remove said brakes. Runaway trains are the best trains.
05-13-2014, 01:18 PM
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RE: Hard Korps
tfw you don't even play this type of game but the world's just so beautiful you want to create a character anyway.
05-13-2014, 07:49 PM
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RE: Hard Korps
Name: Sam Samson

Serial Number: 13-9370-43-232-1

Species: The fuck is he even now? The fuck was he? Nobody knows. He has four arms, practically super strength, can move like a cat on crack, and loves to eat raw meat. He seems to prefer weaponizing anything he can find on hand over things actually meant to be used as weapons.

City of Origin: "Ruby Mountains! Was securities!" There's no place called Ruby Mountain. Where the fuck is this guy from.

Appearance: A large, four-armed behemoth of a man, Sam has pale skin, jet-black hair, and red eyes. Like, striking red. Horror movie red. Cliche demon from the nether-hells red. Some people swear they glow in the dark.

Personality: Surprisingly sociable, Sam is nonetheless violent and destructive. His favorite hobby is "fightings", and it is the second reason he's in the penal corps, the primary, of course, being that he is a filthy non-human.

Biography: An explosion was reported in one of the Northern wastes. Shortly afterwards, a four-armed suspect was brought in and accused of slaying countless valuable trees of the Great Commune. He was thrown into general holding to be sorted out in the morning.
The next morning, every other criminal had been bludgeoned to death with a sink that, though heavily bolted to the wall, had been ripped off and used as an improvised weapon. Sam claimed it was 'good fightings!'
He was immediately transferred to maximum security and signed into the penal corps.



Standard Issue Korpsman Armor.
Standard Issue Korpsman Assault Rifle, Wielded Like a Club.
Bloodied Jail Cell Sink, at prisoner's request, granted just to dispose of the thing.
Bicycle Chain, spotted by prisoner on route to transportation, granted for mission because this is will get him hilariously killed.
Standard Issue Commune Office Standing Lamp, requested for mission, it wasn't working correctly so request was granted.
05-14-2014, 02:44 AM
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RE: Hard Korps
'kocel Wrote:Sam Samson

All of my yes.
05-14-2014, 02:55 AM
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RE: Hard Korps
Cross-Overs Ho!
05-14-2014, 03:24 AM
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RE: Hard Korps
Sign ups are closed.

Game shall commence tonight.
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RE: Hard Korps

Name: NX-35, calls itself "Steven"

Serial Number: 89-5777-99-247-0

Species: Robot (contains human brain)

City of Origin: Statour

Appearance: Slightly less than 7 feet tall, made entirely of various metals. Has a humanoid torso sitting atop four spidery legs, with two long arms and human-esque hands. Appears to have been cobbled together from mostly scrap metal, parts of which are fairly rusted. Its head consists mainly of a large, rectangular visual sensor, above a metal grate which acts as vocal output. Its body is primarily diesel-powered, pumping exhaust through a number of pipes sticking out of its torso, but it also contains a hatch in its front side into which food is placed. This food is broken down in order to sustain the robot's organic component, i.e. its brain.

Personality: "Steven" tends to act friendly, though it is fairly hard to tell due to its crackling, monotonous voice. It seems to be unaware that it is not human, and will attempt to deny that it is a robot when questioned. Even though it's really obvious. "Steven" is less than adept at fighting, but seems to have little in the way of a code of ethics - it has no problem with killing. Has sort of a thing for sharp objects.

Biography: "Steven" was discovered by the Commune in the city of Statour, wandering aimlessly through the streets. When it was determined not to be a threat, it was promptly requisitioned by the Commune, offering little resistance. When questioned, "Steven" claimed to have been born in the city some 40 years ago, making its living as a weapons manufacturer and dealer. It also referred to itself as if it were human, though it gave no details as to its identity. Additionally, no one in the city had seen it earlier than a day or two before the Commune discovered it.

The only identifying information found on "Steven" was the large "NX-35" scratched into its side. Further questioning of the robot led the Commune to an abandoned laboratory hidden within an old apartment building, full of scrap parts and the corpse of one Adrien Colton, a mechanic who had not been seen in several days. "Steven" denied all knowledge of the mechanic, and continued to argue that it was human before eventually growing irate and ceasing communication. Its lack of cooperation ultimately resulted in it being assigned to the penal Korps, for "testing purposes".

Skills: Adept at the creation and upkeep of weapons, and has an extensive knowledge of how to use them in combat. Actual combat ability does not live up to its knowledge, perhaps due to being a faulty robot. Has a welding torch built into its right hand; otherwise uses only its bare hands in the creation of weapons. Very strong and somewhat difficult to damage, but also slow and loud. Psychologically affected by very little - unable to experience fear and has an extremely limited range of emotions.

Favorite concept: Vengeance. "Steven" vaguely remembers this Adrien fellow after all. He didn't work alone.

Inventory: Assault rifle, Korpsman armour (poorly fitted over its oddly-shaped torso), machete fashioned from scrap metal, several scrap metal knives, makeshift pistol (mostly made from scrap as well), large tank of diesel, several rations.
05-14-2014, 10:06 AM
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RE: Hard Korps
SCUM HOW DARE YOU POST PAST DEADLINE (Yes I saw the spoiler tag and yes this is entirely a joke)

05-14-2014, 10:07 AM
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RE: Hard Korps
It is now officially possible for the entire party to be composed of non humans.
05-14-2014, 10:12 AM
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RE: Hard Korps
What are you talking about? Steven is clearly a normal human. To suggest otherwise would be ridiculous.
05-14-2014, 10:20 AM
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RE: Hard Korps
Of course. My mistake.
05-14-2014, 10:21 AM
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RE: Hard Korps
Likewise for vlad, to suggest he is nonhuman would be rediculous, frankly offensive and WHAT THE HELL ARE YOU IMPLYING!!
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RE: Hard Korps
Cast of Characters beneath the spoiler. The surprise is everybody got in, fuck logic, lets ride this death train all the way to the station. Try not to die.

[Image: Hard%20Korps1.png]

You've been on this plane for hours. The flight was bumpy and the noise was terribly loud and everpresent. The cabin you sat in was crampt despite the size of the airfoil. Both sides of the plane were lined with your fellow korpsman of every imaginable race on the face of Artosk, hidden behind the implacable masks of the korps uniform. You were barely held in place by the fraying straps intended to secure you should the plane go through terrible turbulence or worse. There were forty korpsman in all, including the large, strange, cyborg clanker at the back of the plane were the cargo door sat.

The commissars stood in the aisle, the four of them were listening intently to their radios, nodding. The officers got the good helmets, letting them cut off noise and chat privately to themselves. Fuckers. No one's sure what the Commune promised them to agree to policing the rest of us, but it wouldn't matter by day's end anyway.

The cabin was eerily quiet despite the noise of the engines, a few of the korpsman managed to nod off, getting what was probably going to be the last good night's sleep of their lives. Others were chatting privately to themselves. There wasn't much else to do other then re-affix the parachute pack on your back for the twenty-seventh time, or read the shitty propaganda leaflet they were all issued a few minutes before boarding the plane. Hilarious when it seems like an orientation sheet you probably should have gotten before you started training.

Suddenly your ear-piece acts up. You look up at attention, thinking one of the commissars was speaking directly to you.

However you did not recognise this voice.


can you hear me?

don't look up, just keep reading the pamphlet, dont draw attention to yourself, play it cool

listen, my name's johan

i dont have long, i only managed to hack into your radio and a few others. you may have resigned yourself to the fact that you've been put on a suicide mission

you're right, you have been, you're meant to clear the way for the real soldiers. the fate of all penal korpsmen i'm afraid

listen let me cut the bullshit. your family is already dead, the revolution changed nothing, just made everything worse, you and everyone else on this plane is going to die out here

unless you do. exactly. as I say. i can get you out of this, but i need you to do something for me

the real reason for this war? the reason why artosk has been cut off from the rest of the world for the better part of a century? something big is happening

you and everyone else on this plane are meat for the grinder so the commune can capture something the city of grencisthk dug up, something old, a game changer

and no, the city of grencisthk is not much better then the commune, no matter how much they talk about freedom and liberty. so don't feel bad if you have to kill their soldiers

play along for now, when you make landfall, follow my directions, and you'll live, don't worry about how i know what i know, just do it if you want to live

after that, your a free man.. woman... whatever you are, i didn't get a good look at your file yet

we just cant let the commune get what they're after, it'll get so much worse then just a couple of city states getting razed to the ground if we do

i have to go for now, you still have another hour on this flight, so just try to relax and ready yourself

goodbye for now."

Included for the sake of those who did not highlight the OP to discover the white text.

"Okies!" Shouts one of the commissars. A native to Commune Hive 1, Fendal's Bay by anyone with goddamn sense. "We are approachings sea forts of Grencisthk known as Jackal's Tooth. Is highly fortifieds and beach assaults is already underwayings." The plane shook and the commissar gripped the pole running along the ceiling for stability. "We will be in airspace in hour. Make ready and fight well to make good-better glorious commune!" The commissar said, clasping a fist before making his way further up the cabin.

To think that asshole got landed here for political dissidence once upon a time.

You contemplate the words of this 'Johan' character and wonder just what the hell his game was. Not to mention how in the hell he got the message through to you privately.

Since, you know, you're over the ocean and all and the communications korpsman with the ridiculously big backpack was currently slumped over asleep.

Just how many of your fellow korpsman on this plane received that message? It was probably in your best interest to find out who before the time came for the jump. But how to do so without raising suspicion?
05-14-2014, 10:51 AM
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RE: Hard Korps
Ivar yawned, stretching his arms. "So who here knew that weird guy from, er, back at camp? Yo-something?"
05-14-2014, 10:52 AM
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RE: Hard Korps
"Yorrick?" Some random Korpsman with rat-like, un-armoured tail said. "Asshole owes me three packets of cigarettes. Last I heard he was on a ship. Probably on the beach by now."
05-14-2014, 10:54 AM
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RE: Hard Korps
"No, that wasn't it," said Ivar. "Yoh-something, not Yor-something." His legs hissed steam as he shifted in his seat. "Communications guy. Never saw him face to face."

He looked around the cabin to see if he could catch anyone's eye.
05-14-2014, 11:01 AM
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RE: Hard Korps
Auralais looked over at the legless explosives expert. Did that guy get the message too?

"Johan? Yeah, I knew that guy. Weird as hell. Would never shut the fuck up," he said, nodding.
05-14-2014, 11:03 AM
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RE: Hard Korps
"Yeah... I remember him because he had a kind of funny accent. Didn't talk quite like the other commune guys. Didn't pluralize words that really shouldn't be pluralized. 'Sads' and 'Regoicings' for instance."
05-14-2014, 11:06 AM
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RE: Hard Korps
Rather than attempt to draw attention to himself Vlad chooses to instead sit in silence as he had been, this time more focused on hearing what the people on the plane are saying, perhaps he will hear something important or at the very least useful. He does however pull off his mask, the damn thng is way too stifling.
05-14-2014, 11:08 AM
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RE: Hard Korps
A commissar notices Vlad's actions. "You." He says pointing. "Put your mask back on, you'll need it for the drop."
05-14-2014, 11:10 AM
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RE: Hard Korps
"We're probably going to die when we're deployed anyway. What does it matter if the guy doesn't want to die with helmet hair?"
05-14-2014, 11:12 AM
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RE: Hard Korps
The commissar turned to Komya. It wasn't visible beneath his own mask, but he was probably scowling at him. "It matters because of the air pressure and the amount of sheer flak that will be flying around when you jump. If nothing else, you'll be protecting your face from shrapnel."
05-14-2014, 11:15 AM
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RE: Hard Korps
"INDEED," crackled an incredibly synthetic voice from the back of the plane. The clearly-not-a-robot had spent most of the flight silently observing its fellow humans (and whatever non-humans were around), and hadn't actually moved at all. It was just resting, like everyone else. Clearly.

05-14-2014, 11:17 AM
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RE: Hard Korps
Varce got the message. Varce heard the rest talking about it not-so-subtlety. Varce was not in the mood to join in, mainly because he really needed to stretch his wings.
05-14-2014, 11:18 AM
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RE: Hard Korps
"I think my point about not wanting to die with helmet hair still stands, but good to know about the shrapnel."

Komya was grinning under her helmet. She was happy to take any opportunity to irritate people higher up on the chain of command in the commune. She was going to die. May as well ruffle as many feathers of the people sending her to her death as possible on the way there. Leave on a high note.

Unless this Johan guy could really get them out of the fire that is.
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RE: Hard Korps
So much for laying low, Vlad reapplies the mask, in for a penny and all that he decides to join the least subtle secret conversation he has ever heard "I once knew a Johan, he led a bunch of fools against insurmountable odds, even talking of the man was a punnishable offense by the time his enemies were done with him. Only fools talked about him in front of those that wished him harm, in fact I am even uncomfortable talking about him here, so far from home"
05-14-2014, 11:29 AM
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RE: Hard Korps
"We must be talking about different Johan's." Komya says. "We're just talking about some boring guy in communications."
05-14-2014, 11:32 AM
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RE: Hard Korps
"Yeah...the fuck Johan are you talking about?" asked Auralais, looking at Vlad weirdly.
05-14-2014, 11:36 AM
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RE: Hard Korps
05-14-2014, 11:38 AM
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RE: Hard Korps
"I know who he's talking about." Kaleb spoke up, looking up from an old journal. "He's talking about THAT Jonah, you know, the one in the story? Something something fight the big evil, save the princess, make glorious communes where everyone is equal. That guy, right?" He slid the journal into a pocket of his jacket, waiting for an answer. He was lying, of course, no such story existed.
05-14-2014, 11:42 AM
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RE: Hard Korps
"Never heard of it myself. Sounds cliche."
Komya had already figured out that the Johan Vlad was talking about was the one on the radio. And also that he was implying that doing what he said was foolish and doomed to fail. But as far as she was concerned, better to take a fighting chance than die in the name of the commune.
05-14-2014, 11:45 AM
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RE: Hard Korps
"Well... They say the story end prematurely. There are rumors that the story is TRUE, and he's just waiting for the next band of warriors to come to aid him." How many others had gotten the message? Hopefully this would help him find out...
05-14-2014, 11:46 AM (This post was last modified: 05-14-2014 11:46 AM by Spandex Faffy.)
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RE: Hard Korps
"Oh it happened a long time ago. The whole thing seemed less noble at the time, and it didn't end too well for him" Vlad says giving the small man a toothy grin.
05-14-2014, 11:46 AM
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RE: Hard Korps
Auralais remained silent at this point. Hopefully the others knew that he'd gotten the message.
05-14-2014, 12:03 PM (This post was last modified: 05-14-2014 12:04 PM by Spandex Faffy.)
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RE: Hard Korps
"Now I'm going to stop talking history and try to get some sleep, this may be my last chance before we land" Vlad sits back and sighs, hoping that everyone understood, as the situation stands he wants no part in the plans of this Johan character. He won't mention it to the commune, but he certainly won't be helping unless the situation changes. Perhaps bringing it up was a mistake but it has been a long flight completely without a drink, perhaps he can forget this dull ache if he just closes his eyes and ignores the world.

This also means I am probably going to be sleeping for a while in real life too, so see you tomorrow all
05-14-2014, 12:17 PM
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RE: Hard Korps
"That story was depressing anyway." Komya says. "But it does make you think what you would have done if you were there back then. The odds were against them. But maybe some things are worth risking your life for... but I suppose it doesn't matter right now. We'll have plenty of time to discuss what's worth dying for later if we make it back alive."

Komya opens her pocket book. Might as well calm the nerves. Cant worry as much if all your brain power is taken up with puzzles.

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