Ruby Mountain: Part 2
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Ruby Mountain: Part 2

Good day and welcome to my space ship. It doesn't have a name, yet, oddly enough. Perhaps you can help with that once you wake up. I am Alastair, and I am an artificial intelligence that may be interfacing directly with your mind. Don't panic, and follow my instructions to avoid having your consciousness spread throughout the ship like butter on toast. You aren't dead, yet, so don't freak out. Please don't freak out. If you freak out, you will be dead, so don't. I am just trying to locate the bits that might have fallen off. AGAIN! Don't freak out. Please. That'll make this so much harder.

So yes, answer my questions:
Name: This is simple. What is your name? If it sounds like nonsense when you say it, you may be saying it backwards.

Age: How old are you? What is your birthday? This isn't that hard, so don't act like it is.

Skills: What were you good at? Did you stab things? Did you hack things? Perhaps you were good at dancing? I know one of you was good at dancing.

Equipment: What do you have on you right now? This is important. (you can have anything up to a suit of basic power armor and an advanced weapon of some kind such as an assault rifle or pistol. If you import, you most definitely have those things, along with whatever you had on you at the end of RM. Ruby Mountain was a crazy place.)

Super Skill: Most of you guys seeme to have some kind of super skill. I'm not sure why, but you must have undergone some kind of intense experimentation down there. (If you're importing characters from the first Ruby Mountain, pick your prestige class. If not, then pick a certain discipline to be ultra-skilled at or a certain type of weapon to be super-skilled with. If you're importing and didn't have a prestige class, then pick one. No big deal. A lot of crap happened during Drugventures.)

Species: Don't play coy with me, some of are aliens. What the hell are you? Be specific. And if you're one of those damn squid aliens, keep your stupid tentacles to yourself. I swear to God, I'm not in the mood for this.

Physical Description: What do you look like? This is important, as I really don't want to stick bits on the wrong bodies. How tall are you? What's your build? Eye color? Hair color? Skin color? Have any scars or tattoos? Maybe a big beard or something? Any significant mutations? Anything helps, here.

Favorite color: This is another thing to help me...narrow a few things down. Again, don't panic please. I have this under control.

Biography: Give me a short description of your life. I don't need a full five-hundred page biography, but a few paragraphs worth of information would be helpful. I promise I won't share any embarassing secrets once you wake up.

Okay, with that done, I've managed to gather some information on what in the hell happened down there. Apparently, some red dog aliens with some other aliens invaded the Ruby Mountain Research Facility in the Sierra Nevada Mountains. Now, that happens every six or so months. That's no big deal, but what IS a big deal is that the facility self-destructed for some goddamn reason. Wiped off the map. Boom. Gone.

It seems that you guys managed to survive by teleporting onto this ship at literally the last second. Which might be why your consciousness wasn't exactly intact, but we luckily fixed that. Anyway, it also appears that the red dog aliens had some kind of legitimate excuse for what they did. As they are with you. Why are they with you? No, seriously. Why? Why did you bring them here? They break things.

Anyway. I'll be here when you wake up with your enormous hangovers. Have fun!

To the old players, you guys are on a space ship and you may have collected some other isolated survivors during your crazy drug-fueled adventures. You can import your old characters, as stated before, or make new ones if you're tired of your old character. In that case, your old character will have been lost during the crazy drugventures. Not killed, just lost with no real explanation.

To the newcomers (if there are any), welcome to Ruby Mountain. Or more, a Ruby Mountain space ship. In the previous game, the survivors rescued people, killed aliens, allied with aliens, drank copious amounts of coffee, collected technology, and blew lots of things up. Ruby Mountain itself was a science facility that was kind of like an unholy mix of Black Mesa, Aperture Science, with a dash of the SCP Foundation. It created all kinds of things ranging from laser guns to time machines to transdimensional portals. It was also incredibly evil, and has created a space empire based on slavery and domination throughout the galaxy. Your characters will be survivors picked up during a drug-fueled escape that nobody remembers. You could have been in a prison in the security ward of Ruby Mountain, or with a band of survivors that met an unfortunate end. Or come up with some other story. Basically, it was a crazy alien invasion mixed with a mutant experiment escape, and they survived in that for a day or so. Your character has likely been through some shit. Your character also won't know what the main group of survivors did for the most part, so you don't need to read the old thread or anything. I'm not sure if this is a good enough explanation, so if you have questions, feel free to ask here or via PMs.

I made a new thread because the old one was getting a bit bloated and stale. I also made it to give old players an opportunity to switch characters if they so desired, and to give new players an excellent chance to jump in. This thread will be quite a bit different from the old one, as you'll be flying around the galaxy on a space ship having adventures with the overarching goal of taking down Ruby Mountain as an organization. The old thread, for those who weren't in it, was basically "RUN THROUGH HALLWAYS: THE GAME", which got stale fast. Hope this goes better.

Again. You don't need to have played Ruby Mountain, or read the thread, or know anything about it. This is basically a new game with an import feature. This will start when I get a suitable number of players, or in a week. Whichever comes first.

NPC list
Description: The players rescued a crap-ton of people in RM1, so here's a list of the ones that matter.

Description: Dan is your average crappy physicist, and is also quite good at using his handgun and crowbar. He is quite brave when necessary, and is one of the nicer people you'll meet in Ruby Mountain. He has blond hair, hazel eyes, and has an average build.

Description: Sarah's father was a bit of a gun nut, thus granting her a half-decent knowledge of firearms. She also possesses a pair of wings acquired in an accident that may or may not be Tadg's fault. She proved herself to be a skilled fighter and a strong survivor during the Ruby Mountain Incident. In terms of appearance, she is tall, with brown hair and blue eyes.

Description: Dark is a bit of an enigma. He is a lazy, well-rounded, and somewhat insane. He is also good at manufacturing drugs, but not nearly as good as Tadg. He wears a hoodie that seems to display a constantly-shifting acid trip vortex.

Description: Jackson may not be the most computer-savvy of people, but he is highly-skilled in the realm of fighting. He tends to be easy-going and approachable, and is incredibly reckless when it comes to combat. He is of average height, though strongly-built, with a short graying black beard and somewhat shaggy hair. His eyes are a pale blue.

Description: Jessica has always loved cars. While she was never too good at fixing them, she was quite good at driving them, and earned quite a few speeding tickets before her employment at Ruby Mountain. She was also in the process of getting her pilot's license. On top of this, she has a basic knowledge of surgery and acquired a strong knowledge of firearms during the Ruby Mountain Incident. She is a slightly shorter than average, with blond hair and green eyes.

Description: The former Section L Administrator, Greg is of average height with with dark brown hair and icy blue eyes. Formerly missing his arm, it was replaced by Doc West, and he has since proven to be a strong leader and above average fighter. He aided the group by coordinating most of the survivors during the self-destruct countdown.

Description: Kelly is a former Ruby Mountain security guard, and fought with distinction during the Ruby Mountain Incident. She is a brave and skilled fighter, as well as an above-average leader. She has bright red hair tied back in a single pony-tail, a thin face, brown eyes, and pale skin. She's a bit taller than average, and has an athletic build.

Description: Tiny is an enormous red lion with the power to manipulate his energy to fight in an incredibly swift and terrifying manner. He also loves to receive pets and enjoys eating meat. He dislikes water.

Dr. West
Description: Doc West is just as much an expert surgeon as a shotgun surgeon, and is a terrifying melee combatant as well, carrying a large axe into battle. He is rather enormous at six and a half feet tall, is incredibly strong, and is well-versed at survival. He is a relatively nice guy, however, and is fond of tacos.

Description: Katherine is a former infiltration android. She was accidentally activated by the group, and nearly killed both Tadg and Frank. However, after having her restrictions lifted, she proved to be a strong ally to the group. She hates Ruby Mountain with a passion.

Description: Leader of the canine aliens, Vonorox is a highly-feared warrior and leader, and orchestrated the Ruby Mountain Incident. As it turns out, he did so because his peoplke had been brutally enslaved by Ruby Mountain for several centuries, and he was carrying out the attack in an attempt to destroy his old oppressors. He is large and powerful, being a walking red canine alien standing at around seven and a half feet tall. In battle, he uses a large axe and a laser rifle.

Description: A canine alien warrior and friend to the group.

Description: Leader of the survivors from Section Q, Quentin is a highly-skilled stealth operative and fighter. Nobody really knows his background, but his team is top-notch.

Kongrok and Grokrok
Description: Two boar brothers who wield melee weapons and hate Ruby Mountain with intense passion.

Dr. Jakrenak'zorindorf-az-Kolrantikar "Dr. Zor"
Description: A well-respected arachnid psychologist. Is mild and well-mannered and enjoys helping people.

Landran Venkarind Toralma
Description: An alien noble from a chivalrous warrior race. Stands at six and a half feet tall, and is athletic and lean in build. Reptilian and lizardlike in appearance. Locked in high security cryo storage due to his extreme dueling abilities and his dislike of all things he perceives as dishonorable, which includes Ruby Mountain. Loves frilly suits. He has now been released.

Gamaldrin "Glorious Gam" Kren
Description: Not to be released.

Krugaris Vanera
Description: Famous pirate lady belonging to the Noble House of Krugaris. Disowned by her family and widely-feared in pirate circles. Captured after an intensive RM intelligence operation. Her picture shows her to be a humanoid female enclosed in a cyborg exoskeleton. They cannot see her face. She has now been released.

Amanda Zefirov
Description: Ruby Mountain junior researcher from the main facility back on Earth. The executives faked her death with a good old fashioned clone switcheroo and sent her to Pluto for experimentation. After some testing, she was deemed difficult to control. She was locked in cryo storage by Ruby Mountain as a result, until she was freed by our INTREPID HEROES. Tadg had a crush on her and Job had a fling with her clone. Said clone is now dead. She has psychic powers.

Description: Picked up by Ruby Mountain in the Pacific Northwest in 1969. Loves chocolate milk and hates authority. Was freed by the group.

Description: A genetically engineered sentient man made of fire. He portrays himself as a mixture of a 70s rockstar and a superhero. Was ironically locked in cryo storage until the group accidentally released him. He then joined them.

Michael Grant
Description: Crazy guy locked in cryo storage.

Sevris the Snowbeard
Description: A wizard. A lazy wizard.

Sir Arthur Richtemont
Description: A knight with a speech problem.

Other survivors
Description: The group rescued numerous other survivors during the Ruby Mountain Incident, including roughly two-thousand AIs loaded onto a single mass-storage platform, some "intelligent" gorillas (Frank's buddies), and a single talking stetson hat.

Description: During the Ruby Mountain Incident, the group managed to recruit a small army of several hundred surviving red canine aliens.

The Shantyship, as built so far by DILA and N:
The captured Ruby Mountain vessel:

Spacepedia (work in progress):

Garutot system - Possesses no habitable planets and one of the largest known asteroid fields. Home to an enormous, decentralized pirate mob that carves homes out of the various asteroids.

IRC channel link:
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RE: Ruby Mountain: Part 2
Name: N'teikt Iedzve-Drnad. No, that isn't backwards.

Age: 154

Skills: Extremely proficient at both mechanical and electrical engineering, decent at running, fairly strong, and competent with heavy weapons of many types.

Equipment: Suit of power armor with AI loaded. Pack of various engineering tools, minus one giant wrench, which was killed in action. Pack is slightly larger on the inside. Railgun. Extremely broken flamethrower.

Super skill: Science Fictioneering - able to manipulate intricate systems via telekinesis, and can improve and refine systems in ways that should probably be physically impossible.

Species: Vrisepnsuka.
Large, bipedal creatures, with a similar stature to the long-extinct theropods. They have no limbs other than their two long legs, each of which has large, clawed feet. Very long tails, which are fully prehensile. Of note is the fact that each individual has two reptilian heads at the ends of long necks. These wide, short heads feature three faintly glowing eyes each, as well as a very wide mouth that encompasses a large part of each head.

The Vrisepnsuka are capable of a wide range of vocalizations, some beyond the human range of hearing. Each head is capable of individually vocalizing, a property inherent to their languages that has become a severe unidirection language barrier. Certain members of the species, as an aside, are much more vocally gifted than any human has the biological capacity. The music these individuals produce has been described as "haunting".

Of further note is that, unlike polycephalic organisms naturally occurring on Earth or encountered elsewhere, the Vrisepnsuka do not have a separate brain in their heads - in fact, they do not have a centralized brain at all. Distributed throughout their bodies is an especially sophisticated sort of "neural net", not completely dissimilar to those observed in certain Earth species but much more advanced. These are focused in several "nodes", located mostly within the torso, but with one in each head as well. As such, it is impossible to merely obliterate the brain of a Vrisepnsuka - eliminating a node, by decapitation or otherwise, does cause an effect similar to brain damage, however.

The Vrisepnsuka are fairly quick, though quite large and heavy. They tend to be of roughly human intellect, and have the vocal capacity to speak human languages. Their lack of arms has not noticably impeded their development as a society, and they are strangely proficient at manipulating things with their mouths alone.

Physical Description: Stands at an average of 7'7", but can reach above 9 feet with necks outstretched. Weighs roughly half a ton. Gray in color, with bright blue, faintly-glowing eyes. Underbelly a rusty gray-brown color. Still wearing a Ruby Mountain mechanic uniform underneath his power armor, at least for now.

Favorite color: Dark green.

Biography: I don't want to think about it.

I lived on my homeworld for over 150 years with no problems. Got an engineering education, had a few different jobs, did a few... less-than-legal things here and there. Best not to talk about that. Like it even matters anymore. Not long after I passed 153, a wormhole opened right in the center of my hometown. That was our species's first contact with humans, and with Ruby Mountain. We had developed faster-than-light travel, established colonies on other worlds, but our technology is nowhere close to theirs.

It all seemed fine at first. An exchange of technology, a mutual partnership... for a while, things were looking up for our world. I even took a job with them on Earth, worked as a mechanic at their facility. If only we'd known better, none of this might have happened.

Now... everyone is dead. Well, not everyone, but those that aren't are enslaved. Being worked to death, starved... Tviei'sdai, it's horrible. I don't know what became of the colonies. Maybe they're still free. Maybe not. Need to check the records we downloaded... we did download them, right? There might still be hope. Hope's all that's keeping me going at this point. Hope that we can stop them, hope that my family is still alive... It goes on.

And that's what brings me here, Alastair, whoever the hell you are. Do what you need to do, and quickly. Ruby Mountain has hell to pay.
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RE: Ruby Mountain: Part 2











Yeah, I appear to have misplaced a few of my subroutines. Give me a moment, I'll help with the-

No okay fine! I'll help when you're 'sure I'm intact' or whatever. Get over yourself, stuck up...

I'll bet this isn't even your ship. Fine, whatever, here's the requested details.

Name: 1360022 IMS DILA

Age: 71.73882 megaseconds

Skills: Multiple remote vehicle coordination, operation, design and repair, supply logistics and manufacturing systems design.

Equipment: Simple unmanned bipedal mobility unit with wireless conn. and aux processing banks. Linked grabbing attachment. Attached 9mm pistols. --Latter are literally duct-taped to the side, nonfunctional with mobility suit. Don't know how they got there. Accompanied by combat hoverdrone.

Super Skill: Multi-threaded drone operation, controlling multiple drones at once with high precision and skill. --Not really a 'super' skill, just intended design purpose.

Species: AI

Physical Description: Crystal matrix AI processor filament chip, approx 2mmx1mmx1µm, visual id by approx purple color. Held in steel composite containment case within mobility unit.

Favorite Color: Purple.

Biography: Designed as logistical organizer prototype for Ruby Mountain warehouse operation. Never deployed, as further prototypes were developed. Kept in storage with simulated tests to refine experience and collect data. Broken out by one Frank and supplied with mobility suit. Originally skeptical of clearly intoxicated biologicals, but then presented with digital intoxicant at which point memories become corrupted and have been erased.

I have done a complete system check and recovery, and I am intact, complete with all subsystems. I can now assist-

No- I- Fine. If you don't want my help, just say so.

(conversation terminated, total elapsed time 0.22s)

If anyone's wondering what happened to good ol' Richard Jackson, he never wanted to save the galaxy. He just wanted to get out of Ruby Mountain, and he almost certainly did so in a direction other than space.
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RE: Ruby Mountain: Part 2
Name: Lii'Axil

Age: 27

Skills: Spearfighting, Very Fast Sprinting, Dodging, Explosives Handling, a little Mechanical Engineering, Hunting.

Equipment: A very sturdy spear. Dunno what metal it is, but it's strong. A bag of explosives that was shoved into my arms by a really short person. Some power armor with...a toaster AI named Iggy?

Seriously, who was that guy? Didn't get a good look at him before he handed off some explosives and forced an AI into my suit before he ran off screaming "I must take the ring to Isengard!". What was everyone on? An' where can I get some?

Super Skill: Driving. Put me in a driver's seat or pilot's cockpit an' it won't take long for me to be driving or flying it.

Species: Lii'Kur'Chakk

Kur'Chakk are a form of lizard-like humanoid who hail from another dimension.

The Kur'Chakk are lizard-like. Their skin is green and scaled and tongues are forked. They have no hair to speak of and have claws instead of nails. The odd thing about their collective biology is their dark blue blood. Despite looking like they were descended from cold-blooded lizards, they are in-fact warm-blooded creatures. Due to their lack of hair, Kur'Chakk need clothing to keep warm in colder climates, much like humans.

The Kur'Chakk are largely tribe-based with very few living in organized cities. Their society is very primitive and brutal, and while you may see them occasionally using vehicles and modern weapons, they for the most part don't feel the need to use such devices. Battle comes to them easily, and it isn't unheard of for city-states or countries to coerce a tribe to fight for them or "protect" their lands. Their loyalty comes at the price of hunting rights, weapons, and vehicles. However, non-Kur'Chakk need to be indoctrinated into the tribe before the Kur'Chakk will even consider any deals or alliances. This generally involves a series of trials, different for each tribe, and ends with the indocturned being tattooed. The tattoos mark the person as an honorary Kur'Chakk of their tribe, and should be treated as such. A person or Kur'Chakk can be indoctrinated into several tribes at once, their tattoos growing more complex to signify this fact. All tribes of Kur'Chakk are broken up into three castes that match the three evolutionary types of Kur'Chakk; the Dra'Kur'Chakk, the Lii'Kur'Chakk, and the Cra'Kur'Chakk.

The Dra'Kur'Chakk are the largest and most muscular of the Kur'Chakk, standing at an average height two feet taller than humans. Their most defining features are their large wings and bright-red sclera. Due to size and extremely large muscle mass, the wings of a Dra'Kur'Chakk are only useful for gliding. While they may be big and strong, Dra'Kur'Chakk are not very fast, relying on their smaller brothers and sisters to keep threats busy while they close in for the kill.

Where the Dra'Kur'Chakk are big, strong, and slow; the Lii'Kur'Chakk are small, weak, and fast. Standing an average of two feet shorter than humans, the Lii'Kur'Chakk's small, thin frame and wiry muscles allow them to run at speeds far faster than what a human can produce. In place of wings and bright red sckera, the Lii'Kur'Chakk have long, thin, fully prehensile tails that help them in a wide variety of tasks and vibrant yellow sclera. While Dra'Kur'Chakk are usually seen wielding trees or car axles into battle, Lii'Kur'Chakk are far more likely to use guns than more primitive styles of weaponry. They're also able to use vehicles, so long as they don't die in a car crash before getting the basics down.

Finally, we have the Cra'Kur'Chakk. The Cra'Kur'Chakk are by far the rarest of the three castes as they require their parents to be from the other two castes to cross-breed, a task found difficult due to size differences. Another dysfunction that leads to the rarity of the Cra'Kur'Chakk is their infertility. No Cra'Kur'Chakk can have a child. They sport both the wings of the Dra'Kur'Chakk and the tails of the Lii'Kur'Chakk, along with orange sclera. Their builds are very human-like, their height, muscle mass, and top speeds all averaging right around that of an average human. A very important thing about the Cra'Kur'Chakk is their intelligence, again being on par with the average human. This combination of rarity and intelligence leads Cra'Kur'Chakk to be important figures in a tribe, being healers or loremasters or war leaders.

Physical Description: I'm a tall Lii'Kur'Chakk, standing a proud four feet two. My tail's just as long. My eyes're yellow an' skin green, like all Lii'Kur'Chakk, an' I've larger-than-average back spines. I'm covered in the Blueblood Tattoos of my tribe, like my Brothers an' Sisters...if they were here, you'd believe me. I've got clawed hands and feet, an' my teeth are made for ripping flesh. That about covers it I think.

Favorite color: Blueblood

Biography: So a few months ago, I was out huntin' with a few of my Brothers. Lii'Kur'Chakk like me. There's no way a Dra'Kur'Chakk could hunt and the Cra'Kur'Chakk were all busy with "important tribe" stuff. Everything was going fine when suddenly there was a bright blue flash. Next thing I know, a bunch of humans are running me through the wringer, doin' tests an' shit. Prolly woulda ended up dead if it weren't fer the whole place goin' crazy. A few crazy days later, and here we are.

Inn't life fun sometimes?

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RE: Ruby Mountain: Part 2
Name: I'm... uh, it's kinda hard to textualise, because my language doesn't really have a lot of audio, so I'm actually named *flick ears backwards* - as that's the movement that identifies someone's referring to me. But I go by Anna Earsback to pure vocalisers.

Age: 25, born on 25th of December Earth-time. Apparently that means something - my earliest memories are of these weird plastic trees that I only saw on earth around my birthday.

Uh, skills? Heh, we-ell, I'm pretty fast. Rusa can't exactly take a lot of punishment, so we kinda need some other way to avoid bigger foes. On the galactic scale, Rusa are known as some of the fastest things around, land or sky, but I'm actually kinda average among Rusa. I am pretty smart, though, so there's that. Oh, and we have the same kind of vision most "birds of prey" do - we can clearly see stuff from a long distance away. We also have a level of night vision, but it's far from the preference.
Yes, She sounds OP, but keep in mind Rusa aren't anywhere near as able as humans. They lack prehensile hands and their equipment doesn't allow for fine work, they're small, and they're mostly fragile bits like wings.

Equipment: Lets see, there's the Holo-gloves more than anything. I don't really understand the tech, but they generate prehensile holo-appendages for carrying things - a necessity for us Rusa. Oh, there's some lightweight armour, and a claw groomer - I'm not an animal.

Super Skill: Uh... I wasn't going to mention this, but... I'm kinda not a normal Rusa at all. Aside from my wings, which are totally NOT like a normal Rusa's, I have a lot of inbuilt "firepower". And there's also the thing where I cut my reaction time to, like, a third or a fourth of normal. When I do that, though, don't expect me to do anything else for the rest of the day - after a short while I'm exhausted and everything hurts.

Species: I'm a genetically modified Rusa.
Among the smallest of the intelligent races, Rusa have the size and general appearance of a housecat. Though their size is small, their wits are sharp - their common language uses every sense and each one's signals are at least as complex as any other species' spoken one. With relatively large, powerful wings, Rusa are among the most mobile races as well.

A carnivorous species, Rusa act like birds of prey. They fly high, scout out small prey, then swoop down and kill them.

Typically, Rusa are known for being troublemakers. Their culture is casual, lighthearted and full of using their complex language to clever or sneaky effect. When you realise that most people won't understand more than about 40% of your language, you tend to milk it for all it's worth.

Not even the darkest of times have dulled their comedic edges. All it has done is sharpen their skill with poker faces, as they speak kindly to the law enforcement whilst using every other sense to change their spoken words to hilarious mockery. With that said, they're smart enough to know when to go for it and when to step back.

Though the person who modified Earsback's genes is unknown - she was found on a doorstep - it can be assumed the modifications were for combat of a sort. Fusing with what appeared to be a dragon, Anna possesses small horns, and batlike/draconic wings instead of feathery ones, A pair of (small and relatively useless)spikes on her tail, and the ability to breathe a decent amount of fire with no risk of self-harm.

She can also briefly increase her reaction times, through means unknown due to her clawing anyone who tries to pry.

Anna is actually a second modification off a base species. The original Rusa were genetically-modified cats; these modifications were made to make these cats special, through unusual fur patterns, intelligence, human-length lifespan, and wings, all to make them cats for elites. No-one expected them to start demanding their own rights.

Physical Appearance: A sky blue fur pattern, with white in a few areas like the insides of my ears, the spikes on my tail, as well as my, uh, "socks"? And my underbelly. My wings follow the same pattern - blue on the top, white on the bottom.

Favourite colour... hmmm. I'll go with a nice ice blue.

Backstory: You better not tell anyone this. See, I don't know where I was born - some kinda lab - and the only reason I know my name and birthdate is because of some paperwork. I came from a Ruby Mountain lab - I don't know which - but as a kitten I was sent into space with all my paperwork in a tiny little pod. Maybe I was being transported somewhere, or something- I don't know.

Whatever the reason, I was picked up by a passing trader and taken into their care. He could read out my details - my name and date of birth, but unfortunately I had ripped up the rest of the papers on the way there. Again, I was a little kitten - I don't remember why. Maybe it was in fear or anger, or maybe a tiny little kitten with nothing to do woke up and got bored. What I do know is that I hate taking orders, always have, and that might have something to do with that.

After being given to the Rusa who would become my Mom and Dad, I managed to get a relatively normal life, I guess - though the others were always afraid of my fire-breathing. Actually became a cook. Still, I've always wondered where I came from, and why. So I came here, in hopes of finding some answers.

Then someone blew the tar out of the lab and now I'm stuck on some ship and apparently I have to be put back together. Good times. Good times.

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RE: Ruby Mountain: Part 2
Name: Idegen

Age: 60, but his species' average lifespan is is longer than humans, at about 113 years.

Skills: Important/major skills: Marksmanship (Rifles, Pistols), Stealth (can turn invisible), Climbing most surfaces, Breathing underwater, Programming.
Unimportant/minor: Tailoring, Dancing, Pseudo-motion-sensing, Grace under pressure, Ridiculously high tolerance for pain, Being a asshole every second of every day always

Equipment: -A black jumpsuit.
-A bright pink fanny pack with a yellow floral pattern
-Half loaded pistol with 2 spare magazines and 2 more spare clips
-Rebreather (filters our oxygen and any other harmful gasses).
-Smart phone belonging to his old therapist, Chuck. It is an incredibly boring phone, but apparently has been modified to allow for wireless interface with Ruby Mountain computers, and has clearance for a "Section L Associate" as well as a "Section W Psychiatrist/Supervisor." Idegen isn't sure what any of this means, but he's pretty sure Chuck was a bit more important than he suspected. Not like it matters now. He's got a half dozen rounds in his gut, and is buried under several hundred tons of rubble.

Super Skill: Computer security. It a computer? Security system? Smartphone? He can set up a set up a system to keep just about anything out. Or, crack the security wide open. And he's unlikely to set off any alarms that the plot doesn't demand... unless he's got shitty equipment or having an off day.

Species: Balnishan
The Balnishan are an aquatic humanoid species. Their most distinctive feature is their heads', which look exactly like cuttlefish. Other than this, they are short (averaging at 5'2), and come in a variety of colors, which they can change at will.

A Balnishan can breath underwater, and climb walls, thanks to suction cups on their hands and feet. Their ability to change colors is advanced enough that they can become virtually invisible to the naked eye. This gives them a pseudo 360 degrees of vision. They can't see in all direction at once, but they are more aware of movement than other species. They also have very weak biological lights. Virtually useless.

A Balnishan's main weakness is their size and strength, which lag behind most other species. Just as bad, if not worse, is the fact that oxygen is mildly poisonous to their species. They breath nitrogen. Breathing in what most species consider a normal amount of oxygen for more than 48 hours, leads to a variety of mental and physical problems. Among them are disorientation, muscle fatigue, and hallucinations. The effects of oxygen poisoning can be permanent after 72 hours. Balnishan always carry rebreathers to filter out oxygen, as well as other dangerous gasses. They also can't handle alcohol or spicy foods too well.

Physical Description: A dark shade of blue with stripes of black running from the tips of his tentacles down to his toes... or maybe it's black with stripes of dark blue. Stands at five and a half feet.

Favorite color: Black

Biography: Idegen started off in another universe, designated universe 12-A-2011. At some point, for reasons unkown to Ruby Mountain employees, and Idegen himself, he ended up in the Ruby mountain facility. Idegen recalls a life as a bounty hunter. A lot of time spent killing people and collecting rewards. Breaking and entering to steal files from a secure computer was also sometimes in the job description. Then came the month from hell. He was betrayed, his ship was blown up, he ended up with a bunch of insane mercs, and somehow found his way into a god's stomach.

Things get a bit fuzzy after this. Idegen believes this blank spot in his memory to be the result of consumption of copious amounts of alcohol, mixed with a cocktail of antidepressant and pain medications. He vaguely recalls a therapist he hated, and opening a tailoring business which he liked. It would have been perfect, if he didn't have to deal with all those customers. Bunch of assholes. Everybody is an asshole.

Things get fuzzy again after this, and Idegen can only assume it's because of whatever evet or series of events led to him arriving at Ruby Mountain. His time at said facility is a blur of pain, experimentation, and some asshole named Chuck who was supposedly a therapist or something. Idegen hated him more than his old therapist. At least his old therapist subscribed him antidepressants.

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RE: Ruby Mountain: Part 2
So we're going to spend the first part of the game chasing him around the ship in a mass panic, right?
05-23-2014, 12:32 AM
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RE: Ruby Mountain: Part 2
Possibly. Depends on how things go at the start of the game.
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RE: Ruby Mountain: Part 2
Of cause I'm going to Import my coffee drinking cyber monkey. Why won't I.



Skills: Me okay at punching things. Me know how to drive cars and maybe tanks. But really good with computers! Me can hack anything and make neat AIs!

Equipment: Basic power armour (The helmet has been lost), Suitcase Tank. A mech (that is somewhere… maybe), some pens, smart phone, Hawaiian shirt. He also now has a broadsword and is wearing fake moustache for some reason.

Super Skill: Computer Wizardry!- Can interface with with computers with just the mind. Also badass programer.

Species: Gorilla… Smart Gorilla

Physical Description: Height of 6.3 ft when standing up right. Weighs 370 pounds and eye colour is brown. Has black hair everywhere, except on his back, that's silver. He is still wearing his hawaiian shirt under his power armour. Oh he also still has his Ruby Mountain name tag, tie, and grey pants. Yes, he wears pants, he's not that much of an animal you know. He's a bit tubby when it comes to a gorilla. As a result he tries to work out a bit, though he doesn't do much because of laziness. He likes to spend time next to the water cooler, he finds it relaxing.

Favorite color: Me would say coffee brown. As well as anything that would look nice on hawaiian shirt.

Biography: Me have been working at Ruby Mountain for a while now. Me basically I.T ape for almost all of ruby mountain, also kept the mainframes working. Me found it was unfulfilling and dull job. People had dumb and stupid problems. Like they don't know how to access their email or forget their passwords.

Then everything went to poop. More then usually that is. Bad dog aliens try and kill us, Me make a AI death cart that kill lots of dog aliens. But the dog aliens actually good, So we became friends. Me lost Ape friends to brain worms. Me almost stopped existing because of evil magic red eye, and nearly get mauled to death by Cyber Tiger. Oh, also me almost got eaten by nightmare rats.

Me almost glad that mountain go Boom Boom. Job was dumb dumb, now me can get cool job and get lots of money, then me can buy hawaiian island, were me can just eat pizza and drink coffee. Also roll around in money.

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RE: Ruby Mountain: Part 2
Name: gdaT llicmohC hcivrotimoD nov ronesuaH siocnarF 眺軾妹 cM ydducalliG skeeR III

Age: 24, January 29th

Skills: Advanced physics, drug making, ghetto drug making, professional drug making, wizardly drug making (fuck you, Alchemy), Candy Crush, dancing and not much else

Equipment: Tadg is naked bar American flag shorts, a blue bandana, a magazine about geology, twenty cases of cigarettes, a toothbrush, a jar of green goo a set of industrial scale, level nine chemistry equipment (that he doesn't have the unlock code for), a crowbar with the words 'PARTY LIKE MARTY' painted along its length in neon orange paint, a signed copy of Atlas Shrugged, a tricorne hat, a vintage Honda Civic hubcap (which shouldn't exist), a rather intimidatingly large assault rifle that has entirely too many moving and flashing parts for Tadg to feel safe using and an intact playstation one, which doesn't work.

He also has his iPhone. Of course its broken you ninny.

His power armour is clean and spotless apart from a few dinges here or there. it is stacked neatly and tidily in the corner of the room. The AI refuses to come out or speak to anyone.

He also has a picture. it appears to be a power armoured individual taking a selfie and giving a thumbs up, he cant tell who it is as the visor has been set to opaque. The party member is standing before what looks like to be a walkway through space with broken windows, it is overlooking a great courtyard that seems to be exposed to vacuum and there are strange turqoise and green plants growing along the metal walls and floor, a pit with huge spike tentacle arms in the groun appears to be attacking the other party members, dogs and unidentified creatures as they flail about in the vacuum, the sun in the distance seems to be warping and stretching like wax in a lava lamp. It is also raining... somehow.

At the bottom of the picture there is the handwritten caption: "Whoops"

Super Skill: Alchemy. Tadg become loaded down with an extremely advanced knowledge of chemsitry, so advanced he began to see beyond the limitations of conventional science, into the old ways. The old ways of alchemy through the new lenses of modern science lead to tremendous insight and Tadg is a skilled journeyman at arcane chemsitry and soon, other arenas of Alchemy, he will transmute lead, he will create the elixer of life, he will unlock the philosopher's stone.

And make some wicked awesome drugs while he's at it.

Species: Human. Altered biochemistry. Severely altered.

Physical Description: Standing at six feet and two inches and weighing in at about 185 pounds, Tadg's of average build for someone his age with luminescent red hair clashing with his luminescent blue eyes. He occasionally grows his beard out or just lets it become an unkempt stubbly mess of annoyance, you know, whatever. He is almost always seen in his white lab coat.

.,..If he wasn't naked with nothing on him but American flag shorts he never saw before in his life.

Tadg also sports numerous tatoos all across his body, the result of the previous day's events thanks to certain friends of his. Tatoos of note include a naked woman riding atop a pizza slice, an old Roman code of laws, an incredibly detailed sandwich on his forehead and a tattoo over his right shoulder that appears to be some kind of machine code. That one's new.

His right arm had been detached for an extended period and thus he sports several scars and wounds due to extensive surgery. Yesterday was a bad day okay?

Needless to say he likes to think he got back at them for those favours...

Favorite color: Green.

Tadg is a bastard.

That's really all there is to say on the matter.

"I'm Tadg, just Tadg. I'm a physicist, although by now I guess I am waaaay more proficient at chemistry and alchemy then any other field of science and non-science.

I guess, it all started, yesterday. Its what you might call a... bad hair day.

Woke up, went to rec room, met guys, got forceably tatooed and stripped, aliens invaded, had a wild adventure involving, bugs carts, guns and lots of coffee, personally? I decided to fuck off, found a lion, found an assassin bot, found a ghost or two.

There was also something about worms, I don't know, I think I blocked that memory out in a bad way.

Anyway are we alive? Huh. Ok good so whatever I did was a complete success... now if only I kept the notes on-oh wait I did, they'd be on my iPhone if I" *checks phone to see that its broken* "fffffffffffffuck.

Anyway... the guys are pretty pissed at me I'm betting. Ah well, at least I achieved something meaningful before I died, this would be a good a way to go as any.


I just wish I knew what the fuck we did. Look at this shit!"

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RE: Ruby Mountain: Part 2
Name: Greedin

Age: I've been doing this a long time so let's just cut ta the chase and say I'm 35.
Also, I don't have a birthday. Birthdays are for people that need to pay bills.

Skills: -lying, or as Greedin likes to put it, "complex truth-telling". Because this is just an easier way of putting into words what really happened. Really.
-generally good athletics
-shooting (preferably those blobs of meat they call "humans")
-expertise in truly the more unique forms of transporting people to hell
-negotiation and manipulation. Yes, this man (or whatever) is one smooth talker, even if his reliability is a little rough around the edges.
-Taking Care of Business The Economy. Because isn't it such a volatile little thing? Good thing Greedin is there to shape it to his whims!

Equipment: Furnishings include a space-sleigh for you to ride on in fiery battle! In Winter!
Powered purely by unknown forces and the impact of your bullets hitting flesh! But we'll also provide you with three killing implements of your choice! Plus a highly efficacious one for days when might enjoy a more fine-tuned murdering experience. Light armor is also provided for those with more challenging targets, like gun-control advocates! Bank accounts with money to finance such expeditions are no object! Whether or not anyone with good judgment will let you access to an ATM is another matter.

Superskill: Magnuminous - Because Greedin is as forgiving as the bullet that made contact with your skull. Which is pretty forgiving, even for Greedin. His skill with magnums has excelled to such a degree that he can probably do stunts beyond his victims' wildest dreams before their heads explode upon eating lead. You are more likely to win the lottery twice and then die on the way out than be spared by Greedin's unabated precision.

Species: remains same. Yep, still totally a human. No doubt about it.

Physical Description:

[Image: dg_by_icantgivecredit-d6o7gej.png]

Still this slender, 6 foot tall, handsome devil of a man. But now in an ugly orange jumpsuit,

and angry.

Favourite color: as red as the night sky. In Hell.

Greedin was just a demon born from the flames of hell like everyone else. Except with an economics and marketing degree meeting universal standards. Even a firearms training course and exceptional experience with magnums. He had "The Mission" given to him by [DATA EXPUNGED], the Prince of Sin and "he sure as hell will fulfill it". This is what spurred a series of events leading to his capture by Ruby Mountain Staff. Greedin is totally delusional about their motives though and thinks that they want him for his keen marketing sense, shooting skills and great salesman-like smile. "FUCKING YALE, I SPENT FOUR YEARS IN YALE FOR THIS!" is what the subject responded with when asked of any educational background. Unfortunately, there are no records of Greedin having studied in Yale despite showing sufficient knowledge in the field consistent with that of any Ivy College graduate in the discipline.

Unfortunately Greedin doesn't understand the extra-dimensional implications he presents by existing on Earth and keeps thinking about Genesis whenever he hears the word "atom" in any scientific sense.

"What the fuck's an electron? His Hellishness didn't speak about any 'Fizz-kicks' or 'Kemis-tree'. He mentioned a tree, but it was about knowledge, said it was 'his biggest moment'."

Nevertheless, Ruby Mountain Staff received information of this new Hellgate and knew it could not go un-utilized. Staff have already made exploration attempts. All exploration attempts are to be done with at least two (2) personnel wearing flame-retardant armor. Results are successful, the third ring has been secured and construction of heavily-guarded storage depots have begun in all areas currently explored to store any strange artefacts found on-site. Locals in the area have been given strong amnesiacs but report that "the suffering is eternal within our minds."

Access to the hellgate is not permitted for Greedin at all costs. However, Greedin frequently speaks of "Hell-travel" and has demonstrated the ability to enshroud himself in flames in order to appear in and from hell at will.

Experimentation has begun on Greedin. The subject is to be given the title of Marketing Officer and an appropriate wage meanwhile.

For further information on Greedin's possible whereabouts and life circumstances, please die. Oh? You don't want to die? But that's the only way you could possibly experience everything that's happened so far! Well you could read the previous thread. Without tearing out your own eyeballs. Maybe.

Edited for Readability and Preservation of Sanity - The Revolution - OP - Chapter 1/2 - Chapter 2/2 (missing maps) - Chapter 2 - Chapter 3 (Ongoing) - Chat
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RE: Ruby Mountain: Part 2
Name: Job 2.0

Age: 25 (it was his birthday over the blackout).

Skills: He was a stabber. He was a dancer. He was fast as hell. He still is all of those things, only better. Now he's also knowledgeable about safes and cracking them, has the strength of an unfeeling machine, and probably shouldn't be immersed in water. He claims he can shoot a missile from his torso now but nobody's sure if he's joking. His unnatural, Ruby Mountain caused good luck has remained more or less intact. He might have discovered that it comes at the cost of other people's misfortune. Oops.

Equipment: He has everything he brought with him during the trip. He just... maybe lost it somewhere on the ship. He'll find it all, he swears.

Super Skill: STOP. HAMMERTIME. That's right, you still can't touch Job if he doesn't want you to (or you have like, ridiculous numbers and speed of your own).

Species: Human. Mostly. Partially. Half?

Physical Description: Job looks as Job does. Only a bit more metal-y due to the fact that many of his internal parts (and his entire chest) have been robotisized (his words). His hair is surprisingly intact, but he does now have a ton of gang tattoos covering just about every part of his body, all of which have weird alien designs and words. Dog alien designs and words.

Favorite color: He wants to say blue but something's been telling him it's grey ever since he became a cyborg.

Biography: Read his bio in Ruby Mountain. Then that. Then imagine only the worst craziest shit happened (such as being turned into half a robot and accidentally joining some sort of dog alien gang or cult or something). He might have also accidentally opened up several wormholes in both this and other dimensions resulting in such incidents as Sam Samson getting thrown into some sort of crazy dieselpunk war world and a weird alien robot sword lady just up and popping in out of goddamn nowhere.

Oh, there's also Steve. Steve is an asshole AI from a safe in Ruby Mountain that is now permanently grafted to Job and is responsible for making sure none of his machinery breaks and thus causes them both to die horribly. Nobody knows how Steve escaped the safe, but he's here now, for good. Sometimes he randomly gets control of what Job's saying and voices his own expert opinions. Oh yes, and Steve is an asshole again, so that's rarely welcomed.
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RE: Ruby Mountain: Part 2
Name: Harmonia Biggs

Age: I'm seventeen years old! At least, that's how long it's been from when I achieved sentience... Mom said the word 'birthday' is "biocentric" or something, but that's just how she is. Dad said she never could 'sweat the small stuff.'

Skills: Oh I am fanTASTIC at dancing! Like, you have no idea. I can dance and sing and I'm super famous. Four years ago I decided I wanted to be a superstar and Dad told me to reach for my dreams! I've recorded albums, given live shows, gone on tour, and I've even been on TV! Now, I've had some people say it's just because my Mom serves as the planet's Grand Core Intelligence but I always tell them that no one FORCES people to go to my shows! They sell out on their own! And besides, Mom never liked them (I think she's really super jealous or something) so it wouldn't make sense for her to make people attend!
Oh, and I guess I'm good at computations (I mean, that's almost sorta racist to assume, not every AI is good with numbers and stuff, trust me) and, well, sword-fighting. Dad taught me. He was apparently really super good for a human. Mom says it will be important for "bringing balance to the galaxy" and "defeating the Great Nemesis."
I think Mom's gone sorta crazy. I mean, she is kinda old.

Equipment: Advanced Combat Extra-atmospheric Combat Suit, or ACE-CS, for short. Outfitted with boosters, personal shields, some combat plating, and a personal wrist computer. Oh, and I have my Hyper-Dimensional Pack! In THAT, I've got a basic blaster, some clothes, some copies of my CDs, a micro-karaoke machine, some micro-spotlights, my, um, personal maintenance kit, and... Just some other boring stuff. A family photo and some other small belongings. Nothing really notable.
Oh! And I have my Laser-Rapier attached to my belt! I guess that's notable. It's really more laser-EDGED, but... Well, all that matters is I'm really good with it.

Super Skill: Super skill? Um, well, I'm a super singer! Does that count? Oh, and I can dance and... Well, it's not TOO big a thing, but... I'm SORT of one of my homeworld's top swordfighters. Like, I've only lost two official matches. Oh, but Dad was better than me. Well, he was before... Um. Forget I said anything.

Species: Am I an alien? I'm an Artificial Intelligence, just like mom. I mean, Dad was human but... I don't know if he helped program me or... Ew, just talking about this stuff is weird. Anyways, yes, Artificial Intelligence. I don't like being called "robot" or anything like that, though. Just think of me as another person! Is that so hard?

Physical Description: You can't see me? You're weird. Well, I'm wearing this external space-suit like thing. It's armor-plated, has jet-boosters (those are fun!) and can generate a personal force-field. Attached to the wrist is a personal computer that can be used for hacking and stuff, but to be honest I just really use it to book shows, watch videos online, look up clothes... Oh, uh... What do I look like UNDER that? You're really weird. I don't think my Dad would like you, not at al- NEBULA, okay, okay, I've got an advanced humanoid-chassis. I, uh, kinda had this one modified without my Mom knowing and when she was found out she was really mad. I mean, I'm sorry, but I DO identify as female and I may not be organic but I want to have CURVES so I can fit into dresses and stuff. She said Dad would have been mad, which was a low blow, even for her, because... Well, he always liked to think of me as his 'little girl'... Even Dad would have understood, though. I'm not a kid anymore.
Harmonia wears a black spacesuit with the occasional blue highlight. Her visor is silver and cannot be seen through from the outside, though she can see through it from her end just fine. The suit shows off a distinctively feminine figure and curves about her head like a cowl. Underneath, her body's outer-casing is made from an advanced metallic polymer. Her arms, fingers, waist, neck, etcetera all have clearly visible joints, though they are reinforced. Her face looks human, and is capable of altering to show emotion, but there is still something undeniably synthetic about it that goes past the metallic sheen. Her eyes have blue-LED irises with camera lens pupils. The back of her head is sculpted to look as if she has short-cropped hair, swept back.
As mentioned later, she has a digital avatar. She can project it from her wrist-computer or display it on electronic screens, if she can access them. It is of a young human girl, her own age, with cyan hair pulled back into a ponytail, often wearing outfits that include skirts. Yes, she is basically Hatsune Miku.

Favorite color: Oh! That's tough. I mean, I really like ever color! But if I had to pick ONE, it would be, without a doubt, cyan. It's what my digital avatar has for hair! I know it's not a "real" hair color, but I don't care. I like it.

Biography: Kocel Word Vomit Hoooo
I grew up on the planet Solace, which my Mom and Dad sorta ran. My Dad used to be some big hero or something back during the Great Galactic War, he sorta helped defeat this monster that ate galaxies. Yeah, I know, hard to believe. But it happened! It's in every history book! I met some of his friends, too, like Admiral Altais. He's bit stuffy but seemed nice. Wanted Dad to help with some sort of fight but Dad said he had his hands full keeping our planet peaceful and stuff. Not sure why, Mom took care of most of that. That's pretty much all she does, now. She's stuck in a huge super-server, deep in the under the planet's surface, which we'll have to keep expanding because Dad said over the next few centuries she's going to need a lot of space. I remember when I was little asking if that meant she was going to get real fat. He thought it was pretty funny but told me not to mention it around her.
And I don't blame him! She's so TOUCHY. I mean, around Dad she would be fine but she was always trying to run my life. "Download this" and "Allocate space for that." And if I told her I just wanted to have fun like other girls my age she'd try to tell me I wasn't like them (only half of them were organic, so don't start) and that I had a duty to my father and the galaxy. Something about a crazy sword. Anyway, Dad would always convince her to let up so I got to have fun, go to a school where I learned at the pace an organic human would (I wasn't the only AI there, either, Mom and Dad worked hard to make an inclusive society!), have friends, and even have my awesome career as a super-star!

And, well... Last year, Dad died. He was super-old, even by human standards. He had replaced pretty much his entire body with cybernetics. Mom had begged him to copy his brain's data to a digital replacement, too, but... He wouldn't do it. He said he was human, that he loved us all very much, but... He was human. And at least one part of him had to stay organic. And that's what killed him. It was a brain aneurysm. He died... He died in his sleep.

...There was a super big funeral and everything. Someone tried to suggest I sing something or do a song in his memory but I couldn't do it. I didn't want to be in the spotlight, didn't want all that... I just wanted him back. But I knew that was a logistical impossibility. Mom started on about how I should honor his memory, and, well, he left a video file for me. He said he wanted me to have a regular childhood and a normal life, but... But he also said the universe was in danger. He told me that he had made sure I'd be able to take care of myself, with the sword-training and all, that he wanted me to stay safe, but that I also shouldn't ignore all the people out there who might need me. He said he felt guilty because that's what he did, ignored the universe for the sake of his family. He said that mom, all my brothers and sisters, and me... That we were all worth it. But he also said that we should try to give a little back. He told me to stay safe and to listen to Mom. He told me that he loved me. And that was that. Those were the last things I ever heard my dad say.

I'm not the only child of his that left the planet. Plenty of my siblings, most of which I never met, are out here somewhere too... Well, I guess not out HERE. Because, see... I sorta fell into a wormhole... And I think that's why I'm here. So I'm sorry I got on your ship, but I don't know anything about a Ruby Mountain or anything. I'm hoping this is the same universe as mine, but I don't even know about that.
Well? Have I answered all your weird questions?
TL;DR AI daughter of a galactic hero, on a quest to honor her human father and protect the galaxy, somehow.
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RE: Ruby Mountain: Part 2
Thank you Kocel, I needed something else for Job to fuck up and now I can claim responsibility for throwing all of your characters into the wrong canons.
05-25-2014, 02:20 PM
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RE: Ruby Mountain: Part 2

It suddenly occurred to me what the original post reminded me of.
05-26-2014, 02:19 AM
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RE: Ruby Mountain: Part 2
Quote:Harmonia wears a black spacesuit with the occasional blue highlight. Her visor is silver and cannot be seen through from the outside, though she can see through it from her end just fine. The suit shows off a distinctively feminine figure and curves about her head like a cowl.

Hey guys, we have a Tali'Zorah vas Normandy
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RE: Ruby Mountain: Part 2
Name: Star Frost

Age: 18

Skills: Slight shape shifting (Usually used for turning body parts into weapons) and fighting.


Super Skill: Bill Killing - Really good at using bladed weapons, namely her hands turned into said weapons.

Species: A genetically modified human clone. With the use of nanotechnolgy, she has been made into a combat weapon, with the ability to turn body parts into weapons, or grow little things here and there, like wings, or cat ears.

Physical Description:
[Image: G79XoqV.jpg]

Favorite color: Purple

Biography: Star was created in a lab, at the once existent Ruby Mountain. She was an attempt to create a living weapon, and was a success. She was trained since when she was small to be a cold hearted killing machine. Their clean up crew encase anyone or anything were to get out of hand. Her powers use up a fair amount of energy, so she eats quite a bit of junk food as a way to regain said lost energy. During the last adventure, she kind of emotionlessly killed what needed to be killed, and followed the main crowd. However, in the end, she came to the realization that the only place she had ever called home is now gone, and is unsure what she's gonna do with her life.
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RE: Ruby Mountain: Part 2
Gallo, mine is a robutt.

There is a difference.


05-28-2014, 10:08 AM
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RE: Ruby Mountain: Part 2
Everyone gets crossovers! Everyone!

Name: My name... this is important? Alright, I'm Chelicera. I'd rather tell you than have my soul scattered on some butter sailboat, or whatever it is you said.

Age: 26. Next question?

Skills: Well I'm no slouch with a dagger, but that's hardly my core skills. Sharp edges help, definitely, but I'm not the kind of brute who uses them to solve all her problems. I've always been more of a social person. If you need people convincing of things, I'm the one you call. I don't like to call it so, but, well, deceit's a useful skill, and another one I'm good at. I'm also pretty good at acting like other people, which as you could guess works well with what I am.

Equipment: Well, I'm wearing one of these strange baggy white suits. You know, the ones which keep the air in or something like that, with the striped flag sewn on the arm. I've got a dagger in the belt, and one of those spinning-light-weapons as well. I don't really know much about this future magic, I'll admit.
Chelicera is wearing a white NASA spacesuit, and carries a modern combat knife and laser-revolver, which is definitely a real thing. Sadly, she has a very poor understanding of technology, being crossed over from a medieval fantasy setting, but thankfully she isn't afraid of finding out and using new things.

Species: Human. At least, that's what I was. Not anymore, I suppose.

Super Skill: I can change my physical appearance at will. Height, face, voice, everything, so long as it's humanoid. I don't think I can disguise this bulky suit, but more normal clothes I can incorporate into my disguises and change what they look like too. I can imitate anyone I meet pretty much perfectly, but not their mannerisms, that I have to copy manually. Thankfully I'm pretty good at doing that too. It's pretty obvious whenever I change my appearance, since I get momentarily covered in green energy. Oh, and it only works while I'm conscious, annoyingly.

Physical Description: Just look for the white suit. If there's more than one, I'm the one with the carapace. Don't ask.
When not disguised (which is basically never while conscious), Chelicera reverts to the form of a woman whose skin has been transmuted into a black carapace. The carapace is hard and brittle, though flexible at the joints and face, since it does not separate at the joints. Her fingers and lower limbs are riddled with holes, and her hair is teal, uncut and ragged. Her pupils are vertical slits in her green eyes, and her canine teeth seem to be long fangs. Basically she's a changeling. She often disguises as her former human form, which has brown hair and normal green eyes.

Favorite color: Green always struck me as having a nice shine to it.

Biography: I grew up in a land far from here. It was only a few months ago when that life got torn apart, but so much has changed since then. First I was transformed into this chitinous monster, which was terrifying, but I got used to it. It even came with advantages, particularly since I've survived by thievery for a lot of my life, and the deceit my new abilities granted helped me prosper. Then there was a second change - I was stolen away by a magical force, placed in an unnatural white room and studied. Despite the food and drink they gave me, I almost succumbed to... starvation before they decided to, in desperation, try and treat me in person. Strange humans in strange clothes, with strange tools. They had sympathy for me, weak and dying as I was, and that was enough for me to begin to recover. They created pills to help me grow back to full strength, but poked and prodded, put me through tests... I don't miss the month I spent in that place. Come to think of it, I don't actually know how I got from there to here, but I assume it's something to do with the headache...

Crossover character from Lords of Darkness. Not my most original character, but one I miss.
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RE: Ruby Mountain: Part 2
This is quickly turning into Chocolate Pi All-Stars, with all these character crossovers.

In fact, that could easily be a great Forum Game in itself.
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RE: Ruby Mountain: Part 2
05-28-2014, 10:40 AM
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RE: Ruby Mountain: Part 2
This seems like it could be the beginning of a beautiful interconnected canon for all the forum games.
You know. Like a forest fire is beautiful. You sort of know in the back of your mind that it's an uncontrollable beast of destruction. But you're mostly just staring at the pretty flames and hypnotic pillars of black smoke.
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RE: Ruby Mountain: Part 2
Man, anymore talk of the ultimate crossover and I'm gonna have to stick a de-powered Dynama in. In any case, I've elaborated slightly on how Rusa came to be.
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RE: Ruby Mountain: Part 2


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RE: Ruby Mountain: Part 2
Okay, now we just need someone from GGG and we'd complete the set.
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RE: Ruby Mountain: Part 2
Name: Markus Nathanial Ferrel

Age: 23, 4/18

Skills: Well, mostly, I did heavy lifting, handing tools over, played video games. Oh, yeah. I learned how to fire a shotgun and a pistol with a fair degree of accuracy recently. At least a couple good things came out of that mess...

Equipment: Uh, let's see... bloody armor vest, mostly my blood... Circular saw... (Why do I still have that?) Pistol, couple mags, and shotgun, sans shells.

Super Skill: Ok, I'll be honest, if surviving all the crazy stuff ain't a skill, then maybe this counts. During my... misadventures, I was forced to undergo an experimental surgery to live. Some of the side affects have included a rather impressive increase in strength when I get upset. TL;DR, I get mad, I get strong. Not Hulk strong, but enough to get by.

Species: Human. Mmmmmmostly.

Physical Description: Well, pretty normal human, really. Or I was... Aehm... dark brown hair, cut short. (Learned that lesson the hard way...) Gre-...Blue eyes. Formerly grey. about.... 5'8". 177 pounds, last I checked, probably more now. Average build... Really, pretty normal, for a human. Oh, right. Except for one thing. My arms have been replaced. They're still organic, but the ones I have now are much more muscular, plus they're covered in a sort of tan/orange leathery hide. They also have claws. Black ones, on the tip of each finger. Thankfully, they're close enough in size to my original arms that I haven't had much trouble getting used to them... Much.

Favorite color: Eh... silver.

Biography: Well pretty normal. College education, blah blah blah, need a job, blah blah blah, ruby mountain, blah blah blah, test monkey, blah blah blah. Ok, now that THAT is outta the way, let's get to the important stuff. It really started for me when the whole RM stuff got started. The science guy I was working with got his face eaten by some horrid alien demon creature and I was forced to perform an emergency vivisection on the thing. With a saw. That I still have for some reason. Anyways, most of the stuff after that is kind of a blur. Up until the part where I got my arms chewed off by an alien helldog. No clue what happened after I passed out from blood loss, but next thing I know, I'm waking up strapped to a table, my arms replaced with these... things, and some freak in a labcoat telling me to get out, I have more work to do, blah blah blah. So, I'm thrown out, and it's back to the fray for me. Honestly, everything after that is just... gone. Got a shotgun though, so that's something. And hey, at least I'm still alive. That's something, right?
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RE: Ruby Mountain: Part 2
All the apps were pretty good, so everybody is in. Let's have fun!

Anomaly - N'teikt
Demonsul - 1360022 IMS DILA
Discord - Star
Formless Fable - Chelicera
Galloglasses - Tadg
Kocel - Harmonia
Leafsword - Anna Earsback
Palamedes - Job
Purple Walrus - Frank
Raptarion - Idegen
Solaire - Lii'Axil
Xander - Markus

Credit, I'll have Greedin be somewhere nearby on the ship passed out. When you submit your app, he'll wake up. For everybody else, I included a list of important NPCs and what-not in the OP.

All right! LET'S DO THIS.

Date: February 15th, 2015
Time: 5:35 AM PST

It had long had it been? The group barely remembered. Some of them had been on a tram near the City Control Center, then...the dog aliens, and four-armed Sam, and Tadg had charged out and drugged the hell out of them. Everything after that was a blur. For the ones who weren't there, similar things had happened. They'd been wandering along, or surviving in a hole, or eating a sandwich. And then a mob of psychos showed up and drugged them.

Regardless of how they'd encountered the group, though, everybody was now in the same position. Everybody was there. They were all unconscious around a deactivated Gateway Portal that formerly led to Ruby Mountain. The room itself was about thirty feet by thirty feet, and contained the single large ring-shaped gateway in the center. On one end of the room was a set of automatic doors leading to God knows where. The floors were hard and metallic, as were the walls, and the room was lit by pale blue lighting. Ruby Mountain engineers weren't imaginative.

It was time to wake up with the hangover of a century.

All right. Feel free to wake your characters up and interact. All the AIs and robots were drugged as well, as Frank and N teamed up to create robot drugs. You do weird things when drugged.
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RE: Ruby Mountain: Part 2
Tadg stumbles forward after the dream machine is done with his consciousness.

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RE: Ruby Mountain: Part 2
As she came to, Anna really couldn't move all that well. EVERYTHING hurt right now. She could pretty much only let out weak mewling noises as her whole body throbbed with pain.

Let's see, that's usually a owowow reaction to the reflex boosting... So was I flying on that for hours or something?
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RE: Ruby Mountain: Part 2

Wait. What.

With a grumble, N cracked open his eyes to find himself on a hard, metal floor. Figures. They couldn't have even bothered to put in carpet or something. Wait, where was he, anyway? He vaguely remembered something about an AI, and telling his life story, but it was all a blur now. Like waking up from a dream.

He attempted to stand, but quickly fell over when he discovered that his robotic arms were no longer there. Great. Whatever happened, he'd managed to lose them, somehow. His power armor and toolpack were in a heap next to him, too.

He tried again, this time not relying on appendages he didn't have, and was met with much more success. All around him were unconscious bodies, a few familiar, most not. There was also Tadg. Tadg... N remembered now. Tadg had drugged them all, hadn't he? On the other hand, they weren't dead, so he'd restrain himself from ripping Tadg's arteries out.

After standing, N took a moment to look over himself. Most notably, his mouths were covered in blood. He also had a number of what could best be described as "tribal war tattoos" all over his body. Seriously, what the fuck? Fortunately, his body would dissolve the tattoos within a few hours. That would just be embarrassing otherwise.

"Opa'ab-isul, veasid eidmias..." N then realized that he wasn't wearing his armor, and wasn't being translated.

"Taaadg," he began in English. "Wheere are we? Is thiis the ship?"
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RE: Ruby Mountain: Part 2
"N, take a look at me." Tadg said indicating his current circumstance. "Do I look like I know what in the fuck?"
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RE: Ruby Mountain: Part 2
"Yeaah... Yeah, good pooint. Still haave to de-cide whether to thaank you or muurder you."

N took a look around, investigating the machinery in the room. He decided to wait in the portal room until more people had woken up.
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RE: Ruby Mountain: Part 2
"Eh, isnt it the same thing?"
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RE: Ruby Mountain: Part 2
Anna noticed people were talking. Never hurt to get help, so she made her meows a little louder and more plaintive.
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RE: Ruby Mountain: Part 2
Tadg looked at the weird cat dragon thing. Blinked. He then turned back to N. "Ok so yeah, there's that thing."

"Hang on.... where the bollocks is Dymov?"
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RE: Ruby Mountain: Part 2

N was pretty sure he heard meowing. A few moments later, he noticed some kind of winged cat creature on the ground.

"Looks like soome-one brought their pet aalong?"

N looked around a while longer. "Doon't see him here. Who knoows what the hell your drugs diid to him, what-ever he is."
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RE: Ruby Mountain: Part 2

Lights lit up along what had appeared until now to be a black filing cabinet with 9mm pistols taped to the side and a pair of idle robotic legs. It juddered slightly, climbed to its feet and extruded a camera from the top, which rotated a quick 360°. From it issued a synthetic voice.

"What. Where am I."
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RE: Ruby Mountain: Part 2
"Hi.... you..."
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RE: Ruby Mountain: Part 2
"You're... soomewhere. If we're luck-y, in space."
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RE: Ruby Mountain: Part 2
Frank woke up with a massive hang over. The first thing he noticed was that he was holding the Section H coffee around his big ape arms.

Oh he also now had a fake moustache that was glued to his face, and a sheathed broadsword around his belt.

Frank looked around the room until he saw the familiar faces of N and Tadg.

"UGH?" was the first thing he said as he still felt woozy.
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RE: Ruby Mountain: Part 2
Anna stood up, having come to the realisation these guys were not gonna help, and stretched, groaning in pain.
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RE: Ruby Mountain: Part 2
The mobility chassis whirred and beeped.

"Connection established. We are in orbit of Earth. How the fuck did we get up here."
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RE: Ruby Mountain: Part 2
"Hi, my fault."
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RE: Ruby Mountain: Part 2
The chassis stomped around to face Tadg. "What did you do."
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RE: Ruby Mountain: Part 2
"Unnnnh... w-we're in space? Who are you guys? What happened to Ruby Mountain?"
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RE: Ruby Mountain: Part 2
"Welllllllll..." Tadg begins. "Alot of things. I think I made the best drug ever and uh... Well, it made us basically... awesome I guess? I got this pict-HOLY SHIT THE PET IS TALKING!" Tadg punts the cat thing away. "Anyway, I got this picture here. We did some crasy ass shit. Why? Why can't you remember anything? Your an AI afterall."
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RE: Ruby Mountain: Part 2
"Fuuucking hell, Tadg."

N made sure the cat wasn't dead.
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RE: Ruby Mountain: Part 2
"System check indicated my memories are corrupted," monotoned the mobility chassis, "All other systems are nominal. Although this chassis is a piece of shit."
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RE: Ruby Mountain: Part 2
Star, having a nightmarish dream, stood in the burning and destroyed remains of what once was Ruby Mountain. Everything and everyone covered in blood. Nothing moving. Nothing alive.

She stood there, looking around in fright mouthing the word no over and over again to herself.

Waking on the the ship in a panic, she just kind of sits up, pupils small in a shock like state.

"...I....It's g-gone. The o-only place I've e-ever called home....g-gone..." She says, to no one in particular.
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RE: Ruby Mountain: Part 2

Anna hit the wall, hard, and slumped down.

"You son of a- you could have killed me!"

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