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Long ago, the world was united. There was a single King who ruled over all the Islands, governing them with Divine mandate and leading the Islands in prosperity and peace. But it was not to last; the world was wracked by civil war and rebellion. The King was smote from his throne, his crown cleaved in two, and his realm crumbled to dust. Petty clans and warlords have since ruled the Islands, fighting to secure their own legacy and caring little for the glory of the realm itself.

Centuries later, a new King has arisen. Crowned and recognized by the gods, they have issued the call; though those who acknowledge them are few, those who do wield individual power. Proud to support the legitimate King, and perhaps encouraged by the inherent promise of carving out a realm, they have flocked to his banner with hundreds of men each, intent on reconquering the world in the name of the Crown.

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RE: Crown
The Travels of Ri Mathurico Lihanon, Vassal of High King Rygoth
On the writ of His Majesty, to vassalize and pacify the regions North East of Thalmes.

Lord Lihanon found his men waiting for him outside the city. His smile seemed to bring good spirits to the knights who strode out to greet him, leading him his horse. As he mounted, the lead knight updated him on the state of his men; 'ready to go and kick some arse'. As the knights returned to mount their own steeds, Lihanon made his way to the center of his camp, where his men awaited his command. What would those commands be?

"Of course my good Knight, the High King has, most graciously, allowed our army to seize the city to the north east. And" Marthurico added with a sly smile, "Ordered us to capture any and every town along the way! Well, that seems a tad fortuitous don't you think? There being a province filled with nothing but townships right across the border and, oh, wouldn't you know, that happens to be on the way to the city! Let us ride and capture those lands and then the city before the onset of winter. We will be in a stronger position to move on from there."

They traveled east, into the realm which lacked any major urban centers. Securing it was a triviality; it mustered maybe two hundred militia who broke as soon as the knights charged. The realm capitulated and the petty warlord who ruled it from a roaming court was captured. It was a sorry affair, with only a single casualty on Lihanon's side from a heavy footman who took a chance arrow to the shoulder. The warlord begged to be allowed to live, offering to swear fealty to the king, or to Lihanon himself, so long as he was not killed. The people of the province itself would likely naturally look upon Lihanon as their leader if he struck him down, so was the rather depressing tradition thereabouts.

Marthurico takes advantage of the locals' traditions and publically executed the petty warlord to garauntee the province's submission before moving on to their intended target, the township to the north, intending to take it as quickly as possible.

With the province suitably cowed, Lihanon rode north, covering ground quickly to make camp in sight of the large township he sought to conquer next. It was a relatively prosperous-looking town, with a complete wall around the perimeter. However, it was but one town, and Lihanon's army would be more than enough to seize it once it was past the walls. Stopping his army a goodly distance from the walls, he looked on at the settlement. A short while later, whilst his men were still establishing camp, a party rode out from the front gate of the fortress, banners fluttering in the stiff breeze that rolled over the hills here. They clearly wanted to talk.

"Hail and well met, fellows!" Marthurico announced, approaching on the ground with both arms held wide... and a party of 5 knights riding slowly behind them with their banners. "I am LeasRi Marthurico, the first of that name, of house Ui Lihanon, Vassal of High King Rygoth, who rules in Thalmes I come baring word of his ascension and to query to the loyalties of this township..." He said with a brief pause before continuing. "Of course, I am given writ to.... pacify lands that are disloyal, but it does not have to be such a ways, surely we can... come to an agreement." Marhturico said, stroking his chin, "What say thee, fair sir?"Marthurico finished, smile still broad with a dangerous glint in his eye ashe placed his hands on his hips. His right hand slightly high on his right hip, ready to reach back to grab hold of the shield upon his back, his left placed slightly nearer to his stomach on his left hip, ready to reach over and draw his longsword from its sheath on his right. His knights tense behind his back.

The leading man drew himself up to a substantial height and spoke in a proud tone, but there was a clear hint of worry behind his eyes. "I am the Madric, son of Ethelric, king of this town and stalwart defender of the people here," he said, and Marthurico noticed the golden circlet that was built into his helmet. "I have heard of this 'king Rygoth' and his mighty legion, although if that is it behind you, I must have heard exaggerations." There was a snort of suppressed laughter from the retinue behind Madric. "I wonder, if you think we can make a deal, what have you come here to offer me?"

Marthurico smiled. "Oh no, this is not Rygoth's legion." Marthurico said his smile growing wider, the clouds parting and shining rays of sunlight highlighted the odd colour of his eyes. "It is mine. These 500 men and fifty knights are but my retinue, my personal bodyguard, and answer to me first." Marthurico said, hiding his teeth behind his still smiling lips. "And I answer to Rygoth. As do many other lords. And however..." Marthurico began, waving his hand behind him "Small my army is by comparison to my lord's I can't help but notice, if you do forgive me dear Madric, it seems to be more men then you have." Mathurico noted dangerously. "I come with an offer. High King Rhygoth has given me leave to seize these northern coasts as part of my demesne in the kingdom for swearing loyalty. Swear allegiance to me and you will still be lord over your city, and under Milesian Law... that is the law of my people, you will hold the rank of Leas Ri, literally meaning vice king, the rank I currently hold and I will become Ri, meaning king, under the high king's reign. Is this to your liking or would you..." Marthurico put his left hand on hip once more. "Like to raise, an objection?"

The king's eyes hardened, and he glared at Mathurico. "You seek to coerce me into giving up my sovereignty, and submitting to this bizarre foreign law of yours? I will have none of it. I will enter into negotiations with this King Rhygoth on my own terms, not with a sword held to my neck. I considered joining him already, and still continue to do so, no matter how diplomatically foolhardy the other hedge knights who did the same are. Take a message to your king to that effect, if you have any honor."

"Considered!?" Marthurico said, incredulously, the sky darkening slightly "My good sir do you think i do not see the circlet upon your helm? Do you think the High King does not know you style yourself as a full king in your own right? Why do you think I was sent here? Me specifically and not some other lord who would burn your houses and tumble your walls first and not a second thought given to your pleas for the king's clemency!?" The expression on Marthurico's face visibly darkened. "Where were you at the ceremony? Where were you when lords from all over came to Thalmes to swear loyalty to Rygoth? You dare, you dare, to question my honour!? I offer you the king's clemency and your holdings and yet you would spit in the face of a declared subject of the High King!? Do you think should you refuse this offer and go to Thalmes and ask the clemency of the slayer of the Daemon King you would receive a greater offer then one you have right now!? Am I wasting my time? I assumed I was talking to nobleman, or was I mistaken?" Marthurico tightened his fists and his knights closed ranks. One of them motioned back at the other knights for a few more to join them, and four more broke off towards the parley group at a brisk canter.

"You bring forward more of your thugs? Do you wish to intimidate me? Or do you really despise the tradition of truce so much as to attack me when I have come to talk? I would have been willing to humble myself before the king if he was who he claimed to be, but it is clear to me now that he is but a warlord like any other with but a collection of vagabonds and wretches! Come men, we will return to our steadfast walls." He turned his horse and left, although after a moment four of the cavalrymen following him changed direction and started traveling north past the town.

Marthurico was in a fury "You!" pointing to his captain, "Take these men and capture those riders that are heading north before they get away! Capture them alive if possible, dead if not." Marthurico said as he rode back to his army. "To arms! We need siege weapons. And no, do not go after the lord of the city, no matter what he says I'll honor parley enough that I will not kill him till the battle begins, prideful fool!"

The sky was filled with dark clouds as the heavy infantry went to work building siege ladders from the nearby woodland. The knights returned, having been unable to catch the faster riders. It would be a few days before the ladders were ready to attack the fortress, and even longer for a battering ram or cover to shield from arrows. It was up to Marthurico to decide how to proceed.

Marthurico ordered the knights to patrol around the city to ensure no one was entering or leaving and also to watch for whatever those riders went off in a hurry to get to. And ordered all of the effort to be spent on building the battering Ram first before finishing off on the ladders.

The battering ram was completed before anything else, all effort going into creating it. It would surely breach the gates, so long as it made it to them. The crude covering which capped it would hopefully protect those pushing it from arrows. At its completion, there was still no sign of the riders. The town had apparently settled into the siege, and would likely hold for several months. A few darting journeys had been made out of the walls, as the fifty knights could not maintain the perimeter entirely alone, and some of the infantry began to divert their efforts from building ladders to creating a proper line of circumvallation out of stakes and to help patrol it. Only a week remained before the end of the month.

Marthurico ordered his men to reform and to finish as many of the ladders as they could and ordered a night attack while the clouds were heavy to mask the moonlight from revealing the location of the battering ram.

The knights were ordered to hold back. And the heavy infantry were ordered to split apart as soon as the gates fell and the battering ram was out of the way to allow the knights to charge forth to clear a path for the infantry, so long as there were not a contingent of enemy spearmen waiting behind the gates of course, as other infantry scaled the walls with ladders to try to either take the walls of distract the archers, preferably the former. The town would be taken before reinforcements arrived.

Fortune was on their side; a light drizzle began shortly before the planned offensive, not enough to impede the attack but enough to dampen the torches and spirits of the defenders, reducing their vigilance. The battering ram was practically to the gate before it was spotted in the gloom, and when the cry went out to set it ablaze, the enemy archers could not reliably light their arrows. The gate crumbled quickly before the heavy ram, clearly not made of the sturdiest of materials and poorly maintained besides. The knights charged into the city before a defense could be properly organized at the gates, and with the infantry behind them they spread havoc. In the chaos of the wooden city, several buildings caught ablaze and the citizens fled and ran around in panic, many being cut down in the chaos and confusion by both sides. Marthurico's heavy infantry seized the walls, cutting through the archers and sending many tumbling to their deaths. The rain intensified to a heavy pounding, but the battle was already on the cobbled streets, and as such mud impeded neither side. The remaining enemy infantry made a last stand at the king's small, unimpressive stone manor, where a bleary-eyed king had mounted his horse to help the final defense. He waved and shouted into the heavy rain as Marthurico positioned his cavalry to charge, casting down his banner and having his men do the same. It was clear that he had surrendered.

Throughout the entire battle, Marthurico had lost 56 heavy infantry and 3 knights. He had captured many enemy soldiers already, and now had the choice of whether to accept the king's surrender or not. His knights looked at him questioningly as much of his infantry formed up behind him, ready to charge if need be.

A cold fury lit Mathurico's eyes as he nudged his horse forward. He sniffed and wiped his blade down before sheathing it. His men do not follow suit. "I, too, am a slave of pride." He admitted. He said nothing for a few minutes in the cold of the storm and the relentless pitter patter of the rain upon armour and flesh and wood and mud. "Would you like to discuss terms?"

The steady deluge of rain was punctuated by the ongoing shouts from the surrounding town as the majority of Mathurico's men continued their battling, seeking out the militia and those who looked like them. The square across which the two nobles faced each other was lit by the fires of buildings, still burning despite the heavy rain. The king shouted back to Mathurico. "You have won this day, this much is clear! End this attack, and we can negotiate a settlement!"

"Fine." He gives the word to end the battle, but only after the 'king' sends word to his men to lay down their arms. But does not order his men to sheath their weapons just yet. He awaits the king to do the next move.

The king spent a few moments waiting, then shouted back into the storm. "Why do you keep your weapons drawn? I've surrendered, haven't I?" He threw his arms out wide to demonstrate the fact. "Or do you seek to behead me at the negotiating table?"

Mathurico's eyes remained hard. Then he nodded almost imperceptibly and his captain sheathed his sword, his men followed suit.

The king seemed to sag a little, riding forward so that he didn't have to shout to be heard over the rain. "If you want to take this city," he said almost sarcastically, "You might want to order your men to help put it out." He looked up into the rain, grimacing. "Even God is struggling to extinguish the blazes you set." Whether Mathurico ordered as such or not, the king would go on. "So, conqueror, what are you going to do with me now?"

Mathurico stared at him for a minute, he was tempted to grind his teeth. Then said "Clemency." Mathurico said and nodded to his captain again who gave out orders to some of the men to extinguish the blaze. "I meant what I said about the position I would offer you in the high kingdom. That offer is still open." He said again taking a minute before speaking once more. "Pride started this battle. When words would have avoided it. I admit that." The sound of the rain continuing to echo in his helmet. "High King Rygoth does not want us to be just more simple conquerers, but I know what it is like to be descended from an independent line and that pride fueled me and my harsh words. In truth, the decision is yours. Now that I have crossed a threshold and can and will no longer turn back, what would you have me do with you?"

The king stared at Mathurico with some surprise in his eyes for several long moments. Then he removed his helmet with the golden circlet, his hair immediately soaking in the rain, and tossed it to Mathurico so that it would be easily caught. "I have lost the right to wear that, it seems," he said. "I will be your vassal, so be it, and be subject to your law, so long as it is fair. I will serve you faithfully in all capacities as your vassal lord in exchange for your justice and protection. I regret this conflict, and the pain that my city was forced to endure for it. I hope, so long as your king reigns over us, that this may be the last time this city suffers the pain and blood of defeat."

Mathurico catches the helmet in his arms and says. "So be it." The tension in his face lessened somewhat. "There is the issue of the runners you sent off before, I assume they went to get aid for you. We might as well use this oppurtunity to prevent further misunderstanding and bloodshed."

"Yes..." said the former king. "My cousin is marshal of the town there. I asked for his aid, although I don't know if he would be able to convince his lord to respond. Either way, I will send riders in the morning, that situation will be easy to defuse. But I'd rather get out of this storm before it takes the lives of those of us who survived, and it is a long time until dawn."

"Agreed." Mathurico said with finality, making arrangements with his captains, of both his knights and heavy infantry to make do after they have helped extinguish the fires. He ordered patrols to be done and watches posted and kept his most trusted knights with him wherever he went. "I am curious as to what you mean about your cousin, the marshal of the next town. Would he not be able to convince his lord to have helped you? Obviously you must have good relations with that lord if he entrusts the keeping of his matters military to a family member of yourself."

"If that lord chooses to come, it will be on his own terms," said Madric simply, having led his horse to a covered area that served as his urban stable. He began to walk into his manor, not waiting to see if Mathurico would follow him, or if his new liege had something left to accomplish out in the rain.

Mathurico sighed and looked up into the sky briefly. He decided to follow Madric, it was probably best to get to know his new vassal better if this was going to be the case.

"In truth not much else other then another question." Mathurico said quickly. Getting the jist and inwardly chastising himself for stupidly following Madric. "The town down the way, what is its name?"

"Your liege didn't even give you a map?" snorted Madric. "Famidath is what it's called."

"My thanks for your time then, lord Madric. I'll take my leave of you this night." Mathurico said, with a slight nod of his head and the first smile of the night gracing his face. "Good night to you." He turned from Madric with his knights in tow and headed for his army's camp to spend the night before making plans to right forth the following day after his affairs were in order.

The next day, Mathurico awoke to a chill morning, the rain still pattering on his tent's roof. He likely could have slept better if he'd taken lodgings within the city, but sleeping out here meant he was closer to the bulk of his army. His troops' spirits were dampened by the rain and the relative lack of loot the city had yielded, but if anything that just encouraged them to gear up to move out and head for Famidath. It was two weeks away, which meant that they would arrive at it next month. If Mathurico had nothing more to do in Loftith, he might as well set out.

Mathurico set out with his army on march. He ordered a few of his knights to act as outriders to see if the army from Famidath actually did heed Madric's call for aid or otherwise ignored his new riders that brought news of a happy conclusion to the siege. Otherwise he continued his march. He was curious as to the nature of the lord of the next town over.

Six days of marching later, the sun was setting on the final day of the month. The rain had eased up, although the ground remained boggy and difficult to traverse. Mathurico called out the army, as before it lay an opposing camp in the process of being pitched. It had been called to action by the sight of Mathurico's own army, and forming up hastily seemed to be some force of primarily light infantry and archers. They were still disorganized and confused, and their numbers and allegiance could not be actively gauged. Mathurico had the initiative; what would he do?

"CHARGE!" Mathurico ordered, leading his knights to crash into the camp to capitalize ont he panic and confusion caused by their presence before leading his knights out of the melee to let the heavy infantry followup on the attack, once the knights were out they would reform, find the most coherent group of enemy and charging into it to scatter and destroy it, making the job easier for the infantry.

It was a slaughter. The charge was slowed and weakened by the boggy ground, but the enemy was unprepared and were cut down where they stood. Only two knights died, and there were no casualties amongst the heavy infantry sent in to mop up, but the enemy army was shattered and sent running for the hills. The enemy command tent was seized and the noble within it surrendered immediately.

Mathurico approaches the noble tent, dismounting his horse and entered it with his captain and a few knights to meet this noble. He took off his helmet and introduced himself. I am Mathurico, of House Ui Lihanon, the first of that name. Vassal of High King Rygoth and Lord over these northern lands by the writ of the King in Thalmes. To whom do I address?"

The man, who wasn't even wearing a helmet, seemed quite shaken. "I am Hildon, son of Kathric, Marshal of Famidath and adviser to the lord there," said the man with some concern. "I'm...sure he'd pay a ransom for me?"

Mathurico tried hard to resist smiling. "I'm sure." he said. Before pacing a bit. "Do you mind telling me what you and... what used to be an army, where doing all the way out here from Famidath?"

Hildon leaned away from Mathurico. "I, uh, was...camping on the border? This is Famidath land, you know..." He looked suddenly momentarily terrified, fearful that he had insulted Mathurico. "Not that I, uh, mean anything by that, of course!"

"Ah yes... A border camp. Quite neccessary these days yes?" Mathurico said. "I suppose it had nothing to do with you being aware of your cousin's troubles would it?"

"Uh, well," said Hildon, "You know about that? Um."

"Oh yes yes I suppose I would." Mathurico said before suddenly rounding on Hildon, with a huge, shit-eating grin on his face. "I was the one who he was sending aid to defend against." He let that sink in for a bit. "However, that little... misunderstanding settled itself amicably, you cousin still sits as lord of that town and, indeed, he sent riders out well ahead of me to inform you, good Marshal, of such a happy conclusion. And yet here I am, discovering an army on the end of a day's march pitching camp... with Madric's cousin at the head of it."

"Uh, well, uh, you know," the man was visibly sweating, despite the evening chill. "Uh, he called for aid, and we were coming to aid him! Yes, just like what he asked for!"

He's clearly lying.

Mathurico's expression darkened considerably and the candle flames int he lanterns flickered dangerously low. "You are lying to me. Those riders he sent ahead of me told you not to come. And yet you were on your way. I want to know why you set out with an army to your cousin's town when you knew his forces would be weakened from fighting me." He stared into the pathetic nobles eyes for a short, terribly silent moment. "TELL ME!" He snarled, banging his fist into the chair.

To Hildon's credit, he found some reserve of courage in his heart. "Or what?" Clearly stressed, he fiddled with his clothes. "You can't, can't exactly just up and stab me, can you? No ransom then!"

Mathurico smiled viciously. "I am not in this for the... money."

Hildon stuttered to himself for a moment. Then he lunged. His leap up from the chair came completely out of nowhere - Mathurico barely had time to flinch before the wide-eyed man stabbed into him with a concealed dagger he'd drawn from his robes. Hildon shoved through, being stronger than he looked, and dashed out of the tent's flaps, dodging the reaction of one of Mathurico's knights on the way. There were two things apparent about the man; he had excellent combat reflexes suiting a skilled marshal and fighter, and he was running on pure fear. Mathurico had barely drawn breath once since he had lunged, and he was already out of sight past the tent-flaps.

As best he could, Mathurico Mouthed "GET AFTER HIM YOU FOOLS!" before clutching where he was hit with the blade, desperate, the candles in lanterns blazing wildly as he snarled in pain and indignant fury. "Get me a priest, a surgeon! Quickly!"

The knights swiftly moved outside, preparing to find and capture Hildon before he went too far. Meanwhile, one of the knights went off instead to find a surgeon, leaving Mathurico alone in the tent. He looked down at the wound - it didn't seem too deep, as his tough leather armor had deflected the force of the frantic blow largely along the side of his gut. The wound didn't feel particularly deep, but it hurt like hell and was bleeding considerably. Still, Mathurico felt as though he was still able to actually do something - he certainly wasn't disabled by this limited wound.

Mathurico went to the entrance of the flap and yelled "SECURE THE HORSES! FIND THE PRISONER! IF YOU SEE A MAN ON A HORSE RUNNING FROM THE CAMP GET AFTER HIM! DEAD OR ALIVE I NO LONGER CARE!"The wind picked up considerably as he raised the Ire in his voice and the banners flapped furiously in the wind. "GET ME MY HORSE!"

The breeze was a stuttering affair that died away quickly, whilst two of Mathurico's men led him his horse as quickly as they could. Meanwhile, the camp went into turmoil, with people quickly shouting affirmation that a man was riding quickly away on a warhorse. Several knights went off in pursuit immediately. Meanwhile, Mathurico's horse reached him at the same time as the knight who went off to find a surgeon returned half-dragging a reluctant man wearing stained robes.

"You!" Mathurico said, tearing off the area of his armour where the wound was to allow better access. "Dress this, as quickly as possible, I want to be on that horse and after that Churlish son of a whore within a minute! 8 Silvers if you can do this fast enough!"

The robed man seemed quite surprised by the demand, and began immediately inspecting the wound. He immediately gave orders to the knights flanking Mathurico to go fetch boiling water to clean the wound, and rags to bandage it. They looked to Mathurico for instruction. It was clear that boiling water alone would take too long to allow Mathurico to make any difference in the chase.


The knights nodded and rushed to mount their horses. The robed man, meanwhile, sighed. "And there I thought you wanted this done quickly," he said sarcastically. "I'll go boil the water myself then, shall I?" He began ambling off to go get a kettle.

Mathurico mouthed a stunned mute reply, impotent fury at the man's familiarity and gestured ineffectually trying desperately to find a way to respond before calming himself and regaining his composure, inwardly fuming.

After about a minute of just searching, the robed man had leisurely found and set up a kettle over a campfire, beginning to boil some water. He made some other snide remark at the edge of Mathurico's hearing, then went off to find some material to use as bandages. Meanwhile, several infantrymen had gathered to watch the spectacle.

"Lansakes! You men help him gather his materials!"

A number of the infantrymen went to action, but by the time they found anything the robed man had already returned with the bandages, and simply sat waiting for the water to boil.

Whilst this was happening, two knights returned. A rather familiarly terrified, although now muddy and bruised, figure was being dragged between their horses. "One of us managed to spear his mount," said one factually. "He's not pulling any funny business this time."

Mathurico doesn't look back at the man at first. "Punch him in the face again for good measure."

There's the sound of a mailed man getting off of his horse, then the sound of a mailed fist punching a face.

"So.... Sir.... Hildon" Mathurico said as the Surgeon made ready with his medical suplies, Mathurico turned and booted Hildon in the stomach. "I don't think... You are out here... For anything less.... Then to capitalise on your cousin's misfortune and take his city for yourself. Am I close?" Mathurico asked.

The man was on his knees. He didn't raise his head or say anything. Mathurico sighed. "Lift his head up." He ordered one of the knights. The knight dos so, revealing a face which looked all in all rather worse for wear. The man kept his eyes squeezed shut, and he seemed to be whispering something.

Maturico grimmaced. "To hell with it all," He mouthed. "You three knight." Mathurico pointed. "Keep him tied and have him escorted back to lord Madric in his town. Tell him I encountered his cousin and an army on the march to his town, long after his messengers had reached the next city. I do not believe the army was to be sent to Madric's holding in friendship and his cousin had made an attempt on my life while I was talking with him and, rather then take his life myself, I will leave it to Madric to decide his the consequences of his cousin's duplicity." Mathurico said, returning himself to the medic. "And make sure he doesn't have any more blasted daggers on his person! We don't need to be embarassed again if he breaks loose again. We'll make camp here for tonight, keep sir Hildon here prisoner under heavy gaurd then you may ride back in the morning to Madric with him. The army is to make ready to march tomorrow." Mathurico made leave towards where his tent was to be put up, motioning for the snarky surgeon to follow when his precious water had boiled.

The sun rose on the camp. The robed man had finished treating Mathurico's injuries and they were ready to move out. Unless more ought to be done in the area, they could now head north to attack Famidath.

Mathurico cursed silently under his breath as the harshness of the sun's glare stabbed his eyes. He got ahold of his captain and most trusted knights, asked them the state of the men and the camp, moods, murmurings, things like that and then ordered to make ready for march. Mathurico reasoned that if what they had fought the other day was the mainstay of Famidath's army then they had little work ahead of them other then cutting down some militia rabble. This lord seemed to trust his marshal which meant one of two things: he was either an extraordinary fool to trust his marshal that implicitely or he was a shrewd man who would utilise his marshal on the seat at Loftith as a useful vassal, or indeed, Mathurico smiled to himself, having the troops under Hildon's command turn on him after he successfully captured the town and claim it for the lord of Famidath.

In any case he'd have a banner bearer ride ahead and announce him at the walls of Famidath if the lord proved not to be arsed to come out to talk like Madric so kindly was. Mathurico was not in the mood of riding to the walls and announcing his presence only to get an arrow in the eye for his trouble.

As he thought this his mind was muddled, certainly calmer then he was the previous night, but the bad night's sleep left him drifting in thought as he ambled his horse in step with the army. The knight's were wary, historically, any kind of stimulant to their lord's mood during times like this could have wildly unpredictable results in behavior. Sometimes glorious, sometimes foolish, sometimes terrifying.

There was no response from the walls of the keep when the banner-bearers rode forth. The town, which was surrounded by a wooden palisade, seemed alive with activity and a sparse militia guard. The keep overlooking it, built atop a slight rocky prominence, was silent by comparison, gates closed and no activity to be seen on the walls.

Mathurico was almost disappointed in the state of the town's defenses and... more then a little off put by the absence of any men on the walls.

He ordered his men to keep an eye on the keep and had some of his knights ride and scout out the countryside and ordered his infantrymen to take up defensive formations. He ordered the bannermen to ride out to the walls again to announce his presence again and request parlay. If there is still no response he orders that a few brave men scale the walls to see what the hell is going on.

The eerie silence permeated the keep. After some time of trumpeting and riding around the perimeter, Mathurico grew tired and had his men attempt to climb the walls. The rough stonework allowed several to attempt a climb, and comrades below waited to try and catch those who slipped. After about ten minutes of treacherous climbing, the first man reached the top. From what he called back down, the keep courtyard was deserted and the keep itself seemed equally empty - apart from the light of some torch or brazier in one of the topmost windows.

Mathurico grew increasingly wary and uneasy. He ordered the men who scaled the walls to go to the doors to open them from the inside and ordered his knights, the ones that haven't been send scouting, to form up for a potential charge into the courtyard, but not before his order.

Once the doors were open he ordered that 20 of his men should be sent inside to inspect the place.

The gatehouse doors opened without issue, seeming themselves well-maintained and sturdy, reinforced with heavy iron. The courtyard was eerily silent. Twenty men went in to investigate the courtyard, looking in the windows of the various buildings backed up against the interior of the wall. All of them were deserted. There were no ground level windows into the keep - to investigate it, they would need to go into the heavily-reinforced front door, which was ajar.

Mathurico was ill at ease at this point and he dismounted. He motioned for his captain and fourteen other knights dismount and follow him. They, like Mathurico unsheathed their swords. He ordered his men to remain vigilant and keep an eye on the town. He went inside and motioned for the twenty infantrymen he had previously sent in to accompany them and then he entered the keep proper, stepping a bit to the side and leaning on his sword to push the heavy door open.

The door opened into a grand but poorly lit banquet hall. The cutlery and plates were laid out as if for a feast, but there was no food and the candles were unlit - fresh, in fact, as-yet untouched by flame. The tablecloth was fine, and the chairs looked well-crafted. At the head of the table was a tall throne, empty, looking much older than the rest of the furniture. There were fine tapestries hanging from the walls. With only light from small windows set high in the walls and the open doorway, the room was drenched in blackness.

At the back of the room was a stone staircase leading up into the darkness.

Mathurico sputters, and orders his men to light the candles to light up the room a bit. Once that is down he orders a once over of the room to see if anything in particular is found, hoping the light would reveal something they had missed in the darkness. In particular he orders any torches found to be lit and carried with them.

If nothing else is found, Mathurico heads up the staircase at the back with his men following him.

The additional light turned up nothing particularly surprising, but the entire place sent shivers up Mathurico's spine. The banquet spread was not even touched by dust - it had clearly not been left out for long.

The stairs upwards end in a heavy-set door. It is locked, but could quite easily be broken down.

Mathurico knocks and announces himself. "I am Mathurico, of House Lihanon, the first of that name, I come at the Behest of High King Rygoth of Thalmes, I would have words with the lord of this keep!"


Mathurico sighed through gritted teeth. "Tear it down." He ordered. One of the knights starts trying to knock the door down, but after a few hits it was knocked open. It didn't look like it was locked, it was probably just jammed on a rusty hinge or something. Behind it was a spiral staircase going upwards to the higher levels of the building. "Oh by the Gods." Mathurico cursed. "Right men, follow me up, half of you stay down there in case something happens." Mathurico ascends the staircase.

The men seem thoroughly unnerved at this point by the creepy castle, and several of them seem to be deliberately lagging behind as you climb the stairs. They only have the available width for one man to go up at a time, and also curve around so that right-handed swordsmen would be inconvenienced on the ascent, but would be very effective when defending against people climbing the tower. Still, there are no defenders.

The stairs go up some way, and there are doors set at the side every so often. They are all open, and the rooms within seem deserted.

After a few flights, the group reaches a door which is closed, but not locked. By Mathurico's reckoning, this is roughly the floor where there was a lit window.

Mathurico is thoroughly unnerved right now but does not show it. But still, there is an increased chill in the stairway as his uneasiness mounted.

He knocked.


Then an aged voice, coming through the wooden door. "Tell me, under what banner do you march?"

Mathurico was almost relieved to hear a voice. Any voice.


"I.... I answer to High King Rygoth... of Thalmes, I am LeasRi Mathurico of House Lihanon, the first of that name... To whom do I speak?"

"I am Lord Tremar of Famidath," said the aged voice. "I understand that you have come seeking conquest."

"Of a sort. But first, answers." Mathurico announced. "Did you not receive riders from lord Madric detailing the happy resolution of the siege? Why then did you send your marshal with an army towards him?"

A pause. "This is being carried as a fool's discussion. If you wish to speak with me, come over the threshold. Don't hide behind the door."

Mathurico gestured wildly in frustration and opened the damn door. he strode in with his knights. The door creaked slowly open, scraping along the stone floor. Most of the floor inside the room was covered by a luxurious looking rug. The room featured many paintings, and the largest windows in the keep, letting in a decent amount of light. The room was well lit by two large braziers on either side of a wooden desk, behind which sat an old man. He had countless wrinkles, a bone-white mustache and short, pointed beard. He sat at ease, his hands clasped together and resting on the desk.

There was nobody else in the room, and the man did not seem perturbed in the slightest at seeing the knights jostling to be hidden behind Mathurico.

The old man sighed. "I take it then that you have met Hildon, my marshal."

Mathurico relaxed immensely, the light in the braziers blazed just a bit more brightly, as if before they had been quelled by some cold air. It was just a man, all these shadows of monsters and daemons flitting through his head as he marched through the dark keep had just been that, flights of fancy. The man knew how to put people on edge, that was commendable, but Mathurico CARED NOT for being the one put on edge.

He turned his head and hissed at his knights to stand to. Then turned back to face lord Tremar.

"Yes I ran into your Marshal on my march here. Fellow wasn't blessed with the quickest of tongues but certainly knew his way with a blade." Mathurico said before continuing. "I captured him and sent him back to Lord Madric for safe keeping, I figured he would rather I not slay his cousin."

Tremar nodded. "A wise decision, I believe. I thought he would be more useful. It seems I overestimated his capabilities." He sat back in his chair, reclining so that he was mere inches from the sunlight streaming in through the window. "Yes, I sent him to capture his cousin's realm. He has always been my most loyal servant, and he would surely remain so even with a realm comparable to mine. You should be able to understand my plans in that regard."

"Anyone could guess what your intentions would be once you double the size of your realm, my lord, it seems every second lord I meet fancies himself the King." Mathurico said, before easing into a more congenial attitude. "But forgive me, as I said before I am loyal to High King Rygoth of Thalmes and have been sent to pacify these regions in the name of the High Kingdom." Mathurico said again, regaining his composure. "But forgive me, I don't mean to be rude but what garauntee do you have that Hildon would be loyal to you after taking his cousin's lands? He seemed a much... lesser man then his cousin. Yes he may have served you faithfully while under your gaze but still, I wouldn't have trusted such a shifty man."

"He and I have a long history together," said Tremar, leaning forward again. "Anyway, I know why you are here." He gestured grandiosely. "You have a proposition for me? Out with it."

"I offer you vassalization under me through Milesian law, you will hold your lands and privliges but under myself as overlord," Mathurico said, he trailed off towards the end there, noticing the strange, hard gaze of the lord before him. "Under these laws you will raise your levies when I call for them, and will receive recompense in the form of tax relief for half as long as the troops are raised." And the man didn't seem concerned or put off at all that his keep was full of enemy troops and 15 hardened knights entered his room. "Except of course in times of invasion." He did lean back towards the sunlight there, so he couldn't be. "And." Creepy dark keep, Banquet laid out with no food, incredibly dark, no servants. "..." He didn't lean... completely back into the sunlight.... He couldn't be.....

Mathurico's face didn't change.

But the room got just a bit more colder and the flames just a bit less lively.


On the way back out, whilst they were passing through the afternoon sun whilst walking through the courtyard, one of Mathurico's knights asked his lord a question in a sotto tone. "My lord, was he...what I thought he was?"

"No." Mathurico said. "That's just an old wives' tail, they don't exist." He said, continuing his march through the hallway. "He was just....just an old man.... Just... just an old man."

The knight took a moment, thinking that over, clearly unconvinced. Then he asked again; "My lord, are you..?"

Mathurico rounded on the man and looked him dead in the eye.

It was a brief gaze but it felt like an eternity. Then Mathurico snorted. "No... No I am not, that man was just surprisingly learned for a lord out here, I didn't think he could have picked up on my Loredan accent but he apparnently did." He slapped the knight on the soldier. "Come, we have townsfolk to calm down."

The city secure, Mathurico was able to proceed onwards on his mission. Where to next?

Mathurico takes the boats with his men and hurriedly leaves Faidath and heads to the next town on his conquest, the town of Joryl.

After a hasty departure and five day's sailing, the town of Joryl appeared over the horizon. From this distance, all that could be told about it was that it was that it was a large town with an open port.

Mathurico woke up on the day Joryl was in sight. Despite being incredibly moody and testy during the voyage due to a combination of sea sickness, uneasiness from the waters around him and having had an Interview with an especially creepy old man, Mathurico was surprisingly cheerful when coming on deck.

Unnervingly cheerful.

One of his knights asked if he was alright. Mathurico handed him a fish and smiled. Turning back to the approaching city he drew his sword and announced. "TODAY. WE ENTER THEIR HARBOUR AND TAKE THEIR CITY!"

And thus Maturico sailed into the harbor and unloaded all his troops.

After a few awkward minutes and some confusion, the Lord of the Keep came forth to meet him. "Who are you?" he asked, insistent but nervous.

"Good day to you sir, I am Ri Mathurico, of House Lihanon, the first of that name, vassal of High King Rygoth of Thalmes. I claim this town in the name of the high kingdom." Mathurico clapped his hands. "Any objections?"

The man raised a hand and opened his mouth as if to complain, but then reassessed the large army behind Mathurico and lowered his hand. "...uh, you mean you're offering us vassalization?"

"No." Mathurico smiled. "But there is a way out of this for you so you can live comfortably and I get the town and nobody dies today."

"Nobody dying sounds good," mused the man. "Alright, let's hear it."

"You get a pension and you and your family get a countryside estate and a village to sustain your lifestyle. Deal?"

The man eyed the knights again, who shifted on their horses. "I can guess the alternative," he muttered.

After that, he turned slightly and spoke loudly, so that the entire gathered crowd could hear. "Your argument is...persuasive. Let it be known that I am not agreeing to this lightly, but for the good of my people, based upon the word I have heard of the kingdom so far, and definitely not because of any kind of coercion. I accept your offer of annexation, and I hope that we prosper as a part of the High Kingdom."

A wave of murmurs swept through the crowd, as they were understandably surprised by the move, although the voices of discontent were few and muted. There were five hundred armed men right there, after all.

Mathurico stepped forward and spoke. "Now that thats settled, coppers! coppers everywhere!" He then took out a bag of coppers from its secure place in his quilted armour and loosened the string on the mouth of the bag, he then threw the bag over the crowd and coppers rained onto the floor before he turned back to the former lord. "Now good sir, you may remain here in the city mansion until I come back to arrange your estate and settle affairs. Meanwhile the army garrisoning this town is to accompany me on my travels to expand the High Kingdom along with any boats in port we may commandeer. You have made a very wise decision as you'll no doubt appreciate when you consider the full extent of the High Kingdom, you may even be granted the right of Knight Peer when affairs are settled." Mathurico got up on his horse and motioned for his captain, ordered him to take a few knights to the lord and have him sign documents to give out to the various captains of the garrison so that they may understand their new positions as a gesture of respect and then to meet him back at the docks.

When all is said and done, he arranges to get some more horses for his dismounted knights and boards the ships with his now significantly reinforced army and makes way for the next town across the bay, he believed it to be called Huffiot.
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RE: Crown
Dolza sighed, as she gazed out of the window. It was still dark outside; the veil of night had yet to be thrown back by the dawn. The Marquesa Regent turned the latch with her soft hands, then stepped out onto the stone balcony. There, below, the rest of the family and its supporters were preparing to set sail. She could see the provisions being hauled out to the dock at their family’s summer house; their place of exile since the family’s fall from power after her father’s death. There were many drums, boxes and some of the family’s treasured possessions, lest the house be vandalised before their return. Menaulon at the ready, the guards looked on from their posts at the gates.

She turned, to finish changing into her travelling clothes; proper and well-made with quality cloth, but unadorned. She made a note to dress modestly, lest unwanted attention be drawn to a young unmarried maiden in a potentially-hostile environment.

The others were there, below. Her mother stood slightly aside from the rest, eyeing the party with mild suspicion. The divorce had never been taken lightly by her; even now, her daughter’s involvement seemed to be a reason for a casual smattering of sardonic comments here and there.
The would-be Marquesa made her way through the mansion, its walls cold to the touch. In an hour, the dawn would break, and the opportunity to leave without alerting their rivals would be lost.

“Move along! The others are waiting inside the ship.”
Amate Edaña, will you remain when we return hence?”
“Verily! One of us must keep the servants in. And the ruffians out. It is you that I am worried for, not only leaving for the north, but bringing that accursed talisman with you. I told you, I would rather he stayed here.”
She stared at her mother. “I am aware of exactly what would befall him if he remained here. And I will not allow it. By brother shall sail forth with the party.”
“Very well, Dolza. I will instead pray for your safe return, should the seas not capsize your vessel, sea monsters fail to devour the lot of you, pirates avoid you, or whatever other tragedies that boy will attract to your-“
“Please, enough. I do not need further reasons to be concerned about our affairs. Simply swear that you will keep things safe and in-order while we are gone.”
“Very well, I shall. I can’t be mad at you, girl. You’re my own, after all. I simply think it would be in your best interests to-“
“Yes, yes, Amate. Now, please! We must be off!”
Dolza’s mother gave her a peck on each cheeks, before waving them off, as her only daughter boarded the yacht, and set course northward. “May the Lord keep you safe, all of you.”
She stood there, until nothing remained of the boat as it ventured out along the coast.
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RE: Crown
2/6 lord players have now completed their turns.
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RE: Crown
The General stood over the smoldering wreckage of what once was a sturdy wooden keep, a gathering of wrapped bodies being formed behind him.
The cost of lives where a few of their number yet the price was heavy....
Hooded men sung their foreign chants while two others moved a corpse from the pile, This one was of more significance to them.
The general turned to the foreign priest.

"Its a sad loss, I might not have gotten along with him in life but he deserves a honorable grave, Even the most wicked do not deserve such a end, May his ancestors welcome him"

The general helped the priests with lifting the corpse then left them to their grim task. Trough the linen a amulet could be seen on the gravely burned corpse.
A amulet signifying the house of Reeve.
The general turned back to overlook the city, Smoldering debris covered the inner parts of it as if raging demon had struck it...
"We certainly made a name for us....And some new enemies."

Dusk falls and pyres burn the fallen into the afterlife. This land puzzled the foreign general but he was glad to be in it.
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RE: Crown
Summer began to creep across the land, bringing warmer and longer days. The lords would not pay too much heed, taking it only as a sign that time was passing, and that their conquests needed to continue...

[Image: kng_3.png]
[Click for full map]

New turn PMs going out now.
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Crown (Midsummer)
Black letters travelled swiftly, on ships and horseback, across the realm to its many lords. They had spread far and wide, bringing fire and sword but also often extending hands of peace, and had formed a mighty realm already. As events began to draw them back towards the capital, the future of the kingdom began to be increasingly called into question...

[Image: kng_4.png]
[Click for full map]

New turn PMs going out now.
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RE: Crown
The sun was high over Thalmes, with midsummer nearing a close. The longest day of the year was past, and the later month of summer was drawing inexorably closer.

At the heart of the city was the grand hall, which Rhygoth had taken as his royal court whilst he had been in the city. There a number of lords had gathered, summoned by dire letters that had called for them to assemble. There were only three lords and a general in attendance so far, but the three lords made a majority - Lord Dagonet Archos was not in attendance, and neither was a representative of Golde, and the Edana-Marinels, with their single town, were barely more than a minor house so far. The definition was informal, in any case - the kingdom lacked the official structure to have recognized great lords, but those here would do.

Of the three, the odd one out was definitely Jorgun Blundren. Lord Jorgun had taken command when two of the original lords had failed or vanished, and had proven himself capable in quickly bringing vast swathes of land under Kingdom dominion - perhaps thanks to his large army, so-named the 'Fist of Thalmes'. Although a former mercenary, he now commanded one of the stronger realms in the Kingdom, with the Merchant-Prince of Selior as his most notable vassal.

Lord Artinus was another lord, and one of the original six who answered Rhygoth's summons. His own realm was the smallest amongst the three lords present, only three minor cities in size. However, he was, as ever, poised to expand further - campaigning setbacks had not weakened his ambition, though they had sapped at his time. Still, he was a popular figure, a nobly-born adventurer from the distant realm of Verinor, on the far side of Znaczenie.

The third lord in attendance was self-styled Ri Mathurico Ui Lihanon, a noble from across the sea. The foreign knights he had commanded had proven their skill and bravery in carving out the largest realm within the kingdom so far, but with him he carried foreign customs and laws which worried many of the more locally-minded petty lords. He was the greatest surprise to have at the meeting - it was not thought that he was in Thalmes, and he had made no note of his arrival until he walked through the entryway doors.

The general in attendance of the meeting, meanwhile, was Oiyosin Otomo, the most foreign of them all. From across the western sea he hailed, son of a foreign lord who had come east and served Rhygoth as the general of the royal army - faithfully and skillfully, as it was told. His was the call that had convened this council in the first place. Rumor also went that he had been attacked not long past, whilst he waited in the capital for more lords to arrive, by an unnamed petty noble who had assaulted him. The guards searched the streets for this noble even now.

One thing that boded ill for the meeting was the most notable absence of them all. King Rhygoth was nowhere to be seen.
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RE: Crown
Jorgun coughed a bit.

"Ah-hem... Well, my fellow lords, I suppose I'll be the first to introduce myself. Lord Jorgun Blundren, Lord of Silver's Crossing, General of the Fist of Thalmes! Our wise and noble High King Rygoth was gracious enough to grant me lordship when lords Viteralli and Kais went missing during the Siege of Silver's Crossing."

He shook his head, sighing.

"A shame, that. I suspect they either fled or fell to the enemy. We're looking for them still. But..."

Straightening his back and jutting out his jaw, Jorgun took on the air of a man who had proudly assumed great responsibility.

"I had no choice, for the good of Thalmes, to take command and end the siege. I am glad Rygoth granted me lordship afterwards. It is my sole desire, you see, to serve this kingdom. And, as such, you will all be glad to hear that, in the kingdom's time of need, the Fist of Thalmes is ready to march to her defense. Whatever this 'dire' matter is, we are at the ready to repel and/or crush it."

Jorgun smiled for about a minute straight. Then, as if someone realizing they forgot to pack their favorite shirt, his face shifted to mild confusion.

"Hrm, but, I don't believe the missive included just what is wrong, here... I suppose you're Oh-yo-sin O-tom-oh, then?"

Jorgun turned to Oiyosin, scratching his beard.

"Don't think we've met. Well, you look the type for it. Military, I can tell that much. I can always pick out a fellow military man, that much is for sure. So, General Oh-tom-oh, tell me, what's gone wrong? And where's the King, is he going to show up? I do have a lot to thank His Highness for, after all. Dunno if kings drink like the rest of us, but I certainly want to buy him a few rounds of somethin' pricey, once this crisis is sorted."
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RE: Crown
"I am, of course, Mathurico Lihanon." Mathurico said. He had his hands clasped over one another in front of him in a waiting gesture, the simple brown hooded cloak that covered him partial showed the sheen of chainmail under his leather bardin. "And I have been with the kingdom since Rygoth's call to arms, I am rather dismayed more lords haven't arrived yet." He looked over at the strange Occidental man. "Can you clarify, sir Otomoh,"Mathurico decided not to question the foreign man's presence here, instead focusing on a much more pressing concern. "Whether the rumors I've heard in the city are true? Is the king dead?"
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RE: Crown
"Ah, Sir Jorgon, You posses the famed northern tongue, as sharp as its blade i imagine. However this no matter of crossed swords...not yet."

The foreigner smiled sharply, altrough he did not fully control the langauge he defintly did not miss the lesson detailing dry wit

"As Sir Math-urio might have noted, there are all sorts of rumors among the citizenry. These rumors are about as reliable as rumors tend to be, I deal in facts or lies."

The man gazed the room with military scrutiny, when he was fully convinced there were absolutely no other listening ears present he continued

"Allow me to explain.

The fact is that the king has been slain, the lie is that he was slain in battle. He has been struck down in anger by the goldian lord in a matter of territory dispute, rest assured that the one responsible has been killed as well. Our king did not go quietly

The fact however weakens the realm, and so me and the second in comand of the goldian army have decided to craft the lie that they fell in battle, a break of alliance would weaken our realm after all."

The man looked up grimly, but with a bit of anticipation

So here is another fact: We need a new high king or We fall apart and die."
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RE: Crown
Mathurico was initially silent, before he broke the question. "Are we sure Rygoth died without issue?"
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RE: Crown
Jorgun scowled.

"How'd this happen, anyhow? Slain in anger? A Goldian lord? Where was his guard, eh?"

He spat on the ground and spouted a bit of slang that, while none of the other men in the room would recognize, certainly sounded in the category of profanity.

"Well! This is a right mess, eh? Did His Late Majesty have any kids? How about bastards? I ain't wanting a civil war right out the gate. We need a heir we can at least PRETEND is legitimate, else we'll look a right joke."
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RE: Crown
Artinus decided to pipe up.

"An heir? Old Rhygoth? Ha! That man was as confident as he was proud, and he no doubt expected to rule the kingdom for many years to come. I doubt he would have named an heir until he was on his deathbed, the fool. The best we can hope for at this point would be a distant cousin or something. However, I propose a different solution. An end to the reign of Monarchy on this land. A new form of government. What do you all say?"
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RE: Crown
To say that Jorgun looked over at Artinus like he had grown a second head would sadly be an understatement. Rather, Jorgun looked at the man like he had, in fact, grown three heads, all bright purple and spouting mad gibberish.

"... I'd say yer a bleedin' fool, to make such talk. Without some 'royalty' type to glue this whole thing together, this kingdom will fly apart quicker than a flock of blind geese! The nobles would throw a fit, as they are prone to do, the commoners would panic and revolt, and we'd be the first in line to be fitted for fresh nooses."

He scowled.

" 'Sides, ain't fit to speak ill of the dead, much less our late king. That's treason, it is. I suppose they don't value respect and honor as much where your lot are from, eh? Well they do in these lands. The people see some foreigner like yerself trying to usurp the kingdom from their dear fallen monarch and they won't stand for it, no sir."

Jorgun looked over to Mathurico. Beneath his beard, the former merc's face seemed to be saying, 'please, please don't be as crazy a foreigner as him.'

"... Well, Lord Mathurico, what would you say we do, eh? Should we look for this 'distant cousin'? Ain't impossible. He used to be a bandit, before the mandate of heaven or what have you called him to rule. Now, most bandits I've dealt with go into that business for two things: gold, and the chance at a bit of tail. King Rygoth had to have sired a few bastards here and there, we just gotta track 'em down."

He was silent for a bit before letting loose a grumble.

"... But cut my throat if I know how we'd do that. It'd be one hell of a hunt."
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RE: Crown
Meanwhile, the one man who does know is still several days away...
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RE: Crown
Mathurico turned his hooded head to look over at Jorgun. His eyes were in shadow and it was impossible to make out what his full expression was. "I agree with Lord Jurgan on this one. Without a monarch this early in the High Kingdom's history we would be courting with a collapse and return to the warlord era. And I believe I swore loyalty to Rygoth explicitely because I liked the idea of the warlord era ending." He turned back to face the rest of them. "I am the rightful Ri of Alessia across the sea, and I have seen first hand what happens when a kingdom falls apart. I do not care to see such occur again. We are not forming a new government. Certainly not one were it is the rule of the High Lords over all. I'd like to be able to retire at night without worrying that some snipish rival at court would cut my throat in order to advance his own agenda thank you very much."

Mathurico relaxed his shoulders visibly before continuing. "I am glad Jorgun brought up the issue of Bastards. For as soon as I had heard rumours in the city that Rygoth had been killed this was foremost in my mind as a means of recourse, and the issue of locating and claiming the bastard as legitimate is a sincere challenge... And I may have a solution."

"Rygoth may indeed have sired many bastard sons, probably one or two in this very city. But finding one and verifying his heritage would be an unGodly difficult task. Probably every whore with a son will claim Rygoth was the sire, or worse, perhaps he laid with married women who claim the son is actually the son of their husband. Leaving us with either having too many options or two few. My Solution cuts the Ghendric knot. What we do is we find a strapping young bastard lad who does not know who his real father is and who has a big build and the same hair color as Rygoth, and claim he is the bastard. People who see him could well believe he is Rygoth's son to look at him, perhaps he will believe it himself should we convince him. If this council feels a hunt for an actual bastard has more merit, I will concede but it will cost time and resources. But if all else fails, my proposal will still be there as a solution."
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RE: Crown
Jorgun smirked, clearly amused that the self-styled Ri of Alessia had agreed with him.

"Aye, but that leaves us with the problem of the bastard's real parents, eh? If the mother is a whore, we could probably pay her off to stick with our claim, but we should probably track down the boy's real father if she can remember him. That way we don't have any nasty surprises."

He scratched at his beard absentmindedly.

"Of course, we might still want to look for legitimate heirs. Don't want a split claim. We'll want our bastard to be the only bastard who can have any right to claim the throne."
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RE: Crown
My plan... my glorious plan... going on without me ;-;

This is what I get for being so far away isn't it?
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RE: Crown
(07-18-2013 06:29 AM)Palamedes Wrote:  
My plan... my glorious plan... going on without me ;-;

This is what I get for being so far away isn't it?

From what I hear you put it off for a while and decided to also take a detour by way of Cyre, I know I was going to stall the court to wait for you and the other lords, but I have one lord here already proposing the idea of selecting a bastard and another lord trying to vote in a republic. I kinda had to act bro.

"We wouldn't need to worry about the other legitimite bastards if they also don't know who their real father is. And besides even if we did, the entire 'Bastard Heir' aspect, even if the majority of us supported him, will always leave us open to some random blackguard claiming to be the 'real father' or claiming this or that boy is the 'real' son of Rygoth. That problem will persist regardless."
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RE: Crown
Yeah not actually mad :P.

Also was going to leave the troops I had with me at Outessia but I didn't trust my NPCs to not start a thing with Yew's NPCs (and I wouldn't have made it on time anyways so I figured why the hell not).

Blade Bram for sending out the letters so early. Or me for getting thrown in jail and receiving the letter late.
07-18-2013, 06:50 PM
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RE: Crown
"Hm, I guess you're right, then. 'Sides, should some rat come out of the woodwork tryin' to claim his old man was Rygoth, I suppose we could just do what you're always supposed to do with vermin."

Jorgun grins.

"Smash 'em."

He chuckles a bit, much like someone enjoying a joke only they understand. It's a bit unsettling, to say the least.
07-19-2013, 01:01 AM
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RE: Crown
Oiyosin snorted derisively.

"Killing all bastards but one is bound to be a populair choice...that was your custom of sarcasm by the way.
If we find a suitible bastards he should be liked by both peasantry or we would likely face revolt and be liked by the nobility, for we do not want a repeat of a assasination situation like what happened to the king."

Oiyosin scratched his beard remembering some fond memories.

"I have served in king Rygoth's retinue for a respectable time, he made many enemies, yet also many allies, perhaps during those travels he might have adopted a person within the royal family? A obscure custom in your lands i presume..if King Rygoth had offspring in such a matter they could be elegible..and it would probably be recorded somewhere."

"Of course, if we find a suitible bastard he could also be adopted in such a way, giving him a better public image then just 'basterd'"
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RE: Crown
"Whatever choice we make is going to be unpopular, at least initially. But I can at least reassure you my vassals will not mind a new choice in High King, they had yet to even meet Rygoth let alone get used to him. The sooner we get a new High King, the sooner we can reassure continuity and stability and ease the fears of some of the more jumpy lords in the realm. Claiming the 'bastard' was adopted will be odd, how can we claim the new High King is of Ryogth's issue and also 'adopted', wouldn't an adoptee be viewed as more illegitimate then someone who is of issue, one way or another?"
07-19-2013, 07:11 AM
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RE: Crown
"Oh, adoption isn't something ya never hear of around these parts, but a claim of blood will always be the stronger claim. And as for assassins... Well, I suppose we'll just need to find some men to guard our new King that won't let angry, armed nobility within striking distance."
07-19-2013, 07:51 AM
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RE: Crown
And make sure there's more than seven of them, for God's sake.
07-19-2013, 07:53 AM
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RE: Crown
"Preferably alot of guards men come to think of it. There are some pretty brazen assassins about. In any case, I still insist we calim a young bastard from the city itself that meets the criteria and claim he is Rygoth's. It will save alot of time and hassle and, as previously stated, we will have problems with people disputed his claim no matter what we do. I'd say its our best course of action."
07-19-2013, 05:31 PM
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RE: Crown
"It's the quickest course, and that's why it's the best. Mathurico, how do you think we should start our hunt? I could get men searching the city in an instant, but, well, we'll probably don't want to be that obvious..."

Jorgun scratched his beard as he spoke, thinking.

"Suppose I could go out and look myself. Search around brothels, taverns, market alleys, the like. Likely to be young bastards all over those places."
07-19-2013, 10:44 PM
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RE: Crown
"It'd probably do your reputation no bit of good to be seen crawling among the taverns and less reputable establishments in Thalmes. You should send your most trusted men around asking for boys that meet the desired profile. But never have them specify why. I have a few men among the city myself, I'll have them do the same."
07-20-2013, 06:41 AM
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RE: Crown
"Bah, reputation, of course. Well, I'll send some men out, then."

Jorgun coughed slightly.

"I, ah, never had the fortune to meet the late High King in person, though. You wouldn't happen to have a rough description of 'im, would you?"
07-20-2013, 06:47 AM
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RE: Crown
Mathurico stared blankly at Jorgun from under his hood for a moment.

"Look for lads tall for their age, broad of shoulder, brown of hair and brownish eyes. I think, I can't remember his eyes too well. Try not to go for bastards who are too old. Twelve years would be about the age range we'd look for."
07-20-2013, 07:16 PM
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RE: Crown
Jorgun nodded.

"Right, right, brown hair, brown eyes, wide shoulders, about twelve... Alright, got it. I'll start the search as soon as I can."

He crossed his arms.

"Guess none of us will be leavin' the city for a while, then? Well, then, why don't I buy us a few rounds tonight at the- Hm. Oh, right. Well, I don't suppose there's some tavern for nobles 'round these parts, eh? Somewhere I can buy you lot drinks without any of our 'reputations' being besmudged?"

Jorgun forced out a slight smile.

"This is sort of like an alliance. I like to bind those sort of things with alcohol. When you've had a drink with a man, you tend to trust 'em more, I find. Makes the teamwork go easy."
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RE: Crown
"Oh I have no problem with Taverns" Mathurico coughed. "Just not some of the ah... seedier places. Too many cutpurses for my liking. Besides, I am pretty sure we can have some beer brought to us in any case. But is there any other business we need be concerned with while here?" He turned to Oiyosin and Artinus.
07-21-2013, 10:51 AM
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RE: Crown
A messenger coughs quietly to announce his entry. He wishes to relay a message reminding the lord that there are a number of diplomats in the city. One is from the Kingdom of Znaczenie in the northeat, one is from the 'Free City of Morivale', one is from the Cyrecan city of Innsport and one is from Waddy of the southwestern isles.
07-21-2013, 10:53 AM
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RE: Crown
07-21-2013, 11:57 AM
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RE: Crown
No tavern crawl for us Cid ;-;
07-21-2013, 02:07 PM
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RE: Crown
"Well, there is the issue of land ownership and division."

"I assume all land we have claimed is a part of the royal empire, but are the lords being given right to rule over the subdivision that they themselves claimed? How about the land that was claimed by Rhygoth? I say that dividing up the land into such "subdivisions" is a terrible idea, as it simply breeds conflict (my own lack of land ownership notwithstanding). Thus, I suggest a land merge, and for all the claimed land to simply be under one rule, that of Thalmes."
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RE: Crown
Turning from the messenger who just arrived, it was now Mathurico who, despite not having his eyes visible, was looking at Artinus like he had grown three heads. He opened his mouth to speak. Then closed it. Rose his hand as if to make a point. Then lowered it. He idly scratched the back of his head before finally saying: "Lord Artinus, are you drunk?"
07-21-2013, 05:36 PM
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RE: Crown
"Whatever he's drinkin', I want a pull off it."

Jorgun seemed to think a bit on it, then shook his head.

"Actually, maybe not. Who knows what I'd do if something knocked me that senseless. GWAHAHAHAHA!"

Slapping his stomach, (a slight metallic sound giving away the fact that he was, in fact, wearing chainmail beneath his tunic as well) Jorgun continued to laugh heartily. The laughter sounded somewhat fake, however. Mocking, almost.
07-24-2013, 01:25 AM
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RE: Crown
"With the horrid influx of 'Diplomacy' going for a sake hall sounds rather inviting Lord Jorgun...these diplomats don't even know the simple tea ceremony as a token of mutual respect. Seems like enlightenment is to be thaught, with ale preferably"

Oiyosin laughed, relishing the chance to unwind. He however raised an eyebrow at lord Arthinus

"I agree its a matter of futher discussion but your sugestion is absurd, the lands belong to the realm untill a heir is found, then those lands are his to keep or grant, i myself was hoping on recieving the fief of malport, since i did, i capture the city myself, i was hoping for a possition of vassalage during the last campaign...untill one threasenous dog of a noble decided to well you know"
07-24-2013, 09:16 AM
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RE: Crown
"Aye, well, Ottermo, we'll make sure to mention yer loyalty to our new king, when we find 'im. I'll be glad to have another lord interested in keepin' this kingdom together, that's for sure. I'd wager Mathurico feels the same."

Turning to the self-styled Ri of Alessia, Jorgun raised an eyebrow.

"So, I suppose we should do something about these diplomats, eh? I move that we make a council of three of us to greet them. Ottermo, yerself, and, well, myself. Clearly Lord Artinus needs rest."

Jorgun looked over at Artinus with a smirk.

"Milord, the trip to the Thalmes has clearly taken its toll on you. I suggest you find a soft bed, some nice ale, a fine woman, and retire for the eve. I find that clears the minds of most men."
07-24-2013, 09:19 AM
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RE: Crown
"Agreed." Mathurico responded. His teeth grinding almost imperceptibly.
07-24-2013, 10:08 AM
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RE: Crown

goddamn Werthing
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RE: Crown
After some moments of silence, it became clear that Lord Artinus wasn't really paying much attention to the discussion. He was bustled out of the room by the messenger, who then inquired of the remaining lords which diplomat they would be seeing first.
07-26-2013, 12:51 PM
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RE: Crown
Mathurico sighed, "Well, Morivale is that city south of the High Kingdom right? They can't have that much important issues to discuss..." Mathurico witheld a groan admirably. "I'd say we should see the Znaczenie diplomats before. I encountered them before in Huffiot before they came to Thalmes, its the first major foreign power to seek parley with the High Kingdom, it'd be wise to show them preference first." 'And' Mathurico thought to himself 'They just so happen to border me, much to my chagrin.'
07-26-2013, 04:15 PM
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RE: Crown
"Just remember, they may think that they can take us for a roll, with us being so new to the kingdom scene and such."

Jorgun frowned.

"Any nation with a funny-soundin' name like that, normally they got a bit of pride swellin' their heads. Met a man in a bar once. 'Is name was 'Nancy.' Meanest bastard you'd ever meet. Bit like a mad dog, too."

He smirked.

"Point is, though, I wouldn't be surprised if they heard the news from all the rumors floatin' about and try to take advantage of what they think is our moment of weakness. Let's keep wary, eh?"
07-26-2013, 10:32 PM
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RE: Crown
"Oh don't worry about that, Lord Jorgun" Mathurico said, thinking back to the reluctance of Znachzenie to take the oppurtunity to sack his lands. "I have a feeling they won't underestimate us."
07-27-2013, 01:52 AM
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RE: Crown
The Znaczenie diplomats were fetched first. They were two; one short corpulent man with a gargantuan blonde beard, with jovial eyes and fine court clothes, and one beautiful young woman in a purple-tinted glass diadem, wearing a near-perfect poker face. They were introduced as they entered as 'Princess Kazimiera Tarczaw of Znaczenie and Chief Diplomat Mieszko Góra of Znaczenie'.

The corpulent man, Mieszko, immediately went to one knee. "Noble lords," he said, "You honor us with this audience. I am Mieszko of house Góra, Chief Diplomat to King Aleksander Tarczaw of Znaczenie. This is the ever lovely Princess Kazimiera, his daughter and heir." The princess stood there in silence. She seemed somewhat tired. "I believe we are already acquainted with the noble Ri Mathurico there, but I am afraid we have not had the pleasure with the rest of you," the fat man went on, "But I see no crowns amongst you. We have heard some terrible rumors in the city about the king, my lords, and I was hoping you could put our worries to rest."
07-27-2013, 02:01 AM
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RE: Crown
"Master Mieszko." Mathurico spoke gently, a slight smile gracing his lips. "It is good to see you again. However we have unfortunate news, High King Rhygoth was indeed slain nobly in battle. We are currently overseeing the issue of peaceful succession. This is why you have been received by us." He nodded to Jorgun.
07-27-2013, 07:23 AM
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RE: Crown
Jorgun bowed slightly.

"I'd be Lord Jorgun of Silver's Crossing. My lands neighbor Lord Mathurico's. I've been working with him, as he said, to preserve the peace of the realm in these trying times."

He frowned, sighing.

"Such a shame, it is. But we'll weather it. King Rhygoth made this kingdom strong, strong enough to weather even his loss."

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