In Progress Dog Days - Age of the Usurpers
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Dog Days - Age of the Usurpers
Dog Days
Usurpers Edition

Image spoilered because way too huge
[Image: Basic%20Map.png]

Original Thread, for interest.

This is a basic reboot of my old game, Dog Days. A combination of losing my computer/updating ability and a ludicrous focus on overcomplex mechanics caused this game to suffer and basically die, but after several requests I figured I'd try and reboot it for old and new players alike. I've streamlined basically everything, so now you won't have to deal with a billion different types of soldiers and other such nonsense.

With the sudden violence between the world's greatest powers expanding to encompass the entire world, things began to enter a turbulent time.

Losseringen, the dominant power on the continent, was torn between a war with the rider hordes of Calea and the coastal nation of Arglwyddi. With this, their more powerful vassals Valensk and Quins were quickly able to expand their own powers separate from their master.

In the north, the Geraldic Impireacht gathered its armies for some ominous purpose, and had gathered allies among the famous knights of Theodore.

In the south, Arglwyddi began to show off its naval muscles by striking out against the Roaming Pirates Alliance, a united group of pirates, in hopes of gaining control of the southern trade.

In the west, the decades long civil war between Faunon and Neunon had almost ended with the former launching a massive assault against the rebel capital. Meanwhile, on the islands the major power of Teremynt intervened against their greatest rival Illiah over their invasion of Perd, leading to an all out war between them and their allies. Meanwhile, interested parties in the northmost island haven't gotten involved, but rumours are that it's only a matter of time before they try to take advantage of the situation.

Throughout the world, these actions have pushed the already perilous integrity of many states to their breaking points, and rumours of rebellions, uprisings, and assassination are everywhere.

Time will tell how many of these traitors and usurpers will succeed, but what is known is that things are likely to get far worse before they ever get better.


NATIONS: These guys will run the more powerful countries of the world (or at least most of them). Expect them to dominate the main part of the game.

Since this is a reboot of the original game, old player nations are reserved for their original players for up to a week (upon which anyone can take them over). For new players, or old ones looking to start over completely, just fill out this following application. Immediately below it are recommendations for nations or groups of nations to take over, though if you want more information/another nation interests you please ask.

Note that you are not stuck with existing nations or their cultures (unless you want to be), the suggestions are just for places where you might find the most interesting new stuff to mess around with.

Leader Name: Self explanatory

Scion Name: Much of the same

Nation Name: It can either be the name of the nation you're taking over or a completely changed name, based on how you took over the country.

Colour: What incredible colour will represent your proud nation on the map?

Flag: Your nation's flag. If you are not very good with this just ask and I'll put one together for you based on a description.

Leader Description: Tell me about your leader, what he’s like and how he came into power. Benevolent ruler? Evil king? Successful Revolutionary? Let your mind run wild.

Scion Description: In the case in which your ruler dies, you’re going to need this guy. So, tell me what he/she is like and how they relate to your leader. Are they related by blood? Are they just your bumbling second in command? Go crazy with it.

Nation History: How did your leader manage to come into control of the nation/nations they've taken over? Was it a populist revolt, a secret takeover, or just a regular succession? Perhaps it was something more dramatic, like a a full blown rebellion or a ravenous horde of foreigners from across the ocean.

Nation Details: What your average joe peasant thinks of when he hears your country mentioned. What are you known for, your strengths and weaknesses, unique details? Some of this, such as available resources, will be based on where you are, but other things you can have customized to your own advantage.

Nations of interest:

The Great Powers:

Arglwyddi - A group of sea-faring nomads who came to rule much of the southern coast, known for their interest in conquest and dislike of 'land dwellers', they rule from the floating city of Lynges Bendigaid. Currently reserved for Raptarion

Geraldric Impireacht - A proud northern nation, known for their heavily armoured knights and powerful swordsmen. Though the clans that now make up the nation had been longtime enemies, they were eventually united into a strong, united empire with a growing concern for balance among nearby states. Recently have built one of the three great magical towers of the world. Currently reserved for Galloglasses

Teremynt - A theocracy created from the fragments of an oppressive empire destroyed by an alliance of threatened neighbors. They have many enemies and few friends, but a strong army with a strong core of flying pegasus knights, a steed unique to their forests they've managed to hold themselves together and keep foes at bay. Currently reserved for Druplesnubb

Roaming Brigand's Alliance - A group of pirates that united in order to best organize their efforts and evade the law, the Alliance eventually grew in size and membership to the point where they could take over several small islands and a handful of port holdings. However, refusing to give up their ways means they still have nothing but enemies in the world, though their practices do make them richer than most nations their size and larger. Currently reserved for Pagan

Calea - A vast plain on the mainland led to the formation of countless small nomadic riding tribes. Among all of these, one with a latent talent for magecraft began to unite them, and almost overnight conquered the plains and the city-states that had divided them up between themselves. Known to be aggressive and quick, with armies made almost entirely out of horsemen, few can stand up to the full might of a Calean cavalry army.

Faunon/Neunon - A belligerent and insular dictatorship, Faunon had once owned land almost twice its size. However, their attempts at self-sustainment led to the loss of much of their lands, and when the emperor died his relatives divided the country in half in attempts to seize power for themselves. Currently Neunon is close to collapse, but the king of Faunon is old and his people unhappy - anything could happen.

Lang-o - A large, bizarre nation in the north of the continent, Lang-o has dominated the spice trade for as long as anyone can remember. Despite their importance, they export almost nothing else for whatever they need to sustain themselves, and little is known about the nation due to their eccentric attitudes and anti-foreign policies. A few decades ago they humiliated an alliance of the desert states, taking their northern coasts for themselves before unceremoniously returning to their lands and continuing to ostracize themselves from the outside world.

The Desert Nations: Avakhnamal, Ozai, Dolce, Konda

The foremost power among the desert nations, Avakhnamal has always been considered a bit of an enigma. Their camel riders are among the only soldiers who can traverse their sands safely, enabling them to finally beat back Lang-o and all other invaders who try to take over their lands, and the Crimson King's desert palace of Anapatkar has attracted researchers and occult fans all throughout the world.

Dolce is a more trade-focused nation, and exports much of the finer clothing in the world, made of the finest silks and cottons. They also have more of a focus on regular cavalry than camelry then their neighbours and a better reputation among other states.

Ozai is a strange nation amongst the desert-dwellers, they are neither as powerful militarily as Avakhnamal or as economically as Dolce, but they do have a powerful force of fire mages and archers. Additionally, they have mysteriously began to try and take a more politically active role in the west, especially among the desert and coastal nations. While certainly the least significant of the desert states, their ambition is well founded and dangerous.

Konda is actually a member of the Losseringen empire, having joined over a century ago. Despite their small size, They are known for having some of the greatest cavalry in the world and have proven capable of even repelling great powers from invading their lands.

The Successor States: Terthia, Livera, Verloke, Errizon

Hundreds of years ago, Terthia was the greatest human empire in the entire world, stretching all the way to the northern deserts and islands and the eastern point of the continent. However, just as full domination seemed possible, a horrible plague ravaged the lands and all but destroyed them. Centuries later, the current Terthia is far weaker than they were, but they are still eager to reclaim their glory and retain the powerful wyvern knights that once helped them rule the skies.

Livera was recently a state under the yoke of Terthia as one of their core states. However, a group of democratically minded 'patriots' rose up and caused the majority of the kingdom to rebel. Forming the free nation of Livera, they maintain good relations with a lot of their neighbours but are absolutely despised by most other monarchies.

Verloke was one of the nations that separated from Terthia as well, but did so much more amicably. One of the few true theocracies in the world, they are well known as the centre of the world's worship of the Terthian-style gods, and as such are the only nation to readily and freely employ both light and dark mages.

Errizon was freed from Terthia's yoke back when the empire originally fell, and since then have all but repaired ties with the kingdom since then. They are known for their military power within the region, as the hold what remained of the knightly orders of Terthia that inspired the famous ones now found throughout Losseringen.

Island Nations: Illiah, Midmark, Torth

Illiah is a highly militant nation bent on controlling the entire northwestern islands, and is the primary rival of Teremynt. They are apt defenders and master politicians, and have swordsman rivaling those of the knightly orders and the Impireacht. However, despite the allies they do have they have many dangerous foes to deal with before they have a chance to secure their position.

Midmark is the other major contender for power among the islanders. They maintain one of the strongest navies in the world, and are also one of the dominant trade powers in the west. In addition, they have few rivals and many opportunities as the northern islanders lack the power to properly oppose them and the southern islanders are too busy fighting amongst themselves.

Torth has always been a bit of a joke among the western world. They were always weak, always manipulated, and always poor. That reputation suddenly had the chance to change three years ago, with the discovery of the most powerful magical nexus in the world. Though they were unable to keep it fully secret, no state was able to force them into their fold due to each of their own individual issues, and now that their tower is finished there is potentially no limit to how their power can grow.

Bay States: Valensk, Quinns, Babel

Valensk is the greatest of Losseringen's freer vassals, it was once a land of simple cossack groups before they were united into a single state under the threat of the old Terthian Empire's invasion. Over time, its many ambitions rulers united the tribes further and further until it was a powerful principality and able to stave off Losseringen's attempts to integrate them under their growing centralization policies. Now they are easily stronger than all of Losseringen's other vassals put together, but their expansionist policies strike fear and dislike in all who hear of them. Recently they conquered the mageocracy of Avaline and as such now have a large contingent of mages to assist them in their ambitions.

Quinns is a much more simple state, and has always enjoyed a much less antagonistic relationship with the Losseringen empire and world as a whole. They currently dominate trade with Lang-o and Babel and anyone looking to establish trade with either usually has to deal with them instead. These lucrative deals make them the richest of all the trading states, and now they might have the chance to finally expand their reach outside of the Gulf of Tears.

Babel is an island state that avoids contact with the outside world as much as possible. They trade only for what they need to survive, export nothing, and always seem to have enough gold to pay. Though many have tried to land on the island, Babel always dissuades them with words or force, and those few who don't listen never show up again.

Eastern States: Theodore, Miaoto

Theodore is a highly diplomatic nation in the east, and considered the one nation that has prevented Losseringen, the Impireacht, and Arglwyddi from expanding to conquer the entire area. Their knights are practically an order in and of themselves, and have a powerful industrial base for smithing and logging that help them maintain themselves financially as well. They are good at making what few allies they have, and are the only nation with anything resembling a relationship with Miaoto.

Miaoto, on the other hand, is an underpopulated, mountainous state. That said, what they lack in manpower and land they make up for in sheer tenacity. Famous for being practically impossible to invade, it is said that only the western state of Tratto are as capable at defence as they are, as Miaoto's wyvern riders are the only troops capable of maneuvering through and fighting on their mountains easily. They also have a large cloth market that they use to trade for food and other necessities that are difficult to produce in their homeland.

SINGLE PLAYERS: For people who would rather just chill out and do their own thing with a close group of companions. You’re only as important as you want to be here. New applications are welcomed at any time, with no caveats (unlike nation players). Feel free to start on your own or with a group of other players.

Character Name: Come on you know this one.

Character Description: Basic stuff like how you look, how you fight, personality, you know that kind of stuff.

Hometown: Well, what country are you from? What, homenation isn’t as catchy a subtitle. You can be from basically anywhere but it should at least somewhat fit the nation. Note that this also basically covers where you will begin your story, unless you have something else going on, so if for some reason you want your character to be somewhere else at gamestart list it here.

History: Here is where you actually tell me about your character. Knock yourselves out.
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RE: Dog Days - Age of the Usurpers
Official question place: Here

World Map:
[Image: Terrain.png]

Nations Map:
[Image: Nations.png]

Places Map:
[Image: Places.png]

Existing Nations:
Arglwyddi Y Mor (Raptarion) - Republic, known for their navy and dark magic
Altrat - Duchy, known for wyvern riders
Avakhnamal - Kingdom, known for elite camelry, magic, and the desert palace
Babel - Kingdom, known for being weird and isolationist
Beligon - Theocracy, known for being the sea cult, navy, and military
Calea - Kingdom, known for horses, smithing, military academy, and mounted magic
Colo - Duchy, known for espionage
Dolce - Kingdom, known for silks, horses, sugar
Errizon - Kingdom, known for the stone giant ruin, knightly orders
Fanuon - Kingdom, known for ore, horses, and infantry
Port Fennic - Republic, known for silver and trade
Gennem - Kingdom, known for silver
Geraldric Impireacht - Empire, known for lumber, smithing, heavy infantry, and political interference
Illiah - Kingdom, known for military and swordsmen
Hantel - Kingdom, known for iron, smithing, and draconic influence
Koteg - Kingdom, known for iron and navy
Kotek - Kingdom, known for trade and archers
Lang-o - Empire, known for spices, elite warrior caste, sugar, fruit, isolationism
Livera - Republic, known for wyverns and political influence
Losseringen - Empire, known for ore, smithing, knightly orders, power, trade
-Bazan - Duchy, known for farmlands
-Konda - Duchy, known for cavalry
-Nimh - Duchy, known for magic and intelligence
-Quins - Republic, known for spices and fruits
-Valensk - Principality, known for military, magic, and horsemen
Madura - Theocracy, known for light magic and horses
Miaoto - Kingdom, known for cloth, isolation, and wyverns
Midmark - Kingdom, known for navy and trade
Neunon - Kingdom, known for iron, trade, being rebels
Ozai - Kingdom, known for camelry, farmland, and archers
Perd - Kingdom, known for military, knights
Roaming Brigand's Alliance - Republic, known for navy, smithing, piracy
Sciss - Duchy, known for farmland and masonry
Teremynt - Theocracy, known for pegasus, silver, lumber, and light magic
Terthia - 'Empire', known for iron, wyverns, and military
Theodore - Duchy, known for knights, cavalry, smithing, and lumber
Torth - Kingdom, known for magic, farmland, poverty
Tratto - Republic, known for defences, wyverns, trade
Verloke - Theocracy, known for dark magic, light magic, iron, and the cursed valley
Wrassu - Republic, known for piracy, poverty, and navy
Zeb - Principality, known for nomads

If there's anything I've missed or forgotten that you feel you should have/be known for or were told is known about another nation but isn't here let me know.

Prominent Locations:
Pick's Desert Palace Anapatkar
The Cursed Valley
Lost City of Cylthrindil (rumoured)
Harring Woods, Mesch
Isle of Truth, Beligon
The floating city of Lynges Bendigaid, Arglwyddi
The Stone Giant of Errizon, Errizon
Dragon Capital Vakondalis

~10000 years ago: The world, having been up until this point a single massive landmass rumoured to have been dominated by a central, inhospitable mountain, split into several smaller continents. The mountain itself, a focal point to many religions of the time, vanished entirely.

~8500 years ago: The great smith Ogannon created the Heavenly Forge with the aid of fire and earth gods, and for his efforts was rewarded with immortality by Hor, the god of light.

~8000 years ago: When the world was young, many water and earth gods once freely roamed the earth. Though far more numerous than the other gods, they were also much weaker, and the two came to wage constant war in the western parts of the world. Eventually, the water gods began to triumph, pushing the earth gods to near extinction. The god of light and god of darkness interfered on behalf of the earth gods, and when the water gods refused to relent they were all either destroyed or turned into sea monsters.

~7000 years ago: A fallen angel, along with a vengeful water god, destroy the Heavenly Forge and with it, Ogannon.

~6000 years ago: Pict builds the legendary and magnificent sandstone castle Anapatkar in the desert sands. Ancient but timeless, it has withstood looters, conquerors, and the very desert itself. It is one of the oldest structures still standing. Despite multiple attempts, none have been able to replicate its design.

~5000 years ago: A period of great calamity known as the Cursed times fell upon most of the world. Famine, disease, disaster, and war were commonspread throughout, and monsters and demons were said to have roamed the lands slaughtering villages and kidnapping children. While today most attribute the worst stories to simple human evil, some legends are still shrouded in mystery and have no reasonable explanations.

~4000 years ago: Several groups of sailors band together to form the Arglwyddi, a nomadic group of waterfaring folk.

~3000 years ago: The last time the water gods was sighted, viciously attacking the northwestern continent for no known reason. They split the continent into two smaller islands before they were driven off or left. It is believed that the water gods are long dead now.

~1600 years ago: A prophet once roamed the world, believed to be a demigod by many. However, his presence and actions only caused chaos, and he vanished almost as quickly as he appeared. Now he is a legend for many cultures, and though many have claimed to see him in recent years none of the reports have been verified.

~1500 years ago: The Dragon wars began, initially as a civil war between dragon nobility, but rapidly became a human war of vengeance, and later extinction.

~1300 years ago: The dragon homelands fall to focused human onslaught, ending the Dragon wars. Human hunters would search the land for the few survivors of the purging, and war against other non-human races led to similar extinctions.

~1000 years ago: The last reported sighting, and slaying, of a dragon. They practically pass on to the realm of fantasy.

739 years ago: The Stone Giant fell near modern day Errizon, wreaking havok for two years, before eventually being destroyed by human means.

524 years ago: The beginnings of the Terthian Kingdom began conquering the western half of the central continent, based around military might and powerful earth magic.

516 years ago: In an attempt to protect themselves from the Kingdom of Dub, the Losseringen Alliance is formed. It would later prove to hold off the Terthian Empire for a time, albeit with great losses.

418 years ago: At the height of its power, the Angel's Mark Disease brought the Terthian Empire to its knees. Though the effects were felt across the world, the western half of the central continent was the most devastated.

407 years ago: The Angel's Mark Disease suddenly vanished. The Terthian Empire was all but destroyed, and their ancient earth magic lost forever.

339 years ago: The 'Union Kingdom' of Flying Banners is first formed. Initially just a group of nomadic tribes who were tired of more static settlements beating them back and taking their land constantly, they begin as more of a weak tribal alliance to protect their territory.

201 years ago: Most of the various Hilesioc kingdoms were pulled together as the Geraldric Impireacht. Several decades would be required to subdue the few remaining independent tribes and kingdoms and integrate them to a central culture, eventually they would come to be a major player in northern politics.

193 years ago: The Losseringen Alliance becomes the Losseringen Empire, as the original states become practically indistinguishable from each other.

165 years ago: The small kingdom of Faunon begins a campaign of rapid conquest, almost quadrupling in size. Its growth is eventually halted by both internal and external pressures, and it ties off all links with the outside world.

154 years ago: The Union Kingdom of Flying Banners suddenly begins taking independent walled settlements and static states within their 'territory' and spreading at a rapid rate. Eventually this tapers off as the surrounding nations quickly begin to find ways prepare against their quick and unexpected attacks.

139 years ago: Various factors, including the widespread use of ships by the vast majority of the world and an exponentially growing populations cause the Arglwyddi and their nomadic lifestyle to grow irrelevant and difficult, and they decide to settle down in a permanent location as a regular nation. They take some hundred years to adapt and face many difficulties, but after some time are able to exert their control and become a dominant force in the region.

103 years ago: The last claimed sighting of Cylthrindil.

86 years ago: The Cult of the Living Sea surfaces for the first time as more than small, isolated groups of madmen.

71 years ago: The borders of the Faunon Empire open for the first time under a new and benevolent ruler. However, due to the long period of isolation the empire is weak, and quickly loses many of its outer holdings, and is easily manipulated by nearby powers.

40 years ago: The Scarlet King conquered the entire northern desert and the surrounding lands. He ruled for less than a decade before disappearing into Pict's castle.

32 years ago: Faunon is dragged into a civil war following the death of its leader. The war would last for a long seven years, ending with the country literally split in two between supporters of the old regime and the new. Twenty five years would follow filled with minor conflicts and power plays between the two, with the new regime proving to be stronger.

25 years ago: Led by Livera, several small nations declared independence from the struggling Terthian Empire

22 years ago: After losing its king, the beleaguered kingdom of Greyfort is saved by Kasser the Oracle, who is elected to leadership and turns back an alliance of nearby states. After the victory, the kingdom is redubbed Teremynt, and becomes a theocratic republic.

13 years ago: A series of extreme weather and tidal conditions gives rise to the Cult of the Living Sea as a real force, taking hold throughout the western continental coast and islands. While the cult's presence and strength does eventually dwindle a decade later, its brief power managed to strongly effect the area and even cause the rise of a theocracy around the Isle of Truth.

10 years ago: Various small merchant princes in the southwestern islands were suddenly overthrown by a large group of ship captains, pirates, and other ne'er do wells, leading to the formation of a new and somewhat questionable nation - the Roaming Brigand's Alliance.

1 year ago: Dragon sightings in the eastern islands by Wrassu first started being reported.
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RE: Dog Days - Age of the Usurpers



Leader Name: Padraig Chennslaig Franciscus Ui Hanalonic

Scion Name: Magnus

Nation Name: The Geraldric Impireacht

Colour: Green

Leader Description: Impire King Padraig is one of only three high kings within the empire, the other rulers ranged from mere kings to independent counts. Traditionally, while the realms within the empire had their own succession laws, the Imperial title was usually elected from among the electors of the empire, but for the past three Impireships it has been succeeded by primogeniture, Padraig, being born from a fortuitous marriage was next in line when the last Impire died and his son Magnus, is shaping up to be the heir apparent. Padraig is a broad shouldered man, just shy of six foot in height, but with a powerful build. He has a braided beard and long brown hair pulled back into a tail. He is a kind but shrewd ruler, although one would not think such given his fondness for drink. Carefully maneuvering and solidifying his command over his numerous vassals in the incredibly complex clan and political structures of the empire.
[Image: 1Padraig.png]

Scion Description: Magnus was Padraig's first born son, and the luckiest. His brothers and sisters all died, one of the plague, the other of falling out of a tower window, and another got kicked in the head by a horse on his fifth birthday. So understandably, Magnus grew up to be an exceedingly careful man, taking stock of dangers well before they became an issue and planning appropriately. Taller then his father and leaner, he otherwise resembles the man strikingly, but possesses his mother's blue eyes. An excellent swordsman, Magnus enrolled early in the Royal Galloglaich before his father rose to the Imperial throne.
[Image: 1magnus.png]

Nation History: the Geraldric Impireacht had its founding in the early Hilesioc tribes who migrated to the era in ages past. Through its long and venerable history the Geraldric kingdoms and clans fought eachother as much as they banded together to fight outsiders. Over time the kingdoms banded under high kingdoms and struggled for dominance, but it wasn't until one obscure lord of an independent county on the borders of the realm rose up and united the empire through blood, guile and charm. He brought the fractured realms together and founded a powerful nation that gave its neighbors pause. Whilst large and powerful, the Impireacht rarely ventures beyond its borders into the affairs of others but has been drawn into bringing its armies of knights and heavy infantry into some of the larger wars when the time came for it. For the most part, the Impireacht takes comfort in its agrarial mastery and casual trade. Preferring instead the constant dance of inter-court intrigue and festivals to marches of triumph at the conquest of neighbours.

But under Padraig that could change.

Nation Details: The Geraldric Impireacht is a land of rolling hills, vast plains and mysterious forests and is quite beautiful. Its borders are various swamplands which give rise to mistwalls making entering and exciting the empire difficult and the cause of many strange rumours by outsiders. Its many realms vary in colour and local customs, but generally it is known for its peoples' large stature, hot tempers, red hair, martial prowess, ludicrously complex familial systems and its knightly traditions.

World History: The Cursed times: The cursed times was an age of darkness and despair, most nations were either in famine, war and crisis of succession. Every man made calamity imaginable befall the continent at around the same time and not a few temples proclaimed the wrath of the gods had befallen them. They were not far wrong. During this time rumours and murmurings of lords of darkness stalking the countryside drinking the blood of the innocent, monstrous forms emerging from misty woods to lay waste to villages, cruel fey stealing babes from cots. The marks this age left on the minds of people everywhere is not to be underestimated, although most learned people now believe the tall tales of those age to be just that. Surely nothing will come of it all.

Religion: The Religion of Eight - The religion of eight is the main religion of the Impireacht, though not the only one practiced. Solimax, The god of nobility and battle. Jurisch, goddess of the harvest and the forest. Henmil, god of crafts and fatherhood. Sarmata, goddess of the night and stars. Klixos, god of smithing and law. Renia, goddess of wisdom and motherhood. Barbadoss, god of alcohol and building. Yelinda, goddess of the household and the day. Its main holidays occur in the summer and winter equinoxes.

Big Names: The world's name is Feradil, the world of hope.

Miscellaneous facts: Don't eat the red berries in the Impireacht, they're not what you think they are.

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RE: Dog Days - Age of the Usurpers
I will be making a nation application around my times equivilant of tomorrow.

I presume newer nations must start relatively small?
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RE: Dog Days - Age of the Usurpers
Gonna just continue playing Kondar.

This guy, here:
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RE: Dog Days - Age of the Usurpers
You don't have to, but new nations will have a little something extra to help them match old nations.

Unless you want to play hard mode that is.
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RE: Dog Days - Age of the Usurpers
I think you should give some kind of desription of how the gameplay works now that you've rebooted and streamlined everything. Also, shouldn't Losseringen be listed as one of the great powers? And shouldn't Faunon and Calea be reserved for their players?
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RE: Dog Days - Age of the Usurpers
Basically I am removing the fact that you can have ~20 different kinds of soldiers. They'll still exist more or less, but I'll be amalgamating them in a more sensible way. For example, instead of saying that you have 4 regiments of A, 5 of B, and 3 of C (all of them being different types of infantry), I'll say you have 12 regiments of infantry. It'll probably be split between infantry, archers, mounted, and support - with mages and flying units like your pegasus knights fitting into their respective categories (while still playing specialized roles of course, they won't be cut out of the game).

I'm also removing the sort of nebulous economic situation I had going on where your cash flow was based on about 40 different factors and spending was confusing and arbitrary. There's a few other more minor things and I could go into more detail but the basic gist of the streamlining is so that the game will be just as detailed but will have significantly less mechanical bullshit on the front end to needlessly confuse and complicate player interaction.

I didn't list Losseringen because it will be a cold day in hell before I let a player just take over what is easily the most powerful nation in the game unless they arrange it with me first to figure it out. Faunon and Calea are not technically reserved because their players dropped out or vanished off the face of the earth - though if they decided they wanted back in now I would of course give them their spots back over someone else.
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RE: Dog Days - Age of the Usurpers
The Arglwyddi are here to stay. The world belongs to Arglwyddi Y Mor!

Leader Name: Ardowan Chervinsky
[Image: Ardowan_zpsa80da5a8.png]
Scion Name: Hathens Chervinsky (Not garunteed to succeed Ardowan)
[Image: Hathens_zps1aadf4cb.png]
Nation Name: Arglwyddi Y Mor (Often shortened to Arglwyddi)
Colour: Orange
Flag: [Image: Arglwyddibanner_zps9a8b4b44.png]

Leader Description: Ardowan Chervinsky was elected into office. That's the simple way to put it, but the fact of the matter is, Arglwyddi politics are not that simple. We will get more into this later. Ardowan was actually intended to be a pupped ruler for his uncle Hathens, who was actually younger than him. His uncle, being too young to take the title of elected emperor. Ardowan was simply a means to fill the power vacuum left by the death of the previous emperor, who died of old age, until Hathens was old enough to be elected. However, much to the surprise of Hathens and everyone else in the Chervinsky family, Ardowan decided to show some backbone. After being elected, he chose to ignore the advice of Hathens. Ardowan is now preparing the Arglwyddi people for war. His inexperience and lust for national glory is met with mixed views. But there are more than enough supporters to ensure his power is not overly threatened.

Scion Description: Hathens is a moderate. This is the norm for many leaders of the Arglwyddi, especially in recent generations. A huge advocate of continued trading and traditional, peaceful values. Depending on who you ask, this is either a good or a bad thing. Among the soldier class for instance, he is very unpopular. This is mostly due to the fact that, under rule of people like Hathens, their power has been severely limited. Hathens isn't guaranteed the throne if Ardowan dies however. He is simply the most likely candidate at the moment, having recently come of age and having numerous supporters in his family. Again, more on Arglwyddi politics are to come.

Nation History: The origins of the Arglwyddi are mysterious. No one knows exactly when or how they came to be who they are. All people have to go on are the reports of the Arglwyddi themselves. But they aren't considered a good source of information by most. Which is understandable when you hear their beliefs. You ready for this? It's a doozy.

They believe they are gods.
Yeah. That's right.
They don't have any extraordinary powers. Can't create something out of nothing. They have magic, sure. But it's not exactly the most impressive stuff (save for the dark magic, which has on very rare occasions been highly impressive.) But they still believe they are gods.
So when they say their nation was quite literally born from a god, they aren't really believed. This belief of theirs has also led to a number of wars with religious nations who considered the very idea that these mortal men and women considered themselves divine to be the epitome of sacrilege and blasphemy.

What is known for sure is that the nation has been around since before the invention of the sail. They have not until recently had much in the sense of a permanent home, instead moving from place to place. They have, through time, persistence, and an almost constant advantage in navel technology, build up an empire largely based on trading.

Nation Details: [spoiler]This is where things get interesting. You may have noticed mention of boats before? Well guess what, that's a HUGE part of the Arglwyddi life style. They have 10 words for boat (see below) and some of them may live their entire lives without setting foot on land. This is thanks to the floating city of Lynges Bendigaid. Composed of a great many boats of all kinds, some of them so close you can jump from one to the other with ease. The heart of this city is composed of many rafts of varying sizes latched together. These rafts are sometimes large enough to hold entire buildings. If it wasn't for numerous enchantments over countless generations, many of these rafts would be sinking. But magic has been carefully weaved into every log and plank. The main reason they have these boats it due to their religious beliefs. You can only pass into the afterlife and ascend to your true power as a god if your clan has a boat at the time of your death. So you can see why they would want to have a lot of those.

Besides the floating city, their most notable accomplishment and strength is trading. You're probably asking yourself "What do they trade? Fish?" The answer is no. Well, O.K. they do trade fish. But they trade other things as well. They may have a floating city, but not ALL of their citizens live there. Nor are they solely based in the water. They have land holdings along the shore near the floating city which is used primarily for the growing of spices, plants that can be made into dyes, and silks. They trade these luxury items to other nations.

Next we come to the politics of the Arglwyddi. Every boat in Lynges Bendigaid belongs to a family, or clan, of some sort. Each family gets a vote for every boat they own. However, not every family needs to submit these votes. They can choose to pass their vote on to another family. In which case, that clan would have the votes of the family that pledged these votes to them, as well as their own. There are a number of reasons why one would give away their vote. Primarily, it is to ensure favor with another clan. If you support a powerful family, then you are likely to be on good terms with that family in the future. Of course, it isn't as simple as the families that are less well off gaining the favor of the richer families. The hierarchy of families is very complex, and constantly changing.

It is even more complex when you consider that family names are not set in stone. Clans can give up their name and merge with a larger family. The reasons for this vary from person to person. One reason you would give up your clan name is if your boat is destroyed. For religious reasons, it is very important to have a boat to your name when you die. So you would merge with another family. You might also do this if you plan on moving to the mainland. You pass on your name, as well as the right to change this name, to another clan. Sometimes a "Shell" clan, who exist for the sole purpose of having a family name to fall back on. There are also other reasons to merge with another clan, both economic and social. But let it just suffice to say that there are many, usually complex reasons to give up your family name.

This ability to abandon your family name in favor of another has led to a unique phenomenon. Family names, though considered very important, are in constant flux, with family names dying out and being born constantly. When a family has managed to keep their name for a very long time, it is usually a sign of their power and importance. It is no coincidence that those families with the most power also have the oldest names.

Arguably the largest and most powerful family in the entire nation is the Chervinsky clan. 3 out of 4 rulers in recent history have been from this clan. They own the most boats, have the most support from the other powerful clans, and have the oldest name. All of which has led to very secure political power.

The 10 words for boat
Gaethwas- A boat where slaves are kept.
Werin- A boat belonging to a unwealthy family.
Milwr- A boat used by or belonging to the military. Obviously these ships are usually designed for war, but they could also be designed as Plasty.
Bonheddig- A boat belonging to a wealthy or prestigious family.
Bysgod- A fishing boat.
Fasnachwr- A boat used to carry supplies. These boats are used in trade, or serve as shops in the floating city.
Plasty- A boat designed for luxury over functionality. Often where government meets.
Llawr- A boat, usually a raft, that is used as a walkway, or a platform for things such as merchant stalls. Common in the floating city. These are usually enchanted to hold more weight without sinking.
Boat/ Ship- People rarely use this word to refer to one boat. It is considered rude, or at the least indicates ignorance, to not specify what type of boat. It's totally acceptable to use the plural when talking about multiple boats though.
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RE: Dog Days - Age of the Usurpers
Reserves are kind of alright even if I secretly despise them.

Might want to say what general area you're hoping to reserve.

Quickedit: Kaynatooooooooo
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RE: Dog Days - Age of the Usurpers
Leader Name: Admiral Santonil Alehanded

Scion Name: Captains' Chosen Darien Grey

Nation Name: The Roaming Brigands' Alliance, Navies, and Associated Islands

Colour: Black and White

Leader Description: The elected leader of the old Gentleman Pirates' Union, inherited the seat. He's a soft-hearted but firm-handed man, with a great fondness for ale, hence his taken surname. He has 3 wives, 4 kids, and 2 grandkids, and he is getting a bit old, but he was elected for life and has a duty to keep. He considers himself a hero, as do many others, for first liberating the islands, and hopes to make piracy a more respectable occupation.

Scion Description: The man they elected to take over if'n the Admiral dies. Has grey hair, hence his taken surname, despite being only 30, probably because of his 2 wives and 8 kids and the rigors of following the Admiral around. He's a little crazy, using flaming oil to deal with cocky captives, and doesn't talk unless he has something that needs being said. Where Admiral Alehanded would write a letter, Chosen Grey would rather visit personally, albeit in the dead of night and with a blade to the recipient's throat.

Nation History: The alliance found itself on a group of prospective captains, but 10 years ago, when their homeports had been ruled by someone else. They thought, hey, why are we letting these guys tax us? Our families have it hard enough, let's kick them out. So they did, killing a patrolling army when it neared, taking their equipment, and preparing the city for siege, luckily having ballistas and catapults atop the towers on the wall, and they successfully defended the city, with help from some dissenting soldiers. Since then, they have "liberated" several ports across the seas, along with some cities further inland, many of them enclaves, independent but disguised as cities of their home nation, but still housing troops and aiding the cause of liberation.

Nation Details: The nation itself consists of pirate fleets, raider legions, and the ports and cities that house them, all the cities being the hometown of one group or another. In exchange, they get a portion of the loot and protection. Most the allied lands are undeveloped outside these centres. Brothels and Inns spot the world, paying dues to the Brigands' Alliance and acting as fronts, and in major port towns there may be a few merchants who can sell the spoils for Allied Brigands.

In impoverished towns, opinions of the Brigands' Alliance tend toward a positive light, some viewing them as defenders of the peasantry, fighting the rich and powerful after coming from nothing. Conversely, coastal cities tend to vilify the Brigands' Alliance, despite the brothels being operated by gangs underneath their protection. Of course, in any major city, one can find at least one gang or guild, claiming to be a part of the Brigands' Alliance, using the title for respect amongst other criminals, even if they don't pay dues.

Working Name: Anarkismo
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RE: Dog Days - Age of the Usurpers
The last game ended just as I started my conquest of Illiah, it's time to finish it!

Leader Name: Kasser the Oracle
[Image: geToq4A.png]

Scion Name: Harruth Naralain
[Image: HbYqnvH.png]

Nation Name: The Divine Republic Of Teremynt

Colour: Purple (they have a green flag with two purple eye-shaped cylinders)

Leader Description: As a ruler, Kasser always listens to her advisors before acting, as she often finds their ideas superior to her own, but to those outside her court she tries to give an impression of coming up with everything on her own, since she knows her greatest weapon is her reputation. This is a reputation she always strives to improve. She claims her Sight to be behind or play a part in every success her nation experiences as often as she can get away with, regardless of whether it's true or not. She also practices every day in front of her mirror in order to make her eyes look as mysterious and intimidating as possible (but don't tell anyone). While her current powers are only a shadow of what they used to be, she can still get a vague sense of things that are about to happen sometimes.

Scion Description: Harruth is a Teremyntian scholar who ran one of the bigger temples to the god before Kasser picked him for his organisational skills and appointed him as her advisor, steward and heir. Out of all of kasser's advisors she finds his word the most helpful and many would call him the co-ruler of the republic. While Kasser has the authority to dismiss his ideas she rarely does so.

Nation History: Kasser was just a merchant's child in the city of Grayfort when she one day experienced terrible visions everytime she got close to the house kitchen. She told everyone she knew but nobody listened. One night the visions came to her in her bed, much further from the kitchen than ever before, and Kasser ran away from home in fear. That night a kitchen fire destroyed her entire home and killed her entire family. When she came back in the morning, Kasser couldn't believe her eyes. A local priest of Teremynt inspecting the disaster saw her crying and came to comfort her. When she told him about the visions he told her that she had been given a gift from Teremynt, the god of truth, and took her to his temple.

Kasser spent the rest of her childhood in the temple, learning about Teremynt. her powers grew rapidly and as the word spread more and more people came from around Grayfort to get help from her. She couldn't always solve their problems, but she could often enough for people to realize that she wasn't just a common charlatan. Even Galagh, the new king of Grayfort, got interested and eventually gave her a position as a royal advisor.

Her teenage years at the royal castle saw the kingdom grow and prosper. How big a part Kasser's visions played in this is questionable, but in later years almost all of it would be attributed to her. Eventually Grayfort's neighbours had had enough and formed a coalition against the growing kingdom. Grayfort amassed it's armies but an assassin among the royal servants killed king Galagh. In the childless king's room a letter was found where he named Kasser his heir so that "Teremynt through her will show us the way to victory". When asked why she hadn't foreseen the assassination Kasser told them the truth. She had indeed seen a vision, but it wasn't a vision of death. It was a vision of triumph.

After proclaiming the new Divine Republic of Grayfort, Kasser went out with her army, hoping that her visions would help guide it to victory. As the larger army of the coalition approached, Kasser ordered her generals to lead away their army, leaving the way to Grayfort open. A small part of the enemy army laid siege to the city while the main force followed Kasser's army, destroying all they could come across along the way. Kasser was convinced if she could just hold out long enough, Teremynt would show her the way, but as time went on and nothing happened, her soldiers started to grow restless and disillusioned. One autumn day after one month of traveling Kasser noticed her vision got darker everytime she looked in the direction they were traveling, away from the attackers. Kasser thought this meant another army would surround and attack them, and with sinking hope she ordered her army to fortify themselves on a large hill nearby. The real reason turned out to be a storm that was coming from that direction, a storm their enemies had to face whenever they faced towards Grayfort's troops. As the enemy forces struggled with the rain and wind in their eyes, Kasser's soldiers surged forth from their higher positions and won the day. With a large part of the coalition forces defeated, Kasser would then spend a couple of quick campaigns liberating Grayfort and any other besieged city, claim even more land from her neighbours and attribute her victories to her Sight whenever she could.

After the war was over and her place among the most powerful rulers in the region was assured, Kasser started to rebuild, both the nation itself and it's politics. After renaming the Divine Republic of Grayfort into the Divine Republic of Teremynt, Kasser started promoting a new kind of theology she'd familiarized herself with during her time in the temple, one that claimed Teremynt was the only truly divine god. Worship of other gods was still allowed, as long as Teremynt was also worshipped, but their temples and clergy lost all funding from the state. Kasser also changed several laws to reflect the values of Teremynt and herself. By this point Teremynt was by far the most popular god in Grayfort, so this wasn't as badly received as it could have been, but it still upset a large number of people, especially the aforementioned clergy. Kasser has another problem though; ever since the war, her powers have grown increasingly weak. So far only those closest to her know this, and not to what extent, but by now it's only a matter of time until people start to suspect the truth, and then the divine republic could very well fall apart.

Nation Details: The republic rules over the old lands of Greyfort, but also over alot of territories that used to belong to various neighboring city states and petty kingdoms. To keep these new subjects in line, the army is always kept well drilled and trained. But people aren't just kept in line through the army, but also through fear of the republics ruler and her famous Sight. You can often hear rumours of Kasser finding rebellious buildings just by looking at them, and then sending her soldiers to kill or arrest every traitor hiding in there. While these stories are all greatly exaggerated (but not completely without a grain of truth), the idea of a "big sister" watching everything you do is scary enough to stop most conspiracies and rebellions.

However, not everyone wants to destroy the establishment. Due to being one herself, Kasser has given women several new legal rights and you'll often find Kasser's strongest supporters among the womenfolk. Her past from a merchant family has also proven good for these as the restrictions on trade has decreased and the merchants' influence has grown. Besides this the most notable change in law more strict punishments all crimes involving lying or deceit, as they are considered an affront against Teremynt.

Teremynt the God: "The only account you can trust is the account that is true, and so also is the only god you can trust the god of truth. Just like the true story is the only whose events are real, thus is Teremynt the only god whose divinity is real"
-Kasser the Oracle

Teremynt is the god of truth. He is worshipped in several areas, and the exact details about his nature and how to worship him varies from place to place. Among those worshipping the elemental gods Teremynt is sometimes said to be another name for the god of light or a rare male wind god. One constant is that he looks down on lying and all kinds of deceit is forbidden among his worshippers. The only exception is lying in order to further the cause of Teremynt in the world, which in some traditions is allowed but requires you to perform a ritual of spiritual cleansing afterwards (Kasser has performed this ritual every day since she became the ruler of Grayfort). One of the more extreme sects claim that since only things that are real and true exist in this world, the entire world is part of Teremynt's domain. Some of these people claim that all the other gods are at best just magical creatures no more worthy of praise than a ghost or a golem, and at worst complete fabrication. This particular branch of Teremyntian theology recently rose in relevance with the creation of a so called "divine republic" that enforces this belief throughout it's lands.
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RE: Dog Days - Age of the Usurpers
Leader Name: Grand-Mayor Ivig Kálmigson
[Image: PortraitGrandMayor_zps74ef827f.png]

Scion Name: Sergei Kálmigson-Caravac
[Image: PortraitSuccesor_zpsc849c0ee.png]

Nation Name: Merchant Republic of The Five Families.

Colour: #00BFFF Cyaan

Leader Description: Ivig Kálmigson succeeded his father as patriarch of House Kálmigson. One of the five merchant families in the Grand City of Hórn serving and competing with it's representative which in turn were a lesser vassal of the Kingdom of Kotek. Ivig spend his life living in poverty as his house was one of the least respected ones of the five and the competitive lifestyle it brought ensured he grew into a careful but ambitious and envious man who inherited his way into power and ending up elected Grand-Mayor of the City and its representative to the crown as a direct vassal... Which he promptly used to expand the scope of his operations beyond the reach of just one city...or country...or nation..

Scion Description: The only non-stillborn son of a ill-conceived marriage between his father Ivig and a neighboring noble's rather..sickly daughter. His parents despised each other for the great deal of his childhood, only making amends and truly falling in love a year before his mother died of a lingering illness. This led the young lad to seek friends in other places and families rival ones included.. However this worked in his benefit due to his cheerful and gregarious personality netting him a bunch of respect from the other patriarchs. He soon left the city and his father after being married to princess of Valensk being utterly smitten by her beauty in a chance encounter. His relation with his father was always a estranged one, first due to the constant fights between his parents and the rivalries between merchant families and then after his mothers passing with his father burying himself in work. Only recently after a year of no contact he has finally heard of his father again when he received a letter he was the designated successor of his well as clues his father had done some questionable background work to help him win the next election of Grand-Mayor..

Nation History: The current Republic started as a simple coastal city and its county. The City of Hórn attracted many traders and craftsmen spawning guilds in its wake. A few local enterprising families began investing in local businesses and subsequently grew into the five families who united their separate businesses into getting as much political and financial power as possible. This did not mean that the families did not compete with each-other. To keep republic relatively stable they elected a head of the elective republic based on respect, linage and a sizable campaign fund to oversee the republic..

A few years after Ivig was elected the families had their own private armies and capital to spend. Instead of letting the patriarchs compete against each other and himself he rallied them to his own cause to extend the republic trough buying out land form the improvised nobles or outright seizing it growing into a larger republic with holdings all over Koltek. Now wanting to incur the wrath of the king they kept their vassalage and their lands were spread apart in consisting a handful of coastal provinces... this lull in unified warfare rekindled the feud between the families competing with trade posts and trade routes against each-other and with naval forces against anyone who cut into their profits..But Ivig has bigger plans in mind...

Nation Details: The Republic is a collection of coastal counties run by guilds and enterprises in ownership of five prominent families who have mostly equal power governed by a representative who 'owns' all the family allegiances. This means that local trade is an all time power struggle between the houses and other rival republics.

The balance of power is determined by how many income a family gets due to trading. However the Houses wealth factor is not a factor in getting elected to Grand-Mayor but it is important. The factors that do matter in the election is the age of the Patriarchs, the amount of male family members in their line, house prestige and a sizable campaign fund (which costs money). Mostly two kinds of rulers come out in those elections, the ones that are good, honorable and beloved by all or the manipulative ruthlessly pragmatic ones. Once a family dies off a new family will take his place in the absence of power. So any prominent family can rise to power in the republic.

The Republic closely guards its trade for it is the lifeblood of the whole thing and will react very hostilely to it. The current houses have long long histories with each other, some like each other some have nothing but contempt and hate. Families can declare vendetta upon each other... The last vendetta resulted in two families murdering each other out. Its generally a thing a Grand Mayor wants to avoid.

The Republic's holdings are spread apart bits and pieces of coastal land around Koltek of varying sides.. They also have established a bunch of trade posts in neighboring coastal cities.
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RE: Dog Days - Age of the Usurpers
Still deciding if I want to get into this one and as what but I can do spriting for people who need it.

Not that we ever seem to be shorthanded in that regard.
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RE: Dog Days - Age of the Usurpers
Leader Name: Veliki Knyaz(Grand Prince) Gavril Borisov Iskandar of Valensk

Scion Name: Knyaz(Prince) Ivan Gavrilov Iskandar of Valensk


[Image: Gavril.png]

[Image: Ivan.jpg]

Nation Name: The Grand Principality of Valensk

Colour: Whatever it is there.

Leader Description: Gavril is a pragmatic ruler, whose goal is to increase his own power at all costs. He has led Valensk to victory time and time again, increasing its power within the Losseringen Empire and beyond. He is known for his austere tastes, and for his ambitions towards declaring himself emperor. Gavril knows when to advance, and when to hold back, though, and has kept Valensk in the empire... for now.

Scion Description: Ivan is a young and inexperienced prince, studying under his father Gavril. He is less ambitious in his view of Valensk's place in the world, preferring to quietly improve the nation and gain power rather than seizing it outright. Altogether more cautious, he has often tempered his father's plans with a little common sense.

Nation History: Valensk was once a poor land of farming villages and mercenary raiders, hired out to the highest bidder. When the Terthians set their eyes on their fertile soil, the people of Valensk realized that they could no longer be as insular as they were before. Communities banded together for protection, with the hetman of each village collaborating with the others. Then, Alexander appeared. No-one really knows his origin. Some say it was from a village on the coast. Some say from abroad. Whatever the case may be, he was a born leader. Alexander rallied together a large band of mercenary cavalry and aided the founding states of Losseringen in their battles against the Terthian aggression. Each time, he returned with more glory and more gold. Eventually, he united the people of Valensk and declared himself Grand Prince Iskander, or Great Alexander.

Valensk has always enjoyed a great degree of autonomy from the Losseringen Empire. They have always been on the outskirts, a mercenary force which fights for the empire without fully being a part of it. Though more recent princes, including Gavril's father Boris have strengthened ties with the empire as a whole, Valensk has acted as its own country for the most part. Still, they have the full weight of the empire behind them if attacked, and their economy has been helped substantially by the large market of the Imperial duchies.

Nation Details: Valensk is a land of grain, horses, and hardy people. They are some of the best riders on the continent, and their cavalries have helped the Empire win many battles. The Grand Princes have been known mostly for their ambition, strengthening the nation at the expense of its neighbors. Valensk invests heavily into its military, and recently has acquired powerful magi as well. As such, Valensk is seen mostly as a threat by others, or at best, an ally to be careful around.

Here's my knight-errant in the spoiler. He will find that grailCauldron sometime...

Character Name: Jan Engel

Nation Name: Losseringen

Hometown: Mirrham, Citadel of the Order of the Broken Stone.

Nation History: Losseringen began with the alliance between the Republic of Markalam and the Grand Duchy of Severrin some hundreds of years ago. They were under constant threat from the Kingdom of Dub, later absorbed by the Terthians, and formed the first line of defense for the eastern portion of the continent. Markalm and Severrin lost vast amounts of territory to the Terthian aggression, but the advance was halted by rough terrain. As Terthia waned, the alliance gained strength, with the Petty Kingdom of Pinot, the Noble Republic of Norrdlund, and the Grand Principality of Valensk joining the federation. Eventually, the alliance began consolidating leadership and power, leading to the formation of the Losseringen Empire. The first Emperor of the Losseringen, Charles Tymon, established his capital in Severrin and began the current era in Losseringen history.

Nation Details: The Empire is composed of various smaller states and kingdoms, the leaders of which form the electors of the Empire. The Imperial lands include Severrin and the Grand City of Mikel Dol, the largest port in the Losseringen Empire. Most of the power over the state lies in the individual kings, dukes, and patricians of the land, though the Emperor holds the power to call the entire nation to war.

As the states forming the Empire are so diverse, its people are as well. The Losseringen pride themselves on being the most accepting of nations, though in recent years the inclusion of various Holy Orders has led to a crackdown on less acceptable behavior. Still, various languages are spoken throughout the lands, with the Silenan language of Markalam and Severrin being the official language of trade, diplomacy, and government.

The economy is largely based on trade for the coastal regions and the production of raw materials further inland. Losseringen merchants pride themselves on having the longest trade routes, the best goods, and the highest profits. Various merchant republics vie for the lucrative iron, wool, and spice trade which are the most popular exports. The merchants have a degree of freedom greater than the average citizen of the empire, as they have more clout in various assemblies and trading houses scattered throughout the ports.

One of the latest additions to the Empire is the dedication of certain cities to holy orders. One such order, the Order of the Broken Stone, has claimed the city of Mirrham due to its location over a vast cavern. Within that cavern is their holiest site, the prison of the Angel Illion. The Order claims that Illion saved them from the curse which was the "angel's mark" disease, and that the disease was caused by an evil sealed alongside Illion being released. The Order's current mission is to provide help to those suffering from sickness and poverty. They train a large number of Knights and Cavaliers, about half of whom are out on quests.

History: Jan Engel was born to a poor family living in Mirrham. His father was a mason tied to construction projects of the Order of the Broken Stone, which supported the family through its charity efforts. The support, however, came at a price. In a freer city, Jan would be able to follow his father's profession, or even choose a profession of his own. In Mirrham, he was given to the Order to be trained as a knight.

Jan was a troublesome child, always getting into fights with the children of wealthier families in the Order's academy. And why shouldn't he? They mocked his worn boots, his laborer's physique, and his plain brown hair, much different from the exotic hair colors of the high nobility. Even his manner of speaking was coarser than theirs, and the noble-born children despised him for it; they hated the fact that one so common could be on equal footing with them.

Discipline didn't matter much to him; Jan was used to being independent in the city, doing errands for his father's construction team, and buying food and clothing with what little money he had left over. The drill sergeant in charge of the children was a cruel man, and Jan was often punished for his insubordination. He scrubbed floors, cleaned tables, and did hundreds of exercises without food, making him even leaner and tougher compared to his peers.

Once the children were old enough to begin weapons training, Jan's mood and attitude changed. He became the perfect student, outclassing the others in sword, lance, and bow. He held the top spot in the class ranks, and earned better treatment from the instructors. But not from the other young men. In fact, he became even more hated, as the princelings and merchants' sons envied his prowess.

Jan became the target of pranks, at first rare and mere inconveniences, but becoming worse and worse. His saddle was loosened the day before riding class. His sword polish was hidden and the blade muddied. His clothes were suddenly itchy, and his food had hidden rocks and pieces of glass. Jan struggled to maintain his high performance, but under the onslaught of hate, he slipped.

Accidents started happening. An arm was broken. An eye nearly put out. Jan knew the others were against him, and silently plotted his revenge. He gathered supplies and waited, waited to turn the tables on the bullies.

The night before the final test, Jan stood in the middle of the dormitory, waiting for the others. He walked up to the meanest of the boys, an heir called Albert, and coldly slapped him in the face. When the Albert gathered his senses, Jan let him have one swing, and then pummeled him into the ground. One by one, he beat the others, who were too shocked - or scared - to gang up on him. When they were all lying on their beds in pain, Jan walked outside and sat in the cold night. He didn't feel any better, and nothing had really changed.

At the graduation ceremony, the others avoided him. That suited Jan fine, he was always an outsider in the first place. The others were getting their assignments: one to the charity corps, one to the Temple Guard, all boring, menial tasks. When Jan turned to step before the commander, a higher-ranking knight pulled him aside.

"You deserve better, kid. You're not like the rest."

Jan turned his head, avoiding the knight's gaze. He didn't know what this was about, and didn't care to know. What good was he anyway?

"Listen, You're cut out for the Paladins. I know it."

Jan turned, surprised. The Paladins were the elite corps of the Order, the highest of knights.

"I'll sponsor your entry. You won't have to deal with those losers again. What do you say?"

Jan could only manage a nod.

A few days later, he found himself in the armor of a Paladin-in-training. A year later, and he was on the road, in the green cloak of a Knight Errant, on his first quest, the quest that, if successful, would allow him to be inducted as a full Paladin. He was to search the lands for a holy artifact, the Cauldron of Mahakam, Fourth Disciple of Illion, and bring it back to the Order. Along the way, he was to maintain the morals of the Order, and act kindly and justly to all he met. If he did not find the Cauldron within five years, he was to return to the Order, and report on what he had learned. Success would mean instant induction, but failure would only mean an evaluation of what he had done on his quest, possible induction, or a return to the Paladin Training corps to depart on a quest the next year.

He is currently in the second month of his journey.

[Image: PortraitWiP.png]

The one, the only, Vancho!
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RE: Dog Days - Age of the Usurpers
Leader Name: Aukarizaulratios Elüt Trilviyt Alszuos Nou Kamiralt-Navstratios

Directing Commander Elüt, Son of Tril of the Lineage of Alszuos, Honored as the Archadmiral of the Liberation Fleet was crowned on the completion of the Arc Fortress, his pride and joy, marking the beginning of a new era. However, there is much more to the man than his ultimate invention.
Elüt was born to Tril Sualtviyt Alszuos and Vatiz Zaloviyl Eszelasarik during the Last Great Withdrawal (52 Kumiralt - years before Liberation), and thrived in the mandatory martial training put in place shortly after. Eventually rising to the rank of Leading General, he took after his father Tril Sualtviyt in exceptional tactical prowess, culminating in a series of grand skirmishes that secured Sanctuary Island for Y#####. However, for all the respect that these great accomplishments had earned him, Elüt wanted to create a plan to finally end the terror of the undead once and for all. In 20 Kumiralt, Elüt proposed a great and ambitious addition to the already-existing fleet of arks: Arc Fortress. His proposal was risky - the council of elders objected heavily to the notion that one of their most prized generals should give up his duties for an outrageous, delusional effort - but with time and effort, Trilviyt managed to convince one of the more influential members and was able to set to work on what is now recognized as the key of Y#####'s survival.
As an individual, he was certainly not unaffected by the horrors of Y##### life. Much of his personality was subsumed by a cold professionalism almost seemingly required in all the members of the Commanding Committee. An engineer at heart, Elüt takes a very operational approach to perhaps too many things which confront him, finding it especially during his time as a general. In this way, the cruelty Trilviyt sometimes is capable of may in fact be traced back to this worldview. When it comes to the fate of Y#####, he sees no sacrifice too great for its survival.

He is 59 Years old, with a head of side-swept, grayed hair but yet a ingenuity that is visible on sight on a squarish face that might seem too plain for such a general. There are a few scars tracing his brows to his cheeks.
His common attire is a blue cloak with white edges over a (perpetually open) gold-buttoned two-piece red naval jacket, under which is the standard grey suit.

Scion Name: Karizault Szail Etharviyl Yauvarik

Sub-Commander Szail, Daughter of Ethar of the Lineage of Yauvarik was the Directing Commander's own selection of successor, avoiding his son Lati, whom he had deigned too reckless to trust with the position especially in such a difficult and important time. Szail herself was born into the selection for the council, and was welcomed into the position when her father Ethar Latonviyt Yauvarik died an untimely death via a changeling (she distrusts children to this day). Soon after, she herself was subject to various assassination attempts while on the Council's highest ranks, although with decreasing luck and increasing skill Szail trounced them one after the other. After a particular assassination was foiled in a notably memorable fashion, the attempts entirely ceased.
Szail can appear to be quite paranoid (though reasonably) and excels in use of both martial force and diplomatic power to deal with the targets of her suspicion. However, the demanding lifestyle of Y##### still leads to a necessity o some sort of relaxation - Szail often plans out and participates in wargames (physical involvement sometimes included) with the other Council members, where she can further hone her skills.

She is 36 years old and keeps her autumn-red hair rather short around the edges, sometimes in a small ponytail, or loose towards the back. There is a rather opaque expression usually on her face (though sometimes it changes to a smirk or scowl) which bears evidence to many attempts on her life.
Her common attire is a three-piece grey jacket with a small red mantle lined with gold to signify her rank.

Nation Name: Y##### - Once called by its original name, Ysüthfedel Włiurrezt Sḉinon, Y##### now refers to itself using their own word for humanity. In fact, the origins of the first name are wholly shrouded by time, the primordial language itself having been lost.

Colour: Dark Teal

Nation History: It is a lost story of an unremembered tale; A legend of legends, passed out of time. However, that which remains can be scavenged and the past may be pieced together from its present traceries of various legacies.

Aeons ago in darkened time
Under the shadow of mountain's 'cline,
Beings th'were cloaked in clouded ice
Took to join to broken might -

In sideways eye and timeless sight,
Glimpsed the fate of land with fright:
Shatter'd was mount and all to night,
As watchers, th'would wait 'till all was right.
Soon doom'd time had come to be,
And deals of gods they rose to lead;
To south preserv'd th'prepared to sea,
Though o'greater death was made a seed.

From fractur'd earth was built a fort,
From ocean toss'd was pulled a court,
And proud, their time was grown too short,
For greedy death crept, 'nd open'd its port.

Now fearing, they fled through c'structions and piled
Hopes from panic to reason gon' wild;
Found selves by devil's plan beguiled,
B' own invention had th'rough outwiled -
Of past all vanished did become,
Broken might joined did fract' to crumb,
New shadow cover'd last lighted land,
And ice and frost broke towers t'sand:

'round lies wastes of aeons grand,
Tried stay'd from fated death;
Walking now on accursed land
Yet without single breath.

Nation Details: On far southern shores of jagged, icy cliffs, past dangerous gyres and preternatural storms, there is one last bastion of monsters. And where monsters dwell, even in the darkest of places, there are humans - where there are humans, there is inevitably society. Having formed finally from ages of fleeing supernatural horrors, Y##### is a singular entity, a traumatized and isolated state. From these centuries of isolation, Y##### has developed a monoculture and exceedingly strange views - for instance, as mentioned, they believe that they are the only humans left in the entire world: Y##### is indistinguishable as a word from "Human." To be human is to be Y#####. To be not Y##### is to be monstrous.

Before the Liberation, Y##### functioned on a heavily martial system wherein Y##### were pressed into service from early age - as you may imagine, the state of magic has not flourished particularly, but those magic users which are found are indeed encouraged to focus afterwards in great amount on their ability. Most of the magic from long ago has perished, though some of their better mages retain a weakened version of an area-affecting spell highly effective against evil creatures. As Withdrawal after Withdrawal has forced Y##### back from the land and coasts to smaller and smaller places, and finally to a singular island encircled by a lake, Y##### has grown used to dwelling on great-arks and ocean life, with the assistance of specialized magic shortening their experienced journeys. The only thing comparable to their remarkable sea-fortresses is their ability at large-area dispersion warfare, excellent for indiscriminately eradicating almost legions of undead.

Historically, Y##### was led by a Council of elders, being the top two levels of their entire government (Commanding elders over Great elders), with the Respected Ones underneath and the Grand Assembly being the lowest (though in fact being a direct democratic sort, and commanding more power than one would think). Solidarity is essential to the structure of the state, and if not by the heavy programs set in stone, all would be likewise compelled by the ever-present danger of undead and other assorted monsters lurking just over the surrounding lake and river. Any form of possible treason is punished in the greatest ways, though waste is discouraged in all areas of life. Entertainment is heavily rationed, but still present - life in such a horrible environment would perish without it.

As is with most isolated things left to fester, most things about Y##### may be rather strange.

Most recently, Trilviyt was appointed Aukarizaulratios, already being the merited Kamiralt-Navstratios, and thus naturally given near-total power over the Liberation Fleet and thereby Y##### situated within.

And now, Y##### sails north, not with the hope of treasure, or even civilization, or even particularly land - but only for salvation from the endless death in the continent they once called home.

Flag: Given the condition of Y#####, flags are hideously impractical. Most identification is given by a semi-magical tattoo on the left shoulder, in the image of a single circle obscuring the intersection of three kites in triangular formation, with a point upwards. For ceremonial purposes, there is one flag used, which displays the symbol in red upon a background of white.
07-04-2014, 08:25 AM
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RE: Dog Days - Age of the Usurpers
So far the returnees and Bramzter are accepted, and Vancho's and Kaynato's apps look acceptable so far, if unfinished. Since pretty much everyone returning has done so, I'm going to give this maybe another full week as of now to finish up apps/make new ones, though I'd be amicable to extending that if someone needs the extra time.
07-08-2014, 12:39 PM (This post was last modified: 07-16-2014 08:40 AM by Demonsul.)
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RE: Dog Days - Age of the Usurpers
Character Name: Torin Hywel

Character Description: Physically ancient and almost bald, with eyes that seem almost to glow with a cold intensity, and a long white beard which trails almost to his waist. A few last hairs still cling to the top of his head. He tends to wear long robes and carries a staff, age having not slowed the purpose in his step. He seems to have an unearthly presence, one of sheer determination and perseverence. His voice is like an icy wind, chilling and powerful. His touch is cold and dry, like his skin was just parchment wrapped around his bones.

Hometown: Somewhere small, off the map, in the Geraldric Impireacht. It may not even exist any more. He travels a lot, so you might find him anywhere.

History: Torin has lived a long time, perhaps too long, but definitely more than long enough. He's a traveling wizard, apparently one of great skill. He's traveled far, and seen many historical events. Skilled in magic (perhaps to the point where it can explain his unnaturally advanced age), he could be the solution to many problems, or the cause of many more. Though he may be blunt in his dealings and have difficult to discern motives, compared to some men in this world, his ambitions are largely benevolent, and he doesn't crave political power himself. All in all, he is a figure who is not easily dismissed.
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RE: Dog Days - Age of the Usurpers
Leader Name: Tchor Gur Tyr Nyg

Scion Name: Ger Shert Tengyrtyrg

Nation Name: The Provincial Autonomous Republic of Sang-To

Colour: Gold.
Flag: A Red/Gold/Green tricolor; three vertical bands of equal width in those colors. The Red is the red from Livera's flag, the Green is Lang-o's color, and the Gold is as per the nation color on the map, and is Sang-to's traditional color.

Leader Description: Tchor Gur Tyr was the governor of the province of Sang-To, as well as a reader of contraband republican treatises. To his mind, the workings of the Lang-o bureaucracy, while containing the seeds of many good ideas, are horribly soiled by the sheer volume of corruption inside. While he retains his connections to the provincial nobility, those connections have been quite strained by his recent actions, which have built him quite the power base among the commonfolk.

Scion Description: Ger Shert Tengyrtyrg is a commonborn first son of some uncommon brilliance. He took the entrance exams to enter into the bureaucracy, and did amazingly - but the position he had earned was instead given to the third son of a minor noble, while he was instead arrested on trumped-up charges.
Ger Shert is in some ways the true symbol of the new Republic, and a brilliant administrator. He is also a firebrand and much less inclined towards the 'soft touch' possesed by Tchor Gur Tyr.

Nation History: The bureaucratic injustices of Lang-o came to a head in Sang-to province (in the eastern part of the country, including the so-named city), when a promising young commoner was arrested on blatantly false charges merely in order to force open a position for a minor noble's undeserving youngest son. Ger Shert's village rescued him from jail, and that was the start of what seemed to be a minor peasant uprising - until Tchor Gur Tyr took command of the provincial guard, and marched them to the uprising.
Rather than having the guard put the peasants to death as was typical practice for such rebellions, he ordered them to purge the corrupt judges.
Afterwards, in addition to sending misleading reports to the capital, Tchor Gur Tyr ordered a vote in the Republican style to determine the governor and vice-governor of the newly-dubbed Provincial Autonomous Republic. He won handily, but Ger Shert also made a respectable showing and was named vice-governor.

Nation Details: In the Provincial Autonomous Republic, the reconfirmed governor has been cracking down very hard on corruption, as well as striking down many of the isolationist laws; the city is now open to foreigners, and trade is opening up. The fledgling republic is a fusion of traditional Lang-o bureaucracy and the new egalitarian rules, as well as displaying the influence of the powerful organization of Anti-Corruption Investigators, who have the full support of the governor.
Sang-to province was Lang-o's primary shipbuilding region, and retains those facilities - futhermore, it was one of, if not the, primary sites of what trade Lang-o permitted with the outside world.
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RE: Dog Days - Age of the Usurpers
Big New Announcement!

Signups probably closing tomorrow or Friday night.

I just realized that in an effort to make PMs and maps simpler to parse I should probably get flags from you guys. However I know those can be a pain to make so you can also just provide a description and I'll make one for you. Deadline might be extended because of this.

Also Demonsul and Sotek's apps are accepted.
07-10-2014, 03:42 AM
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RE: Dog Days - Age of the Usurpers
My flag, for simplicity's sake, will be just a black rectangle. Each captain has their own flag, lore-wise, but that'd be both annoying and ridiculous to implement in-game.

Working Name: Anarkismo
07-10-2014, 05:13 AM
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RE: Dog Days - Age of the Usurpers
I have some problems with my map, namely the part with creating two identical cylinders in paint.
07-10-2014, 06:08 AM
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RE: Dog Days - Age of the Usurpers
PM me one cylinder and I'll take care of the flag for you.
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RE: Dog Days - Age of the Usurpers
Flags I threw together quickly in the spoilers (tell me what I can do to fix them if you're unhappy)

Roaming Brigands Alliance:
[Image: RBA%20Flag.png]

The Provincial Autonomous Republic of Sang-To
[Image: Sang%20To%20Flag.png]

Divine Republic of Teremynt
[Image: Teremynt.png]

[Image: Yvosnon%20Flag.png]
07-10-2014, 09:24 AM
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RE: Dog Days - Age of the Usurpers
Arglwyddi banner.
[Image: Arglwyddibanner_zps9a8b4b44.png]
07-10-2014, 09:24 AM
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RE: Dog Days - Age of the Usurpers
I am in italy so i cannot make a flag. Just make me three blue dots on a white background
07-10-2014, 02:22 PM
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RE: Dog Days - Age of the Usurpers
I have very little time to make a flag, as I am leaving very soon.

The flag would be a field of purple, with a horse rampant(rearing) in the center and the arms of Losseringen in the canton (upper left corner).

The one, the only, Vancho!
07-11-2014, 06:31 AM
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RE: Dog Days - Age of the Usurpers
Maybe you could make have the cylinders a little closer to the center?

Also, what is up with Kaynato's nation?
07-11-2014, 06:47 AM
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RE: Dog Days - Age of the Usurpers
Kaynato's nation is a nation by Kaynato.

that's the entire explanation.
07-11-2014, 07:13 AM
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RE: Dog Days - Age of the Usurpers
A bunch of mystery men from across the sea fleeing a mystery force and barely making it to the continent before their entire fleet sunk.
07-11-2014, 07:50 AM
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RE: Dog Days - Age of the Usurpers
Five Families:
[Image: Five%20Families%20Flag.png]

[Image: Valensk%20Flag.png]
07-15-2014, 01:24 PM
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RE: Dog Days - Age of the Usurpers
So most people probably know by now but I might as well Officially close signups.

If you want to get in at this point PM me and I'll see if I can fit you in after the first update (which is being worked on as I speak). Also feel free to ask pre-game questions here as I'm hoping to actually start the game on the top of page 2.
07-15-2014, 01:48 PM
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RE: Dog Days - Age of the Usurpers
The top of page 2? You need 17 posts for that. Excluding mine. To help this along, here's a filler post.
07-15-2014, 01:50 PM
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RE: Dog Days - Age of the Usurpers
Filler filler filler!
07-15-2014, 02:03 PM
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RE: Dog Days - Age of the Usurpers
Hey Rapt you got the thirty third post. That's two threes together, must be good luck for you right?

Also I need to clarify: PMing me is only necessary for nation players, PCs can just join in anytime (though I will veto anything insane).
07-15-2014, 02:09 PM
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RE: Dog Days - Age of the Usurpers
Oh shit! That is the 33rd post!

Yes. This is good. My luck is strong for this game. ALL WILL KNEEL BEFORE ME!
07-15-2014, 02:16 PM
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RE: Dog Days - Age of the Usurpers
So what are the rules around talking to other players, etc?
07-15-2014, 02:20 PM
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RE: Dog Days - Age of the Usurpers
Rules are pretty standard fare: you can PM basically anyone, as long as you cc me. Know that, especially in times of war, messages might be intercepted as well - in those rare cases I'll let you know so that you only send PMs to me when applicable (and I'll forward them to whoever actually receives them).
07-15-2014, 02:33 PM
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RE: Dog Days - Age of the Usurpers
How many posts fit a page?

Working Name: Anarkismo
07-15-2014, 02:40 PM
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RE: Dog Days - Age of the Usurpers
Fifty, I believe.
07-15-2014, 04:03 PM
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RE: Dog Days - Age of the Usurpers
50 is a very large number

Working Name: Anarkismo
07-15-2014, 04:11 PM
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RE: Dog Days - Age of the Usurpers
Your face is a large number.
07-15-2014, 04:14 PM
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RE: Dog Days - Age of the Usurpers
You... You don't have to rub it in Rapt... My mom says that's... Normal...?

Working Name: Anarkismo
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RE: Dog Days - Age of the Usurpers
How many of my diplomatic shenanigans are carried over to this game? Am I still only selling castrated male Pegasi in order to keep my monopoly? Am I still selling Monk units to other nations on the condition that they must be allowed to practice and preach their religion? What about my pacts/plans/deals with other nations?
07-16-2014, 02:29 AM
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RE: Dog Days - Age of the Usurpers
Most of the larger ones, and I guess I could throw in your smaller dealings as well.
07-16-2014, 05:17 AM
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RE: Dog Days - Age of the Usurpers
Does Kaynato's nation being from another continent mean we can eventually find other continents now?

Working Name: Anarkismo
07-16-2014, 06:16 AM
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RE: Dog Days - Age of the Usurpers
Oh it's definitely possible, but note that there's a reason that the only contact between continents happened now, and why the only guys who could do it came in giant, 2012 style superboats to do it.

Then again that could just be the issue with the southern continent(s).
07-16-2014, 06:24 AM (This post was last modified: 07-16-2014 06:24 AM by Raptarion.)
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RE: Dog Days - Age of the Usurpers
There's a more or less accessible beastman continent to the west. Not really worth going over there unless you want to fight an entire race of people who hate you in their home territory which is reportedly an enormous untamed jungle.

There is non specified resources over there too. You might find nothing, other than jungles and hostiles. So unless you REALLY need wood (maybe to deal with the shortage you made for yourself creating the fleet of ships to go invade them) your time is better spent focusing on the main continent.

East is out of the question because storm wall that will sink ships. Bermuda triangle on steroids.

And north is probably just a bunch of ice, and possibly the place where scary floating ice fortress stays when it's not hunting down whoever it hunts down. So again, not worth it.
07-16-2014, 07:27 AM
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RE: Dog Days - Age of the Usurpers
I am also especially not sure why anyone with a sane mind would try to go to the frozen deathland covered in zombie ghosts that a ton of refugees are fleeing from.
07-16-2014, 07:48 AM
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RE: Dog Days - Age of the Usurpers
Does anyone know where Kaynato is going to land?

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