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RE: Dog Days - Age of the Usurpers
I do, and one or two other people might (at gamestart) but for maximum radness nothing should be said.

Also goddamnit here we are, any super important questions I'll still answer but let's try not to get more than 5-10 posts here.
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RE: Dog Days - Age of the Usurpers
Just a heads up that I will be away for 6 days.
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RE: Dog Days - Age of the Usurpers
[Image: Maplink.png]

As spring begins, there is a strange unease that seeps through the world. It is if something is not quite the way it was, is not right. It is a feeling felt across the world, be they the islands of the west, the mountains of the south, or the jagged eastern shores. Princes and peasants feel it alike - it is a feeling of change, of the throwing off of the old norms, the questioning of of old ways, and the destruction of old, ancient power. It spreads from the centre of Losseringen to the four corners of Feradil - and the four great powers that reside there.

The courts of the Geraldic Impireacht feel it in the south, where old rivals find new power and leave them unsure as to their future, all the while beset by rivals and threats. Despite the promises and discoveries of the last year there are brigands and something strange - and dangerous along Lyth's waters and within the Gulf of Tears.

The sea dwellers of Arglwyddi feel it in their wars to the north and west, where despite their might by land and sea they find themselves outnumbered by vast and dangerous foes. An imperious desire keeps their hearts strong and doubtless, but courage can only get one so far before they fall.

The priests and speakers of Teremynt feel it to the west, where a hope to crush an old enemy and restore the balance of power between rivals has turned against them. Numerous foes threaten or push back against them, and what few allies they've made are either unwilling to risk involvement or powerless to stop the tide. One can only hope that they might find salvation in foreign states wishing to gain what they have to offer.

The pirate lords of the Roaming Brigands Alliance feel it crushing around them in all directions. An entire existence based around antagonizing those around them makes naught but enemies, and they were not nearly ready enough to deal with their revenge on a large scale. Simultaneous assaults are made, and while all seem separate one can only question if some greater power has a hand in their troubles.

However there is more to be feared than the outcomes of these four great nations. There are great rumours flying across the world, spread through the lips of every traveler and hinting towards even greater chaos to come.

Even now, they say there is rebellion in the ancient, unassailable empire of Lang-o, its people tired of the decadency and corruption centuries of unopposed rule has given way to.

Even now, they say that the imperial vassals of Losseringen, whether old or new, free or controlled, question the emperor's power and seek to place themselves first and for the first time in its history threaten the nation that gave even ancient Terthia pause.

Even now, they say that something has crashed into the southern shores - massive behemoths of metal and magic with travelers from a far off desolate land. Why they've come is a mystery, and what their intentions are even more so.

Even now, they say that in the small state of Kotek there is a mighty faction waiting for their chance in the light, waiting to show that this is an age of coin and no number of blades will change the coming tide.

Even now, they say there are dragons in the east, true dragons like in the days of old. Further whispers suggest though that they might have suddenly disappeared again already, but this begs the question: where did they go, and what made them leave?

Even now, they say that all three of the know great magic nexuses have been exploited. While the first and third, belonging to the already intimidating Valensk and Impireacht respectively, are certainly something to behold, it is said that the second nexus, within poor, much abused Torth, is greater than the both together

Even now, they say that something has been found in the deserts, something strange and powerful. Something of fire and smoke and blood the likes of which the world has not seen since the ancient times.

These are the dog days, and by every god and every creed I fear that by the end of them, none will be left untouched.

So, if you're not entirely sure what to do right from the getgo, remember that this is a states game - just about everything is fair play, and I'll correct you and give you tips if you do make some sort of mistake or have any questions. Some things you might want to start off with are dealing with any problems that have arisen in your individual PMs - these are critical issues that, if ignored, will likely mean bad things for you in the future (especially if other players are involved). Another vital thing to do is working to form some sort of alliance with at least one other player, regardless of how secure you might feel. Player states are among the most powerful ones in the game, and as such are pretty good friends to have. As in all states games, diplomacy is key.

You could also try and come up with ideas for improving your economy or military (including 'make more soldiers' of course), NPC relations, counteracting weaknesses, building on strengths, espionage, and all that good stuff. Conquest and spreading your influence is definitely possible and advised, especially if you can get away with it. Imperialism is not quite the name of the game (you're thinking Dreams of an Empire), but more land generally means more money, power, and safety - things you'll want to have in spades at all times. War just happens to be the best tool you have, though certainly not the only, in pursuing such an agenda.

How I fite:
All troops/ships are represented on individual maps like this:

[Image: Example.png]

A is the flag that said troops/ships belong to. Next to each flag will be several numbers representing what sort of numbers you have. In this example, we see the proud nation of A has 3k (3000) regular troops, such as infantry, archers, and cavalry, in this force, with the separated 100b representing 'specialist' troops (in the game the b will be replaced with a letter representing what sort of specialists there are, such as 'm' for mage or 'f' for flying).

Under that we see that A also has 6 ships (the letter after stands for the type of ship, in this case frigates). Different types of ship will be separated so you'll know what sort of vessels make up fleets.

Under that, we can see the troops garrisoned within the ships. In every case, troop numbers appearing after ship numbers indicates that said troops are aboard the ship, while troop numbers appearing above indicate that the troops are on land (as such, you'll never see them above while ships are at sea). It is also important to note that unless the ships and troops aboard are under your control, you will only get a rounded value for how many troops are with the fleet, and you will not get any indication as to whether or not they are regular or special troops. That means that A's fleet could either hold 500 infantry, or 1,000 mages - which could make a huge difference in a naval engagement (however realistically one would know that frigates can usually only hold 100 troops, so the maximum number of troops aboard said fleet would only be 600.

Also there are two minor notes:

1) If you see a ? next to any numbers (particularly for specialist troops and ships) it means that you have no idea what they are.

2) Sometimes the font is white on the maps instead of black. This does not mean anything besides the fact that in some cases black was too difficult to read.

How about actual troops?

As for general troop/ship types and their costs - I've included how expensive they are to raise on average, as well as their upkeep costs. Note that depending on factors, such as access to resources, military tradition, and training troops can be more or less expensive but these are the base costs.

Infantry and Archers are the mainstay of any force, and on average will cost 150 gold for a 100 man regiment. Cavalry are another common type of unit, but are more expensive to hire and maintain, costing 200 gold for 100 men. All three will generally cost you 66% of the initial cost for upkeep.

Mages and Flying units (such as Teremynt's pegasus riders or Terthia's wyvern knights) are far more difficult, and thus expensive, to train, but their lower numbers mean that they are relatively easy on your military upkeep. They cost 400 and 500 gold to train respectively for 10 units, but only have upkeep costs of 25% and 20% (also respectively). While their lower numbers may seem weak, used well magical and flying units can easily best ten times their number in regular soldiers.

As for ships, there are four types of vessels. All ships generally have upkeep costs at a little less than a third of their purchase cost.

Galleys cost 150 gold, can carry 50 troops, and are small, maneuverable vessels most capable in straits, bays, and other small semi-contained bodies of water. Outside of them, they are liable to get heavily damaged by the stronger currents and larger waves. Galleys can also make their way inland slightly, traveling down rivers and such, allowing them to provide inland support where other ships would be otherwise useless.

Transports cost 200 gold, can carry 400 troops, and are large, ocean worthy ships that can fit in both gentler waters and the open sea. Their weakness is that they don't really have any armaments and as such are generally useless unless you need to get a lot of troops somewhere fast. They can be armed for 50 gold, but lose much of their transport capacity and will still never be as useful in a fight as dedicated military vessels.

Frigates cost 400 gold, can carry 100 troops, and much like transports are at home just about anywhere. They are the go-to military vessel of most states, pirates, and travelers due to this versatility.

Warships cost 1500 gold, can carry 500 troops, and are truly massive vessals. A testament to a nation's naval power, able to easily take on a significantly larger number of ships, however very few currently exist. This lack is possibly due to how expensive they are to build and maintain, and also due to how goddamn slow and unmaneuverable they are - something that can really work against them trying to navigate narrow waters.

If for some reason a player gains access to more types of soldiers/ships I will provide costs for them then.
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RE: Dog Days - Age of the Usurpers
(ps, Vancho, you've reached your PM limit. And everyone else, do make sure you're not at it or close?)
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RE: Dog Days - Age of the Usurpers
(I cleared some PMs. Still travelling, resend whenever if something was lost.)

The one, the only, Vancho!
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RE: Dog Days - Age of the Usurpers
In Lang-o, many states have confirmed rumours that there is in fact some sort of rebellion brewing from along the Bay of Tears and Endless Ocean. In addition, a second uprising took place on the northernmost tip of the continent. Shortly after these rumours have spread to the far corners of Feradil a letter is sent out to every state of note:

Quote:A Missive From The Imperial Office of Foreign Affairs of Lang-o:

It has come to our attention that vile usurpers in our north have deceptively backstabbed His Beneficent Imperial Majesty Khar Chyn Grot Netyrgor, destroying a small fleet he had sent to wisely investigate claims of the mass panic and squalor and generously assist those troubled by it. The violent rebels style themselves as the nations of Sang-to and Nulang, and though his Imperial Majesty assures you all that these rebels will be crushed with little effort or difficulty he would acknowledge the goodness and assistance of any who wish to prove themselves a friend and help defeat these usurpers, before their despicable actions cost even more innocent lives.
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RE: Dog Days - Age of the Usurpers
Sorry guys, but tomorrow I'll be away for another week. When I come back I'll be at home for pretty much all of autumn. I'll try to get another war turn in before I go. Maybe I can do some war turns on my phone, too.

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