SQUEST: ??? [6/6][FULL]
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SQUEST: ??? [6/6][FULL]
[Image: FLByXf7.png]

You are a BORED TROLL.

You are currently deciding on whether or not to download this interesting looking game called SQUEST. You have heard about it on varying sites all throughout the ALTERNET. So far, all you know is that it is some sort of MMORPG designed to be played with friends in a LAN SETTING. The official website provided by MATERON, LTD does not offer much other information, save for two separate DOWNLOAD LINKS: one for a PLAYER, and one for an ADMIN. You already know which of your group will be the ADMIN, so here you sit in your RESPITEBLOCK, mulling over the choice to embark upon a playthrough of this game in silence.

[Image: Ny6vkeA.png]

While many juicy secrets of this game are closely guarded by the GM (yours truly), this game will function remotely like SBURB/SGRUB. Some key differences include the fact that all players will be in near-constant contact with each other, there is only one hive involved (the admin's), and vastly different goals for said game. There will be a large focus on RPG elements, namely classes, levelling, and skills. Game progression will be less personalized and more team-oriented. Mysteries and adventure await your troll at every turn. Every. Goddamn. Turn.

Dice rolling will be a major feature of SQUEST, and these rolls will draw from various bonuses and modifiers the game attributes to the players. While combat will be a whole other issue, generally each character will roll 1d20 to accomplish a certain task. These tasks will obviously be specific and a certain measure of substantial-- you're not going to roll for your character to walk to the thermal hull and get a juice box.

The game will start with all 7 players meeting at the ADMIN's hive with their mobile computing devices of choice and their respective PLAYER copies.

-possibly more-

[Image: ZQAE70u.png]

Having decided to download the game after all, you give the link a single click.

You are immediately greeted with a blank character sheet. Looks like this thing wants you to fill it out before it will let you download the game. You groan at all the annoyingly basic information you will have to type out before finally doing the deed.

The above text was a silly way to say here's what your app needs to look like. Anyone can submit as many apps as they like, but I will ultimately decides who's in and who gets the axe. As a forewarning, these characters will be in very close interaction from start to finish, so throwing in your most volatile character many not be so good of an idea.
Age: sweeps
Title: SGRUB title
Blood: color/hex
Strife specibus: only 1
Fetch modus:
Description: help me to get to know your character a bit. MSPA style intros or short paragraphs, as long as I get an idea of what they're like.
Inventory: what the troll currently has on them and in their sylladex. if it's something simple like "clothes" or "glasses" don't bother to list them unless they're special.
Picture: minisprite, talksprite, drawing, dollmaker, just something so I can have a pictorial representation

HP: red/orangebloods: 15/15 | yellow/lime/olivebloods: 20/20 | jade/tealbloods: 25/25 | blue/indigobloods: 30/30 | violet/tyrianbloods: 35/35

(For these next 6 stats, rank them in order from A, B, C, D, E, F. Use each letter only once.)

Vim: Raw physical strength
Perceptiveness: Cunning, hand-eye coordination, agility
Firmosity: state of being and overall toughness
Astuteness: intelligence, factual knowledge, ability to learn
Imagination: wittiness, experience with the world
Pulchritude: charisma, power of personality, attractiveness

[Image: KWB5cUD.png]

1. I am the GM and what I say goes. I plan to play the admin and control NPCs.
2. All forum and subforum rules still apply.
3. Please no godmodding, powerplaying, etc... it's bad RP and it's just rude.
4. Applications are accepted first-come, first-serve.
5. This is not a complete or set-in-stone list. If I chastise you for something, "It wasn't on the rules" isn't an excuse. Use commons sense.
6. Have many fun.

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RE: SQUEST: ??? [0/6]

ADMIN: Remune "Brewster" Nersco

PLAYER: Atmani "Liar-liar" Eidola

PLAYER: Selvon "Punching bag" Celrar

PLAYER: Nhavan "Innocence" Pranya

PLAYER: Scermi "First-class" Octell

PLAYER: Elirah "Cocktail bomb" Kimara
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RE: SQUEST: ??? [0/6]

[Image: ezimba16966274966100.png]
[Image: ezimba16966261517800.png]
[Image: ezimba16966213505000.png]
[Image: ezimba16966228056800.png]
[Image: ezimba16966242485900.png]

[Image: Anon.gif][Image: Selvon.gif][Image: Floaty.gif][Image: Stunts.gif][Image: Nhavan.gif][Image: Seadwellerface.gif][Image: Otherseadwellerface.gif]

"n-nhavan san..... dont do the thing" selvon cried out, trembling slightly as the indigoblood walked over to him, a fierce emotion in her eyes
"i have to selvon. im sorry" nhavan quietly says, before pushing the troll into a river. he smelled pretty bad it was time

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RE: SQUEST: ??? [6/6][FULL]
Xombox Zyltra limped his merrily deranged psychotic way into this fine establishment of bullfuckery and shenanigans via his sword-leg. He takes one quick look around to quickly discover that he was alone, as the place was deserted with only the serving bots meandering about trying to find something useful to do. Great. Must be early on in the night. What time was it anyway.....................Chocolate Heart

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