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Hotel Teufel

Tired of your journey? Or just simply don't know where you are heading? Worry do not, because we know where you are going to rest for the next week! Yes, you.
You might have just won a whole week of all-inclusive vacation at Hotel Teufel, situated on Mount Suit, accessible via a majestic funicular. In our humble establishment you
will find all you need, and maybe what you want.

To prepare your room in advance we need to know these:
Tell us your name;
Short description:
What is your job if you have one;
Favourite colour;
Pick two major arcana cards, possibly relevant to you;

We have been waiting for a looong time.

Spooky instead of my usual style is the intention, but we'll see how it turns out. So semi-seriousish apps please.
Era is modern Earth.
Not sure how many players. Seven? Sounds stylish.
Signups lasts until Sunday.
The game is Timed, so it will end in a month or two, depending on progress.
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RE: Hotel Teufel
Name: (Amateur) Sleuth Sally McSleuth!

Short description: Shortish, eager-looking lady in a private investigator-ish outfit. Wears rather thick glasses. Never seen without a notepad and pen in her hand -- its for mystery-notes (and literary inspiration). Likes to go "hrmmm", "hmmm", "I see", and so on.

Job: Sleuth!Just your bored, average office clerk. She is working on a mystery novel though!

Favorite color: Purple because it is mysterious--just like the mysteries she is solving!

Arcana: While Sally was not exactly spiritual, she never saw any harm in believing of superstitions, especially if they claim to reveal secrets! She paid about twenty bucks to get a tarot reading and got the Star and Wheel of Fortune! What is this supposed to mean?
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RE: Hotel Teufel
Here's hoping I make the stylish sounding seven when signups close on Sunday.

Tell us your name: Sam Santos
Short description: A slim, simple-seeming sod with slender fingers and a slight stutter. Short of stature and suffers a somewhat serious somberness - he is seriously unsatisfied with his situation and sometimes speaks ill of supervisors. Surely this sort of surprise will soothe his suffering and not spook or startle him.
What is your job if you have one: Salesman
Favourite colour: Silver
Pick two major arcana cards, possibly relevant to you: O-okay so I just draw t-two of these right? The M-magician? That d-doesn't sound too bad, and... the Ttower? That sounds n-neat - wait why do you look so grim?

Was going to pick the Sun and the Star but decided that bad fortune was a funner way to go than alliteration.
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RE: Hotel Teufel
Name: The President

Short description: Tall, vaguely menacing. She wears a very nice suit at all times. Have to keep up appearances, you know. Generally kind of commanding, but her tone of voice is never really anything but calm. Does she even have emotions? Nobody’s really sure.

She definitely doesn’t have any secret service agents lurking about. None at all.

Job: President, of course! President of what? Who knows.

Favorite color: Red

Arcana: That information is classified.

(The Chariot, The Hanged Man)
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RE: Hotel Teufel
Name: Stephanie Solonbeck

Short description: A moderately tall, saucy woman with long, red hair and a penchant for dresses and expensive jewelry. Has an elegant look to her. Tends to be flirtatious and teasing when she can get away with it. Doesn't like taking orders and will go out of her way to avoid people who would tell her what to do.

Job: Currently a bank teller, formerly an escort.

Favorite color: Despite the associations, Scarlet is a rather lovely color.

Major Arcana: Stephanie was on her way home one day when a ragged man sitting on a park bench placed two thickish papers in her hands, then walked away. She looked at them, confused to see two strange cards, labeled the Devil and the Hierophant, although the latter card was upside down for some reason.
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RE: Hotel Teufel
Tell us your name: Stefan Sojourner

Short description: A man without home or cause, Stefan has long wandered looking for a 'meaning' in life. His method of dealing with problems has long been to ignore or evade them, and this has caused no end of trouble in his life. His flighty, seemingly-careless ways have caused him to end up living a somewhat solitary life; he makes friends very easily do to his friendly nature and natural charisma, but he never keeps them for long.
He's rather average and unassuming. He wears denim jeans, a shoddy pair of shoes, a worn jacket over a dirty shirt, and sports a greasy, unkempt mass of black hair. Oh, he also hasn't shaved in a little while so he's sporting the start of a rather impressive hobo beard.

What is your job if you have one: Vagrant/Wanderer/Amateur Philosopher

Favourite colour: Green!

Pick two major arcana cards, possibly relevant to you: The last fortune reading he received turned up The Fool and The Magician before Stefan felt he had to leave the tent. No reason for it, really, just a feeling.
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RE: Hotel Teufel
Tell us your name: Jonny Steel

Short Description: A greasy hair and tacky suit wearing man, of average height with hair dyed black.-- He's your typical sleaze bag who's always trying to make a quick buck. This means he makes regular trips to local the casino. Though this life style has land him in hot with some bad people, who wouldn't mind removing him if he can't pay up. Which is why Jonny has decided to take an early vacation, until things cool down a bit.

What is your job if you have one: Millionaire. A bum that is trying to make it big through bets on horses.

Favourite Colour: Green, Because it's the colour of money$!

Two Major Arcana Cards: Jonny once had an old woman read his fortune before a card game. He got The Tower and The Devil. Those are good cards right?

I was going to pick the Fool instead of The Devil. But after reading wiki a bit, it suits him better. (Eg this Obsession with money and Materialism.)
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RE: Hotel Teufel
Name:Tommy materton
Description: a little boy with short brown hair and blue pajamas. (Or a blue shirt) he and his dad travels around his dad has a place to go but they dont take children. Tommy is very imagentive and nice
Job:no job but helps his dad (a carpenter) with building things.
Arcana:the magician,The High Priestess
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RE: Hotel Teufel
Name: Sebastian Sárközy
Description: A stocky, balding man in his late fifties, who almost always seems to act friendly and upbeat, no matter what the situation. He has packed a large number of Hawaiian shirts and cargo shorts for his trip, in spite of the fact that this vacation takes place at the top of a mountain. Is easily distracted by anything of even vaguely historical importance.
Job: 10th grade History Teacher. His love of traveling and history takes him all over the world during his summers off.
Favourite colour: A nice shade of pink.
Arcana cards: Not that he's ever put much stock in that sort of thing, but one time he visited a tarot card reader in Paris who told him that his cards were The Sun and The World. Are those the good ones?

I'm not exactly sure why everybody is making characters with S names, but who am I to break tradition?

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RE: Hotel Teufel
You may freely assume that The President's highly-classified real name is similarly alliterative.
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RE: Hotel Teufel
I already did.

Also I think it stems from me and Pharmacy both doing it for different reasons and then everyone else assuming it's a thing - which I am a-ok with
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RE: Hotel Teufel
A bit of a delay as I was sick in the last few days, sorry.
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RE: Hotel Teufel
Everyone is in, except for Tommy Materton.


[Image: 000.png]

After a long ride to the mysterious German Canada, you arrive to the hotel. As the last of the seven people enter, there is a soft click behind them. The hotel seem silent, except for a loud ticking from a clock you can not see. There are two huge oak doors on both sides.

There isn't much space. Your luggage was left outside somehow.

Sleuth Sally McSleuth
The President
Stephanie Solonbeck
Stefan Sojourner
Sebastian Sárközy
Jonny Steel
Sam Santos
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RE: Hotel Teufel
Well! This vacation started less spectacular than Sally expected but she still had high hopes for the situation. Hotel Teufel is very old (well, according to "reliable" sources anyway) and so must be very full of mysteries. Sally loved mysteries. But she hoped its the adventure-y magical sort of mystery not what-is-that-smell sort of mystery.

Also people! Sally liked people. But that's because they are full of mysteries too.

"Hello! I think it is best to introduce ourselves and our reasons for being here. I'm Sally McSleuth (yes that is my last name) and I am here for mysteries! How are you all?"
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RE: Hotel Teufel
This was an unfortunate turn of events. The President had important things in that briefcase. Secret documents, that sort of thing.

"You know who I am," was all she said in response.

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RE: Hotel Teufel
"Hello there Sally! My name is Sebastian Sárközy, and I came here because I've always been fascinated with the history of German Canada."

He walks across the room to offer a handshake to Sally. "Do you really think that there will be more mysteries here? How terribly exciting!"

Sebastian takes a long look around the room. "Apparently, this Hotel dates back to long before the country's founding. So far back in fact that nobody even knows what century it was first built in. I wonder if there are any clues inside..."

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RE: Hotel Teufel
"Hi, I'm S-sam Santos, I won a vacation and it seemed like a good way to finally t-take that break I've been m-meaning to."

Sam looks wearily at the exit.

"I, uh, wonder if maybe it was a mistake."

He tries to unlock the door and get his stuff.
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RE: Hotel Teufel
Jonny was a bit uneasy that everyone was introducing themselves. He came here to hide not make friends.He would have to think of a fake name and fast.

"Well I'm… Sammy Sanders! Yeah thats right. Nice to meet you all.

He put out his hand to Sally for a hand shake.
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RE: Hotel Teufel
"Oh, hon, don't be so nervous. It couldn't have possibly been that big of a mistake." Stephanie coos, placing a gentle hand on Sam's shoulder.

"Stephanie Solonbeck, pleasure to make your acquaintance." Stephanie shoots Sally a smile and glances around. "Well the decor is certainly pleasing, I suppose." She takes another look around the room and sighs. "Disappointing we don't have our luggage, though. The thing I want to know is where a woman can get a few smokes around here."
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RE: Hotel Teufel
Sam looks away and mutters some nervous something-or-other under his breathe before digging through his pockets and offering Stephanie (without actually looking at her) a pack of off-brand cigarettes. Well more specifically just one but it's doubtful he'd say anything if she took all of them.

"H-here," he stutters, "you can h-have one of m-mine."
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RE: Hotel Teufel
The President silently moved to investigate the door on the right.
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RE: Hotel Teufel
Stefan scratches his beard, looking about the room distractedly.

"Uhhh, yeah, hi, name's Stefan... Say, does anyone know if the food here is free? Kinda hungry. Could use a nice bowl of beans."
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RE: Hotel Teufel
"Yay! We all introduced ourselves. This is going to be an excellent adventure, an adventure full of mysteries! Like where did the grey stains on the walls come from...where is the it really older than German Canada...hmm..."

Sally sees if she can unlock the door and bring in her luggage.
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RE: Hotel Teufel
"Well I know I g-got some all-inclusive d-deal so it's free for me... don't know about you though."
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RE: Hotel Teufel
"Oh, honey, you're a doll." Stephanie smiles at Sam, plucking a single cigarette from his package and patting his hand. She puts it in between her lips, then pats herself down. She frowns, then reaches into a strangely folded part of her dress, pulling out a small lighter.

"Can't believe I have this and not my regular jacks..." Stephanie slips the lighter back into her dress fold and crosses her arms.

"I think we can relax for a little bit. Surely someone will come by and assist us sooner or later."
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RE: Hotel Teufel
Sebastian starts to wander off, following the sound of the loud ticking noise. He loves antique clocks.

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RE: Hotel Teufel
"N-n-n-no problem miss," Sam blusters. Tired of trying the door just to discover once again that it's still locked, he nervously lights a cigarette himself.

"Well, here g-goes nothing..."

He opens the nearest oak door and wanders through.
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RE: Hotel Teufel
"Beard guy has a good point. Is the food free here? Cause the brochure don't say it isn't." Jonny said as he brought out his brochure.

"Yep. Nothing about paying for food! He said as he flick his hand against the brochure
10-28-2014, 10:37 AM
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RE: Hotel Teufel
"Does it say anything about there BEING food, though."
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RE: Hotel Teufel
Jonny looked at the brochure again.

"Well there's a picture of a fruit basket here." He said as he pointed to the picture.

"And thats it."
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RE: Hotel Teufel
"GUYS, I think I found some fruit here. But I'm like 70% sure it's wax...can wax get moldy?"
10-28-2014, 11:18 AM
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RE: Hotel Teufel
Stefan grabs a piece of the (70% likely to be wax) fruit, dusting it off.

"... Hm..."

He sniffs it, tossing it up into the air and catching it, testing the fruit's weight.

"... HM...."

He licks it, tasting the still-slightly-dusty surface.


In a quick movement, he takes a bite out of it. Chewing for a few moments, he swallows, shrugging.

"Not the worst I've ever had, that's for sure."

Keep in mind, he says this whether or not it's wax or real. In fact, unless it's full of something worse than a colony of wasps, his opinion on the matter won't change.
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RE: Hotel Teufel
Jonny just stared at Stefan with a look of shock.
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RE: Hotel Teufel
"Oh sugar, you're a special kind of someone, aren't ya?" Stephanie chuckles at Stefan, taking a small drag from her cigarette.
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RE: Hotel Teufel
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RE: Hotel Teufel
The President stared at Stefan.

"What are you doing."
10-28-2014, 11:40 PM
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RE: Hotel Teufel
"Whatever he just did, I bet people would pay good money to see him do it again!"

Jonny snaps his fingers.

"My friend! You need a manger~." He said as he put his arm over Stefan's shoulder.
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RE: Hotel Teufel
[Image: 001.png]

Sam tries to open the door. It opens a tiny bit. Behind it is just tapestry. Sally notes the same. The others happily munch on a bowl of wax fruit. It tastes real though.

[Image: 002.png]
President finds a tiny café.

[Image: 003.png]
Sam and Sebastian follows the ticking to a tiny smoking room. There is a H type elevator (H-type Elevator is a very Famous Brand). There are no buttons, just a circular dial with four holes.
10-29-2014, 07:23 AM
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RE: Hotel Teufel
Sally moves to the left for because clearly there is something left in the hotel!
10-29-2014, 07:27 AM
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RE: Hotel Teufel
Sam takes the elevator up, or down, if up is not possible. There had to be someone around who could tell them what's going on, right?
10-29-2014, 07:33 AM
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RE: Hotel Teufel
Stephanie takes another small drag of her smoke and follows Sally off to the left.
10-29-2014, 07:34 AM
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RE: Hotel Teufel
"There appears to be no one on duty," The President said, seemingly to herself.

She grabbed a cup of coffee, then proceeded into the next room.
10-29-2014, 07:35 AM
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RE: Hotel Teufel
"... Manager?"

Stefan takes another bite of wax(?) fruit.

"What, like, for music? Uh, sorry, left my guitar in Kentucky."

He pauses.

"I sorta... Burned it for warmth. Yeah, the South isn't as warm during the winter as you'd think."
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RE: Hotel Teufel
Sebastian takes only a brief look at the clock on the wall before moving on. It doesn't look like an antique at all. There is no history here, only the loud ticking of false hope.

He continues onward through the left door.

10-29-2014, 09:38 AM
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RE: Hotel Teufel
"No, no, no. I would be your Manager for you eating weird stuff. Like that wax apple!"

Jonny pointed at the apple in Stefan's hand.

"Tell me what else have you eaten? Any shoes?"
10-30-2014, 10:46 AM
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RE: Hotel Teufel
"Well, I mean, you can make a pretty mean stew with an old leather boot and a few potatoes..."

Stefan takes another bite.

"I think this apple is real, though. Tastes more real than some fruit I've had recently."
10-30-2014, 11:53 AM
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RE: Hotel Teufel
"Okay. Okay. Getting new ideas here... You could write a cook book with all your hobo recipes! Some schmuck would buy it! Hell, you could even have a cooking show! They'll put anything on TV! Oh man the possibles! Jonny said with a glint in his eyes.

"We'll talk about your contract over some drinks!… Now where's the bar in this joint?" He said as he looked around the now less crowd room.

Also where the hell did everyone else go?!

It is important to note that Jonny had not been paying any attention to the fact that the front door was now a tapestry.
10-30-2014, 12:16 PM
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RE: Hotel Teufel
"Uh, yeah... Say, I'm going to... Go over there... Good luck with finding the bar, Corporate TV Man."

Stefan, looking a bit uncomfortable, takes his bowl of (delicious) wax fruit and heads elsewhere within the hotel.

Anywhere, really.
10-31-2014, 12:25 PM
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RE: Hotel Teufel
"Man hobos are weird." said to himself as he went through the left door
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RE: Hotel Teufel
[Image: 004.png]

Part of the crowd enters the smoke room. Thick haze starts to pour from a ceiling corner.

[Image: 005.png]

The President and her coffee walk into the next room, which seems to have another H-type Elevator, and a slighty ajar janitor closet.

[Image: 006.png]
Stefan flees to the café, and joy! He finds a plate full of real, still warm cookies.

[Image: 007.png]
Sebastian finds two rooms, surrounding a dead bonsai tree. One of them is open, and has a key in its lock. His name is on the key's tag.

[Image: 008.png]

Sam goes up a floor. Here he finds a cold drink vending machine. Someone just slammed the right door!

To save time, in one turn you can travel to any explored rooms instantly. Rooms might become unexplored. You'll know when this happens.

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