Collapse into Darkness (OOC)
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Collapse into Darkness (OOC)
Collapse into Darkness

Basically, Collapse into Darkness is an RPG-ish thing set on a modern Earth that's slowly being consumed by unnatural darkness. Within this darkness are the Judicantes, but normal humanity use multiple variations of Shadow-Dweller to describe them. The Judicantes are practically invincible, though they can't enter lighted areas (swinging around a torch or a flaming stick aren't gonna help inside though).

The PCs, for some reason or another, will be approached by mysterious figures in their dreams at the beginning. Once this sequence is complete, they'll wake up with a symbol on their left hand and white/grey/black swirls tattooed onto their right arm.

The symbol represents the basis for their magic (so a fiery arrow means fiery projectiles or a watery wall means defensive water constructs) while the tattoo is their Orderbringer/Zerosigner/Chaosbringer in a dormant state. This is thus the point where players are expected to enter the dark areas, as they now have two means of killing the Judicantes.

Now, regarding combat there are some stats involved. They're all very simplistic (15 Attack - 10 Defense = 5 points of damage), though your amount of CP limits the number of combat actions you can do per turn. While most actions will only cost one, some stronger attacks may cost two or more. Your only other stat would be HP, though Speed is a semi-present invisible stat to decide if an action succeeds (mostly used if the enemy is supposed to be fast themselves).

Finally, in-game your character will be presented the following: Reject/Ignore/Accept Love/Ambition/Hate. The combination of choices you make affect exactly what weapon you get and how it works, with Orderforgers being weak but skilled with stereotypical "good" elements while Chaosbringers are the reverse (with Zerosigners inbetween).


Application Format

Forum Name:
Character Name:
Appearance: (Include such things as age and gender here)
Inventory: (Please explain in bio anything odd, like a sixteen with machineguns)
Symbol: (Generally do an "Element" and a mundane object that can be translated into something, like projectiles or movement powers)
Bio: (Include everything else important)

I would say the Dark Areas expand by six inches each day, so there's that for your bio.
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RE: Collapse into Darkness (OOC)
Six inches a day means it takes 28 years to expand by a mile.

That's ... not the most threatening thing ever.
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RE: Collapse into Darkness (OOC)
But there might be multiple dark areas. If there are 28 of them, then it only takes them a year to take a mile. Or there could be hundreds!

If there aren't a lot of dark areas though, yeah. They are probably not that big an issue to most people. Just some horrible thing happening to other people. Like how world hunger is an issue, but nobody really thinks about it much until someone reminds you and makes you feel bad.

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RE: Collapse into Darkness (OOC)
Even if there's a lot, they still don't expand fast.

If there are 28 of them and you live a mile away from one of them, you have 28 years until it reaches you.

Which, I mean ... it's kind of a big deal if one opened up on a major highway or in a city or something, but the growth only barely matters, at that rate.

Like ... global warming threatens faster sea level rise than these things are expanding by. Consider how little people do in response to global warming.

(admittedly, these things probably don't have political interests supporting "do nothing", so there's that.)
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RE: Collapse into Darkness (OOC)
Well I assumed that the six inches was its radius, in which case it would take half that time. Still, fourteen years to be a mile long. It'd be good if this was some sort of mystery game but not quite for action. Maybe make it a mile a week or something if you want it to be slow but still vaguely threatening?
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RE: Collapse into Darkness (OOC)
Sorta figured unnatural darkness permanently making areas completely unsafe would be more major than the rate it grows at, but I can see your point. So thirteen feet per day then, and there are multiple Dark Areas all over the world. I do want the general populace to be scared of what'll happen, but not "Oh god the world is gonna end tomorrow!"

Regarding the players' stats, I'll decide that partially on the appearance & bio and they'll be provided in-game once your Orderforger/Zerosigner/Chaosbringer has been chosen.

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RE: Collapse into Darkness (OOC)
Do the PCs have to be human?

Like, for instance, could our PC be an intelligent animal?
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RE: Collapse into Darkness (OOC)
Hmm... Yeah, that's fine, as the mysterious figures aren't Human biased so they'll probably approach some non-human animals. Though you wouldn't be able to verbally talk to humans. Besides that, as your Orderforger/Zerosigner/Chaosbringer grows you'll unlock Shadow-Breaker Mode (which is basically standard super modes at the low scale and one winged angels at the high end).

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RE: Collapse into Darkness (OOC)
Forum Name: Sotek, obviously.

Character name: James Edwardson.

Appearance: A 28-year-old man, James is Caucasian, about 5'10", with black hair and brown eyes. He is reasonably thin and in decent shape.

Inventory: As a comfortably employed individual, James owns a reasonable collection of things. The most likely to be relevant are a modern smartphone (which he carries everywhere) and a pretty new car - a 2010 Prius.

Symbol: A windy lamp; specifically, an oil lamp, stylized as if made of wind.

Bio: James is a computer programmer for a large software company. His personal history is nothing particularly exciting - he went to school, went to college, got pretty good but not totally amazing grades, got a good job out of college, has been working on backend database programming for the last few years. He had a few girlfriends, but nothing serious - his longest relationship lasted about two years in college, before she dumped him because she found him boring. These days his life is pretty routine - work 10-7 each day, hit the gym three times a week, and his weekends are mostly spent relaxing. He's a bit of a gamer, although he mostly plays slower-paced games, not really having the great reflexes required for the faster twitchy games.

James has given some thought to the Dark Areas (really, he'll say, how can we not know more about them by now?) but aside from occasionally donating a few dollars to relief organizations to help resettle people who were living near the affected areas he hasn't done much about them.

This is, of course, going to change.
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RE: Collapse into Darkness (OOC)
Are you a bad enough dude to stop the Schwarzwelt?

12-06-2014, 01:14 PM
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RE: Collapse into Darkness (OOC)
Forum Name: His most amusing and handsome Raptarion

Character Name: Jezebel Monts

Appearance: Dark haired woman of Hispanic decent with a large nose and large eyebrows. Wears her hair in a bun. Favors dark corduroy pants and a shirt with two cartoon devils playing a cello and a trumpet respectively. The words "Little Diablo Orchestra" are below these two in curly text with little devil tails.

Inventory: A key ring with seven keys. She doesn't even remember what one of these keys does. Two others are likewise useless. She thinks they opened locks at her old folks' home back before they were changed? Another is to her moped. Another to her apartment. One to a locker at the theater she works at. And another opens her violin case.
She also has a violin case. With a violin obviously.

Symbol: A Violin, next to a crescent shape that appears to be deflecting flames.

Bio: Jezebel has lived her entire life in Austin Texas. She grew up a rather normal life, the only real quirk of her upbringing being pushed into learning an instrument. Not something she took happily, but she eventually got a knack for it. Enough to make a career of it after graduating highschool. She works as a violinist in the Little Diablo Orchestra. Usually just playing in the background with the others, but she's usually the one picked when they need a solo.

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RE: Collapse into Darkness (OOC)
I suppose Windy Lamp gives James the ability to summon constructs to serve his will, with little wind wisps as his starting spell. Besides that, I would say it has been a little over a year and a half since the Dark Areas showed up. Thus I would say the year is either mid 2015 or early 2016.

Besides that the application looks fine, and I only include the Forum Name part so I can easily tell who a character belongs to when I compile them into a list. Regarding Jezebels, she is likewise fine though I would like to know what exactly you're going for regarding her Symbol.

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RE: Collapse into Darkness (OOC)
Magical shields made by playing her violin.
My inspiration for this power came at about a minute into this video.

Space is warped and time is bendable.
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RE: Collapse into Darkness (OOC)
Then defensive solid sound constructs it is, the flames had me confused thinking you were going for pyromancy. I can pretty much start this at any time, so are there any questions? I'll probably write up a format thing for the Lv. 1 versions of your guys starter spell. You unlock new spells through experimentation, and improve your spells by practicing them (so repeating using a spell can increase its speed for example).

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RE: Collapse into Darkness (OOC)
Forum Name: Gorsgan

Character Name: Elden Zayn

Appearance: This is the man that your children (will) have nightmares about. He always has something covering the lower half of his face and a green hood adorns his head. Said hood is attached to a green jacket that extends to his ankles. His eyes are steely and look red in color due to a mutation. He wears a black shirt with a sash. He also wears black cargo pants

Inventory: He owns a ton of medieval weaponry and always carries numerous packets of varieties of poisons. Most of the poisons are in vials in his sash or belt. He also has a barrel full of specially-made poison that was intended to be delayed in effects until the next week before killing the victim.

Symbol: A phoenix rising from a pool of poison.

Bio: Elden was always good at three things in his life: blacksmithing, mixing up poisons, and rapping. But let's focus on those first two; because of Elden's talents in these things he frequently did them as nothing more than a hobby. Of course, the secret eventually let out and people started asking for shipments of poison and weaponry. Due to this line of work, he became fairly rich and has a hold of many vermin extermination companies. Of course, he also gets substantial amounts of money from the black market. He never used his talents personally for the majority of his life.

The majority of his life being, until he got caught. After a senator died a week after eating a meal from a "shady figure" some investigation was done on the senators death. They linked to week-old poison that had just taken effect and they quickly found the man responsible for the killing. They then found this man's supplier, Elden. Elden now stores his items all throughout the city and he wanders ceaselessly trying to hide from the government.

But, oddly enough he found himself in a dream. Maybe the government will clear away his record of involvement of killing a senator if he saves the world? Probably not actually, but it's certainly worth a shot.

(Note: I'd like my weapon of destiny to be in the form of a punch dagger.)
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RE: Collapse into Darkness (OOC)
They're morph weapons actually, so their form can be freely changed into anything. Besides that, your symbol means your magic focuses around generating auras of noxious flames. So your starting spell would be a flaming gauntlet.

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RE: Collapse into Darkness (OOC)
Sweet, a flaming fist fits this characters fighting style quite well. The morph weapon thing also fits quite well.

So quick question, what are some examples of high-end spells?
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RE: Collapse into Darkness (OOC)
In your case? Giant full body aura and humongous shapes like a massive sword attached to your fire fist. Additional Symbols can acquired occasionally, giving you a second spell tree and allowing cross-tree spells to be performed. You can also wield your special weapon with your left to enhance your magic, but that means all your attacks would be from the left as a result. I'm waiting for my computer to reset, so I'm currently using my PlayStation to post. So CiD won't start for a while.

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RE: Collapse into Darkness (OOC)
I'm guessing the hand symbols are reversed if your character is left-handed?
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RE: Collapse into Darkness (OOC)
The symbols are always on the left hand regardless of the person's handness skills.

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RE: Collapse into Darkness (OOC)
Forum Name: The one, the only, SupahKiven!

Character Name: Megan McGillan

Appearance: Megan, at age 19, stands tall and lean with close cropped, light brown hair and steely gray eyes. She has excellent posture and a confident air about her. She's commonly seen wearing her sandy colored army fatigues, although she usually dons more casual clothes when she knows she'll be in public for an extended amount of time.

Inventory: Has either her M16 or her Beretta M9 on her person at all times, occasionally both, as well as an extra clip for said weapon. Also carries around her phone and, less frequently, a portable radio. Occasionally has a combat knife on her.

Symbol: A bisected bullet and two rings. The top half of the bullet emerges from the top ring while the bottom half enters the lower ring.

Bio: Megan McGillan was always a no-nonsense, rule following person. For a majority of her life, she had lived with her aunt and uncle, due to her father serving in the army. Her mother had skipped town shortly after Megan was born and her father had left for the last few years of his obligatory service. He returned when Megan was 11 and took her in, where they spent the rest of Megan's school years.

Megan aspired to be just like her father, serving in the military. She constantly pestered him for permission to join at 17. Her father was hesitant, as he wasn't sure he wanted her to go into the armed forces, mainly because of fatherly instincts. Eventually, he persuaded her to wait until she graduated high school. The moment she did, however, she was off, signing up for the army.

She served for a solid year and was going to continue uninterrupted, but when news of the spreading darkness reached her, Megan decided to go on leave for a little while, coming back to check on her father.
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RE: Collapse into Darkness (OOC)
Forum Name: Yewchung!

Character Name: Hagiwara Shou

Appearance: Shou is a seventeen year old boy of Japanese descent. He has a fairly average build, but a bit lean, and a little bit muscular. He is never seen without at least one piece of some ridiculous anime/manga costume, which has gotten him into trouble at his high school more than once. His typical outfit is either his high school uniform (white shirt, blue-black pants, dark blue jacket), or one of his numerous cosplay outfits.

- Authentic "Naruto" Headband, which Shou wears on his right fore-arm.
- Actual Samurai Sword, and actual samurai sheath.
- Loads of furoshiki (wrapping cloth).
- Guyliner, for that effeminate look. Or just for cosplaying as a female.
- Lots of cosplay gear, mostly at home.
- Smartphone.
- Laptop.

Symbol: A bright red fire covered man, burning with the passion of a thousand suns! ORAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!

Bio: Shou is an otaku. There's no denying it. He watches anime of all sorts, as well as manga. He reads both light and visual novels. He cosplays, goes to conventions, and writes web novels as well. He works a part time job at the local bookstore to fuel his spending habits, and uses his employee discount to buy even more.

Shou is a quite cheerful person, and while he tries to emulate the personality of the character he's currently cosplaying, he almost inevitably slips back into his normal cheerful self. Moreover, Shou attempts, much of the time, to emulate his heroes. This can be either a good or a bad thing, depending upon what he's been reading/watching recently or who he's cosplaying as, but for the most part this means that Shou will try to help those in need.

For Shou, his drive to emulate the heroes of his stories, even in the small capacity that he can, is a great motivator. After reading Naruto, he decided to learn parkour, and (despite a few mishaps and broken arms) now frequently runs across rooftops and walls. After discovering that his grandfather owned an authentic samurai sword, Shou decided to start taking Kendo classes, and has continued to do so for many years now. He learned boxing and wrestling after watching various anime, learned how to cook properly after reading cooking manga, learned many sports after (or from) reading sports manga, and so on. While this means that his skills in any one field aren't the best (especially since he's merely a civilian, and a high schooler at that), Shou is a very rounded person, able to pull out skills for almost any situation.
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RE: Collapse into Darkness (OOC)
I'd like to just put a pre-emptive spot for an application here.
I'll fill it out when I have time.
12-09-2014, 05:15 AM
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RE: Collapse into Darkness (OOC)
Maybe a reservation. I'm interested because setting, but may not have the time.

Working Name: Anarkismo
12-09-2014, 12:06 PM
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RE: Collapse into Darkness (OOC)
Right then, here is everyone's starter spell and most of the stats go from 1 to 100.

James Edwardson

Lv. 1 Wind Wisp
-Wind Elemental damage
-Physical Attacker
-Can have up to three active
-Can be dismissed
-Will automatically attack nearby enemies
-More complex plans have to be issued
-5 Attack, 2 Health
-No Defense
-Costs one CP to summon three, can intentionally summon less

Lv. 1 Wind Wisp Evolution Hints
-Issue commands repeatedly
-Focus on attacking
-Interrupt Attacks

Jezebel Monts

Lv. 1 Sound Wall
-Stationary construct
-Four feet tall
-10 Health, 10 Defense
-Able to have five active
-Small amount of noise leaks from the walls
-Each costs 1 CP to summon

Unlockable Sound Wall Spell Hints

Elden Zayn

Lv. 1 Noxious Passion
-Loosely connected damaging aura
-Localized to left arm currently
-Fire Elemental Damage
-10% chance to inflict Burn or Poison with a hit
-10 Attack, +2 Defense for left arm
-Breaks after suffering 3 damage

Lv. 1 Noxious Passion Evolution Hints

Unlockable Noxious Passion Spell Hints

Megan McGillan

Lv. 1 Phase Shot
-Bypasses defense
-Non-Elemental Damage
-2 Attack
-Each costs one CP to fire
-Rapid Fire possible

Hagiwara Shou

Lv. 1 Blazing Knight
-Summons full-body fire armor
-Can be psychokinetically influenced
-10 Defense, has a 5% chance to inflict Burn on physically connecting enemies
-Adds +1 to Attack
-Hinders mobility, cannot be manually removed
-Breaks after suffering 10 damage
-Costs 2 CP to summon

Unlockable Blazing Knight Spell Hints
-Cost Efficiency

I'll start Collapse into Darkness sometime tomorrow at the latest. Besides that, how do the spells look? Oh, and have you guys figured out what Choice Combination to go with for acquiring your Judicantes-slaying weapon?

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RE: Collapse into Darkness (OOC)
Is a choice combination like ... "reject hate, accept love, ignore ambition"?

I like my spell, although it sounds potentially absurd. Still, maybe perfect for me.

That said, what do you mean by "focus on attacking" and "interrupt attacks" as the evolution hints? Like ... well all the hints are cryptic, but those two are cryptic in a different way than some of the other hints, I think?

... oh, also, I have "evolution hints", Phase Shot has no hints, and the rest have Unlockable hints. Do those mean anything?
12-09-2014, 12:50 PM
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RE: Collapse into Darkness (OOC)
I don't want to outright state possible routes for improving/unlocking spells, though "focus on attacking" and "interrupt attacks" are rather straightforward in meaning. "Evolution Hints" specifically refers to improving the base spell in some way, while Unlockable Hints are clues to whole new spells. I didn't provide any hints for Phase Shot as it is already a pretty powerful early-game spell.

Yeah, that's a combination of choices. Won't hold you guys to it if you change your mind when presented the opportunity in game, but I would like to know what you all have considered so far.

The Omniverse is all possibilities, and all possibilities must eventually come to pass.
12-09-2014, 01:12 PM
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RE: Collapse into Darkness (OOC)
I don't find those two things clear, although maybe when I get a clearer idea of the system that'll change? like ... is 'interrupt attacks' interrupting my own attacks with other orders, or something else?

(not that I even care, I'm way more interested in the first evolution hint...)

And I'm considering that combination I said. if not that, I might swap ambition and love. definitely rejecting hate. (Assuming it's presented that way, anyway...)
12-09-2014, 03:16 PM
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RE: Collapse into Darkness (OOC)
Hmm... I would say Accepting = Orderforgers, and for anyone choosing Complete Acceptance you'll get the Orderforger of Law. My reasoning is that society focuses around hate a lot, and enforcing that hate is basically the law. I don't mean stuff like racism or sexism, but the minor things people just take for granted (Such as enforcing the petty concept of "bad" words). So to remove Hate would involve radically altering human society, and thus Human Order.

Complete Rejection, Chaosbringer of Madness, on the other hand represents complete rejection of the norm. Zerosigner of Void, Complete Ignorance, represents the common masses and Neutrality. By the way, the first Choice of the chain decides your weapon. So even if Choice II & III are both the same thing, Choice I still wins.

Though I do have some defined routes for the hints, I'm also interested in seeing what you guys do try to accomplish the hints. In addition to that, you guys could completely ignore the hints and try a different route altogether. Pretty much any action would evolve your Magic.

The Omniverse is all possibilities, and all possibilities must eventually come to pass.
12-09-2014, 05:01 PM
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RE: Collapse into Darkness (OOC)
Oh, we can pick the same option for more than one of the choices? That's tricky, then. Reject hate for sure, then accept or ignore on both love and ambition. Very unsure.


(and I kind of want an Orderforger, anyway... eh, decisions decision.)
12-09-2014, 05:06 PM
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RE: Collapse into Darkness (OOC)
Oh hey, I shouldn't be up right now, but whatever I'll post before I go to bed.

My spell looks cool, and I think I'll do ignore love, ignore hate, and accept ambition. If that's not a thing I can do, just tell me and I'll change it tomorrow. Wicked.
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RE: Collapse into Darkness (OOC)



Edit: BTW Kkutlord, are you sure you're up to running this many games at once? No complaints about your games, but nobody wants you to collapse under the pressure or something.
12-10-2014, 04:43 AM
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RE: Collapse into Darkness (OOC)
The update was a lot shorter than I was expecting, but good enough for the very first update. Everyone is dreaming by the way, and you won't gain access to your Magic until you awake... Or somehow anger your Guide into fighting you. Which will end poorly for you, but reward you impressively if you somehow win.

The Omniverse is all possibilities, and all possibilities must eventually come to pass.
12-10-2014, 05:27 AM
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RE: Collapse into Darkness (OOC)
Just to verify, we're in separate dreams, right? No weirdly-shared thing?
12-10-2014, 05:47 AM
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RE: Collapse into Darkness (OOC)
Separate dreams, though if you're insane enough to provoke your Guide there is some possibility for spill-over. Magic is normally absent from their reality, so nobody would be prepared for it nor would there be any records.

The Omniverse is all possibilities, and all possibilities must eventually come to pass.
12-10-2014, 11:00 AM
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RE: Collapse into Darkness (OOC)
Well dang.
Too late to join this then, I assume?
12-10-2014, 11:43 AM
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RE: Collapse into Darkness (OOC)
You can still join, I really won't reject anyone that tries to apply.

The Omniverse is all possibilities, and all possibilities must eventually come to pass.
12-10-2014, 02:10 PM
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RE: Collapse into Darkness (OOC)
So Kkutlord, originally my symbol was "A Fiery Flag", which I put down because I couldn't think of anything. I eventually changed it to full body fire because it seemed more appropriate, but just out of curiosity, what sort of powers would I have gotten if I'd just stayed with the Fiery flag?
12-11-2014, 04:02 AM
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RE: Collapse into Darkness (OOC)
Flexible sheets of fire, which would of took a while to make into good armor. Speaking of, while you and Gorsgan have a similar Magic Basis, they operate differently because of the symbol. So best to be sure about one's Symbol choice. Oh yeah, information on the Orderforgers so far.

Orderforger of Light
-Level 1 Stats
-5 Attack
-Can stretch out to three feet
-Can generate a Light-Elemental coating up to three feet

Orderforger of Metal
-Level 1 Stats
-5 Attack
-Can stretch out to three feet
-Can fire a barrage of 2 Damaging fragments per turn

Orderforger of Life
-Level 1 Stats
-5 Attack
-Can stretch out to three feet
-Can heal 5 points of damage per turn

The Omniverse is all possibilities, and all possibilities must eventually come to pass.
12-11-2014, 08:32 AM
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RE: Collapse into Darkness (OOC)
Jezebel Monts, one of the only hopes for humanity's salvation everybody.

Space is warped and time is bendable.
12-12-2014, 08:17 AM
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RE: Collapse into Darkness (OOC)
My Orderforger and my spell are /great/. This is gonna be so cool.
12-13-2014, 12:32 PM
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RE: Collapse into Darkness (OOC)
Why hasn't Yewchung posted yet? Besides that, I'll try getting an update up tomorrow. Though what do you guys think of the Guides so far?

The Omniverse is all possibilities, and all possibilities must eventually come to pass.
12-13-2014, 12:47 PM
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RE: Collapse into Darkness (OOC)
the guides are ... something, alright.

no idea why Yewchung hasn't posted, he hasn't been active on IRC the last few days either.

although he's also the furthest along in the process of doing things, so he might be waiting?
12-13-2014, 02:25 PM
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RE: Collapse into Darkness (OOC)
Oh yeah, I've been really busy with school these art few days.

Also, I assumed that, having exited the "dream", I was supposed to wait for everyone else to catch up.
12-13-2014, 05:47 PM
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RE: Collapse into Darkness (OOC)
"Something"? Do elaborate, they're intended to make multiple reappearances so want to make sure nothing is wrong. Besides that, I was expecting you Yewchung to elaborate on your character's surroundings and opinions of the dream plus the tattoos.

The Omniverse is all possibilities, and all possibilities must eventually come to pass.
12-13-2014, 05:59 PM
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RE: Collapse into Darkness (OOC)
I think nothing is wrong with them! I mean, right now they're very cryptic and not very informative.

but I assume that's intentional.
12-22-2014, 04:25 PM
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RE: Collapse into Darkness (OOC)
Forum Name: Xander
Character Name: Alexander Morgan
Appearance: 5' 6" tall. Messy short brown hair. Grey eyes. Average build. Male. White tank top under a light grey, usually open hoodie. Slightly worn and rather faded blue jeans. Slightly dirty sneakers, white.
Inventory: His emergency pack.
-3 flares
-2 sets clean clothes
-1 bottled water
-1 bag of Jerky
-1 Payday candybar
-Pocket knife
- 2 sets of extra batteries.
-Entrenching tool
Symbol: A Shovel, apparently thrust downwards with rocks flying upwards around it.
Bio: Alexander Morgan. Morgan by preference. A part time writer that had the misfortune to be caught in the center of a trio of Dark Zones in a city. He, and many other people managed to get out before the ways out were blocked, but now, he has nothing but the clothes on his back and whatever he's got in his pack. Still, he knows the darkness is spreading. He can only run so far before he's cornered. Eventually, he's gonna have to face the darkness.

Once again, he's writing a story. But this time, it's not fiction. And he's the main character...
12-24-2014, 12:10 PM
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RE: Collapse into Darkness (OOC)
So here's your starter spell.

Lv. 1 Rock Upheaval
-Earth Elemental Damage
-Launches earthen-material skywards
-5 Attack
-Can be performed in a six-foot radius
-Can only launch three feet of material with each use, less equals less damage
-Costs 1 CP

As for hints and all that, I'll just be rather up front: Refer to the Mine Commands for KH: Birth by Sleep, as I was thinking of them anyways.

Anywho, regarding the two Zerosigners:

Zerosigner of Void
-Level 1 Stats
-Can stretch out to five feet
-Easily slices through most things, erasing what was hit in the process
-Damage Inflicted based on where the enemy is hit

Zerosigner of Heart
-Level 1 Stats
-5 Attack
-Stretches out to three feet
-Can affect the emotions of those touched by it

Sorry I haven't already wrote the next update, been dealing with real life stuff (we celebrate Christmas) and it isn't fun for me obsessively making my forum games the most important thing in my life. Will write up the update very soon however.

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12-24-2014, 12:21 PM
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RE: Collapse into Darkness (OOC)
Jezebel gets the universally agreed upon weaksauce power of heart huh?

Yeah. That seems about right.

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12-24-2014, 02:24 PM
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RE: Collapse into Darkness (OOC)
Don't think I played that game. So... Mine commands?

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