You are the GM
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You are the GM
Hey! I just recently made a little website. It's like an RPG where I play as the player and anonymous posters submit GM decisions (i.e. the setting, outcomes of actions, NPC actions, anything really).

It's mostly just an experiment to see what kind of content people will create and how bumpy the plot will be. You don't need an account to post, just scroll to the bottom of the homepage and submit your suggestion.

Let me know what you guys think! I'm very open to suggestions here. :)

admin edit: This isn't a forum game, so I relocated it to the general games section. Thanks!
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RE: You are the GM
Ah, my bad posting it in the wrong section! Thanks for moving it. :)

Just made an update, threw the GMs a little bit of a curveball. Let me know what you folks think!

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