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The Gods' Champions OOC
The Gods' Champions

"This is the month of Xis, said by the Writer of Time the God Temporal to be halfway through the year. Though there are no consistent changes throughout the 'year' to agree, we listen and accept it nonetheless. Xis is a special month for us, as on the fifteenth of every year the Gods all gather. For this reason, it is both a highly awaited and feared month."

"However, ever since the Mysteria Malignant last year, odd Humonculi have been appearing. Odd as in they're all mastercrafted works, and have been specifically targeting mortal settlements. We're not sure where they come from, or where they go after their rampage. Rumors do abound though, but we do agree on one possibility: That they're to cause chaos before the gathering seven days from now. Got that Easterner?"

Looking at the brown dressed Westerner woman, the Easterner taps his amulet. "Hmph, the West. Please, just take me to the city Einheit already."


The Gods' Champions is the game Mysteria Malignant is spun-off from, and thus the Western Continent is fully free to explore here. Malignant wasn't working out as planned, but I still wanted to run their world here. Anyways, you can pretty much do anything for a character, so feel free to do as you please. The events of Mysteria Malignant probably won't be canon here as well, so there's that.

Besides that, the events of Gods' Champions are ultimately focused around the upcoming Divine Gathering.


The Western Gods: The following is only partially canonical due to being outdated (such as the lack of titles), and will be rewritten later on. The names are also subject to change, ideally still (resembling) a common word to show the fact they're the inspiration for Westerners' use of said words. The exceptions would be the Ice and Theft Goddesses due to intentionally chosen names.

Raze: Despite looking sixteen years old he is fully acknowledged as the oldest God, with golden clothes and hair to identify him. His name was obtained when he obliterated the hedonistic city of Nebulous, establishing his disdain and hatred of humanity in the process. Whilst his reasons for destroying Nebulous are unknown, he rarely leaves his mountainous palace only coming down for the Divine Gatherings and to punish those who wronged his siblings. Though, because of his hatred of humanity he is almost always in a werewolf-like form. Finally, driving him mad with rage will cause him to transform into a fifty foot tall wolf composed of lightning... Which is surprisingly hard to do despite his hair trigger temper.

Winona: Known as the Goddess of Love due to her kindness and compassion, she'll help anyone regardless of what they need. However, unlike her "brother" Raze, she'll continuously overlook humanity's wrongs as she believes their heroic nature is ultimately superior than their evil. Though sometimes she'll express remorse and sadness regarding her siblings' acts, she'll refuse to let anything bring her down. Despite being a loving Goddess, she spends most of her time dwelling at the peak of the Frozenspine Mountain though comes down to the surrounding towns to see if anyone wants her help. Each time she visits a town, she's always found wearing a white dress with snowflake-like patterns that she claims a kind old man made for her centuries ago. Besides the dress, spotting a fifteen year old girl with snowy white hair and innocently icy blue eyes is how one identifies her presence. Though, should the need arise she'll assume the form of a snow white nine-tailed fox beast.

Tinkerer: While an eccentric and forgetful God, his mind is either so keen or incomprehensibly mad he can forge any kind of marvelous tool no normal mortal could understand the construction. Using metals as his main material, he'll effortlessly bend and reshape them to his design. Though, wishing to improve humanity despite stewing about in some labyrinthine base making wonders he has recruited mortals to aid him. Turning the current capital Einheit into the most advanced city as a result, he is their Patron God who very much makes it his business to aid the people there. When he's not producing wonders, the fully armored twenty-something will perform experimentations. The result of one gone awry however gave him the "ability" to assume a monstrous form, usually when he becomes sufficiently enraged.

Flare: Referred to as The Infernus Knight, this angelic twenty-two year old woman is a serious yet apathetic goddess who prefers to let anointed servants do her work instead... Unless her interests of battle and knighthood are involved, resulting in a goddess now burning with passion. Thus when she isn't sitting on her palace throne, she's typically acting as some lord's knight underneath guises provided by magical items. Though she'll lose herself to the thrill, eventually revealing her true nature as flames blaze all around the battlefield. Commonly producing four fiery wings on her back to show, beneath them is a large tattoo of a closed eyed woman holding a longsword. Though the realistic nature of it almost makes one think Flare sealed someone inside her, once it starts glowing four wings made of swords and bound by flames appear behind her back. With red armor adorning her body like a proper knight as well, she becomes far more levelheaded and physically stronger for a limited time.

Shine: Frequently proposed to be what an angel would look like, the right side of his body is composed of light with a feathery-like wing stretching out as well. Though, in direct opposition to the race he supposedly represents, he is a very impulsive and chaotic God who utterly enjoys messing with individuals who practice Light magic. Frequently performing extravagant displays of his power or sheer destructive chaos, he can never be bothered to act subtly due to an apparent psychological need to show off. Though when he isn't tormenting Light mages with the fact they could never approach his mastery, he's genuinely impressed by those with the devotion to try. Of note, when a magical experiment with light went wrong he quickly claimed the now bizarre land as his domain.

Bestial: Capable of controlling any creature, she holds great compassion for them. She makes it her duty to tend to the creatures of the wild, and has even made her territory a safe haven for them. While she doesn't detest humans, she has no respect for their mortal laws and mutates all her human servants into more animal-like forms. In addition, she has become known as the Goddess of Vengeance due to inflicting punishment on those that have wronged others. While this makes her and her servants valued by the less fortunate, she'll exact vengeance for anyone she sympathizes with. Her appearance, however, is that of a young woman with silted yellow eyes and brown hair. Besides her eyes only her pointed ears hint at her nature, though when needed she can assume the form of any creature.

Somber: Possessing the visage of the mythological demon, the left side of his body is composed of darkness with a singular bat-like wing. Though, while demons are often described as amoral beings, his calm and orderly nature is more befitting the fictional angel. Unlike his "brother" Shine, he keeps his displays of powers rather subdued or practical seeing no need in pointlessly showing off. While not a very humorous entity, he coldly makes it his mission to imprison and guard threats too powerful for mortalkind to deal with such as immortals. He shuns social interaction outside of correlating with mortal authority, though has a very small handful of servants to moderate his "prison kingdom". Of note, is that whenever he believes a threat is too much for him he'll seek out his "brother" Shine to perform a fusion dance together.

Thorn: While seemingly a fourteen year old girl with green eyes and rosy hair, her innocent appearance belies her true nature as a heroic Goddess. One of the more renown gods, she primarily uses her power over nature to bring beauty to the world... When she isn't dealing with criminals. Unlike some of her fellow gods, she's a very reasonable individual that understands the mortals she would be affecting by her actions. Since she primarily adheres to mortal laws, she has made pacts with other powerful entities such as the physical manifestation of Death itself to perform more individual-level aid. Though when she isn't socializing with humans or coordinating heroism with her allies she can be found dwelling in one of the numerous forests she has made.

Gateway: Occasionally referred to as "The Wandering Hero", "Opener of Paths", and "Collector of Magic" he has a very prolific history of adventures that makes him a very famous individual. Constantly seeking out new adventures, he holds back his own power so that things will be interesting. Thus only opening portals, he'll fight using his skills and whatever items are on his person. He has explored the Western Continent extensively, and has even ventured beyond the "eternal" sea at times. Though he has constantly collected items from his travels, no one has actually been able to confirm if he does have a residence to store them. Briefly answering such questions by claiming his palace is completely awesome, many have speculated that his realm must not even be on the Western continent. Though, while he's usually a fun-loving guy, he'll suddenly be draped in armor when he stops joking around (he's never serious however).

Nano: One of the least known gods, she deliberately hides her true nature so that she may pretend to be human. Her non-unique appearance aids in this desire as most believe her simply a young woman. However, because of her desire to "be human" she'll at best use her powers subtly to help others if her true nature hasn't been revealed. While some of her "siblings" cannot understand her desire to be human, she feels great shame in being associated with battlefield terrors like Raze & Flare due to her pacifist nature. She is hardly a coward however, using her ability to alter sizes when there is no one else qualified to stop crime or defeat evil.

Sanguine: Whenever one hears his name, panic will quickly overcome individuals due to the tales they've heard of "The Bedeviled God". While these tales are indeed true to an extent, The Bedeviled God is an uncontrolled personality awakened whenever he consumes blood. His true personality is a much nicer individual who tries to peacefully interact with others, but every settlement he goes to will eventually want him to leave due to their reasonable paranoia that The Bedeviled God would awaken. Though unlike Nano, he makes no attempts to blend in with humans and instead unashamedly travels in his true vampiric form (complete with visible fangs even). In addition to his crimson hair and black eyes, Sanguine likes to stand out wherever he goes and thus wears outfits like a billowing cape & goldish armguard for example.

Memoria: Having admitted long ago to personally selecting her name, the Goddess of Thieves is a self-righteous and envious being who will steal anything she wants. While she does specialize in taking & forging memories as her name suggests, she'll magically take anything she desires regardless of how intangible it is. Though, she is far from evil and has frequently used her abilities for good. However, since she is overall a self-interested Goddess she won't think twice about stealing from or manipulating even her best friends. Of final note, due to her impressive hoard and gathered collection of stolen physical concepts no one is sure what is her true form as she'll use stolen voices & appearances freely.

Temporal: Master of time itself, this handsome God has taken a non-interference stance regarding mortal affairs but will leave his time-desynced kingdom to fix time. Though, while he doesn't casually interfere with existence out of benevolence he frequently recruits intellectual mortals to aid him with recording the events of history. He completely refuses to tell anyone about the future however, and when he does "answer" it is nearly always joyous laughter or confirms nothing (personally though I don't think he should tell mortals anyways). However, he has a habit of appearing in an location just before a major significant event happens. Finally, while he does constantly alter his age his blonde hair and hourglass shaped irises are a dead giveaway. Though his body will turn completely golden if he needs to make his annoyance obvious.

Kinetic: Dressed in whitish silver clothing to go with her greyish silver hair and eyes, she has total manipulation of movement. Quite fittingly, she's always traveling and is a rather care-free Goddess who'll help when requested. She's also very famous for her bottomless stomach, having sampled various foods across the Western continent and always keen on resurrecting or improving meals that she liked. However, what she is truly famous for is creating the basic rules of Magic and has been constantly studying so she can further contribute to its development. In addition, once she takes a fight or event very seriously she forms her self-described "Mistress of the Arcane" attire which is mainly just fancy robes.

Schizo: Only his black hair is really uncovered, with the rest of his body completely clad in black with belts binding the sleeves to his limbs. However, his face is adorned with a simple white mask without a single crack to show the face beneath. In fact, Schizo is always seen with his mask on to the point even his fellow Gods don't know what is hidden. Even those who reportedly claim to have seen Schizo's face all give different accounts, leaving the distinct impression he doesn't want anyone to know. Since he lacks a directly destructive ability, Schizo commonly collects magical items to make up. Schizo doesn't like to be disturbed by humanity however, making his home in a mountainous region so nobody would bother him. He'll survey from there to find interesting mortals to watch though, occasionally making some ageless just so they can keep doing what they do best. He'll never intentionally bless murderers & the like however, and when bored enough will even aid humanity in solving crimes.

Empathy: Reasonably feared through the West Continent due to her dominance over emotions, nobody is entirely sure of her true personality due to easily switching between emotions herself. Though, since few have actually meant Empathy in person what she actually does with her immortal life is uncertain though she's commonly claimed to write. However it is generally accepted she wears a color-changing dress, and comments from other Gods claim she uses enchanted mirrors to spy on others. Thus sudden changes in mood are believed to be her doing, suggesting a bizarre mindset as individuals curse her name for making them suffer.

Sahara: Only slightly more fond of humans than Raze, he always wears stone armor with a draconian visage because he doesn't believe they deserve to see his true form. Though unlike Raze, he exerts complete dominance over the desert region because he doesn't want any of the monsters escaping or being used to harm mortalkind. Thus nobody is allowed to enter or leave the desert without his permission (though he does give fancy rocks as consolation), having selected what few humans he actually tolerates to enforce his will. He does however allow Somber to run his "prison kingdom" in the desert, who both consider it pragmatic. Interestingly, a giant serpentine stone dragon is Sahara's main means of transportation. The exact nature is vague however, as the dragon seems autonomous yet will form wherever Sahara calls on it.

Lagoon: Wrapped in a long blue dress, with shimmering eyes pure like spring water, and draped with long blue hair she presents a calm smile to all. Forging a small palace from water, she is considered a blessed Goddess indeed for providing shelter to those in need or curing those in pain. She has even enlisted the aid of humans to bring back those that humanity cannot cure themselves. Though, some question why she is so generous and others still question her even when she simply states helping is what she does (which is quite rude really). She keeps a large collection of fish swimming through her palace's structure however, both a convenient source of food and very impressive to look at. Finally, for combat she'll assume a more mer-like form.

Breeze: Dressed in attire fitting a noble, the grey haired twenty year old is a rather friendly person. Frequently preparing and throwing parties for others to attend, he commonly invites other Gods over to help make the parties fun. Though, besides throwing parties he's rather privy to human society and frequently uses his godly status to force societal changes that he's fond of. However, those that see him as a "instant-win card" will quickly anger him if he doesn't like their plans. Once two spiky wings erupt from his back and his eyes turn black with red pinpricks, then one knows he's enraged.

Trickster: Known by all as basically a malicious prankster, It lives to completely and utterly mess with people's brains. It will even occasionally mess with the other Gods, even making its default form resemble Schizo. The exact gender of Trickster is unknown due to its shape-shifting and illusion-weaving nature, casually switching through forms of both as it pleases. It however claims to be male on a regular basis, usually while freaking someone out with how well a woman it makes. In addition, It typically recruits "servants" just to have someone on hand when it wants to try out new illusions on something. Though it doesn't ever kill or permanently terrify someone, as in its own words "they're no fun then".

General Information

Alchemy: One specialized means of performing magic, Alchemy comes in two types: Potions (magically charged fluids) and Runes (prepared spells). While Potions are simply magically charged/created fluids, Runes are decidedly more complex. First, to create a functional rune one needs to draw a circle with the size affecting power. With that done, one simply needs to create any image inside and charge it with magic. However, should the rune be altered post-charge, the effect will become altered well. Sometimes this results in happy accidents, others in nothing, or perhaps explosions... assuming you don't create a Wight instead. In addition, mixing Potions or Runes often change the resultant spell.

Biology: The body a vessel, its shape and form is affected by the soul's nature. Though, the appearance of the body, be it skin, hair or eyes aren't understood on how they reflect the soul. However, it is apparent when one has been affected by or is magic. Human skin varies from alabaster to dark brown, hair as brown/black/blonde/ginger and eyes of blue/green/brown. Any other is unnatural for a pure human, though many Easterners are quite abnormal in that regard no doubt their magical proficiency at work.

Divine Servants: Those that have indebted themselves to the service of a God, they are frequently given power by their liege. Often using every moment to do as their lord commands, they are nonetheless permitted to do as they please. Still, to betray their lord is a grievous sin, one that none will forgive. However, given the busy lives of the Gods, servants are mainly recruited by other servants.

Gods: Though their origins or even exact nature are unknown, within the Western Continent are twenty immortal & powerful entities known as Gods that have greatly affected society. Be they the violent "Drummer of Lightning", the sweet "Maiden of Frost", the murderous "Blood Devil", or heroic "Opener of Paths", they fall all over the moral spectrum. Nonetheless, the twenty Gods see themselves as family and even annually meet in Einheit.

Golems: Constructed from any physical presence and held together with magic, most are nothing more than mindless things obeying humanity. In fact, many such Golems are self-operating items like dancing puppets or moving wheels. Though, should one become serious, it is possible to create a Golem indistinguishable from humanity. In addition, those who replace parts of their body with such enchanted constructs are known as Demi-Golems. However, all Golems possess a weakness: Their Core, the source of the magic animating them, and damaging or destroying it will "kill" the Golem.

Humonculi: Life born from magic, they are made in three common ways. Be they sculpted from flesh (typically internalized abilities), compressed from raw mana (very time consuming), or powered by forsaken souls (often externalized power). The exact capabilities and nature of a Humonculus varies, though most lack the ability to use external magic. In addition, they lack true souls, though besides complete existence failure upon death none are sure what they're missing. Though if one is quick enough they can reuse the essence of a recently deceased Humonculus, or perhaps even preserve their mind.

Magic: The force used to manipulate reality, there is simply one law: Understand what you're trying to do. Thus, failure to do so will cause an unintended effect or nothing at all. Mages also power their spells using a correlating material, though is treated more as a crutch to ease spellcasting. In addition to being physically exhaustive the more magic one channels through their bodies, few Westerners become devoted mages due to all the effort required. However, there are certain ways to bypass the law of magic, none of which are pleasant or practical. However, nearly everyone has heard about if not seen magic.

Mana Mixing: Each magical substance, individual or spell has its own unique signature. When two or more different signatures come together, the signatures will try to overpower the other. While sometimes signatures get overpowered, more often they mix to form a hybridized or brand new result. This rule also applies to the children of magical entities, and is how many races came to be. Though, the more similar signatures are the less wild the result will be (thus allowing magical races to be, well, a single race).

Marks: Strange symbols that random individuals are born with, these marks denote someone born with a piece of special magic. Marks commonly hint in some way at the magic an individual has, be they obvious like a flaming sword or vague like a featureless orb. Since each individual more or less has their own unique Mark, there's no proper way to predict their power. However, they need to manually figure it out on their own, leaving quite a few to never master or even discover their power. They are naturally adept at learning magic however, which is a plus as many Marks have less than useful abilities like fingernail color manipulation or implanting thoughts of cats. Still, there are Marked born lucky, such as the fabled inventor of Necromancy and the rumored gift of Creation itself.

Necromancy: The forbidden magic, Westerners completely despise it due to disgracing the dead and being used to destroy one's immortal soul. To that end, any caught practicing the art illegally will usually be sentenced to death... assuming the Reaper hasn't already taken them. Still, being able to use souls to defy the law of magic, many still walk the path of Necromancy in order to gain ultimate power. Thus, a Necromancer can manage to ensure their safety if they can convince others of their use. These legalized Necromancers however are mainly stuck saving the very recently dead or making corpses talk.

Nomi: Short for Naturally Occurring Magical Item, these were once lifeless objects that became infused with emotions and transformed by ambient mana. Thus what an object has been associated with influences the power it'll have, such as an infamous murder weapon causing bloodlust or a priest's holy pendant of prayer allowing for supernatural focus. However, the rate at which Nomi are produced depends on how much mana it has absorbed, some taking a hundred years to transform and others a few hours. In addition, the potency and number of a Nomi's abilities is directly related to how much emotion it has absorbed.

Reaper: The personification of Death itself and manager of all departed souls, it cares about nothing but assuring souls aren't destroyed. Souls are the source of a person's mind after all, but its casual disregard for the body causes some worry. In addition to taking away the disembodied souls of all creatures, it'll destroy the souls of Necromancers and other such "irredeemably evil" individuals so they won't continue their chaos in death. However, spotting the Reaper is easy as it is covered in white cloth and red belts while carrying an amorphous weapon. Though, the Reaper is ultimately still feared by some due to the unknown nature of the Underworld.

Shells: Sometimes, when one's soul is removed, tiny pieces are left behind. This allows the body to still live, though lack any kind of motivation or emotion. No longer see as people, more amoral individuals will make a Shell obey them. However, they still retain their memories and given the right situations can grow a new soul. That frequently involves forcing them to feel emotions, and thus easier to just fill in their missing soul with magic. These artificial souls however might become rejected by the body, and in worst cases purge the remnants of their own soul as well.

Souls: The thing that is life, the Soul is composed of two parts: The Spirit (which lets one have emotions) and The Mind (which lets one have will). Most souls aren't powerful enough to interact with the mortal plane, thus they are housed inside bodies. However, a body hates housing foreign souls and will attempt to eject any that enter it. Souls can enter bodies that don't naturally belong to one though, such as possessing a suit of armor. Finally, if one wants to manually create a soul magical/emotional/mental energy has to be gathered to forge it.

Wights: More or less a fancy way of saying "thing", Wights are generally anything that exists... yet should not be. Common examples of Wights are things that utterly defy reality such as non-magical creatures that should by all rights not work, or an area using its own twisted rules. Though, since it is a term used to refer to things that simply are Wight is frequently used by individuals to describe something unknown to them (using phrases like "Wight Zone", "Wight Item", and so on). Occasionally even the Gods themselves will be described as wights, existing without a clear origin of any kind.

Geography: Though a nameless world in a nameless galaxy with no celestial neighbors other than the sun, it is an extremely vast world. Within continents, it takes several months to move from one end to the other while going between continents take an entire year. While rain is a rare phenomenon and snow & ice deemed solely the work of magic, the Western Continent is perpetually in a state like Spring. Contrasting the West, the East is perpetually in a state like Autumn. Though, despite the massive sea surrounding the various landmasses there are very few rivers on these continents.

Eclipse Parade: The name Lunatic Light has given his magically warped domain, to the outside it looks like a giant sphere of darkness. On the inside, however, beams of light solidify into conspicuously floating bars and Lunatic Light took advantage of this to construct a brilliant city to stand out against the darkness. Deciding the result was impressive, he opened it to all who wish to come. The end result is a festive place of amusement, loss (don't ever gamble here), and the occasional tournament.

Einheit: Suggested by The Metal Inventor one day to the royals of the capital to be the official name, they accepted because they saw no reason not to. While nobody is quite sure what Einheit is supposed to mean, it is a rather unified city that offers an incredible variety of things. In addition, because of Metal Inventor's technology being used to improve the city all kinds of individuals come to Einheit in order to study the technologies or to present their own. Regarding his improvements, an advanced plumbing system has been established across the entire city with the waste being efficiently eliminated in the process. Besides that, broadcasting systems have been established in places of authority to deliver quick announcements as well as send some mechanical birds to deliver metal parchment to selected individuals. Though, because of a scandal ten years ago all magical creations and practitioners visiting have been viewed critically.

Frozenspine Mountain: Located in the West Continent's eastern region, is a massive "mountain" of ice and snow made by the Maiden of Frost that is also the only place snow ever falls. Known to house the remains of the Elf's ancient kingdom, travelers rarely try climbing it due to a somewhat unstable ground and because a dragon sleeps inside the ancient kingdom. However claims of treasure draws many adventurers there regardless, backed by records from Elves that many things were left behind including the palace's entire vault. Though, whenever a deep rumbling sounds means the dragon has claimed more victims.

Gnomepolis: Once an ordinary village, a mysterious plague affected it fifty years ago. With their people too weak to search out aid, they started producing Golems to bring back help. As their conditions worsened their inhabitants could barely fend for themselves, producing more complex Golems just to help their daily lives. By the time help arrived the outsiders initially thought they found the wrong one due to the realistically humanoid golems populating the village. Once the survivors began to recover, they reviewed the designs and Golems made. Hearing about the simplicity of other Golems ultimately convinced the survivors to make a business producing them, becoming the "City of Stone" in the process.

Mysteria: One of the West's major cities, it is also the center of magic that all aspiring Mages go to study the arcane arts. Thus devoted to the usage of magic, nearly everyone that lives there does something regarding magic such as maintaining the upkeep of Golems or using Legalized Necromancy to help solve crimes. However, those who can't deal with magic end up having to look for outside employment and magical items sell for less there. Mysteria is also frequently contacted by the Dark Warden as his main means of keeping up-to-date with human society.

The Dead Men Isles: Collection of several islands grouped close, they acquired the name due to Necromancers fleeing there to continue their crimes and avoid the Reaper. Eventually being found by Reaper regardless, various abandoned experiments roam the Isles along with the occasional survivor. In fact a secondary reason its called The Dead Men Isles is because of shipwrecks. So while not very fertile ground, there's plenty scattered about to aid one's survival.

The Eastern Continent: Relatively unknown to us, official trading began only fifty years ago. They are known to have magic of their own however, and much more skilled at it then us. They also produce exquisite clothing and art, which is their common export. Curiously though, there's rarely any female traders and reports claim that mainly men deal with manual labor from what little of their culture can be discerned from their port cities. The fact they have their own language makes further interaction difficult, and thus people from both continents limit themselves to the port cities.

The Eternal Sea: Having originally gained its name due to the sheer vastness of it, everyone believed there wasn't anything else out there. In addition to sea-dwelling monsters, it was considered complete idiocy to traverse. Thus for centuries sea-faring travel was ignored, with priority instead on making sure aquatic monsters didn't try to invade the land. Though while it was known as a place of fear, fishers would go out there because of belief there's new and exciting fish. Indeed true, what few settlements there were near the seaside soon got to taste the new delicacies. Eventually, some fishers decided even more exciting fish could be caught at different areas of the sea. With the approval of this, we began receiving reports of small landmasses and ultimately the Eastern & Northern continents.

The Frozen Wastes: Otherwise known as the Northern Continent, when it was first discovered sailors were completely confused by all the snow & ice and actually thought they were cast through time to a period where Goddess Maiden of Frost must of frozen the Western Continent. The initial exploration didn't last long due to monster complications, and only after being deemed by Temporal's servants to not have traveled time did the sailors believe it was a new Continent. Though attempts to return often fail, and even when someone survives to make multiple trips the landscape is claimed to change each time. Exploration is also severely hindered by the fully recognized monster problem, leaving few inclined to actually seek the Frozen Wastes as they've become known.

The Grand Desert: Composing over fifty percent of the Western Continent's western region, is a blistering hot area called a Desert by the Metal Inventor. There are no real settlements in the Grand Desert other than Stone Guardian's and Dark Warden's domains, though strange ruins & relics can be found. Outside of these strange places are even worst creatures, ranging from the simple carnivorous sand worms to bizarre Wights like skittering organic trees composed of a million feline-like insects. Thus the only two kinds of people crazy enough to enter are treasure-hunters or criminals that can't go anywhere else. Though, because of rumors that the Grand Desert used to be the city of Nebulous, historians have repeatedly tried convincing Sahara to allow their entrance to no success.

The Underworld: The place all souls collected by the Reaper go, it is a realm where bodiless souls can freely interact. It gained the name of Underworld due to the cavernous, stony nature and complete lack of sunlight. Most of the illumination is provided by the shimmering figures of souls and the strange glow of the water there. Though, once a soul is brought to the Underworld they need explicit permission of the Reaper to leave. In addition, since some necromancers are simply too dumb to live it is claimed ''things'' will attack any intruders. While the validity of this can't be confirmed by mortality, anyone trying to enter the Underworld uninvited is never seen again.

The Western Continent: The land that we live on, the sheer size of it means most people will never see the ocean. Though, over the years an impressive number of events and shenanigans have built up making exploring the Continent a constant series of new adventures. There's not many trees or bodies of water naturally, with mainly flatlands and mountains scattered between the various settlements (with terrain becoming more mountainous and rocky the closer to the Grand Desert). Though, this also means entire areas easily stand out making navigating rather easy. For example, places like "The Lunatic Light"'s Eclipse Parade or Frozenspine Mountain are nigh-impossible not to see from afar.

Western Culture:

Crime: Done in defiance of basic decency and/or laws, it includes petty things like entering someone's home and rearranging everything to serious offenses like soul destruction. Most crimes are primarily large-scale or planned out however with petty criminals mainly seen as morons. Criminals are commonly given a punishment befitting them though, ranging from inflicting the crime in question on them to something disabling their inclination (like having a seal preventing their magic). However, they stop short of killing murderers (bodily death is no big deal) though those that destroy souls won't even be considered human as they're judged.

Equality: Of all creatures on the Western continent, humanity on average only really cares about themselves. While we're a unified species, non-humans are commonly used for our own gain such as milking bovines or training canines to hunt for us. Other sentient lifeforms are generally treated based on their nature, such as Elves being accepted due to their peaceful inclination whilst Vampires are hated due to preying on any creature (such as humans) to satisfy their hunger. In general, violent & cruel species are seen as monsters while kind species are seen more or less the same as us. Though, as one becomes progressively less human they in turn are seen as less than human. Created species, on the other hand, are commonly treated based on what their creators say.

Gender: Based off of physical characteristics, individuals are either deemed Male or Female. Males are considered more expendable than Females, but since Males are required to produce children they're important nonetheless. Since women host developing children, they're commonly trained far more than men to fend for themselves. However, besides these basic biological differences no real sociological difference is made between the two. Though it is generally accepted one is more likely to commit crimes against the same instead of opposite gender.

Law: System of rules constructed to ease interaction and promote order, the most known law is not to invade another's life (such as obsessive stalking or stealing). The most enforced law is not to commit Evil, as punishments for evil are extremely severe. Beyond those, other laws are commonly things like "don't overthrow authority" or "don't attempt high-tier magical experiments" that anyone with common sense shouldn't even be thinking anyways.

Maturity: From the day a child is born, their life is managed by their parents until they reach the age of fourteen. Being deemed old enough to fend for themselves, one's consent will be deemed valid and no longer have to obey their parents' guidance. Official adulthood (including such things as marriage, owning property, etc) is marked at the age of sixteen, due to being the general timeframe puberty is done. Sixteen years old is also when parents are no longer expected to aid their child, and even if the child wasn't as mature as they should of been going alone is seen as a good way for someone to mature.

Morality: While common knowledge, the basics of morality will be explained regardless. The base requirement for Goodness is not to invalidate the effort of others, such as robbing from people or enslaving them. Invalidating the efforts of others is not evil, though can often be deemed cruel or horrible. Evil, however, is any action that perverts the sacred concept of life such as defiling corpses or destroying souls. Everything that doesn't fit under one of those terms would either be termed Heroism (actively helping others), Neutrality (only doing what one wants), or Villainous (intentionally antagonizing or harming others). However, the morality of actions is based on the motivation for why. Thus someone stealing to aid others will be considered Heroic, while attacking anyone undeserved would be Villainous.

Relations: Since we only pursue relations to produce children, people will often have multiple romantic partners throughout their lives. Though monogamy is the ideal standard when committing to a relationship, as individuals tend to feel "threatened" when their partner actively pursues others. Non-romantic relations generally regards one's family or close friends, with individuals expected to aid family & friends. The guardians of children are also expected to listen to their opinions, but as long as the child doesn't die in their care none worry too much. Given the scattering of settlements from each other, obeying the law is secondary to surviving.

Romance: The majority of humans mainly have children out of a sense of duty, with little care for the act needed. However, those overly fond of romance are deemed weird and end up discriminated against. To that end people believe these "deviants" are more responsible for crime, and anyone having more than three biological children will progressively become more discriminated against depending on how many children they have.

Servants: Individuals who either make a living obeying others, or for some reason have to obey others (such as thieves being punished for their crimes for example). What official servants are rewarded tends to vary, with some just content to serve or others wanting items of value. When one has nothing to trade or any Ain its not unusual for one to work free to earn the items they want or to pay off debts. This is primarily based on their age & weight (so a one hundred pound 14 year old would work fifty hours over seven days). The use of Shells or artificial life as servants tend to be divisive though, mainly based on how much self they can express. Though some find it wrong regardless, while others find it weird mortals are even servants at all when created life works better.

Trade: Primarily a system based on value, shop owners will prioritize items they want or find interesting. Thus, all assortments of items can be found and alchemists will commonly flood shops or traders with enchanted items. Though, so that a single person can't clean out an entire store the weight of an object is used to limit how much one can purchase. For example, something weighing five pounds can be used to buy items collectively weighing five pounds. The value of an item and the shopkeeper's desire for it also affects its price, such as Easterner clothing going up to hundreds at times while a stick or rock of any size would be near-worthless. Since many valuable items are often difficult to move, The Metal Inventor has manufactured coins he calls Ain (coming in numerical values of fives) to ease purchase.

Worship: Over the course of time, mortals have come to worship the Gods. Some become celibate so they can focus on emulating their beloved God, while others preach about the glory of their God. Though they come in many forms, those that worship entities outside the Twenty Gods are seen as cults. While they may flourish in some places and collapse in others, cults aren't taken very seriously at large. However, a recent anti-God cult known as The Bloodied Rose Chain has been verbally assaulting the Twenty Gods.

Bestiary: Containing information on species and races generally acknowledged as a thing, it is extremely incomplete as a result of not counting mundane creatures or small numbered "species".

Angels: While purely fictional beings outside of magic replications, they are known as elegant pale humanoids with two feathered wings growing from their back. Described as good, heroic creatures that desire order their name is used to describe an ideal person. Though the exact abilities of Angels vary from tale to tale, they commonly are given magical aptitude and shape-shifting abilities. It is also somewhat common to depict Angels as fun-loving beings, and even the occasional prankster.

Beastkin: Those mutated and blessed by the "Beastly Judge", Beastkin were once ordinary humans who now closer resemble another animal. While gaining new abilities due to their altered biology, their real blessing is gaining the ability to understand their animal of choice. In addition they can assume any form between their default and a full-fledged individual of their chosen animal. Thus the extent of their mutations in their base form is mainly cosmetic, but since the strength is dependent on how animal-like they are more mutated forms are chosen nonetheless in the event they get locked in it.

Cubi: Believed to be evil, romantically obsessed shape-shifting creatures in actuality they're a mostly benign species. However the prudish nature of the West means they're discriminated against, and sadly some embrace evil to retaliate. Though their shape-shifting prowess is the third weakest, only able to assume human forms of the same gender. However they can weaponize their shape-shifting (such as turning their arms into blades), and in their true forms they're grey skinned entities.

Cureforgers: Having wanted to help others, they were blessed with divine powers by the Goddess "Rainer of Life". Now capable of healing people by touch, they can also walk on water and safely dive into it as well. Though, they cannot heal the soul or remove tumors through their power alone. However, most Cureforgers already had experience with biological magics or medical aid with the blessing mainly making their job easier.

Dawnbreakers: Empowered by the God "Dark Warden", they are few in number but make up for their ability to produce any construct out of darkness. Each construct has the rough strength of tempered steel, but they can only last one hit if not directly held. However they can be produced in any open space, so as to drop constructs from above or launch forward ones with great speed. The more complicated a construct is takes longer to create however, and the more rapidly they create constructs the more likely they'll exhaust their bodies.

Demons: The classical counter to Angels, Demons are just as fictional. While Demons are commonly portrayed as dark-colored humanoids with bat wings to contrast the Angel, they're also portrayed much more varied likely due to the potential unfortunate implications. While many darker-skinned humans don't mind, since Demons are fictional anyways nobody really cares about adhering to a general concept. Though Demons are mostly associated with darkness, with the Possessor variant even as a blob of darkness. The Dark Warden is either okay with this or never even read about Demons as he's generally used as a base for humanoid Demon designs.

Doppelgangers: Unknown how they came to be, Doppelgangers have nonetheless been identified as a Humonculus-descended species. Known primarily for their ability to flawlessly impersonate others, there are only three ways for a Doppelganger to be outed: For someone to have potent enough magic to read their true mind, be able to force them to revert to their true form, or for a Doppelganger to produce a hybrid child (which will have black lines leaking darkness assuming the parent was an Unmarked Human). Though while they can flawlessly impersonate others, most Doppelgangers are known to replace the dead or missing (assuming they're not responsible in the first place). Their true form, however, is very reminiscent of a child composed of wispy darkness. While technically genderless as a result, they'll quickly assign themselves a gender best fitting their personality. While the exact number or whereabouts of Doppelgangers isn't certain, they're generally known as lonely beings that just want to belong.

Dragons: One of the most powerful naturally occurring species, they come in many forms and types yet share one thing in common: Their complete refusal to obey humankind. Combined with their potent magic and powerful attributes, dragons are never to be messed with. In fact, trying to slay a dragon ultimately comes down to how quickly you can attack it while avoiding all of its own attacks. Though dragons are few and far between on the Western Continent, mostly dwelling somewhere away from humans. However, they're apparently plentiful on the Eastern Continent. Of note, since Dragons are a naturally occurring species "half-dragons" can only be made through magic. The constructed offspring will quickly gain the hatred of pure dragons, seen as a symbol of oppression to them.

Elves: Long-lived humanoids that has magic in the blood, their most distinguishing features are their pointed ears and general vulpine structure. Commonly possessed with shades of blue, black or white (if not two or all at once) for hair and eyes their irises are usually pointed as well. Befitting the fact they came from a kingdom inside the Frozenspine Mountain, they're highly resistance to cold & proficient with liquid based and related magics. In comparison to their pacifistic isolationist ancestors, Elves have become fairly adept with combat in the hope of one day reclaiming their homeland. Though, elves have a harder time adjusting to bright lights and high temperatures than humans. In addition, an elf's child needs magic constantly to feed on during development or else it won't form right (thus they rarely take non-magical mates). However, since Elves develop faster than human and heal better there's a niche interest for Elven partners nonetheless.

Elementals: The general term used to describe a creature born from condensing massive amounts of magical energy into one area, they're commonly wild amorphous creatures at first. For example, a newly made Fire Elemental will end up setting anything they contact on fire. Occasionally as an Elemental learns they'll gain control over their form and instincts, though being pure magical embodiments they're just as likely to end up being mindless beasts. Though while many Elementals are a specific flavor of magic, attempts to produce general purpose Magic Elemental nearly always result in sentient beings. Being good however is dependent on how why they were constructed.

Emberwings: Those blessed by The Inferus Knight, the majority of their power is expressed solely through the two flaming wings they can manifest from their backs. Seen as red angelic wings tattooed on their backs when dormant, they'll harmlessly hover over anything obscuring the back when activated. The shape, size, and temperature of the wings can be freely altered by the Emberwing to fit any number of needs. Though, unless specifically trained manipulating these wings is a purely conscious action. Further limiting this power, it is based directly on one's willpower so a flighty Emberwing can't exert as much power than a dedicated warrior for example. Fire cannot hurt them though, and will even accelerate regeneration.

Fleshshifters: Cursed humans manipulated into serving The Mad Trickster, the majority of Fleshshifters are either less-than-stable or become so. Granted the ability to assume any humanoid form, they can effectively live forever by abusing that. Though, their true form will only regenerate when in it so should a Fleshshifter revert to their heavily damaged true form they'll die rather quickly. Perhaps just for kicks, The Mad Trickster has also gifted his servants with the ability to produce an illusion that renders them as someone's perfect individual. When not messing with them, they'll commonly be sent to spy on people... One of which is often the Librarian of Minds, thus completely negating the purpose of their illusion and shape-shifting.

Liches: Used to describe any living creature that had their body and soul fused together intentionally, they become immortal whilst also evading the Reaper's bony hands. While some Liches retain a healthy body, most of these rituals are either flawed or rushed. The result then is any number of abnormalities, ranging from simple decay or dysfunctional organs to uncontrolled bodily movements or even sudden structural collapse. Though, since their body & soul are now one they make for powerful mages and many will even accept the side-effects just for that. Necromancy however becomes much more dangerous to them regardless, being one big soul for them to manipulate.

Maiwhae: Short for "mechanically advanced individuals who hurry along evolution", they serve The Metal Inventor in his pursuit of knowledge. While not imbued with his powers, a Maiwhae will often be presented equipment or "upgrades" designed by him. In fact, its considered a rather high honor if The Metal Inventor crafts something out of the metals he makes for a Maiwhae. Though, while the majority of Maiwhae are humans recruited to serve him or the children of past generations sometimes an artificial entity will be made to serve as well.

Oracle: What The Writer of Time calls his servants, they have been given the ability to see into the past and freely change their age. Primarily tasked with recording history, they can also scan the age of things and are able to leave their kingdom as pleased. However, their ability to know the future is limited to symbolic or nonsensical dreams more likely to mean a different timeline altogether. Though, individuals unassociated with The Time Writer occasionally call themselves Oracles due to liking the word. He's commonly found laughing over their dying bodies, just laughing until they finally die.

Revenants: When a soul, either powerful or convicted, refuses death its body will live on. While some think the death has to be violent, many Revenants never even realized their body died be it poisoning or organ failure. Though, since the body is no longer properly being powered by the soul it'll slowly start to decay. While at first this will simply be bodily decay, the longer the soul holds onto its body the more of itself will be used to keep it going. As body and soul become one, the mind will begin to decay. Eventually, if not stopped, they will become ravenous monsters whose soul can no longer be saved.

Rockbringers: Those blessed by the Stone Guardian, they possess a far more limited ability to control earthen material. They can manipulate the movement of small stones, such as the rock spikes they can raise or hurl stone plates. The current variant of Rockbringers subconsciously create sub-dermal armor out of earthen material to raise their attributes, though the older variant can physically feel much better than them due to lacking it. Both versions can float using stone however, and given enough dedication & time can restructure landscapes.

Undead: Deceased bodies resurrected and perverted into new forms to serve the whims of others, there are no real classifications for specific types. Since they are created by Necromancers, they are mainly enchanted than possess true souls. Though, many Undead tend to be difficult to destroy and once destroyed their body will fall apart.

Vampires: While technically a term to refer to any individual or entity that feeds on something to survive (and/or empower itself), it is generally associated with three types of individuals: A created species derived from humanity (theoretically immortal, but grow increasingly weaker the more they don't feed on blood after three days), the result of runic experiments (occasionally gaining their need to feed by accident), and individuals cursed by the Librarian of Minds or the Mad Trickster (psychologically compelled to feed on blood with no benefits to make up). While what a Vampire has to feed on varies (such as emotions or bone marrow), blood consumption is oddly common likely in honor/insult of the Blood God.

Weres: Another general term, it refers to anyone who transforms into something else unwillingly or because of a specific factor. Werewolves is a rather common type, with many cursers claiming they chose wolf because of the Drummer of Lightning's own wolfish nature. The exact rules of a Were varies, with some types passing their curse onto their offspring whilst others applies to the cursed only for example.

Application Format:

[b]Forum Name:[/b]
[b]Character Name:[/b]
[b]Skills & Powers:[/b]
[b]Backstory:[/b] (Where you explain everything that needs explaining)

Posting Format:

[b]Skills & Powers:[/b]

01-03-2015, 01:24 PM
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RE: The Gods' Champions OOC
So there is once again a moent of "zomg! zo much infoz?!?!"
So, can I assume it is generally the same as Mysteria Malignant or are there sections I still need to read?
01-03-2015, 02:52 PM
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RE: The Gods' Champions OOC
Well, I'll be going over the Manual later on and do some rewriting & addition, though you only have to read the parts you think will be important for making your character.

The Omniverse is all possibilities, and all possibilities must eventually come to pass.
01-03-2015, 03:50 PM
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RE: The Gods' Champions OOC
Can I basically just reuse my character?
01-03-2015, 03:54 PM
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RE: The Gods' Champions OOC
If you want to, though don't mention anything about the Mysteria Malignant there. So many aborted plots after all.

The Omniverse is all possibilities, and all possibilities must eventually come to pass.
01-04-2015, 04:44 PM (This post was last modified: 01-15-2015 12:51 PM by Gorsgan.)
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RE: The Gods' Champions OOC
Forum Name: Gorsgan
Character Name: Yel'zjin
Race:Human... we think.
Appearance: He has slightly pointed ears and an oddly gray complexion and blood-red hair. He also wears lots of dark clothing and has his own set of armor.
Personality: He is... an odd one. He is not somebody most people talk to. In fact, due to his powers the joke is often made about him, "I need an adult!" He also in general is just exceptionally creepy with the way he phrases things.
Skills & Powers:
Training: Yel'zjin is fully trained in use of full-plate armor and pole-arms. He is also a highly effective brawler and can hold his own quite well in a fist fight.
Suggestion: Yel'zjin is really good at suggesting what others do. Almost like a jedi mind trick.
The "Bad Touch": Yel'zjin is not the individual you want to get touched by in a fight due to a mark on his body that makes his touch both annoying and deadly, said mark is on his right wrist. Said mark also looks like a demorphed hand that is made up of various crossing and intersecting lines. His very touch can mess with the human/elf/dwarf/orc/illithid/anthropomorphized cheese sandwich/wight. Depending on where he touches a person and what touch he channels determines the effect (full list of "Bad Touches" will be PMed). He can also channel weaker versions through his weapons
Inventory: Spears, Bardiches, other polearms, healing potions, cash, a net and trident.
Backstory: Yel'zjin worked as an arena coordinator before parents started complaining about their kids having bad men touch them in off places. Once he was found out, he was promptly fired. He works mostly now as a bodyguard for rich merchants. As a result, he quickly learned how to haggle to an inhuman level. This in addition to his abilities have turned him to a must-have bodyguard... if you can handle his personality.
01-05-2015, 03:03 AM
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RE: The Gods' Champions OOC
I suppose he could be an Easterner, magic is so prevalent over there they freely alter their body colors. Though do explain the meta-reason behind the "Bad Touch".

The Omniverse is all possibilities, and all possibilities must eventually come to pass.
01-05-2015, 03:58 PM
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RE: The Gods' Champions OOC
A power granted to him by the trickster. Whether it was an accident or intentional creation of amusement may only be known by the trickster.
01-05-2015, 04:36 PM
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RE: The Gods' Champions OOC
Definitely not accidental, but It might try to pass off its blessings as such occasionally. So are you going to send that PM list?

The Omniverse is all possibilities, and all possibilities must eventually come to pass.
01-07-2015, 03:10 PM
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RE: The Gods' Champions OOC
Right, almost forgot.
01-07-2015, 04:43 PM
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RE: The Gods' Champions OOC
I'm considering making a character for this, but what even is the plot we're going to be going on? Is it entirely freeform?

... if that makes sense.
01-08-2015, 01:55 AM
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RE: The Gods' Champions OOC
The overarching plot is basically to make sure the Divine Gathering goes smoothly, which will take place at Einheit if I didn't already mention that. In fact, all the events leading up to that is meant to cement the Players as the Gods' Champions. Thus I don't want everyone grouped together just hanging out at Einheit, as there's little for them to actually accomplish there (well, there's the end-game that's seven in-universe days away but the Big Bad also needs to believe you're a threat).

The Omniverse is all possibilities, and all possibilities must eventually come to pass.
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RE: The Gods' Champions OOC
Forum Name: ChrisClark13
Character Name: Tesyn James Reynardson
Race: Beastkin (Fox)
Appearance: Tesyn's level of shiftedness depends mainly on how cold it is, but he always runs about with his ears and tail out. He stands around 5' 10 but can go up a few inches when shifted. His hair matches his fur color, a nice auburn red and he has yellow fox eyes. Tesyn wears some fancy aristocrat's clothing that is dyed a deep green with yellow highlights (though no real gold). He also tends to wear a big deep green cloak when outside with a yellow trim. He usually does not wear headgear. He sometimes carries around magical implements and/or books with him.
Personality: Tesyn is kind of a self proclaimed know it all and a fair bit arrogant. To his credit he does know a lot, but he does to make stuff up when he passes the boundaries of his knowledge (if proven wrong he claims it was just a theory anyhow).
Skills & Powers: Beastkin Shapeshifting, Magic (Mid Level Biological, Healing, and Soul Magic. Low level Fire, Light/Illusion, Lighting, Necromancy. Starting to branch into Reality Magic via his study of the Gods.), Technology (Mainly springs and gears, electricity is proving difficult), Runecrafting (Ties into Bio, Healing, Soul, and his Reality magic research and skill with those kinds of runes is about the same as with those magics.), knows a good bit about the Gods and is actively researching them.
Inventory: Reality Field Measuring Device a.k.a The RFMD: A small sealed wooden box with a dial on it. It is current culmination of Tesyn's research into Reality Magic and it was created to detect the presence of Gods and other powerful beings/effects. Measures how much reality in a given area is differing from the norm [think gravity wells and stuff]. It may or may not work how he intends with Gods all the time/properly (mostly depending on how each God decides to manifest it's power in the world but it would be fairly simple to make the dial on it go nuts) but it will probably work better around Wights and the like.
Rod of Weariness: A metal rod decorated with runes that upon striking a foe will cause fatigue. Tesyn has to wear a bracelet covered with counter-runes to wield it properly.
Horse and Covered Wagon: Just a common Horse named "Bree" with a runic collar to increase it's strength and endurance (only recommended for use on horses unless you like tripping over yourself and/or vomiting) that pulls a simple covered wagon that carries Tesyn's day to day necessities.
Two ten pound Sacks of Ain: Money for the buying of things and in bulk for old-fashioned trading, mainly intended for the buying of food and other necessities.
Magic Tomes: Books containing techniques for the casting and use of magic, though a couple are filled with notes.
Backstory: (Working on rewriting.)

So right now he's supposed to be this magical fox guy. What I've got is that he's sworn in and all (for research reasons to be honest) as a follower of Bestial, but prefers to go about his duty to the wild/animals in his own way. In fact he's part of a smallish group of high/mid society Beastkin who in fact see being Beastkin as some sort of fad. Though thank goodness the whole bit about not betraying gods is so ingrained into the culture or else they might not actually do any divinely appointed duties, though right now they kind of just throw/donate money at whatever animal related things and can indeed pull some political strings for other Beastkin if they need it. The group members are also kind of crazy superstitious. They kind of put most of their effort into making their estates/urban cities more animal friendly and their main claim to fame is an animal sanctuary on the leading member's land.

Tesyn himself grew up with his father, mother, and/or other family member in that group and was dragged along to many meetings at a young age. Their rampant superstitions puzzled him a fair bit and he always liked to ask "Why?" whenever one of them was brought up. After getting unsatisfactory answers he decided to study magic from a young age so that he could find out the "Why" to everything himself! He eventually became interested in the Gods and how they work and actually truly only became Beastkin so that he could further his research (though he does hold up his side of it whenever he can, but he's a Fox and foxes are independent and tricky). Thanks to the previous group he was able to secure a good magical education and get a foot into high society himself as which has let him make a living for himself as a Runecrafter.

Kind of typed this out while falling asleep in my chair so it's basically a braindump. Tell me what you think of it please?

... if that makes sense.
01-11-2015, 11:32 AM
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RE: The Gods' Champions OOC
Well, I would like to know what General Magic implies for him, what kinds of runes he commonly/can make, and what his technological skills are. Oh, and the true closest thing to "money" for Westerners is Ain (metal coins made by, well, the Metal Inventor). That doesn't apply everywhere though, but a standard wealthy person would be someone who can produce valuable things. They don't consider "precious jewels" inherently useful, so they're commonly not worth more than they weigh. Thus skilled magic users are inherently better off than the common folk.

There's no real interconnected society in the West, but they do tend to follow general things to avoid conflict with each other. So politics works, but there isn't many trees naturally. Most of the plant life is just plains and some nifty flowers. Besides all of that, application looks fine to me.

The Omniverse is all possibilities, and all possibilities must eventually come to pass.
01-11-2015, 12:40 PM
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RE: The Gods' Champions OOC
I changed Yel'zjin's power to a mark
01-12-2015, 06:56 AM
Post: #16
RE: The Gods' Champions OOC
Where is his Mark placed and what does it look like?

The Omniverse is all possibilities, and all possibilities must eventually come to pass.
01-13-2015, 12:19 PM
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RE: The Gods' Champions OOC
It's on his right wrist.
As far as what it looks like, I really haven't thought about it. I was just thinking some complex line pattern that didn't hint to his ability at all.
01-13-2015, 02:37 PM (This post was last modified: 01-14-2015 11:55 AM by Swampmist1142.)
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RE: The Gods' Champions OOC
Welp, I've been bored, and wrestling is about to end, so I guess me and my avatar Zain should mess with the gods abit. You up for it?
Oh, definitely. Just as bored as you are my friend.
Good, then let's get to work ;)

Forum Name: Swampmist1142, Swampy or Swamp for short
Character Name: Zain Zeckta
Race: Human\Spatial energy Being\Angel. But most of the time human
Appearance: Looks like a male in his mid-to-late teens, Zain is almost never seen without his Grey and Black Fedora, although he often shows his short dirty-blond hair when tipping his hat. About average height, with a bottom-heavy build that is slightly uncommon in males, he does have strangely broad shoulders for his more slight build. Despite this, he is obviously leen, looking like he is used to running. Often wears baggy sweats or gym pants, T-shirts and hoodies, and running shoes. Often has a katana stuck at his hip, although he never seems to draw it. When Zain activates his most powerful states, he gains blue and purple energy around his eyes, his fedora transforms into a construct made of that same energy, and he gains wings made of rips in the fabric of Space in the same colors.
Personality: A somewhat flamboyant, certainly bullheaded young man. Zain has spent a long time fighting, and he loves to do battle in almost any form. Very much acting like an anime character as he battles, he's loud and loves to do strange attacks that make no sense, as well as taunt his opponents. despite this, when he gets serious he becomes a tactical machine, reading enemy movements and reacting incredibly quickly. When not fighting, he loves to crack jokes and keep the discussion flowing. He's also always either moving or talking, obviously having too much energy and hating to sit around. he is incredibly protective, and always puts himself between his allies and the enemy.
Skills & Powers: Zain is a master of Space, his element. He can open tears in the fabric of reality, easily moving through them and pulling other things and people through as well. He also has incredible senses, able to sense his opponents place in reality and react to their moves as fast as they do them. He also has the abilities of many other worlds, although those abilities drain his stamina much more quickly. Upon arriving in This New World, Zain gained a Mark upon his right forearm that looks like a circle split up by a spiral running to it's core, with more smaller circles seeming to radiate off of it. This mark seems to be the world's limiter upon his powers, since universes tend to hate having their rules broken. When Zain begins to run low on energy, blood with well up in the center of the mark and flow around the spiral, slowly weakening his powers until it finally fill the circle, at which time Zain will be unable to fight. Even though the world limits his powers, Zain seems to have retained his versatility, despite the lessening of his strength, stamina, and power of the forms he takes. Zain's main ability other than these is his knowledge of Hand-To-Hand combat and Weapons mastery and his Flashstep ability, which allows him to waste less energy with portals by quickly 'Jumping' to a location. He has a powerful sword with him, made of spatial tears fused into a blade whenever he calls it. The Katana he wears is only a hilt with a small metal bit sticking out, obviously having been broken before. The hilt is infused with energy to allow for the creation of Zain's blade when he needs it, but keeping it active puts great strain on him. also, Zain's soul is only about 75% his. The rest of it is a mish-mashed set of pieces of the souls of his predecessors, which he can access to have a large repertoire of information available to him, although it requires too much concentration to be useful in battle.
Inventory: Fedora, broken Katana (With Scabbard), Pile of weapons in hammer space
Backstory: zain is a Dimension Master, A protector of the multiverse and hunter of Extradimensional threats. Zain represents Space, the connections between dimensions and the fabric of reality. It is Zain's job to protect these things, and put them back together if need be. Zane has travelled the Multiverse, fighting many opponents and learning many combat styles, although he needs to switch to the powers of a given universe to use his skills from that place. With the memories of the past Dimension Masters of Space with him, Zain continues his quest for interdimensional peace. Today, he's taking a break to mess around with gods. with a world in turmoil, and strange continuity changes pointing toward some kind of dimensional manipulation at work, Zain is here to help however he can. Also, he wants to have some fun, right?
Hell yeah I do!
Good. I hope this suffices for information, and if you'd like the power switching can be kept to a minimum. It Does come with the problem of being bad with most of the powers, to keep him somewhat balanced, and if there's anything specific you would like to veto tell me and he won't be using it. Also, Hi, I'm IRLZain, nice to meet you! I'm mostly in DMZain's Head, so don't worry too much about me :P
(Yes, I did do my app IC in an OOC thread shush it was cool :P
EDIT: Oh, and list of powers will be sent to you via PM tomorrow, for today I need sleep :P)
01-15-2015, 04:06 AM
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RE: The Gods' Champions OOC
Okay, yeah, he's already a major aberration of everything normal there. How bodies and souls work there mean a soul like his would of been rejected by his body (making him horribly stand out to those capable of noticing that). Space Magic is basically unmasterable there, with the greatest mortal attempts at it being runic guessing (thus making him horribly stand out). Even if people assume all of his power comes from his Mark (which is something one has to be born with) the sheer amount of power... Makes him horribly stand out. His clothing and katana would also be completely unnormal for the West, plus if he goes around announcing himself as an Angel some might legitimately believe that... Which is not something I want.

Though someone that powerful just there to mess around would quickly get kicked out through Temporal, Gateway & Schizo working together. Honestly, the number of lunatics they already have means they don't want to risk letting some superpowered "I'm right!" individual just running around. Plus I would need to know what strange continuity changes you're even talking about, because Mysteria Malignant is a slightly alternate universe than this one. Oh, and this mostly just a bias, but I really don't trust Extra-Dimensional Characters outside of threads with that focus. Seen past examples before where it was just an excuse for them to not care about anything or anyone in that universe.

So really, you'll need to make a completely different character if you want to join.


Well Gorsgan, what about a stretched out hand? Wavy lines would hint at the psychological effects of it.

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RE: The Gods' Champions OOC
The Bad Touch description has been updated including what his mark looks like and it's position
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RE: The Gods' Champions OOC
oh. Well, damn. I would have liked this info in the op, but ok. And I assumed that a slightly diff. universe meant something weird happened :P. But, yeah, fine, I'll make a new chara. Damn, don't think I can persona this either, what to play...
EDIT: Ah, I know! Let's play Invoker! too late right now to get a description out, just putting the basics down
Forum Name: Swampmist1142, Swampy or Swampmist for short
Character Name: Karl, the Invocationer
Race: Elf Lich
Appearance: tbd
Personality: tbd
Skills & Powers: 4 Cubes that give passives when activated, and create spells when mixed. Elements are Water, Sound, Iron and Shadow
Inventory: Robes, Staff of The QuadColor
Backstory: (Where you explain everything that needs explaining)
Also, fuade, your not wrong. Twas worth a try doh :P
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RE: The Gods' Champions OOC
He shouldn't have to tell you that. It's sort of a given that in a setting focusing around magic and godly politics that a fedora tipping, katana wielding, pear shaped space angle from another universe wouldn't fit in.
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RE: The Gods' Champions OOC
Three of the four reasons I gave in that first paragraph were mentioned and would of been easy enough to realize regarding Space Magic & Soul Rejection. If I really did forget to mention the general Victorian-esque clothing the West has, the fact Easterner clothes sell for so much should imply they have rather different styles meaning you'll stand out in at least one of the continents. If you even intend to join, read the manual first before using important terms like Souls/Marks/Angels.

The Omniverse is all possibilities, and all possibilities must eventually come to pass.
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RE: The Gods' Champions OOC
basics of new chara up, and I realize that the angel thing was bad. My fault. Don't know what I did wrong with the mark doh...
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RE: The Gods' Champions OOC
You realize you have a habit of bolding everything, right? May I ask why?
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RE: The Gods' Champions OOC
You have to be born with a Mark, and a true Artificial Mark (which is a very rare & new thing) would be more than a rune. Besides that Darkness-Based Magic really goes nowhere (cause obvious), and honestly I don't think you know what a Lich there is.

The Omniverse is all possibilities, and all possibilities must eventually come to pass.
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RE: The Gods' Champions OOC
I read the thing; there a mage who defied death by merging their body and soul. Also, I dont see why its useless, but sure ill change it

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