Staffing on CPI
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Staffing on CPI
Hello folks!

We're going to have a popularity contest of sorts.

There are four levels of administration on the forum:

Webmaster - ChocolatePi
This guy owns this site. He's like the Queen Elizabeth of our forum. He is also a pretty busy guy. He has all the powers of an administrator AND has access to the webhost.
Obviously this is not a position that will change ever.

Administrator - amosmyn
Besides CPI, I'm the only other person who has the power to directly change the forum as a website. I have all the powers that a Super Moderator possesses too. The administrator position is generally reserved for a very trusted individual who understands how to handle the technical stuff in the forum and is relatively active enough to help maintain it.

Super Moderator - Mirdini, Solaris
These guys are watchdogs for the whole forum, moderating and making sure everyone's being nice and whatnot. They also lock and sticky topics and ban spambots. We trust these guys very much.

Moderator - Demonsul (General Games), Telly (Roleplaying)
Like Super Moderators, but only moderate specific forums. These positions tend to be reserved for individuals very trusted within specific subforum communities.

Here's the situation:

Before we start getting to work on seriously fixing the forum up, we need to make sure our staffing body is what we want it to be.

Solaris hasn't been active on the forums since April, so his Super Moderator slot is going to be up for election. Everyone is welcome to try and re-elect him, but I don't really think its in our best interests.

Myself and all other staff members are eligible to take the position of Administrator. Myself and all Moderators are eligible to take the position of Super Moderators.

If you are interested in being a Moderator, please PM me by January 12th introducing yourself, indicating which community you would like to moderate and briefly explain why you should take the position. This will not be published and is merely for the purpose of making sure you are serious about the position.
You also must have at least 175 posts as of today.

If you are interested in being a Super Moderator or Admin, follow the same procedure as above, sans particular community stuff. You must also have at least 300 posts as of today.

Eligible volunteers for these positions will be included in the ballots for voting. Voting will commence sometime after I go through all the volunteering requests. When the voting does commence, PMs will be sent to both me and probably Mirdini for the sake of fairness.

If there are any objections to the elections, please post here.

Eligible volunteers will have a chance to make one post in this topic promoting themselves AFTER they are approved by me in this thread.

Since voting is entirely dependent on the number of volunteers we get, I will be explaining this later.

According to CPI:
"All moderator positions are strictly volunteer. There is no compensation of any kind, from myself nor our affiliates. (namely MSPAF) Accepting any moderator position does not equate to being an employee, contractor, partner, or even affiliate of this site, this forum, or any of products I produce. [CPI] reserves the right to promote or demote any user/moderator/admin at any time, for any reason. No other moderator/admin has the right to promote or demote any user/moderator/admin."

At the end of the day, we still have to run the eligible candidates by CPI before they actually receive their positions. While I do have the power to do this myself, I have my own set of rules too.
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RE: Staffing on CPI
Please be advised that volunteering does in no way guarantee you a position even if you are the only person to volunteer.
You must have enough votes of approval to actually receive a position, and folks will have the power to vote out of favour or vote not to fill a position at all.

How the voting process is going to work is still up in the air, however. If someone could communicate with me about it that would be appreciated.
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RE: Staffing on CPI
...okay so I probably shouldn't volunteer for this given that I only have 300 posts because I talked everyone's ear off in DHI and nobody in their right mind would vote for me but I don't see how it could HURT.

So...I guess I'm volunteering! I'll post about why this isn't actually completely stupid if approved.
01-02-2015, 12:55 PM
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RE: Staffing on CPI
Some thoughts on the matter:

We coooould have two administrators, but if that were the case we would simply have one less Super Moderator because we really don't need that many administrators. The point would be to allow another member to have access to the control panel without putting all the pressure on one person. Personally, if I were to end up staying admin I really wouldn't mind that but only if I fully trust whomever took that position.

I think the mafia subforum would appreciate a new forum moderator particularly in the interest of balancing a new game queue, but I don't think it's totally necessary either. The General Games section would probably appreciate it more, and at that rate, maybe the fix would just to get that new Super Moderator vacancy filled.
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RE: Staffing on CPI
Hmm, can we nominate other forum members? Because I think that Palamedes would make a very good site moderator.

01-02-2015, 02:11 PM
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RE: Staffing on CPI
You ask people to volunteer!
I'd just like them to directly contact me because I don't want people being nominated for something they don't want to do.

On that note, Palamedes has already contacted me, so your dreams may just come true!
01-02-2015, 03:09 PM
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RE: Staffing on CPI
So it came to my attention that at least some of what we want a moderator for in the game subforums is just managing content and things in those forums, maintaining lists, maybe handling requests to edit things, and a few other functions that don't really fall under the purview of "traditional" moderation and the community responsibility that comes with it.

What I'm interested in volunteering for is that sort of maintenance work. I think having a individual or individuals to handle that would free up time for people with the skills and community experience to handle more complicated and demanding moderator tasks, taking strain away from that group and allowing people who aren't able to handle those aspects of moderation (such as myself) to still contribute to the upkeep and maintenance of the forums.

So in summary I'd like to volunteer to manage things like game lists and potentially look into other similar tasks (reverting "illegal" post edits within mafia games?) as deemed appropriate. Briefly pitched this to amos who suggested the term "archivist", which sums the idea up pretty nicely.

In terms of our current situation I believe this would allow us to get away with just appointing a supermod rather than individual forum mods for mafia/general games, as they would not need to handle the menial sorts of tasks we'd need a specific forum mod for. They could focus on community issues (rule enforcement, community representation and concerns, rule drafting, etc) instead.
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RE: Staffing on CPI
We have a total of two applications in so far.
I mean, that makes my job easy but I'd just like to remind anyone who may be vaguely interested in said position to apply soon, because you only have until the 12th!
01-14-2015, 11:48 AM
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RE: Staffing on CPI
Okay, so we had a total of two applications.

Palamedes has volunteered for the position of Moderator, and potentially Super Moderator.
He also offered to take over the position of Administrator in case I wished to step down.

dichotomousCreator has volunteered to help with moderator topics or be a Moderator for the Mafia Subforum.

I have also already promoted Demonsul to the position of Super Moderator to better help us take care of the forum. He is, however, still the guy in charge of the General Games subforum and has no obligation to moderate beyond his regular duties.

Solaris has also been relieved of his duties.

Mirdini has not expressed whether or not he would be interested in taking charge of / assisting with administration and thus remains Super de duper Moderator.

Because of the relatively low turnout, I think I'm just going to ask for three other community members to give the thumbs up to elect Palamedes to the position of Super Moderator via PM or Reply in thread. Once that's taken care of, I think I'll discuss a few things with the staff and decide whether or not having dC take the position of board Moderator or Game Archivist for the Mafia Subforum would be a good idea.

Any comments or criticism on any of the matters?
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RE: Staffing on CPI
Can I take on the role of chocolate pie, the emoticon?

(i agree with Palamedes' appointment)

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RE: Staffing on CPI
Thumbs up for pala, although if I were you I wouldn't count mine. I doubt you'll have trouble getting three other people in anyway!
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RE: Staffing on CPI
Definite thumbs up for Palamedes as moderator. He's a guy I can trust.

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RE: Staffing on CPI
You fools you've made me unstoppable!

*Insert ominous laughter here*

But seriously thanks for the support guys I hope I can live up to your expectations.
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RE: Staffing on CPI
*bowing down to Pala*

Yaaaaaes, maestar...

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