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Forgotten Souls - Now Forgotten

6-8 daring adventurers, for a quest of great importance!

The GEM OF ESTVINH, said to grant GREAT POWER to those who find it, has been located in the mountains of Dalirsi.

Upon retrieval of the artifact, there will be a reward of 50,000 Imperial Denar each. Any other retrieved artifacts will be rewarded extra.

If interested, contact Isoba Zephan in New Vatia. You will hear back if you are selected, and transport will be arranged. Contact information for Isoba Zephan is listed below...

Such was the notice found posted around the Darmidian Empire and surrounding regions. You are, of course, one of the daring adventurers mentioned. Or perhaps you aren’t, but for some reason are still willing to risk your life for some ancient artifact. It hardly matters. Whatever your reasons may be, you have each contacted this Isoba Zephan, and have arranged Aethertrain travel to the province of Dalirsi to meet them in person. What you discover might just change your life forever...


Welcome to Avanti! A world of strange creatures, unusual happenings, extreme danger, and, of course, adventure!

Avanti is overlayed with a field of probably-magical energy known to most as Aether. Aether is present everywhere in low quantities - in fact, life would be impossible without it. Through the use of rare Aether-charged crystals, it can even be manipulated to slightly alter reality itself - whether this is for long-distance communication or for making a fireball appear in someone’s face depends on the user.

However, Aether is just as notable for its side-effects. Exposure to increased levels of Aether can, in some cases, induce unusual mutations in people - new limbs, extra eyes, strange powers… those are only a few of the many, many things it can do to you. Some people find this undesirable.

You are all from the continent of Darial, the location of the Darmidian Empire and the human nation of Kolania. The nearby islands may hold other nations as well. The level of technology roughly corresponds to late-19th century Earth - there are trains and guns and such, and people don’t typically run around with plate armor and broadswords anymore. Unless they’re magical.

Note that this game is likely to be heavy on PMs, after a certain point. If enough people are in the same place, it may be moved into the thread proper. The first part of the game will also be in-thread.


Name: You know what a name is.
Age: How grumpy and old are you?
Race: What are you? You may want to check the information below before you decide on this.
Appearance: What do you look like? Any interesting mutations?
Possessions: What kind of cool stuff do you have on you?
Skills: What are you good at, if anything?
Biography: Where did you come from? What kind of stuff have you done?


The gods of Avanti are interesting beings. They are not necessarily immortal, or all-powerful, or any number of things. As best as anyone can tell, the gods are beings of Aether, hailing from some higher plane of existence, with the ability to manipulate reality far beyond the capacity of mortals. They are not often seen, and do not frequently make their presence known.

The appearance of the gods varies drastically, but it is rare that they resemble the races of Avanti - more often, they are unusual creatures, sometimes monstrous in form.

Note: You may or may not be aware of your patron god’s existence, but you have never encountered them personally. Nor has anyone else that you know. Your god may also not be widely worshiped, and they are not really aware of you specifically.

Name: What name does this god take, if any?
Appearance: What does this god look like? If this god can change their appearance, what forms do they most often take? Among other things, this may have a part in mutations you acquire, if any.
Description: What is this god like? What can they do? Is there any particular domain they have a preference for?

Signups will be open until Friday, February 20. If you do not get in, you may have an opportunity to join as a regular character (no associated god) later on.

Map style designed by Ascension. Tutorial here.
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RE: Forgotten Souls
This second post will be used to store important information about the setting, for the sake of organization.

The draconic race, originating from the northern regions of Darial. A very common sight in Darial, the antai were the founders of the Darmidian Empire. What is most notable about the antai, perhaps, is that they have no “typical” appearance. Due to a millennium of exposure to Aether from the Rift, the antais’ forms have been warped in countless different ways. Though they all resemble dragons to some degree, they have different body shapes, limbs, sizes, even number of heads. An antai could be a humanoid dragon the size of a housecat, or a hexapedal monstrosity the size of a house (though such large antai are quite rare). Most commonly, they are about 6-8 feet tall. If not blocked by obvious logistical concerns, antai of radically different appearance are still capable of producing offspring - their children will typically share the traits of both parents.

Due to their exposure to Aether, the antai are quite proficient at magic. Some can even channel Aether without the use of special devices. They are known for their creation of various magical devices, Aether-enchanted tools and weapons, and other such things. Among them are also the Empire’s most proficient alchemists, able to modify plants with Aether and distill them into all sorts of potions.

In addition, they have a higher resistance to Aether-induced mutation than other races.
A mammalian race hailing from the southern parts of Darial, humans are somewhat of an enigma. Historical records dating beyond 500 years ago make no mention of them - even humans are unsure of where they came from. In addition, humans are more prone to Aether-induced mutation than any other race - the reasons for this are unclear.

Humans are rarely seen outside of their own nation - the Kolanian Republic, one of the few regions not incorporated into the Empire. Most of them are fearful of Aether, and prefer to stay as far from those who use it as possible - the use of magic is virtually banned in Kolania. As a consequence, humans lag somewhat behind in technology, but their technology does not rely on Aether in any way. Naturally, a few humans deviate from the norm, setting out into the world beyond in search of opportunity, but these are definitely a minority.
The result of a magical accident some 200 years ago, the half-humans are pretty much exactly what they sound like. Their appearances vary widely, with half-human being more of a general term than anything - however, all of them have features of humans and non-human creatures in roughly equal proportion. There are numerous recognized “subspecies” of half-human maintaining similar appearances to each other. Procreation is sometimes, but not always, possible between different subspecies.

Due to their nature, half-humans are not often welcome in many areas of Kolania - as such, most live in the parts of the Empire just across the border, and in fact are the majority population there. Like humans, half-humans are known to be quite innovative, though they are much less afraid to incorporate aether into their designs than humans are. Half-humans are a somewhat common sight in the Empire, filling no single role - though they will often use their particular physiology to their advantage.

Half-humans have an average resistance to mutation, and due to their nature have relatively few problems with it.
The airborne race. Hailing from the mountainous regions of Darial, the syulan are often regarded as one of the most adventurous races. They are somewhat reptilian in appearance, with typically slender bodies, long tails, and six arms. The top pair of arms primarily serves as wings, with long, foldable flaps of skin attaching to their torsos. The hands of those arms are nearly as dexterous as the other four, in spite of the wings. Despite their reptilian appearance, syulans are covered in a thick coat of fur - as such, they are very well suited to cold climates. They have four eyes and rather blunt teeth, and come in a variety of colors. Syulans also have no legs - while not flying, they tend to walk around on their hands.

Syulans are a fairly common sight across the Empire. Their flight allows them to travel fairly quickly, without the use of any sort of vehicle. In the days before trains, syulans would frequently work as couriers, able to travel long distances much faster than any other mode of transport. Even today this is a fairly common job - delivering things to places not yet reached by railroads. However, they have a reputation for adventurousness - syulans are quite predisposed to wandering and traveling, and many leave their mountainous homes in search of adventure. In a land so full of ancient ruins and strange creatures, they always find plenty to do.

Syulan have an average resistance to mutation. Overall, they regard mutation as fairly normal, though not to the extent that the antai do.
Not a proper species in itself, but rather, a common name for those changed by aether. Chimera can be used to refer to something as minor as a human with pointed ears or something so changed that it no longer even resembles its original species. Most commonly, though, the word “chimera” is only used for fairly noticeable mutations.

Chimeras are normally accepted into society, though attitudes toward them vary. Humans, especially, are known for being wary of or even outright hostile toward chimeras, perhaps out of fear. As such there are relatively few chimeras in Kolania, being most common near the border with the Empire.

The mutation resistance of chimeras is highly variant, depending on how much aether they have already absorbed in their lifetimes. Someone heavily mutated will have a naturally higher resistance than someone who is not.
And More…
These are not the only species on Darial - merely the most common. There are likely quite a few more, both inside of and beyond the Empire. If you want to make up your own species, go for it! Just write up a description and I’ll plop them into the world as if they were there the whole time.

Note that elves, dwarves, and other such “exceedingly human-like” races do not exist, and will not exist. If you want to be a nature-loving human with pointy ears, feel free, but it isn’t its own species.

The Darmidian Empire
The Empire began as a loose coalition of nations centuries ago, and rapidly grew into a continent-spanning superpower. The Empire is host to all sorts of people, of many species and from different backgrounds. They are, however, limited to the continent - one of the constituent antai nations once managed to establish a colony overseas, but contact has since been lost.

The Empire is comprised of a number of semi-autonomous provinces, under the leadership of the Empress and the Darmidian parliament. Among its notable features is the Rift, a massive chasm over 1,000 miles long and many miles deep. Where the Rift came from, and what lies within, is unknown. The Rift constantly emits Aether, most of it blocked by the Great Rift Wall, established by the antai many centuries ago. It is said that none who enter the Rift come out alive.

If you’re not a human, you’re probably from here. Not definitely, but most likely.

Kolanian Republic
The nation of humans, occupying the south end of Darial. The Kolanian Republic has relatively little contact with the Empire, and keeps its borders well-protected. The Republic has existed in some form for centuries, the formerly sparsely-inhabited land being effectively taken over by humans not long after their appearance.

The Republic is a democratic nation, inhabited almost solely by humans. There are strict sanctions on Aether-based technology due to its potential hazard to humans, and the practice of magic is strictly illegal without a license. Licenses are not easy to acquire. Non-magical technology, while not as advanced as the technology of the Empire, is much more prevalent in Kolania, and less prone to unpredictability. Non-magical medicine is also a fair bit more advanced.

There is also a small population of half-humans and chimeras in the Republic, though they tend to gravitate toward towns bordering the empire due to long-standing prejudice.
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RE: Forgotten Souls
consider me super-interested. i'll be looking forward to this once signups open.

edit: then you can consider this a reserve post.

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RE: Forgotten Souls
Signups are open! Unless you mean signups for "regular" characters.
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RE: Forgotten Souls
Name: Xhei the Wanderer

Age: 35

Race: Chimera. Originally human, heavily mutated.

Appearance: Xhei is wrapped head-to-boot in clothing. His face is covered by shrouds, and frayed blue cloth wrappings cover most his body. He is very tall, at about seven feet, his arms are noticably bulkier than the rest of his body, and his head looks lumpier than it should. This is because, beneath the shrouds, he is VERY heavily mutated. His skin has a texture somewhere between that of scars and scales, hit teeth are yellow and pointed, the left side of his head sports three stubby horns, patches of his long, graying hair are missing... Despite this, there are obvious scars on his person that are clearly not the product of mutation. But, since no one sees beneath his shrouds, the scars remain as hidden as the stories behind them.

Possessions: Xhei has a pack of survival gear, a supply of bandages (sometimes his skin forms boils and blisters), food, water... As for things beyond basic supplies, he possesses sketchbook and charcoal pencil, as well as a binder of drawings he is very protective of. Finally, he has a wicked looking knife and a lever action shotgun with a sawed-off barrel.

Skills: Surviving, killing, and, oddly enough, drawing. The former two forge his way in this world. Due to his mutations, Xhei has inhuman levels of stamina and strength. In fact, due to mutations in his arms, one could say his strength is well in the superhuman levels. He's also become very proficient with the shotgun he obtained, learning to use this cutting edge technology to get by.

Biography: Xhei used to be from Kolania, when, due to an accidental exposure to Aether, he received his first, light, mutation. Still, this was enough to earn him shunning and exile. He fell in with a few other fellow Chimera fleeing the country, and Things Happened. Whatever it was, Xhei escaped Kolania with a bitter sense of hatred for his former kinsmen. In the following years he exposed himself to Aether whenever the opportunity rose, getting by off of mercenary work and other less-wholesome endeavors. He only had two lines he wouldn't cross: he wouldn't hurt children, and he wouldn't help Kolania. When he saw the poster looking for adventurers, he leaped at the possibility.

Name: Misomnius

Appearance: Misomnius's shape is that of a large, red curtain draped upon a crooked, angular figure. Crowning the figure are masks of the many races of the world, each twisted into an expression of wrathful loathing. Misomnius can shift shapes quite easily, and actually is known to do so, but his impersonations always have hints towards their true origins, among them being particularly fearsome expressions and the abundance of the color red on their person.

Description: Misomnius is known as the God of Hate. Rather than feed from the worship of those who believe in him, he feeds from hatred within the world. He has taken the visage of many minor "false gods", who will call their congregations into holy wars, sometimes against other personas he's created, all in the name of spreading more hatred. He has a special place in his twisted heart of Kolania, but that doesn't mean he has a preference for preserving it. Misomnius has drawn worry from a select other gods due to the fact that they suspect him of planning something rather dire. He draws glee in seeding misunderstandings and propagating grudges throughout the world. As for his positive contributions to modern civilization? He's been known to support dramatic arts, for whatever reason, and he also is a proud defender of critics and politicians, though they normally tend to be hateful and involved in demagoguery.
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RE: Forgotten Souls
Name: Yefrindal, af Jorunson
Age: 19, young and inexperienced
Race: Human islander
Appearance: Tall and lithe, he possesses sandy blonde hair and slate grey eyes and an ugly nose which had evidently been broken and hadn't set right.
Possessions: Yefrindal possesses simple attire and long distance traveling gear, but possesses a distinctive emerald coloured hooded cloak with a shining iron clasp
Skills: Yefrindal is a hunter and scout by trade, excelling in archery, pathfinding and other survival skills. While a master at using the longbow and the shortbow, he is only passable with the sword and spear.
Biography: Yefrindal is a human of Indrial island, a rather isolated community that is only nominal a part of the republic, and only because the republic's ships showed up one day and dared them to say otherwise.

The islanders mostly keep to themselves and are an intensely private culture by nature, often interacting with other humans of the republic out of necessity than anything else. As a result Yefrindal always stayed close to kith and kin, only traveling to the cities of the republic on trade.

It was a peculiar mood that took him the days leading up to his exodus from the island, plagued by a sense that he should go outside of what he had always known, but could never place a reason as to why. He found himself leaving the island in a small ship and wandering the republic, occasionally surviving by hunting and paying his way through using his skills to make useful pelts with which to sell. He quickly found himself lost amidst the republic unsure of what to do with his life or why he was even outside in the first place. It was just as homesickness was about to overtake him that he came upon the advertisement seeking adventurers to search for some mystic gem the magic using northerners believed existed in the mountains of the far north.

Nonsense of course but something clicked in him when he came across the plea for aid. He had never possessed an adventurous spirit but something egged him on, as if he'd regret not following through with it. Reluctantly he made his way to New Vatia in search of this Isoba in order to see if his services could be rendered.

A quiet and reserved individual, Yefrindal is nonetheless trusting. While wary of all strangers he is likely to take a man at his word for good or for ill. He is rather unlearned of the world and its wiles and has a rather underdeveloped sense of humour.

Note on Shining Iron
The island is known for being the only known source of what has been dubbed shining iron by aetheric smiths. An odd substance that is for all intents and purposes, ordinary iron metal. The only noticeable distinction of its oddity is that prior to processing, the iron ore has an iridescent blue colour to it that completely disappears upon being worked upon. The metal apparently has some aetheric qualities to it, but the few samples that managed to be smuggled out of the republic never seem to reward any effort to figure out what those qualities are, even though it reacts to aetheric magic. And despite living on the island for gods know how long, the islanders never produced any half human mutants.

Needless to say, nobody informs the humans of what they're sitting on, so both the humans of the republic and the island of Indrial go on blithely unaware of the interest people outside of their lands would have with the substance, seeing it as little more than an odd source of expensive metal due to the difficulty in refining it.

Name: The whisper in the light.
Appearance: Whatever he damn well wants it to be. But generally, if he is seen at all by mortal or god, they perceive an incandescent light which hurts to look upon as well as immaterial wings that are just barely perceivable.
Description: This god is not known for its overt tendencies, but rather for subtle manipulations, trying to guide rather than steer and to persuade rather than to tempt.

It is known as the whisper in the light for a good reason, as it is often associated with the light and has a fondness for illumination in all its aspects, its machinations, though their end goals are so far beyond mortal reckoning that they could not perceive their multidudinous effects if they tried, but those who follow his whims and will often find it is generally towards the better, of either themselves or of others, even if they are unaware they were working towards the tune of a god, they will always feel as if something is off, as if they were a part of a joke they were not aware of, nor will ever be aware of.

His communication is through whispers, voices that aren't quite there, more feeling than sound, tugging at the back of the mind and only when light falls upon the mortal he seeks to persuade. One can never be sure if it was him or some other nagging sense that brought them to where they stood. Because of his nature, almost no one is aware of his existence.

He is perfectly fine with this.

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RE: Forgotten Souls
Name: Erika Von Straussberg
Age: 45, stern and bitter.
Race: Half-Human
Appearance: She stands tall proud and rigid in a almost military posture. Her long black hair wrapped tightly in a bun and with a permanent fixture of a scowl on her face she has the look of a professional.. As for what her profession is is revealed in the clothing she wears. A brown long coat holding lots of packed medical supplies and a bottle of potent whiskey, A white (with few bloodstains) apron with a green cross on it and a belt holding various medical instruments, She wears a blue undershirt and gray pants with sturdy blackened boots, Her face is adorned with a a scarf she uses as a makeshift face mask leaving only her blue-gray eyes visible.. In the event of a viral outbreak she has a plague doctor's outfit around..

The clothes do a good job hiding aspects of the 'other' half of her. Black feathers grow and coat the upper parts of her body and her lower legs end in talons instead of feet.. along with black feathered wings growing out of her back and having a beak,..Her voice also has some scratchiness to it like a bird. it would be obvious that she was a half human if she didn't hide it well enough. It causes her discomfort but it is a necessary sacrifice.

Possessions: Whiskey, Bandages, Antibiotic Herbs and Anti-venom tucked into her coat, A Doctor's bag carrying surgery tools (thread and needle,scissors,scalpel,wax,tweezers e.c.t), A belt containing a rag, a bone-saw and a double barreled pistol for the occasional outlaw run-in.. Her backpack contains a plague doctor's outfit and food.
Skills: She is a skilled field medic and surgeon.. She can also make a mean poison, She never tried flying but could theoretically do it if she practiced. She however is not a experienced combatant.

Biography: Even tho she didn't know it for most of her youth Erika was the daughter of a established mercantile family within the the Republic who which founders were subjected to the magical incident that created the half humans..a fragment of their line eventually became corrupted that they once every so often birthed a half human, of course the family kept that a secret from everyone and had the child dumped in communities of half-humans.. there is a good chance where previously born half-humans in those communities who would take them in and raised them.

Erika was raised one of those older members within that community..who had been the village doctor to those that fell ill or wounded... or to those that wounded themselves in a attempt to 'rid' themselves of their otherness. Erika found herself conversing with those poor souls quite often.. eager to hear their stories of humans and their lives..

This led to her having a dumb idea, disguising herself and going off into the republic.. coincidentally she ended up in the city were she was born she however was caught up in a conscription wave and ended up being a field medic due to her previous medical experience..

Trough the years she was at various monster hunts and skirmishes between local powers tending the preserve her cover she kept them as drunk as possible 'to numb the pain', Growing quite proficient in her job.. even getting a few commendations from high command and with the end of the conscription and travels trough the republic, she learned of her family's history... unfortunately her family also learned of her and sent a letter to her requesting her to meet them, the lord of the house and Erika met under the dark of night. The man was nice and understanding but resolute. Erika had to leave the republic and never return..She reluctantly agreed..vowing to visit the half-human village she grew up in one more time before she left for different lands

When she arrived the village was decimated, the houses burned out and the corpses burned, she tried to find her caretaker but for naught.. She did however found a burnt corpse of a soldier who had participated in the attack and to her great horror the armor had the same seal as the family.

Bitter and Disgusted she took the family as her own, As a insult to them and a reminder of her caretaker who raised her and left the republic for good..following the call of a advertisement for a adventure.

Patron God:
Name: Xeloya'th
Appearance: It takes the shape of an blackened arc with straight pointed spikes going trough it, pointing inwards, its made of a black ethereal metal that seems to attract black shadowy mists around it.. its rather unnerving to look at.
Description: Xeloya'th's in all its forms it radiates a aura of foreboding dread and despair.. probing and testing the minds that come near its influence for their resolve... it either inspires heroics or drives people to the brink of despair.. or even insanity.. It is considered a risky endeavor to research into its divine being, sure some cults have sprung up and its symbol might have been left in some places but its best left where it lies.. for surely madness lies in its path.

Xeloya'th focuses on stress fear and resolve, not really having a goal in mind but to test individuals for the heck of it.. It is also rumored it protects places of beyond this world.. And with magic being used so freely with the exception of the republic it might not be a coincidence some one delves to far into the unknown..and meets the terrors Xeloya'th surrounds itself with.
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RE: Forgotten Souls
Name: Gorv

Age: 21

Race: Half-Human

Appearance: Gorv stands at about five foot eight, with greasy black hair and tanned skin. On his human parts that is. Gorv's human parts mainly consist of most of his legs, his torso, and some of his head. His not human parts consist of his arms, his feet, the rest of his head, and a shell on his back that can open up to reveal four translucent wings. His arms are segmented into three parts and end in a three 'fingered' hand. His head has mandibles protruding out about five inches from the sides of his mouth, as well as compound eyes that, if you look close enough, appear to have pupils in each section. A pair of short antennae stick out of his head, tipped in feathery feelers that help detect movements. His feet are wide, and covered with tiny hairs that produce a substance that let him more easily climb surfaces.

For clothes, Gorv doesn't wear much. Just a ragged white cotton shirt with overly long sleeves that's easy to take off and a pair of burlap pants with many pockets sewn into them.

Possessions: Gorv has a revolver specially modeled to his... weird hands, a switchblade, a box of ammunition, a needle and spool of thread, and a small sack to keep some money on hand, just in case.

Skills: Gorv is a thief, tried and true. He is excellent at stealing and remaining stealthy. He can easily make silent getaways or cause a distraction that allows him to make a silent getaway. What is is not, however, is an assassin. While he does know how to use his gun and could theoretically kill with his knife, he prefers to escape or dispatch his foes nonlethally. Also, despite his wings, he can't fly, but can use them to help him move faster and keep himself in the air slightly longer than a normal human would be able to. He's also not bad at sewing.

Biography: Not much to say about Gorv. He was born in Odlator, abandoned in Odlator, raised himself in Odlator. He's a street rat. Or, street bug, if one would prefer such terminology. Picked up stealing as a way to feed himself when he was young and stuck to it. He not only was good at it, but enjoyed it. So he moved from town to town, using his insectoid abilities to rob as many as he could before somebody finally figured him out and he was forced to escape, moving somewhere else to sell the stolen goods to some poor chump or a black market dealer, continuing the cycle anew. One particular day, after running from yet another group of angry townspeople and law enforcement, he found a piece of paper advertising an adventure. And the only word that he found suited this opportunity was 'Jackpot'.

Patron God
Name: Umbrus
Appearance: Umbrus mainly appears as an opaque cloud of shadows or miasma, although it has been known to take the appearance of a humanoid figure made of the same material. Its most notable aspect is that it is notoriously difficult to describe.
Description: Umbrus, despite its appearance, holds no malice towards anything. It is simply a being of stealth and silence. It likes to chill and has been said to enjoy a hearty glass of juice every once in a while, although this is technically a myth and is not 100% reliable. Still, Umbrus would technically not object to having juice left out for it by believers.
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RE: Forgotten Souls
Name: Erma of Kambos
Age: 40
Race: Orignai
Orignai appearance and common information:
A vaguely arachnid species from he waist down, Orignai have six legs connected to the base of a elongated, almost serpentine torso. Their abdomen is likewise elongated and flexible. At full height, an Orignai is usually about seven and a half feet.
Their skin ranges from black to dark grey, with speckled patterns of lighter pigments across the body being a common sight.
Their heads have four large black eyes, which seem to almost bulge out unsettlingly. Their skulls taper out quickly into a point, giving their heads a vaguely teardrop shape.

They, despite their arachnid appearance, give live birth. However, there is little distinguishing male and female Orignai to an outsider. Even Orignai can have trouble telling each other apart. They tend to wear clothing that distinguishes one as either male or female by somewhat subtle differences in style or color. But there is little in the way of social pressure to not wear more "Gender neutral" clothing.

The Orignai live for about 96 years, assuming a healthy lifestyle.
Their webs are strong enough to hold their weight, with some extra baggage. But they are actually surprisingly light, so this is not quite as impressive as it may seem at first because of their size.
They can climb walls better than most. But they still require handholds most the time. That, or rough surfaces what allow for their legs to grip properly.
Orignai homeland:
The Orignai are usually found in only one location. The Hamishival canyon. Found in the Hamishival desert at the border of the Hadisan and Arvaden provinces, this large canyon has been the home of the Orignai for as long as anyone can remember. Nobody even recalls if it was the canyon that inspired the name of the desert, or vice versa. Any Orignai will tell you that the name of the canyon came first though. This landmark is so deep in some places, the sun doesn't even reach the bottom. It is a commonly held belief among the Orignai that they originated from somewhere at the bottom of the canyon.

Along with being in itself a fuckall deep canyon, there are also rumored to be innumerable cave systems, mines, bunkers, and other such underground structures in the canyon. The Orignai, being extremely private, do not allow for much information about these underground passages to get into the hands of outsiders. Other than being reasonably sure they exist, little is known about them. It is assumed that Orignai have a food source in these caves though, which would explain both the lack of apparent agriculture, as well their lack of food imports. What is known, is that there is a rich supply of aether crystals in the canyon.

Many of their settlements are inside the canyon itself. Structures are built into the walls, and where the canyon is narrow enough, great bridges of web can be seen inside connecting one settlement to the next. The villages found outside of the canyon are rare, and are never found more than a mile from the canyon.
The Orignai have only one proper city.
The holy city of Kambos:
Located on and inside an incredibly wide rocky pillar in the canyon. Like an island, in the middle of an empty lake. The steeples of Kambos are a sight to behold, with each building towering upwards, as if to touch the sky.

Deep in the heart of the city, is the throne of god. It is bathed in the light of the sky through a thick glass ceiling. It sits precariously on a stone pillar surrounded by a wide chasm, seeming to mirror the city itself. It is in a room with only one, heavily bolted air tight entrance. The room is guarded by elite holy guards all hours of all days. The building itself likewise under heavy guard at all times. The only ones allowed inside are the highest members of the church. Other than these elite few, not so much as an insect has been inside the room for centuries. This throne is the heart of their religion, their culture, their very race some say.

The belief is that the great god of the Orignai built this throne, before descending into the chasm below to face the trials of the earth. A gauntlet of challenges that would take many lifetimes to complete. Once these trials were finished, he would rise back out of the chasm with a holy army, composed of all of the evils he had faced, cleansed of their wickedness. His arrival would herald the dawn of a war to cleanse the world of the wicked. Once the war was over, a golden age of peace and prosperity for all races (especially the Orignai) would come, lasting for ten thousand years.
The priesthood of the Orignai:
The Orignai are a theocratic people, who believe that their god and savior traveled into the bowels of the earth to reach their full potential, and gather an army for a great holy war. The priesthood has a very strict hierarchy, which takes years of diligent study, rituals, and skill to rise through the ranks of. Due to the nature of the priesthood, there are no real shortcuts, and only a handful of diverging paths. And to even start at the bottom usually implies years of service to the church beforehand, along with several appeals, and a recommendation from a mid ranking priest.

The first step in a priesthood, it getting your first Tai-Yeng. A small aether crystal embedded into the left side of the body. Due to the nature of the priesthood, you must lack any magical mutations. And once you have the Tai-Yeng, your use of magic, even down to how much you use it, follows a strict schedule. Assuming you are adequately performing as a priest, you will eventually receive your second Tai-Yeng. And your third. And so on and so forth. At fifteen, you have reached the point where the limits to how often you can use your magic is loosened. You are unlikely to develop new mutations as long as you continue to practice only the techniques taught to you in training. Instead, your already existing mutations will become more prominent.

The mutations in question are a peculiar type of light grey feathers on the right side of the body. They begin as slightly spiny nubs, but eventually grow into soft down. From there, they grow into larger, more proper feathers. Then into sleek feathers hugging close to the body. Until finally, assuming you have acted as the priesthood demands of you (and have been very lucky) the feathers start to become very large and pronounced. The highest members of the priesthood stand out in a crown with their large plumage, which they wear with as much pride as they can without seeming like they are not being priestly.

The priesthood has a slightly diverging path around the stage when the feathers begin to hug close to the body. Your options are to stay in the priesthood proper, and rise slowly through the ranks. Or, you can go on a pilgrimage. One in which you attempt to find some way to advance the Orignai people, without succumbing to corruption (magical mutations not ordained by the church.) To do so would mean to rocket you to the top of the top of the priesthood. To fail, would mean you are stuck as a holy guard. An honorable position, which still has authority over many low ranking priests. But still a disappointment for those who prayed for more.
(I ended up writing a lot for these guys. For now, you can just check out the appearance and homeland spoilers. That's likely the only things the players would know of anyway.)

Appearance: Being a mid ranking member of the priesthood, Erma has a noticeable plumage of grey feathers along her right side, with 18 aether crystal embedded into the left side of her body. She wears a light, jade garment that drapes over her left shoulder, and falls loosely down her torso. This buttons onto a jade cloth that slips onto her abdomen.
Possessions: A pack for storing rations. A belt for storing ammunition. A break action, medium range rifle of exquisite design, richly decorated, and made with prime materials. Like all rifles given to priests on pilgrimage, it is custom made for her. To lose this would make it hard to return home in anything but shame.
Skills: Besides the common skills of her species, she also practices the telekinesis of the Orignai priesthood. Although the uses of this magic are incredibly varied, the more she uses it, the more she risks unwanted mutation. She is also a decently skilled marksman.
Biography: Born and raised in the holy city of Kambos, Erma was early on enraptured by the religion of her people. Seeing the good the priesthood did for her community, she became a disciple early on, and worked hard to become a priest. Upon becoming one, she began the long journey through the ranks. In this time, she saw that not all priests did this for all the right reasons. Some only looking to climb the ranks for selfish gain. But this only strengthened her resolve to rise through the ranks. She would ensure the system served the people as it should by working on it from the inside.

Upon reaching the rank in the priesthood where one must make the biggest choice of their lives, Erma chose to go on pilgrimage, rather than staying with the slow and steady climb up the ladder. If she returned successful, she would all but be guaranteed the highest rank of the church. The good she could do from that esteemed position was worth the risk of stagnation in the ranks.

Patron god:
Name: Although lacking a proper name, this figure is often known as the ruler. The emperor. The king. Etc.
Appearance: A great mountain, capped with a forest of golden leafed trees.
Description: This god recognizes only one thing to be worth its time. Ambition. Specifically, ambition to lead. It cares not for the moral standing of those with ambition. It cares not if they wish to act as a noble standard, or simply control people through force. So long as one strives for the top, the ruler will take notice.

Space is warped and time is bendable.
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RE: Forgotten Souls
I had not thought i would be joining one of these anytime soon, but you have my curiosity now

Name: Rogosh Aldin
Age: 26 years
Race: Chimera (Duh). Originally half-human with lion traits.

Appearance: Rogosh has a thick coat of reddish fur, with a seemingly random change in saturation forming a strange pattern across his body. His face is bestial like that of a lion, and a mane of more human-like black hair falls halfway down his back. Jagged spikes protrude from his back seemingly at random, and black chitinous plates trace down his spine before becoming a long plated tail, ending in a stub - it is easily his most flexible limb despite the chitin covering. Each of his hands have only four fingers, and recently chitinous plates have started replacing the fur there, with his left hand being significantly more affected than the right. His feet are similarly affected. On each finger and toe he has a long vicious-looking claw, but in truth they are more dull than deadly. Despite his obvious bodily strength, Rogosh is not particularly broad shouldered, but most of his limbs are oddly elongated, his anatomy slightly off from the norm, giving him a very lean build and letting him stand nearly two feet taller than his kin when he is standing fully upright, which is seldom owing to the change in weight his tail brings.

Possessions: Rogosh seldom wears much owing to his warm pelt, usually preferring a loose vest hanging open at the front and a pair of baggy pants ending shortly below his knees. In one tufted ear is a simple brass ring with an inscription on one side, and he usually carries a small bag slung over one shoulder containing bandages and a simple aether-powered construction that produces light when activated, along with an assortment of other common items including a belt knife, flint and tinder, a simple blanket, his money and his meals. A pickaxe is affixed to the bag via leatherstraps and he carries a woodsmans axe at the waist.

Skills: Rogosh has immense strength and can withstand quite the beating. He sees exceptionally well in low light and long experience has taught him to move relatively unhindered even in utter darkness. He is very proficient at wielding his pickaxe with accuracy. He has a good feeling for how weight works and how it is best distributed to remain stable. He has no actual training in how to fight, but most strangers tend to be too afraid of him to even consider fighting when they first see him, owing to his fearsome form. An increased metabolism lets him recover quickly, whether from a wound or simply exhaustion from hard work, but as a result he also requires more food to sustain himself.

Biography: Rogosh was born to a pair of lion-like half-humans in a small mining village named Shinaw shortly after they arrived there. Located somewhere in the northern part of the Darmidian Empire, the village only exists in thanks to the bountiful iron deposits, and so Rogosh took up the mining profession at an early age like many of his peers and has worked in the mines ever since. As anyone who visits Shinaw can tell at a glance, mutation is exceedingly common in this town, owing to the plentiful aether in the mine and its surroundings. As such, those who moved to the town or grew up there might come to reject the inevitable transformations one might suffer simply from living there, thus leaving to seek fortune elsewhere. Far more common was acceptance for the unusual forms taken by the residents; the town would remain as long as there was iron left, so there would always be plenty of work for those who were willing, and those who had never known another life would not always leave easily. Few outsiders were interested in a such a town save for the occasional merchant passing through, hawking their wares and buying any iron to sell at a more lucrative price elsewhere. As such, contact with outsiders was rare and many had not even met an ordinary human, hearing only of the outside world through the merchants and the occasional traveler spending a night at the inn. So when Rogosh saw the notification on the board by the village square one day, he could not curb his curiosity any more - he had to see what the world outside the village was like, and gathered what coin he could before setting out on an adventure, promising his parents to return with the prize offered by the notification.

Despite appearances, Rogosh is calm, steadfast and naïve, and befriended a good portion of his fellow miners over the years, working together with them to overcome the daily challenges in the mine. Only rarely would he spend an evening drinking at the inn, when him or his parents did not lack for common amenities to spend their coin on. Like most others, he resented the first mutations he was afflicted with at an early age, but eventually learned to accept them as they came, and as far as such things go Rogosh has been fairly lucky with his, gaining greater strength and endurance to help him perform his work. He really could have done without the spikes, though, and lately his shoulderblades have been aching.

Patron God
Name: Alchavron, the Talonwatcher
Appearance: Appearing most commonly as a long sinous creature with an amalgamation of beastly appendages running along its length, shifting in an out, becoming claws, pinchers, wings, horns and much more. The eyeless watcher is monstrous and everchanging.
Description: The watcher is content to watch, silently, patiently. But what does it watch for? If any one thing is certain it is that noone knows - one can only begin to guess its motivations, for it takes no action and seemingly knows no wants. Only the fewest records even make a mention of the watcher, so obscure is its presence - If ever it has taken action, such is unknown.
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RE: Forgotten Souls
Name: Brindyn Raizef
Age: 31
Race: Mutated Syulan

Appearance: Tall and handsome, even by non-Syulan standards. That could be because of the mutation that caused rampant hair-loss across his entire body and the deformation of his arms. Now, when dressed, he can be mistaken as half-human, half-antai, with his lower arms functioning and shaped much like legs and his middle ones hidden within a button-up shirt. Unfortunately, a side-effect of his mutation is that his wings do not work as they properly should anymore, now serving as a way to effectively glide as opposed to proper flight. Wears typical adventuring outfits, long button up shirts, boots, cargo pants, belts, etc.

Possessions: Sweet adventurer hat, two revolvers, three knives (one serrated, one small and easily hidden, one long and for cutting foliage and limbs), a horse, camel, or similar steed with saddlebags filled with ancient treasure he hasn't yet realized he has and will probably lose immediately, some minor medical supplies, a flask of something strong.

Skills: A fighter through and through, Brindyn is a skilled marksman and talented hand to hand fighter. Is also a semi-famous archaeologist and explorer, and has an eye for artifacts and contacts to get them to museums. Has a good number of contacts from his time in military service as well as those he's gathered from the museums and collectors who have been hiring him to get them fancy bullshit. For every ally and old friend he has however, he generally has made two enemies.

Biography: Grew up in a major Antai city, his parents having left the mountains long before having him - in fact, it was years before he ever visited the place of his people. This separation from his fellow Syulans and their culture left a hole in Brindyn's life, that compounded with his race's natural inclination to never really connect with them, and thus be a perpetual drifter. It certainly didn't help that his parents work as freelance Aether scavengers (which they of course took him on from a young age) affected his growth, leaving him looking very little like a regular Syulan as he grew older. The experience also made him wary of the effects of Aether and those who use it, almost to the point where he refuses to be near the stuff. Of course, he left home as most Syulans do as soon as he was old enough to do so, but he lacked the motivation or drive to actively seek out his own way in life, and the appearances to not stand out as a bit of a super-cross bred freak.

After a couple of years of drifting and barely making it day to day, he met a kindly human who pointed out to him his similarities to the Antai and humans, and how much easier a time he'd have if he hid his Syulan upbringing entirely. Following the advice, Brindyn found his situation much more tolerable. The constant minor disputes between the empire and republic meant that a half-human Antai was a huge diplomatic boon, especially as a messenger, and the fact that he always seemed to make his deliveries faster (almost as fast as a Syulan) made him even more of an attractive hire. However, he quickly found running messages a boring and monotonous task, and left it to begin drifting again.

He quickly found work again, this time as a henchman for what he thought was a legitimate transportation business. While he enjoyed the relative ease of the work, as he only had to stand around and keep regular workers working and in line, he quickly began to run into problems. For one, there were constant struggles against other companies, which as he rose in the ranks and proved himself to his bosses turned from hostile talks and standoffs to outright attacks. Friends he made amongst the workers were also constantly disappearing, especially ones who frequently were sent to 'secret' delivery locations. Turned out the locations were major Aether sites, where large amounts of the crystals were gathered, transported, or even, in some cases, used for mutation tests on unfortunate workers. His employers used their business as a front for this trade. What's worse, because of the usefulness of the crystals no real effort was ever made to find or take down the operations, with what few officials actually could be brought to care were bought off or shut down by corrupt overseers. So, one day, Brindyn simply left - an explosion, handful of dead enforcers, and group of other abandonees was just a side effect.

For some time after Brindyn fought in the Kolanian Foreign Legion with some more zealous friends he had made. While at first suspicious of actual honest work, he found the military life more exciting than any of his other more mundane jobs, the vague freedom of action given to the Foreign Legion (since most of the human higher-ups didn't expect much of non and sub humans) meant he wasn't bound by too many rules, and the Republics anti-Aether stance really matched his own stigma against the substance. While he served very successfully and, through years of service almost qualified for Kolanian citizenship, one dramatic loss to a group of Aether-powered dissidents on some abandoned volcanic island left his squadron destroyed and him for dead. They had been chasing the rebels for months, defeating them a number of times and driving them from Kolonia proper. They had cornered them at some temple complex, but it turned out that a clever trap allowed the rebels to destroy the Legion's supplies and leadership and quickly turn the battle to a bloodbath. The only reason he survived was because of the intervention of some native tribe that attacked the rebels in the aftermath of the battle and left him to die.

However, he escaped the island and make his way back to the mainland, where he was unfortunately arrested as a deserter. His possessions, which now at this point included some gold coins he took from the temple complex, and faced the gallows. Once more his luck took a turn, and he was saved by a group of explorers and mercenaries who had seen the coins. Apparently, they themselves were looking to explore the island he had just escaped, which was once the seat of a legendary king. In return for freeing him, he was to lead them to the temple. Bitter and jaded by his treatment at the hands of those he had been serving loyally (and by the fact that the republic's blatant racism meant that apparently all a pretty human had to do was ask nicely to let the "horrid and disgusting half-human give his life in a better way" allowed her to hold sway over his life), he accepted the offer with no small bit of contempt.

Despite his misgivings though, one thing led to another and he ended up growing closer to a decent number of his liberators as the journey continued. His bonding was helped by the fact that within the group there were two other factions accompanying those who were looking to make a historical discovery/an honest bit of profit - those who believed that they could make the riches and power of the old king theirs, and those who were secretly trying to revive the old king and let him rule over the world in an endless reign of terror. Obviously both were less than ideal options. So, as the group began to fragment and fight to get to the complex first it only made sense to side with the actually decent folk and in doing so Brindyn ended up stopping a plot to revive Petohmi Oolsov and burying his ancient temple with a volcanic eruption.

There was action, drama, romance, riches, and the general feeling of accomplishment that one gets from saving the world. Thus, it was pretty clear to Brindyn that being an explorer, treasure hunter, and hero extraordinaire, with no small help from the people who survived the experience with him, was the way to go. He got married, became moderately wealthy, and inadvertently foiled two more attempts by the cult of Oolsov during his adventures in the next nine years, but his last attempt left him with that familiar empty feeling of his youth. While unbeknownst to him, his last meeting with the cult had actually been a victory for the long dead king - his drive now warped ever so slightly towards means to revive his enemy. It's probably a good thing that just this once he let his family stay behind as he picks up this new job - after all it did look highly competitive and dangerous (or so Brindyn justified the decision), and after that one nanny turned out to be an assassin you just can't trust the help to take care of the kids these days. In reality though it was probably a mix of Oolsov's influence and Brindyn's subconcious realizing that there's something wrong.

Name: Petohmi Oolsov
Appearance: Appearing generally as whichever species those who meet him are, Oolsov is, at all times regal, wearing expensive and gilded outfits befitting an emperor.

Description: In truth, he was originally an ancient Antai king who ruled a great amount of land with his unbelievable aetheric powers and ruthless intellect. However, he was betrayed by his high priest and wife, who conspired to bind his powers and kill him while he was vulnerable. Despite their success in their plot, his power was great enough that a small portion of him could escape and wait, growing in power until he could return.

It has been a millennium since his fall, and in that time his might and abilities have become even greater than they were when he was but mortal. Now he attempts to return to the land of the living and rule over the entire world. His first several attempts by his agents were foiled by the daring Brindyn Raizef and his zany accomplices. Frustrated but ever ready to adapt to difficulties, Oolsov has now been focusing his efforts on manipulating Brindyn himself, trying to lead the adventurer himself into doing the very thing he had accidentally been preventing.
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RE: Forgotten Souls
Name: Huranto Alan

Age: 48

Race: Human

Appearance: Huranto Alan is a bulky old man with a revolver and an Adrian-style helmet. His expression is usually kindly, and his hair and full beard are black, with streaks of grey. He carries a large leather tube bound with iron rings on his back, a cloth mask hangs around his neck and he always smells slightly of sulfur. Metal contraptions and iron spheres hang from his belt and he wears a thick blackened fireproof jacket and similar trousers. He also wears military boots and a grey shirt, scorched and patched in places.

Possessions: Huranto possesses a cheap revolver and ammunition, bandages, iron grenades on belthooks, a flintlock kerosene lighter of his own design, a leather tube bound by iron rings with an elaborate percussion pin mechanism designed to rest on the shoulder, as well as a number of tin-shell rockets to be launched out of it hanging from his jacket belt-loops, and blasting caps to be affixed to their noses with gum prior to loading, on top of his fireproof clothes and metal helmet.

Not on his person, he has traveling supplies, extra ammunition and materials, books, blank books and notepads, a telescope, whitesmithing tools and chemistry equipment, stored in two heavy wheeled traveling cases perhaps better suited to a beach holiday than an adventure.

Skills: Astronomy, chemistry, metallurgy, architecture, first aid, sketching, throwing things at people, aiming and firing his experimental launcher, handgun shooting (if both him and his target are standing still).

Biography: Huranto is an intellectual polymath with a diverse set of studies. He's been to multiple universities and actually stayed at one, though his eclectic and diverse fields have dragged him this way and that in pursuit of knowledge. Though he has little interest in magic, he has briefly studied it, but has little interest or skill in actually practicing it. Instead, he focuses on understanding the physical world and how to shape it.

One area of study that has always interested him is combat, and he shows it with his numerous and eccentric designs for weapons and war machines. The rocket launcher of his is his own design, being difficult to load and aim but highly destructive. He has designed things even more impractical, including crossbow bolt bombs, landships, massive railway cannons and zeppelin battleships, but never built them himself. His bloody fascination with battle is probably unhealthy, but it's not as if he's the sanest individual.

Another area of particular interest to him is history, which he has studied extensively. Particularly, he was always fascinated by the sudden appearance of humanity at the end of the medieval period of Avanti's history. He has a wild theory which he believes to be absolutely true; that humans did not originate from this world, and that they instead came from space - specifically from the planet Isyr, visible in the sky as a hazy disc to anyone with a telescope or as a shining point for anyone with good eyes. He calls this theory xenogenesis and expounds on it at great length to anyone who will listen.

Overall, he clearly seems less than sane, though he refuses to admit anything of the sort. He's not especially boastful and tends towards kindness and being friendly, but his intellectual smugness can be grating and he has little regard for 'collateral damage'.


Name: Wynd, the Everchanging

Appearance: Wynd tends towards the forms of graceful beasts, whether natural, unnatural or supernatural, though it can take the form of any animal if it pleases.

Description: Capricious but tending towards benevolence, Wynd looks favorably upon creativity, discovery and matters of chance. Wynd particularly likes those who constantly seek out new things, and has little favor for those in strict habits and regimes with little random chance in their lives. Someone like Huranto is right up their street, even though Huranto spares little thought for gods, as his focus is purely on the material.
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RE: Forgotten Souls
Name: Onortag of Nymbelmar
Age: 49
Race: Antai
Appearance: Onortag's appearance is rather tame for the famously-variable Antai. Although he is around six and a half feet long from head to tail, he only reaches around five feet when standing upright on his hindlegs. If it were not for the deep blue color of his scales, his wings, and his intelligence, Onortag could well be mistaken for some household pet. From repeated exposure to the Aether, his tail has forked into two, with a hard and sharp spine on the tip of each spur. He wears simple clothing, sown by hand from larger creatures' clothes to fit his small frame and accommodate his wings and tails. Around his middle he wears a sort of cross between a bandolier and a belt, full of various reagents, and he often carries scholarly texts with him.
Possessions: Aether crystals, book of spells, reagent pouch, small pistol (for self-defense), notebook and pencil (to draw specimens), books (on various topics), magnifying glass, tweezers, scalpel, and some other miscellaneous scientific tools.
Skills: Magic, Archaeology, Anthropology, Biology, Chemistry, Appraisal, Linguistics, Gliding
Biography: Nymbelmar is a city known for its strong traditions of studying magic, the sciences, and the arts. As the bastard child of a noble in the Empire, Onortag was mostly ignored by his parents. Due to his small size, he was not trained in the martial arts, and because he was disqualified from the succession, stewardship and ruling was barred to him. Thus, as soon as he could speak, he was sent off to be tutored in one of the local boarding schools in literature and the arts. Onortag took well to his education, but he was more ambitious than his teachers or parents gave him credit for. He began seeking out books on magic in the school's library, and managed to convince his guardian to transfer him to a more prestigious school of magic.

As a mage, Onortag learned much, but he also became interested in the human sciences. He decided to attend university, and learn the liberal arts and sciences. The archaeological sciences interested him the most, and he spent his years as a student going to various dig sites and on expeditions. Once he graduated, he settled down into a comfortable teaching position at a private school for children of wealthy families, teaching various scientific and magical topics. With his modest income from his teaching position, he set up a small chemical and magical laboratory, and began research into the effects of Aether crystals on various chemical formuale. He also caught insects and categorized them in his spare time, sending his contributions by post to the Darmidian Entomological society, and gaining a small amount of fame in those circles.

Recently, he has retired from his teaching position to once again go into his studies. With a small pension from his many years of teaching, he has been saving up to allow himself to go on an expedition, preferably one involved in archaeological findings, biological classification, or the documentation of undiscovered indigenous peoples. When he saw the notice seeking adventurers for the Gem of Estvinh, he immediately began packing his bags. With 50.000 gold, he would be able to fund a lot of esoteric research into whatever subject that interested him. Being able to explore ancient ruins and find lost artifacts is an added bonus.

Patron God

Name: Galan, the All-Knowing
Appearance: Galan takes the form of a floating eye, surrounded by rays of light, often above a pyramid, in a triangle, or a radiant eye appearing from a cloud. He also likes regular hexagrams, the square and compass, right angles, the letter G, pentacles, and other esoteric and occult symbols.
Description: Galan is a god of observation and knowledge, whose appearance is often taken as a sign of divine providence or blessing. Galan keeps watch over many mortals who seek the truth, and has a tendency to reveal information to them in bursts of insight, often followed by a manifestation. Galan, as a bit of an egotist, also reveals himself in dreams to artists and masons, and his manifestations seem to subconsciously sneak into paintings, buildings, bridges, city plans, illustrations, random clumps of trees, etc. He also insists that he is in fact the secret force behind everything, and that he is all-knowing and all-seeing. No confirmation or contradiction of this statement has ever been discovered.

The one, the only, Vancho!
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RE: Forgotten Souls

Name: Kairan Novain Dirondal

Age: 21

Race: Mutated Antai (Half-Royal, Half-Silvar)

Appearance: Before he mutated he appeared as a slightly snake-like humanoid Antai with a pair of wings, blue scales, and a mane of black hair running from the crest of his hair down to the tip of his tail. (Basically a cross between an Eastern and a Western dragon.) After his mutations though the scales around his extremities have been turned black, his eyes and mane have turned dark purple, and a pair of wicked horns sprouts from his head. Kairan's arms have elongated almost to the point where he can walk around quadrupedally, his claws have also been elongated as well on his hands and feet, and spikes jut out of his elbows. The most striking mutation is that a purple glow shines out from under his scales and the inside of his mouth. This is usually only noticeable in the dark, but when he's absorbing aether, has absorbed a lot of aether, or when he uses his ability the glow gets much brighter.

Possessions: Elaller Flacain's Portable Aether Measuring Device (P-AMD). The P-AMD is about the size of a brick though the use of two contacts on the bottom can measure the amount of aether in an object. Though the use of another brick sized addon it can also measure the amount of ambient aether in the local area. Both parts are stored inside an aether resistant case and the entire thing is kind of heavy.
The clothes on his back (shirt, pants, cloak), a satchel, and a small amount of gold.

Skills: Kairan has the rare and dangerous ability to absorb aether into himself to increase his own physical power in addition to being able to use it to create it in the form of purple "aether lightning". He can either selectively surround parts of his body in it or expel it as a bolt of destructive force that is extra effective against aetheric creatures and device.
Though this ability is powerful, it comes with it's drawbacks. Kairan cannot stop taking in ambient aether and if he has too much aether in his body at any given time he will start to suffer from various side effects. He become surrounded in aetheric lightning that strikes chaotically at everything nearby and lose the ability to limit his aether absorption rate causing him to take in large amounts of aether which worsens the side effects in a feedback loop. He will start to become more irritable and primal until he eventually loses control of himself and blacks out, flying in to a blind rage. Lastly he will start to mutate into a monster.

Biography: A young man with rare, destructive, and difficult to control powers looking for a new lease on life.

Our story begins with the tale of a young noble boy, Ivan Novain II and his elder brother, Ryan Novain IV, the heir of the Novain family at the time.
They both had fallen in love with Sandra Salvin, who was their childhood friend and had long been arranged to marry into the Novain household. Ivan knew that it was likely that he would never have Sandra, as Ryan was the eldest, but that just made him want her even more. Sandra also loved Ivan more than his Ryan, but they were too honourable to ever act on their feelings, not even a kiss. One the day of Ryan's and Sandra's wedding they parted ways and Ivan swore he would not see her again until he had a wife of his own and so put his feelings for her to rest.

Ivan was a firm believer in love and so he searched far and wide for the one to fill the hole in his heart. Many fine Antai caught his fancy, but he did not feel what felt like love again until he encountered a girl of the Silvar tribe, renown for their beauty and mysticism (which most claimed made them only more beautiful), while coming back from one of his trips. They flirted for a while before he learned her name, Skirath Dirondal, and of her plight. She was on a journey of discovery and to see the world for herself, but at the moment was in need of transport. Just has fate would have it they were headed to the same place and Ivan said that it would be his honour to see her there safely.

By the time their trip was over they had fallen in deeply love with eachother and they retired to Ivan's private villa where they made love to eachother. But fate seemed to have other plans when soon after Ivan received news that his brother Ryan had died defending a city from an aetheric monster. This made Ivan the heir of the household as well as having the option to also inherit his brother's widow (for the rest of his family knew nothing of his new love with Skirath). When faced between the love of his childhood and this new love that he had found the choice was surprisingly easy.

Skirath found herself left on the streets inorder to prepare for Sandra's arrival and was left with a small sum of money to fend for herself with as well a broken heart. The money was did not last too long though as she found herself eking out a meager existence as a third-rate fourtune teller in addition to whatever odd jobs she had to take on. Things got harder for her still when her son Kairan was born and she found herself cursing Ivan's name and hating herself for ever loving a selfish nobleman.

Skirath did her best to take care of her son and give him a proper upbringing, though she would often have to leave him in the care of the local community she found herself in. Kairan for a time was proud of his heritage and hoped one day his dad would come back to claim him, but those thoughts were soon silenced and turned to a small measure of shame due to the local opinion that nobles where all good-for-nothings that robbed and oppressed people such as themselves though taxes and laws. Skirath herself shared in this opinion but told Kairan not to worry about it and not let his bastard heritage define him.

Soon Kairan was old enough to work as a labourer in an aetheric factory in order to supplement his mother's meager income. During his first few weeks on the job he discovered that he had a rare innate ability to absorb aether into himself and increase his physical abilities, allowing him to work harder and longer than his peers and make a fair bit of extra coin. Though one day there was an accident due to machinery that was in disrepair since the company never bothered to spend money on keeping it in good condition. A vast amount of aether was inadvertently released and Kairan found himself overwhelmed by it and soon became the center of a storm of aetheric energy that tore the factory apart.

When Kairan came to he found himself in custody with a few mutations, namely his ability changed in the way that it worked and he found himself able to surround his body with aetheric lightning. While he was coming to terms to this the company made him their scapegoat as it's lawyers accused him of causing the initial accident on purpose to further his abilities. To try and get out of this he told the court that his father was Ivan Novain II, though this only caused the court to laugh at him and get him slapped with the additional charge of lying in court.

Though his actions in court caught the eye of a particular fellow who called himself Vadant Mangus who seemingly appeared out of the blue with an offer for the young Kairan. Vadant wanted him to join his organization of revolutionaries who were working to reform the world into one where everyone was treated justly according to their own merits and not based on how much money they had to hide behind. He would remove the useless rich from their places of power and make them work for their bread! Kairan was enthralled by these words and eagerly agreed. He soon found the court case completely turned around ending with a hefty fine to the company instead of Kairan ending up being sent to debtor's jail.

Vadant took Kairan under his wing and for a time served as the father Kairan never had in addition to giving him some training to help focus his ability. Though one night Kairan got lost in Vadant's compound and came upon an underground prison and was confused by this. Soon Vadant caught up to him and explained that these people were all enemies of the revolution! Kairan saw someone he recognized from his community and wondered why they were there. Vadant said that he was in there for aiding the foes of the revolution for the man had refused to lend them his aid in a task due to his loyalty to the nobility! After that Kairan was whisked away from the prison and the door kept carefully locked at all times to keep him from going back in. Though now the seeds of doubt were placed in his mind.

At one point Kairan was brought along to help coerce someone into leading their aid to the revolution, someone who he was assured needed to change their ways! Kairan was given the task of breaking down the door in the most intimidating way he could think of, he had his doubts but he went ahead and punched the front door clear across the room as he let aether lightning crackle around himself. Though once inside he didn't exactly see what he was expecting, he saw himself used as a threat in order to make the man give up secrets and money.

Kairan kept his mouth shut for this but after he got back to Vadant's compound he expressed his thoughts that they were being no better than the nobles they were fighting against, even worse perhaps and that he didn't want to go on any more operations like that. Vadant then expressed his disappointment in Kairan and told them they must do everything they can to fight the nobility with any means possible. Kairan didn't like that and told him so, but then Vadant exclaimed that if Kairan wasn't going to be an ally he was an enemy and would be dealt with like one! Next thing knew Kairan felt a dart in his neck and faded into unconsciousness and Vadant said what a shame it was that this had to happen and that he had hoped to groom Kairan to one day take over the operation.

Next thing he knew Kairan found himself shackled and bound inside a metal box lined with aether crystals. He barely had time to figure out what was going to happen next before the crystals all shattered at once and he became overwhelmed with aether, once again becoming the center of a storm of aether lightning. Once he woke up in jail he found out that he had been used to destroy half of a local noble's villa and kill several people. In the end it was the efforts of a Professor Elaller Flacain that prevented Kairan from destroying the entire villa, quite possibly turning into a monster, and had made an ad-hoc device that was currently keeping Kairan drained of aether to prevent another such event from happening again since it seemed that he now could not stop absorbing ambient aether due to another mutation.

In exchange for a reduced sentence and medical aid Kairan freely told the authorities everything he knew. (Though his information didn't prove as useful as he hoped as the revolutionaries had left town as soon as they learned Kairan was still alive.) From there he was given help by Professor Flacain to learn how to control his mutated ability. To this end he was given an aetheric measuring device so he could better manage his aether levels through a regimen of controlled discharging. After it was proved that he could control his ability Kairan spent the rest of his sentence in prison, though the Professor would keep in touch.

Kairan also learned about the gods from the Professor and that they were in fact very real entities and that he believed that it was one that helped him stop Kairan that day, particularly the Goddesss Erthras who presides over the domains of guidance and destiny. The Professor said that he prayed daily to Erthras to help him use his intellect for the good of all. Kairan was mildly surprised to find out that someone as high up and Professor Flacain cared about the common people and that some nobles did as well, though they were in the minority. Kairan's world was changed by this and he spent many days piecing his world-view back together.

After a couple years Kairan's sentence came to a (thankfully early) end and when he came upon the application and didn't waste a moment before signing up for it. He hopes this will be a new beginning for him where he can define who he his on his own terms.


Name: Erthras

Appearance: She takes the form of a medium sized bird with deep blue feathers and a star pattern upon them. Or as she has her own constellation in the skies she will instead appear as that pattern upon various objects as a 2D entity.

Description: Erthas guides those mortals that ask towards their whatever destiny they are trying to reach. She appears in subtle signs and events, though rarely will she appear in a more obvious form or with a more obvious message if the current situation warrants it. She does not care much for good and evil and will guide both equally, only caring to see mortals reach what they are capable of.

... if that makes sense.
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RE: Forgotten Souls
Note: Signups will be closing late this Friday. Still plenty of time to apply.
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RE: Forgotten Souls

Name: The Triarchy

Age: 33

Race: Antai

Appearance: Antai are normally known for their varying appearance, yes, but even with this in mind, one would be hard-pressed not to stare at the Triarchy's mutations. For poor Triarchy was born with three heads, and four eyes. The heads are not totally distinct, and are mashed together. As such, they have one big mouth with three jaws, three tongues, six nostrils, and four eyes. The middle head's eyes are combined with the adjoining eyes of the other two heads. They are quadrupedal and are 8 feet tall at the shoulder. So, they make for quite an intimidating sight. Their scales are reddish-blueish-yellowish, constantly changing color, though they can default to brown while camouflaged. They do indeed have three separate brains, and three separate personalities, but they speak as if they were one, and with great difficulty too. Their voice is a guttural growl at best, and unintelligible yammering at worst. Their synapses get crossed all too frequently, and they stumble over their legs or words. Despite this, however, the Triarchy have strived throughout their entire life to get accustomed to their condition, and they can now proudly call themselves the best of all hunters.

The left head has red eyes (orange on right), and is quick to react and quick to anger.
The middle head has yellow eyes (orange on left, and green on right), and is the most intelligent and civilized one, though it is unemotional.
The right head has blue eyes (green on left), and is quite jolly and gregarious.

Possessions: Being quadrupedal, the Triarchy have difficulty carrying and using items. They do, however, have a sack, carried low on their body. With their somewhat-elongated neck, they can deftly retrieve items with their mouth. Or, if they sit on their haunches, they can use their rarely used thumbs to move stuff around. In their sacks, they have money (more than what you would expect them to carry), food (mostly fruits and breads, although they do carry meat sometimes, if there is any left after a kill), books (of the fantasy kind, usually), and a few Aetherally-charged bombs, should their fangs and fire breath prove insufficient. They also have potions that can change the consistency of their firebreathing.

Skills: They are excellent at hunting. Boasting 300 degree vision and an acute sense of smell and hearing, they can track and kill any prey. These skills are not as useful as they would have been in primordial times, however. They are currently employed by the police force as a bounty hunter, as they can capture and detain even the most slippery of criminals. Their Aether manipulation arises mainly in their firebreathing, though their various super-Antai senses and physique can be attributed to having a freakishly large amount of Aether as well.

Biography: They began life by clawing out of their mother's womb, while their egg wasn't even hatched. Their father, upon returning to such a gruesome scene, and wondering how such a monstrosity could be created from two otherwise-humanoid Antai, abandoned their isolated home in the wilds. Naturally, they do not remember this, and they have never been particularly inclined to acts of random murder since (other than a few rough patches now and then). Their childhood was difficult, as they grew up in the wilds, with nobody but animals to guide them. While this sharply honed their instincts and hunting ability, their intellectual development has been left somewhat lacking. When they were only six, though, they were taken in by a brave mountain chimaera. This chimaera had been training animals as a hobby for some 20 years now, and was able to recognize that this lethal predator was in fact nothing more than an Antai. Slowly, and with great difficulty, he was able to civilize them, teaching them how to speak and how to not rely on their instincts so much. Although their rearing could resemble that of taming an animal, they eventually became non-aggressive, hunting only for food. They began to learn, and they found true happiness, in their new father.

But that didn't last for long. After a certain incident, in which they got overly excited from a strong prey (which turned out to be a half-human), they came home. Still in an inexplicable battle high, they killed and devoured their father. They woke up the next day with the scene totally cleaned, and they do not remember the incident at all. Thinking their father had left and would return, they waited. Finally, they went into the nearby town, looking for him. They did not find him, but they did find civilization and a new life. This was a predominantly-Antai village, and the villagers welcomed them with open arms.

Fast-forward to today, and they are now a fully-functioning member of society. They are intelligent, no doubt, but their intelligence seems limited to situations in which they excel in. In all other situations, they come off as dimwitted, no thanks to their unusual appearance and method of speech. At the police station, they were assigned to an outdoors area, which opened up into the woods, where they now live, attuned to the elements. They are still gruesome and hideous, but the locals knew them well enough to know they don't mean anyone harm, as long as the locals aren't criminals. They instinctively mistrust all humans, however, but not enough to kill them. In their free time, they enjoy reading tales of adventures, and going out on adventures themselves. But, they rarely ever meet anyone worth battling, and this is fortunate. If they did, surely they would lose themselves again.


Name: Ashti-rikki-huatl, Goddess of the Hunt

Appearance: She resembles a "snake" if you were to use human vernacular, and even then, only loosely. For she does have two limbs, but they are more like freakishly-long bird feet than anything, functioning as her arms. She keeps them folded against her body while hunting. She has a long, flowing, mane made out of feathers, and her eyes seem like they could stare into your soul. She is all-too-honest about wanting only to kill and devour you.

Description: As a Goddess of the Hunt, she gets a thrill out of hunting and killing strong opponents, as well as watching battles to the death. She greatly values physical prowess and instinctive knowledge in her patrons, and cares little about their worldly intelligence and social skills. Unfortunately, society has progressed beyond simple instinctual carnage, which she HATES. She blames humanity for being weak enough to need tools to survive. She is also aware of evolution in general, and is devoted to furthering evolution. She is able to see a species' evolutionary potential, and influence them through liberal applications of Aether. It is theorized that she is actually the cause of the mutations caused by Aether, though this may or may not be true.

I feel obliged to post the inspiration for their appearance here, in case my description was difficult to follow. This is NOT what they look like, however. Only the body structure can be said to be similar.

(scary things lurk below)
[Image: 29c04mq.jpg]

(from Cage of Eden, an excellent manga. pleasant dreams.)

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RE: Forgotten Souls
Im writing a thing!
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RE: Forgotten Souls
Name: G. L. Even
Age: 50
Race: Human
Appearance: Human with a tan skin, however, there are tints of green. His ears end in two points. His hair is white from age. Frown marks plough accross his elderly visage. Of average height, walk with a bit of a hunch.
Possessions: Rather large backpack, mining helmet with various detectors. A very fancy suit with tactical rigging. Various sheaths and holsters. Heavy duty, but well polished boots. Various pistols, and an arms repair kit. A tome about the meaning of dreams. Hazmat gasmask.
Skills: G. L. used to be a quartermaster in the republic's army, therefore he knows how to care for various firearms, what ammo they need, and can figure out their history easily based on the dents and marks on them. His expertise also includes some illegal (read: magical) ones. He is an adept at making actually edible and nutritious meals, and he is good at providing first aid. Studied in tactics, but mostly as a hobby.
Biography: G. L. used to be a quartermaster in several millitary and paramillitary groups, thus he has gained broad knowledge of what soldiers, adventurers and bounty hunters need to survive. Some of the organizations he served at were so to say, bit underground, so he has come into contact with some rather unique weaponry. A misfire from one of them caused his current skin condition. It has proven to be nonlethal, but it still itches nowadays. After this accident, he tried to walk the straight and narrow path, since anything else would be too much a of risk, with his new distinguishing features, wouldn't it?
He choose to escort various Officially Licensed adventurers, becoming a renowned, so to say, battle butler. He refills the ammunition of his employer's guns, while simulteniously handing them a new one. His sour comments has also saved the life of many greenhorns.
This is probably his last job before he retires, and properly enters the hall of fame.

Name: N/A
Appearance: The shadow in the corner of your eyes. The steps in the room behind the wall. A trashcan kicked over when you weren't looking.
Description: N/A is a god of fear, paranoia, and cunning. It doesn't take anything, but he neither rewards. Or is it?

It is time time
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RE: Forgotten Souls
Name: Nyxia Nox

Age: 25

Race: Human

A short lady with sunken eyes and a sour expression. She is missing a couple of fingers and has extensive chemical burns. She also smells kind of weird.

Possessions: Various bric-a-brac stored in her unnaturally vast and numerous pockets. Cloth mask (stolen from work), industrial goggles (also stolen), miner helmet (borrowed indefinitely). Second-hand half-plate (found), a flintlock (purchased legally), a gun-cleaning kit (came with the gun), and a handful of bullets. An extensive first aid/surgical kit (the most sosphicated and expensive of her inventory), a medical textbook (she has aspirations to be doctor), and a lab-safety manual (she also has aspirations to be a scientist). A canteen of lukewarm water. A machete (for danger), a holy symbol (for luck), hopes, and dreams. Lunch. Also money.

Skills: Well, first of all, she has a mean left-hook and doesn't run away immediately. She has some experience in chemistry and engineering from her previous job experience. However, she wants to be a doctor, or a scientist, or some combination therefore, and so frequently dabbles in biology - doing first aid, attempting diagnosis, creating experimental medicines and while she is quite adverse to it, toxins. Her lack of professional experience leaves something to be desired though.

Born in the rich and slightly out-of-control Arazta, Nyxia worked extensively in Aether-aided chemical production until a horrific industrial accident. Having no insurance, Nyxia decided to join this adventure of joining Isotope Zepants in seeking the Gems of Est-whatever so she can afford her treatment and recovery (and the oppurtunity ditch her carcinogenic-filled drudgery and pursue her dreams of science shhh).

Name: Caduclepia

No one really has seen Caduclepia simply because Caduclepia has such a low opinion of mortals that she never brought to reveal herself often - so mortals downstairs take creative liberties with the little they know.

Caduclepia is often depicted as a humanoid rainbowed-robed figure, ornately horned, skeletal from waist down. She has exactly twenty-one arms, each palm levitating an abstract sculpture. Her shoulders are resplendent with a pair of feathery, many-eyed wings.

Description: Caduclepia is the Lady of Life, Death, Mysteries In-Between and Beyond. She has vestment over scientific knowledge, especially of a medical slant. She is generally benevolent but distant, usually engrossed in her own beyond-petty-mortal-knowledge studies - until pressing matters arise, that is. Caduclepia favors the pursuit and application of knowledge, especially if it heals or helps.
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RE: Forgotten Souls
Less than one day remains. Signups will close late tomorrow night. Get 'em in if you're interested!
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RE: Forgotten Souls
WIP probably
Name: Dart Thavostas
Age:27, More chipper than she really ought to be
Appearance:Her coloration is quite subdued; grey agouti fur creating stripes, paired with a pale underbelly. Long-bodied, but not abnormally so.
As for mutations, she's developed larger, more powerful, bat-like wings. It makes flying a bit less strenuous, but renders the actual hands all but useless as hands...and as feet. On her face, metallic ridges extend from under her second set of eyes to end above and slightly beyond her ear holes. All in all, nothing too extraordinary.
Possessions: An undelivered sealed letter that she's been considering just throwing away. A single shot pistol [highly inaccurate outside of close range] for self defense. Less gold than she'd like to be living off of but more than most townsfolk carry around. A pack with some snacks. A sleeping bag. Raincoat. Flight goggles. She sold her fancy clothes for some considerably less fancy [though still quite stylish] ones.
Skills:Diplomacy, Fly, Knowledge (Nobility), Perception, Stealth, and Climb.
Biography:In her early twenties, Dart became a messenger for the noble house of Bahrtelm in Sontra. One might expect a delivery job to be tedious, but the Bahrtelms were involved in quite a bit of political intrigue, and many a straightforward seeming delivery became adventures in their own right. Additionally, she was quite well compensated for the more questionable jobs.
Why then, is she leaving now?
Two months prior to this quest for the gem, the Bahrtelms were holding a party at their main estate. Upon arrival, however, the guests found the main family, their bodyguards, and most members of the staff quite gruesomely murdered. When word of this reached Dart, she quite reasonably decided against venturing back to the main house to retrieve her belongings. Instead, she decided to lie low somewhere quite far away from anyone who might have a grudge against the Bahrtelm family and those who worked for them.
Dangerous adventures outside of her skillset in remote locations to retrieve artifacts seems to fit her definition of "lying low".

Name: Beskandi
With floral crescents
[Image: Beskandi1.png]
[Image: Beskandi2.png]
It seems that during the Flower Festivals of Trozemi, she had been known to manifest a physical presence in certain towns--though slightly different from her normal appearance. There, the locals called her the Herald of Spring. She covered her stony body with the petals of the fleshy carnations that sprout from her shoulders. A swarm of butterflies and bees occupied the space where a head is expected. The floral crescents were absent, and the centipede's tail became a benign tangle of winter branches, still heavy with berries, and just then starting to sprout pale green leaves. Only her legs remained the same--torrential waterfalls that formed at her navel and crashed to the ground, yet didn't make an impact on her surroundings beyond leaving a light cover of dew where she trod. Despite her efforts, this persona never become well known in the wider world.
Description: She has a natural affinity for poisons, intoxicants, and creatures that manufacture them, but her true passion is for flowers. She tries to downplay her venomous aspect, but she is still worshiped by the certain hidden aspects of society as the Lady of Toxic Delight--and though she is not a figure in the popular mythological consciousness, her adherents have managed to make her symbol alone well known;
[Image: Symbol-1.png]
so much so that professionals in medical and scientific fields use it to label toxic materials.
It's the shape of the enormous intertwined floral crescents that usually hovers a few steps behind her, seeming to contain branches from every type of flowering plant in the world, and perhaps from beyond the world. The crescents themselves seem to have only a passing familiarity with geometry, and to the eye of mortals look to be constantly writhing through states of growth and bloom. Beskandi is very proud of her gardening skills.
She's never felt any particular need for arms. When she needs something done, swarms of pollinators are always available.
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RE: Forgotten Souls
Name: Empress Augusta I Voditel
Age: 25
Race: Antai
Appearance: Augusta is tall, striking, majestic, and inspiring, with pure white scales, a strong and noble demeanor, and large, powerful, imposing wings. She is humanoid in general shape, with spikes running along her back and massive imposing horns. She has digitigrade legs, and stands at around nine feet tall. She possesses rather sharp claws, as well as a long tail that seems like it's tipped in a spear-like fashion.
Possessions: She has her shield and her sword, as well as a simple metal cuirass for armor. She often wears incredibly regal-looking battle robes to match her shining white scales. Her shield is aether-infused, providing extra protection.
Skills: Augusta is skilled at battle command, acting decisive, acting fearless, acting like royalty, stabbing the hell out of people with her sword, and shooting the hell out of people with her pistol. She has a very powerful voice, and is accustomed to giving orders. She is also quite strong and enduring physically due to her size, though she lacks much charisma (she can be diplomatic, though she tends to engage in diplomacy in a manner that suggests she's an Empress when she really isn't). She also isn't alien to intrigue or deception, though she prefers open battle and the glory of combat. Due to her size, she isn't particularly agile, though she still somehow manages to be graceful and majestic in combat. It is unknown how she accomplishes this.
Biography: Augusta is, of course, not the real Darmidian Empress. Before she "ascended to the throne", she was a mercenary, and a rather good one at that. Eventually finding documents proving her to be the rightful Empress, she became a claimant to the throne. Whether these documents are real or not is up for debate, but what matters is that Augusta considers herself the true ruler of the Empire.

As of right now, she is attempting to gather support to push her rightful claim. Her intents upon becoming Empress are to abolish parliament and establish an absolute monarchy, leading the Empire into a new and prosperous Golden Age of conquest, expansion, scientific advancement, and exploration. Democracy and separation of powers is a stupid concept to her. She intends to gather support by being heroic and winning massive popular support through badass and incredible feats. She is pursuing the artifact both because of the power it may contain and because getting it will be incredibly badass.


Name: Teovikar
Appearance: Teovikar is an enormous white flaming dragon. There's not much else to say. He breathes fire and doesn't afraid of anything.
Description: Teovikar is loud, decisive, and authoritative. He is associated with war, fire (duh), light, governance, and time, and has an extreme hatred for disorder, ill discipline, or injustice.
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RE: Forgotten Souls
This game is now closed to new applicants.

However, if you've already stated interest or have a half-finished profile, you're still allowed to submit them up until I finish deciding who's in the game. That will probably be late in the afternoon tomorrow, Saturday the 21st.
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RE: Forgotten Souls

The accepted players are:

Whimbrel: Dart Thavostas
Cidellus: Empress Augusta I Voditel
Raptarion: Erma of Kambos
ProfessorLizzard: G. L. Even
SupahKiven: Gorv
Pharmacy: Nyxia Nox
Garuru: The Triarchy
Gallo: Yefrindal, af Jorunson

If you didn't get in, my apologies. This decision was extremely difficult. I will remind you that you can still sign up after the prologue, if you like - you will just (probably) not have an associated god. You may get some other fun stuff instead.

The game will begin soon!
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RE: Forgotten Souls
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RE: Forgotten Souls
I too frown at the lack of crazy rocket launcher toting kindly uncle figure.
I think of him as an uncle at least.

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RE: Forgotten Souls
I am sorry.

I wish I could have accepted more people! If you're still interested, you'll probably be able to get in a little later.
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RE: Forgotten Souls
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RE: Forgotten Souls

I mean it was initially meant as a bit of a joke app but I ended up putting way more time into it. Probably for the best though because I've been a bit busy lately and have other stuff I still need to get to.

Have fun anyways guys, and I hope I can get to joining in a slightly more minor role later!

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RE: Forgotten Souls
roar/roar/roar and all that shit

crazy three-ish headed dragon made it in! :)

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RE: Forgotten Souls
Aww, my character and his Illuminati god didn't get in.

The one, the only, Vancho!
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RE: Forgotten Souls
[Image: 1kzXMru.jpg]
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RE: Forgotten Souls
[Image: fMTQrEZ.png]

New Vatia, Dalirsi
5 August 1284

New Vatia, capital of the province of Dalirsi. Once no more than a small fishing village, the city grew rapidly grew into a hub of commerce and wealth, in no small part due to the booming mining industry in the nearby mountains. Now, it is one of the Empire's main exporters of valuable materials, including rare Aetherite crystals.

Aethertrains rush in and out of the city's many stations, carrying passengers and cargo alike. It was only a few years ago that the tracks were connected to Dalirsi, revolutionizing the entire travel industry. Now, goods - and people - can be shipped to over half of the Empire within days rather than weeks. With this development, New Vatia has experienced a small population explosion.

In the past few days, these trains have arrived carrying some very specific passengers - eight adventurers, signed up to hunt for a mysterious artifact they know almost nothing about. Whether they've come for the money, the chance at power, or just for the adventure, who can say? All that can be sure is that they will find much more than they are looking for.

- - - - - - - - - -

The adventurers have each arrived at the address given to them by Isoba Zephan - an impressive estate surrounded by gardens, almost more castle than manor. There's even a fountain in front, depicting some sort of serpentine deity.

At the massive double door in front stands a rather diminutive syulan, gray-furred and dressed in an expensive suit. He bids the adventurers enter the manor's foyer, calling himself a "servant of Lady Zephan".

The foyer is just as impressive as the exterior - ornately-patterned carpets stretch off through the cavernous entryway, flanked on each side by a staircase leading up to the second floor. An unnecessarily huge golden chandelier hangs overhead. Of course, you'd hardly notice the carpet or the nice wallpaper for the sheer volume of oddities scattered around. Suits of armor shaped like no species on Darial stand between display cases containing strange artifacts and oddly-shaped weapons. The skulls of fantastic beasts are mounted on the walls, alongside sketches of the creatures they came from. Each item has a small plaque next to it describing it in brief - it almost feels more like a museum than someone's home.

Isoba Zephan is nowhere to be seen. The butler assures the group that she'll be around soon, but for now they're just kind of left standing around. They'll just have to enjoy each others' company until then.
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RE: Forgotten Souls
Erma finds a comfortable corner to kneel in, trying her best not to knock over a shelf or suit of armor with her abdomen. Houses outside of the canyon has so many things to knock over.

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RE: Forgotten Souls
Yefrindal felt wildly out of place this far north, even more so surrounded by such opulance and obvious wealth, he could not tell if the displays and furnishes were in good taste or not but kept his distance from the more obvious looking artefacts, wary of whatever sorceries they might possess. he remained hooded inside even though he had been told once upon a time that was rude but he preferred it to maintain comfort. He kept looking at the displays rather than the other guests, he'd rather not to draw eye contact if it could be helped, at least until he knew these others better.

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RE: Forgotten Souls
Augusta entered the foyer with her head held high, looking around at those present. She looked quite majestic!

"I am the majestic Augusta the First, Empress of the Daridian Empire, Queen of Salinas, of Falkasan, of Mordal, of Eremun, of Trozemi, of Hadisan, of Dalirsi, of Ranodia, of Arvaden, of Odlator, and of Sontra. Princely Countess of Darevor, Guardian of the Rift, Grand Marshal of the Imperium, Grandmistress of the Order of the Crystal Scepter and of the Order of the White Flame. And Protector of the Antai and all within the majestic Empire's borders," she said. "You may introduce yourselves. I desire to know more about my company."
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RE: Forgotten Souls
Nyxia enters and says "hello."

Nyxia is a lady of a few words.
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RE: Forgotten Souls
The bombastic fucking dragon lady drew Yefrindal's attention for a second. He blinked before trying to slink back into being unnoticed and await the others to introduce themselves.

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RE: Forgotten Souls
Augusta looked directly at Yefrindal, her eyes attempting to lock with his.

"You. What is your name, hm!?"
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RE: Forgotten Souls
Yefrindal looked around to make absolutely sure she was talking to him and not someone else.

There was no one behind him.


"...Yefrindal." he answered after a time.

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RE: Forgotten Souls
"A good, strong name. Tell me about yourself," she said, still looking directly at him.
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RE: Forgotten Souls
"...I hunt. I find ways through the dark." he said awkwardly, not used to talking overly much when not with family or haggling for prices.

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RE: Forgotten Souls
"Huh... Nice digs. Where'd ya get 'em?" Gorv is suddenly there, crouched next to Erma, grinning behind his mandibles. His antennae twitch, making him glance at the others. "Love the color. Think green suits ya.
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RE: Forgotten Souls
"I hope you are a sure shot, Yefrindal," Augusta nodded. "Have you been in combat before?"
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RE: Forgotten Souls
"I have fought, yes." Yefrindal says.

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RE: Forgotten Souls
"Good. Then I look forward to fighting at your side," Augusta said before looking to Gorv. "You. Your name?"
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RE: Forgotten Souls
"So are you guys going to fight...or something?"

It is important to note Nyxia has not introduced yet. Nyxia probably forgot about it.
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RE: Forgotten Souls
Yefrindal sighed in relief that the massive dragon woman was no longer grilling him, and tried to ignore the human woman's question before it could come back to haunt him.

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RE: Forgotten Souls
Erma looks down at Grov.

"I bought them in Kambos, where I was born. And thank you. I think they suit me too."

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RE: Forgotten Souls
Even enters, his backpack tingling and jingling, possibly from all the equipment he is carrying. "My best wishes, fellow adventurers. I am glad to see that you all look experienced." His eyes twinkle, and lets himself let loose a small smirk. "I am G. L. Even. I assume you might have heard of me? No matter, if you don't. I assure you that my services will be of a great use to you."

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