Dissemination of "Roleplay" Board
02-23-2015, 02:52 PM
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Dissemination of "Roleplay" Board
As you folks probably know, the General Games section is pretty chock full of Roleplays. We tried splittling the two but learned that our forum game content is very largely hybridized. But it didnt solve the problem of the Roleplay section being entirely dedicated to the Trollslum. A Roleplay section should cater to all forms of Roleplays.

The solution we came to was to disseminate the Roleplay board into the General Games section and a new Trollslum/Fandom RP section. Looking back, it seems to be a lot of work over what turned out to be a pretty minor change, but I think that this new layout is more representative of our modern community.

Sidenote: we were at one point considering moving the Trollslum under the umbrella of General Games/ Roleplays. For now, Ive left it seperate because the Trollslum community stands on its own two feet and doing so would make the Mafia forum look especially peculiar as a seperate entity.

As usual, feel free to discuss opinions or concerns with regards to this.

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