[Archival] We're Doing This. We're Making This Happen.
03-01-2015, 12:30 PM
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[Archival] We're Doing This. We're Making This Happen.
In case you're wondering where the webmaster is, ChocolatePi is presently endeavoring to publish Witchhunt, a physical format card game based on the popular forum game.

Here's his last announcement for the record...

Quote:So over the next few months, I'll be working towards publishing Witchhunt.

This means I will be paying way more attention to this forum (and using it for that), rather than just hosting it out of kindness for the MSPAF community.

Don't get me wrong. You guys are fine; everything is staying, and nothing is changing. I'm just going to be making things a bit nicer and more proper in the near future. I aspire to be an excellent host, simply the best there is. In the meantime:



It would be super duper if you guys could follow the facebook page and like the twitter one. Or the opposite; hell if I know how social media works.

We'll do a Kickstarter for the game in November-ish. If you like games, this forum, or me in general, that is where you generosity should be exclusively directly.

Carry on!

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