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RE: Arkham - Day One
Alice looks about.

"Yes, I... I got called about an animal attack on the premises?"

Something here wasn't right. If there was an attack... Surely the lobby wouldn't be so presentable. But maybe this man just... Somehow didn't notice all the screaming?
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RE: Arkham - Day One
Ryan clambers out and bed, and limps over to the nurses, wincing every few steps. He had been used to injuries, but had often not needed medical assistance to get through them, which made this one seem all the more horrible.

Upon reaching his destination, he asks the nurses "Will I have to... ugh... to stay here much longer...? I have somewhere I need to go..."
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RE: Arkham - Day One
Tony uppercuts the aggressing freak. "Tch, gonna have to get some more lead."
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RE: Arkham - Day One
So.... definitely cursed? "I might be able to get my new friends to help you out, perhaps. Hm, lets see this book." Eduard leafs through the tome.

It is time time
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RE: Arkham - Day One
Heinrich moves in towards the young man and the monster, and punches the beast before it can bite the gangster.

The one, the only, Vancho!
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RE: Arkham - Day One
Really busy day, gotta run out again in a second. No major image updates were necessary, so I hope you guys (Cidellus, Vancho, and Ratstar) don't mind that I skipped them.


Getting out of the station was easy enough, and now Wildfire is free to roam the streets of Northside and/or anywhere else he might want to be.

Candice & Alice

Candice couldn't see much from outside, besides the fact that the place was way too clean for the bloodbath that had just happened, and that there were a handful of people inside despite it all.

Meanwhile inside, the man behind the counter shoots Alice an astonished look. "I'm sorry, there hasn't been anything of the sort. Where did you hear that from? Maybe it was a prank.


The nurses inform Ryan that since he's already left his bed and hospital care, he can leave whenever he wants.

Tony & Heinrich
Tony is not in fact out of bullets, but failing to raise his gun in time is forced to fight the creature in hand to hand combat. Dropping his gun and grabbing it, he felt its skin - unpleasant and rubbery - and tried to give it a few good hits. Unfortunately, the beast had both superior strength augmented by its falling leap and sharp claws and teeth, but before it could take full advantage of it Heinrich quickly punched it in its face, knocking it off the unfortunate gangster. Tony quickly got back up, and gave it a second blow. While perhaps the monster was more dangerous hand to hand than him alone, with Heinrich's help they quickly overwhelmed it, hitting it until it fell to the ground and stopped moving.

Donny & Eduard

Eduard leafs through the book. He had seen tomes like this before. While it didn't provide any specifics on how to actually perform the various spells and rituals it described, it did go into great detail as to what sort of motions, words, and actions might best augment them. He also recognized a sigil on the covers of the book, which he recognized as an arcane symbol that supposedly augments the magical capabilities of anyone who holds what it is engraved into.
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RE: Arkham - Day One
Tony reclaims his revolver, reloading it before searching the freaks and their victim for anything useful. "Thanks for the back up, you should probably find somewhere to hole up. Besides the cops might show up soon and they an I don't exactly see eye to eye."
Tony heads into the Library after looting the freaks.
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RE: Arkham - Day One
(06-28-2015 05:26 AM)Palamedes Wrote:  "You and a dozen other people." Abigail sighs, sitting down herself opposite Dark. "At least you have the decency to check them out like a regular person. The past few months we've had several break-ins, stealing most of our best texts on that sort of stuff. That, or they'll take them out and then vanish. I've been asking around, but nothing. I just got placed in charge of the rare books too... Anyways, unless there's anything else I'll leave you to your research Mister..?"

Please, just call me Darkmun. If I end up needing more assistance, I'll definitely let someone know. Oh, and BTW, if I see a stolen library book, I'll make it a point to let you know. :)

/Is there an option to, say, 'roll' to see if that other student reacted to Abagail's mention of the vanishing texts?/

/Since Dark's 'home' was labeled as the Library on his card, is there someplace you have in mind that he definitely has as somewhere to sleep, or will he just have to get lucky with a 'Dark Spot' roll?/
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RE: Arkham - Day One
"Oh, er.... Thanks." Ryan says, walking to the exit. He takes a deep breath and walks out into the town of Arkham. He walks up to somone to ask where to find Miskatonic University, but right as he was about to ask, he sees it over the man's shoulder, only a block to the north. He heads to the university as fast as he can with his injured leg.
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RE: Arkham - Day One
"It... It was called in. To the station. I picked the survivor of the attack. She was covered in blood, something killed her dog... Listen, didn't you have some sort of dog lovers' convention here today? That's what she said she'd been attending."

Alice is starting to get a bit irritated. First the strange vandalism (that still didn't make any sense), then the funny business with the asylum (no waiting room? What if family came to see a patient, where would they wait until that could be arranged?), and now she arrived at the scene of the attack she was told to investigate only to find nothing there.

... She'd doubt Candice at this point, but there WAS a call in to the station about this. Did she make that call before heading to the asylum? Where did she make it from? It just didn't add up...
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RE: Arkham - Day One
Wildfire went off looking for a place to buy a gun.
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RE: Arkham - Day One
Hmm, nothing seems to be outside, so all the clues must be inside!

Candice decides to go into the convention center but sneakily. Just because there is a chance that the smoke monsters might still be inside...and oh yeah, Alice might be inside too. Better not let her know.
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RE: Arkham - Day One
"Another auction? It is a shame so many good Arkhamites are leaving.. Mind if i join you? Collecting curious tribal effigy's has been a discreet hobby of mine ever since i came back from Africa. Perhaps she has some interesting ones"
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RE: Arkham - Day One
It is assumed that any character who currently lives in Arkham (so Alice, Archibald, Candice, Dark, Hank, Heinrich, and Tony) have an actual place where they live in the city, with quality and comfort matching their means and lifestyles. Characters from out of town would have rooms set up at Ma's Boarding House (Donny, Ryan, and Wildfire), the Grand Cross (Eduard), or some similar (albeit less relevent) establishment in the city such as the Hotel Miskatonic (Nobody). 'Home' in the sense of Arkham Horror [again, which this is only based on] are actually just starting locations for characters in the game, not where they live, as their actual homes don't play a part of that game.

So long story short, yes Dark has a place he can actually sleep, probably in one of the less swanky neighbourhoods. If you guys want to/want me to set specific areas where your characters live we can sort that out too.

Tony & Dark

Tony looks through the creatures, but doesn't find anything that isn't disgusting and horrible, nevermind being of value. He also fills his revolver up with what remaining ammunition he has, giving him six shots remaining, and moves to the Library. It occurs to him that he doesn't really know much about the courier, even what he looks like. Vic and Joey handled most of that sort of business, and though he might have seen the guy at some point he would have gotten mixed up in all of the other outsiders his gang worked with.

As he enters the library, he sees a woman and man talking off at a corner table, and a young man behind the checkout desk staring at him - likely confused as to why a brutish fellow like Tony would be found in a library.

At the aforementioned table, Abigail raises an eyebrow. "Mister... Darkmun. Thanks for the offer, I'll see if the university can afford a reward if you do. You know, a finder's fee."

With that she leaves Dark to his work.

As Abigail leaves, Dark continues to watch the student worker, seeing no signs of him acting strangely. However, he does notice a different suspicious character enter the library - a clear thug of some sort. He could swear he recognized him from somewhere though - maybe someone who worked for one of his various employers?

Ryan & Hank
[Image: Hyan%204.png]

As Ryan and Hank make their respective ways through Uptown's streets, they come upon a rather large mansion with several tables set up outside. A well-dressed gentleman is putting away various boxes and items when he sees people walking towards him. Surprised, he struggles to put things back on the tables and do up his tie, but the effort is for naught.

"Um, hello. Are you all here for the estate sale? We were just closing up, so most of the good stuff is already away - but like they say, you know, everything must go."

Though Ryan was intending to just pass through, his trained eye does notice that some of this stuff is actually quite unusual looking. He could of course stay and look, but checking his pockets knows he's down to his last two dollars.

Hank, meanwhile, watches Sanford look through the wares, knowing that he doesn't have any money himself. For how excited he was outside the church, he didn't seem too enthusiastic while Hank followed him and now that he's gotten to the sale. However, the lodgeman's attitude immediately changes suddenly when looking over what he's seen.

"Well, look at this..." he says to himself, opening a reddish book.


[Image: Giovanni%205.png]

Wildfire figures the best place would be Arkham's General Store, since the police station or local armoury probably wouldn't be amicable to parting with it.

Browsing through the shelves wouldn't be too helpful, since it was mostly just food and daily goods, but the back shelves behind the counter held what he was looking for. In one cabinet was two .45s, a selection of knives, and various ammunition, along with stranger items such as a cavalry sabre, a whip, and... dynamite? Meanwhile, the other cabinet had a lantern, cigarette cases, and a closed box.

Candice & Alice
[Image: Aldice%205.png]

"I'm afraid not. No events today, unfortunately." The man shrugs. "Do you know where she is? If it's someone trying to cause problems for our business, my boss might want to press charges."

Alice had snuck in through a window and was listening from a nearby door. She also definitely recognized the man she was speaking to - a cheery man with a heavy southern drawl who had come back to help the few surviving members of the convention escape with the rest of the staff. He had been pulled into the smoke though, after throwing her under the counter to evade the beasts.

Turning around, she also suddenly remembered with some severe concern that the very room she was in was where the massacre had occured - and the blood stained walls, massacred guests, and spilled products were nowhere to be seen, the room as clean as the entrance.
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RE: Arkham - Day One
"Ah. This is such a nice book! Mind if we discuss it somewhere more private? This might be our---- your lucky day!"

It is time time
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RE: Arkham - Day One
"... Of course I know where she is. Tell your boss to stop by the station tomorrow, we'll get the charges drawn up."

Alice didn't like this. Something about how this man asked that didn't sit right with her gut instinct.

"Still, she wasn't the one who put in the call. Everything looks in order but I'd like to look around the premises, if that's alright. Maybe her accomplice is hanging around."
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RE: Arkham - Day One
Candice lowers herself and attempts to sneak across the far side of room. There is GOTTA to something worth investigating somewhere.
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RE: Arkham - Day One

The man nods. "Go ahead officer, let me know if I can help."


Oh crap looks like Alice is going to start looking around. There was a door leading to the other main convention room, as well as a storage closet and a few large cabinets.
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RE: Arkham - Day One
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RE: Arkham - Day One
"What's in that box?" Wildfire asked about the closed one.

Regardless, he already knew that the two .45s and the dynamite would soon be his.
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RE: Arkham - Day One
Hank feigned interest in the knife that was displayed next to the book. In earnest he just wanted to hear what Stanford was up too.
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RE: Arkham - Day One
"Y'really think so?" Donny grins, clenching his fists excitedly. "Hoooooowee, I sure am th'luckiest son of'a gun on this side'a the farm, eh?" The farm boy salutes, already ready to hit the road. "Lead th'way, mister... uh..." Donny scratches his head, adopting a sheepish smile. "Sorry, sir, don' think I caught yer name."
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RE: Arkham - Day One
Alice nods in reply.

"Will do. If I have any questions I'll come back to you. Thanks."

She turns to head into an adjacent room. She needed to find an alternative exit and warn Candice to stay out of sight.... Maybe she should even cuff her, to be safe. After all, the only things keeping her from considering Ms. Cove a prime suspect was the initial call to the station and her own gut instinct. Alice knew the latter wasn't really hard evidence, so... It might be best to play things safe.

... But, then again, if she cuffed Candice she'd have to cuff her to something, and she'd probably raise a ruckus, and if there WAS something else going on here, that could put them both in danger. It might be best to come up with something for Candice to play along with as she investigated, instead.
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RE: Arkham - Day One
Candice & Alice
[Image: Aldice%206.png]

Alice heads into one of the two main convention halls, choosing at random. Looking around, the only thing out of the ordinary that she can see is an open window.

Candice, meanwhile, had tried to get back to the window in time but was forced to jump into a cabinet. She watched as Alice began looking around the room. Looking around inside, she could see a flyer for the convention and a locking mechanism that, with some fiddling, would allow her to lock the cabinet from the inside - depending on whether or not she was more worried about Alice checking the cabinets than she was of the officer hearing her try to lock it.


The woman behind the counter looks over Wildfire for a moment. "Oh, not much. Just medicine and, um, similar stuff. Why you asking?"

As Wildfire browses the rest of the wares, he checks his pockets for money. Unfortunately, he only seems to have about four dollars on him - including the three he bummed off of that old dead guy. He checks the prices beside the products:

.45 automatic: $5
Knife: $2
Cigarette Case: $1
Lantern: $3
Cavalry saber: $3
Bullwhip: $2
Dynamite: $4
Ammunition: $1 per box of 6


Hank began examining the knife. It was honestly a thing of beauty, with a gold hilt and a blade made out of some light metal. Curiously, it felt cool to the touch and glimmered even in the faint light of the mansion and nearby gaslights.

"Are you interested father? Only five dollars."

"How about the book?" Sanford was still busy pouring over the pages.

"The same, sir."

Sanford waves over one of his cronies, who hands the man a five dollar bill.

"Is there anything else?"

Sanford looks over the rest of the table, passing by the gold candlestick holder and at Hank's knife, and then over at the other table which he was still too far from to properly investigate.

"Possibly. Would you like the knife, Reverend Peters?"
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RE: Arkham - Day One
Alice frowns slightly. Did she hear something? The door had creaked when she opened it, but she thought she heard footsteps...

It was probably nothing. She was being jumpy, and nothing more. She checks the strap of her rifle to make sure she can bring it to hand rather easily if something goes wrong. Good.

She checks the window. Leaning outside, she looks around to see if she can spot where she left Candice.
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RE: Arkham - Day One
Candice tries her best to stay quiet.
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RE: Arkham - Day One

Alice leans out of the window and though she can see where she left Candice, the woman is definitely not there anymore.


Alice is leaning way out the window now. It'd take her a few seconds to get out and turn around.
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RE: Arkham - Day One
Candice plops out and MAKES IT FOR THE DOOR.
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RE: Arkham - Day One
Alice hisses a whisper out in that direction.

"Ms. Cove? Candice! Are you still out there?"

She scowled. Maybe Candice has stepped out of sight, or... She couldn't lose THE ONLY WITNESS to the supposed crime. That'd... That'd make her the laughingstock of the station, for starters.
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RE: Arkham - Day One
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RE: Arkham - Day One
If it was possible to rotate one's head 360 degrees without breaking their neck, Alice would have done so. Instead, she just turns rapidly, glaring. She hisses in another whisper.

"What are you- Stop! Stop right there!"
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RE: Arkham - Day One
Candic turns around puffing furiously.

"I overheard the guy you were talking to and he most definitely got eaten by smoke monsters! I am hundred percent sure he is not what he seems and the place isn't clean as it actually is!"
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RE: Arkham - Day One
Alice blinks.

"Hold on, did you say... Smoke monsters?"

She takes a deep breath, then sighs, shaking her head.

"... Okay, alright, you didn't mention... Smoke monsters... Ms. Cove, I think we need to head back to the station. You can... Give us a better report there. It'll be nice and safe from any... Smoke monsters."

She moves towards Candice, slowly.

"Come on, we'll just go back out the window, so the clerk there won't see you. Then we'll just go back to the station, slow and careful, and I'll make sure no, uh, monsters get you, okay? After that, I'll come back here and look for evidence that anything happened... I mean, evidence of where the monsters went."

It was clear by now that Alice doubted Candice's mental state. If Candice wanted to change that, she'd have to produce evidence to back up her story, and fast.
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RE: Arkham - Day One
Candice decides to book it for the door before the police books her!
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RE: Arkham - Day One
Ryans glances over the tables, almost most of the items seem mystic, yet, strangely, he's attracted to the item in the bowl on the second table. Upon seeing what it is, he says "Hey, how much for this..? to one of the gentlemen.
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RE: Arkham - Day One
At the first sign of her bolting Alice jumps forward to secure Candice, trying to pull her to the ground and cuff her. Alice isn't very strong, but she didn't think Candice looked that strong, either, hopefully that'd work.
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RE: Arkham - Day One

Candice proceeds to gracefully open her purse (as gracefully as she can while running of course), and throws her convention tickets (along with a lipstick, spare change and a bag of dog biscuits) into Alice's direction.
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RE: Arkham - Day One
I sure hope she's capable of RESISTING ARREST long enough to do that, because that'd save Alice and Candice a lengthy trip to the police station, but that's up to the GM!
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RE: Arkham - Day One
(06-23-2015 02:57 PM)Palamedes Wrote:  
[Image: Archie.png]

"And here you are Mister Montgomery," smiles Janice, an administrator, as she hands Archibald the keys to his office. "Sorry, Doctor Montgomery. There's not many proper doctors here, and the rest of them are so old." She laughs. "Anyways, it's just in the next building over. You're lucky, it's one of the better offices. Wouldn't have even been available if Professor Cullen hadn't requested a move to the Science Building. Insisted that his work needed to be done there. No idea why he'd need a lab for Archeology."

As she talks, Archibald can see two police officers walking down the hallway towards the office. If he doesn't want to get caught up in whatever they're here for, he should probably get going to his office and unpack.
Sorry I took so long to respond, I've been kinda busy lately. @_@

Archibald shares a laugh with Janice, as he takes the keys. "Well, I suppose I can't take offense at a mistake hidden in a compliment like that one. Your apology is accepted. I'd better get unpacked, now, though."

He takes the keys and heads to his office to start unpacking.
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RE: Arkham - Day One
Tony tries to pay no mind to the man behind the counter, sometimes even when you look the most out of place the best thing to do is act like you belong, so Tony walks with purpose to a secluded desk before taking out Vic's Journal and giving it a thorough read through.
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RE: Arkham - Day One
Heinrich opens his mouth to reply to the young man, then closes it, seeing that he is already leaving. He turns back towards Hans, pocketing the brass knuckles and dusting off his shirt.

"That was quite a shock! It seems our streets are no longer safe at night. Quickly, we are almost at the Grand Cross."

He leaves the area, hoping to reach the hotel soon, and that his wife and child are safe.

The one, the only, Vancho!
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RE: Arkham - Day One
Candice & Alice
[Image: Aldice%207.png]

Candice suddenly bolts out from one of the cabinets, catching Alice completely by surprise. Thankfully for the officer, Candice decided to stop by the door (presumably the one the receptionist isn't just waiting behind) and respond to her questioning before continuing her escape. Alice took the opportunity to try and pursue and arrest her, grabbing Candice's wrist just as she was almost completely into the other convention room. Turns out that Candice is in fact fairly able when it comes to RESISTING ARREST, as she quickly closed the door on Alice, stunning the officer, before emptying the contents of her purse in an attempt to convince her pursuer of her story.

Said contents are now around the floor at Alice's feet, as is a pamphlet for the dog show that fell out of the cabinet as Candice made her escape. Meanwhile, both can hear the door to the reception hall opening again.

"Officer, is there a problem? I heard a crash."


As Ryan looks closer at the bowl, he sees that it is filled with not a single object but many. Most of it is jewelery of some sort - bangles, earrings, necklaces, etc.

"A good eye sir. I regret to say that most of the finest pieces were already moved inside, and that each item isn't shown individually. The owner decided not to separate any of them for some reason, and we only had so many cases to provide. Everything in there should be about a dollar."

Ryan could see why. Though there was a lot of jewelery, most of it was of only moderate quality and those with gems only bore small or inexpensive ones. His eye was drawn towards one ring, however, made of pure gold with an intricate engraving of some hideous, tentacled face. It was probably there by accident, judging by its appearance and quality compared to the other pieces.

[Image: Archie%202.png]

Archibald made it to his office, which was in an office attached to the administration building. It was unfortunately sparsely decorated outside of a surprisingly high quality desk and chair, but that was always something he could take care of in the coming days.

He begins to unpack, taking first out his various knicknacks and setting them up as he would. Next came his own books and notes, as well as a bottle of a particularly illegal substance. He was normally an upstanding citizen, but even he couldn't always adhere towards the strict rules of Prohibition, and after all the particularly fine whiskey had been a gift from a time when such things were allowed.

As he went to put the bottle and notes in his desk however, he noticed there were still some possessions there. A lantern was sitting under it, and inside the drawer were several papers in a folder titled 'Research on unnatural approaches', authored by one Professor Cullen - presumably the same one who used to occupy this office before his move to the science building.


Vic's journal was enlightening. Though Tony struggled to make it through in places, he did manage to pick up that his boss and a few of the other gang members were working to find out what was up with the mysterious new gangs. Unfortunately, outside of a few mentions of some woman leader and an enforcer of some sort Vic had come to know as Wiz he had found out very little - until three weeks ago, when he met with Carl Sanford and became a member of the Silver Twilight Lodge. There, he had apparently helped create some sort of door that a monster came through, and Vic learned from Sanford that apparently these gangs had been calling in reinforcements from their own, permanent doors within the city. In the last entries, Vic had agreed to find a book for Sanford in exchange for more of his help, 'Nameless Cults'. Once he had the book Vic planned on betraying Sanford for some other mystery benefactor. Well, he had gotten the book judging by the fact that it was now in Tony's possession, but apparently not quick enough to save himself or the rest of the gang.

[Image: Heinrich%205.png]

Heinrich and Hans hurried towards French Hills and the Grand Cross. They rapidly made it past most of the district without delay, but just as the lights of the hotel and their safety were in sight they came across an impeccably dressed figure standing in their way. At first he seemed like just another man walking through the streets when suddenly Hans stopped, frozen in terror, and the stranger looked towards the two of them and smiled.

"Ah, hello doctor. I see you've brought a friend along.

"N-no, not you, we're so close! What are you doing here?"

"I think you know already doctor. Tell me, do you know what will happen next as well?"

Heinrich could see two darkly-clad figures step out of the shadows towards the man as him and Hans spoke, flanking him and staring at his friend.
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RE: Arkham - Day One
Ryan reaches into his pocket, and pulls out a dollar. He hands the bill to the man and grabs the ring. He puts the ring on his ring finger, and continues walking to Miskatonic University.
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RE: Arkham - Day One
"Just... Opened a cabinet, had a bunch of junk fall out of it!"

Alice gathered the purse contents and went to pick up what had fallen out following Candice's... Escape...

She narrows her eyes as she picks up the pamphlet. She looks at the junk Alice had thrown at her, noticing the tickets. She pockets it all, keeping the tickets and the pamphlet separate for later.

"...Yeah, everything's fine, I... I just have a few more cabinets I want to check."

This wasn't right. This man was hiding something, she had to find out what. But she also had to make sure Candice didn't blow the whole investigation open.
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RE: Arkham - Day One
"Just looking around."

Wildfire decided to go and case the local bank.
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RE: Arkham - Day One
Hank looked conflicted for a moment, He didn't want to take advantage of Stanford's generosity.. to be honest the man kinda unsettled him.

But on the other hand, i would rude to refuse

"I appreciate the offer... it certainly has some rather interesting qualities.. I would certainly to have the opportunity to learn more about it
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RE: Arkham - Day One
Candice catches her breath as she mull over her situation.

She was in SUPER DEEP TROUBLE for resisting the cop. Fortunately, she somehow managed to resist the cop so it didn't really seem it seem too difficult to outmaneuver her. HMM...

She waited until Alice leaves the room to think up her next move.
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RE: Arkham - Day One
Ryan & Hank

Despite the fact that the ring clearly wasn't meant to be there, Ryan successfully manages to pull it out after paying without the man seeing it. Looks like he got something great for cheap!

He leaves for the campus, and finds it mostly deserted. The creatures that Tony and Heinrich had killed and their victim weren't even around anymore (not that Ryan would know that).

Meanwhile, back at the sale the seller's eyes gleam. "An excellent choice, that there is an old relic of the family. So kind of you to offer to buy it for the priest too sir!"

Sanford steps back, looking surprised. "No, I was just wondering if I could-"

"I mean, the streets are so much more dangerous now, with gangs and hooligans wandering them. Surely an upstanding gentleman like you wouldn't deny such help to a man of the cloth?"

Sanford pauses and scowls.

"Right, yes, of course. How much?"

"Five dollars sir, it's quite a fine piece-"

"Five dollars!?" Sanford frowns, but then begins looking at the other tables. He sees the silver plate with the inlaid gem on the far left table and only so briefly Hank can see him almost laugh with excitement before forcing his face into a more passive expression. "That's a bit much, what if I got it with something else, say... this plate."

"Um, well that's also a-"

"How much?"

The salesman fidgets briefly. "I could give them both to you for ten, you'd save-"

Sanford immediately throws a bill at him and takes the plate.

"The knife is yours father, I do hope you don't have to use it. Think of it as thanks for this... welcome distraction."

With that Sanford and his goons move towards the university.

Candice & Alice

There is a brief pause and Alice can see the receptionist take another step towards the door... before suddenly turning around and presumably returning to his desk.

Alice gathers up all of the evidence and crap Candice threw at her before searching the other cabinets and the storage closet, finding nothing else of note besides the fact that the cabinets were all empty and didn't smell nearly as dusky on the inside as they should, given how old they looked from the outside.

Candice meanwhile watches the policewoman do all of this from the safety of the other convention room. Near the end of Alice's search though, Candice hears the sound of the door behind her starting to turn...


[img][Image: Giovanni%206.png][/img]

Running through the streets again, Wildfire wonders if it might be best to check his luggage into Ma's Boarding House so he doesn't have to lug it around everywhere.

He does get to the bank though, an old, gothic building rivaling even the city's asylum and church in sheer terms of being an unnecessarily ominous structure. Walking inside, he can see that it's pretty empty this late at night, with only a two tellers and three disinterested security guards. A few seconds into his entrance though, all eyes are on him (perhaps its the sword this late into the night). The closer teller eventually speaks up.

"Are you... here to make a withdrawal?"
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RE: Arkham - Day One
Dark will try to finish up this current part of his research and then will pack up his stuff. After that, he will head over to, and sit down near [Tony] and say "Hey friend, how are you?" :]
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RE: Arkham - Day One
Tony silently curses his own lack of intellect, hell its probably what led him down this track to a life of crime.
Tony picks up Vic's journal and strides towards the man he saw before talking to that woman, if he didn't co-operate he could always try to intimidate him into helping him. Tony is noticeably embarrassed about asking for help
"Uh, hey... You're good with like books and stuff right? I'm, uh wondering if you could help me... This book doesn't quite make sense to me."
Tony hands the journal to Dark if he accepts.

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