Pagan's Game(s) Planning(s)
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Pagan's Game(s) Planning(s)
Presently this is mostly just a brainstorm journal where I'll slowly balance and tweak concepts, with the input of those who wish to give it.


Currently, I have an idea for a survival game set in a primitive location. The plotline would be that a group of College Freshmen enter one of those prefab single-class external rooms, and get transported through space time, with only the items in the room, to a hostile and unforgiving environment, completely aware of this change.

Here I'll be adding character sheets, and messing with some gameplay mechanics.

And yes, this means M&M is dead, before it was even borne. Sorry for that, I lost the files, and with them the drive. But now I'll be using Google Drive and this thread, to maintain my records.

Foraging? Hunting? I'm thinking I'll create encounter tables for various activities in various areas, behind the scenes, and roll the dice to decide effectiveness. Of course, I'd need different tables for different levels of precision in the roleplaying, as well as character variables, but this seems doable and not particularly hard or clunky on the playerside, while making the running of the game easier.

Tribals, NPCs, and events would need to be figured out for the applicants to be incorporated into the plotline, and as such I was thinking of making the story arch aimed at getting home.

A big issue for me is how fast to run time at, post-to-post. If anyone has advice related to this, I'm all ears.

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RE: Pagan's Game(s) Planning(s)
Anarkismo (Name subject to change)

I have an idea for a social revolt type game. It'd consists of two (or maybe more if I want to make it more complicated) basic factions, the Anarchists and the State.

Each player would apply as an influential figure on either side, detailing only a job title, their personality, a little character history, and their name.

On the side of the State, each player accepted would be publicly revealed, but afterwards they will be talked to as a group, where they would flesh out details of the laws and policies of the State, and then each gets to anonymously make a single change to these structures.

On the side of the Anarchists, none of the accepted players will be announced until their character is know to broken a law, as detailed above, and all character applicant names are valid targets for actions of the state. This means your character will exist within the world, as an Anarchist, even if idle at the moment, which allows you to enter as a radical at any point where a player dies or drops out.

Turns would be weekly, each representing an in-game week. Players would run their lives, either with day-by-day commands, or with broad goals for the week. The exception to this would be during direct actions.

"Direct actions" are where the game slows, to an action-by-action command chain for all those directly involved. The exacts would vary from situation to situation, for instance, a sit-in would likely have a small police response, but also potentially build support for future actions. Likewise, a riot would garner large police response, but have any number of outcomes dependent on how both sides handle the propaganda. Meanwhile, sabotage and assassinations would catch the State off-guard unless they prepared in advance. To build numbers for an action, pamphlets and graffiti can inform the people, regardless of what side they are on. It'd be multifaceted, and detail would be rewarded.

If I create the game with more than 2 factions, it'd allow for various kinds of radical insurgents, with varying ideologies. This would likely be preferred, as it adds depth and room for creativity. In this case, all "radicals" would have similar details to the "Anarchists" described above, but different factions would have different end-games, and could cooperate and compete freely between each other and the State.

The game will likely be modern technology, and based on the State made by the player's, the rest of the world would impact the game slightly, but at a smaller, and harder to interact with scale.

Any comments/questions/concerns? I'd love to hear everyone's thoughts on the matter.

Working Name: Anarkismo

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