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The world was different, once. Magic was known far and wide, and those who dedicated their lives to its study were respected and revered. The learned few secluded themselves in high towers and studied the secrets of the arcane, unlocking power, devising spells, crafting wondrous artifacts. It was the First Age; a time when anything was possible.

But mortal races can be greedy and ambitious, as that is frequently their nature. Magic had always played its part in war, but as mastery over the arcane increased, the world slipped into the Second Age where wars became brutal and destructive. Beyond the power of teleporting entire armies, beyond the terror of raising entire legions of the dead to fight, there were powerful spells and arcane weapons devised that could flatten cities and rend the very fabric of reality.

It could not last. The wise and learned knew it could not. Led by a cabal of the mightiest magi from every civilized race, an organization of magic-users emerged who sought an end to the destruction. They set about a systemic campaign of suppressing the knowledge of magic and forbidding its teaching outside their own circle. They destroyed and sealed away everything they could, making it impossible for anyone to learn magic anew.

Then, taking with them their own personal knowledge and experience, they disappeared into the mountains, and were never heard from by the rest of the world again. The world carried on spinning, its most potent tools for individuals to cause terrible destruction themselves destroyed or lost. Thus the Second Age gave way to the calmer Third, but peace came at the price of ignorance. Magic was lost to the civilized races, though it continued to suffuse the world.

The mages themselves built a secluded city, hidden in a dimensional planar shard, accessible through a portal in a remote mountain cave. It was a place of shining stone towers and great wild parks wrapped around the peak and sides of a mountain, a microcosm of the world they had abandoned. This hermit city retained knowledge of magic, but kept strict control over what could be learned or retained. Their knowledge of the most destructive and powerful magics were lost completely, and development of new magic was carefully controlled to the point where almost nothing could be achieved.

That was many hundreds of years ago. The pristine city of Erecura has continued to exist in its dimensional bubble, a multiracial miniature of what the world once was, passing on the knowledge of magic from one generation to the next. Over time, even this preserved knowledge atrophied, though the powerful remained forces to be reckoned with. Strict limits on the ability to visit the world prevent much worldly news from reaching the city.

But the news which stunned the city was far from worldly.

The diviners have learned of a new danger, a great malevolent force of evil beyond the realms of mortality, which seeks nothing less than total conquest and destruction. Though details have been difficult to discern, the diviners are certain of one thing: this powerful, evil being needs to be stopped.

To this end, a small number of powerful magic users from across the city have volunteered or been selected to go out into the world and combat this menace. They represent some of the best the city has to offer. They will have to learn more about this rising evil, and frustrate it whenever they can. They will have to get into contact with the civilized races to muster a defense. They must search old ruins and uncover old secrets, so that the most powerful spells and artifacts can be rediscovered. They must decide, in the name of empowering the defenders of mortalkind, whether it is time for magic to return.

And ultimately, they must fight the final battle the diviners have foreseen, and save the world.


Welcome to Awakening.

What is Awakening? It may help to imagine it as a Gandalf simulator. You play a magic-user from the hidden mage city of Erecura, on a quest to save the world from the mysterious forces of darkness. On the way you'll have to deal with a world sunk into ignorance and superstition, where magical creatures in the great forests and caves have gone unchecked and run rampant, where ancient ruins guarded still by warrior constructs hide the secrets your ancestors locked away.

The setting is stock fantasy, though I'll shape it around the races and details of the characters. Your mission is to prepare everyone for the final battle and tilt the odds as far in favor of mortalkind as you can. Uniting the mortals against this force of evil might be a good idea, though it's easier said than done. Arming them with magic could lead to unforeseen consequences, especially as you unlock new and more powerful spells and artifacts from ancient ruins.

Everyone has some kind of magic, but that doesn't mean you need to be a wizard. You could be, for example, some kind of spellsword, using magic in conjunction with swordfighting primarily to augment your skill with the blade. It's entirely up to you how you want magic to work with your character. Just try to be at least kind of flexible, since you never know what kind of new powerful spells and artifacts you'll find as the game progresses.

Most arcane knowledge that survived in Erecura is a far cry from the city-crushing magic that existed in the Second Age. Most magic you start with will be somewhat smaller in scope - the kind of magic that suits an adventurer rather than a demigod. Though it will no doubt be useful, you will almost certainly need more to win the final battle. And yes, there will eventually be a final battle, and when that time comes, you'd better be ready.


Name: The name of your character.

Race: Either a stock fantasy race (human, dwarf, etc.) or something of your own design.
Race Details: If you're making up your own race, describe it here.

Appearance: What your character looks like. If you are making up your own race (or borrowing another player's made-up race), you might want to mention what they look like in general as well as your own features.

Bio: Anything and everything about your character.

Talents: How do you use magic? Do you have any unique abilities that tie into this?
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RE: Awakening
Name: Alkherost

Race: Mandragora familiaris
Race Details: The species was cultivated from the wild strain by means of extensive arcane meddling, and presently consists of only one known individual. Though documentation on the processes used to alter the plant were either destroyed by time or never written, the scraps of the First Age wizard's journals that still exist indicate that this experimentation was undertaken to produce a unique and useful magical assistant.

Unlike its wild cousin, the shriek of the mandragora familiaris will not cause death, but temporary paralysis in those who hear it. Its form appears far more convincingly human than the wild variety, although it is composed yellow vegetable flesh beneath its skin rather than any sort of musculature, presumably moving by the same innate magic that causes its natural cousins to writhe. We have been unable to determine what, if any, internal organs the species possess, but it is capable of ingesting food as though human. It is interesting to note that its hair seems to be, as with the rest of its body, some sort of modified root, capable of absorbing water and to some extent "tasting" what it touches, or some sort of environmental conditions.

Its leaves have properties similar to its wild cousin in terms of toxicity and arcane ritual function. When provided with sufficient food, the mandragora familiaris appears to have no need for leaves for energy. Indeed, if the leaves are not pruned, growths that are somewhat tumorous in appearance appear to grow with greater frequency. The removal of both leaves and growths does not distress the mandragora. Casting magic appears to stimulate leaf growth.

While the species is quite intelligent, it is unknown if this is an alteration from the wild variety, or if it was merely given improved capacity to express itself. The subject of mandragora intelligence continues to be a topic of some minor debate in the community. However, the mandragora familiaris itself has been noted as referring to wild varieties of mandragora as "imbecilic vegetation."

Appearance: 5'6", possessing a rather plump body which tapers into several dainty appendages. Four appendages plus a head, and no more extremities than that--for she is diligent in clipping off any extraneous arms, legs, or tiny wailing baby mandragora buds that occasionally begin to sprout as a result of excessive gathered energy, whether photosynthesized or devoured.

Her eyes, hair, and skin are various shades of brown, with autumnal undertones. Her facial features look a bit squashed. In the spring, she sprouts streaked purple flowers.
[Image: Mandrake2.jpg]

Bio: Discovered in the ruins of a First Age Wizard's tower by an adventurous sort towards the end of the second age, until some fifty years ago Alkherost was nothing more than a small root that looked like a rather unpleasantly mangled baby preserved in a glass bottle with a sturdy lid. For many years this clipping of a Mandragora, as it was labelled, was passed around as a minor curiosity among wizardfolk, and passed over for extensive study in favor of rather more exciting objects from the fantastically rare collection. Mandragora themselves are commonly cultivated for various arcane and medicinal uses, and it was assumed that this clipping was from a wild variety, and valuable only for its history.

An apprentice came across the mention of mandragora familiaris in his studies, and with persistence gained permission to cultivate the preserved clipping. The result, of course, was no magic-garden variety mandrake, but a person. There was quite a flurry of interest among the wizards in Erecura about this result, but they were unfortunately unable to discern anything definite or novel from the final product about the processes the First Age wizard had utilized to create it.

Alkherost remained in the company of the apprentice and his master for several years longer, although she parted ways with them after coming to the realization that she was perceived as more of a sort of advanced magical construct or servant than an apprentice or fellow scholar. Following this, she pursued a formal apprenticeship.

Magics that affect the mental states of organic creatures come easily to Alkherost, and she is able to cast them without the extensive preparation that goes into her other spells. Spells that appear to be cast instantaneously have been prepared in advance, bound to an object through arcane ritual, often requiring hours or even days of carefully drawing diagrams, refining reagents, and teasing forth the proper sorts of energies into the workspace. Alkherost has an advantage over most other ritual wizards in this last task, as her skin is able to somewhat "taste" magical energy, allowing for quicker adjustments.

There may be easier ways to achieve the spells ritual wizards painstakingly craft, but their craft is sadly limited by the current understanding of magical theory. Alkherost is not bringing terribly many of her pre-constructed spells on the journey, as most of the ones she has been working on had rather more esoteric than practical use. Instead, she has packed some of the more common reagents she might require, mundane tools, and quite a few spells that are nothing more than magical grenades, glyphed rocks able to be activated and thrown to create bursts of fire or sound.

Spindlewyrm is the most delicate project Alkherost is bringing on the journey. He is a minor extraplanar entity willingly bound to a semi-organic construct that can change form from caterpillar to butterfly and back again as needed. The scales on his wings are full of the poisons he ingested as a caterpillar (He mostly eats Mandragora leaves). Alkherost primarily employs him in preventing wind related disturbances from her workplace, but he can summon up gusts as well as prevent them. If Spindlewyrm ever tires of accompanying Alkherost, he has the capacity to sever his connection to the construct and return to his home plane.
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RE: Awakening
Fuck it I got nothing.

Space is warped and time is bendable.
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RE: Awakening
Please note that entry is not first come first served.
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RE: Awakening
Interested, not sure if I'm going to try and be some sort of animal person or not. Maybe that could be my character's magic actually... Transformations and such.

... if that makes sense.
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RE: Awakening
Name: Tanuuwr, third son of the house of Calzeber, son of Faren Calzeber.

Race: Ifrit
Race Details: Although not an uncommon race in fantasy, they deserve explaining. Ifrit are the descendants of Efreeti, or fire genie, or very powerful demons, or descendants of very powerful supernatural flame-based creatures. They typically share certain abilities with their ancestors, although greatly watered down.

Horns adorn a bald head of a clearly demonic and frightening individual. Not physically imposing, Tanuuwr sports a small frame and red skin. On top of this red skin are many tattoos that are a deep red in color, like burnt blood. He tends to go bare chested, making him an eery light source, although his reason for doing this are not illumination but for his wings to fully flourish behind him in their full bat-like glory. At and below the waist, Tanuuwr doesn't wear shoes or socks. Luckily his surprising lack of clothing ends at his pants. The pants are brown and worn and there are other coverings around the waist not too terribly dissimilar to tying a coat around oneself. Not to leave himself plain in any way, Tanuuwr has sewn-in gold writings in the Ifrit language at the borders of what little clothing he has.

Bio: I think I'll separate this into two sections, personality and backstory.

Personality: Bit of a Tsundere Girl archetype for those familiar. To explain, Tanuuwr is a callous individual who cares little for humanoid life and is in no way beyond manipulating those to help him and do as he pleases, which he does with surprising ease. Although, he has a tendency to actually appreciate and defend those he is with for a long time. Unlike the typical Tsundere Girl archetype, Tanuuwr is not a good person at heart. Tanuuwr is an anti-hero and is most definitely evil and will kill and destroy at a moment's notice.

Backstory: Long ago, Tanuuwr's great grandmother was forced to marry and engage in intercourse with a powerful demonic lord. The motives of this lord are unknown to all, but he did destroy a proud bloodline of nobles single-handedly in his action. Come the next descendant, the Calzeber influence in the world was no more as the powerful war-mongering family was disbanded in a single moment without any hesitation from a half-demon that was the offspring of the demon lord and Tanuuwr's great-grandmother. Then Faren, who wished to relive the glory days that his family once had and he himself went off to wage war.

But this was all ancient history. As the child of Faren did not live during the extensive wars. Tanuuwr, as a victim of the machinations of magic had been stuck in a bottle where time did not pass. He had gained immortality at the cost of imprisonment against his own will. When he was freed from this, much time had passed and the Calzeber family was entirely dead except for him. And being imprisoned for so long... changes a man.

Talents: Pyromania is Tanuuwr's main facet of abilities. Unfortunately, control over flames has never Tanuuwr's thing. He lights the fire, and watched it go wild. As a set of side abilities, Tanuuwr is a skilled at contacting supernatural beings, particularly demons. He also has the ability to control other people to a degree with things such as paralysis, making people like each other more than normal, etc. Granted, the chances of these spells failing him are far greater, all it takes is a strong will to break free of them.
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RE: Awakening
Name: Pix.

Race: Incarnate Elemental (Magic)

Race details: Incarnate Elementals are unusual variants of the standard magical essence given life. Though most Elementals are considered Amorphous, don't really form anything cohesive, staying as a vague blob with whatever protrusions they want, Incarnates actually function more like living beings, legs, arms, internal organs and all, though these body parts still consist of their element. Though most Elementals find such structure tiring to maintain, Incarnates can reform their body to whatever structure they wish, but need the internal organs and stuff to survive. Most assume a vaguely anthropomorphic form as their base, though.

The easiest way to tell an incarnate or a "normal" creature apart is to cut them. Normal creatures will bleed, and show flesh or sap or something, whereas the "bleeding" of an Incarnate is more like a small geyser of their element, be it fire, steel, or even life and growth, from the wound.

Historically, there's been a huge amount of dissent between Incarnates and Amorphous elementals. Incarnates tend to have a strict limit to the power they have, and struggle to raise it, whereas the more common Amorphous elementals can grow without limit given the time and resources. However, the Incarnates aren't as limited by their elemental alignment as their Amorphous counterparts are. Fire Incarnates can swim, Air Incarnates can cast Earth Magic and so on. This naturally leads to political divides.

This is worsened by the relations between mortals and the two factions of elementals. A significant number of Amorphous Elementals have been used as batteries or power sources in one form or another, and most are quite bitter about that. Incarnates, however, could often take control of machinery they were supposed to power, so it was more common for them to be hired as both pilot and battery at the same time, so the relationship between mortals and Incarnates is significantly less hostile.

These days, most of the Incarnates and Amorphous elementals bound to the mortal plane are centuries old, summoning magic having been long lost to time. Younger, more hotblooded elementals do make temporary incursions at times, but the magic of summoning an elemental and creating bindings has long since been lost.

Appearance: A vaguely "generically female humanoid" shape and form, with a graceful appearance. Most Magic Incarnates are light-blue in colour, with small sparks like stars underneath their skin. Pix is no exception, but she also has "hair" which glows white and pulses from within.

Bio: One of the few truly complex spells left in the modern day Erecura is the Necessity Summon spell, a spell that's part divination, part creation, part teleportation. It's a complicated charm, but it can be generally summed up as "summon something that will save my life the next time it's at risk", though it's so hard to do right - and when summoned, it often makes little sense - but these have become a huge source of good-luck charms in the city. With that said, how to use the summoned item is not explained at all, and many still die to unfortunate causes, unable to understand how to use their second chance.

The first casting of the Necessity after the fateful divination of the malevolent force suddenly became power-hungry, indicating a complex and important item, possibly from some other plane even. More and more sorcerers were piled into the spell, trying to push it to it's limit, but the effort was enormous. And what, when more than twenty experienced master wizards combined their efforts and pushed the spell through, at great physical expense, did they get from it? A simple, weakened old enchanted pistol, designed to fire magic blasts but long having lost it's charges. Utterly baffled at first, the numerous people called in to push the spell through noted that there was instructions for a strange spell engraved on it, seemingly designed to... teleport or create something and bind it to the pistol. This was an Elemental summoning!

The art of elemental summoning and binding has LONG been lost to the wider populace, guarded viciously by the elementals who choose to stay in the mortal plane. It was forbidden to be used, citing the inherent threat of slavery and displacement as the main causes, and locked away from the eyes of all mages. Summoning was forbidden. Or else.

Naturally the most sensible thing to do was go ahead and cast the spell before the Elementals got wind of it, and then play dumb and pretend they didn't know what they were doing. And they managed to do it honestly, because what they thought was just a summoning spell virtually created a new consciousness, in a young, bright-eyed incarnate soon to be named Pix.

Pix has been a living, conscious being for about a week and is loving every second of it. Though the presence of some Old Magic like elemental summoning has certainly caused a stir, she's taken the gun which summoned her as her own, and sworn to protect the world from the evil threat. How much she even knows of what's going on is debatable, but it's likely she's using this whole war and explore thing as a chance for ADVENTURE of all sorts.

Personality: Happy, joyous, but naive and excitable. Doesn't really have a clear sense of judgement yet.

Abilities: If Amorphous Elementals are raw power, Incarnates tend to play more of a support role. Most Magic Incarnates have an innate understanding of complex enchantments, being able to more easily "read" an enchantment, curse, or complex ritual - basically any standing magic can eventually be unravelled, as can simpler spells repeatedly cast while Pix can watch. The Incarnate can then use this knowledge to disrupt the magic quite easily, or, more often in Pix's case, hijack the enchanted items and supercharge their enchantments. The pistol she carries is little more than a children's toy in it's normal state, but in Pix's hands, she can fire wild, raw, unpredictable magic blasts, equivalent in total damage to a rapid-firing crossbow, with random side-effects. With weapons or enchanted pieces of machinery that can handle more power, who knows what she can do? In the second age, Incarnates made siege weapons and been engine, pilot and artillery all at once. If she finds one, could Pix gain control of it?

As an elemental, she's only in this plane because she is bound by an enchanted artifact - her pistol. If her corporeal body is destroyed, or the pistol is sufficiently damaged, she'll just find herself back in the magic plane, waiting for a summon. The scholars who summoned her in the first place do have her summoning spell, at least, but they have no way of knowing when she'll need a summon, so...

The third and final main power Pix has is just being a battery for the living. Others can draw upon her magical power for supercharging their spells, giving them extra reserves of power. It's not as limitless as an amorphous elemental'd reserves can get, and it does tire her out as much as using the magic itself would, but it's certainly an option. And being a battery for someone doesn't mean that someone is going to have a good time. Imagine someone trying to cast a fireball and suddenly getting wayyyyyy too much power pumped into it. While it's still in their hands.

It should also be noted that Pix consists of Raw Magic. So, like what was mentioned earlier, her bleeding is basically raw magic given form, crystalising into complex shapes. These crystals, if a skilled jeweller got their hands on them, could be a source of new, young, and fresh magic rings, amulets, and other similar items. These crystals can be used to spread a known enchantment to a larger group of people, though the process is painful, unpleasant and exhausting for Pix.

Finally, Pix is an arcane being, not a "Natural" one. Many things which naturally work on normal beings do not work on her, especially if they target true organic material. She also can't use her supercharging or analysis abilities as well outside of arcane magic - druidic magic, shamanistic rituals, divine blessings, and demonic arts don't mix as well as normal arcane enchantments, and uses both ways, good or bad, are effectively muffled as a result.
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RE: Awakening
Name: Huóshuǐ

Age: 19

Race: Human

Race Details: Dark skinned, Huóshuǐ is human, but a race of human that's a bit uncommon in Erecura.

Appearance: As mentioned above, Huóshuǐ skin is a dark shade of brown. He has brown eyes and a shaven head. Painted upon his forehead, in blue paint, is the common magical symbol for water. He often wears plain brown cloth trousers, tied at the ankle, with no shoes. The bottoms of his feet are covered in thick calluses that do nothing to affect his agility. Over his trousers he usually wears a plain, dark-blue robe. He usually wears a non-expressive look of meditative calm, however, at times, one can look into his eyes and see a bubbling, turbulent rage.

Bio: Huóshuǐ was abandoned at a young age, having only very vague memories of his parents. At age five, he was being looked after by a gang of street orphans, who practiced reckless, self-taught magic to eke out a living in the city's underbelly, evading city guards that would otherwise likely force them into servitude or cripple their magic ability before casting them out into the world beyond the city. He lived for this like three years, until one day, by chance, he was caught trying to pick the pocket of one of a order of magical esoteric monks. Fortunately for him, this order, The Order of the Many Open Palms, had a habit of taking in street waifs when they could find a situation that would leave the waif no choice but to accept their generosity. And, caught in a magical vice by a city guard, Huóshuǐ was in one such situation. The monk claimed the child was his student, merely trying to reaching to retrieve a coin-purse as commanded. The guard accepted the lie and gave Huóshuǐ into the monk's care, and thus Huóshuǐ was taken in to the order. He was stripped of his old name, given the name "Huóshuǐ" in its place, and trained in the ways of meditation and self-discipline. As he trained, eager to use this new life as a way to escape his past life of living hungry in the shadows, Huóshuǐ found the biggest obstacle to the lifestyle of an Open Palm Monk was his own anger. Rage and resentment at society for abandoning him on the streets boiled within him, but the monks taught him practices to calm it, to cool it, to let it flow instead into stances, stretches, and peaceful thought. Soon, Huóshuǐ was ready to be trained in the Art of the Mystic Being, and, fortunately, he ended up being somewhat of a prodigy. It's why, at age nineteen, he is the one the Order volunteers for this great mission. The Peaceful Elder foresees that this mission will try the young monk, more than anything he's faced so far, but, like the water of a river having to push it's way through a series of filtering grates, Huóshuǐ will be all the better for it.

Talents: The Order of the Many Open Palms practices a special school of magic, the Art of the Mystic Being. This involves channeling magical energy through yourself, from the core of your very being, tapping into the power from which all human souls springs. This energy can be channeled to many different results: hardening parts of one's body, adhering to sheer surfaces, calming and easing injured muscles, sharpening senses, blocking projectiles, performing above-average human feats... It can also be used to reinforce physical blows, sending out waves of kinetic energy from punches, palm-strikes, and kicks... With enough focus, it is even possible to produce a magical projectile with it, but this is difficult for even some of the best masters of the art.

Other than being a natural prodigy at this school of magic, Huóshuǐ possesses high levels of martial and mental training. He is at top physical condition, has excellent natural problem solving skills, and has taken to the Order's teachings of putting others before one's self and keeping one's thoughts clear from dangerous emotions... Well, most of the time. He also has quite a strong repressed temper, but, fortunately, he's pretty good at restraining it. But then again, within the mystic city, his restraint has never truly been tested...
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RE: Awakening
Name: Kai Husravah

Race: Human

Appearance: A swarthy man with a mid-length brown beard and shoulder-length curly brown hair. He stands a tad shorter than the average man, but is well-built and muscular. He wears a red silk tunic embroidered with gold thread, dark green britches, and shiny leather boots. At his side is a dagger and sword, the hilts inlaid with small green and red gemstones. He wears a light chain shirt, hidden underneath his tunic.

Bio: Kai Husravah is of a line of magicians claiming descendancy from the kings of an ancient empire. Khosrow, for whom Husravah is named, founded the empire by uniting many squabbling kingdoms into a single state and codified many laws. Kurush, another great king, was known for being a just and fair ruler, who respected the gods and lived righteously. The royal family were blessed with the powers of foresight and used this knowledge to rule well. At the peak of the empire, the great king Yima forged a mystical bowl, which greatly amplified their ability to see the past, present, and future clearly.

The empire, however, did not last. The kings of the land forgot their duty to their people and the gods, and grew cruel and decadent. King Khosrau II, seeking to follow in his ancestor's footsteps, waged many wars and brought many lands under his dominion, but his wars were costly, and brought much debt upon the empire. His brother Andragoras deposed him in a bloody coup, seeking to be a stronger ruler, but he lost the westernmost provinces of the empire to invaders. After Khosrau II's son Kavadh inherited, the land was greatly weakened. The kings had forgotten their place as protectors of the realm, and instead were giving worship to dark spirits such as Zahak with their evil ways.

In the final years of the empire, a boy of fourteen, Yazdegerd, was enthroned to a much-weakened state. They barely controlled their homelands, and the constant wars of the Second Age had worn down its people and its army. Their magic was barely strong enough to see ten miles on a clear day, or summon a light drizzle in the fields. Ardashir, who was the Emperor's uncle, decided that the family needed to atone for its sins. He gathered the most powerful sorcerers remaining, along with his family, and joined the cabal of mages who sought to lock away magic. And so, the empire ended.

Kai Husravah was thus raised to know the mistakes of his ancestors, and with humility followed the ways of the gods. Of the great magical artifacts forged in the golden age of the empire, only the Cup of Yima remained, and it was in the hands of the chief diviner of his people. When the diviners foretold disaster if the mages did not return to the world, Kai jumped at the opportunity. He had trained for this very moment, and promised that he would uphold the laws of the gods in the outside world. Though his teachers were weary, the Mobadan-Mobad, or chief diviner, agreed readily, and gave him the Cup of Yima. Though Kai's powers of divination are weak, and he does not know how to use the sacred bowl, the chief diviner assured him that it would help him in a time of need.


Magic: Kai Husravah's magic comes from his devotion to the law and the good spirits of the land. He must conduct the proper rituals of respect and devotion before being able to use any power, and his magic weakens if he breaks his oaths or performs immoral actions. As the rituals for most spells are long and complex, he prefers to perform them beforehand, binding their power into the gemstones on his sword and dagger. He can then use the spells later without performing the ritual, as long as he does not violate the sacred oaths of the ritual. Another way to cast a spell is to carefully inscribe a scroll with a specific magical formula, and then merely read its words of power afterwards. This method was perfected by Hirmiz, one of the first generations of mages to grow up in seclusion from the world, and is thus called Hermetic magic. Even though Kai does not know many of the older, more powerful rituals, he can still cast scrolls which have been inscribed with those spells. However, since these scrolls lose their power when cast, there are very few left from those times, and they are jealously guarded.

Sword Dance: In addition to his magic, Kai has been trained in the art of combat. Though he knows both bow and spear, his specialty is a whirling dance with two blades. The great speed of his dance allows him to avoid being hit while at the same time cutting his opponent many times. His speed can be enhanced with spells of wind - some accounts of past battles say that one sword-dancer could cut down a hundred foes when so blessed. As this dance is very demanding physically, Kai can only do it for a short time before becoming tired, and if he fights for a long time, he will certainly be exhausted and must rest.

Divination: The Cup of Yima allows Kai to see farther than his senses, though its powers are still locked to him. His divination is weak, though with time, and the unlocking of lost magics, he may well be able to regain the farsight of his ancestors.

The one, the only, Vancho!
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RE: Awakening
Name: Lugh Maximos

Race: High Human
Race Details: Essentially your stock human, but a remnant from a time when magic was used for eugenics. High Humans are essentially humans descended from the Arch Men. Humans magically augmented to be immune from disease, they were shining beacons of perfection. Their wounds healed, age, while still capable of touching their forms, only served to increase their grace and gravitas, gone were the ravages of time destroying the mind and loosening the tooth. They were immensely intelligent, and lived for centuries at a time, tall, beautiful and broad of shoulder, their strength was the strength of empires and superiority.

After the close of the second age and the ravages of war and the forming of the secret city, the remaining Arch Men, those not destroyed by war and who sided with the magi had, over time, intermingled with the other human races. To such extent there are no more Arch Men, only the High Humans remain of their legacy. An ethnicity and no longer a race apart.

High Humans are unusually tall, strong, quick and healthy for most humans.

Appearance: 6'8'' in height, hair the fiery colour of oak in autumn that shines golden in the evening sunlight, tied back into a ponytail. Strong and solidly built in frame, broad of shoulder and possessing a farmer's tan.

Bio: Lugh, being the smallest of his siblings, tended to dwell in books and stories more than spending time carousing with his brothers.

As such he grew up on tales of glory and honour, of the first age when all things were new and heroes roamed the earth.

Somehow the young man got it into his head he wanted to become a paladin, a great warrior dedicated to justice and honour, seeking glory in the world. It was to this end he would often spurn the attentions of friends and family and train his body and his mind, such as it was, in the arts of the shield and the warhammer, the blade and the horse.

He quickly became skilled and strong, his magical heritage and learning making him a formidable spellblade and healer, for he had no time to spend twiddling his thumbs convalescing. His unorthodox fighting styles and unusual dedication made some of the elders worry his persistence might result in a new form of battlemagic. However this dedication came at a price, for as great as his devotion was it meant he knew next to nothing about what life was like, what people were like.

How much less would he know of the world outside?

Armed to the teeth in metal, magic and ideals, Lugh eagerly jumped at the bit to go into the world beyond, to smite this evil, like the warriors of old. The elders were only too happy to let him go before he did something regrettable. Like give other people foolish ideas.

Talents: Lugh uses his magic dynamically, usually through his fighting styles. Being a High Human he did feel the need to use it to augment his antural abilities, so he focused it through his weapons, shielding himself and delivering fiercer blows through his hammer. As well as for the pusposes of healing. Obsessed witht he idea of driving away darkness, he uses his magic at every available opportunity to blind his opponents and light based magical attacks.


Also naive characters are the most fun to play

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RE: Awakening
Name: Truthseeker Rishi Aharin


Race Details: The taira are a race of humanoids with bat-like features including the characteristic bat snout, a pair of large ears commonly following the curvature of the individual's skull and a set of delicate-lookiing wings folded like a shroud against their back while not in use. tairans are hairless and their natural skin color seems to be limited to grayscale. Taira generally have poorer eyesight than other humanoids, especially during the day, or anywhere with bright illumination, really. They make up for this with improved night vision and their natural talent for echo location, and while this gives them a unique advantage in how they perceive the world, their ability to see things at great distance, whether through sight or sound, is extremely limited. While tairans arent physically weak, their bones are comparatively fragile, and broken bones are therefore a common malady.

Most tairan settlements are located within jungles or other tropical climates, the largest stretch of which is the Telran'ri, referring both to the jungle itself and the strech of land around which its denizens have claimed as theirs. Tairans tend to live in great cities of worked stone where all but the lowest castes are free to pursue whatever individual profession or skill they desire, whether ir be practical or artful. Nearly the entire race seems to be obsessed with the concept of honor, which they follow strictly like a set of laws. A tairan will do their utmost to uphold their honor or that of their fellows and will go to great lengths to do so in spite of the inconvenience that may be involved, for being known as dishonorable is the greatest failure a tairan can know and will almost certainly lead to banishment from the cities and civilized life should the individual be deemed honorless enough. Due to this, the less worldly taira can be easily tricked by any outsider as they simply dont expect deception of any sort. Because of this, many taira who have dealt with outsiders grow to become suspicious of them and are quick to dismiss them as honorless scoundrels, barely fit to be considered civilized people. Despite this, it is usually the tairans themselves who seek trade with other races, as the difficulty in navigating the jungles tends to keep most merchants away.

To the rest of the world, the tairans are best known for their highly skilled blademasters who, through extensive training and by the use of echolocation in combat, often challenge and masterfully defeat several lesser opponents in combat at once in a skillful display of swordsmanship. Duels between blademasters often take place in specially designed arenas where the combatants clash both on the ground and in the sky, both looking to gain a momentary advantage, the duel fought with waves of sound probing for weakness as much as with blades. The greatest battles fought between blademasters often draw crowds even from faraway tairan settlements, the spectators eager to see the clash between two masters of supreme martial skill.

Historically, the tairans seem to be a young race with only the occasional copy of an ancient document so much as mentioning a time before the third age. As such, the existence of magic is barely recognized among the tairans.

Appearance: Most taira look the same to any non-taira, and Rishi is no exception, although he is slightly taller than the average, with dark gray skin and blue eyes, his wings blending into a slighly lighter shade of gray than the rest of him. He often wears a close-fitting white toga, each one he owns bearing a different stylistic pattern in red, blue or black. In addition, he usually also wears bands of polished iron on his ankles and wrists, each inscribed with symbols in the language native to his people. He also owns a pair of spectacles to help him see a little farther, but he rarely ever wears them. Like most scholars, he is less physically capable than average for his race.

Bio: There were never many of his kind in the city of magic, and as far as Rishi is concerned, he might be the last yet to remain there. Indeed, he's never been to his homeland. Raised to learn magic and history, Rishi grew obsessed with truth, a concept he has since dedicated himself to, spending much of his time trying to wring truth from old and new documents alike, cursing the names of biased authors who documented not the truth, but their skewed version of it, scribing his own account of events old or new only when he was certain he knew the truth. He learned the arts of divination and alteration, growing skillful with each as he used them in pursuit of more knowledge. Indeed, he was one of the diviners who discovered the new threat, and now he is presented with another question to which truth must be brought.
Does pure evil exist?
He intends to find out.

Talents: As mentioned, Rishi is skilled in the arts of alteration and divination, but goes about casting his spells in a specific way. To cast, Rishi must the 'shape' spell before him by manipulating the spellweave physically with his hands. To all but himself, this will look as though he is going through the standard arm-waving some spellcasters are known to use, but unlike the spells cast by them, his technique is more procedural, allowing him to build up a variety of desired effects before releasing his spell, given enough time. For instance, he could fairly quickly turn a boulder flung at him into a snowball, but he'd probably still suffer the indignity of being covered in snow unless he had more time to shape his spell to also scatter it in all directions to produce a more comfortable snowfall. On the other hand, if he didnt have enough time, he might only have the time to change half of the boulder before being forced to release the spell before being struck. Needless to stay, more complex alterations require more time, such as changing an object made up of several different materials, such as a delicious pie, into a different complex object, like a compass or another device. This method of casting allows him to perform particularly demanding tasks at the cost of time.

His two fields of specialization work much as you would expect them to, with some limitations. Rishi cannot perform soothsayings, fortune telling or any kind of divination that is designed to be vague and inconclusive - instead, he prefers scrying, truesight and other means of scanning an area for information. Likewise with alteration, he can change most of any object into another, but he has no power over shapeshifting and cannot affect living creatures directly at all. As a sidenote, due to the nature of alteration he tends to carry several pouches filled with various materials. He might for instance fling a handful of sand at an attacker, then turn it into a sea of cinders because ouch. He's grown quite good at throwing various things, including darts, powders, small rocks and even disks and boomerangs. Not that he is sure if he'll ever find an situation where he'll need to throw a boomerang, but its an entertaining enough pastime when you are flying from one part of the city to the other.
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RE: Awakening
Name: Ursula Gravekeep

Race: Dwarf

Race Details: Short, stout, fond of drink. Beard may or may not be included.

Appearance: A scruffy-looking dwarf lady with an intensely determined expression on her face. She is currently wearing half-plate, carrying a backpack of essentials and a crossbow (and squirrels), and wielding an handaxe. She is never seen without her floppy wide-brimmed hat and her steadfast companion, George, a small rabbit who is as bloodthirsty as it is freaking adorable.



Ursula was born to two especially powerful dwarven mages. Despite the idyllic Erecuran environment, Ursula fostered resentment at her life as despite her strong magical heritage, her arcane competence was literally nonexistent and whatever inkling of it was overshadowed by the effortless spellslinging of her younger brother, Urist who just happened to the seventh son of the seventh son - and happened to be very good at utilizing that blessing.

While the relationship between Ursula and Urist was supposed to be amicable, it was clear that their parents paid were more doting on him rather than her. This understandably drove a wall between the two siblings. Fortunately, the unequal distribution of attention allowed a lot of freedom for Ursula to do as she pleased - which she squandered on getting into mischief like improvised graffiti, throwing detritus into the local lake (which happens to house the local merfolk population), and so forth. She had a good spree until one day, she decided (after a few too many pints of beer) to go into a particularly pretty-looking forest to break some branches. Perhaps, leave some carvings of rude dwarven curses behind for kicks.

Unfortunately, she ended up in the Sacred Grove of Nemorensis and she definitely got more than she bargained for as the creatures did not take too kindly to outsiders. It was a supremely wild night as she narrowly dodged being torn, chewed, clawed, poisoned, crushed, swallowed, strangled, drowned and so on to death by creatures that seemingly grew larger, spikier, and more otherworldly with each wave. Of course, she survived all of it. She was a dwarf. And also very lucky. Eventually, this peaked with materialization of a strange, glowing, sum-of-all-animals-and-plants-god-thing. The god-thing gave Ursula two seconds to bask in its majesty (it was pretty majestic looking). Then it proceeded to thrash her to sound oblivion.

Ursula eventually came to with a headache that was definitely more painful than a hangover and couple steps less so than actual death. She realized she was not alone as a cabal of incredulous-looking, but impressed, wizard-likes were observing her - and as soon as they realize their attentions on her, helpfully explained their situation. Apparently, they were the Cult of Nemorensis and they were apparently a group of druids. While they were indignant at her attempted vandalism of their sacred death forest, they deemed her survival as a sign that their patron deity, Nemorensis, approved of her and would like to induct her into the Cult. And even if that was not true, lady, you tried to fight the physical avatar of our patron god, that takes some serious gumption, we have to get you in our sweet nature club.

She couldn't really argue with that logic. So of course, she joined into the cult.

It has been a few long years after her induction and Ursula settled into the druidism, much to the disapproval of her parents. She eventually worked up to a high position in the Cult. While there was some annoyances, she was mostly satisfied with her choices until one day, Nemorensis just suddenly lifted her prohibition on metal armor.

Nemorensis is strict when it comes to her code of conduct, but not totally unyielding. When she bends her rules, it usually means, something bad was going to happen. Something very bad.

All druids (at least in this cult) draw their magic from Nemorensis (otherwise known as Nemi, or for a more formal take, Lady/Lord Nemi) a primordial, cunning, and rather terrifying nature triple-deity. She is divided into three Aspects:

Death/Life Aspect who rules over Air
Predator/Prey Aspect who rules over Water
Animals/Plants Aspect who rules over Earth

They are all named Nemorensis, much to the everlasting confusion of non-druids.

During the peak (or low, depending on your opinion) of the Second Age, Nemorensis became disillusioned and each Aspect went their own separate ways. The one that settled in Erecura (and the patron of Ursula) is the Animals/Plants Aspect. Where the other Aspects are (or if they are even alive) is currently unknown.
Talents: Standard druid powers! She is great at dealing with animals, talking with animals, and occasionally becoming one.
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RE: Awakening
Name: Wilkaraeus "Wilkar the Wanderer" Aezetar

Race: Human

Appearance: Wilkar is tall and thin, with a short blond goatee, straight braided hair, a thin face, a slightly hooked nose, and bright blue eyes. He typically wears white robes adorned with golden stars to official functions, with a hat to match. While traveling, he wears plain blue hooded robes and leather boots. He is almost always seen with his polished wooden staff, which is tipped with a large glowing white crystal. He also carries a dagger on his belt for utility purposes. He appears to be in his early forties, aged well.

Bio: Wilkar was born to a high and distinguished family of wizards dating back to the city's foundation a thousand years ago. Many of his extended family serve on the council and in various positions of government, though Wilkar himself was never interested in such things. Rather, he was interested in exploring! Wandering! Particularly letting his mind and magical spirit wander through the trans-dimensional warp, sniffing out new dimensions and meeting new entities. As such, he has become a relatively famous conjurer and summoner, as well as a contemporary pioneer on rifts and warps. While his knowledge is nowhere near that of the ancient mages, he'd like to say that he's quite good!

As far as family goes, Wilkar's mother (Xarune) and father (Trytoreus) are still living, as are his five siblings: Ulzahr, Zanevia, Aoyorn, Pimonar, and Steyna. He has an aunt and uncle on his mother's side, as well as three aunts and an uncle on his father's side. Most are married with children and grandchildren of their own.

Talents: Wilkar specializes in summoning creatures from other dimensions, knowledge in said dimensions, traveling through warps, and befriending planar creatures. Wilkar likes summoning.
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RE: Awakening
Name: Varon Niysh

Race: Tairan (because why should humans be the only race with more than one PC?)

Appearance: Varon hovers somewhere on the line between teenager and young adult. She wears clothing that is very unassuming and easy to move around in, including your typical shirt and pants (or whatever the current fashion is in this city). Her body build is somewhat more muscular than you'd expect of a girl who just studies magic all day, which should be your first clue that she isn't.

Bio: A very young race, there were no Tairans in Erecura at the time of the founding. The few who exist now descended from orphans and outcasts brought into the city a few centuries ago in order to be studied or preserved in case the Tairans would disappear in the outside world, or even more rarely the descendants of such individuals. As such they don't have much of an identity and have no real connection to the rest of their kind. Thus Varon grew up far away from the honor-bound mentality that so defines most Tairans outside Erecura; in fact her massive curiosity often led her to explore places she weren't really allowed to be in. Erecura is an amazing place and there was always new wonders to discover. Varon quickly took to specializing in magic that would help her move about unseen across the countless alleys and corridors the city had to offer. But more than anything in the city, what always set her mind on fire were the stories of the world outside; far larger, diverse and living than anything she could imagine. So when she heard of the expedition outside, she immediately saw her chance. She didn't really trust her chances of getting approved, she was still a little too young to be allowed outside on a dangerous mission and she'd gathered a reputation of unreliability among city officials over the years, but with a little luck maybe she could sneak out with the others?

Talents: Varon has only ever really been interested in magic that allows you to go see the world without anyone bothering you (she's tried her hand at divination but it didn't really work out). She's able to briefly turn into smoke or mist; becoming hard to detect, faster than most and physically intangible for short periods, but also very vulnerable to strong gusts of wind. She's also good at illusions, though they mainly take the form making things somewhat darker or summoning bright lights. Anything more complicated than that she can only keep up for a short moment's time, enough to maybe make someone stop and hesitate but not much more.
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RE: Awakening
well i'll be damned
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RE: Awakening
There are certainly alot of applicants...
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RE: Awakening
Name: Lukhan Bastion

Race: Human

Appearance: Lukhan has black hair and green eyes. He stands at approximately average height for a human of Erecura - 5'10" - which makes him somewhat taller than average in the outside world. He is in his early twenties.

Bio: As a creative and somewhat absent-minded boy, Lukhan was taught magic in apprenticeship to his father - thought he often snuck out to watch others, and did take up painting as a hobby. He did poorly, until his talent for enchantment manifested - after something of a fight with his father (who was frustrated at Lukhan's inability with invocations and evocations), he moved out and has supported himself by a combination of his paintings and his enchantments for a few years.

Talents: His talent in magic lies in what is classified as enchantment; specifically, he is gifted at embedding spells into forms, which can then be bound to objects. His actual spellcasting ability has atrophied somewhat - his memory, while quite adequate by most standards, is not sufficient to hold the full shape of complex spells at once without wandering - so the only spells he can cast directly are those of simple form.

His form-binding does carry the advantage that he can use this to link spells together, getting combined effects or other such interactions.
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RE: Awakening
Name: Simon Kaltberg

Race: Half Human (half elf)

Appearance: A tall, handsome young man with brown hair and eyes. Has a small scar on his chin from an accident as a child. Is a fan of more casual clothing, only ever wearing robes or similar garments during ceremonies. His usual outfit consists of a white shirt with a vest over it, loose-fitting pants, and dark leather boots and gloves. Uses a basic looking staff that can form

Bio: Simon was born to a well-known and respected magic family, known for their incredible natural aptitude for many different schools. He was enrolled in an elite academy, where he excelled in an early age at basic magic and several different sub-types and had little difficulty graduating at the top of his class a year early. Despite his exceptional ability, what should have been his meteoric rise in career as a top mage was slowed by his disinterest and outright irreverence towards the formality and pomp that were usually required.

It was the death of his father in a magical accident and the urging of an old classmate and current beau of his, Elizabeth Ansburg, that finally convinced Simon to put in the effort and sacrifice required to be a proper high mage. Attitudes like his, from people who lacked the natural skill he had that made careful preparation less important, were what caused the malfunction in the ritual that caused his father to be snapped in half by an improperly bound monster. So, Simon gave in, and began a career as an enforcer of magical regulations and proper use of ritual materials. He proved adept at cracking down on hazardous and illegal magic use, while at the same time successfully changing the ministry's laws for what qualified as such. His own attitudes on the overzealous laws helped him realize and argue for more lenient control - as people would be less likely to break a smaller, more simple set of rules over a ludicrous amount of nitpicky ones (half of which were entirely unnecessary.

It was on the eve of a major promotion that he had planned to finally propose to Elizabeth when he suddenly found himself surrounded not by his front doorstep, but inside a destroyed workshop. He could tell he was still in Erecura by the wizards amassed around him, but something was wrong. They all looked surprised, or angry, or terrified of him, and most were casting spells or fleeing. He felt a bolt of magic striking him from one of the wizards, and when he attempted to ask them what was wrong all he heard was horrible gurgling and a piercing screech. Spinning around after feeling another blow, he saw his new, monstrous reflection in some shattered glass.

Understanding what had happened, he screamed.

Talents: Simon is an extremely talented user of most elemental magics, primarily when it comes to destructive capabilities and enhancement. As a complete prodigy with powerful magic in his very blood, he also knows a varying bit about most other schools. He specializes in destruction and countermagic. Magically, his only weakness is ritual magic, which he has little patience for, and furthermore has difficulty remembering all of the steps for one off the cuff since he never really had to study for other magic. He is also a trained hand to hand combatant, and knows how to use many such weapons with at least some level of skill.

Name: Crennoch (real name is too long and unpronounceable)

Race: The Wrong

Race Details: The Wrong are not so much of a race as they are a type of monstrosity from another world/dimension, or perhaps some sort of vile spirit given form. They are vary rarely similar to each other, and are considered one of the 'greater' summons. Skilled wizards can sometimes manage to bind their lesser kind to objects, but this is all but impossible for the greater Wrong. While Wrong are as similar to each other as one mortal race to another, in they physical forms, they generally appear as large, inhuman masses. These masses doubtless boil and fester at first. It is likely that they form horrendous body parts, ropy black tentacles, slime-dripping mouths, and short writhing legs.

Recent information suggests that their milk may have remarkable properties, but the mod must establish this.

They cannot speak the way most races do, and communicate instead telepathically. While extremely dangerous physically, they also have powerful, unique magic capable of rending space and time, though only the greater ones of their kind have any control over it. The strongest of them can even freeze or travel through time, or transfer their minds to other individuals.

The Wrong are as inherently evil as a race as humans, elves, dwarves, tairans, or other races are inherently good. Which is to say that while many of them are evil, it is hardly a vast majority. The real issue is that the Wrong's morality and ideas are so foreign from any of the planet's races that few can recognize their primary motives or means as anything but, well, wrong.

While inherently magically talented, the Wrong do not normally use magic besides that inherent to their race.

Appearance: Typical horribe form shared with most of the Wrong. Slightly larger than average, and has extra horrible appendages.

Bio: Cren is one of the Wrong who was recently summoned into Erecura as a servant. Unfortunately, the summoners didn't realize the strength of the being they summoned, as Cren, while young, is considered a Beta Class entity (with the ranks being Alpha > Beta > Gamma > Delta > Epsilon in terms of sheer power and intelligence). Cren, like many entities summoned and bound, was surprised and terrified of his sudden new situation and lashed out, easily breaking his bonds and overpowering the summoners.

As wizard guards were called in to subdue him, Cren realized that he would be overpowered, and didn't know his new home enough to escape them. He reached out and found a young mind capable enough of housing its horrible intelligence, and without an ounce of hesitation took his body for his own, leaving Simon in Cren's terrible form.

A week or so later, Cren had learned of what is happening to this world, and that he is trapped within it indefinitely. He also needed to be free of the city, as people (primarily Simon's friends and loved ones) could find out Cren was still alive and in a stolen form, and because the magic of the city made even trading minds in the first place a fluke and Cren knew it couldn't do so again in the city's confines. So in an effort to alleviate both problems he volunteered to go out and try to save the world and, hopefully, find a way to make it accept him, be it due to trickery or appreciation.

Talents: Cren, as a Beta class entity and one of the Wrong, is considered extremely intelligent and physically powerful. While no longer in his own form and in an unfamiliar world, Cren loses out on much of what he would naturally have in both. However, he is highly adaptable, perceptive, and intuitive and will, with some time, be able to use this world's technology and bodies as well as any intellectual or fighter.

Magically, he is still able to trade minds with individuals, though now it is limited to a mile or so (and not at all in Erecura), and additionally can only be done with a sufficiently intelligent individual, lest Cren lose most of his magical abilities. He can also slightly alter people's perceptions of him, helping him to appear as whoever he has traded minds with (though it usually doesn't fool people long-term). He is also still briefly able to distort space and time, capable of teleporting himself (and anything he's touching) short to medium distances and either slowing down or speeding up time around him as necessary (though the larger the target the shorter the time - he could make himself move extremely for a few minutes, but slowing or stopping everything around him might only last seconds).

The powerful magic that is in Simon's bloodline is Cren's as well, though he still is unable to figure out how or if he could ever use it.
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RE: Awakening
I'm gonna, uh... rate these apps now, since some might need adjusting.

Raptarion - Good power-wise, I'll comment again once you've written the bio.

Gorsgan - Your character does not appear to be either part of the city nor attempting to save the world. Please read the first post next time.

leafsw0rd - Based on what I told other players already OOG to inform their applications, pure elementals (ie the kind made out of their element) are mindless. This doesn't have to be a problem for your incarnate elemental though. Summoning still exists although it is far from the army-summoning doom heights it was during the Second Age. Also guns were not invented back during the earlier Ages and as such Erecura doesn't know what they are and they do not exist as antiques. Make it a wand or an amulet or something since it doesn't make much sense for it to be a gun anyway. Aside from those minor details, your app is good, very inventive, I like it.

Kocel - Well made, balanced, I see no problems.

Vancho1 - A good start, will comment more when you are done.

Galloglasses - Another interesting melee character, looks good.

chimericWilder - Solid character concept and interesting race design. The only real problem I have with it is that I would need to remake a bunch of the map to add large, thick jungles to the playable area. Could you put them in deep forests, or mountains, or desert mountains, or mountain forests or something instead?

Acolyte Doctor - Very interesting character, I really like that we're getting the full range of tabletop classes in these apps.

Cidellus - Straightforward and solid. Nothing wrong here.

Druplesnubb - Interesting that you're playing another of someone else's race, and the character is interesting. Although people leaving Erecura for any reason would be rare, so Varon's introduction would have been a pretty unique thing. The wizards generally don't go out often enough to take many captives from distant lands.

Sotek - Another straightforward app with nothing wrong with it.

Palamedes - Oh, Pala, why did you have to take a solid concept and replace it with a giant space flea from nowhere? The space flea's magic powers are pretty reasonable and interesting, but I am mostly concerned with the narrative dissonance of being a thousand-year-old sci-fi alien (with all that tech knowledge, to boot) and the fact that your character, like Gorsgan's in a way, wouldn't really be interested in working to save the world.
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RE: Awakening
I suppose deep forests could work? But unless you have plans to send the player characters after them (which i guess you do, at that), perhaps you wouldnt need their primary area acessible and a few notable outposts would work out well enough? hahah i dont know im not going to mess with the narrative just to stick with the specifics of a concept

also in regards to Druplesnubb's character, its probably worth mentioning that the honorless outcasts i mentioned form a secret society of ninja-bats who are actually willing to get the shit done that noone else is. maybe they snuck Varon in at a young age or something, because reasons? that doesnt make sense without some other motive though so never mind me
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RE: Awakening
Name: Alexia Rovias III

Race: Human

Appearance: Alexia is a rather average looking young woman with pale skin and raven black hair in a neat bun. Her eye's are hazel with large bags under them. She has slightly bucked teeth and thus has a slight lisp, she also wears all the signs of being under too much stress for her age and lack of sleep. She wears a simple brown in robe covered with satchels filled, a book holder and a sheath for a gladius. There is a small pendant on her neck with the Rovias crest displayed on it.

Bio: The Rovias family was quite the infamous one within the first and second ages. Mostly involving citywide manhunts and many public burning, Although the most interesting madmen did belong to the Rovias family too. The reason for their infamy is their studies and adeptness in Magick. An ancient and mystical sort of magic that involves runic incantations which even mages are a bit creeped out by.

The Rovias family unwittingly contributed to a large portion of the atrocities of the second era when the tome in which they detailed their research was stolen and used by less moral individuals who used the spells for more sinister purposes. After that fatefull discovery the Rovias family spend generations fighting the results of their studies reclaiming the various components needed for Magick spells and locking them away all over the lands and behind their own defenses, locking them away from misuse.

They came before the founders of Erecura, asking for shelter within and the chance to have the world forget their craft. The Mages reluctantly accepted and the Rovias family was allowed to stay within, although they had never shed their reputation as creepy dangerous recluses they eventually became a pariah family, Everyone was advised to not get involved with them and their kids were generally avoided by the other kids, this only strengthening the the whole anti-social rep they got.

Alexia is latest heiress of the Rovias family after her parents passed away quietly and never having any siblings, After a rather lonely childhood, she coped by pouncing on her studies.. only awkwardly mingling with the other mages in passing before running back to home to hyperventilate a little. She had become somewhat proficient with what remained of her family's knowledge of Magick having inherited the ancestral tome. Much to her annoyance it was revealed that almost all knowledge in there was gone with only a few inscribed runes and translations and a measly three point incantation circle.

Alexia had always the opinion that Magick wasn't all that bad, But lately she had a bunch of sleepless nights and the comfort of her own study was rapidly declining and her search for family secrets hitting dead ends. She was convinced the answer was somewhere else..

If only that didn't mean she had to talk to 'other people'

Talents: Magick are incantation based spells. That when triggered project runes around the caster. The caster has to stand still and not move during the incantation or the spell will fail and the magic power is wasted.
More powerful spells take longer to cast while weaker ones are quite short. They range form revealing invisible things to a basic recovery and shields... Summoning is possible but Alexia has no clue how and is unwilling to try it.

The Spells are mostly supportive and have no attack power.
07-01-2015, 03:29 AM
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RE: Awakening
Re:saving the world - my guy is trapped in the world with no escape, so presumably that's reason enough :P

I also addressed the advancedness - Cren would have to build up anything truly advanced step by step with materials and means he's unused to. I mean it'd be possible sure, but it'd take time far beyond what I imagine you have in mind.

I also designed Simon as a joke character because honestly he's pretty cookie cutter, just the generic talented but lazy hero. I might have gone overboard with the tropes, sorry.
07-01-2015, 04:32 AM
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RE: Awakening
cW, I'm trying to make the world of the initial map area everything the players would want to interact with from the start. Unless there's some reason your race wouldn't be interested in saving the world to the point where it would be pointless to even go ask them to help out, I'd prefer to have them on the map if at all possible. So I'll probably put a couple of societies of theirs in the forests.

Bramzter, looks pretty good. I don't see anything wrong with it, though you might be looking at a pacifist run if you can't cast offensive magic at all. It'll be interesting to see how that plays out.

Pala, I'm not letting you play a space-age thousand-year-old alien bug. That's final. I do think the idea of a body-snatcher with glamors and time magic is workable (though upon rereading I would prefer if you tuned down the body snatching radius to something less excessive), but... no. Just no.
07-01-2015, 05:45 AM
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RE: Awakening
yea i thought that was what you were trying to do, and since it seems youve already drawn the map thats probably the best solution.
07-01-2015, 07:14 AM
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RE: Awakening
Re: tarians entering the city: the idea was that if there was a sapient species not in the city already someone would eventually want to bring them into it to study. I could make Varon more explicitly descended from outcasts and orphans taken in a couple centuries ago.
07-01-2015, 12:15 PM
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RE: Awakening
@Sul: I figured as much, but figured I'd at least give it a shot (though you really should start with a firm 'no' from the getgo). A terrestrial bodysnatcher would be alright, but it seems like the wizard city is pretty impenetrable from outside so I don't know how I could enjoyably work the concept.
07-01-2015, 02:52 PM
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RE: Awakening
A magical experiment gone horribly wrong/right?
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RE: Awakening
I'd still be a horrible bug from outer space/some other dimension. I mean I guess if Sul is fine with it I could specifically take out the advanced thing (though I don't think I ever said 'space age', just a fair bit more advanced than the setting).

QE: Actually that could be Actually interesting, since the original Simon could possibly survive the experimenters trying to destroy him and serve as a nemesis.
07-01-2015, 04:25 PM
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RE: Awakening
Pala, you know what the easiest way to not be a space bug is?

Don't be a space bug. Have that character MADE in shady illegal magical experiments, and he just bodysnatches a wizard who makes a dumb mistake.
07-01-2015, 04:30 PM
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RE: Awakening
Being an experiment doesn't give me many goals besides like, revenge and running away. My character probably wouldn't even totally get the world is in danger or what that means until later on (also I'd need to rewrite my fake app to match and why would I ever do that).

(Also it doesn't cover whether or not creating powerful artificial lifeforms like that even possible in the first place.)
07-01-2015, 04:34 PM
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RE: Awakening
Maybe you invade the mind of a mage gifted with divination, seeing a good ol' DOOM VISION?
07-01-2015, 07:30 PM
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RE: Awakening
Pretty sure the setting allows whatever would be cool, within certain limits.

Your character could have a dormant stage where it has invaded a body and is aware of its surroundings, gathering information but not being in control yet. Simon could then visit the doom council and lo and behind, self preservation motivation get
07-01-2015, 08:58 PM
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RE: Awakening
Finished my app. Hopefully this will finally satisfy my recent ancient persia obsession.

The one, the only, Vancho!
07-02-2015, 05:19 AM
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RE: Awakening
Well I hope my app is good.
Name: Gizulk

Race: Free Imp
Race Details: Imps are minor devils, vicious, manipulative fiends that make up the least powerful ranks in the hierarchy of devils. They serve as tempters and lackeys to mortals. Many spellcasters can be found with an imp in their company, serving as a “familiar.”

Appearance: Imps stand about 2 feet tall, appear as tiny, red-skinned humanoids with black wings and a long tail ending in a stinger. Gizulk is no different except for the tatty child sized cloak he uses to hide his identity and the oversized satchel he stuffs full of random junk.

Bio: Gizulk was made free due to a careless summoners mistake, all references to the incident in question had been expunged from all records and all attempts to capture or banish the creature had been met with failure. Gizulk revelled in his freedom, he would often be found pestering wizards or stealing seemingly innocuous items from around Erecura. His selection for the mission was an incredible surprise, whether his inclusion was simply in the hope that he would leave Erecura for good or it was ordained by prophecy, he attempts to give it a hearty try


Alchemy: Alchemy is a rather contentious art in Erecura, the fact that such a power is wielded by a creature like Gizulk makes it even more so. The processes for creating items when used by normal wizards, alchemists, or mages involves inscribing runes, a base rune and a transmutative rune, infusing magical energies into the items thus creating a new one that would take after the base. Gizulk simply charges items and then slams them together for maximum efficiency and chaos, meaning he often creates items or elixers that in no way resemble the components used.

Transmutation: The art of changing one thing into another. The art uses a deep understanding of runes to change the base component into another. It can also be used on ones self to enhance ones abilities in battle by either inscribing upon ones self or by tattooing the runes directly onto oneself.

Deconstruction: The art of reducing something to its base components, it is normally done by inscribing the appropriate runes onto the chosen object.
07-02-2015, 07:32 AM
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RE: Awakening
Changed my app.
07-02-2015, 11:20 AM
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RE: Awakening
Fixed hopefully? Hopefully demon/spirit summoning and binding is more acceptable.
07-02-2015, 12:20 PM
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RE: Awakening
Palamedes: New app is a lot more thematically appropriate, I like it. I'd still prefer if you reduced the range for the mind swap, though (I'd suggest line of sight while he's not in his giant blobby horror form, since that probably has supernatural senses of some kind to help him find minds to steal, and now he's out of it he has to rely on what he can detect in his new form). I guess the Alpha/Beta/etc stuff is in relation to Cren's home civilization, it might be interesting if more (or less) powerful Wrongs show up at some point. Which end of the scale is the maximum?

RatStar: Pretty straightforward, it's workable.

Vancho1: An interesting character concept and cool set of abilities (although magical scrolls of ancient and powerful spells are not unique to Erecura or your kind of magic, as they might also be present in the sealed away ruins for anyone to find and use). I have the perfect spot on the map for where your former empire could have been, as well!

Druplesnubb: I wasn't suggesting you had to change your app, just commenting on the uniqueness of your character's background even within the city.
07-02-2015, 09:21 PM
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RE: Awakening
Eh, if wizards leaving the city is as rare as you say then these changes are make more sense, I think. It's not like they're very big ones.
07-02-2015, 10:41 PM
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RE: Awakening
Please let me reserve, in china currently, good times until went on very bad summer camp here. Allow time. Likely maybe later (days) but hopefully is good, have some sort app already, moderate. Difficult to make post, use net. Not time for write. Hope will have time, then can send. Use wechat to contact me. Gao_zicheng is wechat id. Maybe can figure something out. Have nice day.
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RE: Awakening
@Sul: The decreased range is fine, and that would also mean that it extended/fell with whatever Cren is possessing (so a more magical being would have a larger range, while perhaps another intelligent being with more limited senses would be problematic).

The rankings I figure could either be directly tied to Cren's race or to all summoned things entirely, with Alphas being the strongest. This means of course that Cren is either a particularly powerful Wrong - though like you suggested he's more limited in his new form* - or that Wrongs in general are high-level entities. Also, if it's for everything the ranks probably progress exponentially (with each rank being significantly more powerful than the one directly under it), while it power levels would be more linear if its restricted to his race.

I obviously left more of them showing up as something that is possible and even likely so it's entirely up to you, but personally I'm sure everyone would love more terrible monstrosities in their lives.

*As in a lesser Wrong or other similar entity could probably defeat him in a straightforward fight, though they might lack his ability to use controlled time/space magic or mind-swapping as mentioned in the race description.
07-03-2015, 06:47 PM
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RE: Awakening
Name: Kula

Race: Vodni

Race Description: The vodni are an amphibious race, making their home in various waters of the world - though especially in and around a sunken mountain range in the east. They are humanoid in shape, with a fish-like tail beneath the waist. They have four arms - the bottom two are adapted primarily to aquatic maneuvering, while the upper two are better suited for more general tasks. They have wide mouths full of sharp teeth, and a pair of large, brightly-colored eyes. Their bodies are entirely covered in dark-colored scales, ranging widely in specific coloration. They mainly move about on land by slithering around on their tails, which isn’t really the fastest but it’s something.

Perhaps unsurprisingly, the vodni turned to magic early in the world’s history, excelling especially at magic that allowed them to move about quickly above water. Teleportation. Levitation. Transfiguration. With these abilities they were able to spread across the world - still primarily in the water, mind you, but there was far less to prevent them from dwelling on land than before. Naturally, this ended almost entirely when magic stopped being a thing. The vodni are now a rare sight, except for in areas close to bodies of water.

Appearance: Kula is on the tall side for a vodni, standing at four and a half feet tall out of water (and quite a bit longer if you include her tail). Her scales are a deep indigo, while her eyes are bright green. She wears relatively little, save for a light blouse, dark green in color and covered in intricate (and possibly magical) designs. It is also lightly enchanted to provide some degree of actual protection. It’s not really much, but armor is sort of out of the question when you live underwater. Most of her upper right arm is a strikingly bright purple, and that hand has a couple fingers fewer than the others.

Bio: Kula is the middle child of a rather unremarkable family in Erecura’s lake, home to most of its vodni population. Life was, if anything, kind of boring. Sure, there were occasional squabbles with land-dweller hooligans who’d dump detritus into the lake, but really there was a surprising lack of things happening in the city. So, perhaps unwisely, she found ways to entertain herself. Mostly the usual sort of teenage debauchery - mean-spirited pranks against senile old wizards, magic rune graffiti, that sort of thing.

And so, to set her straight, she was thrust into time-consuming studies of spatiomancy. She proved especially adept at teleportation and telekinesis, though quite a bit less at other sorts of magic. It was all she really needed, fortunately. She also managed to acquire a wooden practice glaive from a rather eccentric vodni weaponsmith. There wasn’t really too much use for weapons in the demiplane, of course, but you never really know when some alchemist is going to screw up an experiment and turn into a rampaging monster. Kula, of course, had little interest in law enforcement, instead merely taking up fighting as a hobby.

A few years down the line, Kula managed to teleport recklessly enough to embed her arm in a stone wall. Her inexperienced and panicked efforts to extract her arm from the wall instead resulted in its near-total destruction. On the bright side, in a magic city it’s not too difficult to have an arm regenerated. Of course, the mage who did it managed to botch it completely, resulting in a weird purple arm. It at least taught Kula a lesson about reckless magic use. She now makes sure she knows where she’s going before she ends up there.

Why Kula of all people was selected to travel out into the scary and unenlightened world is less than clear. Maybe it was her martial and/or magical prowess. Maybe the rest of the vodni had just had enough of her troublemaking, and had her sent as far away as possible. Or maybe they mixed her up with her older sister and sent the wrong person. Regardless of the cause, she made her preparations, and even managed to acquire a real metal glave for her totally-deserved journey. Surely nothing will go horribly wrong for anyone involved.

Talents: Kula is a practitioner of spatiomancy, the school of magic involving the manipulation of physical space. Of the many varied practices within this school, she is especially skilled at teleportation and telekinesis. The former she mainly uses to traverse short distances - the further the teleportation, the more taxing it is on the caster. Not to mention that it’s rather dangerous to teleport when you don’t know exactly where you’ll end up. You might manifest with your arm inside of a wall or something.

Her telekinesis is rather useful for retrieving objects from across a room or just generally making a mess, but it can also be practically used in combat - complementing and enhancing her glaive usage especially. Or just blasting random objects at people, as the case may be. The potential for property damage is enormous.
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RE: Awakening
Name: Armun Dreol
Race: Cyborg UnHumanZombie
Race Details: When something dies, it's mind attempts to leave this world while it's body ceases to be autonomous. In the case of an UnHuman, Undwarf or some other Un-species, the mind that was leaving this world was either captured or redirected, such that it re-collided with the original body while the body was being reanimated through necromancy. The result is a being that is neither Undead nor Alive, but is rather one Undead being permanently possessing/fused with another Undead being. A Cyborg, of course, is a being who has had some part of it's physical form replaced with technology. [In the fantasy case, enchanted materials or clockwork.]

Appearance: Armun appears to be a humanoid creature, whose entire form is covered in a Gray Cloak which if you could see the inside of, would have runes on it that darken they face of the wearer as well as 'smudge' the details in their form. [Please note that Armun's voice is rather gravel-y and sore-sounding.] Both of Armun's hands are gloved, and the gloves have the same color as his Gray Cloak. Armun often carries a rather darkly colored steel 'walking' staff.

If you could remove his cloak, he would appear as a zombie that has had it's left arm, left shoulder, a path between it's left shoulder and right leg, and it's right leg, all replaced with mixed metal and stone which are all engraved in definitely NOT glowing runes.

Bio: Armun Dreol lead his life 368 years ago, where he studied magic with the others in Erecura, aged and died. Well, technically that's right, but its more complicated than that. While Armun Dreol was only a mere teen, a notable spellcaster lost his mind, and killed several members of his family before challenging Armun to a duel in his insanity. To this day, no-one, not even Armun, is fully sure how just before his foe would have dealt the killing blow, Armun apeared to cast a spell which rendered his opponent completely unable to wield magic. Interestingly, this happened to remove the spells of stamina the madman had cast on himself beforehand, which resulted in a loss of consciousness. From that day forward, Armun vowed to seek healthiness of mind and body for all of good heart, so long as he was tied to the world.

Many years went by, and Armun slowly became a master of the arts of Pysionics and Restoration [See Below]. Eventually, he died an old man in his sleep, happy with the life he lived. But this was not the end.

All the way back in the First Age, a rather cruel wizard cast a spell of 'animate corpse' at a slain giant spider while in his laboratory. At the same time, several Wrongs were summoned in a nearby room, and their combined time-magic went awry, thanks to their combined confusion. The result of their attempt to influence reality successfully reversed their summoning, but not before cutting the first wizard in half across a portal to the future. His corpse animation spell, a spare concealment cloak, and a very slightly improperly made gem of 'scrying-redirection' were sucked into the portal.

Hundreds of years later, Armun Dreol's body was reanimated without a 'Master' and his mind was redirected through a 'scrying-redirection' crystal which exploded from magical overload, back into his own body. The connections were made, the magic was present, and the parts matched; his mind was reattached to his body in a way that succeeded to be a mockery of Life, Death, and even Undeath. Unaware of the circumstances that lead to this, although quite aware of the mortal magic requirement at play, Armun decided he should not waste this highly unlikely change at a second life, and so has decided to continue his work. Upon hearing of the great danger threatening the world, he hypothesized that if there is/are any higher power(s), this was probably what he had been brought back for. If not, having been a moral mortal in life, he still feels as though this would be the right thing to do in Unlife.

Talents: Armun is capable of Restoration magics, such as repairing bodies and other physical objects, although the more complex something is, the more difficult the repairs. Living beings take countless hours of work to repair things they could not repair on their own, as significantly faster would become an Unlife threatening toll on Armun's existence.

Armun is also capable of Psionics, or magic directly relating to the mind. Illusions [Hallucinations], attitude and mood influence, mind reading, and the pushing/pulling of objects big and small are notable things which come under this category, with more complex actions such as actual teleportation or direct mental control being more difficult to perform to the point of 'nearly impossible, but not quite; you better prepare a ritual for a whole year if you want to pull this off with a modicum of safety.'

It should be noted that these two schools of knowledge have one powerful crossover point: Psionic Restoration. If he can enter someone's or something's mind, he could attempt to explore their mental landscape, find that which is hurting their mind, (be it mental or physical, such as a terrible memory or a chemical imbalance) and repair the situation, which would, if done correctly, 'cure' the person in question of a mental disorder or disease.
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RE: Awakening
Welcome to the world.

I was spoiled for choice when it came to apps. These choices never get easier! Even with taking this many, I still had to turn down some good apps and some good players.

Whimbrel: Alkherost

Kocel: Huóshuǐ

Vancho1: Kai Husravah

Galloglasses: Lugh Maximos

chimericWilder: Rishi Aharin

Acolyte Doctor: Ursula Gravekeep

Druplesnubb: Varon Niysh

Palamedes: Simon Kaltberg/Crennoch

Bramzter: Alexia Rovias III

Anomaly: Kula

I tried to get a mix of straightforward and off-the-wall characters. Ultimately though there were simply too many good apps to accept them all!

[Image: map_001.png]


The crisis had first been brought to the attention of the Erecura Council - the body of two and a half hundred mages that met rarely to decide matters that affected the entire city - the day after the diviners confirmed their discoveries. The news called the Council to session for the first time in decades, and rumors spread like wildfire among the populace of the pristine city.

The diviners were clear. Something mighty and evil was reaching into the physical world, and although so far it was still limited in what it could achieve, it was easily strong enough that it was only a matter of time before it threatened the entire mortal world, and its evil essence was unmistakable.

This 'Enemy', as the Council came to refer to it, would face a world unprepared for it. Only Erecura still held the knowledge of magic, and in all likelihood that made them the only ones so far aware of the threat. Therefore, declared the majority after days of debates, it was their responsibility to combat the threat. But Erecura had been isolated the world for a dozen centuries or more, and although maybe a handful of expeditions had been mounted to make sure the mundane world still existed in that time, there was barely anyone still living who remembered the last one.

So the Council made two decrees. One, Erecura would prepare for war. This was passed despite a large vocal minority in the Council who believed that the plight of the material plane was no longer the concern of the demiplane-bound mage city. And two, in order to find out more about the threat, combat it in the meantime and prepare the world for the coming crisis, a team of skilled mages would be sent out into the world.

Some argued for seven, a fortuitous number in magic. Others called for many more out of practicality. In the end, the Council settled on nine. They called for nine of the best from a mix of the communities of Erecura, but in reality the selection process was muddled, frequently people simply volunteered and at least one community used it to get rid of a troublemaker.

So as Alkherost, Kai and Alexia prepared incantations, Huóshuǐ and Lugh stretched physical muscle, Rishi and Kula tested familiar spells and Ursula communed with the ebb and flow of nature, knowing that a new purpose had been placed on their shoulders, they were pulled together for one last briefing before they were sent out.

Meanwhile a lost mind wondered if it had been given a fateful chance to prove itself as it was selected for the task as well, and a young bat woman watched the briefing from a deep shadow, preparing to sneak out and see the world.

They were told that not much was still known about the world outside, but what was known was relayed to them. The mountains all around Erecura were full of dwarven Kings and Lords, still ruling sovereign holds and paying tribute to the dwarven King of Kings - though the exact location of the King of Kings' Mountainhome was no longer on record. Finding him would be a useful way to secure allies, as the dwarves are stalwart, honest and traditional.

The elves, a sure ally, had once lived in Vilenvale and elsewhere, but fragments from the end of the Second Age suggested they no longer resided anywhere at all at the formation of Erecura. A past expedition had learned that the taira had moved into the Vilenvale area, and had heard rumors about some calamity befalling their distant jungle homeland - resulting in the unusual choice to take a few taira back to Erecura at the time.

Beyond that, the human realms and other lands further afield were never explored by Erecura's expeditions. Old texts talk of a great empire stretching from the Arleteaf forest to the Argendar range, who might provide aid against the Enemy. Further afield, the Ilis river was home to one of the oldest and grandest human kingdoms, whose dark-skinned residents maintained great knowledge and wisdom. A great many artifacts they once held, and so a great many are sealed away in the surrounding desert. With the cooperation of whoever lives in the river valley now, it would be worth the effort to search through the highest concentration of sealed-away First and Second Age knowledge in the known world for spells and weapons to aid the fight against the Enemy.

Of course, concluded the briefing, that was not to assume the world was the same as when they last knew it. There were probably a dozen new powerful kingdoms, even without magic, who could be called into the good fight. But first, they needed to find out more about the Enemy and what they were up against in this fight. They were to pursue this task to the best of their ability, with their methods left to their own discretion.

And no sooner was the briefing done than they were being lead out, visiting a quartermaster who assigned them two week's rations and ten pounds of gold each (a spare share of which was filched by a figure hidden in shadow, taking advantage of the rush), through the pristine white towers of the Peak District, to the portal chamber buried in the heart of the demiplane's peak.

The portal itself was ancient, a massive red stone arch inscribed with runes and glyphs. Mages consulted dusty tomes and began an ancient and powerful incantation, activating the magic within the Second Age artifact and bringing into existence a shimmering open gateway within the arch, which had the appearance of a film of quicksilver. The mages could not keep it active for long, and the saviors were ushered through with haste, and told that it would open once a week for them to return to Erecura if they needed. Nine figures and a wisp of hidden mist stepped into the portal, leaving the demiplane of Erecura on a hurried and nigh-unplanned quest to save the world.

The shining quicksilver in the arch dripped away as the light faded from the runes. Darkness reigned, before one of the ten people standing there conjured a simple light.

The large arch behind them was a perfect copy of the one in Erecura, although instead of residing in the center of a lavish chamber it was freestanding in the middle of a stone cavern. Stalactites loomed down from the ceiling as stalagmites clawed up to touch them, lit eerily by the basic magical lights conjured by the group. A distant drip and splish was the only sound they could hear.

The cavern was roughly oval-shaped, about a hundred yards wide and three hundred along. The floor was uneven, dipping into a deep chasm at one end from which the dripping emanated. Ancient flagstones were set into the floor, though many were cracked or destroyed. They led to a tunnel out of the cavern, barely illuminated at the edge of the light.

All ten of them, the nine who were supposed to be there supplied with little warning and no concrete plans, and one who was not supposed to be there at all, stood on those ancient flagstones in that ancient cave, their home of Erecura cut off behind them.
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RE: Awakening
Ursula Gravekeep dramatically made a huff, making herself appear taller than she actually is. While she is nervous about the potential dangers of the outside world, she could not help but feel pride at the job given to her by the ever inscrutable Lady Nemi (and the wizarding council, she guess). She turned to the others.

"Huh, I guess that is it! The Erecuran big-folk upstairs decided we nine are going to fight evil and save the world, probably! I am thinking about going to the mountains to meet my fellow countrymen. Well, as much as 'fellow countrymen' as it needed considering my family is thousands of generations apart for them."

Ursula turned to the direction of her destination, well at least what she thought.

"I am going to the mountains! Well, at least planning to! Does anyone want to come along?"
07-07-2015, 10:50 AM
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RE: Awakening
Ursula is in a cave that is apparently inside a mountain, so she just kind of looks upwards.
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RE: Awakening
Ursula is so glad she got to utilize her geography skills immediately after been sent out. The Cult of Nemorensis would be proud.

Anyway, she moves out of the cave. She needs sunshine.
07-07-2015, 11:10 AM
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RE: Awakening
"Mountains? About the last place I was hopin' to go to." Kula glanced around at the assembled crowd. "Looks like we're the world's last hope or somethin'. Lemme know if one of you's going somewhere with water."
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RE: Awakening
Unable to keep her mist form much longer, Varon materializes herself in front of her nine unsuspecting companions.
"Hi!" she says, her eyes being far more interested in the layout of the cave than the shocked faces greeting her. "I saw you going through and thought I could join you, to help save the world and all that. I have lots of useful skills, you've already seen how good I am at concealment spells." Varon knows she has to stay and answer any questions these people might have if she wants to earn their trust, but her mind has almost completely moved on to the massive cave surrounding them all. "Such an amazing place this is, don't you think?"
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RE: Awakening
Rishi briefly glances about, sending out a wave of sound to better take in the unfamiliar surroundings. After a momens consideration, he turns his attention towards his new companions, giving Varon a brief nod of aknowledgement.

"Before setting out for whatever destinations each of us may choose, we will need to consider long range communications between ourselves aswell as perform prelimary divinations, so as to avoid wasting unnecessary time journeying to the site of a dead civilization. I would suggest we take council once we have gained what little information we can on such short notice. It would be best, I think, if we are in agreement of our goal and how we will achieve it before rushing off in every direction.

But perhaps we should get out of this cave first."
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RE: Awakening
"I had thought your talents might be handiest when applied to locating the Enemy, particularly if we are able to find a location that could amplify your reach--" Alkherost abruptly ceased musing on Ursula's proposal as the young Tairan made herself known. Alkherost considers laying a burst of lethargy upon her. To leave her sleeping, with a week's worth of supplies and no idea where they had finally decided to go, surely she would return through the portal when it next appeared? No, to merely be left behind would not see her return safely to Erecuria. The child would need to be convinced.

Alkherost stepped forward and placed a firm hand on the Tairan's shoulder, tasting the vestiges of the cancelled concealment spell, and began to lecture the girl. "Your bravery is commendable, but your enthusiasm would be better directed at home, assisting in the preparations. We know nothing of the Enemy we face, nor of the state of the world; to rush in as you have done is foolish, and our task is too important to bring along an impulsive child."

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