Knockemstiff - Brain Criminals
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Knockemstiff - Brain Criminals
We open our story here in the mystical, faraway land of NORTH AMERICA, where the foothills of the Appalachians meet the rolling fields of the Midwest. A massive, sprawling metropolis straddles the border between these two regions, bounded by endless farms to the northwest, and by dark, eerie forests to the southeast. Like many other cities in the former mining belt, this area has been experiencing a steep decline for the last few decades. Crime, poverty, unemployment, and crime are at an all-time high, and the more well off members of the population have long since fled for the coasts. Entire factories and housing developments have been abandoned completely, which often serve as bases for the dozens of criminal gangs that are constantly springing up all over the city.

You grew up here in this city, in a neighborhood called Knockemstiff, a place known for having more potholes than traffic lights. A place where half of the buildings are empty and falling apart, and the other half have bars over the doors and windows. A place that has been consistently voted "Worst Neighborhood in the Western Hemisphere" for the last seven years straight and is more than ambitious enough to aim for an eighth.

Welcome everybody to the wonderful town of...

[Image: Knockemstiff%20Title_zpswsy83di6.png]

Hello friends, have you ever wanted to learn how to read minds? Have you ever wanted to build your own criminal empire, uncover vast government conspiracies, and successfully crash the local school dance? Have you ever wanted to set buildings on fire using only your mind? Well if so, then congratulations, you've opened the correct tab! (And also maybe you should a psychiatrist about some of those things.)


Knockemstiff is a largely experimental, story-focused game, about a young start-up gang of ne'er-do-wells. Exactly what type of criminals you end up being is up to the players. Are you jewelry thieves? Smugglers? Hackers? Revolutionaries? Robin Hoods'es? Jay-walkers? All of the above? The possibilities are endless. (Do note however, that I would like the game feel to lean more towards wacky shenanigans than serious and grimdark. Just don't force me to pull back on the reins too much and we'll be cool.)

The setting is near future tech, and this world has absolutely no magic in it. Instead, we have the "Psychokinetic Sciences", which are clearly much more believable, and cover everything from telekinesis, to mind reading, to levitation, to astral projection, to divination, to telepathy, to faith healing, to electrokinesis, to communicating with ghosts. As a general rule, the more specialized and situational a psychic power is, the more powerful it has the potential to be. Scientists have yet to determine why this is, but they suspect that it has something to do with the mysterious "Game Balance Theory".

The game will be divided up into a yet unknown series of story sections. At the end of each story chapter, we will timeskip ahead at least a couple years, to give your characters a chance to learn new skills, gain cash money, expand their influence throughout the city, or do whatever else that you think makes sense for them to be doing between crime sprees. Chapter one will start with each of your characters still in the early high school phase of their lives, but we should hopefully be able to move past the intro section relatively quickly.

Blank character creation sheets below:

Signups for main characters are now closed, but I'm still accepting applications for secondary characters for the time being. If you want to join, please fill out the following form and submit it via PM:
Name: Who are you?
Species: This should probably be human for most of you, but I'm willing to make room in the world if you come up with something that really impresses me.
Associated Color: Don't everybody pick the same one please.
Description: Appearance, personality, the usual.
Biography: What's your life been like so far? Remember, you're only like 15 at the start of the game though, so this probably doesn't need to be too long. And again, please don't try and make this too dark.
Skills: Everybody gets one point in basic Mental Defense by default, which gives you a chance to block any incoming low-level psychic attacks. Besides this though, you also have 3 additional skill points to spend on whatever you want. At least one point needs to be spent on a non-psychic ability. You will have more opportunities to learn new skills or upgrade current ones as the game goes on.

Occupation: Legal or otherwise. (If you have any questions about what I'll accept here, please shoot me a PM.)

Optional Bonus: Come up with a name and a theme for one of the many rival gangs around town, the weirder the better. (If you happen to be signing up as a rival gang leader though, than this section isn't actually optional.)

Feel free to ask any questions if you're confused about any of the mechanics, or need me to give any more flavor details about the world to help build your characters. Signups for side characters will last until I feel like not leaving them open anymore.
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RE: Knockemstiff - Brain Criminals
Quote:Crime, poverty, unemployment, and crime
What are the five D's of dodgeball? Dodge, duck, dip, dive, and dodge.
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RE: Knockemstiff - Brain Criminals
Look, there's a whole lot of crime going on here. At LEAST two crimes, if not more.

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RE: Knockemstiff - Brain Criminals
Do i need to be serious, or can i have a kid who was sent to a foster home for being a serial butt stabber?

edit: wtf who's idea was that, why not send him to juvy?!

It's time to, T-T-T-T-T-T TRIPLE POST
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RE: Knockemstiff - Brain Criminals
You do not need to be very serious when creating your character, no, but they should at least be more than just a one note joke character.

Why a butt stabber though?

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RE: Knockemstiff - Brain Criminals

Name: Russel Toletan
Species: Human
Associated Color: Red

Description: Tall and dark haired, with dull blue eyes. Tends to wear more clothing rather than less, and usually his face and head are the only things not covered. Likes layers. Pockets are another thing he's a big fan of, since he also likes to have anything and everything he could ever need on him at all times.

Biography: Russel comes from a long line of charming yet ultimately untrustworthy people. His father was a grifter, his grandfather a swindler, his great grandfather a huckster, and so on. It is rumored that the first Toletons are descended from the original liar, or possibly even that they were formed from thin air when the first lie was told. Much psychokinetic research supports this as fact. Russel has spent most of his past few years working to inherit the family name and fortune from his father, as is the Toleton tradition. This ritual involves successfully betraying and slaying the current head of the family. Russel waited patiently, biding his times and making his plans, before finally ousting his father while he was in the one place he'd least expect it - his deathbead.

Successful, he then went on to take the family money (now that he was in charge of it). Unfortunately, like everything related to the Toletons, it too was a lie; the final lie a defeated head had for their usurper. Penniless and frustrated, Russel realizes that he'll have to support himself now and decides that a gang is probably the best way to do it.

Mental Defence: 1
Inspire Trust (Mind Power): 1
Inspire Treachery (Mind Power): 1
Stabs: 1

Optional Bonus: The Rockems and the Sockems, two rival gangs each having mastered one of two equally rival schools of martial art - Red Straight Up Punch Style and Blue Vertical Fist Rise Style.
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RE: Knockemstiff - Brain Criminals
Name: Catherine Meow
Species: Human (and a bazillion cat-ghosts)
Associate Color: Purple

Description: A tallish, sullen girl in trendy clothes that are inclined towards the romantically dark - including unusually colored hair, bright-striped socks, and her favorite tank-top with the logo of her favorite band EVER.

Biography: The Meow Family is a reowned criminal organization infamous for their certain brand of magicpsychokinetic sciences - which involves meddling with the forces between life and death. Her brothers, sisters, and cousins could raise skeletons from the grave, turn into horrific beasts at the dawn of full moon, and other wonderful things. Catherine Meow, on the other hand, only has ghosts. Cat ghosts to be more exact. Understandably, Catherine was miffed. After all, why on earth did she got the short end of the psychokinetically scientific stick?

At least, the cat ghosts are nice though.

Mental Defense - 2
Too Many Cat Ghosts (Mind Power) - 1
Pawkour Parkour - 1

Optional: Enigma Inc. - a ragtag bunch of youngsters (and a talking dog) go around and solve mysteries, and sometimes steal them.
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RE: Knockemstiff - Brain Criminals
Does that make her the Cats meow?
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RE: Knockemstiff - Brain Criminals
Crime AND psychics?? COUNT ME IN BUDDY

Name: Ingrid Verbreche
Species: Human
Associated Color: A dull green. (#58775A)
Description: Ingrid is of your regular standard height and build. Ethnically, she's Latina, and has darker, slightly frizzy neck-length hair, along with dark eyes. She's confident to the point where she's got a bit of an ego, but generally stays cool and collected. A big fan of one-liners, but then again, who isn't?
Biography: Ingrid's birth parents were both killed only seconds after she was born due to a meteor attack. The midwife present took up the responsibility to raise Ingrid, filing the papers never knowing she had living grandparents that could act as legal guardians (The two only learned this when Ingrid was much older). At 14, the midwife decided to move to a nicer house but forgot to tell Ingrid, so they kind of got separated for two months in which Ingrid bought an apartment and got a job as a circuit board designer. Don't worry, they got in touch again, but Ingrid obviously lives alone now. Recently, due to a misunderstanding ("Transistor" sounds a whole lot like "A rabid raccoon"), she lost the job and immediately decided to go to a life of crime. The career ladder goes up much higher. Although, she hasn't made any money left, so she left the apartment and set up residence in an old factory no one owns
Mental Defense: 1
Pyrokinesis (Mind Power): 1
Electronics: 2

Optional Bonus: The Michelis, who fairly (and with high standards) rate the ability and potential shown by every gang in the city bimonthly. This was originally going to be a joke about tires, but then I realized the other Michelin was a much better idea.

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RE: Knockemstiff - Brain Criminals
[Image: LGuXqwD.jpg]
Name: Lucas DePhan
Species: Human
Associated Color: Lightish Red
Description: short black hair under a baby blue snapback stolen from a Hollister store. He dresses nice so that people dont suspect him of being some sort of criminal. The last thing needed is attention. He wears a plain white t-shit with a normal blue zip up jacket around the outside, he likes to wear the sleeves rolled up to his elbows though. A dark pair of blue jeans and some black Vans sum up his attire.
Biography: After being literally thrown onto an old couple's doorstep as a baby, Lucas was forever going to have a terrible life. After an unfortunate incident with the stairs, and a separate incident with the balcony, on the same day mind you, Lucas was sent off to a foster home seeing as his guardians of the first twelve years of his life suddenly came to their fate. The foster home was actually terrible, full of smiling people and smelling of tears and god knows what. After years of terrible service, Lucas began to anonymously go around in the dead of night and induce stab wounds to the caretakers he especially didnt like. no one ever found out who was doing the anonymous butt stabbing, but they seemingly stopped the day that Lucas ran away from the foster home to join a local gang, at only the age of fifteen.

Mental Defense: 1
Knife To Meet You(first strike): 1
Butt Stab(finishing move): 1
Shadow Walk(Illusion-Mind Power): 1

Optional Bonus: The Underside Lacerators, a gang to which has taken upon a habit of serial butt stabbing among other things...

this is honestly my worst app yet and i dont expect to get in at all, (mostly because even with my serious ones i dont get in normally :p)

It's time to, T-T-T-T-T-T TRIPLE POST
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RE: Knockemstiff - Brain Criminals
Name: Katey Rafflesia
Species: Hughwomann
Associated Color: SALMON
Description: A red headed, short girl, wearing a rather large salmon coloured white spotted shawl, with dark black jeans. Her face is freckled, and radiates innocence. She smells admittedly weird. The freckles seem to be grey.
Biography: Katey is a very average everyday pickpocket person, who has spent quite a lot of time in streets! At least, two hours every day after school. That counts a lot, right? Either way, she has got the knack for knowing the latest news in the districts, and for never getting caught for stealing small, but valuable items.

She doesn't have the power to erase herself from memories, which allows her to throw off pursuers and eyewitnesses, no, she is totally innocent, smiling broadly at you, waving with your purse in hand. I mean, she is extremely conspicous in that clothing and hairstyle, you would surely remember her.

Her parent don't know about her hobbies, and they think she just spends too much time in the totally existing school journalism club.

Mental Defense 1
Pickpocket 1
Current Affairs 1
Entirely Forgettable 1

Optional Bonus: Walruses. That is the name and the theme of that gang. I don't think I have to say more.

It is time time
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RE: Knockemstiff - Brain Criminals
Well here my attempt, a psychic rat. Who's partially a reference to Pinky and the Brain
Name: Brian
Species: Rattus norvegicus
Associated Colour: Rat Grey.
Description: As a member of the species Rattus norvegicus, he has white fur, red eyes, whiskers and other features normally found on rats.
Biography: Brian was born and raised in a laboratory dedicated to the research of psychokinetic sciences and their effects and applications on animals. Needless to say Brian was a success in one of the many experiments attempting to give animals "psychokinetic powers." In the interest of not being dissected like many others or being used by whatever faceless corporation created him, he affected his escape during the laboratories retraction from Knockemstiff to more profitable pastures.
Mental Defence: 1
Mechanical engineering: 1
Technomancy: 1
Telepathy: 1

Optional Bonus: The Shock Jocks: a band of sports playing electric themed pirate radio broadcasters
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RE: Knockemstiff - Brain Criminals
I would like to claim complete ignorance to the above profile, which I was unaware of until this idea was well underway.

Name: Edgar Nikadatu

Species: North american common raven, Corvus corax principalis

Associated color: Dark blue.

Description: An extremely distinguished-looking raven, over 60 cm in length and with a wingspan exceeding 120 cm. Weighs roughly 1.8 kilograms. Very shiny. Probably the best-looking corvid criminal mastermind most people have ever seen. Possibly only second place. Extremely professional at all times. Would probably be wearing a nice suit, but they don’t make suits for ravens for some reason.

Biography: It has long been known that corvids are among the most intelligent of all animals, noted to make use of tools and communicate information between themselves. Of course, it has not been known quite as long that such birds can also develop powerful mental powers. Edgar is, quite naturally, one such bird, having both extraordinary intelligence and telepathy. And, less publicly, the ability to compel those with weaker minds to do his bidding. So, of course, the logical next step was to turn to a life of crime.

Edgar’s avian form and suite of powers, naturally, lends itself less to direct thievery and more to spying and planning. He therefore fancies himself a criminal mastermind, directing the naturally weaker-minded humans to execute his purportedly-masterful plans. All he needs now are some minions...

Mental defense - 1
Command (mental power) - 1
Telepathy - 1
Reconnaissance - 1
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RE: Knockemstiff - Brain Criminals
Name: Jenny Jones

Species: Definitely human, no doubt!

Associated Color: An ironically frosty blue!

Description: A tall, lanky girl with fluffy brown hair done up in a ponytail, an unusually pale complexion, and a radiant and sunny demeanor. She typically wears light, fluffy clothing, such as summer skirts and blouses. Jenny has an extremely friendly nature, and loves to make new friends and hang out with others. She prefers to spend her time with at least one other person, and hates being alone for too long. She also has a constant 'aura' of warmth about her, extending about half a foot out from her body at all times.

Biography: Jenny's had a normal life... probably. Sure, she's an only child and her parents are rarely around, always traveling to some tropical place or another for work or pleasure, but at least they leave her money so she won't starve! And she has the kids at school to hang out with... sometimes. But hey, she found out that people like warmth! Her parents like to hang out in warmer countries and her... friends always have their heaters cranked up in the winter. So that means people like warm things right? Jenny figured out that she could make herself warm! All the time, in fact! People will want to hang out with her all the time now... right? After all, she can help keep them warm! That's what friends are for!... r-right?...

Skills: Mental Defense - 1
Self Based Exothermic Reactions - 2 (This skill allows Jenny to maintain and manipulate the warm aura around her body. She can raise and lower the temperature (though she will always be releasing heat and not drawing it in), change its shape, and focus it onto specific parts of her body which further increases the temperature of the heat there, as well as making the aura more humid the more focused it is.)
Making Friends - 1

Optional Bonus: The Bang Bangs - A strange gang that mainly deals with the creation, use, and sale of high-quality, illegal fire works. They have a large selection of explosives that they frequently peddle on the streets under the guise of garbage men and women. They seem to have it in good with the other gangs, as they don't care much for territory. It's assumed that the money from their sales goes into developing more fireworks, though nobody knows for sure...
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RE: Knockemstiff - Brain Criminals
Name: Bradley Lawrence Billiard

Species: Human

Associated Color: A painful green, though I'll tone it down if he speaks in this color.

Description: Bradley is lanky, weak, spotty and wears cola-bottle glasses. His hair is black and neatly trimmed, and he is not even close to needing to shave yet. As awkward nerdy teens go, he's a poster boy for the stereotype. His slightly hunched posture and pallid skin, accentuated by deep bags under his eyes, don't help matters. In spite of his attempts to dress smart and keep neat, he doesn't seem to make many friends. His inarticulate, neurotic and occasionally arrogant attitude probably doesn't help matters.

Biography: Bradley came from a loving home which had allowed him to live in ignorance of the worst of Knockemstiff. He spent most of his evenings lost in the world of the modern internet, speaking to like-minded nerds online and living in seclusion from physical social interaction. High school sucks for him, and the world beyond the screen had become his second home, and he felt that he could almost speak to computers, like they were his real friends.

But his family had run into money problems, and had racked up some debt. Though Bradley had not been privy to many of his parents' financial discussions, he overheard how bad things had become, and he decided it would be up to him and his computer friends to do something about it. So he borrowed his dad's wallet and went down to the bank. A brief conversation with the cash machine later and his parents were millionaires.

Of course, this didn't go unnoticed, and the federal police arrived. Without a suitable cover story for where the money had come from, his parents were arrested on money laundering charges while the police puzzled over where they got the illicit cash from. Bradley kept his mouth shut, despite the guilt he felt. He came under the guardianship of his elderly grandfather, who didn't even own a computer.

Though still living with his clueless grandfather and attending school, he has become more self-sufficient as of late, convincing security cameras to ignore him and taking money from vending machines and electronic parking meters. Petty crime suits him, as he is just some kid not tough enough for the gangs to consider recruiting yet, but he is ambitious and has developed a distrust for authority.

Mental Defense - 1
Technopath (mind power) - 2
Programming - 1
Bradley is a technopath, allowing him to communicate with and control machines at short range. He gets better control by physically touching them. He is also a decent programmer, and though he has no actual experience with regular hacking yet that's sure to come soon.

Optional Bonus: The Boxers. Originally fans of the eponymous American football team, the Knockemstiff Boxers, the Boxers wear sports paraphernalia as their identifying items - Boxers black and blue baseball caps and helmets, Boxers navy blue numbered shirts... These days, they have graduated from sports hooliganery to organized crime.

In spite of their name, they don't actually fight with their fists, but rather the typical weapons of sports hooligans, from baseball bats to broken bottles to molotov cocktails (they may occasionally go a bit overboard). Many have made the mistake of assuming they fight unarmed and so underestimated them.
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RE: Knockemstiff - Brain Criminals
I really like a lot of the character apps that I've seen so far. It's going to be hard to choose if many more apps like these ones keep showing up.

@Reecer: Keep in mind that your character is still in high school by the time the first chapter starts, so she probably doesn't have enough money to own her own apartment at this point, even with a part time job. There ARE plenty of abandoned buildings around though, so homelessness is always an option, even if not a particularly pleasant one.

@Ratstar & Anomaly: Your species' choices are both fine, but keep in mind that there is probably not going to be room for more than one talking animal companion.

(Oh and also, those who don't make the cut for the main character list may still be given the opportunity to operate behind the scenes as the leaders of rival crime factions, or potentially as other side characters, including the mayor, the police, government spies, information brokers, petty thieves, and etc.)

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RE: Knockemstiff - Brain Criminals
Yeah I'll probably make a backup application just in case.
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RE: Knockemstiff - Brain Criminals
What's the time limit on getting a character in? Because I'm interested, but also have work early in the morning until tomorrow afternoon.

I mean I probably won't be getting to sleep soon anyway but

EDIT: Dur hur, it's right there in the first post, alrighty! Maybe I should get some sleep after all!

Probably not, but it can't hurt to ask: with the understanding that only one will be picked, are we allowed to submit more than one character for consideration?

[Image: g4osirL.jpg]
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RE: Knockemstiff - Brain Criminals
I think my character would like to experiment with electrokinetic faith healing.
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RE: Knockemstiff - Brain Criminals
Yeah, we've got at least a week left before signups close, so you should have plenty of time.

(07-08-2015 03:51 PM)AProcrastinatingWriter Wrote:  Probably not, but it can't hurt to ask: with the understanding that only one will be picked, are we allowed to submit more than one character for consideration?

Sure, you can make a backup character if you want. Just don't try to make like, a dozen of them. And again, you may be able to reapply later as a side character even if don't happen to make it into the main party at gamestart.

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RE: Knockemstiff - Brain Criminals
Name: Kabel [kah-bel] Tesolov
Species: electron prophet Human
Associated Color: An Unholy Yellow, the last thing you'll see when I replace your eye sockets with electrical ones
Description: Kabel has that cult-like personality common to all those with corrupt connections to various churches. And in a place like Knockemstiff, all the remnants of humanity have left the ideals of all the religions. Any faith-based healing you're expecting from Kabel is pretty... out there.
Biography: workin' on it
Skills: Mental Defense - 1
Electrokinesis (mind power) - 1
Aquakinesis (mind power) - 1
Religious Quack Therapy - 1

Optional Bonus: The Jolly Ranchers steal candy (yes, even from babies) and trade it for contraband. They also steal toothpaste and sell it to the rich so that the rich still look good while eating candy and still be able to look down on the poor for "bad oral hygiene". Yes, even narcissism can breed crime.
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RE: Knockemstiff - Brain Criminals
noms what could that corvid possibly gain by turning to a life of crime? High-quality, cocaine-laced bird seed?????

pE try changing their second skill to "Knife-to-Meat You"
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RE: Knockemstiff - Brain Criminals
What can't a raven gain from a life of crime? Now I'm thinking of funny race that isn't human and wouldn't be as niche as animal companion.
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RE: Knockemstiff - Brain Criminals
Birds are inherently chaotic. They don't need a good reason to turn to a life of crime, crime is its own reward.

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RE: Knockemstiff - Brain Criminals
Minorly edited my app since, yeah, she probably shouldn't have residence on her own at this point, since seriously having a lot of money saved up from a silly backstory job gotten at a silly-ly young age might hurt the actual story a bit too much.
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RE: Knockemstiff - Brain Criminals
Name: Trevor Lee
Species: Human
Associated Color:Grey
Description: Trevor is a rather gloomy and normally shrewd individual. His long black hair is rather wild and covers his face, he prefers to wear muted colours simply to distract from his powers.
Biography: Trevor was born and grew up in a poor family in Knockemstiff, he lived a carefree life, exploring abandoned buildings, chasing animals and all that weird stuff that kids do. When Trevor was 11 he lost his family after a freak fire and was now alone and miserable, wandering the streets of Knockemstiff, with strength and unique powers he managed stand up to most ruffians that would have tried to do him harm. Trevor aims start a new life in Knockemstiff and take back from the city that took from him and overpower anybody who's looking to get in his way.
Mental Defense: 1
Photokinetic Manipulation(mental): 2
Parkour: 1
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RE: Knockemstiff - Brain Criminals
Name: Sam Ginsberg

Species: Indigo Child - Effectively human, but more arrogant and hopeful. They believe they are meant for something bigger, and as a result are less likely to engage in shallow activities like gossip, parties, and tagging. However, they seem to trend towards counter-cultural and academic interests. May have a higher rate of being "psychic", although this is unproven.

Associated Color: Black but failing that, Indigo would be an obvious alternate choice.

Description: Vaguely misanthropic, but in a "I'm not mad, I'm disappointed" way. Wears tight pants over gym shorts, sagging slightly, and an oversized hoody, the entire wardrobe black. Combat boots with bright green laces, 18 eyes high. Androgynous, with short electric blue dyed hair, and green eyes. Freckles coat their nose and cheeks.

Biography: Born to a broken home, Sam never really felt a connection to them, and so when their parents got into a huge fight, it was time to run. Leaving behind a younger sister and most of their belongings, Sam packed a bag of clothes and knives, mostly socks and boxers, some cloth work gloves from the garage, and grabbed as much money from the rainy day jar as they could. Only 14, they went to the library, and began reading revolutionary texts, but quickly grew bored, until they found the book "Work", when a moment of deja vu kicked them upside the head and they knew they had to take it and read it. So Sam checked out, and dropped out of town, eventually ending up in Knockemstiff. Something just told them, as soon as they set foot in town, that this was the place they needed to be, and every night for a week, dreams showed Sam better places to hide, places to find money, food, clean water. Little things is all, but it proved helpful.

Mental Defense - 2

Clairvoyant Dreams (Psychic) - 1
(Sam sees locations that they pass the next day, in their dreams every night, places that have something Sam needs at the time, be it a safe place to hide, food, water, or even something special, should luck be in their favour. I presume it'd be Broad/Weak)

Improvised Pyrotechnics - 1
(Molotovs, pipe bombs, can bombs, etc.)

Optional Bonus: 7th Street Cabal (7C's) - A bunch of psychics that fancy themselves as warlock gangbangers.

Working Name: Anarkismo
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RE: Knockemstiff - Brain Criminals
(07-08-2015 10:31 PM)RatStar Wrote:  Here's my backup, I'm wondering if psychokinetic power negation is an acceptable and or marketable power for a criminal.

I'll allow it. But be warned that this power would fall under the "more generalized = less powerful" clause in the OP. You would only be able to use it against a single person at a time, and the enemy would have a decent chance of shrugging off some of the effects of the negation if they happen to be an equal or higher level in whatever skill that they're attempting to use at the time.

(To get a sense for exactly how the vague "Specialization" feature works, try comparing Palamedes' Inspire powers to Anomaly's Command power. If both of them attempted to use their powers on somebody with a lvl 1 Mental Defense, Pala would have a better chance of success, since his power is much more specialized than Anomaly's. If either of them tried to use their power on somebody with a much higher level of defense, then they would not have very good odds at all, unless the target happens to be sufficiently distracted by something else at the time.)

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RE: Knockemstiff - Brain Criminals
How powerful does my ability sound like?

It is time time
07-09-2015, 01:04 AM
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RE: Knockemstiff - Brain Criminals
Entirely Forgettable would lean towards being one of the more powerful/specialized ones I think, but there are several other factors that could play into your odds of success there as well. (For instance, whether or not you have any other people to hide among, how many people you're trying to hide from at once, whether the target is aware that they should be trying to remember this event, etc.)

Let's just say that you wouldn't be able to run around punching people in the face and just expect them to forget about it a second later.

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RE: Knockemstiff - Brain Criminals
That is fair. I would be happy even with sparking a few "Which way did she go???" during street chases.

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RE: Knockemstiff - Brain Criminals
Name: Harry ????
Species: A child of the Earth. Okay, fine, he's human
Associated Color: Orange, like a tiger lily

Description: A tall, tanned, weathered Caucasian boy of about 15 or 16 years old, wearing a green cloak and shorts and carrying a wooden staff. His unkempt hair matches his unshaven face and crooked smile, and his gait puts the least poetic people in the world of a mind to use the word "amble". He's not a quick thinker, but the thoughts he does think he thinks pretty well, a bit like . . . well . . . gardening. Doesn't care much for conventional morality, thievery and cowardice and lying and cheating are all a-ok, just so long as you're nice to people while you do that stuff.

From a young age, Harry was under a lot of pressure from his parents to excel, make money, and step on as many of the little people as he possibly could. This was a problem for the young boy, whose main passion in life was growing flowers, both the mundane way and the magic way. He insisted it was magic, no matter how many child psychologists, teachers, scientists, or lashes with his father's belt attempted to convince him that what he really had was classified as a psychic power, and that magic was for children who weren't intelligent and driven enough to affect the real world. He continued insisting it was magic through the bullies in the grades he skipped, the arrest of his parents for cooking the books, and the sudden inheritance of a war-making company he'd never had interest in, and then . . . he disappeared into the ether.

Which is to say he caught the next train out of town with nothing but the clothes on his back and a vague idea that maybe it was time he let the magic spread and stopped listening to other people. He was 14 at the time. He thinks. Birthdays were never a "thing" in his household.

At any rate, Harry's a vagrant now, still convinced he's a magical being and attempting to spread joy and harmony however he can, in between stealing or conning what he needs for his next meal. He mostly goes by bare foot and sometimes by boxcars, trying to bring a little light into people's lives even as he empties their wallets, and sticks around in one place until the police decide they've had enough of him at which point, coincidentally, he decides it's time to leave. So goes the life of Harry, strange druid of stranger ideas.

"Hey, a flower's gotta spread it's seeds somehow, right?"

Skills: Mental Defense: The ability to block, sidestep, ignore, or baffle mental attacks. (1 point)
Flower-Growth: Limited to any surface he is touching with his hand, but on the flip side of the coin, can be any surface he touches with his hand. (1 point)
Running Away: As sung in the creed of Brave Sir Robin (2 points)

Optional Bonus: Da Ring of Young Men
A group of traveling all-male circus performers led by a mysterious psychic calling himself "The Flying Trapeze", Da Ring is known for setting up circus performances, tent and all, in record time. Of course, in most shows, the audience doesn't end up participating. And even in those that do decide to go the interactive route, those shows usually allow audience participation to be entirely voluntary, rather than "literally already happening, oh no, please duck before the animals start stampeding" like Da Ring does.

Aware it may not be kosher to dictate my own character's power's limits, so feel free to change that up if you feel so cold-blooded, Coldblooded. Backup character coming eventually~

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07-11-2015, 02:46 PM
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RE: Knockemstiff - Brain Criminals
I updated and changed my application a fair bit.
07-11-2015, 03:12 PM
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RE: Knockemstiff - Brain Criminals
(07-08-2015 04:49 PM)ICantGiveCredit Wrote:  noms what could that corvid possibly gain by turning to a life of crime? High-quality, cocaine-laced bird seed?????

pE try changing their second skill to "Knife-to-Meat You"

this isnt my trollsona, i dont make meat puns with anyone except him

It's time to, T-T-T-T-T-T TRIPLE POST
07-11-2015, 05:03 PM
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RE: Knockemstiff - Brain Criminals
Name: Aishwarya "Sweets" Chadha

Species: Human

Associated Color: Ghostly Grey or Spoopy Purple or Sweet Pink

Description: Average height, with dark hair, eyes, and complexion. Shy in real world interactions; more comfortable behind a keyboard.

Her nickname derives from the fact that everything she owns--or at least everything she brings to school-- seems to have some sort of sweet food printed on it. Her sweatshirt's got watermelon, her pencil case has gumdrops, her backpack has an ice-cream cone, her smart phone's apple--you get the picture.

Known for falling asleep in class--even during tests! For all that, she's passing her classes, but she frequently gets her lunch money taken.

Biography: Her mom's a doctor at the only hospital in town and her dad does something with computers and frequent business trips, but beyond that Aishwarya's not clear on the details. Why they chose to move to this hellhole five years ago is anyone's guess.

Aishwarya has fond memories of the suburbs they left behind. Streets without trash piled up and left to rot. Buildings that aren't covered in graffiti and falling apart. Clean tap water. Little things like that. When they first moved in she used to talk about it at school, but people called her stuck-up for noticing.

She's had a hard time making friends here. People online are nice, but most of them are so much older, it's kind of weird. If she could just find a way into a group of people her own age, things would be less lonely...

(1) Mental Defense - Basic mental defenses.
(1) Spiritwalker - Exit body, walk around unseen! Spy on your friends people, walk through walls.
(1) Ghost Touch - For all your poltergeisting needs! While spiritwalking, move objects in the physical world.
(1) Netizen - Modern age criminals aren't confined by geographic proximity! She knows how to navigate online communities, and perhaps translate online contacts and information into real-world assets.

Optional Bonus:
The Bubble-Tea Bandits
There's only one restaurant that serves Bubble Tea in this city, and that's Mike's Pizza Shoppe. Other restaurants have tried to edge in on the Bubble Tea business over the years, but they've always fallen prey to mysterious visits from even more mysterious masked ne'er-do-wells trashing their stock in the middle of the night.

When they don't have competition to harass, the Bubble-Tea Bandits spend their time raiding Bubble-Tea shipments from nearby towns and running aggressive advertising campaigns.
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RE: Knockemstiff - Brain Criminals
Signups for main character position will end in exactly three days. The game itself will start probably on Sunday.

07-14-2015, 11:22 PM
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RE: Knockemstiff - Brain Criminals
ignore my app, 2 many things goin on irl

Edited for Readability and Preservation of Sanity - The Revolution - OP - Chapter 1/2 - Chapter 2/2 (missing maps) - Chapter 2 - Chapter 3 (Ongoing) - Chat
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RE: Knockemstiff - Brain Criminals
And here's my backup! Boy, is it a doozy!

Name: Helen "Blockbuster" Shakur
Species: Human
Associated Color: Brown

Description: A black girl of 15, wearing a black spiked choker, red tank top, grey camoflague pants and combat boots. Her hair is those combo dreadlock pigtails, and her right hand is covered by a fingerless glove. She always has an alternate explanation for whatever might be going on in the strange town of Knockemstiff, nothing to say of the world at large.

Biography: Helen's Blockbuster's life was pretty simple. She had loving parents, food, a roof over her head, a small dog that was easily excited. That all changed when she was eight, however, and her parents were abducted by aliens. The police said they left of their own initiative, but Helen knew the truth. It was aliens.

She saw them.

That's how she got her powers, you know. That's how everyone got their powers, even if she's the only one who remembers. She's got evidence! Look: the girl scouts, alright? They sell these "cookies" that are known to be highly addictive, even though . . .

. . .er, right, not the time. At any rate, Helen took on the name Blockbuster to indicate her desire to shake the world, literally. And she, precocious eight year-old that she was, began to do research. And the things she found. Did you know the "sole" of the average American sneaker is called such because it's made of concentrated ectoplasm, once commonly referred to a "soulstuff"? It's amazing what the Man doesn't want you to know about what's really going on!

Despite her odd ideas about the world, (eagles don't actually exist - well, they do, but they're not real animals. Technically speaking, even if they are mostly biological, they're also partially robotic, and furthermore the cover for the government's drone initiative, which reaches back into the early 1700s. That's why Ben Franklin wanted a turkey to be the national bird instead, as he was anti-observation and pro-freedom, and why the eagle is "endangered" despite its status as a national symbol), Blockbuster is well-liked and well-respected by the kids and adults of Knockemstiff. The teens . . . well, they're too busy trying to shoot her for barging into their plans for the umpteenth time for her to ask. She suspects they feel negatively about her, however.

Where the future goes? What it holds? Who knows? But Blockbuster has a suspicon.

"Yo, so check it out: magnets, right? Turns out, they work by magic. Boom."

Skills: Mental Defense: The ability to block, sidestep, ignore, or baffle mental attacks. (1 point)
Molecular Agitation: The ability to psychically make things vibrate at high speed. This can apparently do some really unlikely things if you do it right. (2 points)
Driving Cars Quickly: Well, technically anyone can do this. But Blockbuster can do so while retaining control of the vehicle, which she hears is the most important part. (1 point)

Optional Bonus: The L33t Squad
A group of nerds, geeks, and other societal misfits dedicated to causing mayhem and spreading the gospel of gaming. Tabletop, card, video, or (worst of all), online mafia and roleplaying games, no game is safe from their nimble fingers and utter lack of ability to read social situations. Check out their Reddit page!

I think I like the way Blockbuster turned out better than Harry. Huh.

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07-16-2015, 03:29 PM
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RE: Knockemstiff - Brain Criminals
Blockbuster is always a great nickname. Neat concept too.

(Basically all of these are neat but none of you dropped a nickname like Blockbuster).
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RE: Knockemstiff - Brain Criminals
Alright, so I think that that's enough time for signups. Here are our eight lucky contestants. (I know that I said 6-7 originally, but apparently I am too weak to make the hard decisions.)

Russel Toletan - Palamedes
Catherine Meow - Acolyte Doctor
Ingrid Verbreche - Reecer6
Katey Rafflesia - ProfessorLizzard
Bradley Billiard - Demonsul
Trevor Lee - Ratstar
Aishwarya "Sweets" Chadha - Whimbrel
Helen "Blockbuster" Shakur - APW

Apologies to everybody who signed up but didn't make the cut. Like I mentioned earlier, signups are still open for side characters and rival gang leaders, and will probably remain open until at least the end of the first or second chapter.

The signup sheet for side characters is very similar to the original signup sheets, except much less restrictive in the age/skills/species areas. Anomaly's character would be a great example of a character that could work as a rival gang leader or as some other small time criminal, and Pagan and Kiven's could also work with a few slight adjustments.

All applications for potential side characters should be sent to me via PM. If you have any questions about which occupations would work for a character, please feel free to ask me (via PM). All of this information, along with the new signup sheet, have been edited into the OP.

The game will start within about the next 48-72 hours. Get hype.

07-18-2015, 03:02 PM
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RE: Knockemstiff - Brain Criminals
I'M HYPE! ;u;
07-19-2015, 01:51 AM
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RE: Knockemstiff - Brain Criminals
I done got hype!

07-19-2015, 09:02 AM
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RE: Knockemstiff - Brain Criminals
I've just purchased some hype from the store! The tax on it is ridiculous nowadays.
07-19-2015, 12:30 PM
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RE: Knockemstiff - Brain Criminals

I also have a job now, so I'll post at least once a day, but my hours, especially near the beginning when posting is more frequent, may seem odd.

but yeah no refer back to the video

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RE: Knockemstiff - Brain Criminals
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RE: Knockemstiff - Brain Criminals

Tuesday, March 24th, 2015
Knockemstiff South High School
Knockemstiff Ohio, 45601


A large, tall man in an ill-fitting suit marches through the school hallway angrily, dragging yet another unruly teenager along behind him by the wrists. The teenager makes a few perfunctory motions towards escape, in a futile attempt to keep up his non-existent reputation as a rebellious bad boy to the few remaining students that haven't left the building yet. None of them really seem to care. In the distance, he can faintly hear the song "Don't You Forget About Me" being played by one of the teachers in a nearby classroom.

As he gets dragged down the hallway, the teenager stares vacantly off into each of the empty classrooms and lockers that they walk by. He wonders if there was ever a time that this hallway looked brand new, before the holes and rust and the graffiti ate it away into what it is now. Probably not, it looks like as if it's always been this way. Maybe the state just decided to pay the construction workers extra to trash the school up a bit before opening it. Who knows.

The teenager almost walks right into his captor before realizing that they've both come to a stop in front of the library. The Principal glares down at him for a moment before speaking.

"Mr. Callaghan, can we trust that today will be your last trip to detention for the year? Or do I really need to make good on that threat of expelling you from school?"

The teenager stays silent for a few moments, staring down at his feet and refusing to make eye contact. "Why do we even have detention anyways? You can't seriously think that sitting around in a room being bored is going to set anybody on the straight and narrow, right?"

"Hmph, you know what, that sounds like a great question for you to think about while you're spending the next two hours sitting in detention!" says the Principal, making little attempt to hide the venom in his voice. He throws the library doors open and angrily shoves the young man inside. "Have fun in there today Curtis! And remember, misery builds character!"


As the teenager stands up and brushes himself off, he looks around the library to see nine other students milling around the detention hall/library. He's seen most of them around here before, and he immediately starts listing them off in his head, in the patronizing, reductionary way that people use to mental categorize people that they barely know.

Let's see, we've got the infamous liar, the teenage catlady, the turbo-nerd, the innocent pickpocket, the candy addict, the conspiracy theorist, the gloomy hobo, and that one girl who always carries scraps of electronics around everywhere. There's also one other mystery kid sitting in the far back row, who seems to be doing their darn hardest to remain unnoticed, and has apparently decided that the best way to do this is to cover their face up with their hoodie and pretend to be asleep. The school library itself is only about twice as large as most of the classrooms, but for some reason it was apparently still necessary for them to place security cameras in all four corners of the room. Behind the bookshelves on the far side of the room, he can see the barred windows, looking out over the school parking lot.

The sole adult in the room doesn't even look up from her book at the teenage boy who was just thrown into her room. It's the school psychiatrist, Ms. Franklin. He's had to see her a few times this year already. She's the kind of frustrating person that seems to be always upbeat, despite the fact that she has to live and work in one of the worst school districts in the country. The kind of teacher who earnestly believes that she's making a real difference in the world. In another genre, her naivety might be almost inspirational, but here it is merely tragic instead.

As the clock strikes three, she suddenly puts her book away and motions for the rest of the students to all take a seat. A clipboard floats over from the next table over and into her outstretched hand as she stands up in front of the class. She takes a moment to clear her throat before speaking.

"Ahem, hello kids, and welcome to Tuesday Detention!" She gestures around the room grandly, as if expecting some applause or something. "I know that most of you are used to just sitting here and doing nothing for two hours, but I wanted to try something a bit more constructive today instead. Let's all start by going around the room and introducing ourselves, as well as explaining exactly what you did to get detention today."

"Now then, who wants to go first?"

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RE: Knockemstiff - Brain Criminals
Catherine Meow considering walking away when the teacher wasn't looking and sulk in the corner. As much as she wanted to get away from this dismal - and completely unfair - situation, she knew the attempts are ultimately futile. The room was incredibly small, well-lit, and not to mention, the only door was closed. Plus, her ghostly companions would give away her position anyway.

"I'll go...I guess," she harrumphed. "I'm Catherine Meow and my creative endeavors were tragically interrupted by my English teacher."

What she really meant was, she was caught doodling cats and writing poetry instead of paying attention in English Class. Normally, it usually ends up with a warning but this was the thirteenth time Catherine has been caught exploring her artistic side. So detention it is!
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RE: Knockemstiff - Brain Criminals
A cracking sound is heard from the approximate center of the room, sharp and loud like a blade being fired from a cannon. Helen Shakur finishes getting the crick out of her neck. Then she thinks for a moment, starts again with a much smaller crack, and then rolls her head in a loose circle. Let it never be said that Helen was not thorough - or persistent, considering the collar on her neck blocked her from using her full range of neck-based motions.

She could have just taken the collar off, of course, but let it also never be said that Helen would ever do the sensible thing when presented with an unjust situation. Speaking of unjust situations . . .

"Name's Blockbuster. What up?" she leans back in her chair, so relaxed and nonchalant it can't be anything but an act. "I'm here because my life is dedicated to the pursuit of truth and happiness, and y'all are a bunch of sad liars. I refuse to say anything else without a lawyer present."

The imagination staggers. To help it stay upright, though, the narration shall clarify that Helen "Blockbuster" Shakur received detention for sneaking into the principal's office and letting loose all of his pet hamsters. She then ran through the school, causing a multitude of distractions, including but not limited to making all the toilets explode, stealing the entire stock of cheerleading uniforms, and appearing to make the statue of the school's founder on the front lawn do the robot through use of precise vibrations. She did all this while repeatedly shouting "The mystery meat shall be a mystery no longer!"

. . . it seems the imagination has lost consciousness entirely. At any rate, it is likely best at this juncture that someone else introduces themselves before Helen decides that maybe a lawyer isn't entirely necessary for her to keep talking.

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RE: Knockemstiff - Brain Criminals
"Oh, come on Miss Franklin, I've been here almost every day! Pretty sure I recognize everyone else as well, but eh, Russel Toletan." It was true, Russel had just gone through a month's worth of detention after inadvertently causing a strike-turned-riot-turned-battle royale by making the non-teaching staff think that they were all going to be fired and replaced by student labour. However, his punishment for that incident had finished only the week before, leaving his presence today still unanswered.

"As for now, eh, well you know, I've just come to love detention so much, I just couldn't leave!"

There is presumably at least one cough from the others in the room. Russel shrugs.

"I told Shakur the meat was a mystery."
07-21-2015, 02:54 PM
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RE: Knockemstiff - Brain Criminals
Bradley sniffed noisily. "I'm, uh, Bradley," he said, adjusting his glasses. "I was just checking the school network, and apparently I wasn't allowed to look there."

Admittedly, he'd been looking at the provisional grade postings for the latest tests. And had given himself editor privileges. There wasn't any evidence of him upping his grade, though, and it appeared as if he scored exceptionally highly. He wouldn't mention that he had the power to doctor the edit logs with his mind.

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