EoS- Edge of Space
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EoS- Edge of Space
Civilization is a comforting concept for some. A place with established laws that keep the peace. Somewhere with enough food to eat and water to drink. But it isn't for everyone. For some, those laws are just restricting what they see as their right to do whatever they please. And working at some dreary job day after day isn't worth the meaningless comforts life brings.

For these people, adventure is their only true calling. They need a lawless dog eat dog world. Somewhere they can carve out their own life.

Somewhere like the frontier.

Dozens of species have been expanding into new territory throughout the stars for thousands of years. Some seek to claim resources for themselves. Some seek to conquer planets for their empires. Some simply love the idea of adventure. While others still have nowhere else to go. Here in this lawless domain, one can find their fortune, or their ruin. Their home, or their grave. Their kingdom, or themselves.

What will you find?

Name: Whatever you choose to go by. Be it a name or a title.
Species: What are you?
Species description: Relevant information about your species, including appearance, and what your species is known for.
Skills: [Image: J9LwnND.png]
Fill out this sheet with however many point you think is appropriate for your character. When filling out this sheet, every two points you put into a "Core" skill (skills in the middle of clusters of three) you get one free point to spend in a "Secondary" skill. And for every four points put into a secondary skill, you get the fifth point free.
There is no real limit to how many points you can spend. But I suggest somewhere around fifty points, with no more than fifteen in any given skill for game start. Feel free to spend more or fewer points if you wish. But trying to be a jack of all trades badass with all the points in every skill is probably going to make me side eye your character.
For reference, zero points in a skill is considered an average human's level in that skill. It does not mean that with zero points in firearms, shooting a gun will cause you to shoot yourself. You just won't be that good with it.
Traits Traits unique to your species, your faction, or yourself. These can alter skill points, give you advantages or disadvantages in certain situations, or otherwise alter your experience on the frontier.
Equipment: By default, you start out with a space suit that allows freedom of movement, and a day’s worth of oxygen. A weapon of your choice. A weak personal shield. A first aid kit (which you can use to patch up simple wounds without the help of a trained medic.) And various personal items of your choosing. You can choose to give yourself more or less.
Bio: A brief history of your character, to help flesh out both them and, to a lesser extent, the universe.

Galloglasses: Ace
Kocel: Sam Samson
Demonsul: Holobeard
Supernerd: Marley Sunsong
Swampmist1142: Luvar the Outcast
Cidellus: Alekza Narikas
Acolyte Doctor: Dr. Ratnik Ratdoc
Mquinny1234 Xing-Tzu
Anomaly: Dr. Vi

Space is warped and time is bendable.
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RE: EoS- Edge of Space

This species had its’ first contact with alien life about two hundred years ago. Two warlords fought over their home planet, abundant in natural resources and nothing to stop them from taking it but a largely defenseless population. The resulting war killed billions, and the majority of the rest were enslaved. Nowaday, humans are often seen being used as slave labor for species with no qualms about this, or barely scraping by out on the frontier. There are precious few human communities that live decent lives. And even when they do, it is usually only because of the benevolence of more advanced civilizations. Most humans pass down stories of their homeworld, Earth. Some more optimistic versions of these stories speak of a day when humans will come back to reclaim it. But this is mostly a fairy tale used to make them feel better about their miserable lives.

Species traits: You immediately start out with friendly relations to any human NPCs that are not hostile.

A tripedal species sporting dark hair and bright red skin, with an average height of over seven feet. Their empire has been on the brink of being wiped out numerous times as a result of their hostile relations with other species. Military sanctions have been put in place severely limiting the size of their armies. But many Burok still seek a heavily glorified warrior lifestyle. Many of them choose to live out life as mercenaries for the sake of achieving glory in the eyes of the gods.

Species traits: Four additional points to spend in Physical aptitude, Close combat, Weapons, or associated subskills.

A stout and pudgy species with beady black eyes and stout limbs. They have managed to carve out a decent place in the galactic community for themselves with advanced technology and weaponry, which helps make up for their lower than average physical abilities. Touro are still not given much respect by other species, and are typically typecast as socially awkward nerds and dunces.

Species traits: Physical aptitude and strength are treated as being two less than they actually are.
Eight free points to spend in computers, physical engineering, or associated sub-skills.

A bird like species with knobby limbs. They lack a proper empire like most other species, and most of them live either on their home planet, or as sort of traveling space gypsies. Their culture is saturated with ritual, ceremony, and magic. But little else is know about them other than this. Although there is a great deal of rumor surrounding them suggesting a servitude or relationship to some sort of chaotic entity from the edge of the universe. Probably nonsense. Probably.

Species traits: Start out with four points in magic. The two free points you get from this must be put into outer energy.

An elf like species known for magic. They absolutely refuse to use technology invented by other species, and consider themselves above everybody else. Pretty much everyone hates them and their attitude to some degree, and they wouldn't have much of a place on the galactic stage if not for luck, and a higher than average sense of union among the planets in their empire.

Species traits: Start out with four points in magic.

A draconic species with one of the most impressive empires in the known universe. They are physically intimidating if you know nothing about them. And if you do happen to know anything about them, they're doubly intimidating.

Species traits: Flight, to a limited degree. Fire resistance, to an impressive degree. Strength stat is treated as 2 higher than it actually is.

A species that was unprepared for the more technologically advanced species' of the universe. They were forced to evacuate their home planet before it was made unlivable by environmental disasters caused by the invading aliens. Their story is all to common on the frontier.

Species traits: When in combat, physical aptitude is treated as four more than it actually is.
When charging a target, speed is treated as four more than it actually is.
This species can not start out with more than five points in computers, physical engineering, or the associated subskills. This does not include bonus points.

A species similar to both vultures and the praying mantis, this four legged species actually has no relation to either. They have a reputation for innovation, and are a notable part of many a galactic empire.

Species traits: The blood of Kysul have special properties that allows for the creation of blood for other species.
An acidic vomit attack that can be used at close range.

Artificial Intelligence
Artificial Intelligence is a step up from Virtual Intelligence. While VI are common and run all sorts of computers and robots for many purposes, AI is very rare. They are inherently difficult to make, and the hardware required to properly house them are very expensive. There is also a high risk of rapid mental deterioration for AI, making them a risky investment. Not to mention many major powers in civilized space ban the creation of AI for numerous reasons, including social stigmatism and ethical standards.

The hypernet
The hypernet makes use of a natural phenomenon in the universe known as non-space, where information can pass through the universe faster than the laws of physics would seemingly allow. Specialized computers and nodes can make use of this non-space effect, and send information between each other instantaneously. There are billions of nodes out there, usually at least one in every colonized solar system. Sometimes multiple ones for every planet in the solar system. Nearly every ship in the universe has a non-space receiver to allow hypernet browsing.

Personal shields
Personal shields are used to block attacks of all kinds, be they bullets, plasma, or magic. Most shields are not one way, and the ones that are one way can be more expensive than the average frontiersman is willing to spend. Therefore, when using a shield, you can't fire a projectile weapon without having your shield absorb the damage. Shields can be rapidly switched on and off. But this can short-circuit the power if used too frequently.

A power that seems to defy logic and reasoning. There are many ways to use magic, be it based off of intelligence, faith, willpower, or even just randomly occurring in some individuals with no rhyme or reason. Cultures have vastly different opinions on magic, with some demonizing it and restricting its’ use, and others glorifying it and even worshiping it. Anyone can learn magic, but there is no tried and true method for teaching magic. In fact, many need no teacher to learn it. You can simply pick it up randomly with no real explanation. How does this work? Try not to think about it too hard.
On the frontier magic is viewed differently from individual to individual. But many, even those who use it, regard it with some level of superstitious awe.

Because flying cars are totally a thing in the future, anyone with any skill at driving is assumed to be able to fly a civilian sized vehicle. Even though most flying cars simply auto fly to their destination, for safety reasons most governments still require you to prove you have some aptitude flying with manual controls. And out on the frontier, many developing cities lack sophisticated autopilot, making manual flying mandatory.

Space is warped and time is bendable.
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RE: EoS- Edge of Space
Name: 'Ace' (Nickname he goes by, real name unknown)
Species: Human (Neophyte Vampire)
Species description: ...Well he LOOKS human.
Skills: [Image: 1%20aedge%20of%20space.png]
Traits: Neophyte vampire. Requires blood on a regular basis (say once a week depending on GM) Bonuses are at GM's discretion.
Equipment: Duster, weather beaten space clothes, heavy laser pistol with sophisticated scope. Personal communicator device (basically space smartphone) and not much else to his name
Bio: Ace, such as he was, was always a drifter since he was child. Doing odd jobs and hopping ship to ship as the need arises, got separated from his parents when he was seven, still isn't sure he wasn't sold into slavery and promptly dumped by his new masters. He did what he had to do to survive. Namely learn how to spaceship and how to keep said spaceships running.

Years went by and he pretty much lived in constantly isolation, even avoiding other humans entirely if it could be helped. He's a frequent drunk and an occasional narcotics abuser but is otherwise a brilliant pilot.

One night, in a nameless den of iniquity on the slummier side of a hive city, Ace had a drink and, in a rare act of social graces, deigned to have a drink with a stranger.

He woke up on board the ship with a raging hangover, a pain in his neck and no idea what the fuck happened the night before and stumbles out of the restroom.

Looks like he got shanghaied.

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RE: EoS- Edge of Space
Name: The Great Destroyer The Fifth Horseman The Herald of the End of All Things Sam Samson

Species: Four-armed abomination that spits in the face of the space-time continuum The Bane of Ruby Mountain Sam Samson

Species description: Pale skin, jet black hair, crimson red eyes, and four arms. Sam is of average height, muscular-yet-lean build, and is often sporting an earnest, genuine smile. He possesses many scars over his person, including two at the side of his torso, beneath his second set of arms.

Skills: [Image: FIGHTINGS%21.png]

FIGHTINGS!: Sam is worryingly skilled in combat, getting bonuses in it, with larger bonuses if he's using improvised weaponry.

Is Havings More Arms For Fightings!: Sam has four arms, meaning four hands with which to hold whatever unassuming instruments of death he's salvaged.

Fightings, Fightings, FIIIIIGHTINGS!: Sam is hardly tactical. Unless being ordered/commanded by someone else, he will always blindly rush into combat.

Plundered "RUBY MOUNTAIN" 'Mook' grade space suit - Despite where he pilfered it from, this space suit is hardly cutting line. Keeps him alive, though. Has an experimental energy shield which is of strength of most other bottom line shields of this setting.

"Friend Skull" - A fanged humanoid skull which Sam wields as a weapon. Though unnaturally hardy, which explains why it's lasted so long in his possession, it's hardly a weapon he's going to stick with.

"Fightings Stick" - A steel tire iron, from origins unknown.

"Fightings Door" - A car door. It has a metal tag on the edge, identifying it as belonging to a 1973 Ford Pinto Roundabout.

A Cardboard Box of Bandages Adorned With Various Cartoon Characters - The box itself is slightly weathered, along with being somewhat crumpled from being stuffed in his pack. Inside are several equally battered boxes of consumer-grade adhesive bandages, along with a half-empty bottle of peroxide.

A Lunchbox full of Raw Meat - The lunchbox, adorned with alien letters, keeps whatever is put inside it cool and preserved through some unknown technology. Which is good, since Sam just stuffs whatever raw meat he can find in there. Opening it up is a horrifying experience for anyone but him.

An old canteen half-full of water - This canteen is battered, held in thread-bare fabric, and smells slightly of whiskey, for some reason, despite having none in it.

Old battered military helmet - The letters "HK" can still be made out in cracking paint on the side.

Some Bug... Shell... Parts... Things... - These pieces of carapace sit in the bottom of Sam's bag, wrapped as if they possess some sort of sentimental value.

Bio: Sam Samson is what one may call a 'dimensional vagrant'. He travels from dimension to dimension, universe to universe, usually unintentionally or by accident, while seeking the best fightings he can find. Unfortunately, most of the universes he ends up in tend to... End prematurely. Somehow, Sam always survives. If Sam was a more complex person, he may be concerned about the ramifications of this. Fortunately, he is Sam Samson, former-Ruby Mountain security worker, and the only thing that concerns him is "The fightings!"
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RE: EoS- Edge of Space
This is quite probably the most fantastically bizarre character concept I have ever created. Have some music.

Name: Holobeard

Role: Wizard Pirate Vampire Robot

Species: Necromantic Robot

Species description: Holobeard is a humanoid robot that runs on necromantic energy and is in tune with magic. He is far from the only robot in the galaxy, but probably the only one with his particular condition, since he was built by... well, just see his backstory.

As a robot, Holobeard does not require sleep, air, food or water, and instead thrives on the life energy he can suck out of his enemies. He can also see on multiple electromagnetic bands and has a magic-detecting option, and can communicate over radio as well as with a speaker in his throat. However he receives no skill bonuses, not that skills matter.

[Image: holobeard.png]

Without clothes, Holobeard is a thin humanoid made of smooth steel. Although he identifies as male, his design is androgynous. The key joints are slightly bulkier with steel plates, but are still exposed in places, revealing an interior jumble of cables and rubber pipes.

His head is made of smooth, featureless steel, apart from the two holes where a human would have eyes, which are in fact sensor ports, and the small hemispherical holographic projectors bolted on where humans would have ears. Projected onto his face is a large, well-kept beard, which is a semitransparent hologram made of white-blue light.


As a powerful necromancer, Holobeard is capable of manipulating the forces of life and death. This ranges from simply sucking the life out of people to causing malaise, supernatural injury and sickness, as well as creating and controlling undead. He knows non-necromantic combat magic as well, most notably conjuring projectile deflection fields. He can also do more general magic like creating lights and telekinesis, though not to combat standard.

He is also sort of passable with his plasma cutlass thanks to his electronic speed and reflexes, decent at fixing himself due to practice, and knows a fair few general shipboard skills he picked up as a pirate. Despite this, he has never fired a gun in his mechanical unlife. He needs to periodically drain life force from people to survive, but he doesn't need all that much of it.

Equipment: As a robot, Holobeard does not require a space suit. He has a regular spacer's outfit with an armored jacket instead, of relatively fine make but frayed at the edges and singed in places. He also has his holographic beard, the projectors of which are bolted where his ears should be, and a tricorne hat, which he only wears when he's being captain.

He has a plasma cutlass as well, though that doesn't run on necromantic energy and needs high-density batteries instead. He has a couple of spare batteries for it. He also has a few mechanical spare parts to replace bits of himself that get broken, and a set of tools to fix damage, since he can't heal naturally. He also has a couple of personal effects.

Once upon a time, there was a Human called Hans Von Sklave, who made his home in Yarek, a city on the Burok world of Teflora IV. Hans was descended from a family of slave engineers, though his mother managed to earn the manumission of his family when he was very young. Hans was dedicated to his discipline of producing advanced robots, and had significant financial backing and technical support from a Touro interstellar private military outfit. However, he had a problem - no mere program was advanced enough to run his robots, and true AIs were rare, expensive, clunky, and frequently insane.

To help with this, Hans went to his old drinking buddy, a Burok mage named Zathr. Zathr specialized in the field of necromancy, and saw an immediate solution to Hans' problem. He could use the magic of life and death to breathe a twisted life into the programs that ran Hans' robot. This unlife gave the robot true sapience, at the cost of requiring sustenance in the form of the life energy of creatures. It also may have caused the robot to be insane from the beginning anyway, though it remained high-functioning and well-scoring on the tests Hans ran it through.

Of course, this perversion of science and magic made the news, and a proud and plucky young Burok hero stepped in to save the day, as heroes are wont to do. He slew Hans and Zathr before they could build more robots (or so it is believed), and left the robot that would one day become Holobeard without purpose or direction. The robot hid from the young hero, though he mourned the passing of his creators only a little - they had given him little love, and had done nothing but demand high performance on tests in preparation for his demonstration and eventual sale to the Touro military company.

Without direction, the robot hid in the city and fed on what life energy it could draw from outcasts and wandering house pets. It cared little for morality, though it tried not to drain all the life out of people when it risked getting it hunted down. Over time, it learned to use its inbuilt necromantic energy in other ways, magically manipulating the forces of life and death and becoming a potent necromancer itself. It began experimenting with greater and greater powers - but after the time it sucked all the life out of an alley full of Burok hobos and then used a small portion of that energy to raise them as sentient undead ghouls, the authorities took notice and dedicated considerable energy to trying to wipe him out.

With the world out to kill him, the robot decided it was time to head elsewhere. Sneaking into the airless cargo hold of a cheap starferry, he flew to an interspecies spaceport in the frontier, and joined the first crew that would hire him. As luck would have it, that crew was robbed by human space pirates shortly after and he was taken as plunder. The pirates at first thought he was just a mindless military drone that would serve them well enough, but once he made clear his intellect and powers and his complete willingness to work with them, they welcomed him onto the crew.

After doing a year's duty on that pirate ship, he took his share of the plunder and a gift the captain had left him with - a cheap holographic projector, keyed to form the image of a beard, to, as she had told the robot, 'liven up your stupendously dull face' (aside from sensors where a human would have eyes, the robot's face was entirely featureless). After a month planetside enjoying his cut of the booty, the robot learned that the captain was taking to space once again, and rejoined her crew. That cycle would be the pattern his life would follow for the next decade.

Out raiding the trade lanes, he earned his nickname Holobeard - a step up from his old nickname of Bot, and a league above the name Test Robot One which Hans Von Sklave had originally given him. He served in multiple crews on multiple ships, and actually became somewhat infamous among other pirates. Eventually he grew in wealth and infamy enough to captain his own crew, and seized a small ship for the venture. However, fortune was not with him, and after first raiding a lucrative freighter his second target turned out to be a patrolling Megacorporate warship with an interdictor and tractor beam. His small ship was obliterated, and he was fortunate to be simply left floating among the debris. He went into low-power sleep mode, watching the nearby sun drift.

It wasn't long before a salvage ship came to pick through the spread out debris field, and they detected Holobeard's energy signature and picked him up. The one who tried to activate him had the shock of their life when he sat bolt upright, beard lighting up on his face, and summarily drained their life energy. Since he couldn't fly the ship himself, he tried to force the rest of the scavengers to do it, but they ended up just calling for help over the hypernet so he got into an escape pod. They activated their jumpdrive before they realized he was gone.

After spending some more time in sleep mode, he was picked up by a local station. This time, Holobeard kept a low profile, and fortunately nobody recognized his distinctive facial hair made of blue light. (He could have just turned it off, but nobody other than other pirates ever recognized it anyway.) He was back at draining a little energy here and there to prevent people from noticing a horrible necromancer sucking away their very life force. He decided he ought to take the first job possible to get off this dead-end station, and that ended up being a cheap salvage job. Perhaps he'd be able to lead a mutiny, and get back to the job he loved.
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RE: EoS- Edge of Space
So can we only be one of the species up top? Or can we be anything?
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RE: EoS- Edge of Space
Name: Marley Sunsong
Species: Empyrean
Species description: This character is a middle aged adult of the standard Empyrean species. It is of slightly below average size and has orange and purple feathers.
[Image: sk5dPjB.png]
Green points are the racial bonus. Red points are spent. Blue are the free subskill for base points. Yellow are free subskills from spending 4.

Engineer: This character gains a minor bonus when creating or modifying complicated things such as vehicles.
Enchanter: This character can enchant items to give them magical bonuses. These effects are semi-permanent and minor.
Superstitious: Increases the effects of luck-based events, for better or worse.

Standard Space Suit w/ days worth of oxygen
Weak kinetic shield: A personal shield designed to protect against hostile wildlife. It is effective against mass drivers and melee attacks, but it does nothing against energy attacks, magic or explosions. (Replaces weak personal shield)
Laser Pistol: A small weapon that fires a beam that inflicts cutting and heat upon whatever it is fired upon. Requires little skill to use.
Cursed feather: A dark purple Empyrean feather. Brings bad luck to anyone near it. Its effects on Empyreans are greatly reduced. Empyreans are likely to dislike whoever carries such an item. This feather was deliberately made to be cursed, as opposed to being a normal purple feather.
Scrap metal: Various bits and pieces which vaguely resemble something that could be made into something useful.

Marley was considered to be a bad omen by his own species since birth and was cast out of its colony when Marley was deemed old enough to be responsible for random unfortunate events which would make sense to the magically inclined. By this time Marley had demonstrated some aptitude at creating and improving technological devices and would later find a career constructing and maintaining robots at a Burok mining colony with people who were less knowledgeable in Empyrean culture.

Recently, this mining colony has been shut down due to diplomatic concerns that the Burok were stockpiling warship components to circumvent previously imposed sanctions. After being unemployed among the less than charitable Buroks for some time, Marley decided to head off into lawless space to seek new fortune while he still had the money to do so.
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RE: EoS- Edge of Space
@Leafsword You can be any species you want. That is just so there is more than one species to choose from at game start, if you want to be an alien, but don't feel particularly creative or something.

@supernerd You actually get one extra point for programming.You get a fifth point free for every four points put into a sub skill. Including free points.

Space is warped and time is bendable.
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RE: EoS- Edge of Space
Huh. That isn't what I assumed. Want me to modify the stat thing to factor that in?
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RE: EoS- Edge of Space
If you would. Doesn't matter too much in the end though.

Space is warped and time is bendable.
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RE: EoS- Edge of Space
Name: Luvar The Outcast
Species: Eldan (Mutant)
Species description: The Eldan are very similar to the mythical Elves spoken of in old human texts. They are often slender and psychically inclined, with pale skin and fair cheekbones. They see themselves as divine beings of massive importance, and scoff at normal magic as beneath their psychokinetic mastery. Their main differences from the mythical Elves are their square-topped ears and the large amount of body hair they sport, from flowing manes and beards to ape-like chest hair. Luvar is instantly distinguishable from the rest of his kind for his dark, charred skin and lack of hair, as well as the fact that he is much larger physically than other Eldan.
I believe I did everything right here. Yellow bars represent points in Core skills, Red bars are free points in Secondary Skills and Orange are not-free points in Secondary Skills. I BELIEVE it totals 50 with the free points, if not please tell me and I will attempt to adjust accordingly. Also, sorry for the choppiness I had no good way of editing the bars after making them so I ended up having to make multiple when I realized I had extra points.
[Image: CompleteSkillsheet_zpsjxxqemsd.png?t=1437361288]
Traits: Able to control own cells with his mind, Luvar can control his strength and speed, and with enough concentration regenerate his body. Also has incredible pain tolerance\control, seemingly entering a Trance whilst in battle. However, Luvar is very weak to magic, especially compared to his own people. Also, having come from a race who considers modern technology beneath them, Luvar is incredibly bad with technology. (No idea what this does for stats, up to the dm.)
Equipment: Luvar crafted himself a pair of Shortscythes that can be attached to his suit for hand-to-hand combat, as well as combined together to form a full-sized scythe (Not sure tech level, vibro weapons would be most appropriate if possible.) He Rides around on a HoverCycle that he maintains himself. The Bike has dual Autoguns on the front, and a mine launcher of the back. He has the most basic of shields, and he has slightly customized his armor to allow for integration with his scythes, as well as to make sure it can take the stress of his constantly shifting body mass.
Bio: Luvar The Outcast is an Eldan who was born with two very prominent quirks: A strong body, and No psychokinetic Abilities. Bullied from a young age, he struggled to make it by, constantly forcing his body past the limits of his people to try to protect himself. Through this method he found that while he may not seem to have psychic abilities, he does have the ability to control his own cells, meaning that he fought the psychic phinesse of his people with brute strength and training. He also discovered how to use a crude form of Sonic Magic by strengthening his lungs or arms to produce powerful sound waves which he trained himself to be able to amplify using more mundane magic than his people tended to dabble in. These abilities where discovered by the Higher Council of his home world, and later by the Eldanian Highest Council. Worried that he would drag them down past their proposed godliness, they threw him into the military in the hopes that they could tame him. Luvar become the greatest shocktrooper the Eldanian military ever had, running ahead of his squadmates and beating down the opposing army before his brethren could even bring their coveted psionics to bear. However, even in the military he was horrible mistreated, and after an incident with a plate of mashed roots and the removal of a Croxinex (An important part of the Eldanien physiology located in right above the right hip,) Luvar was thrown out of his people's empire after being marked by the Council; His skin was scarred beyond repair, and he was enchanted so that any skin he grew would become the same. Now Luvar wonders the outer reaches of the Galaxy, more at home with the constant struggle than he ever was in the Eldan's part of space. He travelled far away and never looked back.
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RE: EoS- Edge of Space
@Swampmist1142 I'm confused as to how a species manages to have a dislike of technology yet somehow manages to stay even semirelevant in an intergalactic community. How would they even get off planet without space ships. Or how he manages to have engineering skills capable of maintaining modern vehicles like a hoverbike in spite of said dislike. Not to mention one man isn't going to be able to run up to a group of armed enemies like that without either an excessive amount of luck, or a shield. Not enough to make a reputation out of it. And if modern technology isn't used by your species, and you don't have strong magic to make the equivalent of a tech shield.

Finally, just use the paintcan tool and fill in the bars. You can do it in mspaint.

Space is warped and time is bendable.
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RE: EoS- Edge of Space
Sorry, used Paint.net and forgot about the can. As for his Technology thing, he lacks many of the abilities that his people use instead of technology, so he has learned to use it since leaving the empire. The enemies he fought also tended to lack modern weaponry, either being rebel groups who believe they have the better way to ascend (cults, basically) or less civilised tribes that the Eldan loom over. He does have a very basic shield for intergalactic combat. If you'd like I can make an actual Eldan, if this guy clashes too much.
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RE: EoS- Edge of Space
I'm having more trouble grasping how a species with no serious tech holds its' own in a universe with massive interplanetary empires with massive armies at their disposal.

Ones with giant space guns that can level entire cities.

Space is warped and time is bendable.
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RE: EoS- Edge of Space
They have technology, just it's all linked to their mental abilities. They believe themselves above everyone else's tech so they make most of their own.
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RE: EoS- Edge of Space
OK that makes more sense.

Space is warped and time is bendable.
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RE: EoS- Edge of Space
Name: Alekza Narikas
Species: Nusenic
Species description: Nusenics are enormous draconic humanoids originating on the planet Ersos within the region of space known as Ilarin's Reach. At twenty years of age, they typically stand between six and a half and seven feet tall, though they grow slowly over the rest of their lives. With the extra size (in the later later years) comes extra strength, though also a severe lack of agility, slower healing times, and occasional memory decline. The natural physical prime of a Nusenic is somewhere around fifty to sixty years.

They have digitigrade legs, horns, two eyes, five digits per hand and three per foot, tails, and large wings utilized mainly for gliding and jumping. Some Nusenics also have fins on their heads, extra horns, and elongated noses (in the case of Nusenics with Marforian ancestry). All Nusenics have rather tough scales, though the color of them depends entirely on genetic background and ancestry. They are also capable of breathing fire past a certain age. Though this fire can be rather hot and was advantageous thousands of years ago, it is scarcely useful in an era of space travel and blaster cannons.

Nusenics also possess a strange sort of genetic memory that builds up skill in a particular field over numerous generations. As a result, a Nusenic from a long line of bakers will have more natural talent at baking. This causes some Nusenics a mild degree of distress, particularly if one has little actual interest in pursuing such a career.

Nusenics are also severely weak against cold temperatures. While they handle heat like champs, they become quite chilled at room temperature. Nusenic armored suits have built in heaters to deal with this.

Despite their warlike appearance, however, the Nusenics are not warlike. In international diplomacy, they prefer a calm and tactful approach, and typically expand their influence on the intergalactic stage in a slow and steady manner. While their Empire is mighty, it is not particularly aggressive, and usually doesn't lash out unless provoked (this is also partially due to how difficult it is to administrate).

Alekza herself fits the mold somewhat well. She is tall for a twenty-eight year old Nusenic at seven feet tall, and weighs about four-hundred pounds. She has bright blue scales over most of her body, with a gold-colored bone skullcap leading to her light blue horns. Her eyes are gold as well, and are quite piercing.

Skills: Alekza is a trained Imperial Marine. However, her lack of cross-training means that she lacks much versatility. She is really really goddamn strong, however.
[Image: Skillz.png]


BRUTE STRENGTH - Due to their size and muscle mass, Nusenics are typically significantly stronger than human and near-human races.

WINGS OF RELATIVE CALM - Nusenics possess wings. These allow gliding and flight.

FIRE RESISTANCE - As a Nusenic, Alekza is unbothered by fire or smoke.


Imperial Environmental Resilience Suit - A typical ol' armored space suit with a built in heater and a durable helmet.

BerTec IAR-752 - A trusty old kinetic assault rifle. Rather old model, but still useful.

BerTec Personal Ionic Melee Projectile Spatha - An energy spatha capable of shooting bursts of energy. Standard-issue sidearm in the Imperial Military.

Navatris Class-IV Personal Shield - Incredibly basic personal shield.

Kervine's Last Stand First Aid Kit! - First aid kit covered in promotional material for a foreign war film.

Kaardil Computing Raptor-5 Wrist Computer - Durable wrist computer mounted on Alekza's left arm. Serves the function of a normal computer, and can be operated by voice. Rather outdated, but it gets the job done. She mainly uses it to surf the internet and watch movies. Can also manage Alekza's suit comms and scan things to check against its database. It can also be upgraded to act as a motion detector, though Augusta lacks the module that would allow this.

ClimbUp! Grappling Hook - Self-firing grappling hook mounted on Alekza's right wrist. Has a range of roughly forty feet.

Imperial Footlocker - Standard footlocker of the Imperial Marines! Used to hold Alekza's stuff in her room.

Alcohol - A bottle of good Cidellian wine, two bottles of Marforian whiskey, and a case of Helaxis draft.

Heater - A normal heating module in Alekza's room. Keeps the room at a comfortable temperature for a Nusenic.

Emergency rations - Three cans of emergency rations in her footlocker.

Bio: Alekza was born on Teralos-IV, a small colony on the fringe of Nusenic space, to Ghaiyas and Taena Narikas. Ghaiyas was a militia captain, while Taena was an administrator. Alekza received a relatively standard upbringing, often accompanying her father as she got older. She was an only child, though she made quite a few friends back on Teralos.

When she came of age, she joined the Imperial Marines. She received general infantry training on Helaxis, then served on a number of ships over the course of her ten year career. It was a rather uninteresting career, though she did participate in one clean-up operation after a group of corporate scientists accidentally created an all-consuming sentient biomass in an isolated research station. It was during that incident that Alekza learned the value of flamethrowers and friendship. Another interesting highlight includes her role in a rescue team that recovered several stranded survivors who crashed down on a wild planet filled with carnivorous plant and animal life. She was later sent back with another group of marines as a guide, though few survived. Following this incident, she was honorably discharged.

Her career in the military over, she decided to become an adventurer. She was never one for crowded cities or boring office jobs, afterall! Alekza has been rather carefree about everything, in all honesty. She's just looking for excitement, adventure, and new people to meet.
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RE: EoS- Edge of Space
Name: Dr. Ratnik Ratdoc

Species: Human (with rat DNA)

Species description: Human-looking. Just because you have rat DNA doesn't automatically correlate to looking like a giant bipedal rat. She certainly looks a bit ratty – slight buckteeth, unnaturally soft hair, longish feet, double-jointed-ness – but those traits are not exactly exceptional as humans tend to look weird enough already.

She holds the default human trait. She surprising get along with other humans as long as there isn't obviously hostile. Not surprising as rats, like humans, are social creatures.


As a glorified back-alley surgeon with little to no professional training, Ratdoc's ultimate problem is a lack of true specialization. She makes it up by picking up a wide variety of skills, that of course, aren't just purely medical.

[Image: skillpoints_1.png~original]


As per usual for space frontierswoman, Ratdoc carries a laser pistol, a weak energy shield, and a lightly armored suit that supplies a day's worth of oxygen. She also carries a bunch of sentimental personals with her – a hefty paper record of her previous patients, a sharp pocket knife and of course, her most prized possession: a dingy and dented NanoEarth DocKit™ that contains enough supplies allows her to perform first aid and the most basic of surgical operations.

Ratdoc was born to two rat-doctors in a street clinic somewhere on NanoEarth, a planetoid-large civilization consisting exclusively of animal-men. From her childhood, she held a significant interest and aptitude in medicine. Which, while it was promising (especially in a culture that heavily uses modification), was stymied by the fact that rat are considerably the less popular creatures to base your appearance on, not to mention, she was not especially rat-like in appearance.

Despite her poverty, Ratdoc lived a comfortable childhood until it was rudely cut short by the Aesthetic Police spiriting away her parents after a heated encounter, leaving her alone to man the clinic. Her young age and lack of formal education nearly brought down her one-rat business a couple of times. However, she was determined, a bit desperate, and there was no shortage of patients who would gladly accept any half-baked modification on the account of poverty or lack of viable choices. Ratdoc failed, succeeded, and failed, but ultimately thrived.

With the skill to rival government-sponsored doctors came the responsibility NanoEarth society excepts of her. Her consistently quality had drawn the attentions of, and eventual employment (read: blackmail with minimal compensation) from a ring of thrill-seekers that were rich enough to afford significant modifications but not rich enough to afford the modifications they want. Ratdoc performed countless tasks for their quest to push beyond the biological baseline; installing barely tested cybernetics, injecting cocktails filled with ingredients whose names that were more gibberish than meaningful, splicing in genes of creatures even Ratdoc could not identify - or even fathom. She wanted out, considering the environment of her workplace.

It was ultimately dangerous and thankless. Her employees has being severely altered to the point that all their attributes were beyond any mortal being should rightfully hold and thus their thought processes were transcendentally inscrutable – which did not bode well for her safety and paycheck. So, she did what she thought made the most amount of sense at the time. She escaped by the skin of her buckteeth, ran to a nearby planetary airport, and left without looking back.

It took all her funds and a couple of strategically pawned-off objects, but now she is planets away from trouble, hopefully. The salvage ship was a lot less luxurious than what she expected but she can't complain. She was free. Free to pursue her own actions.
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RE: EoS- Edge of Space

Species: Yuelren

Species description: Around 5 foot in average height and wirey build, with shark-like teeth. Hairless, thick dark red skin and with slighter more prolonged limbs than humans. Have pure white eyes, strong and sharp hands and an extra finger on each. They're not known for much really, being a rather rare species. Generally speaking, they're quiet and quick in build, and are single-minded and dedicated workers.

[Image: Xing-tzu_zpschr2igl8.png]

Red men can Jump: Yuelren were a predatory race, and excelled at rapidly crossing terrain and lunging at their prey.
Saw it coming a mile away: Yuelren have excellent foresight and vision, able to rapidly process their surroundings and consider possible dangers.
I have no idea what these buttons do: Yuelren have little understanding of technology, and seem to be slow to pick it up, as a race leaning to more traditional and artistic tendencies

Equipment: Thick brown robes and strong shoes. One Space Suit. A set of black, reinforced gloves. A weak personal shield. A first aid kit and plenty of bandages. A collection of paper, brushes and ink. A small tea set, with 2 spare cups. Generic communication device and some standard currency.

Bio: Yuelren were a race native only to Yueling, a moon near the edge of the frontier. The discovery of other life forms in the universe wasn't a great one for them, what with the complete harvest and strip-mine of the planet they orbited and the raids upon themselves. Xing-tzu was just becoming a man when the evacuation of their species came. Enviromental disasters had been becoming worse and worse and it was known the issue was snowballing out of control. The Yuelrens had bought every battered ship and struck any deal they could with the strange alien races to get as many off planet as possible, long ago realizing they couldn't stop the doom of their planet. Xing-Tzu was a disciple to a martial school and was one of the few remaining students at the time, and the only one who got off planet. He's spent the last few decades doing nothing but train, travel and trundle on by, living paycheck to paycheck where ever he can get work. He works hard to remember and honour his heritage in this strange world now.


“One day you wake up and realize the world can be conquered.” - Doctor Impossible
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RE: EoS- Edge of Space
Just a heads up that this game may be starting as early as Saturday. So get your apps in now if you want to be around for game start. Applications will likely still be accepted after the fact though.

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RE: EoS- Edge of Space
Name: Dr. Vi

Species: Kysul

Species Description: Roughly reminiscent of giant vultures, though far more insectoid on closer inspection. They have four legs with talons, large feathery wings, and long, slender bodies, in addition to a pair of mantis-like arms. Most of their bodies are covered in feathers, though their front sides, limbs, and heads are all bare, and exoskeletal. They have long necks, large eyes, antennae, and beaks.

As may not be expected from a distinctly vulturoid species, the kysul are not, in fact, a species of opportunistic scavengers. If anything, they have a reputation among many species as innovators, in no small part due to the contributions of certain high-profile kysul to nonspatial theory. As a whole, the kysul are fairly widespread, stymied only by their relatively short lifespans. Steps have been taken, magical and technological alike, to extend their lifespans, with limited success.


[Image: KVcjuB7.png]

Traits: Sterile - Not in the reproductive sense, but in the cleanliness sense. Kysul have extremely sterile bodies, unless infected with various diseases. Their blood can also be put to a variety of uses - often, for example, for the production of artificial blood for other species.

Blauuuggghhh - Kysul are able to vomit a potent acid as a defense mechanism. Many of them find this unpleasant, but when you’ve got no other options…

Wing-having - Kysul can fly, to some degree. Usually not for more than short bursts, unless they’ve trained a lot or have unusually powerful wings. Dr. Vi has not and does not.


- Space suit/oxygen
- Plague doctor getup (mask conveniently doubles as oxygen mask)
- Gauss rifle - magnetically-accelerated kinetic weapon, complete with scope. Accurate at extremely long ranges.
- Laser pistol - for when he can’t run five miles away and shoot someone, or when metal pellets traveling at Mach 3 would cause severe hull damage.
- Personal shield
- Medical kit - contains various first aid materials, alongside more advanced surgical equipment. Some of it is rather old and/or improvised, but don’t worry about that.
- Genetics equipment - Dr. Vi couldn’t bring everything along, but he can do some genetics work with what he has. Just don’t expect anything too extreme.

Bio: An enigmatic, or perhaps merely eccentric kysul, Dr. Vi (or whatever he’s calling himself at the moment) is a back-alley doctor turned researcher. He often travels to locations with especially poor medical conditions, and works to cure various ailments and the like. He specializes in genetics, including all sorts of genetic modification (for the right price). Naturally, he also makes plenty of enemies in the course of his work. Dr. Vi has gotten very, very good with firearms as a result. Thankfully, he is entirely unfamiliar with the Hippocratic oath.

Dr. Vi has signed up as a doctor for a rather unassuming salvage ship out in the frontier, mostly in an effort to get away from some very powerful people whose genetic modifications he may have slightly screwed up. Hard to please anyone these days. He figures he’ll do what he can out here, maybe do some experiments while he’s in an even more lawless region of space than usual. Shouldn’t be too bad.

Dr. Vi also dresses like some manner of old-timey plague doctor, complete with a wide-brimmed hat and a mask that fits nicely over his bird face. His black wings serve practically on their own to complete the image, though he also wears a dirty old lab coat, stuffed with all manner of medical things and/or weapons. He doesn’t talk a lot, and is usually as efficient with his communication as possible.
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RE: EoS- Edge of Space
You awake, to the sounds of a spaceship. The quiet hum of systems regulating atmosphere, so soft inside the thick walls as to almost be forgotten at most times. The rush of water through a pipe somewhere as someone takes a morning shower. As close to morning as you can get out here in space that is. Which is basically whenever you get up. There's the occasional hiss of a pressurized door opening.

You're on The Silver Scavenger. A salvage ship, heading out to the far flung edges of the frontier to look for scrap nobody else has claim to. Salvage jobs are usually a crap shoot. Even if you have a good tip off, the best stuff is more often than not taken pretty quickly. But in this case you're getting paid regardless of what you find. So the captain either is feeling really lucky, or really generous.

Most of you wake up in you beds. One unfortunate soul wakes up in a dark, cramped bathroom. Sprawled awkwardly on a toilet and feeling worse for wear.
[Image: mznsyZG.png]
And in a strange turn of events, someone simply appears in a flash of light in a freezer.
[Image: 4Xvbgya.png]

[Image: YC32G0C.png]

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RE: EoS- Edge of Space
Welp. I'm about to be gone for a while, so I'll just set up a string of actions and see what comes of it I suppose.

Luvar gets up, and goes to find some food. He's got a long day ahead of him, and wants to eat before he cleans his weapons.
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RE: EoS- Edge of Space
Going on scavenging work wasn't exactly glamorous, but Ratdoc was optimistic she'll get through by the end of the day and hopefully, survive into a year where the Silver Scavenger was just an insignificant memory.

With that positive outlook, she (reluctantly) got out of bed and into the bathroom to clean herself up. After her morning regime was completed to her sanctification, she don on her workclothes and ambled out of the bathroom, out of the bedroom and into the hallway to greet others.
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RE: EoS- Edge of Space
Ace fumbles in the dark, slips, falls over and hits his side against something and lets out a yelp of pain.

He crawls along the floor until he gets to a wall and pulls himself up.

To immediately hit his head off of a sink. After stumbling his way to a light he turns it on, revealing a bathroom he's never seen before. He freezes, seeing his messed hair in the bathroom mirror and his disheveled appearence. His head pounded hard, his throat was dryer then an aft air duct in engineering after an ionic purge. There was blood and beer stains over his duster, he had a fucking awful pain in his neck, looks like he got into another fight the night before.

But was that... it fucking was, he was on a ship!

He quickly did a pat down. Right, okay, everything's there that he remembered having last night, he wasn't robbed. His blaster was still in his holster. If he was still armed then he wasn't shanghaied.

But if he wasn't shanghaied...

He slowly emerged from the bathroom, to see the small berth it was in. Everything felt wobbly and unsteady, he felt lightheaded and had to hug the wall so as to not fall over. The room was clean, relatively speaking. Used, but not recently and not by him, bed looked not-entirely-covered-in-space-aids.

He poked around a bit, not particularly finding anything. he didn't appear to be in immediate danger was... was he trapped in here? Was this a cell?

He tried the door. It opened with a hiss. He dazedly walked out, squit eyed as he surveyed the corridor outside.

"What the fuck..."

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RE: EoS- Edge of Space
You were asked to relinquish your guns when you boarded the ship to be stored in the armory. Easily hidden guns like pistols can be kept because you were not searched. However, Gallo, you find yourself without your weapon.
[Image: idnt5Hu.png]
Luvar makes his way to where he recalls the kitchen being pointed out to him earlier. He passes through the common area. A large room that doubles as a dinning room. Before he can enter, a Burok with white highlights in his hair speaks up.

"Chef doesn't like being disturbed. Best to just wait for meal time."
Ratdoc goes to his personal bathroom. Sadly, it consisted only of a toilet, a mirror on the wall, and a small dispenser for hand sanitizer. The very cheap kind that leaves your hands feeling sticky. Showers were in the center of the sleeping area, and were communal. He wasn't going to have much privacy if he wanted to clean up. Maybe he would get lucky, and nobody would be there.
Ace stumbles out into the hall. The florescent lights give him a headache. Or more accurately, make his already existent headache worse.

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RE: EoS- Edge of Space
Alekza remained in place for a few moments, contemplating whether or not she should get up. On one hand, she had shit to do. On the other hand, her room was incredibly warm, and her bed warmer.


She opted to roll out of bed, got her suit on, stuck her spatha on her belt, attached her wrist computer, generally got ready for the day, and went out to the mess hall to see what was going to go terribly terribly wrong today. Would give some breakfast entertainment, at least!
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RE: EoS- Edge of Space
Ratdoc frowns at the scantness of the bathroom (if it could be called that) and reluctantly uses some sanitizer, a small amount because slimy hands are the worst. After making sure she looks neat in the mirror, she goes out into the hallway into the cafeteria for some nice breakfast.
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RE: EoS- Edge of Space
Dr. Vi was awake early. He was always awake early, doing something or other.

He rather silently stalked out into the hall, following Ratdoc to the cafeteria for some breakfast of his own.
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RE: EoS- Edge of Space
Ace saw a dragon, a rat thing, and a giant mantis leave their rooms, yawning and heading into the cafeteria, passing by the bewildered human in the hallway.

He promptly decided to walk in the opposite direction.

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RE: EoS- Edge of Space
Marley goes to check on the salvage equipment to get an idea of how it works.
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RE: EoS- Edge of Space
Alekza stopped, seeing the rather strange-looking pale human rushing off. He wasn't on the crew.

"Hey! Who are you?!" she shouted, rushing after him.
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RE: EoS- Edge of Space
"Oh fuck right off, you shanghai'ing sons of-" And then Ace was dragon'd

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RE: EoS- Edge of Space
Alekza wasn't about to tackle some weird guy. She just wanted an explanation!

"Shang-what?! Stop or I'll have to make you stop!"
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RE: EoS- Edge of Space
"Fuck you! You're a dragon!"

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RE: EoS- Edge of Space
Alekza tackled Ace.
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RE: EoS- Edge of Space
Ace got dragon'd into the ground.

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RE: EoS- Edge of Space
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RE: EoS- Edge of Space
[Image: idnt5Hu.png]
The duo heads into the dinning room. They see Luvar hanging out near the door to the kitchen at one of the tables. He's cleaning his weird scythe weapons.
"Not a good idea to mess with the chef. He don't like to be disturbed." The Burok says.
Ace quickly makes his way in the opposite direction of the dining room. He passes numerous closed doors, all doubtlessly leading to more cramped bedrooms. He also passes a larger door with the sound of running water and conversation on the other side.
"...with guns like these?"
"You talk big but..."

He passes by that door, looking for a path void of contact with anyone else. He finally sees a door on his right that doesn't look to be leading to another bedroom.
But then he gets dragoned.
Two people rush out of the showers in response to the yelling. A Burok, and a dark skinned human woman. Both naked save for the Burok, who had a towel around his waist.
"What's going on?" The Burok asks.
Marley heads to the elevator and heads up to the utilities deck. As he understood it, this was where the main salvage equipment was. Although there were smaller fighter ships in the hanger bay that had salvage capabilities as well.

[Image: LWghAvN.png]

Space is warped and time is bendable.
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RE: EoS- Edge of Space
"Unidentified person. Asked him what was going on, but he just started running. Pretty suspicious," said Alekza, looking to Ace as she restrained him. "Can you explain who you are and what you're doing here?"
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RE: EoS- Edge of Space
"I don't even fucking remember even getting aboard, I woke up in one of the berths you kidnapping sons of bitches!"

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RE: EoS- Edge of Space
Xing-Tzu awoke, hearing something outside his door. Talking? Didn't sound serious. He pulled his covers off and stood up slowly, rubbing his joints before beginning his morning exercises to loosen up and be ready for the day, turning off his mind slightly, aiming to begin the day calm and serene so it would continue likewise.

“One day you wake up and realize the world can be conquered.” - Doctor Impossible
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RE: EoS- Edge of Space
"Wait. You the dude who was passed out in my shitter? Damn I thought that was Nuchi." The woman says.
"How does he look anything like Nuchi?" The Burok asks.
"It was dark. I was groggy. Cut me some slack."
"Not even the same species."
"Up yours."

Space is warped and time is bendable.
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RE: EoS- Edge of Space
"As usual. What food today?"

Dr. Vi talked quickly, and briefly.
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RE: EoS- Edge of Space

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RE: EoS- Edge of Space
"I DON'T KNOW MYSELF!" Alekza shouted back. "Know what? Fuck it. How about we both calm down and go get some breakfast?"
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RE: EoS- Edge of Space
"Not until I find out who took my blaster!"

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RE: EoS- Edge of Space
"Did you check the shitter?" she asked.
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RE: EoS- Edge of Space
"Yes I checked the shitter you reptilian smartarse!"

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RE: EoS- Edge of Space
Ratdoc sits on the table across from the Burok and makes herself as comfortable as possible.

"So what brings you there?" She addresses the Burok. "And what's with the chef?"

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