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In case you somehow didn't know, Minecraft is a game by Mojang where you live in a world of blocks that can be used to make awesome buildings. There's a survival mode where you have to mine everything yourself and survive monsters (There's technically also a way to 'win' it, which is beating a giant dragon), and a creative mode where you can just build with infinite blocks like some Lego thing.

This thread is kind of redundant since there's a huge one in the MSPA Forums but I'm making it anyway because I can.

Here's some palace interior (Too lazy to get one of the exterior, and I forgot to take one) I made in creative mode:
[Image: qEQ8gyC.png]

what should I even put here
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RE: Minecraft
NAS statue? *shrug*

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RE: Minecraft
I've given up the ghost after three years of putting all my work into a server that would inevitably collapse (taking all my effort with it...).

But hey, have a two-year old calculator (16-bit multiplier).

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RE: Minecraft
I'm working on something under the title of Dawn of the Ages, which is basically "Generic MoBA if everyone was also a creep". Making the shop is going to be **fun**...
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RE: Minecraft
I made a giant castle overlooking a huge village. It was sitting on top of a giant hill of sand with a lava fall. It was beautiful until my computer died and took it all with it D,:

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RE: Minecraft
Hey Guys well i think that Minecraft is a very well known computer game. The factor of the game is to live from monsters.It is an independent game and it is very simple to choose up.Thanks!!
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RE: Minecraft
I'm thinking of hosting a private minecraft server for the people on this forum. By server, I mean just running the server client on my computer with nothing more than the default minecraft server software which would only really be playable when my computer is on, which is actually just about all of the time. And also, only a few people would be able to play at any given time without having some real issues with lag.

Would anyone be interested in something like that?

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