Shardstuck, a SBURB/SGRUB roleplay with a slight twist. FULL
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Shardstuck, a SBURB/SGRUB roleplay with a slight twist. FULL
[Image: do9PDX8.png]

[Image: 0qFoY6L.gif]-- unknownHandle began pestering you--
UH: Hello?
UH: Oh thank fuck, someone is online.
UH: Listen, I need your help.
UH: This is going to sound crazy, and you probably won't believe me, but...
UH: Have you heard of SBURB?
UH: You have?
UH: Great! In that case...
UH: Can you do me a massive favour?

Shardstuck is a fan adventure following a SBURB/SGRUB session with a twist: along with your standard quest of beating the forces of Derse and creating a new universe, another task increases the difficulty of your quest immensely: the White Queen's ring has gone missing. Split into several shards and spread across the Medium, the Black Queen protects these pieces with beings of great power and determination. These beings, known as the Champions, appear in place of the Denizens of your lands, and your first mission is to pry the location of your ring shard from them, get it, and combine it with the others.

There are to be a total of twelve players, one for each of the canon aspects in current Homestuck. The cast will be primarily human, however up to half (that is six players) may be Trolls of some kind.

There are a few rules to follow, aside from the standard forum rules (some of which will be repeated here)

01.)Please, no godmodding.
02.)Characters will need to be at least the age of thirteen, or six sweeps if a troll.
03.)Please do not NSFW roleplay in the documents. If you wish to do so, make a new document or keep it to Pesterchum.
04.)Please attempt to write with decent grammar, syntax, and spelling.
05.)Please respect the GMs and their decisions.
06.)Keep rude encounters OOC to a minimum. Your character might be a dick, but that doesn't mean you have to be.
07.)Tell a GM about any misconduct in the Skype chat or PMs.
08.)To prove you have read these rules, your application can be sent to dragorune123 on Skype.
09.)Skype and the Pesterchum apps are required. (Sorry, Mac users)
10.)Keep an eye out for any rules that may be added later on!.
11.)Please attempt to be active. If no progress is made within three days of a character (without notification of a GM for absence), your character will be removed and your space opened up.
12.)When creating your character, please look at the current characters already accepted to see if all troll slots have been taken or your classpect has been taken.
13.)Have fun.

Name: Your characters first and last name, and a nickname if they have one. (e.g. John "Jo" Smith)
Race: Human or Troll. For trolls, this includes your bloodcaste. (e.g. Purpleblood Troll)
God Tier: Your god tier. Simple enough.
Gender: The gender they assign themselves.
Age: Age in human years or sweeps.
Handle: Their pesterchum handle.
Lusus/Guardian: Your character's parental figure, if any.
Dreamself: Prospit or Derse.
Specibus: What weapon they use.
Modus: How they store their items.
Intro: A standard style MSPAINT intro describing your character, their interests, and if possible, a use of their quirk and typing colour.
Extra: Any extra info you want to add?

If you have any questions, please feel free to include them in your application or to ask through PM or Skype.
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RE: Shardstuck, a SBURB/SGRUB roleplay with a slight twist. 4/12
I'd add a link to download the Pesterchum client! :)
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RE: Shardstuck, a SBURB/SGRUB roleplay with a slight twist. 4/12
Added as a hyperlink, in case anyone is looking!

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