Mechstuck: A SBURB Tabletop Roleplay in the Far Future
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Mechstuck: A SBURB Tabletop Roleplay in the Far Future
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DISClAIMER: This is NOT a Forum RP, this is a Tabletop RP

If you've ever enjoyed D&D or any oldschool wargame, then this may be for you.


In Earth's distant future, humanity has reached for the stars and found a foothold among the alien planets and moons of its own Sol system. In the strife that followed Earth's exodus, the nations of the Sol system have finally settled into some semblance of peace once again. The ancient Terran Empire holds the Homeworld and its Moon, its beleaguered noble houses working tirelessly so that their people may live in safety, wealth and comfort while their world bleeds out. The Free Martian States have the markets on most natural resources cornered, and their trade is one of the few things keeping the Empire on its feet. The Jovian Alliance rejoices in their newly won independence from the Empire while their senate meets on Ganymede to discuss when they must be ready for the Empire to strike again. Meanwhile, the mysterious Order of Titan accepts any wishing to find enlightenment on their cold, hostile world far away from civilization.

In the midst of it all, Skaianet, an international conglomerate with ties to every high-tech industry from construction and engineering to telecommunications and entertainment, continues to bring innovative new tech into the hands of humanity as they have done since man first set foot on other worlds. It is even whispered they may already hold the key to travel to even the most distant stars in the blink of an eye. It was with their astonishing Digital Alchemy and cNet technologies that they were first able to help humans find permanent settlement on other planets, and it is with it that they have developed humanity's newest tool... and most powerful weapon: The Humanoid Assistance Mechanism (HAM), an advanced mechanical exoskeleton nearly 5 meters tall, has been changing the way we work and build since its inception 60 years ago, and also the way we fight since the Jovian Secession 20 years ago introduced the Humanoid Assault Tank (HAT) to the system. It is rare now that any given human would find these bipedal mechanical monstrosities at all noteworthy much less strange. Even the Order of Titan considers the use and maintenance of HAMs a sacred task, for without them, their order would not exist.

Now, Skaianet is set to release another innovation that could once again chance the face of the system. Their new software, SBURB, uses the latest in Digital Alchemy technology to construct towering buildings in the blink of an eye, and is allegedly so simple a child could use it. Skaianet aims to prove this by sending 4 lucky teens to The "Land of Moons and Magic", Ganymede's newest amusement park, still under construction. Using the SBURB software, these teens are set to finish construction on the park during their 5 night stay, but all is not as it seems. Strange horned beings have been spotted skulking about the amusement park, and things begin to take a turn for the worse once four bright meteors appear in the sky above the Jovian moon.


Apologies for the wall of text, but if you got through that and you're still here, then I hope you're now sufficiently juiced for a game of adventure, drama, and giant robots!

I'm looking for two (2) more players to join. Experience with tabletop RPs such as D&D/Pathfinder, GURPS, Savage Worlds, etc. is very much preferred. The specific system we'll be using is Dream Pod 9's Silhouette Core Roleplaying System (or silCore). Familiarity with this system or DP9's other products (Heavy Gear, Jovian Chronicles, Gear Krieg, etc.) is not required, but certainly a plus. It is fairly simple to teach, and allows for nearly limitless customization of characters and their mecha, though it is admittedly difficult to master. We'll be using to play our sessions in real time.



-Your Name
-Your Age (Ideally I'd like to keep everyone over 18)
-A brief explanation of your experience in playing/GMing tabletop RPGs
-A brief character concept (Does not need to be fully fleshed out. Humans only please.)
-Availability (Currently considering this game to take place on Saturday evenings EST, but that may change)
-Any questions you might have for me (not necessarily limited to Mechstuck, but please keep it professional)
-Your Steam or Skype contact info (Not necessary, but I prefer to chat in real time)


I like to work directly with my players to make sure everyone has the best experience possible. In return, please don't hesitate to let me know your thoughts. If there is something I can do better for you, I will work to see that it can happen.

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