Homestuck: Fate Edition is Recruiting!
10-08-2015, 12:47 PM
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Homestuck: Fate Edition is Recruiting!
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Homestuck: FATE Edition is a Pen & Paper (PNP) version of Homestuck being run by fans, for fans! Play will consist of RP chats over Pesterchum with other players and NPCs during downtime, and a session on Roll20 every other week. As of this posting (~9PM CST 10/7/15) we have 8 open slots still available: 2 humans and 6 Trolls. Previous incarnations of this game (this will be the fourth) have filled up quickly, so please, don’t hesitate to submit your information!

To submit an application, please follow the instructions listed Here. The reason we ask for two characters is so that we can fit as many players as possible, considering our restrictions on human slots. As far as age, being under 18 will not bar you from participation, but we like to have an idea of the age of the players for team consistency. The 20 players will be split up into teams of 4, so don’t worry about being lost in the crowd! Please only submit OCs, canon characters will not be accepted.

If you have previously played in Homestuck: Fate Edition, or World of Homestuck, we ask that you please do not submit, but give others a chance to suffer have fun!

If you have any questions, or comments, don’t hesitate to email the GMs at, or submit an ask to!

Please note, if submitting a previously made OC, the following things are determined by the GMs: Class, Aspect, Land, Troll Blood Color, and basically anything not asked for in the application.
The sooner we have applications, the sooner your OCs can enter the game!

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