Trollslum Profiles
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Trollslum Profiles
Welcome to the Trollslum thread. The purpose of this thread is solely to post your fantroll's profiles. Please refrain from double-posting; if you have multiple fantrolls, just edit your original post to fit them all. This will keep this thread neat and tidy.

The general rules for your fantroll profiles are posted below. Please read them through before posting because I don't want to have to go and correct you.

1.) Sprites:

When posting your profile, your troll must have a sprite so that we can see what it looks like. Descriptions can only go but so far. Either minisprites or Alterniabound sprites are just fine. If you fear that you have no talent to make a sprite, please let me know and I will see what I can do to help you. It might take me some time, but I believe I could help with an Alterniabound sprite or two. But please don't ask this of me if you have the capability to make one yourself.

2.) Symbols:

All fantrolls must have a symbol on their clothing to identify themselves. Any fantroll with no symbol will not be permitted to roleplay. Consequently, any fantroll using any of the canon Homestuck symbols will not be allowed to be here until it is changed. Honestly, there is no reason for using a canon symbol. Make up your own.

3.) Quirks:

All trolls must have a typing quirk. Even if it's as simple as changing o's to 0's, please have one implemented. Quirks with excessive usage of unique symbols are discouraged; we need them to be easily legible.

4.) S***B Titles:

These are optional. If you just plan to roleplay in the Trollslum café, you don't need to include this information. But if you have a session running, or just want to post it anyway, feel free to do so! Reading God Tiers is always fun.

Please make sure that your profile at least has the basic MSPA-style intro. Those are important. These should include name, sweeps, interests, and strife specibus. Adding a lusus and fetch modus would enhance the quality of the profile.


Thank you for reading; let's get to posting!

Be the blueblood obsessed with motorcycles.

wait, keep that. i like that.

[Image: Svarin_zpsa0be9d23.png]

Your name is SVARIN BRELOR, and god damn do you love MOTORCYCLES. Not just motorcycles in general, but also EVERYTHING about them. You revel in the smell of grease, the aesthetically-pleasing compliment of black leather and polished chrome, and the roar of a fine-tuned engine is music to your ears. You love these motorized two-wheeled devices so much, that you have dedicated your existence to MAKING them. Of course, you also SELL these pristine beauties to other trolls that seek a fine ride. You have to make profit in there somewhere. However, there are CERTAIN BIKES that you can't bear to part with, so you had a secondary garage built into your hive just to keep them all. It had to be a secondary garage, because your primary one is your super-duper motorcycle creation station. It's so vast, it nearly encompasses the entire first floor of your hive itself. You had to knock down some WALLS to expand your workshop, but it's only made you get closer to your beloved hobby. Your furry, long-tailed homosapien lusus didn't really APPROVE of your little expansion, but he had no reason to complain. He likes it when you're happy, and you're most happy whn you are working on your motorcycles.

Naturally, one's life doesn't revolve around a singular passion, and you are no different. You also seem to gravitate towards the mental capacities of HIGHBLOODS. The trolls' think pan is a complex place, and you seem to find it incredibly fascinating. Of course, the mind of a lowblood is obviously SUBPAR, so who better to include in your varying researches than trolls possessing the PUREST of the hemospectrum in their veins? You began this crusade of mental trekking once you noticed that your own think pan seemed to grasp the mechanical aspects of a motorcycle engine TEN TIMES better than that of your brownblooded errand boy. It became a sort of weird obsession of yours after that. If you aren't tinkering with your bikes, you are contemplating the inner workings of the superior castes of trolls. You also tend to think that your research makes you a BETTER troll than several other highbloods you have seen. They obviously cannot comprehend such delicate matters like you can. If only they knew what sort of SUPERIOR troll they were dealing with, perhaps they would pay you more RESPECT. You think you deserve it.

What you don't deserve, however, is someone wanting to fight you. Especially when you don't want to. Highbloods should be the ones sitting back and watching lowblood tear each other apart just for your own ENTERTAINMENT. But that's not often the case, and besides, you need ways to defend your PRECIOUS COLLECTION of chromed rides. So, you try to find time to practice fighting, but it just BORES you. It seems to be a nearly WORTHLESS use of your time, so you just picked easy-to-use weapons. A large metal WRENCH seemed like a good specibus for you. I mean, how hard can it be to just swing and hit someone? You have impeccable aim, so you shouldn't be too worried about it. And you've got one hell of an arm from.. working on bikes. It shouldn't be exhausting to keep pumping.. it at someone.

Your fetch modus is NUTS 'N BOLTS, which is simply placing an item in a steel case that has a varying number of nuts or bolts on it. The larger or more valuable the item is, the more things you have to unscrew. It takes time, but it also helps keep you FOCUSED while doing it. That's good for you.

If you were to play a CERTAIN GAME with your friends, you would be the THIEF OF BREATH in the LAND OF LEAVES AND VOICES.

Your seldomly-used Trolltag is chromedMentality, and you never use capitals, but opt for perfect punctuation, flawless grammar, and impeccable vocabulary.

NAME: Svarin Brelor
AGE: 8.5 Solar Sweeps
TROLLTAG: chromedMentality
BLOOD COLOR: Blue; #00188E
TYPING QUIRK: speaks with no capitals unless EMPHASIZING something.
LUSUS: Monkey. Nana
FETCH MODUS: Nuts 'n bolts; must unscrew metal nuts from bolts to unlock an item
TITLE: Thief of Breath
LAND: Land of Leaves and Voices
MOON: Prospit


Be the ugly psionic with the freak hair.

.. I.. I don't think so...

Okay.. be the shy yellowblood with the soft voice.

.. that's better.. thank you...

[Image: Jesena-meh_zps98c7bc71.png]

Your name is JESENA ANELIA, and you just want to be pretty. Of course, you know that very FEW trolls would care if your were aesthetically pleasing, for REAL BEAUTY can only be applied to the Highblooded castes. You just wish that you could be noticed like they are. You are so obsessed with becoming beautiful that you spend most of your money on MODELING MAGAZINES. It's a stupid endeavor, but for some reason, you think it will help. You are in constant WORRY over your appearance, and it makes you feel rather shy around others. You feel that everyone else is a LOT better-looking than you are. Your HAIR is also a weak point for you. Your larger right horn would often itch around the base when your hair would brush against it, and so out of desperation, you SHAVED the right side of your head. To counter this drastic action, you have decided to dress in a JUMPSUIT. Perhaps other trolls will notice your slick, fashionable clothing before they notice your hair.

When you are not sweating over your appearance, you are working hard on making FETCH MODI. It's probably the only thing that you're actually good at, and it makes a pretty caegar if you can find the right BUYER. You have a good head for GIZMOS and GADGETS, and it has helped you immensely in this particular line of work. It may not be very INTERESTING, but at least it helps pay the bills.

Speaking of fetch modi, your own is HACK, which, to no surprise, is a modus you made yourself. To retrieve and item, you have to hack into your own modus to get what you want. The LARGER or more VALUABLE the item is, the harder the code is to crack. You can also set this to MIRROR MODE, where you can apply it to anyone else's sylladex. The only issue with that is you have NO CONTROL over what you pull from their deck.

Out of the few things that you have control of, your number one aspect would be your field of PSIONICS. Your power is pretty cool, you think. The branches of psionics in relation to sound waves is a common one from what you've researched, but yours is far from ordinary. The manipulation of SOUND WAVES is the closest way you can describe your ability.

Everything emits sound waves. A fleck of DUST just settling on the floor creates a sound wave. Perhaps it's impossible to hear it, but the waves are still there. Your power allows you to gather up those waves and use them to do almost anything. You can enhance the sound, you can mute it, and you can even use it as a WEAPON. You stumbled on that last part quite accidentally, to be honest. A night of hurt feelings turned into a discovery when you created a frequency of sound waves so high, you SHATTERED every window in your hive. Expanding on this newfound ability, you even have created a way to FOCUS these waves on a troll. A rather unsavory, thieving RUSTBLOOD met his fate at your fingertips as you manipulated sound waves from a purposed grenade EXPLOSION into a devastating blow to his chest. The troll vomited blood, seized for about three minutes, and died instantly. A further study into this, which was little more than DISSECTING his body, revealed his internal organs to be nothing more than a thick, chunky SOUP.

Of course this fascinated you, but also PUZZLED you at the same time. You took your findings to a scientist friend of yours, who later on told you that this was the result of "Catastrophic multiple organ failure." Apparently, concentrated sound waves did MORE damage than you thought. Further research proved that only EXTREMELY loud noises could deal that much damage, so you keep grenadeKind as your emergency "fuck I need to kill this guy right now" specibus. You have two sound-related specibi; the other one being your VIOLIN, which isn't used as a physical weapon. All you have to do is play it. Depending on the complexity of the tune and how fast you play it, you can create a wide VARIETY of sound waves, able to be used for NEARLY anything. It's a bit tricky, but you find it the coolest specibus based on psionics yet. Of course, as mentioned earlier, your GRENADES are used for when you are in a bit of a bind and need to get out FAST.

If you were to play a CERTAIN GAME with your comrades, you would be the WITCH OF TIME in the LAND OF TICKING AND FLUORESCENCE.

Your Trolltag is beguilingHesitancy, because .. you.. tend to hesitate.. when you speak...

NAME: Jesena Anelia
AGE: 8 Solar Sweeps
TROLLTAG: beguilingHesitancy
BLOOD COLOR: Yellow; #B4B71E
TYPING QUIRK: starts any wording with ".." and disperses them throughout the sentence.
LUSUS: Bat-winged rabbit; rabbat. Bundad.
STRIFE SPECIBUS: violinKind; grenadeKind
POWER: Sound wave manipulation
FETCH MODUS: Hack; must hack into own modus to retrieve items
TITLE: Witch of Time
LAND: Land of Ticking and Fluoresence
MOON: Derse


Be the treasure-seeker.

Well, th't's only 'alf of it.

So be the treasure-seeking, illegal firearms dealer.


[Image: iaza15884683560500.png]

They call you the espionage master, and so your name is now ESPION NAAHJE. Of course, this is only your ALIAS, but who needs real names anyway, right? Your real name hasn't been spoken in over 3 sweeps, so it's almost forgotten. And with no lusus to remind you of who you were, you only know who you ARE.

You are probably one of the most heavily-involved trolls in the black market here on Alternia. You specialize in ARMAMENTS (mostly firearms) and precious STONES, but you've also been known to stick your fingers in VEHICLES as well. Your friends in the ALTERNIAN FLEET keep you supplied with advanced fleet weaponry as well as the contraband items obtained from alien species. These can be clothes, weapons, armor, ammunition, currency, and even new forms of technology. Your job is to find BUYERS for all of these items, or else you can't pay your dues to your friends, and then you have no SUPPLIERS. The system is simple: you obtain loot. You sell the loot. You pay a percentage of that sold loot to your friends. They then give you more loot. And it CONTINUES. You have to have a good eye for what they give you, because sometimes they try to give you useless JUNK that not even a moron would want. Occasionally there are a few items that you can't sell or perhaps just don't WANT to, so you'll shamelessly charge extra for the other pieces to compensate for the price differentials.

Aside from the black market detailing, you also possess an affinity for TREASURE HUNTING. There's just nothing as thrilling as hopping on your sweet dirt bike and tearing across the deserted plains of Alternia. Your ears are always wide open for even the BAREST of rumors of treasure and haunted places. Not because the spooks give you thrills, but because trolls tend to leave valuables behind when they leave in a panicked state. There's ALWAYS something to find when you're there. And besides, you can always sell your findings as well. There's usually a pretty penny for your TROUBLES. The shelves in your shop are LOADED with random baubles, clothing items, and even a piece of shit weapon or two dropped by wimpy trolls.

Speaking of your shop, it's a lot more than meets the EYE. What looks like a small, dirty shop with just a small buy room and a back WORKSHOP is really just a false display of what you are REALLY selling. And by that, you are talking about the plethora of ILLEGAL weaponry in your underground bunker. Not just ANY troll gets to see this bunker; any one of them could kill you or rat you out for having all of this contraband, so you have to be very CAREFUL about who you show it to. It's usually just Royals that you allow in, but there's the occasional midblood that can slip in if they have enough money. No lowbloods, however. Dirty scum. You're the EXCEPTION to the rule, however. Your extreme hemoloyalty definitely sets you apart from the rest of your warm-blooded castes, to be sure. No other lowblood is as LOYAL to the hemospectrum as you are. You live to be noticed by Highbloods via your dedicated acts of kind caring and SERVITUDE, even to Royals that you don't even know. It gives your repetitive lifestyle a sense of accomplishment.

Your STRIFE SPECIBUS is rifleKind; a beautiful sniper, to be more precise. It was acquired in a raid from an alien captain, and you ended up forking over most of your entire vault just to keep it. The sleek, foreign metal, the smoothness of the surface, the soft, pulsing blue light emanating from the crevices.. oh man, this gun has definitely taken your <3 quadrant.

Fetch modus-wise, you prefer SNIPE, mostly because it helps your skills say as honed as a razor's edge. All you must do is aim a blank at the card with your desired item, and if you don't hit the eject button, the card is locked away for an hour. Depending on the rarity or value of the item, the card may be farther away or move to make it harder to hit.

If you were to play a CERTAIN GAME with your pals, you would be the HEIR of SPACE in the LAND OF METEORS AND FOG

Your handle on Trollian is vaultHunter, an' ya tend ' speak wit' a bit o' an acc'nt.

NAME: Espion Naahje
AGE: 8.5 Solar Sweeps
TROLLTAG: vaultHunter
TYPING QUIRK: Talks like sum rand'm, un-educat'd moron fr'm who knows wh're.
LUSUS: Eagle; deceased
FETCH MODUS: Snipe; must be able to hit the eject button on a modus card
TITLE: Bard of Doom
LAND: Land of Rot and Water
MOON: Prospit
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RE: Trollslum Profiles
[Image: 4YBrC.png] [Image: 27xD4.png]

You are now VARNAK CADROM. You are 8.5 Sweep old and are a GREENBLOOD, and thus, in the middle of the spectrum.

You are quite TALENTED and KNOWLEDGEABLE about many things. Mostly NERDY things like video games, movies, and the link. You also are knowledgeable about WEAPONS, mainly of the MELEE variety. You kind of need that knowledge because of your profession as a BLADESMITH. You used to call yourself a WEAPONSMITH, but everyone assumed you MAKE GUNS too. You don't. You will never touch a gun in your life. You have stated this many times. You actually made ALL OF YOUR WEAPONS via this profession. You have quite the collection of BLADES, HAMMERS, MACES, POLEARMS, and others. Speaking of polearms, you use polearmKind and bladeKind as your strife specibi. You have a SIDE PROFESSION, but more on that later.

You have many other HOBBIES as well. You are a bit of a GAMER. You usually play SHOOTERS, though the irony in this is clear. You also enjoy FIGHTING, RACING, and MMO games. You are currently hooked on one such game called EDGEGROUNDS 2. You are hooked because of all the DOWNLOADABLE CNTENT for this game that EXPANDS it from the base grub. You also like the STORY, all the GUNS in the game, and the fact it is CO-OP. Also, speaking of GAMES, your FETCH MODUS is based off a generic MMO hot bar called the HOTBAR modus. You have a bar of SEVEN slots and you have to choose the seven most needed things at the time. You can't change your hotbar until after a thirty minute cooldown. The modus also has an inventory for the rest of your stuff, but you can;t switch items out during the cooldown or during combat. You also have to CALL THE NUMBER out when you want an item in your HOTBAR. You also love MOVIES, especially the series of six movies called TROLL STAR WARS. You like the series because of all the AWESOME TECH AND WEAPONS in the movies, as well as a RIVETING STORY, and a colorful cast of characters, ranging from Trolls to Jawas to Ewoks. You are FASCINATED with the idea that OTHER LIFE EXISTS, and this series SUPPORTS IT.

You apparently have an EYE MUTATION, which is rare for trolls OF YOUR BLOOD. You have VISION SEVENFOLD, which allows you to SENSE METALLIC ORES underneath the ground. Because of this power, you have taken up MINING for your ORES. As a side, you have found GEMS AND OTHER MINERALS that you SELL for MONEY. You are a very PATIENT, EASY GOING, and FRIENDLY troll most of the time, which is rare for trolls. You, like everyone else, have a tendency to get ANGRY, though as stated before, you are pretty CHILL. You got all of these TRAITS from your lusus, who is a large BEARDED SCALEBEAST, who you've come to call DRAGDAD. You live in the DESERT, in a two-story hive. You REGRET the decision because the HEAT is UNBAREABLE at times. It doesn't help that your FURNACE/FORGE is on the second floor of your hive. For WATER, there is an ARTIFICIAL RESERVOIR built under your hive. You also have to DEFEND your hive against the DAYSTALKERS every morning, which is a pain in the ass, but you get EXERCISE AND PRACTICE FOR THE FLEET.

You are an avid INTERNET user and obviously have TROLLIAN, though your primary tool for communication is your COMPUSHADES.
Your trolltag is gamingSwordsman and “ya have a bi7 of a Sou7hern slur when 7ypin'.”

Name: Varnak Cadrom
Blood Color: #0E451B/ forest green
Age: 8.5 Sweeps
Lusus: Bearded Dragon (scalebeast)
Power: None, formerly telekinesis.
Fetch Modus: HOTBAR
Strife Specibus: polearmKind and bladeKind
Trolltag: gamingSwordsman
Quirk: T = 7, ing = in'; you, your = ya, yer. Southern slang.

[Image: vrLOG.png]

Your name is FARLOW BELSCI, you are 8 SWEEPS OLD, and you are passionate about RACING and SPEED.

Not just any racing, though. You are passionate for ANTI-GRAVITY racing, or AG for short. You have been racing for a few sweeps now, and don't plan on stopping either. You race for TEAM QIREX, which has a PURPLE color scheme and a MODERATELY FAST vehicle, compared to the other teams. You are one of a few PILOTS for this team. You are MODERATELY good at racing. You WIN some and you LOSE some, and when you are having a really bad time, even CRASH OUT. When you aren't racing, someone else from your team is. On your off nights, you enjoy opening the “hood” of the vehicle and getting to intimately know what you get inside and do your business with. You are TRYING to be a MECHANIC, but really, you have A TEAM OF MECHNICS during your races. You figure it is good to get your own hands dirty, in case it breaks down when you aren't on the job. You say “hood” because your vehicle is a TWIN-HULL craft, meaning the vehicle is SPLIT in front of the cockpit.

Also, on your off days, you love to DIVE DEEP into the DARK TRENCHES of the sea in search of treasure. You love the discovery of OLD and RARE LOOT. You have QUITE THE COLLECTION in your SEA SPIKE hive. There is actually a ROOM dedicated to your FINDINGS. Your prized possession is an ancient LOCKED TOME of unknown origin. It was found in a WATER-TIGHT LOCK-BOX and you opened it in the par of the hive that is ABOVE SEA LEVEL. You should really get that thing appraised sometime. Other items found include a multitude of RARE COINS, ANCIENT STATUETTES, and RUSTY WEAPONRY. These treasures are neatly organized and are not for sale, so don't even ask.

Like most seadwellers, you have a general DISDAIN for landwellers BELOW TEAL, especially ANONBLOODS. You were taught by your LUSUS, whom you call BARACUDAD, that all lowbloods cannot be trusted and should be frowned upon. You live by that statement and it will take quite a lot of convincing to make you sway from this statement. You are very PASSIONATE about your hobbies and won't be afraid to discuss them in detail, especially about AG RACING. Your STRIFE SPECIBUS is KATARKIND, which are practically FIN BLADES, very fitting of your race. Your style of fighting is short and quick strikes. Nothing fancy. As mentioned before, your LUSUS is a BARACUDA, who shares your love of SPEED. You can be a bit IMPATIENT when things go SLOW, except for QUADRANTS. You also have a habit of RUNNING to wherever you need to go, bo matter how short the distance is. Those can go as slow as possible, because why rush feelings? Your FETCH MODUS is VERTICAL SELECT. It's a pain in the ass, but it's fairly straightforward. Move the highlight up or down and press enter. It's worse depending on how much stuff you have in there, though. You tent to keep it fairly small, but you have gotten carried away a few times.
Your TROLLTAG is racingComrade and you speak a<<uЯately and quicXly with an odd a<<ent.

Name: Farlow Belsci
Blood Color: #B200A6 / Indigo
Age: 8 Sweeps
Lusus: Baracuda
Power: None
Strife Specibus: katarKind
Trolltag: racingComrade
Quirk: C = <, K = X, R = Я, occasional fish pun.
[Image: 56ir9.png]
Name: Thelin Vadame
Blood colour/Hex: Brown/7A1E00
Gender: Male
Age: 8
TrollTag: bronzeReticle
Quirk: }{ = H, @` = O
Strife Specibus: pistolKind
Fetch Modus: SCAVENGER
Lusus: Goa Bird (DECEASED)
Interests: guns, gunmaking, scavenging, AI, plasmatech
Bio: Part of a lowblood gang. Scavenges for gun parts, trying to replace his less that reliable pistol. Has a passive interest in AI and plasma technology. Tends to get angry easily.
[Image: A9m9N.png]
Name: Rhosea Heptka
Blood colour/Hex: Olive Green/416600
Gender: Female
Age: 6
TrollTag: uprootedLeaflet
Quirk: }--tends tρ use plant puns as her ρs take rρρt--<c
Strife Specibus: treeprnrKind
Fetch Modus: HARVEST modus: She farms the item. The more expensive the item is, the longer she needs to wait to harvest it.
Lusus: hopbeast (Rabbit)
Interests: Music, gardening, reading, her tablet, Pissed Off Featherbeasts
Bio: A very shy troll, she lives in a small hive in a clearing outside town. She loves gardening, getting to tend to her plants in her greenhouse at night. She has had a matespritship before now, but it failed for various reasons. She is a DJ when she's not gardening, already having an established foothold on the internet and an EP available online.
[Image: fatA7.png]
Name: Trefak Bogren
Blood colour/Hex: Indigo/3D0D75
Gender: Male
Age: 7
TrollTag: rushedTemper
Quirk: he>>talks>>really>>fast,>>an|)>>has>>a>>sharp>>|).
Strife Specibus: axenshldKind
Fetch Modus: CHOPBLOCK fetch modus - each item is a picture on a block of wood.Chop said block to get the item. The more expensive the item, the thicker the block is.
Lusus: speedbeast (Cheetah)
Interests: woodworking, drink mixing, trying to be the best as he can (forced)
Bio: Has a small hive on the shore, as per usual with indigos. Has a short temper, and speaks and works really fast, because of his lusus always trying to make him "hurry up". Conflicts happen often between his guardian because of this. He has a knack for wood sculptures and alcoholic drinks. Loves to experiment with different combinations of ingredients for new mixed drink ideas.
[Image: qI29Z7E.png]
Your name is HYPIRO WALIMA and you are an ASPIRING POET.

You are a RUSTBLOOD and you are always ON EDGE ABOUT HIGHBLOODS. Ok, well, you are ON EDGE ABOUT EVERYONE. You just think EVERYONE is OUT TO GET YOU, and for GOOD REASON. You can't seem to TRUST ANYONE anymore.

At one point on your life, you lived in a FAIRLY NICE HVESTEM. Sadly, the other tenants were NOT SO QUAINT. Far from it. They were VERY TERRITORIAL. So territorial, in fact, that a TURF WAR broke out, and you were CAUGHT IN THE MIDDLE. Even though they weren't exactly nice to be a round, they were still YOUR FRIENDS. Then again, friends don't attempt to KILL YOU. You had no choice to FIGHT BACK, HARMING and KILLING YOUR FRIENDS in the process. If you LEFT THEM ALIVE, they would have killed you. This did not just go for your friends, but also your MATESPRIT. She tried to kill you while you slept. After she failed to do so, out of rage, you killed her. You immediately felt REGRET and SORROW for her untimely demise. And if that didn't make things worse, your HIVESTEM also caught FIRE later on in the war. You had to get out of there and fast. Sadly, your LUNGS GOT DAMAGED while escaping. It HURTS TO BREATHE. So you ended up FASHIONING a RUDIMENTARY MASK to protect your lungs from MORE HARM. A side effect of the mask is that it makes you LOOK INTIMIDATING. Also, because of that FIRE, you had to find a new place to live. Lucky for you, you found an ABANDONED HIVE to take refuge in. You have lived there ever since.

You are SOMEWHAT CULTURED for a lowblood of your caste. You seem to enjoy POETRY and LITERATURE. You also enjoy PLAYS and MOVIES BASED ON THEM. You enjoy all of these because of how DEEP and INTENSE they get. Also, you like how they take you places where YOUR OWN LIFE DOES NOT. You have a thing for TROLL WILLIAM SHAKESPEARE. He is just the BEST there is, in your opinion. You enjoy all of his PLAYS. All of them. You also have a tendency to QUOTE his work. There is just everything about that troll that captures your blood pumping organ.

Your FETCH MODUS is CLEAVE, where you have to cut a mockup of the item in half to get the item. The more expensive it is, the harder it is to cut through. You have been doing this for a while, so it really has NO CHALLENGE. Speaking of cleaving, your STRIFE SPECIBUS is AXEKIND. It's basically a handle with a buzz saw blade on the end of it. You also have your GRUBPHONE, which is your main way of COMMUNICATING with anyone. You really don't have any FRIENDS. That doesn't mean that can change, though. You like to KEEP TO YOURSELF, ever since that turf war. You don't think you can TRUST anyone. Ever.
Your trolltag is cleavingBandit and “yOu spEak In A crAzy MANner!”

Name: Hypiro Walima
Blood Color: #6C0700/ rustblood
Age: 7 Sweeps
Lusus: Raven
Power: None
Fetch Modus: CLEAVE
Strife Specibus: axeKind
Trolltag: cleavingBandit
Quirk: odd words = middle letter capitalized, even words = first half of the word is capitalized, . = !, ? = !?
More to come once I get settled in here.

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RE: Trollslum Profiles
> Be the empathic hacker

[Image: mureta.png][Image: mureta_happy-1.png]
Your name is MURETA CHOROT and you have the power of EMPATHY.

Obviously, not regular run-of-the-mill empathy. You're talking empathy of the psychic, semi-telepathic variety. Essentially, you FEEL OTHER PEOPLE'S EMOTIONS, so long as they're nearby, and, unfortunately, TEND TO ACT ON THEM INSTEAD OF YOUR OWN. It's a bit frustrating, really. You're a bit unsure whether you're feeling your own emotions or someone else's at times...of course, you aren't as affected by highbloods as you are lowbloods, but you can feel the stronger emotions of most landdwelling highbloods (you get nothing from seadwellers, though). This often gets you into trouble with the angrier ones...of course, you're fairly good at FLEEING FOR YOUR LIFE when in a pinch. You also have a tendency to mimic other people's body language. It became something of a habit, as you would mimic visual cues to match what you were feeling. You're not totally aware that you're doing it, though, and you'll usually stop if you're told. However, it tends to look like you're MOCKING the other person, which is occasionally the case.

You are quite ANTI-SOCIAL, preferring to hole yourself away in your hive for long periods in order to AVOID CONTACT WITH OTHER TROLLS. It's not that you don't want friends, of course, but you're always worried about the EMOTIONAL CONSEQUENCES of being around others. So, instead you have developed a passion for SOULLESS COMPUTERS, finding joy in collecting and tinkering with them, frequently finding old scrapped computers and seeing what parts you can salvage. In fact, you're pretty good at it, being able to build computers from the ground up and modify them in ways most people wouldn't think was possible. Of course, it's not just BUILDING computers that you enjoy. You have a passion for the arts of both PROGRAMMING and HACKING, and you're something of a self-proclaimed expert at both. You're generally pretty creative with your coding, finding new and creative ways to design codes made to wreck UTTER ANNIHILATION upon other computers. You're also something of an AMATEUR ELECTRICIAN and ELECTRONICS EXPERT, so you don't usually limit yourself to computers but have also modified a few GAMING SYSTEMS and your TELEVISION. You even managed to make the tv pick up radio signals instead of tv're still trying to get it to work normally again, though. You also have a passion for PERCUSSIVE INSTRUMENTS, having found an old beat-up drum set in one of your many SALVAGE MISSIONS and instantly falling in love. You have no sense of rhythm.

Most of your contact with others is through TROLLIAN, since your power doesn't work through the internet. When you're not mimicking others, you try to be pretty friendly...but you tend to be a bit mocking and sarcastic, and you sometimes go a little overboard with it. You're a bit insecure with yourself, since you never really know whether you're feeling your own emotions.You have a great deal of difficulty forming meaningful relationships, since you can't tell if you're forming a real emotional connection with someone or if you're just imitating the other person. This is especially true for your quadrants, leading you to want to give up and accept your inevitable death at the hands of the culling drones. You try not to let it bother you too much, though. Your lusus is a DESERT JACKAL. She taught you how to hunt and fight when you were younger, although you never really TOOK TO IT very much. However, after about a sweep in the desert, you moved into an open hivestem in the city (you moved out of the desert after an online friend suggested you moved closer to him so you could hang out, a chance that you jumped at before you knew about your ability). Unfortunately, your lusus never really liked the city and she started howling incessantly during the day. As a result, you've taken up HUNTING on your own time to keep her FED and to SHUT HER UP. While you don't really enjoy killing animals, you do like to GET AWAY FROM IT ALL, using your time in the wilderness to MEDITATE and find your EMOTIONAL CENTER. When you do actually get around to killing things, you like using your TRUSTY SCYTHE, a weapon you like to think you're REALLY SKILLED WITH and...

You know it's a terrible weapon. You needed to get a weapon to defend yourself when you moved into the city and you picked something that looked cool. You aren't really much of a fighter, so...Anyway, your fetch modus is the ENCRYPTION MODUS, one suited for your hacking abilities. Your specibus? scytheKind. Your trolltag is mortalKoder and
~ATH(you liiike to talk wiiith your faaavorite code) {
} EXECUTE(and kinda slo+++owly);

If you were ever to play a CERTAIN GAME with your friends, you would be the MAID OF VOID in the LAND OF NIGHT AND LAKES.
Name: Mureta Chorot
Blood Color: Yellow, #a1a100
Age: 7 Sweeps
Lusus: Jackal
Power: Psychic Emotional Linking, aka Empathy
Fetch Modus: Encryption
Strife Specibus: scytheKind
Trolltag: mortalKoder
Quirk: ~ath coding, tripled vowels
Title: Maid of Void
Land: Land of Night and Lakes (LONAL)

>Be the cyborg thrill-seeker

[Image: BdMZsE5.png][Image: loz3xBg.png]


You can't help it, you're just drawn to the allures of DANGER and ACTION, and always find yourself rushing headfirst into your next big adventure. As a result, you tend to get yourself injured on a rather unhealthy basis, and rarely have any regard for YOUR OWN PERSONAL SAFETY. It was this that drew you to the game of FLARP, which you would frequently play with one of your friends. It was this game that would ultimately lead to your EXTREME ROLEPLAYING ACCIDENT about ONE SWEEP AGO, one that would leave you missing an arm, an eye, and two legs. And pretty much your whole shoulder too, but you figure that it's not that big a deal. Since this accident, you have mellowed out a little and are not quite as reckless as you once were, but you still find new and exciting ways to put yourself in harm's way on a regular basis. Among your many accomplishments, you recently managed to lose more than half of your teeth on one of your stunts. While they do grow back, it tends to take a while. So instead, you opted for a pair of METAL DENTURES to take the place of your missing teeth, because obviously regular dentures don't look cool enough for you. These come with their fair share of problems, though...they're way sharper than your normal teeth, and you frequently cut up your mouth and lips just talking or eating. As a result, you...began coloring your lips on the metal side of your mouth the same color as your blood. You know, so it isn't apparent when you're bleeding and it doesn't freak people out or something.

You figure that's the best solution to the problem. There obviously isn't a better one.

You frequently obsess over VIDEO GAMES, TELEVISION, and MOVIES, especially those of the ACTION-PACKED VARIETY. Along with being a safer (if somewhat less satisfying) alternative when you need to channel the urge to do something dangerous, you frequently get ideas for your stupider stunts from them. You have recently developed something of a fondness for media featuring ROBOTS, CYBORGS, and the occasional MECHANICALLY SUITED WARRIOR, which is almost entirely related to your current condition. When it comes to music, you are a HUGE fan of HEAVY METAL and HARD ROCK. Of course, you are not simply content to just listen to your favorite bands. Since you were a wiggler, you have always dreamed of being a ROCK STAR. For as long as you have had that dream, you have played the ELECTRIC GUITAR. Considering that you have been practicing and learning songs for several sweeps, you are actually PRETTY GOOD. You have even written a few songs, although you suffer from SEVERE STAGE FRIGHT and have never even attempted to play in front of an audience, the mere thought of being judged by a crowd of people making you FREEZE UP. You also partake in a more modest hobby of GARDENING, finding the act of growing plants to be somewhat rewarding. You actually keep a small vegetable garden hidden behind your hive, although you cover it up by planting another garden of TROLL-EATING PLANTS and calling it EXTREME GARDENING. This is mostly just a way to distract attention from your real interest, as occasionally you just like to do something to calm you down and relax instead of constantly seeking thrills.

You have a tendency to act tough and blunt, generally using your SANDPAPER-LIKE DEMEANOR to put up a facade of strength. In actuality, you're really quite SENSITIVE, and mostly ashamed of this. It's very easy to hurt you emotionally, and you tend to take offense to minor insults very easily. In trying to keep up with your tough demeanor, you tend to VASTLY OVERREACT to most slights against you, and have been in several fights over relatively minor insults. You can be somewhat SUGGESTIBLE and very EASILY SPOOKED as well, especially when it comes to developing phobias. Even seemingly insignificant experiences can cause you to begin avoiding certain things like the plague. Among many other things, you have stopped eating meat altogether after a rather bad experience with food poisoning, and stick to a strictly vegetarian diet. You also try your damndest to avoid sopor slime, as you had learned from an early age never to ingest the substance due to its mind-affecting properties. As a result, you constantly worried about accidentally eating it while you sleep, and have set up a makeshift hammock in your hive to attempt to sleep in it and power through the nightmares. You usually spectacularly fail at doing so, and tend to give up and sleep in the recuperacoon after about a week of unrest, at which point you once again try to beat the slime. You have a few other fears, most of them being relatively minor, like needles, but nothing else is really significant enough to affect you.

Your lusus is an amphibious LANDSHARK. While you live close to the sea so she can go off on her aquatic adventures...well, she spends a lot of time away from you. Your fetch modus is the RIFF MODUS, where you have to play a riff on an abstracted guitar to retrieve items. Your strife specibi are forkKind and fistKind, your weapons of choice being your GARDENING FORKS and PITCHFORK, as well as your TRUSTY FISTS...and occasionally, your ROBOT ARM. Finally, your trolltag is anguishedDevourer and you talk in a way that exa66era7es your 8i7chy and 9ermanen7ly condescendin manner of s9eakin.

If you were to play a CERTAIN GAME with your friends, you would be the SYLPH OF LIGHT in the LAND OF SHINE AND FLAME.

Name: Karzti Rabone
Blood Color: Indigo, #2b0057
Age: 7 3/4 Sweeps
Lusus: Shark
Modus: Riff
Specibus: forkKind, roboarmKind
trolltag: anguishedDevourer
Quirk: Why is 6 afraid of 7? Because 7 8 9. Anyway, yeah. 6=G, 7=T 8=B 9=P. Shortens ING to IN in verbs only.
Title: Sylph of Light
Land: Land of Shine and Flame (LOSAF)

>Be the brilliant asshole

[Image: N5cCrVO.png][Image: zU6d0JU.png]

Your name is PEZTIS ARBEHZ and at almost SEVEN SWEEPS OLD, you are what could be best referred to as a PRODIGY.

You are extraordinarily intelligent, to degrees not reached by most trolls. Sure, you may not be the smartest person ever but you're pretty sure you are UP THERE. Although, you're also RIDICULOUSLY TINY. Literally clocking in at 4'6" and about 76 pounds, you are scrawny in practically every regard and very weak by most physical standards. You're also VERY NEARSIGHTED and cannot see anything about a foot away from your face clearly. You are pretty fast when it comes to reflexes and speed, though. When the going gets a tad too rough for you, you're always up for RUNNING AWAY.

You've always been very interested in developing WEAPONS, especially PLASMA- AND ENERGY-BASED WEAPONRY. While such things do exist on Alternia, their uncommonness and the fact that they tend to be mostly in the possession of the HIGHEST OF BLOODS makes it extremely difficult to get a hold of any to study extensively. However, you still work tirelessly at it and have achieved some success in making a NON-LETHAL ENERGY PISTOL. It's still a prototype, and you are still trying to calibrate it to cause physical damage. At the moment, it is only capable of causing pain and stunning small animals like nutbeasts (squirrels). Which comes to your second hobby, which is taking POT SHOTS at whatever furry creatures live around your hive when you are bored, one that comes from having a surplus of nutbeasts in your lawnring and a surplus of ennui all the time. You also collect MIRRORS, for no real reason other than that you are OBSESSED with your appearance and cannot get enough of looking at yourself. Your hive is practically a maze of mirrors, and you seem to always be carrying a small hand mirror on you at all times.

You also know quite a bit about machines in general, and are very capable of working with robotics and machines on a very competent level. However, you rarely ever care for actually building any kind of machine, and instead are more interested in IMPROVING SEPARATE PARTS. Because of this, you will frequently tinker with various machine parts and see how you can make them work better. You also have a habit of carrying around various PUZZLES and MIND GAMES. You tend to get somewhat bored when things are not stimulating your intellect, and taking out and messing with these brain benders tends to provide enough challenge to keep you from nodding off or something. Of course, you do have a tendency of getting bored by those who are not quite as smart as you...

You have a tendency to be extraordinarily ARROGANT, having a tendency to treat others as INTELLECTUAL INFERIORS. You really make few distinctions to whom, although you generally treat seadwellers with respect. You have a habit of trying to play VERBAL DODGEBALL with other people, finding it funny when you can confuse them with your vocabulary and knowledge. Of course, you have no qualms about MAKING UP WORDS ENTIRELY in order to achieve this goal, although you will get somewhat DEFENSIVE if called out for this. You are also extremely VAIN, caring quite a bit about trivial things such as your APPEARANCE, your HAIR, and various ACCESSORIES. However, your fashion sense is QUESTIONABLE at best, leading you to generally LOOK RIDICULOUS. You can be fairly PARANOID and TWITCHY at times, having difficulty trusting others, especially due to your weaknesses. Of course, you are very painfully aware of your physical limitations, and are constantly trying to improve them. Your high place on the hemospectrum fuels your arrogance, and you treat anyone with the misfortune of being lower than you like absolute dirt.

Your lusus is a RIPPERWASP, a gigantic wasp with a nasty barbed stinger and a bad attitude, and despite your best efforts you can never seem to shake him or his overprotective tendencies. He's always buzzing around somewhere near you, making sure you stay safe, and frankly it annoys the HELL out of you. Your fetch modus is the PUZZLE MODUS. Your strife specibus is pistolKind, it being taken up by your STINGER PISTOL. You haven't perfected the design yet, and it's unable to cause physical injury or lethal damage. However, its shots do cause a caustic and burning pain on contact, and feel something like pouring a beaker of hydrochloric acid on a paper cut. You use the trolltag pestilentSting and you alwayz talk with a weird buzzy accent.

If you were to play a CERTAIN GAME with your friends, you would be the PRINCE OF SPACE in the LAND OF CYCLONES AND FROGS.

Name: Peztis Arbehz
Blood: High Blue, #0021cb
Age: Almost 7 Sweeps
Lusus: Ripperwasp
Fetch Modus: Puzzle
Specibus: spearKind, pistolKind
Trolltag: pestilentSting
Quirk: S=Z, buzzzzzzes when agitated.
Title: Prince of Space
Land: Land of Cyclones and Frogs (LOCAF)

>Be the not so bright knight-in-training

[Image: N3D8nR3.png][Image: J7SX4Pn.png]

Your name is KEREIG DINGAM, and you consider yourself to be the BEST OF THE BEST when it comes to SWORDPLAY.

Frankly, this is the case because you spend almost all of your time training. Your work ethic is nothing short of the STUFF OF LEGENDS, and you will frequently spend more than half a night at a time working on improving every aspect of your swordsmanship and physical prowess. That, combined with the rough terrain and vicious flora and fauna of your forest home, has caused you to be EXTREMELY PHYSICALLY FIT. However, you are admittedly NOT VERY SMART. Most complicated concepts elude you, and you have trouble learning new (non-fighting-related) things without someone taking a lot of time to help you through the steps of them.

You have an extreme fondness for SWORDS AND SHIELDS, and collect them obsessively. Big ones, small ones...whenever you get any sort of money, it immediately goes into buying some sort of new sword and shield combo to put on display in your hive. To fund your expensive and excessive hobby, you offer your services to highbloods as a SELL-SWORD. You can provide protection, assassinate targets, and all the various other similar jobs. It was doing this that led you to your secondary weapon, the BOW AND ARROW. After taking it from a rather difficult target as a trophy, you learned the ins-and-outs of the weapon, and use it to snipe dangerous animals around your home from a distance so you can train more safely. You also enjoy MAKING AND REPAIRING YOUR OWN CLOTHES. This is not, however, related to anything fashion related. Instead, you design outfits that are lightweight and made to camouflage you in the forest in order to better protect yourself from any sort of wildlife that may be looking for trolls to eat, as well as provide good maneuverability for fighting and general movement.

You have a vested interest in the game of FLARP, and have all but mastered the BOY SKYLARK class. It shows, as your usual outfit is merely a MODIFIED VERSION of the class's usual attire. While your old partner had a nasty accident that dissuaded her from continuing with the game, you keep at it, and seem to ALWAYS BE LOOKING FOR SOMEONE NEW TO PLAY WITH. You have an active imagination, and are inherently drawn to ALL THINGS FANTASY. You enjoy reading, and while it does give you some trouble you still pursue it heavily when you have free time. You are a fan of FANTASY GAMES as well, especially obvious due to the STRIKING RESEMBLANCE you bear to a CERTAIN VIDEO GAME CHARACTER. This is more than a coincidence, and if brought up, you will admit to liking that particular series a BIT MORE THAN WHAT COULD BE CONSIDERED HEALTHY. As a result of your heavy immersion in fantasy stories and games, you have an embarrassing dream of one day RESCUING A PRINCESS, and being her KNIGHT IN SHINING ARMOR. Of course, you would never tell anyone this.

You respect the hemospectrum above ALL ELSE. You would never dare to insult or disobey a troll that is higher than you, unless of course you were told to do so by a troll who is EVEN HIGHER. However, you have no qualms with those lower than you, although you may be somewhat DISMISSIVE of them if you find their company less than enjoyable. You can be something of a SUCK-UP, and prefer to avoid conflict whenever possible. You have a very polite demeanor, and conduct yourself in a manner befitting of the ALTERNIAN KNIGHTS, an elite fighting force of the military that you someday hope to join. If challenged to battle, you will always fight to the last breath, be it yours or the other person's. However, you STRONGLY DISLIKE KILLING, and will only do it if necessary or if required. You care very little of what other people think of you, for the most part, and can frequently MAKE A TOTAL FOOL OUT OF YOURSELF, especially due to your LIMITED INTELLIGENCE. You are very easily confused, although you do try not to let that get the better of you.

Your lusus is a fearsome BATTLERAPTOR, a fierce and aggressive bird of prey who aids you in your training and encourages you to push yourself. He has also imbued in you a STRICT SENSE OF HONOR AND CHIVALRY, and ensures that you do not stray from the realms of morality and proper conduct...which usually includes some rather vicious beatings. You use the INVENTORY MODUS, a modus which allows you to use three items at any time with no restrictions. However, after selecting which three to use, you are stuck with them for several hours until you can change them again. You have two strife specibi, swd&shdKind (sword&shieldKind), and bowKind, your weapons of choice being your trusty KNIGHTSWORD in one hand and your ever-reliable SHIELD in the other, and your PRIZED BOW. Your trolltag is placidInsurgent and thou talkst in a most flow'ry and poetic manner.

If you and your four friends were to play a CERTAIN GAME, you would clearly be the PAGE OF TIME in the LAND OF MASKS AND CLOCKS.

Name: Kereig Dingam
Blood Color: [color="#008141"]Jade, #008141[/color]
Age: 7 1/2 Sweeps
Lusus: Battleraptor
Fetch Modus: Inventory
Strife Specibus: swd&shdKind, bowKind
Trolltag: placidInsurgent
Quirk: Ye Olde English
Title: Page of Time
Land: Land of Masks and Clocks (LOMAC)

> Be the psychotic artist with an explosion fetish

[Image: xc.png][Image: Uf2l83a.gif]


Landmines, that is. And mine shafts as well, you're always digging around your lawnring to either EXTRACT MINERALS FROM THE GROUND for your ART or to BOOBY TRAP THIS MINEFIELD EVEN FURTHER, which also is for your ART. See, you are constantly in need of both materials and inspiration for your artistic pursuits of sculpting and painting, and thus you use the clay from the rich deposits beneath your hive and are constantly digging it out of the ground, or you use the scattered remains of your "MODELS" as inspiration for your paintings. Your models are the victims of your mines, and also your source of paint. In your opinion, you could use A LITTLE MORE TRAFFIC TO YOUR HIVE, but, models come often enough.

You have something of an EXPLOSION FETISH, and an UNHEALTHY OBSESSION WITH LURING FEMALE TROLLS TO YOUR HIVE. Of course, most of your "models" end up being the matesprits, moirails, and kismesises of the female trolls that you creep on, rather than your creeping victims themselves. You can't help being creepy, it's just how you are. Along with psychotic.

You are, of course, naturally adept at navigating both the minefield that is your lawnring as well as the pitch-black labrynth of mine shafts beneath your hive because of your psychic power, which amounts to a sort of SEISMIC RADAR. See, you're able to sense even small disturbances in the ground, which allows you to sort of "see" three specific things:
- What is in the ground (so you can easily tell where your mines are, as well as find deposits of clay and ores and all that).
- Where the composition of the ground changes (allowing you to figure out where air pockets, and thus your mine shafts are) and...
- Where something is moving in/on the ground (meaning you can pick up footsteps from about 50 feet around you)
So, even when someone manages to successfully navigate your minefield, you just have to hide out in your mines and let them get lost, then you can just ambush them and drive your TRUSTY PICKAXE through their nugbone. Of course, it's actually somewhat migraine inducing in crowded areas, so you tend to only use it if one or two trolls are nearby, or if you're alone.

Your lusus is what some trolls call a "Creeper", and you like to think you inherited your love of explosions from him. Your modus is a Skip List Modus, which creates a random path through about half of your cards each time you open it. It's pretty convenient, although if something isn't in the first card it can take forever to access it if the modus decides to be temperamental. You have two strife specibi, pickaxeKind and bombKind, although the only bombs you ever carry are land mines you've rigged to explode on impact with anything you throw them at.

You have a tendency to get overexcited and full of a sort of bloodlust-filled glee whenever you're talking to prospective vict-"models". However, when you're engaged with friends, you tend to stay a bit more on the intelligent and reserved side, speaking always slowly and carefully. You also enjoy playing boardgames like chess in your free time, usually online or with one of your acquaintances who sometimes visits your neighbors. You also, on occasion, like to take out your anger by punching your least favorite neighbor's tree.

Your trolltag is xerialCanvas and -<!

Name: Donner Kervan
Blood Color: Brown, #a15000
Age: 8 sweeps
Lusus: Creeper
Fetch Modus: Skip List
Strife Specibus: pickaxeKind, bombKind
Trolltag: xerialCanvas
Quirk: puts a little paintbrush in front, and

>Be the toxic detective.

[Image: XinLC0x.png][Image: EioX2vZ.png]

Your name is DRAPIA SKORPI and you're something of a JUSTICE NUT.

You believe wholeheartedly in RETRIBUTION AND REVENGE, and seek out the corrupt, the evil, and the utterly criminal with the intent of CLEANSING THE SCUM FROM THE FACE OF ALTERNIA. You do this through DECEIT, CUNNING, AND MANIPULATION, preferring to lure them to you so you can strike when they least expect it. Infiltrating quadrants, forming false friendships and rivalries... anything it takes to get them close. Your preferred method of delivery is through POISONING, carrying all manners of lethal VENOMS, TOXINS, AND CONCOCTIONS to slip into drinks or food while your "companions" are not paying attention.

You aren't entirely sure when you got heavily into studying THE LAW, but you believe it has something to do with your long-standing love of both DETECTIVE NOVELS and FILM NOIR, interests you have had since you were a mere GRUB. As you grew stronger and more able to defend yourself, you decided to emulate the dangerous FEMME FATALES that permeated the genre, to use the skills of the detectives and your own feminine wiles to DISPENSE JUSTICE THROUGH ANY MEANS NECESSARY. To you, the ends justify the means, and you will frequently use deceptive, underhanded, and borderline criminal tactics to investigate and apprehend an evildoer and gain his trust. You have a few substance problems, and can be known to SMOKE and DRINK quite actually really want to QUIT, but you've never been able to drop them.

You also have a fondness for PLAYING CARDS and love card games to a fault, especially ones that have something riding on them. In fact, you generally can't turn down an offer of some kind of bet or wager, and tend to find the THRILL of HIGH-RISK GAMBLING to be extremely addictive in of itself! Unfortunately, you also have trouble knowing when to cut your losses and winnings, which has gotten you into some serious messes in the past with all manners of DEBTS. Your gambling habit has also given you some CONNECTIONS with some rather shady channels, through which you usually obtain the various poisons you use to do your dirty work. Of course, your need to keep your supplies replenished as well as your various gambling debts have occasionally put you into the position of HIT MAN for your various suppliers. It is not a pleasant position, but...hey, you need your tools and if some people need to get hurt for you to continue your pursuit of JUSTICE, then so be it.

You tend to act very SWEET and INNOCENT, and generally treat most people fairly respectably regardless of blood. While you are not immune to judging others based on appearance, you generally are not one to make fun of others although you may crack a joke at another person's expense on occasion. You're really quite BUBBLY and EXCITABLE most of the time, although you mesh it in with a somewhat laid-back and fairly cozy demeanor.

Except you're actually totally COLD AND CALCULATING, and use your apparently friendly and warm personality to MANIPULATE OTHERS TO YOUR OWN ENDS. You are obsessed with punishing others for their misdeeds and will resort to HARMING AND KILLING INNOCENT PEOPLE if it means that you can get close to someone who would put even more people in danger. Your weapon of choice is a TORTURE DEVICE, and you will use it to great effect in your investigations to get information and dirt on your targets, as well as to punish minor offenders who might prove a nuisance to you. You do not enjoy hurting others who do not deserve it, per se, but you see it as a NECESSARY EVIL to take down greater internal threats to the Alternian Empire. You dream of someday joining the enigmatic DEATHSTALKERS, elite assassins and law enforcement officials who track down and eliminate the most dangerous and vicious criminals by any means necessary, even if that means breaking the law to do so.

Your lusus is a massive scorpion, one the size of a bear. Its venom is extraordinarily potent, enough to keep any and all potential threats away from your desert hive. Anyway, your Modus is the CRAZY EIGHTS MODUS, a modus that assigns suits and numbers to your cards and forces you to match cards and suits until only the item you wish to withdraw is left. Unless, of course, the item is assigned an 8, in which case you can withdraw it immediately. Your strife specibus is whipKind, your weapon of choice being the CAT O' 9 TAILS. You also have capsuleKind as a specibus, where you store various toxins and poisons to draw upon whenever you may need them. Your trolltag is arthropodsGame and you like to t@lk with @ little bit of s@cch@rine sweetness and bl@t@ntly flirt@tious m@nnerisms, hon.

Name: Drapia Skorpi
Blood Color: Teal, #008282
Age: 8 Sweeps
Lusus: Large Scorpion
Modus: Crazy Eights
Specibus: whipKind
Trolltag: arthropodsGame
Quirk: a, at=@. A bit of a belle, as well...

>Be the totally trustworthy troll

[Image: S4VFuYu.png][Image: fjk66V6.png]
Your name is ATMANI EIDOLA, and you are ALWAYS honest.

It's practically your biggest fault. You COULDN'T tell a lie even if YOU WANTED TO. Hell, you're not even sure you're capable of LYING. You're TOTALLY OUTGOING, and absolutely NOT EVASIVE AT ALL. You're NOT EVEN SURE why you hide your blood! It's probably because you THINK IT'S NOT THAT IMPORTANT, really? Your lusus BERATES you for being a SLOB and oh did you mention you HATE MAGIC TRICKS? They're just big old con games, and conning people is so deceitful and...mean! You HATE it!


Okay, that's actually total and utter bullshit. Let's try this again.
>Be the compulsive liar

Let's just get this out of the way first: You are a FANTASTIC liar, and you aren't afraid to use this skill to your benefit. Well, sort of. You actually have trouble NOT lying to people. This rings especially true when people ask about personal things. Honestly, you don't like sharing personal information, anyway. No one needs to know shit about you, at least other than your name and how to contact you. Unfortunately you have a bit of difficulty keeping track of your lies, and generally can only maintain one while it's the current subject of conversation. Also unfortunately, this means that you can end up being COMPLETELY AND TOTALLY INCONSISTENT WITH YOUR OWN STORIES. Still though, if someone accuses you of lying, you steadfastly deny it.

For as long as you can remember, you've always had a fascination with the art of PHOTOGRAPHY. In fact, you're so into it that you're almost always snapping pictures of things and storing them in your SCRAPBOOKS. You seen to be constantly snapping and labeling the pictures, stowing them away in your various scrapbooks and notebooks. you also enjoy doing various hivework. Your lusus taught you the importance of keeping a clean hive at a very young age, and it always stuck with you. In fact, you really prefer things to be clean. It's not like an obsession, you're not gonna bust out cleaning supplies out of the hive, but you keep a bunch of sanitary wipes on you and you like to wipe surfaces like tables or chairs off with them before you sit down at them. I mean, you never know who or what was there last! Along with keeping yourself and your hive clean, your lusus also taught you how to cook, something that grew into a daily activity that you enjoy more than anything else. You like to think of yourself as an EXCEPTIONALLY GOOD COOK, and almost exclusively prepare your own meals. In fact, you don't even order food when you go out anywhere, preferring to bring food from home that you prepared! You also have an interest in performing MAGIC TRICKS, especially those involving SLEIGHT OF HAND. You frequently try to impress others by making mundane objects DISAPPEAR! Your favorite props to use for these tricks are CAPTCHA CARDS, especially those belonging to anyone who happens to be in your "audience". Of course, this is actually an excuse to STEAL THEIR BELONGINGS. You don't just take their stuff and run, though. You even hand them everything back! They just don't notice that anything is missing until you're long gone. You also use sleight of hand for various other purposes, such as hiding your blood from others by using dye packs to make them think you're revealing it! But only if they're threatening violence to get it out of you.

To most other people, you tend to come off as SHY. You usually speak fairly quietly, especially around higher bloods...and people who are overly enthusiastic. Other than your constant lying, you are somewhat POLITE and RESPECTFUL. You suffer from POOR MEMORY, although you're fairly sure it wasn't always so bad. You think things started to get kinda hazy at SOME POINT IN THE PAST, after...SOMETHING HAPPENED. You're not sure what, though. You have an easier time recalling things if you have images of them, as well as notes referencing what happened. It's not foolproof and you tend to FORGET THINGS AS SOON AS THEY ARE NO LONGER RELEVANT if you don't record them through some means. You aren't very fond of fighting, and try to avoid it whenever possible. Of course, this is a difficult task for an anonymous troll to do, so you try to DISORIENT and OVERWHELM opponents through various means before fleeing for your life. However, if you absolutely have to you will resort to violent methods of subduing an opponent. You're capable of psionics, too! You are able to psionically create TWO INCORPOREAL DUPLICATES OF YOURSELF. Said duplicates are VIRTUALLY IDENTICAL TO YOU. They are even capable of vocalizing and producing sounds! You are able to control their movements and have a vague awareness of their surroundings, an important ability since they tend to DISAPPEAR when they MAKE CONTACT WITH SOLID OBJECTS.'s actually really hard to control three bodies simultaneously, so you have them MIMIC EVERYTHING YOU DO, albeit moving in different directions.

Your lusus is a SMALL 3-TAILED FOX, who you lovingly named KITTY. Your lusus has been your teacher for almost EVERYTHING, schoolfeeding you in the ways of PROPER HIVEHOLD MAINTENANCE, CULINARY EXCELLENCE, and the ARTS OF DECEPTION. Your fetch modus is the POLYGRAPH MODUS, which requires you to pass a lie detector test to retrieve items. Should you fail, it ejects everything from your modus. You actually have two strife specibi, cameraKind and knifeKind. You prefer to use cameraKind, using a special camera with an exceptionally bright flash bulb in conjunction with your power to blind and disorient opponents. You also keep a spare chef's knife in your knifeKind specibusin case you need to use an actual weapon to defend yourself. Your trolltag is darkroomDoppelganger and [1: y0u like T0 Preserve a TH0usand wOrds wiTHin a single frame].

If you were to play a CERTAIN GAME, you would be the KNIGHT OF HEART in the LAND OF GAMES AND MUSIC.
Name: Atmani Eidola
Blood: ???, uses #A0A0A0
Age: 6 Sweeps
Lusus: 3-Tailed Fox, named "Kitty"
Fetch Modus: Polygraph
Specibus: cameraKind, knifeKind
Trolltag: darkroomDoppelganger
Quirk: Encloses each sentence in a set of brackets. Each sentence starts with a number denominating when it comes in the post, first 3 O's are 0s, PHOTO is capitalized. As a side note, she will place any extra 0s at the end of the "frame" if there are less than 3 O's in a sentence, and the size of her text changes depending on who she is speaking to.
Title: Knight of Heart
Land: Land of Games and Music (LOGAM)

>Be the unbreakable gutterblood

[Image: zertam.png][Image: E7cIt67.png]
Your name is ZERTAM ETASHI and you are ALWAYS smiling.

Why? Simple, you believe that life is short and that you want nothing more than to survive as long as possible. After all, the longest-lived redbloods only live a good two dozen sweeps, and you're already a third of the way through that. So if that means sucking up to highbloods, you're game. If it means not letting insults, dirty looks, and all the shit you take from being born into the lowest caste bother you, you can take anything. At the end of the night, you are a survivor and nothing more. It helps that you are FREAKISHLY TALL. Standing at 7 feet, one of the many things that keeps you going throughout your nights is that you get to literally look down at all the highbloods who can only figuratively look down upon you. The irony of the situation, you think, is incredibly satisfying.

To make ends meet, you work as a DELIVERY BOY. Specifically, packages. Trolls like to send things between one another, after all, and there's a huge market for transportation of goods. You prefer to freelance, of course, taking up work wherever it can be found. As such, you've become very well-traveled for a lowblood, and you frequently meet all kinds in this line of work. Sure, the pay isn't great and the work is often backbreaking...but it's a living, and its all you have. And yes, backbreaking is accurate. You have to transport the goods through HARD, PHYSICAL LABOR, having not been hatched with any kind of psionic abilities at all. As such, you have grown to appreciate the value of HARD WORK through a lack of any shortcuts.

Despite all of this, you have an odd, gangly appearance, being incredibly skinny for your height. Your somewhat charming and cool demeanor is nearly unbreakable, a testament to both your determination to never appear weak and to the teachings of your lusus, a COLOSSAL SHELLREPTILE. Still, when the shit hits the fan you prefer to be prepared, carrying rifleKind as your strife specibus. Your weapon of choice is an AK-47 ASSAULT RIFLE...although the magazine is TOTALLY EMPTY. This isn't really because of pacifism and more because you're DIRT POOR; besides, when all else fails you can just BEAT PEOPLE WITH IT. Your modus is a cheap ASSOCIATIVE ARRAY MODUS, which requires you to select an item through a series of selecting KEY TRAITS, and your trolltag is nonchalantZealot. Also, you talk iN a pretty calm aNd collected faShioN.
Name: Zertam Etashi
Blood Color: Red, #a10000
Age: 8 Sweeps
Lusus: Shellreptile (Tortoisedad)
Modus: Associative Array
Specibus: rifleKind
Trolltag: nonchalantZealot
Quirk: N and S are always capital.

> Be uh...the creepy girl...
[Image: 5Jymqsu.png][Image: tzcyecQ.png] (I'll have a better sprite available when I can be assed to draw it)
Name: Callie Chorot
Age: 6 1/2 Sweeps
Blood: Red
Gender: Female
Strife Specibus: scytheKind, bladeKind (knives)
Fetch Modus: Death Modus (Callie has to kill something to retrieve an item)
Personality: Callie is, in a word, strange. The girl tends to be somewhat unflappable, constantly wearing a wide grin and staring almost unblinkingly ahead; regardless of the subject matter, she seems to always be full of cheer and enthusiasm. It's kind of creepy, which is probably exactly how she likes to be. While she seems enthusiastic about...everything, she does seem to have a thing for dead stuff and death in general, and often seems to talk quite fondly about killing things, particularly small animals (which she has no qualms about killing in front of others, usually carrying some in her pockets so she can retrieve items from her modus). Truth is, she's a sociopath with little regard for others' feelings towards her, just about as likely to shake your hand as she is to stab you in the back. The difficulty, of course, is knowing exactly which one is on her mind.

Powers: Emotional manipulation. Simply put, Callie is capable of altering and shifting the feelings of others. Usually she keeps it fairly subtle, limiting it to small pushes in certain directions and towards certain emotions...but she also seems to be capable of projecting emotional auras that can influence all those around her.

Quirk: Talks normally, bUt capitalizes the letter U.
Trolltag: callousDenial
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RE: Trollslum Profiles
> Be the doomed rustblood that learned her place.
Rude. o...o
> Be the blind gardener.
I am liking that better. ^...^

[Image: Qp9IUWs.png]

Your name is USMENA TACOLO, and your life has taken a turn that you were not expecting.

todo: Profile

Your trolltag is visionaryPerception, and you have altered your tone as part of an attempt to turn your leyefe around. o...o

AGE: 8 Solar Sweeps
TROLLTAG: visionaryPerception
BLOOD COLOR: Rust (#7F0000, Hue 0)
TYPING QUIRK: "i","y" => "eye"; Does a little emoticon at the end.
LUSUS: Rhino
POWER: True Sight (Can see what a person is like, their intentions, if they're lying...)

> Be the spooky-
please dƟn’t.
> Be the otherwise normal riddler.
that isn’t really right, either, but I like it better than being introduced as the “spƟƟkY” whatever.

[Image: passb7Y.png]

Your name is MIKUZA SANIMA, and you try your best to be normal.

Unfortunately, it’s pretty hard to do that when you have a PSYCHIC POWER as wild as yours. As with many lowbloods, you are cursed with being able to HEAR THE SPIRITS OF THE DECEASED. What you hear varies on where you are, as you hear only the spirits who have died close to the area or have a connection to it. It gets a little MADDENING sometimes, but you’ve managed to get it sort of under control. That is, of course, until your emotions start to take hold. As with most powers, when the user starts to lose control, the powers go out of whack, and you are definitely no exception. Occasionally, spirits will manage to SPEAK THROUGH YOU in moments of weakness. When you get especially angry or upset, though, you start to make other trolls hear the spirits around them, too. In rare cases it has helped you win battles, as it is pretty disorienting to be able to suddenly hear the dead, but in most cases it has just led to the LOSS OF FRIENDS.

That sucks, because you’re one of the uncommon trolls that ISN’T INHERENTLY UNPLEASANT. You like to think of yourself as a PRETTY CHILL DUDE, and your friends that haven’t actually met you in person would agree with that. Of course, you’re no stranger to dealing with the kinds of trolls that shout just for the purpose of hearing their own voices, so to speak, and as a result, you aren’t the most patient around.

Needless to say, you LOATHE being a RUSTBLOOD. It’s not so much the social status aspect that bothers you rather than the power that comes with it. Really, you’re fine abiding by the HEMOSPECTRUM, even if it is slanted opposite your favor. Your interests include STAYING ALIVE and NOT DYING, after all, and abiding by the order is a great start to not getting pummeled by some blueblood out looking to teach some disobedient lowbloods a painful lesson with free tuition.

Aside from that, your INTERESTS are not very numerous. You like all sorts of PUZZLES, be them physical or mental. Your respiteblock is nearly covered in all sorts of floor puzzles and other challenging mind games. You also enjoy partaking in LOGIC GAMES and RIDDLES, though you mostly do so over the ALTERNET via TROLLIAN. In addition to games that require thought, you are also a fan of games of the VIDEO variety. You’re not particularly stoked about them, but they give you something to do that doesn’t require other trolls.

It is because of your power that you live in a mostly SECLUDED AREA. Your HIVE is located in a humid swamp, a fair distance away from other hives, and more importantly, troll ghosts. PANTHERDAD prowls about the area, occasionally stopping by your hive to see WHAT THE HELL YOUR DEAL IS. He doesn’t seem to understand why you don’t go out more often, or that you even have a power. Fortunately, he doesn’t seem to really mind all that much, so long as you aren’t getting yourself killed. When the situation arises in which you might, though, you use your trusty RUBIXCUBEKIND specibus. You generally try to leave your assailants alive, though, as you don’t fancy the same troll screaming at you once you finish them off.

Your trolltag is cursedEngima, and you try yƟur best tƟ sƟund nƟrmal. SOMETIMES IT DOESN’T WORK, HA HA.

AGE: 7.5 Solar Sweeps
TROLLTAG: cursedEnigma
BLOOD COLOR: Copper (#b23d0a, Hue 18)
TYPING QUIRK: "o" => "Ɵ"; lowercase except possessed, in which case all caps.
SYMBOL: Spirits
LUSUS: Panther
STRIFE SPECIBUS: rubixcubeKind
POWER: Spiritual Communication
FETCH MODUS: Riddle (Solve riddle to recieve item)

> Be the hick farmer.
Y०u kn०w th०t's highly in#ccur#te. F०r st#rters, f#rming is n०t even wh#t I d०.
> Be the smart-ass herder.
Rem#rkable impr०vement!
[Image: o7RoCoP.png]

Your name is PECUAR SILIUM, and you are a little too into things.

This might be thanks to your ABILITY. You have the ability to HYPER-ANALYZE situations. What normal trolls can conclude from situations, you can easily do so five times as fast. You can easily see the different options and a rough estimate of what may happen if one option is picked. Let it be clear that is this not a psychic ability; you are just a pretty smart cookie. However, while you have honed your mind over the sweeps, your analyzation abilities are only as good as your mind is. This is to say you can think all you want about a situation, but if you don't have a clue about the things involved, your conclusions aren't going to be wroth anything. Furthermore, overuse of this ability can cause EXHAUSTION very quickly, as you have to do some pretty hard thinking to pull off what you do.

However, for the things you know about, this has proven to be a useful skill. Your JOB AS A BAABEAST HERDER, a job usually very difficult, is made simple due to a combination of your EXPERIENCE and INTELLECT. Whenever a baabeast tries to make a break for it, you easily know exactly where to move and how to encourage it to rejoin the herd. You herd these creatures for a WEALTHY BLUEBLOOD who does not bother to fetch her LUSUS prey herself.
Outside of your job, you have a SMALL VARIETY OF INTERESTS. You absolutely ADORE any STRATEGY-BASED GAMES, be them real or virtual, though because of your status on the HEMOSPECTRUM, you can't afford many game grubs. Hell, your SHITTY HUSKTOP sometimes quits functioning these days. As for physical, normal games like CHESS, CHECKERS, and BILLIARDS strike your fancy, as well as DISKUS, an under-recognized sport involving hurling metal disks at various targets. Speaking of sports, you enjoy a game of any kind, really. You also enjoy STONE CARVING. Stones are plentiful around your ROCK-HUT HIVE, and they aren't too soft or too hard to make several decent statues and tablets out of, which you occasionally sell for the extra CAEGAR or two.

While not exactly full of yourself, you aren't really the MOST HUMBLE TROLL AROUND. You think rather highly of yourself, and while not stating outright that you do, it is usually immediately clear after the first few lines of DIALOGUE between you and other trolls. While it is a good thing for trolls to have self-confidence, members of your caste would do well to have well under the level you do. This is to say you sometimes piss off higher-blooded trolls and end up in FIGHTS as a result. While these fights aren't usually much of an issue as you can easily see ways to escape or cut the fight short thanks to your intelligence, you do recognize it is not a good habit to get into, and are making an effort to be less insulting, for your own good. Nevertheless, you are very SARCASTIC, CURT, and often SPEAK YOUR MIND. While you don't actively antagonize people, you will if they show hostility towards you. Also, you're a tad bit HYPOCRITICAL, as when other trolls place themselves above you, you get a little PISSED. However, you usually have a calm air of sass around you.

You are pretty AFRAID OF THE DARK! This is to say pitch-blackness, the shade of night works just fine for you. A shame considering your SCORPION LUSUS spends most of his time holed up in its burrow. You hardly ever see him, and he usually only comes out during emergencies, such as EARTHQUAKES, CAVE-INS, or LACK OF FOOD. Why does he always want you to get the food. He's a giant scorpion for pete's sake, you'd think he could get it himself.

Your trollTag is meticulousStrategy and you tend to m#ke your st#tements cle#r #nd condescending.

AGE: 8.1 Solar Sweeps
TROLLTAG: meticulousStrategy
BLOOD COLOR: Brown-Orange (#CB870C, Hue 38)
TYPING QUIRK: "a, A"=>"#"
SYMBOL: Strategy
LUSUS: Scorpion
FETCH MODUS: Chip (Carve crude picture of item)
TITLE: Seer of Mind
LAND: Land of Connections and Stone
MOON: Prospit

> Be the smack-happy mechanic.
Wow, wh@t? Just bec@use I'm willing to fight doesn't m@ke me "sm@ck-h@ppy."
> Be the amplifying yellowblood.
Not re@lly wh@t I w@nt to be known @s, but wh@tever.
[Image: 8DV6g0m.png]

Your name is MEYATA GLASPI, and you're just trying to get through it all.

You would describe yourself, all-in-all, as a PRETTY NORMAL TROLL. You're just an Alternian living her life, trying to make end's meet, and of course fighting the occasional crazed lunatic trying to make mashed troll out of you. You're pretty EASY-GOING as far as trolls go, preferring to be SOCIABLE with others, but you're more than happy to engage in STRIFE when things get too hot to handle, which is frequently on this planet. Your WRENCHKIND specibus has served you well on the two fronts you own it for.

The other of course being your occupation as a MECHANIC. You repair and modify machines of varying origin and size. It's a good job, for the PAY, and for the fact that it's something you really like doing. However, you aren't any higher than the rest of your CASTE on the economic scale, as most owners of machines are MIDBLOODED and up. This means that many are not willing to entrust their precious things with a LOWLY YELLOWBLOOD such as yourself, and business is slow as a result. It sucks, but whatever. You aren't too peeved about your position on the HEMOSPECTRUM, but you do wish you'd be placed a bit higher, although your reasoning is a bit unconventional compared to most in your position.

As with many of your kind, you have a PSYCHIC POWER. Put simply, you amplify other trolls' powers when around them. It's a mostly passive ability, meaning it happens with or without your consent, but if you focus, you can amplify it even further. What you find is that most trolls don't respond well to their powers being accelerated way out of their comfort ranges, and you take advantage of the shock and confusion to hastily end the fight, however the situation may dictate that it is ended at the time. However, you consider it to be more of an ANNOYANCE than anything. Because it is always in use, you can't often make any lowblooded friends unless they don't have a power. The problem is that highbloods and most midbloods in their right minds won't call you a friend, much less talk to you in any decent sense. It irritates you, but being grumpy about it all the time generally seems like a waste of energy.

You have a variety of INTERESTS nonetheless. ROBOTICS and other general mechanical engineering has been a long-time hobby of yours ever since you were a wriggler. It is rare that you ever have the money or resources to build something of your own, but you've redesigned, repaired, and improved plenty of other trolls' creations. Some of your larger projects also require experience in METALWORK, something that you aren't a stranger to. Outside of your occupation, you enjoy READING sometimes, but find long series to be generally BORING, not to mention you barely find the free time to get through the short novellas you read as it is. FERRETMOM thinks this is a good thing, as A Busy Troll Is A Happy Troll. She approves of your constant toiling and sociable nature, and tends to leave you to your own devices while she goes out to hunt for herself.

Your trolltag is complacentCandescence and you t@lk pretty c@su@lly, re@lly.

AGE: 7.3 Solar Sweeps
TROLLTAG: complacentCandescence
BLOOD COLOR: Yellow (#AFA20F, Hue 55)
TYPING QUIRK: "a, A" => "@"
SYMBOL: Creation
LUSUS: Ferret
POWER: Power amplification
FETCH MODUS: Ratchet (Correct-sized nut must be unscrewed to retrieve that item)
MOON: Derse

> Gotta go fast
you arent funny bro
> Be hyper freerunner.
yeah man thatz what im talking about
[Image: yYgUOLr.png]

Your name is VIVACE OKRETA, and you've got places to go.

Unfortunately all we have is this skeleton at the time. My apologies.
Name: Vivace Okreta
Age: 7.7 Sweeps
Gender: Female
Voice Claim: n/a
Power(If applicable): Surface Adhesion: Can make herself "stick" to any surface.
Height: 5’9
Blood Color: Rio Grande (#CCC500, Hue 57)
Strife Specibus: yoyokind
Fetch Modus: T-TWIST: Say a tongue twister to retrieve item. More complex item = harder tongue twister
Symbol: Agility
Lusus: Pangolin
Trolltag: mediocrisPetram
Quirk: No punctuation; s -> z
Dancestor: N/A
Ancestor: N/A
Dominant/Submissive: Both
Extrovert/Introvert: Extrovert
Personality: Extremely energetic, talkative, will talk to almost anyone. Vivace can hardly sit still for more than a few seconds and will lose focus quite often. Erratic topic changes or moments of emotion are very common with her. She thrives on humor, puns in particular. Can be a bit arrogant, as she is generally self absorbed, though she is usually not intentionally rude.
Defining Qualities:
1. Fast and agile
2. Impatient
3. Talkative
4. Physically active
1. Parkour
2. Video Games
3. Yoyo
4. Exploring
1. Not doing anything
2. Laziness
3. Enclosed spaces
4. Silences
Favorite Food: Banana Milkshakes
Session/In game.

Planet: Land of Beams and Cliffs
Moon: Prospit
Hero title: ??? of Light

> Be the death-obsessed, sound-obsessed troll.
~woah, hey, n()t really fair to say i'm "()bsessed". i just kn()w a few things. (~60dB)
> Be the nice musician.
~i like this a l()t m()re! (~70dB)
[Image: zLSFQpU.png]

Your name is DICESA TONORE, and you could say that you're an expert on a few things.

One of these things, as so rudely pointed out by the narration, is THE PHENOMENON OF DEATH. Death is an everyday occurrence on Alternia, and you think far too many of its inhabitants take it for granted. You, for one, are fascinated by it, and have studied it down to its very core, including its many causes, ancient beliefs on the subject, effects of dying on others, etc. You've made it somewhat of a MORBID HOBBY to try and assume the cause of death from corpses you find when you're out and about. However, as ironic as it is... YOU HAVE NEVER KILLED A TROLL BEFORE. This isn't to say that you've never fought one; in fact, you've had to use your FORKKIND specibus many times. When the time comes to deliver the finishing blow, though... you can never bring yourself to, and usually end up fleeing the scene. You haven't accrued any enemies because of this. Yet.

What's more is that you're considered to be NICE, something that is uncommon amongst trolls, especially ones of your caste. You just don't see the point in being CONVERSATIONALLY HOSTILE straight from the get-go. In fact, for the most part, you seem to have a much easier time getting others to do things for you when you're relatively polite about it. Your view on the HEMOSPECTRUM is one of RELATIVE NONCHALANCE. You respect the base order of things, never daring to insult anyone higher than you, though you're caught in the middle of the old SEADWELLER RIVALRY. You do not have a problem with LOWBLOODS, however you tend to hold yourself to a higher standard than you would them.

Aside from DEATH, you also enjoy the PHENOMENON OF SOUND. Your LUSUS, a GIANT SONGBIRD, has sung to you ever since the trials, and you've been fascinated with the resonance of the sound waves in your very acoustic-friendly CASTLE HIVE. As such, you've taken up playing several INSTRUMENTS, SINGING, and listening to varying types of MUSIC. You don't really have a preference in genres, as each is a unique sound style, and that's all that's really important to you. When you're not studying up on death or listening to music, you also have a passive interest in SHIPPING trolls you know. Sometimes, if just the right fancy strikes, you'll even write stories based on these ships, the APPROPRIATENESS of which can vary quite a bit.

Your trolltag is terminalMelody and you speak with a sm()()th, calm v()ice. (~65dB)

AGE: 8 Solar Sweeps
TROLLTAG: terminalMelody
BLOOD COLOR: Navy blue (#060496, Hue 240)
TYPING QUIRK: lowercase; precedes with "~";replaces o with "()"; gives an approximation of how loud the statement said was afterwards
SYMBOL: Resonance
LUSUS: Songbird
FETCH MODUS: Tune (Items stored in cards corresponding to pitches; make a sound with that pitch to unlok item)
MOON: Prospit

> Be the bitchy, twisted troll.
> Be the troll that really likes weather.
[Image: N0YQE8l.png]
Your name is KADENZ LOGORA, and it looks like some idiot doesn't know the difference between a cyclone and a hurricane again.

Sorry, it's just that you're REALLY IRRITABLE, ALL THE TIME. You’re known among your few friends for having a ridiculously short fuse, even for trolls. Your IRRITABILITY is a cooling mechanism of sorts, as you are cursed with the unhealthy addiction of COLLECTING BLOOD from other trolls. It started out as a simple thing that you had to do for your LUSUS, LEECHMOM, after she had sucked dry all of the neighboring fauna. At first, you were only barely able to collect the amount needed for her without sustaining serious injury from trolls who are surprisingly fond of their vital body fluids, but as time went on, you were soon bringing home surplus amounts. It quickly became an obsession, and injuries became more and more frequent until your Lusus began to fear for your safety. For now, you try your best to suppress this "blood craze", and doing so causes you to never not be about to FLIP YOUR LID.

When you're not collecting blood from innocents or screaming at some idiot, you often like to study WEATHER PATTERNS. The subject of METEOROLOGY fascinates you, and you do your best to learn about everything that's happening with it. You spend a great deal of your time studying cloud formations, effects of certain storms, natural weather phenomena of Alternia, and generally anything that would get you considered as a nerd about the weather, which is quite the understatement. In addition to studying the weather, you also dabble around in PAINTING with the many bloods that you have available. You aren't great, but it's something else for you to do, and it keeps your shelves from getting too full.

LEECHMOM also helps with your BLOOD SURPLUS from time to time, but she’s learned to control her feeding habits after that whole fiasco sweeps back. For now, you two share a sort of disconnected relationship, acknowledging each other’s’ existence, but not much else aside from the occasional nag. She spends most of her time in the FOREST in which your HIVE TOWER is situated. It’s fairly tall, which allows you to observe the weather more accurately.

Aside from being easily irritated, you are generally REALLY STUCK UP. You’ve got about the highest blood possible without having fins on your face, and with it comes a responsibility to act like part of the best caste around. This generally involves treating lowbloods like COMPLETE FILTH, midbloods like LOWER BEINGS, bluebloods with AT LEAST SOME DIGNITY, and other indigobloods SOMEWHAT NORMALLY. Seadwellers are the only party you actually make an effort to be nice to, but it’s only because of the fact that the HEMOSPECTRUM dictates that it be that way, and nothing more.

Your trolltag is eternalCyclone and you SPEAK ARTICULATELY, WITH PURPOSE.

AGE: 8 Solar Sweeps
TROLLTAG: eternalCyclone
BLOOD COLOR: Indigo (#570591, Hue 275)
TYPING QUIRK: All caps ; precedes with "☳]" ; occasionally makes weather-based puns
LUSUS: Giant Leech
FETCH MODUS: Meteorology (Certain items can only be stored in certain cards based on the quantity and size. IE: A bunch of marbles could be stored in a "Hail" card.)
MOON: Derse

> Be the seadweller that's full of himself.
Real descriptive. Also, wrong. Learn to enter commands, doΨchesack.
> Be seadweller that sets things straight.
Much better. Yoψ deserve a medal. Actψally, no, yoΨ don't. I lied. Fψck off.
[Image: fdKRSKV.png]

Your name is REVSKI METNAS, and you're out to take everyone down a notch.

According to you, everyone needs to get off their high hoofbeasts. There's some real ARROGANT PRICKS on Alternia, and you're going to rip them to shreds. This of course means everyone that's lower than you, and most certainly not including you. Oh, how good it is to be on top. Well, almost. You're A BIT LOW on the seadwelling spectrum, but you're still above the rest of those FILTHY LANDDWELLERS. It's extremely uncommon for you to give anyone below you any sort of respect. Why should you have to when you're royalty, anyway? This is clearly why you were given brilliant violet blood. Those pesky, arrogant Fuschiabloods, though... you have to regretfully let them act how they want. You judge them in silence, though. Nothing's stopping you from doing that.

Despite being really RUDE and STUCK UP about it, you do point out actual flaws with trolls, and even go so far into how to fix them. Unfortunately, since your method of delivery is a bit less than auspicious, they rarely ever listen to you. Their loss, you suppose.

If it wasn't made crystal clear already, you have an EXTRAORDINARILY MASSIVE EGO. You are simply THE BEST, and anyone who says different can just go suck a bulge. During conversations, it is not rare for you to completely interrupt the other person to deliver a point that you believe was more significant than what the other ways saying. (Hint: That's everything you have to say.) It's a wonder how anyone puts up with you at all. If they don't, though, who cares? The answer is clearly not you. Sure, it might not get you any red or pale suitors, but again, you have apathy in the subject. You'll worry about quadrants when you're 9. In the meantime, you'll gladly continue being a MASSIVE JERK. You like to reflect your ego by keeping yourself looking FRESH and STYLISH, wearing crisp clothing and keeping yourself generally looking nice. Despite your TOXIC PERSONALITY, however, you wouldn't mind it if you had more friends. Or quadrants. Or... anyone that didn't platonically hate you, really. Oh well! You suppose you'll start to try and change if it continues to be an issue. (Spoiler alert: It does.)

You spend most of your time out of the water and around public places on Alternia so you can tell everyone how much they suck. It is therefore no surprise that you end up FIGHTING quite a bit. You wield the quite dangerous PIPEKIND, no stranger to street brawling. Because of your STRENGTH and HEALING CAPABILITY, you've sustained little loss in your time on the planet, which has contributed to your already figuratively SWELLED HEAD. As such, you spend little time in your UNDERSEA HIVE. MANTADAD doesn't really seem to care, as in his eyes, you've proven responsible enough to handle yourself.

When you aren't being an ENORMOUS WINDBAG or BEATING THE SHIT OUT OF SOMEONE, you enjoy COOKING. You are a PRETTY DAMN GOOD COOK. If you were a troll of motivation and passion, you may have opened up a restaurant, but who has time for that when you're busy being so great? You rarely ever cook for anyone but yourself, but if you were to, you would take great care in preparing the food. It's no surprise that you dabble in the subject of TROLL PSYCHOLOGY as well. You've been in the business of talking to enough trolls to see a lot of it in action, and as such, you generally can figure someone's psyche out if given enough time. This ability, of course, makes you all the more confident in your ability to "help" others. Wonderful.

Your Trolltag is royalLuminary and you speak clearly, efficiently, and most importantly, in a sψperior manner.

AGE: 7.5 Solar Sweeps
TROLLTAG: royalLuminary
BLOOD COLOR: Swimming Purple (#78037C, Hue 298)
TYPING QUIRK: "u, U" =. "ψ, Ψ" ; "cks, cs, ks" => "x"
SYMBOL: Above all else
LUSUS: Manta Ray
FETCH MODUS: Debate (defeat card's point to win item)

> Be the fickle fish-bitch.
I'm sorry, my need/es didn't quite heaar you. ///
> ...Be the purifying seadweller?
Much beetteer! JJJ

[Image: xoHhNel.png]

Your name is KINASU RACEPS and it is a bad idea to get close to you.

Unfortunately for many, this isn’t as easy a warning to heed as it appears to be. You have little regard for others’ PERSONAL SPACE, and as such tend to do all sorts of things that are considered INTRUSIVE, such as sit or stand too close, put your arm(s) around someone, hugging, and getting in people’s faces. You tend to be a bit FLIRTY at times as well, though this is not necessarily attributed to your space problem; sometimes you do those things on purpose to make trolls uncomfortable. Sometimes when doing this, trolls will request that you mind your own business, and that’s where things tend to get... interesting.

See, you’re a self-proclaimed PURIFICUTOR, which roam Alternia to rid the gene pool of MUTANTS, HEMOREBELS, and generally those with behavior considered UNSAVORY. The thing is, though, each purificutor pretty much gets to decide what they consider to be “unsavory.” To you, it’s not too extreme- What you’ll do is put trolls to a TEST, varying depending upon the situation. If a lowblood is exceptionally rude, or a lower seadweller is a complete embarrassment to the caste, you’re more than happy to do both them and Alternia a favor by culling them. Of course, sometimes you make exceptions, and contrarily, you sometimes cull trolls for arbitrary reasons. That’s totally how UNBIASED JUDGMENT works, right?

If not, who cares- no one can really tell you otherwise. You’re pretty much at the TIP-TOP of the HEMOSPECTRUM, looking down on pretty much everyone else save for the CONDESCE herself, all hail. While you generally have the favor of your caste because of your purifying endeavors, you’ve never really been to care all that much about the POLITICS of the Empire your caste seems to so enjoy. Actually, you hate them. While you more than enjoy the perks that come with your position, you tend to shrug off the responsibilities not already satisfied by said endeavors, much to your LUSUS’ disgruntlement. She thinks you should act more like the snooty, uptight, spend-all-day-in-underwater-press-halls seadwellers. While you love your lusus, FRILLY will just have to deal with it- you’re pretty happy with who you are.

Aside from your obligations, you have a fair number of INTERESTS. You really like MOVIES, primarily ACTION or THRILLER, primarily those with needlessly-complicated plots. Anything with an awesome plot and/or characters and at least a couple explosions tends to captivate you. You’re a fairly big fan of TREASURE HUNTING, and this is pretty easy to partake in where you dwell- an abandoned sea-hive is usually all you need to find, as seadwellers are often vain creatures- and you’re no exception. What’s far more enjoyable to you, however, is collecting the BONES of expired animals. You don’t know why really, but you take joy in it- especially when you are able to make skeletons out of the fruits of your labors.

Speaking of your HIVE, you are situated in a quite modest UNDERWATER PALACE. It is pretty far below sea level, to the point where you are actually near the Alternian Abyss. Your Lusus, who you refer to as FRILLY (much to her dismay) is a large frilled shark. She swims in and around your hive, bossing you around and constantly chiding you for not following your fishy brethren in the ways of how royalty should behave. These talks usually end with you telling her to shove off and getting in small strifes, which the winner is always nobody as you both sort of tend to quit after the first few strikes. Just as well, seeing as you wield the NEEDLEKIND specibus and make it far deadlier than it has any right to be without the influence of some outside force.

You are often described as UNPREDICTABLE. This is most likely because of your VIOLENT MOOD SWINGS. You can be really excited and energetic one moment, then pissy and reserved the next. You have many different moods throughout the day, but this isn’t due to some disorder or something- that’s just how you are. It makes you a bit hard to deal with, and secretly, you like it that way. While you enjoy messing with people and determining their worth and all that... you are terrified of QUADRANTS and everything that comes with them. The thought of being in a relationship with someone makes you uncomfortable as all hell, and tend to leave any of those sort of feelings behind as far as you can. You hate relying on other trolls. This is a fear that you will have to get over, and pretty quickly, too, if you want to contribute your genetic material to the slurry, and, more importantly, not be culled.

Your Trolltag is intractibleGatherer and your tone usuaa//ly does aa good job of denoting your mood. ///

AGE: 8 Solar Sweeps
TROLLTAG: intractibleGatherer
BLOOD COLOR: Fuscia (#BF006F, Hue 325)
TYPING QUIRK: “l” => “/”; antecedes with “///”
SYMBOL: Purity
LUSUS: Frilled Shark
FETCH MODUS: Conditional (Satisfy condition, recieve item)
TITLE: Witch of Doom
LAND: Land of Riddles and Plateaus
MOON: Derse

> Be the icy anon bitch.
> No clever response?

[Image: RfPEWhh.png][Image: y2xhHl1.png]Alterniabound courtesy of Rai!

Your name is SIBLAN TERRIU, and it looks like you're being moody. Again.

Really, you're almost never not in a BAD MOOD. You are cursed with the phenomenon that is SUPERIOR INTELLIGENCE, and you wish everyone would just respect that. However, on a planet full of idiots willing to accept nothing (as you see it through your eyes that is), it appears disrespect and ignorance is abundant. You try to keep conversations with others to a bare minimum, as most result in THROBBING HEADACHES due to their stupidity. Clearly this is everyone else's fault and not because of your MISANTHROPISTIC TENDENCIES.

Speaking of those, you might as well address your ANONYMITY. The main reason you made this decision was simply because you think the HEMOSPECTRUM is ABSOLUTE HOOFBEASTSHIT. If it were up to you, the social classes would be based solely on INTELLIGENCE and nothing else. You often delude yourself into thinking this is a NOBLE way of thinking, which adds to your already massively-inflated EGO. Besides, all trolls on Alternia have some sort of beef with each class, so if they're gonna hate you, it might as well be because they think you're a bitch, not because of your blood. You are not generally very VOCAL about your beliefs for obvious reasons, and if possible, try to avoid the subject of anonymity as a whole. If push comes to shove over the hemospectrum, however, you've been known to ultimately give in to higher bloods.

It should come as no surprise that with your POINTED DISLIKE of others comes a FEAR OF CLOSE CONTACT. Put simply, you start to freak out when others touch you or otherwise try to reach out to you, as this is a drastic change from the normal reactions to your general attitude. The thought of positively interacting with someone for an extended period of time is almost too much for you to handle. Letting people get close to you is a quick way to GET MAULED, something that you're not looking forward to. It's okay, though- you've got ways of making them back off. Your primary is your power of CRYOKINESIS. You can make the temperature around you in a small radius drop really low, and even manipulate sources of moisture into ice if need be. You also have an extended resistance to the COLD, with the double-edge being that you can't deal well with HEAT. If nothing else, though, you have a nice, threatening-looking ICE PICK that you can brandish at any creeps to make them think twice about invading your space for any reason.

All that being said, you don't tend to spend a lot of time outside your HIVE, which is located in a FROZEN WASTELAND where blizzards are very frequent. It is here where you spend your time occupied in your small number of INTERESTS, which include ASTROLOGY, READING, and ICE SCULPTING. These thankfully don't require other trolls to take part in. Your LUSUS, a large BADGER adapted for the weather with incredibly sharp teeth and claws spends her days preying upon animals and trolls stupid enough to wander out in the drifts. As a result, you're on your won a lot of the time. Secretly, you wish you got to spend more time with RAZORMOM, but you're fine on your own, you suppose.

Your trolltag is frigidDrifts and you prefer to Stay Silent... but you're not afraid to talk back:

AGE: 8 Solar Sweeps
TROLLTAG: frigidDrifts
BLOOD COLOR: ??? (#696969)
TYPING QUIRK: Capitalizes S, connects sentences with ":"
LUSUS: Razorbadger
POWER: Cryokinesis
FETCH MODUS: Freeze (Item cards must be unfrozen to use)
LAND: Land of
MOON: Derse
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RE: Trollslum Profiles
[Image: ZunnahNew1_zps18cee3c0.png]
> Be the failure of a troll.

Your name is Zunnah Follis, you are six sweeps old and boy do you fail at being a troll. Despite your best attempts everything around you ends up being far too scary and menacing for you to handle. You're fairly sure everything is out to kill you. Infact everything that has happened in the past backs up this theory. These days you very rarely leave your hive, as you would like to stay alive. It gets a bit old ever now and then, but at least it keeps you safe. Once upon a time you thought everyone would be your friend and no-one would even want to hurt you. You were wrong.

Everyone else regards you as stupid no more intelligent than a wriggler. You don't think this is true. How else would you have solved that one puzzle when you were younger. Granted it only had twenty pieces, but you consider that to prove you are not stupid. Not to mention all the crack theories you make are clearly something only smart trolls make. How else would you know TEACUPS, DOORKNOBS and GIRLS are evil. Most sane trolls tend to call those phobias, but you know better.

Your interest mainly revolve around JESTERS. You have a bit of an obsession with jesters, you aspire to become one some day. You are aware this dream will take long to accomplish, seeing as you are terrible at comedy, juggling and the like. While brushing up your skills you also spend time making hats, hoarding bells and daydreaming.

Your lusus does not approve of the majority of what you do. Despite YAPDAD being a small barkbeast, he has a knack for causing chaos and playing pranks. He also seems to enjoy runing any friendships you try to form by making any guests miserable. Sometimes you wish you could understand why he does this.

Your strife specificus is SHIELDKIND, which you really don't know how to use. You are however working on learning that.

During the rare times you use trollian your handle is 'jestinglyMarotte' and you 't-tend to talk w-with a shlurr a-and shtutter'

Name: Zunnah Follis.
Age: 6 sweeps
Bloodcolour: Brown
Gender: Why do you even ask. Boy.
Height: 4'9
Weapon: Shield.
Modus: Jelly blob. (Must pluck wanted item from a giant jelly blob. Extremely inconvinient.)
God tier: Thief of Hope.

[Image: ohgodtroll_zpsa0ebe1ca.png]

> Be the friendly troll.
Your name is now Jadsal Elemty. You are six sweeps old and carry brown blood, that is somewhere on the edge of being yellowish. You have no issues what so ever with your blood colour, it's low but that doesn't really bother you any more than it should. Over all you consider life to be pretty great. Luckily for you, you always have someone around to share the wonders of life with, to be more specific, other trolls always have YOU to share their life with.

Most of your time is spent with your FRIENDS. Most of them are lowbloods, but you do know a few midbloods as well. You do so adore your friends. It's your goal to spend every living moment with them. They make your nights so much better, even if it's just looking at them and not interacting in any way. That's how most of your meetings go, seeing as you're not a loud mouth at all. A friendly smile still tells all your friends that they're important.

Alas sometimes your friends tend to turn out very unloyal. It's always a shame to be rejected. Truly such a troll isn't able to see how wonderful everything is. It's alright though, no friend ever leaves your blood pusher. Dead or alive, they remain with you for eternity. Whether they want to or not.

You have no other hobbies really, you spend all your waking hours with friends. The only other thing you do is photographing. All the pictures you take are very private and you do not wish to share them with anyone else. Some are mementos of your old friends.
You only spend a few days every second week alone. Most of it is just to gather energy to engage in fun actions once more, however you do also spend some time making sure your lusus, Gar-pa is okay. Gar-pa is a gargoyle. Well he isn't made of stone, but extremely thick skin.

When threatened you wield a metallic chain which you use as a weapon. It does the job well. Your other abilities for... aggressive situations would include your psychic power. It allows you to make a still image of yourself, perfect for making illusions.

You're sure your friends enjoy there being two of you.

Your troll tag is... long since forgotten. You have no use for it.
You talk in a 'o>>ly symboli< w^y.'


Name: Jadsal Elemty
Age: 6 sweeps
Gender: Male
Height: 5'5
Weapon: Chainkind
Modus: Staring contest. (Keep eyes open for a certain period of time to get item)
God tier: Rogue of Heart

[Image: AerianNew_zps37b6e3a7.png]

> Be the obnoxious gambler

Your name is Aerian Swanly. You are seven sweeps old and you HATE everything. Well nearly everything, that is. The only exception is YOURSELF. You consider yourself the BEST troll on Alternia. No-one else is as HANDSOME, CLEVER and well.. as GOOD as you. It's a shame no-one seems to recognize this. Especially those damn highbloods. You think you should be worth more than those fishfaced idiots. The problems with highbloods have led to you losing more things than you'd like. Things such as HANDS, FEET and too much MONEY. Thankfully you managed to get robotic replacements. It took time but it was worth it.

When you're not admiring yourself in a mirror, you tend to be found GAMBLING. Why gambling? Getting a job is for filthy lowly trolls, not for ones as great as yourself. Due to this fixation on not getting a job, you tend to be broke or in debt most of the time. Not that you'd tell anyone that. You tend to keep a ton of things to yourself and only LIE to others. Why should you tell them the truth? They're not worth it. They're also not worth wasting compliments on. Thus you tend to be rather RUDE and OBNOXIOUS. Your ANGER MANAGEMENT ISSUES only make things worse.

Besides gambling, you have gotten fond of crossbows. They're simply the most elegant weapons available. Anything from shooting with crossbows to collecting and admiring them is a favorite past time of yours. Sadly you've had to sell quite a few pieces from your collection to make money.

Your lusus is a lazy bum. SWANDAD tends to just throw stupid books at you and sleep on the roof of your hive.

Not much of a surprise but your strife specificus is CROSSBOWKIND. When using TROLLIAN you go as 'dissaprovingBolt' and you tend to 'SPEAK. like. you're. ANGRY. all. the. TIME. '.

Name: Aerian Swanly
Age: 7 sweeps
Bloodcolour: Yellow.
Gender: fabulously male.
Height: 6'1
Weapon: Crossbow + rapier
Modus: Treasure chest.
God tier: Heir of Rage

[Image: Seimos1_zps2f933b7c.png]
> Be the jack of all trades

Your name is Seimos Dublar. You are seven and a half sweeps old and trying to get the most out of your life. You're nearly always on the go, doing various activities and jobs. Sitting around for long periods of time isn't living, thus you try to avoid doing that. The best way to do this is do every single activity you can think of. Thanks to this, your nights are very crowded and you barely have any spare time for sitting down and enjoying the company of others. Not that you mind. It would take a very special kind of troll to stop you from your eternal loop of hobbies and jobs.

Something has to keep you going when dealing with all those hobbies and jobs thus caffeine has become a very important part of your life by now. Sadly it has the ability to somehow make you do stupid and reckless stuff, as well as eating away at your already short attention span. However you don't mind this at all, not that you would even think of it while having a good caffeine buzz.

Besides your hobbies you have taken an interest for research on certain subjects. Subjects such as trolls who seem to somehow have something weird going on with their think pans. You don't really care about the trolls themselves. All you want is the information, other than that you wouldn't care if they jumped off a bridge. Perhaps one night you'll find a way to make yourself feel better. Not that you associate yourself with those weirdo trolls.

You do however admit that something isn't right with you. Unless all trolls feel lonely and somewhat empty. You swear to one day find a way to fill the gap inside you, even if you have no idea how that can be done. So far all the hobbies you've taken have proven to do nothing about it. You still refuse to give up. Even if it'll take the rest of your life, you will find a way.

Your lusus is... a bit of an odd case. A giant sandworm with two heads. Wormdad.. well.. wormdads like to bury around underneath the desert. Your hive is of course on the edge of said desert. Now if only your lusus would stop accidentally causing your hive to crash...

You fight using an oversized swiss army knife. It has proven very efficent when dealing with obnoxious trolls. When using trollian you go as 'hoodedSuspense' and you '< T=nd to includ= your symbol in your sp==ch in a cr=ativ= way. >'

Name: Seimos Dublar
Age: 7 1/2 sweeps
Bloodcolour: Olive.
Gender: Male, you einstein.
Height: 5'5
Weapon: Giant swiss army knife (how handy)
Modus: Time trial. (Must find item from a bag within a very small time limit)
God tier: Page of Time

[Image: snailtroll_zps82e069b3.png]
> Be the narrow minded bookworm

Your name is Slaark Mollus and you are eight sweeps old. First of all you'd like everyone to know that you are right and they are most likely wrong. This can be up for debate, however the other party should prepare to lose as you have a tendancy to reject views that clash with yours. Sweeps of studying various subjects surely proves you are more intelligent and able to form much more realistic opinions than those around you. Obviously being a highblood also boosts your position in this, as most trolls are below you and thus have no rights what so ever to question your views. Despite being an indigo, you are not a part of religious nonsense.

After all, you have much more important things to do than worship an imaginary being. Things such as making miniatures. You love making picture perfect minatures of buildings, ships and just about anything. Of course you keep your crafts to yourself, unless someone expresses interest on buying one for a high price. Other than that you like reading books about various subjects. Some of the books you read aren't very intelligent, but you sometimes fix them to be more fitting to your views. (Incorrect information is bad after all)

You often correct people and shove your views at them, however for a good reason you do this mostly online. For such an intelligent troll you sure have the misfortune of having a minor mutation that ruins your life. Some unknown genetic error has caused your spit to become extra thick and sticky. Most of the time you can't speak at all due to this, since your jaws are glued shut. It also effects your tongue which means the rare times when you have un-glued your jaw, you still sound like a blubbering idiot. Thanks to this you really don't speak much. You also don't really go outside that much due to this. You'd rather not get murdered for the dumb mutation after all.

Your lusus, slugdad, doesn't really have an opinion on the matter. He spends most of his nights on the same spot, moving his silly eyes around and trying to grasp why the world must move so fast. Sometimes you think he has eaten something that most definitely wasn't grass.

You use a stun baton as your weapon. It servers you well.

Your trollian handle is 'stickingInformation' and you 'Talf life thith'.

Name: Slaark Mollus
Age: 8 sweeps
Bloodcolour: Indigo
Gender: You should know this by now. male.
Height: 6'0
Weapon: Stun baton
Modus: Word search (Must find the items name from a book and read it out loud)
God tier: ???? of ?????
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RE: Trollslum Profiles

[Image: Jeuwd.png]
Kantia Firnes
Your name is KANTIA FIRNES. You are 7 SWEEPS OLD. Your hive is located NEAR A CLIFF overlooking the ocean. Your shirt has ONE LONG SLEEVE and the other is SHORT SLEEVED. For a long time you PAINTED YOUR FACE due to belonging to a group who worshiped the mirthful messiahs among other things. However, you do not do this anymore for various reasons. Many of these reasons you do not think you will disclose to the public for safety reasons.

On the side, you enjoy juggling fires in your hands using torches. Your now blind eye serves as a GRIM REMINDER of you not exercising caution while you juggle them. This did not stop you from continuing to juggle them. It just set you back quite awhile. Having lost your depth perception, you had to REACQUAINT YOURSELF with your surroundings and your juggling. You still have trouble sometimes, but you do not hurt yourself quite as often as you used to.

During times when you aren't juggling you enjoy PLAYING CARDS with other trolls. You bet quite a bit of caegar's on the whole thing. Not one to be outdone when betting, you often get INTO FIGHTS because of this. When things start to seem grim, you often take what you've won and run away.

Your lusus require a LARGE DIET of other insect lusii, therefore, you spend your time between gambling and juggling catching it food. It's pretty fun, since you get to see all the different lusii that are around. Unfortunate that they will never be the custodian of a GREAT TROLL such as yourself.

Your lusus is a LARGE DRAGONFLY. You ride it around from place to place.

Your strife specibus is TORCHKIND. You keep a torch, with a cloth end soaked in gasoline. The torches carry the gasoline and you can release it to douse your enemies in flames. Most of the time, you just beat them to a pulp and save the gasoline to get rid of the body later.

Your fetch modus is called the WHISTLE MODUS. You examine the back of the card, memorize the tune, and whistle it out. If you get it wrong, the card resets to a different tune and you must do the same over and over until you either give up or retrieve the item.

Your troll tag is torchFire and You type with some kinda accent or somethin.


[Image: MF7wVep.png]

Shyama Patsle

Your name is SHYAMA PATSLE and you are 7 SWEEPS OLD.

You are COLORBLIND. Ever since you can remember, you've had trouble seeing the colors of other trolls. You have the most difficult time when it comes to those of the blue, green, and red caste. As time goes on, you are getting more and more AQCUAINTED WITH IT. However, even now, it's still rather hard to pinpoint the blood color of those castes. This doesn't really bother you, since most trolls will tell you their blood color. A lot of times, however, they don't. This can be aggrevating and so you sometimes THREATEN them if they don't oblige.

You have a certain FIXATION WITH GLUE. The way it sticks things together, the way it CAN STOP trolls in their tracks when you USE ENOUGH. There are just so many ways you can DESCRIBE your affection for it. Of course, as a SEADWELLER you try to GLUE FINS to everything around you. Others have problems with this and thus, you get ASSAILED by other trolls for this.

While you do enjoy glueing a good fin to a chair or table, you also enjoy READING. Most of the time, these books are ones with battle plans for your future in the fleet. You do enjoy a good comedy or romance book, but you most enjoy FANTASY BOOKS about other planets that have been written. They almost always end in everything on the planet dying.

Speaking of the fleet, you are hard at work planning your future IN THE FLEET. From coming up with plans on how to take down planets that you read about to even thinking of what jobs each caste would do, you are always planning. This is VERY EXCITING to you and you believe that one day you'll be a great captain of a ship. Not as great as your empress of course.

Your lusus is a GIANT HYDRA. It's long tendrils reach out AND GRAB the other trolls that you bring to it. Sometimes, it LOSES a tendril. When it does, it usually REGENERATES a new one in a few days time. You wish you could do that, but that would be JUST PLAIN SILLY. Either way, you don't really have to FEED YOUR LUSUS that often since it can just as easily CATCH IT'S OWN food.

Your STRIFE SPECIBI is set to WHIPKIND. Your whips are made of YOUR LUSII'S TENDRILS. You just GLUED THEM to a handle for easier use. However, you are always changing and making more because they will eventually wear down. Because they were ONCE ORGANIC, they wear down rather fast.

Your FETCH MODUS is set to COLORKIND. To obtain the item you want, you must guess the color it's card is correctly. You set it this way so you may better yourself at guessing BLOOD COLORS. At times, it is hard to do it and so you sometimes forget about others you're talking to or around. This is a problem when something big is in the card you're TRYING TO GUESS.

Your trolltag is stickyVulgaris and Shyama spEaks in thE third pErson a Lot. Shyama aLso capitaLizEs aLL the LEttErs in GLUE.
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RE: Trollslum Profiles

[Image: ublichsprite2.png]
Ublich Dopant

Your name is UBLICH DOPANT and as far as you can tell you are at least 9 SWEEPS old. Your blood is PURPLE and as such you are expected to be an enforcer of sorts for the royal caste. However, you've taken to a life of isolation. You've felt your time and efforts could be best spent on perfecting your craft as an APOTHECORRUPTOR. So you have little to no involvement in Highblood-Royalblood relations, yet. You spend countless nights and sleepless days toiling away inside your insidious HIVE trying to uncover the secrets of Alternia's ORGANIC population. This, of course includes the troll population.

Speaking of your hive you are cozily located far from prying eyes in your SWAMP. Where your only worry are the odd flarper that ventures too deep and the filthy gypsies that hide away in it. A few of which who have become subjects for your EXPERIMENTS. For the sake of PROGRESS, nothing can be considered too heinous or immoral. In fact, you seem to have thrown morality completely out the metaphorical window. This lack of medical morals has left some with a poor OPINION of you. Calling you such things as DEVIL and INSANE behind closed doors.

Let none say you never gave your VICTIMS a chance, though. You fancied yourself a GAMBLING troll and always let them attempt a chance at winning their LIVES back. This generally involved traditional games of your region. Poker, black jack, dice, and roulette respectively. You not only were GOOD at them but were a skilled CHEATER as well. You have yet to lose a bet so far. But you are not always so lucky as to get a victim. Sometimes progress can't wait for luck to go your way and you've been forced to EXPERIMENT upon YOURSELF.

Experimenting on yourself has taken a harsh toll on your HEALTH. PAIN of experimenting on yourself became too much for you. In an act of DESPERATION you had tweaked your nerves resulting in the inability to FEEL anything. A mistake you still REGRET to this day. Your tainted body continues on even further with your proud and noble purple blood becoming tainted and harmful. Any contact with it from anyone other than you would quickly find themselves numb and paralyzed temporarily.

At some point in your life you've taken a hobby of HABERDASHERY, enjoying the crafting of fine HEADWEAR. It was a coping mechanism for when you've become frustrated with work. But soon grew into another horrible obsession, The method you used was ARCHAIC at best and the chemicals used has cause you to take on the symptoms of MAD HATTER disease. Your body left weaker than the regular Highblood and your pan hazy and confused at times.

With your memory dwindling because of this, what was once filled with childhood joys soon were replaced by formulae and mathematics. Your own age even escapes you now. Only thing keeping you together being the dates you keep on every JOURNAL.

Despite your disabilities, you fancy yourself a ROMANTIC. But alas, you have quadrants as bare as a red-blood's pantry. However most recently a dubious troll has stolen your SPADE. This particular troll is the first ever to fall into your hive-trap and ESCAPE. Not only damaging your EGO but also breaking your HORN in the process. You've taken to dedicating your self to hunting down this troll and evening the score.

While unfortunate as your chance encounter with this wretched troll was, it was about time you left your hive. So many sweeps and nary a QUADRANT? It was about time you squared them away and dodge the inevitable drone bullet heading your way. With your proper demeanor and sly talking who could RESIST a troll such as you anyways? None you could think of anyways!

In your lonesome quadrant and friendless life, you've come to find comfort in lady luck and an actual spiritual guidance. Your DECK OF PLAYING CARDS being your most favorite possession. You've gone so far as to make them your Strife Specibus. Giving you a keen aim and nimble wrists. Your nimbleness further improved by your love of tricks and the art of SLEIGHT-OF-HAND. In fact you rely on your deft hands all the time with your SLEIGHT-OF-HAND Modus. Though, sometimes it becomes a burden when you find your self pulling out, once again, 20ft of tied together handkerchiefs or a dead hopbeast. You swear you've never captchalogued them and yet there they are.

Your trolltag is confusedHaberdasher and you type “[|:| slyly with a slight HATtention to HATs, mon ami.” while your laughter can be heard echoing in the swamps.
[Image: Ublichcharactersheetfinal.png]
[Image: Semocebysilvysheissocuteandniceohmygod.png]
Semoce Hoglaz

Your name is SEMOCE HOGLAZ and you are SEVEN AND A HALF SWEEPS old. You are the master failure of FEAR.

Sadly you fall in the worst possible position in the RED caste. But hey on the bright side you have been hatched with the exceptionally useful ABILITY to psychically fill a victim with FEAR, it is simply a SHAME there hasn't been a troll hatched low enough to fall susceptible to it. But did this stop you from pursuing your rightful place as the MASTER OF FEAR? No, but the other trolls who enjoy grabbing you and stuffing STRAW into your clothing has certainly put a major SPEED BUMP on the road to TERROR KING. When not being TROLL-HANDLED ROUGHLY by your PEERS you often abuse the beasts in the wild with your power to entertain you and fuel your fragile EGO.

Because of your power falling victim to the HEMOSPECTRUM you have developed nothing but scorn and hatred for it. This however does not mean you've gathered the COURAGE to say anything about it. It's hard to start a rebellion when ever your PEERS look down on you. You long for the day when all colors bow before you in TERROR. Which of course will happen some night soon, right?

Too make ends meet you work on a NUTRIENTS FARM scaring off small FEATHERBEASTS away in exchange for ceagars. While being a living SCARECROW humiliates you causing said beasts to run in fear of you brings you one of your few joys in life. This pay fuels your lonesome hobby of reading STORY BOOKS. You enjoy them so much that you are sometimes known for QUOTING them. With your harsh life on ALTERNIA their fictitious ESCAPES is all you have to keep yourself relatively SANE. Your favorites of course being all in the HORROR genre though you hold a specially place in your blood pump for the EDGY FAIRY TALES OF BAD ENDINGS. Some call them wrigglerish and silly, but to you they are a golden treasure of a golden age of SADNESS.

Keeping you alive is a FEATHERBEAST Lusus. This specific FEATHERBEAST is very RAVEN like if it had been compared to human birds. Well if you ignore the three eyes. It often wonders how it raised such a failure of a troll. One would think constantly scaring the DICKENS out you would teach you a thing or two on how to behave. But no, you drive your Lusus to drink and wish he chose another.

Your fetch modus is MURDER. Haha! No silly, you are not murdering anyone! All your inventory flocks together in such a lovely mess it's like a murder of crows in there. Good luck finding anything amongst all those captcha-cards. In the violence department you wield the fearsome FORKKIND. Well it would be fearsome if the only viable weapon in the kind you own wasn't a silly old PITCHFORK.

Your trolltag is ornithoPhobiac and when you laugh you tend to get a little out of CAWntrol, CAW CAW CAW CAW!
[Image: samaellanternsmilingeager.png]
Samael Annapa

Your name is SAMAEL ANNAPA and you are 6.5 sweep old today! Too bad half wriggling days don't count! Then again, real wriggling days don't mean anything to you either! Your blood color is CERULEAN and You reside north of the swamps and east of the nearest city. You travel to both frequently on your small RIVERBOAT you made yourself. On your journey you try to educate trolls on the AFTERLIFE. Unlike other DEATH obsessed trolls you don't desire to cull in great quantities. You simply wish to prepare trolls for their UNTIMELY DEMISE. The AFTERLIFE has always been a topic of both interest and curiosity to you. You do not fear it, but you also do not live in ignorance of it. Your duty to the AFTERLIFE doesn't end there. You also are a practiced UNDERTAKER. You make it your goal to perform sacred rights and BURNINGS of all corpses you come across lest they RISE UP ONCE MORE. Though you get to meet, befriend, and give final farewells to many trolls] in Alternia this way, your only true friend is your JACKALBEAST lusus. While he doesn't talk much, he is a firm protector to you while you embark on your duties to the AFTERLIFE. You are a curious troll to say the least.

Your opinion on theHEMOSPECTRUM is the same as how you feel about death, it's a part of life. Though, you choose to mask yourself as to lessen the bias of BOTH ENDS OF THE SPECTRUM when doing your work with dying trolls.

You also have found a fondness for certain activities in your travels. You've gotten pretty good at GAMES of the TRADITIONAL variety. Ones meant to be played between two trolls like connect quads and chexers. In fact, you fancy yourself pretty savvy at these sort of games. When in your lonesome on your RIVER travels, you've taken to playing music with the BONES instrument. Music is actually another big part of your life. As many ears as you can talk off about the AFTERLIFE you could do with music as well. Everything in the realm of spirituality seems to find itself on your tongue when speaking with others.

Your strife specibus is LAMPKIND. Specifically the LAMP you use to guide your RIVERBOAT. Not only does it guide the RIVERBOAT but it double for your modus. You guide your inventory out and into the plain of existence. Your troll tag is guidedFerryman and you e☠emPlIfy your devotIon to the afteRlIfe.
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Oh no.

==> Be the psychopathic cultist clown

[Image: XomboxGrinCA.png]

You are now Xombox Zyltra, an 8 sweep year old troll. Born of indigo blood with a hyena lusus, your life has been a veritable hell for all your conscious memory. Maybe it was due to the fact that after the drones built your hive, your lusus destroyed your recuperacoon so you could never understand the soporific influence that quells other trolls darker natures. Maybe it's because you constantly hear a string of murderous words in the back of your thinkpan. Maybe it's because your lusus has always expressed an almost constant need for flesh. Troll flesh. In fact, it was all you had known too. At a very young age your guardian had taught you the arts of hunting and stalking. You loved the thrill of the chase, the inevitable capture, but you soon found that trolls not only represented a source of food for you, but also a source of fascination. A fascination with death. You just found it so captivating to watch the final source of their life leave their eyes. Death is the end, and the start of the truly unknown. In life you can spend your entire existence discovering everything the universe has to offer, but none know what lies beyond the black veil of nonlife. It excites you to no end, watching that flicker of being fade away from their eyes.

But of course, you couldn't just be an sociopathic serial killer the whole time. What kind of sick fucker would you be then? Before long you found the wonders and joys of the grubnet, and the wonderful social contact that it brought. It wasn't too long before you where impersonating trolls on other spots on the hemospectrum to lure them to your hive. Prey had become scarce in your area due to your and your lusus' rampages and you had to find another source of food, not wanting to leave the vicinity of your hive. Before too long you became a devil with a digital silver tongue, one who could get along with anyone and everyone without them ever knowing the real you.

It was around this time when you discovered the teachings of the Capricious Minstrels. You don't even exactly remember how you stumbled upon them, all you know is you heard one of their songs and after that you were hooked. You were plagued with a nearly religious fervor for the duo, scouring the corners of the grubnet for any scrap of their music. It just spoke to you. The things they said made sense. It was like they had written their lyrical stylings specifically for you somehow. They spoke of the wicked, the evil, the twisted, the sick, the deranged, the psychotic. How could you possibly not fall into this group? How could you not love a group that writes entire songs about killing motherfuckers? It was just a perfect match.

It was because of this new style of yours that you began to actually become you. You struck out on the grubnet as yourself for once in an attempt to find others like you. You found them. The Subjugglators. They accepted you immediately, and it was then that you began to have actual physical interaction with other trolls without violently mutilating and dismembering them. You learned the concept of fun and having a good time. You found yourself falling in love with soporific substances and a lessening in the murderous rage that consumes your being. Before too long you found yourself involved in some rather nefarious activities due to your clique of interaction, you found yourself bulge deep in Alternia's underworld. Your skills in murder and a newfound love for torture proved very useful, and before long you found yourself with a vast quantity of wealth and a plethora of seadweller contacts.

Some of your interests include technology in general, video games in particular, action, horror, and comedy movies, comic books, reading novels, and writing. You host your own blog detailing your murders, complete with videos. You spend a lot of your time "making movies" and posting them to your blog and you have established something of a cult following due to the creative ways you have found to terminate troll's existences. You have always had a passion for martial arts and have practiced it regularly throughout your life, most of your time not spent on your blog devoted to exercising and honing your skills. You use a RANDOM modus, always have and not entirely sure why. In fact, you're not entirely sure why you do any of this. You just know that you do. It feels natural. You feel no need to change, and there doesn't seem to be any hope that you will.

==> Be the dim-witted gambler
[Image: Velten_zps5e732d97.png]

Your name is Velten Akulze, a maroon-blood troll with a barkbeast lusus. You enjoy cards; gambling or cheap tricks and sleight of hand, it doesn't matter. Mostly gambling, helped alongside your love of cowboy movies. It was that very love that you lost your eye to rather sore-losing Subjuggulator with his knife. As such, you don't really like clowns too much. In fact, some might call you a wimp due to your sudden hesitation to do anything. Even going to your regular gambling events was a chore. You'd probably have agoraphobia if you didn't force yourself to garden to get over just going outside. You also spend quite some time practicing your electrokinetic powers. You only have enough power to stun small animals but yeah, it beats not having any powers in your secret quest to become a superhero. You use a DECK modus to randomly select a blank item you've captchalogued and then reveal it to retrieve it.

It’s too bad that stupidity isn't painful. Ignorance is one thing, but our society thrives increasingly on stupidity. It depends on people going along with whatever they are told. The media promotes a cultivated stupidity as a posture that is not only acceptable but laudable. -Anton Szandor LaVey

[Image: 4GOEnp0.gif]
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RE: Trollslum Profiles
[Image: cardie20.png]

Your name is Cardie Medisa and you are a 7.5 sweep old medic
As one can see you are on the lower end of the spectrum. Not that this bothers you its just a fact of life that you can't change and just show the respect to the highbloods that will keep you out of trouble and that's usually the end of the it. You are a nervous individual and it takes sometime for you to open up to someone; in fact, you used to you would lock yourself up in your hive for weeks at a time when you were younger, but since you meet your moirail she's been helping you come out of your shell so to speak. Though anyone above blue still sends you into a mini panic attack sometimes.
When someone does manage to get to know you they find that you are not a normal troll. You are one of the rare trolls that hates violence and you can't seem to wrap your head around why everyone else takes such enjoyment out of causing pain to someone else. You also find it to be near impossible for you to injure anyone or anything so dispite your lusus's attempts to help you have become a vegitarian. All of this combined with your psychic ability has lead to you continuing your ancestors legacy as a healer to any and all trolls that come your way.
You do have developed a few interests outside of your healing over the sweeps. You enjoy gardening and you now have a large garden that almost completly encircles your hive and gives you almost all the food you need and then some. You've also developed a bit of a fascination with legends of ghosts and the paranormal. You haven't meet one before but you think it's interesting to wonder what happens to someone after they die.
Now your ability is one you find hard to explain to others as you're not to sure how it works yourself. All you know is that if you touch someone you can feel what's wrong with them. That's the useful side of it anyway. The bad side of being able to know all of this is that you end up feeling some of their pain in the process. This being the case you prefer not to use this ability and reserve it only for cases where you can't figure out what's wrong with someone on your own.
Your hive is a typical lowblood hive with the exception of a glass dome that takes up most of the roof and is the home of your lusus, and most of the rooms ,with the exception of your repriteblock, has been modified to function as a small hospital conplete with an extra repriteblock with recupparcoon taken from a neighbor after he was drafted and his hive torn down to make room for newer ones, and an clean room of sorts that can be used as an operating room when the need arises.
Your lusus, Momma, as mentioned before doesn't completly agree with your choice of lifestyle. She's a large dog/bat hybrid with the body style of a large dog complete with a very fuzzy tail but with the large ears and wings of a bat in place of front paws. She's very protective of you and the area surrounding your hive which is situated on the edge of a forest overlooking a large expance of plainlands. There's not much to see out there but it's easy hunting grounds for her. For some reason she's taken to having an odd sleep schedule. She sleeps during the night while your awake and is awake during the day while your asleep. You get to see eachother for a hour or so each day before she goes off to hunt and you have to go inside or risk being blinded by the sun.
Your rarely used strife specibus is set to staffkind. You rarely use it and really only have it to appease Momma. If push comes to shove you'd rather run and hide or use the bottle of ether you usually keep in your modus for emergencies. Your fetch modus is set to disection. To retrieve an item from it you have to cut the item out of a section of the ghost image that appears on the screen.
Your trolltag is medicalSprout and You can't s-seem to shake your wr-wrigglerhood stutter.

[Image: 7lAJz.png]

Your name is Zavana Lunate and you are a 8 sweep old greenblood.
One thing trolls will notice right off the bat about you is that you appear to be a klutz and are always hurting yourself. This actually is not the case as you are normally a very careful troll but rather these injuries are caused by an issue with your body that has made your bones and horns to start to grow brittle when you were 6 sweeps. In other words much earlier than they should have. A condition humans would call osteoporosis if you knew what the heck a human was. As a result you have to be careful of how you do things and have had your horns wrapped in plaster as a procotionary messure to keep them from being broken off so easily.
Anyway despite your condition and the possibility that you will be culled due to it rather than being allowed to join the fleet you like to live each night to it's fullest and haven't given much thought to quadrants for that very same reason. When you are mobile enough to get around you like to go outside of the city and wander around to places you've never been before. When you can't do this you can be found in your hivesteam cooking, reading, playing video games or watching science fiction movies. This is good for you since you make enough to live by writing newspaper and internet articles about what's going on in the world or reviewing the latest books and movies.
Your dalmation lusus tries to help but she does get in the way sometimes and had been the cause of a couple hospital visits thanks to her habit of sleeping at the top of the stairs leading out of your section of the hivestem and the fact that your not a evening troll. She is as loyal as any barkbeast and likes to stick by your side when your out but can get snappy around other trolls.
You don't like to fight but when you can't talk you way out of the situation or run away from it you use your javelinkind specibus. It's good for you since the act of throwing or stabbing someone doesn't bother your condition to much but at the same time blocking and taking hits yourself can be a major issue. If all else fails it doesn't feel good to get wacked in the side of the head with a crutch either.
Your trolltag is [color='#3F6605']verdantJavelin[/color]and [color='#3F6605'][/color]
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RE: Trollslum Profiles
[Image: dennuosprite1_by_meltlteddy-d5ydezq.gif]

> Be the adorably handsome and sweet highblood.

No wonder so many trolls Like me! Must'√e been some good I'√e done.

> Enter Name.

Your name is DENNUO √ALORE.
Your lusus, who was an exotic SEA BEAST, died of a sickness
a sweep or two ago - you don't remember when he died, but your
LUSUS was a STRICT and a BIT AIR-HEADED. You loved him anyway.
There are many things and trolls you LOVE, but no love of
yours could compare to the love shared between YOU and your
MATESPRIT. She is a wonderful and sweet individual, and you have
the CAPACITY to actually CHANGE HER ATTITTUDE towards other trolls.
In fact, you two get along so well that you believe nothing could
separate you two, not even death.
Other than your BELOVED MATESPRIT, you have a positive
attitude towards almost every troll, creature, or whatever you
meet. It's just you. You love being NICE and GENEROUS for
everybody, even though almost all trolls out there have lower blood
than you.
Speaking of BLOOD COLOR, yours is TYRIAN PURPLE, meaning
you have one of the highest color shades in all of ALTERNIA. That
means you're considered VERY HIGH ROYALTY. You don't really seem to
mind that; you know that even the snottiest, richest, poorest, and
ruthless have at least a speck of GOODNESS in them. It made you
kind of STUBBORNLY UNYIELDING, since you believe so much in finding
the GOOD in others.
Since you like taking WALKS alongside the shore of your
UNDERWATER HIVE, you also love to collect precious materials like
PEARLS, SHELLS, and even random things that might be considered
TRASH to other trolls. Other than that, you love EXPLORING and
SOCIALIZING. You barely spend time in your hive, since your LUSUS
isn't there anymore.
Once you collect things, there's no knowing what you might
do with them. Some of the PRECIOUS THINGS could be turned into
JEWELLERY or ACCESSORIES for you to wear - some turn into multiple
things, like KNICK-KNACKS or other somewhat-useful items. With that
said, you are a VERY CREATIVE troll (and others see it too), but
you just don't know it.
So many trolls look up to you, but you NEVER REALIZED it
yet. You're so NICE to them that they'd literally lay down and cry
at just how perfect you are. Your MATESPRIT is a very lucky troll,
and thankfully, she knows that.
Ever since an incident happened to you, you're quite deaf. You can't hear anybody, but at least you try to listen.

Name: Dennuo Valore
Blood colour/Hex: #a008a3
Gender: Male
Age: 8 Alternian Sweeps
TrollTag: tenaciousTreasurer
Quirk: v = √
Strife Specibus: canekind
Fetch Modus: Collector Modus
Lusus: Sea Beast (Dad)
Interests: Collecting

[Image: zitrixsprite_by_meltlteddy-d5pzdl4.png] [Image: zitrixtalksprite_by_meltlteddy-d5qo3tv.png]

> Be the insensitively loud troll.

Hey!! Llook who's tallkin' with the 'insensitive' crud there!!

> Enter name.

Your name is ZITRIX AUDACI.
You love PLUSHIES with all your little troll heart. Or, at
least, you /think/ you do.
Your LUSUS, who was a giant seagull, disapproves of
PLUSHIES, but lets you keep them anyway. Your SEAGULLUSUS was very
LOUD, BOSSY, and kind of DEMANDING, but you put up with it. She
already passed, and you can't help but mourn over her sometimes.
Her death was caused by your stupid fish neighbour. You're so
getting her back for that.
You barely see any other TROLLS during the night. They are
always BUSY. You're quite LONELY, and this made you very UNSTABLE.
It's easy for you to make friends, but it's difficult to stop
yourself from judging all of them. In fact, the lowbloods disgust
you. It's a wonder why you even have a moirail with BLUE blood.
Your blood is freaking indigo. At least you have a wonderful matesprit.
You're sort of an INSENSITIVE DOUCHEBAG. But you're still a
very LOYAL friend. You are highly placed in troll society, but you
certainly don't act like it. Just because you live in a large hive,
that doesn't mean you're neat and orderly. You'd rather throw
things everywhere out of ANGER! (Everything except your wonderful
plushies.) You'll never find a true friend! All trolls are
insignificant to you. The only ones you're really nervous around
are the fuchsia bloods, since they're a higher blood color than
you. AND one fuchsia blood even killed your lusus.
You have minimal understanding of others's feelings because
you're still trying to FIGURE YOURSELF OUT. It's hard being a troll
who really wants to be nice. It's rare, though, for you to give
someone a compliment rather than an insult. It's just you, despite
the fact that you're adorable.
You don't really like wearing FACE PAINT. It's not because
you don't like face paint, you just don't really feel like it. In
fact, you're pretty LAZY when it comes to Subjugglator make-up.
You'd rather let your blood color show you off, not the face.
Your PLUSHIES are the gateways to your soul. They
understand all the PAIN and ANGER you've been through. You CONSULT
them often to talk about the day's ACTIVITIES and so-called
'FRIENDS'. Then you do some art, like painting or drawing. However,
your art is almost always AGGRESSIVE or DEPRESSING, since you
draw/paint when you're upset. Nobody knows what you go through, do
Your Trolltag is hystericVirtuoso. Your speech's quite sllan9 'n different from some trolllls!!

Name: Zitrix Audaci
Blood colour/Hex: #2b0057
Gender: Female
Age: 6 and a half Alternian Sweeps
TrollTag: hystericVirtuoso
Quirk: g = 9
l or LL = ll or LL
And any punctuation is doublled,, llike this..
Strife Specibus: chainwhipkind
Fetch Modus: Canvas Modus
Lusus: Seagull (Mom)
Interests: Plushies
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RE: Trollslum Profiles
Yeah I basically shat this profile out in 5 minutes


>Be the antagonistic wetworker.

[Image: qFXjMzX.png]

da fuck did you jus' call me.

Name: Martis Lancia
Blood colour/Hex: Red/#B22222
Sex: Male
Age: 8 sweeps (edging on to 9)
TrollTag: bellicoseTheatricist
Quirk: talks entirely in lower case, 'cept when referrin' to Her Imperious Condescension. uses a lotta informal contractions 'n apostrophes, 'n if yer familiar wit' earthly accents he might remind ya of a brooklynite. but ya probably ain't, 'n if ya are, chances are good he'll stab ya. purge da xeno scum.
Strife Specibus: spearKind/knifeKind/pistolKind (.357 Magnum)/psionics
Psionic Power: Pyrokinesis
Fetch Modus: Blackjack (must win a game of Blackjack against the specibus' Ghost Dealer to retrieve an item)
Lusus: Ramdad
Hobbies: Playing the piano, bit of gardening, his profession.
Profession: Hitman (not an assassin, a hitman)/small time arms dealing.
Additional: Has a drinking problem, an embarrasingly sweet tooth, and a slight tropane alkaloid habit. Bluh bluh huge jerk.
*God Tier: Heir of Rage
*Game Land: Land of Oil and Drought
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RE: Trollslum Profiles
Alscia Chioni
Kaptey Devata
Elerie Issnek
Zachar Jansen
Shelia Caruta
Altair Spalva (profile unfinished)
Zradny Thosan
Nhavan Pranya
Samten Dorado
Rotana Tokufu
Anawar Celise

[Image: EyesNeutral.png][Image: WithEyesMini.png]


Namely, you still have not learned HUMILITY. You are a lowly DARK REDBLOOD, the lowest of the low, yet you insist upon being treated with RESPECT by other trolls, even highbloods. Naturally, that's gotten you into a lot of trouble ever since you first left your hive when you were six sweeps old. Cocky redbloods are trouble magnets, apparently, and the past sweep or so has felt like a string of different tortures. As a result of various PUNISHMENTS by highbloods you have angered, you have had your EYES removed, your HANDS cut off, and various SCARS cut into most of your body. You are absolutely TERRIFIED of highbloods though you try to hide this the best you can, and you particularly fear indigobloods, even more so subjugglators.

You're really not sure how you're even still ALIVE. Somehow you have had the LUCK (or UNLUCK, as you would tend to call it) to somehow find trolls who care about you enough to want to PROTECT YOU. Right now that is just your MOIRAIL, whose hive you live in and who built you ROBOTIC HANDS. He even feeds you through IVs because eating makes you panic. He's really the only troll you've got who actually still likes you, mainly because you are COCKY and COMPLETELY FULL OF YOURSELF. You have far too much pride for somebody of your caste, and nothing that has happened to you so far has really done anything to cut your pride down.

You have few INTERESTS lately. You used to love to READ, and your passion was SCULPTING ever since you were a young wriggler. For a while, you made a lot of caegars from selling your work. Being blind for so long and unable to feel any sensation due to your robotic hands made you fall a bit out of practice, but you're hoping to get good again. You frequent PESTERCHUM and the INTERNET, though you don't really do much online other than read. Now that you finally have your sight back, you can actually READ again.

You have a POWER, which you call CRYOKINESIS. It actually has nothing to do with ice manipulation, but you think using that term for it sounds cool. You make everything around you very COLD, a sort of specialized telekinesis that involves slowing down molecules. You don't actually know how it works because you weren't schoolfed long enough to know what molecules even are, but you know how to use it. Sort of. You actually have no idea how to CONTROL your power whatsoever. Which makes things very difficult for trolls close to you.

You haven't seen your lusus, LYNXMOM, ever since you moved out, but you don't really miss her. She was never around when you were young, and the two of you used to make a point of avoiding each other as much as possible.

You fight with the KNIFEKIND specibus, preferring to use an easily-concealable swtichblade. Fighting is usually your last resort, as you aren't very strong and fights with you tend to be really one-sided. You're really amazed and rather disappointed that you aren't DEAD yet. The only reason you haven't OFFED YOURSELF, despite multiple attempts, is that you are afraid to leave your moirail alone. Mainly you rely on him to protect you.

Your trolltag is superiorSculptor and you tend to make your hIgh opInIon of yourSELF known.

Name: Alscia Chioni
Age: Seven Sweeps
Gender: Female
Height: 5'11"
Blood Color: Dark Red (#550000)
Trolltag: superiorSculptor
Quirk: Capitalizes ME, MYSELF, and I. No other capitalization, only punctuation is periods.
Lusus: Lynx
Specibus: knifeKind
Modus: sculpty
Title: Maid of Light
Land: Land of Gust and Sun

[Image: Basic.png][Image: KapMiniUpdated.png]

Your name is KAPTEY DEVATA, and you don't plan on staying here for very long.

You tend to MOVE AROUND A LOT, mostly because you are easily bored and love to explore. You keep telling yourself you're going to SETTLE DOWN, make lasting relationships, find some QUADRANTS, and actually build a decent life for yourself. Once, you even managed to find yourself a MOIRAIL. But you've got a WANDERLUST in you that just can't stay in one place, so every few perigrees you pack up your stuff and go searching for a new place.

You've had ARTISTIC INCLINATIONS for as long as you can remember, and feel most comfortable when you are DRAWING. Whenever you are stressed or bored, you draw on ANYTHING YOU CAN FIND – most often walls and furniture. In fact, you usually leave a hive when you've finished drawing on all of the walls. You use this artistic talent to make caegars as a TATTOO ARTIST, having learned to tattoo by using YOURSELF as a practice canvas. As a result, nearly your ENTIRE BODY is tattooed. You are extremely proud of your work, and display as much of it as possible.

The one thing that you value most in life is FREEDOM. One of your earliest tattoos was the word freedom along your arm, which you did to REMIND YOURSELF what was important. You absolutely HATE being tied down, which is one of the biggest reasons why you lead such a NOMADIC lifestyle. Unfortunately, it also tends to lead to a lot of QUADRANT PROBLEMS, and you have never had a stable quadrant. You're just too FICKLE, and you move around too much.

The LOVE OF YOUR LIFE is the black and orange MOTORCYCLE that you bought for yourself about a sweep ago. It was originally broken-down and barely ran, but you've since fixed it up. It still gives you the occasional problem, but you take better care of your bike than you do of yourself, even going so far as to NAME IT. (You call it Rocket, but sometimes just refer to it as "bebv". Not all that creative.) Most of the Caegars you make from tattooing go toward FUEL for your bike.

You do have a sort of POWER, although you like to say that you actually have TWO POWERS. The first one is that the powers of other lowbloods DON'T AFFECT YOU. You seem to have the psychic resistance of a seadweller! The second isn't really a power, more of a MUTATION that you hate to admit is actually a mutation. You don't feel pain. Of course, you can still get injured, but not feeling pain comes in handy during FIGHTS sometimes. Other times, it nearly kills you because you DON'T KNOW how badly you are injured.

When you can get it, you love a good SOPORIFIC BEVERAGE. It helps you RELAX, sometimes a bit too much. You frequently wake up with no memory of what happened the night before, which is something that frightens you. However, it doesn't frighten you enough to make you stop drinking. You enjoy it too much. You can't really afford this habit, and if it wasn't for your nomadic lifestyle, you'd probably be dead because of your debt.

Your trolltag is vagrantVirtuoso, and you Write out vour eccent (thet vou geve vourself in order to sound tough) phoneticellv.

Name: Kaptey Devata
Age: Eight Sweeps
Gender: Female
Height: 5'4"
Blood Color: Reddish-orangey (#BB3300) (Right on the cusp between red and brown)
Trolltag: vagrantVirtuoso
Quirk: a = e, y = v
Lusus: Butterfly
Specibus: needlekind
Modus: Connect the Dots
Title: Heir of Space
Land: Land of Maps and Frogs

[Image: ezimba16966291134500.png]

Your name is ELERIE ISSNEK and you have a way of seeming PERPETUALLY SUSPICIOUS.

Maybe it's the fact that you always wear a cloak with a HOOD that partially covers your face, or the fact that you HATE TALKING ABOUT YOURSELF. Or maybe it's just because you always act like you're trying to AVOID SOMEBODY. Or everybody. You don't really seem all that trusting of people in general.

That's why it's a good thing that you were born with BRIGHT GOLD BLOOD, gifting you with the POWER to make people not notice you! Well, that's not entirely accurate. Your power really only allows you to SHIFT SOMEBODY'S FOCUS to whatever you want them to pay attention to. Usually you just use it to avoid being noticed when you don't want to be, or escape quickly from an awkward or dangerous situation.

Most people would describe you as sort of twitchy and paranoid. You're HYPER-AWARE of your surroundings, and you're always making sure you have an exit strategy in any situation. You also maintain a healthy debilitating fear of highbloods, particularly of seadwellers. Almost all of your interactions are with lowbloods, who you tend to feel somewhat safer around. Still, you never let your guard down.

Your hobbies primarily consist of CONSTANT VIGILANCE, though you also enjoy MAKING POISONS from various plants that grow in the thick jungle you call home. Poison is neat and gives you an outlet for your creativity! You also enjoy PARKOUR, though rather than the usual cool flips and tricks, you enjoy finding the most direct route between point a and point b. You're rather delicate, though, and sometimes this particular hobby gets you hurt. It hasn't gotten you dead yet, though!

You rely heavily on your BLOWGUNKIND specibus to help keep you from dying, as well. You fight using poisoned darts that you treat with the venom of your lusus, a LARGE, VENOMOUS SNAKE. You probably have a fetch modus, too, but nobody has ever seen you take anything out of it.

Your trolltag is damagedDiligence and you Sspeek in e perpetuelly husshed tone of voice.

Name: Elerie Issnek
Age: Eight Sweeps
Gender: Female
Height: 5'5"
Blood Color: Gold
Trolltag: damagedDiligence
Quirk: a = e, doubles s's
Lusus: Venomous Snake
Specibus: blowgunKind


[Image: MyHandHurts.png]
Your name is ZACHAR JANSEN and you're pretty sure that everyone around you is working with the ALIENS.

Most trolls would describe you as an CRAZY LITTLE TWIT. You disagree. You think you're perfectly sane, saner than everyone else. See, you hear what you're positive are ALIEN TRANSMISSIONS from a group of aliens planning on TAKING OVER and DESTROYING Alternia. Calling yourself the Prophet, you have made it your duty to STOP THEM, because you are the ONLY TROLL WHO CAN. Most trolls who hear your theories assume that you are 100% INSANSE and should be slated for culling, so most of your social interaction now takes place ONLINE. Your hive is on the outskirts of troll civilization, made up of a series of UNDERGROUND TUNNELS beneath an ugly old shack.

Your hobbies include DIGGING TUNNELS, and then SETTING TRAPS to protect those tunnels from possible alien invaders. You're also the single BIGGEST CONSUMER OF TINFOIL on the entirety of Alternia. You have it shipped to your hive twice a perigree, and you have literally LINED THE WALLS of every tunnel that makes up your hive with TINFOIL. You can't get enough of the stuff, wrapping everything important to you in it. You think that the layers of tinfoil are the ONLY THING protecting your mind from being controlled by the aliens. That, and the fact that you VERY RARELY SLEEP. Sleeping makes the transmissions stronger.

You are a bit of an APOCALYPSE BUFF, since you think everyone should be prepared for the coming apocalypse that you are sure is going to happen. Therefore, you have a nice collection of apocalypse-related BOOKS AND MOVIES that you have read and watched until you can practically recite them from memory. Since you sleep so rarely, you have A LOT OF TIME ON YOUR HANDS with which you read, watch movies, and update your blog, theywalkamongus.grub. On your blog, you record all of your conspiracy theories and compile copious amounts of "EVIDENCE" to support them. You also collect supplies and weapons in multiple storage rooms built into your tunnel hive, so that you'll always have something to protect yourself during the apocalypse.

You have a really hard time with QUADRANTS. While you sometimes develop CRUSHES, your eccentricities make it difficult for you to endear yourself to other trolls, and your crushes almost always go UNREQUITED. You are extremely protective of the trolls you do manage to get close to, and tend to MEDDLE in their conflicts if you think they are in danger. You are also highly protective of your lusus, Lizarddad, and take great care to keep him even safer than yourself.

Your trolltag is pragmaticParanoid and you {Wrap your words in a protective layer of tinfoil, taking extra precautions with {Sensitive} {Information}, man!}


Name: Zachar Jansen
Age: Six Sweeps
Gender: Male
Height: 5' even
Blood Color: Olive (#556600)
Trolltag: pragmaticParanoid
Quirk: {These things}
Lusus: Lizarddad
Specibus: shotgunKind and shovelKind
Modus: conspiracy
Title: Seer of Doom
Land: Land of Press and Static


[Image: tumblr_inline_n7ffk22pMH1sfksjn.png]

Your name is SHELIA CARUTA and you are absolutely PERFECT. Nobody can argue with that.

Your lusus, MOTHER SUPREME LIONESS, has been training you since she found you to be the absolute epitome of a PROPER TROLL. This includes daily sparring sessions, which have honed your ability to DODGE as well as use your SWORDKIND specibus. You fight with a RAPIER, naturally, as it is the WEAPON OF PROPER ALTERNIAN SOCIETY.

Since your lusus cannot actually speak and can only give her orders by HARSHLY PUNISHING YOU WHEN YOU DO SOMETHING SHE DOESN'T LIKE, you go to other sources for your orders. You've found a wonderful book of ETIQUETTE, which explains everything you need to know about proper Alternian society! It includes lessons on SELF-SUFFICIENCY, HEMOSPECTRUM ADHERANCE, and LETTING YOUR LUSUS CHOOSE YOUR QUADRANTS. Your lusus punishes you less often when you follow the rules of the book, and you have come to take it as some sort of HOLY GOSPEL.

You have FEW INTERESTS, as your lusus does not like for you to get distracted from your training. She gets very angry when that happens, and in your EIGHT SWEEPS OF LIFE, you have learned how awful it is to anger Mother Supreme Lioness. When you were young she punished you so harshly that you were left with a PERMANANT LIMP. More than anything else, that's the punishment that taught you your place. As such, you only participate in her APPROVED ACTIVITIES, which are primarily made up of SEWING your own clothes, EMBROIDERY to keep your eyes sharp, and TRAINING. Lots of training. Your training primarily consists of sparring with Mother Supreme Lioness - sweeps of which has given you excellent dodging skills to compliment your fencing skill. You also practice your posture, particularly your walking, in order to disguise your limp.

You have ABSOLUTELY NO INTEREST IN MUSIC WHATSOEVER. Especially not in the VIOLIN. Beautiful as it is, music would take your attention away from your studies, and you cannot have that.

Your HIVE is in a mountainous area which you use to your advantage to train your BALANCE. The scenery is beautiful, and you like to sit right outside your hive when practicing your needlework. Whenever you aren't training, this is the activity that you find yourself doing the most. Your fetch modus is even EMBROIDERY, requiring you to stitch an outline of the object in a small pillow before you can remove it. It's quite time-intensive, so you don't captchalogue very much.

Your trolltag is exemplaryElegance and you "Speak. Slowly. And. With. Careful. Enunciation. As. A. Proper. Lady. Should."


Name: Shelia Caruta
Age: Eight Sweeps
Gender: Female
Height: 5'8"
Blood Color: Green (#006600)
Trolltag: exemplaryElegance
Quirk: Puts. A. Period. After. Every. Word. And. Capitalizes. Every. Word.
Lusus: Lioness (Mother Supreme Lioness)
Specibus: swordkind
Modus: embroidery
Title: Witch of Time
Land: Land of Sun and Song

[Image: newaltairmaybe.png][Image: Minisprite.png]

At least, as far as everyone knows, you are! You don't know how it happened, but for some reason, you never aged right. You think it's a MUTATION, which scares you. Even though you're EIGHT SWEEPS OLD, you still have the body of a THREE SWEEP OLD. It's not very fun being so little on Alternia! You know that you're going to be culled if somebody finds out about your little PROBLEM, so you do everything you can to make sure other trolls believe you're just a little wayward wriggler.

You're generally very EXCITEABLE and ENERGETIC. You can't really ever sit still for very long!

You've lived the past few sweeps in solitude, spending all of your time with your four-winged eagle lusus, EAGLEMOM, in the cave that the two of you inhabit. Eaglemom is extremely protective of you, for good reason! She's made sure to train you in the use of your SLNGSHOTKIND specibus, and you are a very good shot.

Your trolltag is aspiringAviatrix and you (\ Make your text look like it's about to fly away! /)


Name: Altair Spalva
Age: Eight Sweeps (But looks to be about three)
Gender: Female
Height: 3'6"
Blood Color: Jadeish (#009966)
Trolltag: aspiringAviatrix
Quirk: Wraps her text in (\ /), meant to look like wings.
Lusus: Eaglemom
Specibus: slngshotKind
Modus: Random Access
Title: Sylph of Hope
Land: Land of Vapor and Laughter

[Image: tumblr_inline_mk1qcr1MEt1qz4rgp.png][Image: ZradnyNormalSprite.png]

Your name is ZRADNY THOSAN and you're just a little bit TRIGGER HAPPY.

It's not your fault you have a really profound love of GUNS. They're just SO AWESOME. You refuse to fight with anything else, aside from the few FISTFIGHTS you've been in over your NINE SWEEPS on alternia. See, you have a bit of a HAIR-TRIGGER TEMPER, and have been known to be violent when angry.

You are very PROUD, and very CONFIDENT, causing some trolls to describe you as a bit of a BITCH. Why be shy and self-loathing when you're as COMPLETELY AWESOME as you are? You tend to get ANGRY when another troll suggests you're not the most BADASS thing to hit Alternia since Troll Keanu Reeves. He's pretty much your hero. You just absolutely LOVE ACTION MOVIES, and sometimes you still act them out when alone in your room, painting yourself as the hero.

Because you have an IMAGE TO UPHOLD, you've taken up typical cool-dude activities such as SMOKING, DRINKING, and making up WITTY ONE-LINERS. Unfortunately, you're not all that good at the last one. You try, but they just don't sound as cool as they do in the movies. They're still pretty funny though, which is a good thing. You love to laugh.

You also love to WATCH EVERYTHING AROUND YOU. It's important for you to know what's around you so that you don't get snuck up on, and you actually find trollwatching to be pretty interesting. To help with this, you had some SPECIAL GOGGLES commissioned with some really useful properties, including heat-seeking and minor invisibility negation. You also wear an ADJUSTABLE MONOCLE, which zooms in and out so that you can more easily target things you are shooting.

You're pretty HEMOLOYAL, generally feeling that everyone should stay in their place. Sometimes, if BORED and INEBRIATED, you will SHOOT AT LOWBLOODS just to scare them. However, you're not a mindless killer. You always MISS ON PURPOSE on these occasions. It's fun target practice for you, and serves as INTIMIDATION to make sure the lowbloods remember their place.

You love to FLIRT with other trolls. The attention FEEDS YOUR EGO and just generally makes you feel good. However, you have a policy against GETTING TOO INVOLVED. You know you need quadrants, and soon, but if you're being completely honest, romance is a TERRIFYING CONCEPT to you. You really hate feeling VULNERABLE in front of anybody. Even with the friends you do make, you tend to serve as more of a PROTECTOR, and can't bring yourself to CONFIDE in anyone. You are very OVERPROTECTIVE of your friends as a result, seeing yourself almost as a MOIRAIL to all of them. It's not exactly healthy of you.

You live with your lusus, HYDRAMOM, in a large FORTRESS sort of hive with a built-in shooting range. Hydramom is pretty cool, though you don't like to admit it for fear it might take away from your COOL-DUDE IMAGE. She does GRIEF with you a lot, though, which is really good for your fleet training. You have dreams to become a FAMOUS GUNNER in the fleet, which is just about the MOST BADASS JOB you can possibly think of.

You fight with PISTOLKIND usually, being that your favorite guns are your trusty pistols. You do also have shotgunKind, rifleKind, and the rare blndrbssKind, but those are mostly for show. You're a bit of a collector of gun-based specibi. Your fetch modus is the CALIBER modus. It forces you to identify the caliber of the gun that made a certain wound. It's actually pretty interesting, though it's incredibly difficult.

Your trolltag is savvyScout and you "tend ta talk in a bit o' an accent sometimes, ya guess."


Name: Zradny Thosan
Age: Nine Sweeps
Gender: Female
Height: 5'6"
Blood Color: Light Blue (#307496)
Trolltag: savvyScout
Quirk: I = eye, has a pretty loose accent.
Lusus: Hydramom
Specibus: pistolKind is her main one.
Modus: Caliber
Title: Knight of Rage
Land: Land of Metal and Noise


[Image: Bored.png][Image: NhavanMini.png]

Your name is NHAVAN PRANYA and you are a little OBSESSIVE, but completely HARMLESS to everyone you encounter.

You are one of the rare KIND trolls on Alternia. You pride yourself on being GENTLE and absolutely love to make friends! You tend to be very COMPLIMENTARY toward other trolls, whether they be above or below you on the hemospectrum. It's better to keep other trolls happy, after all!

Okay, so most of that is an ACT, but it is an integral part to why the hell a troll like you is still ALIVE on this planet. When you were a young wriggler, you discovered that you're REALLY NOT BUILT TO SURVIVE ON ALTERNIA. You are very small and not physically strong at all. You're not even that fast of a runner. You seem very much like you are NOT A THREAT at all to anyone. The one thing that you were blessed with is a very clever mind. You can easily analyze a social situation to discover another troll's weak points, and you keep those weak points stored in your brain just in case you ever need to make use of them. Thanks to the teachings of your lusus and your own intelligence, you've honed yourself into an EFFECTIVE KILLER.

MOMMA PORTIA, your giant spider lusus, taught you how to HUNT other trolls by gaining their trust and learning their weaknesses, and then TRAPPING and KILLING them when they least expect it. You don't kill every troll you meet, of course, as that would be stupid, but you make sure you know how if you ever need to. Everyone around you could become a THREAT to your survival at any moment, even a quadrant! Everyone must be EXPENDABLE, no matter how attached you get. Except your lusus. Momma Portia takes very good care of you and you couldn't ask for a better lusus, even if it meant that your simple hive in the valley wouldn't be so full of spiderwebs anymore. You're pretty used to the webs by now, really.

When not VETTING the trolls around you, you pour yourself into your WRITING. You write and sell trashy TROLLMANCE NOVELS, and you're constantly on the lookout for inspiration for your next novel! You carry around a NOTEBOOK with you at all times which you use to write down anything interesting that you see when you're out and about. Alongside your love of romance in your stories, you also love real life romance! You think seeing troll couples is just so cute, and you find yourself SHIPPING trolls that you know together. You keep your shipping notebook constantly updated, and even draw FANART of your ships! You like to dabble in all artistic pursuits, after all, although most trolls would say that your SINGING and DRAWING are better done in private and never shared with anyone.

You fight with NETKIND, using large nets woven from your lusus' silk. It's a specibus designed for trapping rather than direct combat, which fits your usual methods perfectly. You also keep simple old KNIFEKIND handy for when you actually have to kill somebody. Your fetch modus is the SHIPPING MODUS, which requires you to put two or more items in your sylladex into a quadrant based on their characteristics. It's a little annoying because those items can only be withdrawn together, but you think it can be kinda fun sometimes.

Your trolltag is neuroticNovelist and you Tend to shpheak in a very shopht tone oph voice.

Name: Nhavan Pranya
Age: 7.5 Sweeps
Gender: Female
Height: 4'10"
Blood Color: Faded Indigo (#816FA6)
Trolltag: neuroticNovelist
Quirk: s = sh, p = ph, f = ph
Lusus: Portia Spider
Specibus: netkind, knifekind
Title: Knight of Breath

[Image: SamtenMini.png]

Your name is SAMTEN DORADO and you are quite WELL-TRAVELED.

This, of course, is because you are the CAPTAIN of a MERCHANT SHIP, the HICS KRAKEN. You named it after your beloved lusus, who follows you on your journeys and keeps your ship safe from pirates. In return, you have to feed it - a task that is easier said than done. Your lusus eats an awful lot.

You love to SAIL. There's nothing better, in your opinion, than the salty sea air and the wind in your hair and the commotion yet peacefulness of being above the sea. Other seadwellers will call you STRANGE for not living in the water, but you prefer to live on your ship. Your ship takes you to the far corners of Alternia, and you constantly see things you've never seen before. Seeing all of these EXOTIC PLACES, though has left you utterly BORED with anything "normal." As a result, you're pretty DIFFICULT TO ENTERTAIN.

Long voyages can get awfully boring, especially to a troll like you. In an attempt to entertain yourself you've tried a variety of HOBBIES, though you bore too easily to stick with most of them. One that you have stuck with is your TRAVEL LOG - a series of leatherbound notebooks where you record your travels. Sometimes when you're feeling sentimental, you curl up in your cabin and read your old travel logs. You also enjoy DRINKING, though you consider it more of a personality trait than a hobby at this point. One thing that helps keep you entertained is the LEARNING PROCESS. You've learned a lot of pointless skills simply because you can - For example, you are fluent in Semaphore and keep a list of exotic foods you have sampled.

You sometimes entertain yourself by lording your position over lowbloods. You are HIGHLY HEMOLOYAL, believing that seadwellers are meant to rule over all other trolls. The seadwelling population is supposed to be the strongest, smartest, and overall best that trollkind has to offer. To reach that goal, you often CULL weak seadwellers, ones who are contributing nothing to society. Sometimes you cull mutants and rebellious lowbloods as well, to keep the heirarchy in place.

Perhaps the only thing more important to you than the hemospectrum is MONEY. Your ship brings in plenty of it, and you stow it away for safekeeping. Occasionally you look through your stash and just count it. Due to your love of money, you have a hatred for any troll who would try to separate you from your hard-earned moolah. You especially despise all forms of PIRACY, and have sworn to destroy any pirate's ship you come across during your voyages.

You fight best with your BLADEKIND specibus, primarily using a sabre. You also use PISTOLKIND, though you are significantly less skilled with your gun and only use it in emergencies. Your fetch modus is ORIGIN. You have to name where the item originated before you can retrieve it. It can get pretty confusing sometimes, but it's definitely interesting.

Your trolltag is moralMariner and you $peak like you're alway$ fo¢u$ed on the bottom line.

Name: Samten Dorado
Age: Eight Sweeps
Gender: Whatever gender you think ze is
Height: 5'7"
Blood Color: Purple (#770066)
Trolltag: moralMariner
Quirk: s or S = $, c or C = ¢
Lusus: The Kracken
Specibus: bladekind. also keeps pistolKind as a backup.
Title: Rogue of Void
Land: Land of Gold and Falsehood


[Image: july23maybe.png][Image: RottyMini.png]

Your name is ROTANA TOKUFU and you have a well-earned REPUTATION. Your blood color is not far below the empress', and this PRESTIGE has left you extremely WEALTHY and extremely BORED. As a result, you've found some very UNORTHODOX means to amuse yourself.

You have never needed to work for your caegars thanks to your high caste, but working always gave you something to do other than lounge around your hive all day drinking MARGARITAS. Besides, you probably would have DANCED at those clubs for free. You have loved to dance since you were very small, before the first time you even came up on land. This hobby has lent you a natural GRACE, and you always walk as if to some sort of rhythm in your head. Your hobby also allows you to burn off all of the calories from all of that alcohol you drink, which helps you with your OTHER HOBBIES.

For example, your favorite thing to do when not dancing relates to a part of your personality that you can't control. You have UNCONTROLLABLE URGES FOR INTIMACY that other trolls might find uncomfortable, even appalling. As a result, you dress in a very PARTICULAR manner and carefully plan your actions. You make sure that you appear as CONFIDENT, APPEALING, and relatively HARMLESS (so that other trolls will trust you) while at the same time just a bit DANGEROUS (so that they know not to upset you.). It just works. Other hobbies of yours include WORKING OUT and ANTIQUE SHOPPING. Since, of course, you want to stay athletic, and you need to spend your caegars on something. You don't actually do these things around most other trolls, but that doesn't mean you don't do them on your own.

You keep an extravagant, meticulously clean hive. It's so clean that it almost looks like nobody ACTUALLY LIVES THERE. This is clearly just the work of an extensive maid staff, of course. Nobody would think otherwise.

In public you appear to be one of those trolls who has everything. You're CONFIDENT, GRACEFUL, ATTRACTIVE, WEALTHY, and a HIGHLY SKILLED FIGHTER. Much of this is really OVERCOMPENSATION. You're actually extremely insecure and will do anything in order to feel better about yourself. Nothing you can think of so far has worked more than temporarily. So you do your best to OCCUPY YOURSELF AT ALL TIMES. Simply put, you never let yourself become BORED so that you never have a chance to THINK TOO MUCH. When you think too much, bad things tend to happen. You still find mirror shards in the hallway sometimes, and you still have to hide the scars on your knuckles. You're convinced that you can avoid another episode by staying occupied.

Your lusus, Dolphinmom, was never really around for your wigglerhood. She's very flighty and goes on long journeys, just like she has for almost your entire life. Once your extravagant PRIVATE ISLAND HIVE was built in the middle of the lake, your lusus felt that you were safe enough in your secluded hive that she could leave you alone as much as she wanted. As a result, you pretty much RAISED YOURSELF. You still see her once or twice a sweep but the two of you aren't close at all.

You fight with BLADEFANKIND using a specially-commissioned fan made from steel blades. You just love how elegant of a weapon it is, as well how versatile it is. It's perfect for a high-class troll like you. Your fetch modus is the MIXOLOGIST modus, which requires you to mix together fake alcoholic drinks before you can retrieve an item. The drinks can get really complex sometimes, and you've always hated the fact that it doesn't let you make real alcoholic drinks. Oh well.

Your trolltag is temptingTreasure and you Rrrroll yourrr "rrr"'s and speak with a deliberrrately exotic-sounding accent. You also use terrrms of endeaaahment, daaahling.

Name: Rotana Tokufu
Age: 9.5 Sweeps
Gender: Female
Height: 5'
Blood Color: Near-Tyrian Purple (#660044)
Trolltag: temptingTreasure
Quirk: r = rrr, ar = aaah
Lusus: Dolphin
Specibus: bladefankind
Modus: mixologist
Title: Thief of Heart
Land: Land of Mirrors and Gloom

[Image: tumblr_inline_n5g2b1BkgJ1qm0745.png]

Your name is ANAWAR CELISE and you wish you were at a party right now.

You live to attend massive RAVE PARTIES full of things that glow, tons of trolls dancing, and loud music. They're not the safest place to be, of course, especially not for an ANONYMOUS TROLL like yourself, but that doesn't stop you! You absolutely love the excitement of raving. So much so that you even wear your glowsticks when you're not at one! Part of this is because you think things that GLOW are just about the coolest things ever.

When you aren't RAVING, you are usually updating your BLOG full of cool pictures with inspirational quotes edited into them. You have a lot of FOLLOWERS, not to brag or anything. You've dabbled in PHOTOGRAPHY as well, but other trolls take way better pictures than you do, so you've pretty much given up. You don't see the point in doing something you have no chance at being the best at. Instead you decided to take up SKATEBOARDING, something that you are much more skilled at. You mostly use it to GET AROUND, though you like to practice some tricks as well. Sometimes you videotape yourself doing tricks and post it on your blog. Of course, you only do tricks in private so that your blood won't be revealed if you get hurt. The rest of your time is spent on the INTERNET. You make sure to always stay ahead of social networking trends in order to keep your blog as popular as you can get it! It makes you feel like you've accomplished something in your 6.5 SWEEPS of life.

You're a very busy troll, and as a result you haven't spent much quality time with FIREMOM in sweeps. Your lusus is a large FIREFLY, and as a result of her glowing, you've never really spent much time in total darkness. Your hive, though small and plain, is noticeable from very far away because your lusus emits light at all times. That's kinda dangerous for a troll like you, so lately you've been keeping her locked in your BASEMENT in order to keep the light confined. She does strife with you sometimes, and living with her has reduced your sensitivity to light, which is something that you think is awfully useful.

You don't really care about the hemopectrum. You're generally RESPECTFUL to highbloods as long as they're not being too rude to you, but you're generally the same about lowbloods, too. You try not to pick fights if you can help it. Turning on some music and dancing out your problems is a way better method of working through things in your opinion. Trolls tend to treat you differently because you hide your blood color, but you knew they would when you took up the grey. You don't mind the weird looks - you have personal reasons for hiding your blood and they're more important than all of that.

Trolls tend to ignore you in real life unless you're raving, so getting popular on the internet is really your only way of feeling recognized. When you do hang out in person with another troll, they generally find you to be full of TOO MUCH ENERGY. You just can't sit still! Often this is seen as a rather ANNOYING trait.

When it comes down to it, you have becomed skilled at fighting using your GLOWSTCKKIND specibus. You use weighted glowsticks tied to strings like a set of Kusarigama, and practice regularly with them using a makeshift dummy with pictures of rival blogs taped to it. Your fetch modus is the POPULARITY modus, requiring you to get a certain number of "LIKES" on a picture of an item that your modus posts automatically on your blog before you can remove it from your sylladex. It gets really annoying if you ever try to captchalogue the same item more than once.

Your trolltag is incognitoIllumination and you make sure to tag your sentences in a trendy way! #nofilter #quirk #omg


Name: Anawar Celise
Age: 6.5 Sweeps
Gender: Female
Height: 5'3"
Blood Color: [REDACTED] (types in #777777)
Trolltag: incognitoIllumination
Quirk: adds hashtags to the end of her sentences
Lusus: Firemom (Firefly)
Specibus: glowstckKind
Modus: popularity
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RE: Trollslum Profiles
[Image: XEEpcKo.png][Image: nho0RIC.png]

You are now ALILAT DESANI, a troll who's wriggling day was exactly 8 sweeps ago to this very hour! As a yellowblood, you fit in the lower class side of things, while not quite being peasantry like the red and brown trolls below. While you do feel for them and do not quite like how the Hemospectrum is abused, you suppose what's law is law and that you'll just have to live with it.

Doubly unfortunate for you is that you lack any and all psychic abilities. A fall from grace it proved to be, but at the very least you aren't guaranteed to life as an engine some time in the future when you leave. You have attracted several trolls in your times due to this, seeing as it made you a lot more relaxed and less likely to go berserk and kill anyone suddenly. Be as it may, that was all in the past.

So far in the past, that is, that you like to forget about those days. You now reside in an abandoned hive on a more colder climate, with several landscapes of trees and frost that used to chill you to the bone as a wiggler. You've grown accustomed to it, however, since your lusus Lady Orcania loves it out there so much. You often sit by the window and watch her play in the rime and slush, smiling at seeing her happy once again. You rarely ever get visitors, making you quite a lonely girl who wonders if she can work up the talent to attract quadrants once again. After all, it was so long ago. Needs must be accounted for!

You pass the time with plenty of hobbies, such as knitting and stargazing. Oh the sights your hive gives you at night! You really do wish you had someone to share them with. You think space is an impossibly beautiful and powerful scape that makes you feel truly insignificant. That makes even your all powerful empire and race seem nothing more than faint whispers in the wind. Sometimes you become so moved that you taste wet salt from time to time. But enough of that. That's too personal. So personal, in fact, you refuse to divulge any further, as your problems are all of your own and are under absolutely no one else's need of sight. No, you'll deal with your problem personally. It is your problem, after all. Enough trolls have issues on their plates to plague their pallets. You need to focus and finish on your own meal, so to speak. If it wasn't obvious, you also like cooking, as the sense of taste is something you take pride and pleasure in. So many smells and tastes in the world! You just want to fulfill that adventurous hunger in you!

Your strife specibus is the simple harpoonKind, which you admittedly use more as a polearm than a javeline. After all, throwing your only weapon?? How mundane and stupid! You prefer to hold the fort, so to speak, and win with quick, sharp movements and jabs. After all, it takes the least amount of energy to jab than to swing. And if there's one thing you'd rather not do, it's make yourself tired.

Your trolltag is kodiakArrest and your words can be quite jarring for some to 'ear arong side your soft and quiet voice.

Name: Alilat Desani
Blood colour/Hex: Yellow [#CAC000]
Gender: Female
Age: 8 sweeps
TrollTag: kodiakArrest
Quirk: Tarks wit' a bit of a curr to 'er words w'en oot and aboot. [L=r, out=oot, no h's]
Strife Specibus: harpoonKind
Fetch Modus: String Cut (Digital strings move and twine about. Must cut strings simultaneously. Bigger the item means more strings that must be cut in one swipe. Failure locks out for a minute.)
Lusus: Lady Orcania (amphibious orca swine)

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RE: Trollslum Profiles
I'm finally here! How've you all been?

Finally finished figuring out this troll here.
[Image: Sylvie_Ladia.png]

Name: Sylvie Ladria
Blood colour/Hex: Purpleblood, 9400D3
Gender: Female
Age: Six sweeps
TrollTag: quietConcealment
Quirk: {You enjoy making your text look elegant and think V'S and S'S are the moSt elegant letterS~}
Strife Specibus: flutekind
Fetch Modus: Waterglass
Lusus: Swanmom
Interests: She likes romance novels, fashion, and exploration. When she is in one of those moods, she abuses lowbloods.

Sylvie began surpressing her violent urges when she was a young wriggler because they scared her. Her lusus hadn't gotten around to explaining that acting this way was normal yet, and she thought it made her different. Even when she learned the truth, she continued to hide the feeling through force of habit. Over time, the urge built up inside her, until one day she just snapped and went on a rampage. Since then, she's realized that if she bottled her emotions long enough, any form of aggression towards her would trigger a release of all the pent up feelings, making her violent, agressive, and cruel. Sometimes the release would last a few minutes, sometimes it lasted a few days. She tried to prevent this by taking out the feeling on the trees around her lagoon, but this only prolonged the inevitable. Still, she continues on the way she did. She can't really say why she still keeps her emotions in check, but inside it's because she's not sure what will happen to her if she doesn't. She doesn't really know who she is when she's not surpressing her violence or releasing it all at once, and she isn't sure she wants to find out.

To keep things simple without having to explain everything to each troll she talks to, Sylvie reffers to her rage mode as Sylvia. She only mentions Sylvia sparingly.

[Image: Ev_zps059c2f08.png]

You're now a troll girl named EVELIX LEWMOT. You're a JADEBLOOD (339966), and can walk in the daylight. Your trolltag is loneObserver and y>o<u use y>o<ur >O<'s t>o< imitate the sun's rays. You're strife specibus is needleKind. Your long THROWING NEEDLES are coated in PARALYSASIS POISON, which was inspired by your lusu Scorpiomom. Your fetch modus is Day 'n' Night; At night you can only take out things capatchalouged in the DAY, and vice-versa. You're about 6 and a half sweeps old and know HARDLY ANYONE.
You have a DEEP SECRET–you dayglow. GLOWING IN SUNLIGHT seems like it wouldn't effect your life much, but thatnks to this mutation you've spent your life till the café in FIGHTS AND ISOLATION. You discovered you could glow when you were a young troll, exploring the day for the first time. As you wandered around, marveling over this new development. An insomniac troll in a nearby hive caught sight of you and made the LOGICAL AND OBVIOUS CONCLUSION: You were a rainbowdrinker. The rumor spread like wildfire, and soon every troll in the surrounding area either FEARED OR HATED you. If you did not keep inside all night, you were plauged by ATTACKERS AND DEATH THREATS. Thus, you spent your nights TROLL-WATCHING and READING, while your days were spent EXPLORING.
When you found the cafe, you quickly became a regular. It was a place to meet trolls without INSTANT CONFLICT, and it's where you met your first friend and current matesprite, Uranio. You refuse to move in with him to get away from the rumors, as you're convinced that your current neighbors would follow you and hurt both of you.
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RE: Trollslum Profiles
[Image: sprite1_zpsfc9649be.png]

Your name is NELORE TENVIS and you are 8 sweeps old. You love reading all

SORTS of books. Sci-fi, and fantasy stories especially TICKLE YOUR FANCY, but

you don't mind the occassional trollmance story, even if they are QUITE


Most of the time, you can be seen with a JOURNAL, in which you put your

observations. You do this because you find it a comfort, and makes you feel as if you

are ALL KNOWING. You would FREAK OUT if you lost it...

You have a variety of interests, and you do many things. You like to write poetry, and sometimes short stories. Another thing you have an interest in is collecting shiny

things, like JEWELS, and small trinkets. You like to organize them, and

reorganize them. It's FUN for you.

In regards to the Hemospectrum, you sorta have MIXED FEELINGS. While you do

like, no, LOVE the privileges you recieve, you find it quite unfair that psychic powers

seem to manifest solely in those lowerbloods. However, you are generally glad you

are of a higher blood caste.

You seem to be quite PEACEFUL and BENEVOLENT, but you can get violent, and

will not hesitate to TRY and put someone in their place. You generally like to avoid

TOO MUCH attention, as it makes you panicky. If you do get engaged in

conversation, you like to ask MANY questions so you could have more info to put

into your book.

Your fetch modus is STOPWATCH, and this means that if you want to pick a certain

item, you have stop the watch on a number that matches the number of syllables the

item name has.

Your STRIFE SPECIBUS is staffkind. It's not very powerful, but it allows you to give

someone a SUPER POKE... Or you could just repeatedly bonk someone over their

head with it ...

Your Trolltag is witchyWonder and you speak shortly and sometimes verbosely. ^You certainly must get

things down. And quickly. ^You use {} around words sometimes, for emphasis. Like

{THIS} and always began with a ^.

Nickname: Nella
Height: 5'9"
Weight: ???? :0
Blood colour/Hex: Violet #91219E
Gender: Female
Age: 8 Sweeps old/16ish years old
TrollTag: witchyPantomime
Quirk: Talks in short bursts. Tries to use large words. Uses a {} around a capitalized

word for emphasis. Starts sentence with a ^. Can be wordy.
Strife Specibus: staffkind
Fetch Modus: STOPWATCH
Lusus: A raven/fish hybrid. It has a fish like body with gills, wings and bird feet.
Interests: Collecting shiny trinkets, reading and writing.
*God Tier: Witch of Knowledge
*Game Land: ????

Is updating this profile...


[Image: spritebaseodette_zps92d6e89a.png]

Your name is ODETTE TEXURA and you are an 8 SWEEP OLD  Fuschia blooded troll who loves to have fun.

In fact, you PLAN on having as much fun as you can on this TERRIBLE planet as is possible before getting shipped off to the fleet. Your lusus, Swanniemumzy, doesn’t EXACTLY approve of this, wanting you to be more ‘proper’, but you think she’s a stick in the MUD and tend to not follow her advice... When she’s not AROUND of course. Nevertheless, you still love her. Having fun will help pass the time you have left on Alternia, while also assuring you don’t act like your lusus, dull and dreary.

You are almost always BORED, and so you have a variety of INTERESTS to keep you entertained, most pertaining to the ARTS. Your interests are ballet, dark literature because of it’s suspense and otherworldliness drawing you in and theatre. You’ve always wanted to be an ACTRESS, what with you being quite DRAMATIC and over emotional, the littlest thing provoking a fairly large reaction from you. Especially when someone goes against your SUPREME word.You like sewing as well, using the FINEST fabrics Alternia has to offer. Or at least, the best you can get your hands on, because your skin is a bit SENSITIVE and you don’t like the feel of certain textures. So you’re just keeping your hands busy really.

To be honest, you’re kind of ECCENTRIC, though you try hard not to be. After all, it isn’t exactly a good idea to stand out on Alternia. You prefer keeping to yourself, and you really open up to few others, so you seem a bit MYSTERIOUS. Most trolls tend to ignore you, passing you off as WIGGLERISH. However, looks can be deceiving, which you’ve LEARNED from experience having been bamboozled by an UNASSUMING looking troll.

Speaking of other trolls... You’re quite high on the hemospectrum, putting you at an advantage. Most of the time you prefer the company of LOWBLOODS, ones who are not BOLD and outgoing. You hold some authority over them and can always ORDER them around. Other highbloods on the other hand you are not so friendly with. You can’t hold much authority over them and they get in the way of having FUN. Especially the ultra HEMOLOYAL ones. You yourself are neither a hemoloyal OR rebel. While you do HANG with lowbloods, you do not believe they could EVER hold a successful rebellion and you don’t WANT them to. The hemospectrum may be harsh, but you are JUST fine with it as is.

Your fetch modus is MATRYOSHKA, which involves you SCRAMBLING the nesting dolls and picking the right one which will have the desired item inside. It can leave you quite FRUSTRATED sometimes. Your choice of strife specibus is Mornstarkind.
Your trollTag is dramaticContortionist and yo~u speaak in a GRA~ND and VERBOSE manner~ Sometime~es... It see~ms like you're draa~ging out yoo~ur~ wordss~ a~all the ti~iime.

Name: Odette Texura
Blood colour/Hex: C6158B hue 320
Gender: Female
Age: 8 sweeps
TrollTag: dramaticContortionist
Quirk: Talks in a verbose manner and d~rrags ooou~t her worrds.
Strife Specibus: Mornstarkind
Fetch Modus: Matryoshka
Lusus: A big octoswan hybrid.
Interests: Sewing, making stuff, dark literature and theatre.

Name: Odette Texura
Blood colour/Hex: C6158B hue 320 
Gender: Female
Age: 8 sweeps
TrollTag: dramaticContortionist
Quirk: Talks in a verbose manner and d~rrags ooou~t her worrds. 
Strife Specibus: Mornstarkind
Fetch Modus: Matryoshka
Lusus: A big octoswan hybrid.
Interests: Sewing, making stuff, dark literature and theatre

[Image: Lilith_zps69a6cbcf.png]
==>Be the gloomy death obsessed troll.

Your name is LILITH NAVITA and you are kind of obsessed with DEATH. You find it to be quite fascinating in fact, so much so that you are constantly trying to learn about it, and it is one of your favorite topics to speak about. Most people are weirded out by your... Ahem, APPRECIATION of the dead. In your hive, you have a collection of SKULLS of all sorts. No need to worry though, they are fake. At least, that is what the troll who sold you them said. Books line your walls, containing rituals, and FACTUAL information about death. You have never tried any of the rituals, but find them to be quite an interesting read nonetheless.
Sometimes, you can be quite VIOLENT, and you make a lot of threats. You never really carry them out, unless they are a lowblood. For the most part, you follow the hemospectrum, and you are quick to put a lowblood in their place often threatening them in the process, but you would MOST certainly not even think of doing this to a fellow highblood.
However, you always seem to be CALM when getting on someone's case. If you were to get worked up, your judgement would be clouded, and this is something you would like to avoid if possible. You always have to keep a cool head.
There are many things you take an interest in, mostly death-related, but you do have an interest in sailing, as you find being alone on a boat in the middle of the sea is relaxing. When the waters are calm, you paint and write, though these are of a dark nature, involving you dying GRUESOME deaths. If you had any friends, you would write stories about them as well, not that you'd ever tell or show them. Another interest of yours are HORROR movies, for obvious reasons. The bloodier, the better.
Personality wise, you are ALOOF, STAND OFFISH and FORMAL. People need to earn your respect, and if deemed worthy, you will try to earn theirs as well. Somewhere under that shell, you might have a heart. Who knows, no one's ever broken through it. Most of the time, you care not what people has to say about you, as you are pretty sure you are perfect the way you are. Afterall, you have Tyrian blood coursing through your viens. Speaking of blood...
You are captivated by it. Despite the fact that you DESPISE rainbowdrinkers, like in the awful trollmance book, you often think about what it would be like to taste the BLOOD of others. You figure that a lowblood's would taste awful, and that yours must be the best, though you have never tasted your own. You don't plan on tasting blood, but if given the chance...
Anyways, your strife specibus is pipekind and your fetch modus is Ritual. It requires you to tap our foot however many times in accordance to the amount of syllables in the item you need. You also have to say a number that corresponds as well, in a STRANGE CULT LANGUAGE.
Your trolltag is antiquatedCavalriam and you ta-lk in A stiff, jer-ky WAY.


Blood colour/Hex: C71577 Tyrian
Gender: Female
Age: 8.5 Sweeps/Roughly 17 years
TrollTag: antiquatedCavalriam
Quirk: She em-pha-si-ze-s the syl-la-ble-s in HER word-s a-nd CA-pi-ta-li-ze-s ev-er-y so OF-ten.
Strife Specibus: pipekind
Fetch Modus: Ritual
Lusus: A mutant frog
Interests: Collecting skulls, ...death, anatomy, sailing, painting and writing
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RE: Trollslum Profiles
Oh no... Here I go... oh no

[Image: aanorasprite-1.png][Image: tumblr_mkak36yXIc1rl040so1_250.png]
Your name is LENORA AUXILA and you are nearly ALWAYS nervous.

It comes with being so low on the HEMOSPECTRUM! Or, at least, thats what you tell others. They tend to believe you, seeing as you are a LIME-BLOODED troll, with blood closer to YELLOW than GREEN. Though, it's a bit of a LIE, there are other reasons to why you're always NERVOUS, but those aren't important right now.

You are currently 9 SWEEPS of age, and you don't have much else to say about that. You currently live with your MATESPRIT- or, well, used to. He DIED a bit ago, and it's got you very DEPRESSED lately. Now you live in his HIVE, which is on an ISLAND, much to your DISMAY. You never liked the SEA, and the only way he could ever manage to get you to go anywhere is if he took you out on his BOAT... THING. You aren't completely sure what it was called. But hey, you know how to drive it now, so you can go anytime you want!

You don't do much, anymore, not since... Well, you haven't really fully enjoyed anything since an INCIDENT that happened a while back. You used to do lot's of things! EXPLORING, HUNTING, all that great stuff. You still go out HUNTING from time to time, to relieve STRESS, if anything. But not often enough to keep your SHOOTING SKILLS polished, unfortunately, but thats where FLARPING comes into play. Your dear MATESPRIT had been into FLARPING when he was alive, and you had joined in, if only to give your old PISTOL some use. You still keep up with the game nowadays, but you're not as big about it anymore. Nowadays, you keep yourself occupied with CLEANING, keeping everything and anything SPARKLING CLEAN. Everything must look normal! Nothing must be out of place! You must look like theres nothing wrong with you!

Clearly, there is quite a bit off with you. You're fairly NERVOUS, as stated beforehand, of... Well, pretty much ANYTHING and EVERYTHING. There is a big reason, for this, though! A WHILE ago, you were TAKEN by a SEADWELLER, who was NOT NICE, not nice at all. She was very VIOLENT, and not only HURT you PHYSICALLY, also kind of messed you up in the head, a bit. You call it the INCIDENT nowadays, not willing to say much more about it.

You tend to be very STUBBORN, refusing to admit you need help or want help most all the time. It takes a lot of CONVINCING to get you to agree to let someone help you, and even then you aren't too happy about it. You just want to prove that you're able to take care of yourself, but, unfortunately, you tend to have VERY BAD LUCK, getting involved in things that end up with you getting HURT. This causes your MOIRAIL (and sometimes your KISMESIS, even!) to get kind of UPSET, sometimes, so you try not to tell him about it.

You can protect yourself, though! This is something you do not seem to stress enough. You've got your trusty PISTOL to help protect you in the worst of situations. Though, you don't actually show it off too much. You don't really DO much to protect yourself, seeing as you ARE NOT ALLOWED to stand up to HIGHBLOODS, and most everyone is HIGHER than you. You do know where to DRAW the line, though! Most of the time you just get too NERVOUS to actually put your foot down.

Not all HIGHBLOODS tend to scare you, though, just the ones with FINS! You were SKITTISH around them before the INCIDENT, all that horrible SEADWELLER managed to do was cause you to SHAKE and STUTTER every time one gets near. She also helped you out with your fear of LARGE BODIES OF WATER! Though, that was always there, OATS has always told you to stay away from them, so you always were sort of TERRIFIED of what lurks under there.

OATS is your lusus! A lovely little BLEAT-BEAST, or GOAT, she's very OVERPROTECTIVE and tends to send DEATH-GLARES at anyone who gets close to you. It makes HUGS and KISSES kind of awkward, but, hey! At least she's trying to protect you.

You tend to be very POLITE, always KISSING up to HIGHBLOODS and trying to STAY OUT of trouble, which... For some reason, gets you lots of FRIENDS! So, while you're not shivering yourself to death, you're on TROLLIAN, where you're known as cheekyGoats! You tend to ||m|tate your lus||'s horns, and try to be as pol|te as poss|ble! W-when you get nervous, though, you can't help b-but stutter a b|t, um, S|r.

If you were to play that one game, SGRUB, you think, you'd end up as the MAID OF HOPE, who travels around in THE LAND OF HILLS AND SONG, with cute little SONGBIRDS that help you find your way around!

Name: Lenora Auxila
Age: 9 Sweeps
Blood color: Some weird lime green, B3CD00
Trolltag: cheekyGoats
Quirk: Replaces i with | and I with ||, calls trolls 'S|r' or 'M|ss'
Land: The Land of Hills and Song (LoHaS)
Title: Maid of Hope
<3 Matesprit (Lyuben) ((oop hes died by now but this isnt even all that relevant))
<> Moirail (Sharma)
<3< Kismesis (Eniine)

[Image: selvonsprite.png][Image: selvspriteonew1.png]

Your name is SELVON CELRAR and you are almost ALWAYS beat up.
Its ok though! You are currently 7 1/2 SWEEPS of age, although you guess you don't look it. Your main interest is EXPLORING, because all the jungles around your HIVE are so exciting! You want to figure out the entire layout! Sometimes you MAP out where you've been, and you hope to compile all these maps into one HUGE MEGA MAP of the jungles.

Due to your constant exploring, though, you tend to get a bit BEAT UP, in terms of tree branches hitting your EYE. Its ok, though! You've been practicing MEDICINE lately, trying to get better at it so that you don't have to regroup at your hive as often. So far, you don't seem to have the SKILLS to remember common cures and how to help heal up your bruises and stuff. That's OK, too! You see, since you happen to be the BEST TROLL EVER, you were blessed and given a power that helps to DULL PAIN. Although, you have felt PAIN before- a lot of it, it was not pleasant- and, have noted that you usually feel the most pain when the wound is REALLY DEEP and/or if its a BROKEN BONE. You also tend to get SORE every other week or so, which is a PAIN because you can't do much without going 'OW'.

You don't like to stay still, obviously. ALWAYS gotta be moving! ALWAYS gotta be doing SOMETHING, at least. Even if it is just sitting there DRAWING seamonsters on tables with a permanent marker. Did you mention you're pretty FANTASTIC at art? No? Good, its because you're really SHITTY at it and the most you can do is draw really SHITTY SEAMONSTERS all over the maps you make. Because, obviously they are there, duh. ANYWAYS, back on point. You don't like to sit still! And if that means getting in a FIGHT, that means getting in a FIGHT. You, honestly, find fights REALLY AMUSING. Your AMAZING POWER tends to make them just fun little things you do when you're BORED, and seeing other trolls get FRUSTRATED at you is really funny, duh.

In a FIGHT, you tend to move very QUICKLY, AVOIDING and DODGING most hits. Which is OK with you, because it gives you more of an opportunity to LAUGH at the other troll when they get FRUSTRATED. Which... Isn't very smart of you. You aren't very SMART, actually. You just like to pretend you are. ANYWAYS! You do sometimes actually, you know, GO TO FIGHT BACK, and when you do, you like to PUNCH them as hard as you can IN THE FACE. Your BRASS KNUCKLES help, too! They're pretty great.

In terms of PERSONALITY, you tend to be a bit HYPOCRITICAL in the way you act. You always want to be nice to your friends! Even if you don't have very many, but that's only because you have issues with keeping your mouth closed! You're working on it you promise! You have some issues with your TEMPER but that's just because your forgetful LUSUS never really taught you SELF-CONTROL. Due to that, you kind of have a hard time keeping a hold of your MONEY, as well. You're pretty good when it comes to RULES, although sometimes you'll DEFY them to seem EDGY and COOL. You've also always had this DREAM of being a HIGHLY INFLUENTIAL member of society, although since your blood is BROWN, you don't really get to ever live out that dream. Ever.

Your HIVE, as previously stated, was located within the midst of a VERY LARGE jungle, why you chose that spot out, you'll never know. Its kind of hard to get around sometimes! The ever-present hazard of slamming your FACE into TREE BRANCHES has been more of an issue lately, and you think your eye might be swollen up PERMANENTLY. Oops. Your LUSUS, a SNOUTBEAST, or as the highbloods would call it, a TAPIR, tends to be pretty OK with whatever you do, so you just kind of leave him alone. He leaves you alone too. It gets kind of lonely sometimes, but you deal with it.

Your QUADRANTS, as of now, are as deserted as the MOONS. You aren't sure if its your looks that drive people off, or if its your temper, or maybe because you always tell them things about themselves in a rude fashion. Oh well! As for your fashion taste, you admit you could clean up once in a while. Not that it matters. You don't like to worry about things like that until it REALLY MATTERS. Like, when you get OLD. Eww.

You've recently downloaded a new program called TROLLIAN, which you guess is pretty ok! While online, though, you are known as insecureVoyager, and you have some issues wich chalking since your cheech have been knocked ouch by chree branches!!!!!!!

If you ever were to play SGRUB (whatever that is), you'd be the PAGE OF BLOOD residing in the LAND OF CATHEDRALS AND BLANKNESS. Cool!

Name: Selvon Celrar
Age: 7 1/2 Sweeps
Blood color: Brown, 855F16
Trolltag: insecureVoyager
Quirk: no capitilization, replaces t with ch
Land: The Land of Cathedrals and Blankness (LoCaB)
Title: Page of Blood

[Image: tumblr_inline_mg8nj929e01qg9t2t.png][Image: tumblr_m9t6o0PTYF1qh9j9jo2_250.png]

Your name is SILVER APELLE and you like to think you're REALLY COOL. Though whats cool about a 7 1/2 SWEEP-OLD JADEBLOOD who has a tendency to LIE about almost anything? Everything, thats what.
Something you won't lie about though, is your LUSUS, who happens to be the BEST, REALLY OVERPROTECTIVE, IRRITATING lusus ever, who actually BUMS YOU OUT a little. She happens to be a fairly large SCREECHDEVIL (or at least thats what you like to call her, she's actually just a giant HOOTBEAST.) who likes to be called MOMMA BUBO. She currently resides within your HIVE, which is big enough to support both you and her, and just the right size for a JADE like yourself. It's actually nothing really impressive at all. Really messy, paint, feathers, and newspaper clippings all over the place, it's a dump. But that's cool with you, you happen to like those things.

PAINTING and DRAWING are your two main interests, as seen by the state of your HIVE (and your CLOTHES most of the time. You're a very messy painter). You enjoy painting the SUNRISE, a sight you have only witnessed once for a fraction of a second (a sight that caused your eyesight to be less than stellar), most of all, but alongside that you're also fond of painting HISTORICAL FIGURES and REBELLIOUS LEADERS, as well as your favorite subject of all, the CONDESCE.

Your love of HISTORY is what had influenced such paintings, of course. You just really love you some good old fashioned REBELLIONS that are SMASHED under the CONDESCES mighty, yet lovely, fist. It's really great to read about all these old FLEET GENERALS and leaders, and you know it can be DANGEROUS to look up all these REBELLIONS, but, you really don't care anymore. They're inspiring! They make you want to work on your fighting skills more so that you'll make it to the FLEET yourself.

Which you won't. Not that you're not strong enough, you do have your almighty BROOMKIND to help whap some idiots upside the head. You just won't ever get any QUADRANTS. That's your big issue. Almost 8 sweeps and youve yet to feel a single thing for ANYONE. AT ALL. It's probably just all in your head, or maybe it's because you LIE so much (really, you're pretty much a compulsive liar at this point), you've started to think that you're lying to yourself when you think you might feel something for someone. You don't care, really, anymore.

You use the time you've got left to just goof around, really! That's all you do. You goof around on the internet, you goof around with your FETCH MODUS (which happens to be known as 'You-just-store-things-in-your-hair-because-you-can', or the HAIR MODUS), you goof around on the internet some more and then you goof around with TROLLIAN.

Your trollian is tumblingPigments, and you're p gosh darned relaxed in every way ya speak, and you aint got no time ta even bother keepin it consistant, its p great. ya also have a tendency ta ramble a bit, and takl real fast so yer words get kinda jumbled up!!!!!!!!!!!

Name: Silver Apelle
Blood colour/Hex: Jade (#0B8B5A)
Gender: Female
Age: 7 1/2 sweeps
TrollTag: tumblingPigments
Quirk: real big drawl, don even bother ta finish half th shit she says, lies all the god damned time
Strife Specibus: B-b-b-b-broomkind
Fetch Modus: HAIR MODUS - she basically shoves things in her hair and hopes for the best
Lusus: Giant great-horned owl named Momma Bubo
Title: Knight of Breath
Land: Land of Mirrors and Spirits
Quadrants: N/A


[Image: anonbludo.png][Image: fcuk.png]

soon you trouts

Name: Seftis Podari
Blood color: These are the mysteries (#9A9A9A)
Gender: Male
Age: 7 Sweeps
Trolltag: monochromeRoyal
Quirk: You like to act as if you know exactly what you're talking about at all times, naturally. It's common sense, naturally. (ends every sentence with , naturally)
Strife Specibus: spearKind (specifically a 3 pronged spear)
Fetch Modus: CALCULATOR MODUS - the modus gives him a mathematical equation to solve in order to get the item out. The more valued the item, the more complex the problem.
Lusus: A very large Tawny Frogmouth. Likes to eat Seftis's hair.
Land: The Land of Twilight and Illusions (LoTaI)
Title: Thief of Light
Quadrants: See you, space cowboy

[Image: tumblr_ml7wpd3B3Z1qh9j9jo6_250.png]
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RE: Trollslum Profiles
Kyniko Listis 2.0 YAY
==> Be the olive-blodded hunter.
[Image: talksprite_by_okami_masuta-d64dgrs.png]
Name: Kyniko Listis
Blood colour/Hex: Olive/ #416600
Gender: Male
Age: 7 sweeps
TrollTag: lupinePredator
Quirk: Begins with >>;o=♂, t=↑; Otherwise normal. 'As a bitta' an Aussie accent an' slang.
Strife Specibus: 2xdaggerkind
Fetch Modus: Animal Call- Every item is represented by a different animal silhouette, and in order to get the item, you must imitate the animal's call.
Lusus: Dingo (Deceased)
Interests: Hunting, daggers and knives, being outdoors, and the occasional glass of alcohol.
Personality: Generally kind and friendly to everyone. Can be somewhat hotheaded and low on patience.
Bio in a nutshell: Lives in the outback in a small den, where he and his lusus lived. His lusus taught him everything about hunting. He was killed by Kyniko as a final test of his skill.
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RE: Trollslum Profiles
[Image: zackarjolnur1.png]

You are now ZACKAR JOLNUR, an 8 sweep troll who prides yourself of being at the top of the effective social food chain. Or the Hemospectrum as many like to call it.

You like to think of yourself as a GENTLEMAN, who will do and go far for the ladies. Why do you like ladies over guys? It's all about the curves~! Well, that and girls tend to be a lot more cute to mess with. You love the reactions they give when you get too close and personal with them. You can be somewhat of a LECH--all for the sake of your own twisted sense of humor.

You've got a wide and long list of hobbies do to your occupation. See, you are a negotiator. Being lower along the seadweller caste, you tend to deal with diplomatic issues between other fish in the sea, so to speak. You often have to spend some time and get to know your clients before being able to safely conduct business with them. As such, your interests have a range that doesn't allow you to really focus on anything. A jack of all trades, that's what you are.

Even so, your gentlemanly wiles are often a front for more sinister agendas. After all, there's little more fun than finding a blue or indigo troll and making them blush and lose their composure in front of everyone. The humiliation aspects tends to make your world go round. More than often, though, you try to charm those you find especially attractive with a bit of a silly narm that can be both silly, infuriating, and irresistible.

Your trolltag is ceruleanAdonis and ya tend t' talk with quite th' accent, nah~

Name: Zackar Jolnur
Blood colour/Hex: Purple [#A349A4]
Gender: Male
Age: 8 sweeps
TrollTag: ceruleanAdonis
Quirk: Smooth drawl 'n whatnot, nah~
Strife Specibus: knifeKind
Fetch Modus: Aquarium
Lusus: Glowing electric eel
Interests: A lot
*God Tier: N/A
*Game Land: N/A

[Image: tumblr_maxzz0EBs61rnaicjo1_250.png][Image: tumblr_inline_mkbw7nWjFm1qz4rgp.png]

You are now Azazel Vezuul, a highblood who is quite infamous in your sector for your abhorrent and vile nature. As someone of your status and nature, you are incredibly oppressive, making sure all that reside in your sector aren't engaging or even sparing any heretical thoughts. Hemorebellion? Death. Simple answers are always the best for you. You prefer things short, simple, and to the point. While you yourself are not quite that. After all, how could someone like that survive the 9 sweeps you have?

A pompous douche at heart, you often put everyone beneath you, and those of your caste in incredibly difficult levels of expectations that few, in your mind, ever will make. This makes you resent most of the population. Few ever have taking a liking to you due to your tendencies to overestimate and demand far too much out of those you actually like. This has taken its toll on you long ago, turning you into the bitter, caustic creature you are now. However, to you, that's just fine. It let you get in touch with your true calling. It taught you the meaning of real hatred.

You love to hate. Hatred is what moves you, and keeps you alive. It keeps your razor sharp, and your wits quick. You are so obsessed with it that all other quadrants just do not seem quite appealing. You feel you are far above the need of a moirail, and that matespritship is a sign of weakness--a motion that disgusts you to your very core. The fact you are practically held at gun point and forced to do this sickens you, making the bile in your throat rise with alarming intensity. You tend to like auspiticism, though. For why is far more sinister than one would expect.
You don't stop vacilliation. You encourage it. Not directly, mind you. No, you are not quite a direct and confrontational person. You prefer to...give them the nudge in the right direction. A few lies here and there, and some tempering towards the right path. Nothing outlandish or visible. After all, nothing is more beautiful to you than seeing what was once lovebirds devolving into a violent splash of pure hate. It's almost chilling to the point of your skin crawling. You take definitely pleasure in spreading hate and misery among the populace.

You have hobbies, but they are all mainly dull for most. You only engage in activities that benefit you. Such as fencing, other forms of swordsmanship so you can deal with uppity trolls, and politics. Oh how delicious and cruel politics can be. The hate it truly whetting of your pallet.

Your trolltag is antagonisticGenerator and you ssometiimess liie...but maiinnly yxu're a whxlessxme trxll.


Name: Azazel Vezuul
Blood colour/Hex: Indigo [#45195B]
Gender: Male
Age: 9 sweeps
TrollTag: antagonisticGenerator
Quirk: s's, i's, and n's are mirrored, o's become x's when lying.
Strife Specibus: sabreKind
Fetch Modus: Lockpick
Lusus: Sabre-toothed Pseudowyvern
Interests: Swordsmanship, politics, quadrant toying, etc.
*God Tier: Prince of Blood
*Game Land: Land of Mirth and Dragons

[Image: brackettrollsprite.png][Image: bracketab1.png]

Your name is INNISS GODELL, and you are an 8 sweeps old goldblood. You also don't know how to shut the fuck up when you're supposed to.

You tend to say whatever is on your mind, no matter the repercussions involved. You always tell the truth, because you think its just better to be brutally honest, than to be sweetly dishonest. In fact, your tone has a bright, yet utterly deadpan punchline on every sentence, make it seems like you're sarcastic when you're definitely not. Though you can be. Nothing's really stopping you.

Your lusus tends to worry about you all the time, worried you might get culled for saying the wrong things at the worst of times for the dumbest of reasons possible. You love your roachdad, no matter how much everyone else hates him. In fact, your roachdad is adorable; at least to you. You also protect him as much as possible, seeing as he's easily crushed by someone else. He'll survive no matter what, that you're certain, you just don't want him in pain.

You have an obsession with both cooking, and FLARPing. In fact, you tend to try to mix the two a lot, which others would hate if you weren't such a brilliantly good cook. That's a lie. Actually, you're terrible at cooking. Nobody likes it. In fact, nobody likes you at FLARPing, because you're the weakest, and you just plain lose every single time. It's because of this that you tend to have virtually nothing but the clothes on your back. You tend to collect clothing left lying around for some reason, and it's become a hobby. You don't know why, really.

That is to say, you aren't defenseless when shit hits the fan. You have a wonderful, yet completely and utterly hopeless power beyond all comprehension. You only sustain a mere fraction of damage inflicted upon you, no matter the source. A well rounded punch in the face would only hurt you like someone lightly slapping you. Of course, this would be utterly perfect, if it didn't both kill your sense of pain tolerance and nerves to a dulled point, and didn't make your reflexes disgustingly bad. Your power protects you, but that the same time, makes you utterly powerless. If your power were compared to theirs, it would be minus below average. Even so, there are many other ways that kill you plenty fine. You tend to balance this by fleeing. You're almost too good at retreating from enemies. It's how you've survived all this time, even. Though, you do sometimes get lucky and kill a few trolls. But that's life, isn't it?

Your strife specibus is the fncysntaKind, and your fetch modus is the FICTION GLOSSARY. You must allocate each item in its corresponding genre of fiction.

Your trolltag is bracketedCandor, and you 『talk within the pure honesty you have towards everyone!』

[Image: orkzimchlamy.png][Image: orkzimab1-1.png]

You are now Orkzim Chlamy, and you are a mere 9 sweeps old. You are also an indigoblood. While sitting high atop the hemospectrum, you tend to be just as violent as the rest, only you hold it in more than the others. You're not a violent person unless angered, in which case you hold little to no stops. You tend to beat offenders with their own limbs over this, because t' 'ell wit' them gitz.

You love getting in brawls when the mood calls for it. Not the violent and bloody kind though, no no, those are so unsophisticated and barbaric. No, you love the friendly sports of wrestling a fellow down into submission--No tricks, no weapons, no bullshit, fox only, final destination. Though while you are very skilled at pinning trolls down, even those well out of your class range, you constantly give the opponent an edge to make it that much more exciting for you. Because of this, people think you come off as an arrogant prick, and so nobody willingly wrestles with you. Whatever, you have lowbloods to pick with sometimes.

You love and respect the hemospectrum for all its worth, innit. You respect fellow indigos, some blues, and the royals are practically worshiped by you. You dream of one day going into space and killing all sorts of xeno scum in the name of the Empress and her glorious empire.

You have hobbies, as strange as it would sound. First off, is that you like the thoughts of warfare and battle so much, that you find scraps of metal all over and make them into little figurines you collect and guard with your life. To you, they are your most precious things, and any who mess with them are guaranteed to be beaten to near death with their own limbs. You love to play with yourself with your many armies, strategizing a point of victory in the only way you know how: to hit them as hard and as fast as possible, swarming them with impossible numbers and drowning them with lead. You don't like lasers and photons and plasma. You like bullets. You like the sound the bullets make when being fired. You can never get enough of it. You could always have more of it, and should always have more of it. Always.

Speaking of metal, you love to take apart things into scraps, and make them into designs of your own. Your designs are flawed, scrappy, and downright hideous to anyone respectable. To which you say they can toss right th' fuck off, because to you, it's so beautiful that it brings tears to your eyes. You can never have enough of dat scrappin', and you can spend days working on it constantly to make more hilarious and amazing machinations that many would deem impossible for someone of your "supposed inferior intellect" to forge. Just even talking about it excites you, and puts you in the mood for it. Which is probably bad for communication.

You also tend to have a knack for sometimes swapping erratically from your goofy nature, and get in a smartassy smooth mode that completely overtakes you when it's time to impress. You think it's the pompadour that does it, but to hell with the haters, you love the damned thing. You try your hardest to look smooth, act cool, and be smart while like this whenever any time gets social, and try to avoid any subject that might bring that mirthful, energetic, scrappy mechanic side of you that turns away so many. Though your accent and speech patterns already do all that and then some, you seem utterly dumbfounded as to why they keep getting pushed away. Probably because of that false confidence coming off as being a pompous jerk. Deep down, you hate yourself for having such love for your hobbies, and such loathing of how it keeps you anchored to that easy-to-hate-one-dimensional social hierarchy you try to break free from. At least the miniatures can bring out the neat-o side of you without triggering that scrapboy least as long as the subject of making scrap isn't tread upon. Socializing is hard. Maybe if you watched some more movies instead...

Your trolltag is mechanicalMachismo, and you can't fukken wait t' tell th' boyz about yer newest an' greatest work yet, innit!


Name: Orkzim Chlamy
Blood colour/Hex: Indigo [#3A0075]
Gender: Male
Age: 9 sweeps
TrollTag: mechanicalMachismo
Quirk: talks wit' a bit 'f a toppa t' 'is cheek, innit!
Strife Specibus: bootKind, batKind
Fetch Modus: Pipe Dream
Lusus: Goatfadda

[Image: 6un.png]
You are now BREXUS MACITE, a troll who is actually an astounding 9 sweeps old. Being close to conscription would normally excite you, but in truth it only fills you with unease.

You are a GREENBLOOD, who has only just left the harsh life of a desert. You and your FORMER MOIRAIL whom you traveled with ventured far and wide throughout it, braving the elements in your search for proper civilization. Your old hive, that resided in a hivestem, was built on top of an abandoned mineshaft; a mineshaft that ended up being too dangerous to live near. Moving with the rest of the community, you harbored along until all but both of you remained. You still wonder about that one lowblood who remained behind. That, though, is of the past. You'd prefer to face the future.

You wear ARMOR, though ARMOR is a very strong word for what's actually just cloth and hide tempered and linked together meticulously. You yourself didn't make it, but you were taught how to maintain it. You previously only had cover in the form of a tarp ripped from an abandoned redblood's hive on the way in your journey, and keep it as a scarf as a reminder of your struggles and suffering through the life given to you. The armor itself is quite flexible, allowing you perfect comfort for whenever you get angry.

You have a bit of a mutation--one that hasn't quite made form until your trek into the unforgiving desert. Whenever you become angry enough, your muscles inflate and increase your size. Your strength rises to new levels, but with a dire cost; you become a lot slower due to the untold agony that fills and throttles you. Often times this makes you even more angry, and that only worsens it until you inevitably pass out. You have a mind to work against this issue, however, and have achieved somewhat of a religious and philosophical zen in order to make sure it doesn't go unchecked. After all, your greatest strength is also your greatest weakness. You do not use a weapon, as you have found it pointless in the desert and since abandoned it for personal reasons. You rely on your fists and size to dominate your enemies.

Your size helps in your intimidation. Even though you are 9 sweeps, many trolls react in different ways to seeing someone of your megalithic stature--a whopping 211cm tall. You honed your form for the harsh life of the desert, and as a result you are often called a titan for your incredible size and strength; despite being slow. You feel speed is for the weak and neurotic. You prefer taking things even paced to slow. You've had a long time to dwell on this philosophy.

You have no real hobbies anymore, as the desert has worn you of such things. You do, however, enjoy making little trinkets from various resources you come across, however, and often like to talk with others about life and the mysteries of it. Some might say your experience and zen-like state is almost wise, but you would sooner deny such a claim. Humility is, to you, a standard of your caste.

Your trolltag is, machaliteSoldier, and 7h0ugh y0u have much 70 say, y0u keep i7 c0ncise.

Name: Brexus Macite
Blood colour/Hex: Green [#092B13]
Gender: Male
Age: 9 Sweeps
TrollTag: machaliteSoldier
Quirk: o/O = 0, t/T = 7, all l0wercase. speaks 7ersely.
Strife Specibus: fistKind
Fetch Modus: Lockpick
Lusus: Ermine

[Image: dq8.png][Image: teddieabwg.png]

Your name is TEDDIE SPECER, and you are a mere 8 sweeps old. You were taken in as a charge to a giant jaguar lusus, and have had a very pleasant relationship with her, though There were bumps along the way. But you're not a troll about the details; you're about the bigger picture. Your hive is a nice and quite little abode that is near town, but far enough for your lusus to be comfortable. You have a psychic power of astral projection, in that you can temporarily depart your soul from your body for any length of time, and return. You can't go too far, though, otherwise your body starts to die from however too long you are from it. You can also see ghosts thanks to the touch of death and the afterlife. Because of this, you tend to come off fairly morbid. As a result, you often have a skewed look about life and refer to the dead quite often--if anything to be amusingly offputting to others. This has also made you quite spiritual, often putting personal investment towards aspects of the body, the mind, and the spirit.

You absolutely love reading and music, because frankly a coward like you can't do anything else. You regularly have your wireless headphones in your ears all the time, and tend to randomly switch them on and up the volume when you get in a daydreaming mood; which comes and goes pretty inconveniently. If one decided to yank a headphone out and listen, all they would hear is rain. Nothing but rain. You really love the rain and it calms you. Other than that, you listen to a variety of music, but mostly electric pop. Why is anyone's guess.

You also have a strife specibus that is a x2clawKind, but you never really use it. Unbeknownst to your peers, you regularly coat them with pure capsaicin, Your Fetch Modus is the Tangent Memory, which you can't even remember how it works.

Your trolltag is spectralUrsidae and you t3nd to 33 way too 3nthusiastic ov3r the num33r thr33.

Name: Teddie Specer
Blood colour/Hex: Red
Gender: Male
Age: 8
TrollTag: spectralUrsidae
Quirk: Replaces b/B and e/E with 3, referencing spiritual views and ties to the dead.
Strife Specibus: x2clawKind
Fetch Modus: Tangent Memory - Objects inserted must relate to one another somehow.
Lusus: Jaguarmom

[Image: kazmitellar.png][Image: kazmitab1.png]

You are now KAZMIT TELLAR, and you are a simple peasant redblood that is over 8 sweeps old.

You are a real case, in that you don't like a lot of noise. Noise can be very disruptive and upsetting to you in large and violent quantities, due to having sensitive hearing. Not that you can hear things like some superhero, but instead you can hear higher and lower frequencies than normal; often giving you headaches and ruining your mood. You tend to avoid crowds in your hivestem because of this, due to all the white noise around everywhere being so loud to you. Because of all of the noise, you tend to be quite jumpy and anxious.

You're also tactile sensitive, in that you can feel things others normally could not. Things like subtle temperature changes, moods, and even the change in air pressure. Due to this, you tend to appear as somewhat of an empath to others, even though an empath is far more accurate and emotional based than you are. Personally, you're much more of a distant person, and only act based on the vibe of the mood placed in by others.

You have a few interests here and there. You enjoy collecting stones and precious gems to the point of hoarding them; meticulously storing them in perfect organization and tiny glass cases located all around the hive. You tend to open one that you associate with your mood, going as far as to make this a nightly ritual to note how you felt when waking, how you felt during the night, and how you felt going to sleep. Then you tend to review the results, and try to figure what lead to it. There's a reason for this, of course, but you wouldn't ever tell anyone it.

You also take favor in photography, though for a reason you also would not tell others. You say you like taking pictures to remember and make memories with. In truth, you take pictures of trolls you find attractive and simply stare at them. It's an image, and not a real troll at this point. They couldn't hurt you. They couldn't judge. And you could just admire all of their beauty or man-grit all night long. You have entire albums of trolls you often look at to calm down and bring yourself back to reality during stressful times. It's an incredibly unhealthy hobby of yours, but you feel it's absolutely necessary.

Your trolltag is demureConvector, and y0u tend t0. carefully. v0ice y0ur w0rds. just in case.
Name: Kazmit Tellar
Blood colour/Hex: Red [#A00103]
Gender: Male
Age: 8 Sweeps
TrollTag: demureConvector
Quirk: o/O = 0, speaks in broken. sentences. just to make sure of things.
Strife Specibus: rifleKind
Fetch Modus: Thermometer
Lusus: Frigatebird

[Image: radolfwahley.png] [Image: radolfab.png]

Your name is TREVET WAHLEY, and you are a proud indigo of a whopping 9 SWEEPS. You're proud of how old you are, though in truth THINGS ARE ON THE GRINDER. But that doesn't really matter right now. We're here to talk about YOU.

As said before, your veins hold rich, INDIGO BLOOD. You are among the HIGHEST of the HEMOSPECTRUM, and you couldn't be any more PROUD of your blood. In fact, you're TOO PRIDEFUL of it, and often think you can do whatever you like with little to no consequence. After all, who's to question you? Other indigos who do whatever the hell they want? Seadwellers, who because of where you reside, might as well be an urban myth? Nah, you'll keep doing what you like. If anyone has an issue with it, they can take it up with you. If they're lower, then they'll just have to ACCEPT THE CONSEQUENCES.

You're VERY ALOOF in nature, and often tend to do things your way, even if they're detrimental to your own personal safety. You're not gonna let someone push you around. In fact, you push others around--that's YOUR JOB. In fact, that's ALL INDIGOBLOODS' JOBS. You are an avid HEMO-ENFORCER, and you ACTIVELY SEEK OUT HEMOREBELS to DISH OUT THE PUNISHMENT. You sometimes are in a good mood, and will often BARGAIN A DEAL with offenders with a CHOICE--Have a limb wrecked beyond repair, or GET CULLED. Usually they go for the limb, or just sock you in the face and flee, SOMEHOW GETTING AWAY.

Your trusty MACEKIND is what keeps you on your SUBJUGATIN' TOES, though your shotgunKind helps keep the rabble at bay if they get too rowdy. But you never use that, because truth be told, it just makes it all boring and pointless. But hey, it makes a good backup in case of emergencies--most tend to back off when it comes out. However, maceKind lets you quickly dish out punishment non-fatally, and make it COUNT. Well, to you it's been non-fatal, anyway, since you always see the victim alive and not-so-well afterwards. Your mace usually leaves VERY PAINFUL REMINDERS to hemo-offenders that YOU DON'T LET THAT SHIT FLY FOR A SECOND, and now their forever mangled forms will help repeat that lesson should they get any funny ideas. Yep, you are a smooth, loyal badass.

You aim to be a CAVALCRUSADER when you reach the fleet, and have been WORKING YOUR ASS OFF to become one, even trying to ride your LUSUS to BATTLE. Well, TRY is the keyword here, let's face it, your lusus is fucking huge.

[Image soon to come]

Being a large SHOVELBEAST as you call his strange, strange type of classification, his thick and sharp shell-like hide makes it HARD AS BALLS to ride, MUCH LESS STAY ON. In fact, the large jackass tends to be a bit of a huge asshole to you, and sometimes wakes you up by quietly approaching you in your coon, and ROARING IN YOUR FUCKING EARS AT 5 IN THE AFTERNOON. Thanks, you REALLY NEED THIS TO HAPPEN the many times it does. That was bitter sarcasm, obviously. In truth, YOU HAVE A REAL DEEP, DEFEATED LOATHING towards your lusus. Well. Kind of. IT'S COMPLICATED.

You don't really have a lot of hobbies, because you've dedicated your life to your IMPORTANT CAUSE OF LOYALTY. The times you're home alone and your lusus is away does give you some times to switch on MEDIA and watch anything related to COOLNESS. From OLD SHOWS like HAPPY SWEEPS to movies with TROLL BRUCE WILLIS in it. That dude is a raging badass. He's cool, calm, collected, and you try your best to take after him. You've seen every single flick with in him it, and you tend to keep watching them over and over and over, constantly taking notes on things like posture and behavior, and compare them to notes from other shows that have REALLY COOL CHARACTERS. Amalgamation is a beautiful thing when perfected.

You do have one secret hobby though, something you hope no one ever finds out about. It is YOUR DIRTY SECRET, after all. In truth, you honestly enjoy red romance a little too much. You happen to just think it's perfect. A STRONG, COOL YET HARD BOILED CAVALCRUSADER that beats the CARDIOVASCULAR MUSCLE of a SOFT AND GENTLE LOVER. You engorge yourself on romance so much, that in truth you really long for it the most out of anything. You tend to try to WOO OTHERS with your COOL DEMEANOR and ALOOFNESS, but in truth that's working more or less the opposite. Even still, you read a lot in secrecy, though if anyone asked BOOKS ARE FOR NERDS, AND NERDS DESERVE A BEATING. Your favorite novel of all time is A MAN WHO SCALES OVER SOCIAL STANDARDS OF HIS CASTE AND GENDER IN SUCH A MATRIARCHAL SOCIETY, DESPITE THE SCRUTINY OF IT ALL, AND SLOWLY FALLS IN LOVE WITH A DASHING, CHARISMATIC AND RISK TAKER GAL WHO BARELY SHOWS HIM INTEREST. It's a very complicated book filled with a lot of controversial themes and a character whose morality scale is beyond the point of broken, and you can't help but IDENTIFY YOURSELF with it.

Alongside this, as stated before, you want to be a CAVALCRUSADER, and go SUBJUGATE planets in the name of the EMPRESS, and you train all the time in preparation for initiation. Your constant use of your maceKind has given you two really good swinging arms, letting you swing your mace at a speed to rival a MAJOR LEAGUE HOMERUN BALL BATTER, usually giving you the upper hand against troublesome lowbloods and hemo-rebels. Yes, you CARRY THAT CONFIDENCE and proudly WEAR IT ON YOUR SHOULDER. You WILL become a Cavalcrusader one day, NAYSAYERS BE DAMNED.

...In truth, you surprisingly QUESTION YOURSELF a lot in privacy. You suffer DOUBT over the future and if you made any of the right choices in life. For one, your aloofness has more or less ANNIHILATED your social life, making you QUADRANTLESS. AT NEARLY 10 SWEEPS. You were so caught up in being as loyal as possible and doing your job the best you could, you actually forgot about quadrants entirely thanks to picking on lowbloods too much. You've TRIED the whole SOCIAL THING and tried to play it as COOL AS POSSIBLE, but in truth you can see the looks in everyone's eyes. You know it too much to deny it. YOU FUCKED UP. ROYALLY. Because of your constant hemo-enforcement and being THE ONLY INDIGO IN YOUR AREA, nobody at all likes you--and not even in the black sense. LORD KNOWS YOU PINED THOSE FJORDS, only to come home EMPTY HANDED like always.

Your lusus, who you aptly like to refer as EARL ARCTURIUS, has lately been more and more abusive to you. Nothing but what you know for a fact are VERBAL INSULTS in the form of GROWLS and DISPARAGING LOOKS, actual abuse of usually attacking you randomly, BREAKING EVERYTHING IN FITS OF STUPID RAGE, and even going as far as CONSTANTLY SCARING OFF anyone who at least tried to be nice and get to know you. You hate it, because there are times when the big lug is LEGITIMATELY FRIENDLY AND NICE, and helps you through a lot of tough times. YOU'RE VERY CONFLICTED ON YOUR FEELINGS on the matter, and often don't know how to deal with it.

Because of how things are, you often sit on the balcony of your hive at night, drink in hand, and just stare at the sky, wondering what the point of it all is. Sometimes, you just wonder why you even exist, and why drones haven't just already come to murder you. It's funny--you were so roped up in royalty, you're fucked over because you were too busy doing your job, and it's going to cost you your life. And to the ones you want to please, you're no better than the hemo-rebels. Why? Because you seriously suck at this, and can't even do the most basic thing. Your chauvinistic behavior pushes everyone away, and in truth, it's lead you to consider ingesting sopor slime to ease the pain when you punish yourself.

Yes, you feel crushing guilt often times over what you've done to others. Truth is, DEATH SCARES THE HELL OUT OF YOU, and the thought of seeing a troll lie lifeless with no longer a spark in their eyes, just bothers the hell out of you. You honestly have grown REALLY TIRED OF THE ULTRA-VIOLENCE around you, and it's starting to take its immediate toll on you. You punish yourself in various ways when you go too far or screw up horribly on quadrant hunting, and this has constantly put you at death's door many, many times. Sometimes. Sometimes you wonder if you should just throw yourself off that balcony and be done with it. Maybe then it wouldn't hurt so much. Maybe then you'd do everyone proud...

...Anyway, your TROLLTAG is imperialChevalier, and ya tend t' slur yer words randomly, cause frankly, ya really don't give a damn anymore.

[Image: tumblr_me2octBufe1rnaicjo1_250.png][Image: ezeranab.png]

Your name is EZERAN AUBADE, and you are a rich blue of 8 sweeps.

You tend to be a bit spiteful in heart, often blaming others and the world for your mishaps on the outside despite knowing full well the blame's entirely on you. You resent that you have to accept it. You resent that it happens anyway. You resent the fact you let it happen. It's complicated, being you, and that just makes it worse. You tend to be pretty hateful on top of that; you're quick to insult and drive it home how much someone annoys the living shit out of you.

Despite this, you have enough of a life to have some things you enjoy. Namely literature. That's largely the sum of your "deeper" hobbies. In truth, you like to take things, put them to the knife, and see what happens. It isn't limited to objects. Small animals, other trolls, urges to try it on lusii--it's just there. You enjoy stabbing and cutting too much. It's almost therapeutic hearing the sounds of flesh unzipping. It's downright cathartic--which is good, because at any day you're most likely going to wind up dying from hateful-induced cardiac arrest.

Admittedly, despite your toxic personality, you're a hopeless romantic. You want to believe you can pity, but in truth it's just so much easier to burn in contempt. You have a guilty pleasure of pity and hate songs. Lord knows how much you poison your ears with those ill beats and melodies. It's almost as if you're in true serendipitous kismessitude with yourself. Which is stupid as fuck, and you personally would "unzip" anyone with the gall to think or even respond with something like that.

Your trolltag is acerbicCypher, and <! you make sure to null and void the bullshit >

tl;dr coming soon

[Image: kzhq.png]

You are now LAIREN DURERE, and you honestly couldn't really care how you're seen as presented. You tend to go with the flow of things.

A simple peasant redblood of 8 sweeps, you don't have much going for you on the hemospectrum. You're dirt, and you know it. You understand it, and you also wholly accept it. That's just the system for you. That's how it works. You're not one to object when something is written in stone and made autonomous. You just ride the ride, so to speak.

You especially rode when you were brought under fire for killing a highblood simply because you felt it necessary. Originally planned to be culled for your "hemorebellious" nature, you instead were brought under a worse fate: being a slave. Your lusus was slain by theirs, and your hive with your belongings ultimately destroyed. You're often very busy, having little time for personal life and hobbies due to constantly cleaning and cooking for your owner. You live in their hive, and don't always get to sleep in a recuperacoon if you don't put up as much quality as demanded. This stress has nearly killed you before, forcing you to find an outlet through personal smoking. You like it, in truth. Dangerous to everyone, not just you, without moderation. The simple and small, yet surprisingly complex way it's made and designed. The click of a lighter and the fizz of the burn the fire gives it. The inhaling and exhaling of the heat. The blunting of the edge life loves to give you. You are, admittedly, quite addicted to it; yet even still, you must moderate it.

The small pockets when you do have time to yourself, you engage in the one main hobby you had before your unfortunate fate. You often find books to read, and engage in poetry for passing the time when on break and not smoking. Words intrigue you, with a way that's quite difficult to describe--and so you learn them so you can. The very way a single word can have multiple meanings, depth, action, accent, and even weight; it's compelling. So compelling that you feel you should become embodied with such spirit. As such, your vocabulary is largely higher than most you know, shocking many a highblood and royal due to your lowly stature and nature of social caste. You don't speak too much unless you really feel necessary, often adding a lot of weight to your words. However, you've become a personal fan of philosophy, and as a result talking with you tends to irritate others when they just want small talk you'd rather not deal with. You think words have worth and cost. Wasting them on something obvious or things that don't need to be said irritates you. You'd rather speak when you have to. Let actions write the story--let you be the narrator.

You feel the only way to get quadrants of any kind and survive in this world is to be cool. As such, you often delve in a little foreign languages to add more weight to your words through witty and "cool" one-liners. While you personally think you look and sound amazing with them, in truth you know full well you look and act like a total dork. Well, better than seeming prudish or naive, you suppose. Lesser willed trolls avoid you, saving you a lot of trouble. If only you also didn't push everyone else away with how you are.

Your trolltag is encientRaconteur, and "Singlet: You notate your sentences to keep check on your word choice, sic."

Name: Lairen Durere
Blood colour/Hex: Red [A00103]
Gender: Male
Age: 8 sweeps
TrollTag: encientRaconteur
Quirk: "Couplet: Notates the number of sentences used as poetry stanzas. Often uses latin for one-liners or small phrasing."
Strife Specibus: bladeKind (ko-katana)
Fetch Modus: Category
Lusus: Fulgurmoth Stag (dead)
Interests: Literature, poetry, philosophy, word-play, etc.
*God Tier: N/A
*Game Land: N/A
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RE: Trollslum Profiles
[Image: Sprite3.png][Image: Portect%20lookan.png]
sprites by PrussianMoose | assistance from ZeronFX

Your name is PORTEC HEGIRA and you are SEVEN sweeps old, with several broken bones, busted ribs, and TEAL BLOOD to your moniker.

You reside high up in the MOUNTAINS of Alternia, wherever that might be. All you really know is that one side looks kinda sandy and the other one is filled with trees. Your OSPREY custodian absolutely loathes the place and frequently takes flights away from it to look for food.

The issue with this is that he’s also KINDA STUPID and not very strong, necessitating you to follow after him to make sure someone doesn’t try to kill him for kicks. Rather than mope and whine about how ‘unfair’ this is, you took to it with a gusto. You threw yourself into finding faster ways to get about following him, starting off with running after him really quickly and falling down half the mountain, and ending with building your PRIDE AND JOY:

A MECHANIZED AERIAL WHIRLING CONSTRUCT, or M.E.W.C. for short. You’re sure that acronym is a really good one, just like your M.E.W.C. Everything you make is great, it just has to be! You’re convinced you’re a real genius for never giving up and actually constructing one. Never mind that the paint is chipping, panels are falling off, and several of the blades are held on with duct tape, glue, and prayers. Most of the time it sits next to your hive as you struggle to get it working, but the few times you DO manage to get it airborne are TOTALLY WICKED AWESOME!

No challenge is too great for you or your M.E.W.C. Anything someone asks you to do, you’ll gladly take the risk! Rock climbing, marathon running, sewage surfing, anything to prove that you’re definitely the most EXTREME and BADASS troll around! Seeing as you’ve yet to break your protein chute in half, you’re convinced that you MIGHT be invincible too! Clearly you’re just too awesome to be killed by mere accidents.

When "down for repairs", you build your own tiny little MODELS of various vehicles to keep yourself busy! Scuttle buggies, sixteen wheeled machines, etc. You then throw these at each other in the ULTIMATE DEATH MATCH ARENA, which is honestly just you playing pretend military for a few minutes and breaking them all. When not devastating the Alternian model death match arena, you engage in EXTREME SPORTS! Or, you try at least. Given your incredibly scrawny frame, you've only luck to thank for not breaking your neck while ULTIMATE ROCK CLIMBING or playing MEGA-DEATH-BLOOD BALL, a game you invented yourself and play with yourself. Again, you're totally invincible, so you're not worried about getting hurt doing any of this. While you can't stand most any kind of movie or tv show, you have a soft spot for ACTION MOVIES, particularly “In which several military pilots are forced to undergo special training while the lead character learns the value of teamwork while also accidentally killing one of his friends and losing his spirit to fight but eventually returns to high spirits and slays thousands of enemy fighters, proving the worth of the Alternian fleet.”

Really quite a thriller, that one.

Your strife specibus is welderKind. Repair jobs and accidents happen, you know?

Your fetch modus is set as EJECTION. Only the top two items can be retrieved from your sylladex at a time, and they tend to be thrown very high up in the air as a result. You’ve given up on keeping paper on hand.

Your trolltag is aeronauticalMachismo and you “Tend to a/ways be -n a good mood -BZT- hahaha!

Name: Portec Hegira
Blood colour/Hex: Teal (#009384)
Gender: Male
Age: Seven sweeps
TrollTag: aeronauticalMachismo
Quirk: L/l = / ; -BZT- for commas
Strife Specibus: welderKind
Fetch Modus: Ejection
Lusus: Osprey
Interests: HELICOPTERS, flight, EXTREME SPORTS, challenges, duels, action movies, coffee, energy drinks, models

[Image: Final.png]
Original sprite by PrussianMoose

Your name is DIVINI HACALO and you’re fairly sure EVERYONE is doomed. Doomed you say! As doomed as the RED blood within you and the EIGHT sweeps you’ve spent on Alternia! Did you mention doom?

You can’t help thinking that everything and everyone is guaranteed a brutal death. This IS Alternia, after all. But you’ve also cooked up several good theories on how everyone would die at once and leave the troll race annihilated, being a sort of APOCALYPSE BUFF. Your theories range from a freak hurricane destroying all known life on the continent to a passing fleet ship accidentally dropping a GASEOUS PAYLOAD onto the planet.

You’ve also heard rumors of some sort of VAST THING that could totally kill every troll! For this reason, and also the aforementioned payload, you’ve taken to wearing a FILTRATION DEVICE on your face as much as possible. You’re pretty sure they can filter out psychic attacks. Pretty sure*. Of course, it didn’t protect the original owner from physical attacks. He would have died in the cataclysm anyway.

Your lusus, a LARGE TURTLE, doesn’t have much to say about your paranoia. He never has much to say about anything, really. He tends to hide inside his shell a lot as danger approaches. When you were young, he yanked you inside with him to keep you alive, and that was it. But the terrifying thought of something penetrating his shell and getting at you both may have transferred over to some of your current theories. Nah, that’s probably ridiculous.

It also doesn’t HELP that your power, the ability to HEAR THE DEAD, seems to have no off switch. For being dead, they sure seem to have a lot to say. Mostly complaints about society in general and bemoaning how they died. It still hasn’t done a lot to help your THINK PAN’S health, though.

To distract yourself from, well, EVERYTHING, you spend time DEMANDING other trolls be in their tip-top forms. Everyone must be prepared for the coming apocalypse, even if some of them have no chance of survival. You harangue, harass, and coax other trolls into “preparing for the storm” by exercising to the point of exhaustion and possible death. Unfortuantely, being of RED blood, not many trolls listen to you, even if you viciously try to cull other redbloods that ignore you.

You also spend time preparing by STOCKPILING supplies, TRAINING relentlessly for a life spent underground in hiding, and COOKING. Just because you’re going to probably end up hiding belowground until after ragnarok doesn’t mean you have to subsist off slop. You also find that the bubbling and boiling of multiple pans and pots helps keep you calm. Recipes all follow a specific order, after all, and there’s always a guaranteed success path. You gain most of your supplies through the art of SUBTERFUGE, or in standard Trollish, you STEAL what you need.

Your view of the hemospectrum is that it is OKAY. It’s not, you know, PERFECT, but you’re fine with it. You wish you had a bit more freedom in society and that highbloods would actually listen to you. Plus it might help if a lot of highbloods would quit trying to beat you to death on sight. You’ve barely got any patience for other lowbloods though, since they should be the most prepared castes! An unprepared lowblood is a dead lowblood, and dead lowbloods don’t need their SUPPLIES anymore.

Your strife specibus is crwbarKind, and wielding your mighty TOOL OF ESCAPE, you strike down the weakest of trolls to spare them the agony of a future death.

Your fetch modus is DOOMSDAY. Upon being placed into your sylladex, all items gain a DATE upon them and begin counting down to said date. They cannot be retrieved until said time unless you wish to PERMANENTLY DESTROY every other item in your sylladex to retrieve it. To prevent abuse, that
particular feature is disabled if you only have one item in your sylladex.

Your trolltag is cataclysmicForebearer and you “[Can’t say I didn’t warn y(O)u! (O)n(O)]

*It totally doesn't protect from anything psychic.
Name: Divini Hacalo
Blood colour/Hex: Red (#7f0000)
Gender: Debatable
Age: Eight sweeps
TrollTag: cataclysmicForebearer
Quirk: Suffx [, prefix ], o/O = (O)
Strife Specibus: crwbarKind
Fetch Modus: Doomsday
Lusus: Turtle
Interests: Survival, major theft, training, apocalypse scenarios, the fleet, training other trolls, stealing from other trolls, kicking other trolls in the teeth for being weak


[Image: sprite.png][Image: Anger.png]

Your name is GAVEYO DEYLOC. You are an 8 SWEEP old YELLOW blood (#AFAF00) and you really wish you weren't here right now.

You take up residence in a hive by a RIVER, along with your CAMEL custodian. You don’t have many good things to say about the land around you. Or your lusus. Or the river. Or your hive. Or your YELLOW blood. You don’t have anything good to say ever, it seems. Being on the low end of the hemospectrum hasn't done much for you, if anything it only serves to make you BITTER that you weren't born on top of the hemospectrum. You're also a tad CYNICAL, if only after having lived long enough to suffer enough backstabbing that your backside could be mistaken for a pincushion. You don't WHINE about it, though. You just take out your idle boredom on other trolls for giggles. Those other trolls have a tendency to see you as a huge obnoxious-completely-full-of-himself-piece-of-bulge, and you're going to do absolutely nothing to make them think that isn't an appropriate moniker. So what if you have 0 chance of getting a matesprit like this? You really can't be assed to pucker up and act super polite to trick someone into liking you, even if it means death. Some call that being dangerously stupid. You call it being hopelessly lazy.

Your lusus, by the by, is rather dull since all he does is wander around your hive and spit at things he doesn't like. The most he ever managed to teach you was how to be a really lazy oaf and to always protect your territory. You grudgingly care for the old beast, if only because he kept you alive as a wriggler.

Most of your time is spent traveling about the areas near your hive. You like to collect a lot of TRINKETS to show off just how many places you've been and events you've seen. You like to think you're a TOTAL BADASS with all the cool things you've seen, but other people tend not to agree. You also like to practice a bit of TAXIDERMY when you're at your hive. A lot of animals just seem to hate you for some reason, so you might as well take advantage of it by stuffing their corpses. That awesome looking tiger in your front block is a great conversation piece. Not that you ever let anyone into your hive, usually.

You also engage in SCAVENGING while out and about, picking up the scraps and garbage of the Alternian world. You’ve got quite the knack for turning almost useless garbage into incredibly (read: slightly) useful tools, like a set of pipes into a ladder and so forth. There’s a goldmine of things to collect out there, and with your ability to FAKE DEATH, a whole lot of trolls aren’t even able to tell if you’re a threat.

See, your power lets you psychically alter your image in the eyes of other trolls. You can appear to have died from any means of your choosing, and it's kind of fun to play tricks on others! It only works on lowbloods completely though, midbloods can tell you're still breathing, and highbloods aren't fooled in any capacity.

As a yellow blood, you’re horribly low on the hemospectrum. You still listen to higher ups and what they have to say, but you honestly just wish they’d leave you alone. It’s so tiring and irritating having to grit your teeth and listen to them blather on about pointless crap.

Your strife specibus is set to fistKind, which lets you throw your considerable weight around towards your foes, though your hands often pay the price.

Your fetch modus is set to PRESSURE BALL. Every item’s card must be squeezed to the point of breakage between your large, ham-like hands. The tougher and larger the item, the more pressure is required. Sometimes you substitute a thermal hull for your hands.

Your trolltag is malignantMiscreant and you "Hhhav% a bit of a roughhh and uncouthhh acc%nt."

Name: Gaveyo Deyloc
Blood colour/Hex: Yellow (#Afaf00)
Gender: Male
Age: Eight sweeps
TrollTag: malignantMiscreant
Quirk: e/E = #
Strife Specibus: fistKind
Fetch Modus: Pressure Ball
Lusus: Camel
Interests: Himself, cool looking things, taxidermy, junk collection, repair and maintenance, annoying people, being obnoxious


[Image: Body.png][Image: neutral.png]
AB sprites by Rai!

Your name is Argumi Varsan and you're certain that everyone except you is completely insane. You're seven sweeps old and have BROWN blood, not that it makes you any happier being on the tail end of the hemospectrum.

You live in a lawnring with a few other trolls, along with your VULTURE custodian. He enjoys picking over dead animals, shoving you headfirst into garbage, and making sure you know just how stupid it is to try and stick your head into danger. He's not a very brave custodian for a reason, and that reason is just how inefficient he is at actually fighting. Being a detrivore can do that to a creature.

Of course, you're not much better yourself. You're a PASSIVE MIND READER, a power you wish you could forcibly extract from yourself. Being around other lowbloods leads to you knowing things you wish you never knew about other trolls. Trolls being nasty, violent creatures certainly doesn't help. You're not much better yourself, but seeing so much violence from so many perspectives has shattered the joy you used to get from fighting. It just looks like an endless cycle of stupidity and death to you.

You DO go outside, sometimes. If only to try and ASSIST your neighbors into becoming more MENTALLY STABLE. It's a sort of personal goal. You're NEVER very nice about it, but you are TRYING at least. Unfortunately, most of the trolls you try to help almost completely blow you off, sometimes they even try to stab you! It's not your fault that you think the only way of helping is by pointing out all their flaws and telling them to "shape up." This is definitely how to help people without being a moirail.

However, that's pretty much the only reason you ever go outside your hive. Your lusus expressly forbids you from doing otherwise, out of fear for your safety. Thus, you spend a lot of your time inside your hive, wasting time on various hobbies.

You're an avid fan of AMATEUR RADIO broadcasting. A whole block in your hive is set up with equipment you've BEGGED for and STOLEN over previous sweeps. Sure, there are almost NO OTHER people using the primitive radio system that Alternia was left with, but you enjoy the highly technical aspects of it. It keeps you busy and off of thoughts involving other trolls. Plus it lets you annoy the SMALL group of trolls on the planet who still use radios with your nightly broadcasts of how everyone needs to generally calm the hell down. It makes you feel like people actually are listening to you, even if none of them ever reply. Surely they're listening, though, right?

Given your rather TECHNICAL interest, you also enjoy REPAIRING items back to functional use. Taking apart items and putting them back together is actually quite soothing, strangely enough. It's a bit like fixing someone's psyche, come to think of it! Only a lot easier and less likely to stab you. Items that you've repaired are generally limited to hive appliances, doors, chairs, and tables. Trolls seem to love smashing in your doors, flipping your tables, and throwing your chairs.

You're also known to dabble in SEWING, thanks to the old sewing machine and needles you've managed to snag at some point in the past. You've tried to make ART from what you sew, but nobody ever likes it. You think it might be because art as a whole is only enjoyed by Highbloods, and they only like those disgusting musclebeast paintings. You keep whatever you've sewn together in large piles around your hive, which make for comfortable chairs at least.

Some night, you'll finally impress those highbloods with your art and get to hang around them. That would be so much better than having to live with other lowbloods. You're so hemospectrum adhering that rustbloods make you slightly ill upon seeing them. You try to help them become better trolls, but they ignore you too.

Your fetch modus is BROADCAST. Only the outer cards can be taken from your sylladex, and when you take them out, they're ejected at high velocity directly at you. You've learned how to dodge and be quick about it, thank goodness.

Your strife specibus is scrwdrvrKind. Sure, it's not very heavy, but you'd be amazed how easy it is to make puncture wounds with it. Flathead to the max.

Your trolltag is cholericMisanthrope and you "A|ways find sxmething wrxng with sxmexne e|se."

Read the profile.


[Image: Young%20famynn.png][Image: Adult%20fixed.png]
Ab Sprites by Silvy!

Your name is FAMYNN PEZTYL and boy do you not like Alternia all that much. Being a BROWN BLOODED (#843b00) 9 SWEEP OLD troll will do that to almost anyone.

You live on the rolling plains of Alternia, hacking out a simple life for yourself on this planet. Your lusus, a small HEDGEHOG, requires a great deal of care, lest he up and die of fright. You're not nearly as cowardly as he is, but thanks to his constant need for medical attention, you're stuck in your hive a lot. At least he's a nice lusus, though you can't exactly understand everything he says. He sure seems to prefer you avoiding any sort of danger though.

Most of your interests are geared towards a more "high-style" sort of life. You weren't MEANT to be a brownblood, it can't be true! You can feel it in your bones. You were supposed to be a blueblood, maybe even an indigo! But cruel fate dirtied your blood into the mud it is now. Still, you attempt to be the noble you know you're supposed to be. You can play the STRING AND BOW INSTRUMENT decently, or at least you think you can. You've a passion for VINYL RECORDED music too, keeping a special victrola machine tuned up inside your hive. The few songs you've managed to scrounge for it are some of your most precious items. You've a passing interest in MEDICAL AID, though you don't pursue it as much. You're only interested in it due to your lusus' condition, and figured you might as well know how to fix yourself up as well. Unfortunately, you're not terribly good at it. Somehow the information keeps falling out of your think pan, as if fate itself doesn't want you to understand it. You curse fate a lot.

You have trouble staying warm thanks to a power of yours, unfortunately. It's possibly the most irritating power ever devised. Somehow (you're a bit iffy on the specifics) you're able to forcibly bring the air around you to a halt, or at least close to it. Among the more science-y types, this is called "freezing." Unfortunately, you can't control it very well. This has led to you being a given a chronic case of the chills, as you can't help but chill the air inside you constantly. Thankfully it's not actually able to freeze your blood, seeing as that would kill you, but it's not very fun. Fortunately, a teal blood introduced you to these weird things called "CIGARS" that are apparently all the rage with highbloods. They helpfully keep your internal temperature up, or they at least help -you- keep it up.

You still adhere to the hemospectrum, even if you're not the biggest fan of it. You won't openly disrespect any highbloods, and woe betide the rebellious lowblood you stumble upon. In fact, you really wish you had highblood friends. Any kind of highblood friends! But none of them want to have much to do with you, not that you can blame them. A lot of people think you're really arrogant, and they wouldn't be wrong. You're perfectly aware of how good you are! You also tend to exaggerate just how competent you are at playing the violin and practicing first aid, but surely it will never come to bite you in the tail.

Your fetch modus is STITCHES, which requires you to sew up the card you want to retrieve. More easily torn objects get more stitches, and damaged objects get even more.

Your strife specibus is needleKind. You actually use a pair of sewing needles at the moment, but you've been considering switching to hypodermic ones...

Your trolltag is crackerjackPractitioner, and you | Have stItcHed up a few wounds In your tIme. |

[Image: Sprite.png][Image: Normal.png]
Sprites by Prussianmoose!

Your name is Genosi Dissim, a completely average troll about seven sweeps old. Your blood is YELLOW. It is a very nice shade of yellow that is completely normal. It's as normal as your opinion of the hemospectrum, in that you regard it as being a thing you should listen to, not that you overly like it.

You live in a communal HIVE STEM, "cared" for by your custodian, a very apathetic SLUG. If anyone has ever seen a slug before, they're not known for doing much beyond existing, and you reflect that trait accordingly. Your emotions are kept under a tight lid. You don't scream, you don't shout, nobody has even seen you cry or even raise your own voice. That's not to say you don't have emotions, that would be ridiculous, you just refuse to wear your pump on your sleeve. Your notable qualities include following orders and never making a fuss.

Most of your time is spent on your own. You enjoy reading COMIC BOOKS, especially ones about ultra-cool super heroes and villains. The heroes, usually being highblooded nobles keeping the peace, are fun to watch in action, but you really like the villains. The villains never seem to win, but somehow they keep coming back anyway. You like that idea, that you can always come back from failure. Plus, evil is just plain cool!

Some of your most favorite villains are the ones who are really good with gadgets. They don't need lame-o superpowers to get the job done! They make cool tools and weapons. You've tried to experiment and invent on your own, but it rarely turns out successfully. The most advanced gadget you can come up with is a light that blinks whenever someone opens your front door. Most people would just use an alarm, but that's just too easy. You've also tried creating your own "utility belt," but you lack the required anti-shark repellant that all wearers must have. You've often stayed up so late trying to make a new invention that actually works (your failed grappling hook comes to mind) that the sun begins to rise over the horizon. Your first useful invention was a pair of goggles that can keep the sun from blinding you, at the cost of completely blackening your vision whenever so much as a peep of the sun's light hits it.

You also have a bad habit of needing to keep most everything in your hive clean. Your lusus' tendency to get everything absolutely covered in slime does not help with this whatsoever. You've got him locked in a cage most of the time just to contain it. Most of your hive is actually neat and orderly, and you always practice proper hygiene. You can't help it, you just like things being clean. Especially other trolls. Other trolls have a habit of being filthy and it sometimes drives you a little on edge seeing them walk around. But you never show it, of course. That would attract the wrong sort of attention.

The reason you're so interested in the "powerless" villains is slightly embarassing. You, being a lowblood, should have a power. You do not. At least, you think you don't. It's certainly not something that makes itself very evident.

The closest you can come to figuring out if you've even got one is that people seem to become more forgetful around you, while you yourself gain more and more knowledge. Knowledge being unhelpful memories. Is that a power? You feel like a power should be more explosive. You can control it, at least. All you have to do is just not think too hard about that troll at the moment. It's probably just a coincidence. No power could be that lame!

Your fetch modus is MEMORY. Much like a game of "match two," you have to find both copies of the item you want in your sylladex.

Your strife specibus is bottleKind. Specifically spray bottles. You know, the kind most trolls use to clean things with? The cleverest thing you've come up with is to fill them with battery acid. That's effective right?

Your trolltag is contemporaryVanguard and you "Can always pr*vide a flash *f inspiration."

[Image: Sprite.png][Image: Neutral.png]
Your name is DEVEII BELMUL. You are a spry 8 SOLAR SWEEPS old, with all the cynicism and pessimism of a twenty century old highblood while being merely a greenblood. (#004000)

You live in a small lawnring near a forest, with a few trolls and your custodian, a foul EAGLE-like creature. His constant cries, squawking, and insistant commands have incredibly shortened your temper to the point where you’re almost constantly BLOWING YOUR STACK over the slightest thing. Your list of pet peeves extends for several miles and you quite frequently resort to breaking and throwing things like a small wriggler to let off some steam.

One of the many errands your lusus forces you to endure is catching your own food in the wild. You’d really rather just STEAL the food, or at least FARM it. Not good enough for him. You make frequent trips into the forest to trap small animals for you and him to devour like starving animals. It’s not really pretty to watch, honestly. At least it forced you to get over being squeamish.

Between bouts of screaming at your neighbors to quiet down and decapitating anyone who dares set foot on your lawn (who isn't a highblood at least), you force yourself to sit down and WHITTLE shitty figurines made from the trees you cut down for fire wood. Many would (and rightfully so) laugh at you for having such things in your possession, but you desperately need a mindless hobby to keep a grasp on your sanity. When not crafting junk to fight your temper, you like to TRY to read large novels, mostly dealing on warfare and battle tactics. This has lead to a large increase in your ego and vocabulary while simultaneously making you hate people who prefer to emphasize their incredible lexicons, as the books you read are REALLY HARD TO READ. But damn do they make you feel smart.

Your GREEN blood has left you dangling in the middle of the hemospectrum, not that you really care all that much. You understand the whole ordeal, respect highbloods, give the finger to lowbloods. You just don’t like being forced to suck up to a bunch of snotty aristocrats, what with their fancy words and nice stuff and lots of money. Jerks! But you'd never say that to their faces.

Most other trolls that you interact with write you off as an obnoxious loudmouth, with just a touch of smartass. You insist on slamming your two cents into people’s eyes and then acting like it’s the best thing ever. For the rare troll who learns to tolerate your penchant for exploding into a mass of shouting and impatience, they gain absolutely nothing at all besides a headache. This may be why you have very few friends. You choose to think everyone just has terrible taste in trolls. You realize this may not be the best way to win quadrants, but you'll care about that when you're nine. That's when it really matters anyway!

Your fetch modus is TRAPPER. You must, with absolute patience and calmness, carefully and slowly remove your desired item from the card it is in. Doing it too fast results in the ‘hilarious’ consequence of the card snapping shut on your hand and spitting it out. It’s a bit like getting hit with a mouse trap.

Your strife specibus is axeKind. Hunting with an axe is difficult, to say the least. Your temper refuses to improve as a result.

Your trolltag is turbulentAnnihilator and you “[]ke to set a few traps.

[Image: Sprite.png][Image: Neutral.png]
AB sprite by Rai!

Your name is Evelsi Falpre and you are SEVEN sweeps old. You've got TEAL BLOOD (#00877E) and you've got not a care in the world!

You live in a sprawling LAWNRING, where your HYENA lusus trains you to become a PROPER troll. Being a rather mirthful creature, however, his definition of proper has skewed you off the usual path that involves hours of endless training with weapons and being absolutely perfect. Instead, he insists you learn to just breeze through everything without a care in the world. Granted since he can't speak actual Alternian, the only way he can do this is by barking at whatever it is he wants you to mess with. Evidently this means he wants you to party almost non-stop, and you're totally willing to oblige him. Parties are hella cool man!

This has turned you into a totally chilled troll. Tension isn't even a concept to you and you always just "go with the flow." You're always willing to try new things, unless they're really obviously dangerous of course. A party can't go on if the host is dead! You prefer to joke around with other trolls about how totally tense they are and try to lighten up all the moods! This has resulted in quite a few people either quickly becoming your friend or quickly forming a fist that lands in your face. There's never an in-between, but you don't let it get to you.

You like to play a weird instrument that highbloods call an ELECTRIC KEYBOARD. You just love the cool sounds it can make, hell you can craft whole songs if you get the right equipment together. That's sorta what you really love to do. You just love WRITING MUSIC, since you can always show it off at parties you go to or start. If the right mood strikes you, you could write a dirge, but you're rarely ever that depressed. Most of the time you just write and create music for people you really like! Heck, you'll even play requests on your keyboard if people ask nicely enough. If they ask rudely you just pretend you didn't hear them. You also like to ATTEMPT parkour, though you're hardly the best at it. A lot of your attempts have ended with you nursing a lot of bruises and some broken bones, but that never stopped you! You love the feeling of being free and lighter than air it gives you when you managed to surmount every obstacle in your path!

You're a tealblood, which leaves you somewhat higher on the hemospectrum, not that you think about it much. To you it's just something that's there. You don't really listen to lowblooded opinions that much though. They're just so...lame, so square! Their peasant blood just isn't suited for being cool like you!

Your strife specibus is chainKind. You flail a length of chain at your enemies! It's kinda hard to use and you

sometimes end up smacking yourself with it, but on the bright side you can actually dance around people and hit them. That's just badass.

Your fetch modus is FREQUENCY. All cards are randomly assigned varying levels of frequency. High frequency cards can be withdrawn almost any time you want. Low frequency cards rarely let themselves be accessed. Middle frequency cards provide a medium between the two extremes.

Your trolltag is symphonicSynthesizer and you "^Can't~stop~keeping~the~beatv"

[Image: Sprite.png][Image: Filled.png]

Your name is REMUNE NERSCO and you are EIGHT SWEEPS old. You have very few friends, but you’re okay with that. The only friends you need include CAEGARS and BOOZE. You see, you’re a LOWBLOOD. A filthy YELLOWBLOOD to be exact. The one thing lowbloods probably need is immense quantities of riches that they will never ever spend, and that’s just up your alley. However, you’re not very well suited to conning people out of any valuables they might own. You’re built like a particularly unkempt barrel and not the most articulate person. So, you turned to (unfortunately) legitimate business. At the same time, you decided to embrace your other natural passion, EXTREME BOOZING.

You’ve always had a fondness for soporifics, though you’re not quite sure why. Your lusus, a particularly irritable RATTLESNAKE, doesn’t know either. Then again he doesn’t seem to know a lot about anything. Most of your youth was spent with him biting people who visited viciously on their ankles, protecting you fiercely. Now that you can defend yourself, you make sure he stays out of trouble and he hisses at you a ton and bites many different chew toys.

You’ve experimented with many different ingredients, hoping to find the perfect recipe to create the perfect booze. Something with just the ‘right amount’ of kick along with soporific concentration. You consider MIXING and DISTILLING an art form, and you love to EXPERIMENT with different recipes in order to see what sort of drink it produces! Your POWER, which is really just the ability to TELEKINETICALLY LIFT and HOLD something, sometimes comes in handy while you work on mixing. Mostly by just letting you pour things without your hands all badass like. That’s about the limit of your power though, heavy lifting gives you massive migraines.

Aside from creating increasingly lethal concoctions to drink, you also like to play any sort of CARD game you can get your hands on. Particularly card games where everyone sits in a big circle at a table and usually ends with someone calling someone else a cheat and a fight erupts. Maybe you’re just in it for the fights, since you have terrible luck. Finally, you also entertain an odd love of FIXING THINGS. Not just anything though, no one should ever ask you to sew their clothes back together, but you do thoroughly love working on fixing your distilleries and any sort of engine you can get your hands on. Maybe one night you’ll be able to create a SCUTTLE BUGGY of your own, but that night seems rather far off.

Your fetch modus is OLD DISTILLATION. You cannot retrieve anything you put in at first. After a period of nights, after they’ve had time to ‘age’ and ‘refine in taste’ (you continue to be baffled by the ad you purchased this from) you can take them back out. It’s the worst system ever, as far as you’re concerned.

Your strife specibus is panKind, due to an extremely humbling incident involving you picking up the first thing you saw for a weapon. The ability to throw frying pans at people’s heads is not that useful, but you suppose it’s better than trying to fight with a pair of scissors.

Your trolltag is mixologistMaverick and you “Gat a tatally real accent ya $wear. Definitely nat fakin it."

[Image: Sprite.png]
AB Sprites by Hayarp!

Your name is REMIVA LECCAR. You are an INDIGO BLOOD (#4300B7) who resides in a BIG, DARK, TREACHEROUS FOREST. You are NINE sweeps old and are perfectly ready for FLEET LIFE.

Your hive commands a MENACING AURA, as befitting someone of your status in troll society. It is built like a large manor that somehow manages to look like it is in constant danger of falling over and flattening the entire forest around it. The tallest tower extends well past the treetops and is known for giving visitors a severe case of vertigo should they give it a tour. Not that you get a lot of voluntary guests.

Your lusus is a cunning TRICKSTERFIEND, (KIT FOX) and a small one at that. Your custodian has taught you many tricks to staying alive, and one of the main lessons you have gleaned from him is to always be a step ahead of your prey. You make sure you know everything about a troll before you harm a hair on their head, which often makes you come off as unbearably nosy, and has led to quite a few scraps with irritated highbloods. Fortunately, you can run away pretty quickly!

Your hobbies are many and varied, but only a few have the pleasure of being your most favorite. You thoroughly enjoy MYSTERY NOVELS, especially those of one Troll SHERLOCK HOLMES. His cunning, his intelligence, his wit! He is your idol, and you hope to one day become as smart and capable as him. Your hive’s library is stocked to the brim with his novels and similar tomes. You also love to EXPERIMENT! Scientifically, of course. Any proper highblood, just like the good TROLL HOLMES, should have a good working knowledge of the world around them. An experiment to you consists of anything from breaking a lowblood’s toy into parts to seeing whether a giant carnivorous plant is even a possibility. Some would call you MAD for doing such things, especially since they rarely get actual results! You call them STUPID, for being STUPID. The last of your most favorite spare time shenanigans includes studying the STARS above you, looking for nice constellations to draw in your notebook. You rarely manage to pick anything out that looks interesting, however, so you end up doodling pictures of impossible constellations instead.

Certain indigo blooded trolls have a rather obscene reputation. You prefer to distance yourselves from such ilk, as you detest the sort who would sully your blood’s vaunted reputation! You LOVE to uphold the IDEAL image of highbloodedness. You are devoted to the hemospectrum almost entirely. A seadweller’s command is to be taken seriously, maybe with a touch of sass but nothing more. Everyone else must be kept in line! There’s nothing you hate more than a rowdy lowblood or a cowardly highblood. The lowbloods can be taken care of with a ambush when they least expect it, but the highbloods present a special challenge. You have a nice “chat” with them in your lovely hive, and afterwards many of them swiftly correct their ways.

While you are of the opinion that YOU are the smartest troll on the planet, many would be inclined to disagree. They see you as a snobbish PRICK who asks too many questions and then acts like the smartest thing since the troll who invented sliced bread. Your experiments make no sense to them and they often look at you as some sort of loon. It doesn’t help that you barely take anyone besides yourself seriously. Most trolls get the feeling you’re just humoring them for the time being, like an annoying wriggler scratching at your shoes. When they default to insulting you, you never let it show either! This just sets them off more and tends to end in yet more fighting.

Your fetch modus is WHODUNIT. The card you wish to retrieve is mixed with several other cards from your sylladex, and you must correctly guess which card it is. Your sylladex provides the barely useful help of slapping silhouettes of the items contained on top of the card.

Your strife specibus is caneKind. It’s a legitimate style of fighting! A style that some trolls fail to see coming since, honestly, who uses a cane for a weapon? It lets you move quickly, at least.

Your trolltag is limitlessPropensity and you “==> MIght seem a lIttle self Important to some. <==

[Image: Neutral.png]

Your name is DEVIEX OVIDIO and you are 9 solar sweeps old. Your blood is INDIGO, a caste infamous for producing absolute nutters and some weird cult members. Not being a fan of such silly things as cults, you don’t really know that much about them.

You live way far away from any lawnrings or large urban centers. Instead, your hive is built into the side of a mountain, carefully lodged just in front of the rock wall so there’s little chance of someone sneaking up on the place from behind. Your lusus, a KOMODO DRAGON, rather enjoys the terrain, since the rocky landscape surrounded by trees and shrubs gives it plenty of hiding spaces to hunt from. You and your lusus get along well enough, you suppose. You help keep his mouth clean, as well as his armored skin, and in return he hunts the wild animals threatening to encroach on your hive. It’s win/win, especially since you can’t stand dirt.

In fact, you can’t stand any form of germ, literally. While you have a pretty good mind, as far as intellectuals go, you’ve been cursed with a diminished immune system. Well, cursed would be the wrong term to use. “Self-inflicted” would work better, seeing as you used to test various chemicals on yourself, having no other subject available. Consequently, you keep your hive spotless and tend to shut yourself up in a special suit of your own design whenever you have to leave your hive. Which, suffice to say, is not too often, seeing as you’ve yet to be able to effectively armor your suit.

Luckily, your previously mentioned intelligence is more than enough to keep you occupied. You while away your time inside your hive, trying to find a new medical breakthrough in the field of troll biology. You’re no mechanical wizard, and coding makes your head hurt. No, you’re a sort of BONE-SETTER, a specific group of trolls dedicated to the field of medical science. Your skill with a scalpel is unmatched, though you’ve yet to actually meet anyone else with similar interests. Your subjects tend to be dead trolls you’ve dragged back to your hive, who you perform SURGERY on. EXPERIMENTATION is the name of the game, seeing how the blood pump works when blasted with electricity, how the muscles function when pressed upon, and so on.

However, a man is not an island, and neither can his hobbies be so confined. You also enjoy the fine art of TAXIDERMY, taking animals not devoured by your lusus and stuffing them into funny positions. It amuses you greatly, and you’re sure many others would love them if they visited your hive! Furthermore, you harbor a secret desire to DESIGN even more unique costumes, ones with more flair than your humdrum suit. However, you keep that particular hobby secret, seeing as almost nobody else enjoys fashion. Finally, you like to read up on MYTHOLOGICAL CREATURES, which probably sounds like it comes straight out of left field. Not really. You read up on them because you like the thought of one day managing to create one deep inside your hive. Of course, you obviously can’t bring the dead back to life just yet, so you’ve resigned yourself to just trying to design a concept with normal troll body parts. The cyclops idea isn’t panning out very well at all!

Your opinion of the hemospectrum follows a lot of other trolls. You’re devoutly thankful that your high caste has placed you beyond the bloodthirsty reach of many other trolls. You don’t especially abuse your position as a noble, but you’re not afraid to pull rank when it comes to saving your skin. Generally, you avoid seadwellers as much as possible, as well as other indigo trolls. You’ve no wish to associate with people who could probably kill you with a blink.

Considering almost nobody talks to you, you don’t have much of a social life. To the few people who have exchanged words with you, you come off as an intensely curious, but very tired sounding sort of troll. You frequently ask questions, and if you really start getting interested, life can be seen returning to your normally puffy eyes!

Your fetch modus is OPERATION, where you have to select your item very carefully out of a small troll doll. Given that you have a terrible shakes problem most of the time, this is harder than it sounds. Hitting the sides of the doll gives you a sharp zap as well, which is about as pleasant as it sounds.

Your strife specibus is pistolKind, your favored weapon being a revolver. You keep it immaculately clean, but unfortunately your aim is so shaky you have a better chance of shooting yourself than the person you’re trying to hit.

Your trolltag is healingHalcyon and you “<—- Keep your words -n a s-ngle strand. —->
[Image: OutlineSprite.png]
AB/Tiny Sprite based on old stuff I got from Prussian Moose at some point
Your name is YARREX FISSAA. You are just about 8 SOLAR SWEEPS OLD. You’re a member of the BROWN caste of trolls, placing you squarely on the low end of the hemospectrum.

You live out on the plains with your custodian, a fiercely loyal STINGING-BARKBEAST. That is, you’re pretty sure that tail of his would look more at place on a scuttling stingfiend, the kind that plagues deserts. Your hive is perfectly symmetrical, a rather large cube shape that rises out of the flat ground beneath it. There’s even a way to get onto the roof and use it as a lookout post, which is helpful for hunting passing animals.

The reason for your hive’s perfectly ordered rooms and design is quite simple. You’re a major fan of BALANCE! You’re not really sure why, you just like things being a certain way. Everything ought to be in even groups, or at least at a 1:1 ratio. Like your lusus! One dog half to one stingfiend half! It’s perfectly balanced. Like all your possessions. Your hive has a perfectly even amount of trash on the floor in all rooms, and everything you need is neat and orderly organized. Who can say why you like balance? Nobody, except maybe your lusus. And he’s certainly not talking in anything other than barks.

You enjoy several things, like any decent troll. You have a great love of MATHEMATICS and all NUMBERS in general. How else can balance best be done? Numbers can always be moved around and manipulated until they look perfectly nice and even! God bless absolute value. You have an interest in TRACKING, not necessarily hunting. It’s less for following trolls or just finding plain animals, it’s more for specifically finding a TYPE of animal! What if you wanted oinkbeast but could only find musclebeasts? That would be horrible! You also just, like, you really like RIFLES okay? They’re very elegant weapons, and they’re your most favorite thing ever. You’ve only got one, though, seeing as you’re rather poor. It’s kept as well as possible, given your resources, and you try to read up as much as possible on weapon care and rifles in general.

You’ve also got a tiny teeny little LOWBLOOD POWER. As far as you’ve been able to figure out, it’s the telepathic ability to hold something, or several somethings, absolutely STILL! You call it your BALANCING power, seeing as it lets you stack all manner of things atop each other and keep them perfectly balanced. You can also slightly levitate things, but it’s extremely hard on you. Trying to psychically hold a living, moving creature is completely out of bounds too. There’s simply too much going on in them to hold down all at once!

Your fetch modus is UNSTABLE EQUILIBRIUM. You found it just lying around outside one night, and you kind of regret ever taking it. For every object you remove from your sylladex, you must replace it with another object. If you want two objects, you need to find two objects of roughly equal size to replace them with! This means you almost always have something in your hands, unfortunately.

Your strife specibus, obviously, is rifleKind. You try not to waste bullets though, it’s extremely hard to find anyone to barter with who is both willing and able to cast any new ones for you. You’ve got a small stockpile for emergencies and just enough for your general supply to get you through hunting, and that’s it.

Your trolltag is balancedPersuasions and you (K–p your numb-rs all n-a+ and -v-n.)
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RE: Trollslum Profiles
[Image: 2e1zpfa.png]

Your name is Dragun Vaziet, and you are not delusional! Steam powered technology is awesome! Anyway since you were a young wriggler you dreamed of joining the dreaded THINKSHOOTERS. A special unit of the alternian military tasked with eliminating undesirable persons. Those who know too much or say a lot and are deemed to polemical to be publicly culled fall into the thinkshooters. They also eliminate the enemies LEADERS using their dreaded LONG RANGE RIFLES. As such you have trained to use one since you were young. You are QUITE PROFICIENT sniping

However you also love an ancient time where the empress was HER VICTORIOUS CONDESCENSION. You admire her in secret. Because the current empress doesn’t appreciate trolls idolizing any other empress but her. For this reason you turned into other means of showing your admiration. Concretely you love how machines used to look. All bronze and cooper with the mechanism showing. You took to TINKERING to make your machines look like they were made back then but with a lot of cool additions. Some say it’s unpractical and lame but you ignore them. Your rifle was made by mixing your old standard rifle and some modifications you made. Like a multiple glass scopes and an old fashioned look. Your PDA, husktop and everything is also made to look old. You endlessdly TINKER with them until you PERFECT them

Your OUTFIT is also based on that era. Some people might tell you it’s ridiculous but you don’t really care. You use an old fashioned GLASS ZOOMING SYSTEM when you need to tinker with small pieces of clockwork. You are aware that BETTER ALTERNATIVES exist but none of them are as cool as yours


You tend to be a nice guy. You RESPECT the hemospectrum but you are not a hemoloyalist. You respect trolls above you and treat them accordingly and expect some respect from the trolls below you. However you won’t kill anyone that doesn’t show respect. All of this CHANGES if you feel you or any person close to you is in danger. If this happens the troll that’s endangering them or you becomes JUST A TARGET in your crosshairs, and you wouldn’t hesitate in shooting him or her. Something really EXTREME must happen for you to become like this.

Your lusus is a giant magpie. He has the annoying tendency of stealing your bright inventions and building a nest out of them. You don’t mind much because it gives you a good reason to tinker more

Your modus is CLOCKWORK MODUS. You must assemble a clockwork mechanism to get the item out of the card

Your trolltag is brassSharpeye and you speak Capitalizing the letters of Her ViCtorious CondesCension to show your admiration for her
[Image: vasichportrait.png]
Your name is Vasich Korsun

Ok you like owls, maybe a little too much, but is because to what they symbolize not because you have some creepy owl fetish or something. You love logic, knowledge, wisdom, strategy, etc. Basically everything owls normally stand for. You take them as symbols of your beliefs, not as the feathery assholes they tend to be. You know how dumb they can be sometimes because your lusus is one.

Anyway, as has been said you love logic and strategy and apply it to your day to day life. for this you tend to be seen as a cold, smartass, distant and a little of a bastard when the situations demands it. You can be all of those things provided the right circumstances, but you that is not how you treat all trolls. For those you think they deserve it. Trolls that prove themself smart, thoughtful ,useful to your designs, interesting to talk to and generally not a brutish sack of meat you’re caring, listening and comprehensive. Even giving advice. Unfortunately these kind of trolls are so few that most of the time you're a formal, cold, efficient, uncaring smartass.

You’re a highblood this of course means following the spectrum. After all you have no reason to challenge it. It has brought order and glory to the empire for all these sweeps. Not that you’re automatically an asshole to every single lowerblood you encounter. Some have proven to be quite smart and deserving of your full attention. Your personal ranking overrides the spectrum.

Your interests include collecting owl related things, like statues, paintings, etc, reading, history specially of the military kind, knowing new things, a bit of programming and math, Strategy gaming, heraldic symbolism and the useless but nonetheless fun act of debating and diplomacy . Your old hive is a castle filled with books, statues of owls and flags of conquered empires, old maps and the such. You also know a little bit about most subjects. Just enough to hold a conversation and do basic things.

Your lusus is a giant owl named Parthenos. He tends to be an idiot but has his moments of lucidity and sudden smartness. Even with his usual dumbness you like him, after all he did raise you. Besides riding him is fun and an excellent thing for red dates.

Speaking more about you. You’re average size, not specially well built but you do have surprising reflexes and agility. Must be those nights playing quick paced RTS. You're never without your shades when in public. Why? Because your eyes are sensitive to light. Normal illumination for trolls tend to bother you a lot. On the flip side you see better in the dark. No, not night vision. You just see things more clearly in low light.

You use the flagkind specibus. Yes is not a common thing but you like it. Your weapon is a silver flag, designed to whistand hits and absorb shock. It of course has a pointy tip. Your fighting style consists of blocking everything until you're sure you can make a counter attack. Your specibus is the political colony specibus. Basically you see a flag and have to name the capital of that colony of Alternia. You stopped updating its database after 193 colonies. Youre a troll not a supercomputer.

Your tag is glacialGlaucus, your symbol is an owl and Your \/\/ords are \/ery much filled \/\/ith \/\/isdom

[Image: tumblr_inline_mfkkvabwou1rqtn0v.png]
>Be the proud, glubbing, Fish Bitch

Thɛ only truɛ part of that sɛntɛncɛ was thɛ fish part, and ɛvɛn that is considɛrɛd dɛmɛaning is coming from a non-sɛadwɛllɛr

>Be the paragon of seadwelling kind

That is much бɛttɛr
Your name is Ekatri Veliky and you think, no you know, that you are the Empress' gift to Alternia. You strive to become the perfect manifestation of the Empress' will because you feel that you were hatched to do so. It is your life calling, you are meant to big glory to the Empire and to the Empress herself. Of course all of this comes from your own personal interpretation of what a good sea dweller is. You've actually never seen or spoken to the Empress in person, but you're sure she's exactly how you imagine her! After all who else could lead such a glorious empire as the Alternian Empire?.

Unlike some of your brethren you don't think lowbloods are completely useless. In fact you protect those that follow the hemospectrum from your fellow sea dwellers that might cull them. A sort of small reward for knowing their place. On the other hand if you find a lowblood that is quite hemorebellious and cannot turn you into a fried fish you take measures. Not culling, for it would be putting to waste all the resources he or she consumed and it would be depriving the empire of more cannon fodder. No, you reeducate those using whatever methods are necessary. Even some that might, well, break them, but you can't make an omelette without breaking a few eggs. If they prove too annoying or not worth the time you simply cull them.

Besides that you have more mundane interests like any troll. You enjoy riding seahorses and own a few of them. Especially if it's near a particularly beautiful coral reef or other seascape. You also love gossiping and tea parties and other gatherings like that. Tea parties being only in name of course. Drinking tea underwater can be quite difficult. You own a boat too and like sailing, it's a nice way of getting around without tiring yourself swimming. Not to mention it provides you an opportunity to see the sea from above and witness it's might. Feeling the ebb and flow of the tide, smelling the salt in the air and hearing the waves. Nothing more romantic and satisfying. It should be obvious by now that you love the sea. From the shallowest reefs to the deepest trenches. You also enjoy admiring works of art, especially paintings - even more so if they are of the Empress (or yourself). Nice dresses, jewelery and other royal attire, and hunting are all other things you enjoy. Hunting is quite the noble pastime. Be it hunting lowbloods of for beasts to feed your lusus.

Speaking about your lusus. She is quite...remarkable. The best way to describe her in simple terms would be if you combined a dragon and an eagle into a giant two headed sea dwelling monstrosity. Your lusus is quite powerful oh yes and the question might arise of why you hunt for her?. Well it is because you and your lusus share one particular trait: Pride. She thinks you should feed her as it is your duty in exchange for her guidance and protection. Of course she can feed herself and you suppose she does when you're not around or looking, but when you're home she expects ro be fed. You don't mind this too much considering that you know that scaled, beaked hag cares for you and it shows. She protects you from absolutely everything. Be it a mighty sea monster or a simple sea urchin. It's her way of being the absolute best lusus and she always rubs that fact in your fins. She has gotten better in recent sweeps though as you've grown up.

You have two strife specibi. Because fighting in the water and fighting on land are two completely different things. For land you use Swordkind and for the sea you use 2xspearkind. . Your trolltag is glamorousWisdom and You spɛak with a cɛrtain бɛauty to your words.


Name: Ekatri Veliky
Gender: Female
tag: glamorousWisdom
color: #bc007d (hue 320)
Quirk: e for ɛ, b for б
Symbol: Royal monogram of Empress Catherine the Great Link (Without Crown)
Lusus: Giant dragoneagle thing
Specibus: swordkind, 2xspearkind (A double ended spear)
((Abound thanks to Chumeni))

[Image: aleksyneutral.png]
Your name is Aleksy Paasha and you’re quite polite.
You are quite the polite fellow, even if it clashes with your job. You’re a corsair, a kind of pirate that sails the seas looking for profit. However there are a few things that make you stand from your everyday pirate: You never attack seadweller ships, you capture the crew instead of killing it (Except one which you feed to your lusus) and most importantly: No alcohol is allowed on your ship. You think that alcohol impairs judgement and that cannot be allowed for your crew. You are weird among pirates in the sense that you treat your captives rather fairly, and you always offer the captured captain some tea and sweets. When you reach port you offer your prize a chance to ransom their freedom and if they can’t you sell them to other trolls, as slaves, lusus food, vivisection volunteers, you really don’t care what happens to them once the deal is made. Serves them well for sailing in waters that belong to seadwellers and seadwellers only.

Outside of your job and ship however. You’re extremely polite to seadwellers and landdwellers alike. You think that the caste system is no excuse for not following common civil manners. Thus whenever you meet someone you insist on offering them a cup of tea or coffee, and even sweets. Something that has made you quite popular with your crew because you have a rather unorthodox view of the spectrum as a whole. You know that you have to be respected by most of all classes, and you actually kinda enforce this, but you’ve discovered that it is easier to rule by respect than by fear. Your crew is composed of all bloods and you treat them very fairly, and for them you’re their captain, that actually worries for their welfare. It doesn’t help that at sea you enforce the fact that in your ship rank triumphs bloodcolor, so you see reds ordering blues around, and so on.

One of your chief interests is artillery, you love it as a hobby and have studied it intensively. Your galleon is equipped with the very best cannons one can buy and you serve as both captain and chief gunner. This reflects on your weapon of choice: The abus Gun. A huge handheld cannon that you have to use a tripod to fire. Good thing youre a seadweller and thus quite strong. For close combats you use swordKind, more precisely a yatagan. Coming from your studies in artillery you also love mathematics and physics in order to calculate precise trajectories for your shots. With a small dabble in chemistry for the gunpowder.

Other interests include calligraphy in middle eastern alternian languages. Especially if you can get it to look like animals or other shapes. As a sailor you have also taken an interests in languages and speak quite a few of them in order to make docking at other ports easier. You love poetry and when on shore leave you spend hours looking at the sea composing poems. Preferably with a cup of strong black tea and your own Narguile, also known as a hookah. It relaxes you a lot. Being a poet also helps with your own modus. To get an item you have to compose a small poem about it, usually you just go for haikus.

Your lusus is a great merlion. Your guardian has taught you that you have to be as great as a warrior as he is, and as honorable in battle too. Regal, strong, dignified, all qualities your dear lusus has. He usually sticks close to your ship and you feed him the occasional captive or two.

Your trolltag is magnificentMerlion and you şpeak with a intereştinğly odd and exotiç aççent

Name: Aleksy Paasha
Blood colour/Hex: Tyrian. (R: 161, G:0, B:107)
Gender: Male
Age: 8 Sweeps old
TrollTag: magnificentMerlion
Quirk: ş for s, ğ for g, ç for c
Strife Specibus: swordkind, AbusGunKind
Fetch Modus: Poetry Modus
Lusus: Merliondad

Additional pic by veriama:
[Image: tumblr_mnqzifDxYw1r9iaydo2_1280.png]

[Image: gl0ao.png]
Your name is Sibyll Alacer.

As if it wasn't obvious, you are a yellowblood. You would be pretty normal if it weren't for the fact that you love verbally sparring. Being snarky, witty or thoughtful. Asking uncomfortable questions or finding breaks in others people's defenses. You find the art really challenging and fun!

Unfortunately, many highbloods don't.

Many sweeps ago, a highblood got annoyed at you and gave you a good beating. You are lucky you weren't culled on the spot, because at the time you were all talk and no fight. You barely knew how to hold a weapon, and were an easy target. That day, everything changed. You decided to learn how to physically defend yourself! While you wondered what weapon you would use- a rifle, a lance, maybe something ridiculous like dice- you searched for a while until you found a curious ancient book in the ruins near your hive. A book that changed your life.

See, this book was about fencing- not something like fencing for dummies or anything, though. This book was about learning the full art of fencing. It was an entire method of fighting based about Mathematics and Geometry. With different stances and tactics for most kinds of weapons. The second you laid your ocular globes on that beautiful book, you knew it was destined for you.

Fast forward several sweeps, and a lot has changed about you. First of all, you are a master fencer, capable of besting most trolls in one on one combat using only your rapier. The most foolish of them laugh at your slender sword, comparing it to a mosquito's bite. You prove them wrong by piercing their vascular systems with said "bite". Fencing became your trade and your life. Speaking of mosquitoes, your lusus is a rather large one. She is really nice, and after sweeps of listening to her buzz, you find it...annoying as ever. There is no sound more annoying than mosquito buzzing, but she's your lusus! You still like her a lot, though you often wonder... From who or what does she feed?

A side effect of the book was that it awakened an interest for math and geometry in you. You occasionally resolve problems just for fun or for a challenge. Especially spacial problems. Those are your favorite! You wonder if you could use that skill for something further in life but for now it's great for saving space in your small hive.
Fencing practice has given you reflexes and an air of finesse. You move gracefully and with ease- even your personality became more refined and proper as you read the book and dove deeper into it. This has some unforseen consequences, because the blood runing through your hemotubes is not purple, indigo or even blue. It's just a plain yellow. As such, some lowbloods give you some grief for what they see as a betrayal, and highbloods sneer at you and shun you for what they perceive as a cheap and unworthy imitation. Especially with your fancy outfit that you copied from the book. You learned to sew just to make it, but as a yellowblood, your materials were limited. The gold pattern is just cheap string, and everything is secondhand. Many highbloods have laughed at and mocked you because of this. Sometimes, however, your little rapier had the last laugh.

Not that you hate being a yellowblood or anything. Sure, the materials are crap and most highbloods look down on you, but that's how you were hatched, so you just deal with it. Besides, it comes with a nifty psychic power.

Your power is a form of tunnel vision. You can become ultra-focused on a single thing. Be it a problem, object or person. You completely block all other stimuli and just visualize your target. In the most extreme cases, your world becomes black, except for the general pattern of the terrain and your target. While this is incredible for fencing or other uses it leaves you vulnerable to any external attack. As such, you use it sparingly or with simple things like math problems.

Your trolltag is gracefulWits and you speak literally ¬)Wielding your words for sparring---

[Image: q5cnm.gif]
Your name is Morana Znegom and you're a power hungry bitch

Yes power, that is what you're after. Specially power over other trolls, but all kinds are nice.

See as a cute wriggler you read a lot of fantasy stories and something always clicked with you. You wanted to be the evil witch, the bad guy, the one that was having fun turning the hero into a toad or something worse. As you grew up you actually managed to do this in some ways. Gossip here and there led to blackmail. Getting "Drunk" with a highblood led to you emptying their bank account. Flirting with a random girl that was matesprited. One quick bucketing later you had her darkest secret and her at your feet bawling not to tell her girlfriend. That always makes you smile.

Talking about flirting you dress somewhat provocatively, it doesn't help that you look The dress serves a dual function. First it gets horny trolls interested in you and second its a pretty pimping witch dress. Not to mention your hive looks like an stereotypical evil castle. You can thank 4 sweep old you but secretely you dig the style.

You're an indigo which means you could have joined the ranks of the subugglators. Please? You? The mighty Morana Znegom? With facepaint and HONKS? No thank you. You hate that bunch of psychotic clowns. Yes their methods are sometimes amusing and you admit you enjoy watching them cull but they lack...class, they lack the finesse you have. Subjugs are fine fine minions but no more.

There is one important troll in your life. She is beautiful, smart, ruthless, egoistical, power hungry, amoral and has elegance. Good thing you see her every morning in the mirror! Yes for you you're the most important troll in Alternia. The rest can go die in fires or better yet, die either for your own good or as your enemies. Friendship? Please thats only a trick you use to get something useful. At soon as you see an opening and it fits your goal you backstab your so-called friends. The only friends you need is your whip and your lusus.

Your specibus is whipkind. Perfect for your needs of self defense and for whipping idiots that dare defy you. You also embarrassingly have grimorieKind thanks again to your younger self. You used to believe that curses were real so began studying them. Even today when you know that they are not real you practice them. It just feels good to have some imaginary control over the fate of a person.

Your lusus is a drake. Almost as egoistical and self-absorbed as you are. You're her charge only cause lusii must have one but you bet that if it were for her she would leave you alone. Secretly you like Drakemom through you would never admit it. Specially after you caught her snapping some seadwellers that were going to invade your castle. It must be some kind of basic lusii instinct or something.

Your modus is manaKind. Kinda annoying and pointless but you dont have anything better. Things are assigned a "mana cost". Your modus gives you some silly cards called lands and you must tap them to produce mana and pay the cost of the item. They take a while before all of them are untapped at the same time.

Your trolltag if frozenNightmare and you speak with a Beautiful Bleak Portent and akkurracy

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RE: Trollslum Profiles
[Image: QmIUrvV.png]
(AB made by Dudemaster47! Cheers man)

Be the obnoxious little thief.

i dont know what obnoxious means but im not a thief!

Instead, be the social kleptomaniac.

i guess thats okay for now

Your name is PICELA FELTAE, you are only 6 SWEEPS OLD and you just can’t stop STEALING things.

You are a BROWNBLOOD, which means you’re pretty damn LOW on the hemospectrum. You follow the hemospectrum as much as you can so you don’t get culled, but a CERTAIN CONDITION that you have may make trolls think OTHERWISE! This certain condition you happen to have is KLEPTOMANIA. Coincidently, you have a power that helps you with your kleptomania, as long as you keep to 'borrowing' smaller objects. What is your power? Your power allows you to BEND LIGHT on things, making them COMPLETELY INVISIBLE, but you can only do it on items smaller than your HEAD, otherwise you'll tire yourself out TOO MUCH! Any items you successfully steal is stashed away inside your HIVE. You make a decent profit selling the things you don’t want, giving you enough money to buy just BARELY enough food to keep your stomach happy. Thankfully, you don’t get caught often, because you’re SURPRISINGLY SKILLED at taking items from others. This is both thanks to your power and your LUSUS, a MAGPIE. Magmom always seems to steal the shiniest items from your hive, even if you think they’re hidden away safely! You’ve gotten a lot of EXPERIENCE from stealing the items back, though.

Stealing isn’t the only thing you do, however. You have a fascination with DRAWING, even though you are absolutely AWFUL at it. The main reason you got into drawing to begin with is because you STARTED A PICTURE DIARY and it’s one of the third main reasons you still draw anyway. The second reason is that it’s fun to kill some time doodling whatever comes to your thinkpan. The third reason is that you have a really big project going on that you will not give up on whatever happens. This is your ITEM CATALOGUE. You want to keep a really big book with a PICTURE and DESCRIPTION of EACH ITEM you’ve stolen. When you’re not stealing stuff from other trolls or drawing terrible pictures, you’re sitting down and watching the FIDUSPAWN TV SHOW like the fangirl you are. You’ve watched this show since you were a young wriggler and you still watch it now. You even collect fiduspawn yourself and even watch OTHER SHOWS similar to fiduspawn. You challenge a few trolls now and then, but most people you run into are either highbloods or trolls that don’t play it themselves, which is a REAL BUMMER sometimes.

In terms of PERSONALITY, you’ve been described as someone who is quite SOCIAL. You always hang around LOWBLOODS and like talking with them, often HAPPY just after you’ve stolen something from them, but STRESSED or MOODY just before you attempt it. With highbloods however, you try to avoid them, espiecally INDIGO’S and SEADWELLERS. They are very dangerous and might end up hurting you just for fun, so you try your best to GET AWAY from them. Highbloods like tealbloods or bluebloods are a bit better, but not by much. You are a brownblood after all and they’d probably pick on you, so you try to end conversations with them quickly if one ever came up to you. When avoiding highbloods, you tend to head over to another lowblood or simply just RUN OFF. You're not just social to ease them up so that stealing is easier, but because you’re always curious about things you do not know like BIG WORDS, COMPLICATED MACHINERY and QUADRANTS. Speaking of quadrants, you have absolutely no experience and you don’t really know how to go about getting one. You’re also EASILY IMPRESSED by other trolls because of your curiosity. Most of the time, you have a troll who is a ROLE MODEL for you, someone you want to be as cool or as smart as. This has led you to be EASILY INFLUENCED by others, often believing what other people say, which can lead to people tricking you. You get very frustrated and angry when you realize you’ve been tricked into doing something bad and it’s a pretty quick way for someone to get onto your hate list!

You happen to have the DRAW modus. All you have to do is draw the item to get it out of your captcha deck. If you fail to draw the item SOMEWHAT ACCURATELY, the item is put into LOCKDOWN for a few minutes. Sadly, this is likely to happen, because you suck at drawing. In a tight spot, you have your trusty rifleKind strife specibus! No, it’s not an actual rifle, silly!. It’s a MODIFIED PAINTBALL RIFLE you stole that can shoot MARBLES. You didn’t modify the rifle yourself, you simply got someone else to do it for you in return for giving his prized posession back. You’re a pretty SLOW RELOADER though and the clip can only hold 5 MARBLES EACH, but you’re still alive, so that’s proof this weapon is useful!

When you talk on trollian, your trolltag is juvenileCuriosity and you dont know that many big words but youre okay with that and you also have a habit of copying the quirks of the trolls that you look up to!

Name: Picela Feltae.

Age: 6 sweeps. (Roughly 13 years)

Gender: Female.

Power(If applicable): Allows her to bend light on a small object, making it invisible. Using this power on an object bigger than her head is too much strain for her. (Amplified allows her to make herself or another troll near her completely invisible)

Blood Color: Brownblood. #663300

Strife Specibus: rifleKind. (A modified paintball rifle that fires marbles)

Fetch Modus: Draw - User has to draw the item they want to get it. Failure to draw a somewhat accurate picture will cause the item to become unavailable for a few minutes.

Lusus: Magpie.

Trolltag: juvenileCuriosity.

Quirk: Never uses punctuation except ! and ?, has a limited vocabulary and mimics part of her favourite troll’s quirk.

Defining Qualities: Impressionable, Kleptomaniac, Young.

Hobbies/Interests: Stealing/hoarding small items, drawing, fiduspawn/similar TV shows.

Dislikes: Getting tricked into doing bad things by others, pressure from her kleptomania, bullies.
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RE: Trollslum Profiles
[Image: captennelton.png] [Image: photo2061313016pm1.png]
>Be the conniving Sailer
Well to be perfectly honest you prefer to just go out straight and admit your Salty Barkbeast status.

You are now Captan Sooiah

You are 7 sweeps old and roam the coasts of Alternia as a fierce PIRATE! This, unlike the claims of some, is actually serious! You absolutely love the thrill of robbing some idiot lowblood who came too close to shore blind.

To make robbing easier, you use your ship, The White Clam, as your hive. That way you don’t have to worry about things like being hunted down by surviving victims or their friends (the very existence of these threats you try to limit as much as possible through very through massacres of enemy crews.) To ensure that your mobile hive avoids being raided itself, you have had it built in a way that makes it extremely fast and able to outrun most pursuers. Allowing a quick getaway in case your raiding alerts some curious eyes. If they somehow catch up to you, you are certain that your expensive CANNONS will make them aware of their mistake.

You are often accused of being a KLEPTOMANIAC as a result of your near-constant theft, but that just isn’t true! You just LOVE having stuff! Especially if it once belonged to some other troll! There is just some satisfaction in looking at something on your shelf and thinking, “I stabbed a troll for that vase.”

One of the best things about being a sea-dweller , you’ve learned, is that as long as you don’t mess with anyone in your caste or higher , there isn’t much anyone can LEGALLY do. You tend to exploit your blood in this manner constantly, seeing it as just another tool in your arsenal. Really any blood-color can be used this way, you don’t for the life of you know how the lower bloods could do it, but you’re sure it’s possible.
Of course, stealing isn't the only reason you have entered the Pirate’s life! You also joined up to follow your ancestor’s FOOTSTEPS! And one day KILL him, the infamous Captain Badslash , still kicking and raiding the stars. Although, you tend not to speak too loudly about this certain fact too loudly, it can draw weird looks.

Now when you aren't stealing from the (compared to you) poor and giving to yourself, you enjoy collecting FINE WINES. Usually from the cellars of your foes and the docks of the cities, of course. You enjoy chugging these as if they were cheap water in front of lowerbloods. But in the company of friends or in private you sip these bottles with the upmost care, savoring every drop. You have heard trolls say that you have a VERY BAD DRINKING PROBLEM, but you usually just shoot them in the knee. You are the best, you can stop at any time.

You also get quite a thrill out of MARKSMANSHIP and DUELING, honing your skills in both and turning them into an ARTFORM. The mere thought of someone else being more skilling then you brings a smile to your face, another fool to dual and prove wrong. As a result of this fascination, you use both powderKind and bladeKind

You also like staying on top of current events, and enjoy a wide and useful INFORMATION NETWORK that keeps you informed about most events. From a new batch of grubs coming out of the Brooding Caverns to the latest shipment of Beer and Wine, if someone needs to know something, you’re the guy to ask. If they can find you that is. Despite your boisterous nature you make an effort to remain somewhat unknown. Getting rid of any bodies and sinking ships you raid, also never staying on one coast too long. Secrecy and being anonymous are a pirate’s best friends. You have also become quite adept at plotting and planning in order to maintain your network, plus every Seadweller should be at least passively acquainted with the art.

Of course, you also have a more “normal” past time, you absolutely adore RTS and city building games. Something about building up a city and army over time and meticulously designing and controlling buildings just makes you feel really accomplished

On Trollian, you go by swashbucklingOppression [SO], though you have a few other handles for certain dealings. While on [SO] though you (Type in a whispery and mysterious manner befitting of a master of secrecy as yourself)


Name: Captan Sooiah
Blood colour/Hex: Violet.
Gender: Male
Age: 7 Sweeps
Height: 6'6"
TrollTag: swashbucklingOppression
Quirk: (Wraps his sentences in a shroud of secrecy.)
Strife Specibus: powderKind(x5 flintlock pistols and a Blunderbuss), bladeKind( A very large cutlass.)
Fetch Modus: Crack a Bottle
Lusus: A small, but extremely wise, Clam.
Interests: Robbing, Wine Collecting, Marksmanship, Dueling, Running an Information Network, and Gaming.
God Tier: Thief of Space
Game Land: Land of Truth and Frogs
Dream Moon: Derse.

Strengths: Combat, Wine Tasting, Mapping, Sailing, RTS Gaming.
Weakness: Hubris, very slow to trust, no depth perception, eternal pit of greed.
Fears/Insecurities: Red and Pale relationships, his secrecy being compromised, not being the best.
Likes: Treasure, Barmaids, manipulation, Wine, swords, gaming, guns.
Dislikes: Feelings, a fair fight, lowbloods trying to disrespect him, treasure being ruined.

===> Be the Servile Hick.

---) Now ain't that mighty rude of y'all. Y'all best change ya talkin.

====> Be the Hardworking Farmer.

___] Ain't that much better?

[Image: shivelhinkin.png]

Your name is SHIVEL HINKIN, and y'all just sit back nice N' cozy like while he gets through plowen the field, y'all want some sweet tea before we start? Naw? Aight, let's start then.

You are a troll who enjoys the simpler things in life, and thus you have situated your hive on a wide open stretch of land which you lovingly farm, night in and night out. You, only getting the occasional help from your lusus, grow a variety of crops here: Everything from wheat to watermelon, if it grows under the harsh Alternian sun, you have it in your twnety acres of land.
There are other things to do as well, of course, you must keep the barn in tip-top condition, sharpen and clean your often low-quality(A bad part about being a lowblood) tools, and tending to some of the beasts you raise alongside the plants. Some trolls would be repulsed by such WORK, but you? You ADORE EVER SECOND SPENT WORKING, it is INVIGORATING, you fucking WORK ALL NIGHT, MAN.

Ahem. Sorry, that was impolite. Your lusus always taught you to always be polite in every action, mostly to the glorious Highbloods, which to you is anyone Teal and up. But you make sure to extend this treatment to absolutly EVERYONE, even those who are lower than YOU on the Glorious Hemospectrum. An action your lusus really doesn't mind, polite is polite to that old Pullingbeast!
You've learned that sometimes trolls don't want to eat Veggis and other farm products raw, so you had the bright idea to get fancy and make these products into TREATS, and the result of hours of trial and error, was the HINKIN OATS BAR, your pride and joy. You are currently trying to find a way to mass produce and sell them effectivly, but have had no LUCK.

After a long night of work on the farms, you like to relax with a few of your hobbies. One of the most relaxing being strumming on your beloved BANJO, you know a few folk songs and you think you're getting PRETTY GOOD! But of course, you try and handle CRITISISIM.

You are an avid reader, so when you aren't playing your banjo, you spend your breaks studying any tome or story you can get ahold of, knowledge is power, your lusus never told you, but you think it's a good idea anyway.

You also enjoy exploring the nearby forest, but this is not exactly a calming acticity, considering the fact that there are many, many large preditory beasts lurking around. But you enjoy finding new places and can usually fend off most of the beasts that try and get you with your toolKind, an extremly practicle specibus if you say so yourself! If only your FETCH MODII was as useful, stupid old CASH CROP MODUS, making you wait for each item to grow in the card before being able to be retrieved, and if you don't use it after it grows, then it'll spoil after awhile and be ejected.

You sometimes wonder why you ever got it.

On Trollian you go by dirtToolshed, or atleast you do the few times you get on, and you ___] Don't really like ah bunch'ov bullshit in yer sentences.

Name: Shivel Hinkin
Blood Caste: Brown.
Gender: Male
Age: 7 Sweeps
Height: 5'7"
Trolltag: dirtToolshed
Quirk: ___] Ya don't like ta use anythin too flashy, that is just bullshit, ya know?
Strife Specibus: toolKind.
Fetch Modus: Cash Crop.
Lusus: A six-legged Ox named Oxford.
Interests: WORK. PRODUCTION. Exploring, reading, crafting, cowboys.
God Tier: Monk of Life.
Game Land: Land of Grain and Gold.
Dream Moon: Prospit.

Strengths: STRENGTH. Amazing Work Ethic, very polite, well-read, Loyal as all hell, ambitious.
Weaknesses: Servile, Doesn't know how to say no to Highbloods, loyal as all hell, ambitious.
Fears/Insecurities: Not fulfilling a duty or vow.
Likes: WORK. Healthy food,
Dislikes: Laziness, junk food
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RE: Trollslum Profiles
dumps profiles and runs away huehuehue

>Be drunk and disorderly
You bet you could write a much better introduction than this
[Image: Katrin_Neutral_zps8aa0c594.png]
Your name is Katrin Rissah and you wish life was a fairytale.
Ever since you survived the trial caverns, you’ve always wanted to get a little more out of life. Specifically, you’ve wanted to be absolutely stinking rich. You envy the higherbloods who can throw away caegars without a second thought, but you are smart enough to realise that your fantasies of obtaining obscene amounts of wealth are impossible in real life. This hasn’t stopped you from trialling many get-rich-quick schemes, which only ended up in both massive failure and some really embarrassing situations.

Luckily, your sneaky little Raccoon lusus introduced you to the art of pickpocketing. It’s no easy business, but you’ve at least become accustomed to nabbing a few loose caegars or items of value from others and then running like the dickens. It is a miracle that you’ve only received minor injuries from this hobby of yours, but on the other hand you don’t have a lot of luck in successfully stealing anything of worth. You can at least survive on your ‘earnings’, however.

Living in a crowded lowblood district has also helped you think quick on your feet. You’ve become fairly proficient at using your knifeKind strife specibus, and your lowblood status has given you a slight power. You have incredibly quick reflexes, which allow you to flee from most threats with ease. On the downside, you’re incredibly jittery and prone to either attacking or running away without a second thought. That tends to be a lot more trouble than its worth.

When you’ve got some time to yourself (which, not gonna lie, is most of the time), you really enjoy reading, particularly stories of the fantastic persuasion. You love stories that feature the heroes triumphing in unlikely situations, whether it is through ordinary novels or comic books. You secretly love to write your own tales, often not-so-subtly sneaking your own self-insert as the heroine in every story. It is a lot of fun to pretend that you are a lot more courageous than in real life. You’re much too shy to allow anyone else to read your stories, even those close to you are unaware of this hobby of yours.

Your trolltag is avariciousAmbition and <( y’ try t’ make y’self heard, though y’ mumblin’ habit tends t’ get ‘n th’ way, y’ guess… )

NAME: Katrin Rissah
AGE: 8.5 Solar Sweeps
TROLLTAG: avariciousAmbition
BLOOD COLOUR: Red (#8D0000, Hue 0)
TYPING QUIRK: Encloses sentences in between a speech bubble ‘<( )’, short’ns words.
SYMBOL: A new day.
LUSUS: Raccoon
POWER: Enhanced Reflexes (Can react to situations faster than others, which allows her to flee easily).
FETCH MODUS: Drabble (Write short paragraph of item to receive it)
TITLE: Heir of Time
LAND: Land of Ponds and Clocks
MOON: Derse

>Be the smoking hot coolkid
Well, one out of three ain't bad.
[Image: Errett_Neutral_zps261769da.png]
Your name is Errett Sachin and you just coughed up a lung. Grody.
Only you are currently lacking a proper profile right now, but to be incredibly brief your interests include collecting smoking implements, creating and deciphering codes, translating books into said codes, and being an utter douchewaffle to everyone you meet. You think you're top shit and everyone who thinks otherwise is just saying that because they're higher on the spectrum and resort to shitty personal attacks. Perhaps you need to get your victim complex taken care of.

Your trolltag is obfuscatedExasperation and youhhh are consthhhantly ghhhasping for air ehhhverytime you speakhhh...

NAME: Errett (From ‘Erretzen’: ‘Smoke’ - Basque’) Sachin (‘Pure’ - Sanskrit)
AGE: 7.5 Solar Sweeps
TROLLTAG: obfuscatedExasperation
BLOOD COLOUR: Orange (#CC8800, Hue 40)
TYPING QUIRK: h -> hhh, occasionally tacks extra ‘hhh’s in words, all lower case.
SYMBOL: Visibility reduced by smoke
LUSUS: Cockatrice
POWER: Smoke Manipulation (Generates smoke. Literally that’s it.)
FETCH MODUS: Fumigate (Withdraw cards via filling them up with smoke. Errett tends to accidentally withdraw items when he gets all worked up)
TITLE: Mage of Heart
LAND: Land of Flesh and Saccharine
MOON: Derse

>Be a thousand nautical miles away from dry land
And that is exactly how you like it
[Image: tumblr_mce7940To31qg0icl.png]
Your name is Somerl Alfero and you never want to grow up.
Unfortunately, your author is too lazy to write a profile right now. But you can at least say your interests include sailing, avoiding responsibilities, mapmaking, photography, and nautical superstitions. If anyone ever brings bad karma onto your ship you'd probably cry, then hit them with an anchor. In that order.

Your trolltag is unchartedExplorer and <- Your conVers^tions point in ^ll different directions! ->

NAME: Somerl (From ‘Somerled’: ‘Summer traveler’ - Scottish) Alfero (‘To travel’ - Italian)
AGE: 7.5 Solar Sweeps
TROLLTAG: unchartedExplorer
BLOOD COLOUR: Green (#008500, Hue 120)
TYPING QUIRK: Encloses sentences in between arrows ‘<- ->’, a -> ^, v -> V.
SYMBOL: Water / Directed movement
LUSUS: Scottish terrier
STRIFE SPECIBUS: anchorKind (primary), revolverKind (Secondary)
FETCH MODUS: Cartography (draw map, receive item).
TITLE: Mage of Breath
LAND: Land of Rice and Motion
MOON: Derse

>Be rolling around at the speed of sound
You spend longer screaming at the above comment than doing anything productive
[Image: tumblr_mbbfg7jR6a1qg0icl.png]
Your name is Aiolos Hummel and you're just a teeny bit moody.
You’re quite comfortable with your position on the spectrum, as it gives you free reign to say or do whatever you want. Well, most of the time. As such, you tend to be highly judgmental of others, if they don’t fit your standards.

Despite your status as a highblood, you have settled into the rather menial job as a courier, upon the request of your antelope lusus to “learn life skills”. The only skills you have learned, however, are how to ‘accidentally lose parcels in the mail’ and how to bully trolls into begging for their dumb nerdy video games or whatever. Sometimes you also open up the packages and take anything interesting. Suffice to say, you’re a real shitty courier and it’s a wonder you haven’t been killed. It probably helps that you can outrun most trolls or angry lusii.

When not bullying others, you enjoy bumming around at your hive, which is located in the heart of the city. You quite enjoy the hustle and bustle of the area, seeing as you absolutely hate the silence. To help this, you’ve taken to collecting various noisemaking objects, just as clocks and metronomes. Your vast collection of music is nothing to sneeze at either. If you had any talent, you’d probably be trying to compose or play your own music too. But unfortunately, you can’t seem to grasp how to write songs, and your neighbours do not exactly appreciate your attempts at playing any instrument.

If strife does occur between yourself and your neighbours, you rely on your trusty boomerangKind. You’ve become quite adept at throwing your pair of metal boomerangs, as well as catching them… Most of the time. If you’re ever forced into close combat, you had bladeKind as a backup, utilising a letter opener your lusus gave you as a present. But you’re more inclined to insult others rather than fight. Your bark is so much worse than your bite, and half the time that’s all you need.

Your trolltag is indefatigableCourier, and youalwaysneed to get yourpointacross quickly»».

NAME: Aiolos (‘Quick moving’ - Greek) Hummel (Dutch nickname for a busy person)
AGE: 7.5 Solar Sweeps
TROLLTAG: indefatigableCourier
BLOOD COLOUR: Blue (#0088CC, Hue 200)
TYPING QUIRK: forgetstousespacebar at times, all lower case, ends sentences in ‘»»’.
SYMBOL: Fast forward movement
LUSUS: Antelope
STRIFE SPECIBUS: boomerangKind (Primary), bladeKind (letter openers, secondary)
FETCH MODUS: Messenger Bag (Everything is stored in one. Wow.)
TITLE: Page of Heart
LAND: Letters and Secrets
MOON: Prospit

>Be pretty destructive
You take offense to that crossed out bit, if you don’t mind!
[Image: tumblr_inline_mfq4txRfLP1qg0icl.png]
Your name is Viltau Espino and life is just a game to you.
You highly enjoy the perks of being close to the top of the metaphorical food chain, which allow you to indulge in your exquisite hobbies.

First and foremost, you consider yourself an event organiser. To put it bluntly, you can throw a hell of a good party. You take great pride in organising the perfect party: from setting up your mansion hive to cater for hundreds, to preparing the food (especially desserts. Your cakes are literally to die for), to cleaning up the inevitable expired partygoers who may have had a little too much fun. But nothing says fun like encouraging a Battle Royale-style brawl amongst your drunken guests!

Secondly, you have a strong passion for the arts. Whether it is the theatre, classic literature, or even films, you have most likely seen it all. You have a particular liking for the villainous characters in the stories, their ambition and class is something you wish to emulate. As a result, you enjoy participating in mischievous acts. Maybe one night you’ll invite someone to your hive, and then feed them cake laced with cyanide. Or maybe you’ll recruit a bunch of lowbloods to perform a heist, and then execute them for ‘stealing from highbloods’. Or maybe you’ll just go out and smash some kneecaps with your trusty (golf)clubKind. And to top it all off, you’ll most likely recite a quote that complements your nightly schemes. You have little consideration for others; they only exist to provide you entertainment during your time on Alternia. There is absolutely no way this will backfire on you once conscription comes around. Nope, none at all.

Your Water Vole lusus, however, disagrees greatly with your rather hedonistic lifestyle. No matter how many times he’ll lecture you on not acting so shallow and (gasp) perhaps not looking down on others with contempt, you still blissfully ignore his pleas. Perhaps this is the reason why your relationship with him is so strained. Not even the finest jewels will win him over to see your point of view. What a shame.

Your trolltag is honestlyDignified and you SSeem to have a FFairly obviouSS SStutter. (not that it detractSS FFrom your pleaSSant nature or anything.)

NAME: Viltau (From ‘Viltautas’: ‘Hope for the people’ - Lithuanian) Espino (From ‘Espinosa’: ‘Thorny’ - Spanish)
AGE: 9 Solar Sweeps
TROLLTAG: honestlyDignified
BLOOD COLOUR: Indigo (#330099, Hue 260)
TYPING QUIRK: f -> FF, s -> SS
SYMBOL: Anchor cross
LUSUS: Water Vole
STRIFE SPECIBUS: clubKind (gold clubs, primary), pistolKind (Secondary)
FETCH MODUS: Scheme (Devise a plan that involves using the item to retrieve it.)
TITLE: Prince of Void
LAND: Land of Tundra and Silence
MOON: Derse

>Be coffee
You have great expectations for this one
[Image: Pratap_Neutral_zpsf21b9446.png]
Your name is Pratap Chaoua and everything is new and exciting!!
You’ve been told by your lusus, also known as Papa Oarfish, that you are destined for greatness ever since he chose you as his charge. He has been teaching you to become the model seadweller: one who will lord over the lower castes with an iron fist, brutally slaughtering your way into the top and drowning in other seadwellers begging to be in your quadrants.

Unfortunately, you haven’t quite grasped any of these ideals yet. Your naturally overzealous and naïve personality prevents you from doing anything but making the lower castes slightly nervous of your presence, and right now you’d honestly rather brew coffee than cull trolls. In fact, coffee is one of your biggest passions in life. You love the taste mostly, but also all the care one needs to grow the coffea plants, grind the beans and create the perfect brew. Despite your incredibly young age of six sweeps, you’ve converted part of your island hive into a café to share the fruits of your labour to anyone nearby. You’ll happily ferry lowbloods over to trial your drinks, but for some reason they never want to take up your offer. Something about them being highly suspicious of you because of your blood, but you’re provide an honest and genuine service here! There’s no need to be afraid, right?

Another hobby that you enjoy is exploring the other islands surrounding your hive. You live in the middle of a large cluster of islands that are close enough to either swim or sail your little raft over to. You love running through the tropical jungles, climbing trees, and basically doing anything that would be considered unbecoming of a seadweller. Papa Oarfish tends to accompany you wherever you go in case you end up completely lost, and often lectures you on how you should be studying military tactics or repressing lowbloods by beating them with your oarKind strife specibus instead of indulging in ‘frivolous activities’. But as much as you want to prove to him that you’re worth his praise, sometimes you just want to relax and have fun for a bit.

Despite your slightly rebellious interests (in Papa Oarfish’s eyes anyway), you are determined to make your lusus proud by venturing further into the world to find other trolls. You are fascinated by the trolls who share your caste, and tend to idolize any seadweller you meet. You like to follow other seadwellers around and note every little thing they do when around trolls, from how they interact with other trolls to how they dress. You feel that if you can imitate the best, you’ll be able to become just as respected and feared as everyone else. However, you’re not entirely sure what it means to reach that expectation, and whether all that glitters is truly golden.

Your trolltag is unsweetedAlacrity and ~|) yOu lOve tO espressO HOw exCitiNg it is tO meet all tHese COOl trOlls wHO'll teaCH yOu thiNgs!!!!!!!

NAME: Pratap (“Heat, splendor, glory” - Sanskrit) Chaoua (first reference to coffee in the English language)
AGE: 6 Solar Sweeps
TROLLTAG: unsweetenedAlacrity
BLOOD COLOUR: Seadwelling purple (#B30077, Hue 320)
TYPING QUIRK: c = C, h = H, n = N, o = O, starts with "~|)”, excessive punctuation, occasional coffeepun?
SYMBOL: work/energy/effect
LUSUS: oarfish
FETCH MODUS: Grinder (grind to a certain consistency to receive item. The more useful the item, the finer the card needs to be grinded)
TITLE: Bard of Doom
LAND: Land of Tombs and Acid
MOON: Prospit

[Image: tumblr_inline_mk5nrwS8xB1rhbaot.gif][Image: tumblr_inline_mna6zgZ8x41rhbaot.gif][Image: tumblr_inline_mk5pomtC5h1rhbaot.gif][Image: tumblr_inline_mk5po8dB3t1rhbaot.gif][Image: tumblr_inline_mk5po10XGx1rhbaot.gif][Image: tumblr_inline_mki9l60mfR1rhbaot.gif]
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RE: Trollslum Profiles

My name is Delano Mousio and speech is a beautiful thing! I am eight Sweeps old and I love to talk! More on that later, though! I am an Olive Blood, sort of low on the Hemospectrum, but not too bad! I treat those with Blue Blood or higher with respect, and everyone else I remain casual with, as in my experiences I find that Cerulean Bloods and lower tend not to be too anal about being respected by Low Bloods.

I live in a cozy little hive in the city, around other Low Bloods. The walls are sound proofed, as per request from my neighbors. More on that in a bit! My Lusus is a large Parrot, bigger than me even! He can mimic Troll speech and we tend to have some nice conversations. Unlike some other Trolls, we actually get along rather well! The ability to communicate normally probably has something to do with it. He encourages my hobbies, and tells me I should let other Trolls hear my wonderful voice!

Talking is one of my favorite things to do! The power of speech is an amazing thing. With the right combination of words, a single Troll can convince many others to do amazing things! I really enjoy the sound of my voice, so I like to talk a lot. Other Trolls I talk to don't seem to mind too much, considering how great I sound to most of them. I also deeply enjoy music of many kinds. Calm, fast-paced, slow, dramatic, and so on! I play the piano rather well, though it annoys my neighbors a bit so I had to make the walls in that room soundproof. No big deal! Their loss! I sing as well, and enjoy singing just as many kinds of song as I do with listening to music. My Lusus and other Trolls say I have quite the singing voice! I also love speeches and reading or listening to them. Whether they're real or in a book or movie, I like to look up and read through great speeches. The power of words alone that those speeches have is just amazing! I also like to collect shiny objects such as bottle caps, coins, or shiny rocks. I keep them in a glass case in my room and sometimes just stare at them for a bit!

My Strife Specibus is megaphoneKind. Now, the one I use is a special kind I had made for me. It has a dial on it that allows it to reach volumes of 180 Decibels. Luckily, I have special protective headphones that can block out the sounds! My Fetch Modus is Song; I have to sing a little tune to get my object. The larger the object, the longer I must sing. My TrollTag is vocalAesthete and I narrate everything I do so people can hear my lovely voice!

Too long; didn't read?
My name is Delano Mousio.
My blood color is Olive, with the hex of #4D6B2F.
I am a male.
My age is 8 Sweeps.
My TrollTag is vocalAesthete .
I narrate everything I do so people can hear my lovely voice!
My Strife Specibus is megaphoneKind.
My Fetch Modus is Song.
My Lusus is a large Parrot.
My interests include: Singing, playing the piano, speeches, talking, collecting shiny things.

[Image: p3g30oZ.png]
Your name is Semset Shubek and you are eight sweeps old. You have a knack of getting into all sorts of mischievous and dangerous situations. As a hobby of sorts, you like to pull stunts for the fun of it. This includes jumping from your Lusus as it flies high above the ground to stealing a scuttlebuggy and driving it at top speed until you hit something. You're lucky enough to have only gotten seriously hurt once from these sort of things, if you don't count broken bones and concussions as "serious" at least. Your Lusus tends to almost constantly scolds about this sort of thing, but he can't do much about it as he is a giant Scarab Beetle, so he can't really stop you without really hurting you. Aside from that, the two of you get along...okay you guess. Being a bug, Scarabdad has very limited communication with you, you can't even read his expression or anything to decipher his mood so you end up having no idea what he's trying to say.

You live in a desert, not too far from civilization, but far enough to be in the desert, if that makes sense. You choose to live here because of your great interest in plundering the ancient ruins and pyramids located near your hive. They tend to be filled with puzzles and traps that just keep drawing you to them. They have treasures and riches, though you don't really care about that. You don't lead a very expensive life so you just leave most of it behind. You could always go back for it if you needed to anyway so it's no problem. You also like to study the history of the Trolls that built these ruins and pyramids, you can never get enough of it! This also lead you to learn how to read Hieroglyphics, which really helps with your Fetch Modus. You also collect rocks as a hobby, mostly ones that shine in the light, though. Normal, dull ones are just boring.

As is obvious, you have Teal Blood which almost makes you a High Blood. That's not something that really concerns you, though. You don't flaunt your position on the Hemospectrum, and not just because there's not much to flaunt. Another thing that should be obvious is your missing eye, which you got in a particullarly dangerous stunt. It's not something you really like to talk about. It's also how you broke your horn in half. You try to not let it bother you too much, though you really wish you could turn back the clock sometimes...

Your Strife Specibus is staffKind, which you have a large collection of. Your Fetch Modus is Hieroglyphs. A stone tablet with Hieroglyphs appears and you must decipher it to get your object. Your Trolltag is erraticKa and you Speak fast not pausing at all when you talk.

Name: Semset Shubek.
Blood colour/Hex: #008282
Gender: Male.
Age: 8 Sweeps.
TrollTag: erraticKa.
Quirk: Speaks fast which is represented by a lack of commas.
Strife Specibus: staffKind.
Fetch Modus: Hieroglyphs: A tablet of Hieroglyphs appear and he must decipher them to get his item.
Lusus: Scarabdad.
Interests: Plundering ancient tombs, learning history, doing stupid stunts, collecting cool rocks.

[Image: Mn1G1mE.png]

Your name is URANIO OSITEP and you are EIGHT SWEEPS old. If you could be described in one word it'd be BITTER. You actually used to live a somewhat happy life, for a Troll at least, until an INCIDENT involving Subjugglators happened. You don't like to talk about it. You moved away from your only friend and hunting partner to a somewhat out of the way area near a forest. You shut yourself out from the world as much as you could, mainly venturing out to get supplies from town. Your loneliness only made your bitterness and hatred grow, until it seemed you hated everyone you laid eyes on. It didn't help that you and your LUSUS, Snakedad didn't really get along too well, even before you moved. In your later Sweeps, you didn't see him much. He spent months at a time away as you got older and he never really liked you. Maybe he wanted you to do something better than hunt? Who knows. You also had a NASTY HABIT of killing any Troll you didn't know that wandered onto your property. Your blood usually protected you from Trolls getting revenge, and if they tried you just killed them too. You used their spoils to get money to STAY ALIVE.

Speaking of living near the forest, one of your favorite things to do is GO HUNTING. You did this all the time with your hunting partner, and you two would manage to take down some rather dangerous beasts. Even so, you got a few scars on your torso and arm from some accidents, but nothing deadly. You took a strange pride in them, so kept them uncovered. Since you also hunted, you also know how to skin and cook animals. In fact, you actually quite enjoy COOKING and would cook all the time for your friend. Once you became isolated, cooking wasn't really fun, so you just did it since you had to in order to survive. Of course many Trolls like to do more exciting things than that, so you don't get a chance to talk about them too much.

Your Strife Specibus is knifeKind, your preferred hunting tool. You are quite handy with it, if you do say so yourself. Your Fetch Modus is, not too surprisingly, the Hunter Modus. When you want an object, a modus-made projection of an animal appears and you must catch it to get what you want. Your Trolltag is undyingHunter and you Replace certain letters with "U", even if they dun't always make too much sense.

Name: Uranio Ositep.
Blood colour/Hex: #61008b
Gender: Male.
Age: 8 Sweeps.
TrollTag: undyingHunter.
Quirk: Replaces letters with U's, even when they dun't make much sense.
Strife Specibus: knifeKind.
Fetch Modus: Hunter
Lusus: Snakedad.
Interests: Hunting, cooking.

[Image: NakWK.gif]

Your name is Enigmo Questa and you're quite full of yourself. You are eight Sweeps old and have been a Subjugglator for the past two or so. As an Indigo, you have quite the large ego. You refuse to take shit from those lower or of the same caste with you, and you like to correct them on it. Of course, by "correct" you mean either maim or kill them. You tend to be a bit more calm than other Subjugglators, because for the most part you need a valid reason to try and kill someone. Of course, "valid" can be something as little as giving you lip, but that's not the point. Like a proper Troll should, you treat the Sea Dwellers above you with utmost respect, and will follow their orders. You try to have a calm demeanor when talking to Trolls, but the truth is it's very easy to make you mad. Such violent mood swings are what usually cause you to attack Trolls you talk to. You try to have a calm demeanor when talking to Trolls, but the truth is it's very easy to make you mad. Such violent mood swings are what usually cause you to attack Trolls you talk to. You like to talk to High Bloods more, and have little to no respect for low bloods.

You are quite wealthy and live in a mansion-like hive on a cliff by the sea. Your Lusus, a Sphinx-like creature, loves to walk along the shore. He's the reason you dress so sharply, as he believes one should never go out in simple clothes, especially someone of your caste. Aside from that, he tends to leave you alone. He's a bit big to fit inside your hive, so he guards your mansion from its lawn. Since you usually are either inside or away somewhere, you two don't usually have a lot of time to bond. That being said, you both like each other, but sometimes you wish you spent more time with him. Now it just seems awkward to try.

As mentioned before, you are a Subjugglator. You heavily believe in the Mirthful Messiahs and their teachings. You like to kill Trolls in violent and painful ways. This is partly due to you giving their blood and flesh as sacrifices to the Mirthful Messiahs, and partly that you get a sick enjoyment out of killing. Along with Subjugglating, you like to FLARP. Of course, this isn't the usual kind of FLARPing other Trolls talk about. It's a more underground kind where every game is one to the death, among other small changes. Thanks to this, you are quite a powerful fighter. You enjoy reading large, expensive books to pass the time when you feel like doing something relaxing. Most of these involve Trolls going through some sort of adventure of some sort. You aren't too picky about the specifics. To be honest these sort of adventures are ones you wish you could go on. Even though the lack of fake things would make the adventure a bit less'd be nice to get away from your hive like that. Alas, you no longer have that sort of time anymore. What a shame. Another thing you do to pass the time is coming up with and solving riddles. There's something about solving something unknown that satisfies's hard to explain, really. Unfortunately, that's not really a subject any other Trolls talk about, which is a bit sad. You also like to study military and battle strategies. After all, you're going to be a Commander on the Fleet one day of course, so you might as well prepare yourself. It's a win-win since they can sometimes help you when you're fighting other Trolls.

Your Strife Specibus is bladeKind, both of which you use several varieties of said weapons. Your Fetch Modus is the Riddle Modus, where you must solve a riddle in order to get your item. Of course, most of them serve no challenge to you. Your Trolltag is mysteryMaster and you Will always capitalize R's in your sentences.

Name: Enigmo Questa.
Blood colour/Hex: #61008b
Gender: Male.
Age: 8 Sweeps.
TrollTag: mysteryMaster.
Quirk: Will always capitalize R's in his sentences.
Strife Specibus: bladeKind.
Fetch Modus: Riddle.
Lusus: Sphinx-like creature.
Interests: Aggressive FLARPing, Subjugglating, reading, riddles, studying military strategies.

[Image: 7MaDLlQ.png]

Your name is Teufol Vacion and you like to keep things to yourself for the most part. You are eight and a half Sweeps old and you are a bit of a loner. You live off in a large cave system in the side of a mountain on your own, but close enough to a city where you can get supplies. You did this on the order of your Lusus and you obeyed. You...tend not to disobey him. Ever. Your Lusus is a large, tentacled beast that resides in a large hole in the cave system. He broke through one of the walls to make a path to a forest for his tentacles to reach, where he snatches up any living thing that passes by to eat it. Your relationship is a bit...strained and strict. More on that later. As an Indigo, you are quite high on the Hemospectrum, but you don't go flaunting it off like a showoff. You're above that. You also don't try to pick any fights with Sea Dwellers. That being said, you don't like being pushed around. So if they try to do that to you, you WILL fight back.

Speaking of fighting, that is one of your hobbies. You like to have a good, exhausting fight. You like to pick sparring matches with Trolls who look strong enough to hold off against you. That wouldn't be many Trolls. A lot of your spare time is spent honing your strength and becoming even stronger than you already are. Thanks to this, you not only happen to have grown tall, but you are extremely strong as well. You are also an inventor of machinery. You build things that help you out around your home. You never build machines to help you in fights, because that's just cheap. Something about creating something that moves around interests you, but you can also make cameras and other miscellaneous things. You also like to study the different cultures around Alternia. Learning about the different ways of life Trolls live peeks your interest. You study both present day cultures and ones that existed long ago. Your favorite is a tribe that existed long ago, so much so you donned their face paint style onto yours. Of course, this seems like you're a Subjugglator, but you're not.

One other thing you like is to see how people react to things. So much so that it's a very unhealthy obsession. You like to do things to Trolls and note how they react. Whether it's a kind action or a mean one, you just have a deep obsession with seeing what they do. It...fascinates you to your core. What would a small, female Brown Blood do if you tried to assault her in public? Fight? Run? Call upon a Quadrant? There's only one way to find out. You keep a very calm, stoic demeanor at all times, especially in public. This was due to how your Lusus raised you. He raised you to think that showing your emotions and speaking your thoughts to just anyone was a sign of weakness. He was...very persuasive. He also trained you to be able to take large amounts of pain without any noise and keeping a straight face. You hold a lot of honor. You refuse to fight a Troll if there are people helping you, for instance.

Your Strife Specibi is fistKind. You are so strong that it tends to be more than enough to ward off attackers. Your Modus is Void, where a black void appears in front of you and you must reach in and feel around for the object you want. Your Trolltag is silentCreator and you Make capital Σ's as close to your symbol as you can.

Name: Teufol Vacion
Blood colour/Hex: #5b2e91
Gender: Male.
Age: 8.5 Sweeps.
TrollTag: silentCreator.
Quirk: Makes capital Σ's as close to his symbol as he can.
Strife Specibus: fistKind, bladeKind.
Fetch Modus: Void.
Lusus: Tentacled Beast.
Interests: Fighting, inventing, studying cultures from all around Alternia.

Incomplete Sprite:
[Image: gIenYzh.png]
Your name is Protus Polybo and you are nine Sweeps old. You are the captain of a band of pirates that enjoys sailing the grand seas of Alternia and getting into all sorts of shenanigans and adventures. You like to think yourself a fair captain, and will accept any Land Dweller on the ship as long as they're not some sort of mutant, hemorebel, or Anon (though the last two are the same thing in your book!), and as long as they can pull their weight. No killing of other crew members, and no stealing of treasure is allowed. You like to collect treasure maps; both to hang up in the wall of your room; and also because they'll lead you to great treasures! Your ship also doubles for trading, where you'll take just about anything (especially drugs) from one port of Alternia to another. Despite the worries of your closest crew members, you like to sample some of these drugs yourself, leading you to have quite a problem with addiction! Luckily, you avoid the more dangerous kinds and stick to the ones that can't kill you. You are also on a personal quest to unlock all the secrets of your Ancestor, and he has left quite a trail of tasks to do! You also fancy yourself a collector of weapons, especially unique, one-of-a-kind weapons like it's hinted your Ancestor had.

You don't actually have a hive like most Trolls do. Instead, your heavily fortified ship holds your Recuperacoon, along with those of permanent crew members, resides on the ship. There's a whole section of the ship filled with rooms with Recuperacoons in them, with you getting a big private room to yourself. Your Lusus, Krakenpop, follows you around while you sail, and guards the ship when you port. You can't really communicate well with him, but he's been good to you since you've been a grub, and for that you're thankful! One problem you've had since a grub are serious problems with your thinkpan! You will see and hear things fairly often; things that aren't really there. Sometimes taking drugs will drive these away, and sometimes they'll become worse. It's gotten to the point where entire adventures turned out to be all figments of your imagination! This is, of course, a secret you keep secure and locked down between yourself and Krakenpop.

Being a Violet Blood, you are of course extremely high on the spectrum, and you quite enjoy it. You don't mind Low Bloods as long as they know their place, and you do expect some form of respect from them. That being said, you don't want them on their knees kissing your feet- er, foot. Did you mention you lost one of your legs? Must have slipped your mind! Nasty bit of business there, at least you replaced it with an ebony pegleg! Anyway, as mentioned before you hate Anons, you see them as a disgrace to the planet and will attack one on sight if they don't stop their ways at your suggestion!

Your Strife Specibus is cutlassKind , which you have a large collection of. Your Fetch Modus is Treasure Map; which involves a coded treasure map to appear, which you must decode to get what you want. Your Trolltag is aquaticCoxswain and you A'nd yo'u someti'mes type o'dd things afe'r vowe'ls.

Name: Protus Polybo.
Blood colour/Hex: #6a005b
Gender: Male.
Age: 9 Sweeps.
TrollTag: aquaticCoxswain.
Quirk: Will sometimes have a ' after a vowel.
Strife Specibus: cutlassKind.
Fetch Modus: Treasure Map: A coded treasure map appears, which must be decoded to get the wanted object.
Lusus: Krakenpop.
Interests: Going on dangerous adventures, collecting weapons, deciphering hints of your Ancestor, doing drugs getting rich.

[Image: XombTrollGrinCrossedArms-2.png]

The greet! I am Xobmox Zlyrta! I was being made by Xombox when things not go good. Xombox try throw me out to die but I getting better! I go walk places and see fun. It good to be clown! I afraid of green slime so I say no to it. I wish I had Lusus, but no. I do drink lots of Shasta, it is yum. I try to be Xombox but people be mean to me so I kill and eat, it is also yum. I will be Xombox one day, yes. Need to find and talk to Xombox and he does it for me. Or I make him do for me. Yes.

Name: Xobmox Zlyrta.
Blood colour/Hex: Shasta!
Gender: Male.
Age: N/A.
TrollTag: Xobmox!
Quirk: I-do-Xombox-talk. The-honk.
Strife Specibus: axeKind!
Fetch Modus: Random.
Lusus: :(
Interests: Xombox. Xombox. Xombox. Xombox. Xombox.
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RE: Trollslum Profiles

Your name is Menzpy Yeoqat and you are 8 sweeps old.
Your interests include collecting weapons and bounty hunting, the latter being also how you get your money. You hunt for those bastards like they are food for a lusus. You enjoy hunting because of the thrill of having to risk your life to get the fucker(s) killed off. You love how you nearly die from time to time, since it gives you a high adrenaline shot and that you have to take risks to get your opponent. You are pretty fast yourself though and win most of your fights. The ones that you don't win mostly result in the bounty being taken away. Sometimes you have to do something for your opponent in return. You have a website for taking bounties, while you also have another one for ongoing bounties.

Because of all the hunting you do underwater, you've grown to love swimming as a whole. You love to swim around the deep parts of the sea and oceans and you enjoy finding things too, you collect these things mostly because they look pretty or are just very shiny. You also find a lot of weapons this way and collect them too. You either find them on your opponents or underwater. You love to try them out though you aren’t that well in fighting with other weapons then the ones you use yourself. You like to show off the things you find around too, as they can be very pretty at times, though you wouldn’t show off your weapons that often. You prefer them to just stay in your hive and use them for fun.
When you're not hunting or swimming you're mostly improving your own skills. You read books about painful killing methods and watch videos about them so that you can use them if somebody wants you too. You're not really into torture yourself, though. You just do what the bounty says.

Enough about hobbies, let’s talk about how you are. You are alright with the system and how it all works. You enjoy using your seadweller status against potential trolls who would try to come out of their bounties. It’s very simple; even if they say you got the wrong one you could just kill them off for fun. But you could really care less about the hemospectrum. You're only ever really nice to other highbloods, but you don't really care much about other people.

You don’t really like commitment and prefer to avoid it, though if you want to survive you have to and you hate the thought of it. You’d prefer to just stay alone for ever, as others would just hurt you and abandon you. But you'll figure it out somehow... Hopefully. You feel this way because when you were younger your lusus always told you to look out for other, and your job as a bounty hunter didn’t help that at all, you’ve seen a great amount of people abandon other because their friend or even best friend had a bounty on him or her. You have also been abandoned yourself when you were smaller you used to have a moirail, but she abandoned you after she had nearly killed you off. The thing was she had been one of matesprits of the bounties you had done and completed. She had wanted to come close to you to kill you off in the first place and you had never noticed it.

Other information about you would be that you use axekind as your strife specibus and woodmodus as your fetch modus. Woodmodus, simply explained, is where you have to brutally murder a log to get your item. You use this mode because you simply adore axes, as this is your first weapon of choice too.
Your lusus is a hairy octopus that you, grossly enough, have to shave from time to time, else other fish would get stuck in its hair, and you don’t like having to get out rotten fish out of her hair.
Other than that and the casual fight you two have, you are very close and tell one another allot, not everything. Your lusus only wanted you to become a strong seadweller; she also wants to make sure that you get some social contact, even though you prefer to refuse to do so.
Your trolltag is huntingIntelect and you -- type and talk pretty axe'y. -¦
name: Menzpy Yeoqat
Blood colour/Hex: Purple/650074
Gender: Female
Age: 8 sweeps
Length: 5'5
TrollTag: huntingIntelect
Quirk: -- glub glub -¦
Strife Specibus: Axekind.
Fetch Modus: Woodmode, you have to brutally murder a log to get your item, the size of the log is also the size of the item.
Lusus: Hairy octopus.
Interests: Bounty hunting, swimming, weapons and shiny things (has a collection), books and internet discussions.
((SpriteArtist: Hayarp ))

[Image: kikina_neutral_by_icclo-d90w4ni.png]
Your name is Kikina Gefran and you are 8 old.
Your interests include making wine and collecting weapons, though making wine isn't only your interest. It's your passion and you love doing it. Your wines are a bit uncommon and might even be called rare, but they are worthy of their price as they are made of the finest blood. You get your money from your wines and they are pretty known around your area.

When you're not making blood wine you are busy either watching fights in a nearby arena (sometimes even betting on a few lowbloods) or found reading. You love books! You have so many of them that you have a whole library in your hive filled with books and you've read all of them. Your favorite book genre would be fantasy, but you also love a good romance.

You also enjoy cooking, which you started doing after you've read that certain wines taste better with certain kind of food. You failed pretty badly at it at first but after some practice you've started to get pretty good - definitely not a master chef, but still pretty good.

You enjoy your daily routine as it is right now, though with all the reading, making wine, and watching fights that you do you nearly have no time left for your poor slaves. You call them donors and they are just locked up in cells under your hive. You use them to gather blood for your wines. Your hive is just off the beach at the edge of a forest, and you highly enjoy training at the nearby lake as well as in the trees. Your lusus always told you to get strong and that's just what you have become, a strong young troll who knows how to deal with things.

Your lusus.... ah your lusus. Your lusus is a giant bat and you call her batmom. You love her, though she's away a lot of the time. You miss her greatly, but when you need her she will be right there for you!
Each time you got back to your hive with even the smallest cut as a wriggler your lusus would come up to look at it and help you if you needed it. After that she mostly would sleep outside your hive and take the guard for the night.

You use Puzzle as a fetch modus and your strife specibus is hammerkind as well as knifekind, though you use throwing knifes. You train with both weapons a lot, to the point where you say you've mastered it. You sometimes have problems with your sylladex, but that's because you try to captchalogue everything at the same time.

Your trolltag is alcoholicSlayer and ╘ you talk between wineracks and bookshelves. ╛
Name: Kikina Gefran
Blood color/Hex: Indigo / 1f003f
Gender: Female
Age: 8 sweeps
Length: 6'6
TrollTag: alcoholicSlayer
Quirk: ╘ things about wine.] ╛
Strife Specibus: Hammerkind/(throwing)knifekind.
Fetch Modus:Puzzel
Lusus: Batmom.
Interests: wine, making wine, weird drinks, cooking, fighting.
((SpriteArtist: Neo. ))

[Image: photo_10_06_13_1_03_27_am_by_icclo-d68dmnw.png]
your name is Nhalii Prinal and you are 7 sweeps old.
your interests include reading and serving the hemospectrum with respect. Most lowbloods hate to be on the bottom of the hemospectrum.
but honestly you are completely fine with it, you enjoy cleaning outs hives and helping them out allot. you are not sure why though. most likely it started with being forced but it ended in you enjoying it allot!
you also enjoy tidy hives and your hive is always completely clean.

Your other interests include cooking, you are alright with cooking, you know your way around a kitchen regartless of the size.
you have cooked dinner for mutliply highbloods and mmidbloods who could pay you and you enjoy doing what ever they ask for you as long as you get payed.
you would never ask any questions about the task given as it might mean a night without food or that they might beat the living shit out of you.

you dont really have any other interests as you mostly spend your time either cleaning, cooking or doing all sorts of weird tasks for highbloods. which you still enjoy doing!
one day you hope to get a full payed job for a highblood so that you cn be sure that you wont have to wait for food every now and then.

now that you know your interests lets talk about other things, your lusus is a lion with wings and horns. you call her Niyani.
even though she dislikes your way of living she doesnt complain about it too much as you earn ceagers with it and you dont get culled for it.
you and Niyani are alright with eachother even though you 2 sometimes have to strife for food as well as it happens that she throws you out of your hive because she thinks its time to find quadrnts.

other information would be that your fetch modus is Cleaning, this means that you have to clean a specivic object to retrieve it.
your strifespecibus is mobkind. yea.. a mob.. with sharp blades on the top and 2 knifes on the side. great for both cleaning and killing! you can manege with it.
your trolltag is respectingSubject and you -- Make - sure - to - keep - words - appropriate - and - in - line. -- .
Name: Nhalii Prinal
Blood colour/Hex: redbrownish/#512201
Gender: Female.
Age: 7 sweeps
Length: 5'8
TrollTag: respectingSubject.
Quirk: " -- Makes - sure - to - keep - words - appropriate - and - in - line. -- "
Strife Specibus: Mopkind. a mop, hidden within the cleaning part thing theres a sharp knife thing. as well as on the sides of the wood.
Fetch Modus: CLEANING. gotta clean an object to get it
Lusus: a mystical lion with wings and horns.
Interests: getting bossed around, helping highbloods and serve them with respect. getting ceagers and food, Reading.
((SpriteArtist: BlueGemFox ))

[Image: photo_10_06_13_12_22_02_am_by_icclo-d68dmen.png]

You are Starne Noaver and you are 7 sweeps old. your intrests include electronics and robotics. this is because you are an expert in making, repairing and breaking them.
yes, you are good at breaking them, or rather, shutting them down for a small period of time, thanks to your powers. when ever your emotions are too high you accedently shut down electronics in a range of 100 feet. this includes robotic limbs.
thank to all of this, your neighbors have burned down your hive, though your lusus must have killed someone off or found an abonded hive in an outerring of a city.

now that you know where you live, lets talk about the condition of this hive. its not that great and all, it has one room and that is all. you built your own shower into a corner. you dont have any warm water and you have a small shitty kitchen.
you have starved yourself for a few weeks to be able to buy a new coon so that you could sleep.

your other interests include music and instruments, you used to have a few instruments that you got as payment from highbloods after you repaired their devices. sadly enough these intruments got lost in the fire and were never seen again.
you used to play piano, flute and violin. you were pretty damn good in them even though you never really played outside your hive. when you were younger and you still had them you used to play them when you were stuck in a project for a highblood or when you repaired their devices.
now all if gone and you miss your instruments allot! but you cant get any of them back, they are long lost in the fire. instead of playing music you now just try to clear your head by looking at the ceiling. boorinngg!!

now, more about your lusii, shes a really nice doulble winged trollsized hornet, you call her Hanrey. Hanrey is one of the most sweetest lusus around and you love her greatly, you were lucky she survived the fire! you wouldnt know what to do without her.
shes your best friend and she will always be loyal to her. you can tell her everything and she'll listen. you have spent days and nights just talking to her. if anyone would do anything to hurt her, you will burn their skin right off!

about your powers, they are electric charging powers. you can charge yourself with both static and device electricity. you can make powerful shockwaves which can knock back your oppoments, as well as you can burn down the flesh of them with the heat of electricity.
the downside of this power is that it sometimes costs some time to charge and that it can burn yourself too. you have multiple burns on your hands and arms from fights that got out of hand.

and now the basic stuff. your fetch modus is hashmap, youre alright with it and can handle it, with sometimes a few mistakes though. your strifespecibus is halbret kind. though in the past sweep you have learned yourself to fight with your power rather then that weapon.
your troll tag is electricalTensioned and you ZZPEAK with a ZZPECIAL 's' in your WORDZZ.
name: Starne Noaver
Age: 7 sweeps
Gender: Female
color: red/#3E0000
Trolltag: electricalTensioned
quirk: "you ZZPEAK with an ZZPECIAL 's' in your WORDZZ"
Lusus: double winged, trollsized, Hornet.
strifespecibus: Halbredkind & fistkind
interests: Electronics in general, Robotics, Music and instruments.
((SpriteArtist: BlueGemFox ))
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RE: Trollslum Profiles



>Be the friendless, aimless loser

":Oi, :Oi, cOme :On."

>Okay, alright. Be the modest isloated chessplaying troll

[Image: tumblr_inline_mmvzjjUNEe1qz4rgp.png]
Your name is COOBER PADADY and... You're not sure what to say beyond that, actually.
In fact, you never thought you'd get this far... Er, might as well say SOMETHING. You're a JADEBLOOD that has survived SEVEN SWEEPS on Alternia. Jadeblood... Yeah. You're part of a rare bunch. Even more rare considering you're a male of that caste. You haven't heard of many more male Jadebloods, or really any other Jadebloods at all! Somehow that makes you sad, you feel as if you are ALONE in some way because of that.

In some other way you are alone. Unlike most trolls, you DON'T exactly have a very good grasp on YOUR WORTH TO OTHERS. You are PERFECTLY OKAY with yourself, you just have no idea as to what you offer. This has lead you to have a NEGATIVE REACTION to CONSCRIPTION, and unfortunately... QUADRANTMAKING.

Your HIVE is a NEAT LITTLE SETUP in the mountains near the VAST DUNEGRAINS of Alternia's EASTERN CONTINENTS. You live here with your BORE-SHELLER LUSUS whom you have affectionately named SMILEY. You both share the trait of GOING AT YOUR OWN PACE, which is great, considering you don't get many visitors... Or visit many people.

Your INTERESTS include ALL MANNER of BOARDGAMES. From CHESS, to CHECKERS, to GO. Hey, you even have TRY-NOT-TO-STAB-ANYONE&BUYPROPERTY in your posession! If anyone can name a boardgame, it is HIGHLY LIKELY that you own a copy. Your other interests include KITE FLYING and SHELL COLLECTING but those are basically timekillers. You're not rushing anywhere anyway.

Your STRIFE SPECIBII are SHIELDKIND and BRDGMKIND. Your shield is a simple yet effective one, it'll easily save your hide if you're quick enough. BRDGMKIND on the other hand was an accident on your part, it stands for BOARD GAMES. At least you can carry boardgames around easier by having it it... As well as readily throw chess pieces at people you're particularly enthused with.

Your FETCH MODUS is SCRABBLE-SCRAMBLE, which forces you to decode a jumbled bunch of letters from items within your modus to get what you want. As a result, you hardly carry much unless you REALLY need to.

Your trolltag is dugoutOpal and yOur manner :Of speaking is strangely rObust, but yOur mOdest persOnality seems tO: hOld it back quite a bit.

Name: Coober Padady (Derived from Coober Pedy)
Age: 9.5 sweeps.
Height; 6’1”
Lusus: Bore-Sheller
Blood Color: Grass jade #137D51
Ability: N/A
Quirk: o/O = O with : on uncovered sides
Trolltag: dugoutOpal
Symbol: Opal & 2 Stones
Dreamer of: Prospit
Land: Land of Nebulas and Frogs (LONAF)
Title: Lord of Space
Fetch Modus; Scrabble-Scramble
Strife Specibus; Shieldkind & Brdgmkind
Quadrants: ♥: none / ♠: ???? / ♦: none / ♣: none


More to come later!

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RE: Trollslum Profiles
>Be the Enslaved Pit Fighter
Yeaahhh...You really don't have anyone except yourself to blame for that one, do you?

[Image: tumblr_inline_mlqxg08LI11rbrouu.png]

You are now BRAEND MEGAIM, you are EIGHT SWEEPS OLD and you got more things to do then WRITING THIS PROFILE so let’s hurry it up, yeah?

You absolute LOATHE boredom and being confined to one place. Bare some very rare exceptions, you can generally only put an hour maximum to one thing before heading on and doing something else. Hey, life’s short, especially for a lowblood like yourself. You have to get as much enjoyment out of the time you have as possible, right? As a result, you have pretty much tried every INTEREST under the sun. JUGGLING, DANCING, WRITING, SINGING, SCULPTING…At the moment, your main fixation is SPORTS. All kinds of sports really, but your main passions lie in BASKETBALL and TENNIS. Sadly, you don’t really have a lot to play with, so when you don’t have any of your few FRIENDS around, you usually just throw balls at the improvised HOOP you’ve made or play tennis with a wall.

While you mainly confine to various interests to ease your boredom today, you used to be a THRILL-SEEKER of idiotic proportions. Attacking ALTERNIAN FAUNA, picking fights with HIGHBLOODS, overall taking stupid risks for the sake of a RUSH. This ended up backfiring rather badly on you, as highbloods rarely forget mockeries like what you committed. Long story short, your PIT-BULL LUSUS PITPOPS was killed off and you got some rather nasty scars to remind you of your stupidity. You’re not exactly the sharpest tool in the shed, if it wasn’t already obvious.

Either way, you’re a lot more careful around higherbloods now, hey, even RESPECTFUL. You consider yourself lucky to have survived the first time and is not repeating the old mistake. In fact, you more or less BELONG to one of the highbloods who you got into trouble with before and have taken part of arranged fights with other lowbloods for his enjoyment. Really, you can’t complain much. You fight, highbloods bet on who will win. Simple as that. Your POWER also helps with these fights. By forcing your brain to produce way more of various hormones then it should, you can push your body to its limits at command, making you overall faster and stronger. Very useful for a cage fighter like what you’ve become. The only real downside is…Well, it would kill you if you use it too much. You force your body to stress itself out something fierce, resulting in things such as muscles snapping and internal bleedings, if overused.

Anyway! As mentioned before, you’re a lot more easygoing then you used to be now. You’re a rather FRIENDLY GUY to be around and once you consider someone your friend, you’ll practically do anything for them. Sadly, a part of this LOYALTY also makes you rather gullible and open for manipulation. You usually believe what you’re told, but will absolutely flip out once you get that you’ve been lied to. Ugh, liars, can’t stand them.

While you do enjoy a good SPAR to keep you in shape, you’re no big fan of SERIOUS FIGHTS. You get enough of that stuff in the ring, so you prefer to keep that stuff to a minimum outside of it. Doesn’t mean that you’re not prepared to defend yourself though.

Your STRIFE SPECIBUS is knucklekind. You just put brass knuckles over your fist to make your punching better, nothing more advanced then that. Your TROLLTAG is empoweredAlacrity and you tEnd to put EmphAsIs on cERtAIn lEttErs. C~

Name: Braend Megaim
Trolltag: empoweredAlacrity
Gender: Male
Age: 8 Sweeps
Blood: Red [#C40000]
Strife Specibus: Knucklekind (Brass Knuckles)
Fetch Modus: ???
Height: 5’11”
Weight: 169 lbs.
Lusus: Pit Bull (Deceased)
Personality: Active, Competitive, Friendly, Loyal, Dim-Witted, Easily Bored, Short Attention Span
Likes: Sparring, Sports, Junk Food (When he can afford it)
Dislikes: Serious Fights, Liars, Pointless Violence/Cruelty, Being reminded of his blood color

>Be the Self-Conscious Confectioner
Well, can't argue with that one.

[Image: Hidori_zpsf0b1f43e.png]

You are now HIDORI GAIAIS, you’re SEVEN AND A HALF SWEEPS OLD and goddammit you’re not taking that MASK off.

No no, you don’t have a mutation or anything, even if many seem to assume so. You’re just rather UNCOMFORTABLE with your own appearance. You’re not entirely sure when it began, but you’ve gotten the idea that you’re the UGLIEST THING to ever grace Alternia. You don’t want others to see your face or body because you’re damn sure you’d be laughed at behind your back. Thus, you wear a rather ODD COMBINATION OF CLOTHING along with that mask of yours to hide pretty much all details about you. Sure, you look silly, but you’d rather be mocked because of something you did on your own accord. That’s your reasoning and you’re sticking with it.

Yeah, you can be rather STUBBORN at times. Not to mention PESSIMISTIC. You’ve learned to always assume THE WORST. That way, you won’t be let down when things do go bad, but you’ll be happily surprised when something good happens. This combination of traits doesn’t exactly make you the most pleasant person to be around, but hey, whatever, you try.

Due to the reasons listen above, you don’t really go out and socialize much. You prefer to stay in your HIVE by yourself, dealing with your PRIMARY INTEREST, that is, you’re a CONFECTIONER. Your hive is located right next to a RIVER. It’s great, as it moves too fast for any seadwellers to live in, but it gives enough nourishment to the ground around it to grow numerous things. For you, the most important part is the SUGAR CANE that grow nearby. You’re also growing a small GARDEN right outside, mainly consisting of fruit trees. Thus, you have began to mix together the FRUIT JUICE with SUGAR, along with other substances you can extract, to make CANDY or LEMONADE, mainly for your own enjoyment. You have a massive SWEET TOOTH and can’t get enough of the stuff you produce. The downside is that you always smell sickly sweet, which can be rather off-putting for some.

Taking care of your garden and cooking up different sweets takes up most of your free time, but during the colder periods, you have also taken a liking to PAPIER-MÂCHE CRAFTING, which started out with your masks. You also make small statuettes when you have time now. It’s nothing FANTASTIC or anything, but it helps you kill time.

Your FETCH MODUS is that of AROMA. When you captchalouge an item, that item is MASKED and all you get is a card with a randomized heavy scent. You have to remember what scent is connected to which item, as you can only get out one item every ten minutes.

Your STRIFE SPECIBUS is that of SLNGSHTKIND, or SLINGSHOTKIND. You fire small pellets containing sticky syrups that you yourself have made. They keep the opponent stuck and you can flee. That’s usually how you fight. Your TROLLTAG is masqueradeNectar and you 0o0 Add the face Of yOur mask everywhere. 0o0

Name: Hidori Gaiais
Trolltag: masqueradeNectar
Gender: Male
Age: 7.5 Sweeps
Blood: Yellow [#b1b700]
Strife Specibus: slngshtkind
Fetch Modus: Aroma
Height: 5’7”
Weight: 151 lbs
Lusus: Flamingcoon (The unholy combination of a flamingo and a raccoon)
Personality: Self-Conscious, Pessimistic, Snarky, Scatterbrained
Likes: Candies, Sodas, Gardening, Papier-Mâche
Dislikes: His own body and face, People seeing his face, Alcohol, Drunks

>Be Stirring Up A Storm
And you're having the time of your life doing it.

[Image: Zerleg_zpsc728addc.png]

You are now ZERLEG AWAIRE and you live on CHAOS. Conflict, argument, the unexpected. Randomness. Life is incredibly BORING to you and you can't manage for longer then HALF AN HOUR without some sort of ACTION.

ACTION you mainly get at the expense of everyone else. You absolutely love to CAUSE HAVOC of all kinds, and your favorite happens to be of the EMOTIONAL VARIETY. You have gotten a certain finesse in how you work, quickly being able to worm your way into any friend circle and PULLING STRINGS within it to make everyone turn against each other. There is nothing you love more then a good fight among others and seeing the unruly group of losers fighting among themselves is one of the best things you can imagine. The more chaotic and uncontrollable the outcome, the better.

Not only do you enjoy the sight of groups and relationships falling apart, you also get a rush out of RULEBREAKING. All kinds of rules, really. If there's a sign telling you not to do something, you'll do it, if someone tells you to do something, you'll do the complete opposite (Provided you're not trying to get yourself trusted with the person in question, of course) and you enjoy what you call BLACKFLIRTING WITH THE HEMOSPECTRUM. As mentioned, you enjoy playing PUPPET GAMES with others and highbloods are even more satisfying to manipulate. While you're naturally careful among those higher then you, you just get an incredible high out of turning highbloods into fools, making them do what you wish instead of the other way around, this being a practice that you exercise whenever you can get away with it.

Naturally, if you are found out or people track the trouble you case back to you, you are rather prone to get into TROUBLE. While you have suffered some consequences for your actions (Half your right leg and about three fourths of your left arm happen to be mechanical), you have gotten pretty good at DEFENDING YOURSELF, RUNNING AWAY and HIDING. The first one is usually your first option, since hiding will just result in even more trouble when you reemerge, but you have gotten quite proficient with your DAGGERS. You also used to use throwing knives, but you kind of stopped with that when you lost one of your eyes. (You now have a glass replacement).

Meanwhile, when you do have to hide after making particularly powerful enemies, you usually spend your time with your other INTEREST, which mainly includes ATHLETICS, specializing in CONTORTION. True to your constant need for something to do, you began to train your body and test your own limits, continuously pressing forward the line for how much you could bend and twist before it felt like something was going to break off. Progress makes you rather happy and you are fairly proud of your achievements in this field. This is however, ultimately only a time killer as you hole up in your hive. Your true passion has always been MIND GAMES and it will probably always be.

You use the COIN MODUS, which turns every item you captchalouge into a small GOLD COIN. You basically have to choose heads or tails. If you guess wrong, the item is ejected at high velocity in a random direction. Your TROLLTAG is universalPandemonium and you =Put up yxur wxrds xn strings, just like the pexple yxu talk tx.

Name: Zerleg Awaire
Trolltag: universalPandemonium
Gender: Male
Age: 7 Sweeps
Blood: Jade [#009e44]
Strife Specibus: Bladekind (Daggers and throwing knives)
Fetch Modus: Coin
Height: 5'9"
Weight: 166 lbs
Lusus: Cuckoo about the size of a chicken.
Personality: Manipulative, Selfish, Easily Bored
Likes: Chaos, Mind Games, Breaking Laws, Athletics
Dislikes: Being Controlled, Order, Boredom

>Be the superstar
Gotcha! You're not there quite yet, but you're working on it!

[Image: ProtosTalksprite_zpsa2955799.png]

You are now PROTOS AGREST, YOU'RE NINE AND A HALF SWEEPS OLD and as your INDIGO BLOOD would imply, you're kind of a BIG DEAL.

Well, according to yourself you are, anyway. Due to a life of royalty, holding the highest blood colour on land, a strong belief that you're the best at everything you try and a lack of people to put you in your place, you have developed a strong sense of SELF IMPORTANCE. In your mind, you're the glorious superstar, the one that everyone looks up to and adores and you act accordingly. There is always a confident sway in how you walk and there is never a moment of hesitation in your movements, as you are convinced anything you try will succeed spectacularly. This attitude of yours never changes, be you talking to the lowest redblood or the Empress herself. You will always make it clear that you are the big shot in the room.

To go with this rather OVERBLOWN EGO of yours, you have a need for ATTENTION of all kinds. Looks of ADMIRATION, DESIRE, FEAR, ANNOYANCE. Whatever! You just NEED EVERYONE'S EYES ON YOU. Indeed, that is one of the reasons why you look like you do. Physical fitness is admired and the larger you are, the harder you are to ignore!

These two things, your own SUPERIORITY and the ATTENTION from others are the most important things in the world to you. You can get rather SPITEFUL if either of these are taken from you, but unlike most highbloods, you're not really one for plans or elaborate revenge schemes. You kind of just PUNCH THINGS UNTIL YOU GET YOUR WAY. Hey, it has worked for you this far, why waste time with this THINKING bull?

Now, while one would expect a troll like yourself to be content with your life, they would be wrong. You're aiming for STARDOM. While you do know that you're expected to fight in the fleet, you have a very different goal in mind. A MUSICIAN, that is. MILLIONS OF FANS a concert, showering you and you alone with love and attention? That's something you can get behind. Many would laugh at such big visions from someone as close to conscription as you. Many also meet your mace face first, so who cares? GUITAR is your instrument and METAL is your genre, though you often delve into various kinds of ROCK while at it. You play quite a lot and used to be rather skilled at this practice. Sadly, as PARTYING and TRAINING began taking up your time, you grew rather rusty (Something you naturally refuse to admit).

Indeed, PARTIES are something you invest more and more time on. You're a rather HEAVY DRINKER and find yourself right at home in a louder, more uncontrolled environment. Besides, time is getting short on the MATESPRIT front. You already got a KISMESIS covered, but you need someone to take up your RED QUADRANT. Fast. Of course you have the habit of only settling for THE BEST, but your standards are dropping just as rapidly as your time left on the planet.

Your FETCH MODUS is WEIGHTS. As you CAPTCHALOUGE an item, its weight is measured in a 1-5 scale. If the total number of all your items reaches above 10, all items are ejected. You presently have two STRIFE SPECIBI, FISTKIND and MACEKIND. While you do prefer the GOOD OL FISTICUFFS to get your blood pumping, you also get a certain satisfaction from feeling bone crushed under a heavy weapon. When you got time aside for TROLLIAN, you go by amplifiedBehemoth and you ((o)) HAVE NNO IDEA WHAT THIS "INNSIDE VOICE" THINNG IS SUPPOSED TO MMEANN!! ((o))

>Be Winning
Of course, what else would you be doing?

[Image: Badvar_zps18330240.png]

You are now BADVAR NEITOR and you WIN. You ALWAYS WIN.

That up there has been growing into a MOTTO of yours. You have always been one for COMPETITION. Be it GAMES, FIGHTS, ARGUMENTS or anything else. Just matching up against someone and see who's the best has been a big passion of yours in a long time. Lately, however, you have taken a bigger and bigger liking for WINNING, moreso than the competition itself. You're not playing to have a good time anymore, you're playing to win. A good time is only really achievable anymore if you can show that you're the best there is. Likewise, you are very likely to head off somewhere sulking if you actually lose, or cull your opponent if they're low enough on the HEMOSPECTRUM. Possibly both.

Speaking of the Hemospectrum, you LOATHE that system like one wouldn't believe. Many would question this, as you are a seadweller and have thus been put at the absolute top of the food chain. So why do you hate it like you do? Simple. You DIDN'T WIN AT IT. While you are high indeed, you're still relative low by seadweller standards. The knowledge that you didn't emerge on top, that there's seadwellers that have it better than you, that you have to listen to, is infuriating to you and you have began justifying it in your mind with "The Hemospectrum is bullshit". Of course, you keep these thoughts to yourself. Wouldn't want to end up culled now, right?

You have a set of INTERESTS, just like any good troll. Your main one is, of course, COMPETITION. VIDEO GAMES, TABLETOP GAMES, CARD GAMES, BETS, FIGHTS, SPORT COMPETITIONS, SPARS… If you can win over others in it, you've probably tried it. Of course, you train very frequently as often as possible in your never-ending quest to be the BEST OF THE BEST. At the (very) few moments when you're not putting your time into this, you enjoy kicking back and watching MOVIES. Particularly of the ACTION kind. You like seeing the musclebound trolls pulling extreme stunts, just for you to scoff and decide that you can do better than them. Which you of course can't, but one can dream.

You use the DICE MODUS. When an item is captchalouged, a six-sided die appears and rolls a random number. To get out the item, you have to roll a dice of your own and get the same number or higher. If you spar someone or have to defend yourself, your STRIFE SPECIBUS is that of JAVELINKIND. Simple steel javelins, fast and easy to use. Your TROLLTAG is foregoneVictory and you spehäk with ä bit of än äccehnt.

Name: Badvar Neitor
Trolltag: foregoneVictory
Gender: Male
Age: 6.5 Sweeps
Blood: Purple [#840099]
Strife Specibus: Javelinkind
Fetch Modus: Dice
Height: 5'6"
Weight: 146 lbs
Lusus: Anglerfish
Personality: Competitive, Confident, Victory Fixated, Sore Loser, Silently Hemorebellious
Likes: Winning, Sports, Games, Bets, Action Movies, Seafood
Dislikes: Losing, The Hemospectrum, Being Corrected, Beef

>Be the pride of the Empire
Why of course.

[Image: NataioTalksprite_zps0a6ef81b.png]
You are now NATAIO AURICO, you are 8 SWEEPS OLD and just like your TYRIAN BLOOD, you are as close to PERFECTION as a seadweller like yourself can get away with.

Or that is what you like to believe, not to mention what you are striving for. You are a PERFECTIONIST to an almost sickly degree and you live life by a very strict set of rules that you enforce on yourself and everyone around you. Your world is one made out of errors that must be corrected. Lowbloods not acting lowblood proper? Error to be corrected. Highbloods not acting highblood proper? Error to be corrected. Mutations of any kind, that could pose a threat to the glorious empire Her Imperial Condescension has created? Errors to be corrected. For the Empire’s sake, no cost is too large and you wish for Alternia to run exactly like the Empress wishes it to. Nothing more. Nothing less.

As one might notice, you are indeed the epitome of the stereotypical seadweller. You are strict, judgemental, obsessively hemoloyal and blindly loyal to the Empire. You are very happy with this image, since you have been working on it for Sweeps. Truth be told, you are rather UNSURE what to do with yourself, so you decided to become what society wanted you to instead. All the above traits are very good descriptors of you, but you became the figure you are today by picking out various widely accepted seadweller stereotypes and making them your own. You do not have to worry about the judgement of others when you simply take up the role society handed to you, right?

While upholding the EMPIRE'S LAWS and making sure the world lives up to your standards takes up most of your time, you do have a good collection of MUNDANE INTERESTS like any good troll. You have a passion for MILITARY HISTORY and often indulge in heavy tomes of war lore. While you will claim to be looking for inspiration, you secretly IDOLISE the great orphaners and tacticians of the past and you dream to climb to the same ranks once you enter the Fleet. You also partake in FENCING to keep yourself fit, though you often lack proper opponents.

Thus, as one would expect, your STRIFE SPECIBUS is RAPIERKIND. Speed and finesse over anything else. Your FETCH MODU is TIMER, where every card has an assigned time to it. Once an item is captchalouged, the countdown begins and the item will be ejected if it is not uncaptchalouged before the time runs out. Your TROLLTAG is extravagantMonarchy and you | Keep' your' words' neatly' put' in' files,' orderly' and' ready' to' be' readen.' |
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RE: Trollslum Profiles
I thought I posted this here already, not sure what happened! O_o
==> Be the sporty seadweller
[Image: bDiC1oT.png][Image: MhXm5tw.png]
wow her talksprite looks really antialiased since I had to resize it ;~;
Your name is AMIRON MEDONI, and oh boy do you love sports.
In fact, many trolls call you a SPORT FANATIC. And you are! You love all kinds of sports! You honestly don't know what would you do instead of them. You have many hobbies, and most of the time you are quite busy. Suprisingly, you're not that bad at most of the sports at all, even if you have to focus to about 10 sports at nearly same time! Your weak points are ARCHERY and BASKETBALL.

You're nearly 7 sweeps and a ROYALBLOOD, and you tend to act like one should. You also respect the hemospectrum, but you're not overentusthiastic about it. You tend to just ignore the LOWBLOODS. Actually, you tend to ignore nearly EVERYONE if possible, since you're quite INSECURE about yourself.. In case you can't ignore someone, you just go all bitchy. Many trolls don't actually like you since you seem very rude. That makes you even more insecure, and even more rude.
You also have a bit of a BAD EYESIGHT on your left eye, although you never told about this to anyone.

You are really fit and you have thick black hair that you try to keep short, mostly because long hair would be in the way of sports. You also mostly wear a bit oversized shirts, since you're a bit FLAT CHESTED and ashamed of that. Other thing that you hate about yourself is that you're very SHORT. Your shortness is actually the biggest cause of your insecureness.
You have a thing for PIERCINGS, and have 4 of them: one on your upper lip, one on the corner of your eye and two on your right (left from the behind, right from the front) fin. You also wear 3 thin NECKLACES on your neck, and that is the most "jewelry" you would ever wear.

Asides from sports, you have a large-ish bunch of other interests.
You love watching LIFESTYLE- and REALITY TV-SHOWS. You also enjoy READING and PHOTOGRAPHY. Your favorite thing to eat is STRAWBERRY ICE CREAM. Good thing you do sports so much, so you still stay really fit.

Your trolltag is shortyAthletic, and yOu Tend TO speak wiTh a perfecT grammar, alThOugh yOu capiTalize O's and T's.

[Image: 2WB4H55.png]
Your name is PILOSA FOLIVO.
You are about 8 SWEEPS old, and INDIGOBLOODED. You tend to act like a proper highblood should, and you are rather HEMOLOYAL. Not to the point where you can't even talk to lowbloods without giving orders, though. That's not your thing. You're rather LAZY, and you can be quite a useless tit sometimes. You were born without the ability to SMELL things, but you've managed to keep that a secret. Well, kind of; your close friends do know that.

You usually wear DRESSES, and you often have some kind of JACKET with you too. You tend to keep your hair rather POOFY from the top. You're also a bit short, about 5'2 ft. You're okay with being short, though.

Since you don't like sports or anything where you'd have to put too much physical work into, you've grown a huge interest for ART. Not drawing, you're quite bad at that, but OIL PAINTINGS and SCULPTURES. Your hive is filled with different paintings! You also love BOOKS that tell about SPOOKY THINGS, like ghosts.
Besides paintings and ghosts, you like SEWING.

Your STRIFE SPECIBUS is SCISSORKIND and your FETCH MODUS is SNAKE MODUS: You have to play a game of Snake to get the item. If you played SGRUB, your GOD TIER would be SYLPH OF DOOM and your LAND could be LAND OF SPIRES AND STONE, inhabited by TURTLES.

You have a LUSUS, SLOTHMOM. Due to her nature of being, well, very lazy, you have had to get most of your food yourself. Because of this, you're pretty good at hunting.
Your TROLLIANHANDLE is spookyTailor and yooou speak in all looowercased letters and yooou triple the ooo's.
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RE: Trollslum Profiles
[Image: tumblr_inline_mjggwx4cOs1qz4rgp.gif]
CIRRIN RUNFAR is a 7 sweep old redblood, and a self professed coward. CIRRIN RUNFAR keeps CIRRIN RUNFARs sylladex full of DISTRACTIONS, RUSES, and CLEVER DISGUISES to escape from danger and CIRRIN RUNFAR has a psychic power to make the susceptible ignore CIRRIN RUNFARs presence. CIRRIN RUNFAR likes violence as much as the next troll… when it’s happening to other people. When it might happen to CIRRIN RUNFAR though? CIRRIN RUNFAR would happily throw the nearest SUCKER into the path of danger. And why not? It’s not like CIRRIN RUNFAR has to maintain any semblance of honour or cred, it’s not like people can think less of CIRRIN RUNFAR. CIRRIN RUNFAR is called scumblood and acts like it, even using the term with pride.

CIRRIN RUNFAR loves running! Beyond mere cowardice, the adrenalin of the speed, the attention in being chased, and the superiority of escaping from someone grasp! As much of a coward as CIRRIN RUNFAR is, CIRRIN RUNFAR is overconfident in y CIRRIN RUNFARs absconding abilities and thinks CIRRIN RUNFAR can get away with more than CIRRIN RUNFAR actually can. Combined with short term thinking and general irresponsibleness, CIRRIN RUNFAR gets into as much trouble as CIRRIN RUNFAR avoids.

CIRRIN RUNFAR doesn’t have much to keep CIRRIN RUNFAR entertained when CIRRIN RUNFAR is not busy surviving. CIRRIN RUNFAR downloads pirated movies often featuring actual pirates. CIRRIN RUNFAR admire pirates! Just the right combination of taking what one wants and lawless dishonesty! To bad CIRRIN RUNFAR is afraid of the sea for good reasons. CIRRIN RUNFAR also like to imagine what fights between people would be like and who would win, an obsession which bears far too many similarities to shipping than CIRRIN RUNFAR would like to admit. CIRRIN RUNFAR often starts what CIRRIN RUNFAR thinks of as INSULT STRIFE DUELS with new people to establish how much of a push over they are.

CIRRIN RUNFARs trolltag is recreantOctopus and CIRRIN RUNFAR refers to CIRRIN RUNFAR in the third person

Trolltag: recreantOctopus
Age: 7 sweeps
Blood Colour: Rust, hue: 0, hex #880000
Quirk: CIRRIN RUNFAR refers to CIRRIN RUNFAR as CIRRIN RUNFAR and mixes up their and they’re
Symbol: Pinwheel
Lusus: Land octopus
Strife Specibus: stunprodKind
Power: psychic invisibility, works by broadcasting a telepathic suggestion to ignore him
Fetch Modus: Context sensitive automatic selection
Hobbies: Exploring, piracy of intellectual property, surviving, FLARP (former hobby)
Likes: Strength, cunning, suckers, safety, chases, racing
Dislikes: Honour, intellectualism, being confined, mutilations,
Title: Page of time or haste
Land: Land of Ships and Motion
Moon: Derse

[Image: QISJ5.png]
>Be Zekeke Streph
You name is Zekeke Streph, a seven sweep old redblood and you are SICK of the decadence you see in society.

Right now there isn’t much you can do about that apart from SEETHE and silently judge people. You resent those who can indulge in their HEDONISM as much as they want, such as highbloods, and would cull them if you could. Instead you live to your IDEALS as best as you can. You allow yourself few luxuries and self sufficiently grow what you need for simple meals. Sometimes you don’t eat at all or you SUBJECT yourself to the elements: standing under waterfalls, submerging yourself in mud, withstanding the sun for as long as you can. Poverty is MODESTY. Hunger is TEMPERANCE. Violence only in SELF DEFENCE. A short lifespan to treasure your IMMORTAL soul. Life is suffering.

You find it harder to stick to than you let on, especially considering you put together your philosophy almost entirely from first principles with no MENTOR, movement, or ancient writings conveniently falling from the sky. You are terrified of death, specifically of being DOOMED to a tortuous existence in whatever realm comes next. You think if you are pure enough you will be rewarded in the next life. You don’t BELEIVE it with a capital B yet but perhaps that’s because you’re not virtuous enough to have earned it yet. You are still learning. You make mistakes. You are filled with doubt. And SPITE.

You often sing or hum, tunes with little meaning from a more innocent time in your life when you didn’t even have anything assigned to your strife specibus. You can hardly REMEMBER a time since before you got your bombKind specibus by throwing a grenade back at your attacker while protecting yourself with a psychic SHIELD. Before that you just had your Delayed Fetch modus which dispenses your chosen item after a time decided by arcane algorithms you don’t understand. You are now wary of others expecting disappointment at best. You have a genuine care for fellow lowbloods though they may disagree with what you think is best for them.

Your trolltag is incorruptibleRapture and you talk weth a queet but ferm tone

Trolltag: incorruptibleRapture
Age: 7 sweeps
Symbol: Purity Seal
Blood Colour: redblood, hue: 15, hex #992600
Lusus: bobcat
Strife Specibus: bombKind
Quirk: replaces ‘s’ with ‘z’ and ‘I’ with ‘e’ except for the word ‘sin’. Does not capitalise.
Fetch Modus: Delay: Once selected, items are released after a certain time determined by a mysterious algorithm.
Hobbies: Gardening, weapon making, standing under water falls, gaining spiritual enlightenment
Likes: Good (as defined by her), modesty, temperance, lowblood solidarity, candles, tasty food
Dislikes: Evil (as defined by her), hedonism, highbloods, luxury, doubt, death
Title: Witch of doom

[Image: WniQD.png]
>Be Danaus Stepod AND OBEY
Your name is DANAUS STEPOD and you are an eight sweeps old troll.

You are constantly HAPPY thanks to the power of POSITIVE THINKING. You know you can over come everything with the right ATTITUDE and seeing the opportunity in every disaster. Power gone out in you HIVESTEM apartment? Opportunity to appreciate a simpler existence. Highblood pushing you around? You’re being given the attention you deserve. Not that you think being lower class makes you worthless: every blood color is unique and valuable and special. You certainly wouldn’t go anonymous because SECRETS ARE BAD. IGNORANCE IS STRENGTH

You learned this all from your favourite book NINE RECIPES FOR HIGHLY EFFICIENT TROLLS available for only 198 caegars! The book promises to turn even lowbloods into happy highly PRODUCTIVE members of society. But don’t just take the blurbs word for it. Two sweeps ago SOMETHING TERRIBLE happened to you that left you alone, miserable, and penniless. Now look at you, watching the money TRICKLE IN from selling other trolls copies of the book and always with a smile on your face! You too can lead this life for only 198 CAEGARS! CONSUME

When you’re not out spreading the MESSAGE you like watch film noir and similar things. You could spend several nights watching your TELESCREEN and not going out (REMAIN INDOORS). Sometimes the ending is a big DOWNER though so you make up happy endings in your head. The good guy catches the bad guy no matter how ambiguous they made who was good and evil. Some might say such revisionism is insulting to the intent of the work but you’d say they are suffering from NEGATIVE THOUGHTS. TRUTH IS SUBJECTIVE

This is also why you use HANDCUFFKIND as a weapon. You’re lightly built and pretty fast so you’re good at slipping though attacks and slapping the cuffs on an attacker. You also use the EVIDENCE modus which leaves ghost imprints of captchaloged items along with information on when and where they were collected. It’s too bad you don’t EXAMINE the evidence in your captchalog deck too closely anymore. DO NOT ASK QUESTIONS

Your CATERPILLAR lusus has been really bugging you lately about what you get up to and you don’t think she has your best interests at heart anymore. She doesn’t seem interested in your happiness or SELF ACTUALIZATION, she just wants you to tend to the hydroponic farm that takes up most of your hive. Such hard work for so little gain. OBEY ONLY REASONABLE AUTHORITY FIGURES

You also have a psychic power to read peoples memories, entering their think pan through eye contact. Starting with recent short term memories, you can sometimes dig deeper into old long term memories. You don’t use it often though because you both end up reliving those memories and you never know what horrible memories a stranger might have locked away! STAY ASLEEP

Your trolltag is happilyGuiled and you don’t have a quirk fnord because that would limit your ability to Conform To Your Individuality © fnord fnord IGNORE THIS THERE ARE NO HIDDEN MESSAGES

Trolltag: happilyGuiled
Age: 8 sweeps
Symbol: Pawn
Blood Colour: Orange/brown, hue: 30, hex #aa5500
Lusus: Caterpillar
Strife Specibus: handcuffKind
Quirk: Highlights certain important concepts by capitilising them and adding copywrite and tradmark symbols Like This™. Adds the meaningless and innocent word fnord in places of no consequence ADDITIONAL MESSAGES ARE POSTED IN TROLLIAN
Power: memory reading causing both her and the target to relive memories, sometimes intensely with all the linked emotion
Fetch Modus: Evidence, which leaves ghost images that have additional information such as when the item was first captchalogued
Hobbies: Preaching self-help, spreading happiness, writing fixfics, growing indoor plants, ex-alcoholic, ex-smoker
Likes: Happiness ©, film noir, mystery, happy endings, Self Actualization ™, The Status Quo ™, helping people, Helping™ people
Unlikes: Secrets ™, killing, unhappiness, brainrats
Title: Mage of Mind
Land: Land of fjords and airstrips
Moon: Derse

[Image: uPMB6.png]
>Be Calhad Cellot
Your name is Calhad Cellot, an 8 sweeps old troll, cerulean caste.

You may only be a petty noble of the troll GENTRY but you put a lot of PRIDE in it. You want to make a bigger name for yourself and your REPUTATION is very important to you. You seek out GLORY and prestige and you think there's plenty to be had on Alternia. You pack up supplies in your primogeniture modus and make frequent long distance journeys far from hive looking for quests to prove your worth. Hunting the dangerous FAUNA of the land, serving those above you, defeating worthy opponents in single combat. Sometimes just to see the landscape or to camp out in the day in a portable recoupracoon, which on Alternia often requires extreme survival skills. This isn't some roleplay farce, this your EVERYDAY. You are often guided by highblood ancestor superstitions although a skeptic might call it confirmation bias.

Frankly you consider yourself a god damned HERO. You maintain the appearance of HONOUR, being part of prestige. You will say your WORD is your bond and place a high importance on personal bonds. Now it may be that if one was to look closely you wouldn't live up to your own STANDARDS. Your deeds are often exaggerated and embellished. It's not that you're not skilled with your lanceKind, you are, especially while fighting MOUNTED on your loyal pseudohorse lusus. Your lusus was feral and independent, neglecting its caretaking duties until you were large enough to TAME him. You are quick to jump to conclusions and many expeditions turn out to be wild spleenfowl chases or you underestimate someone that doesn't match your PRECINCIEVED IDEAS of what an alpha troll is. And you have a hard time remaining faithful to quadrants despite placing a high importance on FIDELITY. You will violently defend your reputation and as long as your indiscretions remain quiet all is good.

While filled with trophies of your exploits, you don't like staying at your castle when not hosting a party or FEAST. Until wanderlust takes you,you brood alone on your THRONE in an audience room larger than someone of your status deserves. Poor communication with construction drones while fitting the large room led to compromises that left the rest of your castle STRUCTURALLY UNSOUND. You've since detesting having to communicate to MACHINES, preferring a lowblood act as a go between. A living servant that can think is much more suited to someone of the status you think you should have. You will not stoop to things you consider BELOW your caste even if someone higher commands you, especially seadwellers due to the ancient RIVALRY. You might end up making some powerful enemies and you could never actually strike back at them OPENLY, that would go against everything your systems of HONOUR are built on. But you ask, what is the point of a caste system if a noble can be treated the same way as a peasant?

Your trolltag is gallantHidalgo and ----ye charge into banter with thine lance, and ye pepper thy speech with phrases of archaic lore

Trolltag: gallantHidalgo
Age: 8 sweeps
Symbol: Chess knight
Blood Colour: cerulean blood, hue: 210, hex #0055aa
Lusus: Hoofless horse
Strife Specibus: lanceKind
Quirk: Begins sentances with “----” uses ye thee thou and thine plus a splattering of other archaic words
Fetch Modus: Primogeniture, new items are logically classified as children of other items, and order of succession is created where one item is the designated heir to be removed first. The next heir will be the oldest child of the previous heir. Two items can be linked together sharing both their children.
Hobbies: Feasts, duels, exploring, camping, hunting, reading
Likes: Fantasy, supersition, glory, pailing, honour, treasure, impalement, rainbow drinkers
Dislikes: Machines, uppity peasants, loss of status, the truth, cheaters (other than himself)

[Image: tumblr_inline_mkcfzbvvwS1qz4rgp.png]
>Be Stravo Keyser
Your name is STRAVO KEYSER, an eight sweeps old seadweller

You consider yourself to be a highly intelligent troll with a sophisticated taste in FINE ART AND MOVIES. You feel the need to show this off and often know the difference between two movies that have only a few words different in their long titles. You go out of your way to correct people for liking a more popular work over an objectively SUPERIOR one. Your own lusus strongly stifled your budding artistic talent by destroying your creations, dismayed that you wouldn’t take up a ‘real’ troll’s hobby. Bitterness and jealously lead you to become OVERLY CRITICAL of those who did get to develop their art. A good rule of thumb you think is that the all great artists are ALREADY DEAD. This is a quality you point out to contemporaries as a thinly veiled threat.

As for your lusus, he’s dead now. Met his end in some pointless battle with another lusus. You cared enough about the curmudgeon to get his head mounted on your wall. He still manages to look down his beak at you with disappointment and you occasionally monologue to him about your latest plans.

You detest personal violence though and prefer to get others to do your messy work or leave someone in a DEATH TRAP while you attend to more important matters. You harbour a deep seated resentment against the society you view as rewarding brutal violence to the detriment of intellectual and cultural achievements. You consequently commit crimes against society using your wits and skill as a way of proving your superiority. Currently you focus on pilfering high profile items such as original artwork and ancestral items by hustling or cat-burglary. You have big plans to move on to embezzlement, extortion, and forming a criminal empire behind the front of a LEGITIMATE ART DEALER. Your dilemma is that the perfect crime is one that goes completely unnoticed yet you want the world to acknowledge the sheer genius behind your CAPERS. Well you can always gloat to a few cowed trolls who wouldn’t dare betray you and to those about to die who surely have no chance of escaping.

You can’t say you care much about the difference between the various land dwelling castes: they’re all equally beneath you and you ABLSOLUTLY do not want to be touched by them. They make good stooges, marks, and occasional sycophants however. You act POLITE to everyone, but as a reflection of your own (self-proclaimed) cultural superiority rather than as a sign of respect to others. You enjoy the emotional distance FORMALITY gives you too (you prefer to stay on a last name basis). There are times when you must suffer indignities but you are PATIENT and can wait a long time while creating elaborate revenge schemes in your head.

Your trolltag is lobsterKingfin and You tálk with whát you think is á rrefined áccent ánd, páuse át odd moments

Trolltag: lobsterKingfin
Age: 8 sweeps
Symbol: Crown
Blood Colour: Purple, hue: 290, hex #9900a9
Lusus: Dire-Penguin (deceased)
Strife Specibus: caneKind
Quirk: doubles the letter “r” and uses accented “á” instead of “a”. Has a tendency to place commas in odd places.
Fetch Modus: Crossword
Hobbies: Art trading, art theft, masterminding, chess, death traps
Likes: Old movies, intelligence, culture, double entendres, the cold, deceased artists
Dislikes: Personal violence, pailing, humiliation, crudeness, living artists, philistines, superstition, his lusus, society, commonness, friends, people who get in his way, wrigglers,
Title: Bard of Light

[Image: 3jc0fr7.png]
>Be Delcha Reddey
Your name is Delcha Reddey, armchair philosopher, scrounger, information trader, all round grifter.

You are a consummate and compulsive liar. At this point you can't help it, you lie even when it doesn't help you or when you could easily be found out. It's gotten you into troublesome situations many times over the sweeps but you've clawed your way out of just as many through quick wits and the gift of the gab. You have upwardly mobile aspirations and feel the need to lie about knowledge, skills, and achievements to impress people above you. You keep your blood anonymous for as long as you can figuring people might guess higher. Although your speech is full with a particular slang from a gang you grew up with you litter it with highblood terms for things. You frequently get them wrong, mixing up their words for load gaper and absolution trap.

You are an antique collector, keeping them in your suitcase. No that isn't a euphemism for stolen goods, although you might know where to find some of those. Your collection would look like junk to most people, and in some cases they'd be right. You define antiques as any bit of gubbins that looks like it's seen a lot of history. You can read that history off the auras with your powers of psychometry, and it's this information that you hoard. The way you see it any old mug could come along and take all your valuables (and you don't trust the value of the ceagar anyway) but what you know up in your pan will stay with you till you're dead.

With all this information hoarded you can get a little philosophical. No really, this isn't you making stuff up like usual. You do have a genuine interest in works regarding the nature of life and existence in general.

Your trolltag is silverUlterior and you ave a cant you've twigged to tat some sods ave trouble getting te dark of

Trolltag: silverUlterior
Age: 8 sweeps
Symbol: three triangles
Blood Colour: Brown, hue: 47, hex #997700
Text Colour: Grey, hex #777777
Lusus: Fox
Strife Specibus: pipeKind
Quirk: omits the letter h, uses slang based on cockney and planescape sigil slang
Fetch Modus: briefcase
Hobbies: Art trading, art theft, masterminding, chess, death traps
Title: Prince of Blood
Land: Land of Tubes and Sigils

[Image: FVXHm8N.png]
>Be Barabe Reaken
Your name is Barabe Reaken, a 9 sweep old seadweller
You love the wide open ocean, a sea of OPPORTUNITY. However you suffer from a case of gil disease, which has you swimming frantically to get enough oxygen to your compromised gills or end up listless. You’ve done what you can to counter balance the disease by throwing yourself into many strenuous activities including WRESTLING dangerous underwater fauna and seeing how long you can hold on for. You wouldn’t trade this for living on land where your lungs work fine: you love your homewaters and sealife just grows LARGER. That’s how you like all things: bigger and better. It’s not a fear of culling that drives you to push yourself (and you don’t think rules should apply to you anyway) but a desire for the FREEDOM of the open waters. A life of just surviving is like ALTERNIAN eel pie that hasn’t been watercooled by an ocean current. That is to say, it can hardly be considered a very Alternian eel pie at all!
When you want something you go and take it and to hell with anyone in the way. More often than not this involves literally HOLDING UP trolls at torpedo point. Your torpedo launcher lacks it’s usual range when you’re raiding the coast but it’s still deadly. You take this attitude as a matter of INTEGRITY: all the jewellery you wear was taken from other trolls by force, sometimes over their dead bodies, and you ridicule those who wear BLING without having done the same. In this and other views you are brash and uncompromising. You don’t abide restrictions to your personal LIBERTY and even hold some anti-monarchist views. As far as you’re concerned, the banishment of adult seadwellers from the home-depths was the greatest INJUSTICE of all history. You know not to talk about this too loudly but you can’t help running your mouth off in private.
Politics aside, you have a fascination with FLAGS for their simple communication and are fluent in troll semaphore. You’ve made flags of your own include your TRICKY DICK pirate flag and OLD BOOTY using your symbol. They adorn your hive where your STARFISH lusus stays along with treasures you claim you earned in fair struggle. You display them rather than keep them in your loot roll modus, a modus that would really cause trouble for you if you weren’t the only one you knew with it (one troll, one vote. You are that troll). They are the trophies of a winner, the only kind of person you have time for. Your lusus is not one of them. It’s a parasite expecting handouts from you even though it is incredibly tough and hard to kill and your resentment at that explains a lot about some of your views.
Your trolltag is unitarySpangle and, just hold on one cockle picking minute, it*s like you talk in a loud and exuberant manner all the time!*=

Trolltag: unitarySpangle
Age: 9 sweeps
Symbol: Eleven pointed star
Blood Colour: seadweller, hue: 300, hex #880088
Lusus: Starfish
Strife Specibus: torpedoKind
Quirk: Replaces apostrophes with *, ends sentences with !*=
Fetch Modus: Loot roll: anyone connected with a similar loot roll modus can vote need or greed for an item which needs captchalogging. Since she’s the only one she knows with this modus she’s guaranteed to win, but there’s still a delay while waiting for more votes to come in. The item sits there letting someone with a less fair modus swipe it first.
Hobbies: Piracy, hold ups, rustling, flag collecting and making, rodeo, committees
Likes: Freedom, liberty, independence, flags, jewlery, winners, Alternian eel pie, the ocean
Dislikes: Collectivism, monarchy, hand outs, losers,
Title: Sylth of Breath
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RE: Trollslum Profiles
[Image: ABtroll2_edited-2.png]
Your name is Shafor Blazru, and you are eight sweeps old. You are a rustblood, pretty much the lowest of the low. Because of this, you’re poor and can’t afford much. Being a redblood restricts the amount of things you can do due to money issues, so you don’t have many hobbies. You do run a business however. Or what you like to consider a business. You operate a junkyard near a large city. You get paid from the seadwellers, but it’s not a whole lot. The job has provided you with physical exercise and experience with some tools including sledge hammers and welding equipment. You’ve also built quite a few custom cars that you sell as well. The seadwellers tax you for those too, but it does give you some extra cash. Not much, but enough. Your lusus is a very large beast, an elephant that you had to get fixed by a limeblood when he was hurt in an explosion. You’re not sure why, but you like that name. He does however protect the junkyard when you’re either not around to do it yourself. Your hive is located toward the front of the dump, and is pretty much a hole in the ground. Well, a shack in a hole in the ground. There’s a large metal door in the ground towards the back, but you’ve never been able to open it. Even though you don’t know much about science, you often make your own bombs. They’re usually just small pouches full of explosive powder, but they work nonetheless. Being a rustblood, you have a better chance of having a psychic ability. You recently learned you have the ability to control fire, up to a point. You really have to focus to make it do what you want. Drinking is the only other thing you really enjoy, which doesn’t help your temper or illiteracy. You sometimes get a little rude when you’re drunk however. Not your best quality.
Your Trolltag is murderingMechanist and !! you try to speak smart like, but that often fails. !!
Name: Shafor Blazru
Gender: Male
Blood color: Rust A10103
Age: 8 sweeps
Trolltag: murderingMechanist
Lusus: Elephant
Abilities: Aside from brute strength, his psychic ability lets him control fire to a point. Can also build cars.
Typing Quirk: Speaks very illiterately and uses a different amount of exclamation points at the beginning and end of his statements depending on his anger level. 1-normal, 5-furious
Strife Specibus: Sledgehammers, fire powers
Fetch Modus: Defuse
The item is stored inside a bomb, and to retrieve it, the player must defuse it correctly or else it will explode, destroying the card and item inside.
Dream Planet: Prospit
Land: Land of Lamps and Clouds
Consorts: Flying Squirrels
Title: Prince of Void
Ancestor: The Sorcerer-Cinnabar

[Image: Carsie.png]
Your name is Carsie Blakon, and you are nine sweeps old. You are a chocolateblood, pretty low on the hemospectrum. However, this does not bother you too much. You prefer to keep a positive outlook on life. You have a wide variety of hobbies, ranging from your love of drawing to your love of biology and chemistry. You’ve been doing science since you were very little, and have developed a decent job with it. You currently work as a private tutor for wrigglers. You do adore the little ones; they are so cute when they’re young. You’ve always had this nurturing feeling when you see them and it’s hard to resist cuddling them. You enjoy music quite a bit, your favorite genre being classical. You also play the harp as well; it’s quite a relaxing instrument. It puts cranky wrigglers right to sleep. Your psychic ability helps as well. You have the power to read and change emotions. It doesn’t always work however. Higher bloods are harder to do, and anything past cerulean is impossible. You do however, have a keen eye and can interpret body language pretty well. You prefer not to get into fights, but when you have to, you generally use hand-to-hand combat. Your metal cestuses and brass knuckles help knock out enemies in a few punches, and your skills in martial arts and karate keep you moving around and out of danger. You have been known to enjoy board games from time to time, your favorite probably being Pictionary. But that’s probably only because your team wins a lot due to your artistic ability, as mentioned before. You currently reside in a hivestem with your lusus, a tiger. You often just refer to her as stripes or purrmom though. You seem to have a problem with staying awake, and often find yourself not always paying attention to your full surroundings. You have a lot of training in first aid and often find yourself in situations where you have to act as a nurse. You hope to get a medical or scientific job when you get into the fleet soon.
Your Trolltag is comfortingChemist and -( ..S(o)metimes n(o)d (o)ff in the middle (o)f y(o)ur… sentences )-
Name: Carsie Blakon
Gender: Female
Blood color: Brown 894B07
Age: 9 sweeps
Trolltag: comfortingChemist
Lusus: Tiger
Abilities: Can read and change emotions.
Typing Quirk: Sometimes gets lost in thought. Very kind when she talks. Replaces o’s with (o)’s. Starts her sentences with –( and ends with )-.
Strife Specibus: Throwing stars, Fists (brass knuckles, metal cestuses)
Fetch Modus: Target 2.0
She has to hit a target with a throwing star from different distances.
Dream Planet: Derse
Land: Land of Moons and Snow
Consorts: Foxes
Title: Maid of Doom
Ancestor: The Guardian - Zuruchin

[Image: HSkzC.png]
Your name is Juniss Lekart, you are six sweeps old, and you should probably be classified as a hobo. Your hive was destroyed when you were very young by a group highbloods who decided to go on a culling spree. Not a lot of people from your neighborhood survived the attack. Your lusus carried you to safety though, as you were too young to fight, as well as being outnumbered. Despite her being a HYENA, you were small enough to be carried in her mouth. Oh, you’re an orangeblood by the way, so you fit into the lowblood category. Not the most common blood color, but it’s not like you’re a complete mutant. You don’t have a lot of hobbies, but you do enjoy bar games like darts, pool, poker, and other gambling games. Mainly because you spend a lot of time in bars to seek shelter, you’ve gained pretty good skills at all these activities. Despite the serious consequences, you’ve had to kill some trolls higher then you for survival. Luckily you move a lot so you have not been traced back. Plus you can turn invisible. Well, only for a short time. It’s your psychic ability, however it has negative effects the longer you use it. Depending on how long you stay invisible, the more your head hurts. You really only use it in extreme situations, but mostly others don’t even notice you anyways. You often don’t eat much, mostly because you can’t. So you’ve spent some spare time working on ways to get a hot meal or a place to stay for a bit. This usually involves using your body in a sexual way, but you’ve gotten used to it by now. Sometimes you do steal things from other trolls, but you usually just guilt them into giving you free stuff. The only real possession you have is a large sawtooth sword that you were given when you were young, before your hive was destroyed. It was given to you by a neighbor, since they noticed it had your symbol on the hilt. You don’t know much about it, or who it belonged to, but it’s a very useful and deadly weapon.

Your Trolltag is wanderingBlademaster and yOu-/-jusT-/-uSE-/-whAtEveR-/-leTTers-/-aRe-/-lyiNG-/-aROUnD.

Name: Juniss Lekart
Gender: Female
Blood colour: Orange F35201
Age: 6 sweeps
Trolltag: wanderingBlademaster
Lusus: Hyena
Abilities: Can turn herself invisible, but only for a short time. The longer she does it, the sorer she is. Longer time being invisible=bad migraine.
Typing Quirk: StRingS-/-her-/-wORds-/-togethEr-/-and-/-uSES-/-whatEVer-/-leTTers-/-ArE-/-lyinG-/-arouND. (Uses -/- instead of spaces and randomly capitalizes letters.)
Strife Specibus: SwordKind
Fetch Modus: Trashbag
To retrieve the item stored in the card, the player must root through full garbage bags to find it. The more important the item, the more bags the player must look through.
Dream Planet: Prospit
Land: Land of Scraps and Shadows
Consorts: Rats
Title: Mage of Time
Ancestor: The Wanderer-Maythorn

[Image: 5Ablr.png]
You are now strictly Yinram Kromez, and are quite the opposite of your hivemate. You are seven sweeps old and are a yellowblood. You prefer to stay indoors and do safer things like knitting and sewing. You often make clothes for yourself and Yangre. Plus, you’ve fixed up Yangre’s wounds more than he likes to admit, but you don’t mind. You just wish he’d at least try to stay out of trouble. You’ve also developed some skill at making tea with the plants you grow outside your hive. However, you have to keep your lusus from getting into your garden and eating all your plants. The little girl is pretty feisty and she can evade you a lot, being a ferret and all. But she mostly just runs around the hallways a lot. You also write your own novels, but they don’t get published often. Or ever really, even with Yangre’s help. Though you really wish to be like your ancestor; she was a brilliant author and librarian. You’ve read about her lost catacombs apparently filled with the collective works of her time period. Although you dislike conflict and fighting, you can be quite handy with a tomahawk. As a lowblood, you had a higher chance of getting a psychic ability. You were bless with the ability to read minds. However, it doesn’t work as well if you don’t have a connection to the person. You can read Yangre’s mind pretty easily since you have a strong relationship, but with others it’s more difficult.
Your Trolltag is tenaciousTeatime and you 6 Try to keep things simple and polite. 9
Name: Yinram Kromez
Gender: Female
Blood color: Yellow E8DA35
Age: 7 sweeps
Trolltag: tenaciousTeatime
Lusus: Ferret
Abilities: Can brew a mean cup of tea, sew/knit, write, and wield a Tomahawk. She can also read minds sometimes.
Typing Quirk: 6 Puts her words between a 6 and 9 and speaks politely. She also sometimes finishes Yangre’s sentences when they’re together.
Strife Specibus: Tomahawk
Fetch Modus: Embroidery
The player must sew out a picture of the item to retrieve it.
Dream Planet: Prospit
Land: Land of Flags and Sand
Consorts: Porcupines
Title: Sylph of Mind
Ancestor: The Archiver-Laetatra

[Image: DeyukiAB.png]
Your name is Deyuki Ralets, and you are six sweeps old. You are a limeblood, and contrary to popular belief, do not have any psychic powers. You love robots. You often spend your time making custom machines to protect yourself and your hive, a large circular building. Your lusus thinks you’re too obsessed, but you don’t really care. Your main source of income is building machines and inventions for others. You also have a fascination with zoology. You like to study creatures when you’re out in the world and try to incorporate their characteristics into your machines. You also combine the two sometimes and make some cyborg-esque monsters. Of course, you don’t get a lot of willing subjects, so you have to use dead wild lusii and bring them back to life, or at least reanimate their bodies. Some people say you can ramble on at times, but that’s their problem. If you want to talk a lot around others, then you’ll damn well do it. Your lusus, by the way, is a small, fluffy woolbeast. She’s tiny enough for you to use a pillow when you get tired, and you’re not around a coon. Your hive is very messy, littered with notes, half-finished projects, and some deep-frozen dead lusii in your freezer. You have a lot of regular and robotic snakes lying around. Most of them are in pieces, but the ones that actually work seem to follow you everywhere, so that’s a plus. Having a giant robotic snake that obeys your every command? Yes please. In times when you aren’t accompanied by your mechanical companions, you carry around a big wrench for protection. You also often go to dance clubs to blow off steam and have fun. Most of the time when you have to modify wild lusii, you have to use sedatives to knock them out. Course, that kills them most of the time, but that’s really only on the smaller ones. Most of the big ones survive the injections and come out stronger and better than ever. You tend to get all your sedatives from some tealblood in the forest. Weirdo.
Your Trolltag is fuzzyGearhead and o== Yer a bit of a country girl. ==C
Name : Deyuki Ralets
Gender : Female
Blood Color : Light Green 71CC30
Age : 6 sweeps
Trolltag: fuzzyGearhead
Lusus: Sheep
Abilities : Can build lots of different machines, has a vast knowledge on animals/lusii,
Typing Quirk : Replaces ‘your’ and ‘you’re’ with ‘yer’, ‘ing’ with ‘in’’, and puts her words between a wrench: o====C
Strife Specibus: WrenchKind
Fetch Modus : Pipe
The player must manage to get water to flow from one area to another using pieces of pipe.
Dream Planet : Prospit
Land : Land of Frogs and Copper
Consorts : Corgis
Title : Guard of Space
Ancestor: The Engineer-Senitral

[Image: Ui4h2.png]
Your name is Kareth Jildin, and you are six sweeps old. You are a jadeblood, and yes, you resist the sun. You do not deal well with highbloods, no matter how old they are. They tend to give you a bit of a stammer. You just don’t want to get in trouble, so you’re a bit of a pushover, except when it comes to problems with lowbloods. Being a jadeblood, you don’t take shit from the ones below you. Despite not being very aggressive, you are quite assertive when you need to get your point across. You have a few hobbies ranging from playing music to playing collectible card games. You’re varied in your musical abilities, as you can play guitar, drums, and piano. You like playing music as it can be done alone or in a group. You hope to someday have a band, or at least be part of one. But, as a more social activity, you like to play collectible card games. It immerses you in a fantasy world where you don’t have to think about responsibilities. But when you want something a little more “physical”, you don your FLARP outfit and go out to kill monsters with your friends. You use your duel chaos blades as your main weapon during sessions, plus they can also be used as part of your card games. You currently work as a farmer. It’s a pretty good job, with reasonable income and you always know where your food comes from. You also get a lot of practice with your strife specibus, Scythekind. You mostly use it as a tool, but you’ve killed a few coyotes and wolves that come near your animals. At least the ones your lusus doesn’t. Your hive is shaped like a large barn, with a lot of posts for your lusus. He’s a condor, a large and rare bird. He tries to get you to be a little more forward with your superiors, but unfortunately that doesn’t help.
Your Trolltag is assertiveArchfiend and Normally you speak calm and collected, but but but…. tend t-to s-s-t-tammer a b-b-it when t-talking t-to highb-bloods.
Name: Kareth Jildin
Gender: Male
Blood color: Jade 078446
Age: 6 sweeps
Trolltag: assertiveArchfiend
Lusus: Condor
Abilities: Can play guitar/piano/drums, farm, plays CCG games, and is a FLARPer.
Typing Quirk: Speaks calm and collected, unless he’s talking to a highblood, then he starts to stutter and stammer. replaces o’s with 0~
Strife Specibus: Scythe (D-disk when flarping)
Fetch Modus: Card
The player must find a specific card in a randomized shuffled deck. The bigger the item, the bigger the deck.
Dream Planet: Derse
Land: Land of Seas and Wire
Consorts: Otters
Title: Heir of Rain
Ancestor: The Teamaker-Chinatsu

[Image: ABskraab_edited-2teal.png]
Your name is Naazek Loscus, you are eight sweeps old, and you’re a light blue blood. Somewhere between teal and cerulean. You refer to it as icy. You currently have a job as a pawn shop owner. With your nice pinstripe suit and weird smile, you can entice customers into buying practically anything. You currently live in an average sized hive in the middle of a forest. When you were young, you found a trunk buried under where your hive was built, and you believe was your ancestor’s. You only gave it attention since the symbol on it was the same as yours. It contained a large rifle, a beret, and an army uniform. Despite the rifle’s size, it’s actually pretty light. It’s semiautomatic, unlike all your others, but this one seems to have different settings. It’s actually a large stun gun, but the voltage can be cranked up to dangerously high levels. You usually prefer guns that shoot bullets, but you’ll take what you can get, this thing is cool. Although you have an impressive collection of rifles, you prefer to be as non aggressive as possible. You say leave the killing to the highbloods. That doesn’t mean you haven’t killed anyone before, you just prefer not to. You are usually pretty relaxed, mostly due to your addiction. You often inject yourself with hallucinogenic drugs for pleasure and high sedatives to sleep instead of using sopor. Your sleep cycles differ depending on what drugs you use. The hallucinogens make you feel good when you’re awake, but make your nightmares worse. The sedatives knock you out quickly, but dull your senses and cause you not to dream at all. You’ve also learned not to mix the two. Very deadly stuff when fused. You’ve also adapted some needles to be used as weapons. You also sell your drugs on the side, seeing as the ingredients just seem to grow in the wild around your hive. You really don’t have many clients, but you at least make a little bit of money off it.
Your Trolltag is peacefulBuzz and you+speak+differently+depending+on+your+mood.
Name: Naazek Loscus
Gender: Female
Blood color: Icy Blue 18B1CD
Age: 8 sweeps
Trolltag: peacefulBuzz
Lusus: Tamarin
Abilities: Handy with a rifle, knows how to fix almost anything electrical, knows her drugs and chemicals, and she knows a guy who can get you a cheap suit.
Typing Quirk: Speaks casually, uses + and – symbols instead of spaces depending on her mood. Often uses ‘chica’ when talking to a girl.
Strife Specibus: Rifles, syringes.
Fetch Modus: Fusebox
The card must be given an electrical charge to retrieve the item inside. The larger the item, the more electricity needed.
Dream Planet: Derse
Land: Land of Chains and Steam
Consorts: Possums
Title: Star of Light
Ancestor: The Defender-Minnerva

[Image: zohyg.png]
You are now strictly Yangre Sheris, and you are a complete badass. You are seven sweeps old and are a ceruleanblood. You have a few interests like hunting and taxidermey. Your official job title is Naturalist, but you prefer to just think of yourself as an outdoorsman and wilderness expert. When out hunting, you like to use crossbows to kill your prey. You sometimes sell the pelts and furs you get for a profit, but usually keep them and stuff ‘em. Yinram isn’t fond of the whole hobby so you have to keep them in the basement, with your lusus, a flying fox. It’s not really a fox, but a bat. You dug out a few caves for him to fly around when he’s not bugging the shit out of you. He’s a cutie, and an excellent hunter, but mostly he just eats vegetation and fruit. Boring. You also enjoy parkour, also known as free running. It keeps you in shape and has on more than one occasion helped you escape from a hunting error. Unfortunately, you lost your right eye to a bear once. It has heightened your other senses slightly, but you still see it as an inconvenience. Yinram was kind enough to sew it up for you and give you an eyepatch and a glass eye though. You sometimes lend out your skills as a mercenary for cash to either assassinate, injure, or intimidate lowbloods. You idolize the one who you claim to be your ancestor, but do not know much besides from stories and legends.
Your Trolltag is shadowExecutioner and you 9 Speak direct and harsh as a hunter. 6
Name: Yangre Sheris
Gender: Male
Blood color: Cerulean 00557F
Age: 7 sweeps
Trolltag: shadowExecutioner
Lusus: Flying Fox (Fruit bat)
Abilities: Agile, can do parkour, hunts, knows his way with taxidermy, and is at one with nature. Smokes and drinks a lot.
Typing Quirk: 9 Puts his words between 9 and 6. Often gets cut off before finishing sentences when he’s with Yinram. Often uses abbreviations and substitutes z’s for s’s.
Strife Specibus: Crossbow, rope darts
Fetch Modus: Parkour
The card creates a large version of the object and the player must climb to the top of it in a certain amount of time.
Dream Planet: Derse
Land: Land of Caves and Flint
Consorts: Wolves
Title: Seer of Soul
Ancestor: The Assassin-Rathbane

[Image: Gostra-1.png]
Your name is Gostra Trenvi, you’re eight sweeps, and you are the best damn pilot ever. You’ve been flying practically since the day you were hatched. You have your own F117 Nighthawk fighter jet. Unfortunately, not many things on Alternia call for having someone who can fly a fighter jet. You’d love to be part of an actual squad one day, perhaps a military leader in the fleet. Your other hobbies include flarping and improvisational comedy. You’ve been flarping for a while with your lusus, a komodo dragon. He’s taught you a lot about surviving in the woods, and he’s a great hunter. You use your strife specibus, sniper rifles and a jackknife, mainly when flarping, but you’ve used it for self defense before. And it’s not a good idea to get on your bad side; you’re a crack shot. The jack knife is for close quarters and cutting ropes/cords. You’ve had to parachute out a few times from your plane, and it’s not fun when you get caught in a tree. Most people don’t think you’re very funny, but you still pursue your interests in improv. You currently work as a butcher, in a shop you run in the city. You get the animals from some jadeblood’s farm. Nice place, kinda boring. Your lusus loves your job, since you give him anything that gets too old. Your hive is a nice large mansion in the mountains. It snows a bit further up the mountain, so it’s kind of cold. Your lusus live in the basement, which you set up to be heated with large lamps. Your plane is located in the attic, but your roof opens up so you can take off.
Your Trolltag is longshotAviator and (+) You sometimes try and slip your comedy routines into your conversations. But really, what /is/ the deal with airline food?. (+)
Name: Gostra Trenvi
Gender: Male
Blood colour: Indigo 1B18CE
Age: 8 sweeps
Trolltag: longshotAviator
Lusus: Komodo Dragon
Abilities: Good pilot, accurate with a rifle, knows his way around meat, handy with a knife, excellent FLARPer.
Typing Quirk: Puts phrases between crosshairs.
Strife Specibus: Sniper rifle, jackknife
Fetch Modus: Code
The player must input a specific code to retrieve the item. The bigger the item, the longer the code.
Dream Planet: Derse
Land: Land of Ice and Gravel
Consorts: Pot-bellied pigs
Title: Knight of Life
Ancestor: The Silencer-Sytrofka

[Image: xBxIm.png]
Your name is Flayre Deansi, and you are four sweeps old, still a wriggler. You are a purpleblood, and a former member of the cult not many members of your caste are a part of, CLOWNS OF A GRIM PERSUASION WHICH MAY NOT BE IN FULL POSSESSION OF THEIR MENTAL FACULTIES. You were inducted by your former moirail when you were very young. He was a diehard member of the cult and looking back on it, pretty insane. Though he did treat you kindly as a moirail should. However, he was always getting himself and you in trouble, which eventually led to his death, and your isolation. You remember it all too well… He had done a bit too much taunting that day, pissing off a group of other purplebloods who apparently had beef with the cult. They beat the shit out of him while you watched, but he never backed down, no matter what. Before killing him, they made him watch as your hive was burned down, your lusus still inside. They also did some things to you that you’d prefer never to talk about again… After the group was finished, the left the two of you in the woods, the overwhelming burning smell and smoke from the hive meant to finish you off. You managed to escape, despite your protests, but your moirail wasn’t as lucky. He died quickly from blood loss and smoke inhalation. You quit the cult immediately afterwards, but in honor of his memory, you put on your makeup one day a month.
You stand at a measly four feet tall. So sad. But your height can help out sometimes. You can hide in the smallest of places and sneak up on others. However, you don’t often go out, due to your isolationist nature. You aren’t always alone; occasionally a nice Brown lady comes by to check on you. You were hesitant at first when the two of you first met, but soon you began to trust her and let her help care for you.
You have a few different sets of claws, all different types of metals and lengths. Your hive is fairly average looking, with a lot of furniture and bookcases. Your main hobby is gambling, specifically dice games. You always seem to win, but that’s probably due to your loaded dice. You have sets for every different possible outcome with two dice. You hide them in compartments in your massive sleeves in your shirt. You like to wear large clothes to hide all your pranky items. You’re always pulling pranks on lowbloods, usually with marbles and tacks, mostly because you know you can get away with it. Plus it’s just fun.
Your Trolltag is legacyNinja and {_/you speak surprisingly calm for someone your age. But you can also act the way you should!! \_}
Name: Flayre Deansi
Gender: Female
Blood color: Purple 440A7F
Age: 4.5 sweeps
Trolltag: legacyNinja
Lusus: Eagle
Abilities: Sneaking, pranking, playing marbles, gambling
Typing Quirk: Speaks calmly most of the time, but can act like how wrigglers usually do. Puts her words between {_/ and \_}.
Strife Specibus: Claw
Fetch Modus: Yahtzee
In order to retrieve the item, the player must roll a Yahtzee.
Dream Planet: Prospit
Land: Land of Hills and Wheels
Consorts: Armadillos
Title: Witch of Dust
Ancestor: The Accursed-Calcifia

[Image: ABskraab_edited-1.png]
Your name is Skraab Chylyt, and you are eight sweeps. You are a seadweller, and quite high up on the hemospectrum. Violet o be specific. You have a few interests including building scale models, preferably of war machines. Another thing you enjoy is mining for jewels. Most others think it’s odd that a seadweller likes something so land based, but frankly you don’t really like having to be in the water. Your hair gets all messed up and it irritates your scars. Oh right, you should probably mention that. You sustained a massive amount of damage from an explosion when you were younger, resulting in you getting a lot of scars and a few metal plates grafted on. Those are waterproof of course, but they do restrict swimming. The incident killed your former matesprit and left you in a state of depression for a few sweeps. You barely left your hive, and didn’t trust anyone.
There’s also cooking. You’ve only been interested in it for a little while; you started after your accident. You were given a box when you were young, containing a strange cookbook and jars full of spices. Apparently they belonged to someone with your symbol. One of your friends got you into FLARPing a little while ago. You figured it was a good way to blow off some steam, so you decided to try it out. On account of being a seadweller, you have a lot of money, so you don’t have to be a thief. Your hive is half underwater and half above land. The above ground area is where you mostly stay, and the underwater part is mostly for your lusus to come in. He’s a large Leatherback Shellbeast that you often ride around when you don’t want to swim. He’s very kind to you and pretty calm most of the time, but unfortunately not very fast on land, being a shellbeast and all. You have no problem with the caste system, but you don’t like abusing your power. Lowbloods should know their place, but they deserve some respect. Because of your accident as a wriggler, you’re less trustworthy of them, so you carry a weapon, your trusty pickaxe, when you go out, for self defense. You mostly travel by hoverboard, mainly because you get sore if you walk too much.
Your Trolltag is fangDiplomacy and yyou ssppeak wwitthh a fairly bbad ssttutttterr.
Name: Skraab Chylyt
Gender: Male
Blood colour: Violet 66006C
Age: 8 sweeps
Trolltag: fangDiplomacy
Lusus: Leatherback Sea Turtle
Abilities: Cooks, builds model warm machines, FLARP’s, expert miner, and he can juggle too.
Typing Quirk: Doubles s, t, b, w, r, y, h, c, p, v. Almost never uses capitalization.
Strife Specibus: Pickaxe
Fetch Modus: Crystal
When an item is captchalouged, it is placed inside a crystal. The crystal must be broken to retrieve the item inside. The larger the item, the harder the crystal.
Dream Planet: Prospit
Land: Land of Straw and Stone
Consorts: Wombats
Title: Thief of Rage
Ancestor: The Ingester-Moonveil

[Image: DeklanAltBound.png]
Your name is Deklan Manisi, you are seven sweeps old, a tyrianblood, and you’re sick of living a lie. Up until recently, the life you lived for seven sweeps was not the one you wanted. You were raised to believe that lowbloods were trash and that you were inherently better than everyone else. Which, to a sense, is true, but the way it was shown wasn’t right at all. You bought and ran a variety of businesses and buildings at an age far too young and the work and the stress it brought with it began to pile sky high. Fancy drinks, art galleries, wineries, all these were things you owned and thought you need to own, until you opened your eyes and felt a sense of relief. They had been eating away at you and your time, restricting the life you wanted to have. You quickly sold all the businesses besides your museum and hired more staff to run it. With your new found freedom, you now enjoy FLARPing, exploring new cities, and just having a casual life. You still do a bit of hunting and painting in your free time, but mostly take it easy now. You enjoy archery and consider it to be a skilled sport, one you’re very good at. Plus, you can use your equipment as a weapon. Of course, you carry around a dagger for self-defense at all times. It’s more for close quarters, but has some decent power. Your hive is a large castle at the bottom of the sea. Your lusus, a Sea serpent, loves the wide open-ness of it and seems to act like a dragon when he swims around the towers. You have a second home on land as well, that hive more of a mansion than a castle.
Your Trolltag is fancifulMayhem and you >====<-> Speak in away w/-/ic/-/ is most proper.
Name : Deklan Manisi
Gender : Male
Blood Color : Tyrian - 600754
Age: 7 sweeps
Trolltag: fancifulMayhem
Lusus: Sea Serpent
Abilities : Good at archery, accurate when fighting, FLARPs, skilled painter and hunter, appreciate life more.
Typing Quirk : Replaces H with /-/, starts sentences with >====<->.
Strife Specibus: Bow and arrow (dagger for close range self defense.)
Fetch Modus : Target
The player must get a bullseye on a target to retrieve the item. The more important the item, the farther away the target.
Dream Planet : Derse
Land : Land of Traps and Labyrinths
Consorts : Raccoons
Title : Bard of Breath
Ancestor: The Archlord-Zodiacer

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If you want to roleplay off the site, hit me up on Skype at Hpboy7. I rarely use PC anymore, but I'll do Skype and Tumblr roleplaying.
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RE: Trollslum Profiles
[Image: GaoeeI7.png]
Name: Maladu Erktos
Blood colour/Hex: Yellow
Gender: Male
Age: 6 sweeps
TrollTag: MasterArmagedon
Quirk: PLenTY of UPs aND doWNs
Strife Specibus: Scythekind
Fetch Modus: Storage
Lusus: DEAD
Interests: Flarping, and spending as much time with his Matesprit Emilie
*God Tier: Thief of Rage
*Game Land: Land of Darkness and Shadows

Personality/bio: Tends to rage at certain times, other than that he is fairly melo. He has small attacks of insanity, due to a link with his ancestor, during which his rage comes out. Until he found his Matesprit he was much less controlled than what he is now, but sometimes she needs to calm him down during said attacks of rage. He is an open troll, but when it comes down to his past events of his former curse of an infectious black liquid, introduced to him by his Moirail's Kismesis Jormun Cecrop, which made him lash into his darker side of Valafar. While Maladu has some control of it, without the continuous self medication with the cure he manufactured, Valafar can still come out every now and then. Maladu has also gained a heightened sense of smell of blood types through Valafar's lust to eat Troll flesh. And despite this fact he is extremely social, well other than to most highbloods that think way to highly of themselves. Maladu isn't afraid to show his hatred for highbloods as well and be it not for Valafar he would have been culled many a sweep ago

Maladu Erktos
[Image: S5ACGcR.png]
<3 Emilie Roycie <> Renrut Starku c3< None <3< None
Ancestor: Klador Erktos: The Insanity
GOD tier
[Image: retS4C0.png]
Theif of Rage
[SUB]face done by BouncyWerewolf[/SUB]
Simente Rohana
[Image: gkpxivknewotherhorns.png]

Caztar Omyar
[Image: lO9y4BO.png]
Ancestor: Adilos Omyar
God Tier
Page of Breath
[Image: qXzCzbx.png]

Jsader Doinar
[Image: DhBTaw7.png]
Ancestor: Hagar Doinar

Tigast Meftoi
[Image: jTMUZTT.png]

Image pending thought
THe darkness
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RE: Trollslum Profiles
OK finally getting around to posting my profile here.

[Image: Zarwid%20Munrab.png]

[Image: Zarwid%20Munrab%20Portrait.png]

Your name is Zarwid Munrab. You are a legislacerator-in-training, and even though you have chosen to follow the MOST COMMON profession to your caste, you plan to put your own spin on it. Having studied the body of Alternian prosecution law (an easy task considering the point of the trial is to get to the fun part: the execution), you have A LOT OF TIME for other pursuits.

You fancy yourself an ENTERTAINER, and work hard to create your own prosecuting style, which so far consists of LAME JOKES and SHOWMANSHIP. As an up-and-coming legislacerator, you know it doesn’t matter what you say so long as you say it with STYLE. To practice, you acquire CORPSES and video tape yourself prosecuting them, and then upload the videos to the internet for a ton of SWEET LIKES and USELESS COMMENTS. You’d ask your friends to help, but figure they’d refuse when you get to the PART WHERE YOU EXECUTE THE CRIMINAL.

You have a little pin on your coat and if anyone asks you about it, you say that it’s your ATTORNEY’S BADGE. You don’t know what an attorney’s badge is or why anyone would have one, but you’re always happy to SPIN A GRAND TALE about how you acquired yours. You really just wear it because you LIKE ORANGE. You also do MAGIC TRICKS but you kind of suck at them. All except for the ones with MAGIC RINGS. You’re pretty good at those, probably owing to your EXPERTISE with rings. You still need to work on everything else. One of your friends STILL HASN’T GOTTEN OVER that botched “saw them in half” trick.

Now and again, you like to try your hand at SLAM POETRY, but you have trouble coming up with rhymes on the spot so you tend to CRASH AND BURN at live events. Fortunately, trolls usually aren’t too social and tend not to break out into rap battles. You’re much better at making up fibs and wild stories when the need arises (or even when the need doesn’t exist). The more grandiose the tale, the better, you always say.

“The people will more easily swallow a big lie than a small one.” –Troll Martin Luther King Jr. You are ABSOLUTELY CERTAIN that Troll Martin Luther King Jr. said that.

Hobbies: Mock trials/executions, rapping (bad), magic tricks, making shit up.
Age: 8 sweeps
Blood color: Teal
Lusus: Ligerbear
Modus: Lock ‘Em Up and Throw Away the Key (he has to pick the locks on the cards)
Specibus: Ringkind
Trolltag: jovialJusticiar
Quirk: you “like toOo put oOon a shoOow when yoOou talk”
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RE: Trollslum Profiles

[Image: NMrK6.png]
>Be the absolute bitch

Okay, I just know you don't mean this chick. How could you think of her as anything but nice? You're incredibly rude.

...But whatever. This 'absolute bitch' happens to be so kind as to let you be her, even without a proper command. You'd better be happy.

Your name is EKOTRA VESPER.
Let's start this off by saying that you are PROUD of yourself for being so KIND in such a HARSH and UNFORGIVING world. You are UNDERSTANDING, a SHOULDER TO CRY ON, you're GENEROUS, and you're HOPEFUL, you're KIND- You inspire others, at least you hope that you do, to be EVERYTHING that they could ever be. MANIPULATIVE? Nooo! How could you think that?

You come off as a little ANNOYING, perhaps TOO EXCITABLE, and you seem to rarely show any emotions other than HAPPY BUBBLINESS. You often SACRIFICE yourself for the good of others- at least, that's how it seems- and you certainly aren't a THREAT, or KINDLY PUSHING OTHER PEOPLE TO CERTAIN GOALS, or anything. That would be silly.

Your interests include- oh, who cares about your interests, haha! You LOVE the WORLD.

>ok really cut the crap it isn't cute

...Oh, alright. You're sort of a SOCIOPATH. You are ridiculously SADISTIC, pointlessly CRUEL, ARROGANT, MANIPULATIVE... DOWNRIGHT UNLIKEABLE, as well as so OFF THE HOOK with your own emotions you can barely keep them contained enough to chat NORMALLY on a COMPUTER. You're incredibly CHILDISH and HYPOCRITICAL, while thinking yourself smarter than all of the rest, and you have an extremely deep-running paranoid streak. Violent outbursts of yours aren't UNCOMMON, and they also aren't all that SURPRISING, knowing you.

...Not that you make it EASY to 'know you', considering that you keep many, many things to yourself. In fact, one could accurately call you a compulsive LIAR, as you find it very difficult to open up or be honest with ANYONE, even those in your quadrants. Just a few of your well-guarded secrets happen to be your minor case of narcolepsy, your terrible habit or falling asleep outside of your recuperacoon (that does no favors to your mental state)... and the fact your incredibly low position on the hemospectrum has granted you a power.

When you are around, people have a harder time using their powers, a latent ability of yours that you can't quite control. And when you focus on others, you can leave them ADDLED, or temporarily supress their power. However, it does take quite a bit of focus to supress a power, especially from particularly gifted lowbloods, and most of the time you just use your power to make your TARGETS more confused and easier to KILL. You keep it a secret simply because if the trolls knew what was going on, it would be that much easier to resist your power.

Really, though, aside from the whole TOTALLY UNLIKEABLE and CRAZY AS BALLS thing, you'd say you're a fairly normal troll. You'd say you're a PERFECTLY normal one, in fact. You have an interest in FASHION, other people's BUSINESS, talking to people, SEWING, abusing your blind mouse lusus, and harming everything that breathes. Despite your low position on the hemospectrum, you pay quite a bit of lip-service to it, believing that it's simply a fact of life, and looking down on those that reject it.

Your trolltag is astrumForfex and you type \|in a way that really doesn't make you seem smart at all...!!!!!!|/

Name: Ekotra Vesper
Blood colour/Hex: rust, #a7372c
Gender: female
Age: 7.85 sweeps exactly.
TrollTag: astrumForfex
Quirk: begins with \|, ends with |/, lots of exclamation points, replaces L with / and I with |
Strife Specibus: scissorkind, chosen mostly to store Eko's numerous pairs of scissors.
Fetch Modus: Array
Lusus: Mousemom, blinded.
Interests: Fashion, murder, stargazing, piano-playing on the side.
*God Tier: Witch of Heart
*Game Land: Land of Shards and Spires
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RE: Trollslum Profiles
[Image: AcerusAltumbtalkyV7angry_zps3054b3d6.png]

You are Acerus Altumb a 9 sweep old 7'0 monster of a troll. You wear a long coat and have glasses with an eye cover built in to cover your eye that's been missing for some sweeps now.

You are interested in three things, Pirates, Alcohol and Gambling. Seriously you're obsessed with Pirates to the point that you dress up like a pirate, have a hive that is a large ship, and have a crew of lower blooded trolls that at night set sail on alternias seas finding other ships to capture and strip of their goods. When off duty for the day you are usually drinking. You like to drink to take the edge off, a long day with nothing but water and the same trolls that you've seen most of on sea for sweeps now can get a little frustrating. Luckily your ship usually stops off every couple weeks at a port town so you can really relax with a bit of gambling. With the new found wealth you've made you like to try and make some more. Though you try to be methodical about it, trying only to spend about a fourth of your shares you've made at sea.

You don't have quite the nicest personality. Actually you're quite rude and short tempered to almost everyone that talks to you besides your crew. You only do this though cause you think it makes you a more intimidating troll. Though with highbloods you try and act a bit tougher and ruder then you normally do. With good reason too. Most times when a highblood finds out about your chosen career path they get angry about it given that most trolls that are the owners the boats you rob are of noble blood. It also didn't help that a Highblood was apart of your ships crew once and sometime after being on sea for a bit he thought it a good idea to try and kill you to try and steal your shares in the goods you'd seized. He went with what he thought would be the fastest way too kill you by stabbing at your eye. Though you barely made it out then now you've healed up and that Highblood was marooned on the next small island your ship came across. This also has caused you to stick towards lowerbloods as crew members cause they are usually more then happy to steal from highbloods and also cause lowerbloods will work for much cheaper shares then those of noble blood that enjoy a more comfy job then piracy.

You hope that once you and a large amount of your crew are old enough to join the fleet that they'll let you and your crew become privateers so you can serve alternia in the way you best know how and also to retain the freedom you've grown to love as a pirate on the seas

It's nice that your lusus approves of your actions, hell he helps you on sea nicely since he's a large Parrot. Quickly he became your lookout squawking out "danger danger" whenever there was anything that shouldn't be nearby closing in.

You would deal with those things nicely with your Cutlasskind and Flintlockkind Specibus's that let you use your cutlass and flint lock pistol in nice combination when fighting. Though you prefer to just use the cutlass as you feel that a troll swinging a sword around is more likely to intimidate then a troll with a gun that most people know by now only has one shot.

Your modus you have is the Take aim Modus and it is terrible. It that requires you shoot a target set up by the modus with your flintlock pistol. It sounds really good until someone realizes how unreliable a flintlock is given that it isn't very accurate at long range and that reloading can take up to 15 seconds if not more. Also flintlocks can explode if not maintained or reloaded properly. This has caused you to fill your jacket with a large amount of flintlock pistols to try and combat reloading times and misfires.

Your troll tag is cutthroatPirate and you talk like a pirate and yer not afraid t' tell someone that they're messin' things up when they are.
>be the troll with the decision issues
Uhh... Hey um, that's just... Uhh... Mean to say!...
>Fine, Be the lazy troll that should get out of the house more
Uhh... That's not um, much better then uh, the last one!...

[Image: CecetaCertumV2worried_zps6f756d80.png]

You are now CECETA CERTUM though you also like to be called CECE some times.If you have not lost count you are a 7 SWEEP old 5'3 GREEN BLOOD and are rather happy to be in the middle of the spectrum. You actually care about the spectrum to a level and prefer to stick to people close to your caste, though that could just be because you haven't had the greatest experiences with higher or lower bloods.

You have a nice hive in the middle of the FOREST where you live with your lusus a small NUT BEAST that you call SQUIRREL MOM. Squirrel mom doesn't really feel like she's raised you well. But that's probably because you fight with her a lot, But you don't hate her. You just don't like what she will try to make you do since they really don't interest you.

Things you are mainly interested in one thing, VIDEO GAMES. You just love video games and spend a good amount of your nights in your room playing whatever new game is out.

You also have a bit of a flaw, though you can function on your own normally. Once there's other trolls around you always feel like they are JUDGING you. This causes you to get STRESSED and have trouble making simple DECISIONS. Squirrel mom hates this flaw and as such tries to send you out of the house as often as she can. Which is kind of tough for her given that she is so small and can't open the lock on your door that easlily. Though when she does get you out you just go EXPLORING instead of somewhere that's populated. Luckily the Forest around your house is really interesting, it's filled with so many cool and exciting things to see so you try to and find little knickknacks until Squirrel mom lets you back in the hive.

The only other thing you really seem to enjoy doing is HUNTING but that's probably only because you HATE the nuts your lusus brings home to eat. So when you are out walking you like to set up small traps to catch critters to eat. Being HUNGRY is probably the only reason you would ever leave the Hive when not forced.

Though you feel like you're being judged by other trolls once you get used to a troll you can kind of ease up and not be so worried about them. Normally you're kind of a strange troll, looking at the world a little different then most and daydreaming a lot which is probably from being alone most of the time.

You have been attacked on your walks sometimes and have had to snap out of your daydreams and fear of being judged to fight. Luckily you have your BOWKIND Sepcibus. Stupidly the only weapons you have are remakes of videogame bows. Most of which are REALLY IMPRACTICAL

But hey even if impractical they look threatening to walk around with, though usually they are in your STOP AND SWAP MODUS Which only lets you take out items when you've put in enough items to match the value of what you want. Unfortunately it seems that the item you want has gone up in price when you need it.

You actually talk to a couple trolls on Trollian believe it or not! But that's only cause they work at the game store you get your games at and you want to know when they are in or out of stock for games you like.

You can be reached at confusedGamer Though it seems that Uhh... even online um, you're kind of confused when uh, talking to other um, trolls...
[Image: VenlafDexinev1Happy_zpsbd1b231f.png]

You are now Venlaf Dexine the 9 Sweep old Indigo Blooded owner of a 'small business' called Psykosis Corp, it is currently about two or three trolls strong and growing. As the 'owner' of a 'small buisness' you believe that you should dress fancy, enforcing this with your fitted suit, fitted waistcoat and gloves you wear constantly.

One would notice that despite you presenting yourself as a 'buisness owner' you are only even often found doing a couple things. Psychology Experiments, messing with Sound, and Collecting Coins. You really do have a passion for learning about the troll mind though, which is why you started a 'small buisness' based on it. You particularly enjoy experiments about mental conditioning, such as Pavlov's condition, and authority figures. When not messing with learning about the troll mind, you like to play the Theremin to other trolls. Though most other trolls don't enjoy being strapped down in front of loud speakers and being exposed to a rising pitch that is slowly getting louder and louder. When you don't feel like working your mind you like to collect different coins. You use coins because your studies have shown they help resolve impasses. You usually enjoy finding old Alternian coins the most because of the rarity of some of them.

As a troll you like to think you're a class act, though working as 'owner' of your 'small business' you have to be quick witted in making decisions even if your moral compass isn't exactly pointed in a good direction. You act like most normal hemoloyal troll would you suppose, you treat the lower bloods like tools instead of trolls and you treat higher bloods as if they were royalty, though you do have an exception to this. A troll that does hard and quality work deserves to move up in life and you can at most times value hard work above the blood level of a troll and reward them as such.

If everything in your life goes according to plan, and it is, you should land a wonderful position in the Alternian fleet as the head of the psychological division of the fleet, finding ways to fight wars with things like fear alone.

Your lusus is a King Cobra, He's taught you that if you can't get away from a fight you can try intimidate your way out of it, and if that fails to always have a back up plan. Currently he keeps himself to your hive guarding it well you're away. Speaking of your hive, you live in an Underground network of tunnels that is located beside a large city. You've made your tunnel network into a bit of a labyrinth to keep yourself safe. You've designed the hallways so that each has a bell and when you ring it the returning echo sounds different from each turn, this lets you move quickly through it well others are likely to get lost and confused from the constant ringing.

That backup plan would be taking place in the form of a WhipKind Strife Specibus. You love that it doesn't need to hit a troll to be effective, Cracking the whip near someone's ears can stun a troll pretty effectively. Which is when you'd probably flip a coin. Depending on what's decided from the coin flip you may just leave the situation or continue your assault on said troll.

You always keep things nice and safe in your Pitch Picker Modues, You can only withdraw things from it if you hit the correct pitch your Theremin. Some items requiring only one pitch, others requiring a string of pitches to be hit.

You can be contacted on trollian under the tag mentalDin and YOU put all of YOUR focus INto what YOU love Dearly, and YOU'RE posItIve It shows. EveN If YOU'VE obtaINeD a habbIt of belIttle those other theN YOURSELF.
You are now Nullam Extrem a 8 sweep old Yellow Blooded Troll that is probably too laid back for your own good.
You always dress the same, With your long sleeve grey shirt and the black one on top that has your symbol on it, also you never forget to leave the house without your favourite Toque. That would just ruin your night!

Like it's already been said, you're really laid back. Only things that really get you moving is Skateboarding, Amateur Films and Food. You always feel at peace on your Skateboard, It's how you like to clear your already translucent mind if anything is bugging you, let you sort your thoughts and relive stress. It also works as a great way to travel around the city streets. But when you want to actually put your mind to work you like to enjoy and take part in Amateur films, When you and a couple friends make a video about "lowbloods from the dead" or some other B grade movie you have a blast. After you're done these movies you like to try to show em off to friends, till eventually they loose their flair and you leave them hanging about in your hivestem. Doing anything though is only good cause it eventually makes you hungry. What can you say, you love food! Though you try to eat balanced meals you usually end up eating more of one food item then another. Though what that food item is changes frequently. One week it's fries, the other it's pancakes.

Did you also say you have a psychic power? Cause you do, you're the unlucky owner of the power to reduce a trolls psychic resistance. Though only through touch. Unfortunately it also has a side effect caused by long exposure and will numb a troll mentally. Though after 8 sweeps the most damage it's done to you is made you very chillaxed. You suspect that you are a bit resistant to it's mind numbing effects but you're not really sure since you've never cared to test it out on another troll.

If someone were to examine your life they would notice that you always go with the flow of things. Listening to those of higher blood, helping your fellow lowbloods that aren't a waste in the gene pool and generally just dealing with whatever comes along never planning ahead for things. You're probably going to end up in a really ordinary position in the fleet because of that, not that it would bother you that much.

Even without your power having you numbed down, you still would have at least been a calmer troll thanks to your Sloth lusus, Sloth dad Taught you that having something to clear your mind and relax is important after all. He just didn't expect you to take up the hobby's you did. Now he mainly sits around your hivestem spouting off lessons to nobody. Guess he still hasn't caught up to the fact you're not in your hive as much as you used to be.

Just because you're chillaxed doesn't mean you don't defend yourself though. If anyone were to mess with you all you gotta do is kick up your skateboard and use it since it falls nicely into your Boardkind Specibus. Sure it's not the most effective thing to fight with but it leaves you at least something to fight with.

You don't have a lot of things in life thanks to your position in the spectrum. But what you do have that you care about is your skateboard and your video camera. You never let go of your skateboard unless you're leaving it in your strife specibus, even if you'd rather keep it on you, and you keep your video camera in your ridiculously hard to open Trick List modus. Your modus requires that you do a set of tricks on your skateboard in a predetermined set before you can get the item you want. Luckily it's always the same set of tricks so you can memorize it and not accidentally open it up well you are clearing your mind.

On trollian you go by cinemaShredder and Yo brah, you just talk like one of those gnarly dudes that solidified your favourite sport man! \000/
[Image: TritisRaekedV4.png]
You are now Tritis Raeked a 7 sweep old Redblood that really needs to slow down.

You're a very hyper troll, always taping your fingers on stuff to make little beats. Actually you don't only just tap your fingers, when at your hive you're also usually banging on the Drums. You love drumming, you call it your life passion, you play all the time when your hive. The only other things you ever do is Impressions you're really talented at doing Impressions, all you need is to hear a voice once and you can do a nearly flawless impression of them. Unfortunately that can make other trolls mad if they hear you mocking them so you've had to recently start taking Parkour Lessions.

You're pretty lucky for a Redblood, since you're in a band that's making a decent amount of money. Unfortunately you still aren't living in the lap of luxury, which might be a good thing considering lots of trolls like to kill other trolls with powers. Oh did you mention you have a psychic power? Yeah, you have the ability to manipulate sound. Though it's more of a utility then a weapon since any sound you manipulate will play in your head first and you don't feel like going deaf anytime soon. You often use it for help with your impersonations.

You like to keep active in life, always trying to find something to do, even if all you're doing is tapping your fingers on a table or patting your lap to imitate simple drum patterns. As for other trolls you try to be nice and help out all that are higher then you and anyone closer to your blood color you treat as more of an equal. You feel that the hemospectrum is important and enjoy having discussions about it with highbloods or more open minded lowbloods.

Your lusus is a small Lyrebird that you often have shouting matches with. But you still care about him since he helped you master your power.

To protect yourself you wield the Batonkind Specibus. Often you use your drumsticks as your weapon since they are what's usually on you. You usually try to confuse your opponents using your power and parkour training.

Your modus you have is the Birdcall Modus, which requires you impress the modus with a variety of sounds using your power. The more valuble the item, the harder to impress the modus it is.

On trollian you go by consistantCrashing and when not Imitating other trolls you TALK on the beat AND always end your SENTENCES with a double Kick..


[Image: AthemaSangisMiniSpritev1_zps357461e7.png]
Name: Athema Sangis
Blood Color: Red, #B80000
Age: 7 Sweeps
Symbol: Blood
Lusus: Vampire Finch
Power: Hemomancy
Fetch Modus: BloodRune (he must create a rune made of blood, intricacy increasing with value of item)
Strife Specibus: Knifekind
Trolltag: cabalisticOccultist
Quirk: Slurs occasionally getting worse untill he slirps or spits. Ending sentences with a occult rune.
"You're often speaking with shome blood in your mouth. Shrp. >|<"
Interests: Reading, Hemomancy, The Occult
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RE: Trollslum Profiles
>Be the artsy treasure guard.
[Image: lbMu3KL.png]
Your name is MEGELO LAMPYR, you are EIGHT sweeps old, and you feel that excact title fits you quite well.

You are the lucky mudblood to be named as the GUARD of a cove of Highblooded pirates' AMAZING TREASURES. Well, most of the treasures anyway. You find yourself not to be trusted to see to much of it, lest you get greedy. You've made this cave your OWN LITTLE HIVE, decked out with only the needed bits of Alternian life. You live in it with your FIREFLY LUSUS, who acts as an off-guard as you go out into the world. You try not to look at him too much, though, or else you're in danger of being given MINOR EYE PAIN. It makes some nights quite uncomfortable, you swear. Due to that, you find yourself very EASILY IRRITATED, and as such have a LOW TOLERANCE for some things. Like blinking lights, or wannabe Seadwellers.

You find yourself around the likes of SEADWELLERS quite a bit, however you've learned not to talk back or anything like that. You've learned that you should merely LISTEN AND COMPLY with those above you. You have never found it neccesary to look up to them without being asked, however. The same goes with the ONLY caste below you. You're not too fond of the hemo-rebellious types, or even mutants of most kinds. Once again, you're learned all sorts of HORRID stories about them from the pirates around you.

You have a myriad of INTERESTS, which stem mostly to ARTS and MUSIC. While you've never dabbled in the process of learning or creating music, you've found that your greatest passion is ART. You get the majority of your supplies through ODD JOBS you can scrape up, and sometimes picking up coins when swabbing the deck after the CREW comes back from their VENTURES. You've become a bit of a SPENDER when you can manage to be, but will always save enough funds for a FUTURE project.

You stand at an impressive and precise 6 feet, and can commonly be seen wearing a CLEAN hoodie, and will usually wash them before going out with them. May as well be decent, yeah? You weight about 150 pounds, yet retain a fairly slim body. Nothing amazing, but still just below the average for those of your height and weight. As for when things get dicy, you love to draw your beloved LANTERNKIND weapons to bash a good head in. Or at least long enough to GET OUT of there. Your CHARTER modus is also very nice and helpful, as to acquire any item you simply have to chart your way to it.
Your trolltag on trollian is delineatedBalefire, and you Speak IN a v-very defined YET sp-sporatic tone, almost S-STROBE like.
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RE: Trollslum Profiles
[Image: MalcohRalcik-Nonplussed_zps271b3272.png]
> Be a cocky craftsman
Sure' why not?
You are MALCOH RALCIK, a 5'8" Olive blooded male troll whose main contact with other trolls is working a nearby forge. You are quite hemoloyal and will only disobey obscene requests. You dislike lowbloods due to the trouble they have caused the forge, though you may make exceptions. You sometimes talk to other trolls via Trollian, more often to confirm orders for the forge. Most trolls would question your creativity, though they wouldn't deny the more useful creations. Some may find you overbearing when you speak to them. At SEVEN SWEEPS old, you figure it's high time to get up and make some actual friends, before the drones come knocking.

Your HIVE is located near a cliff. With your MOUNTAIN-GOAT Lusii, you have learned the importance of sure-footing. You love your Lusus to bits, and can't imagine life without the guidance it provides.

As far as hobbies go, yours would appear to require high-input. Concerning yourself mostly with SMELTING/SMITHING, ROBOTICS and ENGINEERING. You have attempted both masonry and leatherworking, of which you find a strange relaxation in doing.

You enjoy SMITHING because you find the rythmic beat of hammer upon steel to be both soothing and disciplinary. Not to mention that it allows you to custom-create parts for both engineering and robotics. In ENGINEERING you have made a chainsaw from scratch, designed and built a fully-functioning rapid-fire crossbow and have begun work on your crowning glory: a POWERSUIT. This combines your skill of ROBOTICS and has forced you to create a pair of gloves with proboscis-like tips to grip the smaller fiddly wires and pieces. You also are working on a hovercycle to ease transit between places.

You have merely dabbled in masonry and leatherworking, finding them peaceful. However, your few attempts at masonry end up unsellable, while leatherworking has yielded only two useful items: your weldingcap and toolbelt.

Every so often, a lowblood attempts to steal items from the forge. This has caused you to impart upon them the wisdom of a hammer. Dierectly into the thinkpan. You have taken to leaving the corpses hanging around in attempt to dissuade further thievery.

In case of emergency, you always carry a small case of sutures in your PUZZLEBOX FETCHMODUS, which creates a small puzzle to solve in order to retrieve an item. You enjoy the challenge, however the increasing difficulty for more complex items you keep often leaves you peeved. In case you need to repair anything on the go, you carry in your toolbelt: A small wrench, a rubber mallet, some flammable powder and a coffee mug.

Should you be forced to fight, you keep your VARIABLE-HEAD SLEDGEHAMMER in your HAMMERKIND Strife specibus. Currently you are able to use a flat-head, spike-head and cog-head sledges, though you're unsure as to the effectiveness of those last two.

Your aptitude for resourcefulness has led to you striving to become a FLEET-MECHADIATOR as you believe that your creativity in construction can flourish while you make repairs mid-battle.

Your trolltag is encumberingPayload [eP] and you speok with o bit of o slur' os well os swopping opostrophes for commos.

Gender: male
Name: Malcoh Ralcik
Blood: olive (#6B8E23)
Age: 7 sweeps
Height: 5'8”
Appearance: Large, arms folded, muscle. Wears a welding cap, toolbelt and gloves.
Symbol: Triangle with two lines missing.
Tag: encumberingPayload [eP]
Quirk: Slurs (replaces 'a' with 'o', swaps apostrophes and commas around.)
Specibus: hammerkind (Variable-head sledgehammer)

lysdicex's, nutie!
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RE: Trollslum Profiles
[Image: j3raHFf.png]

Your name is Estral Kithas. You are blessed with high regal blood, and you love to show it off.
You are a bit cold and nasty, caring mostly for yourself and only a few select others. You have a weakness for tea parties. nothing says Rich rich rich about a good old fashioned tea parties.
you are quite interested in the skills of journalism and love writing stories for the local paper. of course this is just a hobby, you would never DARE call it work. never!! high class ladies like you never work!
You also love a good violent match between two lowbloods at a local arena. you tend to be a bit of a gambler and bet on who will win. Good thing you have a lucky charm about you, or you would be flat broke!!
you have quite the eye for jewelry, wearing precious stones nd pits of gold all over you, as another way to show of your riches.
You tend to be quite a polite person. Keeping up with your manners around the others. dont want to look rue now!
you also enjoy a nice relaxing read in your fantasy books, particularly getting carried away in the literature with fairies and musclebeasts.

You are no where near from dainty however, you can be quite a skilled fighter. you tend to use the thing you hold onto the most, your cigarette holder, you almost go nowhere without it, you cant go anywhere without it, it ads a touch of class, and its too hard to quit smoking anyway. not to mention it looks sexy. You have it specially crafted to be quite sharp on the end, turning it into a deadly shiv. you arent requred to use it as your strife much, but when a lowblood gets right out of hand, a quick stab puts them back into place. you have also learnt to be careful and not stab your lip while smoking

Your hive is a lovely castle, filled with so many rooms, with such lovely furniture. it is mostly underwater, where most of your fancy stuff is, however, a small half of is is above water at least, books disintegrate in water. Swan mom sits up above the hive, honking whenever a strange troll comes close.

You are a devote hemoloyal, following the empress ideals. You still strongly believe in the caste, and follow it to the tea, though, should a lowblood provide useful or very respectful, you have considered once or twice to even calling them a friend. but that is very rare. but it has happened before!

Your troll tag is regalDesires and you ~like to add a touch of clazz to your zpeech~

Name: Estral Kithas
Blood colour/Hex: Royal purple
Gender: Female
Age: 8 sweeps
TrollTag: regalDesires
Quirk: ~zhe likez to add a touch of clazz to her zpeech~
Strife Specibus: CggrtHldrKind
Fetch Modus: Jewlerybox mous:
the user has to twist the key and wait for the music to play until they can retrieve their item
Lusus: A giant proud swan
Interests: her interests include Jewelry and royal fashion. however she likes to dress neatly, and to still blend in. nothing too eye catching. but enough to show shes rich and will flaunt it. She loves watching death matches and sparing between lowbloods as a past time. She is a skilled journalist and has a habit of writing what people say own. She can be found in a good fantasty book. She also likes to flaunt her royalty over the lesser blood, ordering them around. She also has a soft spot for tea parties, she can not get enough of a good tea party
God Tier: na
Game Land: na
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RE: Trollslum Profiles
[Image: d7hYt.png]
[Image: 1720456-LLP2PS2.png]

Name:Minami Rischa
Blood colour/Hex: Purple
Gender: Female
Age: 7 sw
TrollTag: languidLepidosiren
Strife Specibus: Macekind (it can be transformed from a can of pepper spray into a metal flail)
Fetch Modus: Table
Lusus: Lungfish
Interests: Science, violence, bitches

Minami Rischa, one of the cafe's antagonists. Noticeable by her voluminous hair, doll-like looks and bad attitude, Minami spends her nights terrorizing the cafe patrons and looking for a fight. Her stature is tiny and she's a part of the prestigious Alternian nobility, but that won't stop her from getting her hands dirty. She's very hemoloyal and won't hesitate to put any lowbloods back in line if they start hassling her... As long as there's other highbloods in the room to impress. What she lacks in physical strength she makes up in cunning, so don't leave your drinks unattended.

[Image: oEhR8.png]
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RE: Trollslum Profiles
Right, time to put up me first troll.


[Image: ZENARACEFALDv2_zpsbbcd102f.png][Image: Zenaratalksprite_zps1d32a412.png]

Your name is ZENARA CEFALD; and you are a pent-up little SPAT OF RAGE wrapped and trapped by a honed will, SARCASTIC, COPING mechanisms, and a well-learnt SURVIVAL instinct. Doesn’t pay to mouth off when you’re the bottom of the BLOODY HEMOSPECTRUM.

You are 7 SWEEPS old and are a RUST-BLOOD. YAY, lucky you. It could be worse you suppose. At least you get to be a tiny cog of the GREAT EMPIRE. All Hail Wonder-F***ing Alternia. You LOATHE this planet and everything that came from it. Well, some of it you just dislike. You don’t think anyone has quite that much RAGE in them. You focus yours on the HIGHBLOODS and the focus lessens down from there to moderate dislike once it reaches other RUST-BLOODS. You view yourself as a REALIST rather than a cynic and your view says that this whole societ, sucks. Oddly, you wouldn’t see this as well had you not lost one of your EYES last sweeps. Your own damn fault when your PYROKINESIS got out of hand in a tight spot. A lot of other skin and hair and stuff went with your eye too but the eye was the only functional thing you lost, and biggest reminder of it all, though your pale palms tend to ITCH still. Your HORNS were broken off too due to a related, but separate issue. Same reasons anyhow. From that though, you have learnt to keep your tongue held and your tone subdued. Anyway, when you’re not SPITTING and FROTHING mad at the whole thing, full of passion and bile and especially FIRE, you are a bit of a nihilist. Dry and cynical and morbid.

Before all of that stuff, when you were 4 or 5 sweeps, you used to have big dreams of being a LEGISLACERATOR. Cute, huh. You had these crazy ideas of a LAW and JUSTICE that would apply EQUALLY TO ALL TROLLS, regardless of blood, and thinking you’d led the way to a more united Alternia. Such a FUCKING idiot back then. You had all the BOOKS on those subjects you could get, which weren’t many. Of course, you did eventually face the fact that these were just dreams. You now live in the REMAINS of your HIVE with the rest of your meagre possessions: being a SCORCHED recuperacoon, a few books and a bunch of blackened illegible pages, and some clothes. Your lusus, MERLINMA, has since remade her nest in your room now there’s more space. You like to huddle up in her nest sometimes with a book, anything you can get your hand on now, just to keep yourself occupied. CRIME novels and the like are the best you can get outside of actual information.

Ignoring your reading habits, you also spend some time learning ROPE TRICKS, like cat’s cradles, or escapism, and other things. Couple of times Merlin has had to gnaw at the ropes to free you from a successful experiment. Trial and error are important. Until you get some quality rope that highbloods can’t just SNAP through, you’ll need to know the most efficient ways to tie up your problems. Short of outright STRANGLING them you mean, though that would be kinda funny, if stupid. If you successful bound a highblood, they’d probably keep it quiet out of embarrassment, you KILL one to solve a problem and you’ll have even more trouble afterwards. Plus, it’s wrong, you guess, or something, morality is TRICKIER than legality. You’ve also recently started looking into FLARP games. Bit late now but when you were younger you’d thought yourself to be above that kind of violence and barbarity. Boy did that opinion come crashing down hard.

Your STRIFE MODUS is ROPEKIND and your modus is COIN modus which had a 50-50 chance of being a PAIN IN THE ASS. If you were to play a game, you would be a Maid of Rage and live in a Land of Ice and Pyres. Your trolltag is "LegisJudicator" and you talk like 1. This . 2. You begin SENTENCES with NUMBERS depending on each new SENTENCE you say before someone else begins to speak. 3. You also italicise and fully capitalise NOUNS .

“One day you wake up and realize the world can be conquered.” - Doctor Impossible
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RE: Trollslum Profiles
[Image: 1xRQqPR.png]

Your name is DYANAS LUCANI. You are 8 sweeps old, a BLUE BLOOD.

You're a pretty CHILL DUDE. It sometimes comes across as disrespectful, but you're too CHILL to care. Sometimes it's hard to be THE MOST LAX DUDE AROUND, but hey, someone has to do it.

You're really into STORIES, told through any medium. You could sit around and read a book for hours on end, love movies, and only really play videogames with a good backstory. ADVENTURE BOOKS are your favorite stories of them all. You're a HUGE FREAKING SOFTY and can't handle sad endings though. They make you cry. You wuss. Sad movies are absolutely out of the question. Most trolls don't appreciate UGLY SOBBING in the theatre.

You try your best to GET THE GIRLS. All the girls. It's pretty much all you do, actually. You're generally unsuccessful. It's kind of sad to watch really. No matter your intentions, you have trouble not coming across as a bit of a douche. You've got a slight preference for tealbloods for some reason, so it seems. You never really notice. It's just a coincidence. You don't intentionally seek out that particular caste, you swear!

Your hive is a CASTLE at the base of a MOUNTAIN, decorated with ORNAMENTAL SUITS OF ARMOR. Rich boys get the best toys. Your Lusus is also armored. He's a giant STAG BEETLE. BEETLEDAD, you call him. You like to spar with him, often WRESTLING to end silly little conflicts such as who gets the last of the dessert and whatnot. Being capable of lifting 850 TIMES HIS OWN WEIGHT and having four arms all as thick around as your thigh, he usually wins. Despite his intimidating size and physique, he eats nothing but SLIGHTLY ROTTEN VEGETATION and SWEETS.

Speaking of fighting, you use the ArmorKind strife specibus. It hurts quite a bit more to get PUNCHED IN THE FACE with STEEL GAUNTLETS, and the chance of breaking bones is greatly increased. Your fighting style is something like boxing and wrestling. You do enjoy a good KNEE BAR or KIMURA. The good ol' GROUND N' POUND works pretty swell too. The only thing more satisfying than MAKING A BLOODY MESS of someone's face is sitting at home with a good book on a warm night, sipping some chocolate milk. You can't get enough of the stuff.

You use the Speedreader Modus. The name of the item you want is hidden in a page of a story, and you have to find it to get the item in question.

You occasionally FLARP. Like, super rarely. Usually no one is available, or they've lost interest. The whole FLARP thing is barely worth mentioning, really. 'Cept that you're always up for a game! Always. Anytime. Please.

Speaking of begging for social interactions, your trollTag is armoredScholar and you speak with the okekaisonal keklikeking noise, and refer to the dudes as 'bro' and the chicks as 'babe'.

Name: Dyanas Lucani
Age: 8 Sweeps
Blood Colour: Blue (#005595)
TrollTag: armoredScholar
Typing style: Replaces hard "C" noises with a beetle clicking noise (kek)
Sign: A circle with his horns.
Strife Specibus: ArmorKind
Modus: Speedreader
Interests: Anything with a story. Be it an RPG or a shitty film. Also chocolate milk, wrestling, and tealblooded girls.
Lusus: Stag beetle
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RE: Trollslum Profiles
[Image: qugsprite_BLOODLESS.png]
> Be the warrior blacksmith.
Your name is QUGTHO VORTUL. You are 7 SWEEPS OLD. You have INDIGO BLOOD, but unlike most trolls of your caste, you are not a SOFT WUSS or an INSUFFERABLE PRICK towards the LOWER BLOODS. Instead, you are a HARD BARRIER of CALLUSED UNBREAKING, and a REGULAR PRICK. Sometimes. When people are already being retarded.

You have a variety of INTERESTS, which include BLACKSMITHING, SAILING, SPLITTING LOGS, and EXTENSIVE MELEE TRAINING using BLUNT WEAPONS. You live within the highest-reaching mountain on Alternia, which is located at the planet's NORTH POLE. This is the only area on the planet where there is SNOW, and there is lots of it.

You lost your eye in a skirmish with a SEADWELLER. This happened during a rare occasion in which you would sail from the POLAR REGION on your LONGBOAT. This is not the first time that seadwellers have attacked you; they often come up through the ice and try to kill you for food. As a result, your shins are scarred, bruised, and callused. You have an aversion to SEADWELLERS. However, you are a good sport about the incident involving your eye, and you may even make EYEBALL-RELATED PUNS if you are in a good mood and don't want to punch anything really hard.

You tend to sleepwalk, so you have bound WULFRAM SHACKLES around your neck and leg [which have no practical implements for removal], and you chain yourself to your RECUPERACOON to prevent self-inflicted damage, whether that means Sopor-less dreams or wandering off to your death. Once, you wandered out of your RECUPERACOON and would have tumbled down your MOUNTAIN, if your LUSUS had not caught you by the time you were halfway there.
You also use them for a more bizarre, morbid purpose.

Each sweep, on your WRIGGLING DAY, you make your way up to the peak of the MOUNTAIN, where there is a massive DEAD TREE. For seventy-four hours, you hang suspended by your chains from the branches. For seventy-four hours you endure the sting of blizzard, the torture of unrest, the agony of starvation, the asphyxiation of neck, the pecking of birds. Only through suffering can wisdom be obtained.

Doing this every sweep for seventy-four hours tends to build an INCREDIBLE RESISTANCE to many things. For example, you have more calluses and scars on your body than you have unmarred flesh; your vulnerability to infection is almost null.

Your trolltag is tungstenArmor and THeRe is someTHing AboUt THe wAy yoU 74lK THAt is somewhAt bARbARic.

Name: Qugtho Vortul
Age: 7 sweeps
Blood Color: Indigo
Gender: Male
Height: 6'8
Strife Specibus: Maulkind [the head of a war-hammer on one side, and the head of a battle-axe on the other side]
God Tier: Bard of Space
Typing Quirk: Capitalizes the letters F, U, TH, A, R, K. Replaces "ta" with "74", and "t a" with "7 4" [i.e., i7 4ppeARs we ARe a7 4 s74lemAte]
Modus: Rune [when a rune/multiple runes are carved into the stone tablet that the Rune Modus utilizes, the item within the sylladex that is most strongly correlated with the rune/runes is retrieved
Lusus: Cholerbearclops [a cholerbear with one eye in the center of its head]
Symbol: Ice Needle
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RE: Trollslum Profiles
And by that I mean exactly three.
The following troll profiles are accompanied by silly nicknames exaggerating their qualities.

[Image: sUryk.png]

The Broken Magi


Your name is LITMEN AKWENN, and you are a green blood troll with a crippling agenda.
You were once a FREQUENT FLARP PLAYER, to the point where playing up to a character drilled itself a hole in your psyche a little bit. This isn't so much apparent in your mannerisms as it is in your strange attire, but you've grown attached and accustomed to the detached-sleeves look and its gaudy appeal. You used to be an INNOCENT, BOOK-SMART INDIVIDUAL with close allies (a more appealing term than friends) who FLARPed with you, and it was a way of getting through the dark journey of life. However, you were a slightly guillible bunch, and a bunch of high-bloods offered to join you for a session. In good spirits, they were accepted... and you paid the price.

Rather than the affectionate play-fighting you expected, they went straight to it with killing intent. You noticed just early enough to prevent your own deaths, but fending for yourself proved difficult. Eventually, you had enough, and ran for the hills, leaving your partners behind and living on your own, cutting off communications to them out of outright shame. Your level of trust is now way more shaky, and you especially have difficulty trusting highbloods anymore. In fact, you have an outright FEAR OF HIGHBLOODS and typically associate any and all highbloods with the whole tyrant image, whether or not they actually are. It's a wierd and very specific phobia however, as it only really starts kicking in from tealbloods beyond, then capping out at indigos before falling after seadwellers. It's strange, but it's how your psyche attuned itself.

So you're a FIGHTER, that's one thing you can do. But your OWL LUSUS insisted on (somehow) training you in this elegant, agile, and defensive way of fighting, with a one handed sword (ala BLADEKIND). It's effective, mind you, it's just not very threatening looking. In addition to that, your lusus is FASCINATED WITH REGALNESS, and has made you learn two harmo-noisers. Or would that be instruments? You're pretty sure people just call them instruments. The VIOLIN, and the PIANO. As such, your appreciation for violin and piano playing in music, as well as various other arts, is quite distinguished, as little place as it holds on Alternia.

Your fetch modus is the SLIDEBOX MODUS, your cards are arranged as randomly arranged cuboids crammed into a square, and need arranging until they can leave the square's exit. It's an outright puzzle that gets really tricky to decipher, especially when you put an important one in and the cuboid has really awkward dimensions.

Your trolltag is wisdomWisher and you obsessively^ categorize^ your- word- endings- by^ their- type^.
Name: Litmen Akwenn
Gender: Female
Blood Colour: A Shade of Green. Interpreted to be jade by most.
Blood Colour Hex Code: #008010
Quirk: Puts a ^ at the end of words that end in vowels or the letter y, otherwise puts an -.
Age: 7 Sweeps

Weapon: Bladekind, Lightweight Sword
Modus: Slideboard
Lusus: Owl, hoot 8^

[Image: M7IgNDj.png]

The Valkyrie Mistress

That's n[]t all I'm [/[][]|] f[]r!

Your name is VICARI APOLAU, a well-blessed pink-blooded royal seadweller at a late 7 sweeps old. Seeing your high blood colour as a entitlement to a duty more than a privelage, you decide to live up to it doing prestigious things. One of your merits is your status as a BUDDING HISTORIAN of Alternia's societies, scouring for records and biographies alike on elements of the past, hoping that you can make your own discoveries of the past. You are not an archaeologist however, and do not go after this unfound evidence yourself. You read and decipher the musty tomes, not rummage around where they came from.

Almost completely inversely, you can't help yourself with your ATTRACTION TO FLASHY TECHNOLOGY, something borderlining on a 'technophilia' if you will; what time you spend studying the past is equally spent eyeing gadgets of the future with a sense of infatuation deep within. Your devotion is fanatic: which leads in to your most notorious... we'll call it a "past-time".

[Image: wOIwTHd.png]

Your fame as a historian is far surpassed by your involvement in the world of MOTORSPORTS. You are a pilot of ANTI-GRAVITY CRAFTS, raced by an organized set of leagues and companies. You've been doing this since back when it was a much lesser known sport (not all that long ago mind you), at a time when it was pretty much exclusively sea-dwellers merely due to social conduct. You are a prized member of TEAM ICARUS, whose crafts are delicate and nimble, yet prized as you are, it is TO YOUR DISAPPOINTMENT that many more people recognize you for driving a multi-coloured hovering vehicle than your esteemed career in historics.

As a person, you are FIRM BUT FAIR. You are nice only in a comparative sense, you don't feel like causing more trouble than you're worth (even though you're probably worth a lot by caste alone), but you have a sense of duty about you, to the point where you've set yourself a CULLING QUOTA, something you don't see anything wrong with and could quite happily mention in the face of anyone. You go out every perigee or so and find a couple of wrong'uns to cleanse from the planet, or do it over the course of time when it suits you. You don't get upset over it or even push for it all that much, you just feel like being a highblood is a job and you ought to be doing work.

You have a STINGRAY LUSUS down in your submerged hive, and you have a SAIKIND specibus, complementing a discreet and quick fighting style. You use a SLINGWHEEL MODUS for holding items, which have to be retrieved by means of firing a ball from a spinning wheel at the right trajectory to get the item you want.

Your trolltag is queenstonIcarus and y[]ur writin[/ has a stylize|] bl[]ckiness t[] it.
Name: Vicari Apolau
Gender: Female
Blood Colour: Close to Fuschia
Blood Colour Hex Code: #CC0076
Quirk: Replaces g, o, and d with [/, [] and |] respectively to mimick neo-cyberpunk fonts.
Age: 'Late' 7 Sweeps

Weapon: Saikind, standard dual-wielded sais.
Modus: Slingwheel
Lusus: Stingray

[Image: FgjOY.png]

Patron of the Bright

i think i Might gEt bAcklAsh For thAt nAME.

Your name is FIRGON DOREAS. You mean well, and you don't want any trouble. There's not a lot to say really, where do you begin?
You are a boyish seven sweeps old, and your blood is of the typical exquisite JADE. The sun immunity is an aspect you've used often, and you've not minded the leg up in class, however, for a jade blood your pursuits and hobbies are quite dull and labouring, contrary to popular belief. You've followed a long life in a ENGINEERING AND MAINTENANCE OF SCUTTLEBUGGIES, the main form of auto-transportation across Alternia. The practise is nice, the knowledge is handy, and it kills time.

You dabble in a habit of VIDEO GAMES too. You have quite a stacked collection of game grubs, and you have all the time in the world to appreciate them right now. You don't get up to a whole lot otherwise, you HARDLY KNOW anyone, and you are very self aware but do nothing to change your problems. This tampers with your romantics in problematic ways, maybe not so badly in the redrom department, due to your sensitivity, but the blackrom department is pretty out of your reach. Your deeply hidden hatespade is very shrunken and shriveled, and you have too much patience, tolerance, and submission to exercise it, because you are afraid of the consequences (moreso than that of the drones at your door apparently). You aren't a pushover in troll-to-troll battles, you just don't get into many, if any at all, and thus don't realise whether or not you actually are crappy in a fight.

Your lusus is a Heron, who once lived a life of pride and glory. He has since grown in weight massively, and standing at about twice your height in size, he's more of a corridor patron who helps you hunt sometimes when you need the extra food. And what better to hunt stuff with than with SPEARKIND. You also think to boast proficiency to a degree in barehanded combat disciplines that you taught yourself, but lack of field testing means its probably good for nothing. Your modus is the HEAVYDUTY, meaning that its size and weight capacity are maximized, but as a tradeoff, each space takes two cards to make, having an odd number of cards leaves one half-card that won't work.

You also have slight trends of superstition. You believe that your survival so far has been strung along a great deal of luck, and you believe in the prospects of the proportionate distribution of luck-have (i.e. getting lucky one moment, getting unlucky another to make up for it). By that logic, it's hard to get you down, because you're always sure there's something worth living for even when you're at your worst.

Your trolltag is humblePhoenix and you FLuctuAtE thE FLAMEs in your words.
Name: Firgon Doreas
Gender: Male
Blood Colour: Jade
Blood Colour Hex Code: #078446
Quirk: Capitalizes any letter in the word FLAME.
Age: 'Early' 7 Sweeps

Weapon: Spearkind, two-handed make-shift spear.
Modus: Heavyduty
Lusus: Heron

All profiles are subject to change. Because otherwise the critics would be on my arse and I don't want that.
I have like, 10 profiles I could put here but obviously I have to put in the extra effort into a complete rewrite to make sure they're up to scratch.
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RE: Trollslum Profiles
[Image: pz3onw1.png]

The Laughsassin

Your name is RYAMBA ZURKET and boy do you love Culling lowblooded criminals (or just lowbloods, your research into who is criminal is pretty shoddy to begin with and Alternia is not renown for it's file keeping) in the dead of night and leaving no trace, well most of the time you leave no trace, sometimes you get a little stab happy and splash blood all over the place. It doesn't really matter though it's not like there are droves of detectives looking to cover lowblood hive crime scenes and you are not some Grand Theft Alternian who runs into public establishments to slice up a few people then loot them for beetles.

You have always wanted to return the favor of being born into a high caste by going out and mercilessly destroying lowbloods in the name of your Empresses, yeah you know it is sort of completely random and you should really be thanking genetics but genetics doesn't really care one way or another if you go on a mini genocide and you aren't really sure what her Imperiousness' fashion tastes are but you know she likes culling lowbloods so why not go with that? Orginally you aspired to be a SUBJUGGALATOR since they are her most royalness' favored soldiers but after refusing to drink their stupid soda-pop swill they sent you a rejection notice, the rejection notice being one of them coming to your door and stabbing you. In the face, it was all very ironic (because you enjoy stabbing) and you both had a laugh about it before you blacked out. Luckily your Hydramom was there to take care of you and get you back to health though even she couldn't save your eyesight.

When gossip caught wind of you turning your back on the most favored of all landdwelling trolls her Imperiousness' lesser known goons the LAUGHSASSINS were quick to offer you a place among their junior ranks and after one mutilation even you weren't dumb enough to turn down a second offer to cull for the Royalty. It is thanks to them that you are able to function normally (as normally of one of your caste can) and not fall over everything and into everyone.

You are pretty thankful for Hydramom when she is around, patching up your wounds and berating you for your somewhat antisocial behavior, you feel that she keeps you in check. She always seems to vanish for awhile though then come back for about half as long as she's gone. No skin off your nose though, when she's gone you've got free reign to cull at your leisure unlike when she is here then it's feeding time and learning 'social skills' though you aren't really a fan for talking but she insists you need it in order to not accidentally kill everybody who approaches you, you know she enjoys the extra food though.

Anyways besides going out and "abusing" as some would like to call it, your highblood status you spend your free time practicing the not-really-forgotten-but-not-brought-up-in-casual-conversation art of FLASH STEPPING, honing your body until you can move so fast you literally vanish from view, too bad even your inherent strength doesn't afford you enough stamina to do it more than a few feet at a time so you usually kept that move in reserve to impress and/or intimidate the pitiful lower castes.

Barring that as a hobby, you consider it a hobby but somebody like to do things a tad more relaxing, you enjoy jokes. Any kind of joke will do, good ones, bad ones, puns, anything to make you LAUGH because laughing keeps you healthy. You will literally laugh at anything. As mentioned before you also enjoy hunting criminals for JUSTICE and FUN but mostly FUN. Ridding Alternia of the slightly more dubious than the rest of the population people makes you feel like you are doing an above average job compared to your lesser counterparts on the spectrum who mostly just kill for wanton things like survival.

Hydramom insists that you think about filling a quadrant, particularly your PALE one before your enthusiasm gets out of hand but you insist that you are not just clichely enjoying mindless killing like a stereotypical horror movie antagonist and that you are doing it for perfectly valid reasons, like JUSTICE and that she shouldn't worry because you would never dare think about taking on any seadweller because you value the hemospectrum greatly even if it is mostly because it gives you a lot of privilege but then again what else would anybody appreciate it for?

You try you really do try to have 'normal' hobbies but it's hard being normal, it's hard and nobody understands. So you default to watching crime movies before bed time, real old black and white troll noir stuff where they all wear hats and trenchcoats and gun fights are only like one bullet and then it's all over but it's still about CROOKED JUSTICE in the end.

You use to have a different weapon for dispensing out your own justice but after getting stabbed in the eyes you swapped to something a little more practical. CANEBLADEKIND lets you keep sharp objects in your walking cane, yes even assassins can have walking canes have you ever read troll Daredevil (okay he's not a assassin but he's pretty close) Your Ouija board fetch modus is pretty complicated since you can no longer read, you should probably change that but instead you trust the probably redeemed spirits of all those probably criminals that you have slain to guide your hands to spell out the right word for the thing you need, that or you just move the little triangle thing around until something pops out.

Name: Ryamba Zurket
Blood colour/Hex: Indigo 2F025C
Gender: Female
Age: 6 Sweeps
TrollTag: deadLaughing
Quirk: Haha, She begins with, Heehee, and interrupts with laughter, she also, Hoo hoo, the end. Keke.
Strife Specibus: canebladeKind
Fetch Modus: Ouija board
Lusus: Hydramom
Interests: Laughing, Justice, training to be a Laughsassin
*God Tier: Maid of Doom
*Game Land: Land of Pillows and Slumber

[Image: MxeNUUw.png]

The Limeblood

Your name is IZLETH KAIBUP and you are one of the few pitiful diluted remnants of the virtually extinct LIMEBLOOD caste. Your caste was hunted to supposed extinction but a few of you manage to survive, scattered all over Alternia you hide away, as hated as the mutants themselves. Not even your rarest of bloods can save you now though, any powers your caste once developed was annihilated along with most of your kind, your blood too dilute to posses any powers it is not even as bright as the limebloods of old.

You live alone in your derelict hive, which you moved to after some trolls discovered you and killed your lusus WASPDAD inside your burning hive. After escaping with two grievous injuries you ran far until coming upon a new hive that put little more than a roof over your head and a dry place to sleep. Someday you hope to find replacements for the horns when were broken from your head by a sledgehammer but for now you suffer with feeling like less of a troll than you already are.

As you grew up alone you learned to rely on nature, hunting the fauna of Alternia for food and using their blood to create your own paintings on the walls of your hive. The pictures you PAINT comfort you, they are like the friends you could never have seeing as they are the only things that tolerate your blood.

Occasionally you are forced to venture into areas where other trolls live but you long ago learned to keep your color a secret whenever venturing near towns, you keep your head down and stare from afar at the other trolls often wondering what it would be like to interact with them. One day you aspire to find another limeblood with who you can be friends with and maybe even escape Alternia.

You hunt and defend yourself using BOWKIND, keeping yourself at a distance from anyone who would try to get near you with a weapon. It is primitive but you work with what you are given. You keep almost all your belongings and scavenged items in your polite fetch modus, which you must gently request in a polite tone what item you wish to have, a trait lost on most of Alternian's youth these days.

Name: Izleth Kaibup
Blood colour/Hex: Lime 79B542
Gender: Female
Age: 6 Sweeps
TrollTag: silentPasserby
Quirk: She repleces ell her letter As with letter Es
Strife Specibus: bowKind
Fetch Modus: Politely
Lusus: Waspdad (Deceased)
Interests: Art, Nature, Diplomacy
*God Tier: Mage of Life
*Game Land: Land of Death and Fallout
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RE: Trollslum Profiles
[Image: NewArchaiChibi.png]
Your name is Archai Doppel and you are 7 sweeps old. You are a redblood, which puts you at the lowest end of the spectrum, which has made life hard for you. You need to wear glasses because of some sight problems, but you also believe you have weird eyes. You live with your owl lusus in a hollowed out tree and you try to live a quiet life.

First lets get to your interest, one of the things you like to do is read. Most of these books are non fiction and are mainly about the weather. You hope you'd be able to do something with it in the fleet, though more realistically you'll just become fodder for war or something. Moving on you also enjoy climbing trees, it might be a little weird but you find it to be fun.

Even though you like to read your main interest is playing games, any type of game will do. You tend towards card games like solitaire, poker and blackjack, but you also enjoy playing pool and your favorite game, darts. Every now and again you tend to gamble during these games in order to get some
extra money. It's almost like you experience another side of yourself when you play, but you know how to play it safe.

Speaking of safe you are for the most part a passive soft-spoken troll. You tend to avoid fights if you can help it in order to maintain your health, though that isn't to say you won't. The reason as to why you avoid fights is because of an accident caused by yourself when you were younger. The accident in question was caused by your mutant powers, which allows you to control pressure. While you were testing your powers you used too much power at one time which caused both of your wrist to break. Your wrist healed in time and as a reminder you wear braces on your wrist. You do not try to use your powers as often as before, though you still practice with them on a regular basis so you can control them better.

While you may be at the bottom of the spectrum you enjoy this alternian life you have. You can't say you enjoy it but you do respect it if only to stay alive. You use knifeKind as a strife specibus, so you are able to equip knives and daggers to fight with. Because of your practice with darts you are pretty deadly with throwing knives. Your fetch modus is Darts Game, where you need to hit in a certain area of the dart board to try and get the item you want. Sometimes depending on the item you may have to throw multiple darts at the same time.

Your trolltag is twinSpirits, and you tend to repeat, yes repeat things you say. Or reassure yourself at the end of your sentences, yes

[Image: UpdatedAposemChibi.png]

Your name is Aposem Ecilam, and you are currently 8 sweeps old. You are an orangeblood, and while you don't have the lowest blood you are still low on the hemospectrum. Do you have any specific opinions or objections to it?, not personally. You follow the Hemospectrum as you should, or at least need to, and you do break it occasionally. These moments being if you need to defend yourself or survive You personally consider yourself to be upfront with other trolls, preferring not to go through pointless runarounds. That is a fact.

As such let's get to your interests, first off you enjoy fighting, then again you're a troll so there's no reason why you wouldn't. You aren't interested in pointless fighting though, you practice both boxing and kickboxing in an effort to keep yourself fit and train yourself. Though you may get into a fight every now and again, you consider it normal.

You also enjoy cooking, and consider yourself to be a good chef. You work in an Alternian restaurant as a waiter for the most part, though you tend to fill in as a chef if someone doesn't come in or turns out to be dead. Though you don't do it much at your job, you always cook at home, and it is one of the few things that can make you excited. Lastly you enjoy fashion, being one of the rarer trolls who do. You are a lowblood though, so you tend to not dress flashy, but it doesn't mean you can't dress well.

Though you may not like to get into pointless fights, you do cause them at times. You have a small bloodlust where you just need to figh sometimest. This only seldom happens, and is simple to control. You live in a hivestem with your lusus, which is a tiger moth. You try to avoid him at times simply because he is poisonous, but you don't mind. For fights you use the knuckleKind strife specibus, though you also carry a trench knife if you ever need to kill someone. It's a nice thing it fits into a specibus card. You have the Current Combo modus, where you need to do a succession of moves in order to obtain the item you want.

Your trolltag is apatheticScrapper and you x\Tend to try and a!ert tro!!s by the way you speak./x

[Image: TivonaNewChibi.png]
Your name is Tivona Ullema and sometimes you can be a little nosy..

You are 7.5 sweeps old and you live in the jungles of Alternia. You are apart of the rare jadeblood caste, and you admit you definitely show pride in it from time to time, though you find it unfortunate you can't have one of those cool psychic powers. Oh well, that is only wishful thinking anyways.

Moving on you've got a couple of different things you like to do. Your main interest is psychology,
specifically the one based around fears and phobias. You're known to ask other trolls about their fears or to find ways to scare them so you can collect information about the subject. You keep all this information in a book that you carry with all the time.

Other than psychology your other big interest is nature. Whether it's climbing trees or simply taking a walk in the forest you like being out in the open wilderness. You sometimes change out of your normal clothes to get into something more fitting when you do. You also collect plants from around your hive
in order to make natural teas and remedies that you use to help others and yourself relax if need be. At times if you collect too much you will feed some of these to your panther lusus as she always enjoys chewing on them when she's lying around.

Besides this you enjoy collecting different antiques and trinkets, interested in these items of old
from the past. Sometimes you will generally go out to explore and try to find and abandoned buildings or temples to try and find such things. You also enjoy drawing and tend to mark down any symbols you see there from time to time.

All of this has made you into a pretty smart and fit troll, or at least that's what you believe. You aren't afraid to say you're confident in what you do. Part of this comes from the fact that you aren't afraid of anything, literally. You've subjected yourself to some of the different tactics you use on other trolls and as of yet you haven't found anything you're scared of.

At the moment you have no quadrants, though one of your old ones left you with some scarring tattoos on some parts of your body. You've grown to like them after all this time not that you would openly admit it. You wield the spearKind strife specibus which doubles as a staff you use for all sorts of things. Your fetch modus is the map puzzle, in order to get an item you simply solve the puzzle for that item.

Your trolltag is frightfulNaturist and you TALK|With|Separation|In|Each|Of|Your|Sentences.

[Image: AdinanNewChibi.png]
Your name is Adinan Llymph. You are currently eight sweeps old with parts of your hair being gray, and live in a marsh like area on this violent rock you call a planet. You are of the ranks of highbloods, being apart of the noble blueblood caste, not that you particularly care about that. Though you do consider yourself hemoloyal, you have a somewhat lax view of the hemospectrum. You have a slight curiosity about life, and tend to tease others about different things depending on who they are. Overall you just enjoy having fun.

You have a few different interest that you enjoy doing. The majority of these being solving puzzles and riddles. You're somewhat of a wiz at them, and you like to try to solve any kind of puzzle. You are also a big fan of romance, this mostly comes in the form of books though you have a few movies as well. You try not to let this fact get out usually though since it embarrasses you slightly. The last interest of yours is blood, which also takes up the most of your time, but has given you some slight medical experience.

You are a blood collector, most of the time you simply ask for a donations, though if there is a lack of them you have to go out and kill. The reason for this is food, blood being the main source for it. Due to having to collect food for your lusus, you've become more sociable, even if you weren't initially like that. It's also the reason why your hair is like it is. When you were younger you had somewhat of a reluctance to collect food, which caused your lusus to be violent towards you, as well as a lack of sleep for yourself. Over the perigees you've lost and regained your hair in patches growing back gray in some parts. Your hair doesn't grow gray anymore but your tolerance for nightmares has lowered. It's safe to say you've had a stressful relationship with your lusus.

You wear a long sleeved sweater that is slightly bigger than your body to hide any injury from fights with your lusus, as well as to avoid getting blood on yourself. Your main weapon of use is axes, and have the axeKind strife specibus, though you have some experience in wielding halberds as well. Your fetch modus is the Riddler modus, where you need to solve a riddle in order to get an item.

Your trolltag is enigmaticCumulus and you ten[) t() (re/\te senten(es /\s if y()u were putting t()get}{er /\ puzzle.

[Image: NewFelliaChibi.png]
First off you're nine sweeps old, so you suppose you're getting on in the sweeps, you are close to the conscription age after all. You are also a highblood, an indigo in this case. You find yourself rather glad to be in such a position, not that you would take advantage of it most of the time. Though you're an indigoblood you aren't a subjugglator. Though you find nothing wrong with them personally, you just find it isn't the lifestyle for you.

You have a number of interests that you partake in, one of them being running and parkour. Whether it's running around your hive or just leaping off buildings you find it to be pretty fun. You also enjoy taking care of plants, that includes fruit and poisonous plants so you can snack on something from time to time. From these you create different poisons to use on trolls and focus exclusively on them, though you do know how to make antidotes as well. You also enjoy reading as well as movies, specifically romance ones. You know all the tales in them are pretty much always made up, but the way everything comes together to form a quadrant fascinates you.

Speaking of quadrants you fancy yourself a shipper! You ship trolls in a notepad you carry, whether they know it or not, and personally it doesn't matter to you. You always enjoy to see the ships you've made come together, especially the ones that involve yourself. Even if they don't though it's just simple fun for you. You are pretty aggressive about your quadrants though, and there are reasons for that. As you are nine sweeps you have gone through some quadrants already, though through the loss as well as thievery of some of them it has caused you to become “protective” of them. One way you do this is by marking the quadrants you obtain with your symbol to show they're yours and so no one steals them. You find the mark as a promise that they won't leave, and if they do or if someone tries to steal them you will simply cull them.

At used to be that way. You are definitely still protective of your quadrants but you've started to learn you can't just beat your problems away..usually. Barring all of this you find yourself to be a fairly easy going proper troll if there is such a thing in this society. Your attitude can be quick to change, and you aren't above simply leaving or making it a point not to mess with you. You don't look it but you do fancy yourself to be pretty STRONG.

Lifestyle wise you live on an island, at least it's an island when the tide is high. When it's low it acts as a peninsula so that you can travel to land to get what you need whenever you need it. Your lusus is a mako shark, and just like her you can be speedy and cold when there's something you want. You have the clubKind strife specibus, specifically choosing to use a bat to fight with. Your fetch modus is the Power Meter modus, in where when you need to get an item out you need to beat a certain strength goal or use a specific amount of strength depending on the item, just like the carnival game.

Your trolltag is fearfulShipping and Your speaking usually denotes your mood.~

[Image: ClasteSubjugNewChibi.png]
Your name is Claste Orbito, and you are a little over eight and a half sweeps old. You are of the indigo blooded nature which puts you on the high end of the hemospectrum. You find yourself to be a pretty upbeat troll and have took it upon yourself to follow the subjugglator lifestyle. You've heard all the different opinions whether they believe your choice to be right or wrong, and after doing it so long there's no reason why you would stop being one.

You tend to enjoy the simple things in life and try to get the most out of the hobbies you partake in, believing those that don't to have a sad life. You are an avid musician, and playing music is practically your life. You only play a few select instruments but that's enough for you. You enjoy painting and watching different types of scenery, most of the things you paint come from the different backgrounds you experience. You also collect different types of instrumental wands, a bit fascinated that something so simple could have such a use.

You aren't sure what you would like to do when you come of age, but you have picked up the trade of medicine, surgery in this case. You can't say you've had a patient due to the stigma of what you are, but you have had a great amount of practice with the amount of trolls that you come across. In order not to ruin your instruments because of your messy activities, you wear gloves pretty much all the time in order to protect your hands.

You could talk about the rumors and what people think they know about your lifestyle, but you don't care. It's not like you can't hold up a good conversation, and you generally enjoy having them with other trolls. You always hope that you can share your music with others when you do have a chat, just because you enjoy playing it.

You use two strife specibi, the instrumentKind and icepickKind specibi. The former one is more for convenience not that you don't use it sometimes. Your Fetch Modus is named Bleeding Heart, which requires you to use drops of blood in order for you to retrieve the item you want. You do this by a simple prick of the finger with your strife specibus.

Your trolltag is musicalPhysician and you {AndanteTranillamente|: Speak with the rhythm of music in your voice. ||

[Image: MantraNewChibi.png]
Your name is Mantra Nirchu and you are eight sweeps old. Your blood is of the purple hue, which makes you not only a troll with one of the highest blood color, but also a seadweller. You live in a hive that is mostly submerged underwater lodged into the coral with your sea dragon lusus. Sometimes you don't know how you ended up with a lusus like that with the way he acts, but you suppose you can't complain and could have gotten worse.

Compared to others you don't have many interests, or at least you believe that you don't. You've taken it upon yourself to try and find something new for a hobby, but so far nothing's really fit. Putting that aside you do do some things. You practice martial arts, both for relaxation as well as to keep in shape. You also keep a collection of swords in your hive, though they tend to become rusted over time due to your hive being underwater. It's also safe to say that you enjoy swimming and exploring underwater, you don't know what kind of seadweller wouldn't though.

You are a hemoloyalist, a strong one at that, and hate the idiots that disregard the hemospectrum so openly. You don't mind landwellers for the most part, the exception to that being lowbloods. Though you hate to admit it, but the most damaging scars you've suffered have been caused due to lowblooded trolls, and combined with the attitude of the average lowblood you've almost come to hate them. This has made you apathetic about harassing them when you please when you believe they deserve it, but this doesn't mean other trolls aren't included in your berating. All of this may make you seem like an asshole, but you at least give trolls a chance before they prove themselves to be stupid.

You can't say that you have had a fun life, you've devoted most of it to surviving and getting stronger, not only to survive but in order to be in the best condition when you're drafted for the army. You have two weapons of choice that you use, and have two strife specebi due to this. The first being swordKind where you mainly use a katana. The second is a gauntletKind, you tend to only wear one arm length gauntlet but you have smaller ones at your disposal.

You picked up some small quirks over your life, and though they aren't many you are embarrassed by them at times so you tend not to show them. One of these is due to your modus, which is the Backwards modus. In order to retrieve an item you need to say it's name backwards, which can get complicated at times.

Your trolltag is beratedSwordfish and you ∃>tend to ta/k in a way in order to (/ear away any bu//shit.<E

[Image: UpdatedIrasciChibiSprite.png]
Your name is Irasci Altusa, and you are as close to the top as you can be.

That fact is obvious enough simply by looking at your blood, though some people might mistake you for tyrian, but that would be a mistake, as you've said you're close to the top but that doesn't mean you're on it. What may not be obvious is that you are 8 sweeps old and that you also enjoy having fun in so many ways, which you'll discuss now.

Or you would if not for that fact that you actually want to talk about..well you. You like to think you're a fairly likeable troll, you're sociable and you enjoy yourself. That isn't to say you don't get annoyed at times, a lot of trolls can be very frustrating no matter who it is. Sometimes there are just idiots around and you have to entertain them, but it's always more fun when it's the opposite letting them satisfy your whims. You also don't mind teasing others, even if it can get a bit sadistic in nature it's all in good fun.

Now on to what you like to do. You have three main interest, singing, dancing, and hunting. You love to sing, and you have a very nice voice through practice and a bit of talent. Now while you do enjoy to sing it's just as fun to shriek at someone and see how they jump or yell or some kind of other thing, it's pretty funny. It's not a far off statement to say that you can be pretty energetic. You also like to dance. Moving your body is a great thing to do, and at the very least it's good exercise. You not only know how to dance on land but you think you can dance even better in the water.

As you've mentioned before you're a seadweller, and while it differs between some seadwellers, you've decided to live in the water. In fact it's pretty deep when you think about it. This is where your hunting comes in. You like to hunt, both for fun as well as for food for your lusus. Your lusus is a giant manta ray, and while you mostly feed it fish there are times you feed it a troll or two. It's not your fault they can be so disgusting or filthy or...well you've proved your point.

Your strife specibus is chain kind, and specifically you enjoy using scythes on the end of your chain. Your trolltag is abysmalCourtship and You like to talk_in a very quick_and sing song voice.
[Image: AnimusNewChibi.png]
Your name is Animus, or at least that is what you have come to be known by. You are an anonymous blood troll, so you hide your true blood color as well as a few other things. Obviously this comes with it's own problems, but you do not really regret the decision in the slightest. You are 8 sweeps old, so you also only have a few more sweeps before you're swept into the draft. You're not too sure if you will regret that day or not.

For what you are you have many different interests, a jack of trades in a sense. You enjoy reading, drawing and writing, though you have mostly stopped writing due to your other interests. You enjoy traveling, but don't do much of it. You making a living off of herbal medicine and selling related items. This does not earn much though, and so you come to your main passion, making and selling puppets. You have recently become interested in mechanical works, starting to incorporate them into your puppets. You figure it's the only thing task worthy you could do when you're drafted.

You live in what others would consider a colder part of Alternia. Because of your anonymous status you have for the most part chosen the life of a hermit. You only go out to either collect materials like food, or to make money by selling your wares. It's for the best, dealing with others can be troublesome, whether it be their attitudes or worse. You have not forgotten about your old life but you'd rather not discuss it with others, due to this you are known to lie about a great many things.

Because of your personality others would probably find you unsociable, and this is basically true. You are able to interact with others when they are of interest to you, or if you just want to sell something. You avoid fighting as to not let your blood get shown, but when it can't be helped you can pull out your trusty puppetKind strife specibus. Your fetch modus is the Alphabet Safe Modus. Each letter has a set number and you simply have to crack the safe according to the name of the object you want to retrieve.

Your trolltag is antagonisticPuppeteer and you t_nd t0 talk in a m0n0t0nic and _mpty v0ic_.
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RE: Trollslum Profiles
> Be the wannabe shaman
[Image: tumblr_inline_msrfi4GpfJ1qz4rgp.png]

"That's fine. GØ Øn."

Name: Moritu Bascat (Moh-ree-too, bas-kat)
Blood colour/Hex: Cerulean Blue/#004080
Sex: Female
Age: 8 sweeps (Hatched 7th of September!)
TrollTag: endeavoringSpiritualist
Quirk: the quick brØwn fØx jumps Øver the lazy dØg..!
Strife Specibus: DaggerKind/StaffKind
Fetch Modus: Wreck'n'Scratch. (Gotta wreck an item of presence to receive an item from sylladex.)
Lusus: Cat-mom. The size of an elephant. Has three eyes as well.
Interests: Tattooing and investing her time in the worlds of spirits and what not. Aspiring to be a Shaman.
*God Tier: -
*Game Land: -
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RE: Trollslum Profiles

Your name is NIAVDA JAKSIS. You are a little bit over 7 sweeps old in earth years that would mean you are 16. Your INTERESTS would for some reason include things that would involve or have to do with the NUMBER 4 or MEDICINAL PRACTICES. You actually a little bit above average in your studies of the ever evolving subject. Your blood color is Teal. Your views on the hemospectrum are indifferent but you still act RESPECTFUL and NERVOUS around higher blooded trolls. As previously stated, you love things to do with the NUMBER 4 and that has led you to your love of TROLL ROMANCE, FICTIONAL or OTHERWISE.

Your lusus is a FOx, a fox with the horns, nose ring, and tail of an ox, affectionately called "FOxMom". Your relationship with her is rather close but still a bit overbearing on your lusus' part. You can't help but be a little too secretive so it leads her to be how she is. No matter what though, you both always reconcile and watch sappy romance movies with her. You both live in a BIG and ROOMY hive somewhat close to the ocean.

You usually act optimistic and a bit weird compared to other trolls, along with the fact that you are shorter than most trolls you meet being 5'5. You READ and WRITE FANFICTION based on pairings you support anywhere. Your sign looks like a syringe.

Your TROLL HANDLE is quadraticMedic (QM) and +=>-you Tend To tyPe liKe thIs.. By capitalizing every 4th letter in your sentences(counting commas and punctuation) and typing a syringe when you start typing an entry.

Name:Niavda Jaksis.
Age: A little over 7 sweeps.
Blood: Teal(#339999)
Quirk: Capatalize every 4th letter(will count punctuation) and little syringe at beginning of entry.
Quadrants: None.
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RE: Trollslum Profiles
===> Be the insane assfish.
/| ω|ζζ fucκ|ηδ *censored because of the horrific content of his threat.*
==> Holy shit. Fine. Be the genius, but eccentric, seadweller.

[Image: rPsPWTf.png] [Image: V1oqErk.png]

You are SEAFAR SPHYRAE, and you are 9 SWEEPS OLD. You have a passion for DRAWING and GAMES.
You're generally a PRETTY NICE TROLL, but you have a SPLIT PERSONALITY that's NOT VERY NICE! You are also COMPLETELY insane,
but all of your many FRIENDS already know that. You're also a WIMP. Your friends describe you as a HIPSTER. You're usually relaxed, but when you get mad, you strike. Fast. It is this aspect that no doubt led you to get picked by your LUSUS, who is a GIANT FUCKING TORPEDO RAY. But you call her RAYMOM.
You somewhat dislike the HEMOSPECTRUM, but still abide by it for the most part.
When it comes to weapons, you usually let your
EXPLOSIVE PERSONALITY do the talking, but you're really OK WITH
. You have white eyes for some reason,
and you can't see without your trusty GLASSES. Your MODUS is the NOTEPAD MODUS. It contributes to one of your many hobbies,
drawing. Your other hobbies include gaming, reading, writing, dancing, inventing, listening to music, and existing. You have am unhealthy obsession with EXPLOSIVES, FIRE, KNIVES, CLOWNS, KUMQUATS, and MIMES. You have a FLUCTUATING PERSONALITY
and you are disliked by almost anyone that isn't your friend! You also have a passion for inventing somewhat PECULIAR DEVICES.

Your HIVE is really nothing much. Just a little wooden thing, on a cliff overlooking the beach. It is essentially a small-house sized tree. That you live in. With a top secret basement inside the cliff. Wait, what?
Your Lusus, due to her HUGE SIZE, lives in a huge cave UNDER THE WATER. Oh, and YOU BREAK THE FOURTH WALL ALOT. Yes, dear reader. The WALL that exists in between our world and yours. Here, let me poke it. He breaks it CONSTANTLY. And I should know. I'm him!

My trollhandle is chordaticFool and /| lιΚΣ To TΛlK. ΛloT./

What will I do? Wait, I should know that.

TL;DR and other necessary information.

Trollhandle: chordaticFool
Name: Seafar Sphyrae
Title: Seer of Void
Sign: Uranus
Strife Specibus: Randomkind (Don't even ask. He once shot a microwave at someone thanks to this thing. That 'someone' was a very grouchy clown.)
Modus: Notepad (He draws it, it exists.)
Land: LOIAM (Land of Insanity and More)
Description: Tall, skinny, seadwelling violetblood. Blonde-(Dyed) hair, Screwed up horns, glasses, dead eyes (White),
Black T-Shirt with his sign on it in violet, Jeans, Barefoot, and a leather jacket that's unzipped.
Blood Color (Hex): '800080'
Gender: Male
Feel free to give suggestions via PM!
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RE: Trollslum Profiles
==> Be the rust-blooded troll prone to fantasy
[Image: jUStJNB.png]
[Image: Zn7TOIB.png]

Your name is CHRYSE AKUILL, you are around SEVEN SWEEPS OLD, and you are the BEE'S KNEES (or so you believe).

You have a somewhat EGOTISTICAL ATTITUDE, and have some trouble seeing your faults, of which there are probably, like, none. Not even your PASSIVENESS or SHORT FUSE are considered faults in your eyes, nor is the impressive STUTTER that you are routinely called out for.

You have one GREAT LOVE, which is the art of WRITING (although you generally leave your works INCOMPLETE) WORKS starring protagonists which may have A (MORE-THAN) PASSING RESEMBLANCE TO YOURSELF. Other than that, your hobbies are fairly ordinary, and stem from necessity rather than enjoyment; things like CATCHING FOOD FOR YOUR USELESS LUSUS, and TENDING TO THE WOODED AREA AROUND YOUR HIVE that your lusus hides in.

You also hold a SECRET HATRED for the HEMOSPECTRUM, or more specifically, YOUR POSITION IN IT. Not that you'd say anything to anybody else about it, for fear of being culled, but you just wish that you weren't SO LOW that you feel the need to FEIGN HUMILITY TO YOUR SUPERIORS. If you just had HIGHER BLOOD, you think that you could probably do great things in THE EMPRESS' ARMADA, especially in your dream position in the RUFFANNIHILATORS. You know you aren't strong enough to join them yet, but if given the chance, you would most definitely be a great addition to the class. In fact, you would probably be the best warrior in the fleet, like MARRES ROMUNS, the intrepid LOWBLOOD HERO of one of your unfinished NOVELS. Gosh, it was so great, see, it had this charismatic lowblood who snuck into the Empress' ARCHERADICATORS like all supercool and then he became thi-

Um, you mean, you'd just probably just be really good, is the point you were trying to make.

Your trolltag is aggravatedCommoner and so uh, you speeak with a preetty impreessiveely odd stutteer. yeeah.
Name: Chryse Akuill
Trolltag: aggravatedCommoner
Blood color: Rust (A1000)
Typing quirk: so uh, it beegins with a stutteering phrasee, and kind of has troublee with 'ee's. yeeah.
Lusus: Sparrowdad, a sparrow too large to be natural, and with the legs of a hound
Strife Specibus: Bigpenkind
Fetch Modus: Fiction modus, where the user has to write a short story about the object they are trying to retrieve
Quadrant Partners: None as of yet
Abilities: Minor empathic powers
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RE: Trollslum Profiles
>_ Be the violent asshole.
>_ Stop staring at me.
>_ Okay! Fine! Be the wishful genius.

[Image: CfaEvYy.png]

Your name is MEKREN AVIAS, and today is just a NORMAL DAY for you. Another day full of you and your many INTERESTS.
Those interests consist of DANCING, DRAWING, TINKERING, and READING among others.
You also like to flaunt your blood color.
Your one big wish is to finally TAKE TO THE SKIES, because they say that MIRACLES live on CLOUDS.
You once tried to fly, but had a TERRIBLE CRASH that
affected your EYES very badly.
You also just like SHADES. Your FRIENDS don't tend to mind your antics, but your FLUSHCRUSH is somewhat scared by you.
This makes you sad.

Aside from those few LOWBLOODS that are your friends, you tend to abide by
the HEMOSPECTRUM pretty well. In a fight, you use your trusty HOOKSHOTKIND in conjunction with your DANCE MODUS.
You INVENTED both of those YOURSELF, and you are a considerably better INVENTOR than one of your friends, a half-blind
SEADWELLER. You have a serious ORGINIZATION ISSUE, and you are not QUITE AS LOYAL TO YOUR RELIGION as some other indigos, but you are still a SUBJUGGLATOR. Kind of.
You are also a total SPAZ. Your LUSUS is a rather large FALCON, but she REFUSES to let you go riding on her back
because IT ISN'T SAFE. When you get PISSED, which isn't VERY COMMON, you are considerably scarier than usual.

Your HIVE is a mountain that smaller than, but rather close to, the LARGEST in Alternia. Inside of it is a maze you live in.
You dug it out yourself,
and your LUSUS has a NEST on top.

Your trollhandle is jovialHighflyer, and you ~speak in a windy manner...~

More info!
Name: Mekren Avias
Blood Color: Dark Indigo (#630c7b)
Symbol: A wing
SGRUB Title: Knight of Doom (Alternatively, it could be the non-canon Poet of Hope.)
Lusus: Falcon
Trollhandle: jovialHighflyer
Modus: Dance (Has to do a dance to bring out the item in question.)
Strife Specibus: Hookshotkind (Speaks for itself.)
Age: 8 and a half Sweeps.
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RE: Trollslum Profiles
==> be the smart but lazy troll
[Image: index.php?action=dlattach;topic=8573.0;a...6316;image] [Image: index.php?action=dlattach;topic=8573.0;a...6215;image]
==> enter name:


==> Fine.
Your name is TALIKA ONAJOR. You are a rustblood, but you HATE the whole INEQUALITY of the HEMOSPECTRUM. You are almost eight sweeps old, and practically live on your HUSKTOP. Whenever you are not online, you love to do HAND-TO-HAND COMBAT. In fact, sometimes you do VIRTUAL COMBAT with your special HOLOGRAPHIC HUSKTOP PROJECTOR. Most of your friends talk to you online or in an occasional FLARPing game, although once in a while you like to hang out and practice combat in real life. Your friends sometimes think you're a BIT OBSESSED with everything you do, but they also know you are LOYAL and would STAND UP for them no matter what.

Your lusus is a THREE-HORNED ANTELOPE which also happens to have three legs. You live alone in a CAVE-LIKE HIVE built in the forest. It has no windows, only live-feed SECURITY CAMERAS that you watch to see what's going on outside. You have SPECIAL GLASSES that contain special HUSKTOP MEMORY CHIPS that give you HIGH-DEFINITION VISION so you can see details most trolls don't notice at all. You don't know what you'd do without them, actually. Your SYMBOL is an eye-clock, which is the picture of an eye with a clock in the iris, because you are OBSESSED with DETAILS and TIME.

You don't have any obvious powers, although you are a master of no-weapons hand-to-hand combat. Your sGrub planet is the Land of Thought and Dance (LOTAD), where you are the Knight of Light (which sound cheesy but you don't care.) You wield fistkind specibus and have combined FISTS with an OLD HUSKTOP to create your awesome weapon, which looks something like robotic gloves. You really like TROLLING HUMANS because you think they are VERY INTERESTING ALIENS who are also easy to PLAY JOKES ON. Your pesterchum handle is matrixSensei and you like to make intenshinal tipos becuz it annois peple.

SOMEDAY you aspire to get a government job for a highblood troll, perhaps even in the royal court, so you can gain inside information about the government system because you like to feel EMPOWERED BY KNOWLEDGE. When you are older, you EVENTUALLY want to fight for EQUAL RIGHTS among trolls of all blood colors, EVEN if it means you have to start a revolution. OF COURSE you know it's a far-fetched goal, but you are still YOUNG and have HIGH ASPIRATIONS. You have many friends who are higher on the blood hemospectrum and will probably be able to help you do this.

==> Be the twisted goof.
excuse me...

==> Sorry, try again.

Your name is KUZLEN WIODEM and you love FLARP and fighting so much that your entire spacious hive is full of FLARP manuals, weapons, and various FLARP outfits. Your lusus is a half scorpion/half tiger and is EXTREMELY DIFFICULT to handle. Caring for it has subsequently made you an excellent fighter.

You dream of one day being a RENOWNED FLARPER OR FIGHTER and getting paid a fortune to kick other trolls' asses. For now you just practice fighting and FLARPing with your friends including TALIKA. You also do not care about the whole deal about the hemospectrum. You have grayish blue blood and your handle is V!c!ousKatana. You l!ke to use exc!amat!on po!nts a !ot!

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