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RE: Trollslum Profiles
>>: Be the hatted young troll.
You are RAKVIS BOSCHE. God Damn do you love a good top hat.
You like guns, life, and maybe sometimes the occasional slap on a
Rustblood. Not really. You have jade blood and are quite good friends
with a purple-blooded guy.

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RE: Trollslum Profiles
> Be the Rough N' Tough Troll

[Image: TmZzQkQ.png]

> The Rough N' Tough Troll is busy, but she'll let you see in

> See in

Your name is TIMORE CITRIO, and you are OBVIOUSLY A GREEN BLOOD. You are 8 SWEEPS at current, and although you have a PRETTY FACE you are a ROUGH N' TOUGH kind of GAL. Not the type that'll RANDOMLY PUNCH YOU, but the kind that'll ROLL IN WITH YOUR DOUBLE PISTOLS. Your SPECIBUS is set to GUNKIND of course, you tend to be pretty IGNORANT and RUDE not to mention SHARP about CERTAIN THINGS. You can EASILY GET ANGRY if PROVOKED ENOUGH, and sometimes you can be a bit of a DOUCHE. You EASILY FLUSTER but you definately HIDE ANYTHING OF THAT SORT. Your interests include THE WILD, GUNS, ROLLING, GYMNASTICS and ANIMALS. Your TROLLIAN HANDLE is rollingObstinance [RO] and YOu tend tO speak in a mOderatelY nOrmal manner. YOu dOn't like anything Over elabOrate. You almost FORGOT TO MENTION that your LUSUS is a LARGE RAT with a SCORPION TAIL.
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RE: Trollslum Profiles
>Be the soft spoken gardener.

[Image: tumblr_n569evqNl11qczkg4o1_400.png]


You are an OLIVE BLOOD and the thought of being in the middle of the HEMOSPECTRUM never bothered you much. You're not high enough on the spectrum to have ANGER ISSUES and you're not low enough on the spectrum to have any FREAKY POWERS. You'd actually rather not have any of the powers. This is because people with powers aren't normal and they tend to MAKE YOU NERVOUS.

Although this is not hard because a lot of things make you NERVOUS. You are very SOFT SPOKEN and don't like talking to others unless they engage you in conversation first. It's very hard for you to MAKE FRIENDS that way. Then again who needs friends when you have your BEAUTIFUL GARDEN. Gardening is your passion and you spend all day tending to your VEGETABLES and FLOWERS. You have no idea what you would do if you couldn't garden and that's basically where you spend most of your time.

When you're not in your PRECIOUS GARDEN, you are usually in your hive which has been carved out of a GIANT PUMPKIN. You spend most of your time on the internet looking up OBSCURE TRIVIA. You love getting your hands on any sort of knowledge you can. Sometimes you spout off RANDOM FACTS when you get nervous. This tends to happen to you a lot and many trolls find you weird.

Your lusus is a GIANT BEETLE. He is very hungry all the time so a lot of your vegetables go towards keeping him FED and HAPPY. Your troll SYMBOL is an upside down stylized heart on top of another heart. It symbolizes MOTHER EARTH. When you have to store items you use your fetch modus which is a VINE MODUS. When you store things you have to wait for them to grow from a vine before you can pluck them out. You hate violence for the most part but you have to defend yourself so you use a shovelKind since a SHOVEL is very useful. Your trolltag is factualHorticulturist and
you tend to sppeak in all lower case and reppeat
the letter's gg and pp if they're not already reppeated in a word

If you were ever to play a CERTAIN GAME with others, you would be the MAGE OF LIFE in the LAND OF BRIDGES AND WATERFALLS.

Abridged Version:

Name: Zemina Horare
Blood Color: Olive, #718700
Age: 7 Sweeps
Lusus: Giant Beetle
Power: None, although knows more than she should about what her plants need to stay alive
Fetch Modus: Vine
Strife Specibus: shovelKind
Trolltag: factualHorticulturist
Quirk: lowercase sppelling and double pp's and gg's
Title: Maid of Void
Land: Land of Bridges and Waterfalls (LOBAW)
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RE: Trollslum Profiles
Be the Bipolar Mid-blood.

[Image: FT_zps2f1c0ee1.png.html?sort=3&o=0]

[color=#32CD32]Whtever you sy mn.[/color=32CD32]

Your name is RENTOR CYKLIC, you are a green-blood, you are 6, almost 7 sweeps old, and you hate the letter 'A'. Why? Because it's the first, and you always go by the rule of FIRST IS THE WORST. You spend most of your time in your COMMUNAL HIVE-TOWER'S RESPITEBLOCK. Mostly because the other trolls insult you about your HORNS. What do they know? They're just taking a while growing in.

Your interests include READING, BALANCE, and TALKING. It doesn't have to be talking with someone, it could be talking to your LUSUS, the rabbit JUMPY, who is dark on her left side, white on her right. Since one of your interests is BALANCE, you obviously need a YIN-YANG for a symbol. Jumpy is usually the one to calm you down when you go into one of your FITS.

Your TROLLTAG is BalancesHero, and you type with your blood color, but NEVER THE LETTER A. Your STRIFE SPECIBUS is allocated with 2XBLADEKIND while your FETCH MODUS is Scale, which requires you to replace something of equal weight to retrieve another from your CAPTCHALOGUE CARDS. When you sleep, you tend to dream of a purple planet, filled with dark-skinned carapaces. If you played a game that was being released in the near future, you would be placed on the Land of Fury and Equalibrium, and you would eventually become the HEIR OF RAGE.

Name: Rentor Cyklic
Age: 6.8 sweeps
Trolltag: BalancesHero
Blood Color: #32CD32
Typing Quirk: Frequently switches from lowercase TO CAPITAL WHENEVER FEELS LIKE IT.
Lusus: Monochrome Rabbit, Jumpy
Strife Specibus: 2Xbladekind
Fetch Modus: Scale, switch items of equal weight
Title: Heir of Rage
Land: Land of Fury and Equalibrium.
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RE: Trollslum Profiles
>Be the "technopathic" lowblood

[Image: 68ugt.png]

Your name is MICKAH TEKNIK, and you're a bit of a TECHNOLOGY FREAK.

Ever since you were a young wriggler, you have had a fascination with anything HIGH-TECH and AUTOMATED. Your hive is filled nearly to the brim with broken electronics and machinery collected by both you and your FIREFLY lusus. During the night you spend your time SCAVENGING LOCAL JUNKYARDS for scrap, and during the day you spend it FIXING and MODIFYING whatever you find in order to make various GADGETS. Needless to say, you don't get much sleep. If you do manage to make something that actually works, you either sell them to make a living, or keep them for personal use.

On the rare occasion that you have some free time, you have a few HOBBIES to keep you busy. Your overall favorite hobby is BUILDING HUSKTOPS with the best parts you can get your hands on. However, you usually don't actually use them, save for a casual game or chat every now and again. You just enjoy making them. In the event that you have nothing to build or fix, you like to lay around and watch whatever's on your GRUBTUBE. It's safe to say that aside from adding broken things to your collection, you don't actually GET OUT that much.

You are a self-proclaimed TECHNOPATH. In other words, you have the ability to control anything ELECTRICAL or MECHANICAL through PHYSICAL CONTACT. This ability is exceptionally useful for TROUBLESHOOTING and for LEARNING how various components work. That being said, you are actually a SKILLED REPAIRMAN, and have a vast knowledge of technology. Due to being on the low end of the hemospectrum, however, you aren't exactly sought out for tech repairs.

Your fetch modus is CIRCUIT. Any item stored is converted into a DIGITAL SIGNALS. In order to retrieve the item, you must build a circuit that sends the same signal associated with it. Your strife specibus is solderKind. Your weapons of choice are a modified SOLDERING GUN for ranged combat and a SOLDERING IRON for close combat. You're honestly not much of a fighter, and will only attack when provoked.

Your trolltag is technicallyClairvoyant, and l|-You--speak--in--a--very--technical--manner--l|

Name: Mickah Teknik
Age: 8.75 sweeps
Trolltag: technicallyClairvoyant
Blood color: #b50000
Quirk: Resembles electronic circuitry: '--' between words, I replaced with '-/-', w and W replaced with '-W-', begins with l|-and ends with -l|
Lusus: Firefly
Strife Specibus: solderkind
Fetch Modus: Circuit modus
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RE: Trollslum Profiles
> Be the no-nonsense wanderer
[Image: KrTIpqt.png]

Your name is LEINAS VARGAH and you live in your remote forest hive with your lusus, Wolfdad. You possess psionic powers that heighten all your senses, which along with your physical strength and your light-footedness make you a HIGHLY SKILLED HUNTER. Trophy fangs, horns and skins litter your hive, although you’re not really one to brag about them, you just like the way they look. Your other interests include COOKING and WANDERING around in the woods, but like many things you prefer to do them ALONE or with only your lusus for company.

You weren't always so anti-social, but when your moirail left you without a word you withdrew from other trolls. After a while you decided to find him and took to the road to track him down. In the beginning you thought all your efforts were hopeless, but now you’re REUNITED with him you still TRAVEL FOR FUN, sometimes leaving your hive for weeks at a time. Gradually you've come out of your shell more but you still tend to avoid the company of sea dwellers, due to your fear of becoming a helmsman in the fleet or something awful like that.

On the whole your personality is mix of CARING and BLUNT - you’re not afraid to be to the point with your higher blooded moirail when you have to be, but it’s always in his BEST INTEREST. However you’re always conscious that your NO-NONSENSE, SARCASTIC attitude could end you up in trouble and are smart enough to know when to hold your tongue. You've also got a PRETTY SOLID GRIP on your EMOTIONS and are always able to put on a BRAVE FACE when necessary.

Your Howl fetch-modus is pretty self-explanatory in the fact that you must HOWL to retrieve your items. The bigger or more valuable the item, the longer and more complicated the howl.

Your trolltag is wargsDisciple and yourr doubled-up ww's and rr's have a soft, grrowwling quality
Name: Leinas Vargah
Age: 8.5 sweeps
Trolltag: wargsDisciple
Blood colour: #aaa900
Quirk: doubles up w's and r's to make an elongated sound
Lusus: Giant wolf
Strife Specibus: clawKind
Fetch Modus: Howl modus

>Be the charming cliff diver

[Image: zfkxRSA.png]

Your name is ELIRAH KIMARA and as far as sea dwellers go, you’re pretty LAID BACK. Lowerbloods don’t bother you as long as they’re not causing you trouble. This sort of attitude has got you in TROUBLE with other sea dwellers before, so you’ve learnt to turn a BLIND EYE whenever they start picking on a lower caste.

Your hive is built into the cliff below your giant sea eagle lusus’ nest. You and EAGLE MUM have a pretty good relationship and you enjoy going FISHING together when you’ve got nothing to do. However, fishing with you normally means DIVING off your cliff and punching a sea creature in the face… When punching just won’t do, you turn to EXPLOSIVES. Behind your SLY SMILE you’re very MECHANICALLY MINDED and can pretty much rig anything up to explode, which helps since you use ExplosiveKind. Despite being fond of them, you’re not a very explosive troll yourself, and tend to prefer settling all your PROBLEMS over a cold DRINK. It’s a lot easier, and a lot less messy. However, if that doesn’t go to plan, any issues will eventually end up BLOWN TO SMITHEREENS. In close combat situations, or places where it’s simply unwise to use explosives, you’re also pretty handy with a KNIFE. You keep one strapped to your leg and one in your shoe at all times, JUST IN CASE.

Being a violetblood you are EXCEEDINGLY WELL-OFF, and enjoy lounging around at PARTIES or in BARS. As such you have developed the skill of DRINKING OTHERS UNDER THE TABLE, a talent that has got you out of a few odd situations before. You tend to give off the vibe of being rather CHARMING and are fully aware of what fluttering your eyelashes can get you. MANIPULATIVE is not a word you’d ever use to describe yourself, but if you want something you’re more likely than not to end up with it. Using your WIT AND CUNNING in social situations has always been your strong point.

Your Countdown fetch-modus involves you entering a specific code into a small pager-like device before a countdown timer runs out. The more valuable an item is, the shorter the time you have. If you fail to enter the code, the item will be ejected from your sylladex, but immediately explode.

Your trolltag is dormantReckoning and You have a wwitty wway wwith wwords, doubling up your ww's and occasionally cawwing at the end of a sentence... Caww.
Name: Elirah Kimara
Age: 8 sweeps
Trolltag: dormantReckoning
Blood colour: #6a006a
Quirk: doubles up w's and occasionally caws at the end of a sentence
Lusus: Giant sea eagle
Strife Specibus: ExplosiveKind, KnifeKind
Fetch Modus: Countdown modus
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RE: Trollslum Profiles
Alright, my first fantroll that doesn't suck. Here we go.

---> Be the Annoying Indigo
ExcUsE mE? yoU mIGht waNt to rEthINk that.

---> Be the Snazzy Indigo in the Tuxedobeast Suit
mUch bEttEr.

[Image: SpheniScidaeFantroll_zps8f3a930c.png] [Image: Capture_zpsa5b42124.png]

Your name is SPHENI SCIDAE and boy are you hyper!

You are 8 sweeps old and of the indigo caste. As a troll, you are generally a happy one, full of energy all the time. As a result, however, many other trolls have found you ANNOYING AND BOTHERSOME because of the infinite amount of energy you seem to have. It makes it difficult to make friends, but when you do you are generally very loyal to them. CAFFEINE seems to be the only thing to actually keep you calm. It's a backwards system but it works. You have also been taught how to pinpoint what annoys others and endeavor not to do those things.

You love PUNS of any kind though you can't always be counted on to notice them or make them. Your lusus seems to think this is "adori-bubble" and you think she really should stay away from seadweller puns. You generally stick to ice and cold related puns, though you have been known to make all kinds.

You also have a variety of interests and hobbies. They seem to come and go over the sweeps. Because of your energetic and hyper nature, you always seem to become interested in them and then quickly become disinterested. You do sometimes partake in these various interests, something evidenced by the various paraphernalia you still possess related to these activities. Previous interests include but are not limited to photography, painting, drawing, video games, computer coding, plant collecting, writing, and music.

While many interests are fleeting, there have been three so far that have "stuck".

Your number one interest is MAGIC of the SLEIGHT OF HAND variety. You stumbled upon this interest in a book when you where still a young wriggler. Your lusus has encouraged this over the years and loves to see your tricks.

A second interest of yours, contrary to your active nature, is EMBROIDERY AND SEWING. This one is thanks to your lusus, who insisted that you learn it sweeps ago. Gentoo says it gives her hope of you becoming a lovely young troll, capable of making all of your quadrants in no time, but that's not at all why you do it. Quadrants are important, of course, but for some reason this is the only time you enjoy sitting still and you find that it seems to calm you. You love to make clothes, such as the suit you almost always wear, or things for your hive, and sometimes even sell a few of your creations to make a few extra caegars just because you can.

Your final main interest is the lovely sport of ARCHERY. There's just something about this bow and arrow skill that is so lovely, you just can't stay away. Perhaps it is the swish of the arrow through the air or the satisfying "thwack" as your arrow hits its mark. Regardless of the reason, you love it and take every chance to work on your skill, causing you to excel at it. You have even become skilled at making your own supplies.

You live in a very large igloo hive where it is very cold with your lusus. As a result, you really don't mind the cold. You love it, actually. Your lusus is, of course, a Tuxedobeast you have affectionately named "Gentoo". The two of you get along well, and she spends most of your time together teaching you what she thinks is important.

She taught you how to FISH when you were young to ensure that you could provide for yourself should something happen to her. At first you hated it, but now have come to actually like it a little bit because the food is simply delicious. It is worth noting that you are also a fairly good cook when it comes to seafood.

She has also taught you, in your mind, more useless skills. Meaning, for some strange reason, MANNERS AND CLEANLINESS. She seems to thrive on it, and it's one reason she hates entering your room. She learned long ago that it's a lost cause to make you clean it. It simply just gets out of hand again. You fail to understand why these cleaning and manner things are important (because you could always just hire a maid), but hey, if she's going to give you things for putting up with it, who are you to complain? Getting things is always great! This is, after all, how you received your beloved MAGIC HAT MODUS.

Things that you hate include moronic trolls. You honestly think there is no reason for a troll to be that stupid. Getting rid of your various past interest paraphernalia is another thing you dislike immensely because you always get this annoying feeling that you may need it again.

Your modus, as mentioned before, is the MAGIC HAT MODUS. It works by you putting something in your lovely top hat, and simply retrieving it, just like magic. You love it and have used it ever since Gentoo presented it to you.

For a strife specibus, you have chosen the SHARPPOINTYSTICKKIND. It makes it very simple to keep both your ARCHERY supplies (which you call small sharp pointy sticks with matching bow) and your SPEARS used for catching fish (which you call sharp pointy fishing sticks).

Your Trolltag is pygoscelisAccomplice and (')>
yoU tyPE IN a way that shows yoU lovE PENGUINS aNd yoU doNt waNt thE cold shoUldEr.

Name: Spheni Scidae

Age: 8 Sweeps

Gender: Female

Height: 5ft 4in

Blood Color: Indigo (#2b0057)

Strife Specibus: sharppointystickkind (contains "Sharp pointy sticks with matching bow" and X5 "Sharp pointy throwing stick". she ensures that she has these at all times.)

Fetch Modus: Magic Hat Modus (She pulls things out of her top hat. It was a gift from her lusus.)

Symbol: Just something I randomly made. See the picture of her for it.

Lusus: Tuxedobeast (Penguin) she affectionately calls "Gentoo". The two of them generally get along well even if they don't see eye to eye about everything.

Trolltag: pygoscelisAccomplice

Quirk: Preceded by a penguin emoticon type thing (')> ; Only capitalize the letters in the word "penguin"; Punctuation only at end of sentences.

Personality: hyper, energetic, optimistic, slightly spoiled by lusus

Defining qualities: loves puns of any kind, even though she may not always be good at catching them or making them. She really loves her suit and hat, and hates when anything happens to it. Caffiene calms her. Quickly learns what annoys people and endeavors not to do that.

Hobbies/Interests: Numerous ones over the sweeps. Because of your short attention span, she gets on one thing and generally loses interest in them fairly quickly, though some stick. Current hobbies that seem to be sticking include Embroidery, Magic, and Archery.

Dislikes: moronic trolls, getting rid of things related to any past or present interests and hobbies out of fear that she may need them again

Favorite Food: Any type of fish or seafood since that's what her lusus brings home and taught her to catch. It's something that kinda grew on her because she learned how to cook it correctly.
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RE: Trollslum Profiles
==> Be the short red-blood
[Image: Myp1i4K.png]
Your name is OPTARI HARSTA and you are a 7.5 SWEEPS OLD and you are DEFINITELY A PEASANT. This is made pretty clear by RED BLOOD; seen clearly thanks to the symbol on your shirt. You REALLY DISLIKE THE HEMOSPECTRUM, but you tend to keep that between you and those in your caste. You would hate for your words to reach the ears of a highblood and get in trouble as a result. Honestly, IT'S NOT WORTH THE CONFLICT.

This attitude is just what your lusus wants from you. SCREECHDAD IS VERY LOVING. He always has been. Since you were little he's cared for you with a GENTLE WING and STRONG VOCAL CHORDS. One of the few Lusii who can truly yell at you until you stop. You appreciate the way he was gentle and kind with you as a child, and it's out of this gratitude that you treat others how he treated you. With a soft tone and gentle hands when you can manage. You also thank him through GRATUITOUS OFFERINGS OF CITRUS FRUITS. But those are less noteworthy.

You really enjoy CARING FOR OTHERS and HELPING THEM GROW. These traits are helped along thanks to one of your INTERESTS. You absolutely love BUG KEEPING. At any time your modest hut of a hive is filled with several glass cases containing your "children". Tons of insects, arachnids, and anything else that creeps and crawls. Your favorite are HOPBUGS. Not only because they're such good jumpers, but also because you FEED THEM TO SCREECHDAD when his favorite food isn't around. You hate to send them to their deaths, but your lusus is just so happy for the treat.

As mentioned earlier, you really enjoy hopbugs because they can jump. This is because you're KIND OF SHORT, and as a result you LIKE ANYTHING THAT WILL MAKE YOU TALLER. This is a big reason for another of your interests. CLIMBING. At first you got into it because so many bugs enjoy living in trees, but as time went on and you grew older you realized you LOVED THE PERSPECTIVE. The new look where you can see everything. The love of heights also allows you to stargaze, an activity you also enjoy. All the climbing has also helped you use your REACH MODUS.

Finally, you're quite opposite to many trolls in that you're FIERCELY PACIFISTIC. While it would be great if this was because of you're own values, it's not. You HAVE NO PROBLEM WITH FIGHTING, but the circumstances involving your blood and what it means for you have made it LESS THAN OPTIMAL. As a result you've learned how to fight in a passive manner, using your PIPEKIND to both tranquilize other with darts, and to quickly knock them out with a quick smack to the head.

When you lock eyes with someone else it opens up an INVOLUNTARY PSYCHIC CHANNEL. Instead of allowing telepathy or some form of mind control it instead forces PHYSICAL EMPATHY. More specifically, it causes the person in your gaze to feel any and all pain that you feel, and you to feel any of theirs. Due to this fact you tend to AVOID EYE CONTACT, a tactic that can make conversation a challenge. In extreme circumstances you can make the empathy go only one way. This essentially removes all of your pain and puts it on another person, or vice versa taking their pain and putting it on yourself. This, however, puts both your body and mind under a lot of stress. As a result it is done very rarely.

Online you are called sufferingConglomerate, and you y_u keep y_ur eyes d_wn when y_u talk.
Name: Optari Harsta
Age: 7.5 sweeps
Gender: Male
Height: 5'4''
Trolltag: sufferingConglomerate
Blood Color: #A50000
Quirk: o's become _
Fetch Modus: Reach Modus - the item is suspended in the air in a place where it can be reached. Usually will require climbing and a bit of acrobatics. The more valuable it is the higher it'll be.
Strife Specibus: Pipekind - uses blowpipes with paralyzing darts for range and a pretty average metal pipe to knock out opponents. usually just uses powers to protect himself.
Lusus: Screechdad - a bat about 4ft tall. can weaponize screeches and loves citrus.

==> Be the psionic metal-head
[Image: rWvZyj3.png]
Your name is MOSSIN PITEMI, and you like to think you're a PRETTY TOUGH CUSTOMER.

Your hive is a modest but comfortable two-story building placed in the middle of a valley in butt-fuck nowhere. Your nearest neighbors are far, far away, but that's okay. Your KOMODOMOM is more than enough company for you. Not that you're happy about it. She's an aggressive sort of guardian, and thinks thickening your skin and sharpening your senses is the way to go. After all, you're JUST A PEASANT YELLOW BLOOD, and a small one at that. If you can't see an attack coming and get in the first hit you're as good as culled. Again, not that that's really much of a problem considering how isolated you are. Of course Komodomom doesn't care about that. As a result you're ALWAYS SPORTING SOME INJURIES, whether they be inflamed bite marks (venomous and nasty), or simple cuts and scratches. Still you don't harbor any ill will for your lusus. She's ONLY TRYING TO HELP.

When you're not being wary of surprise attacks (an occurrence more rare than you'd like, but more common than you'd think), you like to fill your time with your various INTERESTS. At the urging of your lusus, you've done your best to make them SUITABLY TOUGH LOOKING. Though not all of them fit the conventional sense of the word.

First and foremost, you've got an interest in HEAVY METAL. Okay, maybe not first and foremost. That spot belongs to a more shameful love, but that's not important! You enjoy everything metal, from the music, to the albums, to the culture. Komodomom approves, especially when it comes to the fashion. You like to outfit yourself with PIERCINGS, TOUGH HAIR CUTS, AND STUNNING OUTFITS. All accessories that only look cooler when you sit down to PLAY SOME BASS or PRACTICE YOUR WAILS.

Of course you can only yell so much before your throat starts to hurt, and after awhile the calluses on your carapace start to ache. That's where GAMES come into the mix. And not just any games, ARCADE GAMES. And not just any arcade games, but FIGHTERS. You enjoy them all. BLOCK FIGHTER, WRIGGLEN, even the kind of weird ones like BLAZBLOOD. You've got a GOOD BRAIN FOR PATTERNS, and as a result the combos and techniques central to these games come naturally. You also can't help but enjoy the pixelated violence. They help you vent the frustrations you feel after repeated attacks from Komodom.

Both of these interests have also let you indulge in a third love, COLLECTING. You don't know what it is about it, but collecting things is just so fun! ALBUM COVERS, ARCADE CABINETS, GAME CASES, they're all fair game and all make great decorations for your room. And that's about it. . .what? "Shameful love"? No clue what you're talking about. The closet's open? Not a big deal. Wait, no don't open that!

Okay, confession time. You don't just collect cool things. Hidden deep within your closet and in various spots in the basement and attic are huge piles of SMUTTY, SAPPY ROMANCE NOVELS. You've been reading them for sweeps now, and for some reason they just RESONATE WITH YOU. But you don't want to talk about it. No one else should either! You'll blast them if they do! Oh yeah, blast.

While you've got a STILETTOKIND strife specibus for general defense, you're also a DECENT PSIONIC. Okay, maybe decent is a BIT OF A STRETCH. You can shoot eye beams, but they only leave MINOR BURNS at best, and don't pack much punch. As for any telekinesis, it's restricted to SMALL OBJECTS and TIRES YOU OUT QUICKLY. In fact, both are really only good for intimidation tactics. You flash your eyes a bit whenever high bloods come knocking and hope it scares them off. It doesn't work very often, but it's always worth a shot.

Between your romance novels and lackluster powers this whole talk is getting kind of depressing. Let's wrap it up so you can get back to your games and music. Usually physically alone aside from Komodom, you depend on TROLLIAN and the internet to help you communicate with others. Online you're cacophonicWailer [CW] and you like to think you TalK in a preTTy Chill Tone buT you CanT really hide your lussussss influenCe.
Name: Mossin Pitemi
Age: 7 sweeps
Gender: Female
Height: 5'3''
Trolltag: cacophonicWailer
Blood Color: #A7A502
Quirk: no punctuation, only capitalizes k's, c's, and t's, doubles s's and z's
Fetch Modus: InputModus - to retrieve an item the user must complete a button combination. difficulty scales with item size and complexity.
Strife Specibus: Stilettokind - can attack with the heeled shoes or the thrusting dagger
Lusus: Komodomom - a slightly oversized komodo dragon. venomous bite and quick temper, soothed by music.

==> Be the brownblood with a love for digging.
[Image: atHz7jB.png]
Your name is TANILH DAEMIC. You are EIGHT SWEEPS OLD and are a BROWN BLOOD; which of course puts you in the range of PEASANT on the HEMOSPECTRUM. And while the hemospectrum DOESN'T HELP YOU IN THE LEAST, and may in fact MAKE YOU A TARGET, you REFUSE TO FIGHT IT. You've understood since you were a wriggler that ALL REBELLION GETS YOU IS CULLED, and you QUITE LIKE LIVING. As a result, you're VERY POLITE to those SUBSTANTIALLY HIGHER THAN YOU, and are sure to treat them with ONLY THE GREATEST RESPECT. Your fellow lowbloods AREN'T GUARANTEED THIS LUXURY. But enough about this dated system.

As the intro command implies, you ABSOLUTELY ADORE DIGGING. You spend MUCH OF YOUR DAYS MAKING TUNNELS, a job that's both good for your body, and BASICALLY REQUIRED by your lusus, ANTMOM. Antmom LOVES TUNNELS and if you don't make sure she has plenty of them SHE'LL FREAK OUT. You DON'T LIKE when she's upset. Not only because she's your LOVING LUSUS, but also because AN ANGRY ANTMOM BITES. She also bites if you SKIP CHORES, TALK BACK, or TRY TO TOUCH HER AT ALL. But man does she LOVE WHEN YOU DIG!

And really, what Antmom loves has SHAPED YOU AS A TROLL. She LIKES A TOUGH FIERY GIRL, so that's what you've grown to be. Unless of course you're talking to a highblood. Then you become PRETTY DOCILE and THOROUGHLY CONTROL YOURSELF. Otherwise you're a BIT OF A SPITFIRE. You let your tongue roam free. This can lead to A LOT OF MEAN WORDS, and MORE THAN ONE AGGRESSIVE COMMENT. Especially when someone MESSES WITH YOUR STUFF or IS AGGRESSIVE TOWARDS YOU. In this you're A BIT OF A HYPOCRITE. Of course you can be genuinely kind to others, but that's mostly reserved for CLOSE FRIENDS or your MORE FLUSHED ACQUAINTANCES.

Your many hours DIGGING TUNNELS have EXPANDED YOUR HIVE IMMENSELY. You're really NOT SURE IF THAT'S LEGAL, but at least it gives you MORE ROOM FOR OTHER INTERESTS. First , YOU LOVE GEMS. You started finding them pretty quick in the tunnel making process, and YOU THINK THEY'RE GORGEOUS. Even if YOU'RE PRETTY SURE THEY'RE WORTH NOTHING. You hoard them regardless, STORING THEM UNDERGROUND in several of your makeshift rooms. You used to SIT AND STARE AT THEM when you were a child, but at this point you mostly TAKE A MOMENT TO STARE before IGNORING THEM COMPLETELY. It's likely that you just COLLECT THEM OUT OF HABIT at this point.

In your ventures underground you have also found VARIOUS MUSHROOMS, and learned they are one of only A FEW PLANTS that would GROW UNDERGROUND. As a result, you TRIED GARDENING. A great choice, not only because MUSHROOMS ARE GREAT, but also because your TALENT FOR BIOMANCY allows you to grow many of them with ease! As a result you have mushrooms to COOK WITH, POISON WITH, AND LIGHT WITH. And since they're SO SIMPLE you can get them out of your RHYTHM MODUS without a lot of hassle with PATTERNS AND SOUNDS. Honestly, you can't believe how -- What? BIOMANCY? Oh yeah!

Since you were BUT A WRIGGLER you've had the innate ability to AFFECT PLANT LIFE WITH YOUR MIND. You can MAKE THEM GROW or KILL THEM COMPLETELY with just a few thoughts and a bit of brain power. And while THESE ARE PRETTY EASY, you can USE MORE ENERGY to do some more fantastic things. These more fantastic things include the ability to MANIPULATE PLANTS. You can MAKE THEM ATTACK those you dislike, or USE THEM FOR TOOLS in the tunnels. Both of these tricks are REALLY TIRING THOUGH, and as a result you ONLY USE THEM WHEN YOU MUST. Besides, your TRUSTY SHOVEL never lets you down in a FIGHT OR DIG DOWN.

You HAVE A COMPUTER, even though it's KIND OF SHITTY. You mostly just USE IT FOR MESSAGING. You, of course, use TROLLIAN for all online interaction. Your trolltag is pluckingPincers, and y( )ur antm( )m'shh influence shh( )wshh when y( )u type.
Name: Tanilh Daemic
Age: 8 sweeps (or 17.33 years)
Gender: Female
Height: 5'8''
Trolltag: pluckingPincers
Blood Color: #3F1F00
Quirk: replaces o's and 0's with ( ) (pincers), s's become shh (ss = shhh, so on; represents stridulation).
Fetch Modus: Rhythm Modus - not only requires that the user mimic a unique rhythm to retrieve an item, but also requires various noises (snaps, claps, clicks, hand rubbing, etc).
Strife Specibus: Shovelkind
Lusus: Antmom - a giant ant, about 7 feet long and 4 feet tall. very aggressive, nasty bite. lives in the tunnels.

==> Be the "almost" doctor
[Image: WWv2Nm7.png]
will be filled in later
Name: Fatell Symtem
Age: 8 sweeps (or 17.33 years)
Gender: Female
Height: 6'0''
Trolltag: delayedFatality
Blood Color: #004C99
Quirk: replaces p's with ">", and q's with "<"
Fetch Modus: Diagnosis Modus - requires user to give a diagnosis that fits several given symptoms. when done correctly the item falls harmlessly in front of the user, but if the diagnosis doesn't make sense the requested item is hurled in a random direction at a very high speed.
Strife Specibus: Needlekind
Lusus: Ratmom - a rat roughly 8 feet tall. crawling with all kinds of nasty bugs and ailments. scratches and bites from her tend to get infected at an incredible rate.

==> Be the ever-smiling clown
[Image: Krc3viU.png]
Your name is MINTRA SELPAR, and you are an 8.5 SWEEP OLD aspiring SUBJUGGLATOR. This of course means you have PURPLE BLOOD which in turn means you have traits some may deem UNSTABLE, a fact that when coupled with your GREAT SIZE AND STRENGTH makes you quite the terror. Though really, that just means it's easier to keep the pecking order in check, a task your future profession demands be done.

When it comes to social situations you LOVE ENTERTAINING OTHERS. Or more accurately, you love entertaining yourself but appreciate an audience. The ways you entertain yourself vary, with everything from JUGGLING, to KARAOKE, to SOME CASUAL CULLING all doing the job. If you're not bored as is you're open to JUST TALKING WITH OTHERS as long as they DON'T INTERRUPT YOU. You hate being interrupted, and the consequences for that are VERY STEEP FOR EVERYONE.

If you're under stress or frustrated by something you DON'T ALWAYS LAND ON YOUR FEET. While you're able to keep your cool a lot of the time, and in fact are generally pretty agreeable in most situations, there are things that just SET YOU OFF. Small things that nag at your SUSCEPTIBLE ANGER. A fact that is in part due to your LUSUS Satyrma's influence. She's always favored STRENGTH OVER LOGIC, and raised you to be a powerful troll that lets her emotion move her more than one who can keep herself level under stress. In fact she quite enjoys seeing you in a rage, and thinks it's great that you can HIDE IT BEHIND SMILES like a proper predator. And, her being your lusus, you've never doubted her.

When not in the forest training with Satyrma you live within your MAZE OF A HIVE. While on the outside it may seem to be an average mansion, the inside is full of hallways which lead to everything from dead ends to cliff-like drops. You find navigating the maze to be FUN, and leave many of your props and instruments scattered about the hallways.

As mentioned earlier you LOVE PERFORMING. It's the most reliable way to KEEP YOURSELF CALM and to keep a crowd laugh. As a result you're a JACK OF ALL TRADES when it comes to putting on a show. Name an act, and you can do it. Juggling, riding, singing, dancing, and the ability to play a large range of instruments are ALL TALENTS YOU POSSESS. While you're NO PROFESSIONAL AT ANY OF THEM, you can do all competently and quite enjoy each one. A good thing too since you need to know them for your PERFORMANCE MODUS.

You also APPRECIATE A GOOD GAME. Your favorite are BOARD GAMES. At one point you did give FLARP a try, but it never really tried your brain or your body. So, instead you turned to SIMPLER MIND GAMES. You're quite good at a lot of STRATEGY GAMES despite your occasional insanity, and nothing makes you happier than DEFEATING SOMEONE IN A TEST OF WITS. Sadly, friends aren't exactly a constant in your life, so usually you just PLAY CHECKERS AGAINST YOURSELF. Probably good since you're a bit of a SORE LOSER.

Finally, you ADORE ANIMALS. All the time spent in the forest with Satyrma have made you CAPABLE OF FIGHTING THE BIGGER ONES and HAPPY TO CARE FOR SMALLER ONES. If either get out of line you just have to pull out your TONFAS and beat them about a bit to calm them down. Every once and awhile you even ADOPT A FEW. Your hive could be described as a zoo on many days, in the same way some would simply call it a toybox with how everything lays in a mess on your floor from door to hallway to room.

When all else fails, you go to your COMPUTER to talk to your few friends over TROLLIAN in the hope that they can keep you entertained. You use the name winsomeAlleviation and sp-ak *n a lax and short ton-.
Name: Mintra Selpar
Age: 8.5 sweeps
Gender: Female
Height: 6'6''
Trolltag: winsomeAlleviation
Blood Color: #5900B2
Quirk: no capitalization, "i" becomes *, e becomes -
Fetch Modus: Performance Modus - all items are assigned a certain kind of performance that must be done to retrieve it.
Strife Specibus: Tonfakind
Lusus: Satyrma - A creature with two goat legs and a humanoid upper half. About 9ft tall and very strong. Spends most of her time in the forest.

==> Be the vain fishgirl
[Image: egIIBh1.png]
Your name SCERMI OCTELL. You are 7.5 SWEEPS OLD, and your VIOLET BLOOD places you firmly within the ARISTOCRACY. You thoroughly enjoy the advantages the hemospectrum gives you, and you are more than happy to TALK DOWN TO LOWBLOODS and DEAL WITH HEMOREBELS. In fact you only really appreciate PURPLE BLOODS, hardly tolerating the blue blooded aristocracy.

In general you're a VERY VAIN individual. Your place in troll society has made you CONFIDENT and CONDESCENDING. Thanks to the fact that the only blood truly higher than yours is the Condesce herself, you USE THIS ATTITUDE WITH EVERYONE. The only thing that changes as you move down on the hemospectrum is what you expect in return. Of course ALL LANDDWELLERS SHOULD RESPECT YOU, but how much they need to prostrate themselves depends on their rank and actions. You expect a lowblood to GROVEL AND HANG ON YOUR EVERY WORD, but highbloods are fine as long as they ACT RESPECTFULLY IN YOUR PRESENCE. And maybe help you beat a sludgeblood's head in.

This is JUST HOW STINGMOM RAISED YOU. It seems as if she taught you to ACT BEFITTING OF YOUR CLASS since you hatched. This of course meant observing the hemospectrum, and her guidance lead you to be the HIGH MAINTENANCE TROLL you are today. She was ALWAYS PATIENT IN THESE LESSON. Not that she ever had to with how painful her sting was. To this day she's THE ONLY FORCE YOU NEVER CROSS. Except, of course, the Condesce.

Your hive is a HUGE UNDERWATER CASTLE, with more than enough space to house your VARIOUS INTERESTS. For one thing, you REALLY ENJOY TREASURE. Now, this isn't strictly treasure from islands or caves, even though you do enjoy them. More specifically, YOU ENJOY OTHER PEOPLE'S TREASURE. You've got sticky fingers, though usually you're not so much picking pockets as you are OPENING COLD DEAD HANDS. You have everything from LUSUS CARCASSES, to MOUNTED HORNS, to SIMPLE POSSESSIONS. You, of course, HAVE ROOMS DEVOTED TO EACH in your hive.

Of course YOU'RE NOT JUST A PRETTY FACE. You've ALSO GOT A WAY WITH MEDICINE. Not all cullings can end with minor scratches and a couple trophies, YOU KNOW THIS PRETTY WELL. Honestly, you've gotten some pretty nasty wounds. Stingmom insisted you LEARN HOW TO TREAT YOURSELF, just in case she's not available some time. So, through a mixture of TREATING YOUR OWN WOUNDS and FORCING OTHERS TO LET YOU TREAT THEIRS. You've beaten more than one troll within an inch of their life, only to drag them back to your hive and try to treat them. Before CULLING THEM FOR REAL of course.

Finally, you've TAKEN UP KNITTING. A former moirail thought you WERE GOING OFF THE DEEP END. Their idea was that you were TOO INTO CULLING, and you needed another hobby to cycle energy into. It's too bad YOUR RELATIONSHIP WENT BAD, because while you've never believed that there's such a thing as enjoying a good culling too much, they were right about the knitting. Now when you're especially frustrated and it's not a good time to hunt down a fight you instead sit at home and knit. YOU'RE NOT THAT GOOD AT IT and wouldn't be caught dead in anything you've made. But it's still a way to vent.

You keep treasure, knitting supplies, and any other items you need in your WHACKAMODUS. It really tries your attention and KEEPS YOUR REFLEXES SHARP. Your CLUBKIND SPECIBUS is perfect for it too, making it MORE THAN JUST A TOOL FOR BREAKING BONES. Among your more miscellaneous items is your laptop, which has TROLLIAN installed for all your chatting needs. You are viciousUltimatum and you ta~k in a way that ~et's your voice f~ow ~ike the ocean.
Name: Scermi Octell
Age: 7.5 sweeps
Gender: Female
Height: 5'6''
Trolltag: viciousUltimatum
Blood Color: #661D59
Quirk: replaces l's with ~
Fetch Modus: WhackAModus - all items are connected to a flailing tentacle. Items can only be obtained through striking the tentacle.
Strife Specibus: Clubkind
Lusus: Stingmom - A huge Jellyfish reminiscent of Earth's Lion's Mane Jellyfish with tentacles 80 feet long and a vicious sting.
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RE: Trollslum Profiles
SERIES 2 ======>

> Be the creepy, drugged up troll.
heeheehee... haahaa...
> ...Shit. Nevermind. Get away from me.
[Image: GPtizfx.png]

Your name is TAAVAA CIANTE and you are one creepy little shit.
■ NAMESAKE: "creepy" in a few different languages
■ TROLLTAG: abjuredIntoxicant
■ SYMBOL: Fermatta
■ AGE: 8.5
■ BLOOD: Indigo, #350099
■ SPECIBUS: chainKind
■ POWERS: Chucklevoodoos (when applicable)
■ MOON: Derse
CAPITALIZATION: proper nouns
PUNCTUATION: ellipses after every word, triple punctuation
EMOTES: bangs (//_^), one eye ('))
OTHER: doubles all vowels
LAUGHTER: heeheehee, haahaahaa, hoohoohoo
■ PERSONALITY: The creepiest girl you’ll ever meet. It’s nigh impossible to tell what’s going on in Taavaa’s head, and even reading her ever-present creepy grin is a trial. She generally treats everything like a huge joke and is borderline insane thanks to the slew of drugs she keeps in her bloodstream.
■ INTERESTS: drug-making, paranormal things, poison-making
■ HEMOLOYALTY: As the highest-standing landdweller, Taavaa is hemospectrum aware, but not aggressively hemoist.
■ LUSUS: Giant Centipede

> Be the troll obsessed with video games.
HeY now, thAt's scruB-tAlk. (+=::)
> Be the game bro.
HA hA. I SpAred You A lAugh, since You obviouslY don't get AnY on Your own. (+=::)
[Image: Jw6kbwz.png]

Your name is ATAXOH LVULEI and you are simply the best there is at games.
■ NAMESAKE: "video games" and "relaxation" in icelandic and italian
■ TROLLTAG: progressiveRenegade
■ SYMBOL: Video games
■ AGE: 8
■ BLOOD: Olive, #6ca300
■ SPECIBUS: dicekind
■ POWERS: --
PRE/SUF: suffix: (+=::)
OTHER: employs gamertalk
■ PERSONALITY: Ataxoh is generally disagreeable and grumpy a lot of the time. However, he has a lot of friends due to the fact he plays lots of games, all kinds in fact.
■ INTERESTS: video games, board games, FLARP strategies, comics
■ HEMOLOYALTY: Couldn't care less about his position but is somewhat respectful toward highbloods
■ LUSUS: Dragon

[Image: 9tRxu1G.png]
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RE: Trollslum Profiles
[Image: hun3Flq.png]
Your name is SHRISH AVOLER. You are 8 SWEEPS OLD, and you are ALWAYS HAPPY.

You live on a small abandoned island with a rust blooded servant girl who has a special gift to see a few minutes into the future. Along with your servant, you also live with you LUSUS, which is a DOLPHIN. You love your lusus and SWIM with her everyday, or you would if life wasn't so darn busy!

Your life is mostly FILLED WITH DISTRACTIONS, such as going to DANCE CLUBS. You try not to have any time to spare, because when you do, you start to THINK. You don't like THINKING, as thinking about your life just results in DEPRESSION, which is the opposite of HAPPY, which you always are, obviously.

Your trollian handle is cheeryAquatic and you Sp--eak in a happ----y manner of voice!

tl'dr: NAME: Shrish Avoler
AGE: 8 Solar Sweeps
TROLLTAG: cheeryAquatic
BLOOD COLOR: Violet; Hex: 9907A8
TYPING QUIRK: adds -- to the front of capital P. Adds -- to the end of a small p. If a double P, add ---- to the side of what the first letter is (as in, if its lowercase, put on end)
LUSUS: Dolphin, Chirps
FETCH MODUS: Mirror Modus: Can take anything that can be reflected in it's entirety by a small hand mirror as long as it can be taken out of the mirror later.

*Rust Blooded Servant Girl to be added later*
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RE: Trollslum Profiles
Meh i gave up trying to redraw, this looked better anyways:
[Image: 4h9C3QF.png]
Ill put some stuff later, but not tonight

It's time to, T-T-T-T-T-T TRIPLE POST
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RE: Trollslum Profiles
I'm actually incapable of making sprites due to not actually having anything to make it. Could I still make a troll to use here?
05-07-2016, 02:25 AM
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RE: Trollslum Profiles
Holy shit someone actually came here! I mean, yes, yes you can. If you cannot make your own AB sprite feel more than welcome to use a shitty troll generator sprite.

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RE: Trollslum Profiles
Well, you can, but this place is completely dead, so there isn't much point.

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